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Season 32 : Episode 232

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  • Ep. #5023
    Ep. #5023
    Episode 1
    Donna hears from Brooke that Taylor and Nick are engaged. Jackie meets with Donna at The Insomnia Café and is stunned by the news. Donna feels that there is still time to destroy Ridge and Brooke's wedding plans. Bridget overhears the conversation and isn't impressed that Donna is plotting against Brooke. Donna stresses that she is doing it for Brooke's own good. Ridge, Rick and Phoebe arrive in Sydney. Ridge angers Brooke by giving Rick and Phoebe orders on how to behave. Rick and Phoebe check into the hotel and spend some time alone together. Donna calls Phoebe and pushes her to make the most out of her time with Rick. Brooke and Ridge walk around Sydney harbor and take in the sights. Brooke tells Ridge that she is his forever.moreless
  • Ep. #5024
    Ep. #5024
    Episode 2
    Taylor calls Phoebe and informs her of her engagement to Nick. Stephanie shows up at Taylor's and learns of the marriage plans. Stephanie attempts to convince Taylor that she belongs with Ridge. Stephanie is stunned that Taylor plans to have a baby with Nick. Jackie wonders why Nick didn't tell her about his plans to marry Taylor. Jackie asks him to hold off and wait to see if Brooke becomes available again. Jackie finally offers her support to Taylor when she realizes that Taylor could give Nick the child that he needs. Brooke and Ridge meet the staff at the new Sydney boutique. Yvonne, the store manager, questions Rick and Phoebe about their romance, which infuriates Ridge. Brooke informs Rick that she heard from Lauren that Amber has remarried in Genoa City. Phoebe announces Taylor's marriage plans at dinner. The meal is cut short when Rick and Ridge go at it over Phoebe. Rick and Phoebe later steal a quick kiss and Ridge catches them.moreless
  • Ep. #5025
    Ep. #5025
    Episode 3
    Rick drops in on Phoebe's room in the middle of the night for a kiss. Phoebe becomes annoyed with the sneaking around. Donna calls Phoebe and manages to arrange a booking of the honeymoon suite in the hotel for her. Phoebe calls Rick and promises him some time alone the following evening. Stephanie speaks with Ridge and advises him to belt Rick if he crosses the line with Phoebe. Stephanie and Ann argue at breakfast when Stephanie becomes angry that Ann is still in her home. Stephanie ends up smashing a glass during the argument. Pam thinks she and Ann should move out. Eric compares Stephanie to her father and accuses her of passing her violent streak onto Ridge. Brooke has a nightmare about violent moments with Stephanie from the past. Brooke fears that Ridge is turning into Stephanie when she thinks back to him fighting with Rick at the cabin.moreless
  • Ep. #5026
    Ep. #5026
    Episode 4
    Nick arranges a meeting with Ashley. Nick offers to double her salary if she would work for him. Ashley turns down his offer. Taylor is surprised when Nick takes her to chapel and asks her to marry him right away. Donna informs Jackie how she booked the honeymoon suite for Phoebe. Jackie suggests they stop their plan as Taylor does offer Nick a future. Donna calls the hotel and asks them to send the booking invoice to Ridge via Email immediately. Phoebe informs the reporters of the planned fragrance from Ashley at the grand opening of the Sydney boutique. Phoebe and Rick sneak out and she takes him back to the suite. Ridge later receives the invoice and is furious. Rick and Phoebe kiss on the bed as Ridge barges in. Brooke is horrified as Ridge punches Rick out.moreless
  • Ep. #5027
    Ep. #5027
    Episode 5
    Nick wishes to marry Taylor right away, but she asks that they wait as she would like her children to be part of the ceremony. Taylor says that she is ready to begin making a baby so they spend their evening making love. Brooke and Phoebe cradle Rick on the floor as Ridge warns him to stay away from his daughter. Phoebe rushes out of the suite as a bloody Rick races after her. Brooke is destroyed that Ridge attacked Rick. Brooke tells Ridge that he is no longer the man that she once fell in love with. She returns his engagement ring and finally admits to herself that he is not the right man for her. Rick manages to catch up to Phoebe by Sydney harbor. Rick promises Phoebe that their relationship isn't over. Rick tells her he loves her as they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5028
    Ep. #5028
    Episode 6
    Brooke and Rick take the Forrester jet home to Los Angeles, leaving Ridge and Phoebe to take a commercial flight. Ridge is sure that his wedding will still happen and explains to Phoebe that Brooke simply needs time to cool down. Brooke tells Rick that she is not going to marry Ridge. Rick pushes Brooke to see if she can still have a future with Nick. Taylor and Nick stay in bed all day trying to make a baby. Donna waits to hear if Ridge caught Phoebe with Rick. Jackie tells Donna that she has serious second thoughts and would like Taylor and Nick to have a child together. Jackie later gives Taylor her support. Donna is curious when Ridge is running around searching for Brooke. Brooke shows up in Nick's bedroom and tells him that she has left Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5029
    Ep. #5029
    Episode 7
    Ridge heads to Stephanie to tell her what has gone on between himself and Brooke. Stephanie tells him that he did the right thing by intervening and that Phoebe's safety must be his first concern. Brooke tells Nick that she's all his now. Nick disentangles himself from Brooke and tells her that he's moved on with his life and is now engaged to Taylor, but Brooke continues to insist that she realises now that he is the one she wants. Nick wonders how she can insult his intelligence like that. Jackie tells Taylor that she's accepting her relationship with Nick, and when Taylor goes to see Nick, she finds Brooke on top of him. Rick tells Ashley about the confrontation with Ridge, and is intrigued by how interested she is in his relationship with Phoebe.moreless
  • Ep. #5030
    Ep. #5030
    Episode 8
    Ashley tells Ridge to give Brooke some time and insists that he was only protecting Phoebe. Ashley feels Brooke will come around. Ashley offers him her comfort. Taylor learns from Brooke that her wedding to Ridge has been called off. Taylor is stunned that Brooke would hit on Nick moments after. Taylor informs Brooke that she and Nick are trying to have a baby together. Ridge learns from Stephanie that Taylor and Nick are trying to start a family. Stephanie calls Taylor and hears of Brooke's visit. Stephanie has harsh words for Brooke on why she was hitting on Nick after breaking up with Ridge. Taylor sits with Nick and tells him that Brooke won't give up on him. Taylor says that she has full confidence in her future with him.moreless
  • Ep. #5031
    Ep. #5031
    Episode 9
    Phoebe feels guilty that she is the reason for the end of Ridge and Brooke’s relationship. Rick tries to make her see that it wasn’t their fault. Rick says that their parent’s have always had problems together. They share a passionate kiss and each admits their love for one another. Brooke and Stephanie go toe to toe over the end of her relationship with Ridge. Stephanie insists that Brooke pack up her office and relocate it to her house. Felicia learns from Ridge that the wedding is off. Nick assures Taylor that he has no intention of going back to Brooke. Nick promises Taylor that his future is with her. Ridge and Brooke prepare to say their final goodbyes when Ridge realizes that it's really over between them.moreless
  • Ep. #5032
    Ep. #5032
    Episode 10
    Eric, Stephanie, Felicia and Bridget read the newspapers following the launch of the boutiques. Eric and Felicia decide to head to the office to do some damage control. Stephanie tells Bridget that she needs her help in stopping Brooke. Bridget refuses to be part of any manipulation against her mother. Rick drops in on Brooke and pushes her to go after Nick. Brooke informs him that she can’t as he is planning on having a baby with Taylor. Rick feels that is all the more reason to act fast. Jackie is thrilled that Ridge and Brooke have broken up. Jackie wonders if Nick can be with Brooke again. Jackie apologises to Taylor when she overhears. Taylor goes to Brooke and warns her to stay away from Nick. Brooke shows up in Nick’s office and tells him that she wants him.moreless
  • Ep. #5033
    Ep. #5033
    Episode 11
    Phoebe and Rick find photographs of them together on the Internet. Phoebe worries that Ridge will freak. Rick tells Phoebe that he plans on having Taylor on their side. Rick visits Taylor and is disheartened when she shares the same concerns as Ridge. Rick promises that he will never hurt Phoebe and asks for her support. Bridget and Phoebe check out some scents with Ashley in the lab. Ashley becomes a little uneasy when Phoebe talks about Rick. Ashley later remembers back to her time in Paris with Rick. Bridget finds a photograph of Rick and Ashley together and asks Ashley if they were once involved. Taylor prepares to take a pregnancy test. Brooke pushes Nick to return to a life with her, but he is insistant that he wants to be with Taylor. Brooke is angry when Taylor confronts her again.moreless
  • Ep. #5034
    Ep. #5034
    Episode 12
    Ashley confesses to Bridget the truth about her fling with Rick. Bridget is surprised that they never pursued a romance together. Ashley insists that she has moved on with her life. Felicia orders Ridge to get out of his funk. Bridget worries about Ridge. She tells Stephanie that the best way for him to move on will be by meeting someone new. Ridge manages to lock himself and Ashley inside a supply cupboard when he creeps up on her. Storm taunts Stephanie that Forrester Originals is going through a bad time. Stephanie asks Nick to be honest with himself. She says that if it's Brooke he wants, better to end things with Taylor now before there is a baby involved. Brooke and Taylor continue to butt heads over Nick. Nick has Brooke leave and comforts Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #5035
    Ep. #5035
    Episode 13
    Phoebe goes to Nick and asks him if her mother can trust him. Phoebe admits that she would like her parents back together, but wishes her mother to be happy above all else. Nick promises Phoebe that he loves Taylor. Brooke tells Rick that she plans on resigning from the company. Brooke feels she has to make Nick see that she is free of Ridge. Rick learns from Brooke that Ashley wasn't head hunted for a position in the company, but actually approached Forrester Originals herself. While trapped in the closet, Ridge and Ashley get closer when they talk about their regrets. Ashley tells Ridge of her abortion of Victor Newman's baby. Rick confronts Ashley and she admits that she wanted a job with the company because she missed him. Ashley kisses Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5036
    Ep. #5036
    Episode 14
    Bridget questions Brooke on whether she really should resign from the company. Brooke tells Bridget that she wants to be with Nick. Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Bridget, Brooke and Ashley gather for a meeting. Brooke announces her decision to resign. Eric attempts to change her mind. Brooke expresses personal goodbyes to them all except for Ridge and Stephanie. Ridge warns Brooke that if she leaves he will no longer wait for her. Brooke assures him that they are through. Stephanie has a few last insults for Brooke before she goes. Rick tells Ashley that the kiss between them shouldn't have happened. Ridge later thanks Ashley for their talk in the supply closet and kisses her. Taylor invites Nick over for dinner and tells him how she plans to take the pregnancy test. Brooke informs Nick that she has resigned from Forrester Originals then stuns him with a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5037
    Ep. #5037
    Episode 15
    Ridge pulls away from Ashley and decides to put the breaks on. Ashley suggests they spend a night on the town, but Ridge apologises for the kiss and leaves. Phoebe and Rick prepare for their first official date. They end up having an argument when Phoebe realises that Rick supports Brooke being with Nick again. Phoebe worries about her mother's feelings and storms out. Ashley offers Rick support afterwards. Nick tells Brooke that it's too late for them, but she insists that she loves him. Donna brings Hope by to see Nick. He is saddened when she wants him to go home with her. Stephanie gives Taylor her support when she sees that Nick makes her happy. Stephanie later goes to Brooke and orders her to stay out of Nick and Taylor's relationship. Nick urges Taylor to take the pregnancy test.moreless
  • Ep. #5038
    Ep. #5038
    Episode 16
    Brooke refuses to listen to any of Stephanie's threats, insisting her life isn't any of her business. Stephanie orders Brooke to stay away from Nick if Taylor is pregnant. Phoebe walks in on Nick and Taylor's evening. Taylor isn't pleased when she hears that Phoebe had an argument with Rick about her. Nick offers Phoebe the use of his boat. Shane hides and watches Phoebe from outside the house. He later apologizes to her for walking out on her at the Café Russe. Nick throws Shane out when they find him harassing Phoebe. Shane follows Phoebe to The Insomnia Café. Rick heads back to Ashley's hotel with her to pick up a report. Talking about their times together in Paris over some wine they become close, but are interrupted by a call from Phoebe apologizing to Rick for the fight. Taylor and Nick await the results of the pregnancy test.moreless
  • Ep. #5039
    Ep. #5039
    Episode 17
    Taylor is devastated when she learns that she isn’t pregnant. Nick brushes it off and says that they can keep on trying. Taylor offers Nick a way out and stresses that if he wants to be with Brooke he should do it now. Nick shows his commitment to Taylor by setting a wedding date. Brooke wonders if Taylor is pregnant. Stephanie learns from Taylor that the pregnancy test was negative. Brooke is thrilled and tells Stephanie that Nick will now leave Taylor. Phoebe is freaked out when she finds that Shane has followed her. Shane begs Phoebe for another chance but she asks him to leave. Ridge sees them together and orders Shane to go. Shane later waits in his car and tries to approach Phoebe but Ridge steps in. Ridge warns Shane to stay away from Phoebe.moreless
  • Ep. #5040
    Ep. #5040
    Episode 18
    Ridge invites Ashley to dinner. Brooke hears of the plans and is a little uncomfortable. Ashley insists they are just friends. A meeting between Jackie, Donna and Storm is interrupted by Shane. He attempts to make them a deal with the office supply company he works for. Nick is furious to see Shane in the building and throws him out when he gets aggressive. Brooke goes to Nick and attempts to convince him to come back to her. Nick tells Brooke that he has set a date for he and Taylor's wedding. Nick advises Brooke to move on. Phoebe spends the night on Nick's boat. Phoebe thanks her father for looking out for her with Shane. Phoebe is scared when she finds Shane in the Forrester Originals building. Phoebe informs security that he is there. Shane later runs into Ridge and pulls a gun on him.moreless
  • Ep. #5041
    Ep. #5041
    Episode 19
    Rick asks Taylor to step away from Nick. Rick feels that Nick belongs with Brooke. Rick adds that Brooke being with Nick, will keep Ridge out of her life. Brooke later visits Taylor and asks for her help in stopping Ridge and Rick from killing one another. Brooke wonders if now is the time to tell Rick how he shot Grant Chambers and how Ridge took the fall to protect him. Brooke hopes it'll bring the two closer. Taylor is stunned and tells Brooke that the news could destroy Rick mentally. Stephanie talks with Ashley about her dinner plans with Ridge. Stephanie pushes Ashley to go after Ridge romantically. Ridge tries to talk Shane around. Shane blames Ridge for turning Phoebe against him. Shane sobs with self pity before turning the gun on himself. Ridge attempts to stop him, but the gun goes off.moreless
  • Ep. #5042
    Ep. #5042
    Episode 20
    Nick tells Taylor how he found Shane in his office. Taylor is worried that he is harassing Phoebe. Taylor and Nick report Shane to Lieutenant Baker. The Lieutenant informs them that he has no grounds to arrest Shane. Nick warns that he will take care of Shane. Stephanie and Ashley hear the gun shot echo through the building. Ridge freaks out as Shane lies dead on the floor. Ridge stops from calling the police, remembering that since the Grant Chamber's shooting, he will be sent to jail if he is ever arrested on a weapons change again. Ridge drags Shane's body out in a garment bag. Stephanie sees Ridge loading his car in the parking lot and follows him. Ashley waits in Ridge's office, but doesn't notice the blood on the rug. Ridge remembers where Phoebe left the keys on Nick's boat and Stephanie sees him steal it. Ridge dumps Shane's body in Santa Monica bay, using the chain from the anchor on the boat.moreless
  • Ep. #5043
    Ep. #5043
    Episode 21
    Ridge returns to his office as a suspicious Stephanie follows. Ridge desperately tries to remove the blood from the rug. Stephanie questions Ridge on why he was on Nick's boat. Ridge is forced to admit how Shane was shot during their scuffle. Stephanie is stunned that Ridge dumped Shane's body in Santa Monica bay. Nick takes his boat out and notices that the chain from the anchor is missing. Nick is reminded of his times with Brooke as he sails out of the bay. Bridget sees that Brooke is torn up over Nick. Bridget advises Brooke to force herself to move on. Brooke admits that the biggest mistake she made with Nick was not having his baby when he asked. Nick later drops in on Brooke and tells her that he can't stop loving her.moreless
  • Ep. #5044
    Ep. #5044
    Episode 22
    Stephanie helps Ridge cover the stain in the rug. Ridge decides that he has to call the police but Stephanie refuses to let him. Stephanie tells Ridge that she won't allow him to go to jail for an accident. Ashley comes looking for Ridge, but Stephanie manages to keep her out of the office. Stephanie vows to stand by Ridge whatever happens. Brooke kisses Nick thinking he is coming back to her. Nick tells Brooke that they can never be together as Ridge will always have a place in her life. Nick is stunned when Brooke offers to have his child. Taylor is crushed when she learns from Bridget that her fertility tests show a very low chance of her being able to conceive. Nick is devastated but stresses to Taylor that he still wants a life with her. Brooke goes to Bridget and begs to have the same tests run, hoping she will be able to give Nick the child that he wants.moreless
  • Ep. #5045
    Ep. #5045
    Episode 23
    Stephanie pours red ink all over the rug in Ridge's office, to disguise the blood, and has an employee burn it in the incinerator. Stephanie informs Ridge that she had Shane's car towed off to the car impound and advises him to act normal. Ashley questions Ridge on what kept him from their dinner date. Ridge apologises and kisses her. Bridget isn't impressed that Brooke is going to such extremes to get Nick back. Brooke asks Bridget to hurry along her test results. Taylor informs Nick that she can still carry his child with IVF treatment using an egg donor. Nick is unsure, but after some persuasion from Taylor, he agrees. Brooke shows up at Nick's and tells him of the tests she is having done. Nick tells her of the plans to acquire an egg donor for Taylor. Brooke tries to make him see that she will have his child, but Nick tells her again that they are over.moreless
  • Ep. #5046
    Ep. #5046
    Episode 24
    Bridget asks Rick to assist her in helping Brooke move on from Nick. Brooke learns from Bridget that her test results show she can become pregnant, but Bridget and Rick are stunned when Brooke tells them that she is giving up on Nick. Taylor tells Phoebe of her plans to have a child with Nick through IVF treatment. Taylor shows Nick a website devoted to anonymous egg donors that they can choose from. Brooke shows up in Taylor's office and concedes defeat to Taylor. Brooke wishes Taylor all the best in her future with Nick. Phoebe and Rick decide not to allow their parent's love lives to affect their relationship anymore. Ashley senses something is playing on Ridge's mind. She urges him to open up to her and offers her friendship. Lieutenant Baker drops in to talk to Ridge about Shane harassing Phoebe. During the conversation, Ridge finds Shane's phone behind a vase when it starts ringing.moreless
  • Ep. #5047
    Ep. #5047
    Episode 25
    Nick gives Taylor a new name plate for her office door with Hayes removed and Marone in its place. Taylor and Nick receive good news from Bridget that their choice for an egg donor became available. Stephanie quickly covers for Ridge by explaining to Ashley and Lieutenant Baker that the mystery lost phone is hers. Nick asks Rick to be his best man at his wedding, as Phoebe is Taylor's maid of honor, but he declines for Brooke's sake. Stephanie tells Ashley that spending time with Ridge is exactly what he needs right now, but Ashley thinks that he's not ready for a relationship yet. Brooke tells Rick that he should reconsider being Nick's best man, so he accepts the position. Stephanie suggests that Ridge and Ashley go on vacation together for a while to get away from Los Angeles.moreless
  • Ep. #5048
    Ep. #5048
    Episode 26
    Lieutenant Baker calls Taylor to assure her that the restraining order against Shane is in effect and that he won't get anywhere near Phoebe. Nick stops by the church to check on the wedding arrangements and has to remind Storm that his future is with Taylor, not Brooke. Bridget tries to comfort Brooke, who can't accept Nick's choice. Jackie, Donna and Phoebe help Taylor get ready for the ceremony. Ridge can't stop thinking about what happened with Shane, and even Felicia notices his distraction. Brooke heads to the church to see Nick to try to convince him not to marry Taylor, and pulls him in for a passionate kiss. Detective Scott checks the morgues for Shane when he and Baker cannot locate him and gets a hit on a recent body found in Santa Monica Bay.moreless
  • Ep. #5049
    Ep. #5049
    Episode 27
    Brooke wonders if she can change Nick's mind before his wedding to Taylor, but Nick orders her to understand that it is over. Nick and Taylor are at the altar as Brooke watches from the door. Stephanie urges Ridge to pull himself together and later asks Ashley to try to improve Ridge's mood. Jackie reads words from Robert Frost as Nick and Taylor begin to exchange vows. Stephanie gloats as Brooke's plan to get Nick back fails. Phoebe sings for her mom and Nick. Taylor and Nick are pronounced husband and wife. Phoebe then catches the bouquet as Taylor throws it. Ridge and Ashley make plans for another date. Lieutenant Baker shows up in Ridge's office and wishes to question him about Shane's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #5050
    Ep. #5050
    Episode 28
    Taylor and Nick go to the hospital to begin the Invitro process. Bridget offers her support and help to them with their desire to have a child. Baker tells Ridge and Ashley that Shane's body was recovered after it washed up on Venice Beach. Baker tries to ask questions but Ridge makes excuses for him to leave. Baker suspects that Nick could be involved in Shane's death following his threats toward him. He has Nick's boat searched after learning from the harbormaster that it was taken out only a few nights previous. Stephanie tells Ridge that Shane's death was an accident and it wasn't premeditated when Ridge begins talking of turning himself into the police. Stephanie vows to protect him, but Ridge feels he must come clean.moreless
  • Ep. #5051
    Ep. #5051
    Episode 29
    Phoebe learns of Shane's death and is devastated. Rick offers her support when she begins blaming herself. Stephanie asks Ridge to hold off telling the police of his involvement in Shane's death until after she has told Eric. Taylor reads about the death in the newspaper and informs Nick. Taylor rushes off to seek help from Stephanie, thinking that the police will suspect her due to the restraining order. Stephanie begins getting ideas when she hears from Taylor that Nick had a few problems with Shane. Baker discovers that Nick's boat contained fibres belonging to Shane. Ridge prepares to say goodbye to RJ and Brooke. Ridge attempts to confess all to Brooke but Stephanie stops him. Stephanie tells Ridge how Nick could be the main suspect in the murder.moreless
  • Ep. #5052
    Ep. #5052
    Episode 30
    Rick suggests to Phoebe that they take a trip away together for some alone time. Phoebe becomes nervous when Rick hints that he is ready to have sex with her. Ashley overhears their conversation and Rick vents his frustration. Rick is stunned when he learns that Ashley is dating Ridge. Nick tells Taylor that he has no worries about Baker investigating him as he has nothing to hide. Taylor urges Nick to take the police more seriously. Jackie and Storm decide to offer their support when Baker wishes to meet with Nick and Taylor. Stephanie suggests to Ridge that he let Nick take the fall for Shane's murder, explaining that the police will have more evidence against Nick. Eric talks with Bridget about her feelings for Nick now that he has married Taylor. Bridget insists that she is over him.moreless
  • Ep. #5053
    Ep. #5053
    Episode 31
    Rick tells Ashley to steer clear of Ridge. Ashley tells him that she needs a future but Rick feels that she won't find that with Ridge. Ashley tells Rick to make a choice between her and Phoebe. Rick is unable too. Ashley leaves him with a kiss. Bridget watches the doctor at the hospital implant the donor egg with Nick's sperm. Bridget is thrilled that Taylor is ready to be impregnated. Baker gathers Ridge, Phoebe, Nick, Taylor, Eric and Stephanie at the Forrester estate. Jackie and Storm tag along to support Nick. Baker throws his accusations around the room and narrows the killer down to Nick or Ridge on the fact that they had the biggest motive and could handle the body. With the public threats, the fibres on the boat and the discovery of blood on one of his shirts from the boat, Nick is arrested for the murder of Shane.moreless
  • Ep. #5054
    Ep. #5054
    Episode 32
    Ridge tells Stephanie that he can't allow Nick to go down for something he did. Stephanie reminds him that he can't be arrested on a weapons charge due to the shooting of Grant Chambers. Ridge admits to Stephanie that Rick was the one who shot Grant. Stephanie is stunned but insists that Nick should go down after all he has done to their family. Nick is brought down to the police station. He insists Taylor go to the hospital for the implantation, promising that Storm will post bail. The doctor is called away on an emergency so Bridget performs the procedure for Taylor. Nick is booked and photographed. Storm suggests to Nick that Stephanie could have framed him for Shane's murder. A judge is unavailable for a bail hearing so Nick has to stay in jail. Taylor is devastated. Nick is locked up for the night.moreless
  • Ep. #5055
    Ep. #5055
    Episode 33
    Rick and Phoebe discuss Nick's arrest at The Insomnia Café. Phoebe is certain that Nick is not guilty. CJ asks Phoebe and Rick to become a regular act on karaoke night, but Phoebe isn't sure. Nick is declined bail because he is considered a flight risk. Taylor brings in Nick's passport and Nick demands that Storm gets him out on bail. Taylor informs Nick that she was implanted with three embryos. Nick suggests to Taylor that Stephanie and Ridge are framing him for Shane's murder. Bail is set for Nick at $1,000,000. Ashley talks with Ridge and Stephanie about Shane's death. Ashley thinks Nick is innocent. Stephanie urges Ridge and Ashley to take a trip away to Santa Barbara together. Nick confronts Stephanie and accuses her of setting him up.moreless
  • Ep. #5056
    Ep. #5056
    Episode 34
    Brooke tells Rick and Phoebe that there is no way Nick could have killed Shane. Brooke decides that she has to talk to him. CJ again asks Rick and Phoebe to sing karaoke, but when they decline he introduces them anyway. CJ films their singing and places it on the internet to advertise karaoke night. Stephanie plays dumb to Nick's accusations. Ridge denies any involvement in the crime also. Nick warns them both that he will find out the truth. Forrester Originals is thrown into the spot light when the press hound them about Nick's arrest. Stephanie advises Ridge to give condolences to Shane's family as a statement. Brooke offers her support to Nick and Taylor. Brooke is saddened when she hears that Taylor has had the embryos implanted. Brooke is stunned when Nick suggests that Ridge killed Shane.moreless
  • Ep. #5057
    Ep. #5057
    Episode 35
    Stephanie tells Ridge that he did the right thing by acting sympathetic to the press. Stephanie urges Ridge and Ashley to reschedule their date. Phoebe drops in on Nick and Taylor. Nick questions her on when Shane followed her to The Insomnia Café. Phoebe tells Nick how Shane showed up at Forrester Originals and how she reported him to security. Phoebe blasts Nick when she realises that he thinks Ridge shot Shane. Stephanie later talks with Taylor and advises her to end her marriage to Nick. Taylor is furious, but concerns Stephanie when she tells her that Nick is pursuing his own leads to discover who really killed Shane. Ridge meets Ashley's daughter Abby and shares a romantic evening with Ashley. Nick calls Ashley wanting to meet with her. Ashley is stunned when Nick suggests that Ridge is the murderer.moreless
  • Ep. #5058
    Ep. #5058
    Episode 36
    Nick questions Ashley about the night Shane was at Forrester Originals. Ashley tells Nick how a planned date with Ridge was cancelled due to a business emergency. Ashley is furious at the suggestion that Ridge had anything to do with Shane's death and has Nick leave. Stephanie fires questions at Taylor and Taylor soon realises that Stephanie wants Nick to go down. Taylor scoffs at the idea of Stephanie's friendship and orders her out. Phoebe tells Ridge about her meeting with Nick and adds that she told him how she saw Shane in the building and reported him to security. Stephanie drops in on Ashley and she reminds Stephanie how they heard a loud noise at the office on the night Nick was questioning her about, but Stephanie plays dumb to the whole thing. Nick warns Ridge that he is on to him and will find out the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #5059
    Ep. #5059
    Episode 37
    Rick and Phoebe spend some time together at The Insomnia Café. Felicia tells them about their video on the internet. CJ confesses to posting it to promote the coffee house. A guy comes across the video and decides that he wants to meet with Phoebe. He shows up at the café and Phoebe recognises him as Constantine Parros. Nick tells Taylor is theory of how Ridge killed Shane and Stephanie helped cover it up. Taylor finds it hard to listen too but decides that she will be able to see the truth by talking to Ridge. Stephanie advises Ridge to go to Paris on a business trip when he begins freaking out that Nick is on to him. Taylor looks for Ridge but Stephanie tells her that he's out of town. Taylor questions Stephanie and picks up on her nervous body language. Stephanie tells Ridge that she may have blown their cover with Taylor. Baker meets with Taylor and she tells him that Ridge killed Shane.moreless
  • Ep. #5060
    Ep. #5060
    Episode 38
    Eric and Rick discuss Brooke. Rick realises that Eric has never fully gotten over Brooke. Eric admits that he will always love her. Constantine tells Phoebe that he has his own record label and would like her to sing for him. Phoebe is stunned and tells Rick and CJ the news. Baker listens to Nick and Taylor's theory of how Ridge killed Shane. Baker isn't sure whether they have a lead. Nick orders Baker to investigate Ridge. Bridget calls Nick and Taylor over to the hospital. A blood test confirms that Taylor is pregnant. Jackie worries how she will be able to cope at work without Nick. Jackie offers Brooke a position in the company to help her out. Brooke declines explaining that she can't work alongside Nick. Jackie is thrilled when she hears of Taylor's pregnancy. Brooke is crushed knowing that she has lost Nick for good.moreless
  • Ep. #5061
    Ep. #5061
    Episode 39
    Ashley meets with Rick and tells him of her fears that Ridge killed Shane. Ashley explains how Ridge cancelled their date and how she heard a noise like a gunshot. Rick confirms that Shane was in the building that same night with Phoebe. Phoebe meets with Constantine at his studio. She admires him singing and meets a few of the crew. Phoebe is unsure on whether she has what it takes to sing professionally, but Constantine assures her that she has the whole package. Nick is determined to clear his name. Stephanie advises Ridge to go to Paris before Taylor realises that she lied of his whereabouts. Stephanie takes out a restraining order against Nick, then invites him over. Two cops arrive at the Forrester estate and arrest Nick for violating the order.moreless
  • Ep. #5062
    Ep. #5062
    Episode 40
    Phoebe vents her anger that Nick is accusing Ridge of killing Shane. Brooke supports Phoebe and invites Storm over. Brooke tells Storm that Nick shouldn't be accusing Ridge. Storm tells Brooke that he believes Ridge is the killer. Storm pushes Brooke to get a confession from Stephanie. Phoebe is furious with Rick when she realises that he thinks Ridge is guilty too. Taylor is stunned that Nick has been arrested again. Nick insists that Stephanie and Ridge are behind Shane's death. Nick asks Taylor to call Rick to the County Jail. Nick asks Rick for his help. Nick wonders if Rick can do some snooping around Forrester Originals for evidence against Ridge. Stephanie calls Jennifer Tartaro, the District Attorney, over for coffee. Stephanie tries to influence her opinions by making Nick sound dangerous. Brooke questions Stephanie about Shane.moreless
  • Ep. #5063
    Ep. #5063
    Episode 41
    Phoebe yells at Ashley for telling people that Ridge killed Shane. Ashley insists that she hasn't accused anyone, but has simply told the truth when questioned. Nick pushes Rick to look around Ridge's office for evidence. Nick knows how it could affect his relationship with Phoebe, but Rick says that the real truth needs to come out. Ashley meets with Storm and Nick and they ask her to testify to the gunshot sound that she heard. Nick begins to panic when he learns that the trial date has been moved forward. Phoebe catches Rick snooping around Forrester Originals and is furious that he is trying to incriminate Ridge. Brooke reaches out to Stephanie and manages to get the truth from her. Brooke understands that Ridge was only trying to stop Shane from killing himself. A desperate Stephanie stops Brooke from calling Baker by wrapping the telephone cord around her neck.moreless
  • Ep. #5064
    Ep. #5064
    Episode 42
    Phoebe tells Rick to stop going after her father or risk losing her. Rick tries to explain that he is only trying to prove Nick's innocence, but Phoebe refuses to listen. Phoebe seeks comfort from a very understanding Constantine. Brooke breaks free of Stephanie. When she realizes that Brooke isn't going to give up on revealing the truth to Baker, Stephanie caves in and agrees to tell all. Stephanie asks Brooke to speak with Ridge first and informs her that Ridge is at the cabin. Brooke soon realizes Stephanie lied of Ridge's whereabouts when the cabin is empty. Stephanie holds Brooke captive there. Jackie offers her support to Nick. Storm worries that the entire case is resting on Brooke getting a confession from Stephanie. Taylor visits Nick and tells him that she believes in him.moreless
  • Ep. #5065
    Ep. #5065
    Episode 43
    Taylor and Jackie support Nick on the day of his trial. Storm begins to worry when he doesn't hear anything from Brooke. Rick apologises to Nick for coming up empty handed searching Ridge's office. Donna informs Nick that Brooke didn't come home the night before. Jackie decides to visit Stephanie but Eric tells her that she is on her way to Paris to see Ridge. Jackie is frustrated when she in unable to locate Brooke. Felicia is furious when Taylor and Bridget both believe that Ridge is guilty. The trail begins and Storm asks Judge Owens to postpone the hearing. Stephanie continues to hold Brooke at the cabin. Stephanie says that she only wants to wait until the trial is over, explaining that if Nick gets off, nobody ever need know the truth. Brooke tries to escape but Stephanie goes after her with a rifle.moreless
  • Ep. #5066
    Ep. #5066
    Episode 44
    Evidence is presented in court. Jennifer plays the tape recording of Nick calling in on the radio to the Harbor Master the night Shane died. She also presents Nick's bloody shirt and has the forensics guy confirm that it is Shane's blood. Baker makes it known that Nick publicly threatened Shane. Jennifer calls Jackie to stand and she confesses to the fight between Shane and Nick at Forrester Creations. Stephanie orders Brooke back into the cabin. Brooke remembers all the times Stephanie has been violent towards her and feels that Stephanie has lost her mind. Stephanie crumbles and sobs that she can't have Ridge go to jail. Brooke tells Stephanie that she will go to the police and inform them that Ridge never shot Grant, hoping that it will remove the previous weapons charge against him. With Stephanie's permission, Brooke calls Ridge and tells him to come home.moreless
  • Ep. #5067
    Ep. #5067
    Episode 45
    Stephanie changes her mind about allowing Ridge to turn himself in. Brooke threatens to do it herself if Stephanie stops him. Ridge arrives back in Los Angeles and heads for the courthouse. Phoebe tells Rick that he hurt her by trying to dig up dirt on Ridge and breaks up with him. Phoebe is called to the stand and Storm makes it clear that Shane was last seen at Forrester Originals, but Jennifer uses Phoebe to paint a worse picture of Nick. Ashley tells the court about the gunshot sound that she heard, but Jennifer ruins Ashley's credibility but bringing to light the fact that Ashley once lied to the police to keep her own father out of jail. The jury finds Nick guilty of murder in the second degree. Ridge arrives and sees Nick being dragged from the court room.moreless
  • Ep. #5068
    Ep. #5068
    Episode 46
    Brooke is furious with Ridge for allowing Nick to be charged with murder. Brooke orders him to come clean, while Stephanie begs him to keep quiet. Ridge decides that he has to tell the truth and leaves. Stephanie wonders what she can do to protect him. Brooke lays into Stephanie for always smothering Ridge. Jackie and Taylor are stunned that Nick has been charged. Taylor sobs, but Nick urges her to be strong for their baby. Nick promises that the truth will come out. Phoebe is hurt when she hears Taylor talking with Storm on how to convict Ridge. Taylor pushes Ridge into admitting that he killed Shane. Phoebe is crushed and breaks down when Ridge prepares to confess. Ridge heads to Nick's cell and Nick vents his fury. Ridge tells Nick that he killed Shane.moreless
  • Ep. #5069
    Ep. #5069
    Episode 47
    Eric is stunned when Stephanie tells him that Ridge was involved in Shane's death. Stephanie explains how Shane was shot as Ridge tried to save his life. Stephanie reminds Eric of why Ridge couldn't come clean due to the previous weapons charge, but Eric is further blown away when Stephanie informs him that it was Rick, not Ridge, that shot Grant. Eric is sickened by her behavior and coldly tells her that she should be the one in jail. Taylor is stunned when Baker tells her that he hasn't heard anything from Ridge. Taylor, with Storm by her side, informs Baker, Judge Owens and Jennifer how Shane was really killed. Ridge tells the whole story of Shane's shooting to Nick before telling the authorities. Nick is released and Ridge is arrested following his confession.moreless
  • Ep. #5070
    Ep. #5070
    Episode 48
    Taylor brings Nick home to the Marone estate. Phoebe interrupts their kiss. Apologising to Nick for doubting him, Nick promises Phoebe that Ridge will be okay. Phoebe tells Taylor that she has broken up with Rick. Taylor and Nick make love and spend some quality time together. Rick and Ashley fly to New York for a meeting. Ashley is surprised to learn that Phoebe dumped Rick. Ashley has to push Rick away when he talks about their past romance and leans in for a kiss. Rick suggests to Ashley that they cancel the meeting and head to Mexico to have some fun. Ashley refuses to be used by Rick but ends up giving in to the passion.moreless
  • Ep. #5071
    Ep. #5071
    Episode 49
    Rick and Ashley wake up together in Mexico. After a run on the beach, they make love again. Ashley tells Rick that she doesn’t want to have any expectations of him as he has only just broken up with Phoebe. Rick assures her that Phoebe no longer wants him. Phoebe tries to contact Rick without success. Constantine comes by for a visit and comforts Phoebe over the break up. He promises to be there for her. Ashley and Rick discover Ridge's confession to Shane's murder whilst reading the newspaper. Rick calls Phoebe and she tells him that she needs him. Taylor and Nick head to the hospital for Taylor's first ultrasound. Bridget performs the procedure and Nick is thrilled when he sees the image on the screen. Bridget is confused when she finds her mother's file is still listed under Marone instead of Logan.moreless
  • Ep. #5072
    Ep. #5072
    Episode 50
    Brooke finds Taylor in Nick's office whilst looking for Nick. Taylor informs Brooke that Rick and Phoebe have broken up and Brooke is stunned when Taylor hopes that they won't get back together. Brooke promises Taylor that she is no longer after Nick when Taylor begins rubbing her marriage in Brooke's face. Constantine tries to convince Phoebe to come to his studio to record a demo. Felicia is suspicious of Constantine's intentions toward Phoebe, but he insists that it's simply on a professional level. Rick and Ashley head back to Los Angeles. Rick tells Ashley that he doesn't regret sleeping with her in Mexico. Ashley pushes Rick to support Phoebe during the situation with Ridge. Ashley later spots Rick and Phoebe in a close embrace when Phoebe rushes back into Rick's arms upon his return.moreless
  • Ep. #5073
    Ep. #5073
    Episode 51
    Phoebe apologises to Rick for breaking up with him. Rick promises to stand by Phoebe. Rick heads over to see Ashley and tells her that he needs to stay committed to Phoebe. They say their goodbyes but find it hard to separate from a kiss. Brooke visits Ridge in jail and vows to support him. Ridge fears that there is no hope for him, but Brooke says that she will find a way. Nick shows Taylor some of Clarke's new designs for maternity wear. Taylor is impressed how her pregnancy is changing Nick. Bridget makes sure that Brooke's file at the hospital is changed back to her maiden name and the Marone removed. Whilst doing some research Bridget realises that her mother's eggs that were taken for testing were sent to the lab the same day Taylor had her IVF. Due to the surname mix up on the file, Bridget fears that Taylor may have been implanted with Brooke's eggs.moreless
  • Ep. #5074
    Ep. #5074
    Episode 52
    Ridge wonders how Brooke is going to save him from jail. Brooke assures him that she has an idea. Phoebe later visits Ridge and he pushes her to spend time with Constantine and pursue a career in music. Nick supports Taylor when she has constant sickness due to the pregnancy. Stephanie drops in and Taylor lets Stephanie have it for allowing Nick to be arrested for Shane's murder. Stephanie begs Taylor for her support in helping Ridge. Brooke later comes by and pressures Taylor to speak to Rick so he may remember shooting Grant, hoping that then the previous charge against Ridge will be dropped and it may help his defence. Ashley acts unaffected by Rick going back to Phoebe. Rick lets her know that it's driving him crazy. Bridget speaks with the lab technicians and is furious when they tell her that when she asked for the Marone eggs for IVF, they may have given her Brooke's.moreless
  • Ep. #5075
    Ep. #5075
    Episode 53
    Bridget demands answers from the lab technicians. Bridget can't believe that her mother's eggs were taken to the lab for IVF when they were simply meant for testing. Bridget begins blaming herself. Rick finds Bridget at home shaken with shock. He heads out to grab them some dinner, but finds Bridget collapsed upon his return. Jackie informs Nick of the role Brooke played in his release from jail, including being trapped at the cabin by Stephanie. Taylor has serious doubts about revealing to Rick the truth of how he shot Grant. Brooke insists it needs to be done if there is any hope of saving Ridge. Brooke grows angry when she feels that Taylor is trying to push her toward Ridge to keep her from Nick. Brooke later wishes Nick all the best in his future with Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #5076
    Ep. #5076
    Episode 54
    Phoebe thanks Constantine for his support during her difficult time with her father's arrest. Constantine suggests she record a song but she feels uncomfortable recording without Rick. Constantine invites Phoebe to sleep over at his loft when she admits that she is exhausted. He sings her a song whilst she sleeps. Rick demands that Bridget tell him what has happened. Bridget explains the mix up in the hospital lab and informs Rick that Taylor could be pregnant with Brooke's child. Nick asks Brooke to come back to Forrester Creations and revitalise the Brooke's Bedroom line. Brooke agrees to think about it. Nick is surprised by Taylor's support of the idea. Nick is pleased when Taylor says that she no longer feels threatened by Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5077
    Ep. #5077
    Episode 55
    Phoebe is disappointed when she wakes at Constantine's loft and Rick hasn't called. Constantine tries to paint Rick as a loser boyfriend, but Phoebe stands by her man. Phoebe records another song and Constantine realises that he is falling for her. Stephanie shows up to see Taylor. Taylor makes Stephanie see that their friendship is damaged beyond repair when Stephanie attempts to make peace. Stephanie warns Taylor not to allow Brooke in on her life, but Taylor refuses to begin viewing Brooke as a threat again. Bridget decides that she must tell Taylor about the egg mix up, but Rick stresses that Brooke needs to know too. Brooke drops in for breakfast and Rick pushes Bridget to come clean but she soon rushes out. Taylor has an appointment with Bridget at the hospital. Bridget is filled with guilt when Taylor thanks her for the IVF.moreless
  • Ep. #5078
    Ep. #5078
    Episode 56
    Rick is furious when he learns that Phoebe spent the night at Constantine's place. Constantine orders Rick to leave when Rick insinuates that Constantine is after Phoebe. Phoebe reassures Rick that she and Constantine are just friends. Constantine discovers that Rick has left his PDA at the loft. He hears a message from Ashley and becomes suspicious. Brooke questions Ashley on her feelings for Ridge. Ashley wonders why she cares so much and suggests that maybe Brooke wants him back. Bridget prepares to tell Taylor the truth about her IVF. Doctor Caron pulls Bridget away and warns her against saying anything until they have proof that the eggs were mixed up. Bridget feels she a has duty to tell Taylor. Nick and Taylor become concerned when they realise that Bridget is troubled by something.moreless
  • Ep. #5079
    Ep. #5079
    Episode 57
    Doctor Caron sees Bridget trying to tell Nick and Taylor about the eggs being mixed up. She quickly pulls Bridget away again and informs her that the shock of the truth could cause Taylor to miscarry. Taylor sends Nick away thinking that his presence is making Bridget uncomfortable due to the death of Nicole. Doctor Mills, the Chief of Staff, orders Bridget to keep quiet. He warns her that they could lose the IVF program at the hospital if she speaks out. Ridge's lawyer, Christine Blair, arrives from Genoa City. Christine learns that Ridge's prior arrest for the shooting of Grant was actually Rick's doing. Stephanie, Brooke and Christine meet with Taylor and urge her to take Rick into therapy to help him remember. Taylor stresses that the subject is severely delicate. Rick visits Ridge at the county jail. Ridge asks Rick to take the stand in court. Rick is furious at the request and the two begin to argue. Ridge lets it slip that Rick shot Grant.moreless
  • Ep. #5080
    Ep. #5080
    Episode 58
    Constantine uploads Ashley's message for Rick onto his computer for evidence. Phoebe drops in and Constantine tells her that she can do better than Rick. Phoebe refuses to listen to him. Constantine plays her a song he wrote for her. Rick is disgusted with Ridge and accuses him of lying. Rick states he would know if he shot Grant. Lieutenant Baker later baits Ridge and warns him that he is going to go to jail for a long time. Brooke and Christine visit with Taylor and stress that Rick is the key to Ridge's freedom. Brooke is concerned when Taylor tells her that the truth may cause serious psychological problems for Rick. Brooke stops in to see Ridge and is furious when she learns that he told Rick the truth. Rick heads to Taylor for advice and is stunned when it appears to him that she believes he shot Grant too.moreless
  • Ep. #5081
    Ep. #5081
    Episode 59
    Phoebe is stunned that Constantine thinks so much of her. He tells her that he wants to make her a star, but she comes back down to Earth when she begins thinking about Rick. Constantine becomes frustrated and tells her that Rick isn't committed to her. She doesn't want to believe it until Constantine plays her Ashley's message. Taylor begins explaining to Rick how he shot Grant and how Ridge took the blame to protect him. Rick flips out that Taylor is buying into Ridge's story and storms out. Brooke panics when she is unable to locate Rick. She calls Taylor and learns that Rick was at her office. Taylor tells Brooke that Ridge may have caused serious problems. Rick confronts Brooke about the truth. She confirms the story of the shooting. Rick stays in denial and tells Brooke that she has been brainwashed by Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5082
    Ep. #5082
    Episode 60
    Brooke calls Rick and tries to talk to him about Grant but he avoids her. Rick stuns Bridget by telling her about it. Rick tells her that he will never forgive Ridge for it. Bridget informs Rick that she has decided to hold off on telling Taylor about the egg mix up until there is more proof. Bridget learns about Rick's night with Ashley in Mexico. He informs her that it's over, but she advises him to keep quiet about it. Phoebe speaks with Ashley about the other woman in Rick's life, not knowing that Ashley is that woman. Phoebe wonders if Ashley knows anything, but she dodges the questions. Phoebe confronts Rick and demands answers. Brooke thanks Taylor for her support in helping with Rick. Nick learns of the situation from Brooke and Taylor and understands why Rick is in denial. Nick questions Brooke again about coming back to Forrester Creations. Carl Ferret, a lab assistant at the hospital, calls Bridget and states that he has information about the egg mix up.moreless
  • Ep. #5083
    Ep. #5083
    Episode 61
    Carl tries to tell Bridget over the phone what he knows about the eggs, but is interrupted by two interns. Bridget arrives at the hospital while the two are giving Carl a hard time and demands Carl tell her what he knows about Taylor's IVF. Rick admits to Phoebe that he was with another woman during the time they were broken up. Rick vows that he loves Phoebe and begs her for another chance. Taylor tries to convince Brooke that she is fine with Brooke going back to Forrester Creations and working with Nick. Brooke tells Nick that she respects his marriage and agrees to move forward with him as a friend. Brooke signs the contract to bring back Brooke's Bedroom line for Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #5084
    Ep. #5084
    Episode 62
    Rick is shocked when Brooke says that she will be able to get on the stand and say that he shot Grant. Rick still thinks that Stephanie, Taylor and Brooke are pulling the wool over his eyes. Phoebe is in shock after hearing from Ridge what he did to protect Rick. Phoebe hopes that Rick will come through for him. Stephanie tells Christine that Shane's phone was dropped in the struggle with Ridge, and Christine says there could be something to exonerate Ridge on it. They find a text message that he sent to Phoebe saying goodbye. Rick goes back to see Ridge to refresh his memory on how he shot Grant. Rick tells Ridge that he can't help him as he can't remember anything. Bridget agrees to meet with Carl at Café Russe so he can tell her about the day of Taylor's IVF. Carl tells Bridget that he has access to files. He promises to dig until he finds something.moreless
  • Ep. #5085
    Ep. #5085
    Episode 63
    Brooke tells Bridget that the situation with Ridge has opening her eyes. Brooke explains that she doesn't understand why she jumps back and forth between men, but vows that it's something she is going to stop. Phoebe begs Rick to help Ridge. Rick says that he won't stand in court and confess to something he didn't do. Brooke later finds Rick and asks him to try to remember shooting Grant. Christine asks for more time to build a case. Judge Owens denies it. He also refuses to accept the goodbye text message on Shane's phone as evidence that he was suicidal. Jennifer begins ripping into Christine's case when she tries to bar the prosecution using Ridge's prior conviction, explaining that Ridge didn't shoot Grant. Taylor gives her professional opinion that Rick is suffering from repressed memories. Rick walks in and confesses to shooting Grant.moreless
  • Ep. #5086
    Ep. #5086
    Episode 64
    Rick tells the court how he remembers shooting Grant. Jennifer tries to make it seem like Rick would do anything to protect Ridge. Rick quickly claims that he hates him. Judge Owens rules that Ridge's prior conviction cannot be used in the trial. Ridge takes the stand and explains how Shane was shot during a struggle. He says he only disposed of the body due to the prior conviction. Judge Owens rules that Ridge is only guilty of obstruction of justice. He is released on bond until his sentencing hearing. Rick later tells Ridge that he doesn't remember shooting Grant and only admitted to it for Phoebe's sake. Ridge promises not to stand in the way of their relationship anymore. Brooke tells Ridge what a wonderful man he is, remembering back to how he protected Rick after Grant was shot. Brooke forgives Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5087
    Ep. #5087
    Episode 65
    There is a celebration at the Forrester estate for Ridge's release from jail. Brooke and Ridge reconnect as they spend time with their son. Brooke questions Ridge on his feelings for Ashley. Ridge asks Brooke to come back to Forrester Originals. Constantine calls Phoebe and she invites him over to join the party. Ashley looks on as Rick and Phoebe kiss. Eric notices how withdrawn Bridget is. Carl calls Bridget and tells her to meet him at the hospital. Rick is angry when Constantine shows up at the party. Brooke goes to Nick and tells him that she is resigning from Forrester Creations, effective immediately. Constantine tells Ridge that he thinks Rick is cheating on Phoebe. Carl tells Bridget that he may have a way to figure out if Taylor is carrying Brooke's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5088
    Ep. #5088
    Episode 66
    Brooke tells Nick that her being at Forrester Creations will only cause problems for he and Taylor. Nick thinks that Brooke is running back to Ridge. Brooke says she needs to be near Ridge for the sake of her son. Rick tells Constantine to leave the party. Constantine refuses to go anywhere, insisting Phoebe invited him. Phoebe decides to leave with Constantine to work on some new material which doesn't sit too well with Rick. Constantine later sees Rick talking alone with Ashley and becomes suspicious. Ridge makes an announcement of Brooke's return to Forrester Originals. Stephanie flips out and refuses to allow it. Carl tells Bridget that there is no way that Brooke's eggs were used in Taylor's IVF. Bridget is thrilled, but Carl's theory is later blown apart.moreless
  • Ep. #5089
    Ep. #5089
    Episode 67
    Carl begins freaking out that he no longer has any real proof as to which eggs were implanted into Taylor after all. He tries to figure out how to tell Bridget. He tries calling but she ignores his call. Taylor and Nick make love, both glowing about her pregnancy. Taylor is a little bewildered when Bridget calls to check on her. Constantine gives Phoebe a makeover to fit in with the rock star image he has for her. Ashley tells Rick to go to the studio so that Phoebe will see that he is supporting her. Felicia looks on as Rick and Ashley look friendly in the lab. Rick is shocked when he sees Phoebe and wonders what Constantine is up too. He asks her to leave with him, Phoebe refuses, and Rick storms out. Carl goes to see Bridget and tells her that he failed; Taylor could be carrying Brooke and Nick's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5090
    Ep. #5090
    Episode 68
    Rick informs Phoebe of her schedule to promote the new fragrance for Forrester Originals. He becomes annoyed when Phoebe says she has to cancel some dates due to recording time with Constantine. Ridge confronts Rick about the other woman in his life in front of Phoebe. She stands up for Rick and explains to Ridge that the other woman is no longer an issue. Stephanie is furious that Eric and Thorne are welcoming Brooke back into the company. Stephanie warns Brooke to stay out of Ridge’s life. Brooke asks Ridge to dinner but he declines. Brooke wonders if he is more interested in pursuing a relationship with Ashley. Bridget is distraught that Carl no longer has any evidence. Doctor Mills tells Bridget that everything is well logged within the lab. He stresses that there is no way the mix up could have happened. Felicia questions Ashley about Rick. Felicia pushes Ashley to leave Rick in the past and go after Ridge. Stephanie later asks Ashley to save Ridge from Brooke’s clutches.moreless
  • Ep. #5091
    Ep. #5091
    Episode 69
    Stephanie tries to convince Ashley that she should attempt a relationship with Ridge. Ashley tells her that Ridge’s situation with Brooke seems too complicated for her to get involved in. Ashley mentions to Stephanie that she is thinking of returning to Genoa City. Felicia pushes Ridge to try another date with Ashley and leave Brooke behind. Ridge calls Ashley and asks her to have dinner with him. Brooke tells Bridget that Ridge is coming by to take RJ for the weekend. Bridget questions Brooke on what she is hoping to achieve. Brooke tells Bridget how she has the opportunity to allow RJ to grow up with both his parents, something she can never give back to her, Rick or Hope. Brooke is stunned when Stephanie shows up to take RJ. Brooke refuses to hand him over. Stephanie gloats that Ridge is on a date with Ashley. Ridge shares dinner with Ashley and when she tells him that she is planning on leaving Los Angeles, he attempts to change her mind with a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5092
    Ep. #5092
    Episode 70
    Rick tells Bridget how he is concerned about the time Constantine spends with Phoebe, he thinks of a way to lure her away from him. Ridge asks Ashley to stay in town. She contemplates the idea, but admits that she is worried about the hold Brooke has over him. Stephanie is stunned that Brooke is using RJ to lure Ridge back to her. Stephanie orders Brooke to back off. Stephanie returns home and tells Eric that Brooke should not be allowed to raise RJ and Hope. Ridge heads to pick up RJ when he learns that Brooke wouldn’t allow Stephanie to take him. Stephanie warns Ashley that Brooke is after Ridge. Ashley says that if Ridge sleeps with Brooke again, she is no longer interested. Brooke tells Ridge of how they can reunite their family and attempts to seduce him into bed.moreless
  • Ep. #5093
    Ep. #5093
    Episode 71
    Constantine thinks Phoebe should concentrate on her music, telling her that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt by Rick. Phoebe asks him to delete the recording of the other woman’s voicemail. Rick proposes a singing competition to Constantine with both men performing a duet with Phoebe. He explains that whichever is more successful, that guy will be the only one whom gets to work with her. Ridge tells Brooke that he can’t go to bed with her. He adds that they have forgiven one another but he can never get over the fact that she left him in Sydney and ran straight back to Nick. Stephanie tells Ashley that she is the right woman for Ridge. Ashley thinks that is Ridge’s decision to make. Ridge leaves Brooke and goes back to Ashley’s place. Stephanie takes great pleasure in informing Brooke of this and gloats that Brooke is going to end up alone.moreless
  • Ep. #5094
    Ep. #5094
    Episode 72
    Rick accuses Constantine of wanting Phoebe for himself. Constantine says that he will win the competition and Phoebe can then concentrate on her music and leave Forrester Originals. Ridge isn’t happy that Rick is making Phoebe choose between music and fashion as a career. Ridge insists that she pursue her music with Constantine, he adds that the company will always be there for her if she chooses to return. Phoebe begins obsessing about the other woman Rick slept with. Rick assures her that it’s in the past. Ridge and Constantine come to a mutual understanding in their dislike for Rick. Brooke tries to make Ashley feel guilty by depicting her as the obstacle in the way of reuniting RJ’s parents. Ashley calls Rick and tells him that she wants to come clean about their fling. Rick begs her not too. Ridge tells Ashley that he is determined to find out whom Rick’s lover was.moreless
  • Ep. #5095
    Ep. #5095
    Episode 73
    Rick tells Ashley that there is simply no sense in revealing their fling. Rick is sure that it’ll devastate Phoebe. Ashley feels the situation is becoming too awkward to keep a secret. Felicia also agrees that the situation should be kept in the vault. Rick and Phoebe spend some time together at the beach house working on their duet, while Constantine works at his studio alone. Rick learns that it was Constantine that told Phoebe he was seeing another woman. Eric and Stephanie prepare the barbecue for Independence Day celebrations. Ashley shows up with Abby. Stephanie is thrilled that Ridge invited them. Abby hangs out with RJ and Ally. Brooke turns up expecting to get in on the party, but Ridge tells her that he has invited Ashley as his date. Brooke is devastated as she watches the family as an outsider from the balcony.moreless
  • Ep. #5096
    Ep. #5096
    Episode 74
    Ridge asks Constantine to try and find out who Rick’s lover was. Rick confronts Constantine about the voice recording of his other woman. Phoebe orders them to stop fighting with one another. Rick and Phoebe record their duet at the studio with a few snide remarks from Constantine. Phoebe tells Constantine that she is sure they will win the competition and promises then that Rick will leave her alone to pursue her music career. Ashley calls Rick over and tells him that she is going to tell Ridge about them. Rick pleads with her, but she insists it’s something she needs to do. Stephanie sees Ridge and Ashley sharing a kiss. Stephanie rubs it in Brooke’s face at the office. Ashley tells Stephanie that she doesn’t want Brooke as an enemy. Ridge tells Brooke of his wishes to be with Ashley. Brooke hopes for a life with Ridge, but he feels that’s only because Nick is unavailable. Ridge tells Brooke that they will never be happy together.moreless
  • Ep. #5097
    Ep. #5097
    Episode 75
    Ashley tells Rick that she doesn’t want any secrets as she enters a new relationship with Ridge. Phoebe overhears their discussion, but doesn’t catch on to what it’s really about. Ashley agrees not to say anything when she sees how much Phoebe loves Rick. Eric is stunned when Ridge tells him that Brooke will no longer be working at the company. Stephanie is thrilled and hopes that Ashley will step in and take Brooke’s place. Bridget doesn’t want to believe Carl when he tells her that Doctor Mills is taking an early retirement, he assumes it’s really to avoid a scandal that’s about to erupt. Nick tells Bridget that he is concerned about Brooke. Brooke heads to the Café Russe but quickly leaves when a guy hits on her, spilling a drink on her in the process. Donna looks after Hope and RJ but is anxious to catch a flight. She rushes off when she thinks she sees Brooke’s car arrive home, but Brooke ends up passing out in her car on the highway from exhaustion leaving the kids home alone.moreless
  • Ep. #5098
    Ep. #5098
    Episode 76
    Rick has some coffee with Phoebe’s friend Madison at The Insomnia Café. Constantine sees them and begins thinking that Madison is Rick’s other woman. Felicia tells Constantine he is completely off base and he guesses Felicia knows the truth. Brooke wakes up in her car the next morning and quickly heads off home. Hope calls 911 to report Brooke’s absence. Baker informs Stephanie of Brooke’s disappearance. Stephanie watches the kids. Brooke arrives home and finds Baker, a couple of police officers and Dorothy Bascomb from Child Protective Services there. Brooke explains how Donna was meant to watch the kids. Brooke stresses that she passed out from exhaustion. Dorothy accuses Brooke of being drunk when they smell the liquor that was spilt on her. Baker informs Brooke that he has to file a report. Stephanie warns Brooke not to mess up again.moreless
  • Ep. #5099
    Ep. #5099
    Episode 77
    Ridge and Eric listen to Stephanie’s story of how Brooke neglected the children. Stephanie stops Ridge from rushing to support Brooke and insists that he no longer give Brooke mixed signals. Stephanie decides to visit Brooke herself, but Eric thinks she should take her own advice and keep well away. Abby gives Ridge a gift to say thank you for having her over on Independence Day. Ashley supports Ridge as he worries about RJ having been left alone all night. Ridge and Ashley later spend some time getting hot and heavy in the company steam room. Brooke asks Nick to look after Hope and RJ while she seeks some professional help from Taylor. Due to their past history, Taylor refuses to take Brooke on as a patient. Brooke suggests that the kids would be better off without her. Stephanie shows up and sees Nick taking care of the kids. Stephanie feels she should take over, but Nick insists that he isn’t going anywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #5100
    Ep. #5100
    Episode 78
    Ridge and Ashley get very heavy in the steam room. Ashley asks him to step back for a moment saying that she would like to wait a little longer so that the first time they make love it is perfect. Stephanie tells Nick that she is concerned for the children. Nick thinks that Stephanie is just trying to cause trouble and suggests she leave. Stephanie insists that she will see to it that the children are not in danger. Stephanie tells Dorothy that Brooke left the children with Nick. She adds that Nick is incompetent of taking care of children, informing her of the time Hope nearly drowned in the hot tub. Taylor makes Brooke see that she is addicted to having a man in her life due to being abandoned by her father as a child. Brooke realizes that she must put her children first now. Nick later discovers that he has lost his lighter. Hope and RJ find it whilst Brooke is in the kitchen. Hope lights a candle, which ends up setting the house on fire. Brooke is terrified as Hope and RJ are trapped by the flames.moreless
  • Ep. #5101
    Ep. #5101
    Episode 79
    Thorne asks Felicia to look after Ally for the night. Felicia notices how withdrawn he is. Thorne sits alone at home looking at photographs of Darla. Thorne sobs, asking how she could have been taken from him. He knocks back some whiskey and pills. Nick wonders if he should inform Brooke that his lighter could be at her place. He leaves her a message. Taylor thinks Nick is going to be a wonderful father. Brooke panics as she tries to help the kids. Ridge rushes in and manages to extinguish the fire. Stephanie tells Dorothy horror stories of Brooke’s past, including her mental breakdown in Barbados. The ladies hear of the fire and rush off. Ridge questions Brooke how the fire started. When Dorothy and Stephanie arrive, Brooke throws them out. Dorothy decides that the children are in an unsafe environment and has the children taken from Brooke and placed in Ridge’s custody.moreless
  • Ep. #5102
    Ep. #5102
    Episode 80
    Nick hears of the fire and rushes off to help. Brooke orders Dorothy to give her kids back. Dorothy states it’s her job to make sure children are in a safe home and she doesn’t believe Brooke can provide that. Brooke accuses Stephanie of setting up a conspiracy with Dorothy to make her look like an unfit mother. Dorothy explains that the children will have to stay with Ridge for the night until a hearing is performed the following day. Brooke storms off to Ridge’s place. Nick arrives at Brooke’s and only finds Stephanie and Dorothy there, Nick is furious that Stephanie is taking Brooke’s kids away from her. Nick demands that Stephanie confess that she is just trying to destroy Brooke completely. Ashley is stunned when Ridge arrives home with Hope and RJ. Ashley quickly disappears when an emotional Brooke arrives. Brooke turns on Ridge when he refuses to allow her to take the kids home.moreless
  • Ep. #5103
    Ep. #5103
    Episode 81
    Stephanie doesn’t hide the fact that she hates Brooke in front of Dorothy. Nick tries to make Dorothy see that Stephanie is manipulating the situation but fails. Brooke orders Ridge to allow her to take the kids home but he refuses. Brooke accuses Ridge of being Stephanie’s puppet. Ridge tells Ashley that he only wants what is best for the kids. Ashley offers her full support. Brooke sobs in Nick’s arms. Nick promises Brooke that the court won’t allow Hope and RJ to be taken away. Stephanie asks Taylor to stand up in court as a professional and inform them that Brooke has emotional issues. Nick later asks Taylor to help him get Brooke’s kids back. Ridge stresses to Stephanie that he doesn’t want full custody. Stephanie tells Ridge that the court will decide the kids’ fate.moreless
  • Ep. #5104
    Ep. #5104
    Episode 82
    Brooke has Storm represent her. Storm advises Brooke to keep her cool and allow him to do all the talking. Brooke feels she must defend herself, but he orders her strictly not too. Rick and Bridget offer their support to Brooke. Rick offers to speak on her behalf in court, but Brooke feels it won’t be necessary. Stephanie calls Taylor to push her into testifying against Brooke, but she refuses. Ridge informs Eric that Stephanie wants him to go after full custody. Nick assures Brooke that he will testify on her behalf if needed. Taylor feels it’s best if she doesn’t accompany them to court, but is later served with a subpoena. Dorothy paints a grim picture of Brooke to the Judge. Brooke is unable to control her emotions, Storm attempts to stop her, but she yells out to the Judge that the entire hearing is simply a way for Stephanie to have her revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #5105
    Ep. #5105
    Episode 83
    The Duel of the Duets begins at The Insomnia Café. CJ uses the opportunity to promote the coffee house. Rick and Phoebe perform their song, followed by Phoebe and Constantine. CJ asks the audience to cast their votes and Felicia decides that they have a winner. The Judge orders Storm to control Brooke’s outburst. Brooke takes the stand and gives her account of what happened the night she left the kids alone, and she also explains the fire. Ridge takes the stand afterwards and confesses his concern for the children’s safety. When Stephanie is asked to take the stand she airs Brooke’s dirty laundry to the court about her past relationships. Brooke fears that things aren’t looking good but feels Taylor is her saviour when she arrives. However, when asked if she would allow Brooke to take care of her own children, Taylor says she wouldn’t.moreless
  • Ep. #5106
    Ep. #5106
    Episode 84
    CJ thinks Rick’s duet was better, but Felicia votes for Constantine. Unable to define a true winner the contest is ruled as a tie. Constantine is determined that Phoebe will follow her music career. Felicia advises Constantine to forget about Phoebe. Felicia kisses Constantine. Rick takes Phoebe back to beach house and she makes it clear that she is ready to take their relationship to the next step. Taylor continues to testify on the stand, and recounts how Brooke came to her fearing that she was a bad mother. Judge Friedman determines that custody of RJ be given temporarily to Ridge until Brooke is able to work through her emotional issues. He is at a loss at what to do with Hope until Ridge offers to take her as well to keep the two of them together. Brooke is distraught and blames Taylor for her having lost the children.moreless
  • Ep. #5107
    Ep. #5107
    Episode 85
    Phoebe gets cold feet and changes her mind about making love with Rick. Phoebe apologises and states that she still isn’t ready. Rick finds it hard to understand and wonders if Phoebe will ever be ready. Phoebe hopes that Rick won’t give up on them. Ridge allows Brooke to put Hope and RJ to bed. Stephanie decides to hang around until Brooke is gone. Brooke lays into Ridge for supporting Stephanie in her plan to take the kids away from her. Stephanie sticks her poison tongue into Brooke with a few snide remarks about her life. Stephanie smirks that she will be raising the kids now. Nick is furious with Taylor for the things she said in court. He walks out on her to prevent an argument from erupting. Brooke seeks comfort from Nick. He quickly leaves when they come close to kissing.moreless
  • 07-21-2008
    Episode 86
    Ridge and Brooke reveal their plans to Rick. Eric is rushed to the hospital. Marcus and Steffy stumble upon some important papers.
  • Ep. #5108
    Ep. #5108
    Episode 86
    Rick and Bridget are surprised when they see that Brooke is very positive about life; determined to prove that she is a fit mother. Eric is concerned about the financial loss the company is going to receive now that Brooke is gone. Felicia agrees with Stephanie that Brooke being gone is for the best. Rick tells them that Brooke won’t be out of the fashion business for long. Eric guesses that she will be working with Nick. He fears the consequences could be devastating for Forrester Originals and blames Stephanie. Taylor has a check up at the hospital with Bridget. She senses that Bridget is angry with her over the court hearing. Taylor apologises and stresses that she never wanted to testify. Brooke approaches Nick and asks if she may have a position within Forrester Creations, to which he accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #5109
    Ep. #5109
    Episode 87
    Brooke and Nick go over the books and Nick admits that Clarke isn’t cutting it as head designer. Brooke proposes that Nick take a chance on her to design. Brooke explains that nobody knows the business better than her and with that Nick agrees. Taylor is concerned when she learns that Brooke is working for Nick. Felicia has to jump in when Eric and Stephanie bicker about the future of the company without Brooke. Thorne floats into the office on a high and informs them that he has a date. Thorne takes his date, Alana, to a fashion preview. He secretly knocks back some pills when nobody is looking. Ridge and Ashley spend some time together as Stephanie takes RJ, Hope and Abby for the night. Ashley is stunned when Ridge presents her with a jewellery case.moreless
  • Ep. #5110
    Ep. #5110
    Episode 88
    Thorne downs champagne and continues to take pills at the fashion preview. Thorne thinks he sees Darla, but it turns out to be just a model. Taylor and Nick are also at the showing. Taylor questions Nick on why he hired Brooke. Nick insists it was a sound business decision. Thorne sees Taylor and confronts her. In a drunken state he expresses his anger toward Taylor for Darla's death. Rick is concerned that Brooke is working with Nick and wonders if she can keep her emotions under control. Brooke confesses that she and Nick almost kissed. Ashley is relieved when the jewellery box only contains earrings; not wanting to rush the romance with Ridge. They head to the bedroom and make love. Stephanie is happy to have a home filled with kids again. Brooke shows up to see Hope and RJ, but Stephanie has her thrown off the property.moreless
  • Ep. #5111
    Ep. #5111
    Episode 89
    Stephanie finds Thorne drinking over lunch. She is concerned when she sees how much he is still cut up over Darla. Thorne continues to take pills. Donna is stunned when Brooke tells her that Stephanie won’t allow her to see her kids. Donna confronts Stephanie and warns her to back off. Stephanie scoffs that the Logan’s are out of her life. Donna later runs into Thorne. In his drunken state he mistakes her for Darla. Phoebe is thrilled when Ridge tells her how well things are going with Ashley. Rick finds out that Ashley slept with Ridge and warns her off of him. Ashley tells Rick that she must come clean with Ridge over their fling. Phoebe sees Rick and Ashley in a close embrace. Ashley goes to Ridge to confess all but gets caught up in a kiss. Phoebe guesses that Ashley is the woman whom Rick slept with and he admits the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #5112
    Ep. #5112
    Episode 90
    Taylor tells Stephanie about her encounter with Thorne. Stephanie is worried when Taylor suggests that Thorne is growing dependant on alcohol. Taylor advises Stephanie to keep an eye on Thorne and to call her if he needs help. Thorne sobs to Donna about how much he misses Darla. Donna has to carry Thorne out of the bar when he is unable to walk. Donna puts Thorne to bed and realises she has a way to get even with Stephanie. Donna removes her clothes and gets into bed with a drunk Thorne. Rick confesses to Phoebe his entire history with Ashley. She runs out in tears when she learns that they slept together in Mexico. Rick informs Ashley that Phoebe now knows about them. Ashley rushes to Ridge before it’s too late, but Phoebe has already told him everything.moreless
  • Ep. #5113
    Ep. #5113
    Episode 91
    Brooke visits her kids, but Stephanie is quick to get rid of her when it’s time to leave. Stephanie warns Brooke to keep Donna away from her. Thorne is stunned when he wakes up to find Donna by his side. Thorne finds it hard to remember anything. Donna tells him that they connected over drinks and ended up making love. Brooke calls Donna and asks her not to antagonize Stephanie. Donna plays the victim and lays the guilt on Thorne for his hazy memory of the evening. Rick tries calling Phoebe but she ignores him. Phoebe heads to see Constantine and he introduces her to Lil’ Keesha; the newest name signed to his record label. Ridge is furious with Ashley for not telling him about her fling with Rick. Ashley desperately tries to explain, but Ridge condemns her for devastating Phoebe. Ashley tells Ridge that she loves him, but it falls on deaf ears.moreless
  • Ep. #5114
    Ep. #5114
    Episode 92
    Ashley tells Stephanie that she and Ridge have broken up. Stephanie is disappointed but tells Ashley not to give up. Stephanie offers her support and promises Ashley that she will have Ridge again. Rick tells Bridget that Phoebe knows that he slept with Ashley. Bridget advises him to allow her to cool off, but Rick feels he can’t wait. Taylor and Brooke are stunned when Ridge tells them about Rick and Ashley. Rick arrives and Taylor confronts him about hurting Phoebe. Ridge orders Rick to keep away from his daughter. Brooke is saddened as she supported the relationship. Phoebe hears the commotion and decides that she must speak with Rick. Phoebe tells Rick that she doesn’t regret what they shared. Rick insists they can still have a future, but she tells him that their relationship is over.moreless
  • Ep. #5115
    Ep. #5115
    Episode 93
    Donna and Jackie have lunch and they are concerned that Brooke isn’t taking proper care of herself since losing the kids. Stephanie walks in with Hope and RJ and Donna confronts her. Donna knows that Stephanie’s plan is to win full custody of the kids. Stephanie scoffs that there isn’t anything Donna can do to hurt her. Jackie is suspicious of Donna when she sees her rush off to speak with Thorne. He asks Donna to dinner as a way to apologise for forgetting their evening together. Brooke thinks that Rick should move on from Phoebe when Rick says that he is determined to win her back. Constantine learns that Phoebe and Rick have split up. Phoebe is unsure about participating in a music concert Constantine has arranged, but agrees to do so when he thinks it could kick start her career. Rick tells Phoebe that he will prove his love for her.moreless
  • Ep. #5116
    Ep. #5116
    Episode 94
    Phoebe wonders if Ridge is only staying away from Ashley for her sake. Phoebe tells her father not to end his relationship with Ashley. Phoebe promises that she is okay with them still being together. Constantine promotes the upcoming concert. Rick tries to get in on the action but only ends up coming to blows with Constantine. Phoebe yells at them to stop arguing with one another. Ashley realises that Ridge is working from home to avoid her. Stephanie decides to have words with Ridge. Stephanie tries to make Ridge see that Ashley makes him happy, she adds that Ashley made a simple mistake. Ridge tells her that sleeping with Rick wasn’t the issue, but hurting Phoebe is what he can not forgive. Ashley seeks forgiveness from Ridge. She openly expresses her feelings for him and begs him not to allow their chance at happiness slip away.moreless
  • Ep. #5117
    Ep. #5117
    Episode 95
    Ashley is busy pleading for Ridge’s forgiveness when Stephanie barges in with Abby, Ally, Hope and RJ with plans to have a barbecue. Ashley helps Eric prepare the food, while Stephanie pushes Ridge to reconcile with Ashley. Stephanie and Eric watch from the garden as Ridge takes Ashley inside. Ridge confesses his love for Ashley and they get back together. Donna realizes just how much Brooke misses the kids when she finds her sister watching a DVD of Hope and RJ. Donna heads to Thorne’s place to have dinner. She takes his pills away from him and makes him admit he has a problem. Donna promises Thorne that she can be there to help him. She blindfolds Thorne and begins to seduce him. Donna decides that the next step of her plan is to have Thorne marry her.moreless
  • Ep. #5118
    Ep. #5118
    Episode 96
    Stephanie and Phoebe appear on The Rich Ginger Show to promote the new fragrance. Stephanie soon turns the mood sour when she begins bashing Brooke and Donna. Eric, Ridge, Felicia and Ashley watch the show from the office and they are stunned by the comments Stephanie makes. Brooke watches the show with Jackie and Clarke at Forrester Creations and Brooke is unable to control herself when Stephanie rejoices in the fact that Brooke is out of her family. Thorne spends some time with Donna and is furious when he witnesses Stephanie insulting Donna. Later, the family comes down on Stephanie but she refuses to believe she has done anything wrong. Thorne unleashes his fury on Stephanie. Donna promises Brooke that they will get their revenge. Donna begins looking into Las Vegas wedding chapels when Thorne suggests they take a trip away together.moreless
  • Ep. #5119
    Ep. #5119
    Episode 97
    Stephanie tries to rectify things with Thorne following their argument but he tells her that he is going out of town. Jackie is stunned when she learns that Donna plans on having Thorne marry her in Las Vegas. Jackie thinks that Donna’s revenge is a dangerous game. Nick tells Brooke that her strength will have her kids back in no time. Nick notices that Taylor’s pregnancy is starting to show. Taylor still struggles with her guilt for the role she played in having Brooke’s children taken away. Stephanie visits Ridge and warns him about feeling any kind of sympathy for Brooke. Stephanie hopes he will concentrate on Ashley. Stephanie runs into Andy Johnson at the Café Russe and realizes he is the man that tried hitting on Brooke the night she left the kids alone. Brooke begs Ridge to keep Stephanie out of her life.moreless
  • Ep. #5120
    Ep. #5120
    Episode 98
    Taylor has another scan at the hospital with Nick at her side. Bridget quickly ushers Carl out when he wants to blab to Taylor. Bridget confronts Carl and makes it clear that there was no mix up with the eggs. Stephanie pushes Andy to pursue Brooke. Stephanie acts as if she is concerned for Brooke. Stephanie suggests that Andy buy her a gift. Nick visits Brooke and offers his support when Brooke sobs that her life is empty. Stephanie tells Taylor that she guesses Brooke will soon find another man and her children will take the back seat again. Andy shows up at Brooke’s place under the disguise of a deliveryman. Brooke doesn’t quite recognise him. He delivers a birdcage as a gift, with a card from a secret admirer. Donna tells Thorne that they can’t have a future together as Stephanie won’t allow it. Scared of losing her after becoming attached so soon, Thorne suggests they get married.moreless
  • Ep. #5121
    Ep. #5121
    Episode 99
    Brooke thinks the birdcage is from Nick, but is surprised when he tells her that it isn’t. Brooke shows that she still cares for him deeply. Brooke calls Stephanie to speak to the kids but Stephanie refuses and threatens to have her thrown in jail if she comes by the house. Eric tells Stephanie his concerns of having Brooke as a business competitor. Stephanie feels they have very little to worry about. Stephanie is uneasy when Andy shows up at her door. He questions her on her interest in having him pursue Brooke. Stephanie pretends to act as matchmaker. Donna acts stunned by Thorne’s proposal. He tells her how he is unable to handle the loss of another woman after Darla and Taylor. Thorne buys Donna a diamond engagement ring and proposes again. Donna accepts as her plan comes together.moreless
  • Ep. #5122
    Ep. #5122
    Episode 100
    Rick tells Bridget how he plans on winning Phoebe back. Phoebe thinks she was a little too hasty in not giving Rick another chance. Ridge is furious and tells Phoebe not to change her mind. Phoebe says she can no longer confide in Ridge when he refuses to even listen to her feelings. Ashley tells Rick that she and Ridge are back together. Rick tells Ashley that he will win Phoebe back, but she is unsure on whether it is a wise move. Stephanie and Eric decide to head over to Thorne’s house with Ally to have a surprise barbecue for Thorne upon his return from Las Vegas. Donna and Thorne arrive back and Donna suggests that once they inform Ally of their engagement that they return to Las Vegas and marry right away. Stephanie shows up and catches Donna half naked. Stephanie flips and tries to throw Donna out. Thorne yells at Stephanie to take her hands off of his fiancée.moreless
  • Ep. #5123
    Ep. #5123
    Episode 101
    Jackie tells Nick that Donna and Thorne are engaged, informing Nick of Donna’s plan. Rick stresses how much Phoebe means to him. Rick feels he has acted like a fool, but Ashley tells him that if he is able to explain things to Phoebe, she should give him another chance. Phoebe watches Constantine record some new tracks. Constantine realizes just how much Phoebe misses Rick. Stephanie is stunned that Thorne and Donna are engaged. She begs Thorne to see sense that Donna is using him. Thorne throws Stephanie out. Thorne later has a coffee with Eric and informs him of his engagement. Eric is concerned about the suddenness of it all. Donna laughs with Jackie on the telephone about how her plan is coming together. Stephanie returns and issues Donna with a warning, but Donna rubs it in her face that she will be the daughter-in-law from hell.moreless
  • Ep. #5124
    Ep. #5124
    Episode 102
    Brooke learns of Donna's engagement. Brooke immediately guesses that Donna is only trying to get at Stephanie. Jackie drops in on Stephanie to rub salt in the wound over the engagement. Stephanie is stunned that Eric is in support of the wedding. Eric states that he knows too well how much a man needs comfort from a woman, as he has lack of it from Stephanie. Jackie warns Donna that she is going to have a tough fight on her hands with Stephanie. Jackie warns that when the men in the Forrester family stand up to Stephanie, she knocks them down. Stephanie desperately tries to convince Thorne not to marry Donna. Stephanie attempts to reach out to Thorne. He reminds her of the lack of love in his childhood, telling Stephanie that he needed her back then, but doesn't any more.moreless
  • Ep. #5125
    Ep. #5125
    Episode 103
    Ridge and Ashley try to entertain Hope, RJ and Abby. Hope and RJ say how much they miss their mother and ask when they can go home. Ashley advises Ridge to follow his instincts when he feels it’s time for Brooke to have her kids returned. Brooke has a meeting with Dorothy Bascomb. Brooke manages to convince Dorothy that she is stable enough to now take care of her children. Stephanie asks Taylor to help her in acquiring full custody of Hope and RJ. Taylor refuses without hesitation. Stephanie is disheartened when Dorothy informs her that she is going to speak with the Judge to have Brooke’s kids returned to her. Stephanie pushes Dorothy to pay Brooke a surprise visit to catch her out when she isn’t so well prepared. Stephanie calls Ridge and begs him to help her fight Brooke’s custody rights but his mind is made up. Stephanie decides Andy is her last hope. She calls him to push him toward Brooke. Andy later finds Brooke at Café Russe and she recognises him as the deliveryman. Andy confesses that he is her secret admirer.moreless
  • Ep. #5126
    Ep. #5126
    Episode 104
    Phoebe confides in Constantine about her feelings for Rick. She pays Rick a visit and he lunges at her with a kiss. Phoebe is furious but he questions her on how it made her feel. Nick confronts Stephanie over her attempts to involve Taylor in her crusade against Brooke. Nick warns Stephanie that he will always look out for Brooke. Stephanie smugly tells Nick that Brooke will mess things up all on her own. Felicia has dinner with Constantine at Café Russe. Constantine tells her that he wants to give all the proceedings from the concert to cancer research. They share another kiss. Felicia sees Brooke having a drink with Andy and informs Stephanie. Brooke is a little uneasy when she realises that Andy is the man that tried hitting on her the night she left the kids alone. Andy manages to get her to stay when he tells her that he is a lawyer and can help her get her kids back. A photographer spots Brooke and begins taking photographs of her with Andy before being removed by security. Andy follows Brooke home and she is stunned when she finds him standing in her living room.moreless
  • Ep. #5127
    Ep. #5127
    Episode 105
    Phoebe tells Rick that what they had is over and they can never get the feeling back. Rick begs Phoebe to see that things can be better between them second time around and he asks for another chance. Stephanie is annoyed when Felicia informs her that Brooke left the restaurant without Andy. Felicia visits Constantine following their dinner and tells him that she can’t get him out of her mind. Brooke grows nervous when Andy invites himself to have a drink in her home. She is unable to get him to leave despite asking numerous times. Andy eventually leaves but promises Brooke he will see her soon. Stephanie calls Andy and continues to push him to chase Brooke. Andy becomes angry at Brooke’s rejection and manages to enter the house using a spare key located under a flowerpot. Andy jumps Brooke in her bedroom, she attempts to escape but he slaps her, knocks her to the floor and begins ripping off her clothing.moreless
  • Ep. #5128
    Ep. #5128
    Episode 106
    Nick still has concerns about Brooke and shares them with Taylor. She stresses that she is okay if he wishes to pay Brooke a visit, but he decides to spend time with his wife, especially when Taylor admits that she still feels guilty over the words she said at Brooke’s court hearing. Stephanie calls Dorothy to see if she followed her advice and paid Brooke a late night visit. Eric overhears and is furious with Stephanie’s meddling, although she stands by the fact that she is simply looking out for the children. Andy rapes Brooke. Andy taunts Brooke that she can't report him as his connections in law can prevent her from ever seeing her kids again. Dorothy shows up at the house, Andy hides but threatens Brooke to keep quiet. Dorothy notices Brooke’s emotional state and later voices her concerns to Stephanie. Andy tries to rape Brooke again, but she manages to fight him off with a knife. Brooke sobs in the shower as she attempts to clean the filth from her body.moreless
  • Ep. #5129
    Ep. #5129
    Episode 107
    Brooke has the security increased at her home. Dorothy visits Brooke with a trainee named John. He touches Brooke and she freaks out. Dorothy is so concerned over Brooke’s behavior that she cancels the custody court hearing. Stephanie is thrilled when she hears of this and begins plotting with her lawyer to go after full custody. Ridge sees a photograph in the newspaper of Brooke dining with Andy. Ridge begins to come around to Stephanie’s way of thinking when he too shares her concerns about Brooke. Jackie and Donna learn that the hearing has been called off. Donna guesses Stephanie had something to do with it. Donna is furious and digs her claws further into Thorne in retaliation. Bridget drops in on Brooke and is disturbed by her physical state. Bridget notices her bruises and demands that Brooke tell her what has happened.moreless
  • Ep. #5130
    Ep. #5130
    Episode 108
    Thorne decides that he is going to speak with Stephanie again about his plans to marry Donna. Stephanie pushes Ridge to go after full custody of Hope and RJ. Ridge thinks that he needs to speak with Brooke to see why the hearing was cancelled. Stephanie stands firm that the kids would be better off with Ridge. Thorne and Donna drop in. Ridge gives them his support but Stephanie refuses to discuss it. Thorne takes Ridge aside and advises him not to allow Stephanie to control him any longer. Thorne supports Donna by telling Ridge to allow Brooke to have full custody. Stephanie flips out and accuses Donna of turning Thorne against her. Bridget guesses that Brooke has been raped. Brooke confesses the entire story. Bridget wants to call the police, but Brooke tells her that nobody can know as Andy can stop her getting her kids back. Bridget is destroyed by what has happened to her mother and vows to protect her always.moreless
  • Ep. #5131
    Ep. #5131
    Episode 109
    Phoebe prepares herself for the concert. Constantine presents Felicia with a check for cancer research from the ticket sales. Constantine becomes a little jealous when the concert promoter flirts with Felicia. Ashley attempts to apologise to Phoebe, while Rick again tries in vain to win her back. Stephanie’s lawyer tells her that he located Deacon in Las Vegas and he has given up all parental rights to Hope. Stephanie pushes Ridge to sign the custody papers. Ridge does so, but later tells Ashley that he will retract them if Brooke can take care of the kids. Bridget continues to support Brooke. Nick shows up and knows something is wrong. Bridget tries to get rid of him. Brooke promises that she will talk to him when she’s ready. Bridget leaves to attend the concert. Stephanie arrives and taunts Brooke that she has lost her kids.moreless
  • Ep. #5132
    Ep. #5132
    Episode 110
    The concert begins. Taylor gives Phoebe some flowers and wishes her good luck. Donna and Thorne attend, along with Ridge and Ashley. Bridget and Eric secure themselves a seat, while Nick joins Taylor in the audience. CJ, Felicia and Madison watch on the judges’ panel. Jon McLaughlin performs, followed by Elliott Yamin. Constantine also belts out a number. The moment arrives to determine whether the fans wish to hear Phoebe sing with Constantine, or with Rick. Meanwhile, Brooke orders Stephanie out of her house. Stephanie assumes Brooke seduced Andy. Brooke warns Stephanie that she has no idea what happened. Stephanie presents Brooke with the documents, signed by Ridge, to file for full custody. Brooke vows that Stephanie won’t get away with it.moreless
  • Ep. #5133
    Ep. #5133
    Episode 111
    The fans decide they want Phoebe to sing with Constantine. Following the performance, Phoebe sees how sad Rick is. She begins singing their duet and he joins her. Rick and Phoebe later share a kiss. Eric and Thorne stand by Donna when she tells Stephanie it’s time to end the Forrester/ Logan feud. Stephanie simply laughs. Brooke orders Ridge out when he shows up. Brooke feels that Stephanie has succeeded in turning Ridge against her. Ridge says he only wants a safe home for the kids. Brooke freaks when Ridge touches her. Brooke confesses that she was raped.moreless
  • Ep. #5134
    Ep. #5134
    Episode 112
    Clarke presents more useless designs. Jackie begins worrying that the company won’t be able to compete. Nick decides they must think up another way to hit Forrester Originals. Phoebe feels she is still not ready for a sexual relationship. Phoebe walks away from Rick. Stephanie and Ashley applaud Eric’s new collection. Eric is told he can not take out any more loans for production until he has paid up his debts with the bank. Ridge blames himself for Brooke’s rape. He tells her she will get her kids back. Ridge stakes out Café Russe waiting for Andy knowing he will be back when the bartender tells him that Andy left his cell phone there.moreless
  • Ep. #5135
    Ep. #5135
    Episode 113
    Donna suggests having her wedding at the Forrester estate. Stephanie refuses. Donna pretends to be upset at Stephanie’s attitude. Eric tells Thorne and Donna they are welcome to get married in his home. Jackie, Nick and Storm brainstorm ideas to get the better of Forrester Originals. Nick wonders if he can bankrupt Eric, remembering that he never pursued the lawsuit when Eric opened the new company and used the Forrester name. Brooke tells Bridget that Ridge has promised she will get her kids back. Andy races off when he sees Ridge. They end up on the roof at Café Russe. Andy tells Ridge that he had help in finding Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5136
    Ep. #5136
    Episode 114
    Rick tells Ashley that Phoebe has left him for good. Rick finds it hard to concentrate whilst working with Ashley as he remembers intimate times with her. Stephanie tries to reason with Thorne. He warns her to accept Donna or lose him as her son. Katie Logan returns to town. Katie visits Donna to wish her luck as a Forrester. Katie later has a run in with Stephanie and defends her sisters. Brooke tells Bridget how Andy knew things about her. Brooke wonders how he was able to get the information. Ridge demands the name of Andy’s accomplice. Andy is stunned by the sudden arrival of a guard, falls backward and electrocutes himself on a rooftop transformer. Ridge tells Brooke that Andy is dead. Ridge is determined to find out who helped Andy.moreless
  • Ep. #5137
    Ep. #5137
    Episode 115
    Nick and Jackie discuss how they are going to sue Forrester Originals for trademark infringement. Taylor gets heavy with Nick in his office as her pregnancy is making her amorous. Brooke is thrilled that Katie has returned home. Katie is happy that Ridge has decided to drop the custody battle. Stephanie is alarmed when Ashley informs her that she hasn’t heard from Ridge. Felicia thinks Stephanie should be informed that Ridge plans on returning the kids to Brooke. Stephanie tells Ashley that Brooke has her kids back, but doesn’t think it will affect Ashley’s relationship with Ridge. Brooke and the kids have an emotional reunion. Stephanie learns that Andy is dead whilst reading the newspaper.moreless
  • Ep. #5138
    Ep. #5138
    Episode 116
    Jackie tries to put Donna off marrying Thorne, but she is determined to go through with it. Thorne tells Donna that Ally is sick and he would like to postpone the wedding, however, once Donna seduces him he soon changes his mind. Ridge suggests that he and Brooke take the kids to the cabin so they can spend time together as a family. Rick puts doubt in Ashley’s mind over the bond that Ridge and Brooke share. Ashley grows insecure but Ridge promises her that their relationship is safe. Katie hears of the planned trip to the cabin and wonders whether Brooke and Ridge will reunite again. Brooke doesn’t want to get ahead of herself, but Katie feels they will never ever be over.moreless
  • Ep. #5139
    Ep. #5139
    Episode 117
    Stephanie is furious to see Donna arranging her living room into a wedding. Stephanie pushes Eric to talk Thorne out of marrying Donna. He refuses, believing Thorne is happy. Donna asks Katie to be her maid of honor to which she accepts. Felicia wishes Thorne all the best providing he truly wants Donna. Bridget arrives in support of the marriage. Jackie comes by and Eric uses the opportunity to try and convince Jackie to sell Forrester Creations back to him. Stephanie asks Katie to stop the wedding explaining that Donna is simply after revenge. Katie walks out telling Stephanie that Donna loves Thorne. Jackie pleads with Donna not to go through with the ceremony. Katie overhears Donna telling Jackie how the wedding is going to stick it to Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #5140
    Ep. #5140
    Episode 118
    Katie demands to know if Donna loves Thorne. Donna dodges the issue and simply tells her that she no longer wants to be alone. Donna adds that making Stephanie miserable is just a perk. Phoebe, Rick, Ashley, Clarke and Storm all arrive for the ceremony. Rick places more doubt in Ashley’s mind over Brooke and Ridge being at the cabin together. Jackie again attempts to talk Donna out of marrying Thorne but she insists she is going to do it. Stephanie tells Thorne that she doesn’t agree with his choice of bride, but is willing to stand by and accept it to keep the peace. Stephanie tells Eric she wishes someone would come through for her to stop the ceremony. Katie tells Thorne that Donna doesn’t love him.moreless
  • Ep. #5141
    Ep. #5141
    Episode 119
    Nick tries to get heavy with Taylor in his office; however she decides that she has to get over to the Forrester estate when Nick tells her that Donna is simply marrying Thorne to get revenge on Stephanie. Storm walks Donna up the aisle and she and Thorne begin to say their vows but Katie’s words that Donna is using him ring in Thorne’s mind. Thorne calls the wedding off. Stephanie is thrilled and quickly ushers the guests’ home. Donna tries desperately to explain things to Thorne to no avail. Donna rushes out but not before unleashing her fury on Katie. Thorne thanks Katie for her honesty. Jackie admits to Eric that she is relieved the wedding is off; Taylor shares those feelings when she comes by. Stephanie gloats that Donna’s plot failed. Donna vows that her revenge is far from finished.moreless
  • Ep. #5142
    Ep. #5142
    Episode 120
    Stephanie calls Katie over to thank her for stopping Thorne and Donna’s wedding. Katie makes it clear that she is not on Stephanie’s side and stands up for her sisters when Stephanie begins her insults. Felicia is surprised to find Katie at the Forrester estate. Katie asks for her help in stopping Stephanie’s war against her family. Brooke stays with Ridge whilst she is still vulnerable over the rape. Ridge promises Brooke that he will find the person whom tipped Andy off. Ridge hires a Private Investigator named Ed to do some background checks. Ridge remembers that the Café Russe bartender still has Andy’s cell phone. Ridge manages to get hold of it and hopes that the call log will lead him right to the culprit.moreless
  • Ep. #5143
    Ep. #5143
    Episode 121
    Ashley visits Eric for some reassurance in regards to her relationship with Ridge. Eric tells her that Ridge and Brooke will always love one another, but Eric adds that maybe it’s time for Ridge to move past Brooke now. Felicia drops in on Brooke and tells her how Katie looked to her help in ending the Forrester/ Logan feud. Felicia suggests the best way would be for Brooke to walk away from Ridge for good. Brooke is angered that Felicia is playing Stephanie’s lap dog and ends up revealing her rape. Felicia is stunned but understands Ridge and Brooke’s sudden closeness. Ridge and Ed meet with Andy’s prior secretary Eileen. She tells of how much of a pig Andy was and informs them of how he sexually harassed her. Ridge is stunned when he finds Stephanie’s phone number within the call log on Andy’s cell phone.moreless
  • Ep. #5144
    Ep. #5144
    Episode 122
    Felicia pushes Brooke to report her rape to the police rather than letting Ridge handle the situation. Felicia fears that Ridge has been in too much trouble with law and can’t keep taking things into his own hands. Bridget worries about Brooke being hurt again when, following a visit, Brooke talks of how close she and Ridge have become again. Brooke says that the history she shares with Ridge will always mean more than anything Ridge could ever have with Ashley. Ridge refuses to believe that Stephanie had anything to do with Brooke’s rape. Ed makes him see that it’s the only plausible answer. Ridge rushes off to find Stephanie but runs into Eric. Ridge tells of Brooke’s rape and Stephanie’s connection to Andy. Eric is sickened, while Ridge tells a horrified Brooke that Stephanie was Andy’s accomplice.moreless
  • Ep. #5145
    Ep. #5145
    Episode 123
    Bridget notices how shaken Eric is. He confesses that he knows of Brooke’s rape. Eric grows angrier with Stephanie as Bridget sobs over the horrific bruises Andy left on Brooke’s body. Eric comes across the napkin with Andy’s number that he gave to Brooke at Café Russe as he looks through Stephanie’s things. He finally accepts that Stephanie was the accomplice. Brooke refuses to believe that Stephanie could be so evil as to set a rapist on her. Ridge points out the facts to a distraught Brooke. Ridge attempts to get a hold of Stephanie to no avail. Brooke leaves her a heated phone message informing her of the rape. Ridge and Brooke head to the Forrester estate only to find a letter left by Stephanie where she confesses to knowing Andy. The letter finishes with an apology and a statement from Stephanie explaining that she has left town.moreless
  • Ep. #5146
    Ep. #5146
    Episode 124
    Although there is still tension between Donna and Katie they come together to support Brooke as they learn of her rape. Eric comes by with deepest apologies for Brooke. Donna and Katie are stunned to learn of Stephanie’s involvement and that she has left town. Donna later shares drinks with Eric and wonders whether he will divorce Stephanie now. Donna manages to perk Eric’s spirits with a few compliments. Bridget has dinner with Carl at the Café Russe. Carl brings up the subject of Taylor’s IVF but Bridget refuses to believe there is even an issue any longer. Nick and Taylor run into Bridget and ask her to be godmother to their baby. Bridget calls Nick accidentally by leaning on her cell phone whilst having a heated argument with Carl over the IVF mix up. Nick overhears everything.moreless
  • Ep. #5147
    Ep. #5147
    Episode 125
    Brooke thanks Ridge for being there for her in the aftermath of her rape. Brooke tells Ridge how being with him has reminded her of all he means to her. Ridge pulls away from her comments and Brooke realises that Ridge wishes to continue his relationship with Ashley. Taylor is surprised by a visit from Ashley. Taylor senses that Ashley is feeling insecure with Ridge due to Brooke. Taylor warns her to never let her guard down with Brooke. Taylor admits that she is thankful that Brooke is no longer an issue with Nick. Bridget is annoyed when Carl continues to spout on about Taylor’s IVF. Bridget gets rid of him when Nick comes by. Nick confronts Bridget over what he heard on the phone. Bridget is forced to confess the truth, but insists that it’s extremely unlikely that Brooke’s eggs were used in the IVF.moreless
  • Ep. #5148
    Ep. #5148
    Episode 126
    Ridge calls Ashley asking to meet. Ashley gives Ridge the cold shoulder for spending so much time with Brooke. Ridge apologises and promises to make it up to Ashley. Ridge stresses that Ashley is the woman he wants to be with. She forgives him and they make love. Brooke moves back into her old place. Katie decides to stay with her a while. Katie realises that Brooke wants to be with Ridge again. Katie jokes that Ashley had better watch out. Nick doesn’t know how to handle the news that Taylor may be carrying Brooke’s baby. Nick orders Bridget to secrecy and decides that he will deal with the situation once the baby is born. Taylor later tells Nick about Ashley’s visit. Nick feels uneasy when Taylor admits how glad she is that Brooke is no longer an issue for them.moreless
  • Ep. #5149
    Ep. #5149
    Episode 127
    Donna and Thorne manage to make peace with one another. Thorne thanks Donna for taking him out of his depression and adds that he doesn’t hold any hard feelings. Donna informs Eric of the meet and he tells her how he admires her for helping Thorne. Ashley is furious when Ridge wakes up and declines going in to work with her to meet with Brooke instead. Ashley demands to know what Brooke’s crisis is for it to need so much of Ridge’s time but he is unable to tell her. Ashley storms out. Nick wonders if the mother of Taylor’s baby can be determined before the birth but Bridget informs him it's not possible. Nick comforts Brooke when she informs him of her rape. Nick is angry when Brooke tells him of her plans to reunite with Ridge. Ridge asks Brooke's permission to inform Ashley of the rape but she refuses. Brooke tells Ridge that she wants him back.moreless
  • Ep. #5150
    Ep. #5150
    Episode 128
    Eric gives Donna a tour of the Forrester estate. Donna feels that being married to Stephanie has killed Eric inside. Eric encourages Donna to take a dip in the pool and after she manages to lift his mood and make him feel young and care free again, they share a kiss. Rick and Ashley work together on a new fragrance. Rick bashes Ridge and plants yet more doubt in Ashley’s mind over the bond between Brooke and Ridge. Ashley takes some chill out time in the company sauna and is shocked when a scantly clad Rick comes in and gives her a massage. Brooke tries to make Ridge see that they can be together for good now that Stephanie is no longer around but Ridge is evasive. However, he later buys an engagement ring and invites Brooke to dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #5151
    Ep. #5151
    Episode 129
    Eric apologises to Donna for kissing her. Donna hides when Felicia comes by. Felicia informs Eric that Constantine has gone on tour and would like her to come join him in Seattle. Felicia is concerned when Eric informs her that he doesn’t know or care where Stephanie is. Felicia begs Eric not to leave Stephanie. Donna signs for a letter from Stephanie. She is tempted to burn it but does give it to Eric. He doesn’t want to read it but instead kisses Donna again. Ashley refuses to listen to anymore words of hate from Rick regarding Ridge. Ashley decides that she has to see Ridge. Brooke has dinner with Ridge and assumes that he wants to be with her. Once alone, Brooke finds the ring and quickly puts in on her finger. Ashley walks in and is stunned to see Brooke wearing an engagement ring.moreless
  • Ep. #5152
    Ep. #5152
    Episode 130
    Eric tells Donna that he doesn’t want to take advantage of her, but later finds her in his bed. Eric stops himself with Donna due to still being married to Stephanie. Donna manages to convince Eric that he doesn’t owe Stephanie anything. Thorne gives Katie a photograph of them together at Ridge and Brooke’s first wedding and they laugh over old times. Thorne invites Katie to accompany him to a new club downtown sometime. Brooke is devastated when Ridge tells her the ring is for Ashley. Brooke begs Ridge to give her another chance. He tells Brooke they never work out as a couple and are simply not meant to be together. Brooke sobs with Katie comforting her. Ridge proposes to Ashley and she accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #5153
    Ep. #5153
    Episode 131
    Brooke tells Nick how Ridge proposed to Ashley. Nick feels now is the time for Brooke to move on, but she stuns him by declaring that she is going to fight Ashley. Ridge and Ashley glow in the excitement of their engagement. Phoebe tells Taylor that she is ok with Ridge and Ashley’s relationship, no longer blaming Ashley for the break-up with Rick. Taylor offers her full support to Ridge, but he warns her that as he is no longer available Brooke may try and steal Nick back. Rick issues a warning to Ashley to watch her back as Brooke won’t accept a defeat where Ridge is concerned. Brooke confronts Ashley and tells of how she will get Ridge back. Brooke advises her to walk away from Ridge now.moreless
  • Ep. #5154
    Ep. #5154
    Episode 132
    Donna thinks that Eric wants to say goodbye when he sends her some flowers and wishes to meet with her. Donna is surprised that it’s the opposite as Eric tells her that he can’t walk away from her and then invites her to dinner. Ridge and Ashley announce their engagement. Thorne, Felicia and Phoebe give their congratulations while Rick remains silent. Ashley informs Ridge how Brooke confronted her. Ridge feels that Brooke will be too busy with her kids and work to do anything. Nick, Jackie, Brooke and Clarke have a meeting to discuss the financial trouble the company is in. Jackie and Clarke push Brooke be the face of the Bedroom Line again. Nick refuses due to Brooke’s delicate state following the rape. Brooke agrees to do it knowing it could be the only way to save Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #5155
    Ep. #5155
    Episode 133
    Katie tells Ridge how Brooke is going to be modelling lingerie for Forrester Creations. They worry that she isn’t ready to flaunt sex appeal following the rape. Ridge rushes off to find Brooke. Ashley is not happy and warns Katie that the Logan sisters had better back off. Ridge vents his fury at Nick, but Brooke jumps in and says she wants to model. The fashion show fails to cause any excitement as the audience awaits Brooke’s entrance. Donna is hurt as she overhears Jackie say that Brooke is the most important asset to the company. Donna makes sure Brooke is ok to go on the runway. As Brooke prepares to make her entrance she freaks out and thinks she sees Andy in the audience. Brooke rushes out and breaks down in the office, leaving Jackie and Nick thoroughly embarrassed on stage, while Ridge comforts a sobbing Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5156
    Ep. #5156
    Episode 134
    Donna tells Eric about the disaster at the fashion show. Donna vents her fury toward Stephanie for damaging Brooke. Donna suggests that Eric will be able to buy Forrester Creations back soon as it won’t be long until it goes under. Brooke feels disgusted with herself for encouraging women to flaunt their sexuality. Ridge comforts Brooke. Nick offers his support to Brooke and assures her that everything will be fine. Jackie frets the company is destroyed, she attempts to do damage control with the press. Rick tells Ashley that Ridge went to the preview for Brooke’s Bedroom. Ashley calls Ridge and is furious with him for rushing off to Brooke’s aide again. Ridge takes Brooke to see a counselor where she opens up about the rape.moreless
  • Ep. #5157
    Ep. #5157
    Episode 135
    Ashley gives Ridge the cold shoulder in spite of his apologies. Ashley demands to know why Brooke needs him so desperately and Ridge finally admits to her that Brooke was raped. Nick sends Brooke home and asks her to brainstorm new ideas to save the company. Eric finds Stephanie’s gun, the sight of it makes Donna nervous. Donna suggests Eric approach Nick with a deal to buy Forrester Creations. Donna feels Nick will sell knowing it will go solely to Eric as his marriage to Stephanie is over. Brooke tells Katie about Ridge’s support. Katie hopes Brooke doesn’t read more in to it, but Brooke says Ashley will soon be Ridge’s past. Jackie is intrigued by the news of Stephanie’s disappearance. Eric makes Nick a deal. Donna pushes Nick to sign the company over, explaining that Stephanie is out of the family; he has his revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #5158
    Ep. #5158
    Episode 136
    Nick hands Eric a proposition; he will sell him Forrester Creations on the condition that Stephanie has no connection to the company, as such Eric will have to divorce her. Donna rushes home with Eric and urges him to consider Nick’s proposal. Donna is stunned when Eric has concerns on divorcing Stephanie. Donna guesses Eric will be better off with Stephanie out of his life. Nick is shocked when Jackie begins thinking of the possibility of romance with Eric again if he becomes divorced. Brooke brings RJ to see Ridge before taking him on a school camping trip. Brooke is angered that Ashley knows of her rape. Ashley sympathizes but advises Brooke to let go of Ridge. Brooke scoffs at her suggestion. Ashley notices Ridge’s mind is still on Brooke. He admits he is deeply concerned for her. Brooke sleeps at the cabin and begins having visions of Andy.moreless
  • Ep. #5159
    Ep. #5159
    Episode 137
    Eric refuses to be blackmailed out of his marriage. Jackie and Donna push Eric to divorce Stephanie and take back his company. Eric finally agrees to divorce Stephanie and the papers are signed. Eric is thrilled he has Forrester Creations back, but Donna is angered when Eric says that he needs to give the divorce serious thought before going through with it. Eric does thank Donna for bringing a new light into his life. Ashley and Ridge make further wedding plans. Ashley is stunned when she sees that Stephanie’s name isn’t on the guest list. Brooke calls Ridge as she freaks out seeing images of Andy and he rushes off to be with her. Ashley later goes looking for Ridge in his office and wonders where he is. Ridge comforts Brooke. She asks him to stay the night but he is unsure. Ridge decides to stay when RJ asks him too.moreless
  • Ep. #5160
    Ep. #5160
    Episode 138
    Nick packs his things at Forrester Creations and questions Donna on whether she intends on staying around once Eric takes over. Donna is a little confused on his line of questioning and he flat out accuses her of sleeping with Eric. Jackie makes herself comfortable in a bubble bath in Eric’s bedroom. Eric is stunned to see her there as she attempts to entice him into the tub. Jackie is horrified when Donna walks in naked and realizes that the two are involved. Jackie pushes Donna into the tub and warns that their friendship is over. Rick calls Brooke and learns that Ridge is at the cabin with her. Rick informs Ashley and she yells at him when he says Ridge will end up marrying Brooke again. Brooke tells Ridge she wants to reunite their family. Ridge tells her that he is going to marry Ashley. Ridge decides not to stay the night after all. Ashley calls Brooke and warns her to back off.moreless
  • Ep. #5161
    Ep. #5161
    Episode 139
    Bridget tells Nick there is a new procedure they can carry out to determine who the mother of Taylor’s baby is but Taylor would need to know why they are carrying out the tests. Jackie and Nick return to work at Jackie M Boutiques, Jackie is livid as she informs Nick how she caught Donna and Eric together. Everyone gathers at Forrester Creations to welcome Eric; toasting to taking both Forrester labels to the top. Brooke and Donna both decide to stay on at the company, but Eric mentions he has no intention of keeping Clarke. Thorne later walks in on a kiss between Donna and Eric. Ashley gives Ridge the brush off again due to Brooke. Ridge agrees to attend another counseling session with Brooke. Ashley fumes at Brooke and gets a slap when she accuses Brooke of using her rape to lure Ridge in.moreless
  • Ep. #5162
    Ep. #5162
    Episode 140
    Thorne accuses Eric of being a fool for being duped by Donna. Thorne demands to know how Eric could betray Stephanie. Donna insists her feelings for Eric are real but Thorne doesn’t buy it. Eric tells Thorne that Stephanie has gone too and he is unable to forgive her. Donna is happy to hear Eric defend her to Thorne. Brooke and Ashley have it out. Brooke is sure she will get Ridge back and advises Ashley to walk away gracefully. Ashley is stunned by Brooke’s revelation that Stephanie set Andy on her. Ashley thinks Ridge is only supporting Brooke out of guilt. Ashley asks Ridge not to give Brooke mixed signals and he tells Brooke he can no longer accompany her to her counselling sessions. Brooke glares at Ashley and heads to her session alone. Ridge later shows up determined to lay his cards on the table with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5163
    Ep. #5163
    Episode 141
    Katie visits Thorne and learns of Donna’s involvement with Eric. Katie is disgusted and wonders how far Donna will go to get her revenge against Stephanie. Thorne is glad Katie sees Donna in the same light he does. Ashley tries to get some reassurance from Eric in regards to her relationship with Ridge. Ashley makes it clear she doesn’t plan on stepping aside for Brooke. Donna questions Eric again on what he plans to do if and when Stephanie returns. Eric tells her he simply doesn’t know but adds he can’t forget how good Donna has been for him. Ridge tells Brooke they need to bring any idea of romance between them to a close once and for all. Brooke gives Ridge a photo album of memories which plays on his emotions.moreless
  • Ep. #5164
    Ep. #5164
    Episode 142
    Donna is impressed with Brooke’s actions when she hears of the photo album she gave to Ridge. Brooke is positive that Ridge will leave Ashley now. Katie tells Donna she is disgusting for seducing Eric. Donna tries defending herself but Katie’s opinions remain unchanged. Bridget tells Nick there is no way to find out the true parentage of his child without Taylor knowing. Nick decides he’d rather not know. Felicia and Jackie throw a baby shower for Taylor. Jackie thanks Taylor for being able to give Nick the child he so desperately needs. Ashley finds the photo album and is furious that Ridge accepted it from Brooke. Ashley tells Ridge she is going to Paris on business and asks him to decide on what he really wants by the time she gets back. Ridge tells Brooke his future is with Ashley, however a kiss goodbye turns passionate.moreless
  • Ep. #5165
    Ep. #5165
    Episode 143
    Ridge pulls away from Brooke and insists she needs to move on. Brooke stands by her views that Ridge will always love her more than any other woman. Rick prepares himself for his business trip to Paris, Ridge jokes that maybe Rick should stay there. Rick says he wants to stay in Los Angeles if not only to see Ridge’s life fall apart with the mess he is causing between Brooke and Ashley. Nick brings Thomas back to town as a surprise for Taylor. Nick wonders on the chances of getting Steffy there too, but Thomas says it will be impossible to pull her away from her studies in London. Donna and Brooke arrive for Taylor’s baby shower. The party turns sour as tension builds between Jackie and Donna as well as snide remarks flying between Brooke and Ashley. Taylor is fearful that it’s far too soon as her water suddenly breaks.moreless
  • Ep. #5166
    Ep. #5166
    Episode 144
    Nick rushes Taylor to the hospital as Bridget assists. Doctor Caron prepares to deliver the baby alongside Bridget and a nurse. Jackie, Thomas and Phoebe worry that the baby is premature but Bridget is positive. Carl mentions to Bridget he can prepare some tests to determine the mother of the baby but Bridget snaps at him. Brooke rushes off to tell Ridge that Taylor is in labor. Ridge is shocked by her concern for Taylor. Donna tells Eric of Katie’s attitude toward their relationship. Eric tells her that he wants to put off telling the family about them for as long as possible. Felicia walks in on them kissing and is furious. Felicia demands to know how Eric could betray Stephanie. Taylor gives birth to a healthy baby boy.moreless
  • Ep. #5167
    Ep. #5167
    Episode 145
    Felicia demands to know what Stephanie did that was so bad for Eric to turn his back on her. Eric informs Felicia of Stephanie’s involvement in Brooke’s rape. Felicia refuses to believe it and issues Donna with a warning to stay away. Some routine tests are run on the baby and Bridget takes some of the blood to run a maternity test. Doctor Caron devastates Nick and Taylor by informing them that the baby has a low white blood cell count and needs a bone marrow transplant. Taylor knows she can’t help, but Nick agrees to have some tests run to see if he is a match. Doctor Caron contacts Ann Lloyd, the egg donor, to see if she can donate her marrow. Carl pesters Bridget as they both anxiously await the maternity test results.moreless
  • Ep. #5168
    Ep. #5168
    Episode 146
    Ridge and Brooke have some glamour shots taken for Eye on Fashion. Brooke again tries her plea that she and Ridge belong together. Ridge and Brooke share another kiss and Brooke assumes that Ridge wants to be with her. Bridget is stunned as the maternity test confirms that Brooke is the mother of Taylor’s baby. Nick is devastated as Bridget reveals the truth. Nick learns he isn’t a match for the bone marrow operation. Doctor Caron arranges for Ann Lloyd to have her bone marrow extracted. Bridget barges in to the operating room and informs Doctor Caron that her mother’s eggs were used and Ann Lloyd’s marrow will be useless. Taylor is out of her mind with worry. Bridget calls Brooke to the hospital in desperate need of her bone marrow and Nick prepares to tell her the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #5169
    Ep. #5169
    Episode 147
    Ashley arrives in Paris and is surprised to find Rick in her suite. Rick flirts with her but she shuns his advances. Rick understands how serious Ashley is about Ridge, but wonders if Ridge feels the same about her. Katie comes home and finds Ridge there. Katie gets her hopes up for Brooke when Ridge tells her that he has made a decision about Brooke. Bridget and Nick break the news to Brooke about the egg mix up. Brooke is stunned that she is the baby’s biological mother and instantly agrees to donate her bone marrow. Brooke undergoes surgery, followed by the newborn baby. Taylor questions Bridget about the egg donor but she is evasive. Brooke meets the baby and bonds with Nick over the miracle. Taylor goes looking for Nick and ends up in Brooke’s hospital room.moreless
  • Ep. #5170
    Ep. #5170
    Episode 148
    Donna admits to Eric that she has fallen in love with him. Donna sees that Eric is concerned about the backlash of their relationship following Felicia’s threats. Stephanie arrives home with Ann, having spent her time away in Chicago with her mother and Pam. Donna hides out back listening as Stephanie begs Eric for forgiveness. Nick manages to manoeuvre Taylor from seeing Brooke. Bridget is concerned as Brooke refers to the baby as hers. Taylor notices something is wrong with Nick and demands answers. Nick confesses to Taylor the entire story of the mix up with the eggs. Taylor breaks down after learning that Brooke is the mother of her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5171
    Ep. #5171
    Episode 149
    Eric tells Stephanie that her hatred for Brooke has destroyed their marriage. Stephanie begs Eric to understand why she behaves the way she does but he feels she has gone too far. Stephanie decides to apologise to Brooke, hoping it will mend fences with Eric. Donna questions Eric on whether he wants a future with her or with Stephanie. Phoebe tells Ridge how happy Taylor is following the birth of the baby. Ridge learns that Brooke was admitted to hospital and rushes to see her. Taylor accuses Brooke of wanting to take Nick and the baby away from her. Brooke assures Taylor that isn’t the case. Following some reassurance from Nick, Taylor thanks Brooke for donating her marrow. Ridge learns of Brooke’s marrow donation and seeks answers from Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5172
    Ep. #5172
    Episode 150
    Donna runs into Stephanie and unleashes her fury. Stephanie tries to defend her actions but Donna states that Stephanie led Andy straight to Brooke. Donna taunts that Stephanie’s plan backfired; informing her that Ridge and Brooke are closer than ever. Taylor is unable to get over the fact that Brooke is her baby’s mother. Nick insists that Brooke doesn’t have to be a factor, but Taylor feels Brooke will now be a part of their lives forever. Taylor and Nick decide to name the baby boy Jack. Ridge is stunned as Brooke informs him how her egg was used to create Nick and Taylor’s child. Ridge feels Brooke having a baby with Nick changes everything, but Brooke insists the baby is Taylor’s child. Brooke vows that she won’t allow this to cause her to lose Ridge again.moreless
  • Ep. #5173
    Ep. #5173
    Episode 151
    Felicia learns that Stephanie is back and pressures Eric to end things with Donna. Eric warns Felicia to stay out of his business. Stephanie attempts to explain herself to Ridge, but he blasts her for destroying Brooke. He warns that he will never forgive her and orders Stephanie to stay away from Brooke. Bridget prescribes some medication to Brooke to help with her pain following the surgery. Brooke has an emotional moment as she remembers back to her rape and Bridget consoles her. Felicia informs Bridget of Stephanie’s return; Bridget hopes Stephanie will stay away from Brooke as a confrontation could be catastrophic. Eric informs Brooke that Stephanie has come home. Brooke asks Eric to keep Stephanie away from her, however Stephanie later shows up at her door.moreless
  • Ep. #5174
    Ep. #5174
    Episode 152
    Thorne wonders what Stephanie could have done to cause Eric to turn to Donna, which leads to Katie confessing Brooke’s rape and Stephanie’s role in it. Thorne is disgusted although Katie doesn’t lay all the blame on Stephanie. Eric and Ridge find it hard to concentrate on work, both equally concerned about Brooke. They worry about Stephanie confronting Brooke stating it could be very dangerous. Brooke orders Stephanie out of her house, but Stephanie is determined to apologise. Stephanie pushes Brooke to open up to her about the rape and Brooke emotionally spills every last detail. Stephanie reaches out to Brooke, taking full responsibility for her actions, Stephanie sincerely apologises for all she has done.moreless
  • Ep. #5175
    Ep. #5175
    Episode 153
    Ridge is concerned that baby Jack is now a tie between Brooke and Nick forever. Bridget advises him that it doesn’t have to be that way and she pushes him to reunite with Brooke. Ashley and Rick prepare to fly home from Paris. Rick notices a bundle of wedding invitations in Ashley’s belongings. Ridge calls Ashley and tells her that he loves her. Donna presents Eric with new promotions for Forrester Creations using him as the model. Donna makes Eric feel good as she tells him all he can accomplish. Brooke refuses to accept Stephanie’s apologies and orders her to leave. Stephanie continues to try to no avail. Stephanie later shows up at the office disgusted as she learns of Eric’s affair with Donna. Brooke makes another attempt to snatch Ridge; asking him to end things with Ashley.moreless
  • Ep. #5176
    Ep. #5176
    Episode 154
    Ridge tells Brooke about his concerns of baby Jack being her tie to Nick, but Ridge admits that he belongs with Brooke. She sobs as Ridge tells of all the mistakes he has made due to not being with her, they head to bed and make love. Stephanie accuses Donna of using Eric to get revenge as using Thorne didn’t work. Eric defends Donna before removing his wedding ring and asking Stephanie for a separation. Katie brings Thorne lunch and helps him sort out his office in the cutting room. A flirtation between them leads to a kiss which is witnessed by Donna. Eric tells Stephanie of the clause in the contract of his ownership of Forrester Creations that he must divorce her. Stephanie vows that she will fight Donna and refuses to lose Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #5177
    Ep. #5177
    Episode 155
    Brooke realises that Ridge is concerned over hurting Ashley; he decides to meet with her as she returns from Paris. Ashley is devastated when Ridge tells her that he and Brooke are back together. Ashley returns her engagement ring but is sceptical that Ridge can ever make a relationship work with Brooke. Katie informs Brooke that Donna is sleeping with Eric. Brooke is stunned and knows that Donna is going to have a fight on her hands with Stephanie. Donna and Stephanie go at it over Eric. Stephanie is confident that Donna is just a sex toy for Eric; determined that Eric won’t go through with a divorce. Donna believes she will be Eric’s new wife, insisting that Stephanie’s life with Eric is over forever.moreless
  • Ep. #5178
    Ep. #5178
    Episode 156
    Ridge feels a little guilty hurting Ashley but Brooke manages to convince him that he did the right thing. Nick visits Brooke asking her to bank some blood with the hospital as a safe guard for Jack in the future. Nick admits that Taylor is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that Brooke is the biological mother of Jack. Brooke insists she has no ties to the baby. Ridge isn’t pleased when he sees Nick in the house and he has him leave. Brooke assures Ridge that Nick is no longer a part of her life. Bridget attempts to console Taylor and pushes her to bond with Jack, but Taylor blasts Bridget; blaming her for the mix up with the eggs. Bridget offers to quit her job and allow Taylor to file a law suit if she wishes. Nick takes Taylor to see the baby and orders her to see that Jack is their child, not Brooke’s.moreless
  • Ep. #5179
    Ep. #5179
    Episode 157
    Nick brings Taylor home from the hospital where Jackie, Phoebe and Thomas are waiting. Taylor distances herself from the family and heads to her room to be alone. Jackie notices something is wrong but Nick doesn’t discuss it with her. Clarke meets with CJ and learns that Sally wants them to sell Spectra Fashions. Clarke suggests Sally come back to run the place, but CJ says she is enjoying her retirement in Saint Tropez too much to want to return to Los Angeles. Clarke approaches Nick and Jackie to be the new owners. Felicia learns of the mix up with Taylor’s IVF. Felicia warns Ridge that Brooke is going to feel a pull toward the baby and she may not be able to walk away from him. Bridget finds Brooke visiting Jack in the ICU. Bridget hands Brooke a document to dissolve her parental rights as an egg donor. Brooke confronts Taylor with the document promising that she won’t interfere in the baby’s life.moreless
  • Ep. #5180
    Ep. #5180
    Episode 158
    Nick has no interest in buying Spectra Fashions but Jackie has some serious ideas for the place. Clarke feels Jackie has the same spirit as Sally and they begin discussing ideas of how they can knock off Eric and Ridge’s designs. Nick finally agrees to put up the cash to buy the place but makes it clear that he is a silent partner and Jackie can run it. Jackie can’t wait to stick it to the Forresters’. Bridget and Ridge discuss their concerns regarding Jack. Bridget tells Ridge how she gave Brooke the document to dissolve her parental rights so Taylor can move forward. Brooke signs the papers but Taylor refuses to do the same. Brooke refers to the child as hers which infuriates Taylor. Brooke wants Taylor to be a good mother to the child but Taylor is unsure if she will ever be able to handle raising Brooke’s baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5181
    Ep. #5181
    Episode 159
    Nick supports Taylor as she sobs that she is unable to bond with Jack. Jack is later brought home from the hospital and Taylor is finally able to hold the baby. Stephanie beats herself up for losing Eric and the problems she has caused with Brooke. Felicia feels that Donna is no real threat to her parent’s marriage. Brooke questions Eric on his relationship with Donna. Eric beams as he talks about Donna. Brooke asks Donna if her feelings for Eric are genuine. Brooke is satisfied seeing the love between them. Donna attempts to push Brooke to seek revenge on Stephanie, but Brooke would rather just forget her. Donna finds Stephanie at the office and attempts to have her removed. Following a confrontation, Donna decides that Stephanie has to be stopped. Brooke orders Stephanie to stay away from her when Stephanie attempts to apologise again. Donna informs Nick of how Stephanie was responsible for Brooke being raped.moreless
  • Ep. #5182
    Ep. #5182
    Episode 160
    Jackie presents Clarke with the name for the new line, appropriately titled ‘M’. Clarke is a little concerned when Jackie prepares for a press conference and has a bathtub delivered. Jarrett and the other reporters go wild when a naked Jackie answers questions from the tub. Brooke is stunned as Stephanie begins asking her whether she supports Donna and Eric’s affair. Brooke walks out on Stephanie when the insults begin flying. Nick is disgusted as Donna details the events that led up to Brooke’s rape. Donna asks Nick to help her in dealing justice to Stephanie. Donna later runs into Stephanie again Donna warns her to watch her back. Nick demands answers from Brooke and gets a full confession from Brooke on what Stephanie did. Nick is furious but Brooke asks Nick to support her by not going after Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #5183
    Ep. #5183
    Episode 161
    Thorne and Felicia discuss ideas for the upcoming fashion show with Eric. Thorne suggests Eric bring Stephanie on stage but he flat out refuses. Eric instructs his children to accept that his marriage to Stephanie is over. Stephanie warns Donna that her relationship with Eric won’t last. Donna prays that Nick will stop Stephanie. Nick insists Stephanie has to be held accountable for her actions. Brooke asks him to forget it; wanting to put Stephanie behind her. Nick decides he has to confront Stephanie. Brooke is furious with Donna for telling Nick of Stephanie’s involvement in the rape and feels it will only cause more trouble. Donna realises she needs some more help and places a call to Stephen asking him to come to Los Angeles. Nick confronts Stephanie and threatens to kill her if she ever goes near Brooke again.moreless
  • Ep. #5184
    Ep. #5184
    Episode 162
    Donna lets Eric know that she has no expectations for their future together which he finds refreshing. Felicia walks in on a kiss between them and lets Donna have it. Nick comes by and threatens to take Eric to court if he doesn’t live up to the terms of ownership of the company by divorcing Stephanie. Eric stands his ground with Felicia and orders her to show some respect to Donna. Eric makes it clear that Felicia doesn’t run his life. Katie finds out from Brooke that Donna informed Nick of Stephanie’s role in her rape. Katie and Brooke vent their fury at Donna. Stephen arrives and Brooke is even more angered at Donna for calling him. Donna tells her family that they need to come together as a unit to not allow Stephanie to terrorise them anymore. Stephen demands answers. Brooke, being forced by Donna, tells him of the rape and Stephanie’s part in it.moreless
  • Ep. #5185
    Ep. #5185
    Episode 163
    Stephen is disgusted by what he hears and Brooke is furious with Donna for forcing her to tell him. Katie stands by Brooke when she says she only wants to put the rape behind her, but Stephen sides with Donna that Stephanie must be brought down. Eric visits Stephanie at her hotel suite to warn her about Nick’s anger toward her. Stephanie plays the role of the doting wife to try and win Eric’s affections. Donna later confesses to Eric that she told Nick of Stephanie’s involvement in Brooke’s rape. Eric is concerned when Donna informs him that Stephen is back in town and also knows of the rape. Donna insists that Stephanie needs to be held accountable for what she has done. Katie is surprised that Brooke believes Donna and Eric’s feelings for one another are genuine. Stephanie has a dead crow delivered to her hotel room courtesy of Stephen, followed by a visit from him. Stephen backs Stephanie toward her balcony. Standing her ground; she dares him to push her.moreless
  • Ep. #5186
    Ep. #5186
    Episode 164
    Brooke is distracted as she works with Ridge; worried about her father confronting Stephanie. Ridge manages to sooth her mind as they begin discussing wedding plans. Katie presents Eric with the latest fashion magazines which depict Jackie and the story of her purchase of Spectra Fashions. Katie begins throwing ideas of how they can counteract publicity back onto Eric; he is thrilled with her ideas and offers her a job at the company within public relations. Stephanie tells Stephen that she takes responsibility for her actions but throws blame back onto Stephen for abandoning his family and thus causing his daughters to run rampant with the men in her family looking for a father figure. The hotel bellman overhears Stephen threaten Stephanie as he storms out. Stephen evades security at Forrester Creations, but the guard is concerned by his anger. Upon barging into Eric’s office; Stephen finds Donna and Eric making love.moreless
  • Ep. #5187
    Ep. #5187
    Episode 165
    Brooke enquires about Jack’s condition and learns that Taylor is still having trouble bonding with the baby. Nick wonders if Taylor will ever come to terms with Brooke being the mother. Katie finds a gun in Brooke’s safe and Storm tells her of how Stephanie gave Brooke the gun urging her to kill herself. Storm decides to have the gun returned to Stephanie. Storm is furious when Katie tells him that Stephen is back in town. Stephen orders Eric to keep way from Donna. Stephen accuses Eric of using Donna, but she and Eric insist they love one another. Stephen finds it hard to accept. Storm runs into Stephen and anger mounts as the two discuss the past. Stephen informs Storm of Brooke’s rape. Katie is furious to find Storm waving the gun in front of Stephen and has it put in Brooke’s desk drawer. Eric tells Donna he wants her to model the showstopper at the fashion show and take centre stage with him.moreless
  • Ep. #5188
    Ep. #5188
    Episode 166
    Eric tells Donna that he loves her and decides it’s time to tell Stephanie that he is leaving her. Ridge urges Eric not to make any decisions on his love life until after the fashion show but Eric feels he has to be honest with Stephanie. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia make preparations for the fashion show and Felicia is surprised to see Jake Maclaine there, she learns he is working for the company now. Thorne and Felicia decide they have to intervene between Eric and Donna but Ridge advises them to stay out of it. Felicia refuses to allow Stephanie to be ridiculed. Donna informs Brooke and Katie that Eric is leaving Stephanie. Brooke is happy for her although Katie is a little dubious. Storm talks to Brooke about her rape and suggests she press charges against Stephanie, but the sisters are convinced that Stephanie is receiving justice by losing Eric. Stephanie tries to convince Eric to stay but he informs her of his love for Donna and bids Stephanie goodbye.moreless
  • Ep. #5189
    Ep. #5189
    Episode 167
    Eric tells Donna that he has left Stephanie and will be filing for divorce. Brooke, Storm and Katie offer their support. Eric is thrilled that he has them all working at Forrester Creations and even offers Storm a job as part of their legal team. Stephen isn’t impressed and shoots down Eric’s attempt of an olive branch. Stephen accuses Eric of stealing his family but Storm snaps that Stephen never had them to begin with. Ridge finds Stephanie in the show room and she attempts to rebuild their relationship. Stephanie tells him that she plans on being at the showing but Ridge advises her that it isn’t a wise idea. Ridge confronts Eric over leaving Stephanie and informs him that he won’t interfere if Donna truly makes him happy. The Logan clan run into Stephanie and an argument breaks out. Stephanie taunts Donna that she will be at the showing. Stephen warns Stephanie to leave his family alone or face the consequences.moreless
  • Ep. #5190
    Ep. #5190
    Episode 168
    The fashion show for Eric’s return to Forrester Creations begins. Brooke finds the gun in her office and wants it gotten rid of. Storm jokes that maybe Stephanie should use it on herself. Donna is wary of Stephanie attending the showing. Stephen is determined to make Stephanie pay for her actions. Eric is furious to find Stephanie in the building. She insists she has a right to be there. Storm, Donna and Brooke all issue warnings to Stephanie. Jackie and Clarke arrive. Stephanie embarrasses Jackie in front of the press and orders her to leave. Phoebe prepares herself backstage with the other models. Rick and Ashley witness Brooke and Ridge kissing. Rick convinces Ashley to leave with him. Katie meets Jake as he acts shifty backstage. Thorne and Felicia realise they have to stop Eric from taking Donna on stage with him. Stephanie has an idea on how to do it.moreless
  • Ep. #5191
    Ep. #5191
    Episode 169
    Jackie and Clarke head back to Spectra Fashions and tell Nick how Stephanie ridiculed her in front of the press. Nick is livid that Stephanie is even at Forrester Creations and begins calling around to seek legal advice. Jackie and Nick head over to confront Stephanie. The fashion show continues. Donna prepares herself for her big moment on stage with Eric. Stephanie attempts to talk Donna out of appearing on stage, when that fails Stephanie tells Thorne and Felicia it’s time to put their plan into action. Brooke is thrilled for Donna, but is disheartened when Ridge doesn’t share her joy. Stephen finds Stephanie harassing Donna and he issues her with a threat. Katie and Storm attempt to calm him down. Thorne and Felicia kidnap Donna and they lock her in the steam room. When Eric takes to the stage to announce his muse for his designs, Stephanie walks out and laps up the press. Eric is stunned. Jackie, Nick and Stephen are livid.moreless
  • Ep. #5192
    Ep. #5192
    Episode 170
    Eric demands to know where Donna is. Thorne and Felicia stand up for Stephanie. Stephen, Storm and Katie search one end of the building for Donna. Brooke and Ridge look through the offices. Jake finds Donna and releases her. Donna tells her family what happened to her. Stephen goes on a rampage to find Stephanie. Katie walks out on Thorne. Brooke walks out on Ridge. Eric walks out on his children when they stand united against him leaving Stephanie. Brooke warns Stephanie she won’t stand for her hurting Donna. Nick issues Stephanie with a warning for double crossing him. Stephen threatens Stephanie. Donna is comforted by Eric. Donna says Stephanie has to be stopped. Jake tells Stephanie how disgusted he is by her behaviour. Donna gives Stephanie a warning. Nick finds Jackie sneaking around the building. Jake finds her in Brooke’s office. Stephanie is shot by a mystery figure.moreless
  • Ep. #5193
    Ep. #5193
    Episode 171
    Katie acts nervous as she runs into Eric, wiping her hands down with a cloth. Storm has a restraining order issued against Stephanie. Brooke feels it will do little good and smashes a vase in anger. Donna freaks out as she finds Stephanie in a pool of blood. Stephanie sees Donna before falling unconscious. Eric calls for emergency assistance while wondering if Donna shot her. Eric has security lock down the building but Jackie manages to run out just in time. Clarke questions Jackie’s odd behaviour but she is evasive and runs from the office. Jake notifies Thorne and Felicia of the shooting. Felicia attacks Donna thinking she pulled the trigger. Nick is very uncooperative with Lieutenant Baker. Baker and his detective son, Charlie, grow suspicious of Stephen. Bridget rushes to work on Stephanie at the hospital. Stephanie regains consciousness and Eric attempts to ask her who shot her.moreless
  • Ep. #5194
    Ep. #5194
    Episode 172
    Charlie and Lieutenant Baker continue to interrogate the Logan family, each of whom wonders how innocent their family members are. Afterward as Storm, Brooke, Donna and Katie quickly proclaim their innocence; Storm accuses Stephen of being the shooter. Brooke is concerned when she realises that the gun which was left in her drawer has gone missing. Later, Brooke is on the defensive as Ridge casts the shadow of blame toward Donna. Stephanie tries desperately to name the person that shot her, but only manages to say the name Logan. Eric worries about Stephanie's condition as she heads into surgery; realising that he could lose her forever. Thorne and Felicia wait anxiously at the hospital. Doctor Brauer hands Baker the extracted bullet following surgery. A concerned Donna watches as Eric sits by Stephanie's side, and Eric is horrified when Stephanie claims that it was Donna that shot her.moreless
  • Ep. #5195
    Ep. #5195
    Episode 173
    Eric questions Stephanie but she is sure that Donna shot her. Eric asks Donna to explain her whereabouts before the shooting. Donna is stunned that Stephanie is pointing the finger at her and assures Eric that she had nothing to do with it. Donna is hurt when Eric decides to stay at the hospital rather than going home with her. Ridge is certain that a member of the Logan family shot his mother. Brooke is furious and tells Ridge that Stephanie has a huge list of enemies. Brooke makes it clear that she will be standing by her family throughout the ordeal. Eric is surprised to find Pam cooking a meal when he arrives home. Pam explains how she flew to Los Angeles to attend the fashion show but security wouldn’t let her inside. Pam tells Eric that she will take care of him while Stephanie is in the hospital. Pam is disgusted when she finds some of Donna’s underwear in the laundry. Donna confronts Stephanie and warns her to keep her mouth shut; insisting she wasn’t responsible for the shooting.moreless
  • Ep. #5196
    Ep. #5196
    Episode 174
    Bridget tells Nick that Jack’s immune system is becoming strong. Nick is thrilled and Brooke shares in that joy when she comes by. Brooke is concerned when she learns that Taylor isn’t breastfeeding. Brooke slips up and refers to Jack as her child again. Pam visits a sedated Stephanie in the hospital. As Stephanie lies asleep, Pam tells her how much she hates her for leaving her in Chicago with Ann. Pam clutches a pillow as she sits beside Stephanie, blaming her for ruining her life. Donna is relieved that Eric has faith in her when he says that he believes she had nothing to do with Stephanie’s shooting. Eric informs Donna that Pam is staying on the estate for a while. Donna guesses that Pam must resent Stephanie and begins wondering if Pam shot her. Pam witnesses a kiss between Eric and Donna. Pam later chases Donna from the house, with the help of her dog, and warns Donna never to come back.moreless
  • Ep. #5197
    Ep. #5197
    Episode 175
    The Baker’s discover what kind of pistol was used to fire the bullet and set out a search to find the weapon. They go over evidence and point Stephen, Storm, Brooke, Donna, Katie, Jackie and Nick as potential culprits. Charlie reveals that Jackie has taken a one way ticket to London. Eric informs Ridge, Thorne and Felicia that Stephanie named Donna as the shooter. They are stunned when Eric says that he doesn’t believe Stephanie and refuses to report the information to Baker. Felicia scoffs at Donna’s idea that Pam could be responsible. Pam later comes by with cake and is particularly nasty to Donna. Eric warns Donna that the police may start hounding Stephen as he has the biggest motive. Bridget finds Brooke mooning over a photograph of Jack. Bridget advises Brooke to let Jack go or risk losing Ridge again. Brooke later promises Ridge that she will ease up on her concern for the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5198
    Ep. #5198
    Episode 176
    Ridge takes the photograph of baby Jack from Brooke and she asks him to return it to Nick and Taylor. Brooke decides to concentrate on her relationship with Ridge and they get things back on track by making love. Eric, Thorne, Felicia and Pam visit Stephanie. Pam brings Stephanie her slippers, leading Stephanie to wonder how Pam was able to get inside her hotel room. Eric tells Stephanie that once she is released she should move back into the Forrester estate to recuperate. The Baker’s come by to question Stephanie and she tells them that Donna shot her, but the Lieutenant throws it out explaining that Stephanie simply has a vendetta. Stephen, Storm, Donna and Katie discuss the shooting in Stephen’s hotel suite and they throw ideas around on their best way to proceed; knowing they will all be suspects. Katie begins acting nervously and continually snaps at Stephen. Baker later has the hotel room searched, Brooke's gun is found, a horrified Stephen is arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #5199
    Ep. #5199
    Episode 177
    Brooke finds it hard to accept that Stephen has been arrested. Katie thinks that Stephen is guilty, but Donna defends him. Katie begins asking Brooke and Donna whether they pulled the trigger if they believe Stephen is innocent. The Bakers’ have Stephen booked when tests on the gun prove it was the one used in the shooting. Storm represents his father legally and advises Stephen to cooperate with the police. Ridge, Eric and Pam sit with Stephanie in the hospital and Stephanie is sure that Donna shot her. Clarke questions Nick over Jackie’s disappearance, but Nick snaps that she had nothing to do with the shooting. Ridge learns that Jackie has left town and wonders if she could be guilty. Ridge confronts Nick but later hears that Stephen has been arrested. Stephanie is stunned by the news but makes a positive ID on the gun as the one she gave to Brooke. Stephen calls Stephanie and warns her that her attacker is still at large; he is an innocent man.moreless
  • Ep. #5200
    Ep. #5200
    Episode 178
    Phoebe asks Ashley how she is doing since her break up with Ridge. Ashley assures Phoebe she is fine, Phoebe makes Ashley see that Ridge truly cares for her. Ashley doesn’t think it matters feeling that nothing will come between Ridge and Brooke now. Ridge gives the photo of Jack back to Nick and warns him to stop waving the baby in front of Brooke. Nick guesses Jack makes Ridge insecure, but Ridge snaps that Nick is using Jack to lure Brooke back to him. Ridge later runs into Ashley and they begin to reconnect as they discuss Brooke. Katie is stunned to learn that Brooke is Jack’s biological mother. Katie advises Brooke not to let it cause yet another rift with Ridge now they are finally together again. Brooke calls to check on Jack but learns from the nanny that neither Taylor nor Nick is there. Brooke rushes over to find Nick has arrived and the baby is fine. Brooke quickly realises she overreacted but Nick allows her to hold the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5201
    Ep. #5201
    Episode 179
    Charlie is ready to wrap up the shooting case, but Baker instructs they have lots to do to make the case air tight before taking it to trial. Pam later comes by with cookies thanking them for arresting Stephen. Baker finds it very suspicious and Pam is added to the suspect list. Stephen is released on bail. Donna and Storm stand by their father but Katie remains very cold toward him. Katie walks out after venting her fury at Stephen for being a bad father. Storm and Donna listen as Stephen attempts to apologise and make up for the past. Storm grows emotional hearing Stephen's heartfelt words. Brooke begins to feel that she shouldn't be at Nick's and decides to leave, but Nick assures her that she has every right to see the baby. They agree that it will be a while before Taylor and Ridge are able to come around, but in the meantime Nick doesn't want Brooke to keep her distance. They both decide it will be their secret.moreless
  • Ep. #5202
    Ep. #5202
    Episode 180
    The Bakers’ question Jackie on her whereabouts on the night of the shooting but she insists she has nothing to hide. Jackie later presents Clarke with some designs she stole from Forrester Creations that night and asks him to push them to production. Donna informs Katie that Stephanie is being released from the hospital. Donna quickly rushes out when Katie suggests that Stephanie may try taking advantage of Eric while she has the chance. Stephanie is welcomed home by Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Pam. Stephanie is thrilled to be back, but not so happy to meet Pam’s Doberman. Donna later spies Eric and Stephanie getting closer. Donna tells Eric she is prepared to walk away, but Eric informs her that Stephanie may be moving in, but he is moving out. Eric makes it clear to Donna that he wants her. Stephanie tells Ridge that she refuses to give up on Eric. Jake discovers that his camcorder was left recording following the fashion show. Katie is stunned to see that he has the shooting on tape.moreless
  • Ep. #5203
    Ep. #5203
    Episode 181
    Rick gives Ashley an early Christmas present; she is stunned to see that it’s invitations to her wedding. Rick confesses he never posted them. Ashley is grateful that he saved her from humiliation and thanks him for his friendship. Katie and Jake work together on the video footage. Jake manages to zoom in on the hand holding the gun through the curtain and prints some stills. Stephen manages to sneak into the Forrester house and confront Stephanie. She yells for Eric and Pam in panic. Eric has Stephen leave but he insists he is innocent. Eric reports the visit to Lieutenant Baker and Stephanie hopes he will be thrown back in jail. Jake brings over the shooting footage to Stephanie and Eric. Stephanie recognises Stephen’s ring on the shooter’s hand and is sure that it’s all the proof they need. Donna desperately tries to convince Brooke that their father is innocent until Katie presents them with the stills of the shooters hand. Stephen is stunned as his daughters’ confront him with the evidence.moreless
  • Ep. #5204
    Ep. #5204
    Episode 182
    Taylor spends time with baby Jack and Nick is thrilled that Taylor is finally bonding with him and taking an interest in his wellbeing. Stephanie is determined to confront Stephen over the footage of the shooting. Pam suggests that Stephen could be innocent but Eric and Stephanie aren’t convinced. Eric accompanies Stephanie to visit Stephen. Ann later calls Pam, having learned of the shooting, and begins wondering if Pam pulled the trigger. Ann grows concerned knowing that Pam left her medication at home and advises her to forget her feelings for Eric and return to Chicago immediately. Stephen tells his daughters that he is being framed, Donna is quick to believe him but Katie refuses to buy it. Eric and Stephanie arrive, but Stephen continues to deny he had any involvement. The Bakers’ come by and arrest Stephen for violating his bail by entering the Forrester home. Brooke is determined to clear her father’s name.moreless
  • Ep. #5205
    Ep. #5205
    Episode 183
    Ashley notices that something is playing on Ridge’s mind and after some digging; Ashley discovers that Brooke is the biological mother of baby Jack. Ashley is stunned but Ridge is sure that Brooke won’t jeopardize their future by bringing Jack into their relationship. Ashley wonders if Brooke can truly cut all ties with the baby. Nick takes Jack to the Shady Marlin and meets with Brooke. They both confess they feel guilty going behind Ridge and Taylor’s back by meeting in secret. Brooke decides to walk away from the child but after leaving she realizes that she can’t. Nick tells Brooke there is no reason for her not to be a part of Jack’s life and they both agree to tell Ridge and Taylor the new arrangement and allow Brooke to see the baby openly. Brooke meets with Ridge and stresses that she loves him and wants a future with him, however she also wants Jack in their lives. Brooke asks for Ridge’s understanding and acceptance.moreless
  • Ep. #5206
    Ep. #5206
    Episode 184
    Felicia is surprised when she learns that Ridge confided in Ashley the situation with Brooke. Ashley is sure Brooke won’t do anything to risk losing Ridge, but Felicia is certain that Brooke won’t be able to walk away from Jack. Nick isn’t thrilled when Taylor tells him that she is returning to work. Taylor makes it clear she is a professional woman and not a housewife. Nick questions Taylor on how she would feel having Brooke in Jack’s life but she refuses. Brooke tries to convince Ridge to see her side of things, but Ridge only wants to concentrate on their family and says he won’t be able to handle having Jack as part of that. Ridge later calls Taylor and they both agree on their wishes to keep their families separate. Ashley overhears Brooke arranging a meeting with Nick and she follows her to the Shady Marlin. Nick and Brooke inform the other of Ridge and Taylor’s feelings. Brooke sobs that she has no choice other than to walk away. Ashley watches Nick and Brooke in a close embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #5207
    Ep. #5207
    Episode 185
    Ashley tells Felicia how she saw Nick and Brooke together. Felicia wonders what Ashley intends to do with the information. Ashley decides to keep it to herself for now, however she will keep an eye on Brooke. Stephanie tells Thorne how she misses having Eric in the house. Thorne advises Stephanie not to sit around and wait for Eric. Stephanie is thrilled when Eric later comes by but he declines her offer of moving back in. Stephanie becomes angered that Eric is still seeing Donna despite knowing that Stephen shot her. Brooke and Storm stress Stephen’s innocence to the police but Charlie is sure he has all the evidence he needs to send Stephen down. Donna and Katie prepare a birthday celebration for Storm. Brooke, Donna and Storm come down hard on Katie when she continues to feel that Stephen is guilty of attempted murder. Brooke looks over childhood photos of Storm and discovers he owns the exact same ring as Stephen.moreless
  • Ep. #5208
    Ep. #5208
    Episode 186
    Taylor tells Nick that Jack's blonde hair is a reminder that Brooke is Jack’s real mother, but following a few words of encouragement from Nick, Taylor realizes how much Jack needs her. Donna visits Stephen in jail and he feels bad that he forgot Storm’s birthday. Donna is sure Storm understands with the pressure he is under following the arrest. Donna tries to make Stephen see that all his children love him despite everything. Brooke tries to excuse herself but Storm feels he needs to explain the ring. Storm tells a story of why he has the same ring as Stephen; he was part of the same water polo team that Stephen was in at high school. Storm’s true feelings and animosity toward Stephen become clear. Storm reveals he still has the ring on a chain around his neck, a chain he never takes off. Brooke grows nervous as Storm’s anger rages. Storm accuses Brooke of thinking he shot Stephanie and framed their father.moreless
  • Ep. #5209
    Ep. #5209
    Episode 187
    Stephanie has a Christmas tree delivered and calls Eric to see if he wants to help her decorate it, he declines and Stephanie wonders if she will be able to make it through Christmas without him. Ridge later drops by and tells Stephanie that although he is unable to forget her role in Brooke’s rape, he is willing to put it aside after coming so close to losing his mother. Donna buys a mini Christmas tree for her hotel suite with Eric. Donna realises how much Eric misses his family and she tells him how grateful she is to have him there with her. Brooke denies that the thought of Storm shooting Stephanie ever crossed her mind, but he still feels the need to convince her of his innocence. Storm promises Brooke that justice will be served against Stephen. Brooke visits Charlie at the police station with an attempt to clear her father’s name. Storm grows nervous and angry when he sees Brooke there.moreless
  • Ep. #5210
    Ep. #5210
    Episode 188
    Donna decides to cheer Eric up by putting on a skimpy Santa outfit, however whilst in the bedroom getting ready, Ridge drops in and asks Eric to visit Stephanie as she is attempting to decorate the house for Christmas on her own and it may be bad for her health. Eric leaves and Donna ends up trying to seduce Ridge by mistake. Eric is stunned to discover that Stephanie has given the tree away to a homeless shelter and has decided to spend Christmas on her own. Eric tries to convince her to celebrate for the grandchildren, but Stephanie refuses without Eric there. Brooke suggests to Katie that Storm may have shot Stephanie. Katie refuses to believe it despite Brooke informing her that Storm has the same high school ring as Stephen. Storm walks in and attempts to have Brooke confess to being at the police station. Katie tries to stop Brooke, but she orders Storm to admit that he shot Stephanie in order to frame Stephen as justice for abandoning their family.moreless
  • Ep. #5211
    Ep. #5211
    Episode 189
    Felicia is stunned when Stephanie tells her that she isn’t celebrating Christmas. Stephanie suggests Felicia take a flight to Florida and spend Christmas with Kristen and Tony, but she refuses. Felicia is determined to get Stephanie into the holiday spirit. Stephanie later visits Stephen in jail as a way to cheer herself up. Stephanie suggests Stephen confess to the shooting, but when he refuses Stephanie warns that she will see to it that he gets the hardest sentence possible. Storm gets worked up as he tells of his hatred of both Stephanie and Stephen. Storm breaks down and confesses that he shot Stephanie. Katie sobs as Storm explains how he committed the perfect crime and set everything up beautifully to frame Stephen. Brooke and Katie assume Storm will now confess to the police, but he informs them that he has no intention. Katie can’t believe that Storm expects them to make a choice between their brother and their father, but Storm begs his sisters not to send him to jail.moreless
  • Ep. #5212
    Ep. #5212
    Episode 190
    Stephanie visits Eric’s hotel suite but only finds Donna there. Donna attempts to make things bearable between them but Stephanie throws the effort back in her face. Donna snaps and accuses Stephanie of cancelling Christmas simply to make Eric feel guilty. Donna advises Stephanie to move on. Donna later sobs to Eric over Stephanie’s visit and gushes to Eric of how much she loves him. Storm thinks Stephen should be sent down for the crime as justice for the Logan family, but Brooke and Katie desperately try to make him see that it’s not fair. Brooke manages to convince Storm to tell Stephen the truth. Brooke and Katie support Storm as they visit Stephen in jail. Katie apologises to Stephen for not believing in his innocence. Brooke tells Stephen that they have discovered the person responsible for setting him up. Stephen thanks Storm for his hard work but Stephen’s gratitude quickly turns to despair as Storm confesses to the crime.moreless
  • Ep. #5213
    Ep. #5213
    Episode 191
    Donna questions Eric’s commitment to her, feeling threatened by the history he shares with Stephanie. Eric promises Donna that his future is with her. Ridge later comes by wanting to speak to Eric privately but Eric refuses to have Donna leave. Ridge tells Eric that he is going to Stephanie’s for Christmas along with Thorne and Felicia and he asks Eric to attend. Donna gives her blessing and Eric finally agrees. Donna even manages to get a thank you from Ridge. Eric later informs Donna that he is going to ask Stephanie for a divorce after Christmas and he intends on making Donna his wife. Donna is ecstatic and vows to never let Eric down. Stephen is stunned by Storm’s confession but tells him that he isn’t angry. Stephen says he can now see all the damage he caused by walking out on their family and he takes full responsibility for Storm’s actions. Despite the protests of Storm, Brooke and Katie, Stephen decides to confess to the shooting in order to protect his family.moreless
  • Ep. #5214
    Ep. #5214
    Episode 192
    Eric heads to see Stephanie and he tells her that he is there to make sure she celebrates Christmas. Stephanie grows tired of having to explain herself and asks Eric one last time to respect her wishes. Stephanie goes to church alone to seek some direction. Brooke tells Ridge that she can’t go to Stephanie’s home and pretend nothing has happened. Ridge understands although Hope and RJ beg her to go with them. Eric has the house decorated up festively with help from Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Bridget, Phoebe, Hope, Ally, RJ and Dino. Brooke later arrives and Ridge thanks her for her courage. When Stephanie comes home and sees what Eric has done she is furious and yells at him. Eric quickly makes Stephanie see how Scrooge-like she is behaving and she finally thanks everyone for coming together. Stephanie thanks Brooke for being there and tells her that she owes her a great debt.moreless
  • Ep. #5215
    Ep. #5215
    Episode 193
    Ridge attempts to bring Stephanie back to reality when she begins getting her hopes up of reconciliation with Eric following the Christmas gathering. Ridge tells his mother that Eric is with Donna, but she vows that Donna had better watch out. Eric notices that Donna is a little uneasy with him having spent Christmas with Stephanie but he assures her that Stephanie is his past. Eric later confirms this to Ridge by showing him the divorce papers he has had drawn up. Storm begins feeling guilty that Stephen is in jail for a crime he committed. Donna is furious and lashes out at Storm when she learns that he shot Stephanie. Storm decides to confess to the police, but Brooke feels she has an idea. Katie is dubious as Brooke tells of how Stephanie owes her greatly following the rape and she may be able to strike up a deal with her that will keep both Stephen and Storm out of jail.moreless
  • Ep. #5216
    Ep. #5216
    Episode 194
    Bridget examines Stephanie and assures Ridge that her recovery is doing well. Stephanie thanks both of them for being there for her and for coming together at Christmas. Storm feels uncomfortable having Brooke forgive Stephanie for her rape in order to save him from jail, but Brooke is determined to do it. Donna remains furious with Storm for setting their father up, but Katie quickly makes Donna see how Stephen’s abandonment affected Storm more than any of them as he had to play the role of head of their family when he was far too young. Stephanie is grateful to Brooke for her forgiveness and reminds her that she will do anything to make up for the pain she has caused. Brooke asks her to go to the police and tell them that she now remembers the shooting and also that Stephen didn’t do it. Stephanie can’t believe Brooke is asking her to commit perjury. Brooke insists her father is innocent and tells Stephanie that if her forgiveness means so much, she will do it.moreless
  • Ep. #5217
    Ep. #5217
    Episode 195
    Taylor tells Nick that she was finally able to breastfeed Jack. Taylor apologises to Nick for being so problematic with bonding with Jack. Nick has to rush out to a business meeting after making love with Taylor. She accidentally knocks over a glass of wine left by Nick and is tempted by the smell. Katie visits Stephen in jail and tells him of Brooke’s plan to make amends with Stephanie. Stephen thinks it’s not safe as Brooke has too much trust in people and will only get hurt further by Stephanie. Katie sobs that she has been so cruel to her father and hopes that she will have the opportunity to get to know him. Katie finally tells Stephen that she loves him. Stephanie tells Brooke that all the evidence the police have paints Stephen as a guilty man. As the conversation gets heated, Brooke slips and confesses to Stephanie that Storm shot her. Stephanie is determined to go to the police, but Brooke orders her to keep both Stephen and Storm out of jail; insisting Stephanie owes it to her.moreless
  • Ep. #5218
    Ep. #5218
    Episode 196
    Donna and Storm grow concerned as Brooke takes her time in returning from Stephanie. Storm doesn’t like the idea that his sisters are now involved in a cover up. Eric informs Donna he is on his way to visit Stephanie with divorce papers. Eric is stunned when Donna asks him to hold off; secretly concerned that Stephanie may turn on Brooke and her plan. Eric assures Donna that nothing will come between them. Stephanie refuses to lie to the police and believes that Storm is mentally unstable. Brooke is furious that Stephanie won’t cooperate with her even after the rape. Brooke storms out when Stephanie advises that Storm should turn himself in, or else she will report the news to Lieutenant Baker. Eric asks Stephanie for a divorce, she pleads with him for another chance, but he says he is moving on. Donna, Brooke and Katie admit defeat and sob as they say goodbye to Storm. Stephanie later calls Brooke and tells her to stop Storm turning himself in; hoping she and Brooke can strike up a deal.moreless
  • Ep. #5219
    Ep. #5219
    Episode 197
    Brooke desperately tries to contact Storm and Katie but they are already down at the police station talking to Charlie. Storm tells Charlie he has evidence that will clear Stephen. Stephanie tells Brooke that she will go to the police and make a statement that will clear Storm and Stephen under the condition that Donna leaves Eric. Brooke is stunned by the request and believes Donna won’t do it, but Stephanie insists there is no other way. Brooke manages to summon Storm and Katie home before they say anything incriminating to Charlie. Brooke tries to locate Donna but she is busy at Forrester Creations viewing a new collection Eric has designed just for her. As they have a romantic dinner Eric has arranged, he proposes and Donna accepts. Storm, Donna and Katie return home. Storm agrees to get help when Stephanie suggests it. Stephanie warns Brooke that her offer is limited; she wants an answer soon. Donna is crushed as Brooke breaks the news of Stephanie’s offer.moreless
  • Ep. #5220
    Ep. #5220
    Episode 198
    Felicia overhears Eric making plans for a getaway at the cabin and assumes he is reuniting with Stephanie. Eric informs her that he is divorcing Stephanie and marrying Donna. Felicia is horrified and tells her father how disappointed she is with him. Stephanie visits Stephen in jail and tells him of how he will be released from prison. Stephen doesn’t want anything from Stephanie but she tells him to keep his mouth shut on a confession. Stephanie knows Stephen isn’t happy with Donna dating Eric any more than she is and Stephanie guesses that soon everybody will have what they want; Storm and Stephen cleared of any charges and Eric free from Donna. Brooke tries to convince Donna to leave Eric for Storm and Stephen’s freedom. Donna sobs at the thought of losing Eric and refuses to allow Stephanie to win. Stephanie calls Brooke demanding an answer, Brooke pleads with Donna to make the right decision.moreless
  • Ep. #5221
    Ep. #5221
    Episode 199
    Taylor learns from Nick that Brooke originally had her eggs harvested and tested in order to give Nick a child. Nick attempts to console her as she screams that she hates Brooke. Felicia is surprised to find Stephanie in a pleasant mood. Felicia guesses Stephanie is up to something and Stephanie confirms that she has no intention of losing Eric. Donna can’t accept that she has to walk away from Eric. Brooke pleads with Donna but she storms out and visits Stephen in jail. Stephen tells Donna that he will take the fall for Storm’s crime, but Donna is sure that now Stephanie knows the truth she won’t allow it and frets they could all go to jail for obstruction of justice unless she leaves Eric. Katie is stunned when Brooke informs her of Stephanie’s conditions on clearing Stephen and Storm. Katie doesn’t think Donna has any choice but to end her relationship. Donna confronts Stephanie and tells her that she refuses to send Eric back to a miserable life with her.moreless
  • Ep. #5222
    Ep. #5222
    Episode 200
    Taylor begins thinking that Brooke set their whole situation up as a way to keep a hold on Nick if things end with Ridge. Nick assures Taylor that Brooke isn’t an issue but she begins freaking out. When Nick goes to check on Jack, Taylor begins eyeing a glass of wine. Eric discusses his wedding plans with Brooke and she suggests he hold off for a while. Eric wonders why Brooke has changed her opinion on his relationship with Donna but she is evasive. Stephanie threatens to call Baker when Donna won’t play ball. Donna’s anger grows as Stephanie tells Donna that Eric will leave her eventually anyway. Eric calls Donna and asks her to meet him at the cabin for some time away together. Stephanie begins laying the guilt on Donna for behaving selfishly; opting to send Storm to jail to keep Eric. Stephanie orders Donna to leave Eric. Donna, realising she has no choice, finally agrees and runs out sobbing.moreless
  • Ep. #5223
    Ep. #5223
    Episode 201
    Brooke is frantic to find out what Donna has decided to do. Donna sobs that she has been given no choice but to leave the man that she loves. Brooke attempts to support her but Donna is distraught. Storm later visits Brooke and she makes him believe that Donna and Eric are having problems. Storm blames himself and contemplates confessing again but Brooke tells him they finally have a chance to bring their family together. Katie makes it clear to Stephanie that she isn’t happy with her conditions on freeing Stephen. Katie believes Stephanie hasn’t changed at all and feels disgusted by Stephanie’s treatment of everybody. Stephanie snaps that Donna had better leave Eric or Katie can say goodbye to Storm. Donna is overwhelmed when she arrives at the cabin to a candlelit dinner from Café Russe and Eric presents her with an engagement ring. As Eric holds her and talks about the wedding they will have, Donna breaks down and Eric demands to know what’s going on.moreless
  • Ep. #5224
    Ep. #5224
    Episode 202
    Stephanie tells the Bakers’ that Stephen didn’t shoot her. Stephanie explains that she has been having memory flashes and adds that she won’t testify to a guilty charge against Stephen when the case is taken to court. Charlie has no other choice but to release Stephen. Brooke hates the situation Stephanie has put Donna in but she is thankful Stephen is free. Stephen begins to feel bad for Donna; knowing his freedom means breaking her heart. Stephanie calls Brooke and warns her that Donna had better keep to her end of the bargain or else Storm goes to jail. Donna attempts to break things off with Eric by declaring that she is a sex addict and will be unable to remain faithful. The plan fails when Eric simply tells Donna that he will help her get through it. Stephanie calls Donna and orders her to leave Eric now but Donna finds it impossible.moreless
  • Ep. #5225
    Ep. #5225
    Episode 203
    Storm confirms that the charges against Stephen have been dropped. Storm, Brooke, Donna and Katie bond with Stephen as their family is reunited. Stephen decides to return to Europe to find Beth to make their family whole again. Storm decides to go with him to spend time repairing his damaged relationship with his father. Bridget finds it hard to understand from a medical point of view how quickly Stephanie’s memory of the shooting changed. Stephanie manages to convince Bridget pretty well. Stephanie later confronts Donna and gives her one last warning to leave Eric. Stephanie heads off to Chicago on a visit to Pam and a sick Ann, but warns she wants it done by the time she returns. Taylor flips out when Nick mentions Brooke’s name. Jackie pays a visit and clearly notices how uneasy and shaken up Taylor is. Nick runs into Brooke at The Insomnia Café and Brooke grows more concerned over Taylor’s mental state. Taylor walks in and spies Nick and Brooke together.moreless
  • Ep. #5226
    Ep. #5226
    Episode 204
    As Taylor watches, Brooke suggests to Nick that Taylor may need professional help. Nick quickly leaves and returns home where Jackie is taking care of Jack. Jackie questions Nick over Taylor's state of mind and Nick confesses the mix-up caused by the hospital during Taylor's IVF. Jackie is stunned yet thrilled that Nick has a baby with Brooke. Nick makes it clear that Taylor is Jack's mother but Jackie begins wondering what will happen if Taylor is unable to accept the fact that Brooke is involved in their lives. Taylor confronts Brooke and accuses her of trying to steal Nick and Jack. Brooke attempts to defend her actions and insists that she simply cares for Taylor and Jack's wellbeing. Taylor thinks that Brooke and Bridget set the whole situation up so Brooke could steal Nick. Taylor works herself up into a panic and finds it hard to breathe. Brooke yells out as Taylor collapses to the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #5227
    Ep. #5227
    Episode 205
    Taylor regains consciousness and refuses an ambulance; she snaps at Brooke that she can get herself home, but Brooke insists on giving her a ride. Jackie seriously doubts Taylor's ability to raise Jack, but Nick refuses to listen to Jackie's ideas that the baby needs Brooke. Taylor and Brooke rush in and Brooke explains Taylor's panic attack to Nick and Jackie. Taylor throws some sarcasm at Brooke before heading to bed. Brooke tells Nick that Taylor really needs some help. Jackie tells Taylor that she has her support with the situation, but Taylor gives Nick the brush off when he attempts to console her. Brooke finds that Ridge has arranged a romantic evening for them but she is unable to relax. Brooke tells Ridge of Taylor's collapse and makes it no secret that she is concerned over Taylor's mental state. Jackie tells Nick that Taylor is unstable and feels it's not safe for Jack to be around her. Jackie feels Taylor will never be able to love Jack the way Brooke will.moreless
  • Ep. #5228
    Ep. #5228
    Episode 206
    Jackie thinks that Jack would be better off being raised by Brooke and she suggests Nick make a play for Brooke before she commits to a future with Ridge, but Nick refuses to listen to his mother. Ridge asks Brooke to stay out of Nick and Taylor's problems but she wonders if she can when Jack's wellbeing is at stake. Ridge later seeks guidance from Ashley but she understands Brooke's maternal bond with Jack. Ashley tells Ridge how, as a friend, she hopes things work out with Brooke, but as an ex-lover, she doesn't. Jackie tells Brooke that she belongs with Nick and their child. Brooke insists that she is with Ridge now and any chance of a life with Nick is over. Jackie begs Brooke to think of Jack and the life they could have with Nick. Taylor apologises to Nick for the poor way she has handled things. Nick tells Taylor they are a team and he will help her through anything, but Taylor later finds herself hovering over a bottle of vodka.moreless
  • Ep. #5229
    Ep. #5229
    Episode 207
    Donna tells Katie that she is finding it too difficult to break things off with Eric. Storm returns from Paris explaining how he wanted to give Stephen and Beth time alone. Eric calls Donna to arrange some time together and Katie comes up with an idea on how Donna can jilt Eric. Donna lures Jake to Eric's hotel room and Katie's plan works when Eric walks in and sees them half naked. Taylor pours some vodka into her coffee but doesn't drink it as she is interrupted by Nick. He heads to the office and gets another speech from Jackie regarding Brooke's better suitability to mother Jack. Taylor is angry when Brooke comes by to check on her. Taylor orders Brooke to leave but Brooke smells the alcohol from the coffee and accuses Taylor of drinking again. Taylor screams her hatred for Brooke before rushing off to dispose of the liquor in the kitchen, while Brooke runs off with Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #5230
    Ep. #5230
    Episode 208
    As Eric demands answers from Donna, Jake is embarrassed and quickly leaves. Donna tells Eric that her sex addiction got the better of her and tries to make Eric see that their relationship can never work. Eric refuses to let Donna leave his life and promises her that he will help her through anything. Donna ends up in bed with Eric again. Nick refuses to listen to Jackie's rant that Brooke is his soul mate. Brooke comes by with Jack and tells Nick and Jackie that Taylor has been drinking. Taylor rushes in and yells at Brooke for taking Jack. Jackie takes the baby to Clarke's office and places a call to Bridget asking for her help. Taylor denies to Nick that she had a drink and blames all of her problems on Brooke. Nick tells Taylor that the thought of her being tempted by alcohol scares him and Brooke explains that she only wants what's best for Jack. Taylor orders Brooke to stay away from her, Nick and Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #5231
    Ep. #5231
    Episode 209
    Donna is surprised by how understanding Eric is toward finding her with Jake. Eric promises Donna that he will support her through therapy as he won't allow anything to take her away from him. Jackie tells Bridget that she knows Brooke is Jack's biological mother. Jackie airs her views that Brooke and Nick belong together, but Bridget thinks she is being ridiculous and advises her to drop it, but Jackie vows to reunite the family. Brooke confesses to Ridge how she took Jack from Taylor and Ridge pleads with Brooke to stay out of the situation. Brooke feels Taylor is close to taking a drink and worries that Jack will be in danger. Ridge makes it clear to Brooke that Jack can not be part of their lives. Nick fears he is losing Taylor and urges her to stop letting her issues with Brooke stand in the way of her loving Jack. Taylor asks Nick if he'd rather raise the baby with Brooke, but Nick reaffirms his love to Taylor and she promises to try harder to make their family work.moreless
  • Ep. #5232
    Ep. #5232
    Episode 210
    Nick tells Brooke that he thinks things will be better from now on with Taylor. Brooke is glad that Taylor can now start being a real mother to Jack. Bridget is unhappy when she sees Nick and Brooke touching hands and yells at them to see how Ridge or Taylor would have reacted had they seen. Bridget stresses to Brooke that she needs to lessen her concern for Jack. Jackie finds Taylor clearing out a closet at the house and she comes across photos of Brooke and Nick. Jackie feels Brooke will always be part of Taylor's life but she refuses to listen to it. Rick later visits Taylor and she begins having hallucinations of Brooke taunting her followed by another panic attack. Rick learns that the egg mix-up really did happen and fears for Taylor's mental state. Rick offers her his friendship should she need it. Rick tells Brooke of Taylor's breakdown and she refuses to allow Jack to be caught in the middle. Nick finds Taylor freaking out, crying and shouting about Brooke when he returns home.moreless
  • Ep. #5233
    Ep. #5233
    Episode 211
    Rick tells Brooke and Bridget that Taylor is suffering more than anyone else with the current situation. Rick urges Brooke to reclaim her life with Nick. Bridget snaps at Rick for encouraging Brooke to break-up a marriage, but Brooke insists she is simply concerned about Jack not Nick. Taylor asks Nick to remove any reminder of Brooke from the house. Taylor reads a text message on Nick's phone from Brooke asking about Jack and she heads to confront her. Rick tells Nick that he is being cruel asking Taylor to raise Brooke's baby and he suggests that he let Taylor go to save her from herself. Nick insists he loves Taylor but Rick feels his true love is Brooke. Taylor orders Brooke to back off Nick. Brooke stresses that she has no interest in Nick but Taylor doesn't buy it. Taylor makes it clear to Brooke that she is going to fight to keep her family together and will not lose it all to Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5234
    Ep. #5234
    Episode 212
    Brooke is relieved when Taylor says that she is going to be a good wife and mother and begins sounding a little more positive. Brooke urges Taylor to keep it together or risk losing everything she has. Jackie sees the photographs of Nick and Brooke that Taylor found and Nick says that he has to get them out of the house. Jackie begins telling Nick again that he belongs with Brooke, but he quickly changes the subject and walks out. Taylor finds Jackie taking care of Jack and threatens to keep Jackie away from Jack when she realises that Jackie would rather Nick and Brooke raise the baby. Taylor snaps that Jackie had better support her marriage or else she is never to return to the house. Nick gives the photographs to Brooke and they begin remembering their times together. Nick has to distance himself from the memories when they begin to affect him. Taylor has yet more hallucinations, this time of Brooke seducing Nick. Taylor freaks out, grabs a bottle of vodka and takes a drink.moreless
  • Ep. #5235
    Ep. #5235
    Episode 213
    Nick is surprised by Taylor's sudden change in mood. Taylor and Nick make love and she promises him that things will be different from now on. Taylor realises that the drink helped her gain courage but decides she doesn't need it. However, when Jack starts crying and needs to be handled, Taylor takes a drink again. Storm tells Katie that he wants to thank Stephanie for his freedom but she quickly advises against it. Katie tells Donna that she needs to hurry ending her relationship with Eric before Stephanie carries through with her threat. Donna thinks she should call Stephanie's bluff and threaten to go to the police over her role in Brooke's rape if she tries sending Storm to jail. Katie doesn't think it's a good idea, but Donna refuses to let Eric go. Stephanie returns from Chicago and confronts Donna. Stephanie is angered that Donna is still with Eric and orders her to end it now.moreless
  • Ep. #5236
    Ep. #5236
    Episode 214
    James Warwick meets with Nick at his request. James is stunned as Nick tells him about Jack's mother being Brooke and the way that it has affecting Taylor. James feels he can help Taylor but only if she stays away from alcohol. Rick suggests that Taylor leave Nick as she is unable to cope with the situation. Taylor orders Rick out when he implies that Brooke and Nick will be together again. Rick finds a half empty bottle of vodka and Taylor is forced to confess to having a drink. Taylor panics as Rick rushes out with the evidence. Stephanie threatens to call the police if Donna doesn't cooperate with her. Donna attempts to stand up to her but Stephanie issues her with a final warning. Katie questions Eric on whether he has heard from Stephanie but he doesn't expect to. Eric informs Katie that he wants a divorce from Stephanie. Donna feels out of ideas and finally comes clean with Eric that Storm shot Stephanie. Donna reveals the truth over Stephanie's blackmail attempt and begs Eric for help.moreless
  • Ep. #5237
    Ep. #5237
    Episode 215
    Nick brings James to see Taylor and she is thrilled that he is there. James meets Jack and begins asking Taylor questions about her wellbeing. Taylor insists she is fine and coping well. Taylor promises James that she isn't drinking. Katie assures Stephanie that Storm's freedom is very important to Donna and insists Donna will do what is being asked of her. Stephanie threatens that Donna had better leave Eric or else Katie can visit Storm in jail. Eric is stunned that Storm shot Stephanie and wants to call the police but Donna manages to convince him that Storm isn't dangerous and simply had a moment of madness. Eric is more angered by Stephanie's manipulation and he tells Donna that they need to beat Stephanie at her own game. Eric feels he needs to tell Stephanie what she wants to hear but adds that he has no intention of leaving Donna. Eric heads to Stephanie and manages to convince her that he has left Donna.moreless
  • Ep. #5238
    Ep. #5238
    Episode 216
    Taylor is relieved that Rick hasn't told anyone about her taking a drink. Taylor yells at Rick for having his own agenda of reuniting Nick and Brooke but Rick assures Taylor that he genuinely cares for her. Rick asks Taylor to call him if she should need him. Nick is happy that Taylor is doing better and gets a surprise when Taylor decides to invite Ridge and Brooke over for dinner to show them that she is now coping well. Katie is livid when Donna tells her that she and Eric are still together. Katie is concerned as Donna tells her of Eric's plan to dupe Stephanie and worries that it may blow up in their face. Eric tells Stephanie that he found Donna with another man and now wants nothing to do with her. Stephanie asks Eric to move back in and take her back. Eric says he doesn't want to rush things but agrees to move back in but takes a separate bedroom. Eric calls Donna and tells her that their plan is working. Eric assures her that Stephanie will divorce him when she realises their marriage is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #5239
    Ep. #5239
    Episode 217
    Ashley is surprised when Taylor asks her to be Jack's godmother during a visit to see the baby. Ashley accepts as Taylor explains how they have both suffered losses to Brooke. Ashley is stunned by Taylor's news of the dinner party. Rick is as equally shocked when Ashley informs him. Rick wonders what good could possibly come from Ridge and Brooke having dinner with Nick and Taylor. Brooke is unsure on attending the dinner, but Ridge tells her that it could be a positive new beginning. Nick tells Brooke he isn't looking forward to the evening to which she completely agrees, but they both know that Ridge and Taylor are all for it. Later, as dinner begins, Taylor gives a toast to friendship and hopes they can all move forward together as friends and put the past behind them. A minister arrives, shocking everybody, except Taylor whom explains the minister is her gift to Brooke; to marry Ridge that very evening.moreless
  • Ep. #5240
    Ep. #5240
    Episode 218
    Ashley tells Rick that she has been thinking about him a lot and how much fun they had together. Ashley wonders if they could make a real go of it this time and kisses him. Rick can't deny the feelings they share for one another but asks her for a little time to think about it. Ridge thinks marrying Brooke would be a great idea but he has to take her aside when she refuses to do it. Brooke thinks the wedding is a ploy from Taylor to simply feel more secure within her own marriage to Nick. Ridge finds it hard to see why Brooke won't marry him if she truly loves him. Nick is pissed with Taylor for calling in a minister to perform a wedding. Taylor sees it as a gift to Brooke to show they are all moving on with their lives. Brooke tells Taylor that she won't be marrying Ridge as she wants the time to plan her own wedding. Taylor flips out again and accuses Brooke of not marrying Ridge due to her feelings for Nick.moreless
  • Ep. #5241
    Ep. #5241
    Episode 219
    Jackie shows up at Stephanie's house and informs her that Brooke is the biological mother of Jack. Stephanie thinks that Jackie has lost her mind until Bridget arrives and confirms the story. Bridget orders Jackie to back off of her crazy ideas of reuniting Brooke and Nick, but Jackie tells Stephanie they now have a common goal in getting Brooke away from Ridge. Taylor can't believe that Brooke won't marry Ridge. Brooke takes Nick aside and asks him to keep control of Taylor as the idea of a spontaneous wedding clearly proves how insecure Taylor is. Taylor sobs to Ridge that her life is falling apart. Taylor stresses that the wedding was supposed to be a gift to show they are putting the past behind them. The evening comes to an abrupt end when Brooke still refuses to marry Ridge and the minister is called away. Ridge later airs his disappointment in Brooke for not marrying him, while Nick helps an emotional Taylor. Nick calls Brooke and she thanks him for his support.moreless
  • Ep. #5242
    Ep. #5242
    Episode 220
    Donna and Eric spend the morning making love in a shabby apartment Donna has moved into across town. Eric apologizes for the sneaking around but Donna finds it romantic. Brooke is stunned when she finds that Eric and Donna are still seeing one another. Eric refuses to give into Stephanie's manipulation but Brooke worries about the fallout should Stephanie discover the truth. Stephanie later confronts Brooke with the knowledge that she is Jack's mother. Stephanie insists that the baby changes everything and she asks Brooke if she is still in love with Nick. James meets with Nick and he asks for James' help in saving his marriage. Taylor overhears the conversation and opens up to James and Nick about her insecurities. Taylor confesses that she has taken a drink recently to take the edge off of her problems. Taylor sobs to James and begs him to help her from losing herself. James later asks Nick to be honest with him and questions him on his true feelings for Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5243
    Ep. #5243
    Episode 221
    Brooke refuses to answer Stephanie's questions regarding her feelings for Nick. Felicia drops in with Hope and RJ having spent the day taking them to the zoo. Brooke tries to make her excuses to leave with her kids, but Stephanie doesn't let up. Nick finds James' line of questioning uncomfortable but James stresses that Nick needs to find where his heart truly lies. James believes that Taylor's problems are stemming from Nick and his denial regarding his love for Brooke. Taylor is surprised to find James in the house alone. James tells Taylor that he has sent Nick out to think about his feelings for Brooke. Taylor begins to panic and wishes James hadn't. Taylor later suffers from hallucinations again. Nick heads to his boat and remembers times with Brooke and the kids. Brooke shows up having been thinking about the same thing. Nick looks to his heart and tells Brooke that the only woman he sees is her.moreless
  • Ep. #5244
    Ep. #5244
    Episode 222
    Rick tells Bridget of his concerns for Taylor. Bridget blames herself for the whole mess and wonders if her friendship with Taylor will ever be the same. Bridget understands Taylor's insecurities regarding Nick and Brooke's feelings for one another. Rick worries that Taylor may have a breakdown. Taylor freaks out as she visions seeing Brooke around the house taunting her. James finds Taylor screaming in her bedroom. James tries to make Taylor feel strong and face her fears. James suggests that the only way for Taylor to move on will be to know for sure whether Nick still has feelings for Brooke. Nick tells Brooke that he still loves her. Nick adds that he wants a future with Taylor and Jack but still feels he needs to be honest with Taylor about his feelings. Brooke asks him not to as it could destroy Taylor, but Brooke is also unable to deny her feelings for Nick. Taylor later asks Nick if he still loves Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5245
    Ep. #5245
    Episode 223
    Nick confesses to Taylor that he is still in love with Brooke but makes it clear that he is committed to Taylor and Jack. Taylor says she won't be able to handle living in Brooke's shadow as she did for so many years with Ridge. Taylor hands Nick her wedding ring and moves back into her old house in Bel Air. Rick is stunned to hear from Brooke that Nick confessed his love to her. Rick wonders why Brooke isn't with Nick, but when Nick calls and tells Brooke of Taylor's leaving him, Brooke goes to him. Rick visits Taylor to offer her emotional support. Taylor sobs that she has lost everything she has ever loved to Brooke. Rick attempts to boost Taylor's self esteem with compliments before pulling her into a kiss. Brooke is stunned that Nick and Taylor's marriage is over. Brooke wonders who will be a mother to Jack. Nick suggests that Brooke fits the bill and they both profess their love followed by a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5246
    Ep. #5246
    Episode 224
    Taylor is stunned by Rick's kiss and pulls away from him. Rick tells Taylor that he cares for her and explains the kiss away as simply that; concern. Rick tells her that she is an attractive, intelligent woman and to never feel down about herself. Brooke feels guilt following her kiss with Nick and tells him that nothing can happen between them. Nick feels everything happens for a reason and tries to make her see that her marriages to Ridge never work. Brooke holds Jack and Nick believes that Brooke is where she is meant to be. Nick cradles Brooke in his arms. Eric and Donna have sex in his office and when Eric learns that Stephanie is in the building he seizes the opportunity to stage an argument in front of her. Stephanie falls for the fake argument and taunts Donna over losing Eric. Donna plays her role perfectly as Eric defends Stephanie. Eric holds Stephanie and tells her that she is the love of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #5247
    Ep. #5247
    Episode 225
    Brooke is distracted by thoughts of Nick over breakfast as Storm tells Donna and Katie about how well his therapy is going. Katie and Donna suggest that Storm head to Paris to be with Stephen but he says he needs to be with his sisters. Katie and Brooke warn Donna how dangerous it is for her to go on seeing Eric but Donna stresses that she and Eric are very careful. Katie thinks that Donna should put the relationship on hold. Thorne and Felicia are thrilled that Stephanie and Eric are back together, although Ridge is a little dubious that it's really true. Eric abruptly heads out when Donna calls him asking to meet at her apartment. Ridge makes his suspicions clear to Stephanie, but she believes that Eric truly wants her. Stephanie later warns Brooke that Donna had better stay away from Eric or else she will send Storm to jail. Stephanie's suspicions are aroused when Eric is out of the office all afternoon, while Eric and Donna make love over at her place.moreless
  • Ep. #5248
    Ep. #5248
    Episode 226
    Bridget is stunned to learn that Taylor has left Nick and Jack. Nick informs her of how he confessed to Taylor his true feelings for Brooke. Bridget still finds it a little hard to hear Nick talk of loving her mother and wonders what would have been had Nicole survived. Nick tells Bridget that she will always be special to him. Ridge doesn't think that Taylor would walk out on Jack and thinks the separation is only temporary, but he grows agitated as Brooke airs her concerns of Jack not having a mother at home. Katie warns Brooke that she will lose Ridge if she continues to run off to Nick and Jack at every available moment. Katie realises that Nick wants Brooke back and so urges Brooke to quickly make a decision. Bridget runs into Katie and they are both concerned by Brooke's pull toward Nick. Brooke visits Nick and tells him that she has come to a decision on what she wants to do.moreless
  • Ep. #5249
    Ep. #5249
    Episode 227
    Ridge visits Stephanie to make sure that things are ok between her and Eric but soon discovers that Stephanie is losing faith in Eric's love. Ridge advises his mother not to confront Eric at the risk of pushing him away but Stephanie discovers that Eric has been using Viagra and informs Ridge that it hasn't been with her. Donna and Eric meet at her apartment where Eric gives her a gift of diamond earrings. They spend their Valentine's night making love. Katie believes that Brooke belongs with Ridge and when Bridget admits that she still loves Nick, Katie begins to wonder if Bridget could have a life with him again. Bridget refuses to set herself up for heartache but Katie stresses to Bridget that a second chance with Nick could work. Brooke tells Nick that she is going to marry Ridge and asks Nick to let her go. However, when Nick asks her if she truly wants him to let her go, she admits she doesn't and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5250
    Ep. #5250
    Episode 228
    Brooke tells Nick they can't have a future together, but Nick is determined that it will happen for them. Storm visits Katie, still grateful to Stephanie for his freedom. Brooke arrives home and mentions to Katie that Storm seems happier. Brooke and Katie pray that things will stay that way but worry about Donna blowing it. Brooke informs Katie that she told Nick that she is going to marry Ridge. Katie is relieved and assures Brooke not to worry as Nick will have lots of help raising Jack. Bridget learns from Nick about his kiss with Brooke and realises how determined he is to get her back. Bridget promises Nick that she is there for him should he ever need her. Ridge tells Stephanie not to make any rash decisions with Eric, but after learning of Eric's whereabouts via the help of Rocky, a private investigator, Stephanie is determined to make Donna pay. Eric and Donna are stunned by Stephanie showing up at the apartment. Eric makes a quick exit out of the window as Donna plays dumb and battles it out with Stephanie inside.moreless
  • Ep. #5251
    Ep. #5251
    Episode 229
    Ridge tells Brooke that they need to rediscover one another again after the problems with Jack and they do so by making love, but Brooke is very worried when Ridge tells her that Stephanie has a private investigator spying on Eric. Katie visits Nick and asks him to step away from Brooke. Katie suggests that Nick should be with Bridget but he tells her that he would never put Bridget through that pain again. Katie feels things would be different second time around and leaves Nick pondering the idea. Stephanie orders Donna to admit to being with Eric. Donna tells Stephanie that Eric came by with a Valentine's gift but left when she asked him too. Stephanie warns Donna that she had better not be lying and leaves. Meanwhile, Rocky snaps photographs of a naked Eric hiding outside the apartment and sells them to a newspaper for a large payoff. Donna and Eric later make love again satisfied that they duped Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #5252
    Ep. #5252
    Episode 230
    Donna and Eric both agree that Stephanie showing up at her apartment was a very close call and they realise they are going to have to be much more careful. Eric reinforces Donna's lie by telling Stephanie that he visited Donna with a Valentine's gift. Eric sees the naked photograph of himself in the newspaper and freaks out. Ridge confronts Eric about the newspaper article and Eric begs for his help in keeping it from Stephanie. Eric makes arrangements to fly Stephanie to Tahiti and whisks her away onto the Forrester jet. Katie is furious with Donna when she learns that Donna is still continuing to see Eric. Donna freaks and Katie flips when they see the newspaper. Katie can't believe that Donna could act so stupidly. Katie attempts to send Storm off to Paris away from Stephanie's wrath but he refuses. Donna calls Eric and is glad he is getting Stephanie out of the country. Everything falls through when Stephanie sees the newspaper on board the plane and Eric is forced to confess.moreless
  • Ep. #5253
    Ep. #5253
    Episode 231
    Katie and Donna hope and pray that Eric is able to get Stephanie to Tahiti before she sees the newspaper. Donna wishes that Storm would just go to Paris. Ridge shows Brooke the newspaper and she worries about Storm. Brooke confesses to Ridge how Storm shot Stephanie and also how Stephanie used the knowledge to blackmail Donna out of her relationship with Eric. Ridge is furious that Brooke kept the truth from him. Katie backs up Brooke in begging Ridge to help them keep Storm out of jail, but he refuses and tells them that jail is the best place for him. Eric tells Stephanie that he no longer wants to be married to her; he adds that he knows about her blackmail attempt. Eric tells of how much he loves Donna and orders Stephanie not to follow through on her threat of revealing the truth about Storm, but Stephanie is determined to get her justice. Stephanie confronts Donna and taunts that Storm is going to prison because of her.moreless
  • Ep. #5254
    Ep. #5254
    Episode 232
    Taylor visits Nick for the first time since their break-up. Taylor asks Nick whether Brooke is coming back to him but soon realises that Brooke turned him down. Nick insists he never wanted his marriage to Taylor to end, but she makes it clear she could not be with another man that is in love with Brooke. Taylor feels she is able and willing to move on with her life. Donna begs Stephanie to show some compassion but she refuses to cave in. Brooke and Katie try to convince Stephanie that they need Storm but she calls the police and asks Baker to meet with her. Ridge is furious that Eric would protect Storm in order to hold onto Donna despite Stephanie's safety. Eric asks Ridge for help in holding Stephanie back from sending Storm to jail, but Ridge sides with his mother. Stephanie tells Eric and Ridge that Baker is on his way over and Storm is going to prison. Brooke, Donna and Katie are forced to confess the whole truth to Storm. He prepares himself for the worst as Donna sobs with guilt.moreless
  • Ep. #5255
    Ep. #5255
    Episode 233
    Taylor feels she is getting back to her old self and Nick is glad she is becoming the woman he fell in love with. Both are sorry that their marriage never worked out and Taylor wonders what Nick will do if Brooke marries Ridge. Taylor goes to take Jack home with her, but Nick suddenly turns and refuses to let her. Storm assures Donna that his going to jail is not her fault but she can't shift the guilt. Katie feels she needs to talk to Stephanie, but Brooke says there will be no changing her mind. Stephanie yells at Eric for causing a scandal due to his relationship with Donna, but he makes it clear he doesn't care. Katie arrives and attempts an appeal to Stephanie. Katie tells of the hard childhood Storm had and adds that Stephanie could win Eric over by showing compassion toward Storm, but she refuses to budge. Brooke has to hold Ridge back from assaulting Storm when they arrive at the house. Eric promises Donna that he will help toward a case of leniency for Storm in court. The Bakers' arrive and Stephanie prepares to tell them everything.moreless
  • Ep. #5256
    Ep. #5256
    Episode 234
    Taylor tells Nick that she left him because she didn't want to play second best to Brooke, but adds that it doesn't mean that she left her baby. Taylor tells Nick that she wants Jack with her. Taylor suggests they work out a joint custody plan. Rick visits Taylor and is a little surprised when she tells him that she wants to raise Jack. Rick is thrilled that Taylor is becoming a strong woman again and gives her another kiss. Stephanie stuns everyone by telling Brad and Charlie to close the shooting case. Katie, Brooke and Donna thank Stephanie for her compassion and Storm is relieved that he is free, although Ridge still thinks Storm shouldn't be forgiven so easily. Katie and Brooke later worry that Stephanie may be after something, Donna is happy that she can now be with Eric publicly. Katie advises Donna to give Eric some space as it wouldn't be wise to anger Stephanie. Eric warms to Stephanie again and she tells him of why she let Storm off the hook; to show Eric she does have a heart.moreless
  • Ep. #5257
    Ep. #5257
    Episode 235
    Ashley flirts with Rick but his mind is distracted by thoughts of Taylor. Ashley thinks Rick's concern for Taylor is sweet, although to him it is clearly more. Ridge is relieved when Taylor tells him that she plans on raising Jack. Taylor thinks Ridge shouldn't be marrying Brooke if he is worried about her running back to Nick. Ridge is not impressed when Taylor declines his offer of friendship in favor of Rick's. Taylor is surprised when Rick advises her against seeking joint custody of Jack in fear of her getting hurt further. Taylor states that she gave birth to Jack and therefore needs him with her. Taylor thinks Rick is joking when he offers himself to her romantically, although he makes it clear he is serious. Brooke can't believe that Taylor wants to take Jack and she tells Nick that they must stop her. Nick states his intentions of wanting to raise the baby with Brooke, but she tells him that she has to marry Ridge for Hope and RJ, although Nick will be in her heart always.moreless
  • Ep. #5258
    Ep. #5258
    Episode 236
    Stephanie learns that Ashley knows about Brooke being the mother of Jack. Stephanie hints that Ridge may be available again soon as she can see Brooke reuniting with Nick. Ashley tells Stephanie that she has moved on from Ridge and is actually more interested in Rick to which Stephanie is stunned. Taylor is determined to bring Jack home with her so Rick accompanies Taylor to visit Nick to collect the baby. Brooke urges Nick to stop Taylor from taking the baby but he is unsure on what he can do. Taylor arrives with Rick and upon seeing Brooke; Taylor flips out and starts throwing accusations of conspiracy theories. Brooke can't believe that Rick is siding with Taylor against her, while Taylor begs Nick to let her take the baby. Brooke brings Jack down from his crib and is reluctant to hand Jack over, especially when Nick lets it slip that Taylor had a relapse with her alcoholism, but Taylor takes Jack and leaves with Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5259
    Ep. #5259
    Episode 237
    Felicia runs into Phoebe and Ridge and wonders about the possibilities of a family get together to celebrate Eric and Stephanie's wedding anniversary in the hopes of saving their marriage. Felicia is determined to make it so although Ridge thinks it's impossible. Nick calls Storm over and Brooke informs him of how she came to be Jack's biological mother. Nick asks Storm to make arrangements for an emergency custody hearing. Nick still wishes to go easy on Taylor but Storm tells them that they must prove Taylor to be an unfit mother. Taylor is thrilled to have her baby home but Rick is concerned whether it is the best thing for her right now. Taylor says she will prove to Nick that she is capable of taking care of Jack, but when a process server hands Taylor a court summons she cracks. Taylor calls Nick and hurls abuse at him for taking her to court. Brooke assures Nick he is doing the right thing, as Rick promises Taylor that he will help her keep her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5260
    Ep. #5260
    Episode 238
    Taylor calls Nick and asks him not to take her to court but he is determined to go through with it. Jackie supports Nick and thinks he is doing the right thing. Ridge can't believe that Nick is fighting Taylor for custody but he is further annoyed when Brooke tells him that she supports it. Ridge walks out when he grows tired of Brooke's connection to the baby. Storm and Brooke arrive at Nick's prepared to head to the court house. Phoebe supports Taylor and later Rick arrives to do the same. Rick calls Brooke and asks her not to attend the hearing but Storm pushes Brooke to come in the instance that she may need to testify. Taylor promises Jack that she will be home to him soon as her attorney, Gloria, prepares her case. Taylor is furious when she runs into Brooke at the court house and a brawl breaks out which is witnessed by the entering Judge. Rick vents his anger at Brooke for showing up. The case begins and Taylor is unable to control herself; blurting out that Brooke won't take Jack away.moreless
  • 04-01-2008
    Episode 239
    Taylor struggles to resist Rick but eventually explains to him that nothing can ever happen between the two of them because of Phoebe's lingering feelings for him. Phoebe unexpectedly returns home, forcing Rick to hide, as she excitedly shares with Taylor about her evening with Rick. Afterwards, Taylor tries to, once again, end things with Rick but their intense feelings for each other take over. Determined to wipe away any doubt in Ridge’s mind, Brooke reminds him how committed she is to him and their future. Later, Brooke threatens an unaffected Ashley to stay away from Ridge. Brooke then concocts an idea to distract Ashley from Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5261
    Ep. #5261
    Episode 239
    Eric tells Donna that he is going to stay with Stephanie for their wedding anniversary to celebrate their family and accomplishments but promises that afterwards he will be leaving Stephanie for good. Donna is a little saddened but realises that she should be grateful to Stephanie for going easy on Storm. Felicia talks with Stephanie about the upcoming anniversary and she tells her mother about her party plans. Stephanie tells Felicia that she is praying for a miracle that the party will show Eric all the love his family has for him and he'll decide not to divorce her. Taylor is stunned as Storm calls James to the stand. James paints Taylor as a strong woman and capable mother but is forced to admit to Taylor's alcoholism when pressured by Storm. Brooke gives evidence and tells of the night Taylor tried to have her marry Ridge and the anger that followed. Nick speaks to the court of his love and concern for Taylor but declares that she is unhealthy and unable to care for Jack. Taylor sobs as Nick ruins her character.moreless
  • Ep. #5262
    Ep. #5262
    Episode 240
    Felicia and Stephanie look over old photo albums of the family and Stephanie hopes that she will be able to hold onto Eric. Felicia tells Stephanie never to give up hope and thinks her parents have a future together. Gloria questions Nick's devotion to Taylor and reveals his love for Brooke to the courtroom. Taylor takes the stand and Gloria has her tell of the success she has had in raising Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe. Taylor tells of how Nick's feelings for Brooke lead to her having to leave her marriage. Storm quickly cross-examines Taylor and makes it seem like she is a delusional, hallucinating drunk. Taylor cracks and tells of how Brooke ruined her marriages to both Ridge and Nick. Taylor mentions past history including the destruction of her drinking with Darla's death and reveals the details of the IVF mix-up, accusing Bridget of arranging it in the process. Taylor is distraught as the Judge grants custody to Nick following Taylor's display of emotional issues. Taylor lashes out at Brooke for taking everything from her.moreless
  • Ep. #5263
    Ep. #5263
    Episode 241
    Phoebe tries to support Taylor but she wants to be alone. Taylor promises Phoebe that she can cope. Nick prepares to go pick up Jack. Brooke waits for him to return. Rick finds Brooke at Nick's and questions her on why she is there. Brooke insists she is simply being a friend to Nick although Rick thinks it's clearly more. Nick tells Taylor he never meant to hurt her but she continues to blame Brooke for the destruction of their marriage. Nick leaves with Jack. Taylor suddenly feels the pressures of being alone and makes a frantic search for alcohol before ordering in a bottle of vodka. Rick arrives and manages to stop Taylor from taking a drink by force. Rick's comfort ends up turning into a kiss again. Nick returns and Brooke fawns over the baby. Nick tells Brooke that they can have a life together with their child and build a family, but as Ridge comes by he tells Brooke to leave the baby and come home with him now.moreless
  • Ep. #5264
    Ep. #5264
    Episode 242
    Taylor freaks out and tells Rick they can not get involved with one another. Phoebe later comes by and is surprised to see Rick there. Phoebe thanks him for supporting Taylor. Rick tells Taylor that he simply wants to be there for her as a friend. Katie talks with Bridget about the death of Nicole as they look through some old things. Katie urges Bridget to go to Nick and be there for him and Jack. Nick and Ridge butt heads over Brooke. Ridge demands that Nick back off and asks Brooke to come home with him. Brooke leaves with Ridge and Nick is suddenly in the house all alone until Bridget comes by. Bridget again offers her friendship to Nick and comments on how he has everything he always wanted; a family and a place to call home. She adds that Nick just needs somebody to share it with. Ridge begins questioning whether he and Brooke have a future. Brooke tells him that she wants to be with him, but Ridge says that she can't keep running to Nick and Jack whenever they need her. Ridge tells her that she must make a decision now before it's too late for them.moreless
  • Ep. #5265
    Ep. #5265
    Episode 243
    Eric prepares to head to the anniversary party and he promises a worried Donna that he will be coming home to her. Katie supports Donna as she frets over Eric being with Stephanie, although Katie thinks Donna has lost confidence in her relationship. Felicia and Stephanie gather at the Forrester home as Kristen arrives from Florida and Pam arrives from Chicago. Kristen, Thorne and Felicia are excited as they see Eric and Stephanie growing closer. Pam offers kind words to Eric and asks him not to give up on Stephanie. Pam later visits Donna and warns her to back off of Eric. Pam threatens to kill Donna if she doesn't. Bridget tells Nick of the life they should have had together as she holds Jack. Bridget offers any help she can provide to Nick. Bridget and Nick talk about Nicole and end up sharing a kiss. Brooke tells Ridge that he is the man she wants to be with. Brooke suggests they put all of their problems behind them and elope, before getting down on one knee and proposing to Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5266
    Ep. #5266
    Episode 244
    Bridget and Nick kiss again but are interrupted by Katie visiting. Bridget is called away to the hospital and Katie begins telling Nick how much of a wonderful woman Bridget is. Nick wonders why Katie is trying to push him and Bridget back together again. Ridge turns down Brooke's proposal and tells her he wants to wait until Nick is completely out of her life. Brooke understands as Ridge heads off to the anniversary party. Donna feels threatened as Pam warns her away from interfering in Stephanie's marriage. Pam stresses that she will kill Donna if she doesn't back away. Ridge, Kristen, Thorne and Felicia all give heartfelt speeches and tell of their love for Stephanie and Eric. Stephanie tells Eric how much she loves and needs him and Eric feels his family is his greatest achievement. Eric tells Stephanie that he loves her too, followed by a kiss. Felicia begs Eric not to leave Stephanie and their family.moreless
  • Ep. #5267
    Ep. #5267
    Episode 245
    Katie feels Bridget and Nick never had a fair chance before and should give things another go. Nick tells Katie she will never have a love life of her own by sitting around his place, but Katie says she isn't interested in romance. They spend the evening doing a jigsaw puzzle and drinking scotch. Eric tells his family they will always be the most important thing to him but he adds that he is going to marry Donna. Ridge, Kristen, Thorne and Felicia comfort Stephanie as Eric returns to Donna. Bridget tells Brooke about her having been spending time with Nick. Brooke doesn't think it's a good idea and worries about Bridget getting hurt. Bridget demands that Brooke confess if she has any lingering feelings for Nick. Brooke, seeing Ridge enter the room, tells Bridget that she is committed to Ridge. Donna tells Eric about Pam's threats. Eric feels Pam is harmless and they should concentrate on their wedding plans. Pam learns that Eric has left Stephanie and vows revenge on Donna.moreless
  • Ep. #5268
    Ep. #5268
    Episode 246
    Donna and Eric become excited discussing wedding plans. Pam spies them and makes herself the interruption between them. Eric tells Pam to start respecting Donna. Pam suggests Eric allow Stephanie to work for the company again, and after much pleading, he agrees to consider it. Donna isn't impressed. Brooke tells Katie off for pushing a romance between Nick and Bridget. Katie accuses Brooke of wanting Nick herself and feels she is behaving selfishly. Rick is concerned as Bridget tells him of her wanting to be with Nick again. Rick worries about the feelings Nick still has for Brooke. Jackie questions Nick on the time he has been spending with Bridget and wonders if there is more going on. Brooke tells Nick to keep away from Bridget. Nick tells her that his life is none of her business anymore and he suggests she back off. Bridget overhears Brooke telling Nick that he can't love Bridget the way he loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #5269
    Ep. #5269
    Episode 247
    Eric allows Pam to answer the phones whilst the receptionist is on a break. When Margie returns, Pam fires her and tells Eric that she walked out. Pam offers herself for the position and Eric hires her. Donna questions Eric's decision but Pam manages to pull the wool over his eyes by offering friendship to Donna. Bridget storms into Nick's place and confronts Brooke as she hears Brooke telling Nick to stay away from her. Brooke insists she is looking out for Bridget but Bridget hurls abuse at her mother. Bridget reminds Brooke of how she divorced Nick so Brooke could have a chance with him but she screwed it up due to her obsession with Ridge. Bridget mocks Brooke's love choices and how she has messed up every relationship she has ever had. Bridget tells Brooke to leave Nick alone and stay out of her life. Bridget kisses Nick and then heads upstairs. Nick is in agreement with Bridget, joining her upstairs, leaving Brooke alone.moreless
  • Ep. #5270
    Ep. #5270
    Episode 248
    Bridget kisses Nick and begins to seduce him but they are interrupted when Jack starts crying. Whilst Nick checks on the baby, Bridget calls Katie over to come watch Jack to prevent further interruptions. Nick tells Bridget that he isn't ready to make a commitment but she says that she simply needs him at this moment in time. When Katie arrives she warns Nick that if he sleeps with Bridget he is walking away from Brooke forever. Nick returns to Bridget in the bedroom. Pam tells Stephanie about her new job at Forrester Creations and hints that Eric may have a surprise for Stephanie. Eric asks Stephanie to return to the company and after some consideration on what it would mean to her children, she accepts the position. Donna has coffee with Pam at Eric's request. Donna tells Pam that she isn't afraid of her and suggests that she return to Chicago. Donna learns that Pam is on medication for a personality disorder and is later in fear for her life when Pam confronts her in an alley waving a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #5271
    Ep. #5271
    Episode 249
    Pam laughs as she reveals to Donna that the gun is only a plastic toy. Donna warns Pam that she will have Eric fire her from Forrester Creations but Pam says that nobody will believe Donna's claims. Donna runs into Stephanie and orders her to control Pam, but Stephanie just thinks Donna is delusional. Stephanie questions Pam, but she denies everything beautifully. Brooke is stunned as she hears that Rick supports a reunion between Nick and Bridget. Rick tries to make Brooke see the amount of lives she has damaged due to her indecisiveness and adds that Nick is now off limits to her. Rick suggests that if Brooke wants Ridge she needs to act now before she loses him too. Katie snoops around Nick's house as she looks after Jack and finds old photographs of Brooke and Nick together. Nick puts Brooke out of his mind and concentrates on Bridget. Nick finally makes love to Bridget again.moreless
  • Ep. #5272
    Ep. #5272
    Episode 250
    Bridget and Nick wake up to one another and she is beaming with happiness. Bridget has to run off to the hospital but tells Nick that Rick has taken Jack to the park. Taylor is thrilled when Rick shows up with Jack. Taylor tells Rick how she is becoming stronger; receiving therapy from James and returning to work part-time. Rick tells Taylor how he has been unable to stop thinking about her and he kisses her again. Brooke and Ridge share a few kisses but she is preoccupied worrying about Nick and Bridget. Ridge advises that Bridget is a grown woman and can take care of herself. Ashley learns of the further complications in Ridge's relationship with Brooke. Ashley tells him that she will always care for him and they come very close to kissing before Ashley leaves the office. Bridget apologizes to Brooke for their crossed words. Brooke questions Bridget on her night with Nick. Bridget truly believes that she has a chance with Nick if Brooke keeps her distance. Katie digs for details from Nick but he doesn't give much away. Katie grows angry when Nick doesn't seem keen on pursuing anything further than the one night with Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #5273
    Ep. #5273
    Episode 251
    Eric questions Bridget over her involvement with Nick. Bridget hopes that Brooke didn't send him but Eric says he has his own concerns for Bridget. Eric feels that Nick isn't the right man for Bridget and doesn't want her to get hurt. Bridget tells her father that she needs this chance with Nick and asks him to just be happy for her. Nick tells Katie that his life is none of her business but Katie informs him that she would never have pushed Bridget toward Nick if she knew it would only be one night. Nick tells Katie that he loves Bridget but isn't in any position to make a commitment yet. Ashley thinks it's admirable the way Rick is supporting Taylor, despite being Brooke's son. Ridge offers his support to Taylor but she makes it clear she is becoming stronger and not crumbling the way Brooke claims. Taylor advises Ridge not to marry Brooke, Brooke overhears and attacks Taylor. As an argument breaks out, Rick enters and jumps to Taylor's defence. Ridge is called away on a work emergency and Rick orders Brooke to see how her behavior has destroyed Taylor. Rick tells Taylor that he loves her and kisses her right in front of a horrified Brooke.moreless