The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 22 Episode 34

Ep. #5307

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM May 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • An almost perfect episode;not quite, but very close to being as good as the 10.0's!

    This past week and a half or so episodes have been absolutely awesome, and each and every one has been, including today's. This episode was, in a way, also somewhat funny too-which is not something very common in a soap. Another thing that got my attention to in this episode, was when Pam gets in the middle of the aisle with a hose and squirts Donna with it, but i dont get how she would have gotten a hose in there without anyone noticing. But then i just realized, shortly after that, that that was just a thought of Pam, she wanted to do it, but it didnt happen for real. And finally, at the end, when Eric turns his head to Stephanie i thought he was going to stop the wedding and not marry Donna, but i dont know yet because that was the last few seconds of it. I liked this ep. so much mostly because of the ending; i would definitely like to see what Eric's decision is tomorrow! That is nerve-wracking! But an awesome ep!