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The Body Works

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The Body Works played on TVO Kids, a Canadian broadcast station and lasted 40 episodes. Twenty-four of the episodes featured different exercise routines, while the remaining 16 episodes focused on proper nutrition and fitness. The show was geared towards elementary-aged children, six to 12 years old. The episodes were 10 minutes long and featured six children, educating others about different exercises. The two oldest children, a boy and girl combination, would host the show and lead the demonstration of the exercises, while the younger children provided towels to wipe of perspiration from the sweaty workout. The children would demonstrate how to warm up and then begin the move of the day, such as dancing to music or jumping rope. The children also discussed the health benefits of certain foods like that lean beef provides Iron and Vitamin A and low-fat cheese provides Calcium and Vitamin B. The program aired during the day so often teachers let students watch it in the classroom and exercise right in the room.