The Bob Newhart Show

CBS (ended 1978)




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      Original Pilot
      Episode 1
      Bob and Emily have been trying for some time to have a child. When they attend a party where the conversation turns to the subject of children, they feel so left out that they decide to adopt a child. Many changes were made from this pilot to the series that we've come to know and love. Here we see Jerry Robinson(Peter Bonerz) not as an Orthodontist, but as a Psychologist who shares his office with Bob. Also absent from the cast were receptionist Carol Kester(Marcia Wallace) and patient Elliot Carlin(Jack Riley). The part of the Orthodontist was played by George Wyner, who returns in 1975 as Emily's Principal, Rex Potenger.moreless
    • 19th Anniversary Special
      After having a disturbing dream about being an inn keeper in Vermont, Bob questions his life in a series of flashbacks.
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