The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 26 Episode 221

Ep. #6505

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Feb 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • Thursday

    Same old thing here, Hope doing her same old schtick, Steffy repeating the same lines, and the parents all being way too involved in their kids lives.

    My take on the show, and the ratings for it, will surely sink if they don't shake things up.
  • sick of the same old drama

    i dont understand how they drop the whole liam an hope situation and then as things get good with him and steffy they want to bring it back when all the drama had stop they brought it right back its sad that they will keep the show going on about to half sister fighten over the same guy like there is no other men in that city hope is just a kid that need to experience life before thinking she is so madly in love you dont always found love as soon as you give up sex for the frist time to a guy that been having sex for years and anytime you cant keep your mother out of your affairs its always going to be problems now as for the married situtation if she love liam like she said nobody should beable to break that bond up she should stay home and work it out with him like a adult would you cant work out any relationship apart thats for kids and he gave her enough space to get her thaughts togather before he move on so cut the drama get on with your life as for liam if a man really love a woman it wouldnt be so confussing on making a decision knowing both of these girls been through a hard ship in life and broken family cause of there mothers history and steffy is a better pick but if you ask me i say let him be with hope steffy is too good for him and she know what she want out of life hope live in a fairytale world cause she still a kid cause if a man leave me for my sister an marry her with my ring i would never want to go back to him or be friends with him thats nasty and it would just been his lost but sitting her watching this back an forward stuff with liam is over rated now
  • parents

    Hope and Steffy's mothers need to let thei daughters grow up and make their own decisions.

    it's sicking the way they interfer in their lives, while their lives are a wreck.

    I watch this soap before going to work with my wife. those four r getting redunant. How shallow Steffy and Hope r. Running after the same man over and over. Isn't their any other men that u can involve in the story.