The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 19 Episode 212

Ep. #4726

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Jan 18, 2006 on CBS
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Ep. #4726
Eric tries to convince Stephanie to stay out of Ridge and Taylor's marital problems, but Stephanie isn't willing to leave them be for fear that Brooke will end up back in Ridge's life again. Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy are devastated when their parents tell them that their marriage is over, then Taylor asks Ridge to leave her alone so that she has some time to think. Brooke tries to get in touch with Ridge to tell him not to end his marriage. Her attempts to reach him are unsuccessful, but when she goes to Big Bear to see him, she finds only Taylor alone.moreless

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  • 18th Jan, 2006 - My summary of this episode

    At Big Bear, Taylor keeps staring at a photo of her and Ridge, not believing that her marriage is over. She doesn’t know what to tell their children when they arrive. Taylor confesses that she didn’t want to see the changes while she was gone. She thought everything would be the same, and she could pick things up where they left off. She doesn’t want to tell her children that her marriage with Ridge has been destroyed. Just then, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe arrive, and ask Ridge and Taylor what’s wrong. Ridge tells them that he will always love them no matter what happens, and the children know that there’s bad news. Ridge tells them that when Taylor came back to their lives, he wanted to start a new life with her. But he also had a life with Brooke and now realizes that his feelings for Taylor have changed. He tells them that their marriage is over. Thomas gets angry at Ridge for divorcing Taylor after all that she did to come back to them. Taylor stops him and tells him not to blame Ridge. She says that Ridge did the honorable thing by supporting and nurturing their family while she was away, and now that he has RJ, he needs to take care of him, in the same way he took care of their family. Thomas says he understands, and the kids leave. Taylor and Ridge start arguing about Brooke and Taylor says even though their marriage is over, her opinion of Brooke will not change. They say goodbye and Ridge leaves.

    Stephanie enters her home frustrated. Eric finds her and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him about Taylor and Ridge, and hopes that they can work things out. She is frightened for Ridge and doesn’t want Brooke to get together with him again. She feels that Brooke is out to get them again, and Eric tells her to do him and Ridge a favor and butt out of their son’s life.

    Brooke tries getting through to Ridge, but keeps getting his answering machine. She thinks what Taylor did was wrong, having an affair with James. She doesn’t care about Ridge or Taylor, but cares about Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy. They have been through a lot the last year, and she doesn’t want to see them get hurt over their parent’s breakup. Nick thinks Brooke is admirable for thinking about the children, and she says that getting back together with Ridge is not an option and will not happen. Brooke tries calling Ridge again, and when she cannot get through to him, tells Nick that she has to go to Big Bear and help them somehow. Nick doesn’t think that Taylor would want Brooke’s advice right now, but Brooke says she has to try somehow to keep Ridge and Taylor together.

    After Ridge leaves, Brooke enters Big Bear to find Taylor there. She’s disappointed that things already happened before she could stop it, and says she is sorry for Taylor. Taylor tells her not to act innocent, and tells her that she hates her.moreless
Addison Hoover

Addison Hoover

Phoebe Forrester

Recurring Role

Alex Hoover

Alex Hoover

Steffy Forrester

Recurring Role

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