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The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 20 Episode 229

Ep. #4998

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Feb 14, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #4998
Champagne flows as Nick, Jackie, Clarke, Donna and Storm celebrate their success, although Jackie can't help but feel sorry for Eric. Taylor calls Nick to thank him for the roses he sent. They arrange a Valentine's day date, which Phoebe is furious about. The Forrester family gather to try and decide a way to salvage their loss. Ridge suggests selling to department stores for slashed prices but Eric refuses to destroy their reputation. Eric comes up with an idea to open their own chain of boutiques to sell their collections, but Ridge airs his views on the amount of debt it would cause and tells Eric that he won't back the plan. Brooke goes to Nick and attempts to appeal to him to stop his revenge plot. Taylor comes by for the date and kisses Nick. Brooke fumes with jealousy.moreless

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      • (After Taylor walks into Nick's office and interrupts a conversation between Brooke and Nick)
        Brooke: So, you and Taylor have plans? On Valentine's Day?
        Taylor: (To Brooke) Oh, what is that on your finger? Is that an engagement ring? From my ex-husband? Well, you have a Valentine and I have a Valentine's, so it's Valentine's Day for eveybody, and I can't wait. (To Nick) Thanks for asking me.
        (Taylor kisses Nick)
        Brooke: Stop it!
        Taylor: Stop it? Stop doing what? It seems to me you're the one who shouldn't even be here, all alone with your ex doing whatever it was that you were just doing. Do you really think that Nick is going to fall for your games? Ok, let's get real here. Ridge is, I don't know, how do I say this nicely, gullible when it comes to you. Nick is much smarter than that. So stop acting like this is high school and instead of passing judgement on what I'm doing, or what Nick is doing for that matter, why don't you go live your own life with Ridge? He's your destiny remember, and the best part of it is, you get custody of Stephanie.

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