The Bob Newhart Show

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 22, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

Another Football Game and Bob and Jerry can't get tickets. Jerry's idea of going to Peoria for the weekend to watch the game is turned down by Bob because it would be the entire weekend and Emily won't go for it. Jerry is able to convince Bob.

Bob gets home to ask Emily, but they already had plans to go to a cabin with some of Bob's friends (unseen). They had cancelled other times and Emily tells Bob if he really wants to go to Peoria, he's going to have to cancel and tell them the truth. "I'm not going to lie to you, I'm just going to come out and say it...Emily broke her foot."

Now in a one-bed motel in Peoria, Bob calls down to get another room with two beds or another bed. From the unheard desk clerk, we can tell from Bob that he asked if they had a fight. "We're two guys." From the unheard clerk, we get the impression that even guys can have tiffs. "Get us another bed." So an army cot is brought in.

Bob joins Jerry in the Motel's bar, where Jerry has joined up with two women: one from Peoria and her friend that is visiting. Here comes the sitcom...Bob learns that he is Lloyd and a race-car driver and that Jerry is a film director. Bob announces quickly that his name is Bob and he's married. The girl he is paired up with, is interested in him nonetheless. Wanting to leave, Jerry convinces him to stay for a drink.

Bob wakes up in his Army cot by Jerry slamming the door. Bob learns that he danced all night and won a trophy. Bob suffers from a slight hangover. Jerry went to get groceries for the big game, and their television is on the fritz. The girls come over and Jerry says he going to his girl's room to see if the TV works there. Bob worries that Jerry won't call him. "I'll call you soon." "How soon?" Bob asks. "Soon." But we know what soon means, after Jerry gets down with the girl.

Bob is stuck with his girl and he finds out that she's a prostitute. He is very flustered, but handles himself quite well. He even calls the other room find out from Jerry that he hasn't even checked the TV. Surprise. Emily even calls returning Bob's call (his message to Howard: "I Love You." which Howard thinks Bob is telling Howard that he loves him, but in fact, it's Emily. Typical Howard). Through the discomfort of Bob's girl trying to get close to him, Bob keeps his distance. They plan to go to the bar and watch the game from there. Bob gives her the trophy they won. She reads the inscription. She looks at Bob concerned. "Hoofer." She sighs relief.

Returning home, Bob tells Emily he had the worst time and never wants the trip to Peoria brought up again. He goes to catch the highlights of the game on the TV. "Bob, what happened in Peoria." "Sit down, Emily." Fade to black.
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