The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 26 Episode 222

Ep. #6506

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Feb 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Friday

    Can the show please move forward with something? I am tired of hearing the same dialogue about the same love triangle day after day for two years.

    And stop saying how Steffy and Thomas want to finally defeat the Logans. We know this show will never let them lose a battle.
  • so upset

    i am so mad that they would have steffy get pregneat then turn around not let her tell him and see how he would react for hope to go to him when she leave town and now he confuss all over again i think it sad to bring a gift as such as a baby into her life to know hope might cost her the life of her baby and now thats going to bring more drama in the picture and if they put him and hope back togather after this they need to shut the show down cause this has gone to far with them beefing over liam its just crazy now and if he just mad a decision it would never came to this point now he say he didnt want to hurt nobody he got hope so over joy and pump up now he might not going get the chance to be the daddy that he wanted to be cause hope just might made her loose the baby and if she do even tho she didnt know it dosent matter she should still keep her hand to herself and futher more why go to her office anyway with the drama she should left her alone i hope steffy make them both pay if she loose her baby and liam suffer bad from the lost and steffy move on and found a better man cause liam is too much drama and as for hope she already know that going bring he name down more cause she going to get the blame for causing the pain and all her fans going to look down on her again and its going to be all over liam