The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 27 Episode 205

Ep. #6739

Aired Weekdays 1:30 PM Jan 13, 2014 on CBS

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  • What are the writers doing???

    1st why are they making Quin crazy??? 2nd I'm so glad this happened with Liam... He should go back to Steffy were he belongs. .. I've always disliked him and Hope together. She does belong with Watt he's a sweetheart and cars did beg genuinely. Then the writers stated making him crazy with this jewelry robbery. .. Now those guys did show up and we're going to take the diamond. .. I knew Watt hid it, but it work out those guys errs thieves from do many other robberies. .. let it go. .. detective Liam is going to try and find out something more he can't prove anything. .. Put Watt with hope and Liam with Steffy... move on already story of Liam and Hope it so old now LET IT GO PEOPLE. Watt will make her the princess she's always wanted to be. They are great together.