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  • Less Beautiful

    Thank goodness Allie is gone! Such bad acting! Ivy is no better - now we have to suffer her being the main actor for a few episodes - the writers are making her as wacky as Allie - Ugh. 8/21

    Liam is pathetic - back to his flip flopping again - same old story! Having Liam's brother going for his previous exes are boring, we are going to see the same thing happen with Steffy and Liam as with what's happened with Hope. Blehhhh!! 06/19

    Seriously, the story line is getting way boring!!! Too much of Rick's strutting around and Liam and and his new girl - no zing, definitely the most boring couple to watch - and I thought Ally and Oliver were bad!! 04/30

    Maya is way annoying!! Such bad acting!! When Ridge is having some lip exercises with Caroline - that's the only time he has some facial expression!! Otherwise it's like watching a plank of wood act! 11/06

    Maya - terrible actress!! Irritating to watch! Liam... still annoying! Ally and Oliver terrible to watch! Ivy not any better. Ridge - half the time, he walks around with a deadpan expression.... terrible actor!! When he and Katie comes on - bad acting on both parts - there's no chemistry... a lot of fastwarding!! 8/01

    SERIOUSLY!!???? The story is getting from bad to worse! Liam is getting on my nerves more than ever!! Wyatt should just give Hope the boot!! Time to stop making Hope the wishy washy type female who doesn't know what she wants!! Then maybe she deserves to lose both contenders!! Ally is still bad at acting and watching her with Oliver is giving me the heebie jeebies!! Never mind that it looks like Taylor will be back on the scene - UGGHHHHHH. Time to stop watching! Down one more rating! 04/25

    Don't like the new Ridge. Not the same. His and Katie's acting is putting me off watching!

    What's with Liam acting now like a "mother hen" giving advice and meddling in other people's business. He cannot even put his own house in order. I say let Liam be single for a long while and make sure he sees what he has lost!! As stated before, his indecisiveness is annoying as hell. Who would want him back anyway? After being told that one cannot bear any more children, he chose to leave Steffie and not stand by her side - I call him a JERK! Why are the writers making Quinn a psycho? It started off nicely and they have to ruin a nice thing going with Eric instead of Brooke's two sisters. At least now they got one hooked up with the cuckoo security guard. I agree with the other person about Allie. Definitely not right for the Bold and the Beautiful. 1/10/2014

    LOVE Wyatt with Hope. I "hope" they get to be a couple! Although I don't much like Katie's acting, I definitely side with her on the issue of Brooke sleeping with her husband. Thank goodness Caroline Spencer is acting normal again, her acting all 'bitchy' did not suit her at all and made it terrible to watch. Glad that Maya did not to stay on the scene for long. Time for Liam to high tail it back to Stephanie! His indecisiveness was getting on my nerves - what there's left of it!
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