The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 22 Episode 20

Ep. #5293

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Apr 18, 2008 on CBS

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  • This episode was so well acted/written i almost cried.

    I didnt think that the part about Taylor might being able to raise Jack was a good part, i thought the part about Pam's dog getting sick was mainly the spark of this episode. I was so happy to watch this episode, i just cant explain how much i liked this episode! I would have hated to be in Donna's shoes at that point because i would think that she would feel terrible inside because of all the pain she caused Pam. Even though Pam did all of that stuff to Donna, i thought that Donna did something so bad to Pam that all of that stuff put together that Pam did to Donna was nothing to what Donna did to Tiny, Pam's dog. And even though the vet said that it was Pam's fault that Tiny is so sick, it wasnt, it was Donna's fault because Tiny wasnt supposed to have the lemon bars. And i do believe that it was not Pam's fault; it was Donna's. I really liked the end too, but not as much as i liked the other thing i said above, when, at the end, Rick proposes to Taylor to get married. This is my updated MOST FAVORITE so far in season 22. I liked it alot, and if you like the B&B you will like it too!