The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 19 Episode 162

Ep. #4676

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Nov 07, 2005 on CBS
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Ep. #4676
Eric insists that he has put his blood, sweat and tears into Forrester Creations and the company should by all rights be his, but Stephanie reminds him that the company belongs to her. She installs Thorne as the new president of Forrester Creations, with Darla's support, and asks Taylor to become the new face of the company. Taylor agrees, much to Ridge's chagrin. Nick explains to Jackie that he and Brooke realised they could never be together, and Jackie agrees to support her son.moreless

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  • Eric insists Forrester should rightfully be his company despite of the trust document. Stephanie fails to agree and appoints Thorne as the President, while Taylor becomes the new face of Forrester. Ridge, Brooke and Eric disagrees with Stephanie's idea.moreless

    Its really difficult for Eric to suddenly accept the fact that Stephanie is the new owner of Forrester when she's hasn't been familiar with the company's daily operations.

    Believing that Stephanie is doing this out of spite towards Eric and Brooke's marriage, Ridge agrees with them and supports Eric completely. Ridge couldnt believe that his mother could pull such a stunt just to spite Brooke and Eric. The fact that it does affect the company is going down shows that Stephanie isn't thinking clearly. Out of disbelief, Ridge refuses and rejected Stephanie's offer cause he's isn't to participate in the ridiculous plan which Stephanie has.

    Taylor who agrees with Stephanie shows that she's indirectly going against her husband. Ridge couldn't believe that his wife would be siding Stephanie and this would cause problems and arguements in their marriage.I feel that Taylor should learn to see from Ridge's point of view.moreless

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    • Stephanie: Thanks to certain influences in recent years, the biggest part of our business is unhealthy for women. The underlying message in most of our lines is that in order for a woman to be really attractive, she has to expose almost her entire body.
      Taylor: Amen.
      Ridge: Taylor, we're in the business of designing clothes that sell.
      Taylor: Well, in my business, it's seems you're selling eating disorders and unrealistic body images to women who have no hope of ever looking like --
      Stephanie: Like Brooke. In her underwear. And you do look good in your underwear. But that sort of exhibitionism is finished. It's over. We're going to have a new image at Forrester, Ridge. A new face, a new person who will personify everything that we've ever stood for. Class, style, elegance. What this company was before and will be again. You know what I want, Ridge? I want Forrester Creations to lead a lifestyle movement for women. I want women to be proud of themselves. I want them to look at themselves with self respect, inside and out. I want a new face, a new image. And I would like that face of Forrester to be Taylor's.

    • Stephanie: We need a creative head. A creative head of this company that knows all the aspects of the fashion business, and I can't think of anybody who's better equipped or more capable to be the next president of this company than my son.
      Ridge: All right then, for my next official action, I respectfully request that the firings of dad and Brooke --
      Stephanie: I'm sorry, honey, I wasn't finished. I was speaking of Thorne.

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