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  • Ep. #3759
    Ep. #3759
    Episode 247
    Stephanie informs Massimo that if she doesn't show up at Sally's, she'll go straight to Eric, but Massimo insists that Stephanie will lose all her power the minute she walks through Sally's door. Stephanie knows that Sally wants her to suffer but tries to reassure Massimo that she'll be fine. Sally confesses to Darla that she's discovered Stephanie's deepest darkest secret. Deacon explains to Amber that he has a promotion plan for her designs. He introduces Claudia and Nikki, two of Barker's Beauties from "The Price is Right", who are followed in by Bob Barker himself. Amber is ecstatic and admits to Bob what a fan she is of the show. Deacon explains that they've worked it out to feature her outfits on "The Price is Right". The models love the clothes, and Rick agrees to pitch the idea to their CEO. Amber is thrilled that millions of people are going to see her work. Deacon praises that they're going to have a great collection all by themselves and who needs Ridge! Taylor tries to keep Ridge positive about the damage to his hand. When Ridge asks the doctor if he'll be able to draw again, the doctor admits there are no guarantees because of the seriousness of the injury. When the doctor examines his hand and Ridge feels pain, Ridge questions if that's a good sign, but he is panicked when he discovers that he can't hold a pen. When Stephanie arrives at Sally's, Sally hands her a maid's uniform and says that as of right now, Stephanie is her servant.moreless
  • Ep. #3758
    Ep. #3758
    Episode 246
    Stephanie begs Sally not to do this to her family. She implores Sally not to rob Ridge's children of their name and their relatives just because Stephanie stole Sally's boyfriend. Sally tells Stephanie to give it up. Sally knows that she has everything that's important to Stephanie in the palm of her hand and Stephanie would do just about anything to keep her quiet. Stephanie confirms that she would do anything Sally wants to protect her family. Sally is intrigued with the idea. Whip confides in his mother that he and Brooke really hit it off last night. He wonders if a woman like Brooke could really be interested in a man like him. He daydreams about a future with Brooke and their baby. Eric tells Massimo that what he's doing is despicable and swears that there's nothing he can do to tear this family apart. He asks Massimo to leave so he can hear what Sally has to say. Sally claims it was just a misunderstanding that she and Stephanie have now straightened out. Eric orders Sally and Massimo out of the house. Sally tells Stephanie that she finally has her right where she wants her. Stephanie accuses her of extortion, but Sally calls it payback. She orders Stephanie to be at her house at nine a.m. tomorrow.moreless
  • Ep. #3757
    Ep. #3757
    Episode 245
    Taylor informs Ridge that Stephanie and Massimo rushed out together. They wonder what the two of them are hiding. Taylor is saddened to think that Eric's dream of having Ridge take over the company can't come true after all his hard work and sacrifice. Ridge reminds Taylor that Eric may have lost him as a CEO, but he hasn't lost him as a son. Stephanie and Massimo burst in and try to get Sally to leave, but Sally insists that she's not going anywhere until she finishes what she has to say. Massimo tries to divert Eric's attention by telling Eric that Sally's there to warn him about Massimo's love for Stephanie. Eric insists Stephanie and Sally leave. Sally gives them five minutes and tells Stephanie that their delay tactic isn't going to work. Today, Sally is going to avenge all the torment Stephanie brought on her, and there's nothing Stephanie can do to stop her. Sally is dubious when Stephanie insists that she didn't know that Ridge was Massimo's son. Stephanie begs Sally not to reveal it to Eric, but Sally insists it's poetic justice. Eric senses the reason Massimo is there has to do with Sally. He reveals to Massimo that Sally threatened one of his children. Massimo covers, thinking on his feet, explaining that they would be devastated by the situation. Eric assures Massimo that he will never have Stephanie. Tony, Kristen and Darla explain to Clarke about Eric and Stephanie's separation and Sally's feelings for Massimo.moreless
  • Ep. #3756
    Ep. #3756
    Episode 244
    Massimo insists that he wasn't using Sally, but she wants him to admit that Stephanie was the woman he wanted to end up with. She warns him that her broken heart is going to be a big problem for Stephanie and him. Sally informs Massimo that she's going to visit an old friend and give him some bad news. Taylor senses that there is more going on and asks Stephanie what she's holding back. Eric assures Ridge that he didn't betray him and it was never his intent to get Ridge out of the company. He asks Ridge to come back and promises him that someday he will run Forrester. Ridge doesn't think Eric can deliver on that promise. Eric implores that he'd do anything to change Ridge's mind. He tells Ridge that he loves him and apologizes for the pain he's caused. Eric and Ridge embrace. Ridge explains to Stephanie and Taylor that he and Eric had a good talk, but Ridge can't go back and work at Forrester. Sally notes to Eric that he took away her daughter by bringing Brooke Logan into their lives. Now Sally is going to take away one of Eric's sons. She admits to him that it's more than a scandal; it's justice. Sally says that she has some very bad news for him. Massimo reveals to Stephanie how Sally found out about Ridge's paternity by eavesdropping at the restaurant. He explains what happened earlier and adds that he's afraid Sally has gone to see Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #3755
    Ep. #3755
    Episode 243
    Kristen informs Eric that, according to Tony, Sally is obsessed with winning the heart of Massimo Marone. Sally locks the door and starts kissing Massimo. She realizes that he can't make love to her because of Stephanie. When Sally hears that not only have Stephanie and Ridge left Eric but they left the hospital with Massimo, Sally slaps him in the face. She accuses Massimo of using her and pretending to care so she wouldn't reveal his secret. She warns him that he's going to pay dearly. Taylor assures Stephanie that they'll get through this, but Stephanie knows that life will never be the same for Eric, Ridge or her. When Amber tells Ridge that he needs an attitude adjustment, Ridge says that she'll never amount to anything at Forrester. Amber demands he leave because they don't need him, then backpedals, suggesting that he could help her as a mentor and teacher. Ridge insists that the company is headed for disaster and he hopes Amber and Rick get exactly what they deserve. Brooke and Eric hear that Ridge is in the building to pick up the rest of his things. They head to his office, aware that Amber is working in there. Brooke admits to Ridge that they don't want him to leave. Ridge reminds them that their vision of Forrester Creations is different than his, so it's best that he goes because they could never work together. The Forrester employees assemble with gifts. He confesses that they were the best to work with, but now it's time for him to say good-bye. As he leaves alone, Ridge recalls his days at Forrester.moreless
  • Ep. #3754
    Ep. #3754
    Episode 242
    Bridget appears in the leather pants she wore the night they met and starts to seduce Deacon. She is irritated when he interrupts to answer the phone, and tearfully asks him what's really going on because she deserves to know the truth. Deacon denies that he's having an affair. Brooke finally agrees to let Whip come in and he gives her a foot massage. He says that his job now is meeting her needs, but Brooke informs him emphatically that they won't be having sex. Whip disagrees and points out that she's the reason why he can't have sex with anyone else now. Brooke refuses to sleep with Whip just to prove that she's over Deacon. Whip insists that it's because she's not really over him. She's still having an affair of the heart, and that's not fair to anyone. When Deacon calls, Brooke advises him to make Bridget his priority now. She adds that she plans to move on with her life. She bids him good-bye, then hangs up in tears. Whip assures her that she did the right thing and has given Bridget a fighting chance to save her marriage. Bridget comes out to apologize to Deacon, and he kisses her passionately. After they make love, Bridget assures Deacon that he doesn't have to worry about Brooke. Clarke looks at the photo of Brooke and Whip and tells Tony that Brooke clearly isn't in love with him.moreless
  • Ep. #3753
    Ep. #3753
    Episode 241
    When Stephanie doesn't respond right away, Eric asks if Massimo is there with her. Eric asks Stephanie not to throw away a life that means so much to them. Massimo suggests making the transition easier for all of them by taking Stephanie, Ridge, Taylor and the kids to his yacht in Portofino. Ridge and Taylor can't, but they encourage Stephanie to go ahead. Stephanie declines because there is too much unresolved. She assures Massimo that she's not afraid of her future, but she can't be happy about the change knowing what Eric's going through right now. Eric finds the picture of Stephanie and Massimo in Stephanie's day planner and wonders what the real story is between them. On the dance floor, Brooke accuses Whip of going out of his way to make her uncomfortable by threatening her relationship with Bridget. Whip explains that Deacon is driving him crazy and he can't help but act out when he's around him. Whip insists that he doesn't want to hurt Bridget. He just wants Brooke to help him the way he's helping her, but he insists that extortion is the wrong word. Bridget happily notes that Brooke is starting to loosen up. Deacon tries to convince Brooke that Whip is after more than money. As they leave, Deacon warns Whip that if he touches a hair on Brooke's head, he'll hunt Whip down. Whip advises Brooke to move on and leave Deacon behind. He adds that he wants to be there for her in every way.moreless
  • Ep. #3752
    Ep. #3752
    Episode 240
    Taylor doesn't understand what Stephanie needs when she says part of Massimo has always been with her, and is later intrigued to see how interested Massimo is in Ridge and the children. Bridget is enthralled as Whip claims that he and Brooke fell in love in Paris, but chose to keep it quiet. Eric begs Stephanie to come home.moreless
  • Ep. #3751
    Ep. #3751
    Episode 239
    Bridget seeks out Amber for advice on seducing Deacon, and Amber suggests that all he needs is a little inspiration. Looking out for Bridget, Amber talks to Megan, wondering if she's noticed anything strange about Deacon lately. Deacon confronts Whip, who reminds him that Bridget, Brooke and the baby are all dependent on him right now, and Deacon doesn't want to blow things for them.moreless
  • Ep. #3750
    Ep. #3750
    Episode 238
    Bridget is upset that Deacon doesn't even realise that they haven't made love in over a month, but Deacon is busy trying to get some dirt on Whip. Bridget goes to her mother for advice on sex, and Brooke is noticeable uncomfortable. Whip promises Brooke that he'll look after her and the baby, but there has to be some give and take. Amber confesses to Rick how happy she is with him right now, but she's worried that it won't last.moreless
  • Ep. #3749
    Ep. #3749
    Episode 237
    Brooke stresses to Deacon that Bridget can never know the truth and they have to protect her at all costs. She tearfully asserts that she can't let Whip destroy her daughter. Deacon embraces Brooke as Bridget walks in. They cover, informing Bridget that Brooke is upset about Ridge. Bridget wants to get to know Whip better and tells Brooke and Deacon that she's arranged for the four of them to go out to dinner together tonight. When Brooke protests, Bridget wonders why Whip seems to be such a problem to her. Joy is shocked when Whip reveals that Brooke is pregnant by her own son-in-law. Whip explains that he plans to save Brooke's reputation, and Brooke will be helping them with their lifestyle. He assures his mother that this is the chance of a lifetime, and they're shifting into life in the fast lane. Amber is thrilled when three models come in wearing her trendy first designs. The models confess how much they love the outfits. Whip points out that he stood up for Brooke at the press conference. Brooke concedes that he helped her out and expresses her appreciation. He agrees to discuss where they go from here. He notes that he wants triple his salary, a company car and a house. Whip advises Brooke that he's through dancing to her tune and now he wants a little respect. Bridget tells Deacon that they have to make sure the father of Brooke's baby is a part of her life. Deacon warns her that Whip is an opportunist who has taken advantage of Brooke and not to go anywhere near him.moreless
  • Ep. #3748
    Ep. #3748
    Episode 236
    Ridge tells Eric that there's nothing to discuss. He and Stephanie are leaving with Massimo and Eric has to accept it just as Ridge has had to accept what happened at the Board meeting. Ridge assures Eric that he's been a great father and teacher, and thanks him for everything. Ridge and Massimo give Stephanie and Eric some time alone. Eric promises Stephanie they can work things out and that he needs her. Stephanie insists that his loyalties lie with Brooke and his children with her. Both are in tears as Eric begs Stephanie not to do this. Amber insists that she wasn't responsible for what happened to Ridge, but Bridget believes she was the catalyst. Amber has no sympathy for Ridge and informs Bridget the company needed some new blood anyway. Josh comes up from the cutting room and announces that Amber's going to be a big success and that all the sewers are crazy about her designs. Kristen is concerned when she hears that Massimo is at the hospital with Stephanie and Ridge. Thorne insists that Massimo's not a threat and Stephanie would never fall for him. Eric accuses Massimo of planning what happened and wants to know what he offered Ridge. He tells Massimo that if he's half the man he claims to be, he won't tear Eric's family apart. As Massimo, Stephanie and Ridge get in the elevator together, Eric begs Ridge and Stephanie not to leave him, but the elevator doors close, leaving Eric alone.moreless
  • Ep. #3747
    Ep. #3747
    Episode 235
    Rick tries to stop the bleeding. When Ridge realizes he can't feel his hand, he finally lets Rick take him to the hospital. Stephanie tells Massimo that Forrester won't survive without Ridge, but Massimo points out that Ridge will survive without Forrester. He urges Stephanie to leave Eric and start over with him. Stephanie attempts to call Ridge, but Amber answers and informs her about the accident. Massimo offers to take Stephanie to the hospital. The doctor tells Rick that Ridge is out of surgery, but it's too soon to give a prognosis because there was considerable nerve and bone damage. Ridge orders Rick out of his room. As the doctor examines him, Ridge is unable to move his fingers. Stephanie rushes in. Ridge wonders what happened to Eric and why he turned on them. Tony fills Sally in about what happened at Forrester. He thinks that Ridge could get a job anywhere but adds that Stephanie won't leave because she's married to Eric. Sally wonders about Stephanie's other option. She warns Tony that something is about to happen at Forrester that is worse than any of Brooke's scandals. When Amber notifies Eric about the fight, Eric wants to know which hand Ridge damaged. Deacon hopes Ridge's hand will be okay and wonders what is going on at the hospital. Eric apologizes to Ridge and assures him that he wants Deacon out of the company no matter what Brooke says. Ridge notes to Eric that he's not leaving the hospital with him and he's never going back to Forrester. Stephanie adds that she's not going home either. Eric is shocked when Massimo says that they're going home with him.moreless
  • Ep. #3746
    Ep. #3746
    Episode 234
    Ridge can't believe that his family is voting him out of the company. He tells them that the company can't survive without him. When Rick informs Deacon and Amber that Ridge was fired, Deacon is glad to hear that Ridge has been taken down a peg, but points out that this is bad news because Forrester has lost its head designer. Taylor confesses to Massimo that she heard about his job offer, but she doesn't think Ridge is ready to leave Forrester Creations. She's equally certain that Eric would never let Ridge down. Taylor wonders if jealousy or bitterness motivated Massimo's actions. Massimo insists that Ridge is in a hostile environment at Forrester and he has to get out of there as soon as he can. Ridge confronts Eric for taking Brooke's side against him. Eric insists he did what was best for the company's stability but Ridge accuses Eric of turning his back on him. Angrily, Ridge starts to pack up his office. He warns Rick that without him, the company will fold. Stephanie confronts Eric about betraying Ridge. She says that she has never been more ashamed of anyone in her life. Whip, Rick, Amber and Deacon try to talk Ridge into reconsidering, but a shoving match between Ridge and Rick escalates into an all-out brawl with Deacon after Ridge refers to Amber as trashy. Ridge howls in pain when he cuts his hand on a broken vase.moreless
  • Ep. #3745
    Ep. #3745
    Episode 233
    Deacon promises Brooke that he will handle Whip, and Brooke should just follow his lead. He suggests that Brooke mend fences with Amber because she is already suspicious of Deacon's trip and they may need her someday. Stephanie tries to reassure Ridge when he tells her about Amber's ambition to be a designer. She's certain that Eric wouldn't let Brooke challenge Ridge's authority as head designer. Kristen informs Thorne and Eric that Amber is designing and hopes to have her own line. Eric assures them that Brooke will deal with the situation if it comes up, and she is no fan of Amber's. He feels that in order to keep peace in the company, they have to support Brooke right now. Rick is enthusiastic about Amber's design and sees it as a way to tap into the younger market. When they show Brooke the design, she says that Amber is very talented. Rick wants to put it into production, but Brooke is hesitant because of Ridge. Brooke reconsiders, knowing it would mean a lot to Amber. Rick is proud of Amber, who is thrilled and believes that no one can call her trailer trash again. When the Board meeting starts, Rick passes out copies of Amber's design and announces that Brooke has approved it for production. Ridge and Stephanie are stunned when, rather than fighting the idea, Eric congratulates Amber. Ridge notes that he's the only one qualified to run the company and asks Brooke to make him CEO again or he'll walk. Eric is furious and takes a vote to see if the Board accepts Ridge's resignation. Ridge can't believe they are voting him out.moreless
  • Ep. #3744
    Ep. #3744
    Episode 232
    Amber tells Rick that Ridge is jealous of their youth and potential. Rick admits he wouldn't have fought Ridge if Amber hadn't opened his eyes to what Ridge was up to. Amber asks Rick if he'll show the design she's working on to Brooke. Whip realizes that he's walking off with Deacon's life and there's nothing he can do about it. Deacon says that Whip is insane for thinking he and Brooke were involved and asks Brooke where she finds these people. Deacon threatens to sue Whip for slander if he starts spreading rumors. Whip advises Brooke to end the whole discussion by telling him who the father really is. Deacon plays along and requests that Brooke reveal the real father or he'll tell Bridget the truth about Whip. Brooke warns Deacon and Whip that either they go along with the program or they can stand in the unemployment line together. Bridget confesses to Eric that she's gotten through Brooke's latest scandal thanks to Deacon's support. Eric admits that he still doesn't trust Deacon and worries about Bridget's dependence on him. Bridget tells Eric that there's something weird about Brooke's relationship with Whip, and she's going to find out what it is. Ridge sees Amber's sketch and says that her scribblings will never see the light of day. Whip tries to convince Brooke that he's not the enemy. He's just asking for a little support and appreciation. When he's gone, Brooke and Deacon worry that Whip knows the truth and it's apparent that he plans to blackmail her.moreless
  • Ep. #3743
    Ep. #3743
    Episode 231
    Bridget confesses to Deacon that her mother's life seems to be one scandal after another, but Bridget's able to handle it this time because their marriage is stable and sane, and nothing Brooke does can touch that. Bridget adds that maybe their relationship will set a good example for Brooke and someday she'll find someone wonderful like Deacon. Whip proudly shows Joy the newspaper's front page photo proclaiming him as the father of Brooke's baby. When Joy wonders how far he plans to take this, Whip replies that it depends on how much he can get away with. Deacon tells himself that he has to be a father to Brooke's baby even if he can't say that's who he is. He has to make sure Whip doesn't get in his way. Brooke admits to Megan that she doesn't trust Whip, but right now the whole mess is worth it if it helps protect Bridget. Brooke plans to give Whip a promotion and ship him off to International long before the baby arrives. She is stunned when Whip comes in with some reporters who start snapping pictures of the two of them. Megan slips out and notifies Deacon that Brooke needs help. When the reporters are gone, Whip tries to guess who the father is and assumes from Brooke's reaction that it must be someone wildly inappropriate. Deacon bursts in and hears Brooke warns Whip not to touch her. Deacon punches Whip, who puts it all together and realizes Deacon must be the baby's real father.moreless
  • Ep. #3742
    Ep. #3742
    Episode 230
    Rick, Amber and Bridget sense Brooke is hiding something and beg her to open up to them. Brooke only admits that she has no intention of marrying Whip and refuses to give her child up for adoption. She insists that Whip won't be a part of the baby's life, but Rick observes that the baby is more important to Whip than Brooke realizes. Deacon and Megan try to find out who Whip Jones really is and how far he'll go to get what he wants. Deacon is sure that Whip is a gold-digger and wouldn't hesitate to blackmail Brooke. Whip tells his mother that he may not have gotten the promotion he wanted, but he's about to have a very rich little baby. Joy warns Whip not to take advantage of Brooke and is horrified when she realizes he plans to extort money from her. Whip says that he's paid his dues and there's nothing that will stop him now. Whip calls Brooke, who advises him never to come over uninvited. Whip tells Brooke that he's not the enemy and asks her not to turn him into one. Brooke informs Deacon that Whip is definitely going to be trouble and they have to keep the truth from him. Whip decides that if he can find out who the real father is, he would own Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #3741
    Ep. #3741
    Episode 229
    Thorne wonders if Ridge would leave the company, but Eric assures him that Ridge's place is at Forrester and he'll come around in a few days. Eric tells Thorne that they need Ridge, and the company could not survive if Ridge and Stephanie were not a part of it. Ridge concedes that he's less upset with Brooke than he is at Eric's lack of support. Deacon is enraged when he and Brooke walk into Brooke's office and catch Whip regaling a couple of reporters with stories about his relationship with Brooke. Brooke reminds him that he's not supposed to give interviews. When she admits that she told Deacon that Whip's not the father of her baby, Whip suggests that Deacon must know who the real father is. Brooke insists that she hasn't told anyone. Brooke apologizes for not expressing her appreciation to Whip for helping her out. Whip implies that he'll keep looking for the identity of the real father if Deacon doesn't apologize as well. When Brooke urges Deacon to cooperate, Deacon does so begrudgingly. Ridge tells Massimo that he can't just leave the company because there will be no one left to fight Brooke. Massimo informs Ridge that he wants him to run Marone Enterprises. He offers Ridge a choice between a life of fulfillment and what he has now -- no control and no power. He fervently asks Stephanie and Ridge to go with him. Deacon and Brooke admit how much they want each other. Brooke wonders how things got so out of control, and what they're going to do. They embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #3740
    Ep. #3740
    Episode 228
    Brooke wants to know why Whip announced he's the father of her baby and warns him this isn't going to get him a promotion. Whip informs Brooke that she needs him and wants to know who the real father is. Brooke refuses to tell him and orders him not to talk to reporters. Whip assures Brooke that he's trying to help her. Bridget tries to make sense of what's happened. She notes that Deacon doesn't seem that surprised and wonders what he knows about the situation. Bridget insists that something isn't right and she's going to find out what it is. Eric, Thorne and Kristen try to figure out how to put a positive spin on the story, but Ridge insists that after today, Forrester Creations as they know it no longer exists. Ridge says that this is war, but Eric counters that you don't wage war on your family. Eric insists that he's choosing his battles, but meanwhile he's working for the success of the company. He adds that if Ridge doesn't want to be a part of it, he should get out. tephanie can't believe how alienated she feels from her own family. Massimo points out that she can never respect Eric after this. He swears that only he can love Stephanie the way she deserves to be loved. They embrace as Ridge walks in. Massimo tells Ridge that his future is not at Forrester Creations and he thinks Ridge finally realizes that. Deacon confronts Whip and warns him not to hurt Brooke if he wants to stay alive.moreless
  • Ep. #3739
    Ep. #3739
    Episode 227
    Stephanie accuses Brooke of bringing nothing but shame and dishonor to the company. Brooke refuses to resign and orders Stephanie out of her office. Massimo watches the TV coverage of the press conference and wonders if Eric will protect Ridge and Stephanie from humiliation, or fail them again. Eric admits to Stephanie that attacking Brooke will only make the situation worse. He acknowledges that Brooke's behavior is reckless and irresponsible, but insists that they must show a united front and not let the company be torn apart by trying again to force Brooke out. Deacon wants Brooke to stay strong and not let Stephanie shake her confidence. Bridget questions Brooke about her feelings for Whip and wonders if there's something else Brooke isn't telling them. Brooke asks for some time alone. As he leaves, Deacon alerts Brooke to his bad feeling about Whip and thinks he's going to be trouble. Ridge can't believe that Eric defended Brooke and tells Taylor that if Eric doesn't have the guts to deal with her, then he will. Brooke is ruining the company's reputation, which could the cost them a fortune. Ridge says that the battle lines have been drawn. Ridge adds that if it weren't for Eric's infidelity with Brooke, none of this would have happened. Massimo tells Stephanie that it's beneath her to be associated with the likes of Brooke and her scandals. He embraces her supportively and urges her to leave Eric and his indiscretions behind.moreless
  • Ep. #3738
    Ep. #3738
    Episode 226
    Brooke is panicked as the reporters press for information, with Stephanie egging them on. They are all stunned when Whip steps forward and identifies himself as the father of Brooke's baby. Massimo is upset when Greg calls to inform him about the scandal and the mayhem at the press conference. Massimo tells Sally that since Eric let Brooke steal the company, she has disgraced the family and the Forrester name. He adds that Ridge and Stephanie deserve better. Whip explains to reporters that his relationship with Brooke is private, but they're very happy about the baby. The reporters have a field day, clamoring for answers with Whip mugging for the cameras until Rick clears the room. Stephanie asks Rick if Brooke is trying to destroy the company. Bridget can't believe Whip and Brooke are having a baby. Whip tries to stand up for Brooke, but Stephanie orders him out. Stephanie wants to go to Brooke's office and demand her resignation. Deacon warns Brooke that he doesn't trust Whip and is sure he's up to something. Deacon promises to be there for Brooke and kisses her passionately. Bridget comes to the door and asks Brooke what's going on. Brooke apologizes, but Bridget is just trying to understand. When Bridget inquires if Brooke loves the baby's father, Brooke responds that she does.moreless
  • Ep. #3737
    Ep. #3737
    Episode 225
    Rick, Deacon and Eric finish preparations for the press conference. Eric informs them that Ridge will not be attending. As Brooke puts a cape on to cover her pregnancy during the press conference, Deacon promises her that no one will find out she's pregnant until she's ready. Amber worriedly tells Megan that Stephanie figured out that Brooke is pregnant. Stephanie is adamant that Brooke is pregnant, even though Ridge and Thorne have their doubts. Checking the monitor in the showroom, Ridge asks for a close-up of Brooke. The cape opens briefly to reveal Brooke's pregnancy. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke humiliated him and now it's time to return the favor. Brooke begins the press conference by announcing some of the changes at Forrester, including the hiring of Deacon and Rick. After Rick acknowledges his family, Brooke is answering questions about the reinstatement of the lingerie line when Amber sees Stephanie enter the showroom. When a reporter asks Brooke about modeling again, Stephanie seizes the opportunity and asks Brooke about her weight gain. Stephanie makes disparaging remarks about Brooke's dignity, integrity and ‘family values,' then yanks off the cape, revealing Brooke's pregnancy. The reporters ask Brooke about the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #3736
    Ep. #3736
    Episode 224
    As Deacon goes over the last minute plans for the press conference, Whip is stunned that Rick will be taking the questions, not Brooke. Brooke admits to Deacon that she's worried that someone will ask about her weight gain. Ridge wants Eric and Thorne to boycott the press conference, but Eric insists that if they do, it will show the world the company - and the family - in disarray. He doesn't want their dirty laundry aired in front of the press. Eric urges Ridge to let them move on as a family, but Ridge declares that more and more, he feels as if he isn't part of the family. Eric assures Ridge that he'd fight Brooke if he thought there was any chance of changing her mind. Ridge feels betrayed by both Eric and Thorne. Stephanie refuses to back down and insists that Amber tell her what Brooke doesn't want anyone to know. Amber finally agrees to, explaining that Brooke has an eating disorder, but Stephanie knows she's lying. Stephanie's sure it involves a man, and finally guesses that Brooke is pregnant. Whip remarks to Rick that you have to be a Forrester or married to one to make it there. He maintains that he's the most qualified person to run the department. Deacon embraces Brooke and urges her not to stress. He reassures her that everything's under control. Deacon confesses to Brooke that he loves the baby and her. The world will never know it, but she will. Stephanie reveals to Ridge and Thorne that Brooke is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #3735
    Ep. #3735
    Episode 223
    Ridge admits to Stephanie that Massimo is more aware of what he's going through than his own father. Ridge is upset with his family's passivity. He's certain they could have driven Brooke out of the company if they had wanted to. Stephanie urges Ridge to stay at Forrester and fight. Deacon reviews his plans for his first promotional event, "The New Face of Forrester," which includes the reintroduction of the bedroom line. Ridge walks in on Deacon, Bridget and Rick. When they suggest they could use his advice, Ridge tells them they can all go to hell. Ridge refuses to help the company sell underwear. He declares if they really wanted to do what was best for Forrester, they'd go to Brooke's office and resign, but he knows they won't do that because they've gotten a taste of power that they stole rather than earned. He assures Deacon and Rick that they're both going to fail. Whip insists that he's been groomed for the job and wants to know why Brooke gave someone without experience the department head job. Brooke threatens to fire him for insubordination. Stephanie confronts Brooke, saying that she's out of control. She swears that Brooke is in for the fight of her life. Brooke maintains that Forrester Creations will always be run according to her vision and style. Stephanie fumes that she's never hated Brooke more and assures her that she can't run the company without Ridge. Stephanie swears that somehow, she will destroy Brooke. Amber wants Brooke to confide in her, but Brooke refuses to reveal who fathered her baby. Amber finds herself face to face with Stephanie, who demands to know what Brooke's secret is.moreless
  • Ep. #3734
    Ep. #3734
    Episode 222
    Ridge is unnerved that Massimo seems to know him so well. Massimo is certain that some day Ridge will look back on this crisis as the greatest opportunity of his life. Massimo assures Ridge that a door has just been opened. Deacon is checking out his new office when he meets Whip, the man who used to run Deacon's department. Whip points out that without his help, Deacon will fall flat on his face. Whip is condescending, declaring that Deacon has no qualification except to pour drinks at the next fashion show. Deacon tells Whip he's lucky to have a job if that's the way he talks to his superiors. He threatens to fire Whip if he doesn't make a major attitude adjustment. Eric reveals to Stephanie that Brooke came back, with Deacon's help, and made Rick vice president and Deacon the head of promotions. Stephanie is enraged when she hears that Brooke fired Ridge as CEO, especially when Eric seems so accepting of the situation. Whip wants to talk to Brooke about Deacon. He asks Brooke if she's trying to sabotage the company. Whip swears to Brooke that he's not going to cover for Deacon. Instead, he's going to make Deacon and Brooke the center of attention until he gets some answers about why Brooke hired him. Ridge fills Stephanie in on his meeting with Massimo and concedes that Massimo is an amazing man.moreless
  • Ep. #3733
    Ep. #3733
    Episode 221
    Megan insists that Brooke and Deacon are in love and pretending they're not won't help anyone, especially the baby. Megan is sure Bridget would recover, but Brooke insists that you can't build a life on someone else's pain. Brooke admits that she'll never stop loving Deacon. They worry about Amber figuring out the truth because she knew that Deacon didn't really go to Las Vegas. Stephanie is recalling Massimo's kiss when Eric arrives. She rushes into his arms. She tearfully tells Eric about the night she went over to Sally's when she knew Massimo was there. She confesses that she felt guilty and confused and implores Eric not to question her commitment to their marriage. Eric urges her to look at their children, especially Ridge, if she ever doubts their bond. Ridge wants Thorne and Kristen to help plan their next move, but Kristen insists that she's not interested in waging war against her own family. She reminds Ridge that Rick is their brother, not their enemy. Ridge is frustrated, having expected them to be his allies. Massimo says to Sally that this will be a painful moment of truth for Ridge as he realizes that his family won't rally around his cause. Massimo wishes there was some way to let Ridge know what Massimo has in store for his future. Massimo finds Ridge at the Café Russe and tells Ridge that his family will never be on the battlefield with him because it's not their style. Massimo urges Ridge to fight for what he believes in and calls him a visionary. Massimo is thrilled when Ridge thanks him.moreless
  • Ep. #3732
    Ep. #3732
    Episode 220
    Amber can't believe that her baby's grandma is having a baby. She asks Brooke who the father is. Amber guesses that it's Ridge, but Brooke denies it and refuses to discuss the matter. Brooke asks Amber not to tell Rick for a few more weeks, but Amber insists that she can't remain quiet because keeping secrets from Rick has caused too many problems in her marriage. Brooke finally convinces Amber to wait. When Megan asks Eric how Stephanie is taking the upheaval at Forrester, Eric admits that he hasn't told her yet because she left town a few days ago to get away from the situation. In Rick's new office, Deacon tells Rick how much he appreciates the opportunity Brooke has given him. Rick admits he's beginning to trust Deacon because of his commitment to Little Eric. He adds that no real man could turn his back on his child. When Rick is gone, Megan tells Deacon she knows he wants to protect Brooke, but how can he turn his back on the child Brooke is carrying? Deacon doesn't feel he has a choice. He knows what he's losing, but it doesn't change a thing. Stephanie calls Eric in tears. She tells him something is very wrong and she asks him to meet her at the cabin. Brooke tells Deacon and Megan that Amber knows about the baby. Megan urges Brooke not to walk away from the man she loves and the father of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #3731
    Ep. #3731
    Episode 219
    Amber wonders what happened to change the way Brooke feels about Deacon. She and Bridget also wonder what was bothering Brooke so much that she left town to begin with. Bridget admits that Deacon has been preoccupied lately and they haven't been very intimate. Brooke confesses to Deacon that she wasn't thinking straight when she offered him the job. Deacon is disappointed and tells Brooke that this was his opportunity to make something of himself. He insists that he needs the job to keep his mind off her. Brooke doesn't believe they can hide the truth if they're together everyday and they can't take that chance. Deacon tells Brooke that he made the biggest sacrifice of his life for her, but he needs the job as a distraction so he won't think of everything he's lost. Brooke relents, and Deacon promises she won't regret it. Ridge declares that Rick is going to crash and burn, and Ridge won't be there to pull him from the wreckage. Rick reminds Ridge that they're all family and they're in this together. He asks Ridge to put what's happened behind them. Ridge says that the rest of the family doesn't have time to give him on the job training; he'll have to get it somewhere else. Ridge gets in Rick's face and wants to know who's been coaching him. When Rick doesn't tell him, Ridge slams him against the wall. Rick reminds Ridge that he's his superior and if Ridge treats him this way at work, Rick will fire him. Amber is stunned when she sees Brooke looking at herself in the mirror and realizes Brooke is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #3730
    Ep. #3730
    Episode 218
    Rick tells Amber that he wants to patch things up with Ridge. Amber urges Rick to give Ridge a few days to cool off first, but Rick insists that he and Ridge can't work together until they get past what's happened. Deacon tells Bridget how much his new job means to him. Ridge decides he has to go in to work, but admits to Taylor that he'd better not run into Deacon or Rick. Taylor is leaving for the office when Rick arrives to see Ridge. When Rick says he wants to talk, Ridge responds that Rick knifed him in the back. Rick promises to treat Ridge fairly and not upstage him in exchange for Ridge's respect. Ridge angrily accuses Rick of being condescending and patronizing and warns him to get out. Rick refuses to leave. Brooke instructs Megan to start taking orders on the lingerie line again and adds that she hopes she'll be able to conceal her pregnancy for another month. Megan questions whether Brooke and Deacon will be able to hide their feelings for each other. Brooke has second thoughts about her decision to hire Deacon. Brooke calls Deacon and asks him to stop by the house. Deacon raves to Brooke how excited he is and he promises not to let her down. Brooke admits that she can't let him work at Forrester because it will be too hard for them to be in the same building.moreless
  • Ep. #3729
    Ep. #3729
    Episode 217
    Brooke tells Ridge that from now on their relationship is strictly professional. Ridge apologizes, but Brooke insists that Ridge betrayed her by deliberately changing the focus of the company while she was on sick leave. Brooke declares that he doesn't have the power to hurt her anymore. She adds that she's not bitter, she's just no longer vulnerable to his charm. Ridge asks Brooke who's been coaching Rick because he is obviously out to get Ridge. Brooke admits that she doesn't know - or care. When Ridge questions Brooke's decision to hire Rick and Deacon, Brooke says that she's hiring people she can trust - just like he did. Ridge promises Brooke that he's going to stop her, and whoever helped Rick is going to pay a high price. Amber is thrilled with Rick's promotion. They agree that Ridge can't find out that Massimo masterminded Ridge's downfall. Rick wants to see Massimo to thank him, and to find out why Massimo helped him. Massimo asks Greg to deliver a package to Ridge and fantasizes about Ridge working side by side with him for his company. Rick gives Massimo an ultimatum: either he tells Rick what his interests are in all this, or Rick blows Massimo's cover with Ridge. Massimo tries to convince Rick that he's not a threat to Ridge. Rick is certain that Massimo is lying when he claims he helped Rick out of repentance for what he did to Brooke and her parents. Brooke asks Megan if she knows who helped Rick, but she has no idea. Ridge opens the package, which contains the framed saying, "Out of life's tragedies comes true greatness." He slams it down in rage, swearing he will bring down whoever has done this to him.moreless
  • Ep. #3728
    Ep. #3728
    Episode 216
    Ridge maintains that he made a legitimate business decision, but Brooke insists that he made a big mistake. Ridge is shocked when Jonathan confirms that Brooke made it back in time. He explains that he can't notarize the vote in good faith because Brooke's obviously not incapacitated. Ridge realizes that Rick was the one who called Brooke, and Deacon explains how he figured out what Ridge was up to. Ridge is sure Rick is working with someone who wants to destroy Ridge and demands to know who it is. Eric tells everyone to calm down. Brooke declares that she can never trust Ridge again and fires him as CEO. She names Rick her new vice president and tells Ridge he can continue as head designer. When Thorne calls Rick's promotion ridiculous, Brooke responds that it's as ridiculous as putting Taylor on the board or canceling the bedroom line. She also names Deacon the new head of promotions. Bridget fills Tony in on Ridge's move to take over the company. Bridget wishes someone would stop the fighting between Ridge and Rick. Massimo is concerned that he hasn't heard from Rick yet about the meeting. His only hope is that Ridge's plan fails and the family turns on him, which would leave Ridge free from Forrester. Greg calls Massimo to alert him about what happened at the board meeting. Massimo is pleased, certain that this is the end for Ridge at Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #3727
    Ep. #3727
    Episode 215
    Tony confides in Sally about what's going on at Forrester, and expresses his concern about the family infighting. Massimo interrupts, and shares his frustration with Sally over the prospect of Ridge being chained to Forrester for the rest of his life. Massimo admits that it was a brilliant strategic move on Ridge's part because once the vote is passed, there's nothing Brooke can do to reverse it. Deacon tries to prepare Brooke for the worst. Rick informs Ridge that Brooke is on her way back, but Ridge insists it's too late and the vote's been taken. Kristen reminds Rick that Brooke still owns most of the stock and Thorne adds that she'll have a vote on the board when she comes back. When Connor arrives at the boardroom, Ridge announces that Brooke is no longer in charge. Connor looks over the paperwork, then concedes to Ridge that he's scummy but ingenious. When Brooke and Deacon burst in, Connor asks Ridge to tell Brooke the news himself. Brooke accuses all the Forresters of betraying her. She declares that they stole her company and destroyed her children's legacy, and she will never forgive any of them. Ridge maintains that he didn't do this to hurt her. Greg comes in and reports to Brooke that the project she asked him to start is underway. Connor asks Greg what time Brooke called him, and what time the board voted on Ridge's amendment. Connor proclaims that Brooke was acting as CEO minutes before the vote, so Ridge had no right to vote on her behalf. Alarmed, Ridge wants Jonathan to tell him this is a ploy.moreless
  • Ep. #3726
    Ep. #3726
    Episode 214
    Massimo explains to Rick how Ridge can use Brooke's proxy to change the by-laws and leave Brooke and her children completely powerless. Massimo urges Rick to keep the board from voting until Brooke can get back from Ojai. Deacon shows Brooke the documents and alerts her that Ridge is up to something. Rick calls and tells Brooke that if she doesn't get back there today, Ridge is going to take over the company. Brooke realizes he plans to put the board in control. At first, Brooke is concerned about going back because everyone will see that she's pregnant, but then declares that no one can steal her children's legacy. Connor phones Brooke and orders her to call somebody at Forrester and give them an assignment immediately. Ridge makes his plan clear to his family. Jonathan agrees that the move would hold up legally because Brooke has not been functioning as CEO. Ridge insists that it's justice, not vengeance. He calls for a vote. Rick bursts in and confronts Ridge about his plan to take over the company. Ridge takes the vote despite Rick's protests, and the Forresters vote unanimously to take back the company. Ridge announces that the office of CEO is irrevocably his.moreless
  • Ep. #3725
    Ep. #3725
    Episode 213
    Jonathan confirms that Ridge controls Brooke's share of the company as long as she remains incapacitated. When Ridge asks about changing the company by-laws, Jonathan informs Ridge that he'll need board approval and wants to know what Ridge is up to. Ridge wants to call a board meeting immediately and explains to Taylor that it's an opportunity to get the company back after all these years. He wants to call for a vote now before Rick gets wind of it. Jonathan warns Ridge that if Rick finds out what he's doing and succeeds in stopping him, he's certain that Ridge will no longer be CEO. Deacon bursts in on Amber and Rick and shows them the power of attorney folder. Rick assures Deacon he'll handle it and calls Massimo. On the way to see Massimo, Rick phones Megan, who tells him that something's going on and he should get over to Forrester as soon as possible. Massimo looks at the document and deduces that Ridge plans to neutralize Brooke. Ridge intends to put management of Forrester in the hands of the board of directors, which is controlled by his family. Massimo tells Rick that he has to stop Ridge. Ridge assembles the board and informs his family that they day has finally come for them to take back their company.moreless
  • Ep. #3724
    Ep. #3724
    Episode 212
    Bridget is thrilled that Deacon wants to smooth things over with Rick. Deacon is sure that Rick is in for the fight of his life. Deacon wants Ridge to account for what he's done to Brooke and the company. Bridget knows that Brooke and Deacon don't get along, but assures Deacon that someday Brooke will appreciate him as much as Bridget does. Rick tries to figure out what Ridge's next move will be. Ridge shows Thorne the power of attorney addendum in the by-laws, but admits he doesn't know who Brooke's designee is. Thorne points out that whoever has Brooke's voting rights is running the company now. Ridge is euphoric when he finds the file and learns the Brooke assigned him her voting rights. He's certain now that the company will be his. Ridge is unaware that Deacon has followed him. When Ridge is gone, Deacon takes the file, determined to find out what Ridge is up to. Rick is impressed with a dress Amber designed. Rick tells Amber that as soon as he's in charge at Forrester, he's giving Amber an office. Amber tries to convince Rick that Deacon could surprise him and he's sharper than Rick thinks.moreless
  • Ep. #3723
    Ep. #3723
    Episode 211
    Massimo reviews his strategy of supporting Rick so Ridge will leave Forrester in frustration. Rick thanks Massimo, telling him that the meeting went so well that there's no way Ridge can deny him a place on the Board of Directors and the chance to block everything Ridge tries to do. Massimo wonders if Bridget's husband will want to get involved with the company. He suggests that a man like Deacon could be helpful to Rick. Massimo tells Rick that it's essential that Ridge never finds out that Massimo has been coaching him. He warns Rick that he won't be able to stop Ridge alone, but Rick isn't interested in an alliance with Deacon. Rick wonders why Massimo is so passionate about him running Forrester. Amber confronts Deacon about lying to Bridget about the trip to Las Vegas. Deacon refuses to say where he really was but threatens to strangle Amber if she mentions his deception to Bridget. Deacon tells Amber that he's willing to support Rick in his battle against Ridge. Ridge scans the company by-laws looking for something that will help him stop Rick and wants to know who has Brooke's power of attorney. He searches for the document, knowing whoever she designated holds the key to Ridge's future.moreless
  • Ep. #3722
    Ep. #3722
    Episode 210
    Darla helps Sally with her last minute plans for her date tonight, and notes that Massimo's in for a wild ride. Sally tells Massimo that her only goal for the evening to help him relax and have fun. She wants to show him how much fun they could have together. She admits that keeping his secret has been torture, knowing what it would do to Stephanie if the truth came out. While Eric is working late, Stephanie looks through mementos from her relationship with Massimo. Sally calls Stephanie and makes sure Stephanie can hear Massimo's voice in the background so she'll know they're together. Sally dims the lights and vamps to "Mustang Sally." After her dance, Sally asks if Massimo could imagine Stephanie putting on a show like that. She tells him she's going to change for the grand finale. Stephanie shows up at the door and warns Massimo that becoming involved with Sally will only bring him embarrassment. Massimo urges Stephanie to give in to her own feelings for him. They kiss, and he tells Stephanie how much he wants her back.moreless
  • Ep. #3721
    Ep. #3721
    Episode 209
    Brooke gets angry when she realizes Ridge was trying to embarrass Rick at the meeting. But it pleased to hear that Rick shocked everyone especially Ridge at the meeting. She wonders who might have been coaching Rick. Megan wants Brooke to admit that Deacon is in love with her. She can't believe that Brooke can't see how wrong it is to deny her feelings for Deacon and the fact that he's the father of her child. Brooke insists that there's no other way. Deacon is doing this to protect Brooke, Bridget and the baby. Ridge and Taylor spot Massimo with Sally. Ridge doesn't care who Massimo's with as long as he stays away from them. Massimo explains to Sally that Ridge would be furious if he found out that Massimo was behind his problems with Rick, but someday he'll see that Massimo has to set Ridge free from Forrester to help him realize his true potential. Massimo sends an expensive bottle of champagne to Ridge and Taylor's table. Massimo is crushed when Ridge takes the open bottle and turns it upside down in the ice bucket. Bridget enjoys her evening with Deacon but admits that she's sad for her mother. Bridget tells Deacon that except for Ridge, no man has ever been able to resist Brooke. Deacon sends Bridget ahead when she wants to go down to his apartment. Deacon tells himself that he's protecting Bridget and doing what Brooke asked him to do. He fantasizes about being at Brooke's side when their baby is born. Bridget returns wearing her coat, but nothing underneath. Deacon kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #3720
    Ep. #3720
    Episode 208
    Amber doesn't believe Massimo when he insists he was trying to help Rick. Massimo puts Rick on the speakerphone when he calls to thank Massimo for his help and tell him how well things went at the meeting. Hearing Rick, Amber is thrilled and hugs Massimo in gratitude. She's excited Ridge will have to take Rick seriously now and apologizes for what she said earlier. Ridge tells Eric that someone is out there encouraging Rick to cause problems for them. They try to figure out where Rick turned for his business advice. Megan confronts Deacon about going to see Brooke, but he turns around and accuses her of knowing all along that Brooke is pregnant with his child. Deacon tells Bridget he needs to talk to her. He takes her to the roof where he has set a romantic candlelight dinner for two. Deacon promises Bridget he's going to put everything he has into making their marriage work. Amber kisses Rick and tells him how proud she is of him. She adds Massimo thinks Rick will wind up in charge of Forrester one day. Ridge tells Taylor someone is obviously using Rick to get to him. Massimo watches them from across the restaurant and wishes he didn't have to put Ridge through the difficult times which lie ahead. Massimo is equally sure in the end it will be worth it and Ridge will thank him.moreless
  • Ep. #3719
    Ep. #3719
    Episode 207
    Brooke tells Dr. Isabel Deacon has to stay married to Bridget, and no one can ever know Deacon is the father of Brooke's baby. Dr. Isabel realizes Deacon loves Brooke more than any other man ever has. She advises Brooke to go back to L.A. and get on with her life now that she knows her secret is safe with Deacon. Brooke assures Dr. Isabel her own feelings about Deacon are now irrelevant. Massimo isn't pleased when Amber tells him she knows about his visit with Rick. Afraid that Massimo has set Rick up, Amber demands to know what Massimo is up to. Ridge is stunned when Rick suggests a solution to Forrester's international tax situation, and Chuck admits he was going to propose the same move. Based on his advice from Massimo, Rick makes several more constructive suggestions to Eric's delight and Ridge's dismay. Deacon covers when Bridget asks him about his business trip. Deacon tells Bridget she's his number one priority. After the meeting, Stephanie and Taylor are impressed with Rick's contributions, but Ridge feels somehow they have just been hustled. Eric tells Rick how proud he is.moreless
  • Ep. #3718
    Ep. #3718
    Episode 206
    Massimo gives Rick a crash course in corporate finance, but Rick isn't sure why Massimo is helping him. Massimo asks Rick to promise he won't tell anyone what they're doing. Amber tells Bridget about Rick's meeting with Massimo and admits her concern. When Bridget asks about the board meeting, Amber explains Rick might not go because he saw the agenda and it's all over his head. Taylor senses something is up when Chuck, a financial expert, shows up at Ridge's request to sit in on the meeting. Rick calls Amber and explains Massimo took him through the whole agenda and he's ready for the meeting. Amber tells Bridget she doesn't know what's going on, but if Massimo's involved, it can't be good. They worry that Rick is being set up. Massimo receives a package he's been waiting for, which contains a picture of Stephanie and Ridge. He promises someday they'll be together as a family, and when the Forresters let Ridge down, Massimo will be there for him. Massimo adds if Rick does as he says, that someday could be very soon. The meeting has just begun when Rick rushes in. Ridge whispers to Chuck when they are finished with him, Rick will wish he hadn't shown up.moreless
  • Ep. #3717
    Ep. #3717
    Episode 205
    Rick realizes he isn't ready and has second thoughts about going to the meeting, but Amber won't hear of it. Rick reads a note from Massimo with an urgent request to go to his office. Stephanie notes Ridge intentionally has chosen some heavy topics for the board meeting. Eric tells Ridge he's made his point and to leave Rick alone. Ridge refuses to change the agenda for the meeting. Eric isn't happy about the animosity between Rick and Ridge, but Ridge points out Rick questioned his authority in front of the board and he won't stand for it. Stephanie tells Eric if Rick doesn't feel prepared to discuss the topics, there's no way he'll show up at the meeting. Massimo tells Sally he must win Ridge's respect before Ridge learns the truth and he's already put a plan into action. Massimo plans to give Rick the tools he needs to take over Forrester and set Ridge free from a company where he can never achieve his full potential. Rick tells Massimo to leave his family alone, and is about to go when Massimo mentions the meeting and wonders if Rick needs any help. Massimo tells Rick if he does as he says, he guarantees Rick will run his father's company. Massimo tells himself Ridge would then take over his own.moreless
  • Ep. #3716
    Ep. #3716
    Episode 204
    Brooke tells Deacon they would have to leave town if they revealed the truth because no one would forgive them. They are in tears as Deacon points out they both are losing the best thing that ever happened to either of them. Deacon doesn't want them to turn their back on the miracle they found each other. He can't give up Brooke and the baby. In frustration, he hurls a vase across the room. Brooke asks Deacon to honor their child and their love by protecting her children from scandal, and their child from being an outcast. Brooke will come up with a plan to explain her pregnancy. Deacon wonders how he'll get over her. They kiss passionately. Stephanie thinks something major is going on with Brooke and Bridget should find out what it is. Bridget accuses Stephanie, Ridge, and Eric of taking advantage of Brooke by purging the company of her influence while she's gone. Amber and Alexandra wonder if Deacon's involved with another woman. Alexandra recalls something weird happened with Deacon when Bridget was at Big Bear with her friends. She and Amber wonder if he was with another woman then – and the same one now.moreless
  • Ep. #3715
    Ep. #3715
    Episode 203
    Ridge tells Taylor that Rick has a lot to learn, and needs to pay his dues the way Ridge did. Deacon wants Brooke to go with him and tell Bridget the whole truth tonight. He insists Bridget will have to accept what's happened. Amber makes an entrance, proclaiming herself to be a great Forrester designer, unaware Stephanie has stopped by to see Rick. Stephanie pointedly tells them running a company is about more than having fun. Rick tells Stephanie while they are ripping years of Brooke's hard work to shreds, he is worried sick about his mother. He asks Stephanie to leave. Deacon tells Brooke as soon as the divorce is final, they'll be married. Bridget doesn't need him, but Brooke and the baby do. Brooke tells Deacon she wishes she could share his dream, but she can't let him break Bridget's heart again. Deacon asks Brooke if she could live with herself knowing she's denied her child a father and herself a life with a man who loves her. Brooke tells Deacon she would make any sacrifice to be with him – except her children. If Rick and Bridget don't know the truth, they will love Brooke's child and the baby will grow up with a supportive extended family. Brooke tells Deacon she's sorry, but the baby will never know Deacon is his father.moreless
  • Ep. #3714
    Ep. #3714
    Episode 202
    Brooke tries to convince Deacon the vitamins are for Amber, but Deacon does not believe her lies and wants Brooke to admit she's pregnant. When Brooke finally does, Deacon can hardly believe Brooke is having his child. Brooke wants Deacon to go back to L.A. and keep her secret, adding Bridget can never find out what Brooke has done to her. She knows Bridget would hate them both, but Deacon tells Brooke the baby is a blessing and she can't ask him to deny his paternity. Deacon tells Brooke he's going to leave Bridget and ask for a divorce so the two of them can raise their baby together and live as a family. Amber stops in to see Bridget and asks how Deacon's business trip is going. Bridget admits that she hasn't heard from him. Amber still continuning to fish for information comments on how much Bridget seems to trust Deacon. Bridget is certain Deacon would never cheat on her. Tony and Kristen marvel at how much Zende has brought to their lives. Tony promises Zende that no matter what happens, they will never stop loving him because they are a family. Kristen tells Tony they have to give Zende love and security and a whole new way of looking at life.moreless
  • Ep. #3713
    Ep. #3713
    Episode 201
    Brooke finally admits she loves Deacon, but they both accept that he can never betray Bridget again. Brooke tells Deacon he's the only man who has ever accepted her for who she really is, but won't go back to L.A. with him. Deacon is shocked to find out Brooke is pregnant when the concierge drops off her prenatal vitamins. Thomas, Phoebe, and Steffy are excited when Ridge and Taylor take them to meet their new adopted cousin, Zende. Amber realises Deacon lied to Bridget and went to Vegas, and wonders who he's with.moreless
  • Ep. #3712
    Ep. #3712
    Episode 200
    Rick tells Amber and Bridget that Ridge made a fool of him at the board meeting. Rick is certain Ridge is trying to cut them out of the company before Brooke can transfer her stock to them, making them majority shareholders. Bridget is horrified by the idea that Ridge is taking advantage of Brooke in her absence. Rick decides the rules of the game have changed. He may not have as much experience, but he can be just as ruthless as Ridge can. Taylor asks Ridge if he feels threatened by Rick. Yves fills Massimo in on the battle between Ridge and Rick at the board meeting. He tells Massimo Ridge tore Rick to shreds. Deacon wants to know what Brooke is keeping from him. Brooke tells him to forget about her and go home to his wife. Deacon tries to convince Brooke she hasn't betrayed her daughter. He tells Brooke it's time she heard the truth and confesses that he loves her. Massimo pays Ridge a visit and comments on Ridge's power struggle with his brother. Ridge bristles when Massimo notes he can't control what he doesn't own. Massimo offers to help Ridge and denies that it's a ploy to get closer to Stephanie. Ridge tells Massimo that he disgusts him.moreless
  • Ep. #3711
    Ep. #3711
    Episode 199
    Deacon tells Bridget he's going on a business trip to Vegas, when he really plans to visit Brooke. Deacon wonders why Brooke is running away and what she thinks he's done to her life. Brooke tells Dr. Isabel that she's worried that all the responsibilities she left behind will fall on Rick's shoulders. Dr. Isabel wonders if it's easier for Brooke to worry about Rick's problems than her own. She asks Brooke if she can't face Deacon because she still has feelings for him. Ridge tells Rick that he doesn't belong there, but then he changes his strategy and suggests he pull up a chair. The meeting proceeds as Ridge asks Yves about the International response to the cancellation of the lingerie line. When the report turns to financial details, Rick is clearly in over his head. Ridge tells Rick to go back to the playground. Eric angrily adjourns the meeting and tells Ridge and Rick to stay. Ridge confronts Rick about his stunt, pointing out that Rick is not equipped to run a company. Ridge wants Rick and Amber to stay out of his way. On the other side Amber promises Bridget that Rick is prepared for the meeting and will make them all proud. Brooke sees Deacon and tells him that he shouldn't be there, but Deacon insists that he's not leaving until he gets all his answers.moreless
  • Ep. #3710
    Ep. #3710
    Episode 198
    Rick prepares for the board meeting by reading stacks of papers detailing the history of Forrester. He doesn't want them to get away with what they've done to Brooke. When Rick is dressed in his suit and ready to go, Amber gives him a pep talk and a kiss for luck. Ridge explains his reasons for dropping the Brooke's Bedroom line. He adds that the move has been met with overwhelming support from their important clients. When Kristen questions him, Ridge states that he doesn't know or care what Brooke thinks about the decision. Megan admits that Brooke knows about the move. When Thorne wants to know if Brooke was okay with it, Megan responds that Brooke isn't up for a fight right now. Massimo asks Yves to be his eyes and ears that the meeting, adding that no detail is insignificant. Ridge nominates Taylor for a seat on the board of directors. The vote is unanimous. Rick appears, announcing that he is there to represent Brooke, the majority stockholder. When Ridge orders him out, Rick reminds him that his family owns more than half the company, which means they own Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #3709
    Ep. #3709
    Episode 197
    Ridge asks Taylor to join the board of directors. Taylor considers it, then agrees to accept if the family votes her in. Rick visits Brooke and spots the garment bag from the maternity clothing store. Brooke covers, explaining that she bought the clothes for Amber. Brooke is stunned when Rick tells her about Ridge canceling the bedroom line. He tells Brooke that they're tearing everything she built to shreds. He urges her to come home. Brooke starts to cry, insisting that she can't. Rick resolves to find a way to handle it himself. Kristen introduces Zende to Eric, who asks the boy to call him ‘Grandpa.' As Tony and Kristen are cleaning stale food out of the refrigerator, Eric notices a tear in Zende's eye. Kristen and Tony promise to be more careful about wasting food. Amber tells Stephanie that she understands why Stephanie hates Brooke, but it doesn't mean Brooke is a bad businesswoman. Stephanie doesn't think what happens at Forrester is Amber's business, but Amber insists that it is because it concerns her husband and his future. When Stephanie comments on Rick's petulance, Amber demands that she stop treating Rick like a child. Stephanie is certain that one day Brooke, Rick and Amber will thank them for taking this step. Rick calls Amber and tells her that he's going to make his move at the next board meeting, adding that he's going to take on his big brother.moreless
  • Ep. #3708
    Ep. #3708
    Episode 196
    Bridget tells Deacon that she really feels as if their problems are behind them. Zende is awestruck as he heads for his new home with Kristen and Tony. He's thrilled with their house, his room, and the ocean. His new mom and dad tell him that they love him. Brooke tells Dr. Isabel that when the word gets out, her pregnancy will be front-page news. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke accused Deacon of ruining her life. Ridge asks his parents if he is Brooke's puppet, or if he's really in control of the company. He tells them about Rick's interference and accusations. Eric offers to talk to Rick. Amber urges Rick and Bridget to call Brooke to tell her about Ridge canceling the bedroom line. Deacon adds that they can't let Ridge get away with this. Rick assures them that he's going to take care of the situation, but he needs their support. Rick wants to make it clear to Ridge that this is their company, too, and no one's going to push them around. Dr. Isabel tells Brooke that beating herself up isn't going to solve her dilemma. Brooke wonders what to tell her family about her baby. Dr. Isabel advises Brooke to focus on her baby and think of her unborn child as a blessing because he or she will be loved and cherished.moreless
  • Ep. #3707
    Ep. #3707
    Episode 195
    Deacon calls Brooke and asks her if he's done something to cause this hostility. Brooke admits to Dr. Isabel that she doesn't hate Deacon at all. She explains that when she and Deacon made love, they connected both emotionally and physically. She adds that she felt a passion with Deacon that she hasn't felt in years. When Brooke insists that a future with Deacon is impossible, Dr. Isabel asks if Deacon is married. Brooke confesses that she can't stop seeing Deacon because he's married to Brooke's daughter. Bridget tells Deacon that Brooke would be furious if she knew Ridge was pulling the Brooke's Bedroom line. Bridget is touched by Deacon's concern for Brooke. Ridge tells Rick that he'll explain why he's pulling the lingerie line, but Rick isn't going to like what he hears. Ridge explains that the line damaged the Forrester reputation and drove away their more conservative clientele. Rick wants Ridge to admit that Stephanie and Taylor put him up to this. Rick asks for research supporting the decision, but Ridge doesn't feel he owes Rick any more of an explanation.moreless
  • Ep. #3706
    Ep. #3706
    Episode 194
    When Deacon pumps Megan to find out what is wrong with Brooke, she admits that she knows the two of them slept together, and asks Deacon if he still has feelings for Brooke.
  • Ep. #3705
    Ep. #3705
    Episode 193
    Stephanie tells Massimo all about how Ridge is the CEO of Forrester Creations, but Massimo tells her that because Ridge will never own the company, he will never be happy as a CEO.
  • Ep. #3704
    Ep. #3704
    Episode 192
    Brooke has a visit from Bridget, who tells her that both she and Deacon are worried about her, and she tells her mother that she was the best thing that ever happened to Forrester creations.
  • Ep. #3703
    Ep. #3703
    Episode 191
    At Brooke's house, Rick hung up the phone after a conversation with his mother. He told Amber that Brooke still seemed upset and he wished there was something he could do to help her. Amber then asked what had transpired at the stock meeting the previous day. Rick explained that Eric had decided not to give any of the 49% of his stock to Rick or Bridget. Amber wasn't too happy to hear that, but was heartened to hear that Brooke was not going to give any of the 51% of her stock to anyone but Rick and Bridget. Rick further explained that Brooke had left Ridge in charge as CEO while she was gone. Rick was certain that Ridge would not do anything to rock the boat. Amber emphasized that the company would one day be Rick's. He had to make sure it continued to be run properly. She convinced him to go to Forrester and make sure things were running smoothly. In Ridge's office, Eric looked on as his older son handled a problem on the Forrester web site.Eric commented that he was certain his son would make a fine CEO. Ridge said it felt right for him to be in charge, but he had to remember it was only temporary until Brooke returned from her sabbatical. Eric hinted that he doubted Brooke would ever return to her position as CEO! Megan arrived and took orders from Ridge to assemble reports from all divisions for a board meeting that very night. When Ridge asked for business projections from all the lines, Megan admitted that Brooke had not developed a business plan for the men's line or Brooke's Bedroom. Both Eric and Ridge were surprised that Brooke had not been totally professional in her running of her own clothing lines. Megan pointed out that the lines were so successful, anything Brooke had projected would have been surpassed. After Megan left, Ridge decided he wanted to run a tighter ship than Brooke had been doing. He wanted to return Forrester to it's glory days of classic design. Eric agreed it might be a good idea. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Taylor wandered into Brooke's vacant office. Stephanie scowled as she looked at the bed and all the lingerie around the room. La Forrester was glad Brooke was gone and hoped all the damage she had done to the Forrester reputation could be erased. Stephanie also trashed a huge poster photo of Brooke at the unveiling of the Brooke's Bedroom line. Megan passed by and Stephanie instructed her to have the bed removed from the office immediately. Megan protested but Stephanie insisted the secretary follow orders. Megan did as she was told, but ran over to Ridge's office to let him know that Stephanie was taking over Brooke's office. on the other side of the building, Stephanie told Taylor that Brooke's office had once been her own work space. She intended to take it back and move in that afternoon. Taylor suggested that perhaps Stephanie should wait until Brooke had been gone longer than one day. Stephanie said she was certain Brooke was not coming back to work and in her opinion, it was good riddance. As the movers carried the bed out of the office, Rick walked down the hall. He was surprised to see things being taken from his mother's office. He stood outside the door and listened to Stephanie rant about Brooke. Rick overhears Stephanie trashing Brooke and confronts her and Taylor, enraged. He told Stephanie he couldn't believe she was talking about his mother in such a manner.moreless
  • Ep. #3702
    Ep. #3702
    Episode 190
    At Insomnia, Massimo enjoyed a cappa-mocha-latte-grande-soy and noticed Ridge at the counter getting a skim-latte-regular-with extra foam to go Massimo approached Ridge and said he understood it was a big day for the stock holders at Forrester. Ridge was rude to Massimo and upset his mother continued to talk to the thug. Ridge stormed off and Massimo had a daydream about one day telling Ridge he was his father and Ridge apologizing for being to rude to him. In Brooke's office at Forrester Creations, Bridget told Rick and Amber that she had received a call from Brooke and her caller ID told her the phone call was from the Ojai Valley Inn. Bridget intended to leave immediately to visit her mother. She was worried about her. Amber and Rick convinced her to stay for the stock transfer meeting. Amber stayed in Brooke's office while Rick and Bridget left for the meeting. A short while later, Deacon arrived looking for Bridget. Amber explained that Rick and Bridget had left for the important meeting. Amber tells Deacon that Bridget's going to visit Brooke after the meeting and maybe she can drag out of Brooke what's bothering her. She then tells him that it was good for both their futures because they were married to majority stock holders at Forrester Creations and one day Little Eric would be running the company. Deacon was impressed that his son would have so much power some day. In Eric's office, Ridge, Stephanie, Eric, Bridget, Rick, Connor, and Jonathan gathered for the stock meeting. Eric explained that he had decided not to give any of his stock to Rick and Bridget. The two seemed OK with that knowing that they would get more stock from Brooke. Connor then opened Brooke's document. He explained that Brooke intended to give all her stock to her children. Jonathan noted that it did not specify Rick and Bridget as her children. It was therefore possible that future children Brooke might have would divide her stock with her two current kids. Bridget said she doubted Brooke intended to have more children and Stephanie readily agreed. But in her absence, Brooke handed the reigns over to Ridge. She expected Rick and Bridget to give him their full support. They assured Ridge they knew he would run the company just as their mother would want him to. Eric broke out champagne and everyone celebrated.moreless
  • Ep. #3701
    Ep. #3701
    Episode 189
    At the Haven of Hope orphanage in Africa, Zende told Kristen and Tony that he would very much like to be their son. While he was gone to place a flower on his brother's grave, Tisha told Kristen and Tony that Zende never thought he would be adopted. She was grateful they were giving him a chance at a better life. Zende returned with his jacket that had the silver lining. Kristen and Tony made note that they would always keep it. After a tearful goodbye to Tisha and some of his friends, Zende left for America with Tony and Kristen. Meanwhile, at Brooke's house, Miss Logan and Megan packed for Brooke's retreat. Megan suggested that perhaps Brooke could stay away until she gave birth and give the baby up for adoption. Brooke was not sure she could give her child away. In Brooke's living room, Bridget joined Rick and Amber. Bridget worried that her mother would not open up to her. Amber thought Brooke was leaving town because she couldn't stand Amber living in her house. Rick said he had spoken to his mother and she had assured him her departure had nothing to do with Amber's presence. Brooke came downstairs with her bags and hugged her children good bye. She explained that she had to get away to clear her mind. She could not tell them where she was going. Rick said the rest of the Forresters would think something was up if she wasn't there for the stock transfer meeting. Brooke said she had explained her wishes to Connor and she expected her children would agree with her. Rick and Bridget said they would abide by what she had decided. Bridget said she wished Brooke would not leave until Deacon stopped by to say good bye. She thought that Deacon really was trying to get along with Brooke. Brooke wanted none of that and hightailed it out the door with Megan. Just after Brooke left, Deacon arrived. Everyone assumed that Brooke didn't want to talk to Deacon. Amber said it seemed to her that Brooke seemed ashamed. They all agreed that she must be upset about the way she had chased Ridge last fall. Bridget hugged her husband and thanked him for taking such good care of her. At Forrester Creations, Eric, Ridge, and Stephanie gathered in Eric's office to discuss the stock transfer with their lawyer Jonathan. Ridge told his parents that Brooke was leaving town and would be gone indefinitely. Stephanie was shocked that Brooke would leave at such a time. She feared Brooke was going to "drop a bomb" on them. Ridge said something was bothering Brooke, but she wouldn't tell him what it was. Just then, Brooke entered the office. She said that Connor would explain what she wanted done with her stock. She explained that she was taking an indefinite leave of absence, but she was not resigning. She would be back to run the company. Until she returned, she knew it would be in good hands. Ridge thanked Brooke for the vote of confidence. Brooke gave a wan smile in reply. Brooke said goodbye and left. Stephanie followed shortly thereafter. Out in hall, Megan arranged for Brooke's driver. Brooke ushered Megan and her chauffer off when Stephanie arrived. Stephanie asked how Brooke could leave when her daughter was still married to "that son of a bitch" Deacon. Stephanie pointed out that Brooke had always been a terrible mother, but this was a new low even for her. Brooke cried and asked Stephanie to keep an eye on Bridget for her. Stephanie readily agreed, but then realized something was terribly wrong. She sincerely asked Brooke what was the matter. Brooke simply said good bye and waited for the elevator as Stephanie walked away. But the elevators doors opened and Deacon walked out of the cab! He asked Brooke if she was leaving because of him. Brooke railed against Deacon. She screamed that she hated him for what he had done to her life. She got on the elevator and left. Deacon walked away perplexed. But who do you think was lurking around the corner and had heard every word? You got it - Stephanie! She had a quizzical look on her face. Whatever could Brooke have meant by her comment?moreless
  • Ep. #3700
    Ep. #3700
    Episode 188
    At Stephanie's request, Massimo showed up at the Forrester mansion. Stephanie thanked Massimo for pointing out the problems with the estate planning. She explained that Eric had reconsidered some his ideas and was only going to divide their stock among the four children they had together. Ridge would not have controlling interest, but Eric planned to get the siblings to always back Ridge's decisions. Massimo was not impressed. If there was no legal document, Ridge was no better off than he had been before. At Forrester Creations, Thorne visited his father. Eric explained that he and Stephanie had decided to divide their 49% of Forrester stock among only Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia (12.25% each) Rick and Bridget would inherit their stock from Brooke (25.5% each). Thorne thought that sounded fair, but Eric told of Ridge's desire to gain controlling interest. Eric said all his children needed to promise Ridge that they would back his every decision when he took control of the company. Thorne said he would always stand behind Ridge. When Thorne inquired about Kristen, Eric explained that she and Tony had returned to Africa after being home for two days to adopt the orphan child they had met on their honeymoon. Thorne thought that was a terrific idea. Obviously, Tony and Kristen had been put together for such a wonderful reason. Eric admitted he was upset that he had fought their relationship from the beginning. Thorne suggested that God had wanted Eric to test the couple - and they had passed with flying colors. In Africa, Tony and Kristen arrived the orphanage. They talked to Tisha who related that all the adoption papers had been processed, Zende's passport had been obtained, and he had gotten an HIV test.Kristen and Tony were overjoyed to learn that Zende was HIV negative. The couple then found Zende who was glad to see them. After some discussion, Kristen explained that they had come to take him home with them. They wanted him to be their son. Zende's face beamed. Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke moped in her office as Megan told of the travel arrangements she had made for the CEO. Apparently, Brooke was planning a retreat in the desert. She needed to have some time alone to think. When Ridge arrived, Megan left the two alone. Ridge came to apologize for his behavior at Brooke's house. He realized it was not her responsibility to give him controlling interest in Forrester Creations. He planned to apologize to Rick as well. Ridge explained that it was Taylor that convinced him to mend fences. Brooke was impressed that Taylor would do anything nice after all Brooke had put her through. Brooke said she had been such a fool to pursue Ridge earlier in the year. Ridge told Brooke not to worry about the past. He was impressed that Brooke had grown. In the past, such a disappointment would have caused Brooke to do something crazy. Brooke cried that she had not changed at all. She had to get away to think about what she had done. She felt ashamed. Concerned, Ridge asked Brooke to open up to him. She said she wished she could, but she had to deal with her problem on her own.moreless
  • Ep. #3699
    Ep. #3699
    Episode 187
    At their Bel Air mansion, Taylor was dubious of Brooke's motives for giving Ridge extra Forrester stock. Ridge told her not to look a gift horse in the mouth and suggested they go to Brooke's house to sign some official papers. Meanwhile, upstairs at Brooke's house, Amber kept needling Rick about giving up his mother's stock. She explained - AGAIN - that it was his legacy to give children. He was Eric Forrester Jr. and he had just as much right to the company as any of Eric's other children. Amber felt Rick should at least think about the whole situation more before making any decisions. He owed it to his children. Rick carefully considered what Amber said. Downstairs, lawyer Connor showed up. He had drawn up the papers of stock transfer as Brooke had requested. However, Connor warned Brooke to reconsider the transaction because once she had given Ridge the stock, the action could not be reversed. Brooke said she was sure this was what she wanted to do. Her affairs had been messed up for quite a while and she wanted to get everything in order. Connor noticed that Brooke's behavior was strange and asked if she was ill. Brooke made it clear that she was not dying. She simply wanted to do what was right for everyone. Rick and Amber came downstairs and joined Connor and Brooke. Rick then announced that he had changed his mind and didn't want to give any stock away. He wanted to think about the plan and be sure he wasn't giving away too much. He had his children to think of. Brooke understood Rick's change of heart and suggested that everyone leave before Ridge arrived. She'd be able to handle the situation. Connor didn't think it was a good idea because Ridge was likely to be angry. Unfortunately Ridge and Taylor were at the door. Ridge brought champagne and suggested they toast the company. Rick then interrupted and said there would not be any stock transfer. He had changed his mind. Ridge was furious and reminded everyone how he had helped build Forrester and without him there would be no company to divide. Rick explained that he was only thinking about the future of his own family. Ticked off, Ridge grabbed Taylor and they left. Brooke knew this did not bode well for Christmas dinner. At Tony's beach house, Kristen lit enough candles in the bedroom to heat a small Nebraska town for the entire month of December. The newlyweds cooed about how much they were in love. After getting' jiggy with it (safely, of course) Kristen mused on what adventures lay ahead for them. Everyone had told them miraculous things would come of their union. There would indeed be a silver lining for all the troubles they would face. The happy couple pulled out photos from their honeymoon and both stopped short at the photo of them with Zende. They both admitted they had written him a letter on the plane ride home. As Kristen gazed at the photo, she suddenly sat up in bed! "Look at Zende's jacket!" Kristen yelled. "the lining is silver!" They realize that Zende needs them, and they need Zende. They decide to go back and make arrangements to adopt him.moreless
  • Ep. #3698
    Ep. #3698
    Episode 186
    Kristen and Tony arrived at the Forrester mansion after returning from their honeymoon. Stephanie and Eric were glad to see them and eagerly looked at all the photos Kristen had taken. They came across a photo of Zende. Kristen lovingly explained that he was an orphan of AIDS and that he was everything anyone could want in a 10 year-old boy. Stephanie noted that the young boy must have stolen Kristen's heart. Kristen admitted that he had done exactly that. At Brooke's house, Brooke invited Rick and Bridget to sit down and discuss the future of Forrester Creations. She explained the plan to distribute the stocks of Forrester among all of Eric's children. The current plan gave both Rick and Bridget controlling interest and left Ridge with very little. Neither Rick nor Bridget thought that was fair. They thought Brooke should do what she thought was best with the company. They thought Ridge should run the company since he had worked harder and longer than anyone else. Bridget and Rick both agreed that Brooke could give Ridge just enough of the stock she intended to give them for Ridge to have controlling interest. Amber listened to the discussion with great interest. At the Bel Air mansion, Taylor found Ridge alone in the living room. She showed him her own personal copy of Eye on Fashion magazine. Ridge found his cover story ironic and told Taylor of his father's plan to distribute the Forrester stock. Taylor assumed Ridge would end up with 30% or 40% and was shocked to hear he'd have less than 10%. Ridge ranted about how he couldn't believe his father would treat him in such a shabby manner. Taylor agreed that Eric wasn't doing what was best for the company, but she understood he thought he was being fair to all his children. Ridge said he should maybe quit Forrester and start his own company. The conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Brooke. She told Ridge that she, Rick, and Bridget had decided to give him enough stock to give him controlling interest. She invited both he and Taylor over to sign the papers. After hanging up, Ridge was ecstatic. He told Taylor he had a good feeling about what was going to happen. Upstairs at Brooke's house, Amber talked to Rick about his decision. She wasn't so sure that he should give any of his stock to Ridge. She thought he should think about the future of his family. He was about to have two children. Just as Eric Senior had thought about all his children's legacy, Rick should do the same. Rick understood what Amber was saying, but pointed out he had already agreed to give up the stock. Amber said he should simply change his mind. He always wanted to be the good guy - to keep the peace. But it was time to think about his own well being - and that of his children. Rick thought about what Amber had said.moreless
  • Ep. #3697
    Ep. #3697
    Episode 185
    Back in Africa, Kristen and Tony prepared to leave their cabana for home. Kristen was looking at their vacation photos and found the one they had taken of themselves with Zende. They both commented what a wonderful boy he was. A hotel employee came to get their bags. They discussed Zende, the African AIDS crisis and the future with the employee. He explained that there were 60 million orphaned children in Africa with no relief in site. It would take a miracle to turn things around. After the bellhop left, Tony suggested they pray for something to be done about the problems they had seen. Zende arrived to say good bye. He presented Kristen with a bracelet and Tony with a small, cardboard African mask. He had made both items. The couple was touched by his generosity and Kristen offered him money in return. Zende said he would not take the money. They had already given him something - and he touched his heart. The driver returned to take Kristen and Tony to the airport. During a tearful good bye, Kristen gave Zende the photo of the three of them. Zende was thrilled to have it and tightly hugged the couple goodbye. Kristen said she would never forget Zende. As the car drove off, Zende looked at the photo and cried. Meanwhile, Massimo and Sally chatted in his office. He told Sally about his gift of pie to Ridge. Sally admitted that it was an ingenious idea. However, what if Ridge took the hint and demanded more of a stake in Forrester Creations and Eric gave it to him? That would make non-father and son closer than ever. Massimo admitted that was a possibility. If that happened, Massimo would be happy for his son. In Eric's office at Forrester Creations, Stephanie invited Ridge to join in on the estate planning for their Forrester stock. Eric welcomed a chance to explain his plan and pulled out a handy white marker board for some visual aid. He drew a pie chart complete with letters and numbers - how impressive. Stephanie and Eric own 49% of the Forrester stock. Eric explained that he wanted to divide that stock among their children. He was going to divide their (almost) half of the pie into five pieces. One fifth would each go to Eric and Stephanie's children: Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia. The final fifth would be divided among Eric's children with Brooke: Rick and Bridget. So that means Rick and Bridget would each get 4.9% of the total Forrester stock. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia would then each get approximately 9.8% of the total Forrester stock. Ridge was surprised at the small portion he'd receive, but didn't fly off the handle. He asked what would happen to Brooke's 51%. She explained that she intended to divide her stock between Rick and Bridget. Ridge quickly calculated that his half-brother and half-sister would get 25.5% of the total stock from Brooke, giving them each a total of 30.4%! Ridge would certainly not have controlling interest. Then, Ridge flew off the handle! He couldn't' believe that after all the hard work he had put into Forrester he would own less than 10% when his parents died! He was the obvious choice to run the company in the future, but he could not do that properly if he didn't have controlling interest in it. Stephanie made it clear that she agreed with Ridge. Brooke said she could not get involved. It was a matter between Ridge and his parents. Eric said he was only trying to be fair to all his children. Ridge had been compensated with a generous salary for all his years of hard work. He said that even if he gave Ridge the entire 49%, he still wouldn't have controlling interest in the company. Ridge pointed out that Rick and Bridget each get half of their mother's stock, so he really only needed enough of the stock to have more than them to have controlling interest. He had worked hard for the company and wanted what he deserved. Eric said he could not deny his other children their legacy simply because they had chosen other paths in life. Ridge was furious and said he was sorry he had given so much time and effort to a design house that didn't appreciate him! He would not forget this snub. Oh no, he would not forget it. Ridge stormed out! Stephanie was pretty mad herself and Eric squinted his eyes in frustration!moreless
  • Ep. #3696
    Ep. #3696
    Episode 184
    As Massimo sat in his office and wondered if Ridge had received his package, Sally arrived and asked what she should wear for their date that evening. Massimo had forgotten he was taking Sally out. She understood and could tell that he had lots on his mind. Massimo said he had talked to Stephanie and learned that Eric had not planned very well for his children's future and that Ridge would never be the head of Forrester Creations. Sally begged Massimo not to get involved in the Forrester family business, but Massimo feared he would have to look out for his son's welfare because no one else was going to do it. In his office at Forrester Creations, Ridge opened the mysterious box and found it contained the world's largest pie pan with a tiny slice of apple pie in it. The attached note said "This is your slice of the Forrester pie. Don't settle for less than you deserve." Ridge was puzzled by the gift. His puzzlement was interrupted by Taylor. Taylor explained how she had purchased a new SUV that morning. Ridge was surprised that she had made such a major purchase without consulting him. She said that it wasn't like they couldn't afford it, he was the heir apparent to Forrester. That made Ridge think about the mysterious gift. Taylor thought it was some sort of marketing gimmick and he'd be receiving a call from a salesman that afternoon. Taylor left to spend more money. Alone, Ridge was bothered by his cryptic gift. Over in Eric's office, he and Stephanie continued to argue about Ridge's share of the Forrester legacy. Brooke walked in during the conversation. Stephanie asked her what she thought of all the children inheriting equal stock from Stephanie and Eric. While Brooke felt that Ridge had indeed made a larger contribution to the company, she didn't think it was fair to give him more stock than the other children. Stephanie said that she was afraid Ridge would be disrespected if he wasn't given a bigger share and might take a job elsewhere or start his own design house. Then the company would be worth nothing to anyone. Eric didn't think that Ridge would desert the family business. Stephanie grew more frustrated when Ridge walked into the office. He announced that he wanted to discuss the future of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #3695
    Ep. #3695
    Episode 183
    Rick worked on a laptop computer in Thorne's office. Amber arrived with lunch that she had made for him. He explained that he was working with Thorne in the purchasing department. Rick was surprised at Amber's interest in Forrester Creations. She explained that it was the family business and she wanted to get involved. When Rick asked what she might like to do for the company, Amber sheepishly told how she had designed and sewed her own clothes as a teenager. Rick thought she would make a great designer. While Rick went to the loading dock, Amber sketched a dress on a spare pad of paper. Rick returned and thought it was a very innovative design. Amber day dreamed that she was the star designer at a Forrester fashion show. Back in the real world, Amber didn't think it would be possible for her to become a famous designer. At Massimo's office, Stephanie made it clear to him that he could have neither her nor Ridge. That was just the way it had to be. Massimo then quizzed Stephanie about Ridge's future at Forrester Creations. Stephanie explained that Ridge would take over the company from Eric. Massimo pointed out that Brooke owned 51% of the company, so it could never truly be Ridge's. As Stephanie pondered that thought, Massimo asked if she and Eric had written their wills and planned their estates. He was worried that the company would be divided evenly among the Forrester children and the government would take a good amount of Forrester Creations if it weren't planned properly. Stephanie exclaimed that the future of her company was really none of Massimo's business and walked out the door. After Stephanie left, Massimo instructed his assistant, Heidi, to carry out a mysterious task. He then took a piece of paper and put it in an envelope with Ridge's name on it. Massimo thought Ridge would get his opinion even if he didn't want it. In Eric's office at Forrester Creations, Eric toasted Ridge's cover story in Eye on Fashion magazine with Thorne, Megan, and two nameless models. Ridge didn't want to make a big deal of the article, but everyone agreed he was a superstar on the fashion horizon. Everyone left and Stephanie arrived. She told Eric they had to plan for the future of the company and their children. Eric said he had already taken care of that. All six of his children would get some stock each year until it was divided evenly among them. Stephanie was not too happy to learn that Rick and Bridget were getting the same amount as "her" children. The couple then argued about Ridge's share. Stephanie felt that he had contributed more to the company than the other children and should receive a larger slice. Eric didn't think that was fair and pointed out that he and Stephanie had agreed on this arrangement along time ago. Stephanie snidely commented that perhaps they should think about it again. Meanwhile, Ridge approached Megan's desk. She said a package had just arrived for him. Ridge looked at the box with a card on it. Ridge picked up the box and said it felt hot. Curious, he opened the box and was shocked at it's contents.moreless
  • Ep. #3694
    Ep. #3694
    Episode 182
    Ridge tells Sally how much he hates Massimo, then tells Sally that he thinks the two of them are perfect for each other.
  • Ep. #3693
    Ep. #3693
    Episode 181
    It's a new day. Kristen and Tony's tour guide took them to Haven of Hope, the orphanage in town. He showed them a small door where parents could leave their children anonymously. Once inside, Kristen and Tony were shocked to see so many tiny children living in the orphanage. They spotted Zende who introduced them to Mama Tisha, the woman in charge of the place. We learned that there are about 60 children living at the orphanage. There was need for much more housing than that, but they could not take any more. Most of the children's parents had died of AIDS. Many of the children were sick themselves, but they were not tested. It would not matter because there was not enough money for medications for the children. Zende had told Tony and Kristen his family died in a car crash because he was afraid of rejection. The stigma of AIDS was very great in Africa. Kristen and Tony held the newest arrival. Zende helped take care of the smaller children. Kristen put a small girl to bed. Tony played a card game with Zende. All the while, the newlyweds kept exchanging pained, knowing glances at each other. Back at the Forrester guest house Eric and Rick packed up stuff as Rick and Amber prepared to move into Brooke's place. Stephanie and Amber cried and said they'd miss each other. Amber said Stephanie had been the best mother she ever could have asked for. Rick told them to stop crying, they'd see each other all the time. After the kids left with Little Eric, Stephanie thought the move might be a good thing because there'd be someone to keep an eye on Brooke. Eric said he thought Brooke's trouble-making days were over. Stephanie rolled her eyes and said she had thought Brooke was out of their lives too many times in the past. Brooke would always be a problem. Stephanie then suggested Eric make them a couple of strong martinis and they'd kick back and enjoy the huge mansion all alone. Meanwhile, Megan stopped by to talk with a really distraught Brooke. Megan told Brooke that it was not a good idea for Rick and Amber to move into her house. They would figure out something was up in no time at all. Brooke said it was too late. She had agreed to the arrangement and if she backed out now, everyone would certainly know she was hiding something. Brooke had decided to tell everyone that she had dated a man for a couple of weeks and he had run off when he learned she was pregnant. Megan said that would never work because Deacon would figure out the truth when he learned she was pregnant. Brooke agreed that Deacon would not stay quiet if he knew he had a child. Megan then suggested that abortion was an option. She offered to help Brooke make all the arrangements. Brooke related the story of her pregnancy with Rick. Eric was the father and Brooke thought he was going to reunite with Stephanie at first. Brooke scheduled an abortion, but couldn't go through with it. That baby had been Rick, the light of her life. So there was no way she could have an abortion. It was not an option. Then, Rick and Amber arrived. Amber took Little Eric upstairs. Rick told his mother that he had a good feeling about them moving into the house. He thought it would be a good thing for everyone.moreless
  • Ep. #3692
    Ep. #3692
    Episode 180
    At Massimo's office, Massimo told Sally that if she truly cared for him, she would not tell anyone that he was Ridge's father. Sally laughed because that was exactly the tactic Stephanie was using to keep Massimo quiet. Sally wanted revenge, but Massimo told her that would accomplish nothing. The truth would come out and the Forresters would band together more tightly than ever. In fact, both Sally and he would then have lost their children. Massimo explained that he did indeed have a plan to eventually tell Ridge the truth, but it was a scheme that would take some time. Sally wondered what she would do while she was waiting for the House of Forrester to crumble. Massimo hinted perhaps they could get to know each other better. Sally thought it was ironic that he would bring such an idea up at this point because she had been trying to convince him that they could be good together for quite some time. Massimo took Sally in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips. Nonetheless, Sally swooned and was convinced not to let the cat out of the bag. Massimo promised a night on the town the following evening. After Sally left, Massimo seemed pleased with himself, but scared of what he had to do at the same time. In Africa, Kristen asked the young boy who had come into their room what he was doing. He explained she had dropped some film in the town earlier in the day and he wanted to return it to her. He knew she was on her honeymoon and knew exactly where they would be staying. When Tony came back, the boy hid. A hotel employee followed Tony and told the couple they had been chasing a local youth and they should be careful with their valuables. Once the employee left, Tony and Kristen talked with the boy. They learned his name was Zende. He said both his mother and brother had died in a car crash and he lived in the local orphanage. Kristen and Tony were both impressed with Zende's good manners and happy personality. Tony gave the boy some money for returning the film and Kristen promised that they would visit him at the orphanage the next day. After Zende left, Kristen and Tony wondered if his family had actually died of AIDS. Tony knew it was the leading cause of death where ever they were honeymooning. He thought they might be able to help Zende when they visited the orphanage. Kristen cried that he was just one of millions. Rick, Amber, and Bridget showed up at Brooke's house with dinner. They had been worried about her lately. Brooke explained that she was just going through a rough time and hadn't been feeling too well. Rick thought it was time for the kids to take care of their mother for a change. As the kids prepared dinner, Brooke eavesdropped and heard them discussing how she (Brooke) had seemed distant lately. Bridget said she missed the closeness she and her mother had once shared. Brooke lamented that she was carrying her daughter's husband's baby and worried that she could not hide the pregnancy much longer. As the foursome sat down to dinner, Rick asked Bridget to help him look for a new apartment over the weekend. He and Amber needed someplace larger since they would soon have a second child. Amber added that she wanted to find someplace with a pool because Little Eric loved to swim. Bridget came up with the grand idea that Rick and Amber should move in with Brooke! She said that Brooke was lonely in that big house and Rick and Amber could use the room, the pool, and everyone could help each other out. Rick thought it was a great idea because he would be traveling a lot for work. Amber and Brooke didn't like the idea much but Rick thought it would be a great way for him to give back to his mother after all she had done for him. Brooke burst into tears and said it wasn't true. She was a horrible mother and had made so many mistakes. Bridget comforted her mother and said they all loved her. There was nothing Brooke could do to destroy her (Bridget's) love for her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #3691
    Ep. #3691
    Episode 179
    By the Café Russe ladies' room, Sally asked Massimo if it was true that he was Ridge's biological father. Massimo tried to tell the her that she had misunderstood. But as Sally started to cause a scene, Massimo hauled her out of the place and took her to his office. There, Massimo was forced to admit that he was indeed Ridge's biological father. He explained how Stephanie had not known the truth until Ridge's accident when both she and Eric had donated blood. The blood types had shown that Eric could not be Ridge's father. Sally was beside herself. She was overjoyed that she now had something to ruin the Forrester family. She would finally get revenge for Macy's death. Massimo told Sally that he had been convinced not to let the cat out of the bag. Ridge already hated him and this news would drive him farther away. Sally felt pity for Massimo, but said she didn't care about his future with his son. She wanted to make the Forresters pay for what they had done to Macy. Over at Forrester Creations, Stephanie, Eric and Ridge entered Eric's office. Ridge was livid that his mother had spent time speaking to Massimo on his birthday. He asked his mother to never see Massimo again. Stephanie said he could not dictate who she could and could not see. Ridge said it was clear that Massimo had some hold over her. Stephanie replied that they were simply old friends. Ridge figured Massimo had feelings for Stephanie and was certain he had some reason for wanting to disrupt the Forrester family. Stephanie denied there was any such reason. In fact, she screamed that if Massimo ever threatened her family in any way, she would cut him out of her life. She would make sure that Massimo never approached Ridge again. Frustrated, Ridge and Eric left Stephanie alone in the office. She called Massimo and told him that he had to stay away from the Forrester family. She was sorry about the way it had worked out, but that was the way it had to be. Back at Massimo's office, Sally guessed what Stephanie had called and said. Sally was more determined than ever to make the Forresters pay for trying to ruin everyone's lives. Massimo yelled that Sally was not to breath a word of Ridge's true paternity to anyone. Meanwhile, in Africa, Kristen and Tony returned to their hut. They discussed the children they had seen in the street begging for money. They agreed they were blessed to have found each other and they were lucky in so many ways. After they kissed, Kristen explained that she knew something miraculous was going to come of their relationship. When raised voices were heard outside, Tony left to investigate. While Kristen looked out the door, what appeared to be a young local boy snuck into the room from the terrace. When Kristen noticed him, she started to call for Tony. The young man asked her not to let anyone know he was there.moreless
  • Ep. #3690
    Ep. #3690
    Episode 178
    At the Furnace Creek Hospital, Rick waited in the hallway while Amber was examined. When the doctor came out of the room, he told Rick that they would have test results in a short while. He could visit Amber in the meantime. Rick went into Amber's room and they discussed that the doctor seemed to think the baby was going to be OK. Amber said she shouldn't have brought Rick out to the desert. Rick disagreed and said it was exactly what he had needed. He realized how much he did love Amber and his family. He said that the reason it hurt him so badly when Amber lied to him was because he loved her so. He then promised that what was in the past was past. They would meet the future together. Amber was ecstatic. But then the doctor returned and said Amber had a strep infection. That could be treated with penicillin. However, in her examination, they discovered that she had an inflammationof the kidney. Normally, that wouldn't be much of a concern, but Amber only had one kidney. The problem could be treated with cortisone, but that couldn't be used on pregnant women. The only solution was a restricted diet and lots of rest. The doctor warned them that it could be a very difficult pregnancy. After the doctor left, Amber said she didn't regret giving Rick her kidney. The couple agreed they would work together to ensure the health of their unborn child. At Spectra Fashions, Darla worried that Sally would only make matters worse if she went to Café Ruse and confronted Massimo and the Forresters. Sally replied that she cared deeply for Massimo and wanted to try and help him out. She worried that whatever secret he and Stephanie were keeping was dangerous. Sally was going to protect her friend (Massimo). At the Café Ruse, Massimo was just about to tell Ridge the truth when Stephanie returned to the table. Eric and Ridge encouraged Massimo to spit out what he had to say and be gone. Stephanie insisted that Massimo talk to her in private and Massimo agreed. After they left, Ridge and Eric wondered what Massimo had to say. They knew it was trouble or he wouldn't have interrupted a family gathering. They didn't see Sally arrive and slip behind them in her attempt to find Massimo. Stephanie and Massimo stood outside the ladies' room. Massimo argued that Ridge was not fulfilling his destiny. He was a born leader. He was not meant to be making dresses for the rich and famous. Eric was a weak father and Ridge needed to know from whence he came. Stephanie countered that Ridge was fulfilling his destiny. Perhaps Eric had been sent to be Ridge's father for a reason. Telling Ridge the truth now would only cause him pain and heartache. If Massimo truly loved his son, then would not tell him the truth. It would only hurt Ridge. She added that if Massimo did tell anyone the truth, she would never speak to him again. The entire Forrester family would hate Massimo and pull ranks around Ridge to protect him. Massimo would be shooting himself in the foot if he dared to tell the truth. With that threat, Stephanie stormed off. Neither of them had noticed that Sally had been hiding behind a potted plant close to them and heard the entire conversation. After Queen Stephanie was gone, Sally came out of hiding and asked Massimo if it was true. Was he really Ridge's natural father?moreless
  • Ep. #3689
    Ep. #3689
    Episode 177
    Amber and Rick continued their conversation in the desert at the grave of their child. Rick said he knew that Amber wanted him to forgive and forget, but she had burned him in the past when he trusted her before. He wasn't sure he could do what she wanted. Amber said she understood and she didn't blame him for the way he felt. However, she could not live with her husband if he didn't try to express any kind of love towards her. She decided she would stay with her aunt and uncle in Furnace Creek. Amber told Rick she would not use the baby against him. She would keep him informed of the baby's progress and call him after each doctor's visit. Rick said he did want Amber to be a part of his life. He didn't want her to move away from him. Amber was thrilled to hear that news, but said she needed more than what he was offering. She needed to feel loved. Rick asked what it would take to convince her to return to Los Angeles with him. Amber replied that he needed to believe that she was a changed person. She would never again do anything that would endanger the stability of her marriage or her family. Rick replied that he truly wanted to believe that was true. He asked if that was enough. Amber joyfully cried that it was plenty for the time being. She then doubled over in pain and cried for Rick to take her to the hospital. At Spectra Fashions, Darla and Sofia noticed that Sally was having a hard time concentrating on work. Darla guessed that Sally had a crush on Massimo. Sally admitted it was true, but that Massimo had a thing for Stephanie. Whatever it was between them, it was causing Massimo to behave strangely. Sally figured that the two of them had a secret and Sally intended to discover what it was. She had hired a private detective to find out what was going on. Just then, Sally got a call from her hired detective. She learned that Massimo and the Forresters were all at Café Ruse. Sally thought it was a good idea for her to go there as well. At the Café Ruse, the Forresters (Ridge, Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, Bridget, and Deacon) dined together in honor of Ridge's birthday. They didn't notice that Massimo was behind a potted plant listening to the entire exchange. Massimo grew angrier by the minute as he thought about how he had missed so much of his son's life. He knew it should be him at the table celebrating his son's birthday. He even had a fantasy sequence where he sat at the table in Eric's place. When Stephanie excused herself from the table, Massimo had a change of heart and decided she had been right. Ridge was happy and Massimo did not want to cause any waves. Mr. Marone paid his bill and got up to leave. But as he heard the family's laughter, he grew angry again and decided it was time to tell Ridge the truth. He walked up to the Forrester table. After Eric asked him to leave, Massimo said he was not going anywhere until he told Ridge what he had come to say.moreless
  • Ep. #3688
    Ep. #3688
    Episode 176
    Stephanie went to visit Massimo in his office. Bridget and Deacon showed up at Brooke's office at Forrester Creations. Out in the desert near Furnace Creek, Amber took Rick to the spot where she had buried their son. [ Recap available. ]
  • Ep. #3687
    Ep. #3687
    Episode 175
    At the Forrester guest house, Amber was disappointed that Rick didn't seem interested in spending much time with her. He insisted that he needed to study for some exams. Dejected, Amber picked up messages and listened to a message from some dude at Forrester Creations telling them that Bridget had come to the office and borrowed a wedding gown. Rick was infuriated when he figured out Deacon had convinced Bridget to renew their wedding vows. Amber said she envied Deacon and Bridget for working out their problems. She wanted Rick to try and work on their own marriage. Rick said it would take some time. Amber said she was tired of him shutting her out. He never seemed concerned about her. She told Rick that she did not plan to give up on them. She would re-earn his trust. Deacon waited anxiously at the wedding chapel. Bridget showed up wearing a wedding dress! Bridget explained that this was their chance to have a fairy tale wedding. They had weathered a difficult patch in their relationship and she thought they should start with a clean slate. Deacon thought it would be a great idea to renew their vows. With the help of Father Rivera, the young couple pledged their love to one another. At the end of the impromptu ceremony, Deacon said absolutely nothing would keep tear them apart. Brooke and Megan stared at the stick of the pregnancy test and couldn't believe that Brooke was pregnant! Brooke freaked out. She couldn't believe that she had let this happen. She was intelligent woman. How could she have slept with her daughter's husband and gotten pregnant? Megan tried to make Brooke feel better by saying she had been devastated by the betrayal of her father and Deacon had taken advantage of her weakness. She had simply made a mistake. Brooke said the life growing inside her was not a mistake and insisted that Megan stop trying to make her feel better. Brooke then collapsed in tears and screamed that she felt so ashamed.moreless
  • Ep. #3686
    Ep. #3686
    Episode 174
    Kristen and Tony's wedding continued. Liliana and Stephanie got up and spoke of love and how wonderful it was for their children to get married. Bridget whispered to Deacon that she wished they could have had such a wedding. Amber tried to be romantic, but Rick could only look at her with scorn. Tony and Kirsten exchanged vows and rings. They were pronounced man and wife and kissed to the delight of the guests. Before walking down the aisle with Tony, Kristen hugged her father and told him that she loved him. Tony and Kristen walked into the chapel's courtyard where Tony picked up Kristen as they were showered with white rose petals. In the limousine, Tony presented Kristen with plane tickets to Africa. They were going on a safari! Back at the chapel, Eduardo and Lilliana and Stephanie and Eric congratulated each other on raising such fabulous children. In the front of the chapel, Deacon found Bridget gazing wistfully at a floral arrangement. He apologized for not giving her a proper fairy tale wedding. She admitted that weddings always got to her. She figured it must be the romance and all the family being together. She then smiled and asked Deacon to wait for her in the chapel. She ran to Father Rivera and whispered something in his ear. She then ran out the chapel doors leaving a perplexed Deacon to gaze wistfully at that floral arrangement. At Forrester Creations, Megan demanded to know if Brooke had used protection when she had sex with Deacon. Brooke was forced to admit that their first encounter had happened so fast that they had not used a condom! Megan was shocked and insisted she run out and buy a home pregnancy test. While Megan was at Walgreens, Brooke remembered the passion she had shared with Deacon and prayed she is not pregnant with Deacon's child. Megan returned. Brooke takes the pregnancy test. Although she is afraid to check the results, Brooke gazes at the test.moreless
  • Ep. #3685
    Ep. #3685
    Episode 173
    Everyone gathered at the chapel for Tony and Kristen's wedding. Stephanie was surprised to find Bridget outside. She assumed Bridget was going to be Kristen's maid of honor. Bridget didn't have any idea who was going to stand up for her sister. Eric helped Tony tie his tie. Tony told Eric how happy he was to be marrying Kristen. Eric thought Kristen was pretty lucky too and told Tony to call him Dad. Ridge and Thorne arrived to lend some support. Meanwhile, Sally helped Kristen prepare in the bride's room. Sally had hired a professional hairdresser and makeup artist to make Kristen beautiful. Stephanie walked in and was stunned to find out Sally was going to be Kristen's maid of honor. Kristen explained that Sally had stood up for her and Tony through their courtship. Sally promised to behave during the ceremony. Eric knocked on the door and told the trio that it was time to start the service. A dejected Stephanie left for her seat. Everyone was seated in the chapel. Thorne and Ridge noticed that their mother looked upset. They figured out why when they saw Sally strutting down the aisle as matron of honor. Eric gave the Kristen away. Father Rivera told the assembled guests that Tony and Kristen's love was strong and should be an example to them all. Over at Forrester Creations, Megan found Brooke upset that she hadn't been invited to the wedding. They discussed how much they admired what Tony and Kristen were doing. Tony knew that Kristen was truly marrying him for who he was because of all the adversities they were destined to face. Brooke was upset to think that her daughter didn't have a similar marriage because Bridget had no idea what kind of man Deacon truly was. Brooke now had the ammunition she really needed to get Bridget to dump Deacon, but she couldn't use it because Bridget would never forgive her for sleeping with her husband. Megan poured some tea for Brooke, but Brooke felt nauseous! Morgan returned with some water for Brooke. Brooke refused even the water. She was took sick to think about swallowing anything. She had felt that way for a couple of days. Megan put two and two together. She asked Brooke if it was possible that she was pregnant. Brooke was dismayed at the thought.moreless
  • Ep. #3684
    Ep. #3684
    Episode 172
    Kristen awakens to her wedding day. Eric knows that Tony will take very good care of Kristen from now on. Kristen tells Eric that everything is fine between them because she knows her father only wanted the best for her. Tony is certain that Kristen's wedding dress is a perfect fit, but he just needs to know if Kristen likes it. He has an idea to surprise Kristen at the wedding chapel, and asks for everyone's help. Tony, Eduardo, and Liliana decorate Kristen's bridal suite, while Sally brings Kristen to the chapel. Sally, as Tony and Kristen's biggest supporter, accepts Kristen's offer to be the matron of honor. Clarke has an idea to stop the wedding. He explains to Eric that he knows a gay man who, for a fee of ten thousand dollars, will say that Tony contracted HIV from him instead of Ellen. Eric explains to Stephanie what Clarke has planned, and Stephanie rips into Clarke and kicks him out of the house. Kristen sees her wedding dress and is touched by its exquisite design. Tony comes out from his hiding spot, and Kristen tells him that she will wear it with so much pride.moreless
  • Ep. #3683
    Ep. #3683
    Episode 171
    Brooke wonders if Deacon played her for a fool, even though her instincts tell her he didn't. She decides that her best route is to be happy for Deacon and Bridget, and move on with her life. However, Brooke recalls her conversation with Deacon about ending his marriage, and says to herself that it was all a lie. She'll kill Deacon if he hurts Bridget. With everyone as a witness, Tony again asks Eric to be his best man. Eric says he has never questioned Tony's intentions, but intentions aren't good enough to protect his daughter from the passion that they feel for each other. Eric turns down Tony's request. Eduardo believes the comment is an insult to his entire family, and starts to leave. Kristen tells her father that he has taken the most significant day in her life and trashed it. The priest makes a deeply affecting speech to the group about Tony and Kristen. He says that Kristen and Tony have a difficult path in front of them, but he also knows that something truly miraculous lies ahead for them because of it. Eric is affected by the priest's words, and finally agrees to stand up for Tony as his best man.moreless
  • Ep. #3682
    Ep. #3682
    Episode 170
    Brooke adamantly tells Megan she wants nothing more to do with Deacon. Megan thinks Brooke was hurt by Deacon, but Brooke denies it. Bridget and Deacon are getting ready for the party when Deacon gives her a ring as a symbol of their new beginning. Bridget senses the change in Deacon and feels so loved. Deacon says tonight they will be celebrating two marriages, Kristen's and theirs. Kristen is very upset when she finds out that Eric is not coming to the engagement party. Stephanie explains to Kristen that Eric fears the marriage will be the literal death of her. Kristen bravely says it's Eric's loss if he won't come to the party. Tony tells his parents that the wedding is going to happen, and he is determined for Eric to be a part of it. At the party, Tony plans to ask Eric to be his best man. Brooke gives Eric advice on whether or not he should go to the party and support his daughter, even though he disapproves of the engagement. Brooke warns Eric that someday he may wish that he had been more involved in his daughter's life. Everyone arrives at Bridget and Deacon's, except for Eric. Tony is disappointed his plan is down the tubes. The priest gives Tony and Kristen hopeful words about their extraordinary circumstances. Tony thanks everyone for coming, and tells the group that he was planning to ask Eric to be his best man, even though it seems foolish now. Eric suddenly appears at the door, and Tony anxiously awaits an answer.moreless
  • Ep. #3681
    Ep. #3681
    Episode 169
    Rick tells Deacon that his marriage doesn't stand a chance if the entire Forrester clan is against them. Deacon says Bridget has already proved she can stand up against her family, and she'll be even stronger with Deacon behind her. Bridget offers to throw Kristen and Tony an engagement party. Kristen tells Bridget that Tony will be thrilled, but she wonders how Deacon will feel about a family party. Bridget says he'll survive. Back at the beach house Bridget explains the plans to Deacon. Liliana wonders how Tony can stay so positive given his circumstances. Tony says it's because he chooses to see what's beautiful in life. He also believes Eric will come around because love is stronger than fear. Stephanie agrees to meet with Massimo after the wedding. Ridge promises to step in and stop Kristen from getting married tomorrow. Kristen tells Eric that she wishes she could take away his fear. Eric is still against her marriage plans, but Kristen insists on her family's support. Kristen wants Eric to come to the party tonight so that he can help them celebrate the good things that Tony and Kristen share.moreless
  • Ep. #3680
    Ep. #3680
    Episode 168
    Tony and Kristen are both worried about how the conversation between his parents (Eduardo and Liliana) will go with her parents. Brooke wants to prove to Deacon that he'll only end up cheating on Bridget again by kissing him.
  • Ep. #3679
    Ep. #3679
    Episode 167
    Brooke is angry with Deacon for breaking the promise that he made, and tells him that if he doesn't break it off with Bridget, she'll do it for him. Massimo's heart breaks when he reaches out to Ridge as a friend and Ridge turns on him.
  • Ep. #3678
    Ep. #3678
    Episode 166
    Stephanie begs Massimo to keep quiet about being Ridge's father, insisting that it will destroy Ridge. Bridget and Deacon go to see Brooke, and tell her that they are going to work on their marriage.
  • Ep. #3677
    Ep. #3677
    Episode 165
    Bridget is pestering Deacon for the name of the woman with whom he had sex as Brooke is confessing to Megan that she is Deacon's mystery lover. Massimo pesters Stephanie about her secret, and she finally reveals what she has been keeping hidden.
  • Ep. #3676
    Ep. #3676
    Episode 164
    Sally is convinced that the love between Tony and Kristen can overcome any obstacles, but Clarke points out that Antonio is living on borrowed time as it is. Rick and Thorne refuse to listen to Amber when she suggests that a committed Deacon could be good for Bridget.
  • Ep. #3675
    Ep. #3675
    Episode 163
    Eduardo and Liliana are thrilled to meet Kristen and are looking forward to having her join their family, but are upset when they learn her parents haven't given their blessing yet. Amber tells Rick that Bridget has no idea that Deacon wants a divorce, and thinks he wants to talk about a baby!moreless
  • Ep. #3674
    Ep. #3674
    Episode 162
    While Sally makes his parents welcome, Antonio worries that he will devastate them with the news that he is HIV positive. Deacon and Bridget go up to Big Bear together, and while Bridget makes cocoa, Deacon prepares to ask her for a divorce.
  • Ep. #3673
    Ep. #3673
    Episode 161
    Stephanie panics at the thought that the doctor may have told Eric about the discrepancy in the blood records, but soon realises he is clueless. Amber realises that there is something going on between Brooke and Deacon, and wonders if it's why Deacon wants a divorce.
  • Ep. #3672
    Ep. #3672
    Episode 160
    Stephanie is shocked when the doctor maintains that there is no way that Ridge can be Eric's father. Tony and Sally talk about his upcoming wedding to Kristen, and Sally realises just how much Tony is willing to give up.
  • Ep. #3671
    Ep. #3671
    Episode 159
    When Massimo rushes Ridge to the hospital after his fall, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor soon arrive. When Ridge needs blood and Eric isn't a match Stephanie offers to donate since she is type O, and is shocked to learn that neither her blood type nor Eric's is compatible with Ridge's, meaning that Ridge isn't Eric's son!moreless
  • Ep. #3670
    Ep. #3670
    Episode 158
    Eric and Stephanie enjoy a romantic dinner at Café Russe, where they reminisce about their history together. Ridge confronts Massimo, accusing him of attacking Brooke in an attempt to get Stephanie.
  • Ep. #3669
    Ep. #3669
    Episode 157
    Ridge believes that Massimo destroyed Brooke's family, but Stephanie truly believes Mass did the right thing. Brooke and Deacon talk about their relationship, each one agreeing that it's more than just casual sex.
  • Ep. #3668
    Ep. #3668
    Episode 156
    After realising Deacon has yet to talk to Bridget about their upcoming divorce, Brooke offers to tell her daughter that her marriage is over. Amber plans a romantic dinner to show Rick that she is committed to him.
  • Ep. #3667
    Ep. #3667
    Episode 155
    Brooke admits to Megan that she had an overnight guest, but doesn't tell her friend that it was her daughter's husband. Amber is hurt when Rick insinuates that she is incapable of fidelity.
  • Ep. #3666
    Ep. #3666
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #3665
    Ep. #3665
    Episode 153
  • Ep. #3664
    Ep. #3664
    Episode 152
  • Ep. #3663
    Ep. #3663
    Episode 151
  • Ep. #3662
    Ep. #3662
    Episode 150
  • Ep. #3661
    Ep. #3661
    Episode 149
  • Ep. #3660
    Ep. #3660
    Episode 148
  • Ep. #3659
    Ep. #3659
    Episode 147
  • Ep. #3658
    Ep. #3658
    Episode 146
  • Ep. #3657
    Ep. #3657
    Episode 145
  • Ep. #3656
    Ep. #3656
    Episode 144
  • Ep. #3655
    Ep. #3655
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #3654
    Ep. #3654
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #3653
    Ep. #3653
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #3652
    Ep. #3652
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #3651
    Ep. #3651
    Episode 139
  • Ep. #3650
    Ep. #3650
    Episode 138
  • Ep. #3649
    Ep. #3649
    Episode 137
  • Ep. #3648
    Ep. #3648
    Episode 136
  • Ep. #3647
    Ep. #3647
    Episode 135
  • Ep. #3646
    Ep. #3646
    Episode 134
  • Ep. #3645
    Ep. #3645
    Episode 133
  • Ep. #3644
    Ep. #3644
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #3643
    Ep. #3643
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #3642
    Ep. #3642
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #3641
    Ep. #3641
    Episode 129
  • Ep. #3640
    Ep. #3640
    Episode 128
  • Ep. #3639
    Ep. #3639
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #3638
    Ep. #3638
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #3637
    Ep. #3637
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #3636
    Ep. #3636
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #3635
    Ep. #3635
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #3634
    Ep. #3634
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #3633
    Ep. #3633
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #3632
    Ep. #3632
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #3631
    Ep. #3631
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #3630
    Ep. #3630
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #3629
    Ep. #3629
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #3628
    Ep. #3628
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #3627
    Ep. #3627
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #3626
    Ep. #3626
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #3625
    Ep. #3625
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #3624
    Ep. #3624
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #3623
    Ep. #3623
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #3622
    Ep. #3622
    Episode 110
  • Ep. #3621
    Ep. #3621
    Episode 109
  • Ep. #3620
    Ep. #3620
    Episode 108
  • Ep. #3619
    Ep. #3619
    Episode 107
  • Ep. #3618
    Ep. #3618
    Episode 106
  • Ep. #3617
    Ep. #3617
    Episode 105
  • Ep. #3616
    Ep. #3616
    Episode 104
  • Ep. #3615
    Ep. #3615
    Episode 103
  • Ep. #3614
    Ep. #3614
    Episode 102
  • Ep. #3613
    Ep. #3613
    Episode 101
  • Ep. #3612
    Ep. #3612
    Episode 100
  • Ep. #3611
    Ep. #3611
    Episode 99
  • Ep. #3610
    Ep. #3610
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #3609
    Ep. #3609
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #3608
    Ep. #3608
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #3607
    Ep. #3607
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #3606
    Ep. #3606
    Episode 94
  • Ep. #3605
    Ep. #3605
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #3604
    Ep. #3604
    Episode 92
  • Ep. #3603
    Ep. #3603
    Episode 91
  • Ep. #3602
    Ep. #3602
    Episode 90
  • Ep. #3601
    Ep. #3601
    Episode 89
  • Ep. #3600
    Ep. #3600
    Episode 88
  • Ep. #3599
    Ep. #3599
    Episode 87
  • Ep. #3598
    Ep. #3598
    Episode 86
  • Ep. #3597
    Ep. #3597
    Episode 85
  • Ep. #3596
    Ep. #3596
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #3595
    Ep. #3595
    Episode 83
  • Ep. #3594
    Ep. #3594
    Episode 82
  • Ep. #3593
    Ep. #3593
    Episode 81
  • Ep. #3592
    Ep. #3592
    Episode 80
  • Ep. #3591
    Ep. #3591
    Episode 79
  • Ep. #3590
    Ep. #3590
    Episode 78
  • Ep. #3589
    Ep. #3589
    Episode 77
  • Ep. #3588
    Ep. #3588
    Episode 76
  • Ep. #3587
    Ep. #3587
    Episode 75
  • Ep. #3586
    Ep. #3586
    Episode 74
  • Ep. #3585
    Ep. #3585
    Episode 73
  • Ep. #3584
    Ep. #3584
    Episode 72
  • Ep. #3583
    Ep. #3583
    Episode 71
  • Ep. #3582
    Ep. #3582
    Episode 70
  • Ep. #3581
    Ep. #3581
    Episode 69
  • Ep. #3580
    Ep. #3580
    Episode 68
  • Ep. #3579
    Ep. #3579
    Episode 67
  • Ep. #3578
    Ep. #3578
    Episode 66
  • Ep. #3577
    Ep. #3577
    Episode 65
  • Ep. #3576
    Ep. #3576
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #3575
    Ep. #3575
    Episode 63
  • Ep. #3574
    Ep. #3574
    Episode 62
  • Ep. #3573
    Ep. #3573
    Episode 61
  • Ep. #3572
    Ep. #3572
    Episode 60
  • Ep. #3571
    Ep. #3571
    Episode 59
  • Ep. #3570
    Ep. #3570
    Episode 58
  • Ep. #3569
    Ep. #3569
    Episode 57
  • Ep. #3568
    Ep. #3568
    Episode 56
  • Ep. #3567
    Ep. #3567
    Episode 55
  • Ep. #3566
    Ep. #3566
    Episode 54
  • Ep. #3565
    Ep. #3565
    Episode 53
  • Ep. #3564
    Ep. #3564
    Episode 52
  • Ep. #3563
    Ep. #3563
    Episode 51
  • Ep. #3562
    Ep. #3562
    Episode 50
  • Ep. #3561
    Ep. #3561
    Episode 49
  • Ep. #3560
    Ep. #3560
    Episode 48
  • Ep. #3559
    Ep. #3559
    Episode 47
  • Ep. #3558
    Ep. #3558
    Episode 46
  • Ep. #3557
    Ep. #3557
    Episode 45
  • Ep. #3556
    Ep. #3556
    Episode 44
  • Ep. #3555
    Ep. #3555
    Episode 43
  • Ep. #3554
    Ep. #3554
    Episode 42
  • Ep. #3553
    Ep. #3553
    Episode 41

    Eric stops the wedding when he sees Deacon at the back of the church, and Deacon shocks them all by telling them that he is there as Bridget's date and the two of them are falling in love.

  • Ep. #3552
    Ep. #3552
    Episode 40

    Deacon tries to convince Amber that marrying Rick will only destroy her, and kisses her passionately in the hopes that she will choose to be with him, but Amber remains firm in her plans to spend her life with Rick.

  • Ep. #3551
    Ep. #3551
    Episode 39

    Stephanie and Amber bond while preparing for the wedding, and Stephanie assures Amber that despite her worries, there's nothing Deacon can do to stop the wedding or to come between her and Rick.

  • Ep. #3550
    Ep. #3550
    Episode 38

    Deacon employs a little reverse psychology on Bridget by trying to convince her that he doesn't belong at the wedding. His plan works, and she invites him to be her date.

  • Ep. #3549
    Ep. #3549
    Episode 37

    Rick tells his mother than he wants her to do for he and Amber what he did for her and Thorne, and asks his shocked mother to put her animosity with Amber in the past by requesting Brooke act as Amber's matron of honor.

  • Ep. #3548
    Ep. #3548
    Episode 36

    Brooke finally caves when Rick begs her to support his marriage to Amber, and Rick promises his mother that Deacon won't be having anything to do with the wedding.

  • Ep. #3547
    Ep. #3547
    Episode 35

    Amber confesses with Rick that she went to see Deacon at The Lair, but Rick doesn't believe her when she tries to warn him that Deacon has a plan in motion to get Little Eric back.

  • Ep. #3546
    Ep. #3546
    Episode 34

    After Steffy tells Taylor that the male clown was named Tim, she and a horrified Ridge realise that Morgan was the other clown.

  • Ep. #3545
    Ep. #3545
    Episode 33

    Deacon sets his plan to destroy the Forresters in motion by charming Bridget, telling her that since he saw her the other night, he hasn't been able to get her out of his mind.

  • Ep. #3544
    Ep. #3544
    Episode 32

    Dressed as a clown at the party, Morgan makes her plans to confront Stephanie one final time.

  • Ep. #3543
    Ep. #3543
    Episode 31

    Rick encourages Amber to wear a skimpy bathing suit, but she isn't ready yet to tell him about her and Deacon's matching tattooes. Morgan comes to the party dressed as a clown, prepared to have it out with Stephanie once and for all.

  • Ep. #3542
    Ep. #3542
    Episode 30

    Taylor and Stephanie decide to throw a party to get everyone's minds off of what happened, and Megan suggests hiring a clown. They leave her to it, not realising that Morgan has rigged the office and offers herself as the coming clown. Ridge speaks with both Lt. Baker and Dr. Nunez about Steffy, and is assured that she is probably the one dealing with this the best, as she had no idea she was supposed to be dead.

  • Ep. #3541
    Ep. #3541
    Episode 29

    Everything seems to be going well at Bridget's 18th birthday. Bridget is disappointed with her 'special guest' is her favorite D.J. Ivory instead of her mystery man, but before the evening is through, he calls her outside for a passionate birthday kiss. While Bridget tells her friends about her special gift, Deacon has a flash of conscience at using Bridget to get Amber back.

  • Ep. #3540
    Ep. #3540
    Episode 28

    The Forresters tell Deacon that Little Eric is their business. He will only be allowed to see his son when they tell him it's okay. Deacon is furious, and vows to make them pay. Rick is upset that Little Eric thinks of Deacon as daddy, and Amber tries to convince him that it's only natural, and plus, Deacon is the boy's father. Deacon calls up Bridget and wrangles in invite to her upcoming 18th birthday, but doesn't give her his name.

  • Ep. #3539
    Ep. #3539
    Episode 27

    Amber brings the baby home, and the family has a celebratory dinner, with Stephanie needing to work hard to keep Brooke from starting anything with Amber. Later, the Forresters go over to Deacon's apartment to tell him that he has to stay away from Amber and Rick. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick take their son home, and enjoy a romantic reunion.

  • Ep. #3538
    Ep. #3538
    Episode 26

    Amber begs Deacon again to sign the papers, saying that this was the only way she could convince the Forresters to let him have visitation rights for his son. With tears streaming down his face, Deacon signs the papers, and watches his son leave in the arms of the woman he loves.

  • Ep. #3537
    Ep. #3537
    Episode 25

    Deacon begs Amber not to leave him tonight. He swears that if she finishes out the four months, that he will be able to prove to her that he loves her, and that she loves him.

  • Ep. #3536
    Ep. #3536
    Episode 24

    Amber goes back to The Lair. Deacon believes that this is a good sign, not realising that Amber is planning to ask him to sign away his rights to Little Eric.

  • Ep. #3535
    Ep. #3535
    Episode 23

    Brooke and Amber continue to fight, and Amber tells Brooke that all she wants is for them to get along. Brooke continues to insist that she will never let Amber be part of her family. Stephanie tries to break the two up, and Brooke accuses her of taking Amber's side. After speaking with Jonathan, Rick comes by, and wants to move up the wedding. Deacon talks to Alex, and tells her that the Forresters will be sorry that they messed with him.

  • Ep. #3534
    Ep. #3534
    Episode 22

    Brooke continues to spit nails at Amber, but rather than strike back, Amber tells Brooke she's willing to give her a second chance. She doesn't want there to be a rift between Brooke and Rick as she knows the importance of family, but she says she can't keep letting Brooke attack her, so Brooke needs to make a choice.

  • Ep. #3533
    Ep. #3533
    Episode 21

    Taylor and Ridge reunite Steffy with her brother and sister, and Stephanie comes over and is overwhelmed to see her namesake alive and well. Deacon is surprised to learn that his mystery woman is really Bridget Forrester, and realises he can use that to his advantage. Morgan and Tim are driving, but she tells him she's not ready to leave L.A.

  • Ep. #3532
    Ep. #3532
    Episode 20

    Ridge manages to get there in the nick of time to save Taylor. As Taylor, Ridge, and Steffy celebrate their reunion, Tim and Morgan escape.

  • Ep. #3531
    Ep. #3531
    Episode 19

    Ridge finally realises that Steffy's drawing of herself, her mom, and two dogs indicates Morgan's house. He jumps in his car and rushes to get there. Morgan tells Tim that they will put Steffy up for adoption overseas, then prepares to kill Taylor.

  • Ep. #3530
    Ep. #3530
    Episode 18

    Although Deacon continues his pleas with Amber, she tells him that although she cares for him, she doesn't love him ... she loves Rick, and is going to spend the rest of her life with him. Taylor begs Morgan to let her go, and Morgan starts to go on about how things have come full circle, and with Ridge, her life is complete.

  • Ep. #3529
    Ep. #3529
    Episode 17

    Morgan thinks her date with Ridge is going wonderfully, until he announces that he wants to go back to her place for the night. Deacon begs Amber to reconsider reuniting with Rick, because Brooke will never stop trying to destroy her.

  • Ep. #3528
    Ep. #3528
    Episode 16
    Tim is visibly jealous when Morgan comes down in a revealing dress, preparing for her 'date' with Ridge. Taylor tries to convince Tim that he should stop Morgan, and tries to make him understand that Morgan wants to take her husband the same way he took her daughter. In Las Vegas, Rick explains the whole deal about the kiss with Amanda to Amber, and begs for a second chance. He says they'll soon be a family with Little Eric, if she'll just take him back.moreless
  • Ep. #3527
    Ep. #3527
    Episode 15
    Rick is able to track Deacon and Amber down by talking to the bartender, who remember Amber's big win. Ridge wonders why Taylor hasn't called, and starts to worry.
  • Ep. #3526
    Ep. #3526
    Episode 14
    As Rick is on a flight to L.A., both Amber and Deacon get half a broken heart tattooed on them.
  • Ep. #3525
    Ep. #3525
    Episode 13
    Rick enlists the help of private eye Ted Jones to help him find Amber and Deacon, and assures Brooke that she won't be able to meddle in his romance any more, because when he finds Amber, he will marry her. In Vegas, Amber stops Deacon and Daryl from fighting, and stands up for Deacon, telling Daryl to leave him alone. Deacon is truly touched that someone would fight for him.moreless
  • Ep. #3524
    Ep. #3524
    Episode 12
    Amber and Deacon share sob stories in Las Vegas; she tells him about never knowing his father and about spending her life raised by her mom in Death Valley, and he counters with stories about living with his mom in a car before she became a stripper, and his abusive step-father Daryl. Morgan is convinced that Ridge believes her story about how she got the picture, but Ridge realises that putting on her victim act proves Morgan is guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #3523
    Ep. #3523
    Episode 11
    Ridge finds the drawing that Taylor slipped into Morgan's purse and threatens her life if she doesn't tell him where his wife and daughter are. Rick tells Brooke that her plan has failed, because he still loves her, and he plans to marry her as soon as he can. In Las Vegas, Amber wins big at the slots, and she and Deacon pose for a congratulatory photograph.moreless
  • Ep. #3522
    Ep. #3522
    Episode 10
    Rick is devastated when Stephanie reveals that Brooke set up Amber to appear like a bad girl, and gives him the photos. Ridge is convinced that it was Steffy's voice on the other end of the phone, but with Eric's help, Morgan convinces him it was a hoax. Taylor begins to wonder if she and Steffy will ever be home again.moreless
  • Ep. #3521
    Ep. #3521
    Episode 9
    Bridget tells Rick to think hard before ending it with Amber over a misunderstanding. Deacon asks Alex to watch Little D for a few days. Stephanie chastises Brooke for her role in the break-up.
  • Ep. #3520
    Ep. #3520
    Episode 8
  • Ep. #3519
    Ep. #3519
    Episode 7
  • Ep. #3518
    Ep. #3518
    Episode 6
  • Ep. #3517
    Ep. #3517
    Episode 5
  • Ep. #3516
    Ep. #3516
    Episode 4
  • Ep. #3515
    Ep. #3515
    Episode 3
    Deacon takes Amber downstairs to The Lair. He tries to make her feel better with some drinks and pool but she remains glum. Amber blames Deacon for losing Rick. Bridget and her friends prepare for a night out using fake ID's. They arrive at The Lair and Bridget is stunned to come face to face with Deacon again. Taylor begs Tim to let her go. She tells him that Morgan is using him but he refuses to believe it. Tim promises to help Taylor, but not at Morgan's expense. Morgan worries when she learns that Ridge has called Lieutenant Baker for help in locating Taylor. Baker suspects foul play in Taylor's disappearance. Morgan rushes home and tells Tim that the police are getting involved. Taylor perks up and tells Steffy that they will be going home soon.moreless
  • Ep. #3514
    Ep. #3514
    Episode 2
    Morgan is frustrated when Taylor continues to make things more difficult. Morgan explains her actions to Taylor as simple justice. Taylor attempts to appeal to Morgan as a friend but it fails. Morgan heads off to see Ridge. Amber can't understand why Rick wants to call off the wedding. He tries to make Amber confess to kissing Deacon, whilst she tries the same methods for him to tell her about kissing Amanda. Rick tells Brooke and Thorne about Amber kissing Deacon. Amber tells Deacon that the wedding is off. Brooke calls Amber and warns her to stay away from Rick. Amber pleads with Brooke to give her a chance at proving she can be a good wife to Rick, but Brooke tells her that she is out of their family for good.moreless
  • Ep. #3513
    Ep. #3513
    Episode 1
    Taylor is relieved when Tim and Morgan remove her from the basement. Taylor thinks she is being let go until Morgan informs her she is only being let into the living room. Tim and Morgan chain Taylor to the fireplace. Rick storms out, feeling a fool as Amber and Deacon kiss. Amber pushes Deacon away and says that she wants Rick. Deacon promises Amber a real life with the baby, but she isn't interested. Rick walks into the house depressed and Brooke guesses that it is about Amber. She plants more doubts in his mind and makes him feel that he should end his relationship with Amber. Rick calls Amber and they both try to get one another to confess to kissing someone else. Rick tells Amber he is calling off the wedding.moreless