The Bob Hope Show - Season 9

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • May 15, 1959
    May 15, 1959
    Episode 8
    Bob Hope's guests are Rosemary Clooney, Wendell Corey and Joan Collins. With David Rose and His Orchestra. Highlights: Bob has a golf skit with caddie Joan Bradshaw and golfer Sam Snead as they show-off their golf swings for the female caddies. Bob tries to outdo Noel Coward in a sketch with Joan about the perils of playing in summer stock. Rosemary sings "I Can't Get Started With You" and "Ain't A Hankerin'".moreless
  • April 15, 1959
    April 15, 1959
    Episode 7
    Bob Hope's guests are Jack Benny, Ginger Rogers, Jerry Colonna, Dodie Stevens and a cameo appearance by Milton Berle. Also with Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Highlights: Ginger Rogers performs a dance number assisted by Dante DaPaolo and appears in a sketch with Bob. In the sketch Bob Hope is a beatnik who is waiting at the hospital for his wife (Ginger) to give birth to a baby. Dodie Stevens, a 13-year-old singer sings her recorded version of "Pink Shoelaces". Zany Jerry Colonna turns up as the leader of the Swinging Kings, a Dixieland Band.moreless
  • March 13, 1959
    March 13, 1959
    Episode 6

    Bob Hope's guests are singers Julie London and Guy Mitchell, television Western stars Chuck Connors, Gail Davis, Fess Parker and Walker Edmiston, with a surprise drop-in visit from Jack Paar.

    A Western skit with a lot of cowboy stars, has Bob as a cane-wielding smoothie and he's helped out by Walker Edmiston, who did the Chester take-off on Maverick and repeats it here.
    Another sketch has Bob as the last man on earth and Julie London as the last woman.
    Guy Mitchell sings "Alias Jesse James".
    Gail Davis does "Wabash Cannon Ball".
    Julie London sings "Must Be Catchin'".
    Bob after a sketch with Fess Parker and Chuck Connors in a satire called "Head Shrinker" comments "Now I know how George Gobel feels".

  • February 10, 1959
    February 10, 1959
    Episode 5

    Bob Hope's guests are Maureen O'Hara, Danny Thomas and Carol Haney.

    Bob and Danny Thomas kid TV commercials in a short but funny bit.
    Bob and Carol are a riot in a thing about the homelife of a "beatnik".
    Carol does a frenetic dance to "Doin' the Raccoon".
    Bob and Danny do a private-eye skit called "The Case of the Falling Trendex".
    Maureen O'Hara sings "I Could Have Danced All Night".

  • January 16, 1959
    January 16, 1959
    Episode 4
    USO Xmas European Bases Show. From the Azores; Port Lioti, Africa; Marone and Madrid in Spain; Barona, Bajensa, and aboard the USS Forrestal at Naples, Italy; Frankfurt, and Tempelhof in West Berlin, Germany; Prestwick, Scotland; Keflavik, Iceland; and Goose Bay, Labrador. Bob Hope along with guests Gina Lollobrigida, Molly Bee, Elaine Dunn, Randy Sparks, Hedda Hopper, and Jerry Colonna entertain service personnel stationed abroad. Highlights: Gina sings "Non Dimenticar".moreless
  • November 21, 1958
    November 21, 1958
    Episode 3

    Bob Hope's guests are Gloria Swanson, Wally Cox, Betty Grable, Jon Arnett and Randy Sparks. Also the Hollywood Deb Stars of 1958 which include future stars Jill St. John, Kathy Nolan and Tuesday Weld.

    The sketches include one on an atomic sub; one about two movie stars (Hope and Grable) with Cox their son who's been away at school for 20 years.
    Betty Grable sings and dances to "Sitting On Top of the World".
    Bob and Wally also act as bench warmers in a funny sketch with pro football halfback Jon Arnett.
    Hope's protege Randy Sparks sings his own "Ball and Chain".

  • October 14, 1958
    October 14, 1958
    Episode 2

    Bob Hope's guests are Joan Crawford, France's famous clown, Fernandel, Robert Strauss, Hillary Brooke and the Bernard Brothers.

    Bob Hope does a standup monologue and banters with Joan Crawford.
    A sidewalk cafe sketch with French comic Fernandel abusing Bob is a funny sequence.
    A broad comedy with Bob, Joan and Rob Strauss.

  • September 19, 1958
    September 19, 1958
    Episode 1

    Bob Hope stars in a 90 minute adaptation of the big 1933 musical comedy hit of 25 years ago, Jerome Kern's "Roberta." Also appearing are Janis Paige, Howard Keel, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Sara Dillon. Featured are songs "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", "The Touch of Your Hand", "Lovely to Look At" and "You're Devastating".