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  • Why is it the same story line over & over

    The whole & the beautiful story line has been about Ridge & Brooke & whoever they screwed in between. Its starting to get pretty sick. Brooke screwing everyone (including her daughters hubby, her sisters hubby, her mom & friends eye's. Ridge is doing the same thing it's starting to become just plain nasty. We have kids that are cousins & brother & sisters all in one. The soap needs to be called We think that Incest is Beautiful. Who wants to see father & son, brother & brother, sister & sister, cousin & cousin, mother & daughter all trading sexual partners around like they have one big swingers club. I'm surprised w/the occasional guy going out & getting sum New bootie that they haven't had a show where they all have caught a std. By the way Ridge going after his little brothers wife (who happens to be the niece of the love of his life, Caroline) took the cake. You guys just spit on Caroline's memory. Why can't anyone respect family on this show. It wouldn't be so bad if just sum of the cast wasn't doing another family members leftovers. Thank God for Quinn & Deacon! Yeah I said it, at least their not doing family members of their exes.
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