The Bob Hope Show - Season 18

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • March 20, 1968
    March 20, 1968
    Episode 8

    Bob Hope's guests are Paul Lynde, Arnold Palmer, Anne Bancroft, Lou Rawls and Jill St. John.

    Bob comments on the New Hampshire Primary, in his opening monologue on income taxes and the forthcoming Oscars.
    Hope gives his heart to socialite Anne Bancroft and is surprised when his fiance Jill St. John show up.
    Jill St. John as Bonnie and Bob as Killer Clod a bashful lover and bank robber.
    Lou Rawls sings.
    Bob kids around with Arnold Palmer.

  • February 12, 1968
    February 12, 1968
    Episode 7

    Bob Hope's guests for this special benefit salute to the USO are Bing Crosby, Pearl Bailey, Barbara Eden and the U.S. Military Academy Glee Club with the Les Brown Orchestra.

    A boxing match between Marciano and Chicken Delight (Bob Hope).
    Bing Crosby sings "Thanks for the Memory".
    Bob Hope sings "White Christmas".
    Both join in for songs from their "Road" movies.
    Pearl sings "Hello, Dolly!"
    The Cadet Glee Club perform.

  • January 18, 1968
    January 18, 1968
    Episode 6
    Bob Hope's guests include Raquel Welch, Barbara McNair, Elaine Dunn, Phil Crosby, Miss World (Peru's Madeleine Hartog Bel) and Les Brown Orchestra. The troupe visits the aircraft carriers Coral Sea and Ranger; they perform a command performance for the King and Queen of Thailand and spend Christmas at Long Binh, where Bob trades quips with South Vietnam's Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky. Highlights: Barbara McNair sings "I'm a Woman" and "I Can't Stop Loving You". Phil Crosby sings "It's All Right With Me" and "Let There Be Love". Raquel Welch sings "You're an Old Smoothie". Elaine Dunn sings "To Be or Not to Be in Love" and "Song-and-Dance Man". Bob Hope sings "You Make Me Feel So Young".moreless
  • December 14, 1967
    December 14, 1967
    Episode 5

    Bob Hope's guests for his Christmas special are Phil Silvers, Jerry Colonna, Ernest Borgnine, Paul Lynde, Don Adams, Wally Cox and Joyce Jamison.


    "Miracle on the Freeway". Bob and his guests take a satiric look at Christmas present.
    Santa Claus (Bob Hope) goes to jail for causing a big traffic jam on the Hollywood Freeway. Cop Phil Silvers makes the arrest, Don Adams is the prosecuting attorney and psychiatrist Paul Lynde checks Santa to see if the fat man's senses are all there. Joyce Jamison is the perplexed Mrs. Claus. Hope's cellmates are Ernest Borgnine and Wally Cox, two brains plotting a jail break, and the crazy judge is old Hope buddy, Jerry Colonna.
    And in the closing moments, The International Children's Choir sings "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

  • November 29, 1967
    November 29, 1967
    Episode 4

    Bob Hope's guests are David Janssen, Elke Sommer, Jack Jones, The Kids Next Door, Lew Alcindor and the Football All-Americans. O. J. Simpson is introduced as the star USC running back.

    Jack Jones sings "She Loves Me" and "Impossible Dream".
    Elke Sommers sings German, Spanish, Oriental and Italian bits in a fancy international cabaret production number.
    The Kids Next Door perform "Mame".
    Bob, David and Jack play members of the UCLA football team in a sketch with Janssen as star Gary Beban and Bob as a prep school recuit who won't suit up.
    Big finale with "Thanks for the Memory" with a serious Hope plea for college contributions.

  • November 8, 1967
    November 8, 1967
    Episode 3
    "Shoot-In At NBC", a comical blend of High Noon and high camp as Bob Hope arranges a showdown between cowboys and comedians. Guests include Don Adams, Steve Allen, Jack Carter, Wally Cox, Bill Dana, James Drury, Bobbie Gentry, Raymond Burr, Jack Kelly, Doug McClure, Cameron Mitchell, Don Rickles, Dale Robertson, Danny Thomas, Rod Cameron, Richard Deacon, Buddy Hackett, Paul Lynde, Jan Murray, Jack Palance, Larry Storch, Forrest Tucker and Dan Rowan & Dick Martin. Les Brown conducts the orchestra.moreless
  • October 16, 1967
    October 16, 1967
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's guests are Debbie Reynolds, Phyllis Diller, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme.

    Debbie Reynolds does impressions of Hollywood ladies with political potential. Phyllis Diller wants to run for political office against Debbie Dimples.
    Bob joins Steve and Eydie for sketches about a Hollywood divorce triangle and three wigged-out hippies.
    Steve sings "It's Got to Be Me".
    Eydie sings "When the World Was Young".
    Spoof of "The Flying Nun".
    Debbie Reynolds does a song-and-dance from her night club act that includes, "Sunny Side of the Street", "Lullaby of Broadway" and "Me and My Shadow".

  • September 20, 1967
    September 20, 1967
    Episode 1

    Bob Hope's guests for his 18th season premiere are Jimmy Durante, Jack Jones, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Kaye Stevens and Rowan & Martin; cameo appearances from Danny Thomas, Don Adams, Paul Lynde, Buddy Hackett and Rudy Vallee.

    Fun of Vaudeville with Bob, Jimmy Durante and Jack Jones recreate the routines of Clayton, Jackson and Durante, singing most of Jimmy's perennials.
    Jimmy Durante solos with "A Real Piano Player" and "Jimmy the Well-Dressed Man".
    Bob goes back to his days on the boards with partner Louise Troxell, a Gracie Allen type, played by Kaye Stevens, and then shifts to a heckler's routing with Dick Martin and Dan Rowan.
    Dolled up in a paper dress, Phyllis Diller comes on for her standup bit about clothes and husband Fang.
    Jack Jones croons a medley of songs including "Moon River".