The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 21 Episode 101

Ep. #5123

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Aug 13, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #5123
Jackie tells Nick that Donna and Thorne are engaged, informing Nick of Donna’s plan. Rick stresses how much Phoebe means to him. Rick feels he has acted like a fool, but Ashley tells him that if he is able to explain things to Phoebe, she should give him another chance. Phoebe watches Constantine record some new tracks. Constantine realizes just how much Phoebe misses Rick. Stephanie is stunned that Thorne and Donna are engaged. She begs Thorne to see sense that Donna is using him. Thorne throws Stephanie out. Thorne later has a coffee with Eric and informs him of his engagement. Eric is concerned about the suddenness of it all. Donna laughs with Jackie on the telephone about how her plan is coming together. Stephanie returns and issues Donna with a warning, but Donna rubs it in her face that she will be the daughter-in-law from hell.moreless

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      • (The final scene of the episode. The confrontation between Stephanie and Donna)
        Stephanie: Don't think that that ring is a guarantee, because it isn't.
        Donna: Thorne wants to be with me.
        Stephanie: He just wants to sleep with you.
        Donna: He proposed.
        Stephanie: Well there's a wedding chapel and a hooker on every street corner in Vegas, if he really wanted to marry you, you'd already be married.
        Donna: He wanted to wait for Ally's sake.
        Stephanie: Oh, was that the excuse he gave you? Well, using his little girl, I guess you can't argue with that can you?
        Donna: It wasn't an excuse and Thorne isn't playing me, he's not like that.
        Stephanie: No he's not, but you're playing him. You've got him snowed, but he'll wake up. He'll sober up after this long weekend and he'll see you for exactly what you are; just another Logan slut.
        Donna: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to make me feel insecure. Undermine my self confidence, but you're the one who's scared and you should be.
        Stephanie: Oh really, well I've dealt with you Logan girls for a long time. I'm not worried.
        Donna: Not one with nothing to lose. Brooke couldn't beat you because she wanted your approval. I don't. I hope you feel sick every time you see me across the family dinner table. Year after year after year I'll be there. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays. You know, Eric's is coming up isn't it? Maybe I'll jump out of the cake for him; I bet you he'd love that.
        Stephanie: You may not want my approval but you certainly need Thorne's and attacking me this way isn't going to get it.
        Donna: Are you sure about that because you know, maybe he's sick of you too. He sure seemed fed up today.
        Stephanie: Oh my boys always come around.
        Donna: Thorne's all mine now Stephanie and he will be for the rest of your miserable life. Oh, and it will be miserable. I'll be the one smiling at your funeral. This ring may not be a guarantee I'll have a lifetime of satisfaction and happiness, but it does guarantee you won't. Are you getting the picture? You had it so good with my sister…now you're stuck with me. Donna Logan; your worst nightmare!

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