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  • Ep. #5022
    Ep. #5022
    Episode 253
    Brooke arrives in Australia for the opening of the Forrester Originals Boutique in Sydney. Brooke calls Ridge and asks that when he comes to Sydney he should bring Rick and Phoebe too. Rick tells Phoebe that they are going to Australia. Ridge isn't happy to be taking Rick with them and almost leaves without him. Rick promises Phoebe some alone time once they get to Sydney. Taylor accepts Nick's marriage proposal and then surprises him with the news that she would like to have a baby with him. Brooke calls Nick but the call is answered by Taylor. Brooke is hurt when Taylor tells her that she and Nick are getting married.moreless
  • Ep. #5021
    Ep. #5021
    Episode 252
    Stephanie tells Taylor how she would like her to be part of the family again. Taylor stuns Stephanie by telling her that she is in love with Nick. Stephanie finds a book about pregnancy over the age of forty in Taylor's office. Jackie tries to convince Nick that he belongs with Brooke and to therefore take things slow with Taylor. Stephanie stops by to see Jackie and after the two trade a few barbs, Stephanie tries to get Jackie to see that they have the same goal in getting Brooke and Nick back together. Jackie is shocked to learn that Taylor has a book on pregnancy, and begins to think that Taylor and Nick could work after all. Nick is surprised when he finds that Taylor has bought him a new boat identical to the Shady Marlin. Nick asks Taylor to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #5020
    Ep. #5020
    Episode 251
    Ridge and Taylor are upset to find Phoebe with a shirtless Rick. Ridge fires Phoebe, but Taylor manages to convince him to allow her to stay. Taylor questions Phoebe on if she is having sex with Rick. Stephanie is thrilled to find out that Ashley is going to take the job. Ashley receives a call from New York from her sister Traci. Ashley tells her that her daughter Abby is all settled in to a school in Los Angeles. Rick stops by to see Ashley in her office and tells her about the latest debacle with Ridge. Ashley is surprised to learn that Rick hasn't slept with Phoebe. Ridge informs Stephanie that Rick and Phoebe are still together. Stephanie tells him that it would never have happened if Brooke hadn't lied to him. Stephanie feels that the wedding shouldn't go on.moreless
  • Ep. #5019
    Ep. #5019
    Episode 250
    Ridge is concerned about leaving Phoebe and Rick alone in Eric's office but finally agrees when it becomes all too obvious he's only there to keep an eye on them. Nick and Taylor get passionate in his office, but are interrupted when he gets a reminder about a business lunch he has that day. Donna has a change of heart about forcing things between Rick and Phoebe but Jackie convinces her that she's doing the best thing for Rick and Phoebe as well as for Brooke. Nick stops by to see Jackie and warns her that she needs to stop trying to sabotage his relationship with Taylor. Ridge is surprised by a visit from Taylor, and the two wait together in his office to see what's going on with Rick and Phoebe. Rick agrees to let Phoebe give him a haircut, which he finds very stimulating.moreless
  • Ep. #5018
    Ep. #5018
    Episode 249
    Nick and Taylor kiss on the sofa but are interrupted by Jackie bringing Hope over for a visit. Taylor quickly leaves and Jackie uses Hope to get to Nick emotionally and suggests again that he return to Brooke. Ashley worries that she will be involved in too much family drama if she was to take the job with Forrester Originals, but Rick manages to convince her to accept the offer. Phoebe is suspicious of Donna's motives in wanting her to follow her heart in being with Rick. Donna scares Phoebe into thinking that she needs to act fast before Rick meets someone else. Phoebe is jealous when Rick enters The Insomnia Café with Ashley. Phoebe tells Rick that she can no longer hold back her feelings. Phoebe kisses Rick in plain sight. Donna calls Jackie and tells her that she holds the key to the end of Ridge and Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5017
    Ep. #5017
    Episode 248
    Rick finds Ashley dining alone at the Café Russe. Ashley says that she is considering taking the job with Forrester Originals. They then remember their exciting time together in Paris. Ridge realizes that Phoebe is still angry with him. Phoebe storms out comparing his interference to that of Stephanie in his life with Brooke. Donna and Jackie have coffee at The Insomnia Café. Stephanie approaches them and tells Jackie that they now have a common interest in reuniting Brooke with Nick. Stephanie drops in on Ridge and is reassured that Rick and Phoebe are through. Jackie urges Donna to push Rick and Phoebe together as that could be the one thing to destroy Ridge and Brooke's marriage plans. Donna later pushes Phoebe to break the rules and go after Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5016
    Ep. #5016
    Episode 247
    Ashley meets with Rick. She informs him that she is in town for a meeting with his family about creating a fragrance for Forrester Originals to co-inside with the launch of the boutiques. Ashley tells Eric that Jabot Cosmetics and any chance of a future in Hong Kong are behind her. Eric offers her a job with the company and she agrees to consider it. Phoebe flirts with Rick in his office. Ashley witnesses it and remembers back to a fling she once had with Rick whilst in Paris. Storm, Donna, Nick and Jackie discuss the planned Rodeo Drive wedding. Donna and Storm try to find ways for them to receive the same press coverage as Forrester Originals. Jackie pushes Nick to take Brooke back before she marries Ridge, but Nick snaps at her. Jackie later hears Brooke warning Ridge that he will lose her if he ever becomes violent with Rick again.moreless
  • Ep. #5015
    Ep. #5015
    Episode 246
    Rick has a meeting with Davis and Rita. Phoebe is intrigued watching him take charge. Phoebe later approaches him for a kiss, but he backs away and reminds her of their decision to cool things down. Phoebe is short with Brooke due to her caving in to Ridge's demands. Eric shows some new designs to Felicia, Bridget and Stephanie. Eric talks about the planned wedding on Rodeo Drive for the boutique openings. Stephanie starts in that the ceremony may no longer be taking place. Ridge makes it clear to Stephanie that he will still be marrying Brooke. Stephanie later finds Brooke in Ridge's office and jokes that there is still time to call the wedding off. Ridge apologises to Phoebe for hurting her but she threatens to never forgive him. Ashley Abbott shows up at Forrester Originals.moreless
  • Ep. #5014
    Ep. #5014
    Episode 245
    Jackie comes home to find Nick watching a DVD of Hope's school play. Jackie guesses that Nick misses her and almost flips with excitement when Nick informs her that Ridge and Brooke may not be getting married. Taylor overhears Jackie telling Nick that he could still have a life with Brooke. Nick tells his mother that Brooke is not part of his future. Ridge and Brooke arrive back home. Ridge is still angry with Brooke for keeping the truth from him, but Brooke feels that Phoebe should be allowed to make her own decisions. However, Ridge is grateful to Brooke when she informs him that she has now asked Rick to end things with Phoebe. Rick pulls away from Phoebe's kiss. He tells her that he loves her, but suggests that they cool off for a while for the sake of the family. Phoebe agrees, but later vows to herself that the relationship is not over.moreless
  • Ep. #5013
    Ep. #5013
    Episode 244
    Taylor is still unsure that Nick really wants her. Nick mentions the fact that if Brooke were available, Ridge would be too. They both promise to one another that Brooke and Ridge and both in the past and seal the deal by making love. Brooke demands that Ridge take his hands off Rick. Stephanie urges Ridge to be angry at Brooke for lying to him instead of being angry with Rick. Brooke yells at Stephanie to keep out of things, but confesses to Ridge that she did know about Phoebe and Rick's relationship. Brooke takes Rick aside and begs for him to see the trouble that is being caused. She asks that he end his involvement with Phoebe before things get worse. Brooke argues with Ridge for becoming violent toward Rick, but he argues that Brooke shouldn't have lied to him. Phoebe is glad that the truth is out in the open and kisses Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5012
    Ep. #5012
    Episode 243
    Taylor wonders whether Nick would want Brooke again if she and Ridge were to break up. Brooke comes by to bring Nick a present from Hope and is uneasy when she learns that Taylor is there. Brooke is furious when Nick tells her about Stephanie's visit. Brooke tells Nick that her problems with Ridge are not his concern. Nick reassures Taylor that he wants to be with her, even if Brooke was to become available. Stephanie informs Ridge that Phoebe and Rick are at the cabin. She drags him from the office and up to Big Bear. Brooke is worried when she hears of this whilst calling Ridge. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke knew all along. Rick and Phoebe light the fire for a romantic evening. Stephanie and Ridge confront them. Ridge fumes when Phoebe refuses to leave. Brooke is horrified when she enters and sees Ridge grabbing Rick by the throat.moreless
  • Ep. #5011
    Ep. #5011
    Episode 242
    Nick brings Taylor home to his house. Taylor blames herself for the loss of his boat. Stephanie later comes by and tells Nick that Taylor isn't the right woman for him. Nick realizes that Stephanie has once again turned against Brooke and no longer wants her with Ridge. Nick informs Taylor of Stephanie's visit. They both agree that they are not going to play into Stephanie's games. Brooke warns Rick to keep things on the low with Phoebe. Brooke knows that Stephanie won't quit until she gets what she wants. Ridge tells Felicia that Stephanie is back on the rampage against Brooke. Stephanie again accuses Brooke of lying, but Brooke snaps at her to stay out of her life. Stephanie manages to get Phoebe and Rick together in Eric's office. Switching on the intercom, she listens to their conversation from Ridge's office and learns that they plan on going to the cabin in Big Bear.moreless
  • Ep. #5010
    Ep. #5010
    Episode 241
    The Shady Marlin is completely destroyed by the tanker. Taylor and Nick are rescued and taken to the hospital. Nick is fine, while Taylor suffers from mild hypothermia. Stephanie demands that Rick confess that he is still seeing Phoebe. Rick refuses to answer to Stephanie and Brooke takes a stand against her when Stephanie threatens to tell Ridge. Nick calls Bridget and informs her of the accident. Meanwhile, Phoebe almost admits the truth to Ridge about her relationship with Rick thinking that Brooke had already told him. Nick isn't happy when the Forrester clan show up at the hospital. Stephanie tells Taylor that she shouldn't get involved with Nick, but he later admits to Taylor that he is falling for her. Stephanie tells Ridge that Phoebe and Rick are still seeing one another and that Brooke has been lying to him. Ridge refuses to listen to her. Stephanie tells Brooke that she won't stand for her lies.moreless
  • Ep. #5009
    Ep. #5009
    Episode 240
    Brooke goes to Ridge to break the news about Rick and Phoebe but is interrupted by Jarrett, whom has come by for an interview about the opening of the boutiques. Jarrett hints about Phoebe and Rick being involved, but Stephanie and Ridge fume at him to keep the family out of a press scandal. Ridge assures Stephanie that Rick and Phoebe's relationship is over. Bridget learns from Rick why Ridge threw him out of Brooke's house. Bridget knows that Brooke's support of the union is going to cause her problems with Ridge. Brooke comes by and informs Rick that she didn't have the chance to tell Ridge. Stephanie later barges in and is furious to hear that Rick and Phoebe are still seeing one another, and that Brooke knew. Nick and Taylor make love on his boat, but are left floundering in the ocean when a passing tanker hits and destroys the Shady Marlin. Nick desperately tries to help an unconscious Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #5008
    Ep. #5008
    Episode 239
    Taylor leads Nick on board his boat for a night of romance. Nick takes them out of the bay at her request, but later the boat breaks down and they are left stranded in the ocean. Taylor finds it adds to the mood and asks Nick to make love to her. Brooke is furious that Rick and Phoebe are still seeing one another. She warns them of the disastrous consequences it could cause. Brooke agrees to give her support to them exploring a relationship when she sees how much they care for one another, but Brooke adds that Ridge has to know too. Stephanie asks Ridge if he is sure that he wants to marry Brooke again, she questions if he is the only man in Brooke's heart. Stephanie agrees with Ridge's decision to stop any involvement between Phoebe and Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5007
    Ep. #5007
    Episode 238
    Stephanie gets fed up with having Ann around and drags her to guesthouse for a chat. Stephanie tells her to hurry in finding a place to live, but soon realizes that Ann has no intention on moving out. Pam overhears an argument between Eric and Stephanie about their poor sex life. Stephanie storms out and Ann says that Pam would be a more suited wife for Eric. As they gather at the new store, Ridge senses that Brooke isn't happy about having a public wedding but she agrees to the idea for the sake of the business. Felicia tells Bridget that Dante is staying in Italy and wants her and Dino to move there too. Deciding that she is going to stay in Los Angeles, Felicia sobs knowing that her relationship with Dante is over. Rick and Phoebe share some kisses in the store room. Brooke is stunned when she walks in on them.moreless
  • Ep. #5006
    Ep. #5006
    Episode 237
    Taylor learns from Ridge that Rick and Phoebe kissed. Ridge tells her that he has it under control, but Taylor isn't convinced. Taylor feels that Phoebe is experiencing her first broken heart and will do anything to be with Rick. Nick is surprised to find Brooke at Jackie M. Brooke tells him that she is concerned that their hasn't been any news from their lawyers about the divorce. Nick is angry when he learns that Ridge is trying to control Brooke again with the Rick and Phoebe situation. Eric shows Stephanie the store space he has leased on Rodeo Drive for their Beverly Hills boutique. Stephanie has to convince Eric to have confidence when he begins doubting his idea to enter the retail business. Brooke isn't impressed when Ridge suggests that they get married in front of the store to generate press interest in the opening. Rick and Phoebe sneak around to steal a kiss and decide to keep their relationship a secret until after their parents are married.moreless
  • Ep. #5005
    Ep. #5005
    Episode 236
    Ridge tells Phoebe that Brooke is with Rick. Phoebe is not pleased when she learns that Brooke is trying to convince Rick to end their relationship. Brooke begs Rick to listen to her plea. Rick tells Brooke that he cares for Phoebe and wishes to continue seeing her. Brooke says that it could ruin her chances of happiness with Ridge. Wanting his mother to be happy, Rick informs Phoebe that they can no longer see one another. Rick asks Brooke to leave, while Phoebe refuses to talk to Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick ended things with Phoebe for the sake of her own happiness. Rick is surprised to find Phoebe at the door, but breaks her heart when he acts cold toward her. Phoebe sobs in the rain, but finds Rick has followed her and they kiss again.moreless
  • Ep. #5004
    Ep. #5004
    Episode 235
    Taylor wonders if she can live up to Nick's past relationships. They discuss the amount of children he has loved and lost and about his need to have one. Nick thinks that the right woman for him to have one with is out there. Brooke is angered when she hears Ridge referring to Rick as a loser. Ridge convinces Brooke that any closeness between Rick and Phoebe could be devastating for their family if the press caught wind of it. He pushes her to talk to Rick. Rick shows up at the beach house and Bridget allows him to stay with her for a while. Brooke later comes by and questions Rick on his feelings for Phoebe. Brooke asks him to end things and Rick is stunned that Brooke is allowing Ridge to control her. Brooke tries to make Rick see that his relationship with Phoebe could destroy her future with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5003
    Ep. #5003
    Episode 234
    Taylor spends the evening with Nick at his place. After reassuring her that Rick is a good guy and wouldn't take advantage of Phoebe, they decide to play cards. Taylor spices things up by suggesting strip poker. Nick ends up nearly naked and makes a statement by removing his Saint Christopher necklace that Brooke bought for him. Rick moves away from Phoebe after the kiss and tells her about Ridge's warning for him to stay away from her. Brooke is furious when she finds Ridge packing Rick's bags. Brooke refuses to allow Ridge to throw her son out of her house. Phoebe manages to start the truck and upon returning home an argument breaks out between Rick and Ridge, during which Rick grabs his things and walks out. Phoebe admits that she and Rick kissed and tells Ridge that she loves Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5002
    Ep. #5002
    Episode 233
    Stephanie accuses Pam of playing on Eric in order for him to offer her a place to stay in Los Angeles. Pam is infuriated and makes it clear that she intends on staying in town. Pam lays on the guilt how she was left with Ann for so many years and has never had a life of her own. Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Thorne and Felicia hold a meeting about how they wish to proceed with their own boutique chain. Rick is running late and Brooke later learns that his truck has broken down. Rick asks Brooke to keep it a secret that he's with Phoebe, whom he was giving a ride home due to the rain. Ridge hears from Taylor that she is unable to locate Phoebe and Brooke is forced to admit that she is with Rick. Ridge is angered that Brooke is keeping secrets from him. Stranded on the highway, Phoebe tells Rick how she is still tormented by Darla's death. Rick and Phoebe share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5001
    Ep. #5001
    Episode 232
    Phoebe meets with her friend Madison at The Insomnia Café and is surprised to see CJ back in town. Rick arrives and is happy to see CJ, who explains that Sally isn't doing too well, so he's back to take care of her. It's karaoke night and CJ pushes Rick and Phoebe to sing. They sing I've Got You Babe to one another. Clarke and Storm are worried about Donna when they read in Eye On Fashion that the New York press are panning her as spokes-model. Donna is devastated and hits the roof that the press always consider her to be in Brooke's shadow. Taylor visits Nick and suggests that they take their new relationship slowly. Brooke walks in on them again, and once alone, airs her views about him continuing to see Taylor. Brooke and Taylor later bang heads when Taylor warns Brooke that she won't stand for her interference.moreless
  • Ep. #5000
    Ep. #5000
    Episode 231
    Eric calls a meeting between himself, Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke up at the cabin in Big Bear. Eric suggests selling the cabin, but Stephanie refuses to even consider it. Ridge finds Brooke hanging around outside, she reminds him about the amount of fights she and Stephanie have had at the cabin. Stephanie and Brooke go at it when Stephanie learns that Brooke approached Nick about carrying their line within Jackie M boutiques. Stephanie later suggests to Eric that he retire, but withdraws the idea when she sees how much his career means to him. They have a fun pillow fight before making love. Brooke and Ridge are horrified when they catch them through the window. Stephanie and Brooke give Eric their support in opening up their own chain of boutiques as part of Forrester Originals. Eric is thrilled when Ridge finally comes on board too.moreless
  • Ep. #4999
    Ep. #4999
    Episode 230
    Taylor questions Brooke on whether she is really over Nick. Brooke admits that she cares for him, but that she is committed to Ridge. Before Nick leaves with Taylor, Brooke asks him to consider selling Forrester Originals gowns within Jackie M boutiques. Rick makes a joke of Ridge's warning for him to stay away from Phoebe. They end up getting into an argument about his plans to marry Brooke. Rick lays it on the line how he manages to hurt eveybody around him. Brooke yells at them to stop fighting. Once alone, Rick tells Brooke that she has the chance to get back with Nick and pushes her to do so. Taylor is surprised by the romantic meal Nick has set up for her. They spend the evening talking and kissing. Brooke can't manage to get Nick off of her mind, but heads to bed and makes love with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4998
    Ep. #4998
    Episode 229
    Champagne flows as Nick, Jackie, Clarke, Donna and Storm celebrate their success, although Jackie can't help but feel sorry for Eric. Taylor calls Nick to thank him for the roses he sent. They arrange a Valentine's day date, which Phoebe is furious about. The Forrester family gather to try and decide a way to salvage their loss. Ridge suggests selling to department stores for slashed prices but Eric refuses to destroy their reputation. Eric comes up with an idea to open their own chain of boutiques to sell their collections, but Ridge airs his views on the amount of debt it would cause and tells Eric that he won't back the plan. Brooke goes to Nick and attempts to appeal to him to stop his revenge plot. Taylor comes by for the date and kisses Nick. Brooke fumes with jealousy.moreless
  • Ep. #4997
    Ep. #4997
    Episode 228
    The reporters gather in the showroom of Forrester Originals. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Brooke, Felicia, Rick, Phoebe and Pam all toast to the success of the company. Jarrett gets wind of the Harrison Boutique sale to Jackie M and heads over to Forrester Creations with the rest of the press. Rick and Brooke are concerned as the crowd gets smaller. Felicia informs Eric that none of their buyers have been checked into their hotel suites. Nobody is willing to talk about the deal as they call around due to the confidentiality clause in the contract with Nick. Jackie and Nick hold a conference with Donna and Storm at their sides. Eric is devastated and is forced to cancel the show. Watching Eye On Fashion they learn that all of their high end buyers, except Fenmore Department Stores, are now part of the Jackie M chain of boutiques. Nick announces that they won't be carrying Forrester Originals gowns. Stephanie confronts Nick and admits that he was underestimated.moreless
  • Ep. #4996
    Ep. #4996
    Episode 227
    Nick discovers he has to deal with a sidekick, talking to Golden over a telephone. Golden sells his company on the agreement that Nick gives him what he wants, when he wants to collect it. Nick is angered when the sidekick grabs his fingerprint. Storm tells Nick that Fenmore Department Stores are Forrester Originals only remaining distributor. Nick feels Lauren is too close to the family to attempt to take her business. Brooke feels nothing is going to happen between Rick and Phoebe. Stephanie thinks otherwise and warns her that it could affect her relationship with Ridge. Brooke has to stop Ridge from going after Rick when he works closely with Phoebe. Jackie learns that Eric has doubled production on his collection. Stephanie has words with Jackie for coming to the office. Thorne informs Eric that Golden's stores have closed. Stephanie confronts Nick to gloat.moreless
  • Ep. #4995
    Ep. #4995
    Episode 226
    Storm tells Nick that he finds it a little strange that they have to travel to Harvey Golden, rather than him coming to Los Angeles. Once arriving by plane, Nick is required to go alone and finds that the meeting is to be held in a deserted warehouse. Brooke prepares breakfast for the family, but it soon comes to an end when Ridge whisks Phoebe away to keep her from Rick. Eric makes the final changes to a gown and notices a positive change in Phoebe. Ridge tells Stephanie his concerns about Rick making a move on Phoebe. Stephanie thinks that Brooke won't allow it to happen, but decides to talk to her anyway. Brooke and Rick discuss his friendship with Phoebe. Stephanie listens in as Brooke gives her full support. Stephanie criticizes Brooke's parenting methods, so Brooke shows her the door.moreless
  • Ep. #4994
    Ep. #4994
    Episode 225
    Stephanie tells Eric that she resents him for the position that he has put her in. Eric says that Pam deserves to have a life other than taking care of Ann. Stephanie welcomes Ann to Los Angeles through gritted teeth and she agrees to move to town. Ann tells them that she'll stay in the guesthouse with Pam until she finds somewhere. Pam later sobs with thanks to Eric, while Stephanie suspiciously watches from the landing. Storm meets with Nick at the Café Russe and informs him how hard it has been to track down Harvey Golden to buy the east coast distribution, but Storm later calls him having managed to secure a meeting. Brooke walks in to order dinner and talks to Nick about good times, which makes him uncomfortable. Phoebe sees that Shane has walked out on her so Rick takes her home. She admits she only went to dinner with Shane to make Rick jealous. Returning home, Brooke spots them hugging in the garden.moreless
  • Ep. #4993
    Ep. #4993
    Episode 224
    Stephanie arrives home just as Pam is about to leave for the airport to return to Chicago. They are both stunned when Ann shows up, having been flown in by Eric. Eric tells them of his plan to have Ann move into a condo in Santa Monica, while Pam can live in the guest house, so they can be close by. Stephanie is livid. Ridge doesn't agree to let up on Rick. Brooke makes it clear that they should be supporting their children, but Ridge manages to close the conversation by seducing Brooke. Jenna, a model, finds return flight tickets to Paris in Rick's belongings and Phoebe is upset. Shane informs Phoebe that he has gotten himself a job as an assistant manager at an office supplies company. He takes her to the Café Russe for dinner, but he becomes irritable when Phoebe continues to watch Rick drinking at the bar with Jenna. He soon realizes that Phoebe no longer feels the same about him. Phoebe later learns that Rick has cancelled his fight back to Paris.moreless
  • Ep. #4992
    Ep. #4992
    Episode 223
    Rick finds Phoebe undressing and she tells him that she won't be played by him, but shows her true feelings when she becomes nervous around him. Stephanie thinks that Yvette is in town due to Nick and Jackie wanting her to carry their line. Stephanie advises against it. Jackie scoffs that Stephanie has no idea of their plans, but Stephanie later tells Ridge that she has a feeling that something serious is going on with them. Phoebe seeks advice on love from Stephanie, whom is relieved that nothing more is going on with Shane. Rick tells Brooke how Ridge threatened him to stay away from Phoebe. Brooke is appalled and instead encourages their friendship. Rick goes to Nick to thank him for keeping the employees at Forrester International. Nick realizes that Rick isn't too keen on Ridge and tells him that he has him in his corner. Brooke is stunned when Ridge confirms that he wants Rick out of Phoebe's life. Brooke orders him to be supportive as she doesn't want tension within her home.moreless
  • Ep. #4991
    Ep. #4991
    Episode 222
    Bridget steps into her new shoes as Design Consultant for Forrester Originals. Helping Phoebe try on different designs, Bridget notices how fondly Phoebe talks about Rick. Phoebe is disheartened when Bridget tells her about Rick's playboy lifestyle in Paris. Stephanie is happy to see Rick working at the office, but he makes it clear that he is there only for Eric. Rick is short with Stephanie and makes her see that she is a fool to think that Nick won't attempt to destroy their first collection. Storm and Jackie are impressed that Nick has managed to conquer the Western and Asian market. Yvette St. Julienne, distributor for Europe, arrives at Forrester Creations having been collected by private jet. Nick makes an offer to buy her company, which doesn't please her but she signs over when Nick shows that he's in the know that her company is in financial trouble. Stephanie later drops in to confront Jackie and Nick and is stunned to see Yvette there.moreless
  • Ep. #4990
    Ep. #4990
    Episode 221
    Ridge hears Phoebe telling Taylor how great Rick is and he isn't impressed. Brooke jokes that Phoebe has a crush on Rick and Ridge fumes. Rick helps Phoebe get ready for the engagement party before they all leave together. Taylor decides not to attend due to the breakup with Thorne, but goes to see Nick instead. Nick comforts Taylor and they head out the door to have dinner at Chuck's. Eric and Stephanie are stunned when a gorgeous Pam walks in wearing a Forrester Original gown. The champagne and celebrations flow and Brooke asks Rick to sing Unforgettable. He agrees but pulls Phoebe into the spotlight with him. Sparks seem to ignite between the two, which everybody notices. Ridge confronts Rick and warns him to steer clear of Phoebe or face the consequences.moreless
  • Ep. #4989
    Ep. #4989
    Episode 220
    Taylor meets with Thorne at his request. Taylor is saddened to learn that Ally isn't any closer to accepting her. Thorne apologises to Taylor but feels it will be best for Ally if they go their separate ways. They are both equally devastated. Stephanie is impressed by the new Forrester Originals offices. Stephanie learns that Rick is back in town, but is concerned when Ridge says that he wishes he'd return to Paris. Brooke asks Rick to be more accepting of Ridge and even asks him to sing at the engagement party. Ridge isn't impressed when Phoebe tells him that she sat up half the night talking to Rick. Ridge later tells Brooke that he wants Rick to stay away from Phoebe and Rick overhears. Nick tells Jackie that Harrison and Chen have sold to him and explains that there are only three more distributors left to acquire.moreless
  • Ep. #4988
    Ep. #4988
    Episode 219
    Pam thanks Eric for the time she has spent in Los Angeles, explaining she has never had a family to fuss over. Stephanie returns early from Chicago and asks Pam if Jackie came by. Stephanie is relieved that nothing happened. Stephanie questions Eric whether they can have the chance to make their marriage work. Eric agrees if she stops her manipulations and schemes. Phoebe visits Ridge and Brooke to have dinner. Rick comes home and joins them. Conversation turns sour when they discuss the company and Rick makes it well known that he blames Ridge for losing Forrester Creations. Rick yells at Ridge when he asks Brooke why Nick stopped by and accuses Ridge of destroying their marriage. Phoebe manages to calm Rick down as they lay on the lawn and watch the stars. Brooke is concerned about Rick's anger toward Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4987
    Ep. #4987
    Episode 218
    Pam prepares a home cooked meal for Eric and informs him that she has to return to Chicago. Pam asks Eric to work things out with Stephanie. He agrees to try, on the condition that Pam stays for Ridge and Brooke's engagement party. Rick helps Phoebe to learn the art of modelling. Rick tells Phoebe that she isn't a ture Forrester, but a Marone. Phoebe is angry at the comment and the two bicker about Brooke and Ridge getting married. Rick is sure that Ridge will only hurt Brooke again. Nick brings Hope home after spending the evening together. Brooke questions him about his plans for Forrester Creations. Nick puts up a defensive front as the conversation turns to Ridge. Nick admits that he finds it hard to accept how easy it was for Brooke to move on. Brooke tells Nick that he will always be special to her as they say their final goodbye.moreless
  • Ep. #4986
    Ep. #4986
    Episode 217
    Brooke informs Ridge that Stephanie is planning an engagement party for them. Brooke is thrilled that the family is coming together for them. Brooke tells Phoebe that when she chooses to end her career to spend time with her family she would like her to be the new face of Forrester Originals. Rick blasts Ridge for losing Forrester Creations. Rick decides to stay in Los Angeles to work with Eric, but tells Ridge that he and Stephanie are responsible for Nick's takeover. Storm and Jackie warn Nick about the amount of money he is spending in buying out the distributors. Nick is confident with his plans and meets with Mr. Chen to buy the Asian distribution. The papers are signed and Nick wishes to celebrate with Jackie, but he is confronted by Brooke who demands to know what he is up to.moreless
  • Ep. #4985
    Ep. #4985
    Episode 216
    Bridget makes notes as Eric and Felicia rush around making the final changes to a gown worn by Phoebe. Brooke and Ridge kiss in his office before discussing Rick. Ridge tells Brooke that he realizes that Rick is concerned about their relationship. Ridge says that he will win him over. Rick later pops into the new offices of Forrester Originals and informs the family that if they keep pushing Nick, he only become more competitive. Storm questions Donna on whether she knows why Nick is taking out so many bank loans. Arthur Harrison meets with Nick and Jackie about selling his company but asks for a much higher price than Nick offered. Nick signs the deal and tells Jackie that Harrison Boutiques will now be part of the Jackie M chain. Jackie airs her concerns that they will end up in huge amounts of debt if he wishes to obtain the other four fashion distributors. Nick tells Jackie that it'll be the Forrester family whom will end up bankrupt.moreless
  • Ep. #4984
    Ep. #4984
    Episode 215
    Eric finds Pam trying to throw Jackie out of the house. Eric asks for a moment alone with Jackie, during which she attempts to kiss him, until Pam interrupts again. Eric later tells Pam how wonderful it is that she looked after Ann for so many years alone and yet holds no resentment against Stephanie. Pam is touched by his words. Bridget yells at Nick and Taylor for being together and lays the guilt on Taylor about Thorne and Ally. Bridget tells Nick that she is now truly over him. Once alone, Taylor admits to Nick that she does have feelings for him, but explains that she has to be with Thorne. Rick returns to Los Angeles, having lost his job at Forrester International due to Nick's takeover. Rick blames Ridge and Stephanie for the cause. Rick questions Brooke on why she has gone back to Ridge and warns her that Ridge will never change and will only hurt her once again.moreless
  • Ep. #4983
    Ep. #4983
    Episode 214
    At the Forrester home, Eric and Pam chat in the living room while Jackie sneaks in unnoticed. Eric later finds Jackie waiting in a bubble bath upstairs drinking champagne. Eric leaves, although tempted by her offer, he remains committed to Stephanie. Jackie is soon confronted by an angry Pam. Arthur looks over Nick's proposal and promises him an answer within 48 hours. Taylor tells Phoebe that she and Nick are friends. Phoebe finds it hard to understand why Taylor would see Nick when Thorne hates him. Nick later drops by and again makes his plea that Taylor is engaged to the wrong man. Thorne tells Bridget of Ridge's ideas that Nick is interested in Taylor. Bridget reassures Thorne and feels that the idea is way off base. Bridget goes to see Taylor and finds her in Nick's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #4982
    Ep. #4982
    Episode 213
    Brooke, Thorne and Ridge have a meeting with Arthur Harrison, one of their loyal distributors. Arthur agrees to come on board for their new company and the designs for which they will produce. Brooke and Ridge discuss the old days of Forrester Creations and make love in his new office. Nick invites Taylor to lunch, she reminds him that she is engaged to Thorne. Nick insists that it will be strictly friends. Nick and Taylor talk about her life before they met and bond over chicken wings at Chuck's Bar. Phoebe questions Taylor when she learns about her lunch with Nick. Phoebe wonders if their something going on between them. Nick sets up a meeting with Arthur and makes a proposal of buying out Harrison Boutiques.moreless
  • Ep. #4981
    Ep. #4981
    Episode 212
    At the new offices for Forrester Originals, the family gathers together on a high about the debut of their first collection. Eric wants the whole family involved and asks Phoebe to model, while Bridget approves designs. Lauren warns Eric that Nick and Jackie won't go down without a fight. Taylor stands up for Nick when Ridge begins insulting his name, Ridge later warns Thorne that Nick may use his friendship with Taylor to achieve his own ends. Eric is quite confident that his loyal buyers will stand by him. Lauren visits Jackie and Nick at Jackie M. Nick tells Jackie of his plan to buy out Eric's distributors, including Fenmore Department Stores. Jackie is terrified at how much that will cost, but Nick is determined that Eric will have no place to sell his designs.moreless
  • Ep. #4980
    Ep. #4980
    Episode 211
    Jackie and Nick gather with Storm and Clarke at Forrester Creations watching the unveiling of the new design house from the Forrester family live on Eye on Fashion. Nick tells Clarke that he needs to improve on his designs, or use his knowledge of Sally's underhanded tactics. Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Brooke and Felicia get excited about the big day as the press and buyers arrive, including Lauren. Brooke offers Donna a job with the new company but she stands by Nick. Pam sits in the showroom with Taylor and Phoebe waiting for the show to begin. Eric's attorney, Eli Donovan, hands Eric a document about the name for his company and warns him that he could be sued. Storm suggests filing a law suit when Eric reveals Forrester Originals as the new company. Ridge proposes to Brooke on the runway, to which she accepts. Clarke fears Forrester Creations will go under, but Nick has his own plan.moreless
  • Ep. #4979
    Ep. #4979
    Episode 210
    Jackie urges Nick to stop the wedding between Thorne and Taylor. Nick refuses and believes that if the wedding is a mistake then it will end anyway. Donna, Storm and Clarke join Nick and Jackie for a meeting. Nick informs them that the Forrester family are unveiling a new fashion design business. They all pledge to give their support in making Forrester Creations the better company. Although Stephanie is stuck in Chicago due to snow, the Forrester estate is ready for the wedding. Pam finds the defaced photos of Taylor and shows them to Eric, he presents them to a stunned Thorne. Taylor is horrified when she finds her wedding dress torn to shreds by Ally. Thorne and Taylor realize Ally isn't ready to accept the marriage. The ceremony is cancelled. Nick later supports Taylor as she sobs into his arms.moreless
  • Ep. #4978
    Ep. #4978
    Episode 209
    Ridge asks Taylor if there is any truth to Nick wanting to get involved with her. Taylor is furious that Brooke is spreading rumors. Bridget learns from Nick about his divorce from Brooke. Jackie overhears and is upset that the marriage is over. Jackie is surprised when Bridget agrees with them that Taylor is marrying Thorne out of guilt. Once alone, Jackie suggests to Nick that he stop the wedding, but he feels it's Taylor's mistake to make. Pam, Eric and Felicia help prepare the flowers for the upcoming wedding. Thorne and Ally arrive and the family helps Ally accept the wedding plans. Taylor tells Ally that she won't marry Thorne if it upsets her, but Ally eventually gives the okay. Ally later plays in the study and defaces photographs of Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #4977
    Ep. #4977
    Episode 208
    Eric suggests that Bridget speak to Taylor professionally if she still has lingering feelings for Nick. Bridget tells him that she doesn't need therapy and wonders if she could still have a future with Nick. Bridget later calls him and invites him to have dinner with her. Ridge is furious that Phoebe has been spending time with Shane. Phoebe begs him to give Shane a chance and Shane makes a promise to Ridge that he will prove himself. Taylor snaps that her life is none of Brooke's business. Brooke tries to lay a guilt trip on her. Brooke takes Nick aside and informs him that she wouldn't be able to handle him getting involved with Taylor. Brooke shows Ridge her divorce papers and confirms that her marriage to Nick is officially over. Brooke then tells him her fears about Nick and Taylor. Thorne calls Taylor and says that he is making progress with Ally. Nick tries to make Taylor see that she is marrying Thorne out of guilt and tells her not to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #4976
    Ep. #4976
    Episode 207
    Bridget talks with Eric about Nick. They both agree that they understand why Nick is behaving the way he is. During the conversation, Bridget wonders if Eric still has feelings for Jackie, while he wonders about her feelings for Nick. Taylor manages to stop her car in time. Shaken, she and Thorne return Ally home to the beach house. Ally yells that she hates Taylor before heading off to bed. Taylor tells Thorne that she feels they can no longer get married. Thorne promises her that Ally will come around. Brooke goes to see Taylor at her home and is surprised to find only Nick waiting there. Brooke begins questioning him on if he is interested in Taylor. Nick later hands Brooke divorce papers and makes sure she really wants to end their marriage. Taylor comes home upset and Brooke watches Nick with her. Brooke demands to know if there is feelings between them.moreless
  • Ep. #4975
    Ep. #4975
    Episode 206
    Stephanie prepares to go to Chicago and reminds Pam to keep an eye on Jackie. Eric makes no promise to Stephanie that he'll still be around when she gets home. Jackie later drops in looking for Eric, but Pam manages to get rid of her. Taylor breaks the news to Ally that she did kill Darla. Ally doesn't understand and demands that she wants to return home. Thorne tells Taylor that Hector has gone away on vacation with Caitlin and Jimmy, so he and Ally move back into the now empty beach house. Thorne later panics when he realises that Ally is missing and calls 911 before heading out to look for her. Nick stops by to see Taylor only to find her distraught about Ally's reaction to the truth. Taylor rushes out to help Thorne look for Ally when she hears that she is missing. Walking the highway where Darla lost her life, Ally screams as Taylor's car races toward her.moreless
  • Ep. #4974
    Ep. #4974
    Episode 205
    Eric visits Jackie and she is surprised by how much he still cares for her. Stephanie drops in on Jackie to gloat, but is stunned when she learns that her plan didn't work. Eric blames Stephanie for the permanent loss of Forrester Creations. Eric and Jackie later share a kiss. Pam returns to Los Angeles for a visit and settles into the Forrester guesthouse. Stephanie asks her to keep Jackie out of the house and away from Eric, as she has to head out of town for a few days. Hope confesses to Brooke that she told Ally about Taylor being the one responsible for Darla's death. Brooke tries desperately to reach Taylor and Thorne to tell them. Ally asks Taylor and Thorne if Taylor killed her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #4973
    Ep. #4973
    Episode 204
    Eric tells his family that he can not condone what they did, even if it was in order to get the company back for him. Nick's anger erupts which scares Jackie. Nick places a call to George. Eric, Ridge and Thorne wait for George at Forrester Creations, preparing for him to sell the company back to Eric. They are furious when Nick arrives and informs them that he has severed all ties with Marone Industries, selling all stock in the company to the board, and with the cash bought Forrester Creations outright. Taylor and Brooke talk while the girls have a playdate. Brooke questions Taylor on her feelings for Nick when she seems more concerned with him than her marriage to Thorne. Hope tells Ally that a school friend told her that Taylor killed Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #4972
    Ep. #4972
    Episode 203
    Eric is furious at the role his family played in Jackie's humiliation, and makes certain that they know it. Thorne tries to explain things to a furious Taylor, then heads to the Forrester home at Felicia's request, where he takes part in a news interview defending their actions. George is furious with Nick for the fiasco with Forrester Creations, and wishes to sell the company to save Marone Industries being involved in a media scandal. Nick refuses to sell the company back to the Forrester family. The board ousts him as CEO of Marone Industries, and George calls Ridge to report on this. Ridge is certain that George will now sell Forrester Creations back to Eric. Taylor goes to Nick and Jackie to apologise for what has happened, and is shocked and upset to see Thorne on television supporting his family's actions.moreless
  • Ep. #4971
    Ep. #4971
    Episode 202
    Jackie and Stephanie go toe to toe over Jackie's past life of prostitution. Taylor unleashes her fury on Stephanie and Thorne, then heads off to find Nick. Jackie tries desperately to get away from Forrester Creations and the lingering press, but runs into a taunting Ridge. Ridge wastes no time informing Nick that Marone Industries has called an emergency meeting of the board to discuss the future of Forrester Creations. Jackie later runs into Jerry, who attempts to apologise for upsetting her, but he only gets a slap in the face. Thorne worries that Stephanie's actions will damage his relationship with Taylor, but Stephanie assures him that everything will be fine. Taylor deeply apologises to Nick and promises to make up for what has happened.moreless
  • Ep. #4970
    Ep. #4970
    Episode 201
    Stephanie tells Ridge how she will announce Jackie's past to the press and the buyers at the fashion show. Stephanie guesses that Marone Industries board of directors will sell the company back to Eric when they are shamed. Jerry soon arrives in his uniform and Stephanie rushes him off to Forrester Creations. Taylor learns of Stephanie's plan from a guilty Ridge and is furious. She storms off with the intention of stopping her. The crowd is impressed with Clarke's work as the show begins. Nick and Jackie are thrilled by their success. Stephanie and Thorne crash backstage, and with the help of some loyal employees, manage to get rid of Clarke. Stephanie pushes Jerry on stage for the show stopper with Donna. Nick recognises Jerry and is unable to control his anger. As a scuffle breaks out, Stephanie picks up the microphone and airs Jackie's dirty laundry to the entire showroom.moreless
  • Ep. #4969
    Ep. #4969
    Episode 200
    Taylor asks Thorne to be more patient with her in acquiring the company back from Nick. Clarke shows his final designs to Jackie but she is more concerned on sorting out her issues with Nick. Taylor walks in on an argument between Nick and Jackie. Taylor makes Nick see that Jackie did what she felt she had to in order to put food on the table. Nick finally forgives Jackie and they vow never to mention it again. Jerry Kramer meets with Stephanie and Ridge at the Forrester home. Jerry is surprised that Jackie wants to see him, but Stephanie convinces him to attend the fashion show under the pretence that she is throwing a party of thanks for Jackie. Thorne is stunned to learn of Ridge and Stephanie's plan. He worries about Taylor, but pledges his support on the plan for the sake of Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #4968
    Ep. #4968
    Episode 199
    Clarke presents his designs to Jackie with Donna at his side. Jackie is not happy and worries that they are going to fail at their first showing. Stephanie drops in and advises Jackie to give her back the company, but Nick throws Stephanie out. Ridge warns Taylor not to trust Nick, but she is certain that all she needs is a little more time to get Forrester Creations back. Taylor is furious with Stephanie when she suggests going public with the news of Jackie's prostitution. Taylor visits with Nick and Jackie and hopes that they can work out their problems. Nick is angry with Stephanie's interference, but Taylor stresses that it's none of her business. Stephanie and Ridge try for ways to reveal the truth about Jackie, whilst still protecting Taylor. Ridge manages to locate Jerry Kramer and Stephanie plans to meet with him.moreless
  • Ep. #4967
    Ep. #4967
    Episode 198
    Stephanie and Ridge discuss how depressed Eric is. Stephanie tells Ridge that there may be a way to get Forrester Creations back and informs him that Jackie was a prostitute. Ridge is thrilled and feels they can blackmail Nick, but Stephanie is concerned that it could cause Taylor to lose her job. Taylor pulls away from Nick and quickly brushes over the fact that he kissed her. Taylor wonders if Nick will sign the company back over to Eric, but he says he isn't yet ready. Jackie later yells at Taylor for bringing up her past. Jackie accuses Taylor of making Nick hate her. Stephanie confronts Nick with legal documents to transfer the ownership of the company. Nick refuses to sign them and burns them in the fireplace. Stephanie leaves with a warning that nobody gets the better of her.moreless
  • Ep. #4966
    Ep. #4966
    Episode 197
    Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Taylor and Brooke gather at the Forrester home to celebrate New Year's Eve. Stephanie notices that Eric is depressed so announces to everyone that they will soon be getting Forrester Creations back. Taylor ushers Stephanie outside and warns her to keep quiet about Jackie. Eric talks with Felicia and she tells him that she is upset that Dante still hasn't returned from Italy. Jackie finds Nick sitting alone in the dark. She tries to explain to him why she slept with the sailors, but he isn't interested. Nick tells Jackie that their relationship has been ruined forever. Nick calls Taylor over, which upsets Thorne when she isn't there at midnight. Nick gives Taylor a gift to say thank you for her help during therapy and surprises her with a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4965
    Ep. #4965
    Episode 196
    Jackie admits to Nick that she slept with Jerry. Jackie tells how she wanted a life with Jerry but once he gave her money, things changed. Nick is stunned to learn that Jerry pimped Jackie and sent the other sailors around. Jackie stresses that they needed the money, but Nick snaps that she needed the money as she couldn't handle being poor. Stephanie is thrilled at what she has learned, yet Taylor is horrified that Stephanie listened in and plans to use the information to blackmail Jackie into giving the company back to them. Taylor orders Stephanie to secrecy. Jackie later bumps into Stephanie, and Stephanie hints that she knows Jackie's secret. Taylor drops by to see Nick. He tells her that he has no wife, no children and now no family. Taylor comforts him as he sobs.moreless
  • Ep. #4964
    Ep. #4964
    Episode 195
    Nick is distraught at the thought of Jackie prostituting herself. Memories come flooding back to Nick. He recalls how depressed Jackie was and how she used to drink a lot. Nick tells Taylor how he used to hear the noises from Jackie's room and at the age of 16 he left and went to sea. Taylor realises how Nick blocked the memories from his mind and replaced them with false memories that the sailors were his friends. Stephanie is stunned at how badly Jackie reacts when she accuses her of being a slut. Jackie later visits Nick and questions him on his mood. Nick tries to make Jackie admit to her past, but she refuses to face what really happened. Taylor returns to her office and makes audio records of her session with Nick. Stephanie comes by and listens in at the door and is shocked as she hears that Jackie was a prostitute.moreless
  • Ep. #4963
    Ep. #4963
    Episode 194
    Jackie worries that Clarke's designs are not going to cut it for their first showing. Nick is preoccupied with thoughts of Jerry. Jackie freaks out when he seems obsessed with getting to the truth. Nick calls Taylor and asks for a meeting right away. Stephanie later drops in on Jackie and laughs that their designs are just copies of old gowns designed by Eric. Jackie and Stephanie bicker about Nick, during which Stephanie blames Jackie for Nick's behavior. Taylor attempts to dig inside Nick's mind to bring back memories of his childhood. Nick gets frustrated when he can't recall why he hated Jerry. Suddenly, Nick remembers Jackie making love with Jerry and how he used to pay her. Nick realises that many sailors used to come by and they all gave Jackie money for sex.moreless
  • Ep. #4962
    Ep. #4962
    Episode 193
    Ann begs Stephanie to forgive her, but Stephanie refuses to bend. Thorne and Ridge don't have any sympathy for Ann either after what Stephanie had to go through growing up. Ann comes close to collapsing, remembering the past, and Eric hurries to her aid. Taylor talks with Stephanie privately, and attempts to convince her to give Ann another chance, but she refuses. Taylor asks Ann to leave at Stephanie's request. In desperation, Eric begins to play the piano, hoping to bring his family together. As the gathered guests begin to sing one by one, Stephanie comes out of the den. Ally leaves Phoebe's arms to head over to Ann, holding out her hand. Watching her granddaughter reach out to her mother changes something in Stephanie and she finally forgives Ann for the past.moreless
  • Ep. #4961
    Ep. #4961
    Episode 192
    Ann and Pam head to Los Angeles at Eric's invitation. Ann admits to Pam just how upset she is at the rift that exists between her and Stephanie. Pam encourages Ann to keep trying, insisting that it's never too late for her to have a relationship with Stephanie. Ally receives a beautiful album filled with pictures and memories of Darla, given to her from Stephanie. Felicia has trouble sharing Eric's confidence that Ann coming by for Christmas is what Stephanie really needs. Shane and Phoebe exchange their gifts. Phoebe is touched by the handmade jewellery box that Shane gives to her. Ridge later has further words for Phoebe about spending time with Shane. Stephanie is shocked to open her front door to find Ann standing there alongside Pam.moreless
  • Ep. #4960
    Ep. #4960
    Episode 191
    At the Forrester estate, Eric laments how Stephanie is impossible to buy for, and finally hits upon an idea that he shares with Felicia - to bring Ann and Pamela to town so that Stephanie can put the past behind her. Felicia isn't so certain that Stephanie will be pleased with his gift. Stephanie tells Eric that Sally is spending Christmas with CJ, she is upset that the holiday won't be the same without her. Ridge has just finished reading the Christmas story to RJ and Hope when Stephanie stops by to see the family, and alone, she admits to Brooke that she is very happy that she and Ridge have found their way back to each other. Brooke attempts to apologise for all the horrible things she has done over the years, and Stephanie reminds her that she wasn't the only one. Ally offers Darla's stocking, which is labeled with 'Mommy', to Taylor, but Taylor says they'll hang it for Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #4959
    Ep. #4959
    Episode 190
    Ridge and Thorne prepare for Christmas and discuss his relationship with Taylor. Thorne talks about the wedding and asks Ridge to be his best man, to which he accepts. Taylor tries to question Nick more about Jerry and he can't remember why he suddenly wanted nothing more to do with him. Nick remembers a pair of pearl earings that Jerry bought for Jackie. Nick calls the session to an end abruptly. Jackie digs for information about what Nick told Taylor. Jackie tells Nick that he's wasting his time when he asks her about Jerry. Jackie tells him that she doesn't remember him, but later goes to Taylor and warns her to stop digging into Nick's past. Jackie storms out when she realises that she isn't getting through to Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #4958
    Ep. #4958
    Episode 189
    Felicia tells Thorne, Ridge and Taylor about Ann's visit. Stephanie and Eric walk in and Stephanie says that she can't forgive Ann. Taylor changes the subject to Nick. Taylor promises that she will be able to have Nick return Forrester Creations to them. Stephanie and Ridge later warn Thorne that he should keep Nick away from Taylor. Jackie suddenly feels uncomfortable when she learns from Nick that Taylor is digging into his childhood. Jackie tells Nick to end his therapy sessions. Taylor has another session with Nick and he attempts to delve into her personal life. Taylor manages to have Nick open up more about Jerry Kramer and Nick remembers how he once loved him, yet the relationship turned sour. Jackie desparately tries to listen in from outside the door.moreless
  • Ep. #4957
    Ep. #4957
    Episode 188
    Nick has another session with Taylor at Forrester Creations. Nick tells her that he grew up believing Frank Payne was his father until he learned that it was really Massimo. Nick says that Frank was a drinker and a gambler and he and Jackie were better off without him. Jackie attempts to listen in at the door as Nick talks about a ships captain named Jerry Kramer that he used to visit at the port as a child. Stephanie refuses to forgive Ann. Felicia takes Pam to the den were Felicia tries to understand what kind of childhood she and Stephanie had. Felicia feels that family is the most important thing to Stephanie, so for her to want nothing to do with Ann must make her a really bad person. Ann sobs that she takes responsibility and would like to spend her last few years knowing her grandchildren. Stephanie refuses to listen and throws her out.moreless
  • Ep. #4956
    Ep. #4956
    Episode 187
    Ridge informs Brooke that Nick is receiving therapy from Taylor. Brooke is stunned that Nick will open up to anyone, and even more surprised when Ridge says that Taylor plans on having him return the company to them. Taylor later drops in and they discuss Stephanie. Brooke wonders if Stephanie will change after confronting Ann, but Taylor feels that Stephanie won't be able to until Ann admits the truth. Felicia tells Stephanie that Dante has got to stay in Italy a while longer. Felicia mentions Ann, and Stephanie hopes that she never has to see her again. Ann later shows up at the front door with Pam, Stephanie turns Ann away. Felicia brings her inside and Ann finally admits that John did abuse Stephanie. Ann asks for Stephanie's forgiveness.moreless
  • Ep. #4955
    Ep. #4955
    Episode 186
    Phoebe goes to see Baker and makes it clear to him that she is not going to testify that Shane tried to attack her, which leads to a call to the D.A. to drop the charges. Phoebe stops by the beach house to tell Shane that he's free and clear. Phoebe asks Bridget if Shane can stay there for a few more days. Thorne, Ridge and Eric meet to discuss their new company, which is costing them a lot in start-up. Eric refuses to cut costs, insisting that the Forrester name has always stood for quality. Nick begins his therapy sessions with Taylor, and talks of his youth after Frank Payne died, but clams up when he mentions that Jackie had money problems. Ridge is furious to learn that Shane is off the hook.moreless
  • Ep. #4954
    Ep. #4954
    Episode 185
    Ridge visits Phoebe and promises her that Shane is going to be found and taken to prison. Phoebe insists that Shane isn't dangerous, Ridge is surprised that Phoebe continues to defend Shane. Bridget finds Shane beaten and bloody on the deck of the beach house, having been mugged by some guys on the beach. Bridget tends his wounds and informs Phoebe that he is there. Phoebe begs Bridget to allow Shane to stay there for the night. Phoebe later calls Shane and promises to have the charges against him dropped. Nick tells Jackie that Taylor wants to provide therapy for him. Jackie feels that it isn't such a bad idea. Jackie begins to hint that Nick could find a romantic future with Taylor. Thorne learns that Taylor has offered professional help to Nick. Taylor feels that she will be able to make Nick see a different way of thinking, one that will return Forrester Creations back to the family.moreless
  • Ep. #4953
    Ep. #4953
    Episode 184
    Taylor checks in on Jackie. Once alone with Nick, Taylor suggests that he give Forrester Creations back to Eric, before also suggesting that Nick visit her for therapy. Nick turns the tables and suggests that Taylor has only agreed to marry Thorne because she is still feeling guilty about Darla's death. Donna attempts to make amends with Thorne but he still blames her for siding with Nick. Thorne later presents Taylor with a diamond engagement ring and feels that they should set a date for the wedding. Phoebe airs her concerns about Shane to Bridget. Phoebe admits that she does have true feelings for him. Shane drops in, having followed Phoebe. Bridget is worried about him being there, but he and Phoebe share a kiss, before he runs away again.moreless
  • Ep. #4952
    Ep. #4952
    Episode 183
    Stephanie thanks Eric for his support in confronting Ann. Taylor tells Brooke that Stephanie's life is about to change and Brooke feels that Eric's is too. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia assure Stephanie that they're not angry with her for telling them that Ann was dead. Stephanie feels that dealing with her past has cost Eric his company. Ridge wonders if John put Forrester Creations in Stephanie's name out of guilt. Felicia claims nothing he could do would make up for the agony he caused. Brooke and Taylor drop by and Brooke offers Stephanie her support. Stephanie privately tells Taylor that she wishes she could confront her father. Taylor suggests she just say aloud what she wants to say to him. Stephanie feels the relief after airing her feelings. Felicia mentions that Dante is working in Italy after getting a sculpting commission.moreless
  • Ep. #4951
    Ep. #4951
    Episode 182
    Thorne and Taylor put Ally to bed as they discuss Stephanie and her father. Thorne still finds it hard to believe how a parent could abuse their child and for the mother to do nothing. Brooke tells Ridge that she finally understands Stephanie's anger and controlling nature due to her childhood. Ridge and Brooke spend time with Hope and help her with a dance for school. Ann still refuses to take any responsibility for John beating Stephanie. Ann blames it all on Stephanie and refuses to allow any bad word said against John. Eric defends Stephanie and vents his full anger at Ann. Stephanie and Eric return to Los Angeles and she tells him that she never wants to see Ann ever again.moreless
  • Ep. #4950
    Ep. #4950
    Episode 181
    Stephanie confronts Ann in Chicago, trying to get answers from her mother as to why she never protected her. Pam admits to having questions about events in the past, including blood on the sheets and Stephanie's refusal to go swimming, but says Stephanie never let her ask the questions. Ann tries to turn it around on Stephanie, insisting that anything Stephanie got she deserved, but Stephanie refuses to accept that explanation anymore. In Los Angeles, Taylor gathers Thorne, Felicia and Ridge together to tell them about why Stephanie is in Chicago. All three react differently, with Thorne trying to rationalise it in his own mind, Ridge talking about Stephanie's abilities as a mother and how they were affected, and Felicia tearfully asking questions in a hope to understand.moreless
  • Ep. #4949
    Ep. #4949
    Episode 180
    While flying to Chicago, Stephanie assures Eric that not all her memories of the past are bad ones, and remembers spending a fun afternoon playing monopoly with her mother and younger sister. In Chicago, Ann searches for her favorite record, and wonders to Pam what Stephanie wants after all these years. After arriving in Chicago, Stephanie and Eric show up at Ann and Pam's apartment, where Stephanie admits she told the children that Ann was dead, and starts looking for answers. When Ann avoids the questions, Stephanie decides to just leave, but Eric demands Ann answer Stephanie's questions. In Los Angeles, Taylor tells Thorne that Stephanie is in Chicago with Eric. Hector decides that it's time for him to move out, Thorne offers Hector the use of his beach house now he's living with Taylor. Taylor later shocks Thorne with news that his grandmother is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #4948
    Ep. #4948
    Episode 179
    Stephanie forces herself to call Pam again and makes up a story that she is coming into Chicago on business. Stephanie asks to meet with Pam, and stuns her by saying that she wishes to visit with Ann. Pam tells Ann about Stephanie's call and Ann is excited about seeing her daughter. Ann talks about John and when Pam and Stephanie were children. Ann snaps that Stephanie spoke out of line about John the last time they talked and that there will be no such talk this time. Taylor supports Stephanie and advises her to tell Eric the truth about her childhood. Eric is furious that Stephanie has an endless supply of secrets when he learns that Ann is still alive. Taylor urges Eric to hear Stephanie's story as she explains her abuse as a child. Eric offers to be there with Stephanie when she confronts her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #4947
    Ep. #4947
    Episode 178
    Ridge and Thorne plow through the mounds of flower arrangements sent from their buyers. They discuss their plans for the future and present their ideas for a new company to Eric. Eric informs them that he doesn't want to start over but gives them his blessing if they wish to sign on to other fashion houses. Nick calls a meeting at Forrester Creations with Jackie and Donna. Nick fires several employees when they refuse to work for him. Nick places Jackie as CEO, Donna as Lead Model and Creative Consultant and hires Clarke as Head Designer. Stephanie confesses to Taylor that Ann, her mother, is still alive and living with her sister Pam in Chicago. Stephanie adds that she hasn't spoken to Ann for thirty years as she knew John hit her, yet did nothing. Taylor pushes Stephanie to confront her mother and she places a phone call to Pam.moreless
  • Ep. #4946
    Ep. #4946
    Episode 177
    Stephanie can't hold her tongue when she and Eric discuss his selling the company. Eric is furious and walks out when Stephanie belittles him. Taylor comes by and warns Stephanie that she pushes Eric too far. Ridge is concerned after talking with Eric and tells Brooke that his parents marriage is failing. Brooke feels that they have had problems before but Ridge thinks it's more serious this time. Eric visits Jackie and she fears that he may hate her now that Nick has Forrester Creations. Eric supports Jackie and blames Stephanie for the whole mess caused. Taylor takes Stephanie to her office and attempts to dig further into her past. Stephanie clams up and refuses to talk when Taylor mentions her mother. Stephanie cracks when she remembers bad times with her father and admits to Taylor that her father used to beat her with a belt.moreless
  • Ep. #4945
    Ep. #4945
    Episode 176
    Stephanie packs her belongings at Forrester Creations. Taylor questions Stephanie on why she hasn't been returning her calls. Taylor advises Stephanie to face her past. Stephanie gives her family a heartfelt speech about them giving up their legacy for her. Everybody applauds and toasts to Eric and Stephanie. Eric mentions how far they have all come, and tells Sally that he now considers her part of the family. Eric promises the employees that he will be back. Nick informs Jackie that he owns Forrester Creations. Jackie is thrilled but saddened when she learns that Nick has lost Brooke. Nick later asks Bridget to be part of the new company but she refuses to betray her family. Stephanie approaches Nick and tells him that he'll never have what it takes to run Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4944
    Ep. #4944
    Episode 175
    Bridget visits Brooke and learns that she and Ridge are back together. Brooke wonders if Bridget still has feelings for Nick, but Bridget feels that she could never love him after what he has done to Eric. Donna drops by to see Nick and signs a contract with Forrester Creations. Bridget later comes by at Nick's request and he apologises to her and insists that he still cares for her. Felicia, Ridge and Sally help Eric pack up his office. They remember the glory days of the company. Stephanie meets with Taylor in her office looking for professional help. Taylor makes notes as she manages to have Stephanie open up about her past. Stephanie remembers back to when she was a child and mentions her mother, father and sister Pam. Stephanie jokes that her father always wanted a son and how he treated her as if she were a boy. Stephanie flashes back to when her father used to beat her.moreless
  • Ep. #4943
    Ep. #4943
    Episode 174
    Nick walks around in self pity that he has lost Brooke. Donna relates with her feelings for Ridge. Donna manages to perk Nick up by offering to be by his side at Forrester Creations and making sure that the company succeeds. Ridge and Brooke spend time with the kids and later discuss how they have managed to always find their way back to one each other. Brooke and Ridge promise their love to one another forever before making love. Stephanie is furious with Eric for selling the company. Eric is angered that every time he tries to do something right, Stephanie belittles him. The argument turns personal when Eric blames her for his affairs, feeling that she is cold and unloving toward him. It finally hits home to Stephanie how much she has hurt Eric over the years and how she has never really been his lover. Stephanie can't understand why she has such issues and places a call to Taylor, requesting her professional help.moreless
  • Ep. #4942
    Ep. #4942
    Episode 173
    Eric agrees to sell Forrester Creations if Nick allows the family to continue working within the fashion industry. Nick agrees and they all unhappily sign their documents. Nick gives them 48 hours to be out of the building, but Eric snaps that the company will fail without his family running it. Bridget is stunned to find Shane at the hospital, after treating his head injury he vanishes again. Brooke tries one last attempt to get Nick to reconsider, but he refuses so Brooke signs her 50% share over to him, giving him sole ownership. Brooke orders him to stay away from her and her children. Stephanie and Jackie go at it as Donna walks in. Stephanie yells that they will never get her company. Stephanie is furious at Eric for being weak and caving into Nick's demands. Nick is devastated that Brooke has left him for good, but Donna is there for comfort. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Ridge that her future will forever be with him.moreless
  • Ep. #4941
    Ep. #4941
    Episode 172
    Stephanie visits Jackie with the intention of appealing to her good side. Stephanie asks Jackie to control Nick and end his attempts at blackmailing her family. Jackie is stunned that Stephanie still refuses to admit that she's ever in the wrong and taunts her that she'll either lose her company or go to jail. Nick finds Brooke in his office at Marone Industries and she asks him not to punish the entire Forrester family for Stephanie's behavior. Brooke is angry when Storm arrives to represent Nick. Eric calls a meeting at Forrester Creations, with Ridge, Kristen, Thorne, Felicia, Rick and Bridget in attendance. Eric shows them documents in which, if they sign, they resign from the company, sell all of their stock to Marone Industries and are unable to work in the fashion business for a further ten years. Nick and Storm arrive, with Brooke begging Nick not to pursue his plan. Eric asks his family if they are willing to sacrifice their legacy in order to protect Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #4940
    Ep. #4940
    Episode 171
    With Massimo having left Los Angeles, Nick brings Jackie home to his old house. Jackie is annoyed that Nick has hired a nurse named Florence to take care of her while he isn't there. Donna is stunned when Nick tells her that he has given Stephanie the choice of her freedom or her company. Taylor's sentence is called in the court. The jury finds Taylor not guilty of vehicular manslaughter. Storm asks Judge Owens to drop the other charges against Taylor as she has been found not guilty, therefore couldn't have obstructed justice. Taylor is released with the sentence of 100 hours of community service. Everyone has a gathering at the house after and Ridge gives Thorne his blessing in having a relationship with Taylor. Ally has a heartfelt reunion with Taylor. Thorne later finishes what he started in Big Bear and asks Taylor to be his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #4939
    Ep. #4939
    Episode 170
    Shane is nowhere to be found. Storm's last resort is putting Taylor on the stand. She still insists on taking the blame for everything in an emotional speech. Storm attemts to treat her as a hostile witness. Taylor's words get to Thorne. He stands up and demands that he be allowed to take the stand. Thorne gives a passionate speech about how big Darla's heart was. Thorne mentions how Darla would not have wanted this for Taylor. Thorne finally admits to himself and the court that Darla's death was nothing more than a tragic accident.moreless
  • Ep. #4938
    Ep. #4938
    Episode 169
    Ally continues to ask Thorne about Taylor. Stephanie helps Thorne to keep the truth from her. Thorne wonders if he'll ever be able to completely forgive Taylor, or if their relationship will always be doomed. Taylor talks with the guard about Phoebe and Shane. The guard advises Taylor to put the outside world out of her mind or else she'll drive herself crazy. Phoebe screams as Hector bashes Shane in the head with the baseball bat. Harry comes to and amongst the commotion Shane manages to vanish. Hector calls Baker and reports that Shane tried to rape Phoebe. She informs the Lieutenant that it's untrue and doesn't want to press charges. As the police search for Shane, he later approaches Phoebe and sobs that he loves her and only wanted her love in return. A bloody Shane rushes off, telling Phoebe that he's leaving town.moreless
  • Ep. #4937
    Ep. #4937
    Episode 168
    Ridge tells Phoebe that he is going to visit Taylor and asks Hector and Harry to look after Phoebe and make sure that Shane keeps away. Storm goes over Shane's testimony but Shane ushers him out of his apartment as he is eager to be with Phoebe. Thorne supports Taylor as she worries about Shane being with Phoebe while she is locked up. Ridge later drops in and tells Taylor that Hector and Harry can look after Phoebe. Ridge thanks Thorne for coming through for Taylor. Thorne tells Taylor that he has complete faith in her now. Shane shows up by the pool with the intention of sleeping with Phoebe. Phoebe feels she can handle Shane but Harry hides in the bushes and watches. When Shane touches Phoebe, Harry jumps in and punches him. The guys go at it, leaving Harry out cold. Phoebe is scared of him leaving as Shane begins believing that she was only using him. Hector hears Phoebe and Shane arguing and flies in with a baseball bat in hand.moreless
  • Ep. #4936
    Ep. #4936
    Episode 167
    Bridget stops Dante on his way out to Taylor's trial. Bridget informs him that she found some bleeding and that after a visit with the doctor she has learnt that she has had a miscarriage. Dante comforts her when she sobs that she may never have a baby. Eric and Stephanie arrive at the courthouse, hoping that Shane will come through for Taylor. Hector and Harry are concerned that Shane still hasn't arrived. Phoebe finds Shane and promises him a celebration between them that evening after he testifies, hoping that she will no longer have to keep him around to stick to it. The court begins and things go badly when Jennifer Tartaro paints a bad picture of Taylor to the jury, although Storm manages to improve things by throwing out Lieutenant Baker's case that Taylor was over the alcohol limit. Shane begins to testify but the court is called to recess until the following day when Judge Owens has to be called away. Phoebe worries that she will have to stick to her plans with Shane.moreless
  • Ep. #4935
    Ep. #4935
    Episode 166
    Storm talks with Taylor and she insists that Shane testify first during the trial. Storm doesn't think it's wise, but Taylor only wants him away from Phoebe. Ally tells Thorne that she misses Taylor and so he takes her drawings to give to Taylor. Thorne opens up to Taylor and finally admits that he doesn't want her to go to jail and that Darla's death was not her fault. Hector and Harry try to locate Shane's address. Hector manages to and Harry rushes out. Shane makes excuses for having photographs of Phoebe. Harry later barges in and tries to get Phoebe to leave but Shane threatens to skip town. Phoebe sends Harry off and manages to convince Shane that she is attracted to him, then allows him to kiss her.moreless
  • Ep. #4934
    Ep. #4934
    Episode 165
    Stephanie accompanies Storm to the jail where they visit with Taylor. Storm tries to work on the defense for the case the following day, but Taylor is worked up knowing that Shane is pushing himself onto Phoebe. Stephanie is stunned and warns that Shane had better not touch Phoebe. Shane places a few calls to arrange a secret evening with Phoebe. Hector overhears and is suspicious of Shane. Harry visits Phoebe and warns her that Shane could be dangerous. Harry and Phoebe share a kiss before Shane guilts Phoebe into going out with him. Shane takes Phoebe back to his apartment where he has prepared a meal. Phoebe sends Shane out on a false plea for him to get some champagne and she discovers that Shane has a wall plastered with photographs of her. Phoebe calls Harry for help, but Shane returns.moreless
  • Ep. #4933
    Ep. #4933
    Episode 164
    As Eric and Ridge contemplate losing Forrester Creations, Ridge wonders if Eric still loves Jackie. Ridge questions Eric on why he is still with Stephanie to which he responds that it's easier to be with her than fight against her when they are apart. Ridge tells Eric that he feels Nick will push Brooke away by going after their family. Brooke asks Nick to be reasonable and to give up the idea of taking the company. Nick tells her that he's doing it for both her and his mother. Brooke warns him that if he goes through with his plan, then he is doing it without her. Jackie baits Stephanie and tells her that she has a choice between losing her company or losing her freedom. Jackie admits that she is doing it to get Brooke and Eric away from Stephanie. Stephanie tells Jackie that she has no chance of getting anything from her.moreless
  • Ep. #4932
    Ep. #4932
    Episode 163
    Eric, Ridge and Stephanie refuse Nick's offer of giving him Forrester Creations in order to keep Stephanie out of the courtroom. Nick warns Stephanie that she will go to jail, but Stephanie snaps that Jackie's fall was an accident and that Nick is committing a crime by blackmailing her for the company. Brooke later questions Nick on why he would want a fashion house and Nick tells her that Taylor's 2% share was bought under Marone Industries and therefore still belongs to him, in gaining the Forrester family's 48% share and giving it to Jackie, Brooke and his mother could run Forrester Creations equally together. Bridget talks with Jackie and she suffers severe headaches when talking about Stephanie. Stephanie later arrives and confronts Jackie.moreless
  • Ep. #4931
    Ep. #4931
    Episode 162
    Nick talks with Dr. Hillman at the hospital to get further information on Jackie's condition. Although Dr. Hillman is optimistic, he admits that Jackie could be in pain for the rest of her life. Nick is determined to punish Stephanie, and whispered words from Jackie give him an idea: To take Forrester Creations. Shane encounters a studying Phoebe by the pool and suggests that she is avoiding him. The two nearly become passionate but Phoebe wriggles away, telling Shane she's not old enough for that kind of relationship. Shane agrees that they will just be friends for now, but doesn't give up on the idea of romance. Harry visits Taylor at the jail, and tells her his worries about Shane. Eric tells Stephanie and Ridge that he has hired an attorney just in case Nick seeks civil action. Nick arrives with Storm and tells them all that he wants Forrester Creations or else he'll take Stephanie to court.moreless
  • Ep. #4930
    Ep. #4930
    Episode 161
    Stephanie manages to get away from Nick and locks herself in a bedroom. Nick kicks down the door only to find Stephanie holding a gun at him. Ridge runs into Eric, Brooke and Donna at the hospital. Ridge learns from Donna why Nick has left the hospital. Worrying that Stephanie is home alone, Eric decides they should get over to the house. A shot rings out as they arrive, but it is simply a warning shot from Stephanie. Nick, Brooke and Donna return to Brooke's, where Donna relates the events of the evening to Storm. Storm suggests that a civil suit against Stephanie may be more successful than a criminal case. Stephanie calls Donna to warn her to keep her mouth shut. Donna puts the phone on speaker so that everyone in the room can listen. Donna tells Nick that they can bring Stephanie down.moreless
  • Ep. #4929
    Ep. #4929
    Episode 160
    Brooke tells Donna that Stephanie can't fire her from Forrester Creations. Donna is too tired to fight but informs Brooke that Stephanie will have a fight on her hands when Nick learns the truth. Dr. Hillman tells Nick that Jackie is improving but may never be herself again. Donna tells Nick the whole story of what she saw between Jackie and Stephanie. He is furious and heads out of the hospital. Stephanie is thrilled when she learns from Ridge that Brooke and Nick's marriage is over. Stephanie is angry when Eric doesn't believe that Jackie's fall was a complete accident. Eric visits Jackie in the hospital and kisses her. Eric learns from Donna that Stephanie pushed Jackie. Nick confronts Stephanie but she refuses to let him inside the house. He smashes through the patio door and holds Stephanie by the throat over the stair railing.moreless
  • Ep. #4928
    Ep. #4928
    Episode 159
    Donna can't understand why Brooke won't allow her to tell Nick that Stephanie pushed Jackie. Donna is angry that Brooke is defending Stephanie and storms out when Nick comes by. Brooke breaks the news to Nick that she feels that she can no longer be married to him. Brooke says that she needs to be single in order to be strong. Nick packs his bags and leaves, but keeps a hold of his wedding ring. Donna finds Stephanie insulting her to Ridge at Forrester Creations. After talking with Ridge, Donna realises that she doesn't have any chance at a relationship with him. Ridge visits Brooke and learns that her marriage is over. Brooke tells Ridge that she can't be with him either. Stephanie later confronts Donna and fires her. Donna calls Brooke and warns her that Stephanie has gone too far. Donna places a call to Nick and informs him that Jackie's fall wasn't an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #4927
    Ep. #4927
    Episode 158
    Jackie is unable to talk and Dr. Hillman tells Nick that it's too early to tell whether or not she will make a full recovery. Eric drops by the hospital and visits with Jackie. He remembers past times together and talks to her as if he misses their closeness. Donna confesses to Brooke that she saw the confrontation between Stephanie and Jackie. Donna informs Brooke that Stephanie pushed Jackie over the banister. Donna confronts Stephanie, whom tells her that it was only an accident. Donna threatens to make Stephanie pay for all the years that she has tormented the Logan family. Nick yells at Stephanie when he overhears her blaming Jackie for the fall. Donna suggests telling Nick the truth, but Brooke stops her. Donna tells Brooke that they both have to bring Stephanie down.moreless
  • Ep. #4926
    Ep. #4926
    Episode 157
    Shane tries to kiss Phoebe but they are interrupted by Harry, informing them that Storm has arrived to talk about Taylor's case. Storm tells Shane that he is the only person they have to help Taylor. Shane likes how important he suddenly is. Harry later wonders if Phoebe can handle Shane, and she makes it clear it will only be until after Taylor's trial. Nick goes to pray in the hospital chapel as Jackie is on the operating table. Donna stops by the hospital to enquire about Jackie's condition and hints to Brooke that Jackie's fall wasn't an accident. Jackie is brought out of surgery and Dr. Hillman informs Nick and Brooke that Jackie may have brain damage. Jackie slowly regains consciousness, with Nick at her side.moreless
  • Ep. #4925
    Ep. #4925
    Episode 156
    Hector tells Harry that he needs to find out what Shane's motive is for helping Taylor. Harry agrees that Shane can't be trusted. Shane talks with Phoebe by the pool and she thanks him for helping her mother. Shane tells Phoebe that he cares for her and attempts to kiss her, but Phoebe backs away. Ridge and Brooke are interupted by a nurse. Brooke supports Nick as they are told by a Dr. Hillman that Jackie needs to have surgery involving drilling a hole in her skull to release the pressure on her brain. Eric comes by the hospital and tells Jackie to fight. Stephanie later stands over Jackie's bedside, during which Jackie has a seizure. Jackie is rushed off into surgery and Nick warns Stephanie that she will pay if Jackie doesn't pull through. Ridge tells Stephanie that he refuses to lose Brooke to Nick over the situation.moreless
  • Ep. #4924
    Ep. #4924
    Episode 155
    Phoebe visits Taylor in jail as it's her 18th birthday. Phoebe later arrives home and is surprised to find her family gathered for a special celebration for her. Harry is again suspicious of Shane skulking around her. Thorne later goes to Taylor with questions surrounding Darla's death. Taylor sobs how sorry she is. Donna is shaken as she sees Jackie laying on the floor in a pool of blood. Stephanie calls the hospital and then lets Nick know about Jackie. Brooke rushes off to the hospital with Nick before giving Nick or Ridge any news on who she wants to be with. Bridget informs Nick that Jackie has critical pressure on her brain. Nick looks on as Jackie is connected up to various machines. Stephanie tells Brooke and Ridge that Jackie fell down the stairs. Nick yells at Stephanie for causing Jackie's accident. Ridge later pulls Brooke into a supply closet at the hospital and kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #4923
    Ep. #4923
    Episode 154
    Brooke gets a call from Stephanie telling her that she belongs with Ridge, followed by a call from Jackie telling her that she belongs with Nick. Brooke tells both of them that she has made up her mind on what she is going to do. Stephanie learns that Ridge has been invited over by Brooke and is thrilled, as is Jackie when she learns that Brooke has invited Nick over. Donna questions Brooke on what she has decided but she refuses to say anything. Stephanie asks Donna to bring the children over for a visit. Nick and Ridge are both surprised to discover the other has been invited over by Brooke. They begin making harsh comments to one another and Brooke orders them to find some common ground. Jackie arrives at Stephanie's to hurl some more abuse. The two go at it over Brooke and their sons. During a scuffle on the stairs, Stephanie pushes Jackie away and she falls over the railing to the floor below as Donna watches through the window.moreless
  • Ep. #4922
    Ep. #4922
    Episode 153
    Felicia is destroyed knowing that Bridget is to have Dante's child. Bridget assures both of them that nothing needs to change between any of them. Dante makes it clear to Felicia that his future is with her and their child. Felicia wishes Bridget the best. Stephanie orders Jackie out of the house but Jackie accuses Stephanie of only luring Brooke back to take Forrester Creations away from her. Brooke declines Nick's company for the night but tells him that she will have an answer for him soon. Nick learns from Jackie that Stephanie is on a rampage and is furious when he sees that Stephanie hit Jackie. Nick goes to Stephanie and warns her not to cross him. Brooke returns home and finds Ridge there. He talks of a future with her. Brooke decides that she will have the answers for both Nick and Ridge the following day.moreless
  • Ep. #4921
    Ep. #4921
    Episode 152
    Eric supports Bridget as she prepares a dinner for Dante and Felicia with the plans to tell them the father of her baby. Eric wonders if she is doing the right thing. During dinner, Felicia is very open with her opinions on Nick being the father. Bridget breaks the news that infact Dante is the child's daddy. Stephanie helps Ridge move back into his old house to help be there for Phoebe during Taylor's time awaiting trial. Jackie later stops over and things get heated between the three over Brooke. Stephanie ends up slapping Jackie when her insults go too far. Brooke invites Nick to have dinner with her at the Café Russe. Brooke tells him that if their marriage is to carry on then he needs to respect her. Brooke says all the things she needs from a relationship before heading out of the restaurant. Nick stops her and asks to go home with her.moreless
  • Ep. #4920
    Ep. #4920
    Episode 151
    Thorne is stunned as Shane tells the whole story of Darla's accident to the court. The Judge calls a recess with the assistant district attorney as well as asking Storm and Thorne to join him. Stephanie thanks Shane for coming through for her, although he makes it clear that she now owes him. Hector and Harry show up at the court, and Harry is suspicious of Shane being close with Phoebe. Thorne tells the Judge in his chambers that he needs justice for Darla, but only on the true facts of what happened. As the court rejoins, Taylor tells the Judge that she still wants to plead guilty, until she notices that Thorne no longer wishes her too. Judge Owens informs everyone that the case will be taken to trial. Thorne later visits Taylor in her cell and tells her that he is helping her for the sake of her children as well as his own.moreless
  • Ep. #4919
    Ep. #4919
    Episode 150
    Thomas demands answers from Phoebe, Ridge and Brooke and is shocked to learn what is happening with his mother. They head down to the jail to spend a few minutes with Taylor as they wait for court to resume. Stephanie is at the Forrester estate trying desperately to convince Shane to testify on Taylor's behalf, but he reminds her of all the times she warned him that he had better keep his mouth shut. Court begins with Brooke, Ridge, Phoebe, Bridget and Thomas sitting with Taylor. Eric, Sally and Thorne sit on the opposite side of the courtroom. The judge begins his sentencing, giving Taylor sixty days in jail for driving without a license, one year for obstruction of justice, and ten years in maximum security for vehicular manslaughter. Stephanie bursts in with Shane and announces what he saw, so Thorne demands to know if his mother is telling the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #4918
    Ep. #4918
    Episode 149
    Shane wonders to Hector why Taylor isn't doing more in her own defense after reading the story in the newspaper. Stephanie pleads with Shane to tell the Judge what he saw the night that Darla was killed in the hopes that it could help Taylor. Storm tries to help Taylor but she requests immediate sentencing because she doesn't want to put Thorne and Alexandria through further pain. Thorne goes to see Taylor in her cell after talking with Stephanie, and Taylor tells him she really does love him. Brooke and Ridge share a passionate kiss after he shares with her his feelings of guilt over Taylor's alcoholism.moreless
  • Ep. #4917
    Ep. #4917
    Episode 148
    Eric reads the morning newspapers with Jackie and Sally. They comment on Taylor's arrest, while Dante and Felicia are both shocked that Taylor was able to keep it a secret. Phoebe overhears their conversation and defends her mother. Eric finds it hard to believe that Darla's death was an accident when Taylor was drunk at the wheel. Ridge thinks that the one person who can help Taylor is Thorne and attempts to get through to him. Thorne refuses to help the person that killed his wife, but Ridge stresses that it was an accident. Stephanie visits Taylor and begs her not to confess, but Taylor feels it's the one thing that she must do for Thorne. Storm later arrives from San Francisco to defend Taylor but she wants to refuse his help. As the court proceeds, against Storm's best efforts, Taylor stands and pleads guilty to the charges against her.moreless
  • Ep. #4916
    Ep. #4916
    Episode 147
    Phoebe arrives at Thorne's place and attempts to explain what happened the night Darla died, but he refuses to listen. Phoebe begs for him to see that it was an accident and asks for him to help Taylor. Thorne orders Phoebe out and yells that she and Taylor are no longer welcome in his home. Ridge vents his anger at Stephanie for getting involved in Taylor's lie and keeping it a secret. Stephanie admits that she knows it was a mistake, but justifies it by her need to protect Thorne. Ridge wants to help Taylor and decides to bring Storm Logan in as her lawyer. Baker fires questions at Taylor and has her confess to the role that Phoebe, Hector and Stephanie played in the cover up. Taylor begs for him to keep them out of it. Taylor is later lead to her cell and locked up.moreless
  • Ep. #4915
    Ep. #4915
    Episode 146
    Taylor goes to the police station where she tells Lieutenant Baker and Detective Orbach that she wants to make her confession. Baker tells her that she should have a lawyer, but Taylor states that she doesn't need one. Taylor confesses the entire story for the record and signs the confession. Taylor is photographed and booked, while Baker tells her that she should expect to go to jail for a long time. Ridge drops by to see Phoebe and learns that Taylor has gone to the police. Ridge is stunned that Taylor is the one responsible for Darla's death. Phoebe blames herself, although Ridge also feels guilty for Taylor's decline and alcoholism. Thorne is livid with Stephanie that she knew Taylor ran Darla down. Thorne accuses Stephanie of allowing him to fall in love with Taylor and setting him up for more pain. Thorne sobs that he wants Darla back.moreless
  • Ep. #4914
    Ep. #4914
    Episode 145
    Stephanie rushes over to see Phoebe and is surprised to find that Taylor isn't there. Phoebe admits that Taylor is confessing the truth to Thorne. Stephanie is worried about the outcome, as is Hector. Stephanie manages to drill from Phoebe the whereabouts of Taylor. On the way to leave for the cabin, Baker arrives and stops anyone from leaving. He attempts to get them to confess to their roles in the cover up of Darla's death. Meanwhile, Taylor breaks down as she confesses everything to Thorne. He is angry and hurt that Taylor would allow him to fall in love with her after she killed his wife. Thorne shows no sign of sympathy for Taylor and so she calls Baker and turns herself in for Darla's manslaughter.moreless
  • Ep. #4913
    Ep. #4913
    Episode 144
    Jackie is furious when she learns from Nick that Stephanie had divorce papers drawn up for him and Brooke. Nick goes to Ridge to warn him to stay away from Brooke, but the two butt heads on who is best suited to be with her. Brooke is angry with Stephanie for returning with the divorce papers. Stephanie tries to sway Brooke's mind in her favor by being kind hearted, but Jackie storms in and gives Stephanie a piece of her mind. Jackie and Stephanie battle it out about their own sons as Brooke leaves them to it. Phoebe prays that Thorne will understand and forgive Taylor. Meanwhile, Thorne pulls out a huge diamond ring and proposes to Taylor, which sets her off into an emotional state. Unable to take anymore, Taylor confesses to driving the car that hit and killed Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #4912
    Ep. #4912
    Episode 143
    Phoebe is scared sick when Thorne arrives to take Taylor to the cabin, knowing that Taylor plans on confessing the truth about Darla's death to him. Taylor is surprised at the romantic mood Thorne has set up at the cabin as she prepares to tell Thorne the truth. Ridge tells Brooke of his hopes of how they will be together again with their son, but Brooke asks him to be patient with her. Stephanie speaks with her lawyer and has divorce papers drawn up for Brooke and Nick, although Eric feels she is getting ahead of herself. Jackie tries to calm the situation with Nick, but he rushes off to see Brooke, knowing that Ridge and Stephanie will be drumming thoughts into her head. Nick attempts to seek forgiveness from Brooke, but is interupted by Stephanie delivering divorce papers. Brooke throws them both out, but Stephanie later returns with the documents.moreless
  • Ep. #4911
    Ep. #4911
    Episode 142
    Thorne arranges a day at the cabin to spend some time with Taylor and he also buys a ring. She agrees to go, but Phoebe notices how depressed Taylor is. Taylor tells her that she needs to confess the truth about Darla's death to Thorne, not wanting to lie any longer. Stephanie learns from Eric that Bridget is pregnant with Dante's baby and she wonders if the situation within their family could get much worse. Nick begs forgiveness from Brooke but Ridge tries to throw him out. Bridget comes by and, speaking with Brooke alone, attempts to explain the situation. Bridget and Brooke realise how they have both destroyed one another. Bridget orders Brooke not to give up on her marriage. Ridge and Nick have it out at the main house. Stephanie tries to get involved but Ridge feels that he will be the one with Brooke. Ridge later promises Brooke the life she needs with the children and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4910
    Ep. #4910
    Episode 141
    Bridget visits Eric and informs him of her pregnancy. He is stunned to learn that Nick slept with her, then even more surprised when he learns that the child's father is Dante. Bridget is ashamed as Eric wonders how Felicia will take the news. Brooke cries on Ridge's shoulder, which angers Donna. She is infuriated when Ridge asks her to leave so that he can be alone with Brooke. Donna informs Nick where Brooke is, before being interupted by a snooping Stephanie. Donna is told to leave Ridge but Donna refuses. Stephanie feels Donna is wasting her time and that Ridge will be with Brooke again. Ridge learns that Nick slept with Bridget. Nick barges in on Brooke and Ridge. Nick blurts out that Bridget's baby isn't his and begs Brooke to forgive him, while Ridge begs Brooke to end her marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #4909
    Ep. #4909
    Episode 140
    Stephanie paces the house and spies out of the window when Ridge returns home from Europe and heads over to the guest house with Donna. Stephanie fears that Ridge will sleep with Donna, but Eric couldn't be less interested. Donna arranges a romantic meal for Ridge and she confesses her feelings to him, having chosen this night to consummate her relationship with him. Brooke races along the highway in her car to meet with Ridge, leaving him a message on his answering machine, which Donna quickly erases. Nick is brought back into shore and then finds Bridget on the Shady Marlin. Bridget is devastated that Nick has confessed all to Brooke, then makes the situation worse by informing Nick that the baby isn't his, but infact Dante's. Brooke bursts into the guest house in an emotional state. Brooke questions whether it's too late for herself and Ridge, to which he responds with a kiss, as a destroyed Donna watches.moreless
  • Ep. #4908
    Ep. #4908
    Episode 139
    Brooke slaps Nick when he tries to tell her that he never wanted to hurt her. Devastated, Brooke heads up top, musing that she had chosen to be with Nick because she felt she couldn't trust Ridge. Nick approaches Brooke but she pushes him away and he falls overboard. She tosses him a life preserver and calls for help, then leaves him in the ocean. Bridget begins to panic at the thought that Nick could be confessing to fathering a child that isn't even his. Doctor Caspary warns her that she needs to calm down, and after doing the ultrasound, confirms that there is no way that Nick is the baby's father. Bridget tries to reach Nick without success. Dante realises that something is up with Felicia, and she finally confesses that Bridget is pregnant with Nick's baby. Dante muses that Bridget never stopped loving Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #4907
    Ep. #4907
    Episode 138
    Nick tells Brooke that he did something awful when he thought they were finished, and she finally realises there was another woman. He confesses to getting the other woman pregnant, and then tells her that it's someone he's been involved with before. Brooke is horrified when she realises that Nick slept with Bridget. Stephanie warns Donna that she will never be part of the Forrester family, but Donna holds her own against Ridge's mother. Bridget worries that Brooke will have a hard time accepting the child because it's Nick's, but Doctor Caspary, after noticing some strange readings in Bridget's medical file, tells her that she is a lot further along in the pregnancy than they originally thought.moreless
  • Ep. #4906
    Ep. #4906
    Episode 137
    Stephanie is horrified when Shane tells her that the only thing he wants is to be with Phoebe. Determined not to let her granddaughter get involved with him, Stephanie tries to scare Shane by telling him that if the truth were ever to come out he would be in trouble by withholding evidence. Donna interrupts Nick's attempt to tell Brooke the truth by showing up wanting Brooke to let Ridge go so that she can have a chance with him. Nick asks Harry to clear out of the Shady Marlin for awhile so he can talk to Brooke uninterrupted. Bridget talks with Felicia about her pregnancy, and that Nick plans on telling Brooke tonight. Felicia muses that Ridge is going to look pretty good to Brooke in comparison now.moreless
  • Ep. #4905
    Ep. #4905
    Episode 136
    Jackie talks with Brooke about wanting to be a grandmother and tells her that Nick wants to have a child of his own. Brooke thinks Nick will be happy being a step-father to her children, not realising that Nick is, at that moment, trying to figure out a way to tell Brooke that Bridget will be having his child, and hoping that he can be part of the baby's life. With Hector's help, Stephanie tries to get Taylor to see that Shane is an opportunist, but when Taylor sees only the good in him, Stephanie decides she will have to come up with a way to get him out of her granddaughter's life. Shane dreams of a future with Phoebe, believing the two of them can beat the odds, and tells her that he'll keep her secret.moreless
  • Ep. #4904
    Ep. #4904
    Episode 135
    Bridget has some blood tests taken at the hospital. Nick calls her and wants to be with her when she learns the results. Felicia drops in to see Bridget and asks what Bridget wants from the tests. Bridget wonders if she'll ever be able to carry a baby to term. Eric mentions to Brooke how she isn't in the office very much anymore and he blames Nick for that. Brooke insists that the days of her and Nick worrying about Ridge are over. Eric still feels that Nick is the wrong man for her and once he dissappoints her once, then the marriage will be over. Nick stays with Bridget as she receives the results of her tests. Her pregnancy is confirmed and she and Nick learn that the baby is strong and healthy.moreless
  • Ep. #4903
    Ep. #4903
    Episode 134
    Eric is sure Stephanie is hiding something when Lt. Baker drops by to check in with Darla's case and Stephanie throws him out. Stephanie insists they all just need to move on from it. Taylor stops Thorne when they are headed to make love as she can't shift Darla from her mind. Thorne later tells Eric and Stephanie that he is falling in love with Taylor. Phoebe yells at Harry to let up on Shane. Hector has Harry leave when Phoebe tells Hector that Shane knows everything. Hector reveals to Taylor that Shane knows that she killed Darla. Taylor wonders what Shane wants from her. Hector believes that Shane wants money, but Phoebe supports Shane and tells Taylor that Shane just needs a place to stay and a friend. Shane insists to Taylor that he can be trusted.moreless
  • Ep. #4902
    Ep. #4902
    Episode 133
    Hector wonders what to do when he is unable to get ahold of Phoebe. Hector informs Harry of what he knows and they rush out onto the highway to find Phoebe and Shane. Phoebe is scared of what Shane wants and accuses him of wanting to blackmail her. Shane appeals to Phoebe's vulnerable side and makes her think that the accident has affected him emotionally and he needs her friendship. Harry arrives and punches Shane as Phoebe yells at him to stop. Eric learns from Stephanie that Thorne and Taylor's friendship has grown into something more. Eric is concerned but wonders what Stephanie is hiding when she supports the relationship fully. Thorne thanks Taylor for helping him move past losing Darla. Thorne tells Taylor that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level and tell the family that they are seeing one another.moreless
  • Ep. #4901
    Ep. #4901
    Episode 132
    Nick is stunned by Bridget's revelation that she's pregnant with his child. Nick remains silent as Bridget tells him that she is going to have some tests run to see if she can carry the baby to term before telling Brooke. Taylor attends an AA meeting with Stephanie at her side for support. Taylor later returns home and finds that Thorne has arranged a romantic night out by the pool for her. Shane taunts Hector, as Hector warns Shane that he is on to him. Hector does some digging with a detective friend and learns that Shane was booked for theft the night of Darla's death at a store on the same highway where Taylor hit Darla. Shane drives Phoebe up to the highway and reveals that he was the man that approached her in her car the night of Darla's death and that he knows Taylor was responsible.moreless
  • Ep. #4900
    Ep. #4900
    Episode 131
    Shane grabs the documents that Hector gives to Phoebe. Shane has innocent explanations for the crimes held against him. Phoebe believes him but Hector doesn't buy it. Shane later asks Phoebe out to dinner, while Hector calls a pal to find out more information about Shane. Bridget attempts to reveal her pregnancy to Brooke, but Nick walks in with plans for himself and Brooke to renew their vows. While Brooke and Nick exchange vows in the garden, Bridget watches from the terrace, while Felicia enquires whether Bridget has told Brooke about the baby. Brooke heads up to bed later, as Bridget confronts Nick. As Bridget argues with Nick, she reveals that she is pregnant with his child.moreless
  • Ep. #4899
    Ep. #4899
    Episode 130
    Hector learns that Shane's criminal record consists of a restraining order in Atlanta and theft in Los Angeles. Shane thinks that he could get more than just $1,000,000 from Taylor, if he was to get close to Phoebe. Shane watches Harry talking to Phoebe by the pool and fakes a situation to get her away from him. Shane flirts with Phoebe as he puts his plan in motion. Hector mistakes Harry for Shane and finds that Harry isn't too keen on Shane either. Hector gives Phoebe his evidence against Shane. Donna returns from Europe without Ridge. Donna says that she would like Brooke's blessing before having any romantic relationship with Ridge. Brooke finally gives her the okay. Felicia thinks Bridget wants to have an abortion. Bridget bulks at the idea and explains that she wants the child and intends on telling Brooke the truth. Bridget visits Brooke prepared to tell all.moreless
  • Ep. #4898
    Ep. #4898
    Episode 129
    Hector tells Taylor that he is going to move out. Phoebe brings Shane home from the hospital and Hector is concerned when he learns that Shane is moving in. Hector accuses Shane of using his injury to take advantage of Taylor. Phoebe snaps at him, then Hector decides that he won't move out just yet. Phoebe sets Shane up in the guest room as he relaxes in the luxury. Hector pulls some strings and has a background check run on Shane. Hector discovers that he has a record. Felicia arrives at the hospital for a check up and decides to visit Bridget. She barges in just as Christian tells Bridget that she is pregnant. Bridget is horrified. Christian says he'll have to go on the trip alone. Bridget confesses to Felicia that she slept with Nick. Felicia is stunned, as Bridget tells her that she knows what she has to do.moreless
  • Ep. #4897
    Ep. #4897
    Episode 128
    Taylor isn't happy that Phoebe invited Shane to stay with them without consulting her first. Taylor suggests paying for a nurse, but having Shane live at his own place. Taylor realizes that Phoebe feels guilty and agrees to allow Shane to stay with them, but only until he has recovered. Shane is thrilled, but later wonders whether he should still blackmail Taylor. Nick and Brooke arrive home, where Jackie is looking after Hope. Nick suggests to Brooke that they have a child of their own. Brooke is unsure and feels that they should just enjoy being newly weds for a while. Bridget works herself up into a frenzy as she waits for the pregnancy test results from Christian.moreless
  • Ep. #4896
    Ep. #4896
    Episode 127
    Shane goes into surgery as Phoebe freaks out and blames herself for his accident. Bridget supports her and assures her that Shane will be fine. Phoebe informs Taylor of the accident and she comes by the hospital to see Shane. He learns that he won't be able to use his hand for a few months and worries about how he will pay his bills. Feeling responsible, Phoebe invites him to move in with her and Taylor for a while. Brooke worries about why Bridget is running away from her problems. Brooke feels bad that she has been the one to benefit from Bridget's losses. Nick speaks with Bridget, she tells him that their night together was their final goodbye. Bridget goes to Christian to receive her vaccinations before going on their trip and has to take a pregnancy test as part of the procedure.moreless
  • Ep. #4895
    Ep. #4895
    Episode 126
    Taylor thinks Shane is talking about Thorne when he tells her that he knows her secret. Taylor suggests that he keeps out of her business if he wants to continue working for her. Hector walks in and Shane quickly leaves. Hector questions Taylor about Shane. Taylor feels Hector is overreacting, but Hector thinks Shane shouldn't be trusted. Phoebe finds Shane by the pool and begins messing with his hedge cutter, Shane slices his hand whist trying to take it from her. Eric and Stephanie learn that Bridget plans to go to Africa for a year with Christian to work in an AIDS clinic. Eric is upset, but Stephanie thinks that Bridget is running away from something. Brooke tells Stephanie how Bridget is still in love with Nick. Stephanie blames Brooke for Bridget wanting to leave, and Nick feels the guilt as Brooke gushes about how committed they are to one another.moreless
  • Ep. #4894
    Ep. #4894
    Episode 125
    Stephanie spends time with Alexandria and learns that Taylor spent the night there. Thorne admits that he has feelings for Taylor, but wonders about how Ridge will feel. Stephanie gives her support to Thorne. Hector calls Stephanie and advises her to keep Thorne away from Taylor, but then Stephanie pushes Thorne to pursue her. Thorne calls Taylor and arranges a dinner date. Hector isn't impressed that Taylor spent the night at Thorne's. Taylor again tells him that it's not his concern and he begins to lay on the guilt by feeling sorry for himself and suggests moving out. Shane prepares his speech for Taylor, before surprising Phoebe by showing up at the house. Shane confronts Taylor and tells her that he knows her secret.moreless
  • Ep. #4893
    Ep. #4893
    Episode 124
    Shane sits alone in his run down appartment and thinks of ways to confront Taylor with the truth that he knows. Shane wonders how much he could blackmail from her. Phoebe, Taylor, Thorne, Sally, Clarke and Alexandria come together for Darla's birthday. They share memories and place special gifts for her by her photograph. Later, when everyone is in bed, Thorne talks with Taylor about how he feels, and confesses that he loves her. Brooke is stunned when Bridget admits that she wanted Brooke's marriage to Nick to fail. Brooke yells at Bridget but apologises when Nick arrives. Nick realises that he has to keep the night with Bridget a secret forever for the sake of the mother and daughter relationship. Bridget later sobs alone, while Brooke gushes to Nick in the bedroom about how happy she is.moreless
  • Ep. #4892
    Ep. #4892
    Episode 123
    Brooke visits Bridget and sees that she has been looking through Nicole's things. Brooke tries to comfort Bridget, but Bridget decides to come clean and blurts out that she still loves Nick. Harry tells Nick off for sleeping with Bridget whilst still being married to Brooke. Taylor confesses to Phoebe that a romantic relationship is forming between herself and Thorne. Phoebe informs Taylor that Thorne is having a rememberance for Darla's birthday. Hector is angry when he learns that Thorne is coming by to pick Taylor up. Shane deals with the garden plants and listens in outside, he acts concerned when Phoebe mentions Darla's death to him. Shane later returns home and looks through a collection of newspaper cuttings about Darla's death. He thinks back to how he witnessed Taylor run Darla down.moreless
  • Ep. #4891
    Ep. #4891
    Episode 122
    Felicia and Dante spend time together with Dino. Dante suggests that they soon set a date for their wedding. Thorne finds Taylor at Darla's grave. Thorne believes that Darla supports their relationship. Stephanie is furious with Taylor for allowing Hector to live with her. Stephanie orders Hector out, but he insists that he needs to be there to watch over Taylor. Hector explains that Taylor and Thorne's relationship is dangerous as she may confess the truth to him. Phoebe is surprised that Harry is the guy whom Nick wanted her to show around Los Angeles. Phoebe is startled when she finds someone skulking around the bushes at home. He introduces himself as Shane McGrath and explains that he is their new gardener. Shane watches Thorne and Taylor kiss from the bushes.moreless
  • Ep. #4890
    Ep. #4890
    Episode 121
    Hector interrupts a conversation between Thorne and Taylor. Hector guilt trips Thorne into leaving when he mentions how quickly he is moving on from Darla with Taylor. Taylor tells Hector that her love life is not his business. Ridge and Donna prepare to go to Europe to attend press conferences for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke finds them kissing and Donna quickly leaves. Ridge accuses Brooke of being jealous again, but she insists she no longer cares. Bridget tries to convince Nick to leave Brooke. Bridget states that Brooke will never move on from Ridge. When she realises that Nick is determined to make his marriage work, Bridget makes him promise to keep their night together a secret forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4889
    Ep. #4889
    Episode 120
    Christian visits Hector to offer support to his blind brother. Hector tells Christian how he feels for Taylor and believes that living with her will turn their friendship into love. Thorne drops in on Taylor and they rearrange the living room to make it easier for Hector to move around. Thorne and Taylor discuss Darla, and also their need for one another, before kissing again. Brooke begs Nick for another chance, but he feels that their marriage is over. Brooke promises him that Ridge is in her past. Brooke tells Nick all that he means to her and he agrees to give it another go. Felicia shares some drinks with Bridget and wonders what is going on when Bridget remains secretive towards questions about Nick. Bridget is hurt when Nick tells her that he is staying with Brooke and that he intends on telling her that he and Bridget slept together.moreless
  • Ep. #4888
    Ep. #4888
    Episode 119
    Nick wakes up naked, having slept with Bridget. Nick tells Bridget that his marriage to Brooke is over. However, he wonders how he could have jumped right into bed with Bridget. Harry returns to the boat and meets Bridget after Nick leaves. Harry is suspicious of what is going on. Bridget later returns home and looks through her wedding album, thinking about a new life with Nick. Brooke frets that Nick hasn't been home all night. Donna talks with Brooke about it, but they are interupted when Nick comes in. Brooke is stunned when Nick begins packing his things and returns his wedding ring to her. Brooke confesses to the kiss with Ridge, but insists that she pushed him away and that she wants her future to be with Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #4887
    Ep. #4887
    Episode 118
    Taylor answers the door to Thorne and they discuss their kiss, meanwhile Stephanie is upstairs warning Hector not to use his blindness as a way to get to Taylor. Stephanie walks in on another kiss between Thorne and Taylor. Thorne learns that Hector is staying there and wonders if it's the best thing while Hector has feelings for Taylor. Donna watches outside as Ridge touches Brooke. He promises to love her, but Brooke breaks free and reminds him again that she is staying with Nick. Donna later questions Ridge, and he tells Donna that he wants to be with her. Nick is devastated from learning that Ridge and Brooke kissed. He knocks back the alcohol as Bridget comforts him. They end up kissing and fall onto the bed.moreless
  • Ep. #4886
    Ep. #4886
    Episode 117
    Taylor takes Hector to his room and helps him settle in. Stephanie shows up and talks with Taylor about her kiss with Thorne. Stephanie learns that Hector is living with Taylor and accuses him of using his condition to lure Taylor to him. Nick is furious when Brooke storms out to go see Ridge to confront him over kissing Donna. Nick goes to his boat to get drunk as Bridget stops in and becomes concerned about him. Donna asks Ridge if he truely does have feelings for her. They are busy kissing again as Brooke marches in. Brooke throws Donna out and yells at Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that she is the woman he really wants. Brooke tries to pull away from Ridge, but he kisses her. Donna spies them through the window and tells Nick of what is going on.moreless
  • Ep. #4885
    Ep. #4885
    Episode 116
    Stephanie finds Thorne at Forrester Creations. He beats himself up about his commitment to Darla and informs Stephanie that he kissed Taylor. Thorne is stunned when Stephanie encourages it and hints that something positive may come out the misery he has suffered. Taylor brings Hector back to her home. Hector finds it hard to adjust to not being able to see and mentions that Jimmy and Caitlin wanted him to move to New York to be with them. Taylor suggests that Hector live with her and Phoebe for a while until he finds somewhere to go. Nick is annoyed when Brooke seems more interested in watching Donna on television than talking to him or anything else. Felicia is suspicious of what Ridge has planned as Rich begins questioning Donna on her involvement with Ridge. Donna dodges the issue as Ridge makes an entrance onto the stage and kisses her in front of the cameras.moreless
  • Ep. #4884
    Ep. #4884
    Episode 115
    Stephanie visits Hector at the hospital and informs him of an optical clinic out of state she wants him to go too. Hector realises that she is just trying to get rid of him to keep the secret safe. Hector yells that he isn't going anywhere. Taylor tells Phoebe that Hector is blind and she suddenly feels compassion for him. Thorne drops in needing Taylor's help. He informs her that he has dropped the investigation into Darla's death and she is the reason for him being able to do so. Thorne rushes out when, in the moment, he kisses Taylor. Brooke sees Ridge and Donna preparing for Donna's interview on a talkshow. Ridge notices that Brooke is jealous, but Brooke storms out when Ridge questions her about her feelings for him. Felicia tells Rich Ginger, the host of the talkshow, that Donna's private life is off limits during the interview. As the show begins, Felicia realises that Ridge has a plan in mind.moreless
  • Ep. #4883
    Ep. #4883
    Episode 114
    Nick has coffee with Harry at The Insomnia Café and suggests Harry has someone show him around Los Angeles. Phoebe later comes in and meets Harry drinking alone. She sees him steal a tip, and he accuses her of being a rich girl. Nick later calls Phoebe and informs her that he has a friend that he would like her to meet. Stephanie realises that Thorne is becoming attached to Taylor. Stephanie advises Thorne to call off the investigation into Darla's death, explaining that she doesn't want him to be bitter for the rest of his life. Stephanie promises that Taylor will help him through. Taylor tries to comfort a blind Hector as he apologises for holding her hostage at his home before the fire. Taylor seeks answers from Hector's doctor and she informs Hector that the damage to his eyes is irreversable. Hector is devastated, but Taylor tells him that she will be there for him.moreless
  • Ep. #4882
    Ep. #4882
    Episode 113
    Nick checks his boat and finds the place a mess. Nick is furious until he discovers that the person sleeping there is Harry Jackson, the son of one of the men Nick was sailing with when the oil tanker sunk. Nick agrees to let Harry sleep there and look after the place for him. Stephanie convinces Taylor that the best thing to do would be to keep her involvement in Darla's death a secret forever. Stephanie tells Phoebe to do the same. The three women are nervous when Baker begins asking questions and accuses Taylor of being part of an arson attempt at Hector's home. Bridget has Phoebe released from the hospital, while Thorne takes Alexandria to visit Darla's hospital room. Bridget tells Taylor that Hector has been asking for her, and Taylor is stunned to learn that Hector has lost his eyesight and has become blind from the fire.moreless
  • Ep. #4881
    Ep. #4881
    Episode 112
    As Stephanie hears the truth from Taylor, Thorne comes by. Stephanie feels Taylor should come clean with Thorne, until Stephanie realises how dependant Thorne is upon Taylor. Stephanie feels she no longer knows who Taylor is anymore, but agress that Thorne needs her. Eric is concerned when Phoebe begins sweating. He takes her to the hospital where Bridget informs him that Phoebe has suffered a panic attack. Thorne, Stephanie and Taylor rush to the hospital and are releived that Phoebe is okay. Thorne seeks Taylor's help when Alexandria begins asking to go the room where Darla died. Stephanie informs Phoebe that she knows the truth and advises her to support Taylor, to make sure she doesn't drink again. Taylor is furious, but Stephanie orders Taylor to do the right thing, stand by Thorne and let her guilt go.moreless
  • Ep. #4880
    Ep. #4880
    Episode 111
    Thorne refuses to believe that Taylor had anything to do with Darla's death. Baker airs his theory but Thorne is furious and storms out at his suggestions. Phoebe looks after Alexandria and begins seeing images of a bloody Darla. Phoebe freaks out when Darla begins appearing before her. Eric later comes by and is shocked by how shaken and distraught Phoebe is. Stephanie arrives as Hector's house is in flames. Stephanie is stunned to see Taylor tied up but refuses to help her until Taylor admits to killing Darla. Firefighters arrive and desparately try to help a trapped Hector. Hector is rushed off to the hospital. Baker and Detective Orbach later investigate the burned down house. Taylor confesses the whole truth to Stephanie, whom is disgusted that Taylor has kept quiet and used Phoebe to hide her involvement in Darla's death.moreless
  • Ep. #4879
    Ep. #4879
    Episode 110
    Thorne meets with Baker demanding some answers about the case. Thorne swears that if Baker can't find Darla's killer then he will search for the rest of his life. Thorne is stunned when Baker hints at Taylor's involvement. Stephanie visits Phoebe and becomes concerned at how shaken she is. Stephanie learns that Phoebe is scared of Hector. Phoebe rushes off when Stephanie mentions the visit with Diane Walker. Stephanie begins to wonder if Baker's theory is correct and heads over to Hector's place. Hector ties Taylor to the stair railing when Taylor tells him that she has no romantic feelings for him and demands to be let out. Hector begins shouting at Taylor and she kicks him to defend herself, knocking him unconscious, he falls into a table of decorating materials, which ignite a flame and the house begins to burn.moreless
  • Ep. #4878
    Ep. #4878
    Episode 109
    Stephanie is concerned for Thorne when he consumes all his time in trying to seek who killed Darla. Stephanie advises Thorne to move past it, but he seems unable too. Taylor calls Ridge over and confuses him when she asks him to take care of their family if she wasn't to be around. Baker questions Hector about his relationship with Taylor, but Hector has quick responses to cover his tracks. Hector drops by to see Taylor as she prepares to head over to Thorne's and confess. Hector offers to drive Taylor when he realises that there is no changing her mind, but instead takes Taylor to his house. Taylor isn't happy when Hector locks her in the house, but on attempt to leave, Hector ties Taylor up, refusing to allow her to confess the truth to Thorne.moreless
  • Ep. #4877
    Ep. #4877
    Episode 108
    Felicia moves in with Dante and they spend the evening together with Dino. Felicia informs Dante that Bridget admitted to still loving Nick and she decides to take the situation into her own hands. Bridget later drops in to see Dante, and worries when he tells her that Felicia has gone to see Nick. Brooke upsets Nick by saying that she doesn't want to work for Marone Industries and would prefere to concentrate her efforts on Forrester Creations. Felicia comes by and tells Nick that Brooke will eventually go back to Ridge and advises him that Bridget will be waiting. Phoebe visits Alexandria and notices how Thorne is still consumed in finding Darla's killer. Baker tells Taylor that he knows the truth that she is responsible for Darla's death, but yet has no evidence to prove it. Taylor freaks out and tells Phoebe that she must confess.moreless
  • Ep. #4876
    Ep. #4876
    Episode 107
    Baker shares his suspicions about Taylor with Stephanie, she refuses to believe that Taylor could be in any way involved with Darla's death, but is unable to shift the thought from her mind. Nick tries to convince Brooke to come work for Marone Industries then sings her a tender love song he wrote especially for her. Taylor listens to Thorne's intent on finding whoever killed Darla but doesn't listen when she tries to confess. After he leaves, Baker shows up, ostensibly to talk to Phoebe, and presses Taylor for information about the night of the accident. Hector worries when the guard from the jail tells him how interested Baker was in the fact that he took Phoebe and Taylor to visit Diane Walker.moreless
  • Ep. #4875
    Ep. #4875
    Episode 106
    Taylor and Phoebe talk with Diane Walker, who is in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Listening to her story terrifies Phoebe more than ever, but Taylor still wants to come clean. Brooke manages to win over the board when she advises them to be environmentally conscious, but despite Nick's congratulations, she's not certain if she wants to work for Marone Industries. Thorne tells Sally how much help Taylor has been, but he is disheartened when Baker informs him that he still has no leads. Baker later sees Hector leaving the jail with Taylor and Phoebe and begins to put the pieces together.moreless
  • Ep. #4874
    Ep. #4874
    Episode 105
    Brooke fights her tears as Ridge confesses his love to her. Brooke reminds him that she is married, but admits to Ridge that she would find it hard seeing him with another woman. Donna meets with Nick and asks him to let her live her life and stop trying to control her the way he does Brooke. Nick warns Donna that Ridge will only hurt her. Donna heads over to Ridge. He tells Donna that Brooke is fighting her feelings for him. Ridge informs Donna of Nick's idea of bringing Brooke on board at Marone Industries. Nick has Brooke sit in on his board meeting, but one of the share holders belittles Brooke for having no idea about oil and shipping. Phoebe supports Taylor when she decides it's time to tell Thorne the truth. Hector stops them and takes them to a jail to meet a woman named Diane Walker.moreless
  • Ep. #4873
    Ep. #4873
    Episode 104
    Bridget finds Felicia and Dante kissing. Bridget tells them she is happy for them. Bridget tells Felicia that she still loves Nick. Nick informs Brooke that Ridge is still getting personal with Donna. Brooke is angry, especially as Donna promised to keep her relationship with Ridge professional. Nick invites Brooke to a board meeting at Marone Industries. Donna asks Ridge if Nick's idea that he is using her to make Brooke jealous is true. Ridge confesses that he loves Brooke and is on the rebound, but says that he also cares about Donna. Brooke flips out when she arrives and sees them in each others arms. Ridge tells Brooke to admit her true feelings and leave Nick, as Ridge promises to love her forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4872
    Ep. #4872
    Episode 103
    Bridget informs Nick that she has graduated; she is now an official doctor. Bridget talks about the end of her and Dante's relationship. She admits that she was using Dante to get over Nick. Ridge visits Donna at Brooke's and discusses that he only gets to see his son when Nick isn't around. Donna doesn't think that it's fair for Nick to control everything. Nick comes home and infuriates Donna when he slams Ridge for coming onto her. Nick accuses Ridge of trying to make Brooke jealous. Taylor wakes up and realises that her confession to Thorne was just a dream. Phoebe is concerned that Taylor is losing her mind and wonders if telling Thorne may be better than hiding the truth. Taylor is filled with more guilt when Thorne calls and thanks Taylor for being there for him.moreless
  • Ep. #4871
    Ep. #4871
    Episode 102
    Dante and Felicia search for Dino. Felicia notices that the baby bag has been taken which has her phone inside. Dante informs her that it has a tracker and they follow the signal. Eric is stunned when they show up on his jet. He reminds Felicia that he had previously informed her that he was taking the baby. A relieved Dante tells Felicia that he can't be without the baby and that his future his with her and his son. Thorne asks Taylor to leave so that he can talk to Hector alone. Hector tries to make Thorne see that Darla's death was an accident, which only angers him. Thorne orders Hector to stay away from Taylor. Thorne visits Taylor to offer support to her. Taylor breaks and confesses to killing Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #4870
    Ep. #4870
    Episode 101
    Dante meets with Eric and apologises for hurting Bridget, but Eric is relieved as Bridget hasn't yet moved past Nick. Dante tells Eric that he regrets not marrying Felicia, Eric advises him to speak to her. Felicia leaves Dino in his stroller to sleep in the courtyard. A stranger takes Dino. Felicia notices Dante's eagerness to get closer, but the moment is shattered when Felicia discovers that Dino is missing. Thorne visits Darla's grave and Phoebe later arrives. Thorne learns that Phoebe is worried about Hector's friendship with Taylor. Hector grows worried when Taylor is determined to tell Thorne the truth. Hector suggests they leave town and head to Mexico, but Taylor refuses and can't hide her guilt any longer. Hector shakes Taylor to make her listen as Thorne drops in and sees.moreless
  • Ep. #4869
    Ep. #4869
    Episode 100
    Donna fantasizes about being with Ridge as he and Felicia bound through the office door all excited about the great reviews for the Bedroom Line. Donna informs Ridge of Brooke's request that they stay professional, which Ridge manages to do throughout the fitting, although Donna wishes he'd make a move. Hector drops by to see Taylor, but Phoebe informs him that she isn't at home. Hector bullies Phoebe into telling him where Taylor is and she becomes scared when he acts furious that Taylor is with Thorne. Taylor feels guilty when Thorne praises her for being there for himself and Alexandria. Hector snoops outside the window, paranoid at what Taylor is telling Thorne. Taylor leaves and is shocked when she finds Hector sitting in the back seat of her car, ordering her to stay away from Thorne.moreless
  • Ep. #4868
    Ep. #4868
    Episode 99
    Ridge tells Donna he feels they make a good team. Donna says that she no longer works for Forrester Creations, but Ridge tells her not to give up just yet and arranges for another fitting the following day. Brooke informs Nick that she fired Donna. He is confused when she seems jealous that Ridge and Donna kissed. Brooke insists that Ridge isn't interested in Donna and she is just looking out for her sister's feelings. Donna arrives home and asks Brooke for another chance. Brooke agrees on the condition that she remains professional with Ridge. Hector calls Taylor to the fire station. He receives an award of honor for his duties. Hector tries to make Taylor see that they both have a lot to give to the world and no good can come from her confessing to killing Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #4867
    Ep. #4867
    Episode 98
    Phoebe overhears Taylor's conversation with a colleague and assumes that her mother is going to turn herself in. Taylor assures her she's just taking a leave of absence from her job, and warns Hector to stop trying to control her life. Later, Taylor is alone in her office when Stephanie shows up, fresh from a visit with Thorne and Alexandria, wanting to mend fences, and the two women end up embracing. Ridge and Donna are both upset with Brooke for firing Donna after such a successful showing, both blaming her relationship with Nick. Brooke leaves to meet up with Nick, and after seeing an article about Donna's role as the Brooke's Bedroom spokesperson realises what a bad business move she made.moreless
  • Ep. #4866
    Ep. #4866
    Episode 97
    Brooke feels uneasy as she reads about the preview of the new Brooke's Bedroom Line. Brooke decides to head over to Forrester Creations, much to Nick's annoyance. Eric speaks with the press while Ridge prepares Donna backstage. Stephanie again becomes suspicious that something is going on between Ridge and Donna, but Felicia tells her to stay out of it. Brooke and Nick arrive to see the show and Donna and Ridge's growing closeness continues to make Brooke jealous. Brooke is uncomfortable watching the provocative show that Donna puts on for the audience. After the show, Brooke fires her sister.moreless
  • Ep. #4865
    Ep. #4865
    Episode 96
    Donna accuses Brooke of being jealous of her newfound closeness with Ridge after Brooke confronts her about the kiss she saw between the two of them, then turns the tables around on Brooke by suggesting that she get back together with Ridge, which leaves Brooke again trying to puzzle out which of the two men in her life she really belongs with. After breaking down at her Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting, Taylor spends time with Alexandria and makes a dress for her out of some of Darla's things, leaving Thorne touched with the way Taylor is caring for his daughter. Eric is happy to see how enthusiastic Ridge is over working with Donna, and glad to hear that Ridge seems to be happy again.moreless
  • Ep. #4864
    Ep. #4864
    Episode 95
    Taylor beats herself up about how she should have told Thorne that she is responsible for Darla's death, but Phoebe convinces her to stay strong for Alexandria as she needs her support. Thorne mentions Taylor's drinking to her, then leads her to an AA meeting where she breaks down in tears and admits that she has a drinking problem. Donna shows Brooke the proofs that Ridge photographed the previous night. Brooke isn't happy when she learns Ridge scheduled another photo shoot without her permission. Nick is angry when she insists that she has to go to Forrester Creations. Bridget notices some tension in their relationship. Stephanie is suspicious when she notices the closeness between Donna and Ridge during the shoot. Brooke later catches Donna giving Ridge a kiss and orders her sister to stay away from Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4863
    Ep. #4863
    Episode 94
    Donna has her first photoshoot alone with Ridge. He is impressed by her work and rewards her by ordering in dinner. Ridge and Donna get closer and talk about their kiss, with obvious attraction to one another. Hector questions Taylor on why she hasn't been in contact. Taylor is still guilt ridden over Darla's death, but Hector reminds her that she, Phoebe and himself could all go to jail if she confesses. Hector kisses Taylor, but she backs away. Phoebe rips into Hector for coming on to her mother. Stephanie helps Thorne with Alexandria. Stephanie feels sorrow for her son, but is happy when he tells her of the support Taylor has been giving. Taylor and Phoebe later head over to see Thorne. He sees a flyer for an AA group fall out of Taylor's purse and she quickly hides it. Thorne invites them to stay for dinner, but Taylor becomes worried when Baker comes for dinner too. Thorne tells them that he wants to offer a cash reward in order to catch Darla's killer.moreless
  • Ep. #4862
    Ep. #4862
    Episode 93
    Dante spends the night alone in his studio at Forrester Creations. Bridget brings breakfast to him, but he gives her the brush off. Felicia puts more doubt in Dante's mind about his future with Bridget. Dante admits that he has been considering his options too. Brooke is devastated when Eric tells her that Ridge has quit designing for Brooke's Bedroom. Donna apologises to Ridge for coming on strong, but he is glad that she did. Brooke is thrilled when Donna tells her that she managed to convince Ridge to carry on designing the line. Stephanie tries to pursuade Donna to turn the job down, but Ridge and Brooke support her. Ridge, Brooke and Donna make the announcement of the change to the press. As they fire questions, Brooke becomes uncomfortable of the closeness between Ridge and Donna. Brooke later accuses Ridge of trying to get his own back.moreless
  • Ep. #4861
    Ep. #4861
    Episode 92
    Bridget tells Felicia to stay out of her business. Bridget informs her and Dante that she isn't pregnant. Bridget breaks it to Dante that she doesn't really want to try for a baby. Dante becomes angry when she asks him to wait. Felicia tells him that she loves him before sharing a kiss. Brooke offers Donna the job of being spokeswoman for the Brooke's Bedroom Line. Donna wonders whether giving the line up is really what Brooke wants. Ridge tells Stephanie that Brooke has resigned from the line and that she is bringing Donna on instead, which doesn't impress her. Donna learns from Ridge that he has decided that he will no longer design for the line if Brooke isn't involved in it. Donna manages to convince him otherwise and surprises him with a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4860
    Ep. #4860
    Episode 91
    Bridget and Dante continue their plans to conceive a baby. Bridget realises that she hasn't had a period for six weeks. Bridget takes a pregnancy test. Dante finds Felicia at the office with Dino. Felicia talks about the life that they could have. Bridget tells Dante that she has taken the test. Felicia demands to know if Bridget is pregnant. Donna tries to make Brooke admit that she loves Ridge, but Brooke doesn't take the bait. Brooke assures Donna that she is happy with Nick. Brooke puts Donna through the paces of becoming the spokeswoman and model for the Brooke's Bedroom Line. Nick tells Brooke that with Donna working on her behalf, Brooke won't have to deal with the Forrester family. Donna notices that Brooke doesn't seem happy by the idea.moreless
  • Ep. #4859
    Ep. #4859
    Episode 90
    Donna comments to Ridge how sad and alone he looks. He asks if Donna has a man waiting for her in San Francisco. Donna says she has never found a man who has made her feel the way Ridge makes Brooke feel. Nick and Brooke talk about the Brooke's Bedroom Line and her modeling. Nick suggests Donna be the new face for the line. Brooke is a little unsure but mentions it to Donna. Stephanie drops by to see Taylor, but Phoebe informs her that she isn't home. Stephanie says Taylor looked guilty at the funeral, then adds that Phoebe does too. Curious, Stephanie digs for information, telling Phoebe that she can tell her anything in private and it won't ever go any further. Thorne and Taylor arrive at his home where Catherine is watching Alexandria. Taylor helps Thorne break the news of Darla's death to his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #4858
    Ep. #4858
    Episode 89
    Hector and Phoebe attempt to stop Taylor from attending Darla's funeral. Phoebe is fearful of losing her mother. Darla's body rests in a open casket at the chapel. Thorne kisses his wife goodbye. Ridge says a few words. Stephanie tells Thorne that Darla will watch over him always. Sally breaks down when trying to understand why Darla was taken from her. Taylor can't hide her emotion and heads to the front of the church. Taylor speaks fondly of Darla with tears in her eyes. Baker watches, concerned with Taylor's guilt. Ridge asks Taylor if he can spend some time with her, Thomas and Phoebe. Taylor grabs some flyers about AA groups, determined to sort herself out. Thorne later asks Taylor to help him break the news of Darla's death to Alexandria.moreless
  • Ep. #4857
    Ep. #4857
    Episode 88
    Nick informs Jackie that Donna is staying with Brooke and that she has issues with him. Stephanie tells Brooke that she can no longer have the company if she isn't married to Ridge. Brooke is angered that she believed Stephanie had accepted her when in reality it was all about Ridge. Brooke refuses to sign the company back over. Ridge is surprised to see Donna. She tells him that Brooke marrying Nick was a mistake. Ridge is prepared to move on and is happy that he still has Brooke to work with. Stephanie tries to make Nick jealous over Brooke working with Ridge. Donna listens in as Brooke tells Ridge that she will no longer be modeling for the company. Ridge tells Brooke that he needs her.moreless
  • Ep. #4856
    Ep. #4856
    Episode 87
    Dante suggests he and Bridget have a baby of their own when she thinks about the loss of Nicole. Bridget wonders about being married first, but Dante says the wedding can come later. Donna continues to tell Brooke not give up on her dreams for the sake of her husband. Nick walks in and isn't impressed by Donna's words about him. Brooke leaves for the office and Donna accuses Nick of being insecure about Ridge. Eric is annoyed when Stephanie hints about taking the company back from Brooke. Stephanie explains that she gave it to Brooke as a way to make Ridge happy, but now Brooke has married Nick. Stephanie hands Brooke a legal document to sign the stock back over to her. Brooke refuses and Stephanie decides that their truce is over.moreless
  • Ep. #4855
    Ep. #4855
    Episode 86
    Donna Logan returns to town in the wake of Darla's death. Donna questions Brooke on why she gave up on Ridge after loving him for so many years. Donna isn't impressed when she meets Nick, she wonders why Brooke would ever give up modeling to please him. Thorne beats himself up with anger over Darla which only makes Taylor feel worse. Hector comes by while Thorne is on the phone and tells Taylor not to tell Thorne the truth. Hector later ushers her off and takes her back to his place. Taylor is unable to control her emotion knowing that she killed Darla. Hector tells her that she has to think about Phoebe and makes her see that she can't risk going to jail. Hector tells Taylor that they have begun their cover up and it can't stop now.moreless
  • Ep. #4854
    Ep. #4854
    Episode 85
    Brooke is ready to start another day at Forrester Creations but finds the office empty. She learns from Ridge that Darla is dead and she is upset that nobody informed her. Thorne arrives home with Stephanie. Stephanie says that she'll tidy up as the place is still decorated from Alexandria's birthday party, but Thorne doesn't want her to touch anything. Taylor has a nightmare about Darla. Hector later drops in and breaks the news of Darla's death. Taylor breaks down and decides that she must tell Thorne the truth. Phoebe and Hector refuse to let her but she later sneaks out unnoticed. Arriving at Thorne's as he watches the birthday video that Thomas made. He sobs over the message that Darla has left. Taylor cries and tells Thorne that he has to know what really happened to Darla.moreless
  • Ep. #4853
    Ep. #4853
    Episode 84
    Stephanie pushes Baker to find the person that ploughed Darla down. Hector is busy arranging with a friend to have Taylor's car repaired quickly. Taylor refuses to lie about her involvement in Darla's accident but Hector orders her too. Baker drops by with questions. Phoebe jumps in and covers for Taylor. Hector has Baker leave when Taylor is visably shaken, but he notices the empty bottle of wine on his way out. Sally talks to Darla and tells Thorne that she will pull through. Sally admits to Stephanie that she can't handle losing Darla. Thorne prays for Darla to recover as she opens her eyes. Thorne remembers how he proposed, their wedding and the birth of Alexandria before Darla flatlines and passes away. Thorne sobs with Stephanie at his side, as Sally looks on.moreless
  • Ep. #4852
    Ep. #4852
    Episode 83
    Thorne finds Taylor blaming herself for the accident. Thorne tells Taylor that the only person responsible was the driver that knocked Darla down. Stephanie learns of the accident and informs Sally. They later arrive at the hospital with Clarke. Sally promises Darla another run with Spectra Fashions if she fights to pull through. Baker begins questioning a shaken Phoebe, but Ridge asks him to back off. Baker notices the alcohol on Taylor's breath and she freaks out. Hector rushes Taylor and Phoebe out of the hospital and takes them home. Taylor admits a secret; she has already been suspended from driving due to driving under the influence a few weeks previously. Hector tells Taylor she will go to jail unless she keeps her mouth shut.moreless
  • Ep. #4851
    Ep. #4851
    Episode 82
    Nick and Brooke return home from their honeymoon as Bridget waits with Hope. Hector and the paramedics rush Darla off in an ambulance with a devastated Thorne. Taylor is a wreck as Phoebe drives them off to the hospital. Christian works on Darla's injuries and Taylor admits to Hector that she was driving the car that ran Darla down and that she has been drinking. Ridge tells Thomas that Taylor and Phoebe aren't home. Thomas is concerned when he realises that Taylor has been drinking and now there is no sign of her. Phoebe calls and informs them of Darla's accident. Christian tells Thorne that Darla has multiple skull fractures and that she is in a critical state. Thorne and Ridge believe the accident was a hit and run as Taylor breaks down with emotion.moreless
  • Ep. #4850
    Ep. #4850
    Episode 81
    Thomas makes a home video of the party. Clarke arrives to play the party clown. Sally, having moved back to her penthouse, offers to take Alexandria for the night to allow Thorne and Darla some alone time. Thorne takes Sally home. Alone, Darla decides to leave Alexandria a message on the home video. Thomas finds an empty bottle of wine on the counter when he gets home with Ridge. Taylor rushes along the highway as thick fog settles in. Phoebe is scared to death as the stranger begins banging on her car. Phoebe calls Darla for help. Darla arrives and helps Phoebe change her flat tire. Taylor races around the corner and hits Darla with her car. Taylor is in shock as Hector and the paramedics show up. Thorne sees the commotion on the highway and is horrified when he sees Darla in the road.moreless
  • Ep. #4849
    Ep. #4849
    Episode 80
    Darla heads off to prepare for Alexandria's birthday party. Stephanie realises that Phoebe really wants her parents back together. Ridge apologises to Taylor for all the pain he has caused her. He tells her he hopes she will find a man that will appreciate and respect her. When Taylor is alone, she finds herself staring at a bottle of wine. Darla returns home and finds that Sally and Thorne have decorated the enitre beach house for Alexandria's party. Stephanie arrives with Alexandria, followed by Eric and then Ridge and Thomas. Everyone enjoys the good cheer as Darla thanks them all for the family they have. Taylor is worried when Phoebe calls from her car with a flat tire on the way to the party. A homeless man jumps out on Phoebe. Taylor rushes off to help.moreless
  • Ep. #4848
    Ep. #4848
    Episode 79
    Ridge reads about Brooke's wedding in the newspaper. Thorne attempts to cheer him up. Darla stuns Thorne by giving Ridge a hug. She invites him to Alexandria's birthday party that evening. Phoebe returns home from study in London. She informs Taylor that Steffy is staying there. Phoebe and Thomas wonder whether their parents have a chance of getting back together. Phoebe tells Ridge her hopes of him coming home. Thomas mentions to Taylor that he has noticed her drinking a lot. Taylor promises to clean up her act. Darla offers to be a friend to Taylor. Darla later mentions to Thorne how much Taylor loves Ridge. Taylor asks Ridge why they broke up their family to both be unhappy and alone.moreless
  • Ep. #4847
    Ep. #4847
    Episode 78
    Dante and Bridget return to the beach house where they are confronted by Felicia, who is angry that they were not there when she brought Dino over. They explain to her about the wedding, but Felicia isn't happy with their answers. Felicia returns to the guest house where she runs into Stephanie, and she tells her mother she's tired of living each day like it's her last and is determined to start living for her future. Brooke and Nick begin their honeymoon and enjoy spending time together on the boat. They are stunned when they see the surprise that Corky left for them; a honeymoon paradise on the island they took the kids. The two make love for the first time as husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #4846
    Ep. #4846
    Episode 77
    Rick decides that he has to return to the airport. Dante admits there doesn't seem like there is going to be a wedding. Jackie frets and tries to stall the minister. Brooke tells Nick that she is her own person and they can't spend their lives arguing when she does something that he doesn't agree with. The minister informs them that he is leaving. Massimo is satisfied that his plan has worked and leaves. Nick and Brooke rush off back to the marina and say their vows. Jackie and Bridget watch from a distance as they are pronounced husband and wife. Stephanie is busy telling Ridge that Brooke will be his as Jackie calls and informs Stephanie that her plan has failed; Nick and Brooke are married.moreless
  • Ep. #4845
    Ep. #4845
    Episode 76
    Brooke follows Nick back to the Shady Marlin and tries to get him to listen to her. She tells him that she is who she is, and she's not going to change, and hopes that he can accept her for who she is. Ridge fantasizes about Brooke coming to his office and telling him that she chose not to marry Nick because she realised she couldn't be with anyone but him. He snaps out of his fantasy when Stephanie comes in and informs him of the stunt she pulled with putting the photograph up on a kiosk in Nick's line of view. Bridget and Dante discuss Nick and Brooke's relationship, with Dante not really understanding the problem. Bridget tries to get him to see that Nick didn't grow up in the fashion world, so it's all something new for him to deal with.moreless
  • Ep. #4844
    Ep. #4844
    Episode 75
    Nick and Brooke's wedding day arrives. Stephanie makes one last attempt to push Bridget to stop the wedding. Ridge lays his love on the line to Brooke. Ridge insists that marrying Nick will be a mistake. Brooke rushes out when Ridge's words begin to get to her. Rick returns to town to attend the wedding. Brooke thanks Bridget for all her support, realising it can't be too easy on her. Jackie is thrilled that her son's time with Brooke has finally come. Everybody gathers at the marina as Brooke rides in on a horse and carriage. Massimo and Stephanie hide out in a limo, both impressed by two workmen putting up a huge billboard poster of a naked Brooke. Brooke and Nick are both horrified when they see it.moreless
  • Ep. #4843
    Ep. #4843
    Episode 74
    Felicia informs Christian that she attended Dante's art award ceremony as Bridget's sunburn refrained her from going. Felicia adds that she has one more trick up her sleeve. Dante recieves an award for his sculpture and Felicia throws her history with Dante at the press. Bridget finds that some medication has been delivered and uses it to ease the pain, but finds that it has made her numb. Taylor is shocked when she learns that Stephen also slept with Jackie. Stephanie shows Brooke her idea for the ad compaign but Brooke shoots it down. Brooke tells Nick she has arranged for their marriage to take place in the Marina Del Rey. Stephanie learns of this and makes plans with Massimo to have a huge billboard displaying the ad in full view at the time of the ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #4842
    Ep. #4842
    Episode 73
    Dante and Bridget stop by the Forrester estate to use the pool, while Bridget isn't looking Felicia switches Bridget's sun block for baby oil to play a prank on her. Dante informs Felicia that his sculpture has won an award. He invites both Felicia and Bridget to attend the ceremony. Bridget freaks out when, after baking in the sun, she discovers that she has sunburn. Christian isn't impressed with Felicia's prank. Ridge is dissapointed when Brooke decides to not use the nude photos for the ad campaign, but Stephanie has other ideas. Stephanie has Massimo arrange an emergency meeting with top advertising PR's. She gives them the naked photos of Brooke to use in the Bedroom Line advertisements.moreless
  • Ep. #4841
    Ep. #4841
    Episode 72
    Nick learns that Brooke has a photo shoot for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Nick tells Jackie that the thought of Ridge leering over a scantly clad Brooke makes him cringe. Nick says that he won't accept any more stunts from Ridge and Stephanie and once he is married to Brooke she'll either have to fire them or leave Forrester Creations. Stephanie tells Massimo that her plans all lay in the photo shoot and will destroy Nick and Brooke's relationship. Thorne wonders why Ridge would give up on Brooke, but Ridge says he will be waiting for Brooke if she ever decides she needs him. Massimo tells Ridge he must get through to Brooke. Stephanie pushes in on the photographer, whom manages to convince Brooke to pose nude for her photos, reluctantly she agrees when Ridge comes up with the perfect slogan.moreless
  • Ep. #4840
    Ep. #4840
    Episode 71
    Bridget and Dante both agree they feel bad for hurting Felicia, but decide it is now their time to be together. They finally make love and join as one. Nick later drops in and is happy that Bridget is happy. Nick and Bridget sign the divorce papers and make the end of their marriage final. Ridge tells Stephanie about Brooke's goodbye dinner. Stephanie goes to Brooke and tells her to follow her heart to Ridge, but Brooke demands that Stephanie accept that she has followed her heart to Nick. Stephanie realises that Nick only needs one more push to lose his patience with Brooke. Stephanie goes to Massimo with a plan. Nick informs Brooke that his marriage to Bridget is over and they grow excited that they can now get married to one another.moreless
  • Ep. #4839
    Ep. #4839
    Episode 70
    Felicia accuses Bridget of deliberatly hurting her because she has the child that Bridget lost. Felicia later apologises for her harsh words. Bridget manages to make Felicia see that she shouldn't marry Dante. Felicia finally accepts the idea of Bridget and Dante being together. Brooke arranges a private dinner for herself and Ridge. He starts to think that Brooke wants him back, but Brooke breaks it to him that it's a goodbye dinner. As they share memories and Brooke hands him a photo album, the pianist sings Unforgettable. Brooke tells Ridge that if he really loves her then he needs to let her go and allow her to be happy with Nick. They share a final farewell kiss, before Brooke leaves their romance behind forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4838
    Ep. #4838
    Episode 69
    Brooke is surprised by Nick's protection over Bridget when he says that Dante isn't the right man for her, while Brooke believes he is. Brooke is over the moon when Nick shows her that his divorce to Bridget has been moved along and he is now free to marry her. Eric tries to talk some sense into Felicia when she remains in denial about Dante's feelings for Bridget. Stephanie barges in on Dante and Bridget kissing. She flips out and shouts abuse at them for hurting Felicia. Dante and Bridget tell her they are in love. Stephanie tells them she will break the news to Felicia, but will never forgive them. Dante tells Eric his feelings lay with Bridget. Felicia drops in on Bridget and asks her to respect her plans to marry Dante, but Bridget tells her that Dante doesn't love her.moreless
  • Ep. #4837
    Ep. #4837
    Episode 68
    Brooke asks Bridget how she really feels for Dante to which Bridget reveals that she loves him and wants to be his wife. Brooke shows her support to Bridget and advises her to follow her heart. Felicia rushes future wedding plans onto Dante. Felicia tells him that she doesn't want Bridget there. Dante tries to have Felicia slow down but she doesn't let up as if in an attempt to grab him before Bridget does. Stephanie tells Eric that she is concerned on what Dante is doing in regards to Felicia. Stephanie later warns Dante that Bridget won't make him happy and that she'll return to Nick given the chance. Stephanie is shocked when she discovers Felicia is already making other wedding plans, but is even more shocked when she finds that Brooke is supporting Bridget. Dante asks Bridget if she truly wants him. She responds with a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #4836
    Ep. #4836
    Episode 67
    Nick and Brooke get into a discussion about her working with Ridge. She cuts it short when she has to drop by Forrester Creations to pick up some work, which annoys Nick. Felicia storms out of her wedding. Stephanie begins hounding Bridget about what is going on. Felicia lets Dante know that she saw him kiss Bridget. Dante explains that it was a goodbye, but Felicia lays all the blame on Bridget. Eric tries to stop Stephanie interfering, but she doesn't listen. Brooke rushes off to give Bridget support. Brooke overhears Stephanie badmouthing Bridget and comparing her to Brooke. They get into an argument over Stephanie showing her true colors. Bridget leaves everybody arguing amongst themselves and finds that Dante has followed her. Bridget admits how much she loves him as they kiss again.moreless
  • Ep. #4835
    Ep. #4835
    Episode 66
    Taylor is surprised when Stephen drops by with the news that he is returning to Paris. They both agree they have no regrets of the night they spent together. Stephen bids Taylor goodbye before leaving Los Angeles. Bridget pulls away from Dante's kiss and tells him to still go ahead and marry Felicia. Stephanie notices that something is wrong with Felicia, but she remains quiet about seeing the kiss. As everybody gathers and the ceremony begins, Felicia notices Dante watching Bridget. After declaring their vows to one another, Felicia flips out when she sees Dante's eyes are still on Bridget. Felicia stops the ceremony and tells Bridget that she should be ashamed of herself.moreless
  • Ep. #4834
    Ep. #4834
    Episode 65
    Brooke sees a photograph of her kiss with Ridge on the front page of a newspaper. Stephen tells Brooke that Ridge is taking advantage of her. Brooke snubs his opinions. Stephen advises Brooke to marry Nick and be happy. Stephen tells Brooke that he is going back to Paris. Aldo senses that something is bothering Dante as the wedding day arrives. Dante admits that his true love is Bridget and not Felicia. Thorne and Darla take Felicia to the Forrester Creations show room where she is the have the ceremony. Bridget arrives and Felicia asks her maid of honor if there are any remaining feelings between her and Dante, to which Bridget says no. However, Felicia later catches them kissing when Bridget melts in Dante's arms after he tells her that he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #4833
    Ep. #4833
    Episode 64
    Stephanie puts doubts in Felicia's mind over Dante and Bridget. Felicia dismisses Stephanie's comments, but Stephanie warns her that Bridget may interfere in her happiness. Ridge acts cocky about his affect on Brooke whilst talking with Bridget. She tells him to leave Nick and Brooke's relationship well alone. Nick asks Brooke to stay away from all of the Forresters, but she insists that she can handle them. Nick drops by Marone Industries only to find Massimo there. Massimo taunts Nick by singing Ridge and Brooke's praises. Ridge walks in on Brooke and tries to turn on the charm, telling Brooke their connection will never truly be over.moreless
  • Ep. #4832
    Ep. #4832
    Episode 63
    Stephen tries to convince Brooke not to go back on stage for the show-stopper, convinced that Ridge has something planned. Nick and Stephen are furious when Ridge pulls Brooke into a passionate kiss on the runway. Jarrett and Danica are more interested in Felicia's wedding plans than the fashion show. Felicia also lets them know that Dante is the father of her son. Stephen confronts Stephanie and Ridge over Ridge's behavior on the runway. Nick wants an explanation from Brooke as to why she didn't push Ridge away. He orders her to walk away from Forrester Creations for good. Brooke tries to reassure Nick that her life with the Forresters is strictly business, and he is her future.moreless
  • Ep. #4831
    Ep. #4831
    Episode 62
    Stephen tries again to get Nick to stop Brooke participating in the fashion show, but he remains relaxed. Stephen leaves with his own plan of action and Stephanie later catches him snooping around Forrester Creations. With Jackie's help, she and Stephen realise Ridge plans to make a move on Brooke as she models the showstopper. Felicia brings Dante's family to the showing and Bridget looks on as they all cosy up together. Felicia later spots Dante and Bridget in a close situation in the dressing rooms. Ridge and Brooke introduce the beginning of the showing as Nick cringes in his seat. The press are impressed with the designs as the models strut the catwalk. Brooke makes her entrance modelling the lingerie, Nick is uncomfortable, while Ridge waits backstage about to make his move.moreless
  • Ep. #4830
    Ep. #4830
    Episode 61
    Nick finds Stephen in his office. Stephen is concerned when Nick shows disinterest in continuing the fight against the Forresters. Stephen warns Nick not to underestimate Ridge. Stephen feels Ridge will be putting a plan into action. Brooke drops by to see Taylor and feels she has to apologise for Stephen. Taylor informs Brooke that Stephen didn't take advantage of her. Taylor adds that she also sold Stephen the stock long before going to bed with him. Ridge shows Stephanie his ideas for the new ad campaign for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Ridge tells Stephanie how he plans to kiss Brooke on the runway, which he believes will be the kiss of death for Nick and Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4829
    Ep. #4829
    Episode 60
    Brooke finds Nick trashing Ridge's portrait in what used to be his old office at Marone Industries. Brooke manages to calm him. She later tells him that Bridget is in love with Dante. Nick wishes he had told Bridget to move on sooner. As Felicia gushes with happiness, Bridget and Dante remove themselves from the room. Bridget tells Dante he can't hurt Felicia, but he kisses Bridget and tells her that he loves her. Stephanie notices they are missing and later tells Dante that if he has unresolved feelings for Bridget he needs to deal with them. Dante tells Bridget he can't marry Felicia, but before he can say anything to Felicia, Bridget jumps in and wishes them both the best for their future before bidding Dante goodbye for the sake of her half-sister.moreless
  • Ep. #4828
    Ep. #4828
    Episode 59
    Ridge tells Brooke that marrying Nick will be a mistake. Nick is angered when he finds Ridge in the building and after removing Brooke from the room, Nick vents that anger at Ridge. Dante and Bridget decide that now is their time to be together. Dante believes he should call things off with Felicia. Eric and Stephanie wonder what is going on as Felicia rushes around and Thorne and Darla arrive. Felicia shows them her surprise in the way of Dante's father Aldo, mother Filomena, uncle Luigi and cousins Carlo and Anabella. Dante arrives to end things with Felicia but is swept into his family's arms. Bridget feels she should be with Dante to support Felicia but is horrified when she meets Dante's family and Felicia declares that she has set their wedding date.moreless
  • Ep. #4827
    Ep. #4827
    Episode 58
    Jackie is angry with Stephen when he comes by. Jackie informs him that she is aware of him sleeping with Taylor. Stephen apologises for his actions. Bridget tells Brooke that she feels she made a mistake in letting Dante go. Brooke advises Bridget to tell Dante how she really feels before he gets in too deep with Felicia. Ridge and Dante prepare some underwear designs and Ridge tells Dante that he needs to be sure before marrying Felicia, as he doesn't want her hurt. Dante goes to Bridget when she calls and after telling him she loves him, they share a kiss. Ridge takes some lingerie to Brooke at Marone Industries. Brooke isn't happy with him being there, but he's the angrier one when he sees Brooke's engagement ring.moreless
  • Ep. #4826
    Ep. #4826
    Episode 57
    Bridget learns that Dante has given Felicia the ring that he was going to have Bridget wear. Dante tells her he needs a home for his son. Felicia informs Eric of her engagement. He is concerned that Dante also proposed to Bridget. Bridget drops by to see Felicia and airs her concerns but Felicia just sees it as sour grapes. Stephanie goes to stir the pot with Nick but he isn't interested. Stephanie has great pleasure in telling Jackie that Stephen slept with Taylor. Stephanie orders them both to get rid of Stephen or she will. Stephen attempts to make things up to Brooke but she is haunted by the past. Brooke breaks down when Stephen holds her and she throws him out.moreless
  • Ep. #4825
    Ep. #4825
    Episode 56
    Felicia and Dante wake up together. Felicia wonders how Bridget will take their news. Christian comforts Bridget when she tells him that things are over with Dante. Christian advises her to tell Dante how she feels now there's no chance of being with Nick again. Bridget apologises to Dante with a kiss. She offers the chance to make a relationship work between them. Bridget is devastated when Felicia tells her that she is engaged to Dante. Nick is angered when he finds a full spread of Brooke's Bedroom in the newspaper with Brooke as the model. Stephen wakes after sleeping with Jackie, but rushes to Brooke when she calls. Brooke vents her anger at Stephen for sleeping with Taylor. Brooke orders him to leave her life forever.moreless
  • Ep. #4824
    Ep. #4824
    Episode 55
    Dante asks Felicia to come to Italy with him to meet his family. Dante decides he wants to make a home for his son and proposes to Felicia. Bridget realises it's time to let go of Nick when he hints that she shouldn't wait around for him. Stephanie apologises to Brooke, but Brooke feels Stephanie should respect her choice to not work in the Forrester Creations building. Ridge later senses Stephanie is concerned over what Brooke will do. Ridge tells her that it's only a matter of time till he has Brooke back again. Nick finds Brooke at home and he agrees to respect what she wants to do where the Forresters are concerned. Nick proposes to Brooke and she agrees to be his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #4823
    Ep. #4823
    Episode 54
    Stephanie asks Brooke to sign the 2% stock over to her. Brooke is shocked when Stephanie tells her that Stephen slept with Taylor to obtain the stock. Stephanie refuses to let Brooke run the company from Marone Industries and accuses her of betraying the family. Bridget admits to Nick that things just weren't working between her and Dante because it was only his son she was in love with. Bridget tells him she's moved back to the beach house. Nick and Bridget discuss their past relationship and grow closer again. Jackie is even more intrigued by Stephen when he drops by. Jackie tells him that she wants to get to know him better and kisses him.moreless
  • Ep. #4822
    Ep. #4822
    Episode 53
    Nick is upset when Brooke tells him that the Forresters are to stay at Forrester Creations as they created the company. Nick is slightly calmed by Brooke's news that she will do her work as CEO from an office at Marone Industries. Christian leaves Dante and Felicia alone to talk. Dante asks Felicia for a chance to give their relationship a try to provide a home for their son. Nick meets up with Bridget at the beach house to ask for her advice on his romance with Brooke, which makes her a little uncomfortable. Stephanie attempts to appeal for Taylor's friendship by blaming the sale of the stock on Stephen. Taylor throws her out but later decides that she and Stephen should just be friends.moreless
  • Ep. #4821
    Ep. #4821
    Episode 52
    Dante finds Felicia waiting for him ready to continue her sculpture. Dante leaves when she talks about Bridget. Christian pops in and Felicia grabs him for a kiss. Dante is angered when he returns and sees them together. Jackie wonders if Brooke will be able to fire the Forresters. Nick digs for information when Jackie hints that she is interested in Stephen. Stephanie can't believe Brooke is turning on their family. Eric is furious, while Ridge refuses to believe what Brooke is doing. Stephanie storms over to Taylor and warns her for betraying the family. Stephanie is sickened when Stephen wanders from Taylor's bedroom. Nick and Ridge duke it out. Brooke begins having second thoughts. Nick tells Brooke that if she hires the Forresters again and still remains at the company, she does it alone.moreless
  • Ep. #4820
    Ep. #4820
    Episode 51
    Taylor and Stephen wake up in bed together. Taylor begins explaining the situation but Stephen tells her he doesn't regret it. Taylor later receives a flower delivery from him. Nick is disheartened when Brooke tells him that she can't fire the Forresters from their own company. Nick lays down all the reasons why she should, which Stephen also jumps in on when he arrives. Brooke feels trapped but admits that she doesn't trust Stephanie. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Thorne gather at Forrester Creations and prepare the office for Brooke's return. A nervous Brooke stops them as they bombard her with plans for the company. Sitting them down she explains she has Taylor's stock, putting her in control of the company. Brooke fires Eric, Stephanie and Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4819
    Ep. #4819
    Episode 50
    Stephen drops in to check on Taylor. He thanks her again for selling her stock. Stephen tries to lift her spirits but she remains low. Stephen tells her he is there for her before leaning in for a kiss. Bridget finds it hard to believe that Stephanie offered Brooke the CEO position at the company. Ridge is sure that it'll bring Brooke back to him. Bridget insists that Nick will never allow that to happen. Nick prepares a meal for Brooke. She is stunned when he presents her with the additional 2% stock of Forrester Creations making her the majority stock holder. Nick explains how Taylor sold it as Brooke could make better use of it. Nick tells Brooke that she now has the power to fire the Forresters and remove them from her life.moreless
  • Ep. #4818
    Ep. #4818
    Episode 49
    Christian checks Felicia's health and informs her that her recovery is doing well. He lets on that he finds her attractive, but Felicia says she has to see if there is a future for herself and Dante. Christian tells her that he has taken a job at University Hospital and is moving in with Hector. He kisses Felicia as he leaves. Brooke accepts the position following Nick's approval. Stephanie is concerned by Nick's change in attitude but welcomes Brooke back to the company and also gives her the main office. Nick is happy when Stephen hands him Taylor's stock, having his lawyers check the document, Stephen and Nick can't wait to deal their justice now Brooke is in control of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4817
    Ep. #4817
    Episode 48
    Brooke meets with Nick and he wonders what decision she has made on Stephanie's offer, promising to support her no matter what she has decided. Brooke tells Nick that she is going to decline the offer and put her relationship with him first. Stephen drops by to see Taylor and finds her knocking back a bottle of wine. Taylor vents her anger and tells Stephen of her run in with Stephanie. Stephen again makes Taylor the offer to team up with Brooke, but Taylor doesn't want revenge, only to cut all ties with the family. Stephen offers to buy Taylor's stock, to which she agrees. Eric, Ridge and Stephanie gather at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Nick arrive as Brooke prepares to turn down their offer. Stephen calls and informs Nick that he has Taylor's stock, so Nick jumps in to stop Brooke declining and accepts the offer for her.moreless
  • Ep. #4816
    Ep. #4816
    Episode 47
    Stephen begs Taylor to reconsider when she tells him that she is going to hand her 2% of Forrester Creations back to Stephanie. Stephen prays that Taylor will change her mind, but Nick believes that Stephen's plan has failed. Stephanie gathers at the Forrester estate with Eric, Ridge, Kristen, Thorne and Felicia. Stephanie divides the agreed stock between them and hands them the documents. Taylor later marches in and causes a scene by telling a few home truths. Stephanie has everybody leave but Taylor continues to vent her anger at Stephanie. Taylor accuses Stephanie of being so obsessed with Ridge that she has driven her entire family away. Stephanie slaps Taylor, to which Taylor warns was a big mistake. Taylor leaves to meet with Stephen.moreless
  • Ep. #4815
    Ep. #4815
    Episode 46
    Bridget suspects that something is going on between Dante and Felicia. Felicia cuts to the chase and makes Dante and Bridget see that their relationship isn't working as she still loves Nick. Felicia makes it clear that she would like to be with the father of her child. Bridget and Dante both agree that their time has passed. Stephanie tells Ridge that she hopes Brooke will now come back to him and Stephanie is surprised when Ridge thanks her. Jackie wonders if Nick is worried about losing Brooke, but he insists that he isn't. Stephen invites Taylor to dinner at the Café Russe. They discuss the Forresters' and then Stephen puts the point across that if Taylor were to team up with Brooke, their joint shares will put them in control of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4814
    Ep. #4814
    Episode 45
    Dante agrees to use Felicia as his model to sculpt, and they flirt as he does so. Meanwhile, Bridget realises how she has been hurting Dante when Nick begins asking Bridget for advice on his relationship with Brooke. Bridget refuses to offer comment and goes to Dante to apologise, but is shocked when she finds Felicia wrapped in little else but a bed sheet. Stephanie is hurt when Taylor demands that she leave. Stephanie gives Taylor her document for 2% of Forrester Creations, which only adds fuel to the fire. Stephen later drops by to see Taylor and they both vent their anger about the Forresters'. Stephen tells her that they have the means to get their own back. Stephanie finds Nick in her office and he tells her to back away from her manipulation. Stephanie warns Nick to accept her plans or he will regret it.moreless
  • Ep. #4813
    Ep. #4813
    Episode 44
    Dante tells Felicia that he is committed to Bridget but Felicia continues to flirt. When Dante mentions a sculpting exhibition he's taking part in, Felicia drops her dress and suggests that he sculpt her. Bridget vents her anger at Stephanie when she begins saying that Ridge and Brooke belong together. Stephanie believes Bridget still loves Nick but she refuses to play into Stephanie's manipulation. Taylor tells Hector how angry she is that Stephanie disregarded her feelings when talking to the press. Taylor feels her marriage to Ridge has been made a joke of and places a harsh call to Stephanie. Stephen tells Nick that he has a plan for Brooke. Stephen says they need to obtain Taylor's 2% of Forrester Creations, in doing so Brooke will have controlling interest and the power to fire the entire Forrester family. Stephen later listens in as Taylor shouts the odds at Stephanie for humiliating her. Nick goes to Bridget and asks her advice on what she thinks Brooke will do.moreless
  • Ep. #4812
    Ep. #4812
    Episode 43
    Dante, Bridget and Felicia discuss Stephanie's motives for offering Brooke half of Forrester Creations. Bridget decides that she needs to be there for Brooke so cancels plans with Dante. Dante works at the studio where Felicia flirts and kisses him again. Brooke is furious at Stephanie for throwing her in front of a frenzied press. Eric, Stephanie and Ridge attempt to convince Brooke to accept the offer, as Stephen, Jackie and Nick attempt to convince her otherwise. Stephanie later calls her lawyers to divide the stock of the company, 50% for Brooke, with 10% for herself, Eric and Ridge, 6% for Thorne, Kristen and Felicia and the final 2% for Taylor. Stephen faces off with Stephanie for manipulating Brooke. Brooke stops Nick from tearing up her share documents, but he asks her to turn her back on the company for the sake of their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #4811
    Ep. #4811
    Episode 42
    At the Forrester Creations press conference, Jackie calls Nick to tell him to turn on the television to see what's going on. Nick and Taylor both watch as Stephanie gives a glowing tribute to Brooke, detailing everything that Brooke has done for the company over the years and announcing that both Brooke's Bedroom and the Forrester Men's Line will be reinstated. All are shocked when Stephanie announces she plans to step aside as CEO and instill Brooke in her place, and she hands Brooke an envelope containing 50% of the shares in Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #4810
    Ep. #4810
    Episode 41
    Brooke takes R.J. to the hospital to see Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that he heard her say that she loved him whilst he was unconscious. Brooke tells Ridge not to confuse her caring with something else. Nick meets with Jackie and he informs her that Jackie M still belongs to her and that she has been cleared of the incriminating charges against her. Nick and Jackie later propose that Brooke become Jackie's partner in the boutique but Brooke says she isn't ready to return to work. Stephanie has Sally arrange a press conference and Stephanie informs Eric and Thorne that she is stepping down as CEO. They are both shocked when Stephanie tells them that she wants to make Brooke CEO of Forrester Creations once again and plans to announce the news at the press conference.moreless
  • Ep. #4809
    Ep. #4809
    Episode 40
    Brooke tells Stephanie that she can't believe that Stephanie can simply forgive her after all the years that Stephanie has hated her. Stephanie begs Brooke to believe her, but Nick soon takes her home from the hospital. Brooke later wonders if Stephanie is sincere with what she says, but Nick warns Brooke not to be sucked in. Brooke assures Nick that her future is with him. Jackie sneaks in to see Ridge at the hospital and asks him to put his differences with Nick aside and allow him to be happy with Brooke. Jackie later warns Stephanie not to come between Nick and Brooke, but Stephanie makes it clear that she intends to do just that. Stephanie pleads for Ridge's forgiveness and tells him that she will always have her differences with Brooke, but promises that she will accept Brooke and have her reunite with him once again.moreless
  • Ep. #4808
    Ep. #4808
    Episode 39
    Ridge begins to awaken as Brooke talks to him. Stephanie is thrilled and breaks down in tears as she apologises to Ridge and thanks Brooke. Jackie tells Stephen that she is concerned about Stephanie's change of heart towards Brooke and worries that it may cause trouble for Nick. Brooke holds Ridge and tells him that she needs him in her life. Nick corners Stephanie and warns her not to mess with Brooke. Stephanie informs Nick that Ridge's love for Brooke is what has brought him back and that she intends to keep Brooke in Ridge's life. Nick later warns Ridge that Brooke is off limits to him, but later finds Stephanie telling Brooke that she is welcome into the Forrester family.moreless
  • Ep. #4807
    Ep. #4807
    Episode 38
    Dante wonders why Felicia kissed him, but Felicia covers herself as Bridget arrives. Bridget snuggles against Dante before Felicia and Dante return home to Dino. Felicia and Dante remember the night Dino was conceived as Felicia flirts. Jackie and Stephen go to the hospital where they run into Eric. Jackie ends her engagement to Eric when he jumps to Stephanie's defence. Stephanie manages to convince Brooke to return home to see Ridge, but Nick refuses to let her go alone with Stephanie. Everyone gathers at the hospital as Stephanie rushes Brooke in to see Ridge. Brooke begs Ridge to fight as she professes her love for him.moreless
  • Ep. #4806
    Ep. #4806
    Episode 37
    Stephen tells Jackie that he and Beth have divorced. Jackie informs Stephen that she is engaged to Eric. Stephen is infuriated and tells Jackie that he was driven away due to Beth's love for Eric, but ultimately Eric always returns to Stephanie. Jackie is upset, but Stephen grabs her and plants a kiss. Dante comes to Felicia's side as Ridge is taken away for more tests at the hospital. Felicia opens up to Dante that she needs to feel a real person touch her, then impulsivly kisses him. Stephanie begs Brooke to return home, as Nick orders Stephanie to leave. Stephanie apologises for all the years of pain that she has caused Brooke and Stephanie asks Brooke to allow her to be the mother that Brooke has always wanted her to be.moreless
  • Ep. #4805
    Ep. #4805
    Episode 36
    Bridget and Felicia visit Ridge at the hospital as Eric asks Christian if there is more to Ridge's condition than he is letting on. Stephanie manages to find out Brooke's location from Stephen after she tells him to forget the past. Jackie is worried about Stephanie going to Brooke. Stephanie has herslf flown to Mexico and orders Brooke to return to Los Angeles with her.moreless
  • Ep. #4804
    Ep. #4804
    Episode 35
    Brooke has an uneasy feeling that something is going wrong, but disregards Stephanie's voicemail message. Stephanie is finally able to get through, but Brooke hangs up on her and Stephanie is forced to go to Stephen looking to locate Brooke in the hopes that Brooke's presence will help Ridge's recovery. Thomas spends time with an unconscious Ridge. Taylor wonders if she should call Steffy and Phoebe at college in London to inform them of Ridge's condition.

  • Ep. #4803
    Ep. #4803
    Episode 34
    The Forrester family rallies around Ridge while a guilt-ridden Stephanie tries to reach Brooke to bring her to Ridge's side, but all she manages to get is her voicemail. Felicia is upset to learn that Stephanie is threatening to have Dante deported if he does not give up his rights to Dino and promises to speak to her. In San Cabo, Brooke and Nick look forward to a future together and make love.moreless
  • Ep. #4802
    Ep. #4802
    Episode 33
    Stephanie sits by Ridge's bedside and prays for her son's recovery and Thorne waits with his mother while Christian operates on Ridge. Nick and Brooke prepare to take a romantic trip out of town. Bridget turns down Dante's proposal.
  • Ep. #4801
    Ep. #4801
    Episode 32
    Taylor wonders if Nick is worried that Brooke will be unable to leave Forrester Creations and Ridge behind. Ridge begs Brooke to stay at the compnay but she quits and leaves. Ridge accuses Stephanie of being obsessed with him then collapses, having had a heart attack. Dante proposes to Bridget as the two enjoy a romantic night.moreless
  • Ep. #4800
    Ep. #4800
    Episode 31
    Stephanie doesn't believe for a moment that Brooke was actually raped by Ridge and goes to her office determined to get her to quit, and is pleasantly surprised when Brooke tells her she's quitting before she can bring it up. Ridge begs Brooke not to leave Forrester Creations. Nick announces his takeover of Marone Industries at a press conference, and talks to Jackie about how much he is looking forward to his future with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4799
    Ep. #4799
    Episode 30
    Stephanie is shocked to learn that Megan has resigned from the company. Ridge informs Stephanie of Megan and Massimo's deception against Jackie. Stephanie warns Ridge about involving himself with Brooke and fighting against his brother, reminding him of the days he and Thorne fought over Caroline. Brooke worries that Nick is out for revenge against Massimo and Ridge. Bridget questions Brooke over the circumstances that lead her to sleep with Ridge. Bridget learns that Brooke and Nick have also now been sexuality intimate. Bridget hopes Nick can overcome his rage for Ridge. Massimo is surprised to find his office full of board members. Presenting him with a confession from Megan and incriminating Massimo into the false fraud charges, they order him to step down and place Nick in control of Marone Industries. Massimo realises Nick is behind it and warns him of this huge mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #4798
    Ep. #4798
    Episode 29
    Bridget is stunned when Taylor informs her that Brooke slept with Ridge. Bridget questions why Brooke would do such a thing, and worries that Nick will tear Ridge apart. Massimo is thrilled when he learns of Ridge and Brooke's night together. Massimo hopes Nick will leave Brooke and she will return to Ridge. Ridge believes he will have Brooke but also knows that Nick will lash out at him to get revenge. Nick questions Brooke on whether she wanted to sleep with Ridge. Nick tells Brooke he can't forget that Ridge took advantage of her, but after seeing Brooke is tears, Nick tells her he loves her and they make love.moreless
  • Ep. #4797
    Ep. #4797
    Episode 28
    Felicia grows tired of Stephanie, Dante and Bridget arguing over Dino. Stephanie later hints that she will fire Dante from Forrester Creations and have him deported if he doesn't sign over his parental rights to give Felicia sole custody. Jackie wonders if Eric will ever leave Stephanie and make true to his promises. Stephen later runs into Jackie and they discuss their children, while he shows a genuine interest in her. Brooke has Ridge leave the cabin when Nick continues to pound him. Nick tells Brooke to press charges against Ridge for rape, but Brooke refuses. Nick wonders why unless Brooke willingly slept with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4796
    Ep. #4796
    Episode 27
    Felicia worries about how she will cope without Dino around for a while, but she becomes concerned when Stephanie says that she has taken care of things. Bridget and Dante wait for their flight to depart but are furious when Lt. Baker arrives and tells them to return home or else be arrested for kipnapping. Dante and Bridget lay into Stephanie, but she believes the baby should remain with Felicia. Brooke leaves Taylor with the kids when Sally calls to inform Brooke that Nick is going to Big Bear. Brooke hurries up the mountain, while Taylor tells Stephen that Brooke and Ridge always find their way back to one another. Stephen, however, wants Ridge nowhere near Brooke. Nick finds Ridge and accuses him of raping Brooke. Ridge gloats that he slept with Brooke to anger Nick. They fight as Brooke shows up and Nick warns Ridge that he will never go near Brooke again.moreless
  • Ep. #4795
    Ep. #4795
    Episode 26
    Stephanie tries one last time to convince Bridget not to take the baby to Italy. Christian helps Felicia pack some bags for Dino when Dante comes by. Felicia finds it hard to watch Dante and Bridget take the baby, then later vents her anger at Stephanie for allowing them to take him. Brooke has Stephen leave and then tells Ridge that she doesn't resent him for sleeping with her. Brooke blames herself and feels ashamed. Nick questions Taylor when she lets it slip that she knows what happened between Ridge and Brooke. Nick discovers the truth and Brooke warns Ridge to hide out in Big Bear until she has talked to Nick. Nick overhears Sally arranging for a package to be sent to Big Bear so Nick heads up there, while Taylor goes to Brooke to throw some sarcastic comments her way.moreless
  • Ep. #4794
    Ep. #4794
    Episode 25
    Brooke is unable to tell Nick what Ridge did to her the night before, but when Stephen comes to see her she is finally able to get the words out. Stephanie promises Felicia that she will help her fight Bridget and Dante in their desire to take Dino to Italy to meet Dante's family. Ridge admits to Taylor that he was with Brooke the night before and that she didn't consent to their sexual activities then heads over to see Brooke where he is warned off by a furious Stephen.moreless
  • Ep. #4793
    Ep. #4793
    Episode 24
    Brooke is horrified when she starts to wake up and realises that Ridge actually had sex with her while she was unawares. Ridge doesn't see that he did anything wrong, but even after he leaves Brooke remains horrified that Ridge took advantage of her in that way. Massimo tries again to convince Nick not to waste his time with Brooke, reminding him that no matter how badly Ridge has treated her over the years, she's always gone back to him. Nick heads to Brooke's place to see her, and is shocked by the condition he finds her in. Stephanie shows up in time to interrupt Bridget and Felicia's talk and inserts her own two cents, proclaiming that there is no way Dante will take Dino to meet his family in Italy.moreless
  • Ep. #4792
    Ep. #4792
    Episode 23
    Brooke begs Ridge to leave, then goes upstairs to take a shower. Already heavily medicated, Brooke takes another pill and climbs into bed, and is barely conscious when Ridge, who has followed her upstairs without her knowing, strips off and climbs into bed with her. She tries to ask what he is doing there but is too deeply drugged to be in control and Ridge is all over her. Felicia is shocked to learn that Bridget and Dante are planning a trip to Italy so that Dante's family can meet his son and flat out refuses to let them go. Bridget sends Dante off while she talks to Felicia, and convinces Felicia that Dante has the right to introduce his family to his son, and promises they'll be back soon. Nick confronts Massimo and Megan at his office, and Megan agrees to testify on Jackie's behalf but warns him that Ridge is the only man who will ever make Brooke happy. Nick gives Massimo the phone and demands he have Jackie released, which he agrees to do.moreless
  • Ep. #4791
    Ep. #4791
    Episode 22
    Ridge tells Massimo about his plans to have Brooke forgive her father and hopes that will lead her to fogive him too. Nick tells Brooke that he must find the person who helped Massimo frame Jackie. Whilst talking to Eric later, Nick learns that Eric doesn't have a key for Jackie M and discovers that Megan had no business being there. Megan is busy trying to convince Brooke that she belongs with Ridge when Nick calls to inform her that Megan is Massimo's helper. Brooke loses it when she sees that Massimo, Ridge, Stephen and Megan are all trying to keep her from Nick. Brooke takes more of her medication before Ridge comes over. He begins kissing her as she fades in and out of consciousness from the drowsiness of her meds. Nick heads over to Massimo and catches him kissing Megan.moreless
  • Ep. #4790
    Ep. #4790
    Episode 21
    Sally, Stephanie and Megan have a meeting at Forrester Creations. Stephanie learns that Megan isn't happy within her new position and worries that Megan wants to resign. Stephanie is intrigued that Megan is seeing a new man and hopes that he treats her right. Nick tells Massimo that his time is up and orders him to have Jackie released from jail. Massimo refuses so Nick takes his anger out and returns his Marone ring. Brooke begins taking medication for anxiety. Stephen bonds with Hope as he waits for Brooke. Brooke sends Hope away after seeing them together and warns Stephen to stay away from her. Ridge begs Brooke to give her father another chance but Brooke refuses to allow Ridge or Stephen into her life just so they can both hurt her again. Stephen is about to leave as Brooke breaks down in his arms and sobs.moreless
  • Ep. #4789
    Ep. #4789
    Episode 20
    Nick drops by to see Stephanie and accuses her of working with Massimo to have Jackie arrested. Stephanie informs him that it has nothing to do with her. Stephanie adds that she would like Nick to be with Brooke and take her far away. Nick visits Jackie and tells her that she will be out of jail by the following morning, or else Massimo will have a war on his hands. Jackie fears for Nick. Megan calls Massimo to vent more guilt, but Massimo thinks now is the time for Ridge to strike in getting Brooke back. Brooke is furious with Ridge for bringing Stephen back to L.A. Stephen apologises to Brooke for lying to her in Paris, but realises that she still has issues with him leaving the family when she was a child. Stephen apologises and tells Brooke he wants to make up for all the hurt in the past, he also adds that she shouldn't use his mistakes to punish Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #4788
    Ep. #4788
    Episode 19
    Nick and Brooke visit Jackie in jail. Nick questions her as to whether she believes Massimo is behind her being arrested. Jackie admits that Massimo wants her to come between Nick's relationship with Brooke. Megan tells Massimo that she is feeling guilty about Jackie being in jail. Megan points out that he was only meant to scare Nick and drive Brooke back to Ridge. Massimo thanks Megan for her help in placing the incriminating material onto Jackie's computer by giving her a necklace. He kisses Megan as she hopes their relationship won't be secret forever. Brooke arrives home and finds Ridge there. Ridge tells Brooke that she depends on Nick like he is the father she never had. Moments later her father Stephen Logan shows up at the door. Nick goes to Massimo and warns him not to go to war with him, unless he wants to lose. Nick gives Massimo till the morning to have Jackie released.moreless
  • Ep. #4787
    Ep. #4787
    Episode 18
    As Felicia tells Christian how she wants herself and Bridget to find a way to raise Dino together and of her hopes that Stephanie will stay out of it, Stephanie is busy asking Bridget to take a step back from her responsibilities to the baby and allow Felicia to raise him. Megan tells Nick that she is in the boutique to help so Jackie won't get a back log of orders while she is in jail. Brooke is finishing giving Massimo a piece of her mind as Ridge arrives. Massimo advises them to talk and again Ridge attempts to win her back, but Brooke tells them both to accept her being with Nick. Ridge asks if he can borrow Massimo's jet to fly to Paris with a plan. Nick goes to Brooke and tells her he needs evidence that Massimo framed Jackie. Megan later arrives in Massimo's office and tells him they need to talk.moreless
  • Ep. #4786
    Ep. #4786
    Episode 17
    Felicia apologises to Bridget for hurting her. Felicia later talks with Bridget alone and they come to the arrangement of both being Dominick's mother, raising him together. Dante tells Christian to back off when he feels Christian is becoming too involved in the situation. Dante warns him to leave it between himself, Bridget and Felicia. After hearing the evidence, the judge denials bail for Jackie. Jackie is taken back to her cell as Nick gives Massimo another warning. Brooke later visits Massimo and accuses him of setting Jackie up, as well as making her look bad in front of the judge. Massimo advises Brooke to return to Ridge, but Brooke warns him that he will lose Nick as a son if he continues. Nick goes to Jackie M in an attempt to gather information in Jackie's favor, but is shocked when he finds Megan skulking around in Jackie's office.moreless
  • Ep. #4785
    Ep. #4785
    Episode 16
    Bridget admits to Dante that she misses Dino. Dante tells her that they will have him back with them tonight. Felicia tells Christian that her son is her best medicine. Christian sits with Felicia and later kisses her. Dante and Bridget come by to pick up the baby, but Felicia tells them that he is living with her now. Ridge is furious when he sees Brooke and Nick together at the courthouse but Massimo reminds him to remain calm. Massimo later pushes Jackie to come between Nick and Brooke but she refuses. Eric comes to the court to support Jackie. As the bail hearing commences Jackie meets her lawyer but he doesn't seem too possitive about her release. Things get out of hand as the prosecutor details Jackie's offences. Massimo offers to post bail, but things fall apart when he is questioned about Jackie's affair with Deacon.moreless
  • Ep. #4784
    Ep. #4784
    Episode 15
    Brooke is shocked to learn that Nick believes Massimo orchestrated Jackie's current situation, and that Massimo will only help Jackie out if Nick agrees to stop seeing Brooke. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Darla are confused when Stephanie informs them that Eric proposed to Jackie. Eric visits Jackie in jail and promises to stand by her, but Jackie believes that he is still in love with Stephanie. Massimo later tells Jackie that if she pushes Nick to break up with Brooke he will only then get her out of jail. Bridget is terrified that she will lose Dino after Felicia makes it clear she wants to spend time with her son.moreless
  • Ep. #4783
    Ep. #4783
    Episode 14
    Jackie breaks down as she sits in a holding cell. Agent Pacheco advises Jackie to confess to her crimes. Nick questions Massimo on whether he set Jackie up but Massimo just continues to bang heads with Nick over Brooke. Nick flips out and warns Massimo that if he had Jackie thrown into jail and doesn't help her, he will lose him as a son. Christian brings Felicia home to the guest house where Eric and Stephanie support her. Felicia's hair begins falling out as a result of the chemotherapy, so Felicia asks Stephanie to shave her head. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Darla gather at the main house and worry about Stephanie when they see a shrine to Felicia. Stephanie and Eric later bring Felicia in to return to the family and after some explanations, everyone sobs at the miracle of Felicia's living.moreless
  • Ep. #4782
    Ep. #4782
    Episode 13
    Ridge vents his anger in Nick's office at Marone Enterprises. Massimo again has to calm him down and informs him that he will handle everything. Massimo promises Ridge that things will turn around for Nick and Brooke soon. Nick is telling Brooke that Massimo can't come between them just as Jackie calls begging for his help. Jackie is told she has been arrested for tax evasion, fraud and money laundering. The FBI book her and throw her in a cell, informing her that the chances of bail will be slim. Nick and Brooke rush to her side as Nick promises to get Massimo's help in clearing Jackie. Nick goes to Massimo but he refuses to listen and instead starts in on Nick about seeing Brooke. Nick suspects that Massimo has set Jackie up as a way to blackmail him away from Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #4781
    Ep. #4781
    Episode 12
    Ridge won't take no for an answer as Brooke tells him that it's over between them. Brooke insists that she wants to be with Nick. Ridge leaves but cryptically tells Brooke that she will see the truth. Massimo warns Nick not to disgrace the Marone name by taking his brother's wife. When Nick refuses to stop seeing Brooke, Massimo tells him Marone Enterprises will be left to Ridge only. Nick goes to Brooke and tells her that his love for her is more important than Massimo's power and wealth. Jackie is surprised when she finds Megan at Jackie M, Megan explains she brought over some papers from Forrester Creations. Jackie is shaken when Eric tells her that Felicia is alive. Jackie fears that Eric will stay married to Stephanie, but he assures her otherwise providing he is allowed a little more time. Later, three agents arrive and arrest Jackie.moreless
  • Ep. #4780
    Ep. #4780
    Episode 11
    As Nick and Brooke prepare to return home with Hope and R.J., Ridge rushes over to Massimo to demand he find a way to get his son home now. Massimo says he will handle things. Ridge waits at Brooke's home for her return and begins another case to win her back once she does. Brooke again tells him that her future is with Nick. Massimo summons Nick aboard his jet and takes him out to Long Beach to see Marone tankers in port. Massimo warns Nick he could lose his legacy if his relationship with Brooke continues. Massimo tells him that it's over. Stephanie and Eric tell Bridget and Dante that they have somewhere to take them, but remain secretive. Bridget is stunned when Stepahnie leads her to Felicia. Felicia sobs as she holds Dominick. Although happy her sister is alive, Bridget fights back her tears knowing she will lose Dominick.moreless
  • Ep. #4779
    Ep. #4779
    Episode 10
    Christian calls Stephanie and Eric to the clinic as Felicia comes to after her liver transplant. Stephanie is thilled as Christian informs her that Felicia is doing very well. Stephanie stays by Felicia as she thanks her for saving her life. Ridge is furious and decides to go find Nick and Brooke. Ridge concludes that they must be on the Channel Islands where Nick and Brooke's romance began. Massimo stops Ridge from rushing off and advises him to go about things with a more gentle approach if he wishes to have Brooke. Nick sings Hope and R.J. a song as they toast marshmallows by the camp fire. Nick later promises Brooke that he will never leave her, and be by her side always.moreless
  • Ep. #4778
    Ep. #4778
    Episode 9
    Christian learns that he is at a barbecue being held by the Forrester family. Bridget mentions Felicia and his suspicions are confirmed. He is worried when he realises that they all believe that Felicia is dead. Jackie goes to Stephanie to gloat, but learns that Eric hasn't yet asked her for divorce. Stephanie feels Jackie is delusional, but Jackie informs her that she and Eric are engaged. Christian later visits Stephanie and feels she should tell her family that Felicia is alive. Ridge isn't happy when he finds Brooke's house empty. He tells Massimo he thinks Nick has whisked them away. Massimo manages to locate them and feels Nick has stepped over the line. Nick and Brooke continue to enjoy time together with the kids on a secluded island.moreless
  • Ep. #4777
    Ep. #4777
    Episode 8
    Christian drops in to see brother Hector, who is glad to see him back from Europe. Hector takes Christian to a barbecue at Dante and Bridget's, where they join up with Thorne and Darla. Christian is surprised when he recognises Dominick. Ridge tells Stephanie that he believes Brooke is scared to be with him due to the scars that still remain over her father leaving. Ridge asks Stephanie to step down and allow himself and Brooke to run Forrester Creations so he can give her some stability. Brooke and Nick take Hope and R.J. out on a family treasure hunt. They all enjoy moments together as they head out to sea.moreless
  • Ep. #4776
    Ep. #4776
    Episode 7
    Nick and Taylor drink some more as they both joke about her life. Taylor tells Nick that he cheers her up, until she throws up in his lap. Brooke tells Ridge that her future is with Nick, but Ridge feels that she's only with Nick because he offers a safe life. Ridge tells Brooke that she is still hurt over her father walking out when she was a child and it has affected her entire life since. Christian refuses to allow Stephanie to put her life at risk in order to save Felicia's, but Stephanie demands that part of her liver be taken. As the nurse preps Stephanie, another suitable liver donor arrives for Felicia. Eric is thankful that he won't lose Stephanie and he tells her how much he still loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #4775
    Ep. #4775
    Episode 6
    Felicia begins to regain consciousness. Christian tells Eric and Stephanie that Felicia needs a liver transplant soon. Stephanie offers to donate part of hers. Ridge realises that a lot of Brooke's problems with him stem from her relationship with her father. Brooke tells him that she isn't prepared to put her children through the same thing that she had to go through growing up. Nick finds Taylor passed out drunk. He tells Taylor that if she wants to be a drunk, she needs to go for the gold.moreless
  • Ep. #4774
    Ep. #4774
    Episode 5
    Eric is furious with Stephanie for bringing Felicia to the hospital, and accuses her of furthering her own means and not doing what their daughter wanted. Stephanie convinces Eric to spend just one moment sitting with her, and when Eric leans down to kiss her forehead, in his heart he finally feels like Felicia is really there and forgives Stephanie for her deception. Brooke and Nick talk about their future together and how much they want to be a couple, then Nick heads home where he talks to Jackie about her future with Eric. Ridge again shows up at Brooke's place to make a case for them.moreless
  • Ep. #4773
    Ep. #4773
    Episode 4
    Eric and Jackie eagerly anticipate their future together and Eric heads to see Stephanie, where he continues to worry about the way that Stephanie seems to be handling Felicia's death. Eric plans to tell Stephanie about his relationship with Jackie when she takes him to see an ailing Felicia, shocking him to learn that their daughter is still alive. While caring for her, Christian talks to Felicia, encouraging her to fight and live. Bridget decides to move in with Dante to be a full-time mother to Dominick.moreless
  • Ep. #4772
    Ep. #4772
    Episode 3
    Brooke and Nick have to stop themselves from making love when their kissing becomes heavy. Brooke reminds him that they must wait six months until his divorce from Bridget is final. Taylor later comes by and warns Nick that Brooke will hurt him the way she has hurt every other man who's name isn't Ridge. Taylor tells him to watch his step. Dante and Bridget sit at home with Dominick when Stephanie rushes over and asks to take the baby. Bridget is reluctant, but Dante tells her she is welcome to look after him for the night. Stephanie takes Dominick to the clinic where Felicia is fighting for her life. Stephanie tells Felicia to fight for the sake of her son and she is relieved when Felicia's vitals improve.moreless
  • Ep. #4771
    Ep. #4771
    Episode 2
    Bridget suggests Dante go out and have some fun, but feels jealous when he agrees. Bridget later gets a surprise when Dante calls her outside and she finds him with a romantic meal prepared on the deck. He presents her with the papers that name her as Dominick's legal guardian. Taylor stops by to see Stephanie, and Stephanie grows concerned when Taylor talks fondly of Nick. Stephanie advises her to stay away from him. Stephanie meets with Christian at the clinic and he asks her permission to take Felicia off life support. Stephanie agrees and prays that everything will be ok. Brooke, Nick and Hope have dinner aboard the boat. Nick tells Brooke that he wants to be Hope's father and they talk about dreams for the future. Nick and Brooke kiss as Taylor arrives and watches them from cover.moreless
  • Ep. #4770
    Ep. #4770
    Episode 1
    The Forrester family, along with their friends, gather at the estate for Felicia's memorial service. Eric, Ridge, Thorne and Kristen all speak to share their fond memories. Stephanie leaves, telling them that she refuses to give up on Felicia. Eric is concerned that Stephanie is refusing to let go. Stephanie later receives a call from Christian, asking her to come to the medical facility. Stephanie fears it is bad news, but is relieved when she gets there and learns that Felicia is becoming stronger. Stephanie sits beside her daughter and begs Felicia to fight.moreless