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  • Ep. #4008
    Ep. #4008
    Episode 249
    Darla admits to Clarke that she slept with Thorne, and that she's hoping this might finally be her chance now that he and Macy are finished, not realising that Macy and Thorne have patched up their differences.
  • Ep. #4007
    Ep. #4007
    Episode 248
    Ridge stops Massimo from telling Eric the truth by telling him that if he ruins Eric's happiness, he will never forgive him.
  • Ep. #4006
    Ep. #4006
    Episode 247
    Lorenzo is devastated when Macy breaks off their relationship and tells him that she is reuniting with Thorne.
  • Ep. #4005
    Ep. #4005
    Episode 246
    Ridge tells Massimo that he can't tell Eric the truth and lose their relationship, but Massimo doesn't want to lose his only chance at an heir.
  • Ep. #4004
    Ep. #4004
    Episode 245
    Sally is surprised when Macy admits that she has decided to end her relationship with Lorenzo and move on with Thorne.
  • Ep. #4003
    Ep. #4003
    Episode 244
    Ridge feels that he cannot deceive Eric any longer, as he loves him too much to let him believe in a lie.
  • Ep. #4002
    Ep. #4002
    Episode 243
    The Amber-lookalike introduces herself as April, Amber's twin sister, and claims that she was the one in the x-rated video.
  • Ep. #4001
    Ep. #4001
    Episode 242
    C.J. tries to comfort Bridget, who realises that everything has changed now that she's starting to think of Ridge as a man and not a member of her family.
  • Ep. #4000
    Ep. #4000
    Episode 241
    Amber decides to step down at Forrester Creations to save the company bad publicity now that her x-rated movie has hit the air.
  • Ep. #3999
    Ep. #3999
    Episode 240
    Darla talks with first Macy and then Thorne, and is touched by the depth of Thorne's love for Macy.
  • Ep. #3998
    Ep. #3998
    Episode 239
    Massimo spends time with Thomas and the twins, and tells Thomas the story behind the Marone family ring. He gives one of the rings to Ridge, and says that when Thomas is older, he'll get one too.
  • Ep. #3997
    Ep. #3997
    Episode 238
    Ridge plans to tell Eric that Massimo is really his father, but when Eric turns paternal on him he can't break his heart like that.
  • Ep. #3996
    Ep. #3996
    Episode 237
    Macy tells Lorenzo that their marriage is not legal because she and Thorne are still legally married, and is shocked when Lorenzo suggests she divorce Thorne and marry him.
  • Ep. #3995
    Ep. #3995
    Episode 236
    Stephanie tries to tell Eric the truth about Ridge's paternity, but Eric disrupts her plans by getting amorous.
  • Ep. #3994
    Ep. #3994
    Episode 235
    Bridget apologises to Ridge after he tells her that Massimo thinks she has feelings for him.
  • Ep. #3993
    Ep. #3993
    Episode 234
    Stephanie is shocked that Massimo told Ridge the truth about who his father really is.
  • Ep. #3992
    Ep. #3992
    Episode 233
    Desperate to keep Bridget from leaving town in an effort to keep Brooke from landing Ridge again, Massimo tells Ridge that he, and not Eric, is his father, and that Bridget is leaving town because she knows the truth and she has fallen in love with him.
  • Ep. #3991
    Ep. #3991
    Episode 232
    Sally begs Gladys for help in finding a way that they can check out Thorne's living arrangements in disguise, just so that they can verify Tricia's role in his life. Tricia realises it's them in the workman's overalls, and stages a sexually explicit conversation with Thorne on the phone.
  • Ep. #3990
    Ep. #3990
    Episode 231
    Massimo visits Ridge, and is pleased to hear how much Ridge likes Bridget, and how glad he is that Bridget was there for Thomas. Massimo begins to think that maybe his plan to hook them up will work, and he is furious to learn that Bridget may leave Los Angeles.
  • Ep. #3989
    Ep. #3989
    Episode 230
    After making arrangements with Bill to have Bridget appointed to his pharmaceutical program, Stephanie tells Eric that she's found a way to let Bridget lead her own life. But rather than be pleased at the thought of going to Copenhagen, Bridget thinks Stephanie is trying to get rid of her.
  • Ep. #3988
    Ep. #3988
    Episode 229
    Macy is shocked and horrified when Thorne produces paperwork proving that they are still married because they never actually filed the divorce papers due to her 'death'. Thorne is determined to make her his wife in more than name only, but Macy reminds him that she wants Lorenzo, not him.
  • Ep. #3987
    Ep. #3987
    Episode 228
    Brooke acknowledges to Ridge that she feels responsible for Thomas's condition, but Ridge isn't interested in hearing her apologies. He tells her that they can't hash this out between them right now. His first priority needs to be his son, and hers should be her daughter.
  • Ep. #3986
    Ep. #3986
    Episode 227
    After hearing that Thomas has called out for Bridget, Mass heads over to her place, but before he can explain what's happened Stephanie tells him Bridget isn't going anywhere with him.
  • Ep. #3985
    Ep. #3985
    Episode 226
    Massimo arrives with a surprise for the kids (floor seats for the Lakers), and when Ridge is out of the room, Mass tells Brooke to leave, and to go destroy someone else's life.
  • Ep. #3984
    Ep. #3984
    Episode 225
    Amber tearfully tries to explain that she was just a child when she made that video with Rudy back in Furnace Creek, but Rick is disappointed and Eric is furious.
  • Ep. #3983
    Ep. #3983
    Episode 224
    Thorne tells Macy that they're meant to be together and begs her to leave Lorenzo, proposing marriage. Macy tells him that he's just using the same arguments Brooke did years earlier.
  • Ep. #3982
    Ep. #3982
    Episode 223
    Brooke wants Bridget to explain why she didn't defend her with Ridge and isn't trying to help her get him back, and Bridget can't believe her mother is trying to get her to lie for her.
  • Ep. #3981
    Ep. #3981
    Episode 222
    Massimo finds a cigar-smoking Deacon at his desk who assures him that he's taken care of Brooke, and muses that Massimo destroyed Brooke and Ridge to gain points with Stephanie.
  • Ep. #3980
    Ep. #3980
    Episode 221
    Thorne creates a media furor over Macy's return, believing that it's the only way to keep her in town. He calls her in the middle of it all, assuring her he loves her.
  • Ep. #3979
    Ep. #3979
    Episode 220
    A tearful Brooke tells Eric and Stephanie that Deacon told Ridge the truth, and Stephanie tells her that it's all for the best, because lies can only hurt people.
  • Ep. #3978
    Ep. #3978
    Episode 219
    Ridge cannot hide his disgust that Brooke would betray Bridget by sleeping with Deacon, and Brooke tries desperately to convince Ridge that she only slept with Deacon because she couldn't have him.
  • Ep. #3977
    Ep. #3977
    Episode 218
    Amber is shocked to see the X-rating on 'Ambrosia Undressed', and watches the tape in horror. She immediately phones Rudy, demanding answers as to how this tape even got out.
  • Ep. #3976
    Ep. #3976
    Episode 217
    After being threatened by Eric yet again, Deacon decides he's tired of playing the game by the Forrester rules -- he interrupts Ridge's proposal with Brooke to reveal that he is Hope's father.
  • Ep. #3975
    Ep. #3975
    Episode 216
    Ridge asks Tricia for her advice on Brooke when she comes over looking for news on Thorne, and although Tricia encourages him to make his own decision, she's not sure if Brooke is the right one.
  • Ep. #3974
    Ep. #3974
    Episode 215
    C.J. is ecstatic to have his sister alive and back in his life, and feels no anger -- he, Clarke, Sally, and Darla welcome Macy's new husband with open arms.
  • Ep. #3973
    Ep. #3973
    Episode 214
    Sally tells Macy that unless she is willing to stay permanently she wants her to go, and Macy agrees to stay just as C.J. barges into the room and is shocked to see his 'dead' sister.
  • Ep. #3972
    Ep. #3972
    Episode 213
    Amber and Rick wait on tenterhooks for Eric's decision, and Amber is thrilled when Eric likes her new sketches and agrees to give her a shot if she busts her butt.
  • Ep. #3971
    Ep. #3971
    Episode 212
    Massimo deliberately goads a drunken Deacon, telling him that he'll never win Brooke by being a fool. Deacon says he can't interfere or Brooke will brand him the bad guy.
  • Ep. #3970
    Ep. #3970
    Episode 211
    Macy is shocked when she and Lorenzo return from their honeymoon to learn that Sally has had a heart attack, and Adam tells her she should go to Los Angeles to see her.
  • Ep. #3969
    Ep. #3969
    Episode 210
    Stephanie realises that Brooke is up to her old tricks again and calls her on it, not realising the Bridget is listening just outside the door.
  • Ep. #3968
    Ep. #3968
    Episode 209
    Bridget is horrified when she awakens from a dream in which she is married to Ridge, and they are raising Ridge's children together.
  • Ep. #3967
    Ep. #3967
    Episode 208
    Brooke and Ridge prepare for bed, each preparing to sleep in a different room, when Ridge suddenly kisses Brooke passionately.
  • Ep. #3966
    Ep. #3966
    Episode 207
    While Macy and Lorenzo exchange their wedding vows, Sally first blasts her daughter, then cries for her, before suffering a massive heart attack.
  • Ep. #3965
    Ep. #3965
    Episode 206
    Thorne is initially shocked to discover that Sally plans to tell C.J. that Macy is alive, but soon realises that Sally is right, and C.J. is there best chance to convince her to come home.
  • Ep. #3964
    Ep. #3964
    Episode 205
    Adam tries to convince Macy to forget about her past with Thorne, and in an effort to start over with his beloved, Lorenzo asks her to marry him.
  • Ep. #3963
    Ep. #3963
    Episode 204
    When C.J. probes Bridget about her reasons for not wanting to move back in with Ridge, he figures that since she loves the children, it's Ridge she's trying to get away from.
  • Ep. #3962
    Ep. #3962
    Episode 203
    While Ridge worries that Bridget has left because of something he has done, Brooke tries to regain control by calling Catherine the nanny to come and look after the children.
  • Ep. #3961
    Ep. #3961
    Episode 202
    Stephanie can't believe that Brooke is dictating policy in Ridge's house like she is already in residence. Stephanie reminds Brooke that it is Ridge's house, not hers.
  • Ep. #3960
    Ep. #3960
    Episode 201
    Bridget prepares to leave Ridge's home and packs her things, telling Stephanie that she can no longer live with Ridge and lie to him.
  • Ep. #3959
    Ep. #3959
    Episode 200
    Macy is heartbroken that she has had to leave without even being able to say goodbye to Sally, and accuses Adam of trying to keep her from Thorne.
  • Ep. #3958
    Ep. #3958
    Episode 199
    Before the winner can be announced, Ridge takes the stage and dedicates his success to his father, Eric. Massimo can't stand watching his son salute another man, and goes to visit his father's grave.
  • Ep. #3957
    Ep. #3957
    Episode 198
    Stephanie is both shocked and disgusted when Brooke shows up in a motorboat wearing the show-stopping wedding gown.
  • Ep. #3956
    Ep. #3956
    Episode 197
    Stephanie tells Bridget that Ridge can never find out that Massimo is his father, but Bridget feels like she's betraying him by lying.
  • Ep. #3955
    Ep. #3955
    Episode 196
  • Ep. #3954
    Ep. #3954
    Episode 195
  • Ep. #3953
    Ep. #3953
    Episode 194
  • Ep. #3952
    Ep. #3952
    Episode 193
  • Ep. #3951
    Ep. #3951
    Episode 192
  • Ep. #3950
    Ep. #3950
    Episode 191
  • Ep. #3949
    Ep. #3949
    Episode 190
  • Ep. #3948
    Ep. #3948
    Episode 189
  • Ep. #3947
    Ep. #3947
    Episode 188
  • Ep. #3946
    Ep. #3946
    Episode 187
  • Ep. #3945
    Ep. #3945
    Episode 186
  • Ep. #3944
    Ep. #3944
    Episode 185
  • Ep. #3943
    Ep. #3943
    Episode 184
  • Ep. #3942
    Ep. #3942
    Episode 183
  • Ep. #3941
    Ep. #3941
    Episode 182
  • Ep. #3940
    Ep. #3940
    Episode 181
  • Ep. #3939
    Ep. #3939
    Episode 180
  • Ep. #3938
    Ep. #3938
    Episode 179
  • Ep. #3937
    Ep. #3937
    Episode 178
  • Ep. #3936
    Ep. #3936
    Episode 177
  • Ep. #3935
    Ep. #3935
    Episode 176
  • Ep. #3934
    Ep. #3934
    Episode 175
  • Ep. #3933
    Ep. #3933
    Episode 174
  • Ep. #3932
    Ep. #3932
    Episode 173
  • Ep. #3931
    Ep. #3931
    Episode 172
  • Ep. #3930
    Ep. #3930
    Episode 171
  • Ep. #3929
    Ep. #3929
    Episode 170
  • Ep. #3928
    Ep. #3928
    Episode 169
  • Ep. #3927
    Ep. #3927
    Episode 168
  • Ep. #3926
    Ep. #3926
    Episode 167
  • Ep. #3925
    Ep. #3925
    Episode 166
  • Ep. #3924
    Ep. #3924
    Episode 165
  • Ep. #3923
    Ep. #3923
    Episode 164
  • Ep. #3922
    Ep. #3922
    Episode 163
  • Ep. #3921
    Ep. #3921
    Episode 162
  • Ep. #3920
    Ep. #3920
    Episode 161
  • Ep. #3919
    Ep. #3919
    Episode 160
  • Ep. #3918
    Ep. #3918
    Episode 159
  • Ep. #3917
    Ep. #3917
    Episode 158
  • Ep. #3916
    Ep. #3916
    Episode 157
    As the Forresters and the Spectras gather to pay their respects to Taylor, Stephanie tries to comfort her grief-stricken father Jack. When Jack sees Brooke show up to the funeral on Ridge's arm he explodes; his daughter is barely in the ground and Brooke is already trying to move in on her husband!moreless
  • Ep. #3915
    Ep. #3915
    Episode 156
    While lamenting to Dr. Cooper that he was not able to save Taylor Forrester, Mark flashes back to a conversation he had with his mother before he came to town, where Margo expressed her concern that Mark would get his heartbroken if he was coming to L.A. to get to know his father, Clarke.moreless
  • Ep. #3914
    Ep. #3914
    Episode 155
  • Ep. #3913
    Ep. #3913
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #3912
    Ep. #3912
    Episode 153
  • Ep. #3911
    Ep. #3911
    Episode 152
  • Ep. #3910
    Ep. #3910
    Episode 151
  • Ep. #3909
    Ep. #3909
    Episode 150
  • Ep. #3908
    Ep. #3908
    Episode 149
  • Ep. #3907
    Ep. #3907
    Episode 148
  • Ep. #3906
    Ep. #3906
    Episode 147
  • Ep. #3905
    Ep. #3905
    Episode 146
  • Ep. #3904
    Ep. #3904
    Episode 145
  • Ep. #3903
    Ep. #3903
    Episode 144
  • Ep. #3902
    Ep. #3902
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #3901
    Ep. #3901
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #3900
    Ep. #3900
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #3899
    Ep. #3899
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #3898
    Ep. #3898
    Episode 139
  • Ep. #3897
    Ep. #3897
    Episode 138
  • Ep. #3896
    Ep. #3896
    Episode 137
  • Ep. #3895
    Ep. #3895
    Episode 136
  • Ep. #3894
    Ep. #3894
    Episode 135
  • Ep. #3893
    Ep. #3893
    Episode 134
  • Ep. #3892
    Ep. #3892
    Episode 133
  • Ep. #3891
    Ep. #3891
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #3890
    Ep. #3890
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #3889
    Ep. #3889
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #3888
    Ep. #3888
    Episode 129
  • Ep. #3887
    Ep. #3887
    Episode 128
  • Ep. #3886
    Ep. #3886
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #3885
    Ep. #3885
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #3884
    Ep. #3884
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #3883
    Ep. #3883
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #3882
    Ep. #3882
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #3881
    Ep. #3881
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #3880
    Ep. #3880
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #3879
    Ep. #3879
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #3878
    Ep. #3878
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #3877
    Ep. #3877
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #3876
    Ep. #3876
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #3875
    Ep. #3875
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #3874
    Ep. #3874
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #3873
    Ep. #3873
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #3872
    Ep. #3872
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #3871
    Ep. #3871
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #3870
    Ep. #3870
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #3869
    Ep. #3869
    Episode 110
  • Ep. #3868
    Ep. #3868
    Episode 109
    Erica is released and Rick offers to take her home. Erica is irritated with her mother for never coming to the hospital and thanks Rick for his friendship. Amber informs Taylor that Erica is trying to cause problems for Rick and her and she has to find some way to stop it. After a phone call from James, Taylor explains to Amber that she doesn't think James ever recovered from losing Mary. Taylor imagines that it must be awful for James to know that someone like Sheila is raising his daughter. Sheila is delighted to hear that Erica will be recuperating at Rick's, and advises her not to rush to get back on her feet. Erica refuses to manipulate Rick. Erica admits to Rick what a mystery her father is to her. Darla helps C.J. set up, but she still thinks the blind date is a bad idea. She tells C.J. that it's obvious he is the one Bridget wants to go out with, but C.J. insists that the last thing Bridget needs in her life is a guy like him. Bridget is thrilled with the set up in the back room with all the Hawaiian decorations, but is stunned when Scott arrives and announces that he's her date.moreless
  • Ep. #3867
    Ep. #3867
    Episode 108
    Sheila asks the nurse what happened to her daughter. Bridget tells Betsy that she overheard C.J. talking about a 'dream date'. When C.J. points Bridget out to him, Scott is more than willing to go along with C.J.'s plan. He wonders why C.J. isn't taking her out himself, but C.J. responds that he isn't ready to date. Rick promises to stay at Erica's bedside as long as she wants him to. Taylor arrives and Amber points out Rick as he comforts Erica. Sheila listens as Amber explains everything that happened to Taylor. Amber shares her suspicions that Erica is somehow connected to Lance's death, pointing out that Erica is the one who stands to gain everything that Amber is losing. Taylor reminds Amber that she has no proof. Sheila emerges from the closet in nurse's scrubs and heads for Erica's room. C.J. asks Bridget if she has plans for tomorrow night. Thinking Sheila is Erica's nurse, he informs her that Erica's mother hasn't shown up and he'd like to stay there with her. Sheila excuses herself when the doctor comes in and lets Rick know that Erica will be released tomorrow. Sheila approaches Amber and hisses at her to stay away from Erica and never go near her again.moreless
  • Ep. #3866
    Ep. #3866
    Episode 107
    Sheila and Massimo meet again at Las Olas. Massimo can tell that Sheila can be a dangerous person when she wants to be, but Sheila insists only when she needs to be. Bridget admits to C.J. that her summer isn't turning out at all the way she planned. She had hoped for a trip to Hawaii. C.J. goes into action, planning a private luau for two, but Darla is surprised that C.J. plans to set Bridget up with his friend, Scott. Darla wants C.J. to admit that he's falling for Bridget. Bridget overhears them talking about the date and thinks C.J. is about to ask her out. Amber is waiting for the paramedics when Rick arrives. Erica finally regains consciousness at the hospital. Amber tries to tell Rick that she didn't mean for this to happen. Rick explains to Erica that she has to stay overnight and offers to call her mother. Sheila rushes out when she hears from Erica. She's angry when she hears that Amber was responsible. Amber tries to explain what happened, but Rick orders her to go back to Taylor and get some help. As she cries, Sheila gets off the elevator and moves toward Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #3865
    Ep. #3865
    Episode 106
    Sheila hides her face in her hands and pretends to sob as if she is a bereaved friend of Lance's. Taylor is moving closer to Sheila, hoping to get some information about Lance, when Ziggy appears. Ziggy orders Taylor to leave again. Sheila is concerned that Taylor will keep snooping around until she finds out what really happened with Amber and Lance. Bridget is incredulous when Rick tells her about Amber's theory. Rick admits it's far-fetched, but thinks it's worth looking into. When Bridget hears that Erica is confronting Amber, she worries that things could get ugly. Erica can't believe Amber is accusing her not only of setting her up at the party, but of somehow being involved in Lance's murder. Erica steps in front of Amber when she says that she's going home to her husband and son. Erica insists that Rick loves her, and he's not going to listen to any more of Amber's lies. When Amber pulls free of Erica's grasp, Erica falls backwards. Erica hits her head and is knocked unconscious.moreless
  • Ep. #3864
    Ep. #3864
    Episode 105
    Sheila tries to hide her panic when Ziggy tells her that Taylor was snooping around Lance's apartment. Ziggy informs Sheila that the cash she gave Lance is still sitting in his room. Sheila realizes she needs to get the money back and asks Ziggy for the key. When Amber explains to Taylor that Rick didn't believe her, Taylor suggests that maybe she should have kept her suspicions to herself. Taylor tells Amber about going to Lance's apartment. Amber is grateful for Taylor's help. Taylor's sure that someone was taking advantage of Amber's history and past mistakes. Erica asks Rick why Amber hates her so much. Rick tries to explain that Amber's jealous of Erica's time with Rick and Little Eric. Erica says that Amber keeps lying to Rick because he keeps falling for her lies. Erica pleads with Rick not to let Amber fool him again. Erica heads out to confront Amber, angry about her accusations. Sheila has just put the money in a bag when she hears Taylor's voice from the doorway.moreless
  • Ep. #3863
    Ep. #3863
    Episode 104
    Ziggy is cleaning up Lance's apartment and has just come across a wad of money when Taylor approaches him. Taylor questions Ziggy and he reveals that Lance had money problems and said he'd do anything for cash. Erica reveals to Sheila that she thinks she's been really good for Rick and Little Eric. She believes that she can show Rick what an open and honest relationship can really be like. Sheila advises Erica not to underestimate Amber because she might try to turn Rick against her. Amber explains to Rick that she wasn't drunk at the victory party - she'd been drugged! When Rick angrily wonders why Lance would have done that, Amber responds that she thinks someone else was involved. Amber lays out her case against Erica, then admits that her drug test was inconclusive. Rick finds her explanation too far-fetched. He admits that Erica has a crush on him, but doesn't think that means she would plot against Amber. When Rick informs Erica about Amber's accusation, Erica thinks that Amber is out of her mind. Amber is more certain than ever that Erica is part of a plot to break up Amber's marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #3862
    Ep. #3862
    Episode 103
    Bridget tells Stephanie that C.J. became bitter and cynical after Becky's death, but she thinks that's starting to change. When C.J. returns, he's in a terrible mood. He gives Bridget a hard time about not changing the coffee filters yet, then smiles to himself as she flounces off. Bridget pulls out the filter tray and finds a flower and a thank you card. Amber is thrilled that she could have her test results within an hour. As she puts the pieces together, Amber decides it must have been Erica behind a plan to drug Amber and ruin her marriage. Taylor warns Amber to be careful, because she has no proof, but Amber is certain that Erica is behind everything that's happened to her. Rick is upset as it becomes clear that Amber isn't showing up for the meeting, but he invites Erica to sit in. Whip outlines his marketing plan aimed at teens. He passes out tapes of a demo jingle. Erica picks one up herself after everyone leaves. Erica admits to Rick that Amber called, but she didn't tell him at the time because he was in such a good mood.moreless
  • Ep. #3861
    Ep. #3861
    Episode 102
    Massimo joins Sheila and orders them a bottle of wine. Sheila reveals that she's a single mother and her little girl has a brilliant future. Taylor and Amber wonder if Lance could have slipped something in Amber's drink, and Taylor suggests having Amber tested to see if the drug is still in her system. Amber sees it as a chance to prove to Rick that what happened wasn't her fault. Erica admits to Rick about the ways her mother influences her, and how it sometimes embarrasses her. She recalls the night her mother sent Erica over in a red dress, wanting her to seduce Rick. When Rick realizes that Sheila is living vicariously through Erica, he suggests that if she finds her mother a man of her own, she'd be too busy to worry about Erica. Erica thinks it would be hard to find a match for her mother because she is obsessive and controlling. When Amber calls to talk to Rick, Erica answers, and she refuses to put him on the line.moreless
  • Ep. #3860
    Ep. #3860
    Episode 101
    Kristen informs Sally that C.J. blew it and it's going to take more than an apology for him to win back Bridget's trust. C.J. pleads with Bridget not to go. She asks for a raise, and for him to be nicer to her. He takes her hand and they go back to the party. C.J. is moved when Bridget plays the video compilation of photos and video clips, from baby pictures through his wedding to Becky. Despite Bridget's protests, Kristen and Tony realize that she has it bad for C.J. Sally thinks Bridget and C.J. are good together, but Darla wonders how long it will take for them to figure that out. C.J. helps Bridget unpack and bids her goodnight. Disappointed, Massimo decides it's definitely time for a change in his life. Ziggy finds Sheila dressed up and ready to go out. Massimo is intrigued when he sees Sheila come into the bar. He approaches her table.moreless
  • Ep. #3859
    Ep. #3859
    Episode 100
    Sally and Clarke are shocked when C.J. admits to them that he fired Bridget. Stephanie informs Massimo that she can't go away with him because of her obligation to Brooke's child. She adds that it could still happen for them, but Massimo has to be patient. Massimo is angry, and tells Stephanie he's not going to put up with her compulsive need to play savior anymore. He wanted to make a life with her, but he can't accept this situation. Bridget sets up for the party, but insists on leaving before C.J. arrives. She notes to Sally that if she wanted to be treated like dirt, she would still be married. C.J. is stunned and pleased by the surprise. Bridget watches from around the corner, gratified to see him happy. When C.J. realizes Bridget was responsible for putting the party together, he takes off looking for her. C.J. catches up with Bridget, but she is out of patience with him. She points out that he is not the only one who has been hurt. Bridget tries to leave, but C.J. yanks on her suitcase, which unexpectedly throws her against his chest. They look into each other's eyes.moreless
  • Ep. #3858
    Ep. #3858
    Episode 99
    Darla tries to convince C.J. that it's okay to let go of Becky's memory and move on. Clarke informs Bridget that he thinks throwing a party for C.J. is a great idea. He helps her by coming up with an excuse to get C.J. away from the coffee shop for awhile. C.J. is irked with Bridget when he sees that she booked a private party for the evening. He says that she should look for a job somewhere else. Bridget can't believe he's firing her, and admits to him that she thought they were friends. She storms off to pack her things. Sally explains to Clarke that someone like Bridget could be just what C.J. needs, but she hopes he's not too hurt and stubborn to realize it. Brooke encourages Stephanie to go on the romantic cruise with Massimo, but is grateful when Stephanie decides that she's not going anywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #3857
    Ep. #3857
    Episode 98
    Stephanie notes to Massimo that Brooke has sworn off men so she can focus on her child. Massimo has planned for the two of them to fly to Milan, then cruise the Mediterranean on his yacht. Massimo explains that if their relationship is going to progress he has to get her out of town. Stephanie wonders if this is about getting her away from Eric. Bridget informs Sally that she wants to throw C.J. a surprise party, even though he hasn't celebrated his birthday since Macy and Becky died. Bridget knows it could backfire, but she's hoping it would cheer him up. Sally thinks it's a great idea and asks what she can do to help. Brooke expresses concern about Bridget working at the Insomnia. She admits to Whip that she doesn't know what she would have done without Stephanie's help. Together, Brooke and Stephanie will give the baby the life that Brooke should have given Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #3856
    Ep. #3856
    Episode 97
    Amber is shocked when she goes to Lance's apartment and is told that he's dead. Sheila assures Erica that it won't be long before Rick realizes how special she is. Rick admits to Brooke that he can't conceive of any reasonable explanation for Amber's behavior. He wonders how many times he can swallow his pride and forgive her. Brooke points out that taking a stand, even if it means ending his marriage, may be the right thing to do. Sheila assures Ziggy that the Forresters may never know that she's Erica's mother, but she'll have the joy of knowing that Erica and Rick are together. The police call Ziggy and inform him about what happened to Lance. Sheila denies it when Ziggy asks if she had anything to do with Lance's demise. Amber notes to Rick that she doesn't have an explanation after all because of Lance's death, but Rick is furious and doesn't want to hear any more excuses. He can't put himself in a position to be disappointed again. Amber assures Rick that she loves him, and that someday he's going to take her back.moreless
  • Ep. #3855
    Ep. #3855
    Episode 96
    Amber tells Lance that she needs answers and will be at his place first thing in the morning. Lance calls Sheila and gives her one more chance to give him enough cash to relocate, or he'll confess everything to Amber. Wearing bee-keeping gear, Sheila notes to herself that Lance should have known better than to try to blackmail her. She gathers bees in a jar, knowing Lance is allergic to them. Sheila ties Lance's door shut, then stirs up the bees to make them angry and sends them into his apartment when he's sleeping. Lance is panic-stricken when he awakens as the bees start to sting him. Sheila watches as he collapses. She whispers to Lance he messed with the wrong woman. Amber is elated that Lance is going to reveal the truth, and lets Taylor know that she and Rick could be back together by tomorrow afternoon. Amber informs Taylor that Erica is after Rick. Erica is dubious when Rick comments that Amber will have proof tomorrow that this was all a misunderstanding. She reminds him that Amber has caused him enough pain and there are better women out there for him. Amber calls Rick and assures him that she is telling the truth and says not to listen to Erica.moreless
  • Ep. #3854
    Ep. #3854
    Episode 95
    Amber orders Erica out of the house. Erica strikes back and says that Amber betrayed Rick and wonders how she could be so ungrateful. Amber grabs Erica and orders her to stay out of it. Stephanie can't believe Amber's been given chance after chance, but keeps making terrible mistakes. Taylor is sure that there's more to what happened. Lance informs Sheila that Amber knows he's hiding something, and he's going to have to tell her the truth. Sheila warns him not to double-cross her and suggests he get out of town for a couple of days. Lance wants to relocate to New York so Amber won't be waiting for him, and notes to Sheila that he needs a hundred thousand dollars to cover expenses. When Sheila insists that she doesn't have the money, Lance says that he's going to have to have a little chat with Amber. He reminds Sheila that he committed a crime for her. Lance leaves, promising he'll call Sheila tomorrow. Amber asks Rick to give her a minute and hear what she has to say. She swears that she's not cheating on him. She tries to explain that Lance is hiding something about what happened the other night, and he was about to confess to Amber the truth when Rick spotted them together. Sheila assures herself that she has to do something before Lance ruins everything.moreless
  • Ep. #3853
    Ep. #3853
    Episode 94
    Erica suggests that Rick get out of the house and says they should go for coffee. C.J. notices that Bridget has been in a funk ever since she saw Brooke. Amber is sure that something is missing in Lance's story and she can tell by the look in his eyes that she's right. Bridget sees a man who looks like Deacon and rushes out, almost in tears. C.J. follows her and insists that he's not leaving until Bridget reveals what's going on. C.J. realizes Deacon must have done something terrible if Bridget is hiding from his look-alike. Bridget admits to C.J. that Deacon cheated on her and she doesn't think she'll ever get over it, but she won't reveal who Deacon was with. Rick tells Erica that Amber didn't cheat on him. He wonders if he should call her because there may be some other explanation for what happened. Rick is stunned when he looks across the room and spots Amber with Lance. Amber assures Lance that if he tells her the truth now, he won't get in any trouble, but she's determined to find out what really happened because she doesn't want to destroy her marriage and lose her family. Rick confronts them angrily assuming Amber left him because she couldn't wait to get back to her lover. Rick refuses to listen to Amber when she tries to explain, and leaves. Erica notes to Rick that he deserves much better. Erica intervenes when Amber tries to see Rick, and Amber realizes that Erica is after her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #3852
    Ep. #3852
    Episode 93
    Erica tells Rick that there's no excuse for Amber getting drunk and spending the night with a stranger. She notes that Amber was her inspiration and now she sees her throwing everything away. Erica wishes Amber had appreciated what she had. Erica knows it's possible to love someone who's no good for you, because that's the way she feels about her mother. Stephanie is disappointed when she realizes that Amber is staying with Taylor and not back at the clinic. Amber tries to explain that parts of Lance's story just don't make sense, but Stephanie thinks that Amber should be looking inside herself to explain her behavior. Over dinner, Thorne asks Brooke if she's going to cut Whip loose now. He empathizes with Whip, knowing how hard it is to get over Brooke. Caitlyn isn't very happy to hear from Amber, but she gives her Lance's phone number. Amber calls Lance and asks him to meet her at Insomnia. She informs Lance that she has some questions for him, and she wants the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #3851
    Ep. #3851
    Episode 92
    Rick admits that he could have stopped Amber, but Bridget is glad that he didn't. She thinks this could motivate Amber to get the help she needs. Bridget wants Rick to face the fact that, despite Rick and Amber's love for each other, they may not be able to work things out. Amber reveals to Taylor what happened and that her marriage is over. She cries in Taylor's arms. When Taylor hears that Amber can't remember what happened, she is sure that there is more to the story. She wants to know more about the man Amber went home with and suggests she try to track him down through Caitlyn. Taylor offers Amber the guest room while she tries to find out if Lance was telling the truth about what happened. Amber realizes it's her only chance to save her marriage. Sheila can hardly cover her glee when Erica informs her that Amber moved out. She congratulates herself for making it possible for Erica to become the next Eric Forrester Jr. Erica tells Rick how sorry she is, and embraces him.moreless
  • Ep. #3850
    Ep. #3850
    Episode 91
    Amber asks Rick for one more chance. Bridget tells Brooke to stop worrying because she is taking care of herself. Brooke admits to Bridget that she misses her, but Bridget insists that it's too soon to talk. When Eric hears what Amber did, he warns Rick that Amber is on the verge of self-destruction and she could take Rick down with her. Erica notes to Sheila that she doesn't want to be a home-wrecker. Sheila responds that if Amber doesn't respect her marriage to Rick, then why should Erica. Amber informs Rick that she's leaving, assuming he'll be relieved if he never has to deal with her problems again. She realizes that he needs a break and promises to call when she gets settled. Rick rushes after her when she walks out, and finds the wedding ring she left behind. Brooke asks C.J. why he hired Bridget and wonders if it's part of some plan to get back at Brooke. Erica confesses to Sheila how hard it is to see Rick hurting, and is sure that Rick and Amber will be able to work things out.moreless
  • Ep. #3849
    Ep. #3849
    Episode 90
    C.J. points out that he opened up to Bridget and now he wants to know what's been bothering her. He can tell that is has something to do with her mother. Bridget refuses to talk about it. Lance picks up his money from Sheila and orders her not to call him again. Amber tries to explain herself, but Rick cuts to the chase and asks her about the guy she was seen with. Amber admits that she blacked out, then woke up in his bed. Rick explodes, and wonders if she realizes what she's done. Amber swears that she would never have jeopardized everything she cares about to spend the night with a stranger, but Rick points out that she did. Amber begs for Rick's forgiveness. Brooke misses Bridget, but Stephanie says she's going to have to give Bridget more time. Brooke is stunned to hear that Bridget is working at the Insomnia. Erica informs Sheila that Amber came back, but had apparently gotten drunk and spent the night with some guy. Sheila says it proves that Amber isn't the right woman for Rick. Bridget is surprised when Brooke comes into the Insomnia.moreless
  • Ep. #3848
    Ep. #3848
    Episode 89
    Rick informs Erica that Amber never came home last night. Erica finally confesses that she saw Amber -- and she wasn't alone. When Rick questions her, Erica admits that Amber and the model were holding each other. Rick wonders if Amber had more than one glass of wine, but can't believe that Amber spent the night with another man. Amber wakes up in Lance's bed. She's horrified when she realizes she was there all night and when Lance reminds her that she got drunk and came on to him. Amber is distraught and believes that she betrayed Rick. She takes a cab home and rushes in, apologizing to Rick. Before heading downstairs to work, C.J. thanks Bridget for listening to him. Sheila is pleased to hear that Amber was out all night. Ziggy wants to know what Sheila asked Lance to do to Amber. Sheila just hopes that Lance is as good an actor as he claims to be. She insists that Amber brought this on herself, but Ziggy points out that Amber didn't do anything wrong. Bridget just listens as two fellow employees complain about C.J.'s moodiness. She makes eye contact with C.J. across the room.moreless
  • Ep. #3847
    Ep. #3847
    Episode 88
    Amber acknowledges everyone's contributions to the line's success. Rick expresses concern, but Amber insists that one glass of wine won't hurt her. When Thorne questions her, Erica admits that she has a little crush on Rick, but quickly adds that she admires Amber and respects their marriage. Ziggy wonders what Sheila is up to. Sheila only says that Amber stole her future, but she's not going to let her ruin Erica's. Bridget sees that C.J. is crying and tries to comfort him, but C.J. angrily orders her to leave. Lance calls Sheila and informs her that the pills aren't working, but then he sees Amber stumble a bit. Lance approaches Amber, who falls into his arms as she passes out. Erica sees them and hurries off, thinking she's interrupted a private moment. Lance carries Amber away, but calls Sheila to make sure the drugs won't hurt her. Ziggy realizes that Sheila has dragged Lance into her scheme. Rick is looking for Amber, but Erica doesn't reveal what she just witnessed. C.J. apologizes for yelling at Bridget. He admits how much he misses Macy and Becky and finally opens up to Bridget about how their deaths have affected him. Bridget embraces C.J.moreless
  • Ep. #3846
    Ep. #3846
    Episode 87
    Sheila shows Lance how to slip the pills into Amber's drink. Stephanie notes how much Bridget has grown up in the past few weeks and tells Bridget she's proud of her. Eric toasts the success of the Ambrosia line. Amber and Rick kiss as Erica watches. Rick announces that it was Erica who gave him the idea to sell the line on Telesave. Amber sets down her drink and moves to Rick's side as Rick makes a speech about Amber's accomplishments. Lance slips the pills into Amber's glass of wine. Rick and Amber kiss, then Amber retrieves her glass. Sheila notes to Ziggy that Rick is the kind of man that Erica deserves, and the man she's going to get. Bridget hears one of Macy's songs playing in C.J.'s room. C.J. sadly recalls his wedding to Becky, then looks up to find Bridget watching him sympathetically.moreless
  • Ep. #3845
    Ep. #3845
    Episode 86
    Sheila offers Lance ten thousand dollars if he'll get Caitlyn, one of the Forrester models, to invite him to the Forrester party as part of Sheila's plot against Amber. Bridget declines Rick's invitation to the party when she hears that Brooke might be there. Rick is furious when he finds out that Bridget left Deacon because he cheated on her. Rick asks C.J. to keep an eye on Bridget. Amber promises Thorne that she won't let Rick down again. Erica refuses to chase after Rick, but Sheila wonders how Erica would feel if she found out that Amber wasn't as perfect for Rick as she thought. Lance arranges to go to the party with Caitlyn. When Sheila hears, she is pleased that her plan to ruin Amber's marriage is underway. As they get ready for the party, Rick tells Amber that they've made it through the bad times, and now it's time to celebrate the good.moreless
  • Ep. #3844
    Ep. #3844
    Episode 85
    Brooke announces that yesterday was the single most profitable day in the history of Forrester Creations. Eric congratulates Amber. He admits that the press is accusing Forrester of selling out, but thanks everyone for giving Forrester the future they almost didn't have. When Erica stops by, Rick thanks her, and tells everyone that Amber gave him the idea of selling their line on Telesave in the first place. Rick decides to throw a party to celebrate. Meanwhile, the Spectra fashion show was a smashing success, but Ridge clearly isn't as thrilled as the others. Sally admits that she wanted Brooke to fail, but she thanks Ridge for creating the most successful fashion show Spectra has ever had. Sally admits to Ridge that she finally has the respect she always dreamed of. Taylor assures Ridge that he totally restored his reputation with last night's fashion show. Lance, an out-of-work model, goes with Ziggy while he's making some repairs at Sheila's apartment. Sheila sees Lance and says that he shouldn't be there. Lance hands her his card and lets Sheila know that he's looking for work. Amber professes her love to Rick and promises that she'll never do anything to hurt the company or him again. Erica is excited about going to Rick's party, but informs her mother she won't do anything to mess with Rick's marriage. Sheila is frustrated that Erica won't work with her, but has another idea of how to put Erica on Rick's arm for the rest of her life.moreless
  • Ep. #3843
    Ep. #3843
    Episode 84
    Taylor comforts Ridge after Eric makes his decision.
  • Ep. #3842
    Ep. #3842
    Episode 83
    Amber and Rick celebrate their success with the Telesave telethon.
  • Ep. #3841
    Ep. #3841
    Episode 82
    Eric considers partnering with Ridge.
  • Ep. #3840
    Ep. #3840
    Episode 81
    C.J. turns down Sally's invitation to their fashion show. When Bridget doesn't bother to defend Brooke's actions, C.J. realizes Bridget is really upset with her mother and tries to draw her out. Ridge is pleased with his elegant collection, and Massimo congratulates him. Ridge thanks Tony and Clarke for their help. Massimo assures Ridge that without him, Forrester is destined for bankruptcy. Ridge adds that no one will have to take orders from Brooke and her children again. Brooke informs Whip that she needs to make a lot of changes in her life. He's disappointed when she tells him that she wants to end their marriage. Bridget apologizes for snapping at C.J., but he wonders if it's a good idea for her to be working there. When he hears that Bridget doesn't have a place to live, he offers her the apartment upstairs. Rick reminds Eric that if their line fails, then Ridge wins. When Ridge calls, Rick puts him on the speakerphone. They all listen as Ridge taunts Rick about their line and assures Rick that he's finished in this business. When Amber hangs up, Eric agrees to let them sell the line on Telesave.moreless
  • Ep. #3839
    Ep. #3839
    Episode 80
    Rick and Amber try unsuccessfully to convince Eric to change his mind about selling their inventory on Telesave. Eric tells Kristen that if they put the collection up for sale on television, everything Forrester stands for will be wiped out. Sally warns Brooke that with Ridge and Massimo on her side, she has the power to make Brooke and her family suffer as much pain and loss as she has. Sally notes to Brooke that she's going down, but Brooke assures Sally that she hasn't buried them yet. Erica thinks that her days as Little Eric's nanny are limited now that Amber is healthy, but Sheila insists that Erica's future is with Rick, and Erica has to stay focused. Erica doesn't want to bother Amber and Rick and adds that sometimes she thinks Sheila is psycho. Amber and Rick go to the Telesave studios and ask the producer if he would be interested in adding their collection to his product line. Brooke is determined to do battle with Spectra and decides to sell the line on Telesave despite Eric's objections. Sally informs Tony that tomorrow they're going to bring Forrester Creations to its knees.moreless
  • Ep. #3838
    Ep. #3838
    Episode 79
    Ridge admits to Stephanie that he's happy to hear that Bridget is free of that slimeball Deacon. He points out that Forrester is being run by amateurs and everyone knows it. Ridge explains that once Forrester is shut down, Eric can finally be free of Brooke. C.J. warns Sally that there's no way he's going to work for her as long as Ridge is running Spectra. Sally assures C.J. that Brooke and Thorne are about to get what's coming to them, and Sally wants C.J. there to see it. C.J. insists that Ridge is just using Sally, but Sally is sure that Spectra is going to flatten Forrester before they know what hit them. Eric informs Brooke that Ridge convinced all their distributors to replace their line with his. Rick wants to talk to the people at Telesave, a cable shopping channel, but Eric refuses to ruin the Forrester reputation. Brooke heads out to confront Ridge, but Rick worries that if she goes in with the wrong attitude, she could make things even worse. Brooke begs Ridge not to rob her children, especially her new baby, of their legacy. Ridge asks if Brooke thought of his children when she fired him. Ridge is sorry that it's come to this, but Sally joins them and says that she's been waiting for this moment for years.moreless
  • Ep. #3837
    Ep. #3837
    Episode 78
    Tony is not as enthusiastic as Sally, Clarke and Ridge are about their coup. He tries to make Ridge see the impact their actions will have on his family. Ridge informs Sally that Rick and Amber's greed will bring the company down. He and Sally relish the idea. Thorne notes to Eric that Ridge is consumed with bitterness and hatred and wants Forrester to fail. Eric can't believe that Ridge would turn on his own family. Brooke reminds Deacon that, in spite of the baby, they can't be together because Bridget means too much to her. Deacon realizes that Brooke wants Bridget back and promises to stay away. He tells Brooke that he'll never regret what they shared. He asks Brooke not to forget their relationship, and not to regret it too much, adding that it was the best thing in his life. Amber apologizes to Erica for the way she treated her and thanks her for everything. They embrace. When Erica says that she bought her outfit from Telesave, Rick realizes they could sell their inventory on TV and try to recoup their losses. He pitches the idea to Kristen, Thorne and Eric, but Eric insists they'll sell Forrester clothes on TV over his dead body.moreless
  • Ep. #3836
    Ep. #3836
    Episode 77
    Deacon hears that Brooke and the baby are staying in the guesthouse and slips out of the office. Rick swears that Ridge won't get away with what he's done. C.J. enjoys the power he has over Bridget and warns her that she has to earn her money. Bridget is surprised when C.J. mentions that Ridge now owns Spectra Fashions. Bridget informs C.J. that her marriage is over and she never wants to see Deacon again. Brooke admits to Stephanie how much she misses Bridget. Stephanie advises Brooke to forget about Deacon and her loveless marriage and to focus on Bridget and the baby. Deacon is entranced when he sees his baby daughter and holds her. Brooke reminds him that no one can ever know that he is the baby's father. Stephanie assures Deacon that she is going to help Brooke raise the baby. Eric stops production on the Ambrosia line and gives Thorne instructions to try to get their buyers back. Bridget is distraught when Brooke calls. She orders Brooke to stay out of her life. Thorne tells Eric that the buyers have said that they're passing on the Ambrosia line and staying loyal to Ridge, while Kristen informs them that the warehouses are overflowing. Eric realizes that Forrester is in deep trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #3835
    Ep. #3835
    Episode 76
    Rick and Thorne are stunned when they realize that Ridge took over Spectra with Massimo's assistance. Thorne tries to convince Ridge that Massimo is using him. Ridge suggests that Rick cancel their fashion show because if no one is carrying their line, the press won't show up. Amber tells Ridge that he doesn't deserve the name Forrester. Ridge assures Amber that none of this would have happened if not for her. Kristen breaks the news to Eric that Ridge is behind the Spectra situation. Eric is furious, and can't believe Kristen's assertion that Ridge is doing this for Eric, especially when it has cost Eric his marriage and pitted his children against each other. Bridget fills out an application to work as a waitress at Insomnia, but C.J. snatches it away. Bridget insists that she needs a job to pay her rent, but C.J. is duly skeptical. C.J. calls Bridget a brat and orders her to get out. Bridget thinks C.J. is still bitter because Amber chose Rick instead of him. C.J. hires Bridget, but spills some coffee on the floor and says to clean it up.moreless
  • Ep. #3834
    Ep. #3834
    Episode 75
    The Forresters are shocked to learn that their new line has been dropped by most of the buyers, and when Rick, Amber, and Thorne go to Spectra to see Lauren about it, they find Ridge, who reminds him that he told them to watch their backs.
  • Ep. #3833
    Ep. #3833
    Episode 74
    Bridget confronts Deacon with everything she knows. She throws his clothes and belongings into a pile and orders him to get out. Bridget tells Deacon that he has no taste, no style, no class, and she can't wait to get him out of her life. She gathers up his things and heads outside. Deacon is stunned when she puts his clothes in a barrel, pours his bourbon over them, and ignites them. When they see fireworks, Bridget reminds him it's the fourth of July, and she's celebrating her independence – from him. Thorne confesses to Eric that he's worried about Brooke. Eric isn't happy to hear about Deacon's plan to take Bridget on a publicity tour around the world. Thorne assures Eric that it's just a matter of time until Bridget sees Deacon for who he really is. Stephanie lets Brooke and the baby stay in the guest house until she's ready to face her family. Stephanie notes to Brooke that the baby needs her more than anyone ever has. Brooke needs to build a new life for the baby's sake, and Stephanie's going to help her. Stephanie points out to Brooke that Deacon can't offer her daughter anything but scandal and shame, but Brooke refuses to cut Deacon out of her life.moreless
  • Ep. #3832
    Ep. #3832
    Episode 73
    Deacon goes over the itinerary with Megan and explains that he's going to take Bridget to all of the most romantic places in the world. He and Brooke are putting their secret behind them because it's time to move on. Rick realizes that Amber heard him talking to Thorne. Amber tells him it's clear that he's not ready to deal with her recovery, and she doesn't want to burden him with her problems. Rick insists that they're in this together, and their marriage and family will sustain them through any challenge. Rick welcomes Amber home, and they embrace. Bridget informs Brooke that she's been humiliated for the last time, and she won't let the scandal poison the family, too. Brooke begs Bridget not to cut her out of her life, but Bridget assures Brooke that they're through with each other. The doctor explains to Brooke that she and her baby are in perfect health. Anxious to get back to L.A., Brooke asks if she can head home tonight. Stephanie tells Brooke that she has to give this baby a normal life, but she has to change everything. For the baby's sake, Stephanie agrees to help Brooke. Bridget informs Deacon that she was up at the cabin with Stephanie and Brooke, and explains that Brooke went into labor. Deacon is shocked when Bridget says that he and Brooke have a healthy baby daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #3831
    Ep. #3831
    Episode 72
    On the eve of her release from the rehab facility, Rick informs Thorne that one of the tabloids is going to run a story about Amber's addiction and treatment. Thorne wonders if Rick and Amber are ready to face one of the biggest scandals they've ever seen. He reminds Rick that recovery is an ongoing process, and it's a challenge for the addict and everyone who cares about them. Rick had assumed rehab would make her better. Rick's troubled by what Thorne said, but thanks him for his straightforwardness. When Thorne leaves, Amber emerges, not letting on that she overheard Rick's comments to Thorne. Rick is stunned when Amber explains that she wants to stay alone in the guest house for a few weeks. With Stephanie and Bridget trying to help, Brooke gives birth to a baby girl. Brooke thanks Stephanie and Bridget for helping her. She asks for a moment alone with Bridget and reminds her that, regardless of how Bridget feels about Brooke, this innocent baby is her half-sister. Brooke places the baby in Bridget's arms. When Bridget hands the baby back, she tells Brooke to take her only daughter, because Bridget is not her child anymore. Bridget reveals to Brooke that she'll never forgive her, but she doesn't hate her.moreless
  • Ep. #3830
    Ep. #3830
    Episode 71
    Bridget calls the hospital, but is told it will take at least an hour for the ambulance to reach them. Stephanie doesn't want Brooke to have the baby in front of Bridget and tries to get her to the car. As another contraction hits, Brooke tells Stephanie that she's having the baby here and now, whether she likes it or not. Stephanie wants to leave Brooke with the caretaker until the doctor arrives rather than subject Bridget to any more trauma, but Bridget says that she will help Stephanie deliver the baby. Brooke apologizes to Bridget and says that she never meant to hurt her. Sally is overwhelmed with joy when she sees C.J. They embrace. C.J. is pleased to hear that things are going well at Spectra, but is stunned when Ridge walks in on them. C.J. is horrified when he realizes Sally sold Spectra to Ridge Forrester. C.J. swears that he will never work for a Forrester, and slams out. Ridge notices Massimo's preoccupation and wants to know what's going on with Stephanie and Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #3829
    Ep. #3829
    Episode 70
    Whip is surprised when Deacon agrees to stay away from Brooke. He explains that he's planning to take Bridget on a publicity tour for the Ambrosia line. After their close call, he doesn't want to risk Bridget finding out the truth. Whip assures Deacon that the baby will be surrounded with love from the day he's born. Stephanie sits outside in her car, hoping that Bridget can be strong. Bridget demands to know how many times Deacon and Brooke were together, and where. Brooke tries to convince Bridget how important she's always been to her. Bridget insists that Brooke threw her away but Brooke swears that she tried to do the right thing. Bridget tells Brooke that she made her choice, and choices have consequences. One is a child coming into her life, and the other is a child walking out of her life and never looking back. Brooke grabs Bridget's wrist. She begs her not to leave and to give her another chance. Stephanie emerges and orders Brooke to let Bridget go. Bridget admits that she may forgive Brooke someday, but she'll never trust her. Bridget leaves, and Brooke drops to her knees. Panicked, she informs Stephanie that she's in labor.moreless
  • Ep. #3828
    Ep. #3828
    Episode 69
    Stephanie drives Bridget up to the cabin, but tries unsuccessfully to change Bridget's mind about confronting Brooke. Bridget insists upon talking to Brooke alone. Massimo is concerned that the situation could easily get out of hand. Stephanie is certain that Bridget will survive this, but isn't so sure about Brooke. Deacon is relieved that they seem to have averted disaster. He and Megan can't imagine what would have happened if Bridget had heard his conversation with Brooke. Deacon explains that he plans to leave town before the baby's born. Brooke asks Bridget about her friend, and tells Bridget how concerned she was when Bridget was missing. Bridget wants to talk about how much she means to Brooke, who insists she's closer to Bridget than anyone on earth. Brooke senses that Bridget is upset with Deacon. Bridget talks about the effect Brooke's life has had on her life, and how Bridget would always worry about Brooke as she went through her latest heartbreak. Bridget explains to Brooke that she realized today that all the terrible things people have said about Brooke were right. Brooke is shocked when Bridget admits that she knows the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #3827
    Ep. #3827
    Episode 68
    The more Bridget thinks about Brooke's lies, the more furious she gets. Bridget asks to borrow Stephanie's car so she can go see her mother. Stephanie assures Bridget that she'll get her chance to confront Brooke, but she won't allow her to tonight. Stephanie urges Bridget to calm down and talk to Taylor before she sees her mother. Brooke decides to drive up to Big Bear to make sure Bridget is all right and that their secret is safe. Deacon wants to go along, but Brooke wants him to stay there in case Bridget calls. Kristen expresses her concern to Eric about the risk they're taking by putting all of their energy into Amber's line. Eric asks about Ridge's job, and Taylor responds that he has been involved in acquisitions for Marone Industries. Eric is sure that, with Ridge involved, the merger will be a success. Kristen realizes that Ridge told Taylor she discovered his scheme. Kristen has agreed to keep the secret, but adds that she and Eric are going to give their collection their best effort. Brooke calls Deacon from the cabin and informs him that Bridget hasn't been there. Brooke is sure that something is very wrong. Bridget calls and tells Brooke to wait there for her.moreless
  • Ep. #3826
    Ep. #3826
    Episode 67
    Stephanie informs Massimo that Bridget will be staying with them for awhile. Stephanie promises she will take care of Bridget while she sorts things out. Stephanie explains the whole story to Massimo, and he wonders how Bridget will ever recover. Stephanie is determined to save Bridget from Brooke's treachery. Once she knows Bridget is all right, Stephanie plans to take care of Brooke. Stephanie is sure Brooke cannot undo the damage she's done to her relationship with her daughter. Bridget cries as she recalls her wedding day. She feels betrayed by the two people she trusted the most. Brooke admits to Deacon that she should feel completely relieved, but for some reason, she doesn't. She wonders why Bridget hasn't called. Erica is giddy with excitement wearing the Forrester gown. She and Rick dance together. Erica tells Rick about her mother, and agrees when Rick says that her mother would be proud if she could see Erica now. Erica confesses to Rick that she has a crush on him.moreless
  • Ep. #3825
    Ep. #3825
    Episode 66
    Whip angrily wonders why Deacon couldn't have kept his mouth shut. He warns Deacon that, with Stephanie there, Brooke could be walking into an ambush. Deacon holds out hope that Bridget didn't overhear his conversation with Brooke. Stephanie comes out of her fantasy about strangling Brooke. Covering her rage when Brooke arrives, Stephanie informs Brooke that Bridget went to Big Bear with some friends and makes up a story about why Bridget was upset. She assures Brooke that there's nothing to worry about. When Brooke is gone, Stephanie promises that Brooke will pay for what she's done to Bridget. After they have pizza with Erica, Rick takes Little Eric up to bed. Erica reveals to Rick that she loves her job, and she's the luckiest girl in the world after Amber. Erica is thrilled when Rick offers to let her try on a Forrester original. Erica looks stunning when she comes down the stairs in one of Amber's gowns. Brooke calls Deacon and explains that Bridget is all right, but they have to be more careful from now on. Bridget is anxious to confront Brooke and asks Stephanie where she went.moreless
  • Ep. #3824
    Ep. #3824
    Episode 65
    Brooke is frantically trying to locate Bridget when Eric alerts her that he saw her at the house, and she was very upset. Brooke rushes out to see her, but tells Deacon not to come along. Stephanie suggests that Bridget should forget about Brooke and never speak to her again, but Bridget insists that she's not going to let Brooke off that easily. She wants to confront Brooke, but Stephanie urges her to wait until she's ready emotionally. Stephanie suggests that Bridget stay with her until she's strong enough to face them. Whip asks Deacon to do Brooke and Bridget a favor and get out of their lives, something he should have done months ago. Deacon is worried that Stephanie will be mad enough to kill Brooke. While Bridget is out for a walk, Eric lets Stephanie know that Brooke is on her way over. Brooke is in tears as she heads over, worried that she's too late and has lost her daughter. Stephanie decides to convince Brooke that her secret is safe so that Bridget will have time to heal. Brooke searches for Bridget, certain she is there. Stephanie finally admits that Bridget knows. She grabs Brooke by the throat and orders her to leave Bridget alone.moreless
  • Ep. #3823
    Ep. #3823
    Episode 64
    Bridget wants to know how Stephanie could have helped Brooke and Deacon deceive her. She asks Stephanie how Deacon and Brooke got together in the first place when Brooke seemed to hate Deacon so much. Bridget wonders how a mother could do this to her daughter. Bridget is disgusted at the thought that Deacon's child is inside of Brooke. She notes to Stephanie that she's not going to be able to look at the baby. Deacon is preparing a special meal for Bridget. He explains to Megan that it would ruin Bridget's life if she found out the truth, and he couldn't live with that. He plans to give Bridget the life and the marriage she deserves. Brooke is horrified when Whip explains that he and Erica were talking in the nursery when she heard them. She reveals that she and Deacon talked about the baby and Bridget when they were together in the nursery. Whip and Brooke question Erica, trying to figure out who might have overheard Brooke's conversation with Deacon. When they realize Bridget had been there, Brooke admits to Whip that if Bridget heard them talking, then she knows everything.moreless
  • Ep. #3822
    Ep. #3822
    Episode 63
    Bridget refuses to explain to Eric what's wrong and is horrified when he offers to call Brooke for her. When Stephanie discovers that Bridget is hysterical and doesn't want to talk to Brooke, she fears the worst. When Bridget hears Stephanie's voice, she puts it together that Stephanie was in on the secret too. Stephanie finally convinces Bridget to open the door. Bridget glares at Stephanie, and blasts her for not being honest with her. She says that Stephanie was right about Brooke being a whore. Stephanie holds Bridget as she sobs and promises that she's not going to let this destroy Bridget. Brooke assures Whip that seeing Bridget so happy at the shower makes everything worthwhile. She knows she did the right thing by marrying Whip, and says that Deacon realizes it, too. Brooke wonders where Bridget is, but isn't terribly concerned until she hears Whip chatting with Erica on the baby monitor up in the nursery. Brooke starts to panic when she realizes what may have happened.moreless
  • Ep. #3821
    Ep. #3821
    Episode 62
    Whip assures Stephanie that Brooke is committed to protecting Bridget from the truth. Stephanie advises Whip to keep an eye on Brooke and Deacon because they have no self-restraint. As Bridget listens, Deacon reminds Brooke that she will raise his child with Whip, and Deacon will stay with Bridget, and that's the way it has to be. Bridget hears them kiss after confessing how much they each miss being together. She rushes out of the house. Deacon goes looking for Bridget so he can take her to lunch. Eric notices a change in Kristen's attitude toward Ridge. Kristen points out that it was Brooke, not Massimo, who caused the problems at Forrester, and she wonders why Eric isn't directing his anger at Brooke. Stephanie informs Deacon that he won't realize how lucky he is to have someone like Bridget until the day he loses her. Bridget goes to the Forrester guest house, replays in her mind what she has just heard, and crumples to the ground in tears. Eric sees Bridget, but she orders him not to touch her and to go away.moreless
  • Ep. #3820
    Ep. #3820
    Episode 61
    As Bridget listens to Brooke and Deacon's conversation, she becomes more and more curious and wonders what Brooke's marriage has to do with her. Deacon tries to convince Brooke that if they're going to get over the past, they need to clear the air. They reminisce about the first time they were together. Bridget is horrified when Deacon tells Brooke that he'll never regret making love to her. Deacon and Brooke agree that it's over, but they will always love each other. Bridget collapses after she hears Brooke say that Bridget can never find out that she's pregnant with Deacon's baby. Ridge and Taylor make love in his office. Whip is encouraged when he hears how well the party went and explains to Megan that Brooke has to see that marrying him was the best decision she ever made. Megan advises Whip not to push Brooke because it may take her time to realize what a great guy he is. Whip is certain that if they can keep a lid on things until after the baby's born, he and Brooke will be able to go on with their lives. Whip admits to Megan that if Bridget discovers the truth, she may never be able to trust anyone again.moreless
  • Ep. #3819
    Ep. #3819
    Episode 60
    Whip explains to Deacon that this is the end of the line for him because there is no way Brooke would betray Bridget now. Deacon insists that Whip is only delaying the inevitable. After the baby shower, Bridget expresses to Brooke how proud she of her, and how happy she is that the tension between them has disappeared. Erica listens from downstairs on the newly installed baby monitor. Brooke and Bridget embrace. Relieved that everything seems to be settled, Stephanie tells Brooke that she and Whip are going to give the baby an excellent life. Megan assures Whip that Deacon won't do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Bridget, and that it's completely over between Deacon and Brooke. Deacon is looking for Bridget when he sees Brooke in the nursery. Bridget hears their voices on the monitor and stops to listen. Deacon notes to Brooke that she and the baby deserve better than Whip. Bridget is shocked when Deacon insists that Whip will never love Brooke as much as he does.moreless
  • Ep. #3818
    Ep. #3818
    Episode 59
    Sheila warns Ziggy that if he says a word to the cops, he will just disappear and no one will ever find the body. She's done some research of her own about him, and Sheila promises to keep Ziggy's secret if he keeps hers. Ziggy realizes that Sheila is still hung up on Eric and that's why she stayed in L.A. Sheila explains that her daughter deserves the best, and if Rick is anything like his father she'll do everything she can to get them together. Rick blames himself for not seeing how serious Amber's problems were, but Erica reassures him and says not to be so hard on himself. Bridget invites Stephanie to a baby shower for Brooke. Stephanie isn't sure that Brooke would want her there, but Bridget insists. Rick expresses his concern about the Ambrosia line and whatever it is Sally is up to. Erica encourages him to relax, and pours him another drink. After Rick heads up to bed, Erica is giddy, realizing that her mother's coaching worked. Brooke reminds Deacon that they can't be alone together. Deacon agrees that they've taken too many chances and they have to put that part of their lives behind them. He promises there will be no more slip-ups. Stephanie warns Brooke that if Bridget ever finds out the truth, Brooke will feel Stephanie's wrath like never before.moreless
  • Ep. #3817
    Ep. #3817
    Episode 58
    Sheila arranges for Erica to have a makeover. She promises that tonight is going to be special for Erica and Rick. Erica refuses to take any part in breaking up Rick and Amber's marriage. Sheila convinces Erica to go over to the house because Rick will need a friend. Ziggy is sure that Sheila was somehow involved with Forrester Creations, but a search turns up no Sheila Lovejoy on the employee lists. He is stunned when he finds out that she was once married to Eric. Ziggy continues his search and finds info about Sheila's marriage to James, their daughter Mary ... and Sheila's police record. Rick encourages Amber and expresses to her how much he misses her. He suggests they take advantage of her roommate's absence, but Amber isn't ready to make love. Ziggy bursts in, telling Erica that Sheila is a wanted criminal, unaware that Sheila is in the apartment, not Erica. Amber tearfully explains to Caitlyn that she let her husband down again and that he needs his wife. Rick opens the door and sees Erica, looking sultry and beautiful.moreless
  • Ep. #3816
    Ep. #3816
    Episode 57
    Ridge covers, explaining that he stopped by to visit Tony, but Kristen is still suspicious. Tony informs Kristen that Ridge bought Spectra. Kristen realizes that Tony and Ridge are in cahoots with Massimo, and that Ridge and Sally are out for revenge against Rick and Brooke. Kristen assures them that by tomorrow, their secret will be all over the industry. Ridge urges Kristen not to tell the family. Sheila asks for Ziggy's help in convincing Erica to go after Rick. Erica resists being more aggressive, but Sheila and Ziggy give her a demonstration of how to act around Rick. Erica is furious with her mother, and leaves. Sheila is happy to see that Erica is her mother's daughter. Rick wants to make sure Amber has Brooke's support. Brooke is concerned about Little Eric being in the hands of a teenage nanny, but angers Rick when she suggests that there's something attractive about Erica. Rick admits to Amber that he desperately wants to see her and heads to the clinic.moreless
  • Ep. #3815
    Ep. #3815
    Episode 56
    Ridge gives the Spectra group a pep talk, assuring them that they're on their way to making Spectra the premiere fashion house in the world. Tony realizes they're talking about destroying Forrester and protests that he can't keep Ridge's plan a secret from Kristen any longer. He thinks it's time for Ridge to go public with his involvement in Spectra. Ridge reminds him that the element of surprise is crucial to their success. Meanwhile, the Forresters discuss how to handle the Ambrosia line while Amber is in detox. They're surprised when Thorne points out that the Spectra fashion show is the same day as theirs. Rick suggests they get someone inside Spectra to see what they're up to, and wants Kristen to snoop around when she's visiting Tony. Kristen finally gives into the family pressure and agrees. Kristen hears Massimo's voice and wonders why Tony is meeting with him. She is stunned when she walks in and sees Ridge there as well.moreless
  • Ep. #3814
    Ep. #3814
    Episode 55
    Rick promises Amber that they'll get through this, just like they've made it through everything else. Amber is worried about how Rick's family will react. Taylor calls Stephanie and explains that she needs her help. Erica tells Sheila that her idea is silly, but Sheila is convinced that her daughter is going to have everything that she missed out on. Stephanie gathers the family together so they are waiting at Brooke's when Amber returns. Sheila hears about the gathering and assumes they're throwing Amber out. She informs Erica she'll be right over. Amber is fearful when she walks in and sees the family. Stephanie reminds Amber that they love her and she has their support, and the rest of the Forresters echo her sentiments. Sheila watches from outside and is about to leave when she hears Eric's voice. Eric reveals that he's sure Amber and Rick will come through this stronger than ever. Rick says how much he appreciates everyone's support. Sheila hears that Amber is packing and assures Erica that it's her golden opportunity. Sheila is ecstatic, and tells herself that she's going to live with the Forresters forever through her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #3813
    Ep. #3813
    Episode 54
    Taylor sees Amber's condition and goes to her aid. She asks if Amber has been doing drugs and finds the pills in Erica's purse. Amber admits she has a problem and tearfully explains to Taylor that she's failed Rick and Little Eric. Taylor refuses to give Amber back her pills. Amber realizes she has to get herself under control, but worries that she may have destroyed her marriage. Rick wonders where Amber has been getting her pills. Erica agrees to stay the night in case Rick hears from Amber. Rick informs Brooke that Amber is hooked on pain pills. His anger is welling up when Taylor calls and asks him to come over so Amber can confess something. Sheila assures Erica that she is perfect for Rick and he is Erica's if she wants him. Sheila is sure it is destiny that Erica is there as Rick's marriage is falling apart. Erica protests, but Sheila is sure that Rick is making the decision to leave Amber as they speak. Amber reveals to Rick that she's addicted to pain pills and plans to check herself into rehab so she can get her life back. Rick expresses to Amber that he's proud of her, and he's with her every step of the way.moreless
  • Ep. #3812
    Ep. #3812
    Episode 53
    Rick finds out from Amber's doctor that he is no longer prescribing the pain pills for Amber. Erica realizes how concerned Rick is about Amber's behavior. Rick informs Erica that the pills Amber's been taking aren't from her doctor. He heads out to look for Amber. Brooke asks Whip not to pressure her, but Whip reminds her that he's been patient. Brooke insists that she's not ready to share a bed with Whip or any man. Deacon admits he can't imagine that Brooke really slept with Whip and realizes Megan knows more than she's letting on. Megan points out that if Brooke has to sleep with Whip to keep her secret from Bridget, she will. Amber stumbles in and tries to make Erica leave her alone with Little Eric. Erica slips out and calls Rick, who asks Erica to keep Amber there until he can get home. Amber can't focus on the words when she tries to read to Little Eric. She lashes out at Erica and storms out of the house. Erica explains to Rick that she seems to set Amber off and maybe she should leave, but Rick assures Erica that he and Little Eric need her. Amber collapses against a door and pleads for help.moreless
  • Ep. #3811
    Ep. #3811
    Episode 52
    Brooke is shaken by Sally's tirade. Whip doesn't want Brooke to let Sally get to her and wonders what Sally could possibly do to Brooke. Whip assures Brooke that the stability he's offering her will be good for the baby. Sheila wants to know if Ziggy is blackmailing Amber. Ziggy insists that he's just trying to help Amber out because she's going through a tough time. When he mentions that Amber is on medication, Sheila realizes excitedly that Amber is an addict. She thinks Rick is much too good for Amber and that Rick deserves someone Erica. Ziggy thinks Sheila has lost it, but Sheila explains to herself that if Erica wants Rick, then she's going to have him. Rick is on the spot when Amber doesn't show up for a meeting at Forrester. Thorne thinks Amber should quit if she can't handle the job because she's jeopardizing the future of the company. Amber is drinking alone at The Lair when Alexandra spots her. Amber brushes her off, then breaks down in tears. Erica tells Rick that Amber has put him in a terrible position. She asks if Rick would like her to stay a little late tonight in case Amber's in no shape to handle Little Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #3810
    Ep. #3810
    Episode 51
    Erica is pleased when Sheila informs her that she's going to stay. Sheila tells herself that Rick could fall for Erica, but first they have to get rid of Amber. Sally is celebrating her newfound wealth with her staff over a lavish meal at the Café Russe. Sally's mood darkens when she spots Brooke and Whip across the room. Brooke and Whip wonder what Sally could be celebrating, but realize it's something big. Clarke and Darla remind Sally that no one can find out that she sold Spectra because the new line has to catch Forrester by surprise. Sally warns Brooke that she's going to pay dearly for her mistakes. Whip hears her threatening tone and asks Sally what she has up her sleeve. When Amber hears that Ziggy has the pills, she explains to him that she has to pick them up before she goes to work. She says that she has to run an errand when Rick suggests they ride together to work. Erica notices that Rick is worried about Amber, and wonders why she's doing this to him. Ziggy warns Amber that she's playing a dangerous game. Amber is only interested in getting her pills. Sheila spots Ziggy and Amber together. When Amber is gone, Sheila grabs Ziggy and demands to know what Amber was doing there.moreless
  • Ep. #3809
    Ep. #3809
    Episode 50
    Erica comes out of her fantasy about Rick. Sheila recalls her time in L.A. and admits to herself that she's still in love with Eric. Eric informs Brooke that the situation with Stephanie is worse and that she actually brought up his marriage to Sheila. He wonders how he ever could have married such a psychopath. Brooke thinks Stephanie and Sheila are a lot alike -- manipulative and cunning, and always able to come out on top. Rick explains to Amber that Erica isn't a bad person and he's not going to fire her. Rick wonders if the pills are affecting Amber's moods. Amber explains that she's still having so much pain and just wishes everything was back to normal. She admits she's been hard to live with and asks Rick to have faith in her. Rick assures Amber that she has nothing to worry about. Erica reveals to Sheila that Rick is the most wonderful man she's ever known, and she thinks he likes her too. She convinces her mother to reconsider her plans to leave L.A. Sheila tells herself that after all these years with Amber, Rick deserves someone like Erica. She knows that she can never get Eric back, but decides that maybe Erica can have his son...and all they have to do is get rid of Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #3808
    Ep. #3808
    Episode 49
    Amber doesn't want to hear Erica's excuses, but as she storms out, she stumbles. Rick realizes that Amber took a pill and tries to get her to lie down. Ziggy catches Sheila reading about the Forresters. Sheila demands that Ziggy fill her in on what he knows about them. Ziggy wonders why Sheila is so interested in the Forresters, but Sheila reveals nothing. Amber calls Ziggy and says that she needs more pills. Whip assures Megan that it's over between Deacon and Brooke. Megan realizes that the only way Brooke can protect Bridget is to inform Deacon that she and Whip slept together. Deacon is shocked when Brooke reveals that she and Whip made love. Whip makes a point of talking about their honeymoon when he joins Brooke and Deacon. Brooke confirms that she and Whip are very happily married. Deacon rushes out of the room, and Whip assures Brooke that she did the right thing for herself and for her children. Rick apologizes to Erica for Amber's behavior. He assures Erica that he believes her and she still has a job. Erica is thrilled when Rick asks her to stay for lunch. She explains to him that she's there for him if he needs anything at all, and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #3807
    Ep. #3807
    Episode 48
    Deacon is hopeful when he hears that Brooke and Deacon cut their honeymoon short. Brooke insists that she's finished with Deacon. Whip points out that Deacon will think he still has a chance with her unless Brooke can convince Deacon that she and Whip are lovers. Sheila releases Ziggy, who admits he was trying to rattle her cage. Ziggy tells Sheila that she needs him because it's clear that she can't show her face in this town. Sheila is intrigued when Ziggy suggests that he has inside information about the Forresters. Bridget is happy to see Brooke at the meeting, but wonders why they came back early. Rick is thrilled when Chuck announces that Amber's line is a runaway hit. To celebrate, Amber says that she wants to go home and check on Little Eric. Erica is arguing with Sheila on the phone as Little Eric plays by the pool. Amber spots her pills on the mantle and can't resist the urge to take one. She hears a cry and rushes out to find Eric by the pool with Erica nowhere in sight. When Erica emerges from the side Amber fires her on the spot. Rick has to restrain Amber, who lunges at Erica when she suggests that Amber jumped to conclusions because she was drunk. Deacon reminds Brooke that Whip is going to want a real marriage and demands that she assure him that she hasn't slept with Whip.moreless
  • Ep. #3806
    Ep. #3806
    Episode 47
    Sheila wonders how the Forresters managed to get their hooks into her daughter again. Erica and Sheila are stunned when Ziggy comes to the door with a police officer behind him. While Sheila hides, Erica covers for her mother's visit, explaining that Sheila trashed the place looking for some jewelry Erica had borrowed without permission. Massimo notes that Stephanie is still wearing Eric's ring. He points out that a man who could have jeopardized Stephanie's life by bringing Sheila into the picture deserves Stephanie's contempt, not her love. Stephanie wonders whatever happened to Sheila and her daughter. She explains that James tried to find them, but Stephanie hopes she never has to see Sheila's face again. Erica insists that Amber is her friend and refuses to go home with her mother now, or ever. Sheila decides that after one day of working for Amber, Erica will be begging her to take her back home. Erica calls Sheila from her first day of work and says that Rick treats her like a princess. Ziggy lets himself in looking for Erica. When she doesn't appear, Ziggy suggests that he may have to call the police, but Sheila jumps at him and holds a knife to his throat.moreless
  • Ep. #3805
    Ep. #3805
    Episode 46
    Amber is concerned about going back to work and leaving Little Eric with someone they hardly know. Rick tries to convince her to give Erica a chance. Sheila wants Erica to leave, but Erica admits to her mother that she has a job as the Forresters' nanny. Sheila is stunned when Erica says that she was at the wedding, and denies that she was the one who fueled Erica's obsession with the family. Sheila informs her that they left L.A. so she could get Erica away from the shallow and superficial Forresters. Erica wants them to stay and start a new life in Los Angeles, but Sheila insists that they'll never be safe here. Erica realizes something terrible must have happened and asks her mother why she really left L.A. Sheila denies that Erica's father lives in town and warns Erica not to try to track him down. Stephanie reminds Eric of what happened with Sheila and points out that if he was as committed to family as he claims, he never would have given Sheila a second glance. Stephanie assures him that the mistakes of the past will come back to haunt them.moreless
  • Ep. #3804
    Ep. #3804
    Episode 45
    Massimo tells Stephanie that when Eric comes over to see her, she is to give him back his ring and end the marriage. Amber apologizes to Rick for her behavior at the engagement party. Rick explains that he has hired Erica to help with Little Eric until Amber is back on her feet. Rick promises Amber that he'll always be there for her. Erica tries to reassure herself that her mother couldn't have found her. Ziggy offers to let her sleep at his place, but she declines. When Erica is alone, someone comes to the door, and Erica is terrified to see the doorknob turning. The storm knocks out the electricity. Erica finds a flashlight, and someone grabs her hand. Erica's mother says that Erica may have thought she was rid of her, but this is only the beginning. Deacon teases Ridge that if it will make him feel better, he should go ahead and give him his best shot. Ridge assures Deacon that when he is ready to let go of his hostility, then Deacon and the rest of them will get what's coming to them. Eric pleads with Stephanie to come home with him.moreless
  • Ep. #3803
    Ep. #3803
    Episode 44
    Rick tells Deacon that Ridge warned him to watch his back. Deacon realizes that Rick isn't taking the warning seriously and advises Rick not to underestimate Ridge. Massimo assures Sally that it's only a matter of time until Brooke gets what's coming to her. Erica sees that her apartment has been ransacked and is about to call 911 when Ziggy comes to. When they can't find anything missing, Erica freaks and tries to figure out what the intruder was looking for. Distraught, Erica realizes that her mother has found her. Sofia models the first dress in Ridge's new line. Ridge informs Sally and Clarke that he made Forrester Creations and he will be the one to destroy it. Deacon sees Ridge at the Insomnia where Ridge warns him that Forrester Creations is done. Deacon calls Ridge a loser. Ridge is infuriated by Deacon's taunts and notes that Deacon ripped his life apart.moreless
  • Ep. #3802
    Ep. #3802
    Episode 43
    Bridget is irked that Deacon left her stranded and tells Stephanie that something weird is going on with Brooke and Deacon. Stephanie tries to reassure her, but Bridget can't shake the feeling that there's something going on that she doesn't know about. Whip reminds Brooke that she promised to make love to him on their wedding night. He sees the teddy Bridget slipped in Brooke's suitcase and asks her to put it on. Brooke suggests that Whip take a cold shower. Whip confesses to Brooke that he loves her and wants to do everything he can to make her life better. Ziggy hears a noise from Erica's darkened apartment and lets himself in. Moments later, he is knocked unconscious in the darkness. Erica asks Rick if Amber is upset with her. Rick wonders if Erica would be interested in a full-time job taking care of Little Eric. Erica is terrified when she returns to her apartment and finds Ziggy lying on the floor. Bridget calls Brooke, who tries to reassure her daughter that she married Whip for all the right reasons. After they hang up, Brooke starts to cry.moreless
  • Ep. #3801
    Ep. #3801
    Episode 42
    Erica marvels at being in the Forrester home, and tries to convince herself that her mother could never find her in L.A. Sally and Clarke wonder why Brooke is marrying Whip when Clarke has heard that Brooke doesn't love him. The minister begins the ceremony. Whip shoots a look to his mother, who appears poised to stand up when the minister asks if anyone can show just cause why Brooke and Whip should not be married. As Bridget reads from Corinthians, Chapter 13, Brooke hears past comments from Stephanie, Whip, Deacon and Bridget in her head. Whip and Brooke exchange vows, and the minister presents Mr. and Mrs. Whip Jones. After everyone has left the room, Deacon sinks to the floor in tears.moreless
  • Ep. #3800
    Ep. #3800
    Episode 41
    Eric isn't happy to see Massimo arrive for the wedding. Afraid that Brooke will back out, Stephanie tells Whip that she is anxious for the wedding to begin. She reminds Whip that Brooke isn't marrying him for love which means that until they say their vows, anything can happen. Deacon tries to convince Brooke that the wedding will only stall the inevitable because Brooke will not be able to keep her secret from Bridget forever. Brooke decides to confess the truth to Bridget, but asks Deacon to leave first. Stephanie interrupts to inform Brooke that everyone is waiting and insists that whatever Brooke has to say can wait. Joy admits to Megan that she hopes Brooke decides not to go through with the wedding. Taylor and Ridge note Amber's spaced-out behavior. Deacon assures Whip that Brooke will not be walking down the aisle. Stephanie looks on as Bridget gives Brooke her sentimental gifts -– something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. When Bridget is gone, Stephanie states to Brooke that she knows what she has to do. Tony and Kristen wonder if the bride is going to show up. Whip reveals to Deacon that there's nothing he can do to stop the wedding. Deacon's eyes go wide when Brooke appears on the staircase in her wedding gown.moreless
  • Ep. #3799
    Ep. #3799
    Episode 40
    Deacon knows Brooke is trying to protect Bridget, but tells himself the marriage is wrong and he can't let Brooke go through with it. Joy tries to convince Whip that Brooke is obviously not ready to marry him and is worried that Brooke will let him down. Whip assures his mother that Brooke needs him. He is excited about starting a new life with Brooke and the baby. Brooke reminisces about her special moments with Deacon, but Stephanie interrupts her reverie and orders Brooke to pull herself together. Brooke notes to Stephanie that the marriage is wrong because they're just piling lies on top of lies. Stephanie insists that Brooke's only choice is to marry Whip or lose her daughter. While Rick is concerned about Amber, Erica promises to take care of Little Eric and assures Rick that she's there for him. Whip is able to defuse Deacon's attempt to talk to Brooke before the wedding. Whip promises Brooke that he's not going to let her down and won't give up until her feelings for Deacon have gone away. He reminds her that she's doing this for Bridget and the baby so she can give them a life without scandal. When Brooke is alone again, Deacon slips in and takes Brooke in his arms, kissing her.moreless
  • Ep. #3798
    Ep. #3798
    Episode 39
    Whip and Deacon are having intense words when Kristen joins them and notes that it's nice to see them getting along. Massimo reminds Sally that Rick won't have help this time, and when Ridge launches his plan, Brooke and her children won't know what hit them. Sally is bitter about the thought of Massimo attending Brooke's wedding with Stephanie. Taylor defuses a tense moment between Rick and Ridge, noting that she hasn't seen Amber in awhile. Amber is out on the deck, feeling the effects of the pills and alcohol. She makes a scene when she joins the party, and Rick ushers her into the bedroom to get her away from the group. Joy is surprised that Stephanie apparently supports Brooke's marriage to Whip. Bridget is concerned when Ridge mentions Taylor's sense that something is up. She tells Brooke that she sees that something is wrong and wants to know what's going on with her. Whip takes the floor, and ends his speech by asking Deacon to be his best man. Rick asks Erica if she can help them out at the wedding tomorrow. Stephanie reminds Brooke that Bridget is counting on her to marry Whip, and tomorrow she's going to do just that.moreless
  • Ep. #3797
    Ep. #3797
    Episode 38
    Whip interrupts Deacon and Brooke, reminding Brooke that tomorrow they'll be married and Deacon will be out of her life for good. Ridge informs Tony that, despite Tony's reluctance to keep secrets from Kristen, he can't let her know that Ridge is running Spectra so they can keep the element of surprise and put Forrester Creations out of business. Stephanie confronts Whip, who assures her that he loves Brooke and will make sure the marriage lasts so he can keep Brooke and Deacon apart. Deacon tries to convince Brooke that it is inevitable that Bridget will find out their secret and she should hear it from them. Stephanie warns Deacon that Brooke is marrying Whip and there's nothing he can do to stop her. Amber is surprised to see Erica at the party with Zende. Erica offers to watch Little Eric during the wedding. Ridge admits to Thorne that he has never felt so energized by his career and goes on to say that the payoff of his new project is going to be enormous. Taylor senses the tension at the party and notes to Ridge that she thinks something is going on. Stephanie assures Bridget that Brooke won't change her mind about the wedding. Bridget delivers an emotional speech about Deacon and Brooke's engagement. Erica's mother gets on the phone and says that if Erica doesn't leave L.A. today, she's coming out there to get Erica herself.moreless
  • Ep. #3796
    Ep. #3796
    Episode 37
    Deacon warns Stephanie to get away from Brooke and accuses her of trying to bully Brooke into a bad marriage. As the party begins, Joy shoots Whip a look when Bridget admits that neither Brooke nor Deacon has arrived yet. Rick explains that Amber isn't feeling well, and Amber goes to lie down until Brooke arrives. Stephanie informs Deacon that it's over. She wants him to resign, file for divorce, and turn in his registration tonight. Deacon insists that Bridget wants him and he's not going to walk out on her. He adds that he won't abandon his child. Stephanie tells Deacon that he's poison to both Bridget and Brooke and the best thing he can do for both of them is to disappear. Bridget is surprised to see Erica, unaware that Zende invited her. Bridget's upset when she realizes Whip has left with his mother. Joy points out that the party's in honor of Whip's engagement to a woman who doesn't love him, and she won't stay and watch him be humiliated. Brooke arrives, and Whip introduces her to Joy. Bridget is pleased when Stephanie announces that she's going to do everything in her power to make sure Brooke and Whip's marriage succeeds.moreless
  • Ep. #3795
    Ep. #3795
    Episode 36
    Stephanie realizes that Deacon must be the father of Brooke's baby. At first, Brooke tries to deny it, but then admits the truth. When Stephanie calls Brooke a whore, Brooke slaps her. Stephanie slaps her back, assuring Brooke that if she weren't pregnant, she'd tear her apart. They all agree that they need to protect Bridget, but Stephanie gets Brooke alone and tells Brooke that she's marrying Whip if she has to kick her butt all the way to the altar. She instructs Brooke to get to the engagement party that Bridget is throwing, and says Brooke's going to give the performance of her life and be the belle of the ball. Zende informs Tony and Kristen that he wants to take Erica to the party. Erica fantasizes about life with Rick Forrester. She's thrilled when Zende calls to invite her to the engagement party. Megan is shocked when Deacon reveals to her that Stephanie caught him kissing Brooke and knows the truth. Megan urges him to go protect Brooke when she realizes that Deacon left Brooke and Stephanie alone together.moreless
  • Ep. #3794
    Ep. #3794
    Episode 35
    Stephanie assures Brooke that Bridget will be the victim if this marriage winds up in another scandal. Stephanie is sure that Brooke is hiding something. She reminds Brooke that she's never been able to keep a secret from her indefinitely. Deacon assures Whip that he'll do anything to stop the wedding. Ziggy notes Amber's frazzled state and offers to help her get more pills. Ziggy takes her money, returns with the pills, and offers Amber his phone number. Deacon informs Brooke that the only way their baby can have a happy life is if they tell the truth. Brooke is distraught about betraying Bridget. Deacon takes Brooke in his arms as she sobs and he kisses her passionately. Stephanie spots them and assumes Brooke is kissing Whip -- until she sees Whip in the hall. She goes back to Brooke's office and is horrified to find Deacon with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #3793
    Ep. #3793
    Episode 34
    Brooke finally confirms that she is marrying Whip, who insists that he is saving Brooke, Deacon and their baby from a scandal. Deacon gets Brooke alone and implores her not to marry Whip. Brooke insists that she has to do what's right and asks him to leave. Sally informs Ridge that Brooke is the reason she sold him the company, and she wants her destroyed. Ridge hears about Brooke's wedding plans and admits to Sally that it doesn't add up. Stephanie is surprised by Brooke's plans to marry Whip, but Bridget assures her that, after all the scandals, this is just what Brooke needs. Stephanie promises Bridget that she'll support the marriage from the minute they take their vows. Bridget admits to Deacon how important it is to her to see her mother happy. Stephanie confronts Brooke about her plans and realizes that Brooke is about to marry a man she doesn't love.moreless
  • Ep. #3792
    Ep. #3792
    Episode 33
    Whip wants Brooke to get to know him better, and reveals a bed strewn with rose petals. Brooke insists that she's not ready for this and asks him to be patient. Whip kisses her, but agrees to wait until their wedding night. Megan tries to convince Deacon that Brooke needs to marry Whip for Bridget's sake. Deacon doesn't believe Brooke will go through with the wedding. Rick wonders why Brooke is really marrying Whip, certain that it's not about love. Erica and Zende stop playing chess, and Erica puts on the boom box and sings for him. Erica overhears Tony telling Zende about Brooke's wedding. She offers to go with Zende to the wedding and gives Zende her phone number. Amber is edgy and informs Rick and Bridget that she has run out of pain medication, and the doctor won't give her anymore. Bridget welcomes Brooke and Whip home and decides that she'll throw a party for them. Deacon asks to talk to Brooke and Whip alone. When Bridget leaves, Deacon warns Brooke that he won't let her marry Whip.moreless
  • Ep. #3791
    Ep. #3791
    Episode 32
    Zende's friends tease him about having a crush on Erica. Erica explains to her landlord, Ziggy, why she is so intrigued by the Forresters. Tony is certain that Zende is just infatuated with Erica and assures Kristen that they don't need to be concerned by his apparent crush. Whip decides that it's time for Brooke to go back to L.A. and start a life without Deacon. He wants Brooke to marry him and won't take no for an answer. Whip promises that he can save Brooke if she accepts him as her husband. Still posing as a teacher's aide, Erica is pleased when she realizes he has a crush on her. Megan is horrified when Deacon explains what happened in Paris. Deacon insists that he and Brooke couldn't help themselves when they slept together again. Bridget throws her arms around Deacon, thrilled to see him home. She takes a call from Brooke, then informs Deacon that Brooke is on her way home and asked Bridget to be her matron of honor when she marries Whip next week!moreless
  • Ep. #3790
    Ep. #3790
    Episode 31
    Ridge is working hard with Tony and Clarke on the next Spectra collection. Amber informs Rick that she has to focus on their family and on her work. She knows that the future of Forrester is depending on their success. Amber assures Rick that Ridge is never going to bother them again. Whip drags an unconscious Deacon out of Brooke's suite. He takes him to the company jet and explains that Deacon had one too many drinks. He tells the pilot that Deacon needs to get back to L.A. for a meeting. Deacon trips Whip as he is leaving, but Whip assures him that Brooke is his. He decks Deacon and leaves. Brooke is surprised that Deacon is gone. She assumes he is calling when the phone rings, but it's Bridget. Brooke covers, but is thrown when Bridget asks if Brooke knows where Deacon is. Rick runs into Ridge and taunts him, reminding him that he's out of the fashion business, and there's nothing he can do to Forrester now. Bridget finally reaches Deacon on his cell phone, and he feels terrible lying to her about where he is. Brooke admits to Whip that she lost control again when Deacon was there. Whip says that if she'll trust him and do as he says, he can save her.moreless
  • Ep. #3789
    Ep. #3789
    Episode 30
    Amber is subdued even when the rave reviews are read and the family showers her with praise. Rick doesn't think that Amber is in the mood for a party, but Bridget points out that he and Amber have to focus on the future now. Rick thanks everyone for acknowledging Amber's success and adds that with Amber's ability and their support, nothing can stop them. Bridget toasts Brooke for recognizing Amber's talent and giving her the go-ahead with her line. After they make love, Brooke admits to Deacon that all her fears and uncertainties disappear when she's with him. Clarke doesn't care about Ridge's personal vendetta, but is more than interested in helping in the battle against Forrester for the sake of Spectra Fashions. Stephanie realizes that Sally accepted Ridge's offer because she wants to bring Brooke down. She points out that Ridge and Sally want the same thing. Stephanie takes Sally's hand and reminds her that if there's any hope of stopping Brooke, they have to do it together. Clarke assures Ridge that he and Tony will be his hands and will put his vision on paper. He boasts to Ridge that Forrester won't know what hit them. After all the love making and talking, Brooke and Deacon are sleeping in the bed when an enraged Whip comes in and hits Deacon over the head with a candlestick.moreless
  • Ep. #3788
    Ep. #3788
    Episode 29
    Deacon insists that Whip is going home with him. Whip accuses Deacon of being jealous and insecure, and says that Brooke is going to see him for what he is. A fight ensues, and Deacon knocks Whip unconscious. Erica lies and informs Mrs. Benton that she is her new teacher's aide. She resumes her game with Zende and is stunned to find out that he is the adopted child of a Forrester. Erica quizzes Zende about Amber, and about how often he sees the family. Zende confronts Erica about not being a teacher's assistant, but promises to keep her secret. Tony and Kristen talk about their son, and wonder how soon he'll become interested in girls. When they pick him up at school, Zende introduces them to the new teaching assistant, Erica. Brooke is stunned to see Deacon in her bedroom. Deacon wants either Brooke or Whip to go back to L.A. with him. Brooke admits to Deacon that they can't be around each other and begs him to go before she asks him to stay. They kiss passionately and he carries her back to the bed.moreless
  • Ep. #3787
    Ep. #3787
    Episode 28
    Erica admits to Alisa how much she hopes to see Amber again, and wonders how she could find a way to get close to the Forresters. On his way to Paris, Deacon has a nightmare about calling Brooke while she's making love to Whip. Deacon advises the pilot that he only expects to be in Paris a few hours, and he anticipates having another passenger on the way home. Brooke is shocked when Whip puts on a porn tape for her to watch, insisting that it's a "motivational" tape. Whip advises her to let go of Deacon and have a little fun. Brooke asks Whip to leave, but he slips back in while she is taking a bath. Whip is undoing his shirt when Deacon comes to the door. Whip informs Deacon that Brooke is in the bedroom waiting for him. Kristen understands when Tony is reluctant to reveal what's going on at Spectra. Near the schoolyard, Erica watches as Zende and his friends play chess. When Zende looks for his next opponent, Erica volunteers. A teacher spots Erica and wants to know what she's doing there.moreless
  • Ep. #3786
    Ep. #3786
    Episode 27
    Deacon desperately misses Brooke and finally calls her. When Deacon senses that Whip is pressuring her, he demands to talk to Whip, but Brooke refuses. Rick tries unsuccessfully to convince Amber to go to the board meeting. When he's gone, Amber realizes that she's out of pain pills. She calls the doctor and cajoles him into giving her one more refill. Amber shows up for the board meeting, having taken a pain pill, and everyone congratulates her for the outstanding sales numbers for the Ambrosia line. Whip calls Deacon on his cell phone and taunts him, telling him that everything Deacon has wanted in his life is all Whip's. Deacon orders Megan to get the company jet ready because Brooke is in trouble. He promises himself that he's going to kill Whip when he gets to Paris. Ridge announces to Stephanie that he is back in the fashion business. Stephanie is stunned when Massimo explains that Ridge will be at war with Forrester Creations because he bought Spectra. Ridge explains to Stephanie that he can't go on with his life until his name is restored in the fashion industry. Stephanie realizes that they have to get rid of Brooke and promises that she's behind him all the way.moreless
  • Ep. #3785
    Ep. #3785
    Episode 26
    Rick explains to Bridget that Amber feels as if she let the family down. When Erica approaches Amber as she grieves by the caskets, Amber angrily tells her to leave, and Erica rushes off. When Amber spots Erica later, Erica tells her about a dream she had that Becky was taking care of Amber's babies in heaven because Amber is taking care of Little Eric. Erica is thrilled when Amber asks her for a ride home, and promises herself that she's going to find a way to be a part of Amber's life. Brooke informs Whip about Rick's warning from Ridge, and asks him to find out what Ridge is up to. Whip assures Brooke that she has nothing to worry about. Clarke assures Sally that they've never had a more powerful ally against Forrester. Sally insists that Spectra is not for sale. Ridge and Massimo try to change her mind, and Ridge maintains that he just wants to build on her success. Sally agrees to sell on the condition that Ridge doesn't change the name, and Massimo convinces him that it could work to their advantage. Tony isn't comfortable about the idea of keeping Ridge's plot for revenge a secret from his wife, but Ridge reassures him that eventually Kristen will be grateful.moreless
  • Ep. #3784
    Ep. #3784
    Episode 25
    Sally is horrified when she realizes Clarke had her sign the papers when she was drunk, and calls him a traitor. Massimo tears the document in half and suggests they start over. He insists there is no deal without Sally's consent. Sally tells them all to get out. Ridge assures Sally that he's going to buy Spectra and she's going to be glad he did. Tony points out that they can't force Sally to sell. Massimo explains that Ridge wants to buy the company to teach Brooke a lesson. Sally is suddenly interested in what they have to say. Eric explains to Stephanie, Kristen and Thorne that Amber and Rick needs them. They agree to go to the cemetery together. Erica finds an apartment near the school and reassures herself that she's going to make a new life for herself the way Amber did. She calls Alisa and says that she's going to the funeral because Amber needs a friend. Rick is concerned when Amber says that she can't wait to be with her children. Rick holds her when she admits to him that she feels as if she'll never be happy again. Rick promises they'll get through this together. The Forresters join Rick and Amber at the cemetery as Erica watches unnoticed. They place flowers on the caskets. Amber emotionally sings to her children, as the family watches in tears. Erica swears that she's going to help Amber.moreless
  • Ep. #3783
    Ep. #3783
    Episode 24
    Ridge grimly realizes that Rick is so preoccupied with Amber that he won't see what's coming. When Darla asks Sally for her signature on some order forms, Sally starts to wonder what Clarke really had her sign last night. Clarke congratulates Ridge, the new owner of Spectra Fashions. When Ridge finds out that Sally was drunk when she signed the papers, Ridge erupts, but Clarke assures him that Sally will have to take Ridge seriously now. Ridge informs Massimo that he's made his first acquisition. Massimo can't believe that Sally would sell Spectra Fashions and warns Ridge to get out of the deal because he's wasting his time. Clarke calls Sally and explains to her that he's bringing over some investors. Sally is sure this is the answer to their prayers. Sally is furious when she sees Massimo and Ridge, and orders them out. She doesn't want to hear their offer, but Clarke reveals to her that they already own Spectra. Bridget tries to talk Amber into waiting a few days to do the funeral, but Amber is adamant on going ahead with it. At the cemetery, Rick and Amber see the caskets of their two children. Rick doesn't think Amber is ready and wants to take her home, but Amber insists on staying. Amber starts crying, and asks her children why they left her when all she wanted in the world was to be with them. Bridget fills Eric in about the funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #3782
    Ep. #3782
    Episode 23
    When Brooke hears that Amber lost the baby, she assures Rick she'll come home immediately. Rick informs her that he and Amber need time alone. In tears, Brooke asks to talk to Amber. She comforts Amber and says that she knows how much the baby meant to her and wonders what she can do to help her through this. Brooke realizes how distraught Amber is and implores Rick to keep an eye on her. At first, Sally is defensive when Stephanie stops by. When she hears about Amber losing the baby, she admits that she and Stephanie have many reasons to be grateful, and many reasons to grieve. Sally explains to Stephanie how she's come to trust Clarke and is sure he'd never do anything behind her back. Sally confesses that however bad things may be at Spectra now, it's the one thing that belongs to her alone and she'll never let it go. Ridge admits to Clarke that he wants to buy Spectra Fashions and run it as CEO. Clarke advises Ridge to act now because Tony's thinking of leaving. Ridge points out that Sally didn't even want to hear his proposal, but Clarke needs Ridge to leave Sally to him. Ridge gives Clarke twenty-four hours to get Sally to sign the purchase agreement. Clarke tricks an inebriated Sally into signing the agreement by telling her that she's authorizing a purchase order for cheaper fabric. Amber expresses to Rick that she wants to have a joint funeral for both of her babies. She wants to do one good thing for her children and bury them next to each other.moreless
  • Ep. #3781
    Ep. #3781
    Episode 22
    Sally dampens everyone's enthusiasm for Tony's design by telling them about Spectra's latest financial woes. Tony informs Clarke that Spectra may be looking for a new designer if he can't work with quality fabric, which Sally insists they can't afford. Ridge states to Eric that Rick, Amber, Brooke and Deacon made fools of them and it's time for payback. Ridge promises that he's going to bring them down and then he and Eric can walk back into Forrester with their heads held high. Massimo wants Ridge to learn about the company's shipping concerns, but Ridge admits that he has another agenda involving the fashion business. He explains that he has a score to settle before he does anything else. Eric wants Rick to call Ridge because he doesn't want the family torn apart over business differences. Thorne, Kristen, and Rick are shocked when Eric reveals that Ridge has taken a job at Marone Industries and is planning his revenge. Rick is sure Ridge is history and refuses to worry about him. Ridge calls Spectra and tells Clarke that he has a business proposal. Clarke agrees to meet him. Ridge then calls Rick and warns him to watch his back.moreless
  • Ep. #3780
    Ep. #3780
    Episode 21
    Whip asks Brooke to see it as a marriage of convenience if she wants. He promises he'll be a good father to her baby and a good husband to her. He adds that marrying him is probably the best thing Brooke could do for Bridget's marriage because it would eliminate any hope Deacon has left for the two of them. Erica takes Amber's hand supportively and promises that she's there for her. When Rick comes in to take Amber home, Amber introduces him to Erica, who is thrilled to meet another of her Forrester idols. Jonathan reviews the contract and the codicil to Massimo's will leaving everything to Ridge. He pronounces it a farce and refuses to let Ridge sign. Ridge insists that Massimo is sincere and signs the employment document anyway. Massimo welcomes him to Marone Industries. Eric bursts in and realizes that Ridge has sold his soul to the devil. Eric can't believe Ridge has taken a job from the man who's trying to steal Stephanie from him. He assures Eric that he's made this move for both of them. After seeing Little Eric's sadness, Amber sobs, knowing that she has disappointed everyone by losing the baby. Rick promises Amber that they'll get through this. When he leaves the room, Amber takes two more pain pills. Erica calls Alisa from in front of Brooke's house and excitedly tells her friend that she met both Amber and Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #3779
    Ep. #3779
    Episode 20
    Whip assures his mother that he's not giving up his future for Brooke because Brooke is his future. He tells Joy that he loves Brooke. Erica calls Alisa from the hospital, excited that she's going to find Amber Forrester. Amber begs the nurse for another pain pill. When she is sedated, she dreams about giving birth and hearing the doctor say that it's her fault the baby died. When Taylor offers to counsel Amber, Rick wonders if she could give him a referral because Taylor may be a good psychiatrist, but she's also Ridge's wife. Rick wants to take care of Amber and can't think about Ridge or family problems right now. Erica overhears Rick saying that Amber lost the baby. Erica slips into Amber's room and tells Amber how much she admires her. She adds that Amber's been through a terrible tragedy, but there are people that Amber doesn't even know who are pulling for her. Amber wants to know who Erica is and what she's doing there. Erica admits that she's a fan of Amber's, and Amber is her hero. Whip tries to cheer Brooke up, but Brooke insists that there's no way he can make her feel better. Whip insists that helping Brooke has made him happy the way nothing else ever has. Whip declares that he loves her and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #3778
    Ep. #3778
    Episode 19
    Eric informs Stephanie that Massimo is dismantling their lives and won't be satisfied until he destroys everything that binds their family together. He wants to know why Stephanie is living with Massimo. She explains that she is trying to protect their reputation, but Eric thinks she's doing just the opposite and will create another sex scandal once word gets out about her living arrangement. When Massimo arrives to pick up Stephanie, Eric urges her not to leave tonight when he and the family need her. Stephanie knows that she has to go with Massimo. Erica reads about Amber's surgery and decides that she has to go to L.A. Alisa realizes that she's going to try to meet Amber. Erica books a flight and slips out of the house. Ridge and Taylor go to Amber's room to offer their condolences. Taylor explains to Rick that no matter what's happened, Ridge and Rick are still brothers. Ridge expresses to Amber and Rick how sorry he is for their loss. Rick misinterprets Ridge's words, and accuses him of thinking this is what Amber deserves for stepping on Ridge's toes. Ridge insists that he feels terrible about their loss, but adds that it doesn't change his objective. Taylor comforts Amber and says that she's suffered a terrible tragedy, but she has so much to be proud of. Amber explodes that she doesn't care about her collection because her baby is dead. She tells Taylor that she hasn't changed. Amber feels she failed, and let her baby die.moreless
  • Ep. #3777
    Ep. #3777
    Episode 18
    Stephanie embraces Rick as he sobs. Eric comforts him and says the whole family is there for him. Rick tells Bridget that Amber is devastated. Dr. Wilson explains that this will be difficult for all of them, especially Amber, and suggests that she might want to talk to a counselor. Amber cries, telling herself that her baby is dead and it's all her fault for not listening to the doctor. Bridget approaches Amber and says how sorry they are, and that Amber didn't deserve what happened. She adds that Amber is a Forrester, and the Forresters all pull together when there's a crisis. Amber keeps hearing the doctor's voice, reminding her that she has to take care of herself to protect her baby. Two girls, Alisa and Erica, look at Amber's collection on the website. Erica admires Amber's drive and ambition and notes to Alisa that Amber has shown them that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Erica reads about the showing and is stunned to read about Amber's collapse. Stephanie knows that Amber blames herself for the baby's death but assures Amber that she couldn't have prevented it. Amber insists that she's responsible for her two dead babies because she was greedy and thought only of herself. Stephanie embraces Amber, urging her to let go of the guilt. Eric comforts Bridget and Rick as Rick cries that his little girl is gone.moreless
  • Ep. #3776
    Ep. #3776
    Episode 17
    Amber tells Rick that she can relax now and focus on the baby. She sees the tears on Rick's face and asks him what's wrong. Amber is terrified when she realizes she's no longer pregnant and frantically asks Rick where the baby is. Amber panics, knowing it was too early to deliver the baby but tries to reassure herself that the baby will be okay. Amber wants Rick to take her to see their daughter, but Rick finally blurts out that the baby didn't make it. He quickly explains to Amber that it wasn't her fault but Amber believes her babies were taken away because she didn't deserve them. Rick holds Amber, assuring her that no one deserves happiness more than she does and he promises it will happen for them. Thorne informs Ridge and Taylor that Amber lost the baby. Ridge asks Thorne to let Rick know he's sorry, but Thorne suggests that it come from Ridge. Taylor notes to Ridge that losing a child is an irreplaceable loss, and a part of Amber has just died, too. Stephanie thinks that someone should be with Amber and Rick when Rick breaks the news. Eric says that Rick is there for her. Bridget reveals to Stephanie that from what the doctor said, it sounded as if Amber may not be able to have more children. Stephanie wonders how many times someone can face such disappointment and be knocked down without losing all hope.moreless
  • Ep. #3775
    Ep. #3775
    Episode 16
    The doctor informs Rick that Amber is out of surgery and it looks as if she will make a full recovery. Rick is relieved that the baby is fine. As Amber regains consciousness, she dreams that she had a baby girl. Stephanie hears about what happened to Amber and is determined to go to the hospital, despite Kristen's efforts to keep her away. Kristen explains to Tony that Rick has enough to deal with tonight without Stephanie being there. The doctor reveals to Rick that emergency surgery was needed to save Amber's life. She was not suffering from a kidney stone, as they initially thought, but a renal artery aneurysm which was much more serious and caused her to go into acute kidney failure. When Eric asks how the baby is, the doctor breaks it to Rick that Amber lost the baby during surgery. Rick blames the stress of the fashion show, but the doctor assures him that no one could have predicted what happened. Rick goes in to wait for Amber to wake up, and braces himself to break the news to her. Stephanie asks Eric if there's any news, and he and Bridget fill Stephanie in on what happened. Amber wakes up and asks Rick why he looks so sad.moreless
  • Ep. #3774
    Ep. #3774
    Episode 15
    Deacon promises Bridget that they will tape her big moment for Brooke. Ridge and Stephanie try unsuccessfully to take their minds off the showing. Stephanie is sure that it's as difficult for Eric as it is for Ridge. She admits that she's happy for Amber and asks Ridge not to hold what's happened against her. Ridge believes that Eric will see his legacy destroyed today, but admits that even though he has it coming, Ridge can't help but feel for him. Amber thanks Rick for believing in her. She can't believe how much her life has changed because of his love. Before the showing begins, Amber addresses the group and thanks them for being a part of this day. She also thanks Eric for making all their dreams possible. Eric announces that he is looking at "The New Faces of Forrester." He assures them that Forrester is still the best of the best. The showing begins and Rick is thrilled with the enthusiastic response from the reporters and buyers. Rick introduces Amber to the crowd and as Bridget models the showstopper, Amber sings the song that inspired her. Amber is basking in the applause when she suddenly collapses. Rick rushes to her and yells for someone to call an ambulance.moreless
  • Ep. #3773
    Ep. #3773
    Episode 14
    As final preparations are underway for the showing, Amber admits to Deacon that she's dreamed about a moment like this all her life. Deacon and Bridget share their concern for Amber, who refuses to slow down and rest. Amber announces that a new chapter of Forrester Creations begins tomorrow and promises that they will shake the world. Stephanie explains to Taylor that she's not going back to Eric. Taylor urges Stephanie to talk about the real reasons, but they are interrupted by Ridge, who's come to share his news. Ridge asks if Stephanie has any idea why Massimo would do this for him. Stephanie doesn't want to get involved in Ridge's decision, but assumes Ridge will refuse the offer. Ridge informs Stephanie and Taylor that he's accepted it. Massimo reveals to Eric that he and Stephanie had a bond so strong that it was inevitable that they would find their way back to each other. Eric swears that Stephanie isn't in love with Massimo and realizes that they haven't slept together. Massimo refuses to discuss his sex life, but points out that he not only has Stephanie now, but he has Ridge as well. Eric insists that Ridge is on to Massimo and will never trust him again. Massimo admits to Eric that he's hired Ridge to run Marone Industries and made him the sole heir to his estate. He adds that he's providing for Ridge and his family - something that Eric failed to do.moreless
  • Ep. #3772
    Ep. #3772
    Episode 13
    Deacon wants to put everything on hold, but Amber refuses to cancel the preview. Deacon insists that they can't roll out a new line with the head designer home in bed. Amber is finally able to convince Deacon, Megan and Bridget to go on with the show. Bridget wishes Brooke could be there for her first walk down the runway. She warns Amber not to push herself too much. When Bridget is gone, Amber feels a twinge of pain. Whip offers Brooke words of encouragement. Brooke thanks Whip for all he's done. When Whip is gone, Brooke gives in to her emotions and calls Deacon. She wants to tell him that she loves him one last time, but adds that this is good-bye forever. Massimo reveals a magnificent office to Ridge. He encourages Ridge to use the office and the resources of Marone Industries to plan his revenge against those at Forrester who wronged him. Massimo explains to Ridge that he needs someone to continue his work after he's gone and offers to make Ridge his sole heir. Ridge wants Massimo to level with him, and explain why he has chosen Ridge. Massimo assures him that the only payback is that Ridge makes him proud and proves that he made the right choice. Massimo is thrilled when Ridge accepts, and the two men embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #3771
    Ep. #3771
    Episode 12
    Eric informs Thorne that Stephanie is coming home to stay. Massimo tells Stephanie that they were robbed of a life together. When Ridge calls and agrees to see Massimo, Stephanie reminds him not to make any confessions, which Massimo agrees to as long as he has her. Bridget goes to apologize to Ridge, but Taylor curtly explains that Ridge lost his company and possibly his career thanks in large part to Rick and Deacon. Taylor accuses Bridget of being part of Massimo's plan and as culpable as the rest of them because she didn't try to stop it. Taylor assures Bridget that Massimo is her problem now because Ridge will never go near him again. Ridge orders Massimo to get out of his life and to stop calling Taylor. He demands to know why Massimo is messing with his life and wants to know what it will take for Massimo to get the message that Stephanie belongs with Eric. Massimo tries to explain that he can't reveal to Ridge everything right now and refuses to stay away from him. Ridge warns Massimo that they either part as enemies and stay clear of each other, or Ridge will fight him to the death. Massimo wants to show Ridge the door to his future. Eric takes Stephanie in his arms and assures her this will be an anniversary they'll never forget. He gives Stephanie a gift just before she breaks it to him that she had a change of heart and moved in with Massimo. Eric is devastated and insists she leave.moreless
  • Ep. #3770
    Ep. #3770
    Episode 11
    Massimo wants to tell Ridge the truth. Amber refuses to cancel the show. Taylor wants to keep Ridge away from Massimo. [ Recap available. ]
  • Ep. #3769
    Ep. #3769
    Episode 10
    Amber's pain subsides and she decides to show Rick how much she loves him. She goes up on stage and dedicates a song to him. When it ends, they kiss. Rick and Amber agree that they're going to give their baby a wonderful life. Amber suddenly collapses in pain and urges Rick to call an ambulance. Bridget can't understand why Brooke would have run off to Paris. Whip tells Brooke that she shouldn't have sent Deacon a letter and reminds her what would happen if Bridget or Stephanie saw it. Deacon reads the letter in which Brooke professes her love but asks for a clean break. He feeds the letter into the shredder. Bridget notices that Deacon is upset, but Deacon insists that he's just overwhelmed by everything going on in his life right now. Bridget is thrilled when Deacon informs her that as of this moment, she is his number one priority. They kiss. Brooke is angry when she catches Whip reading her letter, but he congratulates her on breaking off her relationship with Deacon. He assures her that she's done a great thing for her children, and someday she'll realize it was best for Deacon and her, too. Whip adds that Brooke can depend on him to be there for her.moreless
  • Ep. #3768
    Ep. #3768
    Episode 9
    Eric isn't sure this is the best time to introduce a new line. Rick wants to get Brooke's perspective, but Megan informs them that Brooke is on her way to Paris. Rick suggests setting up a preview to test the Ambrosia line. He wants to show the world that Forrester is back with a new focus and a new attitude. Amber is thrilled when Eric finally agrees. Rick takes Amber to the Café Russe to celebrate. After they toast and express their happiness with their lives, Amber feels a pain in her stomach. Whip assures Brooke that she's made a courageous decision. By leaving the country she'll give her baby and Bridget a life free of scandal. He tries to dissuade Brooke from writing and faxing a letter to Deacon. Whip decides he's just the guy to help Brooke forget about Deacon. Whip calls Deacon and alerts him that Brooke is about to send him a fax. Whip wants him to read it, then shred it up.moreless
  • Ep. #3767
    Ep. #3767
    Episode 8
    Brooke and Deacon make love in Brooke's office. When Brooke snaps back to reality, she is horrified, and tells Deacon it never should have happened. Deacon cuts off Brooke's protests, insisting that they can't keep lying and they have to confess to Bridget. Brooke decides to move to Paris because she has to protect Bridget and the truth would kill her. Half dressed, Deacon follows Brooke and implores her not to leave. He kisses her, and she runs out. Stephanie reminds Sally that Brooke's vicious cycle with men won't end until she meets her real soulmate. Stephanie doesn't think Whip could ever satisfy Brooke, but adds that he might be able to keep her in line. Her hope is that if Brooke meets Mr. Right, she'll leave the rest of them alone. Sally adds her wish that Brooke and her true love would be tragically separated, the way Brooke divided Thorne and Macy. Whip informs Bridget that Deacon isn't the man she thinks he is. Bridget appreciates Whips efforts to take care of Brooke, and Whip hopes that someday Brooke will, too. Megan explains to Whip that unless Deacon can stop her, Brooke is leaving the country. Deacon follows Brooke onto the plane and tries to get her to leave with him. Brooke asks Deacon to give Bridget a chance. Whip joins them, and announces that he's going with Brooke to Paris. When Deacon is gone, Whip assures Brooke that she's doing the right thing, and he's going to help her through this.moreless
  • Ep. #3766
    Ep. #3766
    Episode 7
    Bridget is taken aback when Thorne admits to her that he feels sorry for Whip because he thinks Whip is falling in love with Brooke and Brooke doesn't seem to feel the same about him. Whip informs Brooke that she has to make a choice between Bridget and Deacon. She can't have them both, and every time she's with Deacon, she betrays Bridget's trust. Bridget walks in on them and wants to know what they were discussing. They cover, explaining that Brooke has reservations about Bridget modeling the Ambrosia line. When they're alone, Brooke tells Deacon she's sorry, but Whip was right. Deacon protests, and explains to Brooke how much he needs her. They kiss passionately. Stephanie notes to Sally that she shares her loss. She insists that Macy's death was the greatest tragedy in Thorne's life and she's sure they would have worked things out if Macy had lived. Stephanie instructs Sally to direct her anger at Brooke because it was Brooke who killed Macy. Stephanie points out that after all these years, they finally have something in common; they are both Brooke's victims. Stephanie realizes that she and Sally should be allies, not enemies, and that they should work together to keep Brooke from destroying another life.moreless
  • Ep. #3765
    Ep. #3765
    Episode 6
    Whip urges Brooke to let him love her ... for Bridget's sake. They are about to kiss when Bridget interrupts. She assures them nothing would make her happier than if Whip and Brooke got married. Bridget adds that she wishes Deacon was as romantic and supportive as Whip. Ridge is stunned when Eric reveals that it was Massimo who taught Rick everything he knows. Massimo pleads that he has Ridge's interests at heart, but Ridge demands to know who gave Massimo the right to control his life. He insists on knowing why Massimo destroyed his career. Massimo explains that his plan was to give Ridge a better life. Ridge is enraged and is about to deck Massimo when Eric stops him. Ridge promises that Massimo hasn't heard the last of him and vows revenge. Eric warns Massimo to stay away from his son. Megan accuses Deacon of being jealous of Whip even though Deacon persists that Whip is a con artist. Megan thinks Whip may be just what Brooke needs. She reminds Deacon that he will never be able to claim Brooke's child without ripping Bridget's heart out. Deacon is steaming when Bridget informs Megan that she caught Whip and Brooke making out. He barges in and warns Whip to keep his hands of Brooke. Whip urges Brooke to protect her children and notify Deacon it's over between them.moreless
  • Ep. #3764
    Ep. #3764
    Episode 5
    To help cope with his situation, Massimo asks Ridge to reconsider his offer to take Taylor and the children to spend a year on his yacht in Portofino, no strings attached. Ridge considers the offer, grateful for Massimo's generosity. Massimo and Ridge admit they feel a connection to one another. Ridge notes that if Massimo wants to help him rebuild his life, he'll track down the person responsible for Rick's rise to power. Eric admits to Rick how disturbed he is by what happened to Ridge. He wonders how Rick managed to single-handedly take control of Forrester Creations from his brother. Eric wants Rick to reveal who was coaching him and finally pressures Rick into admitting that it was Massimo. Rick denies that Massimo used him but Eric insists that Massimo's reign of terror ends today. Eric bursts in on Massimo and Ridge. Eric promises Ridge that after he hears what he has to say, Ridge will hate Massimo as much as Eric does. Whip realizes that Deacon went with Brooke to her doctor's appointment. Whip warns Brooke to either confess to Bridget or take a firm stand with Deacon because every time she gives Deacon any hope at all, she threatens Bridget's marriage. Whip advises Brooke to let Deacon go and give a chance to someone who's crazy about her. Brooke insists that she can't pretend to have feelings for Whip any more than she can pretend she has none for Deacon. Whip confesses to Brooke that he wants to fill the hole in her heart left by Deacon and asks her to make love to him.moreless
  • Ep. #3763
    Ep. #3763
    Episode 4
    Bridget is put off by Deacon's negative attitude. Deacon isn't surprised to hear the idea was Whip's and tells Bridget that she's going to embarrass herself. Rick suggests they test her and Bridget agrees to show what she can do on a runway. Deacon is worried that Bridget will make a fool of herself. Bridget enters in one of Amber's designs and puts on a performance. Whip, Amber and Rick react enthusiastically. Brooke recalls Ridge's days at Forrester and decides that it can't end like this. She visits Ridge, who warns her that someone is out there coaching Rick who has ulterior motives for destroying Ridge's career and getting Rick into the boardroom. Ridge asks Brooke about her sudden change in attitude toward Deacon. Brooke asks Ridge to come back to Forrester, but he refuses. Ridge questions Brooke about her pregnancy, and suggests that there's something that just doesn't add up. Brooke and Ridge banter about their relationship, and Brooke admits that she misses him. Ridge informs Brooke that he can't hold a pencil and needs another operation. When Ridge reveals that he may have to stop designing, Brooke insists that she won't let this destroy him. They embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #3762
    Ep. #3762
    Episode 3
    Deacon and Brooke break apart when the nurse walks in on them. Brooke is concerned that they let their guard down and got too carried away. Deacon assures her it was a onetime occurrence because of the emotion of seeing their baby together for the first time. Whip is sure Bridget would love to be their head model and adds that it would give her more time to be with her husband. Amber isn't enthusiastic at first, but Whip points out that Bridget would help redefine the company image because every other Forrester has been touched by scandal. Amber informs Bridget that she wants her to be her new lead model. Bridget is intrigued, but says that she can't make a decision until she talks to Deacon. When Deacon hears the plan, he thinks they're joking. Stephanie explains to Massimo that designing is Ridge's passion. Ridge explains that the doctor has given no guarantees that he'll ever be able to work again. Massimo tells Ridge that right now, he's his own worst enemy. He should channel his anger into energy to fuel new and greater accomplishments. Massimo suggests that Ridge look at the accident as a gift that will force Ridge to explore new opportunities. Taylor and Stephanie are relieved when they see Ridge and Massimo toast each other.moreless
  • Ep. #3761
    Ep. #3761
    Episode 2
    Amber and Rick wonder where Deacon is because they are picking the new head model for Amber's line. They are distressed with the models sent over by the agency. Whip tries to get a handle on what Amber is looking for and suggests that they need to go with an unknown. Rick and Amber are stunned when Whip says that Bridget would be perfect. Brooke and Deacon enjoy a few minutes alone and look forward to their first look at the baby. Brooke introduces Deacon to the doctor as her son-in-law. They are thrilled when they see the ultrasound image of the baby. Deacon and Brooke are alarmed when the doctor wants to take a closer look at something on the monitor. The doctor explains that the fetus is smaller than he expected and wonders if Brooke could have gotten pregnant a few weeks after she returned from Paris. When the doctor is gone, Deacon promises to keep Brooke safe, and they kiss passionately. Tears fill Sally's eyes as she shows Stephanie some of the items in Macy's room. Stephanie puts a hand on Sally's shoulder. Sally explains to Stephanie that Macy was her reason for being. Now Stephanie has taken away Massimo the way she's taken away everything else that was important to her. Stephanie points out that Sally set herself up for failure by blackmailing Massimo into spending time with her. In her anguish, Sally reveals to Stephanie that Macy was different because she loved Sally and was proud of her. She demands Stephanie get out, but Stephanie doesn't leave as she listens to Sally's sobs.moreless
  • Ep. #3760
    Ep. #3760
    Episode 1
    Sally warns Stephanie that if she wants her secret to stay a secret, she'd better shut up and get to work. Sally has been the Forrester punching bag for too many years. Stephanie advises Sally not to let her desire for revenge take over her life. Sally assures Stephanie that she's going to learn a lesson in humility and respect, and she can keep cleaning until she learns it. Sally cautions Stephanie to stay out of one particular room, or the whole world will know her secret. Stephanie can't resist, and goes into the room, which is a shrine to Macy. Sally is livid when she catches her. Brooke is adamant about going to her ultrasound appointment alone because, as she points out to Megan, she's going to be raising the baby alone. Deacon insists that there's nothing between Brooke and Whip and there never will be, but Whip accuses Deacon of being selfish and adds that Brooke deserves a life, too. Ridge is upset that he can't close his hand and tells the doctor that if it doesn't get better, he can't work. He declares that Rick, Amber and Deacon are responsible for crippling him. He breaks down, realizing he may never be able to draw again. Whip catches Brooke crying and suspects that it has to do with Deacon. He offers to go with her to the doctor, but Brooke declines. Megan remarks to Deacon that Brooke could do worse than Whip, but Deacon doesn't want to hear of it. Deacon is surprised that Brooke went to her appointment alone. Brooke is pleased when Deacon joins her in the examining room for the ultrasound.moreless