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    • Ep. #4300
      Ep. #4300
      Season 18 - Episode 40
      Jackie is shocked to wake up in Deacon's bed, knowing that she never would have slept with him if she had been sober. She rushes home to Massimo, where she tells him that she was with Lauren Fenmore.
    • Ep. #4481
      Ep. #4481
      Season 18 - Episode 221
      Ridge calls while Eric is busy preparing the models backstage. Eric tells Ridge that if Forrester wins, Thorne will return to Forrester. Eric confesses that he needs Ridge and Thorne back, because they provide inspiration. As Darla and Sally set out the gift bags, Darla discovers that Sally is planning to bribe the reporters with cash. Sally also plants a group of cheerleaders to help pump up the crowd for Spectra.moreless
    • Ep. #4311
      Ep. #4311
      Season 18 - Episode 51
      While Nick and Brooke prepare to walk down the aisle and Ridge chases Maya, Stephanie meets with Kristen at the house, and the two catch up on everything that has been going on lately.
    • Ep. #4658
      Ep. #4658
      Season 19 - Episode 144
      Ridge and Taylor meet with their marriage councillor, Dr. Mary Ann Higgins. Ridge admits that he loves both Brooke and Taylor, but insists that it's Taylor with the problem. Ridge says that Taylor must simply accept it. Nick worries about losing Bridget. He stresses to Jackie that he was committed to Bridget, although Jackie questions his ability to ever forget Brooke. Brooke admits to Bridget that she is in love with Nick. Brooke tries to explain herself, but Stephanie jumps in to further trash Brooke's name. Bridget storms out when Stephanie tells her that Nick and Brooke kissed. Brooke threatens Stephanie, and warns her that she will pay if Bridget and Nick's marriage doesn't survive.moreless
    • Ep. #6589
      Ep. #6589
      Season 27 - Episode 55

      Eric comes to a big decision after days of Brooke pleading with him to pretend to be the father of her child. Rick defends Brooke to Taylor.


    • Ep. #6315
      Ep. #6315
      Season 26 - Episode 31

      Liam and Steffy begin to say their goodbyes as Steffy explains why she finally signed the annulment papers. Swept in the moment, Liam kisses Steffy instead of letting her go. Brooke and Hope have a session with Dr. Barton which forces Hope to further address her problems. Brooke is confused as to why Hope left Liam in Aspen. Ramona informs Bill of the latest developments in Aspen, and Alison confronts Bill again about his involvement in Liam's life.

    • Ep. #4149
      Ep. #4149
      Season 17 - Episode 141
    • Ep. #6630
      Ep. #6630
      Season 27 - Episode 96

      Katie secretly watches Bill and Brooke talk. Wyatt continues trying to come in between Hope and Liam.


    • Ep. #5414
      Ep. #5414
      Season 22 - Episode 140
      Pam continues to torture Donna. Everyone realizes that Marcus wasn't the only one that was targeted and Beth was almost critically hurt tonight. Eric asks Beth when he comes to see Marcus if she's alright after learning that she was hit by a car. Marcus asks to speak with Eric alone and says to think about forgiving Donna. Pam makes a threat that if Eric won't have Stephanie then no one would, Donna is scared that Pam would harm him or just finish her off altogether, she then pleads with Pam to let her help him. Hope and R.J. return home and Pam cautions her not to say a word about her. Brooke grows uneasy when she listens in on Rick asks Marcus to be his best man, and Taylor asking Steffy to be her maid of honor. Pam says to tell Eric that it's over and to make it convincing.moreless
    • Ep. #6349
      Ep. #6349
      Season 26 - Episode 65

      Brooke and Ridge try to find out what kept Hope from coming to her wedding. Hope tries to explain to Liam, while Bill awaits to find out if his plan was a success.

    • Ep. #5128
      Ep. #5128
      Season 21 - Episode 106
      Nick still has concerns about Brooke and shares them with Taylor. She stresses that she is okay if he wishes to pay Brooke a visit, but he decides to spend time with his wife, especially when Taylor admits that she still feels guilty over the words she said at Brooke’s court hearing. Stephanie calls Dorothy to see if she followed her advice and paid Brooke a late night visit. Eric overhears and is furious with Stephanie’s meddling, although she stands by the fact that she is simply looking out for the children. Andy rapes Brooke. Andy taunts Brooke that she can't report him as his connections in law can prevent her from ever seeing her kids again. Dorothy shows up at the house, Andy hides but threatens Brooke to keep quiet. Dorothy notices Brooke’s emotional state and later voices her concerns to Stephanie. Andy tries to rape Brooke again, but she manages to fight him off with a knife. Brooke sobs in the shower as she attempts to clean the filth from her body.moreless
    • Ep. #5000
      Ep. #5000
      Season 20 - Episode 231
      Eric calls a meeting between himself, Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke up at the cabin in Big Bear. Eric suggests selling the cabin, but Stephanie refuses to even consider it. Ridge finds Brooke hanging around outside, she reminds him about the amount of fights she and Stephanie have had at the cabin. Stephanie and Brooke go at it when Stephanie learns that Brooke approached Nick about carrying their line within Jackie M boutiques. Stephanie later suggests to Eric that he retire, but withdraws the idea when she sees how much his career means to him. They have a fun pillow fight before making love. Brooke and Ridge are horrified when they catch them through the window. Stephanie and Brooke give Eric their support in opening up their own chain of boutiques as part of Forrester Originals. Eric is thrilled when Ridge finally comes on board too.moreless
    • Ep. #6455
      Ep. #6455
      Season 26 - Episode 171

      Taylor is forced to get tough with Katie when it appears she is losing her mind. Stephanie realizes she has way less time to live than she thought.

    • Ep. #5425
      Ep. #5425
      Season 22 - Episode 151
      Pam reveals the truth behind her actions to Stephanie that she couldn't stop their father from abusing her and is keeping her promise that she'll never be hurt again. Donna tells Owen that she feels uncomfortable with Pam being in the same house as Eric. Ridge races to Rick and tells the guy at the gate to call 911 right away, and calls Brooke and says that Rick was in an accident. Owen tells Donna that she can't be anywhere in Pam's sight. Eric tells Pam if he was ever cruel to her, Pam says that Eric broke his promise when he said that he'll love Stephanie forever. Brooke arrives at the hospital and asks Ridge if he anything to do with Rick's accident. Bridget tells Brooke and Ridge that Rick's is still unconscious but he didn't sustain any injuries. Stephanie tells Pam that she's not mad at Donna or Eric the person that is, is herself. Rick finds love in Brooke's strength and devotion.moreless
    • 2014/07/30
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140730
    • Ep. #5411
      Ep. #5411
      Season 22 - Episode 137
      Donna tells Marcus that Eric didn't ask for a divorce. Dr. Caspary tells a devastated Katie that she had a miscarriage, Nick then consoles her. Owen tells Donna that he was fired, but despite him losing his job he still cares for her. Thorne and Felicia tell Stephanie that she and das are close to reconciling not to ruin it, Stephanie then leaves hoping she'll stop what's hurting Eric. Brooke learns about Katie and the doctor says she wants to be with Nick for a while. Thorne and Marcus get into about him not unloading a shipment, Marcus says that his mother is still married to Eric, Donna arrives and asks what's going on. Katie asks Nick to tell Brooke to come in and to bring Jack with her. Pam looks on in the distance and says that this is the day she dies, Marcus opens the crate and a cobra bites him.moreless
    • Ep. #5984
      Ep. #5984
      Season 24 - Episode 206
      Thomas tells Brooke that their trip to Paris managed to change his life and that for once he knows where he stands. Taylor and Nick discuss about Thomas and Brooke. Amber reveals her pregnancy to someone.
    • Ep. #5544
      Ep. #5544
      Season 23 - Episode 20
      Ridge tells Taylor that Steffy will not marry Rick. Eric and Donna prepare to watch Bridget in her moment and watch her designs. Ridge tells Taylor to think of a way to get Rick to shoot his mouth off and show his true colors. Rick gives Brooke the wedding announcement. Nick announces that revealing Bridget as Madame X will be said at the very end. Steffy comes into Eric's office and watches the show as well. The fashion show gets underway and Eric is amazed at the applause, Jackie introduces Bridget as the infamous Madame X and Eric couldn't be more prouder, she says that she has two Forrester's working for her, Eric wonders what she meant by that. Ridge says that all Taylor has to do is hit a key and the microphone can record anything in the room. Stephanie comes out and everyone is shocked including Eric who's watching and looks in the camera and tells Eric to eat his heart out, Eric is then livid that Stephanie and Jackie would team up. Owen congratulates Bridget on a job well done. Donna tells Eric that there's no way Jackie M is going to be a threat to Forrester. Ridge says that he didn't record what Rick said, but is delighted when he comes back for more and Ridge hits the record button.moreless
    • Ep. #4982
      Ep. #4982
      Season 20 - Episode 213
      Brooke, Thorne and Ridge have a meeting with Arthur Harrison, one of their loyal distributors. Arthur agrees to come on board for their new company and the designs for which they will produce. Brooke and Ridge discuss the old days of Forrester Creations and make love in his new office. Nick invites Taylor to lunch, she reminds him that she is engaged to Thorne. Nick insists that it will be strictly friends. Nick and Taylor talk about her life before they met and bond over chicken wings at Chuck's Bar. Phoebe questions Taylor when she learns about her lunch with Nick. Phoebe wonders if their something going on between them. Nick sets up a meeting with Arthur and makes a proposal of buying out Harrison Boutiques.moreless
    • Ep. #5568
      Ep. #5568
      Season 23 - Episode 44
      Jackie continues to persuade Nick to go after Bridget. Katie drowns her sorrows at the bar at Cafe Rouse, and runs into Bill. Bridget tries to get over Nick with Owen, but she feels uncomfortable making love to him and tells him that she kissed Nick. Jackie can't believe that Nick is allowing Bridget to resign from Jackie M, he then admits to kissing her, Jackie says for him to go and get her. Bill offers to take Katie home, but has to go to his hotel room first. As they head to Owen's beach house, Jackie let's it slip to Nick that Owen is an incredible lover, he asks how would she know. Katie tells Bill that she doesn't want to leave but to have fun instead, she then passes out on the bed. Nick comes in and Bridget says that nothing happened between her and Owen, Nick says to do whatever it takes, and the two kiss. Owen and Jackie's relationship is revealed as Nick and Bridget see them kiss as well.moreless
    • Ep. #6259
      Ep. #6259
      Season 25 - Episode 230

      The wedding is brought to a halt, as both Hope and Liam react to news that Steffy refused to sign the annulment papers. Taylor comforts Steffy, and they're both surprised when Taylor receives a present in form of a chocolate fountain from Thorne. Hope comes to confront Steffy and they end up in a full-blown catfight.

    • Ep. #6558
      Ep. #6558
      Season 27 - Episode 24

      Rick names a new face for a campaign, causing worry in Caroline. Katie and Bill try to make up for lost time.


    • Ep. #5097
      Ep. #5097
      Season 21 - Episode 75
      Ashley tells Rick that she doesn’t want any secrets as she enters a new relationship with Ridge. Phoebe overhears their discussion, but doesn’t catch on to what it’s really about. Ashley agrees not to say anything when she sees how much Phoebe loves Rick. Eric is stunned when Ridge tells him that Brooke will no longer be working at the company. Stephanie is thrilled and hopes that Ashley will step in and take Brooke’s place. Bridget doesn’t want to believe Carl when he tells her that Doctor Mills is taking an early retirement, he assumes it’s really to avoid a scandal that’s about to erupt. Nick tells Bridget that he is concerned about Brooke. Brooke heads to the Café Russe but quickly leaves when a guy hits on her, spilling a drink on her in the process. Donna looks after Hope and RJ but is anxious to catch a flight. She rushes off when she thinks she sees Brooke’s car arrive home, but Brooke ends up passing out in her car on the highway from exhaustion leaving the kids home alone.moreless
    • Ep. #6369
      Ep. #6369
      Season 26 - Episode 85

      The Forresters and Logans get together for Dayzee and Marcus' wedding. Dayzee worries that Marcus might get cold feet, while Marcus thinks about telling Dayzee the truth about running down Anthony.

    • Ep. #5435
      Ep. #5435
      Season 22 - Episode 161
      Stephanie asks Taylor how the night with Ridge, Thomas and Steffy was, she says it was like picking up were they left off. Eric tells Ridge that he changed his mind in letting him take over the company, also he doesn't want to let Rick out of the loop. Rick asks Brooke how does she know that Ridge won't break her heart, and look at what he's done to him and continues to tell her not to marry Ridge. Stephanie gives Taylor a vote of agreement. Eric is determined to get Rick back to the company to take it to greater heights. Ridge and Brooke get intimate. Rick keeps a secret in order to manipulate his parents. Eric thanks Rick for the boost of confidence that he isn't ready to step down and let Ridge take over, Eric is then shocked to learn that while he was in a coma, Ridge turned off his respirator and almost died.moreless
    • Ep. #6312
      Ep. #6312
      Season 26 - Episode 28

      Hope causes an accident by colliding into Steffy at the ski resort. Liam is surprised when he realizes Hope just left Steffy on the ground. Bill tries to explain to his secretary why he is going up against Hope, and she tries to reason with him. Rick tries to reassure Brooke where Hope is concerned.

    • 2015/01/22
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150122
    • Ep. #2756
      Ep. #2756
      Season 11 - Episode 251
      Ridge is coming to visit Taylor while she is still with Stephanie. They are talking about the baby, and Ridge is really sorry about the lost time with his new son. Brooke is pacing the floor, worried about Rick and Amber. She tells James that she is going to have a talk with Amber. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick are still up on Mulholland Drive making out. Someone comes up to the car door and asks to see a driver's license, but it is C.J. He wants a drag race, but Rick wants none of it. C.J. accuses him of not having the stones for it and tells Amber to come with him. At the last minute Rick changes his decision. The two cars are revved up and ready. Amber says "Start"! She is screaming with excitement because they are winning, but Rick turns back and loses control of the car.moreless
    • Ep. #5980
      Ep. #5980
      Season 24 - Episode 202
      Thomas has to fight his feelings for Brooke. Nick arrives in time to handle Jackie and Owen's renewal ceremony. Taylor is angry when she learns about Thomas and Brooke's trip to Paris.
    • Ep. #6386
      Ep. #6386
      Season 26 - Episode 102

      Stephanie makes her feelings known regarding Liam and Hope's marriage. Katie questions Bill about what he had to do with Deacon showing up in Aspen a couple of weeks ago. Steffy tries to convince Liam that he shouldn't marry Hope again.

    • Ep. #6385
      Ep. #6385
      Season 26 - Episode 101

      Hope decides on the date and location for her and Liam's second wedding ceremony, while Steffy decides to show Liam what it is like to be single and free by taking him out for a night on the town. Caroline and Thomas spend the afternoon hanging out with Danielle.

    • Ep. #2506
      Ep. #2506
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      At Spectra Fashions, Sally is desperate to raise her daughters spirits. She asks Macy to attend Grant's celebration party with her, but Macy says she will not celebrate the Forrester's losing their company. Clarke enters dripping with sweat, returning from his visit with Grant. Grant is laying on the floor of his office in a pool of blood. Everybody is rushing around after hearing the gun shot. Michael sees Enrique quickly remove the gloves he's wearing. In Paris, Beth is just telling Brooke that she shouldn't have made Grant CEO of Forrester Creations as a phone call from Michael interrupts them. Michael explains to a shocked Brooke that Grant has been shot. The paramedics rush to Grant's aid. Police Lieutenant Bradley Baker asks Grant if he knows who shot him and he shouts out that it was Ridge.moreless
    • Ep. #5546
      Ep. #5546
      Season 23 - Episode 22
      Ridge and Taylor continue their search for Steffy, Taylor reaches her on her cell and says she and Rick are on their way to Big Bear, but Rick takes her phone away. Nick presents Bridget with a present with the success of her Madame X line. Rick tells Steffy that they can't go the cabin now, cause Ridge knows and is probably on his way there, so he decides to take Steffy to Hawaii. Jackie and Owen end up making love in her penthouse. Taylor tells Ridge that Madison says that Rick is using the jet, he then turns the car around and telephones the pilot and says to keep the plane grounded. Rick then threatens the pilot if he doesn't get the plane off the ground. Ridge takes off after the departing Forrester company jet and manages to stop it.moreless
    • Ep. #6438
      Ep. #6438
      Season 26 - Episode 154

      Bill and Brooke rush to locate a missing Katie. Stephanie and Eric reminisce about the 25 years full of memories they shared together. Rick is overwhelmed by guilt.

    • Ep. #5761
      Ep. #5761
      Season 23 - Episode 237
      Taylor tells Stephanie she wants to talk with Eric and Ridge before she makes a decision. Steffy tells Eric that she wants Brooke at the company just not a owner. Bridget explains to Nick that the sooner the baby comes then Agnes is out of their lives, Agnes starts to feel dizzy and has blurred vision. Nick asks Agnes to have dinner with him and Bridget, Agnes later sees Nick and Bridget in a close moment. Taylor says that she's heard from both sides and has made her decision, by saying she'll fund her 25% of Forrester Creations, which leaves Brooke fuming.moreless
    • Ep. #6702
      Ep. #6702
      Season 27 - Episode 168

      Liam gives Hope a glimpse into a future they could have together. Brooke tries to set things straight.


    • Ep. #5439
      Ep. #5439
      Season 22 - Episode 165
      Stephanie and Thorne watch as Eric arranges a podcast taping of Forrester Creation's announcement or Rick being the new President of the company. Ridge tells Taylor his theory of Rick being able to move his legs for a while and it's all a scam. Stephanie thanks Brooke for all the wonderful things she said about Ridge. Brooke tells Rick that she hopes that Ridge accepts the co-presidency and is able to work together with him, Brooke leaves and Rick says that it'll never happen. Jake goes to take care of a problem, and Rick changes the podcast video deleting what Brooke said about Ridge, he locks the door so no one can walk in. Stephanie tells Eric that she'll have to live with his decision in the changes to the company, Eric assures Stephanie that he and Ridge will be fine. Ridge and Taylor watch the broadcast and Rick gloats after viewing it himself.moreless
    • Ep. #5155
      Ep. #5155
      Season 21 - Episode 133
      Katie tells Ridge how Brooke is going to be modelling lingerie for Forrester Creations. They worry that she isn’t ready to flaunt sex appeal following the rape. Ridge rushes off to find Brooke. Ashley is not happy and warns Katie that the Logan sisters had better back off. Ridge vents his fury at Nick, but Brooke jumps in and says she wants to model. The fashion show fails to cause any excitement as the audience awaits Brooke’s entrance. Donna is hurt as she overhears Jackie say that Brooke is the most important asset to the company. Donna makes sure Brooke is ok to go on the runway. As Brooke prepares to make her entrance she freaks out and thinks she sees Andy in the audience. Brooke rushes out and breaks down in the office, leaving Jackie and Nick thoroughly embarrassed on stage, while Ridge comforts a sobbing Brooke.moreless
    • Ep. #5755
      Ep. #5755
      Season 23 - Episode 231
      Bill and Steffy go head-to-head over her attempt to blackmail him. Katie reveals her latest advertising campaign which is a follow up to the Glamour line and explains to Donna and Brooke that Steffy won't be working on it cause she's firing her. Taylor excitedly tells Ridge about her budding relationship with Whip. Steffy prepares to reveal all to Katie but is interrupted by a call from Bill, she says for him to make a decision either the company or his wife.moreless
    • Ep. #5756
      Ep. #5756
      Season 23 - Episode 232
      Steffy tells Bill he'd better hurry or else she'll tell Katie once she gets off the phone. Ridge explains his worries to Stephanie and Taylor. Brooke tells Donna that the Logan girls will once again grace the glamour outfits once again. Katie tells Brooke to tell Ridge that she's upset about Steffy's firing, and she fought to keep her on. Bill presents Steffy with an alternative offer, but declines. Stephanie and Taylor interrupt the photo shoot and reveal their true feelings regarding the new campaign. Bill asks Steffy to give him the contract, only if she agrees not to pull a fast one and tell Katie everything, he sign it and is glad that she won and the company belongs to the family once again and the Logan's are history.moreless
    • Ep. #5982
      Ep. #5982
      Season 24 - Episode 204
      Tawny reveals to Oliver that Amber slept with Liam. Thorne and Eric reminisce about their past with Brooke as they discuss Brooke with Ridge. Thomas arranges a private dinner for him and Brooke in the hotel, and then admits that he loves her. Amber refuses to have Tawny help her out.moreless
    • Ep. #6327
      Ep. #6327
      Season 26 - Episode 43

      Brooke issues a warning to Steffy about messing with Hope's future. Bill wants Alison to find dirt on Hope by sending her to Dr. Barton's office to plant a bug. Justin berates Bill for his methods of dealing with Hope. Marcus and Dayzee make plans for their wedding.

    • Ep. #5520
      Ep. #5520
      Season 22 - Episode 246
      Pam tells Stephanie that it's possible that Donna is covering for Marcus by planting that stuff in her closet. Donna leaves a note for Eric to join her for a steam. Brooke thanks Ridge for saying that he's not going to interfere. Felicia is surprised when Rocco Carner returns to L.A. Marcus walks in and interrupts Steffy and Rick and lets him have it and hopes that she wakes and sees what a pompous jerk she's falling for. Donna is left uncovered and agitated after an encounter with Stephanie in the steam room. Thorne fills Felicia in on that Rocco and him are working on a dynamite new project. Rick is irate that Thorne approved Rocco's transfer back to Forrester Creations. Stephanie tells Donna that she knows when Pam has dome something and sees that she hasn't done anything and promises to prove that her sister is innocent, Stephanie then hears Jake on the phone with Rick telling him to have fun with Steffy on the beach. Stephanie slaps Rick when he says that she's as crazy as her sister Pam.moreless
    • 2015/03/09
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150309
    • 2015/02/27
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150227
    • Ep. #4656
      Ep. #4656
      Season 19 - Episode 142
      Eric has lawyer Jonathan come to his office with divorce papers. Jonathan, being Stephanie's Power Of Attorney, only need have Eric sign the papers and the marriage is over. Jackie fantasises about Eric proposing to her. Brooke pleads with Stephanie not to tell Bridget anything. Nick arrives alone, having sent Bridget over to Chuck's Bar. Nick warns Stephanie not to create trouble, but she refuses to stop. Bridget has Dante meet her with the sketch he drew of her and he tells her how beautiful she is. Stephanie arrives and whisks Bridget away to the mansion. Stephanie tells Bridget that Nick and Brooke are in love with each other.moreless
    • 2015/02/23
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150223
    • Ep. #4370
      Ep. #4370
      Season 18 - Episode 110
      Hector makes no secret of what happened at the house when he talks to the authorities, who sing his praises to the Forresters and credit him with saving Rick's life.
    • Ep. #6753
      Season 27 - Episode 219

      Hope makes her move and Wyatt and Liam argue. Brooke talks to Ridge about their future.


    • Ep. #5505
      Ep. #5505
      Season 22 - Episode 231
      Brooke tells Ridge that she's afraid for Rick's life by saying that he's joined the military. Marcus tells Steffy that he looked for her earlier, she says she went to see Rick and had something to tell her that he was joining the army. Jackie enlists Bridget's help in stopping Nick and Katie's wedding. Beth learns that Katie and Nick moved up the wedding to today when coming over to see Jack. The recruiter appoints Rick to a boot camp in North Carolina. The physician asks Rick about his accident at work that left him temporarily paralyzed. Jackie thinks that someone has to open Nick's eyes and that person is Bridget, Bridget says that she's not going down that road again, so Jackie says she's going to stop the wedding herself. The doctor thinks it's a risk sending Rick into war with the injury that he sustained. Beth tells Katie how beautiful she is and says that she has her blessing, despite that Jackie doesn't. Jackie and Bridget arrive and she tells Nick not to marry Katie. Rick tells Steffy the bad news that he's not shipping out cause of his recent paralysis, Steffy's then glad he's not going, Ridge then sees them embracing.moreless
    • Ep. #4917
      Ep. #4917
      Season 20 - Episode 148
      Eric reads the morning newspapers with Jackie and Sally. They comment on Taylor's arrest, while Dante and Felicia are both shocked that Taylor was able to keep it a secret. Phoebe overhears their conversation and defends her mother. Eric finds it hard to believe that Darla's death was an accident when Taylor was drunk at the wheel. Ridge thinks that the one person who can help Taylor is Thorne and attempts to get through to him. Thorne refuses to help the person that killed his wife, but Ridge stresses that it was an accident. Stephanie visits Taylor and begs her not to confess, but Taylor feels it's the one thing that she must do for Thorne. Storm later arrives from San Francisco to defend Taylor but she wants to refuse his help. As the court proceeds, against Storm's best efforts, Taylor stands and pleads guilty to the charges against her.moreless
    • Ep. #4979
      Ep. #4979
      Season 20 - Episode 210
      Jackie urges Nick to stop the wedding between Thorne and Taylor. Nick refuses and believes that if the wedding is a mistake then it will end anyway. Donna, Storm and Clarke join Nick and Jackie for a meeting. Nick informs them that the Forrester family are unveiling a new fashion design business. They all pledge to give their support in making Forrester Creations the better company. Although Stephanie is stuck in Chicago due to snow, the Forrester estate is ready for the wedding. Pam finds the defaced photos of Taylor and shows them to Eric, he presents them to a stunned Thorne. Taylor is horrified when she finds her wedding dress torn to shreds by Ally. Thorne and Taylor realize Ally isn't ready to accept the marriage. The ceremony is cancelled. Nick later supports Taylor as she sobs into his arms.moreless
    • 2015/03/02
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150302
    • Ep. #5882
      Ep. #5882
      Season 24 - Episode 105
      Steffy remains strong while Ridge and Bill argue. Hope agrees that what Liam did was wrong but refuses to hit him. Ridge tells Steffy to not give into Bill's offer. Liam confides in Hope about telling Ridge he was his son, cause his mother told him he worked at Forrester Creations. Katie thanks Bill for getting her back into the executive suite once again.moreless
    • 2015/03/06
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150306
    • 2015/03/05
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150305
    • Ep. #4824
      Ep. #4824
      Season 20 - Episode 55
      Dante asks Felicia to come to Italy with him to meet his family. Dante decides he wants to make a home for his son and proposes to Felicia. Bridget realises it's time to let go of Nick when he hints that she shouldn't wait around for him. Stephanie apologises to Brooke, but Brooke feels Stephanie should respect her choice to not work in the Forrester Creations building. Ridge later senses Stephanie is concerned over what Brooke will do. Ridge tells her that it's only a matter of time till he has Brooke back again. Nick finds Brooke at home and he agrees to respect what she wants to do where the Forresters are concerned. Nick proposes to Brooke and she agrees to be his wife.moreless
    • 2015/07/02
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150702
    • Ep. #5935
      Ep. #5935
      Season 24 - Episode 158
      Ridge and Brooke discuss her new relationship with Stephanie and Thomas's upcoming mens line. Bridget comes by and shows some recent photos of her baby. Hope tells Liam that she's sure that Amber's playing some sort of game with Oliver and can't shake the fact she's after something. Amber explains that she's not doing anything but trying to access his video camera on his computer. Liam and Hope stakeout Oliver's place hoping to find out what Amber's up to and what she's doing. Bridget is amazed at the designs for the Hope for the Future campaign and Jackie M. can't compete with these. Hope sees Amber breaking into Oliver's touch pad and stealing her campaign designs and vows to stop her.moreless
    • Ep. #6378
      Ep. #6378
      Season 26 - Episode 94

      Hope comes up with a decision. Taylor looks out for Steffy's best interest.

    • Ep. #5627
      Ep. #5627
      Season 23 - Episode 103
      Melissa and Rich tell Jarrett that they know that something is up and why would all of them be flying on the same jet and Bill supplying them with free food and champagne. Katie arrives at Bill's office and sees a candle lit dinner and lights dimmed. Brooke tells Donna that every design has to be perfect also they need to win tomorrow cause if they don't then the whole royalty campaign is out the window. Nick tells Bridget that she made the right choice in the color on the programs that she had printed out. Donna asks where Katie is and Brooke says she's with Bill Spencer. Bill finds himself torn between love and ambition. Jarrett lets the judges know of Bill's motives and for them to make sure that Jackie M. wins the challenge tomorrow. Rich, Sergei and Melissa all agree to do Bill's bidding. Brooke tells Ridge that she has a concept for the show by showing off the royalty be being his queen. Jarrett calls Bill and says that it's a definate go and once again tries to get him to change his mind thinking what this will do to Katie's career.moreless
    • 2015/04/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150413
    • Ep. #5395
      Ep. #5395
      Season 22 - Episode 121
      Eric's doctor explains to Stephanie that Eric's condition is getting worse. Donna and Owen talk on the Forrester jet about the showing in Paris and Donna says it went a lot better than she expected. Thorne, Felicia, Ridge, and Stephanie each make their amends to Eric. Owen tells Donna that the jet will have to wait to land because of weather. The Forresters gather at Eric's bedside and pray for a miracle. Stephanie assures her children that Eric heard their amends. Owen and Donna argue over where Donna should stay. The Forrester children watch as Stephanie cleans Eric's feet before he leaves their lives. As Stephanie and her children grieve, Eric wakes up and reaches out his hand to Stephanie. Thorne, Felicia, Ridge, and Stephanie all become overjoyed as they watch Eric come back to them.moreless
    • Ep. #5726
      Ep. #5726
      Season 23 - Episode 202
      Bill condones the Forresters for trying to pull the wool over her eyes, and decides not to fire them cause it would mean they can seek jobs elswhere in fashion. Bridget and Nick show their appreciation to Owen for getting them in touch with the surrogacy agency. Bill insults Brooke and Donna and Katie can't believe what she's hearing. Owen realizes that with Nick's coming child which'll make him a grandfather, and Nick says his feelings towards him have changed since before. Brooke sees a different side to Katie and thinking that she's now coming to her senses. Katie lashes at Bill and says he said things about her sisters that he can't take back. Steffy makes a startling confession to her family that she's had it up to here with the Logan's in charge. Bill and Katie get into a heated argument, and he flat out tells as she's about to leave to not walk out that door.moreless
    • Ep. #5449
      Ep. #5449
      Season 22 - Episode 175
      Eric's temper flies out of control and tells Thorne to get Donna and bring her to him. Rick returns to the place where he fell off. Steffy runs into Rick on the roof during her workout. Thorne goes to the house and is glad that Stephanie hasn't cleared out her things yet. Eric tells Donna that they're marriage is over, Donna then wants an explanation on why he's telling her this. Ridge tells Brooke he has an idea for a venue to get married on the beach again. Steffy flat out tells Rick that she has a boyfriend and is only coming on to her to stick it to Ridge. Thorne thanks the models for posing as Donna and Owen.moreless
    • 2015/05/20
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150520
    • Ep. #5728
      Ep. #5728
      Season 23 - Episode 204
      Steffy starts her day looking back at kissing Bill at the beach house. Bill puts his symbolic sword necklace back around his neck. Brooke asks Katie that she hopes she can forgive them and be what they once were to each other. Steffy tells Thomas that she went to see Bill last night, and he asked her if he did anything to her. Brooke tells Ridge that Katie's already left and back to her husband. Katie apologizes for running away and not staying and fighting it out, Bill explains what happened can't be taken back. Hope shares her insights that nobody likes Bill and why do they bother working for someone they don't like. Steffy tells Thomas that when she got there Bill was pretty messed up cause Katie walked and they kissed, Thomas thinks they could use that to get the company back. Katie promises Bill that she will never let anything come between them or their marriage again.moreless
    • Ep. #6407
      Ep. #6407
      Season 26 - Episode 123

      Thomas makes a touching toast at Brooke and Ridge's wedding reception. Rick tries desperately to win Caroline back. Brooke and Ridge prepare to depart for their honeymoon.

    • Ep. #5132
      Ep. #5132
      Season 21 - Episode 110
      The concert begins. Taylor gives Phoebe some flowers and wishes her good luck. Donna and Thorne attend, along with Ridge and Ashley. Bridget and Eric secure themselves a seat, while Nick joins Taylor in the audience. CJ, Felicia and Madison watch on the judges’ panel. Jon McLaughlin performs, followed by Elliott Yamin. Constantine also belts out a number. The moment arrives to determine whether the fans wish to hear Phoebe sing with Constantine, or with Rick. Meanwhile, Brooke orders Stephanie out of her house. Stephanie assumes Brooke seduced Andy. Brooke warns Stephanie that she has no idea what happened. Stephanie presents Brooke with the documents, signed by Ridge, to file for full custody. Brooke vows that Stephanie won’t get away with it.moreless
    • Ep. #5988
      Ep. #5988
      Season 24 - Episode 210
      Nick decides to take his son camping. Agnes questions Nick about his health after finding something that would indicate he isn't okay. Justin and Bill reminisce. Marcus introduces Dayzee to his parents.
    • 2014/06/23
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140623
    • Ep. #3670
      Ep. #3670
      Season 15 - Episode 158
      Eric and Stephanie enjoy a romantic dinner at Café Russe, where they reminisce about their history together. Ridge confronts Massimo, accusing him of attacking Brooke in an attempt to get Stephanie.
    • Ep. #3671
      Ep. #3671
      Season 15 - Episode 159
      When Massimo rushes Ridge to the hospital after his fall, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor soon arrive. When Ridge needs blood and Eric isn't a match Stephanie offers to donate since she is type O, and is shocked to learn that neither her blood type nor Eric's is compatible with Ridge's, meaning that Ridge isn't Eric's son!moreless
    • 2015/05/13
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150513
    • Ep. #5569
      Ep. #5569
      Season 23 - Episode 45
      Nick is beside himself to learn that Owen was seeing his mother and dating Bridget at the same time. Eric tells Donna that two major boutiques in New York won't be carrying their fall line. Bill learns that the woman in his bed is Donna's little sister Katie. Nick brings Bridget back to his place, and checks to see if Katie is here, Bridget sees the letter Katie left for Nick. Bill calls Donna using Katie's cellphone and says that at the hotel at Cafe Rousse and will be expecting them. Eric tells Stephanie that it's cause of her and Bill that's putting the nails in his company's coffin. Donna arrives and asks Bill what he did to Katie, Bill then gets what he wants from Donna. Stephanie blames karma for Eric's problems. Bridget tells Nick that him being faithful will bring her home again, Nick says that she already is.moreless
    • Ep. #3672
      Ep. #3672
      Season 15 - Episode 160
      Stephanie is shocked when the doctor maintains that there is no way that Ridge can be Eric's father. Tony and Sally talk about his upcoming wedding to Kristen, and Sally realises just how much Tony is willing to give up.
    • Ep. #6564
      Ep. #6564
      Season 27 - Episode 30

      Bill and Katie make a vow to one another. Caroline's sexy scheme, veiled as a good cause, begins to take place.


    • Ep. #6754
      Ep. #6754
      Season 27 - Episode 220

      Brooke doesn't believe Bill when he reveals Ridge was dating a man in Paris. Katie and Ridge spend a day together in the park.

    • Ep. #5039
      Ep. #5039
      Season 21 - Episode 17
      Taylor is devastated when she learns that she isn’t pregnant. Nick brushes it off and says that they can keep on trying. Taylor offers Nick a way out and stresses that if he wants to be with Brooke he should do it now. Nick shows his commitment to Taylor by setting a wedding date. Brooke wonders if Taylor is pregnant. Stephanie learns from Taylor that the pregnancy test was negative. Brooke is thrilled and tells Stephanie that Nick will now leave Taylor. Phoebe is freaked out when she finds that Shane has followed her. Shane begs Phoebe for another chance but she asks him to leave. Ridge sees them together and orders Shane to go. Shane later waits in his car and tries to approach Phoebe but Ridge steps in. Ridge warns Shane to stay away from Phoebe.moreless
    • Ep. #5038
      Ep. #5038
      Season 21 - Episode 16
      Brooke refuses to listen to any of Stephanie's threats, insisting her life isn't any of her business. Stephanie orders Brooke to stay away from Nick if Taylor is pregnant. Phoebe walks in on Nick and Taylor's evening. Taylor isn't pleased when she hears that Phoebe had an argument with Rick about her. Nick offers Phoebe the use of his boat. Shane hides and watches Phoebe from outside the house. He later apologizes to her for walking out on her at the Café Russe. Nick throws Shane out when they find him harassing Phoebe. Shane follows Phoebe to The Insomnia Café. Rick heads back to Ashley's hotel with her to pick up a report. Talking about their times together in Paris over some wine they become close, but are interrupted by a call from Phoebe apologizing to Rick for the fight. Taylor and Nick await the results of the pregnancy test.moreless
    • Ep. #5007
      Ep. #5007
      Season 20 - Episode 238
      Stephanie gets fed up with having Ann around and drags her to guesthouse for a chat. Stephanie tells her to hurry in finding a place to live, but soon realizes that Ann has no intention on moving out. Pam overhears an argument between Eric and Stephanie about their poor sex life. Stephanie storms out and Ann says that Pam would be a more suited wife for Eric. As they gather at the new store, Ridge senses that Brooke isn't happy about having a public wedding but she agrees to the idea for the sake of the business. Felicia tells Bridget that Dante is staying in Italy and wants her and Dino to move there too. Deciding that she is going to stay in Los Angeles, Felicia sobs knowing that her relationship with Dante is over. Rick and Phoebe share some kisses in the store room. Brooke is stunned when she walks in on them.moreless
    • Ep. #3436
      Ep. #3436
      Season 14 - Episode 174
      Bridget drops by to see Rick and notices how on edge he is when he can't get a hold of Amber. Rick guesses that she is with Deacon and heads over to The Lair. Amber pushes Deacon away but he warns her that he has control of the baby and advises her to give in to him. Amber begins to cry as Deacon kisses her. Rick arrives, grabs Amber and they leave as Deacon laughs. Taylor hopes her family photograph will cheer Ridge up as she mentions to Stephanie that he has been stressed lately. Ridge later tells Stephanie that Clarke knows that Morgan is carrying his child. Sally and Darla speak to John, the snake trainer. He tells them it's best to keep the python caged in the office overnight, rather than move her, until the shoot the following day. Morgan yells at Clarke for ruining the relationship that she was building with Ridge and she warns him that he will pay. Later, Clarke thinks to himself that Morgan will get over her anger toward him. Meanwhile, the python has been released and slithers across the office floor.moreless
    • Ep. #5707
      Ep. #5707
      Season 23 - Episode 183
      Katie confronts Steffy about kissing Bill. Justin asks Bill if everything is alright cause he didn't see Katie's car when he pulled up. Nick tells Bridget that Sandy is really looking forward to having the baby for them. Stephanie helps Taylor get ready for her date, and Whip is intrigued when Taylor is seeing someone online. Justin is blown away at Bill's revelation about kiss with Steffy. Katie tells Steffy straight out just what else is exactly going on here. Bridget says to Nick that maybe it was a mistake bringing up the surrogate since the stuff that happened with Jack. Taylor sees Whip at Insomnia and realizes that he's in fact her date tonight. Katie tells Steffy that she wants to trust her employess and tells her that she's fired.moreless
    • Ep. #5619
      Ep. #5619
      Season 23 - Episode 95
      Brooke continues to wait for Ridge and is certain that he'll come and whisk her away real soon. Katie is wondering if Ridge called off the wedding cause she would've heard something right now, Bill then shows up. Brooke heads towards a collision with Ridge and Taylor. Steffy sends another text message saying that Ridge is on his way, Felicia then tells her to put the phone away caause her parents are getting married. Stephanie stands up and hopes Ridge and Taylor all the best in the world. Brooke doesn't recognize the number she calls and learns it's Steffy's phone and she's been sending the text messages not Ridge and it being a trick and heads to stop the wedding. Bill's questions confuse Katie. Brooke gets knocked off her horse while riding too fast, a resumes to the beach house. Taylor and Ridge say their vows, Brooke arrives all dirty and says there's no way there's going to be a wedding today.moreless
    • Ep. #6223
      Ep. #6223
      Season 25 - Episode 194

      Without Pam joining the Forresters, the Logan girls have to cook the Christmas dinner at the Forrester mansion. Hope and Thomas get closer as a couple.

    • Ep. #6431
      Ep. #6431
      Season 26 - Episode 147

      Brooke has a candid conversation with Taylor where her emotions take the best of her. Pam asks Stephanie for a huge favor. Thomas' new attitude surprises Brooke and Taylor.

    • Ep. #5141
      Ep. #5141
      Season 21 - Episode 119
      Nick tries to get heavy with Taylor in his office; however she decides that she has to get over to the Forrester estate when Nick tells her that Donna is simply marrying Thorne to get revenge on Stephanie. Storm walks Donna up the aisle and she and Thorne begin to say their vows but Katie’s words that Donna is using him ring in Thorne’s mind. Thorne calls the wedding off. Stephanie is thrilled and quickly ushers the guests’ home. Donna tries desperately to explain things to Thorne to no avail. Donna rushes out but not before unleashing her fury on Katie. Thorne thanks Katie for her honesty. Jackie admits to Eric that she is relieved the wedding is off; Taylor shares those feelings when she comes by. Stephanie gloats that Donna’s plot failed. Donna vows that her revenge is far from finished.moreless
    • 2014/09/22
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140922
    • Ep. #5015
      Ep. #5015
      Season 20 - Episode 246
      Rick has a meeting with Davis and Rita. Phoebe is intrigued watching him take charge. Phoebe later approaches him for a kiss, but he backs away and reminds her of their decision to cool things down. Phoebe is short with Brooke due to her caving in to Ridge's demands. Eric shows some new designs to Felicia, Bridget and Stephanie. Eric talks about the planned wedding on Rodeo Drive for the boutique openings. Stephanie starts in that the ceremony may no longer be taking place. Ridge makes it clear to Stephanie that he will still be marrying Brooke. Stephanie later finds Brooke in Ridge's office and jokes that there is still time to call the wedding off. Ridge apologises to Phoebe for hurting her but she threatens to never forgive him. Ashley Abbott shows up at Forrester Originals.moreless
    • Ep. #5989
      Ep. #5989
      Season 24 - Episode 211
      Dayzee tells Marcus what her intentions are. Justin is confused about a birthday gift given to him by Donna. Stephanie refuses to back off of Nick. Nick comes to a realization when spending time with Jack.
    • Ep. #5990
      Ep. #5990
      Season 24 - Episode 212
      A marriage proposal is made. Stephanie intends to find a way to convince Nick to beat his smoking addiction.
    • Ep. #5985
      Ep. #5985
      Season 24 - Episode 207
      Nick questions Ridge about Brooke and Thomas, and Ridge claims Thomas is no threat to his marriage. Brooke is confused about Thomas' feelings for her as she confronts him about the kiss. Amber is confused about where Tawny is getting her money. Nick receives news regarding his health.
    • Ep. #5535
      Ep. #5535
      Season 23 - Episode 11
      Nick tells Taylor that he found Stephanie at the Marina del Ray yesterday all disheveled and wonders she could be a danger to herself. Owen asks Jackie if it's true if she once did a press conference in a bathtub. Taylor thinks she'll be all alone now that Thomas is away for a little while and Steffy moving in with Rick. Owen finds something interesting when he sees where Jackie is living. Nick congratulates Taylor on Steffy's engagement to Rick. Stephanie continues to walk on the beach and thinks about what direction her life is headed in. Owen surprises Jackie when she did infact take that loft that they looked at. Taylor is glad when Stephanie arrives at her house, she tells Taylor to tell Eric that she won't be his patient. Jackie begins to seduce Owen. Taylor suggests that Stephanie live with her so that she won't go crazy after all that's happened so far.moreless
    • Ep. #6211
      Ep. #6211
      Season 25 - Episode 182

      Owen comes to a conclusion that Jackie has stolen the designs from Forrester Creations, and Jackie tries to defend herself. Pam is having difficulty deciding if what she did was right, while the Forresters celebrate their newest accomplishment and start wondering about what trick Jackie might come up with for the Jackie M showing. Donna confides in her sisters about getting closer to the man they both once were with, Nick. Nick warns Jackie that they're going to war with the people they both care about.

    • Ep. #6212
      Ep. #6212
      Season 25 - Episode 183

      As the Jackie M fashion show goes underway, a stunned Bridget realizes that the designs were stolen from Forrester Creations, and she immediately calls Stephanie to let her know what is going on, while Stephanie wonders where Pam is, and Pam enjoys her day with the rest of the Jackie M crew. The reporters call the line a success, and an angry Stephanie arrives and slaps Jackie. Meanwhile, Marcus barges in on Brooke and Ridge's time alone in the sauna to let them know what has happened.

    • Ep. #5019
      Ep. #5019
      Season 20 - Episode 250
      Ridge is concerned about leaving Phoebe and Rick alone in Eric's office but finally agrees when it becomes all too obvious he's only there to keep an eye on them. Nick and Taylor get passionate in his office, but are interrupted when he gets a reminder about a business lunch he has that day. Donna has a change of heart about forcing things between Rick and Phoebe but Jackie convinces her that she's doing the best thing for Rick and Phoebe as well as for Brooke. Nick stops by to see Jackie and warns her that she needs to stop trying to sabotage his relationship with Taylor. Ridge is surprised by a visit from Taylor, and the two wait together in his office to see what's going on with Rick and Phoebe. Rick agrees to let Phoebe give him a haircut, which he finds very stimulating.moreless
    • Ep. #5501
      Ep. #5501
      Season 22 - Episode 227
      Brooke asks to speak with Rick alone, so the go to his office. Steffy tells Bridget she doesn't think that Rick should lose his job over this. Ridge opens up to Steffy. Ridge says that all he wanted was Rick to stay away from his daughter and thinks for her sake Brooke had better come through. Stephanie thinks that Eric wants Rick to keep working here. Rick tells Brooke that this relationship with Steffy came right of the blue, Brooke says that her son might be manipulating her, Rick asks if she's going to side with Ridge and fire him. Felicia thinks that Thorne is ready to take the helm as president, Eric agrees and will talk about it when the time comes. Brooke feels the repercussions of her decision of having to fire her son, Ridge then tells Rick he has one hour to get out of the building. Steffy is thrown when Rick asks her to marry him.moreless
    • Ep. #6373
      Ep. #6373
      Season 26 - Episode 89

      Steffy and Liam share a fun day together after which Steffy bids Liam farewell. Hope is shocked when she finds the video of Steffy and Liam in Aspen. Marcus is arrested.

    • Ep. #5485
      Ep. #5485
      Season 22 - Episode 211
      A livid Katie goes to Nick for answers, he tells her that he got an e-mail anonymously, Katie learns that someone from inside Forrester is trying to sabatoget the company. Rick tells Steffy that he has no intention of letting her go and that they would accept them together. Eric applauds that Donna's idea to keep the collection a secret was a good idea, and worries about Katie marrying into a company that's on the verge of financial collapse. Steffy tells Rick that she wants to be with him, Rick too wants the same thing. Katie says there's no justification to what he did and it was wrong, she calls Eric and explains his collection was hijacked, Eric then heads over to Jackie M. Rick says that he has a plan and it'll change everything, Steffy wants to know what he's talking about. Stephanie says that Jackie had help from someone here at Forrester. Eric comes in during the fashion show and sees the showstopper that he designed on the runway and the rest of his collection on the stage, Eric confronts them backstage and demands she tell the truth. Nick gets a message from "Stormy Seas" and goes to meet the mysterious, and turns around and says "You!?".moreless
    • Ep. #5832
      Ep. #5832
      Season 24 - Episode 56
      Ridge and Brooke have a miscommunication about what happened at the party. Steffy asks Hope how her party went last night, Hope said that it went very well. Oliver can't get the image of realizing he made love to Brooke out of his head, Whip comes in and asks what's bothering him. Hope tells Steffy that there's nothing that break her and Oliver up. Oliver admits something to Hope about the party. Ridge continues to tell Brooke he has no idea what she's talking about. Hope thanks Marcus for bringing the necklace to the house, and Oliver learns that he gave it to Brooke. Hope and Steffy put one over on Ridge and says that all is good between them. Oliver has an uncomfortable encounter with Brooke.moreless
    • Ep. #6627
      Ep. #6627
      Season 27 - Episode 93

      Wyatt continues trying to win over Hope for himself. Donna is concerned when she learns of Katie's plan regarding Brooke and Bill.


    • Ep. #5484
      Ep. #5484
      Season 22 - Episode 210
      Katie shows up and Nick distracts her with a kiss when some of the dresses are brought in by Clarke, Nick says that she can't be here right now. Brooke says after Felicia gets into it with Eric that the Logan's and the Forresters have to stick together. Clarke says they have to get this line unveiled before anyone at Forrester Creations suspects anything. Rick tells Steffy that he spoke with Ridge and he says that him being around her is never going to happen. Katie tells Brooke that she thinks that Jackie's new collection is a bomb and that's why he didn't want her around, Brooke says to go ahead and be there for Nick. Stephanie is amazed cause this is the best work Eric has ever done. Jarrett asks Jackie a question about her company finances and is on the brink of going under. Nick and Jackie watch as the models get ready for the show and is gonna save the company. Steffy is sad that she feels the way she does towards Rick and they can't be together. Jackie proudly introduces the new "Jackie M" line, while Katie looks on in horror.moreless
    • Ep. #6640
      Ep. #6640
      Season 27 - Episode 106

      Quinn attempts to explain herself to Wyatt, who makes it clear to her that he now lives in Bill's world. Brooke tries playing mediator.

    • Ep. #5299
      Ep. #5299
      Season 22 - Episode 26
      Ridge tells Brooke that he's going to tell Lt. Baker that Storm shot Stephanie. Dr. Brauer tells Brooke and Donna that Katie's heart is too badly damaged for them to do anything more for her. Bridget won't rest until she finds a heart for Katie. Brooke tells Storm that he should feel ashamed for what he did and that the police are coming to get him. Lt. Baker and Charlie arrive looking for Storm. Storm takes a trip down memory lane while remembering times with his sisters and ends up taking his own life so that Katie can live.moreless
    • Ep. #5212
      Ep. #5212
      Season 21 - Episode 190
      Stephanie visits Eric’s hotel suite but only finds Donna there. Donna attempts to make things bearable between them but Stephanie throws the effort back in her face. Donna snaps and accuses Stephanie of cancelling Christmas simply to make Eric feel guilty. Donna advises Stephanie to move on. Donna later sobs to Eric over Stephanie’s visit and gushes to Eric of how much she loves him. Storm thinks Stephen should be sent down for the crime as justice for the Logan family, but Brooke and Katie desperately try to make him see that it’s not fair. Brooke manages to convince Storm to tell Stephen the truth. Brooke and Katie support Storm as they visit Stephen in jail. Katie apologises to Stephen for not believing in his innocence. Brooke tells Stephen that they have discovered the person responsible for setting him up. Stephen thanks Storm for his hard work but Stephen’s gratitude quickly turns to despair as Storm confesses to the crime.moreless
    • 2016/12/23
      Season 2016 - Episode 20161223
    • Ep. #6357
      Ep. #6357
      Season 26 - Episode 73

      Hope talks to Katie about Bill's sudden change of heart on the day of the wedding. Liam and Steffy recall the events leading up to the wedding. Caroline and Thomas go out on a double date with Dayzee and Marcus. Taylor wants Ridge to offer support to Steffy.

    • Ep. #4914
      Ep. #4914
      Season 20 - Episode 145
      Stephanie rushes over to see Phoebe and is surprised to find that Taylor isn't there. Phoebe admits that Taylor is confessing the truth to Thorne. Stephanie is worried about the outcome, as is Hector. Stephanie manages to drill from Phoebe the whereabouts of Taylor. On the way to leave for the cabin, Baker arrives and stops anyone from leaving. He attempts to get them to confess to their roles in the cover up of Darla's death. Meanwhile, Taylor breaks down as she confesses everything to Thorne. He is angry and hurt that Taylor would allow him to fall in love with her after she killed his wife. Thorne shows no sign of sympathy for Taylor and so she calls Baker and turns herself in for Darla's manslaughter.moreless
    • 2014/10/06
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141006
    • Ep. #5490
      Ep. #5490
      Season 22 - Episode 216
      Stephanie and Ridge realizes that Eric is gonna let Rick get away with what he's done. Jackie isn't impressed with Clarke's designs for Jackie M, and says she's bringing in some new talent to the company, she then shows a portfolio to Nick and she's going to meet whoever drew these designs. Katie shows up wanting to talk with Nick about their future, Nick says that he can't say who sent him the designs. Steffy learns that Eric is gonna do anything to punish Rick for what he's done. Ridge tells Rick that he knows that he did it, cause Eric pitys him. Steffy reconsiders her decision to stop seeing Rick after talking with Eric. Jackie is amazed to find out that Bridget is her mystery designer, and why she hasn't shown her talent to the world, Bridget wants Jackie to keep this quiet as she welcomes her aboard as the new designer. Rick tells Steffy that Ridge is suspicious but isn't sure that he's the one, Stephanie then looks in his office and sees Steffy and Rick about to kiss.moreless
    • 2015/11/19
      Season 2015 - Episode 20151119
    • Ep. #6480
      Ep. #6480
      Season 26 - Episode 196
      Bill is put under suspicious when Caroline ends up in an accident. Steffy wants to be reassured that Liam won't consider reuniting with Hope. Liam, on the other hand, finds out Hope may want him back. Steffy wants to make sure that she changes Liam to not feel the same way.moreless
    • Ep. #4733
      Ep. #4733
      Season 19 - Episode 219
      As Jackie worries that Nick will attempt to stop the wedding, Nick arrives and tells Jackie that seeing Felicia made him understand why Eric and Stephanie must remarry. Nick says that he is worried Jackie will get hurt, as he feels Eric and Stephanie may stay married after Felicia dies. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Kristen, Thorne, Felicia and Darla gather at the main house. Felicia feels they should all share stories of when they grew up in the house. Thorne tells his parents how much they mean to him, while Darla thanks them for welcoming her into their family. Kristen says how much she misses them while caring for Tony in Miami. Ridge tells Eric that he will always see him as his father, and he forgives Stephanie for being so controling. Eric and Stephanie both agree that they held the family together and have appreciated one anothers contributions through the years. Felicia says that what she wanted has been accomplished, and tells Eric and Stephanie to only remarry if it's what they both truly want.moreless
    • Ep. #5585
      Ep. #5585
      Season 23 - Episode 61
      Stephanie starts to suspect Ridge's new "feelings" for Taylor are chemically induced. Katie asks Brooke if she's eaten or taken care of herself since Ridge moved out, Rick called her cause he was concerned. Stephanie tells Taylor that she saw Ridge take an anxiety pill. Owen presents Jackie with an exquisite gift. Nick tells Bridget that maybe since Jackie fired Owen they're relationship is probably over as well. Taylor asks Ridge how many pills in fact did he take. Nick shows Bridget a ring and then asks her to marry him, she's hesitant at first but then says yes. Jackie says that it's beautiful, but feels bad that she didn't stand up to him to Nick and he doesn't have to marry her for a place to live. Brooke says goodnight to Ridge as she goes to bed alone.moreless
    • Ep. #6742
      Season 27 - Episode 208

      Quinn issues a threat to Charlie when he reveals his intention to expose Wyatt. Bill makes an unannounced visit to Brooke to share news about Katie.


    • Ep. #5424
      Ep. #5424
      Season 22 - Episode 150
      Rick gets into with Ridge about the reason that Taylor is the way that she is today. Eric hopes the plan that Stephanie has in mind actually works, Stephanie calls Donna hoping she knows what to say. Pam then calls Donna, Donna tells her that her mother arrived in L.A. and that she's sick, Pam doesn't believe her, Donna asks her to call Stephanie for herself. Rick tells Ridge that he's never gonna forgive him and why he was kissing Taylor. Pam calls Stephanie and tells the story about their mother being sick. Brooke learns from Taylor when she lets it slip that she kissed Ridge. Owen sees a woman resembles Pam leave the house next door thinking she took the bait. Rick says that Taylor isn't naive and thinks Ridge told her something that lead her on and that they're gonna settle things right now. Eric tells Stephanie that the ambulance was a nice touch. Pam arrives at the house thinking that her mother better not leave her and she and Stephanie embrace saying that they've missed each other so much, Stephanie confesses that Ann isn't upstairs, Pam realizes that she lied to her. Brooke tells Taylor that if she wants to wait for a man that she'll never have then so be it. Rick gets physical by punching Ridge and strangling him, Ridge tries to get free and Rick falls 20 feet to the pavement below.moreless
    • Ep. #5300
      Ep. #5300
      Season 22 - Episode 27
      Dr. Brauer tells Brooke, Bridget and Donna that Storm is brain dead and there's no chance of a recovery. Theresa agrees to go ahead with the heart transplant. Brooke tells Ridge and Ashley that Storm killed himself so that Katie can have his heart. Brooke and Donna each say their goodbyes to their brother. Ashley tells Brooke that Katie misunderstood what Storm was doing earlier at her house. Nick offers to call Eric so that he can help Donna through this. Katie receives a special gift.moreless
    • 2014/05/08
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140508
      Liam confronts Quinn about her deception and then trades insults with Wyatt; Aly grows increasingly upset about Taylor.
    • 2018/02/23
      Season 2018 - Episode 20180223
    • Ep. #4727
      Ep. #4727
      Season 19 - Episode 213
      Brooke pushes Taylor not to give up on her marriage with Ridge, but Taylor tells her that she and Ridge are finished. The two women trade insults before Taylor tells Brooke to go for Ridge. Ridge blasts Stephanie and blames her for all of his troubles, and then tells her that he is still in love with Brooke and intends to ask her to marry him. Bridget encourages Nick not to stand in Brooke's way if Ridge and Brooke decide to be together.moreless
    • Ep. #5638
      Ep. #5638
      Season 23 - Episode 114
      Nick tells Jackie that Owen may not want anything now just wait til hears what they lawyers tell him, Nick then agrees to go and talk to him. Stephanie overhears Beth telling Ridge to come back to her daughter cause his kids need him. Pam says to Jackie that she can help her get Owen back cause he's a different man because of her. Nick comes to talk to Owen, and is stunned when Nick asks to give his mother another chance. Pam suggests that she parasail over to Owen's beach house with a sign that says that she loves him. Stephanie tells Beth that why can't she just stay out of her son's life, the two then start to argue. Jackie prepares to do her little stunt for Owen, and says to herself that this has to work. Nick tells Owen that if he's in a marriage for him to step up and do the right thing. Brooke tells Ridge that Beth isn't herself and isn't going to be for some time and says she has alzheimer's. Owen sees Jackie parasailing and sees the banner as it says "I Love You, Owen" and he says that he feels that same to.moreless
    • Ep. #5589
      Ep. #5589
      Season 23 - Episode 65
      Stephanie tells Brooke that Taylor is much better for Ridge cause she can give him something that she can't. Taylor bares her soul to Ridge after taking too much medication. Stephanie calls Taylor and asks how things are going with Ridge, and to continue working her magic on him and stopped Brooke from interrupting them. Ridge enters the room and he feels the effects of the medication as he talks to her and says they should go to the bedroom. Stephanie tells Brooke to leave Ridge alone and to give some time alone and she'll see him at work tomorrow anyways.moreless
    • Ep. #5480
      Ep. #5480
      Season 22 - Episode 206
      Bridget explains to Rick and Steffy and says it's a bad idea and they can't be together. Jackie runs into Robin McGraw and catch up on old times. she then sees Stephanie drowning her sorrows at the bar and joins her, Stephanie heard just how bad her boutiques are doing. Katie tells Nick that they don't need to have a big extravagant wedding, Nick asks Katie if she looked at his computer, and says that he's in default and doesn't know how much longer he can hold off the banks. Bridget says that they should be glad that it was her that walked through that door and not Brooke or Ridge, Rick then tells her that he and Steffy have fallen in love, Bridget says for them to fall out of love. Jackie says to Stephanie that she was rooting her to win over Eric and not Donna. Katie tells Nick that he couldn't have predicted the outcome cause of the economy, Mr. Williams from the bank arrives and explains to Nick that he's running out of time and could foreclose and could lose Jackie M, he gives Nick 24 hours. Bridget says that their families won't allow this relationship and nothing good can come from this, Rick tells Steffy that he's gonna stay away from her. Katie tells Nick after dropping Jack at Brooke's that they're gonna work through this together, Nick goes on his computer and sees a Forrester Design.moreless
    • Ep. #4923
      Ep. #4923
      Season 20 - Episode 154
      Brooke gets a call from Stephanie telling her that she belongs with Ridge, followed by a call from Jackie telling her that she belongs with Nick. Brooke tells both of them that she has made up her mind on what she is going to do. Stephanie learns that Ridge has been invited over by Brooke and is thrilled, as is Jackie when she learns that Brooke has invited Nick over. Donna questions Brooke on what she has decided but she refuses to say anything. Stephanie asks Donna to bring the children over for a visit. Nick and Ridge are both surprised to discover the other has been invited over by Brooke. They begin making harsh comments to one another and Brooke orders them to find some common ground. Jackie arrives at Stephanie's to hurl some more abuse. The two go at it over Brooke and their sons. During a scuffle on the stairs, Stephanie pushes Jackie away and she falls over the railing to the floor below as Donna watches through the window.moreless
    • 2015/01/12
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150112
    • 2015/01/01
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150101
    • Ep. #6636
      Ep. #6636
      Season 27 - Episode 102

      Bill makes a grand gesture to Brooke. Maya finds comfort in Carter's arms, while Rick frantically searches for her.

    • Ep. #4915
      Ep. #4915
      Season 20 - Episode 146
      Taylor goes to the police station where she tells Lieutenant Baker and Detective Orbach that she wants to make her confession. Baker tells her that she should have a lawyer, but Taylor states that she doesn't need one. Taylor confesses the entire story for the record and signs the confession. Taylor is photographed and booked, while Baker tells her that she should expect to go to jail for a long time. Ridge drops by to see Phoebe and learns that Taylor has gone to the police. Ridge is stunned that Taylor is the one responsible for Darla's death. Phoebe blames herself, although Ridge also feels guilty for Taylor's decline and alcoholism. Thorne is livid with Stephanie that she knew Taylor ran Darla down. Thorne accuses Stephanie of allowing him to fall in love with Taylor and setting him up for more pain. Thorne sobs that he wants Darla back.moreless
    • Ep. #5815
      Ep. #5815
      Season 24 - Episode 39
      Ridge tells Brooke that he hasn't heard back from Steffy since he took her of the campaign. Taylor tells Whip that Steffy was crying out for attention and doesn't know what she'll do next. Oliver explains to Hope that he thought something bad was gonna happen when Steffy was put in charge. Steffy formulates and fills Pam in on the plan to get rid of the Logan's by using Oliver to do so. Oliver tells Hope that he's never felt like this about anyone before and wants to make love to her, but wants it to be special. Stephanie wants Pam to spill the beans and is less then thrilled about the lastest scheme. Steffy surprises Oliver at his place in a lingerie and asks him to kiss her.moreless
    • Ep. #6600
      Ep. #6600
      Season 27 - Episode 66

      Hope experiences a moment out of a fairytale. Maya receives a big acting opportunity.


    • Ep. #5436
      Ep. #5436
      Season 22 - Episode 162
      Eric refuses to believe that Ridge would do something like that to him, Rick says that he told the family what he did cause he claimed to have heard his voice. Taylor openly admits to Stephanie that she should've fought hard to keep Ridge when she came back. Ridge tells Brooke that he's going to be running Forrester Creations, Brooke then says if he's going to fire Rick when that happens. Taylor tells Stephanie that she's glad that they're friends again cause she's missed getting together. Rick tells Eric that he can be the loyal son and that no matter what Ridge will always be his favorite cause he feels entitled cause he's his number one son with Brooke, and that Ridge keeps hurting his mother and that he won't let that happen again. Ridge attempts to make peace with Rick and he overhears Eric telling him that no more will he feel second best to Ridge, Ridge then enters the room and says to Rick that it has to stop, Eric makes an announcement that Rick is the new President of Forrester Creations, Ridge then threatens to resign. Rick then celebrates alone by standing and Brooke walks in and sees him standing up, Rick says that he can explain everything.moreless
    • Ep. #6208
      Ep. #6208
      Season 25 - Episode 179

      Katie refuses to go along with Bill's intention to give Steffy a seat on the Spencer Publications board, but Bill stands by his decision and tells Katie she'll have to learn to accept it. Once Katie leaves, Bill tells Steffy that she is suited well for his son, but a moment of carelessness reminds him of the passion he once shared with Steffy. Liam won't accept the possibility of Steffy and Bill still having feelings for each other, as a sad Katie tries to convince him otherwise. Brooke interrupts a surprise Thomas prepared for Hope. Hope tells Brooke that she wants to move on from Liam.

    • Ep. #6207
      Ep. #6207
      Season 25 - Episode 178

      Despite Steffy's best efforts, Katie refuses to go along with her suggestion to bury the hatchet. Bill gives a new office to Liam, and they move on to discuss about the tension between Katie and Steffy. Bill deeply believes that Katie will learn to get along with Steffy in time. Steffy and Bill try to get Katie to go along with Bill's plans for Spencer Publications, but Katie threatens to go to Liam unless Bill kicks Steffy off the board. Pam listens in as the Forrester team plans for the next show. Stephanie tells Beverly that she might have something for her, and Ridge offers her an internship at the company. Liam questions Hope over the phone about the new ad starring Thomas and Hope, and she wants him to run it.

    • Ep. #6206
      Ep. #6206
      Season 25 - Episode 177

      Brooke and Steffy argue about Steffy's interference in Katie and Bill's marriage. Dayzee introduces her friend Beverly to Stephanie, and Stephanie decides to help out Beverly, who has been in foster care system and now needs a job. Hope thinks about moving on with Thomas. Bill tells Katie that he has no feelings left for Steffy. Steffy tells Katie that she would like to call a truce.

    • Ep. #6205
      Ep. #6205
      Season 25 - Episode 176

      Jackie continues lying to Pam in an effort to get an upper hand on the Forresters. Steffy and Bill try to set some boundaries on their time together, and Katie catches them together, then confronts them. Nick and Donna spend some time together bonding as friends.

    • Ep. #4373
      Ep. #4373
      Season 18 - Episode 113
      Caitlin is furious that Hector was the one who hit Rick and also withheld oxygen from him, and Hector is equally furious that Rick still hasn't told the under-aged Caitlin to stay away.
    • Ep. #6539
      Ep. #6539
      Season 27 - Episode 5

      Katie vents to Danielle about the problems in her marriage, while Bill sulks by drinking. Maya and Rick share a passionate kiss.

    • Ep. #6372
      Ep. #6372
      Season 26 - Episode 88

      Brooke worries that Hope might find the video of Steffy and Liam in Aspen. Dayzee is crushed when Marcus finally admits the secret he has been keeping.

    • Ep. #6371
      Ep. #6371
      Season 26 - Episode 87

      Dayzee and Marcus enjoy their first night together as a married couple. Ridge and Brooke reminisce about their past wedding, and Ridge gets an eyeful when he finds the video of Liam and Steffy from Aspen.

    • Ep. #6320
      Ep. #6320
      Season 26 - Episode 36

      Brooke and Hope discuss the good and the bad side of Hope taking some time away from Liam. Bill is disappointed when Liam says that he didn't sleep with Steffy last night. Brooke overhears a conversation between Stephanie and Steffy about what happened between Liam and Steffy in Aspen after Hope had left.

    • Ep. #5262
      Ep. #5262
      Season 21 - Episode 240
      Felicia and Stephanie look over old photo albums of the family and Stephanie hopes that she will be able to hold onto Eric. Felicia tells Stephanie never to give up hope and thinks her parents have a future together. Gloria questions Nick's devotion to Taylor and reveals his love for Brooke to the courtroom. Taylor takes the stand and Gloria has her tell of the success she has had in raising Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor tells of how Nick's feelings for Brooke lead to her having to leave her marriage. Storm quickly cross-examines Taylor and makes it seem like she is a delusional, hallucinating drunk. Taylor cracks and tells of how Brooke ruined her marriages to both Ridge and Nick. Taylor mentions past history including the destruction of her drinking with Darla's death and reveals the details of the IVF mix-up, accusing Bridget of arranging it in the process. Taylor is distraught as the Judge grants custody to Nick following Taylor's display of emotional issues. Taylor lashes out at Brooke for taking everything from her.moreless
    • Ep. #6261
      Ep. #6261
      Season 25 - Episode 232

      Ridge suggests Steffy should find a way to move forward with her life. Katie discusses the state of her marriage with Brooke. Ridge and Rick argue over the control of Forrester Creations. Katie finds a new ally against Steffy in the form of Rick.

    • 2015/07/23
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150723
    • Ep. #6200
      Ep. #6200
      Season 25 - Episode 171

      Steffy helps Liam relax as they spend some alone time together. Thomas urges Hope to forget about Liam and give him a chance. Ridge and Brooke agree not to let the problems of their kids come between them. Nick does his best to convince Pam to work for Jackie M and hand over the photos she took of Forrester designs. Pam finds herself smitten as Nick lays a kiss on her.

    • Ep. #6362
      Ep. #6362
      Season 26 - Episode 78

      Ridge gives Liam some marriage advice. Taylor and Brooke inform Ridge on what happened in Italy.

    • Ep. #5987
      Ep. #5987
      Season 24 - Episode 209
      Katie realizes that Donna is feeling lonely. Madison wants a commitment from Thomas. Nick asks Stephanie to keep the truth about his health a secret.
    • Ep. #5211
      Ep. #5211
      Season 21 - Episode 189
      Felicia is stunned when Stephanie tells her that she isn’t celebrating Christmas. Stephanie suggests Felicia take a flight to Florida and spend Christmas with Kristen and Tony, but she refuses. Felicia is determined to get Stephanie into the holiday spirit. Stephanie later visits Stephen in jail as a way to cheer herself up. Stephanie suggests Stephen confess to the shooting, but when he refuses Stephanie warns that she will see to it that he gets the hardest sentence possible. Storm gets worked up as he tells of his hatred of both Stephanie and Stephen. Storm breaks down and confesses that he shot Stephanie. Katie sobs as Storm explains how he committed the perfect crime and set everything up beautifully to frame Stephen. Brooke and Katie assume Storm will now confess to the police, but he informs them that he has no intention. Katie can’t believe that Storm expects them to make a choice between their brother and their father, but Storm begs his sisters not to send him to jail.moreless
    • Ep. #6542
      Ep. #6542
      Season 27 - Episode 8

      Katie makes a huge declaration after finding Brooke and Bill together. Hope and Liam talk about the future they could have had.

    • Ep. #5558
      Ep. #5558
      Season 23 - Episode 34
      Taylor tells Ridge that she can't believe that Thorne is downstairs and Donna and Rick are upstairs taking place down, Ridge says that Eric called a meeting cause Stephanie's position at Jackie M has affected their numbers. Rick suggests that he and Steffy put their heads together, Brooke says that's never going to happen. Pam asks Taylor if she knows about her little clerical error and Ridge and Brooke's marriage not being valid. Steffy makes things up to Marcus by staying friends, Marcus says Rick better make sure he stays away from her. Thorne tells Taylor that he wasn't invited to the meeting, Taylor says she talked this over with Ridge and wants Thomas to work at Forrester cause it's time to get the company on track again, Rick says that there's no way that he's going to let this happen. Marcus tells Steffy that if Rick ever tries to hurt her again, he says that she can count on him in getting Rick to back off.moreless
    • Ep. #5495
      Ep. #5495
      Season 22 - Episode 221
      Steffy tells her mother that she and Rick are in love. Eric and Ridge don't think what they have isn't good enough. Taylor defends Steffy from Rick after learning the truth. Jackie preps Madame X, for her interview with Jarrett, when Nick sees her silhouette he realizes who she really is. Taylor lashes out at Rick and says she can't blame him for Phoebe's death, but isn't going to let him take her other daughter from her. Jackie tells Jarrett that Jackie M has indeed arrived. Taylor tells Rick that she's not going to let him use Steffy to break up Brooke and Ridge, Rick says that it's not about revenge. Jarrett comes to get a quote from Eric before he runs his story about a new designer at Jackie M, Eric thinks it's some sort of publicity stunt. Nick's interview with Madame X is amusing cause he knows who she is. Jarrett shows Eric a sketch of Madame X's and sees something familiar about the technique. Taylor asks Rick if he ever really loved her. Nick tells Madame X that he knows that she's Bridget.moreless
    • Ep. #5297
      Ep. #5297
      Season 22 - Episode 24
      Nick thinks that Ashley could be in serious trouble. Storm tries to assure Ashley that he's not a violent man, Ashley is then shocked to learn that he brought the gun her shot Stephanie with to her home. Stephanie makes a surprising career announcement to her family and that she's allowing Eric to marry Donna in the house. Katie goes to check on Ashley and sees Storm with a gun and goes in and says to put it down, Katie attempts to get the gun from Storm, it then goes off shooting her in the chest.moreless
    • Ep. #6677
      Season 27 - Episode 143

      Liam and Caroline try to find out who was behind the anonymous e-mail sent to Hope. Katie finds herself being challenged during her first board meeting as CEO of Spencer Publications.


    • Ep. #4790
      Ep. #4790
      Season 20 - Episode 21
      Sally, Stephanie and Megan have a meeting at Forrester Creations. Stephanie learns that Megan isn't happy within her new position and worries that Megan wants to resign. Stephanie is intrigued that Megan is seeing a new man and hopes that he treats her right. Nick tells Massimo that his time is up and orders him to have Jackie released from jail. Massimo refuses so Nick takes his anger out and returns his Marone ring. Brooke begins taking medication for anxiety. Stephen bonds with Hope as he waits for Brooke. Brooke sends Hope away after seeing them together and warns Stephen to stay away from her. Ridge begs Brooke to give her father another chance but Brooke refuses to allow Ridge or Stephen into her life just so they can both hurt her again. Stephen is about to leave as Brooke breaks down in his arms and sobs.moreless
    • Ep. #4794
      Ep. #4794
      Season 20 - Episode 25
      Brooke is unable to tell Nick what Ridge did to her the night before, but when Stephen comes to see her she is finally able to get the words out. Stephanie promises Felicia that she will help her fight Bridget and Dante in their desire to take Dino to Italy to meet Dante's family. Ridge admits to Taylor that he was with Brooke the night before and that she didn't consent to their sexual activities then heads over to see Brooke where he is warned off by a furious Stephen.moreless
    • Ep. #5042
      Ep. #5042
      Season 21 - Episode 20
      Nick tells Taylor how he found Shane in his office. Taylor is worried that he is harassing Phoebe. Taylor and Nick report Shane to Lieutenant Baker. The Lieutenant informs them that he has no grounds to arrest Shane. Nick warns that he will take care of Shane. Stephanie and Ashley hear the gun shot echo through the building. Ridge freaks out as Shane lies dead on the floor. Ridge stops from calling the police, remembering that since the Grant Chamber's shooting, he will be sent to jail if he is ever arrested on a weapons change again. Ridge drags Shane's body out in a garment bag. Stephanie sees Ridge loading his car in the parking lot and follows him. Ashley waits in Ridge's office, but doesn't notice the blood on the rug. Ridge remembers where Phoebe left the keys on Nick's boat and Stephanie sees him steal it. Ridge dumps Shane's body in Santa Monica bay, using the chain from the anchor on the boat.moreless
    • Ep. #5298
      Ep. #5298
      Season 22 - Episode 25
      Ashley calls 911 and Storm checks on Katie. Brooke informs Donna of Storm and Ashley's relationship. Bridget visits Nick and is happy to find him home alone. Bridget then gets a call about Katie being brought into the E.R. Nick lays into Storm about Katie. Brooke and Donna are furious to learn that Storm shot Katie. Bridget tells Brooke that there maybe a way to save Katie with a heart transplant, she then says that there is no donor.moreless
    • Ep. #5388
      Ep. #5388
      Season 22 - Episode 114
      Pam continues to point the gun at Donna and says that what she did to Eric was an accident. Stephanie can't believe that Pam is capable of doing something this horrific to anyone. Ridge remembers back just hours before Eric's heart attack when Pam gave Eric one of her lemon bars. Donna hears banging on the door, so she opens it and sees a bear. Pam then hits her with the gun and knocks her out. Ridge, Marcus, Brooke, Stephanie and Steffy rush to Big Bear to save Donna. Donna gains consciousness and finds herself tied to a chair and Pam covering her with honey. Pam opens the door to let the bear come in and attack Donna. Owen arrives and Pam escapes as Owen lures the bear out. Ridge apologizes to Owen, and that he was wrong about him. Stephanie tells the rangers that she thinks she can talk to Pam and get her to calm down. Ridge tells Steffy and Marcus to watch out because Pam is still out there. Donna gives into Owen and they make out. Back in L.A. Eric wakes up from his coma.moreless
    • Ep. #5387
      Ep. #5387
      Season 22 - Episode 113
      Owen continues to plead his case to Marcus to protect his mother. Donna then calls Marcus and says she got away from her attacker and heads for safety at the Big Bear Cabin, Owen tells Marcus to not hesitate and go. Brooke goes to the house and sees Stephanie's keys in the door and realizes that Donna may be right. Lt. Baker tells Owen that his bond has been posted because of Steffy. Pam gets a call from Earl saying that Donna is on her way up to the cabin. Stephanie arrives and Brooke shows her keys, and Stephanie says that she had been looking for them all day. Ann delivers unsettling news to Stephanie that Pam hasn't taken her medication for the last three months Ann adds that they both know when Pam doesn't take her medication. Pam arrives at the cabin which surprises Donna. Owen reads the lab results and sees that Eric had nutmeg in his system because of Pam. Donna says she's sorry to Pam for being so mean to her. As Donna looks away, Pam gets a gun and prepares to shoot Donna.moreless
    • Ep. #5382
      Ep. #5382
      Season 22 - Episode 108
      Beth and Stephen enter Donna's office, but Stephen has some bad memories of Eric and Donna. Beth sees this other side of Stephen when he shows aggressive and offensive behavior to Eric. The Forrester children are on their way to make amends to Donna but change their minds when they hear Brooke's news. Marcus tries to attack Owen again but is stopped when Lt. and Charlie Baker arrive to investigate the attempted crime. Donna gives Lt. Baker and Charlie permission to search the house. Donna is shocked when the Forrester children and Stephanie accuse her of planning this with Owen. Stephen and Beth share a tender moment together and they share a kiss. Charlie finds some potassium chloride capsules and Lt. Baker insists that Donna come to the station, Owen then yells out that he is the one that tried to kill Eric.moreless
    • Ep. #5363
      Ep. #5363
      Season 22 - Episode 89
      The board meeting begins, Donna arrives by saying that there's been no change in Eric's condition. Beth notices how well Nick is at home here, Katie said that he lived here for a while and confides that she had feelings for him. Nick sees Bridget talking by Eric's bedside. Donna tells everyone that Felicia paid Owen to break up his marriage, Felicia then fires Owen but Donna says she doesn't have the authority to do so. Forrester Creations suffers an unexpected shift of power when Donna says she'll be running things and that Ridge, Thorne and Felicia will be leaving the company.moreless
    • Ep. #5386
      Ep. #5386
      Season 22 - Episode 112
      Donna tells Brooke that she thinks that Stephanie poisoned Eric, Brooke thinks the idea is ridiculous. Marcus is amazed when he hears all the crazy things Stephanie's done in the past but it in a way it makes sense. Ridge goes to see Owen in jail hoping to get some answers, Owen then begs Ridge to show Donna some compassion. Donna accuses Stephanie of poisoning Eric and asks why she didn't go after her instead and says she is not to visit Eric anymore. Owen tells Marcus that he should be protecting his mother, since his plan backfired and that she could be in danger. Donna returns home and is all alone, and a mysterious figure lingers out on the patio and makes it's way to the front door. The music and the lights go off and Donna asks if someone's there. Donna thinks it's her imagination. While Donna is turning the lights back on, the intruder strangles her and attempts to choke her.moreless
    • Ep. #5383
      Ep. #5383
      Season 22 - Episode 109
      Thorne attacks Owen after he says that he wanted to kill Eric but Ridge holds him back. Lt. Baker and Charlie arrest Owen for the attempted murder of Eric. Nick arrives as Dr. Caspary prepares Katie's appointment. Stephanie demands answers from Donna about Eric's condition. Stephen gets a call from Donna saying that Owen confessed to poisoning Eric. Marcus defends his mother as the Forrester children continue to make their accusations, Donna leaves the house because she can't deal with it. Lt. Baker asks Owen what his relationship with Donna is. Marcus tells Steffy that Eric has a very high amount of potassium in his blood which caused the heart attack. Katie tells Nick that transplant patients can have a healthy child. Donna goes to the jail to confront Owen and wants the truth from him. Owen tells her that he confessed to protect her and that he didn't do it and someone else did.moreless
    • Ep. #5307
      Ep. #5307
      Season 22 - Episode 34
      Katie reads the letter that Storm left for her. Eric is delighted that Kristen is here for his wedding. Stephanie tells Pam that Eric is the only one who can decide not to go through with it. Rick and Taylor arrive thinking no one will talk about them today. Stephanie hopes Eric won't go through with his wedding vows. Nick offers to help Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #5335
      Ep. #5335
      Season 22 - Episode 62
      Nick is blown away at Katie's admission that she loves him. Ridge asks Felicia to a search on Marcus. Brooke tells Donna that she should tell Eric about Marcus sooner rather then later. Katie makes a tough decision. Felicia and the others are determined to figure out Marcus's connection to Donna. Brooke becomes concerned when Ridge takes interest in knowing everything about Marcus. Eric takes an interest in Forrester Creation's newest employee. Katie tells Nick that she doesn't want to see Bridget get hurt. Felicia obtains Marcus's backpack, Ridge insists they look in and put it back before he notices it missing they don't find anything when they leave Steffy finds Marcus's birth certificate and realizes that he's Donna's son, she calls for her father and sees Marcus standing there.moreless
    • Ep. #5396
      Ep. #5396
      Season 22 - Episode 122
      Ridge questions if Eric is actually here. Donna shows Owen his room he will be staying in. Brooke makes another unannounced visit at Taylor's house. Rick explains to Brooke that Jack is not bonding with Taylor. Eric says that he wants Donna, but Ridge tells him that she is away on Forrester business. Stephanie talks with Eric's doctor and asks what they should do now that he is out of his coma. Donna says to Owen that she wants to go to the hospital, but Owen disagrees and says to stay here. Rick assures a warning to Brooke and says that she needs to encourage Taylor. As Owen and Donna make out, Eric watches them in shock. Taylor watches Brooke and Jack bond. The Forresters find out that Donna came back earlier than expected. Eric goes into the room where he watched them make out and becomes furious. Eric then demands that Donna get out of his house immediately. The Forresters comfort Eric as Donna leaves.moreless
    • Ep. #5303
      Ep. #5303
      Season 22 - Episode 30
      Eric and Stephanie sign divorce papers. Dr. Patrick that Katie should be kept isolated with no visitors. Bridget tells Stephen that Katie should want the medication to keep from the heart being rejecting. Stephanie tells Eric if it's a good idea to go through with the wedding after what's happened. Katie tells Donna to marry Eric and do it without her. Ridge tells Eric that will all the history that he shared with Stephanie if he can actually go through with it. Donna prepares for her wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #5302
      Ep. #5302
      Season 22 - Episode 29
      Bridget tries to get Katie to calm down. Stephen Logan returns and learns that Katie had a heart transplant and then breaks down after hearing that Storm killed himself so Katie could live. Stephen goes into the morgue and says what a generous thing he did for Katie. Bridget tells Nick that she has to be strong for her family. Bridget thinks that Katie's body is rejecting ther new heart, but she won't know till she runs some tests. Stephanie reaches out to Brooke.moreless
    • Ep. #5301
      Ep. #5301
      Season 22 - Episode 28
      Dr. Patrick explains that Katie is responding well and is allowed for Brooke and Donna to go in and see her only if the clean up first. Donna leaves a message for Stephen to come as soon as he can. Stephanie tells Donna that Felicia is at the house so she won't have to worry about the children. Brooke, Donna and Katie share an emotional moment, Katie then says that she wants to see Storm, Brooke then reads the letter and they break the news that Storm while always be with her.moreless
    • Ep. #5306
      Ep. #5306
      Season 22 - Episode 33
      Eric and Stephen have a heart-to-heart as wedding preparations get under way. Pam tells Stephanie that she doesn't feel comfortable watchig Eric marry Donna. Stephen offers to give Donna away since Storm was supposed to. Stephanie overhears Brooke talking to Eric of all the bad things that she did over the years. Felicia and Thorne share their thoughts with Ridge on what they think of the wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #5331
      Ep. #5331
      Season 22 - Episode 58
      Steffy commends Ridge on the good work he did on Katie's dress. Donna breaks down and tells Marcus that Katie is dying. Bridget tells Brooke and says she thinks she has a way to save Katie. Katie asks Nick to stay with her for a while, he says he isn't going anywhere. Dr. Patrick agrees with Bridget's discovery and the protocol could save Katie. Nick attempts to keep Katie from closing her eyes, he becomes scared when she starts to. Ridge asks Steffy who the new person Marcus is. Bridget and Brooke arrive but Nick tells them it's too late. Steffy grows suspicious of Donna and Marcus's relationship when she sees them holding hands. Bridget says that Katie isn't dead, and insists that they put the I.V. in her at once and wait.moreless
    • Ep. #4769
      Ep. #4769
      Season 19 - Episode 255
      Stephanie isn't pleased when Eric informs her that he has arranged a memorial service for Felicia. Eric insists that he has a right to mourn his own daughter. Stephanie later calls Christian and learns that Felicia has had her first set of chemotherapy, which hasn't worked well and lowered her vitals. Nick goes to Bridget and they talk about the good times of their marriage. Bridget tells Nick that she loves him but she has to let him go and they both sign the divorce papers. Brooke arrives home to find Ridge has moved his things in. Brooke tells Ridge that she is in love with Nick. Ridge tells Brooke that he refuses to give up on her as he leaves. Nick later comes by and tells Brooke that he Bridget have begun the divorce. Nick and Brooke kiss as Ridge watches from the shadows of the garden.moreless
    • Ep. #5373
      Ep. #5373
      Season 22 - Episode 99
      Being only able to think about the day on Catalina with Nick, and their conversation the day before, Katie has a hard time concentrating on work. Bridget becomes alarmed when Nick changes the subject every time she talks about Katie. Masking his thoughts of Katie, Nick comforts Bridget as she grieves for her father. Ridge is in great anguish after learning the extent of Eric's declining state. When Ridge is alone with his father in the hospital room, he hears his father's voice. Ridge is uncomfortable with Eric's wishes at first, but he then goes for it and turns off the respirator for his father to rest peacefully.moreless
    • Ep. #5041
      Ep. #5041
      Season 21 - Episode 19
      Rick asks Taylor to step away from Nick. Rick feels that Nick belongs with Brooke. Rick adds that Brooke being with Nick, will keep Ridge out of her life. Brooke later visits Taylor and asks for her help in stopping Ridge and Rick from killing one another. Brooke wonders if now is the time to tell Rick how he shot Grant Chambers and how Ridge took the fall to protect him. Brooke hopes it'll bring the two closer. Taylor is stunned and tells Brooke that the news could destroy Rick mentally. Stephanie talks with Ashley about her dinner plans with Ridge. Stephanie pushes Ashley to go after Ridge romantically. Ridge tries to talk Shane around. Shane blames Ridge for turning Phoebe against him. Shane sobs with self pity before turning the gun on himself. Ridge attempts to stop him, but the gun goes off.moreless
    • Ep. #5343
      Ep. #5343
      Season 22 - Episode 70
      Brooke breaks the news to Katie that their mother booked a flight and is going back to Paris tomorrow. Stephen tries to persuade Beth for the two of them to live in L.A. permanently, Beth says that she has a life in Paris. Eric's reaction to his children's accusations shock everyone and says that Marcus is not a scandal, Ridge then storms out and tells Steffy that Marcus played on her feelings. Katie tells Beth that she wants to know how she can leave when her family needs her the most, she then reveals to Katie that she had a series of strokes and is suffering from dementia and all the memories are slipping away and to let her go.moreless
    • Ep. #5369
      Ep. #5369
      Season 22 - Episode 95
      Donna sobs as she learns that Eric has been put on a respirator. Dr. Patrick tells Katie that he's not gonna mention her pregnancy but insists that she see and OB/GYN right away. Jackie again asks Nick about his feelings for Katie. Katie has a flashback and learns more about her condition, Bridget comes back into the room and asks what's wrong. Bridget is concerned by Katie's sudden change. Bridget tells Donna the outlook for Eric is grim. Dr. Caspary tells Katie that the lab results were no mistake and she is in fact pregnant, Katie then passes out. Bridget objects to Eric having moved to his house. Katie then calls Nick and asks to meet him on the Marlin.moreless
    • Ep. #5359
      Ep. #5359
      Season 22 - Episode 85
      Donna immediately calls 911 and the EMT's take Eric to the hospital. Brooke and Ridge tell Rick that they're going through with their wedding and now have control of the company. A frantic Donna calls Brooke and says Eric had a heart attack. Marcus asks Steffy what she thinks of Donna hiring Owen, she says that he's a bit smooth. Bridget tells everyone that Eric has stablized for now. Eric's fate hangs in peril as Bridget says that he's in a coma and may not wake up at all. Ridge and Donna's feud escalates and blames her for what happened to his father.moreless
    • Ep. #5393
      Ep. #5393
      Season 22 - Episode 119
      Rick and Taylor demand that Stephanie tell Donna about Eric coming home. Stephanie then tells them that she walked in on Donna and Owen making love. Bridget learns that Nick knew about the baby for the past few weeks, she then demands that he take her back to the Marina. Bridget brings up how she and Nick grieved for Nicole, and then says that there is no marriage between them anymore. Brooke tells Nick that she came to him during their party and asked him about his feelings for Katie. Taylor notices that Stephanie is back to her old tricks when she won't allow Donna to be told about Eric being home. Bridget arrives at Brooke's house when Katie then apologizes to her. Ridge tells Taylor and Rick that Eric will grow to realize that Stephanie is the woman he should be with. Bridget tells Katie that she has ripped her heart from her chest and says that she can never make up for what she did with Nick.moreless
    • Ep. #5342
      Ep. #5342
      Season 22 - Episode 69
      Ridge sends Marcus a mysterious message that's there's gonna be two deliveries to Texas. Nick tells Stephen what exactly is going on with Beth and if he knows. Brooke is shocked when she overhears Beth making plans to go back to Paris tomorrow morning. Ridge tells Eric that Marcus is Donna's son, he doesn't believe him until Donna comes in and confirms that it is true.moreless
    • Ep. #5392
      Ep. #5392
      Season 22 - Episode 118
      Stephanie tells Ridge that she saw Donna with Owen having sex in Eric's bed. She also tells Ridge about her plan to get Donna out of their lives for good. Donna tells Owen that they have to stop what they're doing because Eric is still the love of her life. Katie thinks of what's happening as Nick is telling Bridget their secret. Ridge calls Donna and asks her to come to the hospital right away. Stephanie and Ridge prepare a plan to get Donna to represent Forrester Creations in Paris, Ridge adds that she has to leave right away. Nick reveals shocking news to Bridget that he slept with Katie while they were on Catalina. Bridget then lashes out at him saying she hasn't changed at all. Donna goes into to Eric's room and says goodbye as she prepares to go on her trip with Owen. Bridget becomes upset as Nick tells her that Katie is pregnant with his child.moreless
    • Ep. #5381
      Ep. #5381
      Season 22 - Episode 107
      Marcus and Owen get into another shoving match and asks why he is still here and that he needs to stay away from this city and Donna. Donna walks in and tells them to break it up. Thorne and Felicia are shocked when Ridge tells them that he wants to apologize to Donna and make amends for hopes of getting their jobs back. Carl gives Bridget the test results back and thanks him. Bridget tells Brooke that there is a lot to go through and she will tell her what they say as soon as she knows for sure. After hearing Marcus's allegations, Owen decides to take off back to San Diego. When he gets to the door, Bridget confirms Marcus's suspicions that Eric's blood is positive for a toxic substance.moreless
    • Ep. #5341
      Ep. #5341
      Season 22 - Episode 68
      Katie is overjoyed that her mother is really here as the Logan family is reunited. Jarrett comes in and warns Ridge and the others that the press is gonna have a field day with his father. Brooke realizes that Nick brought her Mom and Dad to L.A. for Katie. Everyone now gets confirmation from the private investigator that Marcus is indeed Donna's son and now is gonna explain to Eric that he has reason for him to end his marriage. Marcus tells Steffy that he thinks that he blew it with Eric earlier but is glad when Eric tells him that he liked that he took initiative. Ridge tells Eric that he has to have a meeting and that it can't wait. Marcus gets a bad vibe from Ridge and fears that he may have found out so he calls Steffy. After having a good time with her daughters Beth leaves the room and makes a reservation to return to Paris.moreless
    • Ep. #4214
      Ep. #4214
      Season 17 - Episode 206
      At the family dinner, Jackie urges Ridge to talk to Nick, but instead, Ridge leaves. Massimo buys Oscar's building so Oscar wouldn't have a place to live. Oscar then asks Massimo to let him stay at his place. Samantha follows Stephanie's advice to dress up sexy and seduce Ridge.
    • Ep. #5323
      Ep. #5323
      Season 22 - Episode 50
      Brooke and Ridge have a disagreement about Donna. Eric comes home to find Marcus visiting Donna. Donna explains to Eric that she needs to tell him something, he immediately assumes that she's pregnant. Dr. Patrick drops by and Bridget is devastated that Katie recent test results is showing signs of rejection. Ridge tells Ashley that they're could be trouble ahead for the Forrester family because of Donna. Donna tells Eric that Marcus is her son. Katie passes out before she can blow out the candles on her cake.moreless
    • Ep. #5304
      Ep. #5304
      Season 22 - Episode 31
      Donna is consoled by Eric saying that Storm won't be coming back ever. Nick does his best to cheer Katie and he finally gets her to smile, as Brooke watches. Brooke talks with Katie and says that what Storm did this for her, Katie then abruptly tells her to stop. Rick insists that he be his father's best man at his wedding. Bridget finds comfort in Nick's arms cause she tried in finding a heart for Katie, she thinks she caused Storm to kill himself, Nick says that Storm made his own choice. Katie's behaviour shocks Brooke and Donna after saying that Storm was not a hero at all.moreless
    • Ep. #5353
      Ep. #5353
      Season 22 - Episode 80
      Guests arrive for Nick and Bridget's wedding. Katie looks at her scar before putting on her dress. Stephen tells Beth just to relax in case she's asked to make a speech later on. Donna and Jackie realize they share the same opinion regarding the event about to take place. Brooke is not happy when Rick shows up with Taylor as his date. Brooke gives Bridget her great-Grandma's pearls for her to wear. Bridget tells Katie that she wants her up at that altar with her, Katie's speechless when she's gonna be deputized so she can marry Nick and Bridget.moreless
    • Ep. #5368
      Ep. #5368
      Season 22 - Episode 94
      Katie thanks for the photo and she prepares for her check up with Dr. Patrick. Marcus is ecstatic when Donna gives him the news that Owen is gone and in San Diego. Katie tells Dr. Patrick that she's been nauseous and orders another round of tests for her. Marcus and Steffy play hooky and head out to the beach for some fun. Bridget and Nick make plans for a future family. Dr. Patrick comes in and tells Katie that she's pregnant and Bridget walks in wanting to know her test results.moreless
    • Ep. #5296
      Ep. #5296
      Season 22 - Episode 23
      Storm admits to Ashley that he's a flawed man. Ridge is surprised after hearing some news about Taylor. Rick tries to get an answer from Taylor regarding his proposal. Nick confronts Katie after learning of her family's secret.
    • Ep. #5358
      Ep. #5358
      Season 22 - Episode 84
      Donna tries to build up Eric's confidence, and Eric tells her about his plans cause he fears that the company is in trouble. Nick tells Beth that he's here to check on her. Ridge tells Thorne and Felicia about his plan. Eric says that he'll run the company until he decides when it's time to step down. The future of Forrester Creations is uncertain. Donna notices that Eric is not responsive and becomes immediately concerned.moreless
    • Ep. #5336
      Ep. #5336
      Season 22 - Episode 63
      Marcus lays into Steffy about going through his things, Steffy then asks if it's true about Donna being his mother. Katie tells Donna that she's taking a risk in telling Eric about Marcus. Brooke worries that her relationship with Ridge will be jeopardized if she keeps Donna's secret. Jackie tells Nick to follow his heart and if it leads to Katie then go for it. Nick overhears Katie talking about her mother not being at Storm's funeral or that she hasn't called at all. Steffy tells Marcus that she's gonna keep his secret. Nick encourages to call her Mom in Paris, Katie is then beside herself when her mother hangs up on her, Nick then consoles her and makes plans to go to Paris.moreless
    • Ep. #5337
      Ep. #5337
      Season 22 - Episode 64
      Marcus introduces himself to Rick in the new Athletic area. Beth looks at a picture of her children. Rick calls out Ridge on his vendetta against Donna thinking she'll bring scandal to the family name. Jackie tags along with Nick in his trip to Paris. Brooke tells Ridge that Beth's conversation with Katie cut short doesn't sound like her at all. Nick remembers the times he shared with Katie on Catalina and at the prom. Nick arrives at Beth's place and says he's not leaving until she tells him why she hung up on Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #5370
      Ep. #5370
      Season 22 - Episode 96
      Bridget stuns Brooke when she says that Eric was put on a ventilator. Nick tells Katie that what happened with them in Catalina was meant to happen. Katie's attitude and behaviour changes lead her to say to Nick that she's pregnant. Bridget tells Brooke about her plans for another baby. Katie questions her purpose in life thinking she was supposed to die. Nick deals with the consequences of his actions. Storm appears in the water and says to Katie that he's here for her.moreless
    • Ep. #5364
      Ep. #5364
      Season 22 - Episode 90
      The reporters are shocked as Donna says she's in control of Forrester til Eric gets better. Ridge tells Donna that she showed her true colors and thinks Eric won't be impressed with her decision. Pam tells Rick what Donna has done this time. Donna tells Pam that her desk will be moved downstairs and that she doesn't belong on the executive floor and Owen will resume her duties. Ridge tells Felicia and Thorne that Donna is in way over her head and has no idea what she's doing. Donna tells Brooke that the Forrester children are not welcome here and Donna then tells Brooke that she really needs Brooke's help to keep the company in order. Brooke leaves the company due to Donna not letting the Forrester children back in. Owen's burst of spontaneity surprises Donna when he kisses her, she then pulls away and says it's wrong and she then leaves the room.moreless
    • Ep. #5305
      Ep. #5305
      Season 22 - Episode 32
      Katie calls Storm a coward for killing himself, and they can't pretend like nothing else matters and that Storm committed suicide because of her. Katie reveals her true feelings to her sisters about her living her life picturing Storm holding a gun to his head. Stephanie and Eric share a tender moment, by saying that it won't be easy being in this house without her in it.moreless
    • Ep. #5040
      Ep. #5040
      Season 21 - Episode 18
      Ridge invites Ashley to dinner. Brooke hears of the plans and is a little uncomfortable. Ashley insists they are just friends. A meeting between Jackie, Donna and Storm is interrupted by Shane. He attempts to make them a deal with the office supply company he works for. Nick is furious to see Shane in the building and throws him out when he gets aggressive. Brooke goes to Nick and attempts to convince him to come back to her. Nick tells Brooke that he has set a date for he and Taylor's wedding. Nick advises Brooke to move on. Phoebe spends the night on Nick's boat. Phoebe thanks her father for looking out for her with Shane. Phoebe is scared when she finds Shane in the Forrester Originals building. Phoebe informs security that he is there. Shane later runs into Ridge and pulls a gun on him.moreless
    • Ep. #5055
      Ep. #5055
      Season 21 - Episode 33
      Rick and Phoebe discuss Nick's arrest at The Insomnia Café. Phoebe is certain that Nick is not guilty. CJ asks Phoebe and Rick to become a regular act on karaoke night, but Phoebe isn't sure. Nick is declined bail because he is considered a flight risk. Taylor brings in Nick's passport and Nick demands that Storm gets him out on bail. Taylor informs Nick that she was implanted with three embryos. Nick suggests to Taylor that Stephanie and Ridge are framing him for Shane's murder. Bail is set for Nick at $1,000,000. Ashley talks with Ridge and Stephanie about Shane's death. Ashley thinks Nick is innocent. Stephanie urges Ridge and Ashley to take a trip away to Santa Barbara together. Nick confronts Stephanie and accuses her of setting him up.moreless
    • Ep. #5390
      Ep. #5390
      Season 22 - Episode 116
      Nick plans a surprise for Bridget on the Marlin. Katie calls Nick and says that he better tell Bridget the secret tonight and Nick says he will. Stephanie tells Ridge that she can't deny Donna's feelings for Eric. Ridge meets one of Eric's doctors that Stephanie requested to help Eric. Nick tries to ease Bridget by taking her for some night fishing. Brooke becomes furious when she learns from Katie that history has repeated itself that Katie is pregnant by Bridget's husband, Brooke then shows her fury by slapping her. Sensing that something is wrong, Bridget questions Nick's odd behavior. Donna gives into temptation with Owen when she gets ready for bed and they make out. As Stephanie says that she won't know how to say good bye to Eric, he wakes up from his coma. Stephanie becomes overjoyed when she sees Eric wake up and hear him say her name.moreless
    • Ep. #5831
      Ep. #5831
      Season 24 - Episode 55
      Oliver's still reeling over the realization that he made out with Hope's mother. Brooke thanks Ridge for that special moment even though he doesn't know what she means. Daddy Yankee continues to entertain the guests at the Forrester mansion. Ridge thanks Oliver for giving Hope a night to remember and is eternally grateful. Hope sees that Oliver is starting to feel light headed and tells Marcus to get him something to drink, but Oliver says that he's okay. Stephanie confesses something to Eric while together at Big Bear. Oliver realizes that Brooke doesn't know that it was him who she made love too and not Ridge.moreless
    • Ep. #5426
      Ep. #5426
      Season 22 - Episode 152
      Brooke is grateful that Rick is alright, Ridge says the same and Rick asks what Ridge is doing here. Donna is worried that Pam didn't believe her story and is going to hurt Eric, Owen says with the way she ran out of there she bought every word. Eric tells Donna when she calls that Pam collapsed and says that he knows the truth about what Pam did, and is going to the hospital with Stephanie. Brooke wants Ridge to tell her that if he was the cause of Rick's fall, Ridge says that Rick was agressive then he's ever been. Dr. Brauer tells Stephanie that Pam has a large mass on her brain and must be removed, Stephanie thinks it may be because of the abuse she probably sustained as a child. Eric tells Donna that did what she had to do to protect him, and what she did was brave and courageous. Stephanie tells Pam that it ain't over, Pam's then wheeled out to go into surgery. Rick learns that he can't feel his legs and is paralyzed.moreless
    • Ep. #5983
      Ep. #5983
      Season 24 - Episode 205
      Ridge questions Thomas about his love interests. Stephanie and Eric come to an agreement regarding Brooke. Thomas gets a reality check when he overhears a charming video chat between Ridge and Brooke.
    • 2014/12/10
      Season 2014 - Episode 20141210
    • Ep. #5416
      Ep. #5416
      Season 22 - Episode 142
      Brooke pushes Taylor to her limit, when she doesn't think she'll be in a marriage with no children, is gonna keep up with him in the future, Taylor then tells her to get out of her house. Pam is pleased when Eric tells Donna that their marriage is over and takes off his wedding ring and puts it on the table and leaves. Ridge comes to the house looking for Eric, Stephanie says that he's with Donna. Donna tells Pam to leave Marcus and her mother alone and go back to wherever it is she came from. Ridge runs into Steffy at Forrester and asks what's upsetting her, she says it's about Taylor and Rick's wedding. Eric retrurns home and Stephanie sees that he isn't wearing his wedding ring, and is there to console him. Pam tells Donna that if she keeps her promise then she'll never see her again, and her this is gonna be her life which is minding Donna. Taylor let's it slip to Brooke about her giving back her husband, Brooke says who doesn't want to marry Ridge or Rick.moreless
    • Ep. #5127
      Ep. #5127
      Season 21 - Episode 105
      Phoebe tells Rick that what they had is over and they can never get the feeling back. Rick begs Phoebe to see that things can be better between them second time around and he asks for another chance. Stephanie is annoyed when Felicia informs her that Brooke left the restaurant without Andy. Felicia visits Constantine following their dinner and tells him that she can’t get him out of her mind. Brooke grows nervous when Andy invites himself to have a drink in her home. She is unable to get him to leave despite asking numerous times. Andy eventually leaves but promises Brooke he will see her soon. Stephanie calls Andy and continues to push him to chase Brooke. Andy becomes angry at Brooke’s rejection and manages to enter the house using a spare key located under a flowerpot. Andy jumps Brooke in her bedroom, she attempts to escape but he slaps her, knocks her to the floor and begins ripping off her clothing.moreless
    • Ep. #5413
      Ep. #5413
      Season 22 - Episode 139
      Taylor comes by to see Brooke and learns that Katie lost their baby this evening. Owen comes to see Marcus and sees that Steffy is with him, and learns that a snake was in a package that was delivered to Forrester and it jumped up and bit him. Eric plays the piano while continuing to think about Donna. Stephanie tells Donna that until it's proven that Pam is guilty she's not going to condemn her. Donna rushes into Eric's arms and tells him what happened to Marcus thinking she could've lost her son today. Beth goes for a walk and a car screeches heading right towards her. Brooke calls Donna saying that their mother was hit by a car, she rushes to her mother's side and Beth says that whoever was driving wanted to run her down and immediately thinks it's Pam. Owen tells Donna that she's the one that's in danger, she fills him in on what happened to Beth and that someone is out to get her, as Owen leaves Pam surprises her in the house and says that she's been watching her and if she isn't careful she's gonna get hurt.moreless
    • Ep. #5410
      Ep. #5410
      Season 22 - Episode 136
      Donna begs Eric that he give her another chance. Katie and Nick arrive at Brooke's house. Nick and Brooke then sign legal documents naming them Jack's parents. Brooke is touched when Ridge includes a letter saying that Jack will have two stable homes and he'll keep his word about his relationship with Katie as Ridge's with Brooke. Eric tells Donna that he called her over with every intention on asking her for a divorce, Donna asks for one more chance. Felicia is worried what's going on upstairs since Donna has been up there for a while, Stephanie tells Felicia to stop pacing the floor. Donna realizes that Eric isn't ready to forgive her just yet. Donna comes down the stairs and she's determined to make sure that her marriage to Eric is over. Brooke is delighted that Jack is officially her mother. Katie then starts to feel severe pains in her chest thinking it is because of the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #6022
      Ep. #6022
      Season 24 - Episode 244
      Ridge is supportive of the Taboo campaign. Taylor is upset when Brooke and Thomas are scheduled to take another business trip together. Brooke wants Hope to seek comfort in Oliver's arms.
    • Ep. #5380
      Ep. #5380
      Season 22 - Episode 106
      Ridge is still extremely upset from his earlier actions involving taking Eric off the ventilator and is grateful to Owen for arriving when he did. Marcus rushes over to Donna's and Steffy calls and asks Marcus to come to the hospital. Marcus arrives at Donna's to find her and Owen in a compromising position. Donna yells at Marcus for trying to physically throw Owen out of the house. Owen is taken aback by Marcus's loyalty to Donna. Jackie visits Eric in the hospital and gives disturbing words to him. After he informs Donna of his suspicions of Owen, Marcus convinces Bridget to run tests on Eric to prove his theory. Bridget comes in and Marcus asks what the tests said.moreless
    • Ep. #5332
      Ep. #5332
      Season 22 - Episode 59
      Bridget, Donna and Brooke continue to watch over Katie. Nick thinks that Bridget is pushing herself to hard as she goes to check her recent blood level. The Forrester children hold a meeting in Eric's office and plot to get rid of Donna for good since the company is getting alot of negative publicity, Marcus then enters the room and is introduced to everyone. Katie's loved ones say their final goodbyes. The family votes Donna out and puts Stephanie back in as Marcus listens at the door. Bridget gets the latest results which show some improvement, Nick is overjoyed as Katie opens her eyes.moreless
    • Ep. #5371
      Ep. #5371
      Season 22 - Episode 97
      Beth learns more about her own condition while having a session with Taylor. Storm encourages Katie to come in the water with him, she then jumps in. Bridget tells Nick that she's thinking of making her Jack's godmother, cause she needs something to hold on to. Bridget and Brooke share a meaningful conversation. Katie's dream ends and is back on the Marlin with Nick saying that the child is a miracle and says that she'll love life and this baby as well.moreless
    • Ep. #5312
      Ep. #5312
      Season 22 - Episode 39
      While talking about Storm Katie reveals her scar on her chest and says that's where he is now. Taylor keeps the fact that she's seeing Rick from Stephanie. Taylor dances around issues during a surprise encounter with Stephanie at the hospital thinking Storm's death could've been prevented if she had turned him in. Katie says that she hates Storm for what he did, but still in fact loves him. Marcus eavesdrops on a conversation between Ridge and Eric, and Ridge sees him listening. Bridget tells Nick that he did a good thing by bringing Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #3454
      Ep. #3454
      Season 14 - Episode 192
      Amber begins freaking out that they haven't heard from Deacon. Rick assures her that he will call soon enough. Carmen moans at Deacon about leaving her to mother the baby. Deacon tells her that he doesn't want Little Eric, he just needs to make a point. Carmen isn't impressed. Amber calls and hears the baby crying. Deacon hangs up on her. Amber marches over and when Deacon still refuses to let her see the baby, she breaks down his door with a fire ax. Eric tells Ridge that he is sickened by the situation with Morgan. Stephanie is more concerned about Taylor and wonders how she is coping. Morgan tries apologising to Taylor, but Taylor orders her away. Morgan insists that she doesn't want Ridge and attempts to rationalize her actions by bringing up the abortion. Taylor realizes that Morgan is out of her mind as Morgan chases Taylor upstairs and grabs her. Taylor pulls herself free, causing Morgan to lose her balance and topple over the balcony to the floor below.moreless
    • Ep. #5087
      Ep. #5087
      Season 21 - Episode 65
      There is a celebration at the Forrester estate for Ridge's release from jail. Brooke and Ridge reconnect as they spend time with their son. Brooke questions Ridge on his feelings for Ashley. Ridge asks Brooke to come back to Forrester Originals. Constantine calls Phoebe and she invites him over to join the party. Ashley looks on as Rick and Phoebe kiss. Eric notices how withdrawn Bridget is. Carl calls Bridget and tells her to meet him at the hospital. Rick is angry when Constantine shows up at the party. Brooke goes to Nick and tells him that she is resigning from Forrester Creations, effective immediately. Constantine tells Ridge that he thinks Rick is cheating on Phoebe. Carl tells Bridget that he may have a way to figure out if Taylor is carrying Brooke's baby.moreless
    • Ep. #5354
      Ep. #5354
      Season 22 - Episode 81
      Everyone becomes concerned when Katie says that she can't do this until they hear what she has to say. Owen receives a tempting offer from Felicia for a great opportunity, asking her to make Eric see Donna for the tramp she is but getting him to come on to her. Katie then continues with the ceremony and Nick and Bridget are married. Ridge and Brooke come to a new understanding.moreless
    • Ep. #5360
      Ep. #5360
      Season 22 - Episode 86
      Ridge tells Eric that he and the family need him. Stephanie arrives at the hospital with Thorne and sees Eric laying there. Donna tells Marcus that Eric has a heart that's just full of love. Donna tells Ridge that Eric changed his mind about turning the company over to him. Marcus goes and visits Eric and thanks him for putting him in his will, and for standing up for him and Donna. A distraught Stephanie imagines life without Eric. Steffy and Marcus become intimate, against their families wishes.moreless
    • Ep. #5334
      Ep. #5334
      Season 22 - Episode 61
      Jackie tells Bridget not to sell herself short after the wonderful thing she did for Katie. Donna opens up to Brooke about her having a little boy and that he works here at Forrester Creations. Steffy tells Ridge, Thorne and Felicia that Marcus was hired without a background check. Nick is touched by Katie's honesty. The family checks into Marcus and Donna's background. Brooke welcomes the newest member of the Logan family and that Marcus is now one of them. Ridge wants everything to know about Marcus.moreless
    • Ep. #5311
      Ep. #5311
      Season 22 - Episode 38
      Katie tells Nick that she's not going to the memorial. Nick takes Katie to the room where Storm took his own life, Storm then appears and she asks why he did what he did. Nick and Katie arrive as the service starts. Stephen shares his thoughts that he was glad that Storm was there for his sisters when he wasn't. Brooke opens up and hoping that Storm will one day forgive her. The Logan family takes a trip down memory lane. Everyone is delighted that Katie madie, Katie tells everyone to sit down and that she has something to say.moreless
    • Ep. #5346
      Ep. #5346
      Season 22 - Episode 73
      Rick tells Marcus why he didn't tell the truth when he first came to L.A. Beth has a fragment of a memory of her daughters when they where little. The Logan family makes a pact. Steffy lays into Phoebe for telling their dad the truth, Phoebe then questions Steffy's relationship with Marcus. Beth tells Stephen that once her condition worsens then she'll no longer remember her loved ones. Brooke, Donna and Katie come down wondering what the yelling is about, Beth makes an announcement that she's going back to Paris. Owen Knight and man from Marcus's past arrives at Forrester Creations says he is to thank for his "good fortune".moreless
    • Ep. #4330
      Ep. #4330
      Season 18 - Episode 70
      Caitlin takes her designs to Forrester to show Ridge, but he's in the process of introducing his new son to his children with Taylor, so Rick checks out the designs ... and Caitlin.
    • Ep. #4913
      Ep. #4913
      Season 20 - Episode 144
      Jackie is furious when she learns from Nick that Stephanie had divorce papers drawn up for him and Brooke. Nick goes to Ridge to warn him to stay away from Brooke, but the two butt heads on who is best suited to be with her. Brooke is angry with Stephanie for returning with the divorce papers. Stephanie tries to sway Brooke's mind in her favor by being kind hearted, but Jackie storms in and gives Stephanie a piece of her mind. Jackie and Stephanie battle it out about their own sons as Brooke leaves them to it. Phoebe prays that Thorne will understand and forgive Taylor. Meanwhile, Thorne pulls out a huge diamond ring and proposes to Taylor, which sets her off into an emotional state. Unable to take anymore, Taylor confesses to driving the car that hit and killed Darla.moreless
    • Ep. #5357
      Ep. #5357
      Season 22 - Episode 83
      Felicia tells Owen that he has to work harder to split Donna and Eric up. Eric gets a surprise at the office when he returns from New York and that Ridge is calling an emergency board meeting and wants him to turn control of Forrester Creations to him and Brooke and gives him a document to sign. Felicia is frustrated by what Owen tells her, that she hates any woman that comes in Eric's life. Ridge and make and announcement about their impending wedding. Owen tells Felicia that he can't do what she wants him to do. Eric gets some bad news and Ridge tries to get him to sign the paper, Eric then agrees. Donna feels betrayed by Brooke.moreless
    • Ep. #5293
      Ep. #5293
      Season 22 - Episode 20
      Taylor is found competent to raise a child.
    • Ep. #4771
      Ep. #4771
      Season 20 - Episode 2
      Bridget suggests Dante go out and have some fun, but feels jealous when he agrees. Bridget later gets a surprise when Dante calls her outside and she finds him with a romantic meal prepared on the deck. He presents her with the papers that name her as Dominick's legal guardian. Taylor stops by to see Stephanie, and Stephanie grows concerned when Taylor talks fondly of Nick. Stephanie advises her to stay away from him. Stephanie meets with Christian at the clinic and he asks her permission to take Felicia off life support. Stephanie agrees and prays that everything will be ok. Brooke, Nick and Hope have dinner aboard the boat. Nick tells Brooke that he wants to be Hope's father and they talk about dreams for the future. Nick and Brooke kiss as Taylor arrives and watches them from cover.moreless
    • Ep. #4908
      Ep. #4908
      Season 20 - Episode 139
      Brooke slaps Nick when he tries to tell her that he never wanted to hurt her. Devastated, Brooke heads up top, musing that she had chosen to be with Nick because she felt she couldn't trust Ridge. Nick approaches Brooke but she pushes him away and he falls overboard. She tosses him a life preserver and calls for help, then leaves him in the ocean. Bridget begins to panic at the thought that Nick could be confessing to fathering a child that isn't even his. Doctor Caspary warns her that she needs to calm down, and after doing the ultrasound, confirms that there is no way that Nick is the baby's father. Bridget tries to reach Nick without success. Dante realises that something is up with Felicia, and she finally confesses that Bridget is pregnant with Nick's baby. Dante muses that Bridget never stopped loving Nick.moreless
    • Ep. #5351
      Ep. #5351
      Season 22 - Episode 78
      Donna thanks Thorne and Ridge for putting their differences aside and coming to the gathering. Pam arrives and sees Donna that she's grateful to have a son like Marcus. Owen arrives and is amazed when he sees all the Forrester's celebrating. Felicia finds Stephanie in a bad state. Pam is shocked when Eric tells her not to get into it with Donna and abruptly asks her to leave. Donna sees Owen and asks him to join in the party cause he's the one who found her for Marcus. Katie hides her jealously as she makes a toast to Nick and Bridget.moreless
    • Ep. #5352
      Ep. #5352
      Season 22 - Episode 79
      Felicia explains that Donna will make a fool of him and will probably end up being unfaithful. Nick invites Katie to join him in smoking a cigar before he marries Bridget. Felicia talks to Eric about Stephanie and is upset by his response. Donna gets an eyeful when Owen drops his towel down by the pool. Stephanie sits and rocks in her chair thinking. Owen can't believe that Eric went to go see Stephanie and that she's here all alone, he said he wouldn't if she were his wife. Brooke promises Bridget she won't cause problems with her marriage to Nick this time around. Felicia sees Owen talking to Donna and waits for her to leave before she can be alone with him, she then tells him to come to Forrester Creations tomorrow morning.moreless
    • Ep. #5340
      Ep. #5340
      Season 22 - Episode 67
      Felicia tells Ridge, Thorne and Phoebe that Donna approved the ads that are a travesty to the company. Donna is delighted to see her parents. Phoebe tells a shocked Ridge that Marcus is Donna's son and that they've been keeping it a secret, Ridge tells Phoebe she did the right thing by telling him this. Nick gives Katie the ultimate gift and reunites her with her mother.moreless
    • Ep. #5324
      Ep. #5324
      Season 22 - Episode 51
      Felicia talks with Stephanie about her returning to the company, Stephanie then declines. Bridget tells Nick and Brooke that Katie's test results show signs of rejection and she probably has several weeks left. Donna explains to Eric who doesn't believe that Marcus is her son that it's the truth, after her daydream ends Donna tells Marcus that it's a bad idea.moreless
    • Ep. #5024
      Ep. #5024
      Season 21 - Episode 2
      Taylor calls Phoebe and informs her of her engagement to Nick. Stephanie shows up at Taylor's and learns of the marriage plans. Stephanie attempts to convince Taylor that she belongs with Ridge. Stephanie is stunned that Taylor plans to have a baby with Nick. Jackie wonders why Nick didn't tell her about his plans to marry Taylor. Jackie asks him to hold off and wait to see if Brooke becomes available again. Jackie finally offers her support to Taylor when she realizes that Taylor could give Nick the child that he needs. Brooke and Ridge meet the staff at the new Sydney boutique. Yvonne, the store manager, questions Rick and Phoebe about their romance, which infuriates Ridge. Brooke informs Rick that she heard from Lauren that Amber has remarried in Genoa City. Phoebe announces Taylor's marriage plans at dinner. The meal is cut short when Rick and Ridge go at it over Phoebe. Rick and Phoebe later steal a quick kiss and Ridge catches them.moreless
    • Ep. #5384
      Ep. #5384
      Season 22 - Episode 110
      Nick and Katie make a tough decision about their baby. Donna tells Owen why she should believe that he didn't poison Eric. Rick tells Stephanie as he sits by Eric's bedside that Bridget told him what happened to him. Lt. Baker and Charlie try to get to the bottom of Eric's attempted murder. Stephanie tells Eric that if love could bring him back then she would do what it takes. Lt. Baker thinks there's something more and wonders why Owen just leaped to confess. Pam asks Stephanie why they haven't arrested Donna yet, Stephanie tells her that Owen and Donna could be in on it together. Owen tells Donna that she has to get Marcus to protect her because the real suspect is still out there, Donna realizes that Owen is telling the truth.moreless
    • Ep. #4827
      Ep. #4827
      Season 20 - Episode 58
      Jackie is angry with Stephen when he comes by. Jackie informs him that she is aware of him sleeping with Taylor. Stephen apologises for his actions. Bridget tells Brooke that she feels she made a mistake in letting Dante go. Brooke advises Bridget to tell Dante how she really feels before he gets in too deep with Felicia. Ridge and Dante prepare some underwear designs and Ridge tells Dante that he needs to be sure before marrying Felicia, as he doesn't want her hurt. Dante goes to Bridget when she calls and after telling him she loves him, they share a kiss. Ridge takes some lingerie to Brooke at Marone Industries. Brooke isn't happy with him being there, but he's the angrier one when he sees Brooke's engagement ring.moreless
    • Ep. #5316
      Ep. #5316
      Season 22 - Episode 43
      Phoebe is devastated to learn that Rick and her mother are now together and lashes out at the two of them. Katie is glad that Donna was able to confide in her about her baby. Donna has a moment while she's feeding Jack. Phoebe is even more shocked to learn that Rick is gonna marry her mother. Bridget interrupts an important moment between Katie and Nick when he helps to put the vitamin e on her scar. Taylor agrees to Phoebe's request to end things with Rick.moreless
    • Ep. #5294
      Ep. #5294
      Season 22 - Episode 21
      Taylor tells Rick that she can't respond to his proposal. Brooke's testimony is full on unkind words. Pam vows to get revenge on Donna. Rick makes an announcement in the courtroom.
    • Ep. #5391
      Ep. #5391
      Season 22 - Episode 117
      Stephanie gets a call from Pam saying that she's sorry for trying to kill Eric and hangs up before she can ask any more questions. Katie assures Brooke that Bridget can handle her pregnancy with Nick's child, Brooke disagrees and says that it will take her life from her. Stephanie comes to the house and is shocked when she opens the door and sees Owen and Donna having sex in her room. She then quickly goes back to the hospital to check on Eric and is furious that Donna cheated on Eric. After Nick and Bridget make love, Nick tells Bridget that there is something important that he needs to tell her. Nick explains how he and Katie were on Catalina together and Bridget gets the indication that something big happened between the two and becomes appalled.moreless
    • Ep. #4909
      Ep. #4909
      Season 20 - Episode 140
      Stephanie paces the house and spies out of the window when Ridge returns home from Europe and heads over to the guest house with Donna. Stephanie fears that Ridge will sleep with Donna, but Eric couldn't be less interested. Donna arranges a romantic meal for Ridge and she confesses her feelings to him, having chosen this night to consummate her relationship with him. Brooke races along the highway in her car to meet with Ridge, leaving him a message on his answering machine, which Donna quickly erases. Nick is brought back into shore and then finds Bridget on the Shady Marlin. Bridget is devastated that Nick has confessed all to Brooke, then makes the situation worse by informing Nick that the baby isn't his, but infact Dante's. Brooke bursts into the guest house in an emotional state. Brooke questions whether it's too late for herself and Ridge, to which he responds with a kiss, as a destroyed Donna watches.moreless
    • Ep. #5315
      Ep. #5315
      Season 22 - Episode 42
      Taylor tells Rick that she wants to tell Phoebe herself, Rick thinks that Phoebe is gonna be devastated by this. Donna becomes uncomfortable when Nick asks her to hold Jack. Phoebe meets Marcus at the Insomnia Cafe and asks to sit next to her. Donna reveals a deep secret to Katie that she had a baby at a young age and that only her mother and Storm knew about it. Phoebe walks in on Rick and Taylor.moreless
    • Ep. #5366
      Ep. #5366
      Season 22 - Episode 92
      Donna sits by Eric and Bridget says that he's doing well as can be expected. Pam reminds Owen that Eric maybe in a coma but Eric is still the CEO of this company. Marcus learns of the break in at his mother's place bedroom and asks Owen why he didn't report it and wonders how straight up he really is. Owen tries to win Marcus over by saying that he's nuts about his mother, and Marcus tells Owen what he just said to him to Donna which he does which leaves her speechless. Ridge, Brooke and Bridget share a close moment with Eric.moreless
    • Ep. #5372
      Ep. #5372
      Season 22 - Episode 98
      Katie and Nick have a long discussion. Brooke and Ridge learn that Eric's condition is worsening. Katie tells Nick that Dr. Caspray said that it's a high risk pregnancy and that it's possible that she could lose it. Ridge is overcome with grief and must make a dificult decision.
    • Ep. #5106
      Ep. #5106
      Season 21 - Episode 84
      CJ thinks Rick’s duet was better, but Felicia votes for Constantine. Unable to define a true winner the contest is ruled as a tie. Constantine is determined that Phoebe will follow her music career. Felicia advises Constantine to forget about Phoebe. Felicia kisses Constantine. Rick takes Phoebe back to beach house and she makes it clear that she is ready to take their relationship to the next step. Taylor continues to testify on the stand, and recounts how Brooke came to her fearing that she was a bad mother. Judge Friedman determines that custody of RJ be given temporarily to Ridge until Brooke is able to work through her emotional issues. He is at a loss at what to do with Hope until Ridge offers to take her as well to keep the two of them together. Brooke is distraught and blames Taylor for her having lost the children.moreless
    • Ep. #5374
      Ep. #5374
      Season 22 - Episode 100
      Brooke is beside herself after Ridge saying that he turned the machine off, Dr. Patrick comes in and manages to stabilize Eric. Katie is touched by Marcus's words when he says about her one day having a child and seeing how it feels. Felicia, Thorne, Bridget, and Donna become appalled after hearing from Ridge that he turned off the machine, the family said that Ridge had no right to make that decision. Bridget says that if he wakes up he's not going to be the same man that they know and love. Ridge tells Donna to sign the paper to take Eric off the ventilator, Owen then arrives and tells her to fight and not let them step all over her and maybe Eric could get better.moreless
    • Ep. #5344
      Ep. #5344
      Season 22 - Episode 71
      Brooke tells Stephen that she's not letting her mother leave until she gets an explanation. Katie tries to comfort her mother. Marcus is grateful that Eric accepted him into the family, Steffy then explains to Marcus why her family doesn't like Donna. Beth tells Katie that she may sound that same but she doesn't feel like her mother anymore. Katie calls for Stephen and Brooke to come downstairs, Beth gets in her car and takes off. Katie then tells them that she had a small series of strokes and thinks she has early signs of dementia. Beth goes to Brooke's house and has a touching encounter with her granddaughter Hope.moreless
    • Ep. #5192
      Ep. #5192
      Season 21 - Episode 170
      Eric demands to know where Donna is. Thorne and Felicia stand up for Stephanie. Stephen, Storm and Katie search one end of the building for Donna. Brooke and Ridge look through the offices. Jake finds Donna and releases her. Donna tells her family what happened to her. Stephen goes on a rampage to find Stephanie. Katie walks out on Thorne. Brooke walks out on Ridge. Eric walks out on his children when they stand united against him leaving Stephanie. Brooke warns Stephanie she won’t stand for her hurting Donna. Nick issues Stephanie with a warning for double crossing him. Stephen threatens Stephanie. Donna is comforted by Eric. Donna says Stephanie has to be stopped. Jake tells Stephanie how disgusted he is by her behaviour. Donna gives Stephanie a warning. Nick finds Jackie sneaking around the building. Jake finds her in Brooke’s office. Stephanie is shot by a mystery figure.moreless
    • Ep. #5196
      Ep. #5196
      Season 21 - Episode 174
      Bridget tells Nick that Jack’s immune system is becoming strong. Nick is thrilled and Brooke shares in that joy when she comes by. Brooke is concerned when she learns that Taylor isn’t breastfeeding. Brooke slips up and refers to Jack as her child again. Pam visits a sedated Stephanie in the hospital. As Stephanie lies asleep, Pam tells her how much she hates her for leaving her in Chicago with Ann. Pam clutches a pillow as she sits beside Stephanie, blaming her for ruining her life. Donna is relieved that Eric has faith in her when he says that he believes she had nothing to do with Stephanie’s shooting. Eric informs Donna that Pam is staying on the estate for a while. Donna guesses that Pam must resent Stephanie and begins wondering if Pam shot her. Pam witnesses a kiss between Eric and Donna. Pam later chases Donna from the house, with the help of her dog, and warns Donna never to come back.moreless
    • Ep. #4962
      Ep. #4962
      Season 20 - Episode 193
      Ann begs Stephanie to forgive her, but Stephanie refuses to bend. Thorne and Ridge don't have any sympathy for Ann either after what Stephanie had to go through growing up. Ann comes close to collapsing, remembering the past, and Eric hurries to her aid. Taylor talks with Stephanie privately, and attempts to convince her to give Ann another chance, but she refuses. Taylor asks Ann to leave at Stephanie's request. In desperation, Eric begins to play the piano, hoping to bring his family together. As the gathered guests begin to sing one by one, Stephanie comes out of the den. Ally leaves Phoebe's arms to head over to Ann, holding out her hand. Watching her granddaughter reach out to her mother changes something in Stephanie and she finally forgives Ann for the past.moreless
    • Ep. #6011
      Ep. #6011
      Season 24 - Episode 233
      Dayzee is surprised when Thomas arranges a romantic dinner. Steffy is confused about Stephanie's new attitude to life. Ridge and Brooke learn about Thomas' date.
    • Ep. #5991
      Ep. #5991
      Season 24 - Episode 213
      Nick struggles to keep the promise not to smoke as Stephanie watches over him. Donna shares the news about her engagement with Brooke and Katie. Bill helps Liam find the perfect ring for Donna.
    • Ep. #6277
      Ep. #6277
      Season 25 - Episode 248

      A couple remarries. Brooke is stunned when she learns about what happened between Hope and Liam. Bill questions Liam about the night he spent with Hope.

    • Ep. #5996
      Ep. #5996
      Season 24 - Episode 218
      Amber reveals to Oliver that she is pregnant. Bill causes trouble at Donna and Justin's wedding. Brooke, Katie and Donna take some time to reminisce about Beth and Storm. Justin's cousin Olivia arrives for the wedding.
    • Ep. #5433
      Ep. #5433
      Season 22 - Episode 159
      Donna returns to the house and finds that Stephanie is still there, she tells Donna that she isn't going anywhere. Brooke is embarrassed when it's Taylor who seen her show thinking it was Ridge. Rick tells Eric that he won't be returning, Eric convinces him to do so, he says he will on one condition to give him equal footing with Ridge. Brooke learns that Ridge spent the night at Taylor's house and had breakfast. Eric returns to hear Donna and Stephanie discussing him. Rick gets up and walks over to the table and rips a picture in half leaving Ridge out and crumpling and throwing it in the garbage saying that it's gonna be over.moreless
    • Ep. #5434
      Ep. #5434
      Season 22 - Episode 160
      Donna and Stephanie learn that Eric invited them both to stay at the house. Brooke tells Ridge that he can't spend the night at Taylor's again. Donna thinks that Eric is in bed, and gets undressed and realizes that it's Stephanie and not Eric. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge spent the night at Taylor's, Rick says that Ridge isn't going to be good enough for her. Ridge is shocked to learn that Eric has both Donna and Stephanie living under the same roof. Rick says to Brooke that he'll do what it takes to stop Ridge once and for all. Stephanie tells Donna that she knew that she would pull something like this by trying to seduce Eric. Ridge brings up to Eric what they discussed before his heart attack by having him in control of the company and asks him to do it. Brooke must make the difficult decision and must decide between Rick and Ridge.moreless
    • Ep. #6326
      Ep. #6326
      Season 26 - Episode 42

      Rick admits to Brooke that she was right about Amber. Caroline and Rick share a talk. Thomas talks to Caroline about Rick and they discuss Karen's secret. Bill wants Katie to have an abortion because having a child could kill her.

    • Ep. #6007
      Ep. #6007
      Season 24 - Episode 229
      Steffy returns to Los Angeles. Katie and Bill decide to view a new property. Bill tries to pay off Amber.
    • Ep. #5420
      Ep. #5420
      Season 22 - Episode 146
      Ridge tells Brooke that the way she looked at Nick the love in her eyes, she should be looking at him like and asks why they're getting married. Rick meets with a co-ordinator and wonders why Taylor is late. Stephanie tells Taylor that she's still the perfect woman for Ridge and to put Rick's age in question. Brooke assures that Ridge is the only man in her heart, she's there because of Jack and only that. Stephanie continues to meddle by tracking down Rick. Taylor arrives at the party and hears Ridge and Brooke arguing. Nick comes into the room and asks Brooke if everything is alright. Stephanie tracks Rick down to the restaurant and she had a talk with Taylor and says she want to reconnect with Ridge. Brooke flips out when she overhears Taylor giving Ridge advice. Rick gets Taylor's help in planning their wedding.moreless
    • Ep. #5412
      Ep. #5412
      Season 22 - Episode 138
      Pam continues to watch from a distance as Marcus is rushed to the hospital, and Donna panics thinking she's going to lose him. Rick surprises Taylor by saying that they'll be married next week and that everything will be arranged. Katie asks if she can stay with Jack tonight thinking she could use the company. The doctor says that Marcus is very lucky, Stephanie asks how Marcus is doing and Donna lays into her and accuses her of putting the snake in the crate thinking it was meant for her and not Marcus. Katie develops an unhealthy attachment to Jack. Ridge tells Brooke what a good thing she did leaving Jack with Katie. Steffy comes to see Marcus in tears after hearing what happened, and she tells if he's going to be okay. Ridge and Nick put their hostile feelings aside.moreless
    • Ep. #5415
      Ep. #5415
      Season 22 - Episode 141
      Steffy goes to see Taylor and tells her that Marcus is doing alright and questions her relationship with Rick and if it's what she wants, she then says that she's moving on with her life since Ridge is doing the same by marrying Brooke. Pam looks on as she hopes that Donna does the right thing by ending things with Eric. Rick asks Brooke that the wedding is important to him and wants her to be apart of it, Rick then asks Brooke to go and tell Taylor that she accepts the relationship and if she can't do it, then he doesn't want her at the wedding. Donna does what Pam asks her to do and tells Eric that she wants to end things, Eric wonders what's going on since she's the one that wanted a second chance and wants to know why she's pushing him away. Brooke does what Rick says and talks with Taylor and says she has concerns about her son getting hurt.moreless
    • Ep. #5675
      Ep. #5675
      Season 23 - Episode 151
      Katie comes home to find a very romantic dinner set, she and Bill celebrate their victory as Eric and Ridge are comforted. Brooke and Ridge vow to make the difficult transition at Forrester Creations together, even though Bill is now the new boss and Katie thinks she's in love with the man. Eric packs up and moves out of his office thinking his company will be changed forever, Donna says for him to look on the bright side. Brooke tells Ridge that they still work at Forrester they have stock options in Spencer Publications, and their children are taken care of. Bill tells Katie and reminds her what she said to him the night of the fashion challenge and no one has touched him as much as she did, and makes an unexpected proposal to her.moreless
    • Ep. #5999
      Ep. #5999
      Season 24 - Episode 221
      Dr. Lewis issues a warning to Nick regarding his addiction. Ridge sees Brooke and Summer talking. Stephanie tries to come up with a way to handle Nick.
    • Ep. #6374
      Ep. #6374
      Season 26 - Episode 90

      Steffy battles with getting Liam out of her mind. Brooke comforts Hope after what Hope found. Liam learns some info on his marriage to Hope.

    • Ep. #5992
      Ep. #5992
      Season 24 - Episode 214
      Brooke wants Ridge to know the truth about Thomas kissing her, but Thomas disagrees. Jackie learns about Nick's condition from Stephanie. Nick claims he's quit smoking. Madison confronts Thomas about his fling with Summer, and he repeats that he can't commit to her.
    • Ep. #5993
      Ep. #5993
      Season 24 - Episode 215
      Tawny continues pressing Amber about convincing Liam that her baby is hers. She considers hiring Carl to help her fix the lab results, but Amber is worried about listening to her mother. Marcus learns of his parents getting married. Stephen informs Donna that he is getting married to Pam, and Donna disapproves as Pam tries to convince her that she's changed.moreless
    • Ep. #6240
      Ep. #6240
      Season 25 - Episode 211

      Amber and Rick continue getting closer. Jackie tells Nick that she is worried Pam might stop helping them out. Pam is asked to appear on Let's Make a Deal, and she manages to get Nick to appear with her.

    • Ep. #5339
      Ep. #5339
      Season 22 - Episode 66
      Nick tells Beth that Katie needs her and do does the whole family. Brooke tells Donna that waiting to tell Eric could backfire on her. Donna is beside herself when Katie tells her that she called their mother asking if she would come and that she hung up on her. Nick convinces Beth to return to L.A. from Paris and that Stephen will be returning as well. Phoebe is shocked at what she hears when Steffy agrees that no one will know that he's Donna's son. Beth calls and Brooke is excited that she's coming home.moreless
    • 2014/07/02
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140702
    • Ep. #5994
      Ep. #5994
      Season 24 - Episode 216
      Amber is reluctant to listen to Tawny and Carl, but ends up going through with the plot by lying to Liam that she's carrying his child. Stephanie is concerned about Pam's future with Stephen, and Brooke puts her two cents in.
    • Ep. #6252
      Ep. #6252
      Season 25 - Episode 223

      Liam and Bill aren't able to sort out their differences. Both Steffy and Hope hide the truth regarding Liam from Brooke and Taylor.

    • Ep. #6310
      Ep. #6310
      Season 26 - Episode 26

      Hope decides to go out in Aspen thinking she could easily get lost in the crowd with Liam and not feel the pressure that she usually does in Los Angeles. Justin is still trying to convince Bill to drop his meddling into Liam's life, but Bill refuses to listen to reason, then talks to Steffy over the phone about keeping her end of the plan. Rick learns from Othello that Steffy is hanging Ramona, and informs Brooke of the development. Steffy has a change of heart. Othello runs to Hope's side when she is bothered by the press and takes her to the house. Bill learns from Oliver about Hope's escape and sends the press to the house, where Hope starts thinking about taking the pills again.

    • Ep. #5134
      Ep. #5134
      Season 21 - Episode 112
      Clarke presents more useless designs. Jackie begins worrying that the company won’t be able to compete. Nick decides they must think up another way to hit Forrester Originals. Phoebe feels she is still not ready for a sexual relationship. Phoebe walks away from Rick. Stephanie and Ashley applaud Eric’s new collection. Eric is told he can not take out any more loans for production until he has paid up his debts with the bank. Ridge blames himself for Brooke’s rape. He tells her she will get her kids back. Ridge stakes out Café Russe waiting for Andy knowing he will be back when the bartender tells him that Andy left his cell phone there.moreless
    • Ep. #6342
      Ep. #6342
      Season 26 - Episode 58

      Bill tries to keep Steffy grounded in Italy. Deacon starts learning more about Hope.

    • Ep. #6225
      Ep. #6225
      Season 25 - Episode 196

      At Forrester Creations, Beverly and Rick get closer as friends, as they both wish to find out who was behind the designs theft. Amber sneaks into the company, then voices her disapproval to Beverly about her pursuit of Rick. Thomas, Steffy, Liam and Hope are unaware that they are all staying at the same resort in Cabo San Lucas. Steffy is shocked when she finds out.

    • Ep. #5710
      Ep. #5710
      Season 23 - Episode 186
      Bridget tells Sandy it's almost like god sent her to her and Nick. Taylor takes on a new patient, and she sees that it's Whip, he says she's not gonna turn down a man who needs dire help. Nick continues to try to gain more information about Sandy. Whip tells Taylor that he can't leave cause he has serious issues. Ridge asks Brooke if she met the surrogate yet, Brooke says that there's something about her. Bridget tells Sandy to go ahead and refer her as a friend cause she'll be in their lives a long time, she tells Nick it's the same with him to. Whip tells Taylor he's feeling much better and that he'll give her a call. Sandy thanks Nick for not telling Bridget about her name change, and gets out of the car, and sees someone is in her house, she starts swinging a bat asking who's there.moreless
    • Ep. #5140
      Ep. #5140
      Season 21 - Episode 118
      Katie demands to know if Donna loves Thorne. Donna dodges the issue and simply tells her that she no longer wants to be alone. Donna adds that making Stephanie miserable is just a perk. Phoebe, Rick, Ashley, Clarke and Storm all arrive for the ceremony. Rick places more doubt in Ashley’s mind over Brooke and Ridge being at the cabin together. Jackie again attempts to talk Donna out of marrying Thorne but she insists she is going to do it. Stephanie tells Thorne that she doesn’t agree with his choice of bride, but is willing to stand by and accept it to keep the peace. Stephanie tells Eric she wishes someone would come through for her to stop the ceremony. Katie tells Thorne that Donna doesn’t love him.moreless
    • Ep. #5428
      Ep. #5428
      Season 22 - Episode 154
      Stephanie is appalled at Donna's accusation that Pam is faking her memory loss to get out of being prosecuted. Rick makes an outrageous demand of Brooke that he'll shut her out of his life, and if she walks out the door then she's choosing Ridge over him and not to come back. Stephanie tells Eric that her mother Ann is flying in and is gonna take Pam back to Chicago and doesn't want him or Donna to testify against her. Taylor comes in to see Rick but he doesn't want to see her, he then says how can she leave him for a loser like Ridge. Brooke goes home and tells Ridge that Rick asked her to leave him and if she doesn't their won't be a place for her in his life. Ann approaches Donna after learning she wants to see Pam in jail, Eric then convinces her not to testify, which relieves Ann and Stephanie and that she did the right thing. Pam is glad to know that she's going to be alright. Steffy visits Rick and says that she wants Ridge. Eric learns that Rick is in the hospital. Pam humbly apologizes to Donna for what she did. Brooke tells Taylor that she's never gonna forgive her for what she did to Rick and that it's war.moreless
    • Ep. #4000
      Ep. #4000
      Season 16 - Episode 241
      Amber decides to step down at Forrester Creations to save the company bad publicity now that her x-rated movie has hit the air.
    • Ep. #6340
      Ep. #6340
      Season 26 - Episode 56

      Bill manages to spring Deacon from prison, and Deacon tells Bill what he thinks of him. The Forresters and family prepare to land in Italy.

    • Ep. #6743
      Season 27 - Episode 209

      Caroline tries to ease Rick’s tension with a steam room session. Bill confronts Ridge and Brooke at Forrester Creations.


    • Ep. #5423
      Ep. #5423
      Season 22 - Episode 149
      Taylor admits to Rick that she's still in love with Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that she's coping with what Taylor said that she would rather be with Ridge other then Rick. Pam shares in Donna's pain as she looks on as Owen comforts her. Stephanie sees that Eric made her a drink, but says it's nice but she has to talk about Donna. Rick tells Taylor that Ridge will just use her like he did before, Taylor tries to calm Rick's temper. Pam starts to have pounding headache after gloating about Donna. Stephanie tells Eric what Pam what she drove Donna to quickly divorce and has a plan and wants Eric to trust her. Rick calls Ridge and asks to meet him at the Sky Lounge at Forrester.moreless
    • Ep. #1889
      Ep. #1889
      Season 8 - Episode 6
    • Ep. #4740
      Ep. #4740
      Season 19 - Episode 226
      Eric arrives home and finds Felicia on the floor. Felicia admits to Eric that she has ran out of medication and he makes her promise to tell him when she is in pain. Felicia agrees if he promises to allow her to die at home rather than in hospital. Brooke drops by to see Bridget at the hospital and she is disheartened, along with Bridget and Nick, when the doctor tells them Bridget has to stay in hospital. Bridget later shares her concerns to Brooke about losing the baby, and worries that she will lose Nick if that happened. Felicia comes to see Bridget with a leather jacket for Nicole once she is born. Felicia and Bridget comfort one another, as they both talk about their problems.moreless
    • Ep. #5526
      Ep. #5526
      Season 23 - Episode 2
      Taylor tells Ridge just how they're going to protect their son. Stephanie asks Brooke that she must feel awfully lonely in that bed of hers while Ridge is spending her nights with Taylor. Steffy wonders what's going to happen to Thomas, Ridge says for no one to say a word til they figure things out. An awful secret helps bring a family together. Jackie asks Katie if she's coming into her office just to check up on her, Jackie says that she's not going to sit back and let her ruin Nick's life. Brooke tells Ridge that she went to see Pam and looked into her eyes and says that she isn't the one. Rick and Steffy cannot control their passion for one another, when she surprises him when she comes to the beach house. Thomas stands alone in his house and tries to come to terms with what he's done. Jackie tells Katie that she hopes that Nick comes to his senses and soon. Thomas sees as Taylor is talking to James on the phone and he thinks that his mother thinks he's crazy and even after all Rick is still with Steffy. Ridge tells Brooke to call off the security and that Rick is going to be fine cause he has to go and do something. Rick sees that Steffy knows something and asks what's bothering her, she says that there shouldn't be secrets. Ridge goes to see Stephanie at the office and says it was Thomas, Ridge suggests that Thomas not confess and that Pam should remain in jail, which completely shocks her.moreless
    • Ep. #5645
      Ep. #5645
      Season 23 - Episode 121
      Nick wants Owen to promise him that Jackie will never parasail again. Whip suddenly finds himself unemployed when Jackie fires him. Brooke tells Stephanie that she works fast when she comes to see her at the house, she asks Brooke why does Ridge keep choosing her over Taylor and ran into Katie and told her the good news of her turning the plane around. Ridge goes to meet Taylor and she says she knows that he's going back to Brooke. Nick learns from Owen that Jackie is letting go of Whip as they speak, he has his objections cause he brought alot of money to the company when they didn't have any. Taylor isn't hurt cause Ridge never made any promises to her. Whip tells Jackie that she knows deep down firing isn't him isn't a good idea. Stephanie tells Brooke that there's a long list of reasons why they never became friends. Owen comes in and says firing him wasn't a good decision but it's happening to save his marriage, says he can continue to be here only if he knows Jackie is off limits. Brooke and Ridge prove their love is resilient.moreless
    • Ep. #5151
      Ep. #5151
      Season 21 - Episode 129
      Eric apologises to Donna for kissing her. Donna hides when Felicia comes by. Felicia informs Eric that Constantine has gone on tour and would like her to come join him in Seattle. Felicia is concerned when Eric informs her that he doesn’t know or care where Stephanie is. Felicia begs Eric not to leave Stephanie. Donna signs for a letter from Stephanie. She is tempted to burn it but does give it to Eric. He doesn’t want to read it but instead kisses Donna again. Ashley refuses to listen to anymore words of hate from Rick regarding Ridge. Ashley decides that she has to see Ridge. Brooke has dinner with Ridge and assumes that he wants to be with her. Once alone, Brooke finds the ring and quickly puts in on her finger. Ashley walks in and is stunned to see Brooke wearing an engagement ring.moreless
    • Ep. #5530
      Ep. #5530
      Season 23 - Episode 6
      Steffy puts her faith in Rick when she says that he'll keep her brother's secret. Thomas is worrid what Rick will say at the meeting. Rick stuns everyone by saying that he's not going to be pressing any charges against the person responsible(but doesn't say that it's Thomas). Brooke says that Rick wants to move on and that everyone should do the same. Thomas tells Rick that he's grateful for him saving his life by not revealing to the rest of the family that it was him, and offers a truce between them. Steffy is speechless when Ridge gives her a wedding gown he started before she was born, Ridge secretly tells Taylor that he gave that to her to make a statement so that she can open her eyes so this wedding will never happen.moreless
    • Ep. #4770
      Ep. #4770
      Season 20 - Episode 1
      The Forrester family, along with their friends, gather at the estate for Felicia's memorial service. Eric, Ridge, Thorne and Kristen all speak to share their fond memories. Stephanie leaves, telling them that she refuses to give up on Felicia. Eric is concerned that Stephanie is refusing to let go. Stephanie later receives a call from Christian, asking her to come to the medical facility. Stephanie fears it is bad news, but is relieved when she gets there and learns that Felicia is becoming stronger. Stephanie sits beside her daughter and begs Felicia to fight.moreless
    • Ep. #5635
      Ep. #5635
      Season 23 - Episode 111
      Nick is more determined to make Owen pay after watching Jarrett saying if Jackie M. will survive this scandal. Whip is taken aback when Jackie asks him for some space. Brooke, Katie and Donna partcipate in a bikini photo shoot with Eric for the Royalty campaign. Jackie tells Nick that after she thought Owen said those things she kissed Whip but didn't sleep with him. Marcus and Steffy says that everything is going smoothly. Eric gets a surprise from Bill and Katie during the shoot, Eric asks him why he's suddenly throws his support his Forrester and not Jackie M. Nick sees Owen and gets his hands on him, Jackie intervenes and tells Nick about about Owen's twin brother Casper did. Whip and Owen try to do damage control with a press conference, Jarrett conducts the interview and Owen explains about Casper pulling that prank. Eric learns that Katie and Bill are together, Brooke asks him what's with this sudden nice guy routine and warns him not to take advantage of Katie.moreless
    • Ep. #5504
      Ep. #5504
      Season 22 - Episode 230
      Jackie tells Nick that she can't hold her tongue any longer and says that Katie is the most pathetic wonem she's ever met. Rick says to Steffy that him staying in L.A. isn't an option and won't change Ridge's mind about him and thinks that being in the Army is something that he has to do, despite Steffy's feelings. Clarke tells Bridget that she has talent he'll give her that, but tells her the real reason why Jackie hired her. Nick and Katie decide to get married right away. Jackie asks Bridget if she had a chance would she take Nick back, Bridget says if she was hired to sture up trouble, Jackie says that he doesn't deserve Katie and could do much better, Jackie gets a call saying that Nick and Katie's wedding is today and says for Bridget to stop it.moreless
    • Ep. #5421
      Ep. #5421
      Season 22 - Episode 147
      Brooke continues to blast Taylor for telling Ridge that she shouldn't marry Ridge, Taylor then tells Brooke to stay out of her business. Eric ponders as he realizes that his marriage to Donna is really over, Felicia, Thorne, Ridge arrive wondering what Eric summoned them to his office, he announces that he's back in the game to get Forrester Creations back on it's feet again. Stephanie comes and tells Donna if she's really ending the marriage or is this some sort of game that she's playing and how she can say she loves him and just walk away, Owen says to Donna that she has to tell them about Pam's threat. Eric calls Donna about their divorce and to come with her attorney to the office later today. Pam calls Donna and says that she's not happy and that Stephanie is back at the house. Owen protects Donna by divulging the truth to Stephanie.moreless
    • Ep. #6302
      Ep. #6302
      Season 26 - Episode 18

      Brooke plans to arrange a photo event for Caroline and Rick, and Caroline flirts with Rick. Steffy and Bill continue talking about Hope and Liam, and later Steffy and Liam share a decent conversation about their marriage. Amber learns about how dangerous the pills she gave to Hope are, and she immediately goes to Hope with the info, but Hope explains that the pills help her out a lot.

    • Ep. #5350
      Ep. #5350
      Season 22 - Episode 77
      Bridget shares the news to Eric, Donna and Brooke that she and Nick are getting married. Taylor and Rick spend a romantic morning in bed together. Katie tells Jackie that the wedding is the day after tomorrow. Brooke makes a promise to Bridget. Donna and Jackie question Katie's feelings for Nick.moreless
    • Ep. #6606
      Ep. #6606
      Season 27 - Episode 72

      Bill refuses to take all the blame for what happened with Brooke. Rick and Hope have a difference of opinion on what Brooke did.


    • Ep. #5131
      Ep. #5131
      Season 21 - Episode 109
      Phoebe prepares herself for the concert. Constantine presents Felicia with a check for cancer research from the ticket sales. Constantine becomes a little jealous when the concert promoter flirts with Felicia. Ashley attempts to apologise to Phoebe, while Rick again tries in vain to win her back. Stephanie’s lawyer tells her that he located Deacon in Las Vegas and he has given up all parental rights to Hope. Stephanie pushes Ridge to sign the custody papers. Ridge does so, but later tells Ashley that he will retract them if Brooke can take care of the kids. Bridget continues to support Brooke. Nick shows up and knows something is wrong. Bridget tries to get rid of him. Brooke promises that she will talk to him when she’s ready. Bridget leaves to attend the concert. Stephanie arrives and taunts Brooke that she has lost her kids.moreless
    • Ep. #6329
      Ep. #6329
      Season 26 - Episode 45

      Stephanie talks to Liam about a choice he has to make. Justin goes with Bill to prison to see Deacon Sharpe. Stephanie isn't happy to learn that Ridge will be designing a wedding dress for Hope.

    • Ep. #5450
      Ep. #5450
      Season 22 - Episode 176
      Eric tells Donna that it's better this way but doesn't tell her what he saw on the webcam. Thorne tells Stephanie to come to Forrester Creations right away, cause Eric's about to make his decision. Brooke tells Katie the wedding is back on and she and Ridge are going to be married on the beach. Eric tells Donna that he's going back to Stephanie. Ridge and Felicia arrive at the house and notice that Stephanie hasn't moved out yet, and are glad, Thorne then calls Ridge and tells him and Felicia to come to the company right away cause something big is going on. Thorne finds a teary Donna in Owen's office and tells her that maybe Eric was testing her. Ridge, Felicia and Thorne are glad that Eric made the right decision and he choose Stepanie. Donna comes into Brooke's office and tells her and Katie that Eric ended their marriage, and doesn't even know why.moreless
    • Ep. #5348
      Ep. #5348
      Season 22 - Episode 75
      Bridget is surprised when Nick wants to ask her to marry him. Felicia encourages Ashley to hold off on the La Donna fragrance cause she doesn't think it's a good idea. Marcus asks Owen what he's still doing at Forrester Creations. Katie tells Brooke that she wants Bridget and Nick to be together. Felicia takes notice of Owen's interest in Donna. Katie listens in as Nick proposes to Bridget and accepts.moreless
    • Ep. #5309
      Ep. #5309
      Season 22 - Episode 36
      Brooke is insulted by Ridge's words when he says he won't have their wedding at Eric's house. Stephanie goes to visit Katie, Katie asks why she's here. Eric and Donna enjoy their first night as man and wife and that she'll hace to suck it up for Storm's funeral. Katie says that Storm shouldn't have killed himself not for her or anyone else. Katie tells Donna that she's not going to be at Storm's funeral. Stephanie and Katie form a new alliance.moreless
    • Ep. #5438
      Ep. #5438
      Season 22 - Episode 164
      Stephanie wonders when she learns from Ridge that Eric made Rick the President of Forrester Creations. Thorne can't believe that Eric gave Rick a long overdue promotion. Rick tells Steffy that Ridge resigned and will be designing from home. Thorne tells Rick that he's not buying it not one bit that he can run the company. Steffy tells Marcus that she can't believe Eric would do something like this, she then calls Taylor and tells what her dad is going through. Ridge tells Stephanie that it's a coincidence that that Rick "miraculously" healed when Eric appointed him at the helm. Stephanie comes by to see Eric and says that he already has a president, Ridge. Taylor comforts Ridge and says that Stephanie is gonna talk to Eric.moreless
    • Ep. #6328
      Ep. #6328
      Season 26 - Episode 44

      Steffy gives Liam an ultimatum. Hope talks to Dr. Barton about her father. Bill decides to find out more about Deacon.

    • Ep. #6325
      Ep. #6325
      Season 26 - Episode 41

      Thomas finds himself in an awkward position when he finds out that Caroline has two moms. Bill's presence at Caroline's dinner poses a problem, but things go without a problem. Katie surprises Bill with huge news of her pregnancy, and gets a shocking response from her husband.

    • Ep. #5308
      Ep. #5308
      Season 22 - Episode 35
      Stephanie thinks that Eric is changing his mind and is remembering their love, but is hurt when he says "I Do" and are pronounced husband and wife. Katie breaks down in Nick's arms. Stephanie stuns everyone when she makes a toast to Donna and Eric. Ashley drops by to see Katie to say that everything went nicely at the wedding and says that she didn't think that Storm was going to hurt her. Stephanie tells everyone to stay for the party for Eric's sake.moreless
    • Ep. #6562
      Ep. #6562
      Season 27 - Episode 28

      Hope and Steffy run into each other for the first time since the wedding. Donna sees Brooke and Bill in a compromising position.


    • Ep. #6700
      Season 27 - Episode 166

      Katie’s handling of Spencer Publications is put into question as the company becomes a target of a shady business transaction. Hope isn’t able to resist Wyatt.


    • Ep. #6318
      Ep. #6318
      Season 26 - Episode 34

      Hope and Steffy share an awkward encounter as they share a dinner with Brooke and Ridge. Hope is unaware of the information that Steffy has. Bill wants Liam to tell Hope the truth about what happened in Aspen after Hope left, as they have dinner with Katie and Caroline.

    • Ep. #5456
      Ep. #5456
      Season 22 - Episode 182
      Ridge tells Steffy that he told Taylor that Phoebe is dead and went up to her room to be alone, and he and Brooke are gonna put the wedding on hold. Stephanie wants to Rick to tell her that Phoebe was alive earlier and full of joy and why he's still alive and that Phoebe isn't, and Stephanie goes ballistic. Steffy tells Ridge that she could sense that something is wrong and she started to suffocate and couldn't breathe, she then asks to go and see Phoebe. Brooke tells Rick that Stephanie is just mad and didn't mean the awful things she said, Rick says that she's right and shouldn't have left the parking lot at all. Steffy breaks down and gives a heartbreaking goodbye to her sister. Stephanie consoles Ridge and she says that it was an accident and nothing more.moreless
    • Ep. #6703
      Season 27 - Episode 169

      Former lovers disagree on who to blame. Wyatt and Liam compete for Hope’s affection.


    • Ep. #5043
      Ep. #5043
      Season 21 - Episode 21
      Ridge returns to his office as a suspicious Stephanie follows. Ridge desperately tries to remove the blood from the rug. Stephanie questions Ridge on why he was on Nick's boat. Ridge is forced to admit how Shane was shot during their scuffle. Stephanie is stunned that Ridge dumped Shane's body in Santa Monica bay. Nick takes his boat out and notices that the chain from the anchor is missing. Nick is reminded of his times with Brooke as he sails out of the bay. Bridget sees that Brooke is torn up over Nick. Bridget advises Brooke to force herself to move on. Brooke admits that the biggest mistake she made with Nick was not having his baby when he asked. Nick later drops in on Brooke and tells her that he can't stop loving her.moreless
    • Ep. #5432
      Ep. #5432
      Season 22 - Episode 158
      Rick's phone rings and looks to see if it's okay, he then gets up to check the phone, Brooke then walks in and asks what he's doing. Nick and Katie engage in a game of one on one basket-ball, but Nick gets all worn out. Steffy asks Ridge if he misses them being a real family. Brooke tells Rick that he should push himself to hard, cause it'll set him back even farther. Stephanie says that Ridge is hanging on to a part of him that made his happy at one point. Brooke says to Rick she doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Hope and R.J. as she did with him and Bridget. Nick and Katie then get comfortable on the living room floor. Ridge, Taylor, Thomas and Steffy play some tennis together on one of the courts on the property. Ridge is suspicious when Stephanie is suddenly on Taylor's side.moreless
    • Ep. #6547
      Ep. #6547
      Season 27 - Episode 13

      Bill loses his patience with Taylor as she questions him about his involvement with Brooke. Brooke gets emotional while sitting at Katie's bedside.

    • Ep. #5288
      Ep. #5288
      Season 22 - Episode 15
      Ridge rushes to intervene after learning that Ashley is on a date with Storm and while Storm seethes, Ashley and Ridge have a private conversation. Bridget sees chemistry between Katie and Nick and wonders if there is something up between her ex and her aunt.
    • Ep. #5313
      Ep. #5313
      Season 22 - Episode 40
      Katie thinks about the time she kissed Nick. Marcus comes by the house and reveals to Donna that he doesn't work for that catering service. Nick stops by to see Katie and brings her the Lakers jersey that she wore. Donna then thinks that Marcus is a reporter here to exploit Storm's death and asks him to leave. Eric visits Stephanie as she moves into the beach house making sure that she's getting settled in. Marcus tells Donna that he isn't a stranger, but her son. Thorne warns Eric about Donna.moreless
    • Ep. #6701
      Season 27 - Episode 167

      Two women are betrayed, and two families try to find a line between trust and betrayal.


    • 2015/05/14
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150514
    • Ep. #5460
      Ep. #5460
      Season 22 - Episode 186
      Bridget tells Rick that there was nothing that he could do. Steffy tells Taylor that Rick and Phoebe were broken, Taylor says that's not an excuse for getting involved with Rick, Steffy calls Ridge and says for him to come over right away. Stephanie demands that Ridge bring Phoebe's "killer" and not to take Phoebe's death in vain, Stephanie thinks that Brooke has the gall that she puts the blame on Taylor for the accident. Taylor turns to Ridge for comfort. Stephanie tells Brooke that if she has any decency that Rick better not be at the funeral tomorrow and if he doesn't she won't be responsible for her actions.moreless
    • Ep. #5718
      Ep. #5718
      Season 23 - Episode 194
      Brooke sees some already awful designs Ridge and Eric finished. Jackie and the rest of the staff have a wonderful time at the party their having. Katie tells Bill what she wants for Christmas by giving the company back to the Forresters. Whip comes by to see Sandy and says his mother is expecting her for Christmas dinner and to come to the Jackie M. party at the office. Katie says the reason for the request that her sisters have boycotted Bill being there during the holidays. Bridget tells Nick they're going to bring Sandy cause she shouldn't be alone on this holiday. Eric shares with Brooke his goal for the new year with Brooke and Ridge that his plan definately has to work. Nick and Bridget try to get Sandy to join in the festivities. George tells Bill he and the board had doubts at first but the numbers are good. Sandy comes and joins in the fun. Bill calls Ridge and he tells him that he's intrigued by the designs he's just received, Katie makes her think cause it's not what Eric and Ridge normally do.moreless
    • 2015/08/27
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150827
    • Ep. #5650
      Ep. #5650
      Season 23 - Episode 126
      Marcus tells Donna that she knows what she is going to say and brings up Eric wanting to adopt him. Bill asks Justin how he knows Donna, he makes a suggestion of hiring Katie away from Forrester. Eric tells Katie that making Marcus officially a Forrester is just the beginning. Marcus says that he doesn't want to meet his biological father, cause he's as happy as he's ever been. Marcus promises to make Eric and Donna proud he's gonna be their son. Bill promises Katie a very memorable evening with just the two of them. Justin goes to confront her on why she left him when they were teenagers.moreless
    • Ep. #5290
      Ep. #5290
      Season 22 - Episode 17
      Rick and Taylor visit Nick with custody papers.
    • Ep. #5515
      Ep. #5515
      Season 22 - Episode 241
      Marcus warns everyone that Rick has pulled into the parking lot. Taylor asks Steffy and for her to be honest and if she and Rick slept together. Rick makes good on his threat to Owen and fires him as well as Pam. Stephanie and Ridge tell Lt. Baker and Charlie that they think that Rick set the fire at the beach house himself. Marcus tells Owen that despite their differences, Rick should go and not him. Brooke asks Donna about Marcus's feelings toward Rick regarding his breakup with Steffy, Donna says that Marcus had nothing to do with that fire. Stephanie assures Pam that everything will be fine and isn't going anywhere, Donna says that she should leave cause she's a menace. Taylor tells Steffy that Rick is wrong for him. Lt. Baker and Charlie question Marcus, Donna intervenes and says he had nothing to do with it. Owen tells Rick that he better enjoy it while it last cause his power trip is gonna blow up. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick has a vendetta against him and cares for no one but himself.moreless
    • Ep. #5403
      Ep. #5403
      Season 22 - Episode 129
      Ridge and Brooke have a romantic morning in bed together. Hope and R.J. come in and ask Ridge and Brooke when they are going to the Apple Festival. Brooke tells them that she will take a shower and then they will go. Rick and Taylor have breakfast with Jack at Big Bear, Taylor not knowing that Brooke is coming up. Bridget tells Nick that she's in a comfortable place and will find a person to love, she then adds that it will not be with him. Ridge comes by to help Bridget move out of Nick's place, and says that Nick can never make up for what he did. Taylor and Rick are glad that Jack hasn't been fussy since they left L.A. Taylor learns that Brooke and the kids are on they're way up here. Taylor asks why he didn't tell her, and then Rick suggests that she let Jack go and let Brooke raise him. Brooke arrives with Hope and R.J. Rick, Taylor, and Brooke watch as Hope, R.J., and Jack have fun with each other. Taylor realizes what the best thing for Jack might be - for Brooke to have Jack.moreless
    • Ep. #4966
      Ep. #4966
      Season 20 - Episode 197
      Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Taylor and Brooke gather at the Forrester home to celebrate New Year's Eve. Stephanie notices that Eric is depressed so announces to everyone that they will soon be getting Forrester Creations back. Taylor ushers Stephanie outside and warns her to keep quiet about Jackie. Eric talks with Felicia and she tells him that she is upset that Dante still hasn't returned from Italy. Jackie finds Nick sitting alone in the dark. She tries to explain to him why she slept with the sailors, but he isn't interested. Nick tells Jackie that their relationship has been ruined forever. Nick calls Taylor over, which upsets Thorne when she isn't there at midnight. Nick gives Taylor a gift to say thank you for her help during therapy and surprises her with a kiss.moreless
    • Ep. #6535
      Ep. #6535
      Season 27 - Episode 1

      Brooke and Bill listen as a furious Katie lays down the law. Hope wants Rick to be honest with Caroline about his feelings for Maya. Meanwhile, Maya agrees to go out on a date with Carter.

    • Ep. #6479
      Ep. #6479
      Season 26 - Episode 195

      Katie is worried about her husband. Hope talks to Liam about their future.

    • Ep. #5417
      Ep. #5417
      Season 22 - Episode 143
      Stephanie comforts a mourning Eric after talking with Donna. Brooke continues to want an answer from Taylor who would she rather be married to Ridge or Rick. Donna goes to Owen and says that she ended the marriage with Eric. Ridge tells Steffy that it isn't silly at all about wanting her parents back together again. Donna tells Owen that Pam came to the house and made a deal with her to end her marriage to Eric or she'll hurt the ones that she loved. Taylor tells Brooke she's had enough and she leaves her house, Taylor then goes through some old photos of her and Ridge. Ridge visits Taylor at Brooke's request.moreless
    • Ep. #3531
      Ep. #3531
      Season 15 - Episode 19

      Ridge finally realises that Steffy's drawing of herself, her mom, and two dogs indicates Morgan's house. He jumps in his car and rushes to get there. Morgan tells Tim that they will put Steffy up for adoption overseas, then prepares to kill Taylor.

    • Ep. #5419
      Ep. #5419
      Season 22 - Episode 145
      Taylor wakes after having a dream of kissing Ridge yesterday, Rick then asks what she was dreaming about. Ridge can't get the kiss off his mind, he then suggests that they have Jack's birthday party at their house, she then calls Nick and says that Katie has already decorated the house. Ridge says that he agreed to give Jack a good life and will do it as far away from Nick, but will stick out for Jack's sake. Jackie is amazed in how Katie is doing so well after the miscarriage, Nick says that it's because of Jack that's making her feel better. Taylor says to Rick that she did say to Ridge that he was the love of her life, and Rick asks why she said that to him, she assures to him that what she shared with Ridge is in her past and is focused on them. Stephanie comes by to pick up the quarterly report and is puzzled as to why Donna threw in the towel so quickly, she then learns from Ridge what Taylor said to him last night and that he's agreed to help raise Nick's child, Stephanie says that it'll never work. Brooke sees just how attached Katie is getting to Jack. Ridge arrives and sees the way that she's looking at Nick while posing with a picture with Nick.moreless
    • Ep. #5394
      Ep. #5394
      Season 22 - Episode 120
      Nick apologizes to Brooke for breaking his promise to her about never hurting Bridget again. Taylor becomes annoyed when Brooke makes an unannounced visit while she deals with Jack, who will not stop crying and will not go to sleep. Katie tells Bridget about how Nick and her would raise her baby together if she wouldn't happen to survive, Bridget becomes outraged at the idea. Brooke becomes concerned when Rick tells her about the problems Taylor is having with Jack. Brooke shocks Taylor and Rick when she says that Katie is pregnant with Nick's child. Nick arrives during Bridget and Katie's confrontation at Brooke's house. Nick and Katie become stunned when Bridget takes the ring off her finger. She then gives it to Katie and says that her and Nick should get married because they are through with their marriage.moreless
    • 2014/07/24
      Season 2014 - Episode 20140724
    • Ep. #5404
      Ep. #5404
      Season 22 - Episode 130
      Brooke becomes confused and shocked after Taylor asks her to becomes Jack's official mother. Bridget runs into Owen at a restaurant where she then splashes a cup of water in his face to show her anger towards him. Ridge and Stephanie have a conversation about Donna and Eric, and Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Bridget is charmed by Owen's chivalry. Rick and Taylor watch as Brooke bonds with all the kids. Owen tries to get on Bridget's good side. Ridge informs Stephanie of Bridget and Nick's divorce and the involvement with Katie. Brooke and Taylor have a conversation reguarding Jack and how hard it has been for her. Owen continues to try to charm Bridget and get on her good side. Taylor tells Brooke of how Taylor's relationship with Brooke has effected Taylor's relationship with Jack. Brooke assures Taylor that she will love Jack will all her heart. Brooke and Taylor then bond as they fight for a similar cause.moreless
    • Ep. #6710
      Season 27 - Episode 176
      Hope brings togethers a selection of families for a combined Thanksgiving dinner and an engagement dinner for Caroline and Rick. Pam and Charlie prepare the Thanksgiving dinner with the Logan sisters.
    • Ep. #5555
      Ep. #5555
      Season 23 - Episode 31
      Jackie shocks Nick, Bridget and Clarke when she says that she's promoting Owen. Stephanie explains to Taylor that she can go after Ridge now since his marriage to Brooke is invalid. Brooke tells Steffy that she did the right thing by ending her engagement to Rick. Rick tells Brooke why she's not having an anymosity towards Ridge for what he did. Clarke asks Jackie what Owen's new position will be, Jackie says it'll be Chief of Staff. Marcus comes to Steffy after learning of the breakup with Rick and says she must stay from Rick. Brooke tells Rick that he can't go anywhere near Steffy cause her marriage to Ridge is in jeopardy, and now he's going to do what she wants. Stephanie helps try to get Taylor and Ridge back together. Jackie tells Owen that he saw her kissing Bridget outside, and he asks her if it's a problem. Steffy thinks of all the times she had with Rick, she then sees him outside of Ridge's office.moreless
    • Ep. #5333
      Ep. #5333
      Season 22 - Episode 60
      Brooke, Donna and Nick are astounded that what Bridget suggested for Katie is actually working. Steffy tells Stephanie that the whole family is staging some mutiny against Donna to order her out of the company. Marcus tells Donna that he doesn't think it's the right time to reveal to everyone that he's her son after and that he heard the other Forresters trash talk her. Brooke tells Steffy and Stephanie that Katie is on a new treatment and is gonna pull through, she then breaks down in Stephanie's arms. Pam manipulates Steffy in spying on Marcus for her.moreless
    • Ep. #4620
      Ep. #4620
      Season 19 - Episode 106
      Bridget is too disgusted to be anywhere near Brooke and Nick, so she leaves. Dante finds her as she is leaving, and he takes her somewhere to try to calm her down. While she is there, he tells her that she can finally be free of Nick, and she reveals to him that she cannot, because she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Nick and Brooke that Bridget just found out that evening that she is pregnant.moreless
    • Ep. #6260
      Ep. #6260
      Season 25 - Episode 231

      Steffy gets an interesting Valentine's Day gift from her husband. Rick has a suggestion for Liam, as he prepares to do what is right for Hope.

    • Ep. #5550
      Ep. #5550
      Season 23 - Episode 26
      Taylor oversteps with Brooke. Stephanie helps Steffy pack her things and it wouldn't matter if Rick were here cause it's over between them. Brooke realizes that Ridge was out to get Rick from the beginning. Steffy tells Stephanie that she truly loved Rick and was clearly not the man she thought he was. Brooke tells Taylor that she and Ridge aren't going to end things after this situation. Thomas comes home which delights Taylor and says that everything with Dr. Warwick is going great and is glad to learn that Steffy ended things with Rick. Taylor tells Stephanie that she told Ridge to leave Brooke and come back home to her where he belongs. Ridge sees that Rick is staying at Brooke's house and angrily storms out refusing to stay if he's there, Rick tells Brooke to just let him go. Steffy learns about the sacrifices Ridge made for her.moreless
    • Ep. #5409
      Ep. #5409
      Season 22 - Episode 135
      Katie can't get what Ridge said to her off her mind about Nick and Brooke always having a connection, Nick then says to Katie that he's excited about the baby that they're having. Eric tells Felicia and Thorne that he insists on going into work today for a few hours because Dr. Patrick thinks he's ready. Eric calls Donna and asks her to come to the house. Ridge tells Bridget that he'll be happy to have her move into Brooke's house. Felicia tells Stephanie that Donna is on her way to the house, but she's shocked when she allowed her in because that's what Eric wanted. Eric tells Donna that he's been thinking of her too, he then shows her a photo of her and Owen in a magazine which shows her having fun with another man. Eric says to Donna that she betrayed him. Ridge shows a touched Brooke the clothes that the kids will be wearing at the wedding, Ridge then asks Brooke to marry him and shows her the ring he got her.moreless
    • Ep. #5295
      Ep. #5295
      Season 22 - Episode 22
      Brooke makes several requests of Taylor. Ashley worries when Storm arrives with special gifts. The judge makes a ruling in baby Jack's case. Nick overhears a private conversation.
    • 2015/03/11
      Season 2015 - Episode 20150311
    • Ep. #6241
      Ep. #6241
      Season 25 - Episode 212

      Brooke refuses to lie to Ridge regarding Rick's involvement with Amber. Ridge walks into the conversation and refuses to have Amber associated with Forrester Creations. Rick reassures Amber that he doesn't intend to leave her. Nick is frustrated when he has to attend Let's Make a Deal with Pam. Katie talks to Bill about her suspicion that Liam wanted to leave Steffy. She finds out that Bill made several calls to Cabo while Liam and Steffy were there, then tells Liam that she thinks Steffy and Bill might be faking Steffy's condition to save Liam's marriage, but Liam refuses to listen to her accusations. Justin and Alison inform Bill of Katie's suspicions, and Katie steals an envelope titled MRI.

    • Ep. #5609
      Ep. #5609
      Season 23 - Episode 85
      Thomas tells Steffy that to give this modelling thing some time. Taylor becomes concerned by Brooke's recent visits and tells Stephanie about it. Stephanie convinces Jackie and Nick to hire a new public relations front man. Brooke makes a plea to Ridge. Thomas and Steffy tell Taylor that Brooke is talking with Ridge right now. Whip Jones arrives to interview for the position, he then commends Jackie at that publicity thing for her wedding to Owen in the magazine. Brooke tells Ridge that she was wrong with what she did and that her life is with him and she made a mistake and isn't too late to fix it. Stephanie tells Whip to shut the door while they talk about his ex-wife Brooke and also he's gonna be good for business.moreless
    • Ep. #6271
      Ep. #6271
      Season 25 - Episode 242

      Jackie is surprised by Bridget and Owen's news. Hope makes a huge decision about her future with Liam. Bill tries to convince Liam once again to stay married to Steffy.

    • Ep. #5524
      Ep. #5524
      Season 22 - Episode 250
      Steffy calls Rick and says that everything is alright up here with her family. Ridge is beside himself when Taylor is talking about Thomas being the one that tried to kill Rick. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's the only friend that she has right now. Thomas tells Steffy that she needs to give it up with Rick, Steffy says that he should be grateful that the whole family is spending some time together. Ridge says that Thomas is not a killer, Taylor says that he told her everything and was trying to step up and protect his family, Thomas walks in and says that he did everything he could to keep Rick away from his family. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge and Taylor will never reunite. Taylor admits to Steffy that Thomas blew up Rick's car and that it wasn't Pam. Ridge tells Thomas that it's okay and embraces him. Stephanie gives Rick a serious warning that once the police leaves someting will happen to him. Steffy refuses to believe that her brother had anything to do with trying to hurt Rick, but Taylor says it's truth, she goes and tells Thomas how could he do something like this, Thomas says that he'll make sure that she isn't with Rick anymore.moreless
    • Ep. #5486
      Ep. #5486
      Season 22 - Episode 212
      Rick turns out to be the one who sent the designs to Nick and says that he wants to get out of Forrester Creations because of Ridge. Ridge is outraged after finding out that his and Eric's colleciton that they worked on for months was stolen from them. Katie tells Eric that someone at Forrester e-mailed the designs to Jackie, Felicia automatically assumes it's Katie. Steffy calls Taylor and tells her what happened and wonders who could do something so terrible. Nick comes through with his part of the bargain and appoints Rick, President of Jackie M designs. Rick calls Steffy asking her to come alone to his office. Brooke confronts Nick at his office and asks to release a statement and also to reveal the person who sent him the designs. Steffy is startled that Rick is the one who betrayed the company by sent the designs to Jackie M.moreless
    • Ep. #5835
      Ep. #5835
      Season 24 - Episode 59
      Stephanie learns that Stephen is the source of Pam's changed behavior. Brooke wants Ridge to take a break and to put on the masks and to do something kinky. Stephanie known something was off and should've met Pam mystery man sooner, she's shocked to hear that he's living with her sister. Brooke realizes that Ridge has no idea what she's talking about, and he wasn't the one she was with. Pam asks Stephen if Stephanie is right and this thing they have is all about revenge. Brooke learns a startling revelation that Ridge wasn't there when that song was playing and is aghast that she could've been with Oliver. Pam angrily asks Stephanie to leave, Stephanie then vows to Stephen that she's gonna find out exactly what he's planning to do.moreless
    • Ep. #5770
      Ep. #5770
      Season 23 - Episode 246
      Brooke tells Ridge as long as Steffy doesn't go after any of her children then they're won't be a problem. Oliver arrives and sees what Steffy has in mind why she invited him over. Nick attempts to heal his marriage with Bridget by bringing her on the jet for a snack and a surprise trip to someplace romantic, she then calls Brooke and she too agrees she needs to get away. Steffy steals from Oliver, while he goes in the cabana to change into his swim shorts. Brooke gives Ridge a preview of just how popular the Bedroom Line is. Oliver asks Steffy what she's doing with his phone, he then deletes the video off his phone and leaves. Stephanie barges in on Brooke and Ridge's moment. Steffy managed to send the video from Oliver's phone to her e-mail.moreless
    • Ep. #6288
      Ep. #6288
      Season 26 - Episode 4

      Brooke and Ridge cook up a plot to keep Amber away from Rick and Forrester Creations. Karen Spencer returns to Los Angeles with her daughter Caroline, who interviews for a job at FC.

    • Ep. #5523
      Ep. #5523
      Season 22 - Episode 249
      Thomas tells Taylor that the police will think that he tried to kill Rick, cause they already have Pam in jail and thinks that's where he's headed, his reasons where that Rick has been with Phoebe, then his mother and now his other sister. Ridge tells Steffy that she may be mad now but things will get better. Stephanie tells Brooke that her children might still be in danger and that Pam had nothing to do with it. Rick plants a bit of doubt in Brooke's mind. Thomas explains to Taylor, that he followed Steffy to the beach house and seen the lighter fluid and set it on fire, and threw everything in the closet into an office and didn't know it was Pam's and thinks he has to confess. Ridge and Steffy and asks what Taylor and Thomas are talking about, Thomas says they were just talking about stuff, Taylor waits for Thomas and Steffy to leave before opening up to Ridge that she knows who set the fire and put the explosives in Rick's car and that it's time that he knew.moreless
    • Ep. #6725
      Season 27 - Episode 191

      Wyatt decides to leave town convinced he's losing the love of his life, and Quinn tries to give advice. Steffy surprises Liam by revealing she can get pregnant again. Hope comes to a wrong conclusion.

    • Ep. #6293
      Ep. #6293
      Season 26 - Episode 9

      Hope has a huge panic attack. Caroline has a welcoming party. Ridge refuses to let Amber back into Forrester Creations. Brooke continues trying to encourage Rick to take an interest in Caroline.

    • Ep. #6593
      Ep. #6593
      Season 27 - Episode 59

      Maya decides to stand up to Bill. Steffy opens up about her feelings for Liam.


    • Ep. #6570
      Ep. #6570
      Season 27 - Episode 36

      Liam has the candles lit, the barbeque ready, and patiently awaits Steffy's return home to share some fun and romance, while Steffy takes a dangerous ride home.

    • Ep. #5401
      Ep. #5401
      Season 22 - Episode 127
      Stephanie asks Brooke to leave again. A couple of delivery people bring in a big box, not knowing what is inside it. Brooke continues to try to persuade Eric to forgive Donna, or at least give her a chance. Thorne asks Ridge why his wedding plans with Brooke are on hold. Ridge says that a lot has been going on to put it on hold. Stephanie asks Eric if he needs anything, but Eric says no. Thorne, Ridge, and Brooke discuss how Donna needs to be apart of Eric's recovery, but Thorne strongly disagrees and walks out. As Ridge and Brooke continue to discuss Eric, Donna peeks through the wood box and watches them. Eric thinks about the good times he had with Donna, but also thinks of when he saw Donna and Owen kissing. Donna attempts to get out of the box and succeeds as Brooke and Stephanie fight in the next room. Donna gets upstairs and hides as Ridge leaves Eric's room. Eric then receives an unexpected surprise when Donna walks in. Donna tries to get close to Eric, but rejects her. Donna then hugs Eric, but he is uncertain if he should accept her.moreless
    • Ep. #5665
      Ep. #5665
      Season 23 - Episode 141
      Eric says that the beach house as well as the cabin at Big Bear is officially on the market. Jackie admits to Whip that things aren't the way they used to be in her marriage to Owen and it's all cause of Steffy. Owen joins Steffy at Insomnia seeing she brought her skateboard, and offers to teach him how, buy then says it was a bad idea, Owen asks her why she's avoiding him. Ridge tells Katie that she shouldn't be working here since she's practically sleeping with the enemy. Whip tells Jackie that maybe Owen deserves to be with someone like Steffy. Bill goes into his safe and takes out and looks at a picture of his father. Donna tells Katie how can she care about some man who doesn't like the Forresters, Brooke agrees and that she should go and talk to Bill about this. Steffy tells Owen that he's really lucky to be involved with someone like Jackie. Brooke says they should continue to fight and combine every resource they have. Bill tells Katie that what she sees is something that his father made for him just before he died.moreless
    • Ep. #5398
      Ep. #5398
      Season 22 - Episode 124
      Ridge tells Brooke that she can't see Eric yet. Donna asks Marcus if he believes the thing with her and Owen was a misunderstanding. Bridget and Rick arrive to see Eric. Bridget mentions Donna, and Stephanie says she's not letting her anywhere near him. Rick involves himself in Brooke's plan against Taylor. Marcus runs into Owen and tells him to leave his mother alone. Ridge says that Eric doesn't want to see Donna, Brooke asks if it's Eric's or Stephanie's words. Donna tells Owen that they kicked her out of the house. She asks for his help in convincing Eric that what he saw wasn't nothing more then her being comforted, but Owen thinks the Forresters won't believe it. Marcus arrives and tells Thorne that he can't stop him from seeing Eric, Thorne then requests security at his father's room. Owen kisses Donna. Marcus reads the letter that Donna wrote to Eric. Thorne and the security guard throw Marcus out, but Eric keeps the letter. Stephanie sees the letter and rips it but Eric keeps the last page and remembers the good times he had with Donna.moreless
    • Ep. #5198
      Ep. #5198
      Season 21 - Episode 176
      Ridge takes the photograph of baby Jack from Brooke and she asks him to return it to Nick and Taylor. Brooke decides to concentrate on her relationship with Ridge and they get things back on track by making love. Eric, Thorne, Felicia and Pam visit Stephanie. Pam brings Stephanie her slippers, leading Stephanie to wonder how Pam was able to get inside her hotel room. Eric tells Stephanie that once she is released she should move back into the Forrester estate to recuperate. The Baker’s come by to question Stephanie and she tells them that Donna shot her, but the Lieutenant throws it out explaining that Stephanie simply has a vendetta. Stephen, Storm, Donna and Katie discuss the shooting in Stephen’s hotel suite and they throw ideas around on their best way to proceed; knowing they will all be suspects. Katie begins acting nervously and continually snaps at Stephen. Baker later has the hotel room searched, Brooke's gun is found, a horrified Stephen is arrested.moreless
    • Ep. #5136
      Ep. #5136
      Season 21 - Episode 114
      Rick tells Ashley that Phoebe has left him for good. Rick finds it hard to concentrate whilst working with Ashley as he remembers intimate times with her. Stephanie tries to reason with Thorne. He warns her to accept Donna or lose him as her son. Katie Logan returns to town. Katie visits Donna to wish her luck as a Forrester. Katie later has a run in with Stephanie and defends her sisters. Brooke tells Bridget how Andy knew things about her. Brooke wonders how he was able to get the information. Ridge demands the name of Andy’s accomplice. Andy is stunned by the sudden arrival of a guard, falls backward and electrocutes himself on a rooftop transformer. Ridge tells Brooke that Andy is dead. Ridge is determined to find out who helped Andy.moreless
    • Ep. #4585
      Ep. #4585
      Season 19 - Episode 71
      Brooke thinks that Stephanie will use her condition to manipulate everybody into her own way of thinking so she calls Eric, but Stephanie refuses to let him talk to Brooke. Eric secretly calls Brooke and tells her to get to the hospital. Eric begs Ridge not to renew his vows to Taylor simply just for Stephanie's sake, but Ridge insists that's not what he is doing. Thorne and Darla stand in as best man and matron of honor. With thoughts of Brooke in his mind, Ridge and Taylor renew their vows. Brooke races to the hospital, but arrives too late.moreless
    • Ep. #5197
      Ep. #5197
      Season 21 - Episode 175
      The Baker’s discover what kind of pistol was used to fire the bullet and set out a search to find the weapon. They go over evidence and point Stephen, Storm, Brooke, Donna, Katie, Jackie and Nick as potential culprits. Charlie reveals that Jackie has taken a one way ticket to London. Eric informs Ridge, Thorne and Felicia that Stephanie named Donna as the shooter. They are stunned when Eric says that he doesn’t believe Stephanie and refuses to report the information to Baker. Felicia scoffs at Donna’s idea that Pam could be responsible. Pam later comes by with cake and is particularly nasty to Donna. Eric warns Donna that the police may start hounding Stephen as he has the biggest motive. Bridget finds Brooke mooning over a photograph of Jack. Bridget advises Brooke to let Jack go or risk losing Ridge again. Brooke later promises Ridge that she will ease up on her concern for the baby.moreless
    • Ep. #5379
      Ep. #5379
      Season 22 - Episode 105
      Donna tells Owen that he can't remember that last song that Eric played for her at the piano. Taylor and Rick cozy up to one another and says that she can't believe that Ridge would pull the plug on his own father. Owen offers to prepare dinner for Donna. Marcus waits for Steffy and Pam to leave before he tells Brooke that Owen is trying to get his clutches into Donna again. Marcus comes up with a theory that Owen is responsible for Eric's illness and that it's possible that he could've been poisoned.moreless
    • Ep. #4020
      Ep. #4020
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      Macy and Thorne discuss plans to start a family. Macy decides to get herself checked out at the hospital just to make sure everything is ok to start right away. Darla begins feeling a little sick at work. Clarke thinks she is depressed but she insists she is fine. Darla buys a pregnancy test kit. Massimo tells Nick there are only three Marone rings in the world, stating it’s impossible for him to have one. Nick calls a nervous Jackie and questions her on where she obtained the ring. Brooke ends up revealing herself in her underwear to Nick and he begins a flirtation with her. Sally isn’t impressed with Massimo using all of Ridge’s time at Marone Industries; Sally says that her business needs him too. Massimo finds Nick talking with Brooke and realises he has the perfect way to keep Brooke away from Ridge.moreless
    • Ep. #5385
      Ep. #5385
      Season 22 - Episode 111
      Stephanie visits Owen in jail and asks him to admit that he and Donna are in on it together. Marcus and Steffy try to enjoy a day at the cabana, but he can't get the idea about Eric never waking up off his mind. Donna tells Brooke that she believes Owen when he said that the person who's responsible is still out there. Owen tells Stephanie have only a business relationship and nothing more. Steffy tells Marcus that she's gonna tell Eric when he wakes up what he did for him, they tell each other that they're lucky to have each other. Beth tells Stephen that she needs him and they're passion gets the better of them. Brooke tells Pam that there's no need for accusing Donna, Pam realizes that Owen was covering for someone and that person was Donna. Donna tells Brooke that she's figured it out and she knows who tried to poison Eric.moreless
    • Ep. #5362
      Ep. #5362
      Season 22 - Episode 88
      Owen begins to feel guilty when Donna says that he walked in when she needed him the most. Brooke helps Ridge implement his plan against Donna. Brooke tells Donna that her having power of attorney makes her making the decision of turning the company over to Ridge as Owen overhears near the door. Owen tells Donna that Felicia made him an offer that he couldn't refuse that involves breaking up her marriage. Felicia is enraged and issues a serious threat at Owen.moreless
    • Ep. #5397
      Ep. #5397
      Season 22 - Episode 123
      Donna attempts to get in the mansion, but is unsuccessful when Thorne asks a guard to get Donna off the property. Dr. Patrick tells Stephanie and her children that Eric has made remarkable progress. Rick assures Taylor that Jack's constant crying has nothing to do with her. Donna tells Brooke that Eric caught her and Owen together while he was comforting her. She adds that Stephanie, Thorne, Felicia and Ridge then threw her out. Donna calls the house, but Stephanie answers and says that she nor Eric care what she has to say. Eric is shocked when he learns from Stephanie that Pam was the reason for his heart attack. Brooke calls Ridge and tries to persuade him to let her and Donna see Eric. Ridge says that he is resting and doesn't want to see Donna. Eric tells his family he belongs with them and not Donna. Stephanie stops at Brooke's house to see Donna and to tell her that she and her family don't want to hear from her ever again. Donna says that nothing will stop her from seeing Eric.moreless
    • Ep. #4213
      Ep. #4213
      Season 17 - Episode 205
      Bridget learns from Oscar that Nick will be attending the same dinner with Ridge, and she warns Eric about it. Massimo urges Nick and Ridge to behave like a family during dinner. Hudson warns Massimo to be careful while using Oscar to get back at the Forresters.
    • Ep. #5376
      Ep. #5376
      Season 22 - Episode 102
      Beth finds some prenatal vitamins and tells Katie that she thinks someone in this house is pregnant. Steffy puts her plan to surprise Marcus into action. Bridget asks Taylor how would she feel if Katie was made Jack's godmother, but Taylor says to Bridget that she already asked Ashley Abbott but said to go ahead and tell Katie. Marcus confronts Owen and tells him to stay away from his mother, Owen tells him that Ridge tried to pull the plug on Eric and he made sure Donna didn't agree to it. Rick learns that Steffy has a little surprise for Marcus, she says that she never felt this way about anyone before and that she's in love with him. Beth realizes that it's Katie who's pregnant and with Nick's child. Marcus confronts Ridge, Ridge tells him that Owen didn't tell him the whole story about that he was wrong, he then realizes that Ridge doesn't want him seeing Steffy anymore. Katie is shaken by Bridget's request of being Jack's godmother. Marcus tells Steffy that he has to let her go, but Steffy says not to listen to her dad and not to leave her. Marcus finally agrees and says that her dad will not stop them from seeing each other.moreless
    • Ep. #5347
      Ep. #5347
      Season 22 - Episode 74
      Thorne and Felicia show Eric a magazine with him, Donna and Marcus on the cover, Stephanie asks to speak to Eric alone. Owen wants Marcus to give him a proper compensation now that he's apart of a wealthy family. Kaite tells Brooke that there's no reason to worry about Bridget and Nick. Eric tells Stephanie that Marcus is a good kid and is only here to get to know his mother and is not a threat. Katie makes her decision known to Nick that he's better off with Bridget.moreless
    • Ep. #5318
      Ep. #5318
      Season 22 - Episode 45
      Eric tells Stephanie about the recent behaviour their children are acting towards Donna. Ridge and the rest of the family approach Eric that if Donna wanted any children. Marcus starts asking Katie about his father. Eric is shocked that Ridge and the others think he should retire from the company. Katie explains to Marcus that she never stopped thinking about him, Marcus asks if she ever thought about finding him.moreless
    • Ep. #5329
      Ep. #5329
      Season 22 - Episode 56
      Stephanie cares for Katie and sees a spike in her temperature, Katie then tells her that she doesn't want to die but the odds are against her. Nick tells Bridget, Donna and Brooke that Katie doesn't want to take her medication anymore and die in peace. Jackie tells Phoebe and everyone that Ridge and Eric designed something for Katie to make her feel better. Nick arranges a prom for Katie at the house, everyone scrambles to get ready. Stephanie and Nick share a special moment saying what a wonderful thing he's doing for her. Katie wonders what is going on, Jackie says it'll be a night she'll never forget. Bridget tells Brooke and Donna that it could be sooner for Katie and that she's not gonna stop searching. Katie enters her prom and is amazed and she and Nick share a dance together.moreless
    • Ep. #5322
      Ep. #5322
      Season 22 - Episode 49
      Katie says that she doesn't want to celebrate her birthday. Thorne, Felicia and Ridge thinks that Donna's gonna put their family in the tabloids. Marcus comes to the house and tells Donna about Pam's meddling. Bridget's hospitality makes Katie feel guilty. Donna tells Marcus the reason that he hasn't told Eric about him is because his kids want to see her gone. Stephanie realizes that Katie has feelings for Nick. Eric defends Donna to his children. Katie and Nick's bond grows stronger.moreless
    • Ep. #5314
      Ep. #5314
      Season 22 - Episode 41
      Donna tells Marcus that it's impossible for her to be his mother. Nick helps Bridget unload all her stuff into his house. Katie tells Dr. Patrick that she doesn't want to stay with either of her sisters, he then suggests that she live with someone that makes her smile. Katie remembers some times when she was having good times with Nick. Eric and Stephanie share some special memories while he helps her unpack at the beach house. Bridget brings up the idea to Nick of Katie living with the two of them. Donna breaks down after Marcus leaves while looking at his baby picture, and runs into Pam and she immediately accuses her of setting her up.moreless
    • Ep. #5193
      Ep. #5193
      Season 21 - Episode 171
      Katie acts nervous as she runs into Eric, wiping her hands down with a cloth. Storm has a restraining order issued against Stephanie. Brooke feels it will do little good and smashes a vase in anger. Donna freaks out as she finds Stephanie in a pool of blood. Stephanie sees Donna before falling unconscious. Eric calls for emergency assistance while wondering if Donna shot her. Eric has security lock down the building but Jackie manages to run out just in time. Clarke questions Jackie’s odd behaviour but she is evasive and runs from the office. Jake notifies Thorne and Felicia of the shooting. Felicia attacks Donna thinking she pulled the trigger. Nick is very uncooperative with Lieutenant Baker. Baker and his detective son, Charlie, grow suspicious of Stephen. Bridget rushes to work on Stephanie at the hospital. Stephanie regains consciousness and Eric attempts to ask her who shot her.moreless
    • Ep. #5338
      Ep. #5338
      Season 22 - Episode 65
      Nick continues to lay into Beth for turning away from Katie, she then says that she has to leave and walks out. Bridget tells Katie that there's no woman other than her for Nick, Bridget says that it could be her. Steffy and Marcus go out on a date at the Bikini Beach, and he tells her about his life in Texas. Nick reaches out to Stephen for help regarding Beth, Stephen then confides in Nick that ever since Storm's death and Katie's health issues she's hasn't been the same. Beth returns home and Nick tells her that she accompany him back to L.A.moreless
    • Ep. #5278
      Ep. #5278
      Season 22 - Episode 5
      With dark tan and green hair, Donna is horrified further when her teeth whitener makes her teeth yellow. Donna tells Eric that someone is sabotaging her and she accuses Pam, whom denies any involvement. Brooke digs for information from Katie regarding Nick and Bridget. Katie confesses to Brooke that Nick is unsure on his feelings for Bridget. Brooke is worried about Bridget getting hurt. Bridget and Nick make love again but she is later called away to the hospital. Katie visits Nick and the two share a dinner intended for Bridget. Katie is a little surprised when Nick begins flirting with her. Storm tells Brooke how thankful he is to be a free man but hints that he could do with a little romance in his life. Brooke begins getting ideas of setting him up. Phoebe tells Rick that she still loves him. Taylor walks in and is surprised to see Rick. As Phoebe checks on dinner, Rick shows Phoebe's letter to Taylor. Rick tells Taylor that he loves her, she is convinced that nothing can happen between them following Phoebe's letter. Taylor advises Rick to forget her, but he kisses her again.moreless
    • Ep. #5282
      Ep. #5282
      Season 22 - Episode 9
      Donna is upset when she is unable to wake Eric. She begins questioning his interest in her and leaves him in the apartment asleep. Stephanie feels Pam is going too far in her plans to ruin Donna and Eric's relationship but Pam urges her to head over to the apartment. Katie supports Donna as she worries about Eric's lack of interest in her. Pam listens in and finds it hilarious. Donna warns Pam that if she discovers she had any involvement in Eric's passing out, she will chase her out of town, but Pam says it will be Donna leaving Los Angeles. Stephanie manages to wake Eric and she asks him if Donna is truly the woman he wants to be with. Stephanie wonders if there is any chance of saving her marriage to Eric and professes her love for him. Ashley thanks Storm for lunch and he flirts with her. Brooke is surprised by Ridge's anger toward Storm when Ridge states that he wants Storm away from everyone he cares about. Storm thanks Brooke for pushing him toward Ashley but Brooke tells him that maybe it was a mistake to do so. Storm is furious when Brooke confesses that Ridge doesn't want him around. Ridge runs into Storm, fires him and orders him to stay away.moreless
    • Ep. #5195
      Ep. #5195
      Season 21 - Episode 173
      Eric questions Stephanie but she is sure that Donna shot her. Eric asks Donna to explain her whereabouts before the shooting. Donna is stunned that Stephanie is pointing the finger at her and assures Eric that she had nothing to do with it. Donna is hurt when Eric decides to stay at the hospital rather than going home with her. Ridge is certain that a member of the Logan family shot his mother. Brooke is furious and tells Ridge that Stephanie has a huge list of enemies. Brooke makes it clear that she will be standing by her family throughout the ordeal. Eric is surprised to find Pam cooking a meal when he arrives home. Pam explains how she flew to Los Angeles to attend the fashion show but security wouldn’t let her inside. Pam tells Eric that she will take care of him while Stephanie is in the hospital. Pam is disgusted when she finds some of Donna’s underwear in the laundry. Donna confronts Stephanie and warns her to keep her mouth shut; insisting she wasn’t responsible for the shooting.moreless
    • Ep. #5213
      Ep. #5213
      Season 21 - Episode 191
      Donna questions Eric’s commitment to her, feeling threatened by the history he shares with Stephanie. Eric promises Donna that his future is with her. Ridge later comes by wanting to speak to Eric privately but Eric refuses to have Donna leave. Ridge tells Eric that he is going to Stephanie’s for Christmas along with Thorne and Felicia and he asks Eric to attend. Donna gives her blessing and Eric finally agrees. Donna even manages to get a thank you from Ridge. Eric later informs Donna that he is going to ask Stephanie for a divorce after Christmas and he intends on making Donna his wife. Donna is ecstatic and vows to never let Eric down. Stephen is stunned by Storm’s confession but tells him that he isn’t angry. Stephen says he can now see all the damage he caused by walking out on their family and he takes full responsibility for Storm’s actions. Despite the protests of Storm, Brooke and Katie, Stephen decides to confess to the shooting in order to protect his family.moreless
    • Ep. #5283
      Ep. #5283
      Season 22 - Episode 10
      Ashley hears Ridge and Storm arguing and wonders what is going on. Ridge learns that Ashley had lunch with Storm and he's furious. Ashley is called away to a meeting and Ridge orders Storm to stay away from Ashley. Storm tells Ridge that only Eric can fire him and he has no right to tell him who he can and can't date. Ridge punches Storm and orders him to get out, however Storm later invites Ashley to dinner and she accepts. Rick suggests that Taylor ask Nick if she can take Jack for the night as seeing her son would be good for her. Taylor calls Nick, and sensing how calm and together she is, Nick agrees to let her take Jack. Taylor thanks Rick for all of his support. Brooke is angered that Nick is sleeping with Bridget but he refuses to discuss it with her. Brooke demands that she wants to see Jack but Nick tells her that he needs to get him ready for Taylor. Brooke refuses to allow Taylor to take the baby and informs Nick of Taylor's relationship with Rick. Brooke stresses that Taylor is unstable and out for revenge. Taylor arrives and Nick questions his decision to let her take Jack. Taylor and Brooke go at it and Taylor demands that Brooke stay out of her way.moreless
    • Ep. #5275
      Ep. #5275
      Season 22 - Episode 2
      Katie informs Donna of her upcoming public appearances, including an interview with Jarrett and photo shoot for her wedding. Donna panics that she needs to look good and she schedules an appointment at a tanning salon. Eric warns Pam that her job will be jeopardy if she can't find a way to get along with Donna. Pam learns of Donna's appointment at the salon and follows her there. Pam jams the booth door shut and turns the power on full trapping Donna inside. Brooke pleads with Ridge to have words with Taylor about her involvement with Rick and he eventually gives in. Rick makes plans to share a romantic night with Taylor. Brooke begs Rick not to pursue Taylor but he tells his mother that Taylor is the woman that he wants to be with. Ridge tells Taylor that her being with Rick is a ridiculous idea. Taylor tells him that her life is no longer any of his business and informs him that Rick has been a good friend to her. Rick is disappointed when he overhears Taylor telling Ridge that she isn't in love with Rick and has no plans on being with him romantically; he is simply a good friend.moreless
    • Ep. #5137
      Ep. #5137
      Season 21 - Episode 115
      Nick and Jackie discuss how they are going to sue Forrester Originals for trademark infringement. Taylor gets heavy with Nick in his office as her pregnancy is making her amorous. Brooke is thrilled that Katie has returned home. Katie is happy that Ridge has decided to drop the custody battle. Stephanie is alarmed when Ashley informs her that she hasn’t heard from Ridge. Felicia thinks Stephanie should be informed that Ridge plans on returning the kids to Brooke. Stephanie tells Ashley that Brooke has her kids back, but doesn’t think it will affect Ashley’s relationship with Ridge. Brooke and the kids have an emotional reunion. Stephanie learns that Andy is dead whilst reading the newspaper.moreless
    • Ep. #5269
      Ep. #5269
      Season 21 - Episode 247
      Eric allows Pam to answer the phones whilst the receptionist is on a break. When Margie returns, Pam fires her and tells Eric that she walked out. Pam offers herself for the position and Eric hires her. Donna questions Eric's decision but Pam manages to pull the wool over his eyes by offering friendship to Donna. Bridget storms into Nick's place and confronts Brooke as she hears Brooke telling Nick to stay away from her. Brooke insists she is looking out for Bridget but Bridget hurls abuse at her mother. Bridget reminds Brooke of how she divorced Nick so Brooke could have a chance with him but she screwed it up due to her obsession with Ridge. Bridget mocks Brooke's love choices and how she has messed up every relationship she has ever had. Bridget tells Brooke to leave Nick alone and stay out of her life. Bridget kisses Nick and then heads upstairs. Nick is in agreement with Bridget, joining her upstairs, leaving Brooke alone.moreless
    • Ep. #4853
      Ep. #4853
      Season 20 - Episode 84
      Stephanie pushes Baker to find the person that ploughed Darla down. Hector is busy arranging with a friend to have Taylor's car repaired quickly. Taylor refuses to lie about her involvement in Darla's accident but Hector orders her too. Baker drops by with questions. Phoebe jumps in and covers for Taylor. Hector has Baker leave when Taylor is visably shaken, but he notices the empty bottle of wine on his way out. Sally talks to Darla and tells Thorne that she will pull through. Sally admits to Stephanie that she can't handle losing Darla. Thorne prays for Darla to recover as she opens her eyes. Thorne remembers how he proposed, their wedding and the birth of Alexandria before Darla flatlines and passes away. Thorne sobs with Stephanie at his side, as Sally looks on.moreless
    • Ep. #5270
      Ep. #5270
      Season 21 - Episode 248
      Bridget kisses Nick and begins to seduce him but they are interrupted when Jack starts crying. Whilst Nick checks on the baby, Bridget calls Katie over to come watch Jack to prevent further interruptions. Nick tells Bridget that he isn't ready to make a commitment but she says that she simply needs him at this moment in time. When Katie arrives she warns Nick that if he sleeps with Bridget he is walking away from Brooke forever. Nick returns to Bridget in the bedroom. Pam tells Stephanie about her new job at Forrester Creations and hints that Eric may have a surprise for Stephanie. Eric asks Stephanie to return to the company and after some consideration on what it would mean to her children, she accepts the position. Donna has coffee with Pam at Eric's request. Donna tells Pam that she isn't afraid of her and suggests that she return to Chicago. Donna learns that Pam is on medication for a personality disorder and is later in fear for her life when Pam confronts her in an alley waving a gun.moreless
    • Ep. #4755
      Ep. #4755
      Season 19 - Episode 241
      As Ridge and Brooke plan to get married, Stephanie has one last attempt to convince Brooke to go back to Nick. Massimo, Sally, Thorne and Darla learn that Dominick isn't Nick's son when Jackie informs them of the bad news. Brooke prepares herself, while Stephanie prays that Bridget will arrive and stop the wedding. Nick tries to save his marriage to Bridget but she insists that it's time for both of them to move on. Bridget removes Nick's wedding ring and tells him to follow his heart to Brooke with her blessing. Bridget informs Nick to act now as Brooke is about to marry Ridge.moreless
    • Ep. #4215
      Ep. #4215
      Season 17 - Episode 207
      Deacon sends out a dinner invitation to Bridget although Amber advises him to accept the fact that Bridget chose Oscar. Bridget thinks that the invitation came from Oscar. Ridge tells Samantha, who dressed up in a sexy negligee, that he only wants Brooke, and she leaves. Bridget warns Stephanie that her plots won't help Ridge forget about Brooke.moreless
    • Ep. #4922
      Ep. #4922
      Season 20 - Episode 153
      Felicia is destroyed knowing that Bridget is to have Dante's child. Bridget assures both of them that nothing needs to change between any of them. Dante makes it clear to Felicia that his future is with her and their child. Felicia wishes Bridget the best. Stephanie orders Jackie out of the house but Jackie accuses Stephanie of only luring Brooke back to take Forrester Creations away from her. Brooke declines Nick's company for the night but tells him that she will have an answer for him soon. Nick learns from Jackie that Stephanie is on a rampage and is furious when he sees that Stephanie hit Jackie. Nick goes to Stephanie and warns her not to cross him. Brooke returns home and finds Ridge there. He talks of a future with her. Brooke decides that she will have the answers for both Nick and Ridge the following day.moreless
    • Ep. #4832
      Ep. #4832
      Season 20 - Episode 63
      Stephen tries to convince Brooke not to go back on stage for the show-stopper, convinced that Ridge has something planned. Nick and Stephen are furious when Ridge pulls Brooke into a passionate kiss on the runway. Jarrett and Danica are more interested in Felicia's wedding plans than the fashion show. Felicia also lets them know that Dante is the father of her son. Stephen confronts Stephanie and Ridge over Ridge's behavior on the runway. Nick wants an explanation from Brooke as to why she didn't push Ridge away. He orders her to walk away from Forrester Creations for good. Brooke tries to reassure Nick that her life with the Forresters is strictly business, and he is her future.moreless
    • Ep. #5349
      Ep. #5349
      Season 22 - Episode 76
      Bridget discusses with Katie where they both stand with Nick. Nick tells Jackie that he's marrying Bridget, she then asks what about Katie. Marcus insists that he can manage but Steffy thinks that he'll get lost, she then shows him around the place. Bridget asks Katie to be her maid of honor.moreless
    • Ep. #4587
      Ep. #4587
      Season 19 - Episode 73
      Brooke is escorted out of the hospital after nearly being arrested for disconnecting Stephanie's ventilator. Bridget stops by to see Stephanie and is shocked to learn that her mother was responsible for nearly killing her. Nick tries to comfort Brooke as she prepares to return to her old home. Taylor opens the door to find Dante at the doorstep. Ridge shows up before Dante can leave and doesn't believe Dante's story about being an old friend of Massimo's, and Taylor tells Ridge that Dante was the one who helped her escape Omar.moreless
    • Ep. #5361
      Ep. #5361
      Season 22 - Episode 87
      Steffy breaks into tears while she's at Eric's bedside and remembers her kiss with Marcus. Marcus asks Donna how she's holding up, Donna says that she can't even imagine what she's going through. Ridge is determined to gain control of Forrester Creations. Donna and Owen become unexpected allies when he says he could help by finding Eric's documents so that Ridge can't take over the company. Rick encourages Eric to get better, Donna thanks him for being there cause he was Eric's best man when no one else would do it. Ridge walks in and Donna says that she has his power of attorney and will fight him if she has to.moreless
    • Ep. #5345
      Ep. #5345
      Season 22 - Episode 71
      Ridge tells Phoebe that he wonders why Steffy didn't tell him about Marcus. Stephen and Brooke arrive at her house and see Beth and Hope sharing a moment. Ridge is upset to learn how close Steffy and Marcus have become. Steffy accepts Marcus offer for a second date to go bowling. Bridget finds a cure for Beth. Katie starts to have feelings of jealously when she sees Nick and Bridget.moreless
    • Ep. #5190
      Ep. #5190
      Season 21 - Episode 168
      The fashion show for Eric’s return to Forrester Creations begins. Brooke finds the gun in her office and wants it gotten rid of. Storm jokes that maybe Stephanie should use it on herself. Donna is wary of Stephanie attending the showing. Stephen is determined to make Stephanie pay for her actions. Eric is furious to find Stephanie in the building. She insists she has a right to be there. Storm, Donna and Brooke all issue warnings to Stephanie. Jackie and Clarke arrive. Stephanie embarrasses Jackie in front of the press and orders her to leave. Phoebe prepares herself backstage with the other models. Rick and Ashley witness Brooke and Ridge kissing. Rick convinces Ashley to leave with him. Katie meets Jake as he acts shifty backstage. Thorne and Felicia realise they have to stop Eric from taking Donna on stage with him. Stephanie has an idea on how to do it.moreless
    • Ep. #1
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      The series opens upon the unveiling of a new Forrester clothing collection. Ridge believes that the line does not have enough sex appeal. He is visited by Bill Spencer, who warns him to break up with Caroline or he will expose Ridge's playboy reputation. Angry over Bill's visit, Ridge proposes to Caroline and she accepts. As Katie worries about her acne, Brooke comes home crying, but won't say why. She later tells police officer and friend, Dave, that a group of men tried to rape her. They leave for the police station to look at mugshots.moreless
    • Ep. #6489
      Ep. #6489
      Season 26 - Episode 205

      Rick and Thomas make their case during their fashion challenge while Eric has to decide on who to name the new president of Forrester Creations. Taylor finds out Steffy's new secret. Steffy is frustrated to witness a passionate moment between Liam and Hope.

    • Ep. #5154
      Ep. #5154
      Season 21 - Episode 132
      Donna thinks that Eric wants to say goodbye when he sends her some flowers and wishes to meet with her. Donna is surprised that it’s the opposite as Eric tells her that he can’t walk away from her and then invites her to dinner. Ridge and Ashley announce their engagement. Thorne, Felicia and Phoebe give their congratulations while Rick remains silent. Ashley informs Ridge how Brooke confronted her. Ridge feels that Brooke will be too busy with her kids and work to do anything. Nick, Jackie, Brooke and Clarke have a meeting to discuss the financial trouble the company is in. Jackie and Clarke push Brooke be the face of the Bedroom Line again. Nick refuses due to Brooke’s delicate state following the rape. Brooke agrees to do it knowing it could be the only way to save Forrester Creations.moreless
    • Ep. #5545
      Ep. #5545
      Season 23 - Episode 21
      Donna asks Katie for a little warning that Nick hired Stephanie and Jackie and having to watch it on national television. Steffy gets a bridal shower from the Logan sisters at the beach house. Everyone continues to celebrate at Jackie M, Stephanie tells Clarke that she wishes she'd seen Eric's reaction. Ridge enjoys his pay back time with Rick, as he's unaware that Ridge is recording his every word, Rick then confesses to marrying Steffy not out of love but revenge. Jarrett interviews Bridget and asks her what it's like working side by side with her ex-husband. Owen texts Jackie wanting to go and celebrate later at her place. Rick says that he's gonna throw it in his face for the rest of his life. Marcus comes to see Steffy and explains when he first came to L.A. his life changed when he met Steffy and reconnected with his mother. Ridge plays Rick's confession for Taylor and Rick hears at the door and learns he was set up, and goes to find Steffy. Owen gets cozy with Jackie while she's in her bathtub. Rick arrives and interrupts the party and says that he's here to whisk Steffy away on a romatic getaway. Ridge and Taylor go to find Steffy to play the tape for her and arrive and Donna tells them that Rick just took Steffy away for a romantic getaway, Taylor learns that it's possible that Rick heard what Ridge and her are up to and doesn't know what he'll do to Steffy.moreless
    • Ep. #6255
      Ep. #6255
      Season 25 - Episode 226

      Steffy and Hope have an awkward encounter. Taylor has a few questions for Liam.

    • Ep. #6026
      Ep. #6026
      Season 24 - Episode 248
      Stephanie and Taylor confront Ridge about Thomas kissing Brooke. Thomas goes up against Ridge's intention to cancel Taboo by making a deal with Madison.
    • Ep. #6695
      Season 27 - Episode 161

      Bill makes a shocking statement. Carter wants a favor from Rick.


    • Ep. #5407
      Ep. #5407
      Season 22 - Episode 133
      Ridge insists to Brooke that she make it official on being Jack's mother. Nick and Katie wake up in each other's arms after a night of making love and passion. Brooke and Nick are drawn together. Ridge and Brooke go to Nick and Ridge says that Brooke wants shared custody. Nick then realizes it was Ridge's idea. Katie tells Beth what a great and magical night she had with Nick. She also tells Beth that she is committed to Jack and her baby. Katie is faced with a tempting offer. Brooke and Ridge beg Nick that he let Brooke become Jack's official mother. Ridge then tells Brooke that Nick won't agree. As Brooke and Ridge head out the door, Nick says he will agree to let Brooke become Jack's official mother. Ridge watches as Brooke and Nick come closer to each other.moreless
    • Ep. #5402
      Ep. #5402
      Season 22 - Episode 128
      Donna begs Eric not to give up on their marriage and to have faith in it. Stephanie and Brooke continue to bicker over whether Donna should see Eric. Ridge calls Brooke and asks her if she and Stephanie are done talking and then asks her to come home. Eric asks Donna how long he was in a coma, Donna says for two months. Donna also tells Eric how Owen was by her side the whole time and how he helped her. Brooke comes home to a romantic bedroom. Soon after, both Ridge and Brooke argue over their families. Thorne and Stephanie realize that there is an empty and open crate and soon realize that Donna used that to sneak in. While Eric and Donna are about ready to kiss, Thorne and Stephanie barge in and pull Donna away from Eric. Stephanie gets Donna out of the room when Thorne then locks the bedroom door. Brooke and Ridge get romantic when she sees what he had set up for her. Donna and Stephanie battle it out as Stephanie says to her that she has to accept that her marriage to Eric is over. As Thorne and Stephanie kick Donna out of the house, Eric tries to decide over Stephanie or Donna.moreless
    • Ep. #6649
      Ep. #6649
      Season 27 - Episode 115

      A fight between Bill and Wyatt turns physical. Rick is troubled by his position. Brooke tries to fix her relationship with Katie.


    • Ep. #5405
      Ep. #5405
      Season 22 - Episode 131
      Ridge comes into Brooke's room and asks how the Apple Festival went, Brooke says it went pretty well for the most part. Bridget arrives at Brooke's house and asks Katie if Brooke is there. Taylor brings Jack over to Nick's. Bridget tells Katie that Nick will get over their divorce. Taylor demonstrates to Nick how Jack doesn't want anything to do with her. She then explains to Nick that Jack will be insecure in the future if he doesn't have one real mother. Ridge tells Brooke that he will do anything for her, and then tells Brooke that now that Nick is out of both of their lives, they can move on and get married. The two get romantic and make love. Taylor tells Nick that she has tried many programs to help her relationship with Jack. Taylor explains to Nick she has been comparing herself to Brooke on everything for many years, and then says that she is stepping aside and letting Brooke be the mother of Jack. Bridget tells Katie that she is leaving and to tell Brooke that she wanted to ask her something. Katie and Bridget have a difficult conversation thinking one day that they can be friends again, but Bridget says it will never happen. Nick tells Taylor that if she wants to give Jack up, then he will take care of him. Ridge and Brooke come up with an idea to get married in the yard and have no one attend, just R.J. and Hope. Taylor says goodbye to Jack, and says that she will always be there for him. Taylor gives Jack to Nick, and then becomes upset outside. Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor has come to a decision to let Brooke have Jack, he then becomes shocked.moreless
    • Ep. #5400
      Ep. #5400
      Season 22 - Episode 126
      Brooke returns to her house and has a conversation about Eric with Donna. Both Brooke and Donna agree that Stephanie is taking over Eric's life which is why she can't talk with Eric. Dr. Seifert informs Ridge and Stephanie that Eric is headed in the right direction. Marcus arrives at Brooke's house to see Donna and to check up on her. Brooke tells Marcus and Donna that she is going over to the house to see Eric. Marcus then tells her that it will be hard getting in there, but Brooke assures him that she will get in. Eric reads over the last page of Donna's letter again and thinks of her. A guard asks Stephanie if he should let Brooke in, Stephanie says no, but Ridge says to let her. Brooke becomes overjoyed as she visits Eric, and begs that he give Donna another chance. Brooke demands that Eric be told the truth. Donna digs Marcus for information about Eric's condition, and devises a plan for her. Brooke informs Eric about how Donna got attacked by Pam and all the information his family has been keeping from him. Stephanie walks in on Brooke and Eric and demands that Brooke leave. Stephanie assures Brooke that Eric will not go back to Donna.moreless
    • Ep. #6002
      Ep. #6002
      Season 24 - Episode 224
      Bill confronts Amber about her claims and wants to have a paternity test done. Brooke finds out about Amber's pregnancy. Stephanie asks a favor from Thomas.
    • 7565
      Season 2017 - Episode 72