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Season 31 : Episode 188

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  • Ep. #4514
    Ep. #4514
    Episode 254
    Helen and Stephanie are both taken to the hospital, where Stephanie looks to be in worse shape. She is talking to her family, when Hector comes in to give her the devastating news that there were complications, and Helen didn't make it.
  • Ep. #4513
    Ep. #4513
    Episode 253
    After Bridget spies Nick and Brooke in an embrace, she goes to Stephanie, confused and looking for advice. The two talk about their relationship, and Bridget admits she's in love with Nick.
  • Ep. #4512
    Ep. #4512
    Episode 252
    Morgan's mother, Natalie, shows up at the hotel room to help the 'friend' Morgan said needed her, and is shocked to learn it is Ridge. Natalie then has some pointed questions for her daughter.
  • Ep. #4511
    Ep. #4511
    Episode 251
    Stephanie stops by to see Brooke to tell her what she and Eric learned about Ridge, but rather than support Brooke, she tells her she created her own problems by kicking Ridge out. Morgan heads off to see her mother Natalie, a doctor, while Ridge is sleeping in the hotel. Ridge wakens to a call on his cell phone from Brooke, begging him to come home. Nick and Bridget interrogate Amber about Ridge's disappearance, but finally believe her when she swears she wasn't involved.moreless
  • Ep. #4510
    Ep. #4510
    Episode 250
    Stephanie and Eric are surprised to learn from the bartender at Café Russe that Ridge was there earlier, and appeared to have been drinking. Jackie and Nick talk about his date with Bridget and his past with Brooke, and Jackie assures Nick that she wants him to be happy. Morgan takes care of Ridge while the two are in the air on their way to Italy, Ridge having no idea what's going on. Bridget returns home from her date with Nick and tries to comfort Brooke, who is worried about Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4509
    Ep. #4509
    Episode 249
    Nick tells Bridget that he knows whatever he had with Brooke is long over, but turns the tables by asking her how she feels about Ridge. Jackie worries about her son dating his ex-lover's daughter, but Massimo tells her it will all be okay, and that she needs to let it go. Caitlin again admits how she regrets the way she treated Thomas, but he makes it clear it's in the past, and the two kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4508
    Ep. #4508
    Episode 248
    Nick gives Bridget a beautiful necklace to show how much he loves her, but ghosts from the past rear their head when she asks if he loves her more than he loved her mother. Stephanie can't believe that Massimo would even consider taking Jackie back after she made a fool of him by sleeping with Deacon. Eric admits to Thorne that he is worried that Nick is using Bridget as a substitute for Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4507
    Ep. #4507
    Episode 247
    Amber tries to defend what she did in Big Bear to Thomas, but Thomas isn't interested in hearing any of her excuses after what could have happened to his father. Once Morgan realises that Ridge's odd amnesia may be permanent due to his concussion, she makes plans to fly the two of them out of the country. Nick goes from comforting Brooke over Ridge to taking a mysterious plane ride with Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #4506
    Ep. #4506
    Episode 246
    Morgan can't believe that Ridge isn't trying to kill her after their past together, and takes the woozy man to her hotel room where she realises that his mind isn't quite right. Thorne stands by his family after learning about what Amber did up at Big Bear and fires the designer.moreless
  • Ep. #4505
    Ep. #4505
    Episode 245
    Nick and Ridge argue, and it escalates as Ridge accuses Nick of using Bridget to get over Brooke, and Nick hits him. Brooke is surprised when Stephanie encourages her to take Ridge back despite their fight. Morgan encounters Ridge at the Café Russe and is shocked when he falls off the stool.moreless
  • Ep. #4504
    Ep. #4504
    Episode 244
    Stephanie shows a photo to Eric of Ridge kissing Bridget in the mineshaft. Eric shouts at Ridge, saying the kiss should never have happened. Eric orders Ridge to stay away from Bridget. Hector goes to support Brooke, who's worried she overreacted by asking Ridge to leave. Hector does his best to convince her that she had a right to be upset and under the circumstances what she did was justified.moreless
  • Ep. #4503
    Ep. #4503
    Episode 243
    Bridget asks Brooke not to throw away her marriage because of the photo. Brooke continues to question Ridge after Bridget leaves. She later asks Ridge to leave, since she believes she'll never make him completely happy. Jackie confides in Nick that she has nothing against Bridget, but she does feel that Nick isn't over Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4502
    Ep. #4502
    Episode 242
    Jackie goes to see Nick on his boat, hoping they can put things back to normal. Jackie says she disapproves of his dating Bridget because Bridget is Brooke's daughter. Sally scolds Amber for telling her that what she did to Ridge and Bridget in Big Bear could destroy Spectra Couture.
  • Ep. #4501
    Ep. #4501
    Episode 241
    Amber tries to persuade Brooke that what happened in Big Bear was not her fault. Brooke says she will never forgive Amber for almost killing Ridge and Bridget. Ridge says to Brooke that nothing will come between their marriage. Brooke says she's disappointed and that she doesn't know who her husband is anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #4500
    Ep. #4500
    Episode 240
    Ridge presents Brooke with the photo that shows him kissing Bridget in the mineshaft. Brooke is shocked. Ridge explains to Brooke that they were victims of Amber's plot. Amber comes in and explains that Brooke she did all of this for her. Brooke thinks Amber's crazy and slaps her. Hector is angry when Samantha's mother, Priscilla, arrives to help Samantha with wedding plans.moreless
  • Ep. #4499
    Ep. #4499
    Episode 239
    Ridge explains to Brooke what Amber's role was in the mineshaft incident. Brooke becomes angry and starts to call the police. Ridge prevents her from making the call and explains Amber's plan to break up their family. Ridge then shows Brooke the photograph. Stephanie shows up at Nick's boat and talks about Bridget with him. Nick explains to Stephanie just how special Bridget is to him. Stephanie understands, but suggests that Nick remember Bridget is Brooke's daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #4498
    Ep. #4498
    Episode 238
    Ridge suddenly has power over Amber after threatening to call the police. Amber backs down and promises not to show anyone the photograph, but Ridge believes the photograph won't do him any damage. Ridge thinks, however, that people will despise Amber for her little secret. Amber hopes that Ridge doesn't show the photograph to Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4497
    Ep. #4497
    Episode 237
    Ridge and Amber get together to discuss the incriminating photograph. Amber begs Ridge to let her to see Thomas. Ridge then threatens to call the police for causing them to get trapped in the mineshaft. Meanwhile on Nick's boat, Nick and Bridget enjoy a romantic dinner. Bridget confesses to Nick how much she likes him and that with hime she has found what she has been looking for.moreless
  • Ep. #4496
    Ep. #4496
    Episode 236
    At Café Russe, Clarke tries to keep Brooke from getting together with Amber, who's attempting to blackmail Ridge into helping her get Thomas back. Ridge manages to keep Brooke from seeing the photograph, but says he'll meet with Amber to discuss the issue. Nick and Bridget keep fighting with Massimo regarding Deacon, who has decided to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #4495
    Ep. #4495
    Episode 235
    While at the restaurant Amber confronts Ridge and blames him for ruining her life. Brooke leaves the table and gives Amber the chance to show Ridge the photograph from the mineshaft. He can't believe his eyes. Deacon meanwhile returns home to Jackie, thinking he'll break up with her to save her from him. Deacon holds Jackie responsible for the fact that he's fallen off the wagon.moreless
  • Ep. #4494
    Ep. #4494
    Episode 234
    Thomas and Amber have a talk in which Amber says she's made things right with Ridge. Deacon tells Heather what a mistake he made with Jackie. Meanwhile, across town, Nick suggests to Jackie that she leave Deacon, who is bringing her down. Jackie doesn't deny that she misses Massimo, but Deacon needs her particularly during this time.moreless
  • Ep. #4493
    Ep. #4493
    Episode 233
    Amber considers what Brooke's reaction would be if she were to show her the photograph - maybe she would tell Brooke that she loves the family and Ridge is the one who doesn't belong. Amber awakens from her fantasy as Brooke enters the room. Amber announces that she has something she can't hold back any longer. Just as Amber is about to show Brooke the photograph she stops, because Ridge has entered the room.moreless
  • Ep. #4492
    Ep. #4492
    Episode 232
    Brooke brings papers for Eric to sign over Thorne's share of the company. Brooke tells Stephanie that nothing's going on between Ridge and Bridget and that it's been over for a while. Amber is putting together an album for Ridge when Clarke enters and sees her hiding a picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #4491
    Ep. #4491
    Episode 231
    Bridget explains to Eric that because of her near-death encounter, she'll never again waste a single moment of her life. Nick stops by Bridget's hospital room later and tells Bridget how scared he was while she was missing. They then share a passionate kiss. Caitlin and Thomas fill Samantha in on their Winter Formal perform some of the dance steps they used to win the dance contest.moreless
  • Ep. #4490
    Ep. #4490
    Episode 230
    Ridge feels horribly helpless as he realizes he can't help Bridget from dying. Amber calls the police and anonymously gives them Ridge s'and Bridget's location. Nick looks around and eventually finds Bridget and Ridge, rescuing Bridget just in time. Nick calls Hector and Brooke to tell them the news while they're traveling to Big Bear. They're relieved to hear that both Ridge and Bridget are alive.moreless
  • Ep. #4489
    Ep. #4489
    Episode 229
    Ridge attempts to warm Bridget up but she is slowly slipping away. Ridge encourages Bridget to hold on a little longer until someone rescues them. But Bridget is drifting fast and Ridge knows it. Ridge senses she's dying and leans in to give her a goodbye kiss on the lips. Amber feels so guilty that she calls the ranger station and give an anonymous tip as to their whereabouts.moreless
  • Ep. #4488
    Ep. #4488
    Episode 228
    Ridge and Bridget huddle in the mineshaft, freezing and bruised from their fall, worrying that no one will find them. Bridget begins to show signs of hypothermia. Ridge attempts to calm Bridget. Brooke worries when she wakes and realizes that Ridge never came home. Nick stops to pay a visit to Bridget, but Brooke and Thomas tell him that they never came home.moreless
  • Ep. #4487
    Ep. #4487
    Episode 227
    No one can hear Bridget as she calls for help. Meanwhile, Ridge grows increasingly worried but continues searching for Bridget. Amber and Clarke reach the mineshaft and place a rope nearby. Bridget tries to yell as she hears voices, but Amber and Clarke quickly run behind a tree when they see Ridge coming. Ridge locates Bridget and calls out to her.moreless
  • Ep. #4486
    Ep. #4486
    Episode 226
    Once the rest of the family has left the cabin, Ridge leaves to search for Bridget, who went skiing. Meanwhile, Bridget is duped by Amber's plan and reaches for a glove that the disguised Amber left behind. Bridget then falls into the mineshaft. Amber runs back to her rental and tells Clarke that Bridget fell into the mineshaft.moreless
  • Ep. #4485
    Ep. #4485
    Episode 225
    Nick and Bridget agree once they are alone that they can't pursue a romantic relationship. Later, an embarrassed Brooke confronts Nick about the kiss she saw between Bridget and himself. Nick assures her that he and Bridget understand why their relationship is impossible. Ridge warns Thomas to stay away from Amber after he overhears Thomas on the phone with her.moreless
  • Ep. #4484
    Ep. #4484
    Episode 224
    While eating dinner at the cabin, Ridge confides to Thomas that he's better off without Amber. Bridget makes Nick stay the night so as not to drive home on the icy roads. Ridge tells Brooke that something more than friendship is developing between Nick and Bridget. Brooke simply won't believe Bridget would get involved with another man that she was once involved with.moreless
  • Ep. #4483
    Ep. #4483
    Episode 223
    Brooke, Thomas and Hope travel to the Big Bear Cabin. Along the way Brooke calls Ridge to tell him of Forrester's loss. Nick warms up Bridget's feet by giving her a foot massage. while Bridget is off changing her clothes, Nick tells Ridge that he just wants to be Bridget's friend. Ridge asks if that's all Nick wants from Bridget. Later, things begin to heat up when Bridget and Nick are alone.moreless
  • Ep. #4482
    Ep. #4482
    Episode 222
    Gowns from Spectra and Forrester take turns on the runway as the Ultimate Fashion Showdown begins. The first Spectra design receives fantastic reviews, while Forrester's gown brings only lackluster praise. Spectra keeps impressing the crowd with two more models. Darla can't believe the crowd's reaction, particularly a certain group of girls. They later turn out to be cheerleaders that Sally planted in the audience.moreless
  • Ep. #4481
    Ep. #4481
    Episode 221
    Ridge calls while Eric is busy preparing the models backstage. Eric tells Ridge that if Forrester wins, Thorne will return to Forrester. Eric confesses that he needs Ridge and Thorne back, because they provide inspiration. As Darla and Sally set out the gift bags, Darla discovers that Sally is planning to bribe the reporters with cash. Sally also plants a group of cheerleaders to help pump up the crowd for Spectra.moreless
  • Ep. #4480
    Ep. #4480
    Episode 220
    Amber is devastated when Thomas breaks things off with her.
  • Ep. #4479
    Ep. #4479
    Episode 219
    Thorne suggests a challenge - Forrester vs. Spectra. The wager - if Forrester wins then Thorne will go back to Forrester. Sally and aren't sure it's a good idea, but Thorne is confident Spectra will win. Ridge, Brooke, and Bridget tell Thomas about Amber's photo and the old feelings that still linger between Ridge and Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #4478
    Ep. #4478
    Episode 218
    Massimo and Heather toast Deacon for taking his first deliberate drink. Deacon heads home slightly drunk to Jackie, who smells the alcohol on Deacon's breath as she kisses him and is not pleased. Jackie leaves and as Deacon goes to pour out the alcohol he ends up drinking it. Sally throws a party for Thorne, to which he arrives late, and she realizes this means that Eric and Stephanie must be trying to talk him out of selling his shares.moreless
  • Ep. #4477
    Ep. #4477
    Episode 217
    Ridge asked Thorne to come back to Forrester, making Eric and Stephanie are extremely happy. Jackie notices that Deacon's hand is shaking and realizes he wants a drink. Deacon says he'll go to an AA meeting and call his sponsor, but after Jackie leaves, Deacon takes a drink of Vodka as Massimo happily watches on.moreless
  • Ep. #4476
    Ep. #4476
    Episode 216
    Brooke thanks Nick for assisting Bridget in moving on with her life. Stephanie thinks that Bridget is moving on because of the way she and Nick were flirting the other night. But Bridget tells Stephanie she would never again fall for a man who was involved with her mother. Later, when Bridget returns home from her talk with Stephanie, she sees Nick leaving and kisses him on the cheek, thinking that maybe she's found that special someone.moreless
  • Ep. #4475
    Ep. #4475
    Episode 215
    Thorne announces to Darla that if he's going to take Spectra to the top he needs more control, and that if Sally doesn't give him an equal share in Spectra he'll accept Ridge's offer to return to Forrester. Sally offers to split Spectra Couture with Thorne if he pays $50 million for half the company. Brooke makes Ridge and Bridget look into each others eyes to test their feelings for each other. They realize they'll always love each other but that it's strictly platonic.moreless
  • Ep. #4474
    Ep. #4474
    Episode 214
    As Bridget and Nick flirt with each other, there's a moment where there's an obvious connection between them. Brooke later shows Bridget the picture that Amber took. Bridget is horrified and says that nothing happened between them. But Brooke asks them both to confess if they have any feelings at all for each other.moreless
  • Ep. #4473
    Ep. #4473
    Episode 213
    Brooke is convinced that Ridge crossed the line with Bridget, even though Ridge does his best to reassure her. Amber tries to persuade Ridge that she was just trying to help and reminds him of everything for which he has to be thankful. Ridge orders Amber to leave and never return. He's desperate to make things right with his wife and confesses to Brooke how much she means to him.moreless
  • Ep. #4472
    Ep. #4472
    Episode 212
    Ridge tells Nick that he's only befriending Bridget in order to get Brooke back. Nick says that's not true, and assures Ridge that when he ruins his marriage, he'll be there to pick up the pieces. Bridget wants to repay Nick for his help, so she sets him up on a joke blind date with an orangutan.moreless
  • Ep. #4471
    Ep. #4471
    Episode 211
    Hector, Samantha, and Ridge see Caitlin and Thomas preparing for the dance. Caitlin and Thomas seem to be getting closer. Ridge hopes that she'll be the answer to his problems with Amber. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks Amber is up to something.
  • Ep. #4470
    Ep. #4470
    Episode 210
    Ridge reassures his wife as well as himself that he'll never touch Bridget again. Amber and Thomas want Ridge to accept that they're together. Amber slowly becomes angry and wants revenge. She confronts Ridge about dancing with her at the Jackie M party. Amber confides in Brooke and asks for help, but neither Ridge nor Brooke responds. Bridget realizes that because of Nick's help, she's closer to getting over Ridge than she thought.moreless
  • Ep. #4469
    Ep. #4469
    Episode 209
    Amber and Thomas talk about how difficult it is to deal with Ridge. Thomas says he won't let Ridge come between them. Amber wonders if Ridge ever did something he regrets that could make him sympathize with her. Stephanie requests that Ridge distance himself from Bridget. Ridge tells Stephanie that he wouldn't risk his family to be with Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #4468
    Ep. #4468
    Episode 208
    Bridget heads to Chuck's Bar to meet Nick but doesn't know that Nick has a plan to set her up with a handsome man named Johnny. After Johnny and Bridget talk for a while and seem to connect, Johnny asks her out. Stephanie alerts Eric to Bridget's feelings for Ridge. Ridge and Brooke agree that they don't want Stephanie meddling in their affairs.moreless
  • Ep. #4467
    Ep. #4467
    Episode 207
    Stephanie and Nick worry about Bridget's plan to stay with Ridge and Brooke in their house. Ridge and Brooke maintain that it's the best thing to do. Stephanie recommends that Brooke not ignore what's going on, that there may be another woman in the picture. She admits that it happened to her. Brooke goes ballistic and screams at Stephanie, saying that it won't happen to her, that her marriage is too strong.moreless
  • Ep. #4466
    Ep. #4466
    Episode 206
    The Forrester preview doesn't impress the members of the media in the audience. Sally and Darla are there in disguise. When Sally badmouths Forrester to Jarrett, Eric has security remove her and Darla. Eric's spirits are low after the preview but Stephanie's there to comfort him. Ridge tries yet again to convince Thorne to return to Forrester.moreless
  • Ep. #4465
    Ep. #4465
    Episode 205
    Nick and Ridge greet Massimo at his office for the first time since his stroke. Heather keeps slipping grain alcohol into Deacon's protein shakes, which confuses Deacon with a newfound desire to drink. Heather takes it even further and slips a bottle of vodka into his meal bag, tempting Deacon even further. Spectra's sales numbers have risen and Forrester's have dropped, possibly due to Spectra's new logo.moreless
  • Ep. #4464
    Ep. #4464
    Episode 204
    Jackie is worried about Deacon's recent alcohol cravings and promises to help him. Massimo drops in at the store and tells Jackie how good it looks. Massimo advises her not to give Deacon too much power. Jackie is happy to see him and would like them to be friends. Massimo phones Heather and tells her to give Deacon more "medicine," meaning alcohol.moreless
  • Ep. #4463
    Ep. #4463
    Episode 203
    Brooke requests that Ridge promise never to cross the line with Bridget again. Ridge assures Brooke that nothing will ever happen between Bridget and him. Nick and Bridget continue talking. Nick confesses that he still has feelings for Brooke. Brooke later asks Bridget why she didn't come talk to her about her problems.moreless
  • Ep. #4462
    Ep. #4462
    Episode 202
    Thomas confronts Ridge for setting him up at the party, which forces Thomas and Caitlin into a heart-to-heart. Ridge recommends that Thomas makes sure he doesn't still harbor feelings for Caitlin. Brooke figures out what's going on with Bridget after noticing Bridget's odd behavior. Brooke confronts her husband and asks him if Bridget is in love with him.moreless
  • Ep. #4461
    Ep. #4461
    Episode 201
    Stephanie warns Brooke not to allow Bridget and Ridge to spend too much time together. This makes Brooke start to worry. As their conversation continues, Ridge thinks that Bridget should be staying home with her family. Nick says that Bridget needs some breathing room. In the end, Bridget's worn out but tells Nick that she's okay, and that she'll head home with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4460
    Ep. #4460
    Episode 200
    Tempted by alcohol, Deacon takes Jackie and leaves the party, as Heather looks on. Deacon later admits to Jackie his reason for leaving. Amber is happy that Ridge is getting along with her, but later wises up to his plan. After dancing with Thomas, Caitlin tells Thomas that she is in love with him and regrets ever passing him up for Rick. Samantha and Hector are concerned when they see Caitlin upset. Bridget tries to explain her feelings for Ridge to Nick, but he only accuses Ridge of taking advantage of Bridget. Ridge overhears the conversation and Bridget tells him that although she is happy for him and Brooke, her own life is miserable. Ridge promises to be there for her.moreless
  • Ep. #4459
    Ep. #4459
    Episode 199
    Heather spikes another drink before offering it to Deacon, as he continues to become tempted by the alcohol. Caitlin grows jealous as she watches Thomas and Amber and Ridge advises Caitlin to open up to Thomas about her feelings. Ridge whisks Amber away from Thomas for a dance, while Thomas goes to see Caitlin. Nick finds Bridget looking glum and questions her. Nick admits he knows that her engagement to Oscar is over. As Nick pushes Bridget, she breaks down while admitting that she still has feelings for Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4458
    Ep. #4458
    Episode 198
    Amber tells Thomas how happy she is with her life, her job and boyfriend and the only thing missing is a family. Amber is hurt when he overhears Thomas telling Caitlin that he doesn't want children. Nick is unhappy when he sees Jackie and Deacon parade their relationship around, and Nick warns Ridge that Massimo isn't going to just let Jackie go. Massimo is pleased when Heather informs him that Deacon is drinking the spiked drink at the party. Ridge questions Bridget about why she is so down, she later weeps as she watches Brooke and Ridge dancing.moreless
  • Ep. #4457
    Ep. #4457
    Episode 197
    Massimo instructs Heather on how to spike Deacon's drink at the party. Later, Massimo asks Nick to attend the party to keep an eye on Jackie. Ridge, Brooke and Thomas try to convince Bridget to go with them to the party but she declines. Nick later drops by and forces Bridget to attend the bash with him. Amber, Sally, Clarke, Thorne and Darla arrive at the party, as Eric greets Samantha and Caitlin, who have brought Hector and Jimmy along too. Deacon tells Jackie to appreciate her success as everybody is there for her. Heather arrives introduces herself as Deacon's new assistant and gives him a spiked drink.moreless
  • Ep. #4456
    Ep. #4456
    Episode 196
    Bridget feels uncomfortable as she sees Brooke and Ridge together. Ridge later offers to be there for Bridget, the way she was for him when Taylor died. Brooke notices her daughter's glum mood and worries about what is going on. Jackie shows Deacon how happy she is that they are together. Deacon takes Jackie to the beach and shows her the location for the Jackie M party. Thomas visits Massimo and tells him that he shouldn't give up on Jackie, believing that she will come to her senses the way Bridget, Brooke and Amber did. Massimo later calls an employee named Heather and enlists her help. Giving her a vial of refined alcohol, he asks her to secretly slip it to Deacon at the party, so that he falls off the wagon.moreless
  • Ep. #4455
    Ep. #4455
    Episode 195
    Stephanie and Eric are lonely at the house when neither Ridge nor Thorne show up for Christmas with their families, each believing that the other is spending Christmas with their families. Thanks to an earlier call from Amber, Ridge stops by Thorne's, and the brothers agree to put their differences aside for the sake of the holiday.moreless
  • Ep. #4454
    Ep. #4454
    Episode 194
    Hector, Samantha, Caitlin and Jimmy help out at the fire station for the toy drive. Thomas comes by, followed by Eric and Stephanie bearing gifts for the children. Ridge, Brooke, Bridget, Steffy, Phoebe, Hope and R.J. prepare for Christmas and Ridge wonders about Massimo being alone for the holidays. Ridge and Brooke drop in on Massimo and Nick and invite them over. As everybody gathers, Thomas returns home. The kids cheer Massimo up after Bridget asks Nck where Jackie is and learns that she and Massimo have split up. Amber sees Eric and Stephanie looking glum as they prepare for a Christmas alone. She calls Ridge to arrange a special Christmas for everyone.moreless
  • Ep. #4453
    Ep. #4453
    Episode 193
    Sally and Clarke tell Darla and Thorne that their new sales figures are not as good as they had hoped. Clarke congratulates Sally's genius when Sally later shows him Spectra's new PR logo, featuring the Forrester name in bigger font than Spectra's. Eric and Stephanie prepare for Christmas as Ridge drops by with R.J. Eric takes Ridge aside and shows him that Forrester sales are up, Eric asks Ridge to return to the company but he declines. Amber pops in on Stephanie, who lets Amber hold R.J. Stephanie hints that Amber is ready to be a mother, but not with Thomas as the father. Ridge informs his parents that he will be spending Christmas with Brooke and the kids this year, and Amber later brings the news that Thorne will be doing the same with Darla. Stephanie is distraught at the thought of spending the holiday all alone.moreless
  • Ep. #4452
    Ep. #4452
    Episode 192
    Nick and Jackie meet at the Café Russe, where Paige is busy flirting with Deacon. Nick tries to make Jackie believe that Deacon is cheating on her, but Deacon explains that he met with Paige to set her up with Nick. Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget has returned home. Ridge learns that Bridget has had trouble committing romantically, and Brooke blames herself due to her affair with Deacon. Ridge later talks to Bridget and she admits that she has ended her engagement to Ozzy. Ridge comforts her, as he promises to keep it secret.moreless
  • Ep. #4451
    Ep. #4451
    Episode 191
    Bridget tells Brooke that she feels like she doesn't belong anywhere, and that she seeks what Brooke has with Ridge. Brooke says she blames herself for Bridget's problems. Hector visits Nick and thanks him for all the donations he has made to the fire department. Stephanie reminds Jackie that Deacon had an affair with Brooke while he was married to Bridget, and he will do the same thing to Jackie. After learning that Paige is single, Deacon asks her to dinner at the Café Russe. Paige informs Nick, who then invites Jackie to dinner at the same time and place.moreless
  • Ep. #4450
    Ep. #4450
    Episode 190
    Bridget returns from Copenhagen. When she doesn't seem herself, Brooke demands to know what is going on in her daughter's life. Nick tells Massimo that Deacon will soon be exposed, while Paige flirts with Deacon. Stephanie confronts Jackie and warns her that Deacon will eventually dump her, and says that when that happens, Stephanie will not allow Jackie to worm her way back in to Massimo's life.moreless
  • Ep. #4449
    Ep. #4449
    Episode 189
    Sally and Clarke show Thorne, Darla and Amber the new Spectra Couture by Thorne Forrester logo, and Thorne worries that it may be taking advantage of the Forrester name. Amber later tells Darla that her relationship with Thomas is growing stronger. Meanwhile, Eric meets with Thomas and Caitlin in his office. Eric promotes Caitlin as a junior member of the design team, and she grows closer to Thomas as he congratulates her. Deacon is thrilled when Jackie shows him the press release of his return to vice president of Jackie M. Sally and Clarke later come by and offer Deacon a lower wholesale price on their designs, if he gives them prime shelf space and promotion. Nick calls Paige to his office, taking her to Jackie M he informs her that he wants her to seduce Deacon, so Jackie will leave him.moreless
  • Ep. #4448
    Ep. #4448
    Episode 188
    Brooke finds Ridge still in bed at noon, and he admits to her that he feels alienated from everyone, he feels rejected as a Forrester, but yet he doesn't feel a Marone either. Sally calls Deacon to her office to discuss a deal of promoting Spectra Couture through Jackie-M. Nick drops in on Jackie and informs her that Massimo wants a divorce, he adds that Massimo wants to give Jackie M to her. Jackie later fills Deacon in, and makes him vice president of the company. Deacon tells Jackie about Sally's offer, but she leaves it to him. Nick later calls an old friend named Paige, and asks for her help.moreless
  • Ep. #4447
    Ep. #4447
    Episode 187
    Nick tells Ridge that he doesn't think that Massimo can handle not having Jackie in his life. Massimo tells Jackie that he doesn't blame her, only Deacon for their affair. Jackie says that she wants to be with Massimo, but he is furious when she defends Deacon. Massimo throws Jackie out, as Nick helps Massimo calm down, Ridge believes Massimo is better off without Jackie. Eric tells Deacon that Massimo isn't the right man for Jackie, but adds that Deacon isn't either. Jackie later tells Deacon that it is over between her and Massimo, Deacon is thrilled as he and Jackie declare their love for one another and kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4446
    Ep. #4446
    Episode 186
    Stephanie tells Eric that Massimo walked out of the clinic. Although surprised, Eric believes his will power must have been his need to get back to Jackie. Stephanie informs Eric that Jackie has been seeing Deacon. As Ridge and Nick try to control Massimo, he yells for Deacon to confess to drugging Jackie and taking advantage of her. Ridge throws Deacon and Jackie out, but Massimo tells them that he wants Jackie back. Deacon tells Jackie that they can be free from Massimo, but she refuses to turn her back on her husband. Eric later warns Deacon to stay away from Jackie, but Deacon insists that he can make her happy. Jackie returns to Massimo and he tells her that Deacon is out of her life forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4445
    Ep. #4445
    Episode 185
    Eric tells Stephanie that Ridge is taking a leave of absence to concentrate on his family. Stephanie is shocked that Brooke opposed Ridge, and she wonders if this will cause a rift in their marriage. Nick races from the clinic and is surprised to hear Massimo answer the phone when he calls the house. Brooke and Ridge both agree that Massimo leaving the clinic is very strange. Nick flies in and tells Ridge that Massimo is at the house with Jackie, they both rush over. Stephanie drops by on Brooke to thank her for her efforts at the board meeting. Stephanie later learns that Massimo left the clinic and that Jackie is having an affair with Deacon. Jackie and Deacon are shocked when Massimo walks in on them. Jackie is thrilled to see him walking, but then he pulls a gun out on Deacon.moreless
  • Ep. #4444
    Ep. #4444
    Episode 184
    Ridge laments not getting Brooke's support, and she explains again that it was in the best interest of the family and the company. Brooke promises that someday he will make a great CEO. Nick is worried when he finds Massimo's room empty at the clinic and grows more concerned when Dr. Ying is unable to locate him. Nick calls Ridge and learns that Massimo wanted to go home, Nick decides he must find Massimo before he sees Jackie. As Deacon packs Jackie's things, Massimo arrives home. Deacon tries to make love to Jackie, but she tells him she can't in Massimo's house. Massimo is furious when he hears Deacon's voice and heads towards the door with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #4443
    Ep. #4443
    Episode 183
    Ridge tells Eric that he is going to take a leave of absence from the company to concentrate on his family. Ridge gets summoned to the clinic to see Massimo by Dr. Ying. Massimo grows extremely agitated and begs Ridge to help him. Massimo is unable to say what he wants, so Dr. Ying asks Ridge to leave to allow Massimo to rest. Nick drops by to see Brooke and he congratulates her on having the guts to vote against Ridge at the board meeting. Brooke insists it was best for everyone involved, but Nick wonders if Ridge will see it that way. When Ridge returns home he tells her how angered he is that she went against him, and tells her they need to talk. At the Marone mansion, Deacon is set back when Jackie says that she can't move in with him. Jackie explains that she is unable to walk out on her son and a sick husband. Deacon begs with Jackie to allow herself to be happy. Massimo later sneaks out of the clinic and into a cab.moreless
  • Ep. #4442
    Ep. #4442
    Episode 182
    Sally tries to dig for information from Nick about the board meeting at Forrester Creations hoping that Nick talked to Brooke. Nick tells Sally that Brooke will side with her husband to keep Spectra Couture out of Jackie M. Megan reads the board meeting results that Brooke, Eric, Stephanie and Thorne all voted against Ridge's bid to be CEO. Ridge erupts and accuses everybody as seeing him as the enemy. Ridge bickers with Thorne, then storms out yelling that there is nothing for him at Forrester Creations anymore. Ridge later vents his anger to Brooke about her vote against him. Brooke insists it was in the best interest of the family. Brooke says she hates the way he is fighting against Thorne. Ridge refuses to listen and storms out.moreless
  • Ep. #4441
    Ep. #4441
    Episode 181
    Deacon goes to Nick on Jackie's behalf as he hasn't been returning her calls. Deacon tells Nick that Jackie misses him. Deacon tries to convince Nick that he loves Jackie but Nick demands that Deacon leave her. Deacon returns home and finds Jackie there. Deacon believes that Nick will come around, and Jackie tells Deacon that she loves him. Thorne tells Brooke that Ridge has gone too far by trying to force Eric out as CEO. Eric tells Stephanie he is hurt that Ridge is going up against him. Ridge tells Brooke to stand by him and support his bid to be CEO, explaining that allowing Spectra Couture to use the Forrester name will be a huge mistake. As everybody casts their vote, Ridge is astonished when Brooke votes against him.moreless
  • Ep. #4440
    Ep. #4440
    Episode 180
    Felicia goes to Nick to tell him that she is taking a trip to Paris to explore the possibility of an international line for Spectra Couture. Nick is surprised, but Felicia admits that she has known for a while that she isn't the woman of his dreams. Expressing that she has no hard feelings, Felicia cries, then bids him goodbye. Brooke questions if Ridge really wants to vote out Eric as CEO. Stephanie and Eric wait in his office as Thorne and Darla arrive. Ridge and Brooke soon enter and Stephanie hints to Brooke that she hopes she managed to convince Ridge to change his mind. Ridge tells Eric that he understands that he gave Thorne permission to use the Forrester name at Spectra Couture out of love for his son, but Ridge says that it's bad business for Forrester Creations. Not wanting the company to be ruined, Ridge tells Eric that he wants to be named CEO.moreless
  • Ep. #4439
    Ep. #4439
    Episode 179
    Jackie tells Deacon that the first day of opening at the boutiques was a success. Deacon gives Jackie a gift of black lace negligee. After trying it on, they make love in the store. Ridge and Nick visit Massimo at the clinic, but all Massimo asks for is Jackie. Ridge wonders why Jackie hasn't come by, and Nick tells him that he wants Jackie away from Massimo, since she was having an affair with Deacon. Nick goes on to say Massimo learned of this right before he had his stroke. Stephanie begs Brooke to convince Ridge not to try and force Eric out as CEO. Eric later arrives and sees the memo from Ridge calling for a board meeting. Eric thinks Ridge just wants to vent his anger. Brooke tries to talk Ridge out of going up against Eric, warning him that it could separate the family, but Ridge believes there is no other choice if Forrester Creations wants to remain in the game.moreless
  • Ep. #4438
    Ep. #4438
    Episode 178
    Eric and Samantha have lunch at the Café Russe. Samantha tells him how good it is to have her family coming together, but seeks advice on how she can convince Hector to move in to a bigger house. Thorne calls Nick and gives him the okay to carry Spectra Couture in Jackie M boutiques. Nick mentions it to Ridge and he is furious. Ridge informs Nick how he plans to vote himself in as CEO of Forrester Creations. Ridge and Nick visit Massimo at the clinic and are stunned that he is able to walk with the doctor's help. Stephanie begs Brooke not to support Ridge in his decision to remove Eric as CEO. Brooke feels Ridge is trying to save the company, but Stephanie guesses that it will destroy the family. Stephanie asks Brooke to vote against Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4437
    Ep. #4437
    Episode 177
    Eric calls Caitlin and Thomas to his office and asks them to work together with marketing research for the Ingenue line. Caitlin sees that Thomas is a talented drawer but he says that he doesn't want to design for the company. Samantha suggests that she and Hector move to a bigger house in Beverly Hills. Hector refuses to uproot the children and leave the neighborhood. Ridge tells Stephanie that he plans on stepping in as CEO of Forrester Creations. Stephanie can't believe he is acting this way simply because Eric is letting Thorne use the Forrester name for Spectra Couture. Ridge insists it would be the best move to save the company, but Stephanie tells him that it'll kill Eric to remove him for the company that he has spent his life building.moreless
  • Ep. #4436
    Ep. #4436
    Episode 176
    Nick waits at the clinic for Massimo to come out of surgery. The doctors tell Nick that they will need to run more tests before they will be able to tell if Massimo will make a full recovery. Jackie tells Deacon that she loves him and feels that he is the only person that she can depend on now. Stephanie tells Ridge and Thorne not to turn against one another. Ridge continues to stand against Thorne. Eric puts his foot down as CEO and gives Thorne permission to use the name as part of Spectra Couture and sell within Jackie M boutiques. Ridge erupts and storms out. Brooke attempts to comfort Ridge but he is furious that Eric is using emotion over good business sense. Ridge tells Brooke that for the sake of the company Eric needs to be removed as CEO and he take over the reigns of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4435
    Ep. #4435
    Episode 175
    Nick wonders why he has sales figures for the Rodeo Drive boutique when the store hasn't opened. Clarke and Sally inform him of their plan and hand him a check. Sally suggests Nick call Ridge to inform him that Jackie M boutiques will be carrying Spectra Couture gowns. Deacon brings Jackie breakfast at the Marone estate. Deacon tries to make love to her, but she won't allow it in Massimo's home. The doctors prepare Massimo for surgery and call Nick to come over. Nick stands by Massimo and prays that he will make it through. Darla and Thorne meet with Ridge and Brooke at Forrester Creations. Eric and Stephanie are pleased to see them getting along. Ridge tells Thorne that the condition of allowing Spectra Couture into Jackie M boutiques is only if he removes his name from the Spectra Couture logo.moreless
  • Ep. #4434
    Ep. #4434
    Episode 174
    Sally, dressed as Massimo, manages to convince the security guard to open the Jackie M boutique on Rodeo Drive. Stephanie Beacham and Christopher Cazenove drop in to shop. The Spectra Couture crew are thrilled when the shoppers buy their gowns. Thorne is unhappy that he couldn't convince Brooke to change Ridge's mind. Darla supports Thorne when he tells her of his woes of Ridge opposing him. Brooke is concerned about Ridge and Thorne being at odds. Ridge insists that he is only trying to protect Forrester Creations. Ridge decides to call Thorne and tells him that he intends to call Jackie to allow her to carry Spectra Couture in her boutiques. Darla and Brooke are happy that the brothers are sorting out their differences.moreless
  • Ep. #4433
    Ep. #4433
    Episode 173
    Jackie gives Jeff and Susan the final pointers before the store opening. Deacon is impressed by her take charge attitude. Stephanie asks Ridge not to continue fighting Thorne. Darla and Brooke try to keep the peace. Stephanie tells Brooke that she still has time to stop Ridge. Eric thinks that she can do it. Sally tells Clarke that she can't rely on Brooke getting through to Ridge. Sally calls Gladys for help. Thorne tells Sally that Brooke didn't stand up to Ridge. Gladys uses her make over powers to turn Sally into Massimo and they manage to con their way inside the Jackie M boutique. Ridge thanks Brooke for standing by him. Brooke later gets a call from Stephanie telling her to stand up to Ridge for the sake of the family.moreless
  • Ep. #4432
    Ep. #4432
    Episode 172
    Deacon shows Jackie the Marone Industries purchase agreement of the Jackie M boutique chain. Jackie is stunned that they are solely in her name. Jackie meets her assistant managers, Jeff and Susan at the Rodeo Drive boutique. Jackie feels guilty that Massimo bought her an entire boutique chain. Eric and Stephanie worry about the feud between Thorne and Ridge. Thorne and Darla drop in and they decide to visit Brooke to see if she has managed to get through to Ridge. Brooke asks Ridge to back down and allow Spectra Couture to sell within Jackie M boutiques. Eric and Stephanie try to get through to Ridge but he refuses to cut Thorne any slack. Darla stands by Thorne as he asks Brooke to stand up to Ridge. Ridge is fully confident that Brooke will support him all the way.moreless
  • Ep. #4431
    Ep. #4431
    Episode 171
    Thomas offers his support to Caitlin over her break-up with Rick. Amber spots Thomas giving Caitlin a hug. Amber plays dumb to the break-up and stuns Caitlin by offering her friendship. Thorne and Darla drop in on Brooke to give her one final push in standing up to Ridge. Stephanie is sceptical whether Brooke will go against Ridge but Darla is positive that she will. Thorne suggests Stephanie hopes that Ridge and Brooke will break up in the process. Ridge returns from Italy and tells Brooke that the buzz there was more about Spectra Couture than Forrester Creations. Ridge is intent on not sharing shelf space within Jackie M boutiques with them. Brooke thinks Ridge opposing Thorne is more personal than business. Brooke accuses Ridge of being jealous of Thorne.moreless
  • Ep. #4430
    Ep. #4430
    Episode 170
    Hector finds Caitlin crying. She tells him about her break-up with Rick. Caitlin apologizes for arguing with him over Rick. Hector offers comfort. Hector later tells Samantha about the end of Rick and Caitlin. Samantha thinks no man will ever be good enough for Caitlin in Hector's eyes. Thomas bumps into Rick. Thomas is stunned that he broke things off with Caitlin. Thomas thinks Rick is a fool for not trying to save the relationship. Rick leaves for Milan. Thomas offers his sympathy to Caitlin. Thorne seeks answers from Eric and Stephanie on why Ridge is opposing him. Thorne asks Brooke's opinion on whether Spectra Couture can compete with Forrester Creations. Stephanie, Eric and Thorne suggest Brooke stand up to Ridge to allow Spectra Couture into Jackie M boutiques.moreless
  • Ep. #4429
    Ep. #4429
    Episode 169
    Rick and Caitlin have dinner at the Café Russe. Caitlin gushes about their relationship. Rick breaks up with her on the explanation that he needs to concentrate on his work whilst at Forrester International. Thorne confronts Nick about giving in to Ridge. Nick insists his hands are tied. Thorne feels Ridge is only trying to run Spectra Couture out of business. Eric and Stephanie are livid when they learn from Brooke that Ridge threatened to pull Forrester Creations from Jackie M boutiques if they carry Spectra Couture. Brooke says Ridge is trying to protect the Forrester name. Thorne asks Eric and Stephanie for their support in allowing Spectra Couture to share shelf space with Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4428
    Ep. #4428
    Episode 168
    Hector doubts Caitlin's relationship with Rick. Caitlin is sure things will be fine, even with Rick in Milan. Caitlin finds Rick busy at work with Megan. Rick invites Caitlin to dinner. Amber puts the moves on Thomas at Forrester Creations but he backs off worried that they will get caught. Caitlin and Thomas get their friendship back on track when she listens as he talks about Taylor. Thorne begs Brooke to help him put an end to Ridge's vendetta. Sally thinks Ridge is trying to knock them out of the market. Felicia notes how much Ridge has changed lately. Thorne stresses he only wants the chance to make Spectra Couture succeed. Clarke and Darla stand united with the team as they all ask Brooke to stop Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4427
    Ep. #4427
    Episode 167
    Jackie worries about what she has done to Massimo. Deacon assures her that it wasn't her fault and insists that her life is with him now. Clarke can't believe that Ridge threatened to pull Forrester Creations out of Jackie M boutiques if they carry Spectra Couture. Sally thinks Ridge is on a power trip. Thorne, Darla and Felicia are stunned by the news. Brooke suggests to Nick that Jackie and Deacon have real feelings for one another. Nick wants Jackie to stay away from Massimo. Nick tells Brooke about Ridge's threat to pull Forrester Creations. Brooke calls Ridge and he states that it's simply a business decision. Thorne tells Brooke how insulted he is by Ridge's attempt to shut him out of the market. Nick visits Massimo and is thrilled that he is progressing.moreless
  • Ep. #4426
    Ep. #4426
    Episode 166
    Eric, Stephanie, Rick, Caitlin, Hector, Samantha and Megan preview Eric's latest designs. Thorne and Darla come by. Eric and Stephanie give Thorne their support for his future at Spectra Couture and give him a desk plaque. Hector isn't too thrilled to be at a fashion preview. Thorne thanks his parents for their support. Eric announces Rick's plans to head Forrester International in Milan. Caitlin is upset by the news. Jackie tries to find out where Massimo is but Nick refuses to tell her. Sally confronts Nick over why Jackie M boutiques won't carry Spectra Couture. Nick informs her how Ridge threatened to pull Forrester Creations out if he did. Brooke visits Jackie to dig for information on her relationship with Deacon. Brooke sees that their feelings for one another are real.moreless
  • Ep. #4425
    Ep. #4425
    Episode 165
    Thorne gets frustrated when no buyers will even consider carrying Spectra Couture. Thorne and Darla guess that Jackie M boutiques will be their best bet. Deacon meets Jackie at The Insomnia Café. Deacon is glad the truth about them is out. Deacon feels Nick will forgive Jackie. Deacon looks forward to a future with her, but Jackie is filled with guilt. Nick informs Brooke that Massimo found out that Jackie was having an affair with Deacon just before he had his stroke. Nick questions Brooke on her past with Deacon, wondering if Deacon is pulling a con on Jackie. Dr. Whittman calls Nick over to the Marone estate. Nick is hopeful when the doctor informs him that Massimo is showing signs of brain activity. Nick gives the okay to move Massimo into a private clinic under the care of a Dr. Ying.moreless
  • Ep. #4424
    Ep. #4424
    Episode 164
    Rick doubts whether Amber will succeed in pulling the family together, but Thomas disagrees. Rick admits that Amber has been a changed person since she began dating Thomas. Stephanie tells Amber that she is proud of her, but still feels that her relationship with Thomas is wrong. Amber pleads with Stephanie but she refuses to budge. Brooke accuses Stephanie of wasting a chance to pull the family together. Nick fires Deacon and orders him to leave. Jackie attempts to make Nick see that she is just as much to blame as Deacon. Jackie tells Nick that she would like to take care of Massimo. Jackie tries to convince Nick that she does love Massimo and explains that was the reason that she needed to be honest with him.moreless
  • Ep. #4423
    Ep. #4423
    Episode 163
  • Ep. #4422
    Ep. #4422
    Episode 162
  • Ep. #4421
    Ep. #4421
    Episode 161
  • Ep. #4420
    Ep. #4420
    Episode 160
  • Ep. #4419
    Ep. #4419
    Episode 159
  • Ep. #4418
    Ep. #4418
    Episode 158
  • Ep. #4417
    Ep. #4417
    Episode 157
  • Ep. #4416
    Ep. #4416
    Episode 156
  • Ep. #4415
    Ep. #4415
    Episode 155
  • Ep. #4414
    Ep. #4414
    Episode 154
  • Ep. #4413
    Ep. #4413
    Episode 153
  • Ep. #4412
    Ep. #4412
    Episode 152
  • Ep. #4411
    Ep. #4411
    Episode 151
  • Ep. #4410
    Ep. #4410
    Episode 150
  • Ep. #4409
    Ep. #4409
    Episode 149
  • Ep. #4408
    Ep. #4408
    Episode 148
  • Ep. #4407
    Ep. #4407
    Episode 147
  • Ep. #4406
    Ep. #4406
    Episode 146
  • Ep. #4405
    Ep. #4405
    Episode 145
  • Ep. #4404
    Ep. #4404
    Episode 144
  • Ep. #4403
    Ep. #4403
    Episode 143
  • Ep. #4402
    Ep. #4402
    Episode 142
  • Ep. #4401
    Ep. #4401
    Episode 141
  • Ep. #4400
    Ep. #4400
    Episode 140
  • Ep. #4399
    Ep. #4399
    Episode 139
  • Ep. #4398
    Ep. #4398
    Episode 138
  • Ep. #4397
    Ep. #4397
    Episode 137
  • Ep. #4396
    Ep. #4396
    Episode 136
  • Ep. #4395
    Ep. #4395
    Episode 135
  • Ep. #4394
    Ep. #4394
    Episode 134
  • Ep. #4393
    Ep. #4393
    Episode 133
  • Ep. #4392
    Ep. #4392
    Episode 132
  • Ep. #4391
    Ep. #4391
    Episode 131
  • Ep. #4390
    Ep. #4390
    Episode 130
  • Ep. #4389
    Ep. #4389
    Episode 129
  • Ep. #4388
    Ep. #4388
    Episode 128
  • Ep. #4387
    Ep. #4387
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #4386
    Ep. #4386
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #4385
    Ep. #4385
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #4384
    Ep. #4384
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #4383
    Ep. #4383
    Episode 123
  • Ep. #4382
    Ep. #4382
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #4381
    Ep. #4381
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #4380
    Ep. #4380
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #4379
    Ep. #4379
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #4378
    Ep. #4378
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #4377
    Ep. #4377
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #4376
    Ep. #4376
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #4375
    Ep. #4375
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #4374
    Ep. #4374
    Episode 114
    Jackie is surprised when Massimo calls her and asks her to come to the house. When she gets there, Massimo shocks her by telling her that he's changed her mind, and he wants her back!
  • Ep. #4373
    Ep. #4373
    Episode 113
    Caitlin is furious that Hector was the one who hit Rick and also withheld oxygen from him, and Hector is equally furious that Rick still hasn't told the under-aged Caitlin to stay away.
  • Ep. #4372
    Ep. #4372
    Episode 112
    After learning Thorne has gotten a job working for Spectra, Eric is more determined than ever to make him see that his demotion doesn't mean he was unloved, but Thorne is firm on not returning.
  • Ep. #4371
    Ep. #4371
    Episode 111
    Deacon tells Jackie that the only way she will ever be free is to sign the divorce papers, and the two celebrate her upcoming divorce by making love.
  • Ep. #4370
    Ep. #4370
    Episode 110
    Hector makes no secret of what happened at the house when he talks to the authorities, who sing his praises to the Forresters and credit him with saving Rick's life.
  • Ep. #4369
    Ep. #4369
    Episode 109
  • Ep. #4368
    Ep. #4368
    Episode 108
  • Ep. #4367
    Ep. #4367
    Episode 107
  • Ep. #4366
    Ep. #4366
    Episode 106
  • Ep. #4365
    Ep. #4365
    Episode 105
  • Ep. #4364
    Ep. #4364
    Episode 104
    While playing a game of charades with Jimmy and Caitlin, Hector begins acting out the situation to Samantha, who finally clues in that Hector is asking her to marry him, and says yes.
  • Ep. #4363
    Ep. #4363
    Episode 103
    Sally is shocked when Thorne shows up at home wanting to make her a proposition. She is horrified to hear what happened with Stephanie and Eric, but thrilled when Thorne suggests they work together.
  • Ep. #4362
    Ep. #4362
    Episode 102
    After a furious Thorne walks out on his parents after they try to make him see that it's not too bad that he's being demoted and returned to the basement, and Darla lets Eric and Stephanie have it with both barrels.
  • Ep. #4361
    Ep. #4361
    Episode 101
    Nick questions Felicia about the pills in her purse, and when she leaves the room, he quickly pulls the pills out of her purse to call a doctor friend to ask him to look into what kind of pills they are.
  • Ep. #4360
    Ep. #4360
    Episode 100
    Rather than choose between his sons, Eric tells them that he plans to retire and leave the company in their hands, but that answer isn't what Thorne and Ridge need, and they demand he choose.
  • Ep. #4359
    Ep. #4359
    Episode 99
  • Ep. #4358
    Ep. #4358
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #4357
    Ep. #4357
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #4356
    Ep. #4356
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #4355
    Ep. #4355
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #4354
    Ep. #4354
    Episode 94
  • Ep. #4353
    Ep. #4353
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #4352
    Ep. #4352
    Episode 92
  • Ep. #4351
    Ep. #4351
    Episode 91
  • Ep. #4350
    Ep. #4350
    Episode 90
  • Ep. #4349
    Ep. #4349
    Episode 89
  • Ep. #4348
    Ep. #4348
    Episode 88
  • Ep. #4347
    Ep. #4347
    Episode 87
  • Ep. #4346
    Ep. #4346
    Episode 86
  • Ep. #4345
    Ep. #4345
    Episode 85
  • Ep. #4344
    Ep. #4344
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #4343
    Ep. #4343
    Episode 83
  • Ep. #4342
    Ep. #4342
    Episode 82
  • Ep. #4341
    Ep. #4341
    Episode 81
  • Ep. #4340
    Ep. #4340
    Episode 80
  • Ep. #4339
    Ep. #4339
    Episode 79
  • Ep. #4338
    Ep. #4338
    Episode 78
  • Ep. #4337
    Ep. #4337
    Episode 77
  • Ep. #4336
    Ep. #4336
    Episode 76
  • Ep. #4335
    Ep. #4335
    Episode 75
  • Ep. #4334
    Ep. #4334
    Episode 74
  • Ep. #4333
    Ep. #4333
    Episode 73
  • Ep. #4332
    Ep. #4332
    Episode 72
  • Ep. #4331
    Ep. #4331
    Episode 71
  • Ep. #4330
    Ep. #4330
    Episode 70
    Caitlin takes her designs to Forrester to show Ridge, but he's in the process of introducing his new son to his children with Taylor, so Rick checks out the designs ... and Caitlin.
  • Ep. #4329
    Ep. #4329
    Episode 69
    As much as she loves her new grandson, Stephanie cannot accept that they will never be free of Brooke, but Eric tells her that if she wants Ridge and that baby in her life, she has to learn to accept her.
  • Ep. #4328
    Ep. #4328
    Episode 68
    A devastated Nick leaves Brooke, Ridge and their child and returns home, where he rails at Jackie for all that she has cost him, and tells her she is dead to him after her lies.
  • Ep. #4327
    Ep. #4327
    Episode 67
    Stephanie is shocked to learn that the baby really belongs to Ridge, and initially refuses to believe it because she can't stand that now Brooke and Ridge will always have a living bond.
  • Ep. #4326
    Ep. #4326
    Episode 66
    Nick arrives shortly after Ridge successfully delivers Brooke's son, and tells Ridge and Brooke that the paternity tests were wrong -- the baby actually belongs to Ridge.
  • Ep. #4325
    Ep. #4325
    Episode 65
    Jackie tells Nick about the mistakes with the paternity test, admitting that Dr. Paxson had tried to tell Brooke about the error, and that she had run a second test and who the father really is.
  • Ep. #4324
    Ep. #4324
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #4323
    Ep. #4323
    Episode 63
  • Ep. #4322
    Ep. #4322
    Episode 62
  • Ep. #4321
    Ep. #4321
    Episode 61
  • Ep. #4320
    Ep. #4320
    Episode 60
  • Ep. #4319
    Ep. #4319
    Episode 59
    Stephanie can't believe that Ridge will be bringing Brooke to the wedding, considering that Brooke has been married to Ridge, Thorne, AND Eric!
  • Ep. #4318
    Ep. #4318
    Episode 58
  • Ep. #4317
    Ep. #4317
    Episode 57
  • Ep. #4316
    Ep. #4316
    Episode 56
  • Ep. #4315
    Ep. #4315
    Episode 55
  • Ep. #4314
    Ep. #4314
    Episode 54
    Nick and Mass are held by the FBI and questioned while their lawyer, Harvey, reminds them not to say anything. This doesn't appease the FBI, who wants answers to their questions.
  • Ep. #4313
    Ep. #4313
    Episode 53
    Ridge takes Brooke from the wedding while the FBI escort Nick and Massimo out, leaving Stephanie fuming while Eric tries to defend Ridge.
  • Ep. #4312
    Ep. #4312
    Episode 52
    Nick and Brooke have exchanged their vows and the marriage is just about to become official as Ridge bursts in with Maya and tries to stop the wedding.
  • Ep. #4311
    Ep. #4311
    Episode 51
    While Nick and Brooke prepare to walk down the aisle and Ridge chases Maya, Stephanie meets with Kristen at the house, and the two catch up on everything that has been going on lately.
  • Ep. #4310
    Ep. #4310
    Episode 50
    Ridge sets a trap for Maya at the Shady Marlin, and instructs her that she WILL come to Brooke and Nick's wedding with him, and she WILL make sure that it does not happen.
  • Ep. #4309
    Ep. #4309
    Episode 49
  • Ep. #4308
    Ep. #4308
    Episode 48
  • Ep. #4307
    Ep. #4307
    Episode 47
    Massimo wants Brooke to approve selling the Logan Designs to Sally, but she won't let him. When he finally convinces her to let go, he goes to Sally's and announces that Brooke agreed to sell the company. Hector overhears a conversation between Samantha and Caitlin. Caitlin wonders if Samantha could get back with Hector, and then later asks if she can call her mom.moreless
  • Ep. #4306
    Ep. #4306
    Episode 46
    Brooke talks to Nick about Ridge. He explains his concern because Ridge hasn't contacted him. Brooke tells him that she's still hurting over Ridge. Deacon informs Jackie about Massimo's request to follow her, and then tries to calm her down. Ridge breaks into Nick's office to find information against Nick, but is then forced to hide when Nick arrives. He overhears Nick talking to a woman named Maya.moreless
  • Ep. #4305
    Ep. #4305
    Episode 45
    Massimo wants Deacon to be loyal to become a part of the family, and then asks him to follow Jackie, because he suspects she is cheating on him. Reluctantly, Deacon agrees. Eric explains how Brooke has become an important part of the Forrester family. Nick tries to show Jackie why Deacon must get closer to the Forrester family.moreless
  • Ep. #4304
    Ep. #4304
    Episode 44
    Stephanie is delighted to inform Sally that not only is Brooke marrying Nick, but Nick is also changing his name to Marone and is planning to adopt Hope as his own daughter.
  • Ep. #4303
    Ep. #4303
    Episode 43
    Massimo confronts Jackie with the fact that she lied about being with Lauren Fenmore and accuses her of having an affair, but she swears that she wasn't having an affair, merely an alcoholic blackout.
  • Ep. #4302
    Ep. #4302
    Episode 42
    Ridge tries desperately to convince Brooke that whether or not Nick is the father of her child, they can still be together, and raise that child just as if he (R) is the father.
  • Ep. #4301
    Ep. #4301
    Episode 41
    Samantha is ecstatic to share the news of finding her daughter with Ridge, but feels awful to be so happy when Ridge is going through such a hard time with Brooke.
  • Ep. #4300
    Ep. #4300
    Episode 40
    Jackie is shocked to wake up in Deacon's bed, knowing that she never would have slept with him if she had been sober. She rushes home to Massimo, where she tells him that she was with Lauren Fenmore.
  • Ep. #4299
    Ep. #4299
    Episode 39
    As Jackie continues to get more and more drunk while awaiting the test results, Deacon takes her to bed, and it isn't long before Deacon and a drunk Jackie are making love.
  • Ep. #4298
    Ep. #4298
    Episode 38
    Hector and Samantha explain to Caitlin that the reason she was told her mother was dead and that Samantha has never been in her life was because Priscilla had lied to both Sam and Hector.
  • Ep. #4297
    Ep. #4297
    Episode 37
    At the press conference to announce Thorne's ascension to the presidency of Forrester creations, it suddenly becomes all about Ridge when reporters notice that he has returned to the family fold, leaving Darla to comfort Thorne, who has suddenly become unimportant.
  • Ep. #4296
    Ep. #4296
    Episode 36
    While visiting with her son, Jackie pretends to see a gray hair in Nick's head. She plucks it out for him, then secretly holds onto it so she can use it in the second paternity test.
  • Ep. #4295
    Ep. #4295
    Episode 35
    Priscilla tries to talk to Samantha, but she is furious with her mother for telling her that her daughter was dead all those years ago, and informs her mother that she is dead to her.
  • Ep. #4294
    Ep. #4294
    Episode 34
    Deacon has a suggestion to make to Jackie -- if she doesn't want to ruin Nick's chances with Brooke by telling them the truth, they should find another way to run a brand new paternity test.
  • Ep. #4293
    Ep. #4293
    Episode 33
    Stephanie tells Brooke that she is thrilled that Brooke is finally out of her family's life after all these years, and Brooke taunts Stephanie that she will always be part of Ridge's life.
  • Ep. #4292
    Ep. #4292
    Episode 32
    Ridge refuses to listen to Stephanie when she tells him that, like Brooke, he should try to move on with his life, and he lashes out at his mother for not wanting him and Brooke together.
  • Ep. #4291
    Ep. #4291
    Episode 31
    Hector tells a disbelieving Samantha that their daughter is still alive, trying desperately to get her to understand that while they lost a lot of years, they have not lost everything.
  • Ep. #4290
    Ep. #4290
    Episode 30
    Nick comforts Brooke when she pulls away from him after their lovemaking, admitting that she is still reeling over ending her long-standing relationship with Ridge.
  • Ep. #4289
    Ep. #4289
    Episode 29
    Samantha and Caitlin both find themselves at the coffee house trying to forget their individual pain, and the two bond over what they've lost, as Hector finally realises that Samantha really does believe their daughter is dead.
  • Ep. #4288
    Ep. #4288
    Episode 28
    After her talk on the phone with Ridge, Brooke decides that she is finally ready to put him in her past and move on with Nick as she prepares to seduce her fiancé.
  • Ep. #4287
    Ep. #4287
    Episode 27
    Ridge finally has to accept that Brooke is gone for real when she phones him for advice about how to handle Nick, and Ridge picks up the sketch pad that Eric left for him, unable to get his mind off Brooke.
  • Ep. #4286
    Ep. #4286
    Episode 26
    With prompting from Samantha, Caitlin tells her father about her new internship, but doesn't mention who it's with. Later, Hector worries when Caitlin wakes from a recurring nightmare about her mother.
  • Ep. #4285
    Ep. #4285
    Episode 25
    After Stephanie and Eric decide to go with Thorne's proposal that he be made president of Forrester Creations, Darla is overjoyed for her fiancé.
  • Ep. #4284
    Ep. #4284
    Episode 24
    Jackie shares the good news about Nick and Brooke's engagement with Deacon, who worries about what this means about his future role in his daughter Hope's life.
  • Ep. #4283
    Ep. #4283
    Episode 23
    When Brooke wonders if she is doing the right thing, Nick assures her how much he loves her, but not wanting to pressure her, reminds her that only she can make this decision.
  • Ep. #4282
    Ep. #4282
    Episode 22
    After Ridge learns that Brooke and Nick are engaged, nothing Massimo, Stephanie, or Jackie say can calm him down, and he takes off his Marone ring, telling his father he wants nothing to do with him.
  • Ep. #4281
    Ep. #4281
    Episode 21
    Ridge arrives at the party shortly after Nick, Brooke, and Hope leave for a vacation together, and Stephanie tells her son that Brooke has moved on and that he has to let her go.
  • Ep. #4280
    Ep. #4280
    Episode 20
    With everyone, including James, pressuring her to accept Nick's marriage proposal, Brooke starts to feel like the walls are closing in on her. An oblivious Nick waits for her at the party.
  • Ep. #4279
    Ep. #4279
    Episode 19
    After hearing Eric and Stephanie talk about how Eric is convinced that Stephanie has only been pretending to care about Brooke to get her out of Ridge's life, Ridge wonders if his mother has been betraying him to get rid of Brooke all along.
  • Ep. #4278
    Ep. #4278
    Episode 18
    Although Clarke is skeptical, he and the other employees at Logan Designs listen to what she has to say when Sally tells them about her plans to get her company back.
  • Ep. #4277
    Ep. #4277
    Episode 17
    After locking himself and Brooke in the office, Ridge tries to convince her again that she should be with him and they'll raise the baby, but Brooke is adamant about staying with Nick and wants Ridge to let her go.
  • Ep. #4276
    Ep. #4276
    Episode 16
    After Brooke has a panic attack, Nick is furious to learn from Jackie that she and Massimo planned a party in his and Brooke's honor without even talking to him about it.
  • Ep. #4275
    Ep. #4275
    Episode 15
    Thorne is nervous about telling his parents he would like to be president of Forrester Creations, but Darla tries to cheer him up, telling her how important he is to her and their daughter Alexandria.
  • Ep. #4274
    Ep. #4274
    Episode 14
    Brooke worries that she will lose her connection to all of the Forresters if she marries Nick, but Stephanie assures her that they will never turn their backs on her. Brooke is shocked when Stephanie tells her that she loves her.
  • Ep. #4273
    Ep. #4273
    Episode 13
    Hector tells Priscilla that despite her threats to have him arrested for statuatory rape, he loved Samantha, and planned to make a life with her and their daughter Caitlin. Priscilla tells him that Samantha wanted nothing to do with either, as a shocked Amber overhears everything.
  • Ep. #4272
    Ep. #4272
    Episode 12
    Brooke admits to Rick that she can't help but think that this baby belongs to Ridge, but once alone, she begins to fantasize about what a life with Nick and the baby would be like if she chooses to marry him.
  • Ep. #4271
    Ep. #4271
    Episode 11
    Samantha can't get over having recently seen Hector after all these years, and Priscilla tries to convince her daughter that Hector was just a bad seed who used her and then threw her away once he got what he wanted from her.
  • Ep. #4270
    Ep. #4270
    Episode 10
    Sally admits to Thorne and Darla that she misses being in the thick of things, but doesn't see how she could get it back. She thought she could trust Massimo, but can bought her company, gave it to Ridge, who then re-named it after Brooke Logan.
  • Ep. #4269
    Ep. #4269
    Episode 9
    Nick finds a brooding Brooke in her office, and learns that it's the twins' birthday and she promised to be there. She doesn't want to go, but Nick reminds her that no matter what is going on with the adults, those twins are still children and should not suffer for it.moreless
  • Ep. #4268
    Ep. #4268
    Episode 8
    Ridge vaguely remembers Hector Ramírez as a freshman from across town, then confuses Thomas when he tells his son to stay out of Hector's problems with Caitlin and to let those problems work themselves out.
  • Ep. #4267
    Ep. #4267
    Episode 7
    At Chuck's, Nick serenades Brooke and their son with a son he wrote specifically for her. Brooke thanks him for the beautiful words, then is shocked to see Deacon sit down after Brooke leaves. She doesn't want to listen when Deacon tells her that he thinks Nick is right for her.moreless
  • Ep. #4266
    Ep. #4266
    Episode 6
    When Sam finds out that Caitlin is being forced to quit her job at Forrester because of Hector's antagonism toward the Forrester clan, she impulsively offers Caitlin an internship with her at Logan Designs.
  • Ep. #4265
    Ep. #4265
    Episode 5
    Hector is surprised to find a distraught Amber at the door, who says she just had nowhere to go after the fire. He invites her in and goes to get her a drink, but returns only to find her asleep on the couch.
  • Ep. #4264
    Ep. #4264
    Episode 4
    Nick assures Brooke that he doesn't want to pressure her, but says Ridge is just going crazy over all the back and forth. He suggests that if Brooke accept his proposal, Ridge will accept that it's over.
  • Ep. #4263
    Ep. #4263
    Episode 3
    Thomas walks Caitlin home after they leave Samantha with her new puppy Annie, and talk about how her father is still a little leery about her being involved with the Forresters. They share a brief kiss, not realising that Hector is watching.
  • Ep. #4262
    Ep. #4262
    Episode 2
    Ridge is shocked that Brooke could even consider marrying Nick, but Brooke tells him that she's tired of all the instability in her children's lives and just wants to give them a permanent home.
  • Ep. #4261
    Ep. #4261
    Episode 1
    Samantha tells Eric all about the man she was in love with, who wanted to marry her despite her family and raise their baby together. She says that having Pucci with her in the fifteen years since her baby daughter's death was like having a piece of her.