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  • B&B do better or cancel the show

    I literally tune in once every few weeks to see if B&B have by some chance in a million decided to hire better writers and change these BS storylines. It is beyond disgust that brook and hope gets to carry the torch of morality and call the shots when brook has literally done every cheap, disgusting and below the belt action there is to be done. I quit watching because when it comes time for them to write in a moment when the Logan goody 2 shoes can be checked or brought back to earth it never happens. Dang at least change it up where justice is given when it's due! If the entire show is about the same 6 or 7 people how in the world is it that complicated to write decent, realistic, interesting and fair scripts. Taylor is always dragged, made out to be a loon or weakling, Stephy is always loosing and every wrong thing she has done has been thrown up multiple times in her face, Ridge is dragged for fighting for his family yet Brook has slept with and married her sisters husband, married her husband's father, slept with and impregnated by her daughters husband, Bill has conned every person on the show, chased away his sons, quin has literally kidnapped, killed, drugged and cheated multiple people but the only people on the entire show made out to be the shot callers, written to always win and get what they want, are Brook, Hope, the Logan sisters and Eric. This storyline right now is full of oppurtunity for Stephy to check the mess out of hope and brooke but Hope gets the full shabang to drag Taylor and rip Stephy. People are tired of seeing this unrealistic mess. I have no idea why this story is still on but it's time for it to be canceled. Hope doesn't want Taylor around her child, everyone is jumping down Stephy and her mom's throat but It's OK for Brook to be around, for Bill to be around who literally tried to kill Ridge and others many times. Like it is not realistic. The rating will keep dropping because the writers of this show are idiots. I would give them a negative 10 rating if I could
  • Seriously!!!

    Could we find a better representation of the moral police than Brooke? Slept with Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Son and now passing moral judgement on the world, seriously? Might as well have Quinn doing it. When it gets more frustrating than entertaining and I'd rather watch reruns of the Simpsons it's time to call it quits.
  • Less Beautiful

    Taylor is so annoying - a pathetic actress. And yes, bringing Donna back to be with Eric is also boring. Useless actress as well. 12/03/18

    Are we watching a 'be unfaithful to your partner' show? Zander is going out with Emma, yet he's locking lips with Zoe. How stupid is this show. His acting is really annoying - makes me want to kick his butt when watching it! SOOO boring as well!! 10/05/18

    Yep, Zoe, Emma and Zander are definitely boring and cannot act. Zander is acting exactly like Liam!! All half assed! They do nothing for the show! PLEASE don't get Liam back together again with Steffy. Just get her another hunky guy!! The new Hope is boring also, even when she's together with Liam. 9/7/18

    The problem is the writers have Liam's personality as a wishy washy person. He's always been an idiot and is always flip flopping!! So annoying to watch - no wonder he gets suckered!! 7/17/18

    No one even bothers with birth control anymore? It's babies galore on Y & R and DOOL too! 7/2/18

    What is wrong with Liam? He hasn't even filed the divorce papers yet and he's already proposing to Hope? Did he even love Steffy? What is wrong with Bill? 5/4

    Can someone shut Steffy up?! Most episodes are of her whining and begging!! Hell you slept with Bill - those are the consequences that you have to pay! Just because you are feeling down or low - doesn't mean you have to sleep around. That's just a stupid excuse. If it was the other way round - Liam slept with another woman - there's no way she could forgive him!! 2/28/18

    Everybody sleeping with anybody!! It's the same with DOOL and The Young and the Restless. There's no morals and fidelity! They may as well do a porn show!! 11/17

    The spectra group standing there all sooted up? Meanwhile the firemen who are nearer to the fire are all clean on the face!!???? Would any firemen even let them stand around there and be in the way! So stupid!! 08/28

    Isn't Wyatt way way younger than Katie? She's certainly no spring chicken. 8/9/17

    Just when I think that this is as much as I can take of Quinn - the writers bring in another stupid nutcase who seems worse than Quinn. Still can't stand Quinn. Ugghhh - the next few episodes will be terrible to watch. Ridge is pathetic!! 6/5/17

    Ugghhhh!!! The whole Spectra group are too disgusting and pathetic to watch. Sally's grandmother also acts in Days of our Lives and she acts the same way - you call that an actress? Kill them off as soon as possible - not worth watching!! . It's also boring!! Thomas has no taste in women - he always seems to fall for the wrong types! 4/14/17

    I suppose the writers will have Ridge playing musical chairs with women again. Sally Specter thing not doing anything for me. The young Sally and the old one does not seemed refined enough for being in the fashion industry. 02/07/17

    Do I really need to hear Quacky Quinn rant and rave with her stupid nasally voice for a whole episodeI I haven't been watching a few episodes but when I catch up I have to watch this. Since I've already missed a few episodes. Just a few more and I'll stop watching!! 1/20/17

    Ughh!! Seriously?!! Watching Eric getting gaga over Quacky Quinn isn't something I would like to watch. Watching Quinn wax on and on is bad enough. 12/19

    Why are Rick and Steffy still hanging around the company - just resign and do they own thing for goodness sake!! They all stand there taking in Quacky Quinn's cr*p!! Just walk away! 11/15

    Still not watching Quacky Quinn and Eric!! Wyatt is a mama's boy!! So pathetic!! What's with Maya and Rick? They already have one kid barely a year old and they want another so soon!! So inconsiderate!! 11/01

    Ewwww!! If I have to watch anymore of Quacky Quinn and Eric going "my husband, my wife" sappiness - I'm really going to throw up! Luckily I can fast forward! Can someone please kill her off!! 10/20

    UGHHH!! If I see anymore of Quacky Quinn and Icky Ivy, I'm going to throw up!! Time to stop watching! 9/15

    Now the writer's have done it again!! They've brought back Icky Ivy!! PLEASE can Icky Ivy and Quacky Quin not be on the show anymore? Really pathetic to watch. Stop Liam from being so pathetic too!!! 8/31

    Quacky Quinn is really annoying and getting on my nerves!! If I was in Steffy's place, I would be screaming as well!! There's just some kind of a stupid look on Quinn's face that puts one off watching. It's always Hope/Liam/Wyatt now it's Steffy/Wyatt/Liam. Meanwhile the others are playing musical chairs and swapping wife's/girlfriends? Whose turn is it to sleep with whom again? Getting sick of the merry go round - time to get off!! 08/05

    Oh come on!!! Don't you at least ring the door bell before going into a person's house even if you have a spare key or whatever? Brooke can even walk in on Katie and her husband in their romantic thrill!! What kind of a stupid story line is that? For us to see more of Katie's stupid drinking binge?!! Can the writers not come up with something new? Why the heck do we have to keep on watching Brooke and Katie booze it up and acting real pathetic!! Waste of my time watching - why the heck isn't the alcohol taken out of the house when their spouse knows that they are boozing up? PLEASE get rid of "Suck My Lips" Sacha - can't stand her stupid acting. She's trying to be seductive - but she's really getting on my nerves - fast forwarding when she comes on. Really pathetic story line - my episodes have been building up - not really interested in watching any more! 3/5

    Liam and Quinn - bleaahhhh!! Boring!!! 2/22

    Really? Steffy profess to love Liam (although he is pathetic) but she is locking lips with Liam's brother. With Liam losing his memory is really pathetic. Sick and tired of watching Brooke's blubbering face! She cries for everything!! Serious, is she a nymphomaniac? There's plenty of fish in the sea - must she go for her sister's husband? - Again! Really?? That's one stupid scene on the plane with Liam falling and knocking himself out!! His acting is still pathetic. Can we please get rid of "can't-act-for-peanuts" Sasha!! 01/09

    Ugghhhh!!! What's with this Sasha female? She has a continuous scheming ugly sneer/smirk on her face all the time. Very off putting watching her act!! We already have to suffer watching Ivy who is now acting so neurotic that is quite annoying to watch!! Please get rid of her and this stupid Sasha!! Not doing anything for the show 12/16

    Thank goodness Allie is gone! Such bad acting! Ivy is no better - now we have to suffer her being the main actor for a few episodes - the writers are making her as wacky as Allie - Ugh. 8/21

    Liam is pathetic - back to his flip flopping again - same old story! Having Liam's brother going for his previous exes are boring, we are going to see the same thing happen with Steffy and Liam as with what's happened with Hope. Blehhhh!! 06/19

    Seriously, the story line is getting way boring!!! Too much of Rick's strutting around and Liam and and his new girl - no zing, definitely the most boring couple to watch - and I thought Ally and Oliver were bad!! 04/30

    Maya is way annoying!! Such bad acting!! When Ridge is having some lip exercises with Caroline - that's the only time he has some facial expression!! Otherwise it's like watching a plank of wood act! 11/06

    Maya - terrible actress!! Irritating to watch! Liam... still annoying! Ally and Oliver terrible to watch! Ivy not any better. Ridge - half the time, he walks around with a deadpan expression.... terrible actor!! When he and Katie comes on - bad acting on both parts - there's no chemistry... a lot of fastwarding!! 8/01

    SERIOUSLY!!???? The story is getting from bad to worse! Liam is getting on my nerves more than ever!! Ally is still bad at acting and watching her with Oliver is giving me the heebie jeebies!! UGGHHHHHH. Time to stop watching! Down one more rating! 04/25

    Don't like the new Ridge. Not the same. His and Katie's acting is putting me off watching!

    What's with Liam acting now like a "mother hen" giving advice and meddling in other people's business. He cannot even put his own house in order. I say let Liam be single for a long while and make sure he sees what he has lost!! As stated before, his indecisiveness is annoying as hell. Who would want him back anyway? Why are the writers making Quinn a psycho? It started off nicely and they have to ruin a nice thing going with Eric instead of Brooke's two sisters. At least now they got one hooked up with the cuckoo security guard. I agree with the other person about Allie. Definitely not right for the Bold and the Beautiful. 1/10/2014

    Although I don't much like Katie's acting, I definitely side with her on the issue of Brooke sleeping with her husband. Time for Liam to high tail it back to Stephanie! His indecisiveness was getting on my nerves - what there's left of it!
  • Getting boring and annoying

    I am so tired of hope story, this is so annoying to see it so perfect. Her mother brooke needs to shut up. I so tired of the same circle over and over. It's really getting boring. With the logans family winning all the time..
  • Sucks

    I am so tired of this same old stuff hope needs to lose her baby and Liam and Steffy needs to get back together the bold and the beautiful sucks now BORING
  • Bored

    I have decided to stop watching, it is so boring with the very same story line, it just changes from one couple to the other with never a beautiful story line. I'm so tired of seeing Liam, Hope and Stephy in the same triangle and he can never make his mind up. Then there's Brooke Bill and Ridge (that always looks dirty), she keeps crying about everything and never knows where her feelings are.

    Let some people be happy as a family at least for a few months and BRING IN MORE PEOPLE.

    Love the way you are anobody one day and top model the next, no schooling needed. Hahaha.

  • Deb18

    I literally turned the tv off today. I can't get on the Ridge-Brooke-Bill merry-go-round anymore. And then Eric and Donna again!!! The show needs new writers and fresh storylines. Surely someone can introduce something new and intriguing!
  • No worth watching anymore

    The storyline suck it all of 10 characters sleep with each other! Ping ponging every other week it's ridiculous i'm sure you could find new writers!
  • Something good

    First of all brook needs to stand by her man what is she thinking to against her husband very dumb!!!!!
  • Show is not worth watching ANYMORE

    There is to much back and forth with Brooke and Ridge and Bill never looses by any means, not worth my time.
  • Oh boy, bad actors

    Please get rid of Zander, Emma and Zoe. Their story line is hopeless and especially Zoe who cannot act. I'm a Brit but send Zoe back to the UK. Also Thorne is dreadful as well. He should not be telling Katie what to do and she needs to give Bill time to make up for his absences. He can't do that if Katie has sole custody. Not good for their son. Now what Brooke is such an interfering, meddling woman. Pretty annoying I'd say. Getting rid of Zoe is at the top of my list though.
  • Brook

    Ok completely understand supporting your daughter, but Brooke taking it too far. She got the man and the baby. Let Steffy have something. Hope is treated like a princess through her pregnancy. Steffy was treated awful. Liam couldn't care less if Steffy was healthy or stressed at all during hers. All he thought of was himself. He forgot all about the crap he did with Sally fawning all over her. It was all poor Liam til the day she gave birth. Now Hope pouts and tracks him down when he goes to see Kelly. Now she wants the business too. Just stay home and enjoy your stolen family and Brooke mind your own damn business. Gonna loose Ridge again
  • Give it all to Hope

    Why is Hope supposed to get everything. Steffy was walked away from Liam. Steffy has tried to take the high road. Now Hope wants her line to succeed. Why isn't Steffy getting any sympathy. She stands there and sees Liam fawning all over Hope and this pregnancy, he never did that with Steffy. If the writers are giving it all to Hope the just kill Steffy off or give Steffy a life. And get rid of that damned picture Steffy has on the wall. Also, Katie should be ashamed. Typical Logan girl, live in the moment, forget the past. I guess it's hard to remember when you're drunk and delusional. I hope Bill gets do we let kids decide how things are...
  • I'M DONE




    Get new writers!!! Everyone is sick of watching Hope and her bad acting. Liam's character is a joke and in real life, I am sure someone would have punched his lights out by now. The whole segment with Alexander, Emma and Zoe is horrible and extremely boring. Emma is the worst actress ever. She is even worse than Hope and that's pretty bad. The writers can't seem to come up with anything good any more so get new writers for goodness sake before this is taken off the by the way that is probably a good idea!
  • Thorn in my side

    Thorn is such a punk, how long has been with Katie like a month. If Katie had a brain she would send him packing, seeing a lawyer behind her back. She is no saint, a drunk, and banging Wyatt, where was her little boy then. I see the future where Bill does something extreme to win and then Ridge and Thorn say how bad he is, when they conspired to take his child.
  • I agree with the dissatisfaction!

    The Hope-Liam storyl-line is sickening. At least the Steffy character is multidimensional. Hope and Liam are like cardboard figures on a trashy romatic novel cover -- or, even better, like Barbie and Ken! So predictable, so plastic, so YAWN! And Liam's character makes me want to loose my lunch. What sweet, honest, caring man flips from one woman to the next the way Liam did between Hope and Steffy? And what happened to Liam's oh-so genuine love for his new child, Kelly?? Not even a mention. I will no longer watch Hope and Liam and their cutesy honeymoon behavior if that is what B&B plans to show. The same goes for the Brooke-Ridge relationship. Nothing in this show captures my interest anymore. The only entertaining scene for the past to or three weeks was the Brooke-Taylor cake fight. That was hilarious and totally suspended my disbelief; it was superficial but at least, not boring. Get Steffy a story line where she can really shine. I would even appreciate a better role for Sally and Wyatt. The Logans and Forrester's however are simply two-dimensional and predictable to watch anymore.
  • change it up

    I am so tired of hope trying to get with liam I don't even want to watch it any more liam belongs with steffy and omg now they are trying to have hope being pregnant that is dumb and boring it should be were hope just move on and let steffy and liam and there baby be a happy family and they need to bring bill down together that black mail stuff is tiring let that go the story is actually getting real boring bring it back to life with some old quin stuff and bring in some one that hope can be happy with not LIAM I really hope that hope is not pregnant I said the writer was going to do that but that is how it also was be find something else because hope is just like brooke my god change it up liam and steffy together forever I am sorry I just cant watch it any more liam should be with steffy and hope sure should not have his baby
  • Brooke, Hope, Liam, and Steffy Saga

    Just finished watching Hope and Liam marry I'm just so done with these two. Liam is a little boy trapped in a man's body. He had to have Steffy when she was married to Wyatt, he got her back and then look at what he does. Steffy has all of them beat, including trashy Brooke, who has some nerve putting Steffy down talking about her character when she and her not so innocent daughter Hope are the ones who lack character. I'm so sick of the Logans always coming out on top. Steffy is a beautiful person and she didn't deserve the same storyline that Taylor was given. It wasn't right B&B writers. I can no longer watch the Brooke and Hope get everything story any longer. ENOUGH ALREADY!!
  • Sick too of Hope & Liam

    you not come up with another story line. I have always loved this show but so tired of this. Will have to stop watching if this is all that you can write about. Hope is not a that good of an actress. What is wrong with Steffy and Liam being happy??? Give viewers a little was Ridge, Brooke and thing again. Bring something new.
  • Over this storyline

    Can't stand everything that happened this week. Tired of Brooke of getting everything she wants she seems to forget everything she has done. The writers need new material.
  • I like Hope

    Hope and Liam have been trying to be together forever. Just let them get DRAMA!!! Let Steffy go her own way. Get someone new on the show for her. She's related to everyone BLOOD .. Come guys.

  • Hope/Liam/Steffy

    I think this storyline with the hope/liam/Steffy saga is really getting old. I wish that Steffy and Liam could just be happy with their baby and that miss goodie two shoes hope would move on with her life. I can't stand Hope or her mother Brooke
  • Boring characters

    Brooke is so whiny and thinks she can have any man and now she's getting boring whiny Hope to be the same way. Liam just sucks. Emma is so dowdy and very uninteresting. I hope Steffy keeps her baby far away from Hope and Liam. Hopefully Brooke will get slamdunked and Hope and Liam go live somewhere else. Blah boring show right now
  • Sick of Hope and Liam

    Please write Hope off she is a horrible actress and Liam is a sorry excuse of a man
  • Annoying Hope Logan

    It would have been better not to return Hope to the show. I am so tired of her and her mom putting down Steffy. Really tried of wimpy Liam not be able to make up his mind. Would be better if he and Hope are written off the Show. How can he leave Steffy and Her baby?
  • sick of hope

    Always whimpering. Liam too. Send them somewhere off the show. Bring in the best looking man you can find for Steppy. Love Sally.
  • tired of hope

    its time to get rid of hope she always has to butt in to liam and steffy business she doesn't deserve to get her way all the time .so get rid of hope .and bring steffy and liam back together .
  • Seriously Brooke?

    In what world does a mother encourage her daughter to sleep with a man whose wife has just had a baby??? And the wife being her step sister??? Thats just not right in so many ways!

    And Hope is supposed to be the princess of honesty and morality? WOW!

    The story line is a recycle of the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke fiasco. It was boring then and its boring now.

    And then you add creepy old Bill into the mix. Makes my skin crawl. Does he ever change his clothes?

    If you want a great story will conjour one up. One that will hold your audiences attention, not put them to sleep.
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