The Bob Newhart Show

Season 1 Episode 22

You Can Win 'Em All

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 24, 1973 on CBS



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    • Emily: Howard, if you're going to the airport, maybe you can give Moose a ride.
      Howard: Oh? Where are you going?
      Moose: Japan.
      Howard: Oh, sorry. I'm only going as far as Cleveland.

    • Jerry: I didn't know that they could trade players to Japan.
      Moose: Normally they can't, but I had this funny, Far-East clause in my contract.
      Jerry: Who'd they trade you for, Moose?
      Moose: I'm not sure, but there's talk around the clubhouse that they got a short stop, a third baseman and a Datson.

    • Jerry: Hey, I saw you play the last time I was out at the park.
      Moose: You did?
      Jerry: Yeah. You pinch-hit in the bottom of the ninth with two men on.
      Moose: That the time I got the double?
      Jerry: No, you struck out.
      Bob: Well, it happens to the best of them.
      Moose: Yeah, it happens to me a lot, too.

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