The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 19 Episode 155

Ep. #4669

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Oct 27, 2005 on CBS
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Ep. #4669
Thomas and Gaby are horrified when the INS agent shows up, but Gaby is thrilled when he hands her a green card, and Gaby is shocked to learn that Taylor arranged it so she could stay in the country no matter what. Stephanie and Massimo continue to go over the trust documents, and Stephanie realises that if the trust still holds, Forrester Creations belongs entirely to her. Gaby returns her wedding ring to Thomas and tells him that they will still be friends. Gaby promises to still see him at college and adds that if they are meant to be together then it will happen eventually.moreless

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  • Stephanie opens to safe intending to search for some documents. She and Massimo however found that there's a trust document enabling her to inherit Forrester Creations. Thomas is disappointed as he lost the fashion show.However, things becamoreless

    It was quite surprising to me when Stephanie was actually able to unlock the safe found inside Eric's office. With Massimo present as her witness to the distributing of several documents inside, they were able to search through all the documents. Beyond their unexpectations, the stumbled upon an unknown document entrusting Forrester Creations to Stephanie as her father had done so years ago.

    As if this wasn't sufficient, Massimo seems to know everything an attorney would be aware of. Listening to him then influences and convinces Stephanie to believe that she could be the sole owner of Forrester Creations irregardless of Eric and Brooke's share in the firm.

    Wouldn't it be inappropriate and rude for someone to intrude into somebody's else safe? This is where the unrealistic part comes in. Other than the fact that the safe was unlocked by Stephanie is entirely wrong, they somehow managed to open a sealed enveloped kept inside the safe...I would personally consider this behaviour blunt, rude and totally inconsiderate.

    Putting those unrealistic facts aside, I was extremely sad when Gabby made a tough decision to leave her husband, Thomas despite the fact that she truly loves him. It was not only a noble act but totally considerable. She truely appreciates Taylor's gesture of pleading for her case allowing her to stay in the States for studies. Even though she truely loves Thomas, she made a really difficult decision to leave him because she's a really good person respecting Thomas's parents wishes.It was an act of showing her appreciation for Taylor.moreless
  • Finally!

    Goodbye Gaby! Now I have never liked this character, so seeing her go was such a treat! Gaby and Thomas’ relationship was progressing in a way that we as the viewers were left to believe that they were actually falling in love with each other. Yet as soon as she has that green card in hand, she is gone. This really proves Gaby’s intentions in the marriage. I am happy that Taylor arranged it for her to get the green card. That way, she handled it very civilized, and kept a good window open with her son. And Taylor was shown exactly what Gaby wanted with Thomas as soon as she bolts.moreless
  • Glad to see Gabby except Taylors wishes and annul the marriage.

    I was a little sad to see Thomas lose the fashion show, he was so confident that he would beat Ridge. I was happy to finally see Taylor show a little compassion towards Abby after all. Taylor is not a mean person, but she sure didn't like the Gabby and Thomas marriage. I am glad they made the decision to annul the marriage afterall. They can feel around and see if they want to be together or not and later on remarry, but I think there are other plans for the two.moreless
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