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  • Ep. #4769
    Ep. #4769
    Episode 255
    Stephanie isn't pleased when Eric informs her that he has arranged a memorial service for Felicia. Eric insists that he has a right to mourn his own daughter. Stephanie later calls Christian and learns that Felicia has had her first set of chemotherapy, which hasn't worked well and lowered her vitals. Nick goes to Bridget and they talk about the good times of their marriage. Bridget tells Nick that she loves him but she has to let him go and they both sign the divorce papers. Brooke arrives home to find Ridge has moved his things in. Brooke tells Ridge that she is in love with Nick. Ridge tells Brooke that he refuses to give up on her as he leaves. Nick later comes by and tells Brooke that he Bridget have begun the divorce. Nick and Brooke kiss as Ridge watches from the shadows of the garden.moreless
  • Ep. #4768
    Ep. #4768
    Episode 254
    Christian calls Stephanie and informs her that he has started Felicia's chemotherapy. Ridge comes by and seeks comfort from Stephanie over Felicia. They later discuss Brooke and Ridge tells her that he and Brooke will be married soon. Brooke visits Bridget and Bridget wonders why she heard Brooke was in bed with Ridge. Brooke asks Bridget if she is sure she wants to give up on Nick, and Bridget shows her that their divorce papers have come through. Brooke makes Bridget a promise to not pursue anything with Nick until their divorce is finalized in six months. Taylor brings breakfast to Nick and Taylor wonders if Brooke will be able to manage being with Nick, knowing that it will hurt Bridget. Brooke later drops in on Nick and after they profess their love, Brooke informs him that she can't make love to him for six months.moreless
  • Ep. #4767
    Ep. #4767
    Episode 253
    Taylor tells Nick that he made her feel care free for the first time since Ridge left her. Taylor continues to apologise for causing him trouble, but Nick assures her that she has a friend in him. Dante brings Dominick over to Bridget and she admits that she feels scared about stepping in to Felicia's shoes to be the boy's mother. Dante assures her that she is Dominick's mother now, and how he hopes that they can all be a real family some day. Stephanie tells Felicia to fight her cancer and remain strong for her son. Christian Ramirez, the doctor looking after Felicia, informs Stephanie that Felicia will need chemotherapy to irradicate her cancer, as well as a liver transplant and he breaks the news that Felicia's chances of living are very slim.moreless
  • Ep. #4766
    Ep. #4766
    Episode 252
    Taylor goes to Brooke to ask her to remain quiet over finding her with Nick. Brooke realises Taylor is hoping that Ridge will return to her and Brooke informs Taylor that she will keep quiet, but only for the sake of Bridget. Taylor pops over to see Nick to apologise for causing him trouble. Nick takes some of the blame onto himself, and Taylor confides in him that she is afraid that she is becoming dependant on alcohol to numb her pain. Eric tells Stephanie that they must arrange a funeral for Felicia, but Stephanie refuses to discuss it. Jackie later visits Eric and she agrees that Stephanie's behavior is strange. Stephanie visits with a doctor and talks to him about Felicia. Stephanie later sits by Felicia's side, as she is connected up to machines and is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #4765
    Ep. #4765
    Episode 251
    Brooke tells both Ridge and Nick that she needs some time to think. They agree, but Brooke is angry when she later finds Ridge waiting for her at home. Taylor and Stephanie drop by to see Nick and Stephanie's warns Nick that Ridge won't respect Brooke's wishes of needing space and will use the time to his advantage. Brooke tells Ridge that he must honor her wishes of needing space. Ridge tells Brooke how he loves her and knows that they will be together again. Brooke returns her wedding band back to Ridge before he leaves. Brooke is alone and left with memories of the day.moreless
  • Ep. #4764
    Ep. #4764
    Episode 250
    Stephanie finds Taylor passed out on the sofa. Taylor explains how she got drunk at Chuck's Bar and ended up with Nick on his boat. Stephanie is shocked when she learns that Ridge was in bed with Brooke, and she promises Taylor that she will sort everything out. Bridget is surprised to find Ridge at Brooke's and she insists that he must allow Nick and Brooke to be together. Ridge rushes out to go find Brooke, and Dante comes over to be with Bridget. Bridget tells him that Ridge isn't giving up on Brooke and fears that there will be more heartache to come. Brooke agrees to give Nick another shot and the two kiss. Ridge arrives and acts arrogant that Brooke is his and tells Nick to leave them alone. Ridge tries to have Brooke leave with him, but she stays put.moreless
  • Ep. #4763
    Ep. #4763
    Episode 249
    Brooke is horrified to find Taylor on top of Nick, but both Taylor and Nick insist that nothing happened. Brooke tells Nick that nothing happened between her and Ridge when they were in bed together, and is horrified that Nick would turn to Taylor. Dante and Bridget both try to comfort Stephanie in the wake of Felicia's death, but Stephanie is comforted the most by holding baby Dominick in her arms. Ridge is furious when Jackie continues to insist that Brooke made her choice -- Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #4762
    Ep. #4762
    Episode 248
    Massimo isn't pleased when Jackie shows up at Brooke's house. Massimo leaves as Jackie tells Brooke that Nick rushed out after seeing her with Ridge. Brooke is devastated and goes to find Nick to explain. Ridge faces off with Jackie when he finds her in the house. Ridge believes Brooke has chosen him, but Jackie disagrees. Nick drowns his sorrows at Chuck's Bar after seeing Brooke with Ridge. Hector has to leave Taylor when he is called to duty, and a drunk Taylor chats with Nick. Taylor is horrified when Nick informs her that Ridge was in bed wth Brooke. Nick goes back to the Shady Marlin where he continues to drink. Taylor later falls on to the boat, pulling Nick onto the bed, just as Brooke arrives and sees them together.moreless
  • Ep. #4761
    Ep. #4761
    Episode 247
    Massimo offers Ridge his support over Felicia's death, but furthers his own agenda by pushing Ridge to return to Brooke to seek comfort. Brooke breaks off a call with Nick to find Ridge at her door, looking for solace. Brooke comforts Ridge in his grief over losing his sister, but when Ridge wants to go further she tries to put him off, telling him it's been an emotional day. The two fall back on the bed together, Ridge wearing only a towel, and Brooke's robe falling off one shoulder. Hector comes into Chuck's Bar to find Taylor downing wine. Hector's curious about her choice of watering holes, and she tells him she can't face the people in the other places she used to go. She tells him that she is grieving for Felicia. Hector tries to get Taylor to slow down on the drinking, but she continues to order, telling Hector that she wants Ridge back. Nick has shown up at Brooke's home to see her and finds Massimo cleaning up the remnants of the wedding. Nick cannot believe Massimo when he tells him that Ridge is upstairs with Brooke and heads up only to see Brooke on top of Ridge in bed.moreless
  • Ep. #4760
    Ep. #4760
    Episode 246
    The battle over Brooke rages on as Stephanie, Bridget and Nick all want Brooke to choose Nick, and Massimo and Ridge both want her to choose Ridge. Downstairs, Thorne takes a call from Dante telling them Felicia wants them. The Forresters and Nick head over to the guesthouse, leaving Brooke and Massimo alone in the mansion. One by one, Felicia's family says their goodbyes -- Ridge is stoic as he says goodbye, Thorne breaks down and tells her he loves her, Eric thanks her for coming home. Stephanie refuses to accept the truth and calls an ambulance, then begs Felicia to fight for Dominic after Bridget brings him in. Felicia remains strong until she has her son in her arms, then asks Stephanie to hold her. Stephanie breaks down as Felicia dies in her arms.moreless
  • Ep. #4759
    Ep. #4759
    Episode 245
    Ridge and Nick both attempt to convince Brooke that they're the man for her. Massimo interrupts the discussion, demanding that Nick leave Ridge and Brooke alone. Stephanie pulls Brooke into another room, telling her that she needs to follow her heart and choose Nick. Stephanie encourages Brooke not to ignore the sacrifice that Bridget was willing to make by letting Nick go after she realised that Nick and Brooke were meant to be. Dante is with Felicia at the guest house, and she gives him the paperwork that names him and Bridget as little Dominick's legal guardians after her death.moreless
  • Ep. #4758
    Ep. #4758
    Episode 244
    When Taylor hears that Ridge and Brooke's wedding has come to a standstill, Thomas suggests that there may a chance for Taylor and Ridge to get back together. Taylor tells her son that she is tired of chasing Ridge and can live without him. Ridge tries to get Nick to leave but he demands some time alone with Brooke. Stephanie praises Bridget for being strong enough to let Nick go, but Eric thinks Bridget is acting out after the loss of Nicole. Brooke remains silent as Nick and Ridge have it out. Ridge tells Nick to forget his fantasy and asks Brooke to finish the ceremony, but Brooke remains torn.moreless
  • Ep. #4757
    Ep. #4757
    Episode 243
    The wedding guests are shocked that Nick grabbed Brooke and carried her out of the wedding like that. Upstairs, Nick continues to try to convince Brooke not to marry Ridge, and Bridget shows up to try to convince her mother to give Nick a try. She tells her mother that her marriage with Nick is over, and that she is okay with Nick and Brooke ending up together. At his place, Dante imagines Bridget in his home, with his sketchpad, visualizing the two of them raising Dominick together.moreless
  • Ep. #4756
    Ep. #4756
    Episode 242
    Brooke and Ridge say their vows as Nick rushes to get to the wedding before Brooke can say 'I do'. Once there he throws her over his shoulder and barricades them in her bedroom together before kissing her passionately, much to Stephanie's delight. Dante stops by to see Bridget and offers her a shoulder to cry on as she tells him that her marriage to Nick is over.moreless
  • Ep. #4755
    Ep. #4755
    Episode 241
    As Ridge and Brooke plan to get married, Stephanie has one last attempt to convince Brooke to go back to Nick. Massimo, Sally, Thorne and Darla learn that Dominick isn't Nick's son when Jackie informs them of the bad news. Brooke prepares herself, while Stephanie prays that Bridget will arrive and stop the wedding. Nick tries to save his marriage to Bridget but she insists that it's time for both of them to move on. Bridget removes Nick's wedding ring and tells him to follow his heart to Brooke with her blessing. Bridget informs Nick to act now as Brooke is about to marry Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4754
    Ep. #4754
    Episode 240
    Bridget tries to convince Nick that everything that once held them together is gone and that he needs to move on, with Brooke. Brooke lists off her conditions for marrying Ridge, one of which includes Nick being welcome in their home at any time. When he agrees, she accepts his proposal. He wants to get married right away, and Stephanie leaves in disgust. Stephanie goes to see Bridget to make sure she is aware of the sacrifice that her mother is willing to make, and asks her to let Nick and Brooke be happy together.moreless
  • Ep. #4753
    Ep. #4753
    Episode 239
    Bridget tries to convince Nick that they can raise Dominick together, but he doesn't want to spend his life waiting for Dante to decide he wants his son. Bridget realises that she and Nick always use children to glue their marriage together, and says to Nick that the glue has run out. Ridge tells Stephanie that he's going to side with Brooke on the Bridget and Nick issue. Ridge proposes to Brooke again.moreless
  • Ep. #4752
    Ep. #4752
    Episode 238
    Bridget is shocked to learn that Nick isn't little Dominick's father, but refuses to believe that she and Nick will not be raising the little boy together. Stephanie tries to convince Brooke that with Dominick not being Nick's son, the reason for Bridget and Nick to be together is gone, and Brooke doesn't have to give up the man she loves. Bridget is convinced that Dante wants her and Nick to raise Dominick and goes to his home to talk to him, where she is shocked to learn that what Dante really wants is to raise Dominick with her.moreless
  • Ep. #4751
    Ep. #4751
    Episode 237
    Brooke is shocked when Nick tells her that Dante, and not he, is Dominick's real father, and Brooke has difficulty believing him even with the paternity test as proof. Felicia continues her quest to have Bridget raise her son after she is gone. Stephanie is upset that Nick found out about Dominick on the day they memorialised Nicole, but is relieved that Bridget didn't find out that day as well. Nick prepares to tell Bridget that Dominick is not his son.moreless
  • Ep. #4750
    Ep. #4750
    Episode 236
    Taylor assures Ridge that she's doing just fine without him, especially since she's not the one playing puppet on Brooke's strings. Nick is angry with Felicia for lying to him about Dominick's paternity and not telling him that there was a possibility Dante was the father, and worries about how Bridget will take the news. Dante offers Bridget his condolences on her daughter's death but cryptically comments that some good may come.moreless
  • Ep. #4749
    Ep. #4749
    Episode 235
    Nick is devastated when the truth finally hits home that Dominick is not his son after Dante tells him and wants answers from Felicia. The memorial service for Nicole is beautiful, but Bridget worries that the others haven't returned yet and wonders why Dante is spending so much time with Felicia.moreless
  • Ep. #4748
    Ep. #4748
    Episode 234
    Dante stops by and offers to watch the baby for Felicia during the memorial service, as Bridget hopes desperately that Dominick will be there for her to hold on to. Stephanie comes to see Felicia while she is getting ready, and Felicia admits that Dominick is Dante's son. Stephanie is initially angry, and the two trade words and blows, but they come together and Stephanie promises she will not let Dante take Dominick from his family. Nick admits to Brooke that the only thing getting them through this right now is Dominick. Taylor talks to Dante and warns him that Stephanie is on the warpath. Nick goes to get the baby and finds him with Dante, who refuses to let him take Dominick.moreless
  • Ep. #4747
    Ep. #4747
    Episode 233
    Felicia is devastated when Taylor reveals that Dante is actually Dominick's father and not Nick. Dante, on the other hand, is a proud new papa and wants to tell everyone the truth about his son. Bridget breaks down again after seeing a baby blanket that was intended for Nicole, but seeing a picture of Nick and Dominick together brings her comfort. Stephanie's sadness at Felicia's dying is comforted somewhat by knowing Dominick will have a wonderful family. Nick's heart breaks as he sings the lullaby he had written for his baby daughter. Bridget calls Stephanie to let her know that there is going to be a memorial for Nicole.moreless
  • Ep. #4746
    Ep. #4746
    Episode 232
    Nick brings Dominick home to the beach house. Bridget feels uncomfortable and later tells Nick her fears of rejecting Dominick and admits that she doesn't know whether she can take care of him after Felicia's death. Ridge tells Brooke how much he loves her but adds that he doesn't want to be with her if her heart is with Nick. Ridge asks Brooke to remember their past together as they dance. Felicia refuses to have a blood test carried out on Dominick, but Taylor and Dante advise her to. Felicia eventually gives in when they explain that Dominick may need his real father for medical emergencies later in life. At the hospital as they wait for the results, Felicia begins wondering if Dante has plans to use Dominick to real in Bridget if he turns out to be the father.moreless
  • Ep. #4745
    Ep. #4745
    Episode 231
    Brooke arrives home to find her bedroom filled with Valentine's Day romance. Ridge gives Brooke some lingerie and a bag full of cards. Ridge asks Brooke if there is any hope for them at all. Hector calls Taylor to check up on her, but she makes the call short as she nurses a glass of wine. Dante drops in and tells Taylor his fears that Dominick may be his son. Dante asks for Taylor's help in getting through to Felicia. Nick tells Felicia how happy he is to have Dominick in his life and believes that Bridget will also the baby as her way through the pain of losing Nicole. Nick suggests he put his name on Dominick's birth certificate and have his last name changed to Marone and Felicia agrees. Taylor and Dante later drop by to see Felicia. Dante, with Taylor's support, demands that Felicia have a blood test done on Dominick to see who his father is.moreless
  • Ep. #4744
    Ep. #4744
    Episode 230
    Taylor visits Bridget to offer her support. Taylor begins talking about her problems with Ridge as she drinks wine. Bridget opens up about how she doesn't know if she can handle looking after Dominick when Nicole is dead. Brooke sees Nick aboard his boat and offers support, Brooke advises Nick to be strong as he still has a son to raise. Nick admits to Brooke that Bridget feels that he will leave her and return to Brooke now the baby is gone. Dante reminds Felicia of the night they slept together in Nice and suggests that Dominick could be his son. Felicia wont hear of it and has to keep Dante quiet when Nick arrives to see the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #4743
    Ep. #4743
    Episode 229
    Ridge stops by to see Brooke and they reflect on the baby Bridget lost. He tells her that he left Taylor and his children to be with her and wants to know whom she wants to be with. Brooke says that she wouldn't pursue a relationship with Nick. Dante calls on Felicia wanting to discuss baby Dominick's future. Felicia is curious as to why Dante suddenly has an interest in baby Dominick. Bridget again offers Nick a change at his own freedom, but Nick insists he loves her and wants her.moreless
  • Ep. #4742
    Ep. #4742
    Episode 228
    Sally receives a call and tells Ridge and Dante that Bridget is in the hospital. Nick tells Dr. Caspary that he wants to see Nicole. Nick sees her body and tells her she'll always be his daughter as he says his goodbyes. Jackie and Massimo comfort Nick, as Ridge, Thorne, Brooke and Eric support Bridget. Dante comes by the hospital and learns from Felicia that Bridget lost the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #4741
    Ep. #4741
    Episode 227
    Nick and Brooke drop by the beach house to collect some things for Bridget, and Nick tells Brooke how happy he is with his life. As Bridget talks with Felicia, Bridget suddenly goes into premature labor as her water breaks. Dr. Caspary insists that they must deliver the baby. Bridget fears its far to soon and the doctor rushes off with Nicole as she is born. Felicia comforts a distraught Bridget as the doctor tells her that Nicole has died. Dr. Caspary informs Eric, Massimo and Thorne who wait outside as Nick and Brooke return. Nick rushes in to comfort Bridget as they share the grief of their loss. Felicia later comes in to tell them that she will take care of Nicole in heaven as they take care of Dominick on Earth.moreless
  • Ep. #4740
    Ep. #4740
    Episode 226
    Eric arrives home and finds Felicia on the floor. Felicia admits to Eric that she has ran out of medication and he makes her promise to tell him when she is in pain. Felicia agrees if he promises to allow her to die at home rather than in hospital. Brooke drops by to see Bridget at the hospital and she is disheartened, along with Bridget and Nick, when the doctor tells them Bridget has to stay in hospital. Bridget later shares her concerns to Brooke about losing the baby, and worries that she will lose Nick if that happened. Felicia comes to see Bridget with a leather jacket for Nicole once she is born. Felicia and Bridget comfort one another, as they both talk about their problems.moreless
  • Ep. #4739
    Ep. #4739
    Episode 225
    Thorne gives Ridge what-for over his attitude towards his life lately, but Ridge doesn't want to listen to anything his little brother has to say. Later, he swings by the pharmacy to pick up medication for an ailing R.J., and uses the opportunity to again try to convince Brooke that she needs to take him back. Hector is there to save Taylor after her car goes off the road, and luckily she isn't seriously injured. He encourages her to find something to fill her life with that will let her forget about Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4738
    Ep. #4738
    Episode 224
    Taylor is upset when Hector, who recently had a fantasy about her, shows up, and she isn't interested in having anything to do with him. Thomas and Ridge talk about his recent annulment from Taylor, and Ridge reluctantly admits to his son that he still loves Taylor. Ridge calls Taylor, who is driving in her car, and after she gets off the phone, a distracted and emotional Taylor swerves off the road. Bridget begs the nurse to up the medication as both she and Nick pray that the doctors will be able to stop her labor, knowing that it is too soon for their daughter to be born.moreless
  • Ep. #4737
    Ep. #4737
    Episode 223
    Nick and Bridget sit down to a romantic dinner, and Bridget suggests that they name their daughter Nicole. Dinner seems to be going well until Bridget experiences a sharp pain and, realising it's far too soon for a healthy birth, Nick and Bridget rush to the emergency room. Ridge continues his quest to win Brooke back, but when Hope and Catherine arrive, Brooke is angry with Ridge for trying to manipulate her by using her daughter, and tells him there is no chance for them. Taylor and Thomas talk about the recent annulment, and Thomas tries to be there for his mother. Once Taylor's alone she opens some wine and drowns her sorrows.moreless
  • Ep. #4736
    Ep. #4736
    Episode 222
    Brooke and Bridget discuss her relationship with Ridge, and Brooke again reassures her daughter that she is over Nick. Meanwhile, Nick realises that Ridge is up to something after a strange phone call, and it turns out that Ridge is trying to recreate his Puerto Vista wedding with Brooke. Hector drops in on Taylor as she cracks open some champagne. Hector offers comfort to Taylor, who breaks down after trying to put a bright face on her recent annulment.moreless
  • Ep. #4735
    Ep. #4735
    Episode 221
    Taylor talks to Eric while cleaning out her office at Forrester, admitting that this is Ridge and Eric's domain. Ridge is confronted by Hector, who warns him that Taylor is finished with him. Ridge stops by to see Taylor and is surprised when she pulls annulment papers out of her purse. Although neither seems happy about it, they both sign on the dotted line to dissolve their marriage. Jackie stops by to see Eric, who takes her into his office after a minor skirmish with Sally, and assures her that his marriage to Stephanie will end when Felicia dies, which they fear will be very soon.moreless
  • Ep. #4734
    Ep. #4734
    Episode 220
    Eric and Stephanie exchange vows with their family watching on, then laugh it off as Felicia hands them the rings that they left on their dressing tables. Felicia says a quick goodbye to Dominick as Renée prepares to take him back to the guest house, then turns down Ridge's offer to dance when Dante shows up. After a quick turn around the floor and a kiss from Dante, Felicia moves to Thorne's arms and then to Eric's, where she collapses as Eric sings to her to the shock and dismay of her family. Hector finds Taylor preparing to move out of her office at Forrester Creations and tries to convince her that no matter how badly things ended up between them, there must have been something there once for her to have spent so long with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4733
    Ep. #4733
    Episode 219
    As Jackie worries that Nick will attempt to stop the wedding, Nick arrives and tells Jackie that seeing Felicia made him understand why Eric and Stephanie must remarry. Nick says that he is worried Jackie will get hurt, as he feels Eric and Stephanie may stay married after Felicia dies. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Kristen, Thorne, Felicia and Darla gather at the main house. Felicia feels they should all share stories of when they grew up in the house. Thorne tells his parents how much they mean to him, while Darla thanks them for welcoming her into their family. Kristen says how much she misses them while caring for Tony in Miami. Ridge tells Eric that he will always see him as his father, and he forgives Stephanie for being so controling. Eric and Stephanie both agree that they held the family together and have appreciated one anothers contributions through the years. Felicia says that what she wanted has been accomplished, and tells Eric and Stephanie to only remarry if it's what they both truly want.moreless
  • Ep. #4732
    Ep. #4732
    Episode 218
    Jackie tells Nick that she and Eric are engaged. Nick is happy for her until he learns that Eric is marrying Stephanie. Nick goes to Eric and demands he choose between Jackie and Stephanie. Eric tells him that he's marrying Stephanie for Felicia, and they'll divorce after her death. Eric asks Nick not to tell Felicia that he is engaged to Jackie. Nick later drops by to see Felicia, but he decides to stay quiet when he sees how much the remarriage of her parents means to her. Kristen flies in from Miami. Kristen is surprised that Eric and Stephanie are remarrying, but agrees to stand by them for Felicia. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Stephanie comfort Felicia as she sobs, but she tells them how happy she is that the whole family is together again.moreless
  • Ep. #4731
    Ep. #4731
    Episode 217
    Eric and Jackie celebrate their engagement by making love. Eric promises Jackie that his future is with her, insisting that he's marrying Stephanie in name only. Massimo learns of Eric and Stephanie's wedding plans and tries to convince Stephanie not to do it. Massimo tells Stephanie that he still has feelings for her and questions the possibilities of them having a life together. While Felicia believes that Eric and Stephanie will fall back in love once they are remarried. Ridge tells Nick that he is betraying Bridget by being Brooke's protector. After they air it out and Nick leaves, Brooke tells Ridge that she loves Nick as he has always put her first, but Ridge continues to beg Brooke for another chance.moreless
  • Ep. #4730
    Ep. #4730
    Episode 216
    Eric and Stephanie decide to remarry for the sake of Felicia's last wish, but both agree that they will divorce after her death. Eric later has lunch with Jackie and tells her that he is remarrying Stephanie. Jackie is understanding towards Eric's reasons for doing so, but then he surprises Jackie by proposing to her, to which she accepts. Ridge learns about Dominick and about Felicia's cancer. Felicia asks Ridge to get along with Nick as her final request to him. Nick questions Brooke about what Ridge wants from her and Brooke tells Nick about Ridge's proposal. Ridge arrives and tells Nick to stay away from Brooke, but Brooke stands by Nick and orders Ridge to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #4729
    Ep. #4729
    Episode 215
    Nick asks Jackie about her relationship with Eric. Jackie admits that she wish Eric had more time for her, but adds that she knows their relationship is solid. After her talk with Taylor, Stephanie contemplates how much time she has wasted fighting Brooke and Eric is impressed when Stephanie says that the war is over. Felicia, happy to see her parents getting along, asks them to remarry as a final request before her death. Ridge proposes to Brooke, but she declines. Ridge tries to convince Brooke that she is the woman for him, insisting that his marriage to Taylor was a mistake. Brooke stands strong, but gives in to a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4728
    Ep. #4728
    Episode 214
    Ridge stops by the house to see Brooke and R.J., and asks Brooke for another shot. After a tense moment between Ridge and Nick, Brooke tells Ridge that there will not be a reunion in their future. Nick takes his tale of woe to Jackie, who tells Nick to have faith that Brooke will make the right decision and turn her back on Ridge. Taylor tells Stephanie that things are never going to be back to normal between her and Ridge, and that both of them need to move on with their lives.moreless
  • Ep. #4727
    Ep. #4727
    Episode 213
    Brooke pushes Taylor not to give up on her marriage with Ridge, but Taylor tells her that she and Ridge are finished. The two women trade insults before Taylor tells Brooke to go for Ridge. Ridge blasts Stephanie and blames her for all of his troubles, and then tells her that he is still in love with Brooke and intends to ask her to marry him. Bridget encourages Nick not to stand in Brooke's way if Ridge and Brooke decide to be together.moreless
  • Ep. #4726
    Ep. #4726
    Episode 212
    Eric tries to convince Stephanie to stay out of Ridge and Taylor's marital problems, but Stephanie isn't willing to leave them be for fear that Brooke will end up back in Ridge's life again. Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy are devastated when their parents tell them that their marriage is over, then Taylor asks Ridge to leave her alone so that she has some time to think. Brooke tries to get in touch with Ridge to tell him not to end his marriage. Her attempts to reach him are unsuccessful, but when she goes to Big Bear to see him, she finds only Taylor alone.moreless
  • Ep. #4725
    Ep. #4725
    Episode 211
    Stephanie tries to put all the blame for Ridge and Taylor's problems on Hector and wants him to stay away from her, but Hector refuses to knuckle under to her. Brooke reminds Nick that there can never be anything between them, and realises that Ridge may be ending his marriage to Taylor to be with her. Ridge refuses to forgive Taylor and tells her that their marriage is over, and that he is still in love with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4724
    Ep. #4724
    Episode 210
    Taylor talks to Hector and tells him that she told Ridge all about what happened between them, but resists him when he tries to convince her to give him a chance. Brooke tries to encourage Ridge to work things out with Taylor, prompting Ridge to call Taylor and ask her to meet him up at Big Bear. Nick is shocked to learn how bad Ridge and Taylor's situation is from Brooke, and asks her not to go back to her ex-lover. Ridge isn't interested in hearing anything that Taylor has to say.moreless
  • Ep. #4723
    Ep. #4723
    Episode 209
    Nick and Bridget watch as Felicia tapes a message for baby Dominick, telling him how much she loved him and how he changed her life. Although Bridget is hesitant, she agrees to join Felicia on-camera so that Felicia can give Dominick a special message about Bridget. Ridge plays with baby R.J. at Brooke's home, regretting that he hasn't spent much time with his son since Taylor came back. Stephanie continues to push Taylor to work on her marriage, prompting Taylor to suspect that Stephanie's zeal has more to do with keeping Brooke out of Ridge's life than anything else.moreless
  • Ep. #4722
    Ep. #4722
    Episode 208
    Felicia shows up at the house to see Bridget and Nick, and they show her the bedroom that they have prepared for Dominick, then Nick asks Felicia to videotape a message for their son. Brooke stops by to see Taylor to make sure the psychiatrist knows that she knows all about her and James. Stephanie tries to convince Ridge to works things out with Taylor, but Ridge wonders if he should have chosen Brooke after all.moreless
  • Ep. #4721
    Ep. #4721
    Episode 207
    Massimo and Nick speak with Laurie David about reducing the pollution Marone Industries contributes to the environment, then once she leaves, Nick tells Massimo about what's going on with Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Stephanie goes looking for Ridge after a talk with Taylor, and finds him in his office, where he has just finished telling Brooke about Taylor and James.moreless
  • Ep. #4720
    Ep. #4720
    Episode 206
    Felicia is curious when she overhears Stephanie on the phone, and Stephanie confesses to her daughter that she's worried that Ridge and Taylor's marriage may be over. Ridge blasts Taylor for her treatment of Brooke over the years as Taylor begs her husband to understand. Ridge walks out as Taylor begs him not to leave, and Taylor is left sobbing on the floor. Bridget continues to try to get information from Brooke about whether or not she plans to reunite with Ridge, but Brooke and Nick can't take their eyes off each other.moreless
  • Ep. #4719
    Ep. #4719
    Episode 205
    Taylor tries to explain to Ridge what happened between her and James all those years ago, and Ridge finally tells her that her fling with James won't destroy them. A tearful Taylor thanks him for his understanding, but he tells her that while he can forgive her affair, he can never forget the way she judged him and Brooke for years. Bridget and Nick talk with Brooke about Taylor and Ridge's marriage, and Bridget suggests that Brooke and Ridge could have a future again while Nick and Brooke can't keep their eyes off each other.moreless
  • Ep. #4718
    Ep. #4718
    Episode 204
    Taylor tries to get Ridge to listen to her, but he is more interested in renewing their romance. After making love and accepting his present for her, a diamond necklace, Taylor tells him about the kiss with Hector. Ridge is prepared to move on, but Taylor wants everything out in the open -- and confesses to Ridge about the time she slept with James. Stephanie shows up at Brooke's door to try to get Brooke to leave Taylor and Ridge alone. Brooke is furious that Stephanie is trying to protect Taylor, but agrees to stay quiet as long as Taylor tells Ridge the whole truth.moreless
  • Ep. #4717
    Ep. #4717
    Episode 203
    Taylor makes it clear to Stephanie that she plans to tell Ridge the truth about everything, not just the recent encounter with Hector but also her encounter with James many years ago. Stephanie confesses that she already knows about Taylor sleeping with James. Stephanie tries to convince Taylor not to tell Ridge, as it will give Brooke the perfect chance to swoop in and snatch Ridge up, but Ridge arrives home before Stephanie can convince Taylor to go her way. Brooke tells Nick that she has accepted that she will never have a life with him, but admits that she wants her children to have a stable home. Brooke says that therefore she needs Ridge. Sally initially turns down Thorne's offer to take the job, convinced that it's charity, but Thorne manages to convince Sally that she is truly the best person for the job, and convinces her to accept the position.moreless
  • Ep. #4716
    Ep. #4716
    Episode 202
    Brooke seeks out Nick's advice for how to deal with what she has learned about Taylor and Hector, and Nick wonders if she is actually thinking about pursuing a life with Ridge again. Thorne asks for Sally's help in interviewing candidates for Forrester's new executive assistant as Megan has been promoted. After one miserable candidate after another, Thorne asks Sally to take the job. Taylor confesses her slip with Hector to Stephanie, and admits how upset she is that Ridge isn't putting their marriage first, and tells Stephanie that she plans to tell Ridge the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #4715
    Ep. #4715
    Episode 201
    Dante visits Felicia with a bottle of champagne. As Dante admits to still loving Bridget, and Felicia admits to loving Nick, they grow close as they comfort one another. Darla goes to Hector to apologise for urging him to chase Taylor. Hector tells Darla about his kiss with Taylor, and how Brooke witnessed everything. Taylor begs Brooke not to interfere in her marriage, but Brooke believes it's payback for Taylor destroying her marriage to Ridge, and leaving her children without a father.moreless
  • Ep. #4714
    Ep. #4714
    Episode 200
    Thorne and Darla discuss Taylor and Ridge's situation, and while Thorne is confident that Taylor would never cheat on Ridge, Darla isn't so sure. Taylor tries to convince Brooke to let her tell Ridge about the kiss herself, insisting it was completely innocent, but Hector's avowals of love don't help Brooke make her decision. Jackie asks Nick how he imagines his life had he stayed with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4713
    Ep. #4713
    Episode 199
    Brooke narrowly misses seeing Taylor in Hector's arms, while Taylor tries to convince Hector that he must go. He kisses her before he leaves, which Brooke, having come back into Taylor and Ridge's bedroom, sees. Stephanie is concerned to learn that Ridge didn't come home as scheduled. Eric warns Stephanie that she needs to learn to accept Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4712
    Ep. #4712
    Episode 198
    Hector pumps Thomas for information on Taylor and Ridge's relationship. Darla tries to convince Taylor that Ridge isn't the best man for her. Brooke worries that Forrester Creations isn't doing well, but Stephanie assures her that everything is fine. Taylor is devastated when Ridge calls to say he won't be home for a few more days, then is thrown for a loop when Hector tells her he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #4711
    Ep. #4711
    Episode 197
    Darla is intrigued when she sees Hector visiting Taylor and encourages the firefighter to make a play for Taylor. Brooke and Nick embrace as Brooke attempts to comfort Nick over Bridget's close call, which is seen by Stephanie. Taylor resists Hector's advances. Stephanie accuses Brooke of wanting Bridget's baby to die.moreless
  • Ep. #4710
    Ep. #4710
    Episode 196
    At the hospital, Bridget undergoes emergency surgery to protect her unborn daughter. Hector fantasizes about being with Taylor, who continues to defend her absentee husband. She agrees to kiss Hector on New Year's Eve is Ridge doesn't show, convinced that her husband will be back long before then. Massimo and Jackie plan a baby shower.moreless
  • Ep. #4709
    Ep. #4709
    Episode 195
    Felicia tells her mother just how afraid she really is, but admits she wants to go out happy, not crying. Taylor isn't sure that Brooke will be able to deny her feelings for her son-in-law, but Brooke assures Taylor she will stay away from Bridget's husband. Nick rushes to help Bridget when she falls while decorating the baby's room.moreless
  • Ep. #4708
    Ep. #4708
    Episode 194
    Everyone gathers at the Forrester mansion for a special Christmas. Massimo is thrilled when Felicia places Dominick in his arms. Brooke brings Bridget a video camera, which she gives to Thorne, asking him to tape Christmas so that one day Dominick can see his first Christmas with his mother. Felicia brings the reverend by to baptize Dominick, and names Jackie and Eric as his god-parents. Taylor tells Hector that she has told Ridge everything about their relationship. Stephanie breaks down over the thought that this may be the last Christmas with Felicia. Bridget and Felicia watch from above as the family celebrates Christmas.moreless
  • Ep. #4707
    Ep. #4707
    Episode 193
    Brooke comes to see Stephanie at the house to tell her how sorry she is about Felicia, and offers Stephanie a poem that had meant a lot to her when her own mother was diagnosed with cancer. Eric stops by to see Jackie, who offers her sympathies on Felicia's diagnosis, but admits to Eric that she doesn't see any future for them, especially after the night she thought he was going to propose to her but he was really married to Brooke. Nick and Bridget enjoy setting the house up for Christmas as they hang stockings for 'Bridget', 'Nick' and 'Dominick', with a nameless stocking for their coming baby girl.moreless
  • Ep. #4706
    Ep. #4706
    Episode 192
    Eric and Stephanie manage to get along as they decorate the Forrester mansion for Christmas and discuss Felicia, although Stephanie has a hard time dealing with the fact that Felicia is dying. Brooke tells Nick that she is concerned about Bridget's ability to raise another woman's baby. Bridget returns home and informs them both that she has decided to raise Dominick as her own after Felicia's death. Nick is thrilled and they both agree that it'll will make their marriage and family stronger.moreless
  • Ep. #4705
    Ep. #4705
    Episode 191
    With Felicia's health in such a precarious position, Eric calls off his plans with Brooke to steal Forrester Creations from Stephanie, then tries to convince Stephanie they need to put their anger aside to give Felicia the happy family holiday she is dreaming of. Although Bridget made it clear to Nick she would not be able to raise Dominick Jr. as her own child, after she takes Dominick to the hospital to visit Felicia she promises her sister that she will do whatever she can to help her and Dominick in life, and promises that Dominick will always know Felicia as his mother.moreless
  • Ep. #4704
    Ep. #4704
    Episode 190
    Bridget isn't sure that she could handle stepping in as baby Dominick's mother if Felicia isn't around. Eric and Stephanie worry what will happen to the baby if Felicia doesn't make it. Taylor invites Brooke and her entire family as well as Nick and Bridget to spend Christmas with her and Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4703
    Ep. #4703
    Episode 189
    Felicia assures Bridget she has no intentions on coming between her and Nick, then asks Bridget to come to the hospital with her to see her oncologist. Eric is concerned that he had to hear about Felicia's illness from Stephanie, and also to learn that they don't really have any answers, but is thrilled to find out that Felicia has a child. Felicia is devastated when Dr. Namura tells her the cancer has spread to her liver and the peritonea, and that her chance of survival is slim. Eric and Stephanie worry that Felicia could leave her son motherless. A heartbroken Bridget tries to comfort her half-sister, who has a favor to ask of her.moreless
  • Ep. #4702
    Ep. #4702
    Episode 188
    Stephanie begins to get suspicious of Eric's sudden change of heart, although he assures her he is finally seeing the truth. Dante is surprised to see Felicia as he recognizes her from Europe, but even more surprised to realise she's a Forrester. Bridget is devastated to realise that her half-sister gave Nick his first child, and they go to meet him. Felicia's doctor wants her to spend the night in the oncology ward. Eric is upset to learn Felicia has been ill.moreless
  • Ep. #4701
    Ep. #4701
    Episode 187
    While out to dinner, Eric continues to manipulate Stephanie, assuring her that he believes Brooke's ideas for the company are horrible. Nick finally breaks the news to Bridget about Felicia's son, and that he is the father. Stephanie begins to fall right into Eric's trap.
  • Ep. #4700
    Ep. #4700
    Episode 186
    Stephanie is reluctant to believe Taylor's reports that Eric and Brooke are on the outs until she walks in on one of their fights herself. Felicia is devastated when her doctor calls her to inform her that her cancer has returned. Eric is convinced that his plan to steal Forrester Creations away from Stephanie is working perfectly.moreless
  • Ep. #4699
    Ep. #4699
    Episode 185
    Stephanie is concerned about Felicia's health, especially after her daughter admits she did not continue her chemotherapy. Darla and Thorne are horrified to realise that Sally is checking into a retirement home rather than a cruise and insist she move in with them. Nick wants to tell Bridget about the baby, but she is so happy that they are stress free he just can't do it yet.moreless
  • Ep. #4698
    Ep. #4698
    Episode 184
    Sally and Clarke call a meeting in her office, with Thorne, Darla and Thomas in attendance. Sally announces that she is retiring and going on a cruise, closing Spectra Couture for good. Darla attempts to convince Sally not to close the company, but she divides the cash from the sale of the stock between them. Sally later receives a call from a residential home and asks Clarke to take her. Darla and Thorne are shocked when they see Sally leaving the building in a wheelchair. Nick tells Felicia he needs his son in his life and he assures her that Bridget will be understanding. Nick returns home and Bridget tells him that she is happy that their lives are finally settled. Stephanie begs Felicia not to go back to France. As Stephanie apologises for being a controlling mother, Felicia collapses.moreless
  • Ep. #4697
    Ep. #4697
    Episode 183
    Brooke feels uncomfortable about Eric's plan, but when Dante, Thorne, Darla and Taylor enter the showroom to preview Eric's designs, Eric throws Brooke straight into action. Everybody is shocked by the harsh words Eric says to Brooke. Jackie drops by to see Bridget and asks her about her talk with Felicia. Jackie wonders if Felicia still has feelings for Nick. Nick refuses to believe that he has a son with Felicia, despite Stephanie's protests. Felicia denies that she has a child, but later admits the truth to Nick. Felicia decides that she must return to France to spare Bridget's feelings, but Nick tells her that he has to see his son.moreless
  • Ep. #4696
    Ep. #4696
    Episode 182
    Eric tells Brooke that in order for them to control the company again, he needs to manipulate Stephanie's love for him, by convincing everybody that he hates Brooke. Eric and Brooke stage another argument in front of Taylor. Thorne and Taylor tell Dante about Eric's change of heart towards Brooke, they all wonder if Stephanie and Eric will get back together. Jackie believes that there is more going on with Felicia than she is letting on. Jackie later tells Nick how becoming a father will change his life. Stephanie tries to get Felicia to tell Bridget about her baby, but Felicia dodges the issue. Felicia decides to move back to France to get away from Stephanie. Stephanie calls Nick to stop Felicia leaving by telling him that Felicia gave birth to his son.moreless
  • Ep. #4695
    Ep. #4695
    Episode 181
    Felicia initially goes along with Stephanie's belief that she is a lesbian raising a baby with Renee, but finally tells her that the baby is hers. Stephanie is thrilled for Felicia and her miracle baby, but shocked when she learns that the baby is named after his father, Dominick. Eric stages an argument with Brooke in front of Thorne and Taylor, then confesses to Brooke that he did it because his plan is to manipulate Stephanie into thinking he hates Brooke as much as she does so he can take Forrester away from her.moreless
  • Ep. #4694
    Ep. #4694
    Episode 180
    Stephanie questions Felicia about Renee, but she refuses to discuss things. Sally later drops by and Stephanie confides to her that she believes Felicia is a lesbian. Stephanie decides to investigate and finds Renee in the guest house with the baby. Eric, Thorne, Brooke, Jackie, Ridge and Darla gather at Forrester Creations with a party arranged to celebrate Nick and Bridget getting back together. Nick and Bridget arrive, followed by Felicia who soon runs out when Nick makes a speech about his happiness. Felicia secretly takes pills as she cripples over with intense stomach pain. Stephanie confronts Felicia about the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #4693
    Ep. #4693
    Episode 179
    Nick decides to move into the beach house. He tells Bridget about Felicia's visit and she questions his feelings for her. Nick assures her that they have both moved on and his future his with Bridget. Ridge and Taylor share some romantic time together and are both glad that their marriage is back on track. Felicia visits Stephanie as Stephanie attempts to convince Felicia to take a job at Forrester Creations. Stephanie then offers Felicia the guesthouse as a place to stay and learns that she will be staying with a woman named Renee. Stephanie questions her daughter's sexuality, believing that Renee is her lover. Felicia moves into the guesthouse and kisses her baby Dominick goodnight.moreless
  • Ep. #4692
    Ep. #4692
    Episode 178
    Bridget happily tells Eric and Brooke that she and Nick are back together and happier than ever, and both Eric and Brooke are thrilled to learn Bridget is expecting a baby girl. Bridget thanks her mother for always being there for her. Nick is surprised to find Felicia waiting for him onboard the Shady Marlin and welcomes her back to Los Angeles. She wants to pick up where they left off, but he tells her that he is now married to her half-sister, Bridget. Felicia asks him not to tell anyone else she asked him to come back to her and, as she is leaving, a pacifier falls out of her purse, but she picks it up without Nick seeing it.moreless
  • Ep. #4691
    Ep. #4691
    Episode 177
    Felicia Forrester returns to Los Angeles, visiting with Taylor at her request. Taylor offers her a position at Forrester Creations, on Stephanie's behalf. Noticing Felicia's secretive mood, Taylor questions her lingering feelings for Nick, but she refuses to talk about him. Stephanie and Brooke argue about Bridget. Brooke tells Stephanie that Bridget and Nick are back together. Bridget tells Nick that Dante has moved out of the beach house. Nick tells of his plans to move in once they have their marriage back on track. Nick promises Bridget that nothing will come between them again.moreless
  • Ep. #4690
    Ep. #4690
    Episode 176
    Stephanie hits the roof at Eric for going straight from Brooke to Jackie. As they hurl insults, Jackie accuses them both of still having feelings for one another and walks out. Bridget breaks the news to Dante that she is back with Nick. Dante is furious and accuses Bridget of falling for Nick's lies. Dante expresses his love to Bridget, and promises to always be there for her. Nick meets with Brooke at Insomnia and tells her that he and Bridget have reconciled. Brooke holds back her emotion as she wishes him well. After saying their goodbyes, Brooke breaks down in tears.moreless
  • Ep. #4689
    Ep. #4689
    Episode 175
    Jackie is appalled at the terrible conditions Stephanie has Eric working in. Eric apologises for dumping her for Brooke, and Jackie agrees to give their romance another try. Taylor questions Stephanie's feelings for Eric. Stephanie feels guilty about moving Eric to the sewing room, but as she goes to bring him back upstairs, Stephanie finds him kissing Jackie. Brooke pleads with Dante to step aside and allow Bridget to be with Nick, but Dante refuses, insisting that he loves Bridget. Bridget and Nick learn that Bridget has a weakened cervix and may suffer a miscarriage. Nick and Bridget bond over the news and pledge their lives to one another again.moreless
  • Ep. #4688
    Ep. #4688
    Episode 174
    Eric and Stephanie are advised not to take their feud to court. They are told that all the court costs and time spent feuding would lead the company into bankruptcy. Taylor tells Stephanie not to let her hatred for Brooke destroy the company, advising them all to work together. Stephanie agrees, on the condition that she keeps Eric's office and stays CEO. Stephanie moves Eric into Thorne's old office in the sewing room and reinstates him as head designer. Ridge and Brooke decide to share the office with him. Thorne moves into Ridge's office and offers him co-presidency, but Ridge refuses to work with him. Dante offers to escort Bridget to the hospital for a check up, but she declines. Brooke later tells Dante to back away from Bridget and let her reunite with Nick. Nick shows up at the hospital to support Bridget, where she finally gives him forgiveness. Nick and Bridget are told that there is a problem with the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #4687
    Ep. #4687
    Episode 173
    Taylor overhears Brooke and Ridge talking about the idea of starting their own company together and that Eric has a plan for them to get back in at Forrester Creations. Thorne tells Darla how happy he is that he is president of the company and can't wait to start changing things around. Stephanie finds Eric back in his old office. Eric confronts Stephanie with a restraining order against her. Ridge and Brooke arrive to support Eric, as Thorne and Taylor stand by Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie have their lawyers duke it out, with Stephanie threatening to take Eric to court for fraud. Brooke refuses to leave the building, while Eric and Ridge still insist on keeping their old jobs. Stephanie demands that her lawyer do something to get them all out.moreless
  • Ep. #4686
    Ep. #4686
    Episode 171
    Brooke is surprised when Eric toasts to the end of their marriage. They both admit that it was a mistake and go their separate ways. Eric drops by Jackie's boutique to buy a dress. Jackie acts cold towards Eric, until she realises that the dress is for her. Asking for her forgiveness, Eric asks her to dinner. Stephanie and Dante continue to try to convince Bridget to end her marriage. While Nick desperately tries to hold onto it. Nick asks Bridget to think back to how it used to be between them, and begs for her to give it another chance.moreless
  • Ep. #4685
    Ep. #4685
    Episode 171
    Brooke goes to Nick and tells him that she has made a mistake in marrying Eric. Brooke admits that she will never love Eric. Nick advises Brooke to end the marriage. Brooke returns home and finds Eric in the bedroom, with a romantic evening prepared. Dante calls Stephanie over and asks for her help in getting Bridget to divorce Nick. Bridget arrives home and Stephanie throws the divorce papers in her face. Nick later arrives and pleads with Bridget to give their future a chance, while Stephanie stands on the other side ordering her to sign the papers.moreless
  • Ep. #4684
    Ep. #4684
    Episode 170
    Nick tries to convince Bridget that he wants his life to be with her and the baby. Dante later tells Bridget the exact same thing, and promises her that he will always love her. Stephanie tells Thorne about Ridge's plan to go into business with Brooke. Eric is furious with Ridge and warns him to respect his marriage to Brooke. Eric tells Ridge that he wants no part in his plan and to also leave Brooke out of it. Stephanie drops by Ridge's office at Marone Enterprises to gloat that Ridge's plan backfired. Stephanie again offers him the chance to work alongside Thorne at Forrester Creations. Eric later vents his frustration out. Brooke apologises for not being able to sleep with him. Brooke offers herself, but Eric tells her that he doesn't want her body, he wants her love.moreless
  • Ep. #4683
    Ep. #4683
    Episode 169
    Nick goes to see Bridget but Dante refuses to let him inside. Dante tells Nick that he loves Bridget. Nick later manages to sneak in to see Bridget and tells his unborn child that he will be with mommy by the time it's born. Stephanie doesn't fall for Ridge's bluff and she tells him and Brooke to go ahead with their new company. Stephanie informs them that she is also selling the BeLieF formula. Eric vents his anger about Stephanie to Taylor, but Taylor and Eric both agree that they are happy within their marriages. Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge and Brooke are going into business together, which fires up his jealously. Ridge apologises to Brooke for their bluff failing but then suggests they do it for real. Brooke becomes dizzy from exhaustion and collapses in Ridge's arms. Eric is furious when he sees them together.moreless
  • Ep. #4682
    Ep. #4682
    Episode 168
    Jackie admires Nick's ability to want to be with Bridget, despite his love for Brooke. Nick insists that he will win back Bridget's trust. Bridget tells Dante that Nick seemed sincere in wanting to be with her and not Brooke. Dante is angry and warns Bridget not to trust Nick. Ridge tells Massimo that he is furious that he wasn't made president of Forrester Creations. Massimo goes to Stephanie with the intention of convincing her to make Ridge president, but she refuses, knowing Ridge would bring Brooke back with him. Ridge tells Brooke that he has a plan to get them all back in at Forrester Creations. Ridge later asks Stephanie to make him president, or else he will start his own fashion company with Brooke at his side.moreless
  • Ep. #4681
    Ep. #4681
    Episode 167
    Nick tells Bridget about the night he and Brooke went out on the boat and how nothing happened between them, as a way to convince her that his commitment is to her. Eric and Brooke both try to convince Bridget that her place is with Nick. Hector and Taylor spill champagne on themselves so Taylor invites him back to her home to clean up. Taylor admits her attraction to Hector, but Hector sneaks out when Ridge returns home. Taylor admits to Ridge that Hector was there, he doesn't get angry, but instead calls Hector to thank him for getting Taylor home safe. Ridge apologises to Taylor for not supporting her. Telling her he doesn't want to lose her, they make love.moreless
  • Ep. #4680
    Ep. #4680
    Episode 166
    Eric is hurt when Bridget insists that Brooke doesn't love him. Nick tells Bridget that he and Brooke love her more than they love each other and that's why they will never be together. Ridge takes Thomas to big bear, but Thomas is angry at him for not staying in L.A. to support Taylor in her new position at Forrester Creations. Stephanie, Thorne, Dante and Taylor hold a press conference. Taylor acts as spokeswoman to eager reporters as Hector watches in support. Celebrations follow as everybody toasts the new beginning for the company, Taylor gets drunk and leaves with Hector.moreless
  • Ep. #4679
    Ep. #4679
    Episode 165
    Nick tells Taylor how he wants to forget Brooke and concentrate on Bridget and the baby. Eric and Brooke discuss Nick and Bridget and how they have got to return to one another. Stephanie's attempts to convince Ridge to stay working at Forrester Creations have little success. Taylor tells Ridge that she believes working together could be good for their marriage, but Taylor is deeply hurt when Ridge shows no faith in her abilities. Bridget tells Dante that she has the solution to sorting out the mess all their lives have become. Bridget arranges a meeting with Eric, Brooke, Nick and herself. Bridget makes Nick and Brooke touch each other and tells them to be together.moreless
  • Ep. #4678
    Ep. #4678
    Episode 164
    Hector shows faith in Taylor's ability to be part of Forrester Creations. Nick later drops by Taylor's office seeking her professional help. Nick swears that he wants to be with Bridget and the baby. Eric encourages Bridget to return to Nick, but she informs him that she is filing for divorce. Dante tells Eric that he loves Bridget and wants to with her, making himself a father for her baby. Ridge hopes Stephanie has changed her mind about removing Eric and Brooke from the company, but she stands her ground. Ridge refuses to work under Thorne, and doesn't show any faith in Taylor's ability. Stephanie begs Ridge to stay on at Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4677
    Ep. #4677
    Episode 163
    Brooke, Eric and Ridge team up to find a way to scheme their way back in control of the company. Thorne and Darla celebrate his new position. Brooke begs Stephanie not to throw her out. Ridge is convinced that Stephanie, Thorne and Taylor will destroy Forrester Creations.
  • Ep. #4676
    Ep. #4676
    Episode 162
    Eric insists that he has put his blood, sweat and tears into Forrester Creations and the company should by all rights be his, but Stephanie reminds him that the company belongs to her. She installs Thorne as the new president of Forrester Creations, with Darla's support, and asks Taylor to become the new face of the company. Taylor agrees, much to Ridge's chagrin. Nick explains to Jackie that he and Brooke realised they could never be together, and Jackie agrees to support her son.moreless
  • Ep. #4675
    Ep. #4675
    Episode 161
    Taylor is shocked to learn that Stephanie is the rightful owner of Forrester Creations, and agrees to trust that she will do the right thing by Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. Eric gathers Brooke, Ridge and Rick together in his office and tells them all about what Stephanie has done, and Brooke refuses to let go of the legacy she feels belongs to her children. Stephanie arrives and fires Brooke. Darla comforts Thorne when he worries about what putting his entire inheritance in the line to help Spectra Couture may have cost him and his family.moreless
  • Ep. #4674
    Ep. #4674
    Episode 160
    Dante helps Bridget move her things into the beach house so that Eric and Brooke can have the mansion to themselves. Stephanie continues her confrontation at Forrester Creations with Eric, and he continues to insist that she is not going to push him out of his place at the company, but she tells him that he's fired. On the Shady Marlin, Nick continues to seduce Brooke, who is able to stop the seduction when she makes Nick see that they must both put Bridget and her child first.moreless
  • Ep. #4673
    Ep. #4673
    Episode 159
    Dante sits by Bridget's side as she has her ultrasound. Bridget is thrilled when she sees the image of her baby. Dante promises to take care of Bridget, as she takes care of her baby. Nick tells Brooke how much he wants her, he insists that they can be together, Brooke still refuses and tells him that she is staying committed to Eric and he must move on with Bridget. Stephanie confronts Eric about the trust. He tries to brush it off, but Stephanie stands her ground and tells him that she is the new CEO of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4672
    Ep. #4672
    Episode 158
    Katherine informs Stephanie that she never changed any of the details involving the trust, therefore it still stands, making Stepahnie the sole owner of Forrester Creations. Brooke admits to Nick that she hasn't slept with Eric. Eric worries that someone has entered his safe when he realises some papers are missing. Jonathan advises Eric to get his hands on the trust papers immediatly.moreless
  • Ep. #4671
    Ep. #4671
    Episode 157
    Brooke boasts that she is part of Forrester Creations and Stephanie is out. Massimo tells Stephanie that he plans on meeting with Katherine Chancellor about the trust. Massimo tracks Katherine down and finds her at the Café Russe. Massimo asks her to take time out from her business trip and meet with Stephanie. Katherine meets with Stephanie and recalls how she and John were friends. Stephanie presents the trust documents to Katherine. Nick and Bridget are stunned that Eric and Brooke are having sex. Nick refuses to believe that Brooke is in love with Eric. Nick tries to stop Bridget from leaving but she says that he is free to fight for Brooke. Eric asks Brooke about about the two of them making love but she still isn't ready. Nick confronts Brooke and demands that she tell him if she has slept with Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #4670
    Ep. #4670
    Episode 156
    Stephanie and Massimo are surprised to learn that Katherine Chancellor took over the trust after John's death, and Massimo decides to find out more about what happened to the trust. Eric brings Bridget and Nick together at the beach house and tries to convince them to reconcile, but Bridget refuses to believe that Brooke and Eric's marriage means anything, even though Eric claims he and Brooke are sleeping together. Stephanie and Brooke have another confrontation at Forrester Creations until a call from Massimo interrupts them. Massimo tells Stephanie that Illionois state records show no sign of the trust being dissolved.moreless
  • Ep. #4669
    Ep. #4669
    Episode 155
    Thomas and Gaby are horrified when the INS agent shows up, but Gaby is thrilled when he hands her a green card, and Gaby is shocked to learn that Taylor arranged it so she could stay in the country no matter what. Stephanie and Massimo continue to go over the trust documents, and Stephanie realises that if the trust still holds, Forrester Creations belongs entirely to her. Gaby returns her wedding ring to Thomas and tells him that they will still be friends. Gaby promises to still see him at college and adds that if they are meant to be together then it will happen eventually.moreless
  • Ep. #4668
    Ep. #4668
    Episode 154
    Thorne is angry with Ridge over unveiling the new ad campaign and accuses him of trying to undermine Spectra Couture in the fashion show, and Ridge makes it clear he will do anything to get Gaby out of his son's life, even if Spectra Couture ends up paying the price. Taylor tells Hector she and Ridge are back on track, but Hector doesn't think that will last long. While going through some old papers at Forrester Creations, Massimo finds a trust document drawn up by Stephanie's father, John Douglas, that gives her sole ownership of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4667
    Ep. #4667
    Episode 153
    Bridget throws herself into her work at the hospital morgue. Dante surprises her by showing up naked on a strecher. He tries to cheer her up by flirting with her and telling her that he loves her. Everybody questions Stephanie's need to move to Florida. Stephanie explains that she needs to find herself again, before she destroys them all. Stephanie admits that she is hurt, and unable to continue her fight against Brooke. One by one, Stephanie wishes them all well. Leaving Eric to last, she tells him that she will love him for the rest of her life. Thomas drives himself insane trying to improve his designs. Taylor drops by and Gaby accuses Taylor of wanting Thomas to fail so that she gets deported.moreless
  • Ep. #4666
    Ep. #4666
    Episode 152
    Clarke, Thorne and Thomas aren't too happy with Thomas' latest designs. Gaby tries to offer support as Sally complains about buyers dropping orders. Sally admits to Darla that she has overspent on luxuries, thinking Thomas' collection would bring in the money. Ridge has it out with Eric about his marriage to Brooke. Eric insists he's happier than ever, but Ridge thinks the whole thing is a joke. After talking with Taylor, Stephanie decides that she has failed as a mother and wife. Stephanie calls a meeting at the house with Eric, Ridge, Taylor, Thorne, Darla, Massimo and Sally in attendence. She remembers fond memories from over the years, as she tells them she is selling the house and leaving Los Angeles for good.moreless
  • Ep. #4665
    Ep. #4665
    Episode 151
    Eric flirts with Brooke over breakfast. He leads her to the bedroom again, but Brooke is still unable to make love to him. Kristen returns to town with Zende. They gather for a meeting with Ridge, Thorne, Darla and Massimo. Kristen explains that Tony was unable to come because he is busy with an AIDS benefit, and she asks for all of their help to raise money. Zende goes to hang out with Phoebe and Steffy and Kristen begins grilling everybody for information about Eric and Brooke's remarriage. Kristen, Ridge and Thorne worry about Stephanie's mental state. Stephanie goes to Taylor's office to seek professional help. Stephanie begins having images of murdering Brooke. Stephanie admits to Taylor that she wants to kill Brooke, and begs for her help.moreless
  • Ep. #4664
    Ep. #4664
    Episode 150
    Ridge tells Taylor that Eric is Brooke's new husband. Taylor feels for Stephanie, but is angry that Ridge is still talking about Brooke. Ridge promises Taylor that now Brooke is married to Eric, he is through with her. Taylor is thankful and they make love. Stephanie refuses to leave the beach house, so Brooke has Eric throw her out. Stephanie goes home to find Nick waiting. Nick blames her for all the mess that has been caused. Stephanie tells Nick that he is the only person who can get through to Brooke. She begs him to make Brooke end the marriage. Eric takes Brooke to bed, but she is unable to sleep with him. Stephanie calls Eric and warns him that Brooke will hurt him. Nick finds Brooke on the deck and they pledge their love for one another. Brooke is intent on protecting Bridget, and returns to Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #4663
    Ep. #4663
    Episode 149
    Hector tells Taylor that he would never take her for granted, he paints a picture of the life she could have with him. He says that once she realises that Ridge will never be devoted to her, he'll be waiting. Brooke tries to explain to Ridge about her marriage to Eric, but he doesn't believe her. Ridge continues to act as if Brooke is really in love with him. Ridge goes home to Taylor and to give her more talk about Brooke. Stephanie is devastated when Eric admits that he has married Brooke. Brooke arrives and Stephanie tells them both that Brooke will break Eric's heart, and he will simply let her for a few nights of sex. Eric and Brooke begin kissing as Stephanie looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #4662
    Ep. #4662
    Episode 148
    Taylor tells Ridge that she still feels that Brooke is a threat to their marriage. Bridget calls Ridge and tells him that Brooke has gotten married, Ridge rushes over to Brooke leaving Taylor pissed. Hector comes by and offers support to Taylor as she whines that her marriage will never be free of Brooke. Brooke tells Nick that she married Eric for Bridget, adding that Eric is the man she should have been married to all along, for her children's sake. Nick tries to make Brooke give into her passion for him, but she pushes him away. Ridge comes by and refuses to believe that Brooke loves Eric, or Nick. Ridge says that he is the man she has always loved. Jackie is crushed when Eric tells her that the evening isn't for her and that he has married sombody else. Jackie runs out when he tells her that Brooke is his wife. Stephanie later arrives and begs Eric to give their marriage another chance.moreless
  • Ep. #4661
    Ep. #4661
    Episode 147
    Stephanie calls Jonathan and learns that Eric really has divorced her. Bridget doesn't believe that Brooke married Eric for love, but rather as a way to try and convince her that she doesn't want Nick. Brooke tells Eric that she loves him, but Bridget still doesn't buy it. Jackie drops by the beach house and finds it all set up for a romantic meal. Assuming it is for the moment Eric proposers to her, Jackie prepares herself for Eric's return. Nick goes to Brooke and declares his love for her, he adds that he wants her to be his wife. Brooke tells Nick that she has married Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #4660
    Ep. #4660
    Episode 146
    Stephanie tells Ridge about Brooke and Nick's love for one another. Ridge rushes to Brooke defense and warns Stephanie that she is pushing her family away. Stephanie asks for Ridge's forgiveness and adds that she wants to reconcile with Eric. Jackie is saddened to hear that Bridget left Nick, but then tells Nick to follow his heart to Brooke. Jackie tells Nick about her relationship with Eric and says that she believes Eric is preparing to propose to her. Jackie's hopes are raised further when she drops by Forrester Creations and finds a receipt from a jewelers for two wedding bands on Eric's desk. Jackie informs Stephanie that Eric has divorced her. Stephanie is crushed when Jackie tells her that she is marrying Eric. Meanwhile, Eric has a caterer named Benjie Lloyd set up a romantic dinner for two at the beach house. Brooke tries again to explain herself to Bridget. Brooke says that she wants to give Bridget the life she never had as a child, but Bridget refuses to listen. Eric and Brooke shock Bridget by informing her that they have remarried.moreless
  • Ep. #4659
    Ep. #4659
    Episode 145
    Taylor turns the tables on Ridge and tells him that she kissed Hector. Ridge is angry and Dr. Higgins points out that Ridge has different rules for himself where Brooke is concerned. Ridge admits he has been wrong and apologises to Taylor. Stephanie toasts to destroying Brooke. Stephanie gloats that the family will now forgive her and turn against Brooke instead. Brooke goes to Eric and he is equally furious. He then goes on to tell Brooke that he has divorced Stephanie. Nick tries desperately to save his marriage, but Bridget tells him that she can no longer compete with her mother. Bridget believes she deserves so much more, taking off her wedding ring, she bids Nick goodbye.moreless
  • Ep. #4658
    Ep. #4658
    Episode 144
    Ridge and Taylor meet with their marriage councillor, Dr. Mary Ann Higgins. Ridge admits that he loves both Brooke and Taylor, but insists that it's Taylor with the problem. Ridge says that Taylor must simply accept it. Nick worries about losing Bridget. He stresses to Jackie that he was committed to Bridget, although Jackie questions his ability to ever forget Brooke. Brooke admits to Bridget that she is in love with Nick. Brooke tries to explain herself, but Stephanie jumps in to further trash Brooke's name. Bridget storms out when Stephanie tells her that Nick and Brooke kissed. Brooke threatens Stephanie, and warns her that she will pay if Bridget and Nick's marriage doesn't survive.moreless
  • Ep. #4657
    Ep. #4657
    Episode 143
    Hector tells Taylor that he can't stop thinking of her. Taylor says they can only be friends because she is committed to making her marriage work. Ridge arrives to take Taylor to councilling. Nick and Brooke desperately search for Bridget. Jonathan hesitates on finalizing Eric and Stephanie's divorce, but Eric orders him to do so. Nick goes to Eric and they worry about where Stephanie has taken Bridget. Brooke finds Bridget and Stephanie at the mansion, and Bridget demands that Brooke tell her the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #4656
    Ep. #4656
    Episode 142
    Eric has lawyer Jonathan come to his office with divorce papers. Jonathan, being Stephanie's Power Of Attorney, only need have Eric sign the papers and the marriage is over. Jackie fantasises about Eric proposing to her. Brooke pleads with Stephanie not to tell Bridget anything. Nick arrives alone, having sent Bridget over to Chuck's Bar. Nick warns Stephanie not to create trouble, but she refuses to stop. Bridget has Dante meet her with the sketch he drew of her and he tells her how beautiful she is. Stephanie arrives and whisks Bridget away to the mansion. Stephanie tells Bridget that Nick and Brooke are in love with each other.moreless
  • Ep. #4655
    Ep. #4655
    Episode 141
    Bridget is thrilled with the new baby gifts Nick gives her as well as the sexy lingerie, and they end up making love at the office while a frantic Brooke and Eric try to find Bridget before Stephanie does. Jackie and Stephanie lock horns on the Shady Marlin while Stephanie packs Bridget's things for her. Brooke shows up at the Shady Marlin, but only Stephanie is there to greet her.moreless
  • Ep. #4654
    Ep. #4654
    Episode 140
    Stephanie angers Eric by going back on her promise, and insists that she is going to tell all to Bridget. Brooke and Nick give Jackie the heads up that Stephanie is digging for information and they fear Jackie will be her next target. Bridget reassures herself about her new marriage and Dante tries to be supportive. Bridget asks Brooke if she does still have feelings for Nick, but Brooke stresses that she dosen't. Stephanie barges in on Jackie and smugly tells her that she knows about Nick and Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4653
    Ep. #4653
    Episode 139
    Bridget asks Stephanie to stop digging into her life, but Stephanie refuses. Dante warns Nick not to betray Bridget, but Nick is more concerned with jealousy over Dante and Brooke's relationship. Eric wonders if Bridget does need to be told the truth, but Brooke insists that she will never act on her feelings for Nick. Brooke tells Nick that she is worried about how far Stephanie will go to get some dirt on her. Stephanie grills Eric for information, promising to keep all to herself. Eric confesses to her that Nick and Brooke are in love with each other.moreless
  • Ep. #4652
    Ep. #4652
    Episode 138
    Bridget walks in on Stephanie harrassing Nick. Stephanie again tries to drum into Bridget that Brooke is having an affair with Nick. Nick throws her out. Nick makes love to Bridget to set her doubts aside, and then they discuss finding a house together. Ridge questions Brooke about her feelings for Nick, but Brooke refuses to discuss her problems with Ridge. Brooke learns from Bridget that Stephanie dropped by the Shady Marlin. Brooke has it out with Stephanie again. Stephanie vows to find out the truth and promises that Brooke will lose Bridget forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4651
    Ep. #4651
    Episode 137
    Stephanie tries to poison Bridget's mind against Brooke. Brooke denies any wrong doing and Bridget accuses Stephanie of just causing trouble. Ridge, Eric and Thorne discuss Stephanie's disire to turn over a new leaf, but then hear Brooke and Stephanie fighting. Everyone turns against Stephanie and Eric has her banned from Forrester Creations. Massimo talks to Nick and advises him to pack his things and leave town with Bridget for good. Stephanie later drops by and attempts to get Nick to admit his love for Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4650
    Ep. #4650
    Episode 136
    Ridge visits Taylor with the hope of saving their marriage. They begin to reconnect as Ridge finally agrees to attend marriage counselling. Nick returns to the Shady Marlin after his meeting with Brooke and makes frantic love with Bridget, but after she leaves he again thinks about Brooke. Stephanie accuses Brooke of having an affair with Nick. Bridget later drops by and Stephanie blurts out that Nick and Brooke are in love with each other.moreless
  • Ep. #4649
    Ep. #4649
    Episode 135
    Taylor upsets Gaby by telling her that she isn't good enough for Thomas. Phoebe steals some money from Steffy. They bicker and Steffy tells Taylor that Phoebe has also been cutting class. Ridge visits Stephanie who has been staying at big bear. She promises to never again interfere with the family. Nick and Brooke have a hard time saying goodbye to one another. Stephanie spies them from the cabin in a close embrace. Stephanie later barges into Brooke's office and warns her that she wont let her hurt Bridget again.moreless
  • Ep. #4648
    Ep. #4648
    Episode 134
    Taylor regrets kissing Hector and tells him it was a mistake. Sally, Thorne and Thomas prepare Thomas' designs for the fashion showdown, but Taylor tells Thomas that she wont allow him to participate. Taylor tells Gaby that she wants her out of the family. Brooke throws herself into work to take her mind off Nick. Dante suggests that she get out of the office and clear her head. Nick continues to see images of Brooke. Massimo realises that Nick is becoming obsessed with Brooke and advises him to get out of town for a while. Nick and Brooke end up in each others arms again.moreless
  • Ep. #4647
    Ep. #4647
    Episode 133
    Brooke locks herself away in the darkness of her bedroom. Depressed, she lashes out at Dante when he attempts to cheer her up. Bridget glows as she tells Eric how happy she is that she and Nick are married. Nick grows disturbed when everywhere he turns he sees visions of Brooke and continuously hears her voice in his head. Jackie notices Nick's strange behavior and voices her concern to Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #4646
    Ep. #4646
    Episode 132
    Eric and Jackie spend an evening together. They flirt with each other and share another kiss. Ridge tells Brooke that he loves her and needs her friendship, but Brooke acts cold toward him to show that she no longer cares. Taylor talks about how Ridge doesn't appreciate her. Hector relates to her problems as he tells Taylor about how he had the same issues with Samantha and how the relationship ultimately didn't work. Hector mentions how hard it has been for him now Samantha has moved back to New York. Taylor and Hector kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4645
    Ep. #4645
    Episode 131
    With Brooke, Eric, Massimo and Jackie watching, Nick and Bridget's wedding begins aboard the ship. Nick wants to say his own vows to Bridget, as Brooke watches with tears in her eyes. Bridget and Nick start their wedding night, but all Nick can think about is his time with Brooke. Taylor is dining alone when Hector shows up. After inviting himself to dinner, Hector admits he went there on purpose to check on her, then flirts with her as the two discuss their families. Alone in her office after watching the love of her life marry her daughter, Brooke is startled when Ridge shows up and tells her about his problems with Taylor, then says he needs her.moreless
  • Ep. #4644
    Ep. #4644
    Episode 130
    Brooke is torn when Nick demands that she not attend the wedding, then Bridget later begs her to come. Eric wonders if Brooke can handle watching Nick marry Bridget. Ridge learns from Dante that he is dating Brooke. Jackie tries one last time to make Nick act on his feelings for Brooke, while Massimo is happy that Bridget and Nick are finally getting married. The wedding begins on the Shady Marlin and Nick is furious when he sees Brooke arrive.moreless
  • Ep. #4643
    Ep. #4643
    Episode 129
    Dante presents some designs to Eric and Brooke. Eric is impressed and hires him. Brooke is distracted as she fantasizes about Nick. Bridget accepts Nick's proposal, but he avoids her advances when she tries to make love with him. Bridget confides in Dante that she hopes that being married to Nick will make her insecurities vanish. Bridget invites Brooke to the wedding, but Nick visits Brooke and uninvites her; explaining that if she is there he will not be able to marry Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #4642
    Ep. #4642
    Episode 128
    Taylor returns to work and Hector drops by to wish her well, whereas Ridge isn't happy to see Taylor back working. Ridge tells Taylor of his plans for a fashion showdown with Thomas, which makes Taylor furious. Brooke is uncomfortable when Bridget talks to her about Nick's baby and making love to him. Dante interrogates Nick about his feelings for Brooke, which Nick doesn't appreciate. Thinking about Brooke, Nick asks Bridget to marry him now.moreless
  • Ep. #4641
    Ep. #4641
    Episode 127
    Ridge and Taylor discuss Gaby and Thomas, as Taylor blames herself for Thomas moving out, but again Hector is the one to lend an ear after Ridge leaves. Sally asks Thorne to convince Thomas to stay on at Spectra, and Darla and Clarke jump in with reasons for him to stay also. Ridge stops Thomas from signing the contract by giving him the opportunity to take part in a fashion showdown -- father against son. If Thomas wins he can stay at Spectra, move back in at home and the Forresters will accept his marriage to Gaby, but if he loses he will go to college and have his marriage to Gaby annulled.moreless
  • Ep. #4640
    Ep. #4640
    Episode 126
    Thomas tells Sally that he needs more time before he makes his decision. Homeless, Thomas and Gaby sleep in his office at Spectra. Eric and Jackie bond as they discuss the breakdowns of both their marriages and their flirting leads to a kiss. Nick refuses to watch Dante touch Brooke and storms out. Brooke tells Dante that she hopes Nick will now move on from her, but she later cries all alone. Bridget and Nick argue about his feelings for Brooke but then end up making love.moreless
  • Ep. #4639
    Ep. #4639
    Episode 125
    Sally convinces Thomas to drop out of college by bribing him with a big cheque that he can earn at Spectra instead. Eric has to stop Jackie from telling Bridget that Nick loves Brooke, and Eric warns her that she is turning into Stephanie. Brooke manages to convince Nick to make his unborn child his priority. Trying to convince Bridget too, Brooke makes Dante touch her, but her plan backfires when Bridget notices how jealous Nick is.moreless
  • Ep. #4638
    Ep. #4638
    Episode 124
    Thomas reiterates to Gaby just how committed to her that he is and swears that he loves her when Gaby blames herself for the trouble she has caused with his parents. Nick is consumed with jealousy over Brooke's new relationship with Dante, but an oblivious Bridget talks to Nick about how glad she is that Brooke is finding love. Sally tells Darla that she is concerned that she has Thomas on only a temporary contract with Spectra. Gaby tries to defend herself to Ridge as Ridge insists the marriage must be annulled. As Jackie and Eric look on in worry, Brooke again tells Nick that they have no future, and he needs to be with Bridget and the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #4637
    Ep. #4637
    Episode 123
    Hector inspires Taylor to move past Ridge, and Taylor begins to think about going back to what she does best and open up another practise. Bridget and Nick grow closer when she shows him an ultrasound of the baby and she decides to throw a last minute celebration dinner, inviting Nick, Brooke and Dante. Dante susses that Brooke is using him to con Bridget, but she begs him to help her continue through with the plan. Jackie learns from Eric that Brooke has thrown herself at Dante and fears how Nick will react.moreless
  • Ep. #4636
    Ep. #4636
    Episode 122
    Ridge and Taylor discuss Gaby and Thomas, but only end up arguing. Hector is at Taylor's fixing the house alarm, but is the one left comforting Taylor when Ridge walks out on her again. Bridget learns from Dante that he and Brooke kissed. Eric disagrees with Brooke throwing herself at Dante to get over Nick. Bridget questions Brooke about Dante, and after the initial concern, she is thrilled.moreless
  • Ep. #4635
    Ep. #4635
    Episode 121
    Thomas and Gaby pack their bags and prepare to go on the run, but Dunn stops them and has Gaby arrested. Gaby's attorney has her released when Gaby and Thomas admit their love, and the attorney points out that the court will see the marriage as real. Eric visits Nick and digs for information about his feelings for Brooke. Brooke invites Dante to spend the afternoon with her by the pool. Sharing wine, they become close and in an attempt to prove that she is moving on, Brooke kisses him.moreless
  • Ep. #4634
    Ep. #4634
    Episode 120
    Phoebe announces over the breakfast table that Gaby and Thomas slept together. Taylor is furious and tells Agent Dunn the whole truth about Gaby and Thomas' marriage. Bridget begins to worry again that Nick really does want to be with Brooke. Eric comforts Bridget, then warns Brooke that he will come clean with Bridget unless she finds a way out first. Brooke realises she must show Bridget that she has moved on, and realises that Dante is just the man to help her do it.moreless
  • Ep. #4633
    Ep. #4633
    Episode 119
    Phoebe tells Steffy that she blames Gaby for Ridge moving out. Thomas and Gaby sleep together, but the evening is cut short by a snooping Phoebe, who threatens to tell Taylor everything. Nick and Brooke become passionate, but Brooke forces herself to pull away.
  • Ep. #4632
    Ep. #4632
    Episode 118
    Brooke tells Eric that no matter what happens, Bridget can never find out that her husband isn't in love with her. Taylor is angry with Gaby and Thomas for breaking the rules, and although Thomas warns his mother he'll leave too if she makes Gaby go, Taylor won't back down. Nick refuses to take no for an answer when Brooke demands he leave, and although she initially resists, the two end up in a passionate embrace on the stairs. Thomas sneaks into Gaby's room and the two begin to make love.moreless
  • Ep. #4631
    Ep. #4631
    Episode 117
    Dante offers his support and love to Bridget. She tells him that, although she is thankful to him, her heart is with Nick. Nick tells Jackie that he doesn't want his child to grow up without a father the way he did. Jackie advises Nick not to deny his feelings for Brooke, or else it will lead to a big mess with everybody getting hurt. Thomas tells Gaby that he loves her and that their marriage is now real. They decide to show their feelings by making love. Taylor is angry when she finds Gaby waiting for Thomas and demands that she move out.moreless
  • Ep. #4630
    Ep. #4630
    Episode 116
    Nick gives Bridget the cold shoulder as she begs for his forgiveness. Jackie learns that Bridget is still pregnant but encourages Nick to turn his back on Bridget and be with Brooke. Nick refuses and tells her that he needs to make a home for his unborn child. Thomas' fashion show is a huge success and Taylor and Ridge bond as they beam with pride for their son. Phoebe, Steffy and Thomas hope that Ridge will be coming home with them, but when Taylor begins asking Ridge again to attend marriage counselling, he storms out.moreless
  • Ep. #4629
    Ep. #4629
    Episode 115
    Spectra has a rehersal for Thomas' first collection debut. Gaby arrives with good luck wishes. Gaby admits to Darla that she loves Thomas and wants to be with him sexually, but Darla advises her not to go against Taylor's rules. Eric informs Jackie of Bridget's abortion and the grieving grandparents find comfort together. Nick tells Brooke that he wants to be with her and believes that they should tell Bridget, but Brooke demands that he forget about her now that Bridget is really pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #4628
    Ep. #4628
    Episode 114
    Eric learns from Brooke that Bridget had an abortion and he blames Brooke when she admits that she and Nick are in love. Bridget begs Nick for forgiveness, but he is disgusted and orders Bridget to tell Brooke the truth. Brooke is equally disturbed when Bridget comes clean. Bridget apologises for obsessing that Brooke and Nick had feelings for each other and she tells Nick that she is now ready to marry him. Brooke is horrified.moreless
  • Ep. #4627
    Ep. #4627
    Episode 113
    Ridge and Taylor argue about Ridge's feelings for Brooke. Taylor suggests marriage counselling, but when Ridge refuses Taylor tells him to move out. Brooke and Nick get steamy as they confess their love to one another and decide to finally be together. Bridget worries that Nick won't forgive her, but Dante believes he will once he thinks of the child. Bridget goes to Nick and tells him she is still carrying his child.moreless
  • Ep. #4626
    Ep. #4626
    Episode 112
    Thomas tells Gaby that he is worried about his parents' marriage and fears it may end. Taylor hears Ridge tell Thorne that he will always love Brooke. Ridge tries to explain himself to Taylor, but she refuses to listen and tells him that she is done with him. Catherine tells Bridget that their is nothing going on between Nick and Brooke. Bridget realises that she must tell Nick that she is still pregnant. Nick is intent on leaving and wants to kill himself in the storm. Brooke won't let him leave and they end up sharing a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4625
    Ep. #4625
    Episode 111
    Taylor admits to Thorne that she is frustrated with Ridge and asks Thorne to talk to him. Speaking to Ridge, Thorne learns that Ridge can't bear the thought of Brooke being with another man, which Taylor overhears. Bridget decides to come clean with Nick, but Dante stops her from doing so. Nick tells Brooke that he can never forgive Bridget and decides to go back to the sea. Catherine fishes for information from Brooke about her feelings for Nick. Brooke reads in the newspaper about a storm heading in and rushes to stop Nick leaving. Brooke admits to Nick that she loves him.moreless
  • Ep. #4624
    Ep. #4624
    Episode 110
    Bridget fears she has made a mistake, but Dante stops her from going after Nick. Bridget tells Catherine that she told Nick that she had an abortion, but admits it's a lie. Bridget explains that she needs to know if Nick will still want to be with her without a pregnancy holding them together, or if he'll run to Brooke, so Bridget asks Catherine to spy on Nick and Brooke. Nick is distraught and goes to Brooke for comfort. Brooke is equally devastated and blames herself. Catherine catches Nick and Brooke in a close embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #4623
    Ep. #4623
    Episode 109
    Wanting to offer her professional help, Taylor tries to locate Bridget. Talking to Dante, Taylor learns that she is too late when he tells her that Bridget has already aborted her baby. Brooke thinks Stephanie wants to kill her, but Stephanie explains that she wants Brooke to kill herself, in order to save Bridget, Nick and their baby. Brooke thinks Stephanie is insane and attempts to shoot her. Nick is furious and heartbroken with Bridget when she tells him that she had an abortion. Nick walks away from her, telling her that by killing their baby, she killed their relationship too.moreless
  • Ep. #4622
    Ep. #4622
    Episode 108
    Stephanie tells Brooke that her gift will save everybody and will end all of the problems in the family. Brooke is shocked when she finds that the box contains a pistol. Dante dreams of a life with Bridget in Italy, complete with a child between them. Nick finds Bridget at the beach house. He makes promises to her, and states that he won't walk away from her and their baby. Bridget tells him that she no longer has a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #4621
    Ep. #4621
    Episode 107
    Taylor tells Ridge that she misses the way that their marriage used to be and she wonders if he'd rather be with Brooke. Bridget decides that she must have an abortion and so Dante takes her to the clinic. Nick and Brooke worry about Bridget's state of mind, but are unable to locate her. Stephanie visits Brooke with a gift, something that will make Bridget's problems vanish forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4620
    Ep. #4620
    Episode 106
    Bridget is too disgusted to be anywhere near Brooke and Nick, so she leaves. Dante finds her as she is leaving, and he takes her somewhere to try to calm her down. While she is there, he tells her that she can finally be free of Nick, and she reveals to him that she cannot, because she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Nick and Brooke that Bridget just found out that evening that she is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #4619
    Ep. #4619
    Episode 105
    Ridge returns home from New York and is surprised to see that Gaby is living there. He refuses to allow his home to be used as part of an illegal plan. Stephanie tells Eric that she is concerned for Bridget's state of mind, explaining that losing another man to her mother will send her insane. Bridget is disgusted when she walks in on Brooke and Nick having a cozy dinner for two. Bridget says that Brooke is exactly what Stephanie believes she is. Bridget adds that as long as Nick has feelings for Brooke then she wants nothing to do with him. Bridget tells Nick that their relationship is over.moreless
  • Ep. #4618
    Ep. #4618
    Episode 104
    Nick calls Bridget to see when she will be home but she tells him she isn't coming home. Bridget takes a pregnancy test and learns that she is indeed pregnant. Bridget wonders if a baby could give her the family with Nick that she has wanted. Stephanie tells her that she doesn't need Nick, but Bridget guesses that Stephanie only wants her to end up cold and bitter like her. Stephanie goes to Eric and blurts out that Bridget is pregnant. Nick and Brooke discuss how they can never act on their feelings for one another as Bridget can't handle any more pain. Nick asks Brooke to share the dinner with him as Bridget isn't coming home. Bridget arrives home to tell Nick she is pregnant but finds him drinking wine with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4617
    Ep. #4617
    Episode 103
    Brooke and Nick bring Hope home from the hospital. Nick wonders why he hasn't heard from Bridget so he decides to surprise her with a special dinner. Brooke thanks Nick for being there for her and Hope. Stephanie tries to make Bridget see the worst in Brooke. Stephanie tells Bridget to leave Nick and move on as she deserves better. Bridget doesn't know if she is strong enough to do so. Stephanie feels Bridget can't marry him now. Bridget later feels sick and holds her stomach. Stephanie wonders if Bridget is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #4616
    Ep. #4616
    Episode 102
    Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy visit Hope in the hospital. Brooke and Nick are relieved when the doctor says that Hope has fully recovered. Bridget spends the night at the Big Bear cabin alone, still distressed from watching her mother and Nick at the hospital. Stephanie arrives but Bridget has nothing for her except for harsh words. Bridget cracks when Stephanie says that Nick is in love with Brooke. Stephanie pumps hatred for Brooke into Bridget and makes her believe that Brooke is going to steal Nick the way she stole Deacon.moreless
  • Ep. #4615
    Ep. #4615
    Episode 101
    Bridget is on overload when she thinks about Nick and Brooke. Eric and Jackie talk about Brooke, and both Eric and Nick's feelings for her.
  • Ep. #4614
    Ep. #4614
    Episode 100
    Eric tells Bridget to hold off on marrying Nick as no man ever fully moves on after loving Brooke. Eric believes that although Nick loves Bridget, he will always want a life with Brooke. Nick prays for Hope's recovery. Brooke overhears Nick's heartfelt words and after learning from Hector that Nick's CPR saved Hope's life, Brooke forgives Nick. As Nick and Brooke huddle by her bedside, Hope regains consciousness.moreless
  • Ep. #4613
    Ep. #4613
    Episode 99
    Hector tells Brooke that the drain is mostly the cause of Hope's accident. Brooke then shifts the blame from Nick, to herself. Hope starts to wake up from her coma.
  • Ep. #4612
    Ep. #4612
    Episode 98
    Brooke is horrified to learn that Hope could have permanent brain damage, and asks Nick to leave her and her daughter alone. Eric comes by to pick up more of his stuff, and enrages Stephanie when he tells her he's appointed Brooke his co-C.E.O. and moved her into Stephanie's office. Massimo and Jackie talk about their relationship, and although Jackie wants to give it another shot, Massimo tells her that he can't risk his heart again, and it's over.moreless
  • Ep. #4611
    Ep. #4611
    Episode 97
    Nick manages to cut Hope's hair free, and does CPR on her. Hope starts to convulse when the paramedics arrive. Brooke arrives home to find no one home and she spots one of Hope's water wings floating, and Brooke become very worried. Taylor tells Gaby that she can live in the house with Thomas to make the marriage look real.moreless
  • Ep. #4610
    Ep. #4610
    Episode 96
    Taylor tells Ridge that she needs him to leave for a while, and really figure out what he wants. Nick is concerned about Dante instead of watching Hope play in the water, and Hope gets trapped under the water.
  • Ep. #4609
    Ep. #4609
    Episode 95
    Dante draws a beautiful picture of Hope, and Brooke then tells him that he can live there. Eric proposes to Brooke.
  • Ep. #4608
    Ep. #4608
    Episode 94
    Thomas asks a crying Taylor what's going on, and Taylor admits that she's worried that Ridge will go back to Brooke. Brooke demands Ridge come back to her, and when he cannot give her that, she tells him it's over and she's taking control of her life. Gaby tries to comfort an upset Stephanie, not understanding Stephanie's self-loathing.moreless
  • Ep. #4607
    Ep. #4607
    Episode 93
    Dante moves in with Bridget temporarily, but can't keep his mind off her. Ridge and Taylor are incredibly disappointed in Stephanie, and when Ridge goes home with Brooke, Stephanie worries that her scam has destroyed Ridge and Taylor's marriage.
  • Ep. #4606
    Ep. #4606
    Episode 92
    The Forresters are devastated to hear Stephanie admit to faking her heart attack. Taylor lashes out before leaving, and one by one everyone walks out on Stephanie including Eric, who takes his bags with him. Stephanie's pleas for understanding fall on deaf ears.
  • Ep. #4605
    Ep. #4605
    Episode 91
    Stephanie gathers her family together to explain to them why she faked her heart attack as Brooke and Jackie worry that the Forresters may forgive Stephanie. Sally is shocked to learn from Mark that Stephanie faked her heart attack, and wishes she had been there to see it all unfold.
  • Ep. #4604
    Ep. #4604
    Episode 90
    Jackie and Brooke confront Stephanie with their proof that she faked her heart attack, a nervous Mark standing by. Unable to keep the secret going, Stephanie agrees to break the truth out as Bridget and Nick prepare to say their vows.
  • Ep. #4603
    Ep. #4603
    Episode 89
    Jackie gets Mark to admit that he helped Stephanie fake a heart attack to get Ridge to pick Taylor, and that Stephanie payed him one million dollars to do so. Things are progressing with Nick and Bridget's wedding.
  • Ep. #4602
    Ep. #4602
    Episode 88
    Stephanie spearheads the crew preparing for Nick and Bridget's wedding which includes Thorne, Darla, Hector and Caitlin. Jackie prepares to meet with Mark to get the information she needs to destroy Stephanie.
  • Ep. #4601
    Ep. #4601
    Episode 87
    Jackie learns from Massimo that $1 million was recently deposited into Mark's account, then later Mark tells her they're finished. Although Bridget wakes up in Dante's bed, he assures her nothing happened between them.
  • Ep. #4600
    Ep. #4600
    Episode 86
    Bridget breaks down after telling Dante about her mother and Deacon. Jackie tries to convince Massimo that by proving Stephanie was faking she'll solve all their problems. Brooke tries to convince Nick to focus on his relationship with Bridget.
  • Ep. #4599
    Ep. #4599
    Episode 85
    Ridge is glad the Thomas and Gaby's annulment papers will be there soon. After seeing Brooke and Nick in close quarters, an upset Bridget goes to Dante.
  • Ep. #4598
    Ep. #4598
    Episode 84
    Dante is at the Logan home at Bridget's invitation to have dinner with her and Brooke, and Nick is very displeased to find Dante there. When Nick heads upstairs with Brooke to read Hope a bedtime story, Dante tells Bridget that it looks like Nick's allegiance is to Hope and Brooke, and asks Bridget to go away with him. Ridge is furious to learn of Thomas and Gaby's marriage, but Taylor is touched by what a loving man her son has turned into. Jackie is just about to get the information she needs from Mark when his pager goes off.moreless
  • Ep. #4597
    Ep. #4597
    Episode 83
    Thomas and Gaby discuss their situation over dinner and Thomas tells Gaby that they should tell Ridge and Taylor the truth about their marriage, but while they dine Agent Dunn is spilling the beans to Ridge and Taylor, who are shocked that their son has married a girl he only recently met. Brooke tells Stephanie that she has no reason to gloat, because she is going to prove she manipulated Ridge into choosing Taylor, and that she will win in the end. Jackie cozies up to Mark, trying to convince him she's a lonely Marone wife, in an attempt to get proof from him that Stephanie faked her heart attack.moreless
  • Ep. #4596
    Ep. #4596
    Episode 82
    Dante decides to stay in L.A. and so Massimo arranges for Dante to live at the beach house. Nick acts hostile towards Dante, especially when he states that he is staying in town for Bridget. Stephanie attempts to lay on the guilt with Ridge, but he remains cold toward her. Ridge later reads in Eye On Fashion that Thomas is now working for Sally. He warns his son against it. Brooke gives Jackie a tape recorder to get evidence from Mark. Stephanie pokes fun at Brooke's misery and realises that Brooke is up to something when she doesn't bite back. Jackie turns on the charm with Mark and puts her plan into action.moreless
  • Ep. #4595
    Ep. #4595
    Episode 81
    Stephanie returns home. Darla and Thorne visit with get well wishes. Stephanie asks Massimo to talk to Ridge to make him realise that chosing Taylor was the right decision, but he refuses to interfere. Stephanie attempts to poison Massimo's mind against Jackie when he hints at reconciling. Bridget tells Nick that she has felt neglected lately and asks him if he still wants to marry her. Nick wonders where her worries have appeared from and isn't impressed when she tells him that she met with Dante. Jackie tells Brooke that she too believes that Stephanie faked the heart attack. Jackie adds that Stephanie must have thrown money at Mark as a bribe, explaining that he can now afford to be her new neighbor. Mark arrives to cancel the dinner plans with Jackie, but she uses her feminine wiles to lure him in. Brooke learns that Jackie plans to seduce the truth from Mark. Brooke makes a deal with Jackie to bring Stephanie down.moreless
  • Ep. #4594
    Ep. #4594
    Episode 80
    Jackie accompanies Massimo on a visit to see Stephanie at the hospital. Massimo is disgusted when Jackie suggests that Stephanie faked her heart attack. Stephanie is discharged from the hospital. Massimo takes her home, but angrily leaves Jackie behind. Jackie grabs Mark's attention by sheding a few tears and she learns that he has just moved into Century View Towers, her apartment building. Jackie invites him over for dinner. Brooke loses her patience with Ridge. She tells him that their relationship is over and throws him out. Ridge returns to Taylor, Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy who have arranged a family barbeque by the pool. Meanwhile, Brooke holds Hope and tries to remain strong.moreless
  • Ep. #4593
    Ep. #4593
    Episode 79
    Taylor drops by the hospital to see Stephanie, but finds her room empty. Taylor wonders about Nick's suggestion that Stephanie faked her condition and so she sneaks a look at Stephanie's health chart. Stephanie later warns Taylor about Brooke's hold on Ridge and adds that Taylor would be wise to never let her guard down. Dante plants a kiss on Bridget, but she pulls away. He continues to flirt with her and also manages to place some doubt in Bridget's mind about Nick's closeness with Brooke. Ridge admits to Brooke that Stephanie manipulated him into chosing Taylor. He tells Brooke that he loves her and Brooke suggests that he can easily undo his decision. When Ridge hesitates, Brooke damands that Ridge make a decison now.moreless
  • Ep. #4592
    Ep. #4592
    Episode 78
    Nick comes to the mansion to see Taylor, where he accuses her of coming between Brooke and Ridge and taking Ridge away from two children, then suggests that Stephanie faked her heart attack. Bridget and Dante talk about their shared past together, and Dante apologizes for his role in Taylor's homecoming, but Bridget assures him it is not his fault. Ridge tells Stephanie to stay out of his life, then rushes to see Brooke to tell her he made a horrible mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #4591
    Ep. #4591
    Episode 77
    Brooke brings R.J. and Hope to their new home, happily surprised to see the welcome Nick has laid out for her. While Bridget heads off to talk to Ridge about what has happened with Brooke, Nick tries to bolster Brooke's spirits, and to cheer Hope up as well. Bridget rips in to Ridge, and returns home in time to hear Nick tell Brooke that she and the children are everything to him. Philip Dunn from Immigration stops in to see Gaby and Thomas, interrupting a fun moment between the two. Thomas manages to pull it off, but after Dunn leaves, Gaby panics.moreless
  • Ep. #4590
    Ep. #4590
    Episode 76
    Nick surprises Stephanie with a visit at the hospital. He questions her about her condition and begins to believe Brooke's theory that Stephanie faked her heart attack. Stephanie warns Nick that if he carries on down this route then he'll be very sorry. Brooke lays into Ridge for being a coward. She snaps at Taylor and says that Ridge only chose her out of guilt. Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy have a tearful goodbye with Hope. Ridge feels the pain when Brooke takes R.J. away. As Brooke leaves she tells Ridge that she used to believe that their love was unforgetable, but now all she wants to do is forget him.moreless
  • Ep. #4589
    Ep. #4589
    Episode 75
    Brooke returns to the home she had shared with Ridge. With Bridget's help, she breaks the news to Hope about their new move. While cleaning her things out of the bedroom that Ridge and Taylor now share, Brooke is devastated to realise it is truly over. Brooke tells Ridge that he is weak for letting Stephanie manipulate him. Sally stops by to see Stephanie in the hospital, and wants to celebrate Brooke's misfortune. Eric overhears their conversation, and is disgusted. Jackie tries to push Nick towards Brooke again, but he insists he's only there as a friend.moreless
  • Ep. #4588
    Ep. #4588
    Episode 74
    Dante and Taylor tell Ridge about her time in Morocco, and how Dante helped her escape from Prince Omar. Ridge thanks Dante for giving Taylor back to them. Jackie visits Stephanie in the hospital and, like Brooke, believes she faked her heart condition to get what she wanted. Nick helps Brooke start getting settled in her former home again, and when Ridge calls, Nick doesn't have much to say to his half-brother.moreless
  • Ep. #4587
    Ep. #4587
    Episode 73
    Brooke is escorted out of the hospital after nearly being arrested for disconnecting Stephanie's ventilator. Bridget stops by to see Stephanie and is shocked to learn that her mother was responsible for nearly killing her. Nick tries to comfort Brooke as she prepares to return to her old home. Taylor opens the door to find Dante at the doorstep. Ridge shows up before Dante can leave and doesn't believe Dante's story about being an old friend of Massimo's, and Taylor tells Ridge that Dante was the one who helped her escape Omar.moreless
  • Ep. #4586
    Ep. #4586
    Episode 72
    Brooke is devastated when Stephanie tells her that Ridge and Taylor renewed their vows. To try and prove her theory that Stephanie is faking her condition, Brooke disconnects Stephanie's air tube, and dares her to die. Ridge and Taylor return home, and tell an overjoyed Thomas that they have renewed their wedding vows. Nick and Jackie are introduced to Dante, and are surprised when Massimo reveals that Dante knows Bridget. Massimo had previous set up a meeting between the two of them in Copenhagen. Nick is suspicious of who Dante really is.moreless
  • Ep. #4585
    Ep. #4585
    Episode 71
    Brooke thinks that Stephanie will use her condition to manipulate everybody into her own way of thinking so she calls Eric, but Stephanie refuses to let him talk to Brooke. Eric secretly calls Brooke and tells her to get to the hospital. Eric begs Ridge not to renew his vows to Taylor simply just for Stephanie's sake, but Ridge insists that's not what he is doing. Thorne and Darla stand in as best man and matron of honor. With thoughts of Brooke in his mind, Ridge and Taylor renew their vows. Brooke races to the hospital, but arrives too late.moreless
  • Ep. #4584
    Ep. #4584
    Episode 70
    Massimo runs into Dante at the Café Russe. The two of them are old friends. Discovering Dante's sketch of Taylor leads Massimo to wonder why he drew it. Ridge asks Taylor to visit Stephanie, but tells Brooke to stay at home. Brooke believes Stephanie is faking her illness to lay pressure on Ridge. Mark confirms that Stephanie has suffered from a heart attack and her condition begins to deteriorate. Ridge grabs the hospital chaplain and asks him to renew his and Taylor's vows.moreless
  • Ep. #4583
    Ep. #4583
    Episode 69
    Thomas and Gaby return to L.A. At first, Gaby frets that she has made a mistake, but Thomas convinces her they have done the right thing. Their attention is drawn toward the bed, so Thomas leaves to avoid temptation. Taylor ushers Dante outside before he is caught in the house. She thanks him for helping her return home but quickly sends him on his way. Hector calls Brooke offering his support. Ridge rushes Stephanie to the hospital where she is met by Eric, Thorne and Darla. Mark examines Stephanie and as she begins another tirade about Brooke, she grabs her chest in unbearable pain.moreless
  • Ep. #4582
    Ep. #4582
    Episode 68
    Stephanie reminds Ridge that Taylor is his wife, and begs him not to hurt her by choosing the woman who stole her husband all those years ago, but Ridge refuses to listen. As Ridge prepares to leave, Stephanie begins having chest pains.
  • Ep. #4581
    Ep. #4581
    Episode 67
    Nick and Bridget are outside the chapel in Vegas waiting to get married, but once the alcohol wears off they decide they want a real wedding.
  • Ep. #4580
    Ep. #4580
    Episode 66
    Gaby remains unconvinced that marrying Thomas is the way to go, but he convinces her it's the only way she can stay in the country.
  • Ep. #4579
    Ep. #4579
    Episode 65
    Despite her agreement with Ridge that she will not come until the next day, Brooke shows up at the beach house early and slips into the shower with Ridge.
  • Ep. #4578
    Ep. #4578
    Episode 64
    Ridge and Taylor reconnect while spending time together, and she promises to stand by him no matter which woman he chooses.
  • Ep. #4577
    Ep. #4577
    Episode 63
    Taylor reconnects with her father, Jack, and talks to him about how much she is looking forward to getting her life back. Stephanie is at the beach house pleading her case for Taylor, who shows up just as Stephanie is being asked to leave. Gaby is devastated to realise she isn't a legal citizen and that she must leave the country, but Thomas is convinced he has the solution -- if she marries him, she can't be deported. Phoebe and Jack open the door at Taylor and Ridge's home to find Dante there.moreless
  • Ep. #4576
    Ep. #4576
    Episode 62
    Gabriela is devasted to learn, via her rejection letter from Larchmont College, that she is not a legal citizen.
  • Ep. #4575
    Ep. #4575
    Episode 61
    Eric begs with Stephanie, for the sake of their marriage, to stop meddling in Ridge's love life.
  • Ep. #4574
    Ep. #4574
    Episode 60
    Ridge calls both Taylor and Brooke, asking them to meet him at Forrester Creations.
  • Ep. #4573
    Ep. #4573
    Episode 59
    Nick steps in to protect Bridget when she and Stephanie argue about Stephanie's interference in Brooke's life.
  • Ep. #4572
    Ep. #4572
    Episode 58
    Massimo tries to convince Bridget that she and Nick should get married right away, and offers his yacht to the couple.
  • Ep. #4571
    Ep. #4571
    Episode 57
    Caitlin is devastated when Thomas tells her that he thinks the two of them are better off as friends.
  • Ep. #4570
    Ep. #4570
    Episode 56
    Nick is upset when Stephanie tries to put him in the middle of Brooke and Ridge's relationship woes.
  • Ep. #4569
    Ep. #4569
    Episode 55
    Taylor believes it would be a good idea for Brooke to take her children and leave while she still has her dignity intact.
  • Ep. #4568
    Ep. #4568
    Episode 54
    Bridget admits to Eric that she's worried about the amount of influence that Stephanie exerts over Ridge. Nick tries to convince Stephanie to keep Jackie out of all this, and swears he only loves Bridget. Sally brings Thomas to Spectra for an interview and seriously thinks about hiring him.
  • Ep. #4567
    Ep. #4567
    Episode 53
    Sally considers hiring Thomas to design for Spectra after he wants Thorne to take a look at his designs.
  • Ep. #4566
    Ep. #4566
    Episode 52
    Taylor is shocked to learn that Deacon is baby Hope's father and that Brooke slept with Nick the night Ridge 'died'. Thomas shows his designs to Eric with encouragement from Gaby, but Eric tells Thomas he's too young.
  • Ep. #4565
    Ep. #4565
    Episode 51
    Jackie begs Nick not to marry Bridget when he is still in love with Brooke, but Nick is determined to have a future with Bridget.
  • Ep. #4564
    Ep. #4564
    Episode 50
    Bridget pays Stephanie and visit and is furious with her for trying once again to interfere in Brooke's life.
  • Ep. #4563
    Ep. #4563
    Episode 49
    Brooke can't believe what she's hearing when Stephanie suggests she back away and let Ridge and Taylor raise R.J.
  • Ep. #4562
    Ep. #4562
    Episode 48
    Ridge and Taylor spend time together reminiscing about their past and get caught up in the moment.
  • Ep. #4561
    Ep. #4561
    Episode 47
    Nick warns Ridge that he had better not turn his back on Brooke, but Ridge tells Nick that he can't possibly understand how much Taylor once meant to him. Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy try to cheer up a depressed Gaby by telling her they'll be more than happy to share their mother with her. Eric warns Stephanie to stay out of the situation in Ridge's life.moreless
  • Ep. #4560
    Ep. #4560
    Episode 46
    Jackie tries to convince Nick that Brooke will end up alone and that he should be there for her in her time of need, but Nick angrily reminds his mother that he and Brooke are well and truly over. Ridge tells Brooke that until everything is sorted out he cannot share a bed with her and tells her he plans to move out, but Brooke says she'll move into the guest room. Bridget talks to Eric about everything that has happened, and wishes she could be there more for her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #4559
    Ep. #4559
    Episode 45
    Taylor chides her son for asking Brooke to move out of the family home, and Ridge tells Brooke and Taylor that only one of them can win. Caitlin is upset when she spies Gabriela giving Thomas an innocent kiss.
  • Ep. #4558
    Ep. #4558
    Episode 44
    After learning from Nick and Bridget that Taylor is still alive, Jackie encourages Nick to make a play for Brooke. Taylor tells Thomas that Ridge needs to make his own decision, but Thomas asks Brooke to walk away from his father.
  • Ep. #4557
    Ep. #4557
    Episode 43
    Bridget tells Nick about her visit with Taylor. Bridget wonders how Brooke is going to handle the situation. Bridget fears that Brooke may lose Ridge again. Thorne and Darla have a happy reunion with Taylor, both amazed that she is really alive. Eric questions Stephanie on why she has been acting so mysterious. Eric is speechless when he comes face to face with Taylor. Brooke later heads up to bed, but Ridge stays talking with Taylor. Taylor tells Risge that she wants to be with him again. Eric warns Stephanie to stay out of Ridge's life when she begins talking about him getting back with Taylor. Stephanie calls Taylor and urges her to fight for her man. Brooke attempts to seduce Ridge in the bedroom and asks him to make love to her.moreless
  • Ep. #4556
    Ep. #4556
    Episode 42
    Stephanie realizes how much they had lost without Taylor. She apologizes to Ridge for thinking that he was crazy in believing Taylor was alive. Stephanie worries that Ridge has two women living in the same house, both of whom see themselves as his wife. Bridget hugs Taylor, thrilled that she is alive. Taylor thanks Bridget for taking care of her family after they had thought she died. Taylor and Brooke both think that the other should move out. Taylor meets Hope and becomes uncomfortable when Hope refers to Ridge as her father. Brooke tries to appeal to Taylor, asking her to see that Hope and R.J. need Ridge more than Taylor does.moreless
  • Ep. #4555
    Ep. #4555
    Episode 41
    Nick attempts to give support to Brooke. She snaps at Nick when he mentions the fact that her marriage to Ridge isn't legal. Brooke is sure that Ridge will make the right choice in regards to his future with her and Taylor. Bridget speaks with Ridge as he tells her how happy he is about Taylor's return. Bridget makes it clear that Ridge must understand how hard things are going to be for Brooke. Taylor tells Stephanie the details of her time with Omar. Stephanie apologizes to Taylor for disconnecting her from the machines. Taylor sobs when Stephanie talks about Ridge marrying Brooke. Taylor can't believe how much time has gone by and how much she has missed out on.moreless
  • Ep. #4554
    Ep. #4554
    Episode 40
    Eric and Stephanie agree that Ridge needs help. Stephanie adds that she didn't realize how many unresolved feelings Ridge had about Taylor's death. Brooke awakens to find Ridge already dressed. Brooke is angry when Ridge tells her that the kids are coming home from school and moving back in to be with Taylor. Bridget asks Brooke if she has talked to Ridge about where their marriage stands. Brooke insists that Ridge will stay with her and the kids and there is no need to think otherwise. Stephanie tells Ridge about her ideas of booking him into a psychiatric hospital. Stephanie is worried when he tells her Taylor is alive, but Stephanie is blown away when Taylor walks into the room. Stephanie has an emotional reunion with Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #4553
    Ep. #4553
    Episode 39
    Bridget is full of concern for Brooke now that Taylor has come home. Bridget can't believe that Taylor has been alive the entire time. Nick manages to take Bridget's mind off her problems by making love to her. Taylor sits on the bed with Phoebe, Steffy and Thomas and they catch her up on all she has missed. Taylor is proud of the man Thomas has become. The kids sob how much they have missed Taylor. Brooke questions Ridge on how he feels about Taylor but he only tells her how much of a miracle Taylor's return is. Ridge, Taylor and the kids all curl up and fall asleep together. Brooke watches, alone in the shadows.moreless
  • Ep. #4552
    Ep. #4552
    Episode 38
    Nick learns from Bridget that Taylor is alive and he immediately wonders if Ridge and Brooke's marriage is now invalid. Bridget thinks that Taylor will want Ridge back but Nick believes that Ridge will stay with Brooke. Brooke unintentionally throws R.J. in Taylor's face and this causes Taylor to have to fight back her tears. Brooke gets Ridge alone and suggests that they try to keep things as normal as possible for R.J. and Hope's sake. Brooke thinks that Taylor should find her own place to live the following day. Ridge is shocked and remains unresponsive.moreless
  • Ep. #4551
    Ep. #4551
    Episode 37
    Stephanie lays into Nick for assisting Ridge in digging up Taylor's grave. Stephanie then informs Nick that she now needs his help. Stephanie tells him that she is going to have Ridge put into an institution and she asks Nick to take care of Brooke and the children. Brooke remains all shook up, especially when Bridget explains that coming out of the coma will make Taylor feel like she has only been gone a few months and that her place within Ridge's life hasn't changed. Brooke says that the family will always be Taylor's but Ridge is her husband now. Taylor explains all to the children as they cuddle, catch up and all show how much they missed each other. Brooke enters the room with R.J. and she is hurt when she discovers that Ridge hasn't even mentioned his existence to Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #4550
    Ep. #4550
    Episode 36
    Thomas tells Gaby that his father's actions are hurting him. Thomas cries on her shoulder as she tells him that they will both get through their pain. Brooke hides in the bedroom as Bridget rushes over at her request. Brooke informs her that Taylor is alive. Bridget thinks it's wonderful that the children are going to have their mother back. Brooke secretly hides her pain that nobody is worrying about what this means for her. Ridge brings Phoebe and Steffy to Taylor. Phoebe runs away in disbelief. Steffy is very shaken but overwhelmed with happiness to see her mother. Phoebe cries alone in her room as Taylor arrives and sings to her. Phoebe hugs her mother as she realizes that Taylor is really alive. Thomas soon arrives and after the initial shock, everybody is embracing and crying as the family is reunited.moreless
  • Ep. #4549
    Ep. #4549
    Episode 35
    Bridget and Nick share some romantic time together at The Grove. Ridge rushes off to collect Phoebe and Steffy from his parent's home. Stephanie refuses to allow the children the leave with Ridge, she insists that he needs professional help. Ridge tells his parents that he will explain everything in due time and takes the girls. Taylor asks Brooke all the details about Phoebe, Steffy and Thomas. Taylor grows emotional when she realizes just how much she has missed.moreless
  • Ep. #4548
    Ep. #4548
    Episode 34
    Jackie thinks that the postponing of Nick's wedding is an omen. She suggests that maybe Nick is marrying the wrong women. Bridget overhears and doesn't take too kindly to Jackie's words. Thomas becomes upset when he realizes that he has forgotten certain memories of Taylor. Stephanie reminds him of how much Taylor loved him. Brooke is in such shock seeing Taylor that she faints. Ridge and Taylor explain the surreal story to Brooke. As Brooke struggles to handle everything, she is shocked again when Taylor embraces her, thanking her for taking care of her family.moreless
  • Ep. #4547
    Ep. #4547
    Episode 33
    Ridge returns home to Brooke and she begins to tiptoe around him and suggests that he needs some therapy to move past his pain. Ridge tells Brooke that he is fine and that digging up Taylor's grave was the best thing that he could have done. Brooke grows upset when Ridge continues to tell her that Taylor is alive. Brooke becomes angry and refuses to listen to him. A knock at the door interrupts the conversation and Brooke screams in shock as Taylor stands before her.moreless
  • Ep. #4546
    Ep. #4546
    Episode 32
    Brooke is furious when Stephanie suggests that Ridge's actions prove that he is still in love with Taylor. Taylor wants Ridge to make love to her. Ridge has to explain to Taylor that after he thought she had died he felt lost. Also Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy felt alone and needed a family. He says that he couldn't handle being a parent alone. He goes on to say that Brooke helped them through all the dark times and that in fact the ring he's wearing isn't his wedding band to Taylor, but to Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4545
    Ep. #4545
    Episode 31
    Omar has his men cover Taylor's empty grave and dispose of the evidence. Omar believes that Taylor won't have the homecoming she deserves and she will come back to him. Stephanie, Eric and Thorne later arrive at the cemetery. Stephanie wonders where Ridge is, and is concerned at what he may do after having seen Taylor's body. Brooke is worried when she learns from Mark that Ridge has left the hospital. Stephanie then comes by and tells Brooke that Ridge has dug up Taylor's body. Ridge takes Taylor back to the beach house and as they kiss and embrace, Taylor sees Ridge's wedding ring and, believing it's hers, she's happy that they can now carry on from where they left off.moreless
  • Ep. #4544
    Ep. #4544
    Episode 30
    Eric and Stephanie are sickened by Ridge's actions and believe he needs psychiatric help. Bridget is surprised when Nick questions her about Taylor and she grows unsettled when Nick tells her that he helped dig up Taylor's grave. Ridge breaks down as Taylor touches him. She explains that although everybody thought she was dead in the hospital, in reality she had just slipped into a coma. When Ridge refused to allow anyone near her body, the doctors couldn't confirm it. During which Omar forged her death certificate and flew her body to his palace. Ridge grows angry at Omar, but Taylor explains that Omar was the one who saved her as he watched over her for years whilst in the coma. Ridge is overwhelmed to have Taylor back and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4543
    Ep. #4543
    Episode 29
    Thorne is disgusted with himself. Nick tries to convince him that they helped their brother move on with his life. Thorne later drops by the Forrester home and Eric and Stephanie are equally disgusted. Ridge finds a rubber mannequin inside Taylor's coffin. Ridge then gets a surprise visitor in Prince Omar Rashid. Ridge realizes that Omar has stolen Taylor's corpse. Omar admits he has Taylor. He explains that after she was shot he removed her body from the hospital and took her back to Morocco. Omar accuses Ridge of not caring enough for Taylor because he didn't try to revive her, but Omar did. Ridge demands to know if Taylor is alive just as she appears from the shadows.moreless
  • Ep. #4542
    Ep. #4542
    Episode 28
    Stephanie remembers how Taylor removed herself from the machines in the hospital so that she would die in peace, this also reminds Stephanie how therefore she never flat-lined and they never saw anyone officially declare Taylor dead. Thomas explains to Bridget that he wishes that what his father is saying was true, he would give anything to have is mother back. Thorne attempts to talk Ridge out of digging up the grave. He insists that seeing Taylor's body will just cause him pain, but Ridge refuses to give up. Once they reach the coffin, Ridge asks Nick and Thorne to leave as he prepares to open the lid.moreless
  • Ep. #4541
    Ep. #4541
    Episode 27
    Mark brings Taylor's death certificate to Ridge as a way to reassure him that Taylor is dead but Mark has to admit that the signature on the certificate is from an unknown source. Ridge later calls Nick and asks for his help. Ridge dresses and sneaks from the hospital. Nick takes Thorne to Taylor's grave at Ridge's request. Ridge later arrives and tells them that they are going to dig up the grave, so he can be sure that Taylor is really dead. Thorne refuses to participate but eventually gets roped into in when Ridge and Nick begin digging.moreless
  • Ep. #4540
    Ep. #4540
    Episode 26
    Ridge insists that he saw Taylor. Stephanie tries to convince him that he has just suffered a concussion but Ridge is adamant. Mark tells the family that the test results were negative and Ridge is fine. Ridge snaps at Brooke when she implies that he was hallucinating. Eric and Stephanie wonder if Ridge is being setup by Amber or Morgan. Thomas is disturbed by his father words. Thomas is comforted again by Gaby.moreless
  • Ep. #4539
    Ep. #4539
    Episode 25
    As Ridge stands in shock, out of nowhere another masked man jumps on Ridge and knocks him to the ground. The masked men work together and drag Taylor away. Nick and Thorne find Ridge laying on the ground. Paramedics arrive and take Ridge to the hospital. Nick and Bridget realize that they will now have to postpone their wedding. Caitlin offers to stay with Thomas, but he assures her that he will be fine. However, when Gaby offers him the same support he takes her up on it. Phoebe tells Stephanie that since losing her mother, she feels that Ridge is all she has left. Later at the hospital, Stephanie, Eric and Brooke sit around Ridge's hospital bed. Ridge wakes up as Thomas arrives, and Ridge blurts out that he saw Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #4538
    Ep. #4538
    Episode 24
    Clarke finds Sally in her office, dressed up in yet another disguise. She explains that she intends to crash the wedding. Clarke manages to talk her out of it and they both agree that Bridget is long overdue her share of happiness. Eric walks his youngest daughter down the aisle. Stephanie and Rick both stand up to do readings before Nick and Bridget begin their vows. The mysterious woman in pink continues to watch from the bushes, her gaze focusing on Ridge, Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy. A loud scream halts the ceremony. Ridge rushes to investigate and finds a masked figure restraining the woman in pink. Ridge is astonished when he sees that the woman is Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #4537
    Ep. #4537
    Episode 23
    The wedding day arrives and Brooke and Ridge's garden is decorated beautifully. Massimo and Eric come together as they share their appreciation of the happy couple. Bridget is pleased that Brooke and Stephanie are also able to communicate these days and thanks them both for standing up for her. Nick is also happy when Jackie finally gives her support of the wedding. Ridge brings Bridget a wedding gown to wear from Forrester Creations. Eric later arrives with his own gown that he designed specially for his daughter, but seeing her already dressed, Eric doesn't mention the gown. However, Eric is touched when Bridget arrives downstairs in his specially designed gown. As the wedding ceremony is about to begin, a mysterious woman watches from the bushes, hiding her identity with the veil of her hat.moreless
  • Ep. #4536
    Ep. #4536
    Episode 22
    Jackie tells Brooke that she doesn't approve of the wedding. She believes that Bridget will never match up to Brooke in Nick's eyes. She warns Brooke to act on her feelings for Nick before she loses him forever. Nick asks Rick to stand up for him alongside Ridge. Bridget tells Stephanie how happy she is and she asks her to join them at the alter. Brooke is visibly shaken when she finds a masked figure lurking around the garden, Ridge chases the man, but he manages to escape.moreless
  • Ep. #4535
    Ep. #4535
    Episode 21
    Bridget is thrilled that Nick managed to win her father over, she wonders if Nick can work that same magic on Ridge. Nick shows up in Ridge's office and gives him a surprise by asking Ridge to be his best man. Megan later comes by and gushes to Ridge about how much of a wonderful couple Nick and Bridget are. Brooke is busy with preparations for the wedding. Rick returns home from Milan. Rick wonders if his mother is really okay with Bridget marrying her former fiancé. Bridget asks Brooke to be her matron of honor, to which she accepts. Later, Brooke gets a fright when she answers the phone only to hear a woman screaming on the other end.moreless
  • Ep. #4534
    Ep. #4534
    Episode 20
    Nick tells Bridget he doesn't want to wait for her to be his wife and suggests they get married the following day. Massimo and Jackie later stop by the Shady Marlin at Nick's request. He informs them of the wedding, Massimo is thrilled, yet Jackie believes Nick is marrying Bridget to run away from his feelings for Brooke. At Forrester Creations, Ridge is busy on his first day back in the office. Ridge shows Eric the cover of Eye On Fashion magazine, depicting Bridget and Nick's wedding plans. Bridget arrives and Ridge shows his dis-appreciation by walking out. Eric voices his concerns, but is later supportive when he is charmed over by Nick. Elsewhere, a secret figure rips the cover of the magazine with Nick and Bridget in half.moreless
  • Ep. #4533
    Ep. #4533
    Episode 19
    Thomas believes Gaby shouldn't be left alone in the house so he turns down Caitlin's dinner plans. Gaby insists he goes, but Thomas sends an understanding Caitlin away. Ridge gives Eric a new design and asks him for his job back at Forrester Creations. Nick tells Brooke that he will always love her, but Bridget is now the woman for him. Bridget talks of her past, and tells Nick that she now feels safe. Brooke pleads with Ridge to not interfere with Nick and Bridget. Ridge says that he will try.moreless
  • Ep. #4532
    Ep. #4532
    Episode 18
    Thomas helps Gaby move into the Forrester home. They discuss the pain of losing a mother. As Thomas comforts her, Caitlin bursts in wearing a sexy dress with dinner reservations at Café Russe. Bridget refuses to listen to Ridge badmouth Nick. She insists she and Nick love each other and storms out. Meanwhile, Nick tells Brooke that Ridge bringing up the past may have been a good thing. Nick begins talking to Brooke about the unresolved feelings that they share. Brooke asks Nick if he is still in love with her, while a hurt Bridget listens outside.moreless
  • Ep. #4531
    Ep. #4531
    Episode 17
    Amber pleads for forgiveness from Stephanie, but Stephanie refuses to listen to the same tired old story. Amber insists that she will prove she's changed and leaves. Ridge learns that Nick and Bridget are to be married. He warns Nick that that will never happen. Brooke later talks to Nick and is shocked to learn what Ridge had been saying. Bridget fills Ridge in on how happy she is, but he simply states that she will not be marrying Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #4530
    Ep. #4530
    Episode 16
    Stephanie learns that Helen was in debt when she died. Stephanie is then told that Gaby is therefore now homeless and living in her car. Stephanie offers Gaby a place to stay and help with college, but Gaby refuses to take charity until Stephanie tells her that her going to college was the most important thing to Helen. Stephanie also offers her a job as her personal assistant. Ridge continues to lay into Nick and as flashes of memory continue to plague Ridge, he begins bringing up the long forgotten past.moreless
  • Ep. #4529
    Ep. #4529
    Episode 15
    Ridge has a happy reunion with Eric, Stephanie, Thomas, Hope and R.J. He starts to have flashes of memory and remembers that Nick punched him before he left L.A. with Morgan. Realizing that it was Nick who caused his memory loss, Ridge goes to confront him. Bridget wakes up in Nick's arms and goes to tell her family her news. Brooke and Stephanie are pleased for her, although Eric is slightly concerned about the suddenness of it. Ridge blames Nick for causing his concussion, and therefore the whole mess he got into in Venice. He warns him stay stay away from Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #4528
    Ep. #4528
    Episode 14
    Stephanie informs Eric that Morgan is now in an institution where she will be helped. Eric's concern shifts to Bridget as he is worried about what Nick's intentions are toward his daughter. Stephanie believes that Bridget loves Nick so they should just respect that. Ridge and Brooke celebrate their coming back to each other with a passion filled evening. Bridget accepts Nick's proposal and they return to the Shady Marlin and make love for the first time.moreless
  • Ep. #4527
    Ep. #4527
    Episode 13
    Massimo, Jackie, Ridge and Amber return to L.A. Massimo is thankful to Amber for finding Ridge. Amber wonders where she will live once she returns to town. Brooke is surprised when Stephanie says that she respects her for keeping things together for the sake of her family during Ridge's disappearance. Ridge returns home to a relieved Brooke. Nick takes Bridget to Chuck's. He has hired the bar out and arranged a beautiful meal for the two of them. Not being able to express himself in words, Nick sings to Bridget before proposing marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #4526
    Ep. #4526
    Episode 12
    Brooke is relieved to know that Ridge is alright and that his memory is coming back, and shares these feelings with Nick and Bridget. After hearing about Ridge's memory loss, Nick feels guilty, believing that his altercation with Ridge caused the problem.
  • Ep. #4525
    Ep. #4525
    Episode 11
    After hearing from Brooke that Amber called to say she 'has Ridge', Massimo is convinced that Amber Moore kidnapped his son and he and Jackie, on their way to England, are determined to make Amber pay for hurting Ridge and his family.
  • Ep. #4524
    Ep. #4524
    Episode 10
    Amber finally realises that Ridge really has no idea what is going on and tells him to pack his bags because they need to get going. While attempting to inform Brooke of Ridge's whereabouts, Amber's call is disconnected by Morgan, fresh out of the shower.
  • Ep. #4523
    Ep. #4523
    Episode 9
    Bridget is touched to see how affected Nick is by his time with Hope, and with the rain falling on them, the two admit their love for the first time. Morgan tells Ridge that she will let him go back to his family in Los Angeles, but she wants a baby to replace the one they lost. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is convinced Nick will never be able to tell Bridget he loves her because of their past. Amber decides to confront Ridge, but when she shows up, he doesn't know who she is.moreless
  • Ep. #4522
    Ep. #4522
    Episode 8
    Amber checks into a hotel in Venice, telling the bellman she is trying to start a new life for herself. As she again berates herself for the mistakes she made back in Los Angeles, she decides to do some stargazing, and finds herself looking right into Ridge and Morgan's hotel room!moreless
  • Ep. #4521
    Ep. #4521
    Episode 7
    Gabriela turns down Stephanie's offer of a cheque to pay for her university education, and Thomas suggests that she leave Gaby alone for awhile. Thomas then goes to talk to Gaby himself, and tells her that he knows how she feels because his mother died too.
  • Ep. #4520
    Ep. #4520
    Episode 6
    The Forresters gather together with Helen Moreno's friends to pay their respect to the longtime Forrester relative, and Stephanie is shocked when her touching eulogy moves Gabriela to tears.
  • Ep. #4519
    Ep. #4519
    Episode 5
    Ridge continues to ask questions about his past, and Morgan tells him (putting her own spin on things) about their earlier relationship and how Stephanie forced her, an impressionable young girl, to abort their baby, which infuriates Ridge.
  • Ep. #4518
    Ep. #4518
    Episode 4
    While faux-Brooke tells Ridge things are over between them in Italy, the real Brooke in Los Angeles remains devastated over her husband's absence, and turns to Nick for comfort.
  • Ep. #4517
    Ep. #4517
    Episode 3
    In Los Angeles, Hector and Caitlin talk about the great love that Brooke and Ridge share. In the meantime, in Italy, Morgan tells Ridge that she has arranged for him to see Brooke, just as a blonde woman knocks on the door.
  • Ep. #4516
    Ep. #4516
    Episode 2
    Eric brings Stephanie home from the hospital early, at her urging. After seeing an article in the newspaper about the car crash, Eric makes sure that Stephanie does not blame herself for Helen's demise. Stephanie worries that Gabriela still has not learnt the news of her mother's death and she wants to make sure that she finds out in an appropriate manner. Gabriela later shows up at the Forrester home looking for her mother and Stephanie breaks the news to her that Helen is dead. Hector drops by to check on Brooke at her home. She informs him of Ridge's cryptic e-mail and Hector tells Brooke to keep the faith and not give up hope of Ridge returning. Brooke then calls Ridge and leaves him another message. Brooke worries that Ridge will never come home and she wonders how she will go on without him. Nick gets a surprise when he finds Bridget has arranged a beautiful French meal for the two of them by the pool at Ridge‘s home, complete with a French waiter and musician. Bridget says it is her way of thanking him for their previous date that he arranged on the Marone jet. They share a loving, romantic evening.moreless
  • Ep. #4515
    Ep. #4515
    Episode 1
    Nick, Brooke and Bridget visit Stephanie, who remains devastated over Helen's death and what she is to tell Gabriela. Flowers arrive from Ridge (in reality, sent by Morgan) with a note saying he needs more time away from Brooke. While Bridget and Stephanie console Brooke, Nick just gets angrier.