The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 21 Episode 162

Ep. #5184

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Nov 08, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #5184
Donna lets Eric know that she has no expectations for their future together which he finds refreshing. Felicia walks in on a kiss between them and lets Donna have it. Nick comes by and threatens to take Eric to court if he doesn’t live up to the terms of ownership of the company by divorcing Stephanie. Eric stands his ground with Felicia and orders her to show some respect to Donna. Eric makes it clear that Felicia doesn’t run his life. Katie finds out from Brooke that Donna informed Nick of Stephanie’s role in her rape. Katie and Brooke vent their fury at Donna. Stephen arrives and Brooke is even more angered at Donna for calling him. Donna tells her family that they need to come together as a unit to not allow Stephanie to terrorise them anymore. Stephen demands answers. Brooke, being forced by Donna, tells him of the rape and Stephanie’s part in it.moreless

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      • (When Felicia interrupts an intimate moment between Eric and Donna)
        Eric: Why couldn't I have met you like, forty years ago?
        Donna: Well a psychic in San Francisco said I ran a Chinese laundry in a previous life, maybe I pressed your shirts.
        Eric: Yeah, maybe you did.
        (Donna and Eric share a kiss as Felicia barges in)
        Felicia: Oh god why did I have to see that? This is an office.
        Eric: Yes an office with a door on it. You could knock if you could reach it from that high horse you're on.

      • (Katie questioning Brooke on why she isn't seeking justice against Stephanie)
        Katie: I just don't understand why you are letting Stephanie off the hook so easily.
        Brooke: Making her miserable will not make me happier.
        Katie: Well that's very evolved to turn the other cheek and all that but, just remember God only gave us two.

      • (Felicia defending her mother's actions to Nick)
        Felicia: Stephanie, my mother, never intended for her to be raped.
        Nick: Your mother doesn't have intensions she has criminal instincts.

      • (As Brooke and Donna begin bickering over Donna loosely telling people of her rape, Donna snaps at Katie in a reference to her "good little housewife" attitude)
        Katie: If you two are going to argue I'm really not up to playing the role of referee.
        Donna: Then go cook!

      • (Felicia attempting to sway Eric away from Donna's affections)
        Felicia: What happens when the sex gets stale? She can't possibly be anywhere near your intellectual equal.
        Eric: What, do I read Aristotle on the toilet?
        (Script Edited)
        Felicia: Look, mother can be awful, but she's ours. So, you know what, test her, give her a hard time, just hire some hookers, go visit some starlets in rehab, but do you have to fall for the first set of implants that bounce their way into your path?

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      • Katie asks Stephen where he flew in from, to which he responds that his plane came in from Dallas. This is a passing reference to the fact that Patrick Duffy previously starred on super soap Dallas where he portrayed Bobby Ewing from 1978-1985 with a further stint from 1986-1991.

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