The Bob Newhart Show

Season 3 Episode 2

The Battle of the Groups

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 21, 1974 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Bob: Maybe we're ready for another marathon.
      Michelle: A marathon! That's a wonderful idea!
      Mrs. Havlicek: We can rent a cabin in the woods like we did last time.
      Mr. Gianelli: What are you people talking about?
      Bob: Oh, that's right, Mr. Gianelli, you've never been on a group marathon.
      Mr. Gianelli: I'll bite, what is it?
      Bob: Well, we get away from the city for a weekend and we try to get in touch with our true feelings.
      Michelle: Yeah, and with nature. Last year Elliot got undressed, stood on a rock and screamed.
      Mr. Gianelli: Carlin did that?
      Mr. Carlin: That's right.
      Mr. Gianelli: Pass. I ain't going.
      Mrs. Havlicek: I think we should go. Let's call and make the reservation.
      Bob: Unfortunately, we can't go back to the same place.
      Mr. Carlin: You can go. I was the only one fingerprinted.

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