The Bob Newhart Show

Season 1 Episode 15

Let's Get Away From it Almost

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

During their session Mr. Carlin tells Bob that he made a list of his closest friends and none of them like him. Bob assures Mr. Carlin that he likes him, and urges him to take some time during the upcoming long weekend and get away for a while. When Bob gets home he suggests to Emily that the two of them go away for the long weekend. Emily agrees, even though it is the last minute. But, she is still afraid to fly, so their destination will have to be someplace within driving distance. Bob takes a map and draws a circle at a 300 mile distance around Chicago. Emily can't decide where they should go, so she closes her eyes and pokes her finger at the map. Next thing we know Bob and Emily are checking into a cabin at a ski resort. The manager apologizes for the lack of snow and tells them there is only one other couple staying there. Bob and Emily are happy to hear that, until there is a knock on their bathroom door. It's Hal and Connie Miller. They have the cabin on the other side of the bathroom that they are sharing with the Hartleys. Later Bob and Emily enter the empty dining room and choose a table. When Hal and Connie come in they sit in the adjoining table. When Emily has had enough of the other couple she tells Bob she has a head ache and they get up to leave. However, just then the manager introduces the floor show. If Emily didn't really have a head ache before, she does after the Oom Pah Pah band starts playing. They wait until the band is finished playing their first number and the lights dim, then Bob and Emily rush towards the door. The lights come up and catch them and they claim the are going to the men's room (Emily, too). Back in their room they are eating hamburgers Bob picked up at a burger joint down the road. They decide they'd better leave while they can. Before they can start packing Hal comes in and tells them he and Connie are splitting up. He asks for Bob's help, and, even though he doesn't want to get involved, Bob says he'll listen while he packs. Bob helps Hal find a way to tell Connie he loves her and Hal goes back to their room. But, just as the Hartleys start packing again they hear yelling from the other cabin. First Hal, then Connie come into the Hartley's room, and soon Bob is right in the middle of the other couple's argument. Emily jumps to Bob's defense causing Hal and Connie to join together in arguing with the Hartley. It seems their marriage may be saved. Later, Bob and Emily are finished packing when the manager stops by to tell them it's snowing. He is thrilled, but Bob and Emily still want to leave. The manager tells them they can't leave because they are snowed in. Not to worry, though, the Oom Pah Pah's are also snowed in and will be playing at every meal.
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