The Bob Hope Show - Season 20

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Roberta
    Episode 3

    John Kent, an all-American fullback inherits an exclusive Paris dress shop "Roberta" from his Aunt Minnie, he and his friend Huckleberry Haines travel to Paris to run the shop. A romance blooms between John and Stephanie, the dress shop assistant until the arrival of John's old girlfriend Sophie who causes alot of problems for everyone.

    Songs include "Lovely to Look At", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", "Touch of Your Hand", "Let's Begin", "Yesterdays", "I Won't Dance" and "You're Devastating".

  • November 24, 1969
    November 24, 1969
    Episode 4

    Bob Hope's guests are Danny Thomas, Virna Lisi, Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence.

    Bob plays in three sketches besides delivering his monologue.
    He's the hippie son of an Alaskan oil king (Danny Thomas) who gives Danny a hard time.
    He's a bartender who listens to Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme air their woes.
    Hope plays the German villain hunting for hidden pizzas in a takeoff of "The Secret of Santa Vittoria" with Virna Lisi playing the Italian countess.
    Steve Lawrence sings "The Drifter"
    Eydie sings "Tonight, I'll Say a Prayer".

  • December 18, 1969
    December 18, 1969
    Episode 5

    Bob Hope's guests are Andy Williams, Elke Sommer, Anthony Newley and the Look All-America Football Team for an hour of entertainment. Bing Crosby and Dean Martin make cameo appearances. All-Americans appearing are Jack Tatum, Walker Gillette and Steve Owens.

    Anthony Newley teams with Bob for a "Midnight Cowboy" spoof.
    Andy Williams appears as Dr. Sigmund Fruit trying to get Elke Sommer to appear on his show.
    Elke also appears as Mrs. Santa Claus unhappy about being left alone on Christmas.
    Bing Crosby returns Hope's earlier favor by appearing in this skit.
    Andy Williams sings "I Believe".
    Anthony Newley sings "There's No Such Thing as Love".

  • January 15, 1970
    January 15, 1970
    Episode 6

    Around the World with the USO with Bob Hope and his troupe during a 16-day tour of Washington D.C., Germany, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Guam. Guest stars on the tour included Neil Armstrong, Connie Stevens, Romy Schneider, Teresa Graves, Suzanne Charney, Eva Reuber-Staier (Miss World), The Golddiggers, The Peiro Brothers and Les Brown and his Band of Renown.

    Beginning with a White House dinner.
    Connie Stevens sings "Bill".
    "Laugh-In's" Teresa Graves, the Golddinggers and Suzanne Charney dance for the GIs.

  • February 16, 1970
    February 16, 1970
    Episode 7

    From New York's Waldorf Astoria. Bob Hope hosts this hour of entertainment to benefit the Eisenhower Medical Center. Guests appearing are Johnny Cash, Johnny Carson, Ray Bolger, Bing Crosby, Raquel Welch, Nelson Rockefeller, President Richard Nixon, Mamie Eisenhower, Oleg Cassini, the West Point Glee Club. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

    Ray Bolger sings "Once in Love With Mamie"

  • March 18, 1970
    March 18, 1970
    Episode 8
    Keeping In Step With the Times. Bob Hope with guests Tony Curtis, Perry Como, Barbara Eden, golfer Billy Casper and a cameo appearance by Joanne Worley entertain. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Highlights: Bob presents an all-star outing. Topical targets in Bob's opening monologue include the Oscar nominations, program changes in the TV schedules and people in the news. Tony Curtis (an outspoken anti-smoking crusader) portrays a spokesman for Smokers Anonymous. Perry Como and Bob demonstrate how two song-and-dance men could spice up TV coverage of a space shot to Mars. Barbara Eden in "The Kissless Society" a look into the future after the UN has banned love to save the world from overpopulation. Golfer Billy Casper shows Bob how to improve his game.moreless
  • April 13, 1970
    April 13, 1970
    Episode 9

    Bob Hope's guests are Ann-Margret, Phyllis Diller, Buddy Greco, Jerry Colonna and The Spurrlows, Chrysler's musical ambassadors of safe driving. Wally Cox makes a cameo appearance. With Les Brown and His Band of Renown.

    Ann-Margret appears in a sketch with Bob called "The Odd Squad", she's Nancy Nice and he's Harry Youth.
    Ann-Margret's production number is "It All Depends on You".
    Bob and Buddy's medley parodying country western laments.
    Feminist co-pilot Phyllis Diller is confronted by would-be hijacker Wally Cox.

  • October 13, 1969
    October 13, 1969
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's third annual salute to Vaudeville with guests Jimmy Durante, Barbara McNair, Donald O'Connor and Tom Jones.

    Barbara McNair sings "I Am Woman" and "Alley Cat".
    Tom Jones sings "Fly Me to the Moon" and "I Know".
    The antique acts include the jealous knife thrower, the seal in the closet and "Song and Rousing Witticisms" by the song-and-dance team of Hope and Jones.
    Donald O'Connor plays the knife-thrower and Jimmy cuts up Hope on the seal act.
    Barbara McNair, dressed in gold lame and feathery boa, sings "Alley Cat" with a background "chorus" composed of Hope.
    Barbara also gets in Donald O'Connor's act to "Me and My Shadow."

  • September 22, 1969
    September 22, 1969
    Episode 1

    Literally a who's who in the comedy field show up for Bob Hope as he begins his 20th season of Specials on television.

    Twenty one comics with late additions including Huntley and Brinkley, form Bob's select list for this hour, kidding TV censorship, when Hope is fired by the network and begins to organize his craft. Put together like "Laugh-In" to accommodate the cast, Bob battles censor Richard Deacon to start the row, and ends up picketing with the help of George Gobel and Danny Thomas. Tommy Smothers is in on the act, as Bob depicts the effect of censors on moon astronauts Soupy Sales and Jack Carter, football players like Bill Dana, Tarzan Wally Cox and Peyton Place's Constance MacKenzie (Jack E. Leonard in drag). Bulging cast includes Flip Wilson, Pat Paulsen, Nipsey Russell, Johnny Carson, Buddy Hackett, Phil Silvers, Jimmy Durante, Sid Caesar, Steve Allen, Red Buttons, Shecky Greene and Marty Allen.