The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 20 Episode 147

Ep. #4916

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Oct 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • Taylor finally behind bars

    I\'ve decided to start writing my opinions via the \"review board\" for each show. I don\'t want to clutter the forum.

    Susan Flannery as Stephanie is wonderful although the character really cheeses me off sometimes. She can\'t stop meddling in her kids\' affairs and then justifies it by saying she just wants them to be happy. If you let them live their lives they\'ll be happy. Just go be a wife and a really good mom by just being there when the kids need you....When they need mom they will come and look for you. You don\'t need to be on their backs.

    I\'m glad Taylor told Thorne the truth yesterday and decided to give herself up. I hope that despite the fact that she told the cop she wanted to go down alone, that Hector is also locked up for forcing her to keep the secret. And Phoebe....what a dolt. This girl should have stayed in school and gotten herself an education. I can\'t blame Thorne for being angry at Taylor for what she hid from him. Didn\'t Taylor learn anything about secrets after revealing about her and what\'s his name (it\'s on the tip of my tongue...I can\'t remember anything but Ian Buchannan!) and their little romp? Tsk tsk on Taylor. Thorne can\'t really blame Phoebe for not speaking up because she was only doing what the other dopey adults were telling her to do. Sure she could have spoken up anyway but this is a soap now. Anyway, Thorne should cut Phoebe a break. Taylor should be the only one banned from his home.

    Getting Thorne and Taylor together was a mistake. Thorne and Ridge both had Brooke...then they both had Taylor...and I don\'t know who else they shared cuz I didn\'t watch for a few years but I was glad to know that Thorne had Darla (severely underused when she was there). Darla was a nice girl...she was sweet and delightful and caring....and she made it look genuine. Was she acting or is Sache really like that in real life? I can\'t imagine her not being that way because the acting was so effortless for her it seemed like someone said, \"just be Sache\" when portraying Darla.

    This episode was pretty blah. The best part was wataching Taylor being put behind bars. I\'ve begun getting annoyed at Taylor for being so weak...she used to be one of my favorite women in daytime but now..meh, not so much. BTW, I don\'t know what Hunter Tylo has done to her face but she looks like she\'s a victim of Michael Jackson\'s plastic surgeon. She used to be beautiful...he hair was fluffy and bouncy and really nice and now it looks just as stiff as her face....what did she do????
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