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  • Discusted

    Honestly, I do not know why people are so tuned in to B&B. Actually it is the most televised show in the world! In my opinion this is all about psychopaths, cheating and lies over and over again with the same people. It's disgusting. There is no gay storylines? What's up with that! This is a fashion house!? The transgender role was played by a real woman, really! Something is wrong with the picture. Also never ending sordid storylines with brook! And the saga with Hope and the baby was just awful and way too long. There is very little quality or realness and very limited issues about the world we are living in. It's not the actors fault. Actually it's a very talented crew but the storylines is horrible. Y & R is on the other hand is a quality show. It's not perfect and to a certain extent people are sleeping around, but generally the stories have depth and meaning and real live challenges that people face through everyday. Sorry B&B, but It looks like the show is running out of creativity for a long while now and it keeps coming back with to the same old stories over and over again and it's just not interesting and worth my time watching.
  • Less Beautiful

    What the hell is wrong with Steffy? Does she not even realize it's wrong in what she did? She's just as bad as Thomas. To this date Thomas, Shauna, Flo and Zoe - so bad actor/actresses! Get rid of them! Hope has this stupid look on her face all the time! Can she not make up her mind who the hell she likes! 3/4/20

    Ridge is so disgusting!! Not even divorced yet and he's already cheating!! Get rid of Gold digger Shauna, getting too annoying and boring to watch!! 10/25

    Shauna, Thomas and Flo, still annoying and boring as hell. Who wants to watch Shauna, a stupid home wrecker! She has no morals! Ridge and Wyatt are still annoying and are idiots - giving off the wrong vibes. 10/16/19

    Why the hell is Hope telling Thomas about Liam sleeping with Steffy. It's got nothing to do with him!! She already divorced Liam, but is till acting all pathetic when it happens? Get rid of Thomas!! Pathetic!! 7/3/19

    Hope is really getting stupid - pathetic to watch. Get the story over! Fastforwarding!! 5/22

    The new Thomas is Ugh (so sleazy) worse than the one he took over. Such a lame story line, so boring. Wyatt is pathetic too - what's wrong with them switching back and forth. 5/6/19

    Yup, sick of the baby drama as well - sooo boring to watch. Have Flo tell the truth and get it over and done with so we don't have to watch Zoe anymore as well. 4/30

    What is wrong with the Spencer brothers? By the way Wyatt is acting, he's sure giving his ex girlfriend (step-sister) the wrong vibe. Or they are just the type that can't mind their own business. 4/9/19

    Last two episodes about Caroline's death - way too boring. Not that it's not already boring. 3/20

    B & B is becoming more and more boring since Zoe and her father, Zander, emma, and Donna came on the scene. Hope is making it worse with her stupid whiny voice and face. 2/8/19

    Must be one sick father (Zoe's) to look at your own daughter's photo, with her dressed in lingerie???? I'm sure there's a more appropriate picture a 'real' father would look at!! Wayne Brady's acting is real bad! Hope there is not going to be a lot of Hope's stupid crying for the next few episodes!! Already fast forwarding when Zoe + father + stupid Zander is on! 1/17/19

    I bet the stupid writers have Wayne Brady taking Hope's baby and getting Stephie to adopt it. He's boring as heck. Zoe and boytoy blehhhhh!!!

    Zoe's dad not doing anything for the show. Zoe and boytoy is still boring as heck. Taylor is so annoying - a pathetic actress. So neurotic and whiny. And yes, bringing Donna back to be with Eric is also boring. Useless actress as well. 12/03/18

    Are we watching a 'be unfaithful to your partner' show? Zander is going out with Emma, yet he's locking lips with Zoe. How stupid is this show. His acting is really annoying - makes me want to kick his butt when watching it! SOOO boring as well!! 10/05/18

    Yep, Zoe, Emma and Zander are definitely boring and cannot act. Zander is acting exactly like Liam!! All half assed! They do nothing for the show! PLEASE don't get Liam back together again with Steffy. Just get her another hunky guy!! The new Hope is boring also, even when she's together with Liam. 9/7/18

    The problem is the writers have Liam's personality as a wishy washy person. He's always been an idiot and is always flip flopping!! So annoying to watch - no wonder he gets suckered!! 7/17/18

    No one even bothers with birth control anymore? It's babies galore on Y & R and DOOL too! 7/2/18

    What is wrong with Liam? He hasn't even filed the divorce papers yet and he's already proposing to Hope? Did he even love Steffy? What is wrong with Bill? 5/4

    Can someone shut Steffy up?! Most episodes are of her whining and begging!! Hell you slept with Bill - those are the consequences that you have to pay! Just because you are feeling down or low - doesn't mean you have to sleep around. That's just a stupid excuse. If it was the other way round - Liam slept with another woman - there's no way she could forgive him!! 2/28/18

    Everybody sleeping with anybody!! It's the same with DOOL and The Young and the Restless. There's no morals and fidelity! They may as well do a porn show!! 11/17

    The spectra group standing there all sooted up? Meanwhile the firemen who are nearer to the fire are all clean on the face!!???? Would any firemen even let them stand around there and be in the way! So stupid!! 08/28

    Isn't Wyatt way way younger than Katie? She's certainly no spring chicken. 8/9/17

    Just when I think that this is as much as I can take of Quinn - the writers bring in another stupid nutcase who seems worse than Quinn. Still can't stand Quinn. Ugghhh - the next few episodes will be terrible to watch. Ridge is pathetic!! 6/5/17

    Ugghhhh!!! The whole Spectra group are too disgusting and pathetic to watch. Sally's grandmother also acts in Days of our Lives and she acts the same way - you call that an actress? Not worth watching!! . It's also boring!! Thomas has no taste in women - he always seems to fall for the wrong types! 4/14/17

    I suppose the writers will have Ridge playing musical chairs with women again. Sally Specter thing not doing anything for me. 02/07/17

    Do I really need to hear Quacky Quinn rant and rave with her stupid nasally voice for a whole episodeI I haven't been watching a few episodes but when I catch up I have to watch this. Since I've already missed a few episodes. Just a few more and I'll stop watching!! 1/20/17

    Ughh!! Seriously?!! Watching Eric getting gaga over Quacky Quinn isn't something I would like to watch. Watching Quinn wax on and on is bad enough. 12/19

    Why are Rick and Steffy still hanging around the company - just resign and do they own thing for goodness sake!! They all stand there taking in Quacky Quinn's cr*p!! Just walk away! 11/15

    Still not watching Quacky Quinn and Eric!! Wyatt is a mama's boy!! So pathetic!! 11/01

    Ewwww!! If I have to watch anymore of Quacky Quinn and Eric going "my husband, my wife" sappiness - I'm really going to throw up! Luckily I can fast forward! Can someone please kill her off!! 10/20

    UGHHH!! If I see anymore of Quacky Quinn and Icky Ivy, I'm going to throw up!! 9/15

    Now the writer's have done it again!! They've brought back Icky Ivy!! PLEASE can Icky Ivy and Quacky Quin not be on the show anymore? Really pathetic to watch. Stop Liam from being so pathetic too!!! 8/31

    Quacky Quinn is really annoying and getting on my nerves!! If I was in Steffy's place, I would be screaming as well!! There's just some kind of a stupid look on Quinn's face that puts one off watching. It's always Hope/Liam/Wyatt now it's Steffy/Wyatt/Liam. Meanwhile the others are playing musical chairs and swapping wife's/girlfriends? Whose turn is it to sleep with whom again? Getting sick of the merry go round - time to get off!! 08/05

    Oh come on!!! Don't you at least ring the door bell before going into a person's house even if you have a spare key or whatever? Brooke can even walk in on Katie and her husband in their romantic thrill!! What kind of a stupid story line is that? For us to see more of Katie's stupid drinking binge?!! Can the writers not come up with something new? PLEASE get rid of "Suck My Lips" Sacha - can't stand her stupid acting. She's trying to be seductive - but she's really getting on my nerves - fast forwarding when she comes on. 3/5

    Liam and Quinn - bleaahhhh!! Boring!!! 2/22

    Really? Steffy profess to love Liam (although he is pathetic) but she is locking lips with Liam's brother. With Liam losing his memory is really pathetic. Sick and tired of watching Brooke's blubbering face! She cries for everything! Serious, is she a nymphomaniac? Can we please get rid of "can't-act-for-peanuts" Sasha! 01/09

    Ugghh!! What's with this Sasha female? She has a continuous scheming ugly sneer/smirk on her face all the time. Very off putting watching her act! We already have to suffer watching Ivy who is now acting so neurotic that is quite annoying to watch! Please get rid of her and this stupid Sasha! 12/16

    Thank goodness Allie is gone! Such bad acting! Ivy is no better - now we have to suffer her being the main actor for a few episodes - Ugh. 8/21

    Liam is pathetic - back to his flip flopping again - same old story! 06/19

    Story line is getting way boring! Too much of Rick's strutting around and Liam and and his new girl - no zing, definitely the most boring couple to watch - and I thought Ally and Oliver were bad!! 04/30

    I have been watching since day one. The past yr. it has been TOOOOO boring. PLEASE get rid of Thomas, We can not stand him, I do not even like looking at him. Also get rid of HOPE she is such a winnnney boring person. The show really needs some fun happy things in it.. I LOVE Douglas, & Steffy, LOVE Ridge. & Liam, PLEASE DO NOT LET SALLY DIE. I Do Not Like Flo or her Mother. Get rid of them. I LOVE everyone else. But PLEASE stop dragging this Thomas thing. Get rid of him. The show will be much better with out him & put some fun into, instead of sooo much dark. We have enough of that in our day to day life.
  • Once again dumb ass writing!!!!!

    First you make Wyatt a little b*** when it comes to that whinny ass Flo. I hate her character, they didn't have to bring her in. Now you killing off Sally. You all need so better writer because the ones you'll have now is just stupid as shit.
  • the show is getting to be a joke either change it or take it off tv!

    why would Bell make Hope want the man who kidnap her daughter? who made her married him? And qutting Lian back with Staffy? you just spend a year making Hope's and Lian's life hell! and you are not going to give Lian and Hope a happy space of time? you actually going to put Hope with the man who made her life hell? why Steffy and Lian? they were never were a good cuple! have we forgot how they got together in the first place? Steffy took Liam off Hope! what happen to giving Steffy a new man? a new storyline! I have stopped watching the show. it too crazy. i used to love it. I now hate it! it isn't enjoyable or wish the writers would change things.
  • Bold and not so beautiful!


    Ok folks , Guiding Light ended; As the World Turn endedand now maybe, just maybe it's time for The Bold and The Beautiful to graciously take a bow- hint hint!!

    Until then.... hypocrisy reigns- Ridge takes the cake ... in the midst of being 'hurt' by Brooke's betrayal he sleeps and lip locks with Shauna multiple times . As for Madame Quinn Forrester taking delight in her friend's dalliance with Ridge... she needs to experience serious competition from someone's (whom she cannot kill) attraction to Eric.

    Wyatt, poor mix up Wyatt, how could Sally dare -(forget it was accidental) utter Liam's name - oh what will he do ... she leaves him no choice but to definitely sniff after Flo !

    Yep, I was taking B&B off my watch list but realized, I was letting the craziness make me mad - so i have decided in the spirit of the holidays to continue for now on the roller coaster as what goes around comes around ... who's next I wonder!

    Emma's death -why ? What rhyme or reason ? Thomas sickening saga is allowed to continue . Not enough to manipulate Hope, Flo, Zoe and his sweet little son like puppets -he is able to purchase drugs to use for nefarious purposes. How low are the writers willing to go before heeding the outcry of viewers?
  • For the writer's

    Let Liam & Hope remarry & live happily ever after. Get rid of Thomas, Shauna, & Flo. For Efeffy find someone else for her, Liam was never hers to began with she always interfered with him & Hope. Better yet get some new writer's cause this going back & forth sucks. Leave Liam & Hope alone.
  • What a shock ridge and Brooke breaking up AGAIN

    Can't you just leave them together it's not even a shocker any more just a question of when they will break and when they do it is just a question of when they get back together.

    Also your making the character ridge out to be an idiot his support of his son has no conscious. REALLY and the help is his whacky mother that has mental issues to this story line sucks
  • Time for new writers

    The Bell family has written lots of good story lines but the Beth saga was way too long. Could appreciate shorter "Beth is Phoebe" story line with twists and turns that stretched out, rather than one long story line ending on a roof. Writers need new blood. 27 year fan!!!
  • Score!

    The baby Beth story line has ended. I can keep watching. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the characters. Another soap should follow your lead.
  • Boycott 4 good.. I'm not alone

    This is beyond a joke.. I've seen them drag situations out but this is pathetic. I've watched it for 23 years and it used to be my favourite show. Now I can't bear it. I either turn it off or change the channel. How long can they drag out hope,Liam and Beth?? Really?? Poor writers. And the old Thomas was WAY BETTER at every thing. This Thomas is a sick phsyco that can't even act! Besides the fact the old Thomas would never have actually done the things this one. They might as well have just added a brand new character. Completely different personalities. So many people are now not watching because of this saga! Get with it! End it all already. For now I'm still not watching..


    I look forward to this show daily as I record it to watch at night. I love the characters, the storylines (for the most part), everything! Although some of the storylines are long and drawn out, this is one of my most favorite shows ever and I am over the age of 50. If there is any thought of taking this show off the air, I will scream. Please please please keep this show going!!! Thank you!
  • Love the show

    Whis the show was longer. Enjoy the story lines. Whis they would let me kill off thomas lol.
  • It's Truly a Soap Opera

    I agree with everyone. Get it on with Baby Beth and Tell Hope and Liam the truth. Then another scandal will come along, probably with Thomas.

    Have you noticed, they never wash clothes, pay bills, do yard work or clean their homes. Easy life.

    Why hasn't Hope gone to Mental Therapy to get over the loss of the baby? Normal people would.

    I like the show, I understand it's a SOAP OPERA. Wish it was one hour long.

    It's been a tad dragging the last few months. Hopefully this week all this drama and Beth will end.

    The new Thomas fits his role, he sucks. Im sure he is a nice person in REAL LIFE.

    Love Dollar Bill. Like that his attitude is better.

    Would like to see Sally get her fashion house.

    It's great to DVR the show, you can watch it in 15 minutes. To many commercials.

  • This storyline really has me considering whether or not to write B&B off.

    Hope is a knucklehead. She and Liam deserve each other. Thomas is a Psycho. A real Malignant Narcissistic. This has been dragging on for far to long.

    Have your writers gone on vacation and left the Interns to figure it out.

    Real crappy work guys. Are you throwing in the towel?

    I've been watching since the first episode. Through all the awful intro music changes.

    The highs and lows. The losses and cast member changes, but this is the worst.
  • how stupid

    How stupid is this soap opera good thing I record it so I can fast foreword threw most of it. Are the writers like 6 year old or what. Hope it goes of the air so I don't waist my time recording it. Really get on with the story Its been stuck with hopes baby getting stolen long enough.
  • Overrated

    They need to give hope her baby back. That creep Thomas needs to disappear. If nothing happens after a week of watching it will be my last time tuning in and wasting my brain cells on this repeated story line. Have anything better to write about if not then cancel the dam show. How many people that try to have babies and go through what hope supposedly went through is so sickening those people don't have the opportunity to get their child back like hope can. So sad.
  • Overrated story line.

    I've stopped watching this show because it's getting wacky.... It's like they've nothing else to say... just give Hope her baby and tell a different story. Soaps have lots of drama but using your child like that is horrible.
  • Thomas is disgusting!

    only Because she says I do doesn't mean she wants you!!! Omg, I'm done!' Goodbye B & B! The ride has been great, but it's time to get off the crazy train!!!

    As of today with Thomas and the ghost thing traumatizing his son to manipulate Hope I am done. The lie goes on and on. It's like the song "the wheels on the Bus goes round and round" I am tired of the none sense. It is time to put a end to it and let the truth come out. Most of the story line in the past was based on something that would have a positive outcome, definitely not this one. I am tired of the writers making the good people look like idiots !

    Fan base is minus 2 at this time. my husband and I.. see yah !
  • The writers are HORRIBLE

    It was bad enough when you'd hear the same conversations show after show but the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle has gone on too long. The new Thomas sucks. The secret about Beth (which they rehash in every episode as if new people tune in every day) is going on too long. Other fans are right. They will be too old by the time they find out the truth. I only hope they do what Dallas did and reveal that it was a dream. This is the worst the show has ever been!
  • storyline

    I love this show but the Hope and Beth storyline is just dragging on and very boring
  • Bold and beautiful

    I think the episodes as of late is the most absurd and stupid thing the show has ever done, my gosh people are not that gullible and stupid and the way it's being written makes everyone looks dumb... Not gonna lie its making me want to stop watching. I know it's all for show but wow, I am actually ashamed to tell people I watch this show.
  • To drawn out

    This storyline with Hope, Liam, Beth and Thomas is getting way out of hand. It's to drawn out. By the time they find out the baby will be grown with her own kids. Way to much!!
  • HOLY Anders claim to acting righteous

    What makes Zanders or Holyanders sin of fornication w/ first Emma now Cloe any less of a sin than what he is trying to prove on Thomas? Sin is sin can't be spelled or looked at any other way. As for SLOPPY or better known as Brook where does she come off thinking her actions for her children Ridge has any less value than hisfeelings for his off-spring? REALITY EVEN IN THE MOVIES OR ROLES MEANT TO BE MODELS FOR US ALL. Take a reality check and get it togethew lol.
  • Emma murder and hope baby

    I love bold and beautiful but these story lines are to long with these secrets no one going to tell but they claim hope a good person so tell her so this mess will be over or I'm watching something else because this is ridiculous how the writers are carrying this so long
  • Stale & Predictable

    B&B has been my favorite show for a very long time- until recently! The storyline hasn't changed for the last 2-3 months! Or what seems like an eternity! I am going to take a break for a while as this show is dull and depressing.
  • This show Has Gotten Way out of Hand

    Why are the writers boring us with this sick story line. Its WAY BORING, stupid to say the least. I just don't know. I would rather not watch it than to be aggravated by the ignorance. What women in this day and age would make the man that they love so much go to another woman let alone his ex. And everybody knows the secret of Beth but none willing to say anything. Come on. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BRING THIS STORY LINE TO AN END!!!!!! GET NEW WRITERS AND A STORY LINE THAT'S INTRIGUING AND INTERESTING, MYSTERIOUS EVEN. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!

    Hey Fans watch when they reveal that Thomas also killed his wife thats why it was so easy for him to kill Emma. Thomas killed his wife so that he could get back with mopey Hope. You keep watching, that's how it will play out. SAD SAD SAD

    if I have to hear one more time that Liam belongs with the girls or watch Zoe and Flo and now Zander argue about telling the truth for the hundreth time, I am going to throw up. The same dialogue keeps getting repeated over and over and over and over and over and over. I have watched soaps for over 40 years and this is the only soap that has disgusted me so much that I felt compelled to comment online about. End this stupid, boring, redundant, ridiculous story line now.
  • This show is a joke

    The storylines are dragged out and they aren't even interesting! Same dialogs everyday. This is so boring and stupid and don't get me started on the Beth storyline. Bell obviously doesn't care about the viewers and he is so full of himself. How can he be proud of himself for writing this crap? Seriously!
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