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Season 32 : Episode 59

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  • Ep. #400
    Ep. #400
    Episode 1
  • Ep. #401
    Ep. #401
    Episode 1
  • Ep. #402
    Ep. #402
    Episode 1
  • Ep. #403
    Ep. #403
    Episode 1
    Brooke decides to move out of the Forrester home and back in with her family in order to put Ridge's love for her to the test. Storm feels Brooke is being mature in her decision and welcomes her home. Eric is furious with Stephanie when he learns that she has requested for Lt. Burke to stop his search for the person that shot Ridge. Eric yells at Stephanie for the reason why but she avoids the issue. Eric demands that the culprit be caught and decides to find him himself. Stephanie has to admit the truth that Thorne shot Ridge in order to get Eric to stop. Eric is shocked and refuses to believe it, but Stephanie tells him that it is the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #404
    Ep. #404
    Episode 2
    Eric is in a state of shock as Stephanie tells him how Thorne shot Ridge. Stephanie explains how the sleeping pills made Thorne drowsy and upon learning that Ridge had slept with Caroline it pushed Thorne to the point of insanity. Stephanie insists she needs to protect the family. Stephanie informs Eric that Thorne has no memory of the incident as Thorne walks through the door. Caroline stops by to see Bill and informs him that she is looking into setting up meetings with a marriage advisor to save her union with Thorne. Bill is surprised when he gets a call from Donna asking to have dinner with him.moreless
  • Ep. #405
    Ep. #405
    Episode 3
    Donna is happy to have Brooke home and supports her sister's choice to come home. Brooke tells Donna that she has to know how Ridge really feels about her and believes that not living with him is the way to do it. Stephanie visits Caroline and is thrilled when Caroline tells her that Brooke is back home with her family. Stephanie hopes Ridge will see that Brooke isn't the right woman for him. Eric has a hard time accepting that Thorne shot Ridge and that he has no memory of the incident ever happening. Eric goes to collect Ridge from the hospital and takes Thorne with him. Eric decides that Thorne needs to remember and be held responsible for shooting his own brother.moreless
  • Ep. #406
    Ep. #406
    Episode 4
    Eric and Thorne collect Ridge from the hospital and Eric notices how supportive Thorne is of Ridge and realises that Thorne really does have no memory of what happened. Eric goes to Lt. Burke and tells him that he may stop investigating the case of Ridge being shot, knowing that Ridge and Thorne are getting on better than they ever have. Margo and Storm meet in regards to their law suit against Clarke in making him pay child support. Kristen notices them talking in close contact and feels she has discovered who the father of Margo's baby is. Kristen later tells Clarke that she has learnt who the father is, which makes him very nervous, until she reveals that she believes that it is Storm.moreless
  • Ep. #407
    Ep. #407
    Episode 5
    Bill questions Caroline on her idea about seeing a marriage advisor. Bill suggests if it has anything to do Ridge. Caroline is silent and Bill realises that the problems in her marriage to Thorne are indeed due to Ridge. Eric and Thorne bring Ridge home. Eric tells Stephanie that he supports her choice of keeping Lt. Burke from discovering the truth. Stephanie and Eric both agree that they have never seen Ridge and Thorne getting along so well and Stephanie adds that it is the way that it has to stay. Lt. Burke feels he can't simply let the case drop and is determined to find out who shot Ridge. Looking over his evidence and the conversations he's had with Eric and Stephanie, Lt. Burke realises that Thorne shot Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #408
    Ep. #408
    Episode 6
    Eric arrives at the office and tells Margo that Ridge will be returning today. Margo is surprised that he is able to so soon, but she is even more surprised when she notices Thorne rallying around to help Ridge. Margo guesses that nearly losing Ridge made Thorne realise how much he cares for his brother. Stephanie is worried when Lt. Burke shows up at her door with a warrant to search her home. Stephanie is nervous that he will find the gun Thorne used to shoot Ridge and feels helpless as he looks around. Stephanie calls Eric and informs him of the situation. Eric rushes back home as Stephanie follows Lt. Burke into her bedroom. A fearful Stephanie grabs the pistol from her drawer and hands it to the officer, telling him that she shot Ridge. Eric is shocked by what Stephanie is doing.moreless
  • Ep. #409
    Ep. #409
    Episode 7
    Donna is happy with herself when she sees an article she wrote has been published. In it, Donna talks about the exploitation of young girls in the pornographic industry and mentions Spencer Publications magazine, Temptation. Bill reads the article and is furious. Caroline has a meeting with her marriage advisor, Dr. Cameron. Caroline admits that she is still attracted to Ridge, her husband's brother. Caroline blames herself for the problems in her marriage. Stephanie spins a story about how she believed Ridge was an intruder in her home, it was dark, the dogs were barking and so she shot him. Lt. Burke cuffs Stephanie and reads her the rights. Stephanie tries to justify her actions, but Eric advisors her to keep quiet until he has a lawyer for her.moreless
  • Ep. #410
    Ep. #410
    Episode 8
    Bill meets with Thorne and tells him that Caroline has been meeting with a marriage advisor. Thorne kindly tells Bill to stay out of his marriage to Caroline. Thorne adds that Caroline will talk to him about her issues when she is ready. Caroline runs into Ridge at the Forrester home. They discuss his shooting and Ridge feels someone is out to assinate him. Caroline notices that Ridge is using bodyguards for protection. Stephanie is taken to the police station and questioned by Lt. Burke. Stephanie says that she thought Ridge was an intruder and shot him to protect herself. Eric rushes around to find Stephanie legal aid.moreless
  • Ep. #411
    Ep. #411
    Episode 9
    Kristen buys a load of baby gifts for Margo. Kristen explains to Clarke how she would like to throw a baby shower for Margo. Clarke tries to put her off, but agrees to avoid Kristen getting suspicious. Kristen goes to Margo and gives her the gifts. Kristen suggests that Margo come to herself and Clarke if she needs anything during her pregnancy but Margo declines. Rocco discovers that Bill is going to his fitness club. Rocco hides out and waits for Bill. As Bill enters his sauna, Rocco uses to opportunity to grab some naked photos.moreless
  • Ep. #412
    Ep. #412
    Episode 10
    Rocco manages to take some naked photographs of Bill. Rocco takes them to Donna and she is impressed. Donna decides to get them published in revenge of Bill publishing hers. Donna is surprised when she gets a call from Bill, demanding that she meet with him. Storm visits Margo to check up on her with her pregnancy. They discuss Clarke and Kristen. Kristen later pops in and sees them together. Kristen's ideas about Storm being the father of Margo's baby grow stronger.moreless
  • Ep. #413
    Ep. #413
    Episode 11
    Margo prepares to go to the Forrester home for her baby shower. Storm advises Margo not to push Clarke as it may endanger the chances of Clarke paying child support and agreeing to their law suit. Margo avoids Clarke as Kristen fusses over Margo. Thorne and Caroline are there, along with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge later takes Brooke outside where he has arranged a special barbeque for her. Ridge tells her he misses her and asks her to move back in with him.moreless
  • Ep. #414
    Ep. #414
    Episode 12
    Ridge romances Brooke to have her move back in with him. Brooke asks Ridge what he really feels for her and that her decision will be based on that. Storm asks Thorne how Ridge feels about Brooke. Thorne tells him that he thinks the two will get married before too long and that Ridge loves Brooke. Clarke begins to feel really uncomfortable with Kristen fussing over Margo's pregnancy and makes excuses for them to leave, which leaves Kristen feeling confused. As the baby shower comes to a close, everyone is surprised that Eric and Stephanie weren't there. Meanwhile, Stephanie is being questioned by the police about shooting Ridge. Eric fears that Stephanie may be getting herself into an even bigger mess and advises that she tell her lawyer what really happened.moreless
  • Ep. #415
    Ep. #415
    Episode 13
    Brooke arrives home after spending the night with Ridge. Brooke has breakfast with Storm, Donna and Katie. Brooke informs them that she has decided to move back into the Forrester home with Ridge. They are all pleasantly surprised, although Storm remains a little concerned. Thorne and Ridge wonder why Stephanie and Eric still haven't come home. Stephanie then walks in looking tired and Ridge informs her that Brooke is moving back in. He is shocked when Stephanie remains calm to the news. Lt. Burke later shows up on Stephanie's door with a warrant, he cuffs her and charges her with the attempted murder of Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #500
    Ep. #500
    Episode 17