The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 20 Episode 238

Ep. #5007

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Feb 27, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #5007
Stephanie gets fed up with having Ann around and drags her to guesthouse for a chat. Stephanie tells her to hurry in finding a place to live, but soon realizes that Ann has no intention on moving out. Pam overhears an argument between Eric and Stephanie about their poor sex life. Stephanie storms out and Ann says that Pam would be a more suited wife for Eric. As they gather at the new store, Ridge senses that Brooke isn't happy about having a public wedding but she agrees to the idea for the sake of the business. Felicia tells Bridget that Dante is staying in Italy and wants her and Dino to move there too. Deciding that she is going to stay in Los Angeles, Felicia sobs knowing that her relationship with Dante is over. Rick and Phoebe share some kisses in the store room. Brooke is stunned when she walks in on them.moreless

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    • Pam: You know, I really don't want to talk about this now.
      Ann: You're just like me. You'd rather overlook what's unpleasant. Well, Stephanie opened my eyes, in more ways than one. It's a terrible thing to say, especially when I know I'm partly to blame, but she's a damaged person. I love her dearly. And I suffered all those years I had to live without her. But the person who's got it worse is the man who has to live with her!

    • Stephanie: This is how we operate. You build castles in the air, and I do the brick and the mortar. I am not a 'wifey' wife. I never have been. I can't be and be the foreman at the same time.
      Eric: I don't recall ever asking you to do that.
      Stephanie: That would have been too direct of you, Eric. You are mister passive aggressive. You just throw a dozen balls in the air and you expect someone to juggle them for you; me. Well, that being the case, I can't turn on a dime and become a sex kitten. Not even Brooke was that fast on her feet!

    • Stephanie: What am I in control of?
      Eric: Now, you know, you want to control this whole thing. It's not support. It's like what you did last night in bed!
      Stephanie: Are you that shallow?
      Eric: What's shallow about that? What's shallow about sex, or love? Why did we even employ a minister if you and I are just going to be business partners?
      Stephanie: Was I the only person at Big Bear? I thought we had a wonderful time.
      Eric: It was like a long cool shower, after a long, long drought.
      Stephanie: Maybe you should look to yourself for the reason!

    • Stephanie: My husband relies on me.
      Ann: Oh, for a comfortable place to come home to! A warm meal, a warm bed. Does he even get that? Problems in a marriage often begin in the bedroom!

    • Ann: This doesn't look like cream.
      Pam: That's because its milk, Mother. Eric and Stephanie don't take cream.
      Ann: We'll put it on the shopping list.
      Stephanie: The only shopping list you should have, Mother, is a condominium of your own!

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