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  • Ep. #2757
    Ep. #2757
    Episode 252
    Stephanie and Eric are talking about the great success of the Forrester collection. Taylor and Ridge are still talking about his feelings about the baby. Brooke is calling all of Rick's friends again, but none of them have heard from Rick or C.J. At the crash scene, the car is shown demolished and smoking. C.J. helps Amber and both start searching for Rick. They find him bleeding. As they hear the first strains of the siren from the ambulance, C.J. tells Amber that she has to leave. Stephanie tells Eric that if he could have seen Ridge and Taylor together, he would agree they are for each other. As Brooke and James open the door to leave, the phone rings and Brooke learns the bad news from C.J. Brooke and James rush into the hospital where she finds Rick with the doctors.moreless
  • Ep. #2756
    Ep. #2756
    Episode 251
    Ridge is coming to visit Taylor while she is still with Stephanie. They are talking about the baby, and Ridge is really sorry about the lost time with his new son. Brooke is pacing the floor, worried about Rick and Amber. She tells James that she is going to have a talk with Amber. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick are still up on Mulholland Drive making out. Someone comes up to the car door and asks to see a driver's license, but it is C.J. He wants a drag race, but Rick wants none of it. C.J. accuses him of not having the stones for it and tells Amber to come with him. At the last minute Rick changes his decision. The two cars are revved up and ready. Amber says "Start"! She is screaming with excitement because they are winning, but Rick turns back and loses control of the car.moreless
  • Ep. #2755
    Ep. #2755
    Episode 250
    Stephanie pumps Taylor for information about how her meeting with Ridge went. James has come to visit Brooke, and they are talking about Ridge. Rick and Amber are in the car when she orders Rick to pull over. Amber returns carrying a bottle of wine. Rick asks her to stop calling him kid because he's not. Brooke starts to worry about Rick, because he is not at home.moreless
  • Ep. #2754
    Ep. #2754
    Episode 249
    Amber is very happy that John Quincy likes her, and wants to celebrate with the guys. They steal a bottle of wine from the bar. Sally is happy to see Macy and Grant, but is already busy with a dinner with a new man in her life (baseball player Steve Garvey). Thorne is visiting James for advice about his life. Macy shows Grant her room as a child and the two have fun. Amber realises she has had too much to drink and gives Rick the keys to the car then gets in, the bottle still in her hand.moreless
  • Ep. #2753
    Ep. #2753
    Episode 248
    Macy and Grant are waiting for a special guest in their restaurant. He is a music agent, and Amber is very excited and wants to sing, but is not sure Macy will let her. So C.J. suggests Macy and Grant visit Sally, because she is alone at home. Meanwhile, Thorne is searching for Macy and has a fight with Sally. Macy and Grant comes to Sally's house with dinner. Amber wants Rick to help her with the song. The music agent really likes the song and congratulates Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #2752
    Ep. #2752
    Episode 247
    Taylor arrives at Big Bear right after Brooke has left and their conversation is almost identical as Taylor makes it clear she still loves him and wants him. Amber meets Thorne in a restaurant, and they talk briefly about Taylor and Brooke. Rick and C.J. are at Insomnia waiting for Amber. Taylor and Ridge talk about Brooke faking her pregnancy, and Ridge learns that Taylor tried for months to tell him the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #2751
    Ep. #2751
    Episode 246
    Ridge believes that Brooke lied about being pregnant to keep him and Taylor apart. Stephanie and Taylor discuss her experiences with Brooke over the years. Taylor is afraid Brooke will be the first to talk with Ridge and decides to go to Big Bear. Jonny and Lauren are happy together. He later goes home where his brother Rush is waiting for him. They have a fight and Rush hits him. Lauren calls to see him, and Rush acts like he's Jonny. Brooke is upset and wants from Ridge to stay with her, but he is not ready to do that. He still doesn't believe everything she is saying.moreless
  • Ep. #2750
    Ep. #2750
    Episode 245
    Brooke is on her way to Big Bear, where Ridge is still talking with Stephanie. Rush looks at Lauren's apartment through the window. Brooke comes to Big Bear right after Stephanie leaves for L.A. Ridge doesn't want to talk with her and suspects her of faking her pregnancy. Stephanie visits Taylor at her house to let her Ridge is in Big Bear. Taylor wants to talk with him, and Stephanie supports her, saying he will choose her instead of Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #2749
    Ep. #2749
    Episode 244
    Brooke is searching for Ridge. He is alone in Big Bear where Stephanie comes to support Taylor. He is not sure yet. Rush finds Lauren's apartment where she is having a dinner with his brother Tony. Brooke visits Taylor and both fight about Ridge again. Both want to talk with Ridge first, but dont know where he is. Brooke finds from Megan later he is in Big Bear.moreless
  • Ep. #2748
    Ep. #2748
    Episode 243
    The man Maggie and Lauren hired is in Sheila's house and starts playing different sounds again, while Sheila is having a dream about her past. She calls her mother and wants to leave L.A. for awhile. James can't understand her decision, but she is afraid her dark past is coming back. Macy is worrying about Thorne and starts singing in the restaurant. Thorne congratulates her for the song and gives her a phone number to call him. Rush is on his way on the plane to L.A. to find Lauren. Lauren has a strange feeling and discusses it with Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #2747
    Ep. #2747
    Episode 242
    Lauren and Maggie are talking about Jonny and Lauren tells Maggie she still loves Eric. Grant and Macy have dinner in the same restaurant where Thorne is. Sheila is afraid of the strange sounds, but doesn't want to tell James. Maggie and Lauren are waiting for her reaction. The contractor, Nick Fielding, sneaks back into the house again.moreless
  • Ep. #2746
    Ep. #2746
    Episode 241
    Brooke comes to Ridge's office while he is still with Taylor. His first happy reaction changes after seeing both women. He has a fight with both Brooke and Taylor over the truth. He is upset that both are hiding it from him until now. Stephanie is very happy and waiting with Eric and James in the office. She is sure Ridge will chase out Brooke and their marriage will be over. After Ridge leaves the office Brooke and Taylor start arguing over the real reason for the problem. Brooke is sure Ridge will stay with her, because they are married. Taylor comes in Eric's office, upset and sorry for letting Ridge know the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #2745
    Ep. #2745
    Episode 240
    Taylor and Ridge have a little conversation about the baby's name before she lets him know he is the real father. Ridge is shocked and can't believe it. Taylor decides not to tell Ridge about the role Brooke played in the secret. Meanwhile Stephanie and Brooke have a fight again at her office where Brooke tries to stop Taylor bycalling her at home. But she is already in Ridge's office where he is really happy to be a father. Sally and Macy are talking when Thorne comes to visit Macy. She supports him in his decision and suggest him to have a little break at home, away from his family.moreless
  • Ep. #2744
    Ep. #2744
    Episode 239
    Taylor is ready to talk with Ridge and has invited James in the house to help her with the baby. Stephanie calls her to support her decision again. Brooke is in good spirits and has a surprise for Ridge in his office. Meanwhile, Stephanie visits Thorne is his office and both have a fight over the baby secret. Thorne calls Macy to ask her for a meeting again. Stephanie goes into Brooke's office while she is waiting for Ridge and tells her she knows the truth about Taylor's baby. Taylor is calling Ridge to let him know she's back and on her way to the Forrester building where she must talk to him about something she says is very important.moreless
  • Ep. #2743
    Ep. #2743
    Episode 238
    Lauren shows up in Sally's office and they are talking about her new relationships with Jonny Carrera. Meanwhile Tony Carrera, who everyone believes is dead, is coming to L.A. to find Lauren. Thorne and Macy continue their conversation and she tells Thorne she's going to marry Grant. Lauren recieves a phone call with invitation for a meeting from Jonny Carerra.moreless
  • Ep. #2742
    Ep. #2742
    Episode 237
    Stephanie visits Taylor and starts asking her questions. Thorne wants to talk with Macy in her office while she is with Grant. He tells her that he is not the father of Taylor's baby. Taylor finally tells the truth to Stephanie and she is very happy. Taylor plans to talk with Ridge tomorrow and let him know that he is the father of her child.moreless
  • Ep. #2741
    Ep. #2741
    Episode 236
    Stephanie wants to talk with Taylor to find the truth and calls her father to find out that Taylor is already back in LA. Sheila is very upset because of Judy's visit and because of the strange sounds coming from different parts of the house. Maggie and the others are doing everything to make Sheila unsure and afraid. Taylor tells Thorne that her real decision is to tell Ridge the truth about her baby and that she lied because of Brooke. Thorne is very upset and leaves her.moreless
  • Ep. #2740
    Ep. #2740
    Episode 235
    Taylor returns to L.A. and shows up at Brooke's door with the baby. Brooke doesn't want to allow her to talk with Ridge, who is waiting for her in the bedroom. Taylor assures Brooke that she will not tell Ridge that he is the father of her child. Meanwhile Thorne is upset, thinking that that's the end for him and Taylor. Brooke calls him to tell him the good news about Taylor's decision. Meanwhile, Maggie has invited Lauren to watch Sheila's reaction when Judy, the nurse who worked in Sheila and Eric's house earlier, shows up at door and shocks Sheila. They are using a video camera with special sound effects also. Taylor is back at home where Thorne is waiting for her happy, but he doesn't know there will be a surprise.moreless
  • Ep. #2739
    Ep. #2739
    Episode 234
    Thorne refuses to believes that Brooke faked both her pregnancy and her miscarriage to keep Ridge at her side. Maggie meets with James and lies to him that she's not out to get Sheila. Taylor arrives at Brooke's home to see Ridge.
  • Ep. #2738
    Ep. #2738
    Episode 233
    Brooke is convinced that her marriage to Ridge is so strong that even if Taylor did make a play for him she couldn't win. Lauren spends the night relaxing with Jonny.
  • Ep. #2737
    Ep. #2737
    Episode 232
    Judy tells Maggie about Sheila. Lauren is dressed to the nines, and is rather surprised to see he isn't dressed in kind. Eric tries to convince James that Sheila will never be any good.
  • Ep. #2736
    Ep. #2736
    Episode 231
    Maggie goes to Eric looking for help in destroying Sheila. Rush approaches Amur when she panics at his leaving. Lauren looks forward to having dinner with Jonny.
  • Ep. #2735
    Ep. #2735
    Episode 230
    Maggie meets with Jay Garvin's widow, Maureen, and begs her for help in exposing Sheila. Although initially Maureen just wants to put everything behind her, once Maggie starts detailing Sheila's recent actions, she agrees to help.
  • Ep. #2734
    Ep. #2734
    Episode 229
    Stephanie is more convinced than ever that Brooke was never pregnant, but Ridge claims she had a miscarriage while they were in Italy. Ridge admits that he wasn't with her at the time and she never went to a doctor, which convinces Stephanie that she was faking all along. When Brooke admits that Thorne knows, Stephanie accuses her and Thorne of conniving together to keep Ridge and Taylor apart. Amber pushes Rick away after he gets fresh and suggests he check on his family, and worries what she is to do because she doesn't want to get involved with him, but she needs his help with her career. When he gets back, she's ready to get on the bed with him. Grant wants to go to a party thrown by a friend of his, and when Macy says she wants a quiet night at home, he asks Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #2733
    Ep. #2733
    Episode 228
    Stephanie is upset that she has to spend her birthday with Brooke, and continues to blame Brooke for Taylor and Ridge not being together. Amber tries to get Rick to concentrate on his homework, but he's more interested in her than he is in studying. Stephanie taunts Brooke about using babies to hold on to the Forrester men, and Brooke announces that she's not pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #2732
    Ep. #2732
    Episode 227
    Rick tries to replace the tennis bracelet that Amber stole, but the safe is locked. He convinces Brooke to open the safe, then uses C.J. to distract her so he can replace the bracelet. Rick wants Amber to come out to dinner. Brooke is nervous when Ridge mentions her miscarriage, and she asks him not to mention it to Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #2731
    Ep. #2731
    Episode 226
    Eric worries about Lauren after she tells him about her date with Jonny because the man bears such an eerie resemblance to Rush. Ridge and Thorne argue over Taylor, and Ridge tells Thorne that he would never have let Taylor leave if it was his child she was pregnant with. Rush is with Amur, but can't stop thinking about Lauren.moreless
  • Ep. #2730
    Ep. #2730
    Episode 225
    Just as Jonny admits to Lauren that part of him is glad his twin is dead, Rush wakes up in a cabin in Greenland. Thorne and Brooke worry that Taylor will tell Ridge he is the father of her baby once she realises Brooke isn't pregnant.
  • Ep. #2729
    Ep. #2729
    Episode 224
    Sally is concerned when Lauren tells her that she's invited Jonny over for dinner, but Lauren soothes her ruffled friend. Grant and Macy are also looking out for Lauren as they pretend to 'interview' Jonny, and are surprised to learn he once pretended to be his brother at a photo shoot.moreless
  • Ep. #2728
    Ep. #2728
    Episode 223
    After Amber admits to Rick that she was the one who stole Brooke's tennis bracelet, he agrees to help her out. Lauren and Stephanie fill Maggie in on everything Sheila has done in her past as James and Sheila kiss passionately after he learns she has hired a contractor to build the baby's room.moreless
  • Ep. #2727
    Ep. #2727
    Episode 222
    Ridge and Brooke worry that Amber stole the bracelet from the safe. James makes Maggie apologise to Sheila. Amber pawns the bracelet.
  • Ep. #2726
    Ep. #2726
    Episode 221
    Brooke wonders if she is doing the right thing by denying Ridge the chance to know his son. Amber steals a tennis bracelet from Brooke's safe. James convinces Sheila not to press charges against Maggie.
  • Ep. #2708
    Ep. #2708
    Episode 203
    Rick continues to try hitting on Amber while Brooke rushes to get Ridge out of the house before Taylor can show up and reveal the truth about who fathered her baby. Taylor gives birth in the car, and Thorne rushes her and her son to the hospital where Dr. Santana gives them both a clean bill of health.moreless
  • Ep. #2707
    Ep. #2707
    Episode 202
    Thorne and Taylor continue to race to the house. Taylor is determined to tell Ridge that he is the father of her baby, as well as her suspicions that Brooke isn't really pregnant. When her water breaks, Taylor realises they aren't going to make it to the hospital, and begs Thorne to pull over because she's about to give birth. At the house, Brooke is terrified Taylor will show up and blow her right out of the water. With her brother, mother, and sister in attendance, Brooke and Ridge say their I Do's, and Stephanie is disappointed that Taylor didn't make it to the church in time. Sally and Lauren (who is drying her nails) read about the wedding, and ask Stephanie's hairdresser Deane for information. Deane is mum on the issue, but Lauren and Sally know there's something wrong if Taylor lets Brooke manipulate Ridge away from her.moreless
  • Ep. #2704
    Ep. #2704
    Episode 199
    Brooke and Ridge are preparing for their upcoming wedding at the house. They thank Eric for designing special wedding outfits for Bridget and Rick, then welcome Brooke's parents, brother Storm, and sister Katie (sister Donna was unable to attend). Brooke then heads off to Taylor's beach house, while Ridge heads to the office. At the beach house, Taylor again insists that until she sees actual medical proof that Brooke is pregnant, she won't believe it. Brooke tries to suggest a home pregnancy test, but Taylor reminds her that she's a chemist; she can fake it. If Brooke cannot produce proof by the wedding, then Taylor will make sure everyone knows she's lying. At the office, Ridge finds the issue of Eye on Fashion showing Taylor in the show-stopper and his bended knee proposal. After a series of flashbacks, Ridge tosses the magazine in the trash, resigned to wed Brooke since he can't have Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #2698
    Ep. #2698
    Episode 193
    Connor refuses to help Maggie any more in her quest against Sheila, so she goes to Mike for help. James tells Taylor that the best thing for her to do is keep Ridge from learning of his child.
  • Ep. #2697
    Ep. #2697
    Episode 192
    Brooke invites everyone over to her house to make an important announcement: Eric is back! When Eric comes in, the kids immediately rush to their side. Brooke tries to get closer to Stephanie, but Stephanie tells her she will find out what she is hiding and expose her. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ridge talk, and Brooke worries Taylor will tell Ridge the truth about her pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #2655
    Ep. #2655
    Episode 150
    Ridge refuses to work with Caterina, a much-sought after model that Eric has brought on-board, stating that she is selfish and bratty. Caterina proves his point when she gives Eric a list of demands.
  • Ep. #2615
    Ep. #2615
    Episode 110
    Amber draws Sheila a sketch of the baby from memory so that she will have something to remember of her daughter.
  • Ep. #2614
    Ep. #2614
    Episode 109
    Taylor begins to feel spasming pains as Brooke taunts her about how she, not Taylor, will have Ridge.
  • Ep. #2613
    Ep. #2613
    Episode 108
    Macy suggests that Sally offer Clarke more money to complete the collection for them, insisting that he needs them almost as badly as they need him.
  • Ep. #2612
    Ep. #2612
    Episode 107
    Grant angrily turns his back on Brooke after raging at her and Ridge for their constant games with him.
  • Ep. #2611
    Ep. #2611
    Episode 106
    Eric continues to design his perfect wedding dress for Stephanie, and shares with her his thoughts that Taylor will choose Ridge.
  • Ep. #2610
    Ep. #2610
    Episode 105
    Taylor goes to Eric seeking his advice on what she should do about her feelings for Ridge and Thorne.
  • Ep. #2609
    Ep. #2609
    Episode 104
    Thorne delights in pushing Grant's buttons and insisting that Brooke isn't in love with him.
  • Ep. #2608
    Ep. #2608
    Episode 103
    Amber does a phone interview with Maggie and James, and sets up a meeting for the next day.
  • Ep. #2607
    Ep. #2607
    Episode 102
    After getting a call from Antonio Giovanni, the designer Eric was supposed to be meeting with, Stephanie realises that the whole thing is a set up by Lauren. Amber continues to manipulate Sheila, trying to get Sheila to tell her how to get the babysitting job. Sheila initially refuses, citing the promise that she made, but finally capitulates. Eric gets Lauren to see that their relationship can never happen because he is committed to Stephanie and she agrees to let him go. Shortly after he leaves, a furious Stephanie arrives at the cabin. Maggie worries that she and James will never find a babysitter after a horrible interview.moreless
  • Ep. #2606
    Ep. #2606
    Episode 101
    Lauren helps Taylor choose between dresses that work for a date with Thorne, and dresses that work for a date with Ridge. Brooke and Ridge talk about her relationship with Grant, and he encourages her to do what she thinks is best. Eric and Stephanie share a romantic dinner then he heads to LAX to fly out for a meeting only to learn that the chauffeur is going the wrong way.moreless
  • Ep. #2605
    Ep. #2605
    Episode 100
    Grant punches Clarke, who tries to convince his former friend that it was strictly business. Seeing how upset Sheila is that Maggie and James changed the baby's name and that they plan to get a babysitter, Amber offers herself up for the job. Brooke is upset that Thorne is using her to get to Taylor, but admits that she still wants Ridge. Ridge arranges for Trish to take out the showstopper so he can give it to Taylor for the evening, but Brooke shows up before he leaves and tells him that she's not legally married to Grant.moreless
  • Ep. #2604
    Ep. #2604
    Episode 99
    James is pleased to hear that Dr. Kelly thinks it will be alright for them to get a babysitter for Margaret, but Maggie doesn't agree. Mike overhears, and calls Sheila. Ridge is confused by Thorne's repeated references to things 'changing' with Grant. Sheila tells Amber about her past with Eric. Grant worries that Brooke wants to end their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #2603
    Ep. #2603
    Episode 98

    Stephanie catches Lauren in the halls of Forrester dressed as a janitor and delights in making her scrub the floor before admitting she knows the truth. Brooke tells Grant about Captain Harper and their marriage being invalid, and is furious to learn that he already knew. Clarke is refusing to design because he is not under contract.

  • Ep. #2602
    Ep. #2602
    Episode 97
    Sally counsels Lauren on her relationship with Eric, advising her to strike while the iron is hot. Brooke calls Connor for advice, and is torn when he reveals that her marriage really is invalid. Grant tells the family that he will be putting Eric back in charge with Ridge as second in command and himself third, but not until after the next showing.moreless
  • Ep. #2601
    Ep. #2601
    Episode 96
    While Clarke crows to Darla that revealing Grant's secret will make him the Forresters best friend, Thorne delights in telling Brooke that her marriage to Grant is invalid, hoping it will push her back to Ridge so he can have Taylor. Taylor and Ridge play word games at the pool, with Ridge attempting to convince Taylor to get romantic with him. Sheila catches Amber and Eb snooping around in her room, and Amber tells her that she's worried about her, and encourages her to go back to Los Angeles to be with her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #2600
    Ep. #2600
    Episode 95
    Clarke's contact at the records office confirms that Captain Harper is not licensed to perform marriage. Thorne rushes out, telling Clarke they'll discuss his potential employement at Forrester later. Eb and Amber are shocked to discover that Sheila has a shrine to Mary in her room, and are a little grossed out to discover a refrigerator full of breast milk and a breast pump. Ridge tries to assure Taylor that he won't be running back to Brooke at the first sign of trouble. Sheila catches Amber and Eb in her room.moreless
  • Ep. #2599
    Ep. #2599
    Episode 94
    Thorne's words about Ridge have put thoughts in Brooke's head as she questions Ridge about his feelings for Taylor. After Sheila leaves, Amber and Eb decide to pick the lock on her door to find out what she's keeping in her room. Thorne believes that if Brooke and Grant aren't really married, Ridge will choose her, and Taylor's free to be with him.moreless
  • Ep. #2598
    Ep. #2598
    Episode 93
    Thorne stops by to see Brooke to tell her that Taylor can't give up on Ridge, which is the wrong choice, because Ridge can't give up on Brooke. Sheila turns down Mike's marriage proposal, but has a proposal of her own for him -- she wants him to get her a photograph of the baby. Clarke goes to see Thorne and drops a bombshell on him.moreless
  • Ep. #2597
    Ep. #2597
    Episode 92
    Thorne demands to know if Taylor has come to a decision about marrying him, and blames Ridge for clouding her thinking. Mike visits Sheila in Death Valley, and Amber wonders if he's the guy she had the baby with -- he refuses, claiming he never would have let Sheila give up her child. Clarke tells Darla about the fake ship's captain. Mike asks Sheila to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #2596
    Ep. #2596
    Episode 91
    Eric wakes up in Lauren's apartment and tells her that he still plans to marry Stephanie. Stephanie warns Megan that Lauren is not to get into Forrester Creations under any circumstances. Clarke is furious that Sally still doesn't plan to give him a piece of Spectra.
  • Ep. #2595
    Ep. #2595
    Episode 90
    Brooke and Grant celebrate their sixth month anniversary. Grant is pleased to know that Taylor knows the truth about Rick so she and Ridge can move on with their lives. Macy wonders if Clarke is threatening her when he says his creative juices will dry up if he doesn't get a share of Spectra. Clarke runs into Captain Harper at the bar and learns that Brooke and Grant may not be legally married after all.moreless
  • Ep. #2594
    Ep. #2594
    Episode 89
    Grant gives creative control at Forrester back to Eric. Ridge and Taylor share a romantic evening in the Ocean Club's private dining room.
  • Ep. #2593
    Ep. #2593
    Episode 88
    Maggie tells Lauren she can't support her in her attempts to land Eric because of her friendship with Stephanie. Ridge stops by Thorne's office to see him, angry that Thorne went after Taylor while he was incapacitated. Eric tries to convince Lauren it's just friendship.
  • Ep. #2592
    Ep. #2592
    Episode 87
    James is worried when he learns that Sheila recognised Maggie when she went to the Badwater Inn in Death Valley. Amber questions Sheila about the baby that she gave up. Lauren buys a designer outfit from Clarke for her dinner with Eric.
  • Ep. #2591
    Ep. #2591
    Episode 86
    Sheila demands answers from Maggie, who claims that James was not involved in her decision to come. She doesn't want to talk about Margaret, but Sheila warns her that she was the one who broke the rules, so Maggie tells Sheila that she and James love Margaret. Taylor visits with James and the baby, and tells him that she knows all about what happened with Ridge, Grant and Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #2590
    Ep. #2590
    Episode 85
    Lauren stops by to see James and Maggie, and James tells her that they've located Sheila in Death Valley. Ridge is relieved to learn that Taylor did not accept Thorne's proposal. Maggie stops by the café that Sheila is working at in Death Valley, only to be caught by Sheila.
  • Ep. #2589
    Ep. #2589
    Episode 84
    Connor tells Maggie that Sheila is working as a waitress in Death Valley, and that he has sent a detective out there to keep an eye on her. Stephanie worries that Thorne and Taylor have already gotten married, and Eric warns her that if they have, there's nothing that they can do. Taylor is upset to learn that Ridge sent her a letter that Thorne deliberately kept from her, then Thorne pushes Ridge's buttons by telling him that he proposed to Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #2588
    Ep. #2588
    Episode 83
    Stephanie and Eric wonder if Ridge is too late, and if Taylor and Thorne are already engaged. Claudia tries to placate Thorne, who is furious to see Ridge. Taylor is shocked to see Ridge, who tries to tell her how much he cares for her. Connor tells Maggie that he knows where Sheila is. Ridge confesses the truth to Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #2587
    Ep. #2587
    Episode 82
    The Forresters throw Ridge a 'congratulations, you're out of jail!' party. Maggie calls Connor, worried that Sheila could change her mind about the adoption, and wants to know where she is every minute of the day. Taylor and Thorne return to Los Angeles.
  • Ep. #2586
    Ep. #2586
    Episode 81
    Ridge and the rest of the Forresters are relieved when the judge takes Grant's words into account and reduces the charges from attempted murder to battery with a firearm, and gives him a three-year suspended sentence and probation. Thorne follows through with his plans and asks Taylor to marry him.
  • Ep. #2585
    Ep. #2585
    Episode 80
    Ridge pleads with Jonathan to send Taylor his letter in Hawaii. Stephanie also adds her own two cents, hoping Thorne will call home, which she faxes over to Hawaii when Leilani tells her over the phone that Thorne didn't want to be interrupted. Grant stops by to see Ridge at the jail, and Ridge thanks him for what he did, wondering why Grant didn't bury him. Grant tells him that it's not about Brooke or either of them, but it's all about doing what's best for Rick. Leilani gives Thorne the letter for Taylor from Ridge, which he reads first.moreless
  • Ep. #2584
    Ep. #2584
    Episode 79
    Megan is trying frantically to find Taylor and Thorne. Michael is of no help, but Megan finally thinks of contacting Macy, who gives her the fax number in Hawaii. Grant testifies on Ridge's behalf, claiming his actions drove Ridge to the point where he shot him. The Forresters are shocked but grateful for Grant's words on Ridge's behalf.moreless
  • Ep. #2583
    Ep. #2583
    Episode 78
    Sally is surprised to see that Grant will testify at Ridge's hearing, but Macy isn't interested in listening because she's tired of hearing her mother talk about the Forresters. Later, Macy is upset to get divorce papers from Thorne for her to sign, because Thorne is hoping to get married while he is in Hawaii.moreless
  • Ep. #2582
    Ep. #2582
    Episode 77
    Taylor thanks Thorne for giving her the opportunity to get away. James and Maggie relish in bringing the baby home, and worry briefly when the doorbell rings, only to realise that it's just a delivery from the baby store. Jonathan goes to see Grant to make sure the other man knows that he knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #2581
    Ep. #2581
    Episode 76
    Ridge is furious to learn that Taylor is in Hawaii with Thorne and is determined to get to her as quickly as possible. Stephanie talks with Grant, and is surprised and confused when Grant promises to do everything in his power to help Ridge. Ridge writes a love letter to Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #2580
    Ep. #2580
    Episode 75
    Ridge thinks about Taylor while working out in the jail, and worries about how he will get her to understand that he did what he did to protect Rick. When Jonathan comes later, he shocks Ridge with the news that Taylor is in Hawaii with Thorne. In Hawaii, Thorne coaxes Taylor out when a young girl gives her a lei, and watches while Taylor learns the hula.moreless
  • Ep. #2579
    Ep. #2579
    Episode 74
    Jonathan visits with Ridge in jail, and correctly guesses that Ridge lied to protect Rick, who was the real shooter. Lauren is shocked to see Stephanie at her door, and even more surprised when Stephanie gives her an invitation for the wedding. Thorne watches as Taylor relaxes, and is determined to do whatever he has to in order to make sure she chooses him and not Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #2578
    Ep. #2578
    Episode 73
    Clarke continues to charm Sally in the hopes that she will agree to give him part of Spectra. Stephanie and Maggie talk about the upcoming wedding, and Stephanie tells her she will not let Lauren stop her plans. Eric meets with Lauren at her apartment, and despite sharing a tender kiss, he tells her that he plans to marry Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #2577
    Ep. #2577
    Episode 72
    Ridge brings Jonathan to the jailhouse, desperate to get out as quickly as he can to make sure that Thorne doesn't interfere with his future plans for himself and Taylor. In Hawaii, Thorne and Taylor enjoy the beautiful beach scenery.
  • Ep. #2576
    Ep. #2576
    Episode 71
    Grant goes to see Ridge at the jail and tells him that Rick doesn't remember what happened. Grant warns Ridge that he's concerned about Taylor. James talks with Maggie about Thorne and Taylor's relationship. Taylor heads to Hawaii with Thorne.
  • Ep. #2575
    Ep. #2575
    Episode 70
    Thorne convinces Taylor that she needs to get away, and tells her that he's taking her to Hawaii. Eric tries to convince that she's over-reacting about Lauren, but Stephanie disagrees, and tells him she thinks Lauren is as dangerous as Brooke ever was.
  • Ep. #2574
    Ep. #2574
    Episode 69
    Ridge is shocked when a visiting Stephanie tells him that Thorne has moved into the beach house with Taylor. At the beach house, Taylor dreams of a future with Ridge and their twin children. Lauren buys an apartment that comes complete with a hot tob.
  • Ep. #2573
    Ep. #2573
    Episode 68
    Clarke is furious with Sally when he learns that she plans to divide the company up between only herself and her children, not including him. Lauren is shocked that Stephanie doesn't want her around the company any more after learning about her liaison with Eric.
  • Ep. #2572
    Ep. #2572
    Episode 67
    Maggie is thrilled when James tells her that Sheila signed the paperwork, and isn't interested when James tries to tell her how difficult the decision to give her daughter to them was for Sheila. Lauren is shocked to learn that she has been banned from Forrester by Phil, the security guard, and bursts in only to be confronted by Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #2571
    Ep. #2571
    Episode 66
    Lauren warns Maggie that if Sheila decides she wants to be part of the baby's life, she will never get rid of her. Grant tries to comfort Brooke, hoping to convince her that she is not to blame for Rick's current problems. After realising James truly believes she would harm the baby, Sheila signs away her rights.moreless
  • Ep. #2570
    Ep. #2570
    Episode 65
    Mike tries to warn Sheila not to get her hopes up where James is concerned, but Sheila is convinced that James truly cares for her. Thorne hopes to cheer Taylor up by bringing Bridget over to the bouse, but that just makes her miss Ridge more. Maggie reminds James that the only way to keep their daughter safe is to make sure that Sheila never has any contact with her.moreless
  • Ep. #2569
    Ep. #2569
    Episode 64
    Thorne visits Taylor at the beach house, upset because she is still crying over Ridge. Maggie heads to the hospital to get Sheila to sign the final papers, and Sheila turns the tables by asking her if she could do the same thing.
  • Ep. #2568
    Ep. #2568
    Episode 63
    While preparing to counsel Rick, James worries about how taking the baby away from Sheila could affect his daughter down the road. Taylor visits Ridge at the jail and promises to wait for him forever, but Ridge says he doesn't want her to.
  • Ep. #2567
    Ep. #2567
    Episode 62
    Maggie stops by Eric's office to see him, ostensibly to discuss Ridge, but the two end up talking about the baby, and Maggie admits she's convinced that Sheila will change her mind. Thorne talks with Stephanie about his feelings for Taylor, wondering why he has to deny himself what he wants for his older brother.moreless
  • Ep. #2566
    Ep. #2566
    Episode 61
    Connie gives Stephanie the cufflink she found in Lauren's bed, and Stephanie heads over to the guest house to question Lauren. Maggie and James seek Connor's advice on the adoption, and Connor warns them not to get too comfortable because Sheila can still change her mind. Sally warns Eric that Stephanie will be out for Lauren's blood if she ever finds out about his relationship with her. Mike sneaks into the hospital to see Sheila.moreless
  • Ep. #2565
    Ep. #2565
    Episode 60
    Stephanie goes to the jail to see Ridge, and he makes her promise to be there for Rick and Bridget no matter what. Thorne stops by the beach house to find a depressed Taylor, who wants him to leave her alone. Brooke finds Grant packing up in his office, and tells him that while she doesn't condone his actions, she understands why he did what he did, and wants to work on their marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #2564
    Ep. #2564
    Episode 59
    Lauren stops Connie the maid from making up the bed at her place, knowing that a drunken Eric may still be in it. Brooke goes to see Ridge to talk about Rick having shot Grant, and is surprised when Ridge defends Grant. Taylor asks Stephanie to give Ridge a letter for her.moreless
  • Ep. #2563
    Ep. #2563
    Episode 58
    Lauren fantasizes about having a future with Eric. James visits Ridge in jail and tells him that he knows the truth about the night that Grant was shot. Grant finally confesses the truth to Brooke, who is furious with him and demands that he get out of her home and her life.moreless
  • Ep. #2562
    Ep. #2562
    Episode 57
    Sally tries to convince Lauren that if she wants Eric she should go after him, regardless of her relationship with Stephanie. While Rick isn't happy to see Grant up at the cabin, both Bridget and Brooke are pleased that he is there.
  • Ep. #2561
    Ep. #2561
    Episode 56
    Maggie and James enjoy spending time with the baby in the nursery. Thorne comforts a devastasted Taylor, and offers to stay with her at the beach house. Grant asks James to counsel Rick.
  • Ep. #2560
    Ep. #2560
    Episode 55
    Lauren tries to convince Maggie that by not being in the birthing room with Sheila and the baby that is to be hers, she's letting Sheila take control. Ridge insists to Taylor that he is guilty.
  • Ep. #2559
    Ep. #2559
    Episode 54
    Ridge calls Grant from the jail, and Grant promises Ridge that he will always tell the children that Ridge was a hero. Sheila's labor turns rough. Taylor shows up at the jail demanding answers from Ridge.
  • Ep. #2558
    Ep. #2558
    Episode 53
    The Forresters remain devastated by Ridge's claim that he shot Grant. James worries that Sheila could die in childbirth the same way his mother did.
  • Ep. #2557
    Ep. #2557
    Episode 52
    Maggie worries that Sheila will refuse to hand the baby over to them, so James tries to take her mind off it by talking about the trial. Ridge assumes guilt for Grant's shooting to protect Rick.
  • Ep. #2556
    Ep. #2556
    Episode 51
    Ridge takes the stand at his own trial and announces that he knows who shot Grant Chambers.
  • Ep. #2555
    Ep. #2555
    Episode 50
    Taylor talks with Dr. Santana about her conflicting feelings for Ridge and Thorne, and the doctor advises her to follow her heart.
  • Ep. #2554
    Ep. #2554
    Episode 49
    Grant explains to Ridge that Rick was the one who shot him, and that all of his lies have been to protect Rick, who has blocked the incident from his memory.
  • Ep. #2553
    Ep. #2553
    Episode 48
    James is surprised to find he has a meeting with Hunter Jones, who has questions for him about the Logans, the Forresters, and the Beverly Hills Golf Club.
  • Ep. #2552
    Ep. #2552
    Episode 47
    Ridge is shocked to come back to the hotel and find Grant waiting for him.
  • Ep. #2551
    Ep. #2551
    Episode 46
    Lauren visits Sheila in the hospital. Grant is determined to stop Hunter.
  • Ep. #2550
    Ep. #2550
    Episode 45
    Lauren again tries to warn James about Sheila, but James remains optimistic that Sheila isn't up to anything. Grant tries to convince Ridge to call Hunter off, and Ridge is convinced that Grant is worried he'll end up in jail.
  • Ep. #2549
    Ep. #2549
    Episode 44
    Hunter has information for Jonathan, but balks when Jonathan wants to put him on the stand. Jonathan insists, but wishes he hadn't when Hunter claims that Ridge didn't shoot Grant, but neither did Grant.
  • Ep. #2548
    Ep. #2548
    Episode 43
    Grant asks Brooke if she really believes the spin that Ridge is putting on the events surrounding his shooting. Baker finds Hunter's interest in a bag from the Beverly Hills Golf Club very interesting.
  • Ep. #2547
    Ep. #2547
    Episode 42
    Clarke prepares to head to the courtroom and testify. Enrique threatens Grant from a distance. Thorne worries that he's losing Taylor to Ridge.
  • Ep. #2546
    Ep. #2546
    Episode 41
    Stephanie takes the stand and launches into a tirade against Grant that doesn't help Ridge's case.
  • Ep. #2545
    Ep. #2545
    Episode 40
    Taylor visits Ridge at his hotel room and they talk about the day's events at the courthouse. Maggie talks with Lauren about Sheila's accident, and Lauren warns her that Sheila will use this against her. Jonathan worries that he will not be able to prove his case against Grant.
  • Ep. #2544
    Ep. #2544
    Episode 39
    James is upset to learn about the fight that Maggie had with Sheila, and rushes to the hospital to be with Sheila and the baby. Eric demands answers from Grant after his testimony in court and accuses him of having committed perjury.
  • Ep. #2543
    Ep. #2543
    Episode 38
    Grant takes the stand at Ridge's trial and testifies as to his role at Forrester Creations and his history with Ridge. James and Lauren talk about Sheila, and Lauren wonders if James is falling in love with her.
  • Ep. #2542
    Ep. #2542
    Episode 37
    Sheila tells Mike about the fantasy she had of a future with James and the baby. Grant tries to smooth things over with Rick and Bridget.
  • Ep. #2541
    Ep. #2541
    Episode 36
    Sally is shocked to learn that Thorne is going to be called to testify against Ridge. Despite his desire to win Taylor, Thorne is firm on the stand that he doesn't believe Ridge would shoot an unarmed man in cold blood.
  • Ep. #2540
    Ep. #2540
    Episode 35
    Thorne shares with Claudia his plans to ask Taylor to marry him, but she worries that it's too soon. Later, he is devastated to find Ridge and Taylor together, but determined not to lose the woman he wants to his brother.
  • Ep. #2539
    Ep. #2539
    Episode 34
    Felicia tries to comfort Michael, who is worried that she caused more problems for Ridge with her testimony. Lt. Brad Baker takes the stand, and his testimony doesn't help Ridge either.
  • Ep. #2538
    Ep. #2538
    Episode 33
    Stephanie is at the guest house with Lauren, talking about the trial. Michael is forced to admit that she gave the gun to Ridge. Connor and Grant discuss the outcome of the trial.
  • Ep. #2537
    Ep. #2537
    Episode 32
    Michael is called to the stand and treated as a hostile witness. Claudia talks with Thorne about the bet she and Michael have to find the best outfit for under $100.
  • Ep. #2536
    Ep. #2536
    Episode 31
    Michael and Enrique wonder what impact the trial will ultimately have on Crane. Thorne asks Taylor if she believes Grant is capable of shooting himself.
  • Ep. #2535
    Ep. #2535
    Episode 30
    Taylor seeks advice from Connor on what Ridge's odds are. Stephanie and Grant argue about Brooke's children, each blaming the other for Rick's current attitude problems.
  • Ep. #2534
    Ep. #2534
    Episode 29
    Sheila and James dine at Café Russe, where James can't stop watching Maggie and Curtis, who are nearby. Michael, Claudia and Megan all discuss the theory that Grant shot himself, but Megan doesn't believe it. Enrique and Claudia discuss their designs together.
  • Ep. #2533
    Ep. #2533
    Episode 28
    Grant worries when Ridge begins to insist that everyone knows the truth, and Brooke tells him that they believe he shot himself. James tries to convince Maggie to come to childbirthing classes with he and Sheila. Maggie and Curtis go to dinner. Rick wonders what's going on between Ridge and Grant.moreless
  • Ep. #2532
    Ep. #2532
    Episode 27
    Clarke tells Darla, Macy and Sally about Hunter's theory that Grant shot himself. Grant tells Megan to hold down the fort at work and heads to the police station to talk to Lt. Baker. Jonathan and Stephanie try to convince Teresa Emerson to drop the charges against Ridge and pursue Grant.moreless
  • Ep. #2531
    Ep. #2531
    Episode 26
    Brooke is upset that Grant isn't communicating with her. Clarke shows up at the mansion to help Hunter recreate the crime, and Hunter eventually announces that Grant shot himself.
  • Ep. #2526
    Ep. #2526
    Episode 21
    Lauren tells Sally that she's prepared to fight for Eric as Stephanie and Eric are on the balcony discussing their new engagement. Hunter mingles at the party, talking to some guests while eavesdropping on others. Ridge conspires to get Taylor alone.
  • Ep. #2525
    Ep. #2525
    Episode 20
    Numerous workers prepare Brooke's mansion for Grant's theme party. Enrique questions Claudia's sudden decision to go to the party with him. Ridge plans to crash the party.
  • Ep. #2524
    Ep. #2524
    Episode 19
    Ridge and Felicia discuss strategy for his case. Taylor agrees to play slave girl for Thorne to make up for seeing Ridge earlier. Hunter Jones prepares to question Clarke.
  • Ep. #2523
    Ep. #2523
    Episode 18
    While Grant gives Michael orders for the party that evening, Ridge puts his head together with Jonathan and Hunter while they discuss other potential suspects in Grant's shooting, including Michael and Enrique, and even Thorne.
  • Ep. #2522
    Ep. #2522
    Episode 17
    Sheila meets with Curtis to give him more money but he hands it back. Sheila sees that Curtis has fallen for Maggie and realises he is even more valuable to her now in her plan to get James. Maggie defends herself to James, but he accuses her of blabbing to Curtis. Maggie insists that she needs someone to talk to as he can't see that Sheila is destroying their lives and their marriage. Sheila walks in as Maggie storms out and she later tells her baby that mom and dad will soon be together. Hunter questions Thorne about his feelings towards Grant. Thorne says he has motive, but didn't pull the trigger. Hunter questions Taylor on if she has seen Ridge and she admits to the night in Big Bear. Thorne is seriously pissed off and storms out.moreless
  • Ep. #2521
    Ep. #2521
    Episode 16
    Hunter finds out that Enrique's fingerprints are also on the gun used to shoot Grant. Enrique denies any involvement and claims that he last saw the gun in Michael's office. Claudia tells Michael that she believes that Enrique shot Grant. Michael doesn't think so but Claudia informs her that Enrique comes from a family of killers. Curtis drops by James' office and begins telling him that he isn't treating Maggie respectfully. James is annoyed that Maggie would share details of her life with Curtis and throws him out. Sheila begins rubbing the birthing methods of childbirth in Maggie's face. Maggie flips and tells her that once she gives birth she will never see the child again. James comes home, has Sheila leave and then lays into Maggie.moreless
  • Ep. #2520
    Ep. #2520
    Episode 15
    Maggie goes out with Curtis. Curtis tells her that James' shouldn't be pushing Maggie aside for Sheila. Maggie thanks Curtis for being there for her. Taylor questions Grant about who really shot, but he still insists that it was Ridge. Teresa drops by and tells Grant and Taylor that tests found gunshot residue on Ridge's hands. Ridge drops by the see Brooke. He begs for her to believe his innocence, and she admits that she doesn't think he shot Grant. Ridge asks to see Bridget, but Brooke tells him of Grant's wishes not to allow Ridge near the children. Grant tells Brooke of the new evidence against Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #2519
    Ep. #2519
    Episode 14
    Maggie and James plan a romantic picnic together. Sheila ruins the plans by demanding that James attend a childbirth class with her. A furious Maggie calls Curtis and arranges to spend the day with him instead. Brooke worries about Rick and Bridget learning that Ridge shot Grant. Grant tells Brooke that they have to keep Ridge away from the house and the children. At the cabin, Ridge tells Taylor how much he wants to be with her. He also worries about Thorne taking advantage of the situation. Ridge goes to leave but almost passes out, so Taylor lets him stay in her bed with her for the night.moreless
  • Ep. #2518
    Ep. #2518
    Episode 13
    Ridge vents his anger to Stephanie. He accuses Thorne of trying to steal Taylor while he is trapped in the motel. Felicia questions Lauren about her feelings for Eric. Lauren admits she loves him but refuses to act on her feelings for Stephanie's sake. Felicia later advises Eric to take the opportunity to sweep Stephanie off her feet when she comes home feeling run down. Thorne and Taylor share dinner at the cabin and he attempts to kiss her, but she gives him the brush off. Later that night Ridge shows up in Taylor's room.moreless
  • Ep. #2517
    Ep. #2517
    Episode 12
    Ridge tells Stephanie where he is staying and she goes for a visit. Stephanie is surprised when Ridge is more concerned about talking to Brooke other than Taylor. Michael tells Hunter about the gun, explaining that Enrique and Megan all saw it before she gave it to Ridge. Thorne convinces a reluctant Taylor to go with him on a skiing trip to Big Bear, asking Megan to take his messages so he isn't disturbed. Hunter looks to question Thorne but finds out from Megan that he is out of town with Taylor. Ridge is furious when he finds out. Meanwhile up at Big Bear, Taylor walks in on Thorne getting out of the shower.moreless
  • Ep. #2516
    Ep. #2516
    Episode 11
    Hunter questions Stephanie and Taylor about thier feelings towards Grant. Stephanie informs him that Ridge had gotten hold of her gun from Michael, who was supposed to get if fixed. Thorne gives Michael some extra work to do and explains to her that he is going away for a while. Grant is furious that his design award has been removed from his desk and is being held as part of the investigation. Sally and Clarke drop by and toast to Grant's return and future at Forrester Creations. Stephanie is angry when she finds Clarke and Sally in the building, but Grant goes against her wishes and allows them to stay. Hunter goes to Michael to question her about Grant.moreless
  • Ep. #2515
    Ep. #2515
    Episode 10
    Enrique is angered when he finds Megan putting together a return party for Grant. Michael questions Enrique about why he was wearing gloves the night of the shooting. Thorne is equally angry about the party but decides to attend to represent his family. After hearing that Eric won't be there, Lauren decides to go to. Brooke believes that Grant should take more time off to recover before returning to work. He insists on going so Brooke goes with him and Grant is touched by the the employees celebration to welcome him back. Grant later makes love with Brooke in his office. The investigator, Hunter Jones, meets Ridge and they begin working on the case together.moreless
  • Ep. #2514
    Ep. #2514
    Episode 9
    Stephanie questions Taylor about whether her feelings are with Ridge or with Thorne. Taylor says they both have something that she needs, what one can't give, the other can. Jonathan scolds Ridge for going to see Grant. Lt Baker allows Ridge one last chance at bail, but adds that Ridge has been charged with attempted murder. Jonathan has Ridge stay at a sleazy motel and informs him that he has hired a private investigator named Hunter Jones to help with the case. Grant returns home where Brooke, Katie, Bridget and Rick wait with a welcome home party. Rick acts cold toward Grant and leaves. Ridge later calls to speak to Bridget, but Grant orders him to stay away.moreless
  • Ep. #2513
    Ep. #2513
    Episode 8
    Curtis comforts Maggie as she whines about Sheila. When Curtis tells her the cold truth that she will never be happy with James, Maggie asks him to leave. Thorne drops by the Forrester mansion to see Felicia. Talking about Ridge, Felicia is stunned to hear Thorne even suggest that Ridge did shoot Grant. Thorne tells Felicia that Eric and Stephanie may be getting back together, but Felicia isn't thrilled by the prospect. She explains that their divorce was messy and nobody wants to go through it again. Eric makes Lauren admit that she is in love with him. Lauren then tells him that her love for him isn't important as Stephanie loves him too and Lauren refuses to get bewteen the two of them reuniting. Felicia sees Eric leave and then finds Lauren crying.moreless
  • Ep. #2512
    Ep. #2512
    Episode 7
    Stephanie, Eric, Lauren and Claudia learn from Jonathan that Ridge is back in jail. Felicia arrives from Italy to support Ridge. As Stephanie and Eric catch up with their daughter, Lauren sneaks out the back. Eric later drops by Lauren's and he realises that Lauren only dumped him for the sake of Stephanie's friendship. Maggie is furious when James tells her that he is going to attend childbirth classes with Sheila. Maggie begs him not to go. Sheila has Curtis create a plumbing leak in the house so Maggie has to stay home, while Sheila takes James to the class.moreless
  • Ep. #2511
    Ep. #2511
    Episode 6
    Darla states that Clarke was the last person to see Grant before he was shot. Fearing the Forresters will make him a scapegoat, Darla, Clarke, Sally and Macy all make a pact never to mention that Clarke was in Forrester Creations that night. Brooke seeks advice from James. James tells her that all the stress Ridge went through because of Grant, could have forced him into an emotional state, enough to go as far as shooting Grant. Sheila later comes by and tells James that she has signed them both up for Lamaze classes. Ridge orders Grant to clear his name, but Grant only taunts him from his bed. Security bursts in, Ridge is arrested and thrown back in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #2510
    Ep. #2510
    Episode 5
    Ridge visits Taylor and begs for her to believe his innocence. Ridge decides he has to see Grant, Taylor tries to stop him, but he heads off. Clarke visits Grant in hospital. Clarke gloats that Ridge is in jail and away from Brooke. Lt Baker and and officer Earl Banks receive the evidence that Ridge's fingerprints were on the gun. Ridge goes to Grant at the hospital and demands that he tell the police who really shot him. Violating his probation, a nurse calls the police to report Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #2509
    Ep. #2509
    Episode 4
    Enrique, Michael and Megan are asked to have thier fingerprints taken as part of the investigation. Enrique refuses and Michael wonders why he is making trouble for himself. Jonathan requests bail for Ridge, but Assistant District Attorney Teresa Emerson believes Ridge to be a threat. Lt Baker takes the stand and informs the court that Ridge's fingerprints are on the gun. Bail is set at $1 million, and Ridge must have no contact with Grant. Brooke questions Grant about who really shot him, but he continues to insist that it was Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #2508
    Ep. #2508
    Episode 3
    Taylor worries about Ridge being in jail. Thorne tells Taylor to let the lawyers handle things and orders Taylor to rest. Eric, Stephanie and Jonathan visit Ridge in jail. Jonathan questions Ridge, but Ridge swears that he didn't shoot Grant. Lt Baker has the gun sent to the lab to be tested for fingerprints. Grant wakes up to see Brooke at his bedside. Brooke apologises for taking him for granted and promises that from now on things will be different.moreless
  • Ep. #2507
    Ep. #2507
    Episode 2
    Brooke tells Beth and Stephen that Grant was shot. Brooke quickly leaves Paris with Bridget. Brooke learns that Ridge shot Grant. Grant is rushed to hospital. After immediate opperation, Grant is placed in intensive care. Stephanie learns that Grant was shot with her gun. Stephanie explains that she gave it to Michael, Michael tells the police that she gave it to Ridge, so Ridge is arrested. Thorne believes that Ridge did shoot Grant, which annoys Taylor and Stephanie. Ridge is booked, fingerprinted and thrown in a cell for the night.moreless
  • Ep. #2506
    Ep. #2506
    Episode 1
    At Spectra Fashions, Sally is desperate to raise her daughters spirits. She asks Macy to attend Grant's celebration party with her, but Macy says she will not celebrate the Forrester's losing their company. Clarke enters dripping with sweat, returning from his visit with Grant. Grant is laying on the floor of his office in a pool of blood. Everybody is rushing around after hearing the gun shot. Michael sees Enrique quickly remove the gloves he's wearing. In Paris, Beth is just telling Brooke that she shouldn't have made Grant CEO of Forrester Creations as a phone call from Michael interrupts them. Michael explains to a shocked Brooke that Grant has been shot. The paramedics rush to Grant's aid. Police Lieutenant Bradley Baker asks Grant if he knows who shot him and he shouts out that it was Ridge.moreless