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Season 32 : Episode 231

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  • Ep. #3248
    Ep. #3248
    Episode 240
    Ridge realises that Taylor is a little jealous of Morgan and he assures her that she has absolutely nothing to worry about. After giving her one of his newest creations to try on, the two get passionate in his office. Clarke stops by to see Giovanni and learns that he left a note inviting Morgan out for dinner. Morgan finds the note in her office, along with the rose Giovanni left, and looks forward to going out with the photographer. Clarke stops by to tell Morgan that Giovanni will be late, and manipulates her into giving him the name of the restaurant. After the delivery woman drops off the roses he was waiting for (and her phone number), Giovanni heads to Morgan's office to find a note from Clarke. At Mannequins, Taylor warns Morgan to stay away from Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #3242
    Ep. #3242
    Episode 234
    Macy tells Throne about making a contribution she did in Venice and what Thorne has bought to her life. Brooke assures Taylor that Thorne is about to end his marriage to Macy.
  • Ep. #3207
    Ep. #3207
    Episode 199
    Kimberly realises she has a better chance if she uncovers Amber's secret now that her guard is down. C.J. wonders if Amber plans to see Becky while she's in Europe. Taylor is concerned about Stephanie's reaction to Brooke.
  • Ep. #3112
    Ep. #3112
    Episode 105
    Kimberly tries to convince Rick that the best thing to do for Little Eric is to divorce Amber. Lauren tries to make Becky into Forrester Creations material. Eric and Stephanie wonder what the problems are between Becky and Amber.
  • Ep. #3111
    Ep. #3111
    Episode 104
    Gladys begins Becky's make-over as she gets ready for her date, but the only thing that Becky wants to do is hold Little Eric. Desperate to keep her cousin away from the baby, Amber insists they don't have time, and she has to get ready to go.
  • Ep. #3070
    Ep. #3070
    Episode 63
    Ridge and Taylor prepare to go in for an ultrasound. Thorne and Macy announce to their families that they have set a wedding date. Brooke fantasises about a life with Thorne.
  • Ep. #3069
    Ep. #3069
    Episode 62
    Thorne tries to convince Brooke that nothing is going to happen between the two of them. Sally rebuffs Adam when he comes on to her. Macy sets up a dinner with the hopes of reuniting the Forresters.
  • Ep. #3068
    Ep. #3068
    Episode 61
    Tawny makes certain that Becky does not see the photo that shows the baby's heart-shaped birth mark. Kimberly fantasises that C.J. is actually Rick and kisses him passionately.
  • Ep. #3045
    Ep. #3045
    Episode 38
    Brooke heads to Raymond's hotel room to confront him. C.J. and Darla both give Adam a hard time at the office. Rick nearly learns the truth about the baby, but Tawny covers for Amber.
  • Ep. #3040
    Ep. #3040
    Episode 33

    Amber is saddened as Rick holds the baby. Tawny and Stephanie rally around Amber to help. Tawny attempts to have Amber breast feed the baby. Amber sobs that her baby is dead. CJ is surprised when he finds Rick writing a song about Kimberly. Macy urges Kimberly to move on. Kimberly feels she will never get over Rick. Brooke tells Thorne that Amber seemed nervous when she came home. Brooke barges in to see Amber.

  • Ep. #3039
    Ep. #3039
    Episode 32

    Kimberly sobs to CJ that any hope for her and Rick has now gone. CJ attempts to console her. Tawny forces Amber to hold the baby and greet the family. Rick, Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor meet the new baby. Brooke senses something is wrong with Amber. Tawny issues a frank word to Brooke regarding Amber. Rick holds the baby as Amber vows to keep the secret forever.

  • Ep. #3038
    Ep. #3038
    Episode 31

    Ridge offers his support to Rick. Stephanie gives Brooke another warning regarding her suspicions of Amber. Stephanie instructs the family to be supportive of Amber on her return. Adam is furious that Brooke has filled Kimberly's head with false hopes for her and Rick. Kimberly learns that Rick is a father. Brooke remains determined to ruin Amber. Tawny and Amber arrive home with the baby.

  • Ep. #3037
    Ep. #3037
    Episode 30

    CJ learns from Rick that Amber had her baby. CJ informs Raymond that the child isn't his. Sally scoffs that Amber has gotten off easily. Brooke tells Eric, Ridge and Taylor that she will uncover Amber's secret. Rick informs Brooke that he is now a father. Stephanie congratulates Rick. Tawny convinces Amber to take Becky's son home to Rick. Amber is distraught as Tawny drives her home.

  • Ep. #3036
    Ep. #3036
    Episode 29

    Ridge is stunned that Brooke could think Raymond is the father of the baby. Ridge warns Brooke that she may ruin her relationship with Rick. Rick is worried when Amber doesn't return home. Stephanie warns Rick about giving Kimberly false hopes. Tawny consoles Amber as she buries her baby in a desert cemetery. Tawny pushes Amber to raise Becky's baby as her own. Rick calls Amber and learns that she has had the baby.

  • Ep. #3035
    Ep. #3035
    Episode 28

    Kimberly clutches at hope that Amber is pregnant by Raymond. Rick is angry with himself for even considering it. Rick tells Kimberly to let it go and vows to be a good father to his son. Amber is horrified that Becky's baby is in the house. Amber sobs that she has lost her baby and will now lose Rick too. Tawny suggests that Amber take Becky's baby and tries to convince her that he is Eric Forrester III.

  • Ep. #3034
    Ep. #3034
    Episode 27

    Stephanie warns Brooke to back off of Amber. Brooke refuses to give Amber a chance. Kimberly talks with Rick about Brooke's suspicions of Raymond being the father of Amber's baby. Kimberly begins to get hope that there may still be a chance for her and Rick. Amber has nightmares of returning to the family without a baby. Sara prepares to take Becky's son to Social Services. Tawny suggests to Sara that Amber and Rick raise the child.

  • Ep. #3033
    Ep. #3033
    Episode 26

    Stephanie tells Brooke off for interfering in Rick and Amber's marriage. Brooke is still determined to find out the truth about Amber. CJ questions Rick to find out if Amber has called. CJ begins to wonder how Amber is doing. Tawny manages to get Amber to sleep. Tawny asks the midwife to take the baby's body away. Becky gives birth to her unwanted son. Tawny gets an idea.

  • Ep. #3032
    Ep. #3032
    Episode 25

    Stephanie tells Rick that Amber has a good heart and is a devoted person. Rick wishes Brooke had the same faith in Amber that Stephanie does. Stephanie thinks Rick and Amber will make it. Amber can't let go of her stillborn son. Tawny and Sara attempt to console Amber. Tawny wishes to call Rick, but Amber refuses and blames herself for the baby's death.

  • Ep. #3031
    Ep. #3031
    Episode 24

    Taylor tells Ridge she is worried about her pregnancy due to all the problems she had whilst pregnant with Thomas. Taylor wonders what it would be like to lose a baby. Stephanie is angered when Rick tells her of Brooke's suspicions. Stephanie advises Rick to trust Amber. Brooke tells Eric that she thinks Amber may be pregnant by Raymond. Eric is not pleased that Brooke told Rick of her theory. Amber gives birth to Rick's son, but he isn't breathing. Amber is hysterical when she realizes that her baby boy is dead.

  • Ep. #3030
    Ep. #3030
    Episode 23

    Macy insists that Kimberly has to move on from Rick. Kimberly finds it impossible to let go. CJ continues to calm Raymond as they wait to hear whether he is a father. Rick is upset with Brooke for making him suspicious of Amber. Brooke begs Rick to see that Amber is hiding something. Amber starts to give birth to her baby when a desert storm knocks the power out.

  • Ep. #3029
    Ep. #3029
    Episode 22

    Macy supports Kimberly as she sobs over Rick. Kimberly begins to wonder if Rick isn't the father of Amber's baby. CJ calls Amber for an update which only angers her. Raymond wants to head back to Death Valley. Brooke airs her suspicions of Amber to Rick. Brooke wonders if CJ could be the father of Amber's baby. Rick begins thinking about Raymond. Tawny and Sara continue to prepare Amber as her contractions grow closer.

  • Ep. #3028
    Ep. #3028
    Episode 21

    Rick seeks comfort from Kimberly as the realisation of becoming a father grows too much. CJ supports Raymond as they await some news from Amber. Raymond starts to believe that CJ is interested in Kimberly. Ridge urges Brooke to accept Rick and Amber's marriage. Brooke is determined to reveal Amber's secrets. Tawny and midwife Sara prepare Amber for delivery.

  • Ep. #3027
    Ep. #3027
    Episode 20

    Sally informs CJ and Raymond that Brooke is after Amber. CJ calls Amber and learns that she is in labor. Raymond declares that he will stand by Amber if he turns out to be the father of her baby. Rick returns to town and visits Kimberly. Brooke tells Ridge that Amber has a secret involving her baby. Ridge thinks Rick and Amber may stand a chance at making their marriage work. Tawny attempts to contact the midwife as Amber's labor continues.

  • Ep. #3026
    Ep. #3026
    Episode 19

    Brooke questions Sally on what she knows. CJ and Raymond worry about Sally revealing the truth. Brooke realizes that Amber's secret involves her baby. Brooke vows to find out what Amber is hiding. Amber attempts to hide that she is in labor. Rick wants to take Amber home. Tawny manages to convince Rick to allow Amber to stay for one more night. Rick leaves as Amber prepares to give birth.

  • Ep. #3025
    Ep. #3025
    Episode 18

    Amber is surprised to learn that her cousin Becky is also heavily pregnant. Becky tells Amber that the father of her unborn ran off and that she doesn't want her baby. Rick prepares to take Amber home. Amber begs Tawny to send Rick away as she has her first contraction. Raymond tells CJ that he will stay away from Amber until the baby is born. Sally hates keeping Amber's secrets. Brooke questions Kimberly on what she knows. Kimberly suggests Sally may know something. Brooke confronts Sally.

  • Ep. #3024
    Ep. #3024
    Episode 17

    Taylor suggests that Kimberly may know some truths about Amber. Taylor warns Brooke not to alienate Rick. Amber manages to send Raymond away. Rick wants Amber to return to Los Angeles with him. Tawny attempts to send Rick home. The rest of the Moore family come by to meet Rick. CJ apologizes to Kimberly for the kiss. CJ is torn when he sees how upset Kimberly is over Amber's pregnancy. Brooke arrives to talk to Kimberly.

  • Ep. #3023
    Ep. #3023
    Episode 16

    CJ tells Kimberly that he can't trust Adam. Kimberly likes the idea of having a bigger family. CJ stuns Kimberly by kissing her. Brooke seeks advice from Taylor regarding Amber. Taylor advises Brooke to trust her instincts but she may be wrong. Tawny tells Rick how Amber's father left before Amber was born. Rick promises Tawny that he will be there for his son. Amber spots Raymond outside. Amber begs him to leave and makes a promise to contact him once the baby is born.

  • Ep. #3022
    Ep. #3022
    Episode 15

    Thorne advises Brooke not to allow her suspicions of Amber consume her. Brooke is certain that Amber is up to something. CJ reluctantly gives Raymond the address of Amber's mother. Sally assures CJ that Amber will always land on her feet. Rick arrives at Tawny's trailer. Amber hides her fears as Tawny and Rick get acquainted. Raymond heads to Death Valley.

  • Ep. #3021
    Ep. #3021
    Episode 14

    Brooke learns from Eric and Stephanie that Amber is visiting her mother. Brooke grows suspicious and urges Rick to go after Amber. Rick believes that Amber is simply mending fences with Tawny but agrees to go. Sally is stunned when she hears that Amber has left town. Raymond demands to know where Amber is. Sally tells CJ that Raymond has a right to know. Amber and Tawny begin to grow closer. Amber prays that everything will work out and thanks her mother for her help.

  • Ep. #3020
    Ep. #3020
    Episode 13

    Tawny calls in a midwife named Sara. Amber is told that the baby will be born within a week. Eric questions Rick on Amber's decision to leave town. Rick calls Tawny to check on Amber. Eric tells Amber to take care of herself. CJ begs Sally not to allow Adam back into her life. Sally explains she is putting Macy and Kimberly's needs first. Adam promises never to hurt Macy and Sally again. CJ issues Adam with a warning.

  • Ep. #3019
    Ep. #3019
    Episode 12

    Brooke agrees to spend the night at Pierce's house, but in the guestroom. Stephanie wonders when Amber will be returning from her mothers. Rick tells Stephanie about "Myles" and how it has affected Kimberly. Sally and Macy go after CJ. Adam defends his actions to CJ. Kimberly stands by her father. Adam tells CJ that he loves Sally, Macy and Kimberly and wants to look after them.

  • Ep. #3018
    Ep. #3018
    Episode 11

    Brooke tells Ridge that she needs to move on with her life alone without his pity. Taylor questions Ridge on his feelings toward Brooke dating Pierce. Brooke goes home with Pierce and he asks her to spend the night with him. Macy and Sally tell CJ about "Myles". CJ is furious that they are allowing Adam back into their lives. CJ upsets Macy. Kimberly questions whether she knows her father at all. CJ confronts Adam and punches him.

  • Ep. #3017
    Ep. #3017
    Episode 10

    Amber tells Tawny that Raymond may be the father of her unborn baby. Amber asks her mother if she can deliver the baby at her home. Tawny promises to help Amber. Macy and Thorne continue to flirt. Macy sings a song to Thorne and they share a kiss. Ridge, Taylor, Brooke and Pierce share an awkward dinner. Brooke and Ridge share memories leaving Taylor out of the conversation. Pierce admits he misses working with Taylor. Brooke is uncomfortable when Taylor talks about her pregnancy.

  • Ep. #3016
    Ep. #3016
    Episode 9

    CJ tells Raymond that Amber has gone back to Death Valley. Raymond wants to go after her, but CJ convinces him otherwise. Raymond worries about Tawny's reaction to Amber's pregnancy. Tawny apologizes to Amber for being a bad mother. Tawny is suddenly interested when she learns Amber has married into a rich family. Amber tells Tawny that her baby may not be Rick's. Brooke attempts to duck out of dinner with Ridge and Taylor. Pierce, Ridge and Taylor toast to new beginnings. Brooke reluctantly raises her glass.

  • Ep. #3015
    Ep. #3015
    Episode 8

    Taylor tells Ridge that she would like to be friends with Brooke. Taylor asks Brooke to have dinner with her and Ridge. Thorne thinks it's a great idea and suggests that Brooke take Pierce along too. Rick is angry that Amber has left town. Stephanie suggests that Rick give Amber some time to reconnect with her mother. Tawny learns that Amber is married but criticizes her for being pregnant. Old wounds are opened and the two argue about Amber's childhood.

  • Ep. #3014
    Ep. #3014
    Episode 7

    Kimberly apologizes to Adam for running away. Kimberly forgives Adam for hiding his identity. Kimberly, Macy and Adam embrace as Sally looks on. Thorne tells Stephanie that he is still unable to be supportive of Rick and Amber. Rick reads Amber's note and tells Stephanie that Amber has gone to visit her mother. Amber remembers her tough childhood and wonders if seeing Tawny is a mistake. Tawny is stunned to find her daughter pregnant.

  • Ep. #3013
    Ep. #3013
    Episode 6

    Sally continues to support Adam. Rick tells Macy that he has found Kimberly. Rick convinces Kimberly to talk to her father. Kimberly meets with Adam. Amber is unsure about visiting her mother. CJ believes there is no other option. Eric apologizes to Amber for his lack of support toward her. Amber leaves a note for Rick and heads to Death Valley.

  • Ep. #3012
    Ep. #3012
    Episode 5

    Macy blames herself for Kimberly's disappearance. Sally supports Adam as he worries about Kimberly. Rick rushes to get to Kimberly before she leaves town. Rick promises Kimberly that he is there for her. CJ thinks Amber should have her baby away from Rick and his family. Amber tells CJ of her unsupportive mother Tawny. CJ suggests Amber go home to Death Valley to give birth. Amber calls Tawny.

  • Ep. #3011
    Ep. #3011
    Episode 4

    Rick learns of "Myles" true identity from Macy. Sally, Macy and Adam attempt to locate Kimberly. Rick finds Kimberly staying with a friend. Kimberly contemplates going back to Nantucket. Amber tells CJ how Eric accepted her at dinner. CJ brings Amber back to reality regarding her unborn baby. CJ tries to think of ways for Amber to have her baby without Rick knowing in the instance Raymond is the father.

  • Ep. #3010
    Ep. #3010
    Episode 3

    Taylor and Ridge share a romantic evening together. They discuss Brooke and the improvements in all the relationships within the family. Eric tells Brooke about the change in Amber at the restaurant. Eric suggests Brooke make an effort to get along with Amber and help out once the baby is born. Amber sings to Rick and thanks him for the evening. Amber talks about having to give up her dreams of being a singer to be a wife and mother.

  • Ep. #3009
    Ep. #3009
    Episode 2

    Pierce and Brooke grow closer as they discuss her feelings for Ridge and the problems she's had accepting Amber. Brooke is impressed how easily Pierce is moving on from Taylor. Brooke and Pierce share a kiss. Rick and Amber have a slow dance as Eric and Lauren watch. Eric notices a change in Amber. Lauren admits to helping Amber prepare for the evening. Eric pays for Amber and Rick's dinner. Amber is thrilled when Eric appreciates her efforts and gives her a hug.

  • Ep. #3008
    Ep. #3008
    Episode 1

    Pierce and Brooke have a date at his home and toast to new beginnings together. Lauren takes Eric to dinner where he sees Rick and Amber dining. Lauren attempts to make Eric see that Amber has changed and will be a good wife to Rick. Amber tries to be a lady for the evening with the lessons she learned from Lauren. Rick is impressed by her efforts and support. Eric is surprised when Rick kisses Amber in the restaurant.