The Bob Hope Show - Season 19

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • April 17, 1969
    April 17, 1969
    Episode 9

    Bob Hope's guests are Jane Wyman, Patti Page, Tina Louise, Maureen Arthur, golfer Jack Nicklaus and Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66.

    Patti Page sings "The Love Song".
    Bob attempts to lure away a Nicklaus pupil for lessons with Jack for himself.
    Plugging his latest film "How to Commit Marriage" Bob faces Jane Wyman, Maureen Arthur and Tina Louise in the studio cutting room as the girls angle for more footage.
    Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 perform "Scarborough Fair" and "Pretty World".

  • March 19, 1969
    March 19, 1969
    Episode 8

    Bob Hope's guests are Jimmy Durante, Cyd Charisse, Nancy Sinatra and Ray Charles.

    Nancy Sinatra sings "God Knows I Love You".
    Nancy plays a psychiatrist to cowboy Hope.
    Cyd Charisse dances and poses as an overweight woman as part of a gag in a "Waist Watchers" sketch in which Bob becomes pinned in a telephone booth.
    Ray Charles rocks a couple of tunes.
    Hope and Jimmy ham it up in a college campus riot sketch, with Bob leading the dissidents (unusually beautiful girls) and Durante, wearing a tam playing school prexy Sigmund Sayakawa.

  • February 17, 1969
    February 17, 1969
    Episode 7

    Bob Hope's guests for his tribute to Vaudeville special are Bing Crosby, Martha Raye, George Burns, Lisa Miller, Rowan & Martin and Diana Ross and The Supremes.

    Martha Raye sings her famous rendition of "Mr. Paganini".
    Bing Crosby sings 'bird' songs like "Red Red Robin".
    Hope, Crosby and Burns resurrect "Goldie, Fields and Glide" one of the worst acts ever dreamed up.
    Bob and Bing revive their 1932 routine called "crossovers" in which two men meet in the street and pass the time of day.
    George Burns recalls Gracie Allen sillies with Lisa Miller.
    Diana Ross and The Supremes offer a medley of their hits.

  • January 16, 1969
    January 16, 1969
    Episode 6

    From Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Guam, Okinawa, Midway Island and aboard the USS Hancock and the USS New Jersey, Bob Hope presents his USO Christmas tour with special guests Ann-Margret, Rosey Grier, Dick Albers and his trampoline act, Linda Bennett, Miss World Penny Plummer, Honey Ltd. and The Goldiggers.

    The Golddiggers' impromptu show at an Army PX, and their efforts while on the USS Hancock to entertain a destroyer crew 200 yards away.
    The Golddiggers perform to "Let Yourself Go".
    Ann-Margret does the frug with dancing partner Hope.
    Rosey Grier sings "Bad News".
    Honey Ltd. sing "I'm So Glad".

  • December 19, 1968
    December 19, 1968
    Episode 5

    Bob Hope's guests are Carol Lawrence, Jerry Colonna, Janet Leigh, Nancy Ames, Glen Campbell, Stella Stevens and Wally Cox.

    A "Mission: Impossible" book show with agent Hope tracking down Santa Claus, kidnaped by a women's group called Broads, Inc. Agent Hope meets stewardess Nancy Ames on a hijacked plane to Havanna, faces judge Jerry Colonna, makes friends with CIA agent Glen Campbell and shoots off to Hong Kong only to be poisoned by dancer Carol Lawrence. Bob bumps into Janet Leigh for a song and eventually finds Santa (Wally Cox) at Broad headquarters.

  • November 27, 1968
    November 27, 1968
    Episode 4

    Bob Hope is joined by guests Glen Campbell, Juliet Prowse, James Garner, Barbara McNair and cameo appearances from several stars from the alumni roster including, John Wayne, Fess Parker, Robert Stack and Marlo Thomas. Also, appearing is football coach Jim McKay and a salute to Heisman trophy front runner O.J. Simpson.

    Bob leads a Notre Dame U.S.C. football rally at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.
    Bob chats with Trojan back player of the year, O.J. Simpson.

  • November 6, 1968
    November 6, 1968
    Episode 3

    Bob Hope salutes the Apollo 7 astronauts direct from the Houston Mission control in this mix of news headlines, music and comedy. Bob's special guests are David Janssen, Barbara Eden and Ray Charles. The Apollo 7 astronauts are Walter Cunningham, Donn F. Eisele and Walter Schirra.

    Ray Charles sings "The Sun Died" and "Bright Lights and You, Girl".
    Barbara Eden sings "Don't Tell Mama" a song-and-dance number from "Cabaret" choreographed by Miriam Nelson.
    David Janssen and Bob do an "Odd Couple" spoof set in outer space.
    After 97 days aloft, Cdr. Charlie Impeccable (David) is ready to flip. His messy partner on the trip to Mars is Dustin Swine (Bob), who's somehow imprevious to the tensions of interstellar travel.

  • October 14, 1968
    October 14, 1968
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's guests are Gwen Verdon, Bob Fosse, John Davidson, Jeannie C. Riley and World Series' pitchers Bob Gibson
    and Denny McLain.

    Jeannie C. Riley sings "Harper Valley PTA".
    Gwen plays Violet C. Drab a contestant on "Blind Date", a spoof of "The Dating Game" in a sketch with Hope.
    John Davidson sings "Hey Jude".
    Gwen Verdon performs a flamenco number choreographed by her husband Bob Fosse.

  • September 25, 1968
    September 25, 1968
    Episode 1
    Bob Hope begins his 19th season with a comedic flair as he gets tangled up with a bevy of lovelies; Angie Dickinson, Jill St. John, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cyd Charisse, Vikki Carr and Carroll Baker. also with the Supporting cast: Jesse White ......... Cochran J. Edward McKinley .. Caraway Eddie Marr .......... Farley Henry Corden ........ Psychiatrist with the Les Brown Orchestra. Highlights: Bob plays Gaylord Goodfellow, political candidate and Irving, his taxi driver double, who takes his place in the election and goes to marry six women.moreless