The Bob Newhart Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 1972 on CBS

Episode Recap

Emily is fixing dinner with the help of her neighbor, Margaret, when Bob comes home with some great news. His "Fear of Flying" Workshop patients are ready to face their fears and get on an airplane. The group has decided to take a flight to New York City and Bob got an extra ticket for Emily. Bob and Margaret visualize all the fun he and Emily can have in New York, but Bob finally realizes Emily is not at all excited, or even happy, to hear about the trip. After Margaret leaves Emily admits to Bob that she is afraid of flying. When Howard walks in Bob tells him about Emily's fears and Howard tries to tell her how safe flying really is, but Emily says there's no way she's going to get on that plane. When Bob goes to his office the next day, Carol has a confirmation from the airline-22 reservations on a flight to New York. But, in order to get a commercial discount Carol told the airline that the group is a marching band. Bob calls the airline, and after some confusion, cancels Emily's reservation. However, a short time later Emily calls and tells Bob that she's changed her mind. Bob is proud that she is ready to face her fear and fly to New York. Emily attends the next "Fear of Flying" workshop, the last before their flight to New York. She tells the group that she first realized she had a fear of flying during college when she got on a plane to Ann Arbor for the big Michigan-Northwestern game, and grew more and more terrified as the plane sped down the runway. Bob tries to be encouraging, saying that Emily made it to Ann Arbor, or she wouldn't be here today. Emily admits that she actually made the pilot turn the plane around and take her back to the airport. Howard speaks to the group, but, being Howard, he isn't very reassuring. Later, as the group boards the plane Bob reassures them that everything is going to be fine. But as soon as he sits down Emily calls the stewardess and asks her to turn the plane around. She's going home. Next we see Emily at home, telling Howard that she had made a scene, humiliating her husband and forcing a jetliner full of people to turn around and let her off. Just then Bob enters the apartment, just returning from the trip. At first he's upset with Emily, but he admits that he shouldn't have pushed her into flying when she had only attended one meeting of the workshop. Emily really wants to get over her fear, and hopes to join Bob's next "Fear of Flying" workshop.
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