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  • 30 minutes is not long enough should do double episodes! Also cannot stand Liam and Hope.


    Steffy made a mistake so what? Everyone seems to forget so did Liam! If i was in that situation i would feel completely unloved to have my husband kiss another woman who admits she loves him in a moment of near mean seriously? What Liam did caused all the damage. Yes Steffy did something horrible but so did Liam and to be fair she thought her marriage was over and was not thinking clearly AND they renewed their vowels. The only thing that made what she did worse is the fact she didn't tell him about it and let him find out.

    If liam loved Steffy he would have not kissed Sally when he was experiencing a near death experience and he would not have gotten engaged to Hope before he even filed the annulment papers!! He would of shown some more support towards his first time pregnant wife who is going through a lot. He didn't have to be in a relationship with her to show her support! Instead of spending all his time with Hope and kissing her when he's still married to Steffy geez.

    30 minutes is by far not enough time!! It goes by too quick and barely anything happens. I strongly reccomend double episodes for viewers to enjoy the show properly and not have to constantly be waiting for things to happen.

  • So SICK of Steffy and Bill triumphing over Liam and Hope! I'm stopping and all my friends stopping watching BnB!

    Why?! Are you letting the bad guys win again! Steffy doesn't deserve Liam even with their baby! Why couldn't you guys finally put the good guys with good guys and let the bad guys be together and see how far that goes!

    I have been a steady follower of this my favorite show, however this has put me over the edge, I thought for sure Liam and Hope were going to get together finally! Then nope horrible evil Steffy wins.... BOOOOO!

    Me and friends would have parties, we are stay at home moms, nonetheless, we are protesting and not going to watch anymore!! I'm over your horrible writers, now what will any of the story lines be, Steffy hooks up with bill again and yada yada, so sick of it! So many fans so upset over this, watch your viewership go away and you will have to cancel the show, so sad! Goodbye!

    I believe that Liam and Steffy marriage needs to be over for good! What type of Women/Wife sleeps with her father in-law, that's disgusting. Please let Liam and Hope finally be together after all the manipulation from Bill and Steffy. Who cares that she says that she wants to be with Liam now, she has done the unthinkable and they are at a point of no return. Why don't you let Liam and Hope finally have their chance. You allowed to Steffy manipulation to go on for weeks, but you only allow Hope and Liam engagement last a day before allowing Wyatt to find out the truth, so he can run back and tell Liam the truth. Which should not matter because Steffy is a no good lying and cheating wife. She tried to justify what she did with sleeping with Bill because Liam kissed Sally when he thought was his last days on earth. Which doesn't compare to what Steffy did by sleeping with Liam Father. At least Liam was honest enough to tell her what happened, and Steffy tried to cover it up and continued to lie and still see Bill behind Liam's back. Also when she find out she was pregnant, she tried to cover up the fact the the possibility that Bill could have been the father. She is a sneaky, no good, liar and Liam deserves to be with someone who is honest, who is hope. I'm never watching this show again since Hope and Liam is not getting married, and Steffy and Liam is getting back together
  • Not Happy

    Please change the story line. B & B have had so many good life lesson episodes. The have had great stories on homelessness, pet shelters. All they are doing now with Hope Liam and Steffy is teaching its ok to move on from one person to another. This is one story line thats getting old. For me and my family we are done. I have watched it since it started. Enough is enough plus Brooke has been with all the Forrester men plus Bridgette's husband and Oliver. She should not throw any stones. Pleas let Bill ride off into the sunset and let Steffy and Liam be happy. He doses the love Steffy or Liam or he would not treat them this way. Also, not another Logan chick getting pregnant to get her man. Now that disgusting
  • Bold and the Beautiful? only 30 min/ NOT ENOUGH TIME, NEED MORE

    Thirty min goes by way too fast, and besides AND THE RESTLESS GETS AN IS UP WITH THAT???? Y&R AREN'T ANY BETTER THAN we possibly have an hour show????

    Oh and by the way, I think someone should kick Hope and her mama's mama is the "pot calling the kettle black" wouldn't you say? She has had her infidelities 84 year old mom and I watch this show religiously every day together and we both love the show.

  • Talk, Cry, Repeat...........

    I've watched B&B for years, but recently I can literally skip a week or two without missing a thing! Seriously I could repeat the script over and over and over! Nothing but talk, cry, repeat! When is the plot going to progress?!?
  • Hate It

    I am so sick of Liam and Hope. How can Brooke and Katie talk about Steffy. Brooke has been with every Forrester including Bill Spencer when he was married to Katie. I hope Ridge leaves Brooke and I hope Liam finds out what Bill, Justin, Wyatt and Katie is lying about Steffy so that Hope can marry Liam. Hope is so desperate. Steffy should not take Liam back and someone needs to hurt Bill do he cannot hurt anybody else. He needs to be stopped. Brooke needs to be with Bill as they are two of a kind. This Hope is so home and plain. I can't believe that Wyatt would keep Bill's secret. It is too slow.
  • Meka40

    First off how could Anyone go off of Brooke the forester forester someone who have had there sister husband as well someone who have had the daddy and granddaddy really she wants her daughter to be just like her hell her daughter done been married to liam brother and pregnant from Liam brother oh but because steffy step backwards into bill life once again off of a terrible mistake she made because her husband kissed her enemy everyone wants to point the finger at her as if Liam such a perfect little angle but it never was a problem after Brooke done been with everyone husband and man on the stories let that man tell his brother the truth and stop trying to put something that no man can't build if He's meant to be with Steffy half sister hope then he will be if he's meant to be with hope the half sister of Steffy then he will but let it be off of the truth not a damn bold face lie the girl don't want bill damn she wants her husband and that's all she wanted and he was there until that lie soaked from the bottom of the water from the pitts of hell because in real reality everyone on these stories have slept with there own family members brothers sisters or cousins grandfather and daddy in these stories so stop for a second and think she this boy really marry hope why would I ever want my daughter to be a rebound chic after this man done been married to my stepsister and made a baby I would want a helluve lot more for my damn daughter then a confused man that's moving entirely to fast between two great women with lots of ambitions damn what she did twenty yrs from now it's now what we're talking about cause you can't get to your future holding on to the past cause they all done did wrong but at this point I think they need to tell that man the truth and let him make his own decision damn hope and her mama with that cause she's no angle either I'm rooting for steffy and her family she deserve another chance just like everyone feels hope deserve another chance after being married and carrying a baby from his brother I feel steffy do to he cheated first a kiss is the same as a sexy thing it's called immiatent prayers to steffy and her baby hoping all goes well
  • Stop Making Steffy the Villian

    Isn't it about time to put the blame where it belongs??? Liam started the debacle with lusting after Sally Spectra. He betrayed Steffy by kissing Sally and not honoring his marriage vows to Steffy. Frankly, as a female, I find the story line between Liam and Hope insulting to the female race. What female would ever want a flip-flopping man like Liam? Hope needs to be brought back down to earth by being made aware that Liam started the trouble between him and Steffy.. He is the one that can't be trusted. He isn't as honorable as he thinks by proposing to Hope whe his marriage to Steffy isn't even annulled yet. Send Hope back to Europe. Enough of the moon-eyed, love-struck-ness of Liam and Hope. It is really painful to watch.
  • Stop the Love Triangle!

    The love triangle between Steffy, Liam and Hope is disgusting! We have watched this nonsense for years and they will never allow them to be happy for any period of time. Liam hasn't even filed for divorce and he has jumped in the bed with Hope. (The new Hope is horrible by the way) Please stop this madness or I will have to stop watching! This is a poor example of what real life should look life. No one should propose and move on that fast after being married and having a baby on the way. They have made Liam into a love sick puppy that can't be alone. That is not the Liam that used to exist. The Bill Spencer we know wouldn't beg Steffy to be with him. Steffy would go to Bill if that is what she wanted to do. Brooke encouraging Hope to be the second choice is absolutely ridiculous! I'm a big fan of the soap operas and have watched my whole life and there aren't many left on the air. Please don't write this horrible story lines and become the next victim of being cancelled.....
  • New Writers with New Ideas!!!!!

    How many times are we going to see Liam go from Steffy to Hope and vice versa???? This is another version of Ridge going from Brook to Taylor and vice versa that has played out far too long! This storyline is so tired and maybe it's time for some new blood on the writing team. Adding new characters would be great also. Seems like everyone on the show has slept with each other.
  • Less Beautiful

    What is wrong with Liam? He hasn't even filed the divorce papers yet and he's already proposing to Hope? Did he even love Steffy? What is wrong with Bill? 5/4

    The new Hope is not doing anything for the show!! 4/25

    Thorne is not doing anything for the show. What a scraggly looking guy! Can someone shut Steffy up?! Most episodes are of her whining and begging!! Hell you slept with Bill - those are the consequences that you have to pay! Just because you are feeling down or low - doesn't mean you have to sleep around. That's just a stupid excuse. If it was the other way round - Liam slept with another woman - there's no way she could forgive him!! 2/28/18

    I agree with the latest writer about everybody sleeping with anybody!! It's the same with DOOL and The Young and the Restless. There's no morals and fidelity! They may as well do a porn show!! 11/17

    Such a stupid show spectra group standing there all sooted up? Meanwhile the firemen who are nearer to the fire all clean on the face!!???? Would any firemen even let them stand around there and be in the way! So stupid!! 08/28

    Isn't Wyatt way way younger than Katie? She's certainly no spring chicken. 8/9/17

    Just when I think that this is as much as I can take of Quinn - the writers bring in another stupid nutcase who seems worse than Quinn. Still can't stand Quinn. Ugghhh - the next few episodes will be terrible to watch. Ridge is pathetic!! 6/5/17

    Ugghhhh!!! The whole group of people in the Specter section are too disgusting and pathetic to watch. Sally's grandmother also acts in Days of our Lives and she acts the same way - you call that an actress? Kill them off as soon as possible - not worth watching!! . It's also boring!! Thomas has no taste in women - he always seems to fall for the wrong types! 4/14/17

    I suppose the writers will have Ridge playing musical chairs with women again. Sally Specter thing not doing anything for me. The young Sally and the old one does not seemed refined enough for being in the fashion industry. Their coarseness is like nails on a chalkboard! Trying to bring life to a show that's dying??? Not working!! 02/07/17

    Do I really need to hear Quacky Quinn rant and rave with her stupid nasally voice for a whole episodeI I haven't been watching a few episodes but when I catch up I have to watch this. Since I've already missed a few episodes. Just a few more and I'll stop watching!! 1/20/17

    Ughh!! Seriously?!! Watching Eric getting gaga over Quacky Quinn isn't something I would like to watch. Watching Quinn wax on and on is bad enough. Can something (or someone who has a beef with her) bad happen to Quinn and get rid of her, so we can stop watching her? 12/19

    Why are Rick and Steffy still hanging around the company - just resign and do they own thing for goodness sake!! They all stand there taking in Quacky Quinn's cr*p!! Just walk away! 11/15

    Still not watching Quacky Quinn and Eric!! Wyatt is a mama's boy!! So pathetic!! What's with Maya and Rick? They already have one kid barely a year old and they want another so soon!! So inconsiderate!! 11/01

    Ewwww!! If I have to watch anymore of Quacky Quinn and Eric going "my husband, my wife" sappiness - I'm really going to throw up!! Luckily I can fast forward!!! Can someone please kill her off!! 10/20

    UGHHHH!!!! If I see anymore of Quacky Quinn and Icky Ivy, I'm going to throw up!! Time to stop watching! 9/15

    Now the writer's have done it again!! They've brought back Icky Ivy!! PLEASE can Icky Ivy and Quacky Quin not be on the show anymore? Really pathetic to watch. Stop Liam from being so pathetic too!!! 8/31

    Quacky Quinn is really annoying and getting on my nerves!! If I was in Steffy's place, I would be screaming as well!! There's just some kind of a stupid look on Quinn's face that puts one off watching. It's always Hope/Liam/Wyatt now it's Steffy/Wyatt/Liam. Meanwhile the others are playing musical chairs and swapping wife's/girlfriends? Whose turn is it to sleep with whom again? Getting sick of the merry go round - time to get off!! 08/05

    Oh come on!!! Don't you at least ring the door bell before going into a person's house even if you have a spare key or whatever? Brooke can even walk in on Katie and her husband in their romantic thrill!! What kind of a stupid story line is that? For us to see more of Katie's stupid drinking binge?!! Can the writers not come up with something new? Why the heck do we have to keep on watching Brooke and Katie booze it up and acting real pathetic!! Waste of my time watching - why the heck isn't the alcohol taken out of the house when their spouse knows that they are boozing up? PLEASE get rid of "Suck My Lips" Sacha - can't stand her stupid acting. She's trying to be seductive - but she's really getting on my nerves - fast forwarding when she comes on. Really pathetic story line - my episodes have been building up - not really interested in watching any more! 3/5

    Liam and Quinn - bleaahhhh!! Boring!!! 2/22

    Really? Steffy profess to love Liam (although he is pathetic) but she is locking lips with Liam's brother. With Liam losing his memory is really pathetic. Sick and tired of watching Brooke's blubbering face! She cries for everything!! Serious, is she a nymphomaniac? There's plenty of fish in the sea - must she go for her sister's husband? - Again! Really?? That's one stupid scene on the plane with Liam falling and knocking himself out!! His acting is still pathetic. Can we please get rid of "can't-act-for-peanuts" Sasha!! 01/09

    Ugghhhh!!! What's with this Sasha female? She has a continuous scheming ugly sneer/smirk on her face all the time. Very off putting watching her act!! We already have to suffer watching Ivy who is now acting so neurotic that is quite annoying to watch!! Please get rid of her and this stupid Sasha!! Not doing anything for the show 12/16

    Thank goodness Allie is gone! Such bad acting! Ivy is no better - now we have to suffer her being the main actor for a few episodes - the writers are making her as wacky as Allie - Ugh. 8/21

    Liam is pathetic - back to his flip flopping again - same old story! Having Liam's brother going for his previous exes are boring, we are going to see the same thing happen with Steffy and Liam as with what's happened with Hope. Blehhhh!! 06/19

    Seriously, the story line is getting way boring!!! Too much of Rick's strutting around and Liam and and his new girl - no zing, definitely the most boring couple to watch - and I thought Ally and Oliver were bad!! 04/30

    Maya is way annoying!! Such bad acting!! When Ridge is having some lip exercises with Caroline - that's the only time he has some facial expression!! Otherwise it's like watching a plank of wood act! 11/06

    Maya - terrible actress!! Irritating to watch! Liam... still annoying! Ally and Oliver terrible to watch! Ivy not any better. Ridge - half the time, he walks around with a deadpan expression.... terrible actor!! When he and Katie comes on - bad acting on both parts - there's no chemistry... a lot of fastwarding!! 8/01

    SERIOUSLY!!???? The story is getting from bad to worse! Liam is getting on my nerves more than ever!! Ally is still bad at acting and watching her with Oliver is giving me the heebie jeebies!! UGGHHHHHH. Time to stop watching! Down one more rating! 04/25

    Don't like the new Ridge. Not the same. His and Katie's acting is putting me off watching!

    What's with Liam acting now like a "mother hen" giving advice and meddling in other people's business. He cannot even put his own house in order. I say let Liam be single for a long while and make sure he sees what he has lost!! As stated before, his indecisiveness is annoying as hell. Who would want him back anyway? After being told that one cannot bear any more children, he chose to leave Steffie and not stand by her side - I call him a JERK! Why are the writers making Quinn a psycho? It started off nicely and they have to ruin a nice thing going with Eric instead of Brooke's two sisters. At least now they got one hooked up with the cuckoo security guard. I agree with the other person about Allie. Definitely not right for the Bold and the Beautiful. 1/10/2014

    LOVE Wyatt with Hope. I "hope" they get to be a couple! Although I don't much like Katie's acting, I definitely side with her on the issue of Brooke sleeping with her husband. Thank goodness Caroline Spencer is acting normal again, her acting all 'bitchy' did not suit her at all and made it terrible to watch. Glad that Maya did not to stay on the scene for long. Time for Liam to high tail it back to Stephanie! His indecisiveness was getting on my nerves - what there's left of it!

    Cannot BELIEVE Bill wins again! and Liam broke it off with Steffy for good. This was soooo wrong! True love did not win and Liam is still confused, he's using Hope as a rebound. Steffy and Liam belong together. Come on B&B, Fix this tragedy! I cant bear to watch anymore. BIll needs to be stopped for plot is being run into the ground.
  • No good review.

    This is my opinion on The Bold and the Beautiful. I've always enjoyed watching a program it was very interesting. But then they started putting a Twist in it. And it is not a pleasant one. I feel that the character Bill Spenser has became more of a pedophile. Whoever wrote this script seems to think it's okay for a older man to have want a relationship with such a young girl. He's always had a interest for younger girls. The writers of this program is making it seem like it's okay to be a pedophile. And a stalker.
  • Too old

    Steffy is much too "mature looking" to play Liam's wife, she is much more suited to Bill.
  • No more

    I am so done with this show. I said that I would not watch this show anymore. If I had to go through the Hope Liam Steffy thing again. And I'm getting so sick and tired of Stephanie using that baby as a weapon. Come on people bring some new blood into the show. I was hoping it would never come back to this. So I'm going to keep my word and I am never going to watch your show again. A show that I have been watching from day one. My God writers get on with it bring somebody else into this show.

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  • Hope Logan

    Get Rid aid Her Already, Send Her Back To Paris! She needs to stop trying to be a Home Wrecker... Shit Stirrer. Leave Liam Alone so he can patch up things with his Wife! Lonely Heffa!

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  • Low morals

    BB is morally low. They promote family but everyone sleeps with family members. How can writers get away with such trash. Can't at least one couple not have adultery problems?
  • No topic in particular.

    Frankly I'm tired of everybody sleeping with everybody else's father, mother, wife and the list goes on. Granted we know that every relationship is not perfect but there are some that's not all bad. Can't you let some couples be happy and stay happy.
  • concerns about Caroline

    I am concern about how Caroline and Bill are making themselves look even worse than they already are. Wait till Brook finds out about the deceit Bill is doing. And how Caroline is making herself look as low as bill.

    And how Bill has been going about trying to get everything he wants with the price of someone else's happiness. I REALLY like Sally and she is getting a very RAW deal. I can barely watch the show it is so deceitful . Sally really needs a BREAK and the COMPANY. And Bill is such a brat can not even tell the people whom really WON the pageant!!!!!!!!!!!really Disappointing in your show!!!!!!
  • Concerning faking you are dying

    I am VERY upset because you are teaching kids to not text and drive and then you turn around and Bill tells Thomas that Caroline is dying to get him to leave Sally. What a horrible message and a horrible plot. I am VERY DISGUSTED WITH THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW. YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS KIND OF PLOT. VERY DISGUSTED

    Her part on this show has ALWAYS annoyed everyone. She plays a crazy meddling martyr. I have recorded this show since recording became available & watched it from the beginning. I have stopped watching, so have 6 of my friends because of her. Stay home, watch your son, stop getting in everyone's biz. I am sure even at your own show you have one of these shit stirring people, that think they are holy than tho, she who stirs the shit pot should have to lick the spoon. Please get rid of her. All the other dramas are normal people drama, no one wants a "Katie Logan" in their life. She is sooooooo obnoxious. Never had a place on the show, so she is just shoved into other people's drama. UGH. B&B WAS my favorite & travel the world, fashion. Nice idea. Katie HAS TO GO. She acts like she is so above all, been with Ridge (her sisters love of her life) and is now targeting Eric. PLEASE.

  • Get ride is Katie Logan! Total nightmare!

    Katie's constant whining, meddling in others lives, creeping around trying to get dirt on everyone needs to stop. She needs to be a mom to her son, blackmailing Quinn. Sure the Quinn/Ridg thing sickened me, I really wanted to see Quinn change & be the show have a success story? Please get rid of Katie, and not by having Quinn kill her. A heart attack would suffice. I record show daily & have always watched. I will stop watching if Katie the whining meddler problem causing brat stays in this current role.
  • Bold and Beautiful

    Please Please don't bring the Sally Spectra thing back. Terrible
  • B & B

    Who is writing these awful stories?? I can't even stand to watch this anymore!! The Quinn and Ridge story is nauseating and I am afraid were you are going with this!! YUK
  • Going backwards now, are we

    HATED the stupid Spectra storyline the FIRST time around; reviving it for a second run isn't doing the show any using a talentless wanna be actress w/ an extremely poor southern style (I'm assuming here) accent. Are the writers running out of material, or what?