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Season 31 : Episode 188

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  • Ep. #3007
    Ep. #3007
    Episode 250

    Macy worries that Kimberly stayed out all night. Thorne suggests Rick may know where she is. Macy calls Rick but has no luck. Rick prepares for dinner with Amber, while Lauren and Gladys give Amber a make over. Amber meets a stunned Rick at Café Russe. Brooke tries to cancel her date with Pierce but he insists. Ridge learns that Brooke has a date but she is evasive. Ridge and Brooke remember old times. Ridge is surprised when Brooke goes out with Pierce.

  • Ep. #3006
    Ep. #3006
    Episode 249

    Amber begs Raymond to back off. Amber insists that she is carrying Rick's baby. Brooke asks Rick to move into her house. Rick refuses as Amber wouldn't want too. Rick is determined to make his marriage work. Thorne talks with Pierce about Brooke. Thorne suggests that Pierce take Brooke out. Pierce invites Brooke on a date. Amber visits Lauren asking for a make over. Amber wishes to have Forrester class. Lauren agrees to help.

  • Ep. #3005
    Ep. #3005
    Episode 248

    Amber is concerned that Rick wants to talk to Raymond. CJ again tells Raymond to stay away from Amber and Rick. Amber confronts Raymond and orders him to keep quiet. Raymond threatens Amber to come clean with Rick or he will. Eric is angry that Rick and Amber are staying with Stephanie and wants them living with Brooke. Stephanie talks with Rick about his regrets in getting Amber pregnant. Ridge remains stunned that Taylor and Brooke talked. Taylor feels compassion for Brooke. Ridge is thrilled that they are now entering a new chapter of their lives.

  • Ep. #3004
    Ep. #3004
    Episode 247

    Darla and Lauren worry how Kimberly will handle learning the truth about her father. Kimberly learns that Myles' real name is Adam. Sally informs Kimberly that she had her marriage to Adam dissolved so he was legally married to her mother. Kimberly refuses to listen to Adam and runs away. Thorne and Ridge are stunned to see Brooke and Taylor embrace. Brooke tells Taylor that she loves Ridge, but now realizes that Ridge and Taylor are happy. Thorne is proud of Brooke's actions. Ridge sees that Brooke has finally let go.

  • Ep. #3003
    Ep. #3003
    Episode 246

    Macy tells Kimberly that they are sisters from the same father. Kimberly refuses to believe it until Myles confirms the story. Kimberly passes out from shock. Thorne makes Brooke watch Ridge and Taylor to gain closure. Ridge and Taylor gush with excitement over her pregnancy. Brooke tells Taylor that she won't cause any further problems for her and Ridge. Taylor hugs Brooke.

  • Ep. #3002
    Ep. #3002
    Episode 245

    Thorne tries to get Brooke's mind off her worries and takes her to dinner. Ridge and Taylor share some romance time in his office before ending up at the same restaurant as Brooke and Thorne. Sally talks with Kimberly about her mother's death. Kimberly learns from Sally the story of Macy's father. Sally finally gives in to Macy and Myles about revealing his true identity to Kimberly. Macy prepares to tell Kimberly the truth.

  • Ep. #3001
    Ep. #3001
    Episode 244

    Amber insists to Brooke that she will make Rick happy. Brooke vows that Amber will pay for ruining Rick's life. Raymond attempts to talk to Rick. CJ calls Amber with an emergency. Amber stops Raymond before he is able to say anything to Rick. Sally worries that Kimberly won't be able to handle the truth about her father. Myles and Macy beg Sally to give things a chance. Macy calls Kimberly to the apartment. Sally prepares to talk to Kimberly.

  • Ep. #3000
    Ep. #3000
    Episode 243

    Macy hopes Sally can forgive Myles. Sally tells Myles that she can not forgive him for leaving her. Myles thinks Sally holds the cards in bringing their family back together. Amber refuses to move into Brooke's home. Amber taunts Brooke that she has the power to keep her from her son. Kimberly sobs to Rick and he gives her comfort. CJ advises Raymond to keep away from Rick and Amber. Raymond learns that Kimberly and Rick are in love. Raymond decides to tell Rick the truth.

  • Ep. #2999
    Ep. #2999
    Episode 242

    Stephanie warns Brooke to stay away from Ridge now he's having another baby with Taylor. Brooke tells Stephanie that she still wants Rick and Amber in her home. Brooke later makes the suggestion to a stunned Amber. Macy pleads with Sally to give her father another chance. Myles supports Kimberly as she sobs over Rick until he is called to Sally's home by Macy. Sally and Myles talk over drinks as Macy watches. Macy calls Kimberly and tells her that things will work out.

  • Ep. #2998
    Ep. #2998
    Episode 241

    Macy tells Sally that she wants to reunite their family. Sally explains that she can't get over her hurt and doesn't share in Macy's dream. Pierce talks with Brooke about Taylor's pregnancy and suggests they be each others support now as they have both lost their love. Ridge and Taylor inform Stephanie that they are expecting another baby. Stephanie is thrilled that Brooke already knows and calls her to gloat.

  • Ep. #2997
    Ep. #2997
    Episode 240

    Myles doesn't share Macy's enthusiasm in revealing their family truths to Kimberly. Macy is determined to reunite her family. Kimberly sobs to CJ over losing Rick and her run in with Amber. CJ tells Kimberly not to give up on Rick just yet. Amber gushes to Rick how happy she is. Amber attempts to turn the mood sexual. Rick is hesitant, but Amber insists.

  • Ep. #2996
    Ep. #2996
    Episode 239

    Macy discusses the problems in her family with Thorne. Macy says she feels it is time for Kimberly to know that they are sisters. Brooke wants Rick to come home with her. Stephanie attempts to convince her to allow Rick and Amber to work through their problems together. Amber confronts Rick and Kimberly. Amber tells Kimberly to back off and flaunts her pregnancy. Rick is torn between his wife and the woman he loves.

  • Ep. #2995
    Ep. #2995
    Episode 238

    Taylor informs Ridge how Pierce declared his love for her. Taylor explains that she quit her job to concentrate on their family. Brooke is furious with Stephanie for allowing Rick and Amber to move in with her. Stephanie vows to keep an eye on the newlyweds. Amber demands Sally keep quiet. CJ and Raymond also put pressure on Amber. Rick tells Kimberly he will keep away from her so she can move on. Amber sees Rick and Kimberly together.

  • Ep. #2994
    Ep. #2994
    Episode 237

    Amber and Rick move into the Forrester guesthouse. Amber confronts Sally over what she knows about her unborn baby. Kimberly seeks comfort and support from Macy. Stephanie talks with Rick about his feelings for Kimberly. Rick summons Kimberly to the guesthouse. Pierce declares his love for Taylor. Taylor tells Pierce that she is pregnant and quits her job.

  • Ep. #2993
    Ep. #2993
    Episode 236
    Sally tells Macy how Myles hopes to keep Thorne away from her. Sally realizes that Macy is falling for Thorne once again. Thorne refuses to listen to Myle's threats. Myles demands that he stay away from Macy. Myles is furious when he later witnesses Thorne kiss Macy. Taylor decides that she must tell Pierce about her pregnancy. Ridge worries that Taylor may lose her job. Pierce tells Taylor just how much she means to him.moreless
  • Ep. #2992
    Ep. #2992
    Episode 235

    Myles asks for Sally's support in keeping Thorne and Macy apart. Macy spends time with Thorne and they openly flirt with one another. Myles confronts Thorne and warns him to stay away from Macy. Brooke remains devastated over Rick's marriage and Ridge offers his support. Taylor reveals to Ridge and Brooke that she is pregnant.

  • Ep. #2991
    Ep. #2991
    Episode 234

    Sally vents her anger to Darla about being thrown out of the church by Stephanie. Myles is concerned that Kimberly attended Rick and Amber's wedding. Myles insists that Kimberly must now let go of Rick. Lauren and Bridget console a devastated Brooke. James and Ridge wonder why Sally tried to stop the wedding. Amber blasts CJ for telling Sally about her baby. Raymond comes to the reception and Amber quickly has him leave. Eric toasts his support to Rick and Amber. Amber promises to make the family proud.

  • Ep. #2990
    Ep. #2990
    Episode 233

    The ceremony begins. Sally pushes Raymond to stop the wedding. CJ orders Sally and Raymond to leave. Stephanie is suspicious of the commotion. Sally interupts the service. Stephanie throws Sally out. Amber and Rick are married. Kimberly is devastated.

  • Ep. #2989
    Ep. #2989
    Episode 232

    Eric and Brooke offer their support to Rick. Sally orders Amber to come clean with Rick or threatens to do it herself. Kimberly hands CJ a letter to give to Rick. Stephanie wonders why Sally is at the church. Rick reads Kimberly's letter in which she professes her love. Eric tells Rick that he still has time to call off the wedding. Amber prepares to marry Rick. Raymond arrives at the church.

  • Ep. #2988
    Ep. #2988
    Episode 231

    Stephanie grows suspicious of Amber's nervous behaviour. Amber panics when she begins seeing visions of Raymond. Brooke agrees to keep the peace with Amber. Rick apologises to Eric for his recent attitude. Eric agrees to be Rick's best man. CJ attempts to convince Sally to keep quiet. Kimberly asks CJ to take her to the wedding. Sally confronts Amber.

  • Ep. #2987
    Ep. #2987
    Episode 230

    Amber prepares for her wedding day with Stephanie's help. Rick apologises to Brooke for making a mess of his life. Brooke tells Rick that it's not too late to call off the wedding. Kimberly sobs that she has lost Rick and Myles attempts to console her. CJ confesses to Sally that Rick may not be the father of Amber's baby. Sally vows to stop the wedding.

  • Ep. #2970
    Ep. #2970
    Episode 213
    Brooke tells Lauren about her plan, and Lauren warns her not to let Victor find out. Meanwhile, Victor catches Ridge and Taylor kissing which has him steamed. Amber is taken to the hospital after she is afraid to wait for an ambulance.
  • Ep. #2808
    Ep. #2808
    Episode 51
    Bridget returns home and apologizes to her family for running away.
  • Ep. #2800
    Ep. #2800
    Episode 43
    C.J. tells Sally about Bridget's disappearance and later at the music instrument store he finds Bridget crying. Meanwhile, Brooke asks Taylor to go home and assuces her of using the situation to her advantage.
  • Ep. #2772
    Ep. #2772
    Episode 15
    Rick and Amber recover from their surgeries. Brooke becomes more concerned about Stephanie and Taylor turning Ridge against her.
  • Ep. #2771
    Ep. #2771
    Episode 14
    Stephanie tells Ridge that Bridget and Rick already have a father (Eric) and that he shouldn't let the children stop him from being with Taylor. Jonny stops Eric from calling Lauren directly, because he doesn't want their actions to put Lauren's life in danger. The two men burst into Lauren's apartment, and after Rush knocks Jonny out, he and Eric struggle, with Rush going over the balcony.moreless
  • Ep. #2770
    Ep. #2770
    Episode 13
    Brooke visits Taylor to tell her that she won't stand in the way of a relationship between Thomas and Ridge, and Taylor doesn't want Brooke to have anything to do with raising her child. Lauren tells Rush that they need a break, telling him he's just changed too much. Rush delights in showing her that it's really him and not his brother.moreless
  • Ep. #2769
    Ep. #2769
    Episode 12
    Taylor worries about how Bridget and Rick will deal with Ridge ending things with Brooke. Stephanie tries to convince Taylor to use Thomas to get to Ridge, but she refuses. Rush slips up when he refers to the past relationship between Eric and Lauren.
  • Ep. #2768
    Ep. #2768
    Episode 11
    Lauren grows more suspicious about the change in Jonny's attitude, but Rush remains confident that he has tricked her. Brooke refuses to sign the paperwork Stephanie brought over dissolving her relationship with Ridge.
  • Ep. #2767
    Ep. #2767
    Episode 10
    Stephanie stops by the house to see Taylor and Ridge, and takes a photograph of them with the baby. She then takes the photo over to Brooke's, where she asks Brooke to do the right thing by letting Ridge go. Amber tells Rick that she didn't give up her kidney because she felt guilty, but because she really cares about him.moreless
  • Ep. #2766
    Ep. #2766
    Episode 9
    Stephanie worries that her lack of support may have been what drove Thorne and Macy apart, and when Taylor tells her that Macy and Grant are getting married, she knows there is no hope for Thorne and Macy. In front of all their family and friends, Macy and Grant become husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #2765
    Ep. #2765
    Episode 8
    Macy performs a song on stage for Grant. Their family and friends gather at Insomnia, unaware they're there for a wedding. Thorne goes to see Macy at Insomnia and tells her that he quit is job, then is shocked when she shows him her wedding gown.
  • Ep. #2764
    Ep. #2764
    Episode 7
    Ridge admits that he believes that Brooke was pregnant, but his future is with Taylor and their son. Grant and Macy look forward to their wedding, but Macy is unhappy that Grant isn't close enough to his parents to invite them. Thorne tells Stephanie that he needs to take a break from the family.moreless
  • Ep. #2763
    Ep. #2763
    Episode 6
    The Forresters are relieved to learn that the operation was a success and Rick is resting comfortably. Taylor tells James she is no longer worried about Brooke. C.J. spends the night in Amber's hospital room.
  • Ep. #2762
    Ep. #2762
    Episode 5
    Brooke and Eric are relieved to learn that Amber is a match for Rick and they plan to schedule the transplant right away. Alone with C.J., Amber admits that she's terrified, but she owes this to Rick. Thorne and Ridge go head to head at the hospital and Taylor initially begs Ridge not to hurt Thorne, until she realise Thorne's actions were motivated by his own selfishness, not concern for her.moreless
  • Ep. #2761
    Ep. #2761
    Episode 4
    Taylor comforts Ridge after they learn of Rick's condition and tries to convince Ridge to contact Thorne, hoping to heal the rift between the brothers. Grant, Macy and Lauren enjoy their night with the man they think is Jonny, but is really Rush.
  • Ep. #2760
    Ep. #2760
    Episode 3
    The whole Forrester family is standing in line to donate a kidney. Amber says the Forresters are just great people, then starts crying again. Jonny is struggling with his bonds and thinks to himself that Rush will kill Lauren if she notices a difference. Rush is at the door and Lauren lets him in and tells him dinner is ready, but he grabs her ask to leave the town with him. The doorbell rings and Macy and Grant announce they are having a party next week and want Lauren and Jonny to come. Amber sneaks in to see Rick. The doctor is putting Rick on the kidney donor list, but it may be three to four years before a kidney is found. Brooke starts crying as Amber walks in and tells them she wants to donate her kidney. Then Brooke and Amber hug each other and sob some more.moreless
  • Ep. #2759
    Ep. #2759
    Episode 2
    Rick is in surgery and his vital signs start to drop according to all of the machines he is hooked up to. Amber is upset that Rick may be in there dying because of her. Brooke is still in the chapel while Ridge comes to her. Rush wants all the details from his brother Jonny about how he and Lauren met and hooked up. Eric tells the doctor that he wants to donate a kidney, but the doctor explains that just because he is related doesn't mean that his will match. Brooke tells her son to be strong just like she has asked him to.moreless
  • Ep. #2758
    Ep. #2758
    Episode 1
    Brooke is standing over Rick, begging him to please be strong and make it. Amber is back in the house and locks the door to her room. She is hysterical and starts to take off her bloody clothes from the accident. Sally gets in from shopping and C.J. is on the phone, crying to his mother about the car crash. Ridge shows up at home after trekking back from his visit to Big Bear and Eric calls him with the news. Amber asks to come along. Brooke is crying as she watches her son through the window in the emergency room. Ridge is holding Brooke. Sally comes over to them and asks Eric if they know where C.J. is and if he is all right. Amber pulls C.J. aside in the hallway to ask why he bothered to cover for her in this whole mess. Brooke goes into the chapel to pray for her son.moreless