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  • Ep. #5776
    Ep. #5776
    Episode 252
    Bridget grows anxious when Aggie is about things slip to Nick. Steffy watches as Hope and Oliver share a dance and a kiss, Marcus sees her watching and asks her if she has a thing for Oliver. Jackie tells Owen what's bothering him, he says it's cause because of everything that's gone on between Bridget and Nick lately. Steffy starts to believe that Marcus is right and shouldn't feel something for someone who's into Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #5775
    Ep. #5775
    Episode 251
    Nick asks Bridget and Owen exactly what he walked in on. Oliver tells Hope that he'll be there in a bit, not before Steffy shows up wearing a bikini wanting to hire him. Bridget explains that she was upset and that's why Owen was embracing her, Nick then thanks him for his support. Whip and Taylor take their relationship to the next level. Bridget tells Agnes her services at Jackie M. are no longer required since Stephanie is not longer with the company. Hope anxiously awaits Oliver's arrival at the dance. Bridget explains that Agnes was no longer needed. Agnes walks in and sees Oliver playing the video, and then takes his phone and goes to confront Bridget over her infidelity. Oliver apologizes to Hope for being late cause Agnes held him up. Agnes goes and interrupts Bridget and Nick's romance and says there's something he should know.moreless
  • Ep. #5774
    Ep. #5774
    Episode 250
    Jackie welcomes home Nick and Bridget. Owen has an encounter with Steffy while she's working out on the roof. Brooke warns Oliver that Steffy is out of control and to steer clear of her if he's going to be around Hope. Bridget and Owen face keeping their tryst a secret from Jackie and Nick. Brooke goes to Steffy and says they need to have a talk. Oliver tells Hope that he can see from Brooke's point of view regarding Steffy in her agenda. Steffy and Brooke exchange harsh words at each other for her pursuing Oliver, also the kiss they shared.moreless
  • Ep. #5773
    Ep. #5773
    Episode 249
    Hope walks in on Steffy and Oliver kissing. Brooke feels a bit concerned in Hope's date with Oliver. Hope wants Steffy to admit that he kissing Oliver was payback. Taylor talks with Steffy about her obsession with taking down the Logan's. Oliver follows Hope who's sitting her car to let him explain what she walked in on. Ridge tells Brooke that Hope should find a young man her own age and let loose and have some fun. Oliver refuses to get out unless he changes her outlook on him, and says he wants to be with her and not Steffy. Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy will not rest til she has ammunition to come after her.moreless
  • Ep. #5772
    Ep. #5772
    Episode 248
    Steffy tells Oliver she plans to use the video as leverage to force Brooke out of the company, and the lengths she'll go to protect this secret. Hope wonders what's keeping Oliver, Brooke is delighted that he's taking her daughter to the Spring Dance. Jackie and Owen attempt to put their problems behind them. Oliver tries to convince Steffy not to proceed with the next step of her plan, but she says she's doing this for her family. Brooke tells Hope to drop off some papers at Taylor's place on her way home. Bridget makes a confession to Nick. Hope comes by and is shocked when she sees Oliver and Steffy kiss and asks what he's doing.moreless
  • Ep. #5771
    Ep. #5771
    Episode 247
    Steffy sees the video as an opportunity to cause some damage. Nick and Bridget arrive to the island getaway. Brooke asks Hope if there's someone new in her life cause she keeps checking her phone. Bridget tells Nick if they ever want to move past it, they have to talk it out. Hope gets a call from Oliver saying he'll be over to pick her up, he sees that Steffy sent the video to her e-mail. Nick says to Bridget he remembers their honeymoon and seeing that Owen and Jackie were getting married themselves. Oliver goes to confront Steffy about what she did, and what she plans to do with that video. A guilt-ridden Owen declares his love for Jackie. Hope eagerly awaits her date with Oliver.moreless
  • Ep. #5770
    Ep. #5770
    Episode 246
    Brooke tells Ridge as long as Steffy doesn't go after any of her children then they're won't be a problem. Oliver arrives and sees what Steffy has in mind why she invited him over. Nick attempts to heal his marriage with Bridget by bringing her on the jet for a snack and a surprise trip to someplace romantic, she then calls Brooke and she too agrees she needs to get away. Steffy steals from Oliver, while he goes in the cabana to change into his swim shorts. Brooke gives Ridge a preview of just how popular the Bedroom Line is. Oliver asks Steffy what she's doing with his phone, he then deletes the video off his phone and leaves. Stephanie barges in on Brooke and Ridge's moment. Steffy managed to send the video from Oliver's phone to her e-mail.moreless
  • Ep. #5769
    Ep. #5769
    Episode 245
    Oliver is shocked when Steffy accidentally views the tape of Bridget and Owen's indiscretion. Pam gets rid of Donna by saying that the food is for the meeting of the new owners. Brooke asks Ridge if he changed his mind about the Hope for the Future campaign or if someone already did that for him. Bridget and Nick take the next step in moving on. Steffy has a way of getting her hands on Oliver's camera. Stephanie makes the first sacrifice by cutting the so called Brooke's Bedroom line, but Ridge steps up and overrules her. Brooke tells Steffy she doesn't want to fight with her but to co-exist, but if she continues the feud she take whatever she dishes out but only if she goes after her children.moreless
  • Ep. #5768
    Ep. #5768
    Episode 244
    Jackie comes over and offers her condolences to Bridget over the loss of the baby. Stephanie toasts Steffy to her success in one upping Bill Spencer, Steffy says she won't have problems getting rid of the remaining Logan women. Oliver tells Aggie that if Bridget had pressured her into taking those pills, and thinks of how she dealt with her grief by sleeping with Owen. Bridget shares emotional news with Brooke. Oliver encourages Aggie to rely on him for support and not Bridget. Owen tells Bridget for her not to tell Nick and to focus on moving past. Steffy tells Oliver that he's sorry cause she heard Agnes lost the baby. Bridget says to Nick she wants to move past it to. Oliver turns around and sees that Steffy watched the video of Bridget and Owen having sex.moreless
  • Ep. #5767
    Ep. #5767
    Episode 243
    Nick tells Bridget what exactly happened tonight that she desperately wants to tell him. Jackie fills Owen on Bridget practically losing it and storming out of the hospital after hearing her baby died. Brooke tells Ridget that Steffy is gonna need extra attention and some downtime with her father. Steffy sees Hope sit down at a table with Oliver at Insomnia. Oliver shows Hope his new camera and didn't want to disturb Owen or his company. Jackie and Owen share a nice warm bath. Hope tells Oliver about her plans to be a model for her new campaign, he then leans in and they share a kiss, Steffy goes back and sees them. Nick promises Bridget there's no going back and will never lose each other again. Oliver comes across footage of Owen making love to someone and sees that it's Bridget.moreless
  • Ep. #5766
    Ep. #5766
    Episode 242
    Steffy wants an answer from Ridge about cancelling the Hope for the Future campaign, cause it's time to go back to original image. Bridget finds comfort in Owen's arms in time of grief, and realizes they've made a mistake and stop, she then calls Nick and says that she's coming home. Ridge announces that he know what needs to be done, cause the only thing that can make the company work is by everyone working together. Jackie's confident that Nick and Bridget's marriage will survive. Owen tells Bridget that she can't tell Nick about what they did cause Jackie nor Nick will ever forgive them. Ridge tells Steffy that he'll always have time for her. Bridget comes home Nick wants her to listen to what he has to say and makes a promise saying he'll never betray her trust ever again, Bridget tells Nick that something else happened tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #5765
    Ep. #5765
    Episode 241
    Ridge finds himself torn between his two families. Whip is ecstatic when Taylor officially becomes part owner of Forrester Creations. Nick tries once again to reach Bridget with no luck. Bridget tells Owen that she can't go home cause she doesn't have a husband anymore and thought Agnes was the perfect surrogate. Ridge tells Steffy that she doesn't need to compete with Brooke and Hope cause he'll always be there for her. Nick he made an error in keeping things from Bridget, and asks Jackie what she would do if Owen kept secrets from her. Steffy thinks she and Ridge can come up with a better idea then the Hope for the Future. Owen helps Bridget light some candles so she can mourn for her baby, she and Owen embrace and end up sharing a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5764
    Ep. #5764
    Episode 240
    Brooke reveals to Ridge about Steffy and how she seduced Bill to get the family's company back. Nick returns home hoping to find Bridget but she's nowhere to be found and calls Jackie and asks her to come to the house right away. Bridget comes to the office and Owen asks her what's wrong. Brooke tells Ridge that there have been a few kisses between Bill and Steffy and didn't say anything cause she wanted to put a stop to it. Nick tries to call Bridget, but she turns off her cell phone when she sees that it's him getting phoning her. Ridge asks Steffy if what Brooke is saying true about you making a play for Bill to get Forrester Creations back. Nick breaks the news to Jackie about Agnes losing the baby after falling. Steffy says she did what she had to do to get the family back their company, Ridge makes her promise not to do this kind of thing again, Brooke is shocked that he's condoning her behaviour.moreless
  • Ep. #5763
    Ep. #5763
    Episode 239
    Nick and Bridget both rush to check on Agnes. Pam surprises Donna by saying that she's back working at Forrester Creations. The Forrester's gather and toast their triumph in getting the company back in the family again, also rid of Bill Spencer. Taylor tells Ridge that Brooke went psycho and pulled her into the pond. Dr. Caspary comes to examine Agnes and Bridget prays that the baby be alright. Brooke asks Donna what happen with their power at the company. Everyone takes fun at damaging Bill's portrait. Bridget is sad when Dr. Caspary tells her that Agnes lost the baby, and storms off saying she can't deal with this right now, and says maybe they weren't meant to be together. Brooke tells Donna that she needs to tell Ridge the truth, Thomas and Steffy see her takes Ridge out of the room.moreless
  • Ep. #5762
    Ep. #5762
    Episode 238
    Taylor makes it clear that she's not changing her mind and doesn't want her children's legacy corrupted. Nick tells Bridget that there's going to be someone joining them for dinner, she's irate when she sees it's Agnes. Owen tells Jackie that he can see that Bridget has a reason to be man at Agnes deception, he then admits that he still thinks about children. Hope wonders and asks Steffy what she did to get the company back in the first place. Brooke and Taylor take their frustrations outside and brawl over Ridge, and they end up both in a fountain and their fight continues. Bridget orders Agnes out of her house and is horrified when she takes a fall down the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #5761
    Ep. #5761
    Episode 237
    Taylor tells Stephanie she wants to talk with Eric and Ridge before she makes a decision. Steffy tells Eric that she wants Brooke at the company just not a owner. Bridget explains to Nick that the sooner the baby comes then Agnes is out of their lives, Agnes starts to feel dizzy and has blurred vision. Nick asks Agnes to have dinner with him and Bridget, Agnes later sees Nick and Bridget in a close moment. Taylor says that she's heard from both sides and has made her decision, by saying she'll fund her 25% of Forrester Creations, which leaves Brooke fuming.moreless
  • Ep. #5760
    Ep. #5760
    Episode 236
    Brooke realizes she slept in and goes to see if Taylor will sell her shares to her. Stephanie tells everyone that she's one of the owners of Forrester Creations and is seriously considering taking Eric to return. Taylor tells Whip she's pondering selling, either that or be in debt. Ridge explains to Steffy that Taylor is thinking of bowing out, cause she doesn't think she'll raise that kind of money, Steffy doesn't want Brooke's name on the company again. Nick tells Stephanie that he wishes her all the best, and he recalls his fondest memories with her at Jackie M. Stephanie tells Taylor when she arrives not to listen to a word that Brooke says and not to sign over her shares.moreless
  • Ep. #5759
    Ep. #5759
    Episode 235
    Ridge asks Brooke what is causing her anger towards Steffy. Whip gets a visit by Taylor and tells him that she's now in the fashion business. Stephanie applauds Steffy at doing the impossible by getting Bill to sell the company back to the family. Eric joyfully smiles at he sits behind his desk as if nothing changed. Ridget tells Brooke that if she's keeping a secret from about Steffy then they have a problem. Whip asks Taylor if she's gonna let Brooke buy her shares of Forrester Creations. Thorne is delighted of the news and says they should celebrate. Eric makes an offer to Stephanie for her to come back, she finally agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #5758
    Ep. #5758
    Episode 234
    Stephanie is overjoyed that the Brooke, Katie and Donna are devastated and no longer a part of the company. Bill finds out that Stephanie and Taylor are the other owners and tells Steffy the deal is off. Ridge tells Brooke that he couldn't sit back cause this sale is what he wanted all along. Katie tells Bill she's not going to let her sisters take orders from Taylor and Stephanie. Steffy tells Bill that if he touches that contract she'll tell Katie that he husband almost cheated on her. Brooke tells Ridge that she'll buy 25% of Taylor's stock and to think about it. Katie tells Steffy that she got the company back, cause the Logan's will be gone from this place for good. Ridge sticks it to Bill as he has the sign with his company taken off the building.moreless
  • Ep. #5757
    Ep. #5757
    Episode 233
    Katie tells Stephanie that her and her sisters the future and she's nothing then a distant memory. Steffy tells Thomas that she acquired Forrester Creations back into the family, he asked how she pulled that off. Bill tells Katie that he wants Brooke and Donna to hear that he sold the company, back to the Forrester's and says he should've done so this past Christmas, Katie is left speechless. Steffy calls Ridge and asks to bring everyone into Thorne's office, and drops a bomb that she got Bill Spencer to sell the company back to them, Eric and Ridge see Bill's signature and that it's actually true. Stephanie tells a shocked Brooke and Donna that she and Taylor are apart of the new ownership team.moreless
  • Ep. #5756
    Ep. #5756
    Episode 232
    Steffy tells Bill he'd better hurry or else she'll tell Katie once she gets off the phone. Ridge explains his worries to Stephanie and Taylor. Brooke tells Donna that the Logan girls will once again grace the glamour outfits once again. Katie tells Brooke to tell Ridge that she's upset about Steffy's firing, and she fought to keep her on. Bill presents Steffy with an alternative offer, but declines. Stephanie and Taylor interrupt the photo shoot and reveal their true feelings regarding the new campaign. Bill asks Steffy to give him the contract, only if she agrees not to pull a fast one and tell Katie everything, he sign it and is glad that she won and the company belongs to the family once again and the Logan's are history.moreless
  • Ep. #5755
    Ep. #5755
    Episode 231
    Bill and Steffy go head-to-head over her attempt to blackmail him. Katie reveals her latest advertising campaign which is a follow up to the Glamour line and explains to Donna and Brooke that Steffy won't be working on it cause she's firing her. Taylor excitedly tells Ridge about her budding relationship with Whip. Steffy prepares to reveal all to Katie but is interrupted by a call from Bill, she says for him to make a decision either the company or his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #5754
    Ep. #5754
    Episode 230
    Bill wonders what Steffy's games is by taking Katie's engagement ring. Katie apologizes for being late, and wants some changes in Eric's line, Ridge lashes out at her constant disapproval of everything they do. Justin asks Bill if everything is alright with him and Katie. Eric revisits some fond memories of his history of Forrester, Steffy assures him their going to get the company back. Katie wants the designs for the Hope for the Future campaign to be flawless, and need to be perfect. Steffy goes to Bill with her list of demands and blackmails him in exchange she'll keep her mouth shut about their almost night together at the beach house.moreless
  • Ep. #5753
    Ep. #5753
    Episode 229
    Bill tells Steffy to go out and drive away and never come back again. Sandy sees how uncomfortable Nick is after she declared her love for him, Bridget comes in and asks her if she's eaten at all today. Steffy hears from the door another argument between Katie and Bill. Bridget is irate that Agnes hasn't been taking her prenatal vitamins and says she has to take them. Steffy tells Thomas that it's time to move in for the kill. Katie sees that her ring is missing, Bill begins to think maybe Steffy took it. Bridget tells Agnes that she can't wait til her baby is in her arms and she is out of her life for good. Steffy shows Thomas her insurance policy in getting the company back for their dad, Bill calls Steffy wanting the ring back, but she says she has plans for him.moreless
  • Ep. #5752
    Ep. #5752
    Episode 228
    Steffy contemplates her offer to Bill to sell Forrester Creations back to her family, Bill says she's playing hardball with a player. Taylor tells Whip that she doesn't want to talk about Ridge tonight and to keep kissing her. Katie says to Brooke that she's gonna go to Ridge and say what his sweet little daughter has been up to, Brooke says there's nothing that Steffy can do to hurt what she has. Ridge sets up a romantic and all he needs is for Brooke to come home. Whip tells Taylor that he wants to take the next step with her, and the two make love. Steffy tells Bill that she married the wrong woman and makes her way into the bedroon saying if he's gonna give the company to her or is she gonna have to take it. Brooke does her best to hint to Ridge that Steffy is coming between Bill and Katie's marriage. Bill begins to make love to Steffy, he then hears that she's home.moreless
  • Ep. #5751
    Ep. #5751
    Episode 227
    Steffy continues to listen in on Katie and Bill arguing about her. Ridge opens up to Brooke about working for Bill has made him completely crazy. Taylor is amazed at Whip's culinary skills. Ridge tells Hope that he just had a little accident with Bill's trophy. Steffy hears Bill tell Katie that she was the beach house a little after she stormed after having an argument. Taylor thinks she said too much and thinks she ruined her and Whip's romantic evening by bringing up the past with Ridge all the time. Katie tells Bill to stay away from Steffy, and he made a commitment to him, and says she can't be here and leaves. Steffy asks Bill what kind of wife is Katie when she keeps walking out on him. Katie tells Brooke that Steffy is completely bent on destroying her marriage. Steffy tells Bill to leave his wife and sell Forrester Creations and she'll make it worth his while.moreless
  • Ep. #5750
    Ep. #5750
    Episode 226
    Nick tries to absord Agnes admittance that she has feeling for him. Steffy feels the same as Ridge does about Forrester being a division of Spencer Publications. Whip brings Taylor to his place and romances her by cooking her dinner. Steffy sees Donna and makes sure she witnesses an intimate moment between her and Bill. Agnes says to Nick that she developed feelings for him when he saved her from Graham. Steffy tells Bill that she feels Ridge should be running Forrester, cause he hates having to report to him all the time. Taylor tells Whip she's very impressed by him, cause it's usually her that does all the work in a relationship. Donna tells Katie she didn't want Brooke to hear, cause she saw Steffy in full seduction mode with Bill, she then calls Bill asking him to come and meet her at home. Nick makes it clear to Agnes that he's committed to Bridget and their marriage. Ridge goes ballistic and breaks a glass award of Bill's. Steffy hears that Bill and Katie are arguing about her and she thinks she can use this to her advantage.moreless
  • Ep. #5749
    Ep. #5749
    Episode 225
    Jackie tells Pam that she did well with the welcome home party that she put together, Sandy arrives and can't believe this is all for her, and then opens up about her rape five years ago and Nick his best and had a theory that Graham Darros and was the person and he was right. Bridget arrives and says this party is over cause Sandy isn't her real name it's Agnes, and that's what they're gonna be calling her from now one. Jackie asks Whip since he's been so quiet, if he's knew anything about Agnes, Jackie asks if she and him were married and Taylor wants to know that too, Whip says Agnes is his cousin. Bridget comes and says she thought she made it clear she didn't want her anywhere near her husband and having secret meetings.moreless
  • Ep. #5748
    Ep. #5748
    Episode 224
    Sandy tells Brooke that she's just overreacting just like Bridget did earlier. Bridget says to Nick there's one thing he can do for her, is to explain what he feels for her. Sandy asks Brooke where this sudden motherly concern is coming from, Brooke says she's concerned for both of her daughters. Nick tells Bridget that he wouldn't dream of hurting her or their dreams. Bridget tells Brooke that she can't talk to her right now, she apologizes thinking he could help Sandy, and explains she heard Sandy say she had feelings for Nick. Dr. Caspary tells Nick that everything looks good and is gonna be releasing Sandy tonight. Nick assures Brooke that he never crossed a line with Sandy. Bridget tells Sandy that Nick will be with someone who's a liar.moreless
  • Ep. #5747
    Ep. #5747
    Episode 223
    Bridget pushes away from Nick and says she needs time alone. Oliver can't believe that Agnes actually went after Graham, Whip says that he almost did the same thing to Hope tonight. Ridge tells Hope he's gonna take her out of her and back to work to make her campaign a hit. Lt. Baker tells Ridge and Brooke that Graham is being held without bail and Sandy suffered some pains shortly after she went after him. Bridget sets new ground rules for Sandy regarding the surrogacy, for her not to have secret meetings with Nick anymore and to keep her distance. Oliver visits Hope and brings her a special gift. Brooke overhears Agnes tell Whip that she's starting to feel something for Nick, she then cautions her not to go anywhere near her daughter's husband, or she'll have to deal with her.moreless
  • Ep. #5746
    Ep. #5746
    Episode 222
    Nick explains what happened to Hope, tonight and Sandy went after him and that's when the fall occured. The doctor tells Brooke that Hope might not remember what happened and should stay in the hospital for a few days. Whip tells Oliver that he doesn't know what Agnes had told anyone when she was brought in. Sandy tells Bridget that the person she was chasing did to her what he almost did to Hope tonight. Steffy comes to check on Hope and she didn't know what kind of a person Graham was. Bridget lashes out at Nick over what she has discovered about Sandy and it not being her real name and why he went to Brooke instead of his own wife.moreless
  • Ep. #5745
    Ep. #5745
    Episode 221
    Nick frantically searches for Sandy on the rooftop. Charlie tells Ridge to think positive and Graham will be caught and arrested. Sandy knocks Graham and grabs a lead pipe, Lt. Baker then says it won't be necessary and then arrests Graham for Agnes Jones sexual assault, Sandy's then thrilled that it's finally over. Ridge goes back to check on Hope and Brooke says that Graham didn't touch her, Charlie says he got word that Graham was apprehended. Sandy starts feeling some twinges and Nick insists on taking her to the hospital. Brooke is grateful that Nick went to his loft before Hope could raped like Sandy did. Dr. Caspary wants Sandy to be put on an I.V. to find out the cause of her cramps. Hope wakes up and Brooke and Ridge explain that she was drugged. Bridget comes to the hospital and wonders how Sandy fell, and for Nick to tell her everything.moreless
  • Ep. #5744
    Ep. #5744
    Episode 220
    Ridge and Brooke grow worried about Hope. Graham sets his plan in motion to seduce Hope while passed out from the drugs he gave her. Bridget tells Whip that Nick hurried off somewhere and wonders what was so important. Zev gets the results and that Graham is a match, Sandy isn't waiting for Lt. Baker, so she and Nick then head out to confront him. Graham slowly starts undressing Hope as she lays unconscious saying this will be just perfect. Oliver comes in asking if Bridget has seen Sandy, she is delighted to meet Sandy's brother. Nick knocks on Graham's door saying he brought the contract for him to sign, he bursts in and sees Hope on the bed, Graham sees Sandy with him and hurries out, she chases after him. Lt. Baker and Charlie arrive and Nick goes after Sandy. Graham knocks Sandy down and says she's all his once again.moreless
  • Ep. #5743
    Ep. #5743
    Episode 219
    Brooke apologizes for calling Hope while driving. Steffy tells Katie that she's not going to push her out of Forrester Creations. Zev says the gum has Graham's DNA all over it and is enough to run a test for a comparison. Rick tells Katie and Steffy from his experience working with Graham and what he heard rumors he doesn't treat his models really well. Nick tries to get Sandy to agree to telling Bridget everything about her attack. Hope attends Graham's party and he shuts off her phone and puts something in her drink. Ridge tells Brooke that Hope just needs some space and she'll understand that she was trying to protect her. Katie thanks Rick for the heads up regarding Graham's reputation, Steffy says she'll handle it, cause she brought him to L.A. Graham tells Hope that he's gonna make her forget all her worries.moreless
  • Ep. #5742
    Ep. #5742
    Episode 218
    Nick takes a daring approach to catch Sandy's attacker. Hope overhears and learns she was conceived with Bridget's husband Deacon. Sandy tells Whip that she's certain that Graham attacked her and Nick is doing that as we speak. Taylor interrogates Steffy about why Katie is to push her out of the company. Hope comes in the room and tells Brooke that she pretty much feels the same way. Nick gives Zev the gum to be tested, Sandy says that she has to know the truth. Hope calls Graham wanting a place to stay, he then calls his friend Clyde saying the party is back on. Brooke calls Hope hoping she can get her to come home, she then gets caught in headlights and swerves the car.moreless
  • Ep. #5741
    Ep. #5741
    Episode 217
    Brooke tells Katie she's not gonna sit back and watch her marriage fail cause of her feud with Steffy. Taylor tells Ridge that Steffy has more talent then all the Logan's, almost as if Katie wants her to fail miserably. Katie puts Hope's campaign in full effect to displease Steffy. Nick tells Sandy that he and she are gonna pay this Graham a visit to his studio, and he could be protecting the person that spiked her drink years ago. Ridge tries to figure out what Steffy did to Katie to make her hate her so much. Katie says to Brooke she's not out to destroy anyone, and is moving on after the fact that Steffy kissed Bill, and for her to step down as C.E.O and give it to Ridge. Hope looks at the photos that Graham took and can't believe how good they came out. Nick pays Graham a visit, hoping his plan will work, and gets him to chew a piece of gum. Hope returns to Forrester Creation and overhears Ridge telling Brooke that she's a stain on the family name.moreless
  • Ep. #5740
    Ep. #5740
    Episode 216
    Ridge thinks he should get as far away from the Logan's as possible, but doesn't feel about abandoning Brooke. Steffy tells Hope that it's okay that he calls Ridge her father. Nick learns that Sandy has a brother named Oliver and he to knows everything, and there's something else they might do by finding Graham. Graham wants to take some more photos of Hope and insists that he uses his own studio. Ridge can't imagine turning his back on Hope a girl he refers as his daughter, Stephanie tries to get him to consider doing so. Sandy and Nick read a post on Graham's blog saying he's doing work for Forrester Creations. Graham tells everyone to leave so that he can concentrate on his project with Hope in private. Brooke overhears Stephanie try to manipulate Ridge saying he should be the head of the company and not Katie, Brooke confronts Stephanie after Ridge leaves the room. Graham gets a call from Nick and about him booking a job, and to come to Jackie M. designs, Sandy wonders if she's right and Graham is the one that raped her. Stephanie tells Brooke that if she doesn't do this for Ridge then she'll lose him.moreless
  • Ep. #5739
    Ep. #5739
    Episode 215
    Ridge sees as everyone takes out their frustrations on one another at Forrester Creations. Whip tells Stephanie that Forrester is taking a big risk in having a campaign on an unknown like Hope. Katie takes a pass at more of Steffy's ideas, Taylor tells Ridge that their daughter needs them right now. Thomas looks on as Steffy is practically made Hope's slave as she's told to get her something to drink. Ridge explains to Taylor and Thomas and Steffy there's got to be a way to get her out of this company. Stephanie sees that Whip got Bridget to design a dress for Taylor, and she's amazed at how much he cares for her. Taylor gets a text from Whip asking her to meet him. Brooke asks Katie that this "Hope for the Future" is the right thing to do. Stephanie tells Ridge that Whip is falling in love with Taylor and won't be long before she feels the same way. Steffy tells Hope that Ridge is not her father no matter how many times she says it.moreless
  • Ep. #5738
    Ep. #5738
    Episode 214
    Taylor snaps out of her fantasy about Ridge, Stephanie says he won't be stopping by. Hope shows Steffy the card that Oliver gave her. Brooke and Ridge try to move beyond the challenges in their path. Ridge tells Brooke that he's been in his car waiting for Katie and Donna to leave, cause he just couldn't handle seeing her. Sandy tells Oliver that they didn't find the person that raped her and doesn't think they ever will. Steffy tells Taylor she's not going to be pushed out of her job just cause they're going with Hope's campaign and not hers. Oliver asks Sandy if there's gonna be more then a connection with Nick once the baby is born, he learns that Whip also works in the same building. Graham calls Hope asking that she do a night shoot with him, but she says another time cause she's busy. Taylor locks the door realizing that Ridge isn't coming over.moreless
  • Ep. #5737
    Ep. #5737
    Episode 213
    Stephanie is delighted that Taylor is seeing Whip, she'll be with a guy that puts her first, something Ridge didn't cause of Brooke. Ridge doesn't want to focus on Katie or Bill, Brooke says their plans are delayed cause Donna and Katie are probably already at the house for dinner. Steffy interrupts Graham and Hope's meeting at the Insomnia Cafe. Brooke tells Ridge she was planning on mending some fences, but Ridge refuses to break bread with Katie cause she's asking too much of him. While Steffy is discussing something with Graham, Hope spots Oliver over in the corner of the cafe. Brooke calls Ridge hoping to get him to come and join his sisters for dinner. Oliver approaches both Steffy and Hope and he imagine the camera not loving either one of them, and gives them his business card. Ridge calls Taylor saying he's in his car sitting outside his house afraid to go in. Brooke explains that she doesn't think that Ridge would turn to Taylor for help. Ridge tells Taylor that he's finally seeing things more clearly.moreless
  • Ep. #5736
    Ep. #5736
    Episode 212
    Ridge tells Brooke he doesn't blame her, only Bill and Katie and he needs to know if she's on his side. Taylor explains to Whip that she's enjoyed getting to know him and will see how things develop over time. Bill tells Steffy that "Hope for the Future" is the line they're going with. Whip tries to do an experiment him being the doctor and her as the patient. Ridge tells Brooke how do they prevent their children from coming between them. Whip asks Taylor if she's still in love with Ridge. Katie tells that Steffy went over her head and tried to get Bill to run with her campaign. Steffy wants Bill to put her in charge of Forrester. Ridge tells Brooke that he's gonna get the company back no matter what and it's definately war.moreless
  • Ep. #5735
    Ep. #5735
    Episode 211
    Stephanie offers to make Ridge and partnership and to come work at Jackie M. Katie doesn't like Stephanie snooping around, Brooke says that Steffy told her everything. Bill can't get that kiss from Steffy the night that Katie left out of his mind and confesses his feelings about her to Justin. Ridge tells Stephanie that he's under contract to Bill and wants to him and Steffy to work at the place that bares their name. Steffy confronts Katie and her attempt at breaking her so she'll quit didn't work. Oliver stops by Jackie M. asking Stephanie he'd like speak to Sandy, Sandy then arrives saying he's not going anywhere. Steffy goes to Bill and says what Katie's doing is wrong, and she blocked the campaign for the sequel to it. Brooke tells Ridge that she hates fighting, Ridge says that part of him wants to leave for good. Sandy introduces Stephanie to her little brother Oliver, he then sees that she's pregnant and who the lucky guy she's seeing. Ridge apologizes to Brooke and there's no other way of changing that it's his daughter against hers.moreless
  • Ep. #5734
    Ep. #5734
    Episode 210
    Ridge tells Taylor that he hates to see Steffy just pushed aside after all her hard work she did on the new campaign. Hope is ecstatic about having had Graham come in to do some test shoots, Donna says she's a natural in front of the camera. Katie tells Brooke that Steffy's ideas is not for them they want to do something that's young and fresh. Stephanie tells Jackie and Owen some news about Forrester doing a promotional follow up to her Hollywood glamour. Eric and Thorne can't believe that Brooke actually sided with Hope on this decision. Taylor decides to tell Stephanie about the feud between Hope and Steffy. Brooke can't believe how good the test photos of Hope came out. Stephanie confronts Brooke about her gonna lose Ridge for good this time.moreless
  • Ep. #5733
    Ep. #5733
    Episode 209
    Ridge tells Brooke that she's gone way too far this time. Whip suspects Sandy is falling for Nick, Nick comes in and asks what the two are talking about. Hope asks Katie that if this is really a vendetta she has going on then she wants no part of it. Ridge tells Brooke that Steffy's campaign was great, Brooke says not to give up cause they've been through to much already. Nick sees that Sandy told Whip about her attack and Lt. Baker is doing their best in catching the person. Steffy now sees what Katie is doing this, cause she wants her to quit. Sandy shutters when she sees a picture of Graham, and Nick asks if he's the one that attacked her, Sandy doesn't seem to remember but there's something about his face. Katie admits to Brooke about her motives also her to having an agenda. Ridge is caught between supporting both Steffy and Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5732
    Ep. #5732
    Episode 208
    Ridge tells Stephanie that the reason he stuck it out is cause of his children. Katie tells Hope she'll have her chance after Steffy is done with her presentation. Taylor meets Graham in the reception area and he's immediately fascinated by her. Sandy tells Whip the painful truth about why she's been distant and opens up about her attack years ago, Whip wants to know if they caught the guy. Katie doesn't think Steffy's concept, but Steffy introduces them to Graham a photographer who thinks he can take it to bigger heights. Sandy tells Whip that the person hasn't been caught cause the rape kit was never tested, cause of budget cuts. Ridge learns from Stephanie that Taylor is dating someone. Hope and Steffy's competition sparks conflict between Brooke and Taylor. Whip and Sandy each remember the photographer and his name is Graham. Brooke tells Ridge that a decision was made and they're going with Hope's idea, and that Steffy was passed over.moreless
  • Ep. #5731
    Ep. #5731
    Episode 207
    Katie tells Donna she's gonna use Hope in her plan to rid Forrester Creations of Steffy. Katie tells her sisters she forgives them. Jackie fills Owen in on the Forrester's plan on creating a bogus line to repurchase the company, but didn't work. Hope tells Steffy she shouldn't view her as a threat, and they would be great working together. Katie underhandedly creates a new campaign idea and passes it off as someone else's. Jackie asks a worried Owen to check on Steffy. Donna questions Katie about the idea she had and let Hope run with it like it's hers.moreless
  • Ep. #5730
    Ep. #5730
    Episode 206
    Steffy gets annoyed when Hope gets an internship at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Taylor defend their daughters. Thomas tells Taylor that he's concerned for Steffy and is worried about her, Taylor says that she's gonna have a talk with Steffy over lunch. Steffy voices her concern about Hope to Ridge thinking she won't have anymore quality time with her father. Taylor realizes somethings never change after hearing Brooke's latest coup in bringing in Hope. Hope tells Brooke that she doesn't Steffy isn't exactly thrilled that she's here. Ridge is caught in the crossfire over which family members should work at the company.moreless
  • Ep. #5729
    Ep. #5729
    Episode 205
    Katie tells Bill that they'll never spend another night alone again. Sandy puts Nick in a tough spot after making a big request of him by not telling Bridget of her attack. Bill and Katie surprise everyone by saying all is forgiven and wants sketches for a real collection. Steffy assures Thomas that she doesn't have a thing for Bill she just finds him fascinating. Ridge and the rest Forresters need to have a united front and devise another plan of attack. Thomas catches up with Steffy and says he noticed her and Bill looking at each other during the meeting. Sandy is speechless when she sees the baby on the ultrasound and is glad that Nick and Bridget are here to share the moment. Katie tells Brooke and Donna that Bill doesn't anyone to leave. Rick opens up to Eric that he can't stand the family company a division of Bill's company. Katie sees Steffy and sharing a tender moment with Bill together in her office.moreless
  • Ep. #5728
    Ep. #5728
    Episode 204
    Steffy starts her day looking back at kissing Bill at the beach house. Bill puts his symbolic sword necklace back around his neck. Brooke asks Katie that she hopes she can forgive them and be what they once were to each other. Steffy tells Thomas that she went to see Bill last night, and he asked her if he did anything to her. Brooke tells Ridge that Katie's already left and back to her husband. Katie apologizes for running away and not staying and fighting it out, Bill explains what happened can't be taken back. Hope shares her insights that nobody likes Bill and why do they bother working for someone they don't like. Steffy tells Thomas that when she got there Bill was pretty messed up cause Katie walked and they kissed, Thomas thinks they could use that to get the company back. Katie promises Bill that she will never let anything come between them or their marriage again.moreless
  • Ep. #5727
    Ep. #5727
    Episode 203
    Bill tells Katie that she'll gonna have to make a choice either him or her sisters, he also says nothing good will come out of her walking out the door. Nick tells Sandy that he's proud of her for having the guts for walking in the police station and demanding justice. Katie finds herself at Brooke's and tells her and Donna that she's walked out on her husband for defending the two of them. Steffy comes by and gloats that Bill is down in the dumps and is gonna need all the alcohol after she's finished with him. Katie doesn't know why she came to her sisters place after they did their best to discredit her and Bill and humiliate them. Nick tells Sandy that she's going to get her life back and will no longer live in fear. Bill gets a call from Katie and Steffy realizes she's at Brooke's and what does that tell him. Lt. Baker tells Nick and Sandy that they didn't get a hit in the database and give his solemn word that they'll catch him. Bill tells Steffy to leave cause she has no idea what she's dealing with, cause Katie will be home soon, he then gets a text saying she'll be staying at Brooke's, Steffy kisses him and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #5726
    Ep. #5726
    Episode 202
    Bill condones the Forresters for trying to pull the wool over her eyes, and decides not to fire them cause it would mean they can seek jobs elswhere in fashion. Bridget and Nick show their appreciation to Owen for getting them in touch with the surrogacy agency. Bill insults Brooke and Donna and Katie can't believe what she's hearing. Owen realizes that with Nick's coming child which'll make him a grandfather, and Nick says his feelings towards him have changed since before. Brooke sees a different side to Katie and thinking that she's now coming to her senses. Katie lashes at Bill and says he said things about her sisters that he can't take back. Steffy makes a startling confession to her family that she's had it up to here with the Logan's in charge. Bill and Katie get into a heated argument, and he flat out tells as she's about to leave to not walk out that door.moreless
  • Ep. #5725
    Ep. #5725
    Episode 201
    Katie asks Brooke if the line will be a success or is she and Bill walking into a trap. Eric realizes that Katie is on to them. Bill runs into Steffy at Insomnia and sees she's working on the P.R. for the new line. Brooke admits to Katie that the "Dare" line is supposed to fail. Eric tells Ridge, he thinks they can snow Bill but Katie is definately the problem. Katie lashes at Brooke for her betrayal and plan to destroy her and Forrester Creations in the process and would never do this kind of thing, Brooke asks her not to tell Bill. Donna tells Eric that if Katie does know the truth, she will reveal all to her husband no question. Katie tells Bill that the Dare line is their latest attempt to drag the company in the ground, he's the irate and asks Katie to get everyone into her office right away, and says when they arrive that they have no idea with he'll do to all of them.moreless
  • Ep. #5724
    Ep. #5724
    Episode 200
    Steffy thinks that with Bill wanting to see more sketches that the plan to get the company back is working. Katie wants Jarrett's input on the "Dare" line and is having the recent designs brought up from downstairs. Nick promises that he'll see to it that she'll get her justice. Ridge worries Brooke feels guilty about betraying Katie. Jarrett sees the designs and can't believe what he's seeing. Sandy is angered by the backlog at the police lab, and thanks Nick for getting the DNA in her case tested. Marcus tells Ridge that he got a call from Katie and wanted to see the designs thinking it wouldn't be a problem. Jarrett says that the work isn't like Ridge or Eric at all, and assures Katie that neither Brooke or Donna would do anything to deceive her. Nick tells Sandy he feels uncomfortable not telling Bridget the whole story, Bridget comes in and asks what's up with them. Brooke is summoned into Katie's office and she demands the truth and if she's in fact being lied to. Bridget wonders why Sandy ran off in such a hurry and hopes Stephanie isn't overworking her cause she's carrying their child after all.moreless
  • Ep. #5723
    Ep. #5723
    Episode 199
    Sandy and Nick asks Lt. Baker why the evidence in the box hasn't been touched or even tested. Bridget meets with Stephanie and she has something to offer her. Brooke comments on Whip's relationship with Sandy, Whip then says she already knows that Sandy is his cousin. Lt. Baker thinks the kit wasn't opened cause the D.A. didn't need them, Zev then tells him to tell Sandy why they were never opened, Lt. Baker thinks that it was probably a low priority case. Whip tells Brooke that the reason that he got the job at Jackie M. is cause Stephanie found his resume and said for him to make a play for her. Sandy remembers the color shirt she was wearing and finds the evidence and Nick consoles as it stirs up a memory.moreless
  • Ep. #5722
    Ep. #5722
    Episode 198
    Zev the lab tech says that Sandy case isn't in the database and says to go to the municipal building. Bill gets a view of the line and immediately isn't impressed and tells Eric that he's seen enough. Nick, Sandy and Lt. Baker head to the police storage facility to look at the evidence. Bill asks Eric if he thinks the gowns are gonna make him money. Eric and the rest are relieved when Bill practically gives the new "Dare" line the thumbs up. Nick bluntly asks Lt. Baker just what the heck is all this stuff, as he looks around the storage room.moreless
  • Ep. #5721
    Ep. #5721
    Episode 197
    Nick asks Sandy to take a step forward and come to the police station with him. Eric thinks that with this terrible collection that no one will buy the company will be theirs in no time. Katie tells Brooke and Donna that she wants to view the collection first hand, she then thinks if her sisters are working behind her back. Steffy and Thomas are worried that Brooke or Donna might cave in to Katie. Nick takes Sandy back to her trailer and she gets the police report she filed after her assault. Bill returns from his meeting and answered questions about Eric's sudden return, and asks for a preview, but Katie says they want to surprise everyone. Eric has an idea to use, Brooke, Donna and Steffy to model gowns, and to have Katie and Bill in the room and no one else. Nick asks Lt. Baker what the holdup is, Sandy comes in wanting answers about her case.moreless
  • Ep. #5720
    Ep. #5720
    Episode 196
    Nick tells Brooke that Sandy decided to show up for the office Christmas party and wonders she may need help. Stephanie is impressed by Sandy's sudden enthusiasm, Whip shares that Forrester Creations has a top secret line. Eric tells Steffy to handle the P.R. on the new "Dare" line and to keep Bill from being suspicious. Katie becomes concerned and shows Justin some of Eric's new designs. Brooke tells Nick that Sandy entering a treatment facility is the best she can take for herself. Ridge explains that once Bill and Katie catch on they might shut down production. Nick explains the idea of her getting help to Sandy, but she's not that ecstatic about it. Eric tells everyone that this is a mission to get the company back in the family. Katie questions Eric's brilliance to Brooke and Donna and the resigns designs and asks if a mutiny is being planned. Nick asks Lt. Baker to take a look at Sandy's case and who attacked her years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #5719
    Ep. #5719
    Episode 195
    Bridget gives special thanks to Sandy. Nick and Jackie throw a big Christmas blowout for employess of Jackie M. Thorne tells Ridge he thinks their mother isn't having a good time since this being the first Christmas without her mother. Bridget thanks Sandy for coming to the party cause it wouldn't have been the same without her. Owen presents Jackie with a very special gift of a reminder of their wedding in Hawaii. Thorne goes to check on his mother and sees that she's in good spirits and goes back and tells Ridge and Brooke that she found a group that makes her happy. Stephanie reflects upon her Christmas past, including her dear friend Sally Spectra.moreless
  • Ep. #5718
    Ep. #5718
    Episode 194
    Brooke sees some already awful designs Ridge and Eric finished. Jackie and the rest of the staff have a wonderful time at the party their having. Katie tells Bill what she wants for Christmas by giving the company back to the Forresters. Whip comes by to see Sandy and says his mother is expecting her for Christmas dinner and to come to the Jackie M. party at the office. Katie says the reason for the request that her sisters have boycotted Bill being there during the holidays. Bridget tells Nick they're going to bring Sandy cause she shouldn't be alone on this holiday. Eric shares with Brooke his goal for the new year with Brooke and Ridge that his plan definately has to work. Nick and Bridget try to get Sandy to join in the festivities. George tells Bill he and the board had doubts at first but the numbers are good. Sandy comes and joins in the fun. Bill calls Ridge and he tells him that he's intrigued by the designs he's just received, Katie makes her think cause it's not what Eric and Ridge normally do.moreless
  • Ep. #5717
    Ep. #5717
    Episode 193
    Brooke tells Ridge that she's definately on board with the plan. Rick gives Eric the demo CD for the new line and believes that Bill take the bait. Eric receives a warm homecoming from employess of Forrester Creations. Brooke and Donna decide not to invite Bill to the family's festivities. Bill calls Eric and wants to bring him what he's got so far. Brooke tells Katie that Bill isn't welcome at Christmas, Donna says that she's not going to put Eric through by having him in his house. Rick and Steffy present the new "Dare" line to an unimpressed Bill. Katie says if they're making her choose she'll stand by her husband. Bill then calls the Logan sisters in his office and they come down and her questions Eric and that his new line better make him a lot of money or else.moreless
  • Ep. #5716
    Ep. #5716
    Episode 192
    Brooke tells Ridge that she did what he said in her own words the new collection is "cutting edge", he tells Steffy and Thomas that Brooke is on board with the whole thing. Brooke agrees to play a role in Ridge and Eric's plan to get Forrester Creations away from Bill Spencer. Thorne wants to know what the deal after learning that Eric plans to return to Forrester. Sandy begins her first day at Jackie M. but Stephanie gets a weird vibe from thinking she's not into jetting off to Paris. Nick thinks a staff to Christmas party will be perfect for Jack. Eric makes a promise to Bill and Katie. Stephanie tells Sandy welcome aboard and she'll enjoy working here. Eric explains to Thorne that ruining the company's reputation is the chance they'll have to take in order to get it back into the family. Bridget tells Sandy that she'll have to spend Christmas with them, she says she's not going to be able to do so. Bill tells Katie that he has a weird feeling that he thinks Eric is up to something. Steffy creates a new campaign for Eric and Ridge's latest collection. Katie walks by and sees the pow wow in Thorne's office and thinks something is definately up.moreless
  • Ep. #5715
    Ep. #5715
    Episode 191
    Sandy overhears Nick telling Brooke her secret. Ridge lets Steffy in on his and Eric's plan. Nick tells Sandy to talk with Brooke cause she's been through what she did. Bridget sees the workload that Stephanie has to do and insists she hire an assitant. Ridge shows Steffy the recent design that Eric drew and it'll only be a matter of time before the company is back in the family where it belongs. Sandy gets a job offer she can't refuse and learns that it was Nick's idea, and she accepts the position as Stephanie's assistant. Brooke has second thoughts about deceiving Katie, but Ridge says it's for the best and it's in her hands. Sandy apologizes to Nick when she said that he betrayed her trust and is starting to trust. Brooke goes into Katie's office and tells her that this collection will turn Forrester Creations upside down.moreless
  • Ep. #5714
    Ep. #5714
    Episode 190
    Eric agrees that Ridge's plan is a little crazy but it's a plan that just might work. Pam and Donna announce Jackie M. and the Adam and Eve line as the competition winner, leaving Steffy disappointed. Bill is furious that Forrester didn't win. Nick and Bridget celebrate Jackie M.'s win in his mother's office. Bill looks at Steffy being interviewed with completely chagrin in his eyes. Eric tries to figure the kind of line that the clientille would never buy. Justin cheers Donna up by saying Forrester may have lost, but she was the star of the show. Stephanie brings the champagne by to do some more celebrating. Eric show Ridge his first design and thinks it's just awful and what he's looking for. Taylor tells Whip that he looked pretty good up there on the Catwalk today, Whip then plants a kiss on her. Eric tells Bill and Katie saying that he's ready to come back to the company, and agrees that him getting the company back is impossible, Bill then welcomes him back.moreless
  • Ep. #5713
    Ep. #5713
    Episode 189
    Ridge tells Eric that Bill turned down their offer to buy the company back. Whip tells Owen and Jackie they'll get the most votes cause their campaign is better then Forrester's is. Stephanie wishes Steffy all the luck cause they're gonna get beaten. Jackie M. and Forrester Creations roll videos for The Catwalk audience. Whip and Steffy meet on "The Catwalk" to compete over which fashion house has the best ad campaign. Nick and Bridget watch from back at the office that Forrester's video was a bit intriguing. Eric and Ridge do not attend the competition out of protest. Audience viewers and partcipants eagerly await the announcement of the winner.moreless
  • Ep. #5712
    Ep. #5712
    Episode 188
    Ridge calls Eric saying he e-mailed Bill the offer. Nick tells Whip that he doesn't want to talk about Sandy tonight. Forrester Creations and Jackie M. prepare for another showdown. Thomas says that he's gonna tweak the video and it's gonna blow everyone away. Stephanie and the rest see that the pre-production sales are already through the roof. Bill receives Ridge and Eric's offer to buy the company. Taylor pays visits to both competing companies and offers her well wishes, and tells Whip that since he invaded her office she agrees to go out with him. Katie is livid to learn that the Forresters have been plotting behind her back and thought everyone was getting along. Whip and Steffy have a web chat wish each company good luck tomorrow. Steffy makes a vow in regards to Bill and Katie. Bill and Ridge have a heated dispute about the company which by reminding him they have an ironclad contract, Ridge tells Brooke that ther must be some way to break the deal.moreless
  • Ep. #5711
    Ep. #5711
    Episode 187
    Bill disapproves of the way Katie handled things with Steffy and it won't be long before Ridge finds out he fired his daughter. Ridge explains to Brooke and Donna that the collection isn't bad and could do better and it doesn't have Eric's signature touch. Nick demands answers when finding Whip in Sandy's trailer, she says that she and Whip are cousins, he then wants to know the whole truth. Katie tells Steffy she might as well come in cause their already talking about her, but says that she can stay and wants a report on the line first thing in the morning. Eric and Ridge detail their plans to take Forrester Creations away from Bill, he asks Brooke how she would feel about Katie being replaced as C.E.O. Sandy opens up to Nick that she dreamed of getting a job in fashion, and was raped by some guy and is glad she told. Brooke and Donna feel torn with their loyalties. Bill assures Katie that reinstating Steffy wasn't a mistake and won't betray her trust.moreless
  • Ep. #5710
    Ep. #5710
    Episode 186
    Bridget tells Sandy it's almost like god sent her to her and Nick. Taylor takes on a new patient, and she sees that it's Whip, he says she's not gonna turn down a man who needs dire help. Nick continues to try to gain more information about Sandy. Whip tells Taylor that he can't leave cause he has serious issues. Ridge asks Brooke if she met the surrogate yet, Brooke says that there's something about her. Bridget tells Sandy to go ahead and refer her as a friend cause she'll be in their lives a long time, she tells Nick it's the same with him to. Whip tells Taylor he's feeling much better and that he'll give her a call. Sandy thanks Nick for not telling Bridget about her name change, and gets out of the car, and sees someone is in her house, she starts swinging a bat asking who's there.moreless
  • Ep. #5709
    Ep. #5709
    Episode 185
    Brooke sees how many scholarship applicants that she has to go through to make the deadline. Whip visits Sandy and tells her that Nick will probably figure out that they're related. Taylor tells Whip that she's changed her mind and doesn't want a second date with him. Nick unburdens himself with Brooke and says that Sandy isn't who she says she is and is definately up to something. Sandy tells Bridget that she wants to be friends with her, but doesn't want to disappoint her. Brooke tells Nick that he might need a lawyer, but he's not willing to go that far. Taylor tells Whip that she made a vow never to get involved with another one of Brooke's men again. Brooke sees that Sandy is practically scared to death of him, and to keep quiet for the baby's safety, try to get Sandy to trust him, Nick says he'll find whatver he can on Sandy Sommers.moreless
  • Ep. #5708
    Ep. #5708
    Episode 184
    Taylor calls Whip on his bluff on when he said he didn't need a computer to get a date. Katie tells Steffy to have her office cleared out by tomorrow. Bill attempts to redeem himself to Katie by having a romantic dinner at the beach house. Steffy tells Thomas that Katie just fired her. Whip admits to Taylor that he started having intense feelings for Jackie. Katie comes home to see all the stuff that Bill had set up in their living room. Steffy confesses to Thomas that the reason Katie fired her is cause she kissed Bill, Thomas lays into her for doing something so dispicable. Whip tells Taylor that the one time when Jackie and Owen were having problems he may have had his shot at her. Bill is shocked to learn that Katie says that Steffy won't be working at Forrester Creations anymore. Steffy admits to Thomas that she wanted Katie to hurt like she made them hurt like taking over the company. Whip tells Taylor that he thought she was never appreciated and is a extremely exceptional person.moreless
  • Ep. #5707
    Ep. #5707
    Episode 183
    Katie confronts Steffy about kissing Bill. Justin asks Bill if everything is alright cause he didn't see Katie's car when he pulled up. Nick tells Bridget that Sandy is really looking forward to having the baby for them. Stephanie helps Taylor get ready for her date, and Whip is intrigued when Taylor is seeing someone online. Justin is blown away at Bill's revelation about kiss with Steffy. Katie tells Steffy straight out just what else is exactly going on here. Bridget says to Nick that maybe it was a mistake bringing up the surrogate since the stuff that happened with Jack. Taylor sees Whip at Insomnia and realizes that he's in fact her date tonight. Katie tells Steffy that she wants to trust her employess and tells her that she's fired.moreless
  • Ep. #5706
    Ep. #5706
    Episode 182
    Nick interrogates Sandy about past secrets, she then says that Bridget's profile reminded her of the person she used to be. Briget asks Whip since he was in Sandy's hospital room and what he thought of her. Bill comes clean with Katie about Steffy seducing him up at the Big Bear cabin. Steffy asks Brooke if she plans on telling Katie or Ridge with what she did. Nick tells Sandy that whatever happened to her in the past she needs to move past it, and can feel that she's hiding something and would like her to tell him what it is. Katie believes Bill when he said that nothing else happened between him and Steffy. Sandy tells Nick not to tell Bridget anything cause she doesn't want her to feel insecure. Katie goes to Steffy and says that Bill told her everything.moreless
  • Ep. #5705
    Ep. #5705
    Episode 181
    Nick tells Sandy it's almost like she keeping her distance and that what he wants to talk about. Brooke goes to Katie and says there's something she needs to know. Nick makes a discovery and sees the name Agnes Jones on Sandy's mail. Bill has a change of heart about keeping a secret from Katie after remembering the vows her promised to her at their wedding. Katie tells Ridge that she knows that he still hasn't gotten used having her husband as the owner, Brooke decides to keep her word by not telling Katie. Ridge admits that he has a renewed attitude about working at Forrester Creations. Nick asks Sandy if she lives alone and why her mail has a different name and wants to know what kind of person she really is, she shutters after he tries to touch and asks what happened to her. Bill tells Brooke that he's here to tell Katie the truth cause he doesn't want to keep anything from her. Brooke tells Steffy that she knows what she did.moreless
  • Ep. #5704
    Ep. #5704
    Episode 180
    Katie tells Steffy that she can sense that she's on edge and asks if something's on her mind. Nick, Bridget receive the results from Dr. Caspary that Sandy's pregnant with their child. Bill reveals to Brooke the truth about that night in Big Bear, and he only went up there to clear the air and Steffy is the one that made the move on him and she can believe or not. Nick tells Bridget that he noticed that Sandy never looks at him like she doesn't want him in the room, and stepped when he tried to hug her. Rick makes a heartfelt confession and a tender plea to Steffy, but she has a confession of her own. Bill asks Brooke what she plans to do with what she knows.moreless
  • Ep. #5703
    Ep. #5703
    Episode 179
    Brooke contemplates telling Ridge about Bill and Steffy kissing. Katie tells Bill not to worry cause his necklace will turn up. Rick tells Steffy that despite their downfall he never stopped wanting what was best for her. Whip goes to see Sandy cause he's worried why she left the photo shoot so abruptly and what happened to the girl that he used to know. Brooke learns that the necklace was found in between the cushions at the cabin and wonders what Bill is really hiding. Sandy is tough on Whip, when he questions her motives about her being Nick and Bridget's surrogate. Brooke confronts Bill about something more then just an innocent kiss and threatens to tell Steffy herself, Bill says that he's going to tell her everything.moreless
  • Ep. #5702
    Ep. #5702
    Episode 178
    Bridget tells Nick that she invited Sandy to the photo shoot since she's practically part of the family. Steffy gives Katie a belated wedding gift. Bill says he was at Big Bear with Steffy and why he would go up there, Brooke's shocked when he says that Steffy kissed him after promoting her, and says to keep it from Katie. Nick has some objections regarding Owen's wardrobe for the photo shoot for the ad campaign. Bridget introduces Sandy to the rest of the staff at Jackie M. Marcus congratulates Steffy of her Catwalk challenge. Sandy reminds Whip to not to call her Agnes, and keep quiet about them being cousins. Marcus tells Steffy that he noticed a little tension between her and Bill at the studio. Nick sees that Sandy is a little distraught and then abruptly leaves Jackie M, saying she'll call Bridget later.moreless
  • Ep. #5701
    Ep. #5701
    Episode 177
    Stephanie heads back to L.A. with the cross necklace that she found at the Big Bear cabin. Brooke is glad that Rick is back at the office. Thomas asks Steffy what was she thinking about getting their mother into online dating. Brooke offers her condolences to Stephanie regarding Ann's recent passing, Stephanie returns an item which she assumes belongs to Rick. Taylor's blind date turns out to be a big surprise when it turns out to be Carl Ferret from the hospital lab, she quietly leaves when he orders the coffee. Bill gives Katie the good news that Forrester's sales are climbing and it's all cause of her. Brooke recognizes the necklace after remembering Bill wear and wonders what it was doing at the cabin, she goes and questions him at his office but he says that he never been there, she pulls shows the necklace and why he's lying to her.moreless
  • Ep. #5700
    Ep. #5700
    Episode 176
    Justin tells Whip that it's gonna be a P.R. faceoff Forrester vs. Jackie M. Bill refuses to let a lost possession unnerve him. Eric surprises Stephanie with a visit at Big Bear, and they discuss their past together. Taylor corresponds with a mystery man on an online dating site and learns they're both in the medical profession and asks her if he'd like to meet. Whip and Steffy's appearance on the Catwalk sparks an affable rivalry after accepting a challenge to put her collection up against Jackie M's anytime. Taylor types and says that she'll meet him and he describes what he'll be wearing. Bill confronts Steffy and says she full of surprises. Taylor heads to the Insomnia to wait for her date, someone comes in and she recognizes the person and him being her date. Stephanie sits on something sharp and sees that it's a cross necklace.moreless
  • Ep. #5699
    Ep. #5699
    Episode 175
    Stephanie tells Eric that despite her mother's death, she's in great spirits. Bill and Katie return from their honeymoon, Brooke and Donna say that Stephanie's mother Ann passed away. Thorne, Felicia wish they had gotten to know their grandmother better, but Stephanie wanted it that way. Stephanie explains to Eric that she'll always be grateful for having Ann brought to L.A. for that Christmas. Eric and Stephanie are pressured by their children to reconcile cause they need each other right now. Donna's job as host of Catwalk causes tension in her marriage, when Bill forces her to break her plans with Eric. Steffy has an unconventional decision about Taylor's loneliness to fix her up with someone cause that's what she's missing in her life by having her try online dating.moreless
  • Ep. #5698
    Ep. #5698
    Episode 174
    Dr. Lewis explains to Pam that she has Ann's power of attorney about her health care. Taylor tells Steffy that her great-grandmother isn't doing so well. Stephanie sits by Ann's bedside and thinks about the argument regarding the abuse she got from her father, Ann wakes up and says to get her out of here. Dr. Lewis says that Ann's bleeding internally and that she probably won't regain consciousness. Steffy finds a box with John Douglas's name on it, she opens it and finds old photos of Stephanie and Pam. Pam and Stephanie revisit childhood memories with Ann when they take her out to Paradise Cove. Taylor explains to Steffy that everything is going to be alright. Ann opens her eyes and says that her daughters did good and quietly passes away.moreless
  • Ep. #5697
    Ep. #5697
    Episode 173
    Pam becomes alarmed cause Ann feels some pain but she assure her daughters that she's fine. Steffy offers to help with Ann while she stays at the house. Stephanie tells Taylor that she's being her mother to the house and for her to have a look at her. Ann tells Pam that this is her chance to fulfill her dream of smothering her with a pillow. Taylor tells Stephanie they'll have to make Ann as comfortable as possible. Ann starts to have some sharp pains and Pam asks her what's wrong. Steffy's guilt consumes her during a conversation with Brooke. Stephanie comes home to find that Pam went against their mother's wishes and called 911 and is now at the hospital. Steffy returns to the house to find that nobody is home. Ann learns where she is, and tells Pam and Stephanie not to let her die in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #5696
    Ep. #5696
    Episode 172
    Ann tells Pam to focus on this moment and explains she has advanced pancreatic cancer. Katie tells Brooke that he's on Bill's plane and won't tell her where they're headed. Steffy shows Brooke and Ridge the completed gowns for the Hollywood Royalty, Ridge says he needs to change them a bit and they'll be perfect. Bill and Katie are overcome with passion as they travel to their honeymoon destination. Ridge learns that Ann is in town and wonders how Stephanie and Pam are dealing with it. Ann refuses Stephanie's request for her to be taken to the hospital. Donna goes to Eric saying that she's missed him and since he hasn't been at the office lately. Ann tells Pam and Stephanie that they will honor her wish to be taken to the hospital. Eric thinks back to the time when Stephanie forgiving Ann for not doing anything when her father abused her. Brooke asks Ridge that maybe Ann is trying to reach out to Stephanie and get past they're differences.moreless
  • Ep. #5695
    Ep. #5695
    Episode 171
    Whip tells "Sandy" isn't she excited to see her cousin. Ann tells Stephanie that there's something that she has to do first then she'll call her. Sandy tells Whip not to call her Agnes cause she had her name changed, Whip asks if it's a coincidence that she's carrying Nick and Bridget's baby. Ann is taken to Paradise Cove cause it brings back so many memories. Jackie gets in and bring Sandy some flowers, and asks if he and Sandy know each other. Nick and Bridget prepare for the newest member of their family. Ann asks Stephanie and Pam to meet her at the restaurant near the pier, she then dumps her medication overboard. Bridget opens her gifts that Nick showers her with so she can keep track of Sandy's pregnancy. Whip tries to get Sandy to open up in why she disappeared on him years ago, and now to find out she's the surrogate for Nick and Bridget. Ann reveals the reason she asked to meet Pam and Stephanie here in L.A. is cause she's dying and doesn't have much time left, and wants only happy moments with her daughters.moreless
  • Ep. #5694
    Ep. #5694
    Episode 170
    Nick and Bridget become concerned when Sandy doesn't show up for the appointment. Stephanie sees a close moment with Justin and Donna. Jackie tells Owen that she's thrilled that she's going to become a grandmother again and wants to do something for her son and Bridget, Whip asks if she's met the surrogate yet. Stephanie asks Pam to call Ann cause she's coming out to L.A. for a visit, she tells Donna why she continues to do the show and doesn't like seeing Eric being hurt. Sandy shows up and the implantation process begins. Jackie, Owen and Whip decide to go and give Bridget and Nick the support they need. Pam tells Stephanie that their mother is already on her way and is afraid she wants her to go back to Chicago with her. Whip goes into see Sandy and immediately recognizes her as Agnes and asks what she's doing here.moreless
  • Ep. #5693
    Ep. #5693
    Episode 169
    Eric tells Donna that he refuses to put on a front while allowing Bill Spencer into his home. Rick arrives to congratulate his aunt on her special day. Donna tells Brooke and Ridge that Eric is not much in the partying mood tonight. Bill thanks Eric for agreeing to host the reception at his place, Donna takes him away saying it's time for the toast. Beth says that in the park near the old family couldn't have been a better place romantic for a wedding. Justin tells Donna that he can see that Eric is too happy the party is in his house, and why he can't support his wife as the host of a successful talk show. Brooke tells Katie she can't leave without throwing the bouquet and she humbily gives it to her mother so she and Stephen can have a proper wedding when they get back from the honeymoon.moreless
  • Ep. #5692
    Ep. #5692
    Episode 168
    Bill sees how beautiful Katie looks as Stephen walks her down towards him. Eric and Stephanie have a great time at Bill's expense, Thorne decides to join Eric and Stephanie's protest they're having at the house. Stephanie wishes she was invited that way she can see Bill getting married in a park. Stephen says his words and tells Katie he's proud of him and she has Bill to make her happy. Katie and Bill exchange vows in front of everyone. Stephane tells Eric and Thorne that she hopes that today goes smoothly for Katie. Father Haskell pronounces Katie and Bill husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #5691
    Ep. #5691
    Episode 167
    Eric tells Stephanie that he's glad that she's here cause Sergei is driving him crazy with all these questions about the reception. Stephen brings Beth to a special place to help bring her memory back. Katie tells Brooke and Donna that she's having their mother's old convertible restored. Karen tells Ridget that she wouldn't miss her brother's wedding for the world. Stephen and Beth some of their old neighbors Kelly and Mike DeMartin. Karen tells Bill that isn't getting married in a park isn't as sophisticated as his yacht. Eric tells Donna that he isn't coming to the wedding cause of his feelings towards Bill and is staying here at the house. Justin shows Donna there names still carved in a tree in a heart after all these years. Bill tells Jarrett that he better have something for his vows or else he'll be sorry. Stephen takes Katie's arm and prepares to walk her towards Bill.moreless
  • Ep. #5690
    Ep. #5690
    Episode 166
    Katie tells Brooke and Donna that she's having fun at her sleepover bachelorette party. Bill tells Steffy that he wasn't married when she kissed him. Bridget tells Nick that she did her part now it's up to him. Sandy looks at photos of Nick and Bridget's wedding and sees just how happy they really are. Katie just wants the ceremony to be as simple as possible and her family there when she marries Bill. Bill tells Steffy that she shouldn't feel uncomfortable with her job performance. Carl learns that Bridget is gonna be implanted and assures her that the mix up from last time won't happen again. Katie opens her gifts her sister got for her and gets some see through lingerie. Bill asks Steffy what she thinks is happening between them, cause the small kiss wasn't a big deal to him. Dr. Caspary says it'll 48 hours before the eggs can be fertilized, Bridget calls Sandy says they started the fertilization process in two days, she's worried cause of all the junk food she's eaten.moreless
  • Ep. #5689
    Ep. #5689
    Episode 165
    Steffy tries to get over her intimate meeting but can't, Thomas shows up wanting to spill about Bill Spencer and if he summoned her to his office. Justin explains to Bill that hiring Pam for Catwalk cause of the dance she did and all the craze it's getting, Bill gives him a new assignment. Bridget and Nick are really excited and is looking forward to their bundle of joy. Sandy reads a book about pregnancy and isn't looking forward to going through nine months of carrying a child. Katie learns that Brooke and Donna summoned her for a bachelorette sleepover, and tells her sisters of her idea of marrying Bill in the park across from their old house. Bridget begins the process of having her eggs harvested to be implanted in Sandy. Steffy learns from Thomas that his wedding to Katie is in fact tomorrow, she thinks she needs to see him before he gets married. Bill's assignment for him is to be his best man. Steffy calls Bill and asks him to meet her up at Big Bear cause it's really important, he shows up and assures that no one will find out about the kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5688
    Ep. #5688
    Episode 164
    Steffy goes in for another kiss but Bill tells her to stop, she apologizes, and Bill says that it's okay and it's over and done with. Justin shows Donna how many hits Pam's "catwalk" dance is getting online and having her is perfect for ratings. Sergei is fascinated at Pam's talent and show's here what a hit she has become. Sandy signs papers making it official that she's the surrogate to carry Bridget and Nick's baby. Justin brings up the idea to Donna of Pam co-hosting the Catwalk permanently, Sergei acts as her agent, but Pam's demands are a little too much, Donna stops her and Pam asks if she has something more to offer her. Brooke sees Steffy and compliments on the way she handled the fashion show, and she has something to show to Katie. Dr. Caspary says that now is the perfect time for the ovulation period to start. Steffy can't get that kiss with Bill out of her head. Katie brings Bill to her old neighborhood and says she wants to get married at. Nick asks Sandy that she knows alot about him, and it's time he knew a little about her. Donna agrees with Pam and Justin sees that a deal has been made.moreless
  • Ep. #5687
    Ep. #5687
    Episode 163
    Bridget and Nick get excited about Sandy, she then arrives and Nick insists on talking just to get to know her better. Katie is so overworked that she can't decide on a wedding dress to wear as her nuptuals are just around the corner. After sitting and talking with Sandy, Bridget thinks they're alot alike, Nick says that Sandy seemed a little nervous. Ridge gives Katie an unexpected gift which impresses Brooke. Nick and Bridget tell Sandy that they've found their surrogate, Sandy is then grateful that they chose her. Steffy hugs Bill saying that she'll make good on her clothing line, Bill's stunned when she also plants a kiss on him.moreless
  • Ep. #5686
    Ep. #5686
    Episode 162
    Steffy takes over the photoshoot for Forrester's new ad campaign and it goes well. Bridget tells Nick that Andrea asks them to call Sandy personally. Bill tells Ridge that he should be proud of his daughter for the work she's doing. Steffy tells Donna to turn away from the camera for a different look, and she ends up staring at Justin's face. Bridget calls Sandy and she tells her that she's exactly what their looking for in a surrogate. Steffy starts to see a softer side to Bill. Justin persuades Donna to stand up to Eric about continuing with her new job as host of Catwalk. Sandy asks Bridget if they could meet up and get to know each other before they proceed with this surrogacy thing.moreless
  • Ep. #5685
    Ep. #5685
    Episode 161
    Owen gives Nick and Bridget, Andrea Kessler's phone number and says she's the best, he then tries to hide his disappointment about something he may never have. Katie tells Steffy that she's now been promoting her as head of the P.R. department, she then decides to go and thank Bill in person. Ridge starts to see things differently when Steffy gets an offer from Bill that she can't refuse. Bill tells Steffy he's giving her the opportunity to show the world what she can do. Andrea sits down to discuss Nick and Bridget's options. Ridge says with Steffy on board he's gonna do everything to make this line work. Nick and Bridget see a photo of someone who they think is perfect to carry their child and Andrea will set up an interview. Vanessa calls Sandy and says that it worked out perfectly and that her real name is actually Agnes.moreless
  • Ep. #5684
    Ep. #5684
    Episode 160
    Bill and Katie discuss types of frosting for their wedding cake. Stephanie tells Jackie she didn't do Catwalk is cause the host quit and Donna assumed the helm, but Pam stepped in and stole the show. Whip comes up with a brilliant campaign for Jackie M. by going back to nature with Adam and Eve. Katie tells Bill the idea for a Hollywood Royalty but he doesn't seem to interested in it. Whip and the rest of the staff come up with some catchy slogan for the new campaign. Steffy pitches and shows her idea for a new clothing line to Bill which he tells Katie that it was pretty impressive. Nick and Bridget weigh their options in starting a family together.moreless
  • Ep. #5683
    Ep. #5683
    Episode 159
    Donna tells Justin that she thinks that the show is boring and that the audience was practically asleep. Taylor tells Thomas and Steffy to stuck it out and cause Forrester is their birth rite. Eric learns that Justin is the one that hired Donna for the host of Catwalk. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge is trying his best to work and not see the door to the office that should be his. Eric protests Spencer's new power at Forrester. Justin makes a revelation that shakes up Donna. Steffy tells Taylor about her pitch for a new clothing line for Forrester. Eric tells Marcus that Justin can't be trusted and has some sort of agenda. Brooke and Katie are impressed with Steffy's idea for an old Hollywood line. Justin makes a revelation to Donna which shocks her.moreless
  • Ep. #5682
    Ep. #5682
    Episode 158
    Donna holds a comical public forum on her first day and she and Pam make the show interesting for the audience. Jackie asks Nick if Bridget is pregnant after hearing she's got an appointment with Dr. Caspary. Bridget begins to understand the risk of having another baby with Nick. Jarrett sees Donna and Pam make a good team. Bridget tells Nick that she might now be able to carry a baby to term.moreless
  • Ep. #5681
    Ep. #5681
    Episode 157
    Bill gets an offer from Brooke that he can hardly refuse. Pam tells Stephanie she's going to be a guest on Catwalk. Brooke interrupts Bill and Katie while discussing possible wedding dates. Stephanie and Pam are shocked that Donna is the new host of the show. Ridge listens as Brooke explains her enticing offer to Bill. Stephanie walks off as Donna announces her, Donna then pulls Pam in and makes her the guest instead but becomes frozen in front of the cameras. Ridge tells Brooke that he overheard what she told Bill and is proud to have her and that she's given back his dream and will work hard.moreless
  • Ep. #5680
    Ep. #5680
    Episode 156
    Katie appoints a new president and vice-president at Forrester Creations, and everyone is shocked in who she names.
  • Ep. #5679
    Ep. #5679
    Episode 155
    Ridge refuses to go out there and pretend to be happy with the Forrester/Spencer merger when he hates it. Stephen and Beth come to see Katie's triumph. Marcus tells Justin just how beautiful his mother is during the shoot, he then thinks back to the time in high school when Donna was elected prom queen. Ridge tells Steffy and Thomas that he wanted the company to be there's someday cause it's their birth right. Katie, Donna and Brooke are excited to see their parents to enjoy the photo shoot for the Royalty campaign. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn't think he can work for Bill or Katie, even Eric won't come around anymore cause it hurts too much. Bill tells Katie that he has a special surprise for her.moreless
  • Ep. #5678
    Ep. #5678
    Episode 154
    Bill says that with his oversight Katie will do a fine job as C.E.O of Forrester Creations. Brooke disagrees with Bill's decision and that Ridge should've been C.E.O and not Katie. Steffy tells Jackie that she's talking about a baby since she and Owen don't even know each other little enough have a life with him, Owen isn't going to let Jackie walk away. Brooke tries to make Katie see that everytime Ridge or anyone walks past the office they'll be reminded of her betrayal. Jackie tells Owen that down the road he's gonna look and see that something's missing in his life. Katie tells Brooke that she wants what's best for this company and she's got to believe that. Steffy explains to Jackie that she doesn't want to be with Owen cause she's the only one he wants. Bill and Ridge battle over who is causing problems between Katie and her family.moreless
  • Ep. #5677
    Ep. #5677
    Episode 153
    Brooke announces Forrester Creation's partnership with Spencer Publications during a press conference. Nick can't imagine Jackie having a child at her age, but Bridget says that his mother is willing to make the sacrifice. Katie is ripped into by the press cause of her lack of experience as C.E.O. Owen tells Jackie how grateful and says that he needs this so much. Katie explains exactly where her loyalties lie, Brooke lays into her about breaking the promise that she made her. Jackie tells Owen that she can't give him what he wants cause it wouldn't be fair to either of them or the child, Steffy arrives and that Jackie asked her to come, Jackie reveals that Owen and her should be together and be more then just friends. Bill explains that if either Ridge or Eric decided on leaving to find jobs elsewhere, he would file an injunction to keep them finding other employment.moreless
  • Ep. #5676
    Ep. #5676
    Episode 152
    Taylor worries that Steffy is getting too involved in Owen and Jackie's marriage. Jackie walks in on Owen having some fun time with her grandson Jack. Nick sees the look on Jackie's face and asks what's the matter. Steffy tells Taylor that Owen is practically giving up the opportunity of having children and it's cause of Jackie. Katie's new job puts her in an awkward position between her family Bill. Brooke and Ridge think that Bill is manipulating Katie, after seeing the ring realizing she and Bill are engaged. Taylor tells Steffy she's not gonna sit by and watch her do something that Brooke did to her family, Steffy promises to not interfere any more. Jackie makes Owen's wish come true and says that they're going to have a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5675
    Ep. #5675
    Episode 151
    Katie comes home to find a very romantic dinner set, she and Bill celebrate their victory as Eric and Ridge are comforted. Brooke and Ridge vow to make the difficult transition at Forrester Creations together, even though Bill is now the new boss and Katie thinks she's in love with the man. Eric packs up and moves out of his office thinking his company will be changed forever, Donna says for him to look on the bright side. Brooke tells Ridge that they still work at Forrester they have stock options in Spencer Publications, and their children are taken care of. Bill tells Katie and reminds her what she said to him the night of the fashion challenge and no one has touched him as much as she did, and makes an unexpected proposal to her.moreless
  • Ep. #5674
    Ep. #5674
    Episode 150
    Eric becomes frustrated that none of the alterations to his latest design isn't working. Brooke tries to get Ridge to think about his future. Stephanie returns to work and tells Whip that the rumors are true about a meeting at Forrester and it does involve Bill Spencer. Justin shows a video of what will happen if Eric accepts his deal. Jackie tells Whip about Owen interviewing possible surrogates. Brooke asks Bill to leave the room so she can talk with Katie alone and says to the rest that they can actually make this work. Nick tells Stephanie and the rest that Bill buying Forrester Creations won't be a good thing for them since they'll be out of debt. Brooke devises a plan that she thinks will benefit all, by making Katie the only connection to Spencer Publications, Bill agrees to those terms and the sale is official.moreless
  • Ep. #5673
    Ep. #5673
    Episode 149
    Stephanie tells Thorne about her strokes and he's sworn to secrecy. Eric and Ridge scramble to make a loan payment, and Eric says that once this loan is paid off then Forrester Creations will be back on top again. Stephanie explains that she quit Jackie M. but they pretty much persuaded her to fight back. Eric learns Bill bought the beach house, Donna says she and Brooke seen Katie watching a DVD of Bill's father ordering him to bring down him and his company. Stephanie learns that Bill is once again after Forrester and is gonna name Katie as C.E.O. Bill pleads his case to Brooke, telling them about his true intentions for the company, she then tells Eric that they have not alternative solution but to take Bill up on his offer.moreless
  • Ep. #5672
    Ep. #5672
    Episode 148
    Jackie tells Nick and the others that Taylor told her that Stephanie had a small stroke. Donna and Brooke try to convince Katie that Bill is up to no good. Bill comes to Forrester Creations to check up on his investment, but Ridge says that the company will never be his. Nick concocts a plan involving Stephanie and needs the help of the rest of the Jackie M. staff. Taylor insists on helping Stephanie and lets her know that she's not alone. Ridge and Bill have a difference of opinion. Stephanie is surprised when everyone comes to the house and wanting their leader back, and sees them wearing "Team Stephanie" t-shirts. Donna tells Katie that Bill tried to lure him into his life, to destroy Eric but she refused him. Stephanie says that she can't possibly say no to people that are willing to step up and offer their help, Nick then gets her to join them in a cheer with the others.moreless
  • Ep. #5671
    Ep. #5671
    Episode 147
    Stephanie tells Taylor that she's not just going away for treatment she's also moving out of her house. Nick tells Bridget that there's got to be an excuse for leaving the company. Ridge and Brooke tell Donna that it was one of Bill's companies that bought the beach house. Jackie comes to see Stephanie and demands answers at why she resigned behind her back and is willing to change the label name just to keep her. Ridge becomes concerned about his company's finances. Katie replays the DVD of Bill's father wanting him to tak, Brooke and Donna walk in and are stunned by what they see and hear and can't believe that Katie can't see through Bill's hidden agenda. Taylor tells Jackie about Stephanie's health issues, she then sees why she's been acting so strangely, Stephanie hears Taylor talking to Jackie about her from the top of the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #5670
    Ep. #5670
    Episode 146
    Jackie tells Owen that she doesn't want to raise another child. Whip asks Stephanie why would she leave a job that gives her stability, and Nick doesn't believe when she says she's past her prime. Thomas tells Taylor that he tried to talk some sense into her. Steffy looks at a magazine cover and says Jackie better be making him happy. Nick is determined to get to the bottom of Stephanie's unexpected actions. Owen tries to reassure Jackie that having a child is a good thing, but she says she doesn't see one in her future. Stephanie tells Taylor that she's not going to go back to work at Jackie M. anymore. Owen tells Steffy that Jackie has changed her mind about them having a kid. Stephanie refuses Taylor's offer for help. Nick tells Jackie that Stephanie has in fact quit the company and replacing her is gonna be extremely difficult. Taylor tells Stephanie that she'll recover a lot faster with the love and support of the people that she loves.moreless
  • Ep. #5669
    Ep. #5669
    Episode 145
    Nick and Whip are suspicious of Stephanie's erratic behaviour the other day during her speech. Pam tries to convince Stephanie to come clean about her medical condition, Stephanie says she's scared and doesn't know what she's going to do next. Thomas calls Steffy out on her infatuation with Owen and realizes she has a bit of a crush on him. Jackie tells Owen that he has no idea how much she means to him, he then says that he has a surprise for her. Pam reminds Stephanie that she had a previous stroke years ago when she was wheelchair bound, but she fought it and will fight this one to. Owen's then thrown when a person from the surrogate organization arrives, Jackie thought that adoption was another option for them. Nick comes into Stephanie's office to talk with her, but before he can speak she apologizes for her rude behaviour and says it time for her to move on, but Nick says that she isn't quitting period.moreless
  • Ep. #5668
    Ep. #5668
    Episode 144
    Bill tells Katie to forget about the DVD and his father and he isn't using her, and asks if she believes him or not. Steffy is grateful that Owen saved her life. Nick tells Jackie that Owen has a plan and people do things that he wouldn't normally do. Owen gets back to the office and finds himself into more trouble when he tries to explain his actions to Nick about taking his boat out, Nick flat out asks about what's going on with him and Steffy. Taylor comes to Steffy's aid and says she wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Owen. Owen tells Jackie about his heroics, and saved Steffy's life. Katie gets suspicious of Bill's newfound affection. Jackie becomes concerned that there maybe a new interference in her marriage, but Owen says what if that thing happened to her instead of Steffy out there today.moreless
  • Ep. #5667
    Ep. #5667
    Episode 143
    Steffy tells Owen that he's not questioning his judgement, she's just being his friend, he then thinks they should go swimming instead of talk. Brooke comes into the beach house and realizes that it was Bill's dummy corporation that bought the place, she then asks her to come home, Katie says that Bill asked her to move in. Bill thanks Jarrett for coming so promptly and he's curious why they're meeting in a television studio. Steffy tries to persuade Owen to go back in the water, she then has an accident and falls over and into the water, Owen jumps in to get her. Bill instructs Jarrett to go to a jewelry to pick up something special. Katie plays a DVD of Bill Spencer, Sr, and about his feelings for Stephanie for what Eric did to her and to avenge her by taking down Eric and Forrester Creations, Bill comes in and says she shouldn't have seen that. Owen manages to get Steffy breathing, she's then grateful that he saved her life. Katie accuses Bill of having some sort of vendetta, Bill assures he never planned on listening to his father's instructions and can't imagine his life another day without her in it.moreless
  • Ep. #5666
    Ep. #5666
    Episode 142
    Rick has a trouble letting go of the beach house, cause of so many memories, Brooke says to look forward to having a company not run by Bill. Steffy takes Owen for a spin on the Shady Marlin. Bill surprises Katie when he brings her to the Forrester beach house and shocked after learning that he bought the place. Jarrett brings in a box and a picture of his father falls out, Bill puts it back and tells him to leave him and Katie in peace. Steffy takes Owen to paradise cove, which she has fond memories of going there with Phoebe when she was little. Bill assures Katie that he didn't buy the place to stick it to the Forrester's, cause he always wanted to have a home by the beach and offers to have her live with him, she then humbily agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #5665
    Ep. #5665
    Episode 141
    Eric says that the beach house as well as the cabin at Big Bear is officially on the market. Jackie admits to Whip that things aren't the way they used to be in her marriage to Owen and it's all cause of Steffy. Owen joins Steffy at Insomnia seeing she brought her skateboard, and offers to teach him how, buy then says it was a bad idea, Owen asks her why she's avoiding him. Ridge tells Katie that she shouldn't be working here since she's practically sleeping with the enemy. Whip tells Jackie that maybe Owen deserves to be with someone like Steffy. Bill goes into his safe and takes out and looks at a picture of his father. Donna tells Katie how can she care about some man who doesn't like the Forresters, Brooke agrees and that she should go and talk to Bill about this. Steffy tells Owen that he's really lucky to be involved with someone like Jackie. Brooke says they should continue to fight and combine every resource they have. Bill tells Katie that what she sees is something that his father made for him just before he died.moreless
  • Ep. #5664
    Ep. #5664
    Episode 140
    Steffy breaks Stephanie's trust when she shares her secret with Taylor, Stephanie says she'd rather die then pitied by her family. Eric makes another sacrifice in selling the beach house to help with the payment of the loan to keep Bill from taking over. Ridge wonders why Katie can't see that Bill is just using her cause she isn't qualified to run Forrester and will be in way over her head. Taylor tells Stephanie at one point they made a pretty good team, and will help her fight back. Katie makes a critical decision after speaking with Bill, that if she's appointed C.E.O it'll be on her own terms cause if not then it'll never work, Bill then agrees to Katie's demands.moreless
  • Ep. #5663
    Ep. #5663
    Episode 139
    Stephanie refuses to believe the truth about her illness, and that it isn't going to interfere in her work. Brooke tells Bill that he's the one that using Katie and is gonna hurt her. Dr. Caron tells Stephanie that her condition will improve with treatment. Ridge says he and Eric along with Brooke will continue to run Forrester Creations, thinking what Bill has in mind is pointless. Taylor returns from her medical conference and asks why Dr. Caron's car was doing in the driveway. Michael offers Ridge and the others a compromise, Ridge is shocked that it's to pay off the loan within one year. Whip asks Pam that he's noticed that Stephanie hasn't exactly been herself lately. Steffy tries to get Stephanie to help Taylor help her, but she refuses. Katie stands by her man during a hostile takeover.moreless
  • Ep. #5662
    Ep. #5662
    Episode 138
    Ridge can't believe that the bank is calling on the loan just the payment was only a half an hour late. Gloria tells Eric that Bill has already gotten the ball rolling in buying the company via the foreclosure, Ridge suggest filing an injunction to stop it from happening. Steffy tells Jackie that she doesn't have a crush on Owen, Jackie says she should spend her free time looking for someone that isn't married. Bill tells Katie not to listen to Brooke and Donna cause they're making her feel like that because she's with him. Michael tells Eric that this is the last thing he ever wanted to happen and he did everything he could and now his hands are tied. Jackie overhears Steffy discussing with Owen about his relationship with her. Ridge tells Michael to what he can to get them to extend the loan. Bill and Katie share tragic news at a family meeting. Bill shocks everyone when he appoints Katie as the new C.E.O when he gains control of Forrester Creations. Jackie makes it clear that this is the last visit she'll ever have with Owen. Brooke tells Katie not to do this to her own family, and what has Bill done to her.moreless
  • Ep. #5661
    Ep. #5661
    Episode 137
    Bill asks Michael how long is it gonna take to transfer the title and ownership of Forrester Creations to him. Katie says that since a payment to the loan was missed, Bill is gonna take over and it's only a matter of time. Steffy overhears a conversation between Jackie and Owen. Eric asks Ridge that he would like him to assume leadership at the company. Brooke breaks it to Katie gently that Bill is just using her to get what he wants, Katie says that they're wrong and that he cares about her. Michael tells Bill to do the right thing and stop the payment of his purchase. Jackie confronts Steffy about her attempts to interfere in her marriage to Owen. Donna and Brooke decide to tell Ridge and Eric the truth. Katie goes to Bill and asks him if her sisters are right is she being used by him.moreless
  • Ep. #5660
    Ep. #5660
    Episode 136
    Bill tells Katie that he can save Forrester from bankruptcy, and Eric isn't going to give up his reigns that easy, he wants to build the company back up again. Jarrett learns of Bill plans and wonders when this chaos will end. Ridge tells Eric that Bill is planning to acquire his company again, and hopefully Katie is talking some sense into him. Katie tells Bill that if he does this then it's over between them. Jarrett tells Justin that taking over Forrester is a bad idea and that Bill seriously should rethink the idea. Thorne comes to see Ridge about the late loan payment, Ridge calls Michael at the bank but he's suddenly "unavailable". Bill gets Katie to sign the papers, and the company is now there's. Eric tells Ridge that despite him adopting Marcus he's glad to have him along side him at the company. Katie shares shocking news with Donna and Brooke that Bill is the new owner of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #5659
    Ep. #5659
    Episode 135
    Katie tells Ridge and Brooke that Bill is making another attempt at acquiring Forrester Creations, and it's something that they and everyone else should hear. Marcus tells Donna he wonders how Eric's gonna take the news that he's found his biological father, Marcus tells Eric that his real father came into his life. Ridge refuses to hear any ideas that Bill has to offer to help the company, Brooke can't believe Katie is actually going along with this. Eric asks Donna now that Marcus has met his father would he be needing the adoption papers. Bill and Justin bond over the inductions to the Forrester family, and has a meeting with the banker, Bill says that without their payment Eric's company will foreclose. Marcus and Eric sign the papers and makes him officially a Forrester. Bill tells Mike that he's doing the right thing by agreeing to foreclose, which will give him the opportunity. Katie arrives and tells Bill that Ridge says no to his proposal, and practically laughed in her face.moreless
  • Ep. #5658
    Ep. #5658
    Episode 134
    Pam tells Stephanie that she can't go to the meeting in Jackie's office in the condition that she's in, Stephanie says she's perfectly fine. Whip shows everyone the latest cover of Eye on Fashion, Nick thinks this is the publicity that the company needs. Marcus asks Donna if Justin is his father, Donna confirms that it's true. Bill tells Katie that his plan to acquire Forrester Creation concerns her. Pam covers for Stephanie when Whip sees that Stephanie has trouble reading the paper in front of her. Justin is really touched when Marcus told him to stay, and hopes to get to know him, they then embrace. Bill asks Katie how she would like being C.E.O. of Forrester Creations, she then thinks that Bill could be up to no good. Stephanie tells everyone that she thinks that no one appreciates her efforts by working long hours and all this wouldn't have happened if not for her.moreless
  • Ep. #5657
    Ep. #5657
    Episode 133
    Donna tells Justin the reason he didn't tell him about Marcus is cause she didn't want to ruin his chances of his basket-ball scholarship. Steffy thinks about Stephanie's collapse as Owen asks if everything is alright and if he can join her and asks if he could help since she did with him and Jackie, she opens up about her being worried about her grandmother. Donna tells Justin she decided not to tell him and not to hate her. Pam sees the website about signs of a stroke and thinks it explains everything that's happened lately. Justin wants to be a father to him also get to know him, Donna says that he says he didn't want to meet his biological father, Marcus enters the room and asks if Justin is his father. Pam embraces Stephanie when she can't even sign the papers she brought in.moreless
  • Ep. #5656
    Ep. #5656
    Episode 132
    Steffy says Stephanie is in no condition to drive so she offers to take her to work. Marcus gives Eric a special present and old MVP trophy he got while he was in high school. Justin tells Bill that it's possible that Marcus is his son, Bill then gets Jarrett to evaluate Marcus's birthday. Pam thinks something is wrong with Stephanie when she drops her cup of coffee on her desk. Bill gives Justin confirmation proving he is Marcus's father. Steffy promises to keep Stephanie's secret. Bridget tells Nick that she thinks something is desperately wrong with Stephanie. Justin goes to confront Donna and she admits that he's Marcus's father. Whip asks Stephanie to sign some papers, she says she'll do it later and covers that when her vision is blurred and can't see the space to sign her name.moreless
  • Ep. #5655
    Ep. #5655
    Episode 131
    Steffy calls 911 and tells them that her grandmother has collapsed, she goes over and tells her to wake up, but she's not responsive. Nick tries to get Bridget to take a much needed break from her working so hard. Steffy helps Stephanie up but she doesn't remember collapsing, the EMT's come to a conclusion that Stephanie had a stroke and thinks it best that she go to the hospital. Pam comes by and tells Thomas that she's worried about Stephanie cause she's in a real bad place right now. Stephanie tells Steffy that she doesn't need to call Ridge and have him worry. Dr. Brauer asks Stephanie if she's had any numbness or blurred vision, she says her left arm felt kind of tingly. Bridget brings out a guitar and wants Nick to sing to serenade her. Stephanie tells Steffy she'll agree to stay in the hospital overnight.moreless
  • Ep. #5654
    Ep. #5654
    Episode 130
    Stephanie hears the phone ring in her office, but can't see it cause of her blurred vision, Ridge asks how the party went over at Jackie M. Donna saves Eric's day when she finds the thing he's been looking for in his safe. Stephanie comes home and Taylor immediately thinks something is wrong after hearing she took a cab instead of driving. Donna shares Eric's memories of Stephanie with him, while assisting him go through all old photos. Stephanie admits to Taylor where exactly her life is headed now that she doesn't have Eric anymore. Brooke explains to Ridge that he's a good son cause Stephanie is fighting to keep everyone where she wants them. Taylor leaves for Vancouver, Stephanie starts talking and collapses on the floor, Steffy rushes to the door and calls for her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #5653
    Ep. #5653
    Episode 129
    Donna lies to Justin after remembering what Marcus said about him not wanting to look for his biological father, and says that Marcus isn't his son. Bridget and Nick go over the details for Stephanie's party, and she doesn't suspect a thing. Ridge tells Brooke of Eric's plan to adopt Marcus. Pam, Whip and the rest quiet down when Stephanie enters the room, and says she have a thousand units in a month. Marcus interrupts a tense moment between Donna and Justin. Jackie M. throws Stephanie a surprise party, Nick says they wouldn't be where they are if it weren't for her. Justin asks Donna if he's not Marcus's father then he wants to know who is exactly, he says that he'll let this be at least for now. Stephanie starts to show signs of another stroke when her speech slurs while talking to Pam, she then asks Stephanie if she's alright, Stephanie says for not to worry, her vision then starts to go blurry.moreless
  • Ep. #5652
    Ep. #5652
    Episode 128
    Katie asks Donna if she ever plans on telling Justin about Marcus being his son. Eric tells Ridge that he plans to adopt Marcus. Marcus can't believe that he's gonna officially be apart of the Forrester family soon. Justin approaches Marcus when coming to Forrester Creations, Donna then enters the room, Justin asks her why didn't she tell him he was her son. Ridge asks Eric why he's making this decision now, he says cause Marcus shows the company with respect like he and Thorne does. Katie and Bill's relationship progresses, as thy spend a romantic evening in a hotel and the two make love. Marcus tells Ridge that he's felt like a major part of this family and always considered Eric as his father, Ridge then tells Marcus that he's not against the idea. Justin asks Donna if Marcus is their son and for her to be honest with him.moreless
  • Ep. #5651
    Ep. #5651
    Episode 127
    Donna is put on the spot by Justin while trying to keep her secret about Marcus being his son. Stephanie is surprised by Eric's plans to adopt Donna's son. Marcus tells Katie the most amazing thing is that he found his father. Stephanie asks Eric why he wants to adopt Marcus after all he's a grown man. Katie is relieved when Marcus is talking about Eric's plan. Marcus walks in the room and Donna introduces him to Justin, and hopes he doesn't find out he's his father. Stephanie has a terrifying experience, when for a brief period she couldn't feel her left arm. Justin goes back to his office and does some research, and learns Marcus is her son and if it's possible if he's his father.moreless
  • Ep. #5650
    Ep. #5650
    Episode 126
    Marcus tells Donna that she knows what she is going to say and brings up Eric wanting to adopt him. Bill asks Justin how he knows Donna, he makes a suggestion of hiring Katie away from Forrester. Eric tells Katie that making Marcus officially a Forrester is just the beginning. Marcus says that he doesn't want to meet his biological father, cause he's as happy as he's ever been. Marcus promises to make Eric and Donna proud he's gonna be their son. Bill promises Katie a very memorable evening with just the two of them. Justin goes to confront her on why she left him when they were teenagers.moreless
  • Ep. #5649
    Ep. #5649
    Episode 125
    Donna goes online and searches for everything on Justin. Jackie is delighted when Owen comes home after being out all night and asks if he's made a decision yet. Katie asks Donna what the deal was with her and Justin last night, she reveals that he's Marcus's biological father and he not telling him that he had a son and when she gave Marcus up. Eric's surprise for Marcus by offering to adopt him and make him his son and Forrester. Owen makes a difficult decision about his marriage to Jackie and says there's no way that he'll ever stop loving her. Eric shows Katie the papers of him wanting to adopt Marcus. Donna tells Marcus that it's time that he met his father.moreless
  • Ep. #5648
    Ep. #5648
    Episode 124
    Katie tells Donna that he's meeting Bill at Cafe Rousse and for her and Eric to join them. Jackie and Owen's marriage suffers as she divulges information about her past. Justin Barber arrives in L.A. as Bill welcomes his new executive vice president. Thomas tells Steffy if she actually believes that Owen's marriage to Jackie is actually real. Justin tells Bill that he heard something about falling in love with a beautiful woman. Owen tells Jackie that this information pretty much changes everything, and needs some time so he can process all of this. Bill tells Justin that Katie is good for him, Justin says that he's happy for him and that her working at Forrester is a problem. Katie wants Eric to give Bill a chance and that he won't see him as a ruthless business type. Steffy tells Thomas she can see that Jackie and Owen love each other very much, she then sees a disgruntled Owen come in and he says she doesn't want to be around him right now. Jackie tells Nick that Owen didn't take the news very well and turned around and walked out, Nick says that he'll come around. Donna arrives saying that Eric can't make it cause of a late meeting, she's then startled when she sees Justin, and Katie learns that they knew each other.moreless
  • Ep. #5647
    Ep. #5647
    Episode 123
    Owen tells Steffy that he's the luckiest guy on the planet to be married to a great lady like Jackie. Nick walks in and Jackie shows him what Whip found on the internet, and doesn't think that Owen will take it lightly. Steffy admits that she's jealous of Owen and that he has something she doesn't a love in his life, he says that the right guy will come along. Jackie tells Nick that she wants to break the news to Owen alone. Steffy and Thomas commiserate over their non-existent love lives. Jackie sits alone in her office and remember her wedding to Owen in Hawaii, Owen comes and asks what she's thinking about. Nick tells Whip that he's hoping that Owen will understand with what Jackie has to say and not take it the wrong way. Jackie shows Owen the internet footage and tells him that it's all true.moreless
  • Ep. #5646
    Ep. #5646
    Episode 122
    Ridge tells everyone that the champagne is to celebrate new endeavor and to form a new alliance. Whip thanks Owen for letting him stay at Jackie M. and assures they won't be a problem and won't regret his decision. Brooke says that she wants everyone to be comfortable while working together at Forrester, Ridge explains that he wants everyone to forget the bitterness and that everyone in this room is a Forrester. Whip makes a discovery about Jackie's past about what Stephanie said at the fashion show years ago. Rick agrees with Ridge that it's time to move on Thomas and Steffy watch as they shake hands, Rick then apologizes to Steffy and Thomas and wants to make a toast and wishes Ridge and Brooke all the best. Whip shows Jackie what he found about her and asks her if it's true or not. Ridge asks Thomas if this is okay with him and he too make amends with Rick. Owen runs into Steffy at Insomnia and says she has to accept her dad's decision to go back to Brooke, he then thanks Steffy for putting things in perspective for him. Jackie reveals to Whip that she did take money for sex, but it wasn't as it seems and thought this whole thing was behind her and is worried that Owen will see this.moreless
  • Ep. #5645
    Ep. #5645
    Episode 121
    Nick wants Owen to promise him that Jackie will never parasail again. Whip suddenly finds himself unemployed when Jackie fires him. Brooke tells Stephanie that she works fast when she comes to see her at the house, she asks Brooke why does Ridge keep choosing her over Taylor and ran into Katie and told her the good news of her turning the plane around. Ridge goes to meet Taylor and she says she knows that he's going back to Brooke. Nick learns from Owen that Jackie is letting go of Whip as they speak, he has his objections cause he brought alot of money to the company when they didn't have any. Taylor isn't hurt cause Ridge never made any promises to her. Whip tells Jackie that she knows deep down firing isn't him isn't a good idea. Stephanie tells Brooke that there's a long list of reasons why they never became friends. Owen comes in and says firing him wasn't a good decision but it's happening to save his marriage, says he can continue to be here only if he knows Jackie is off limits. Brooke and Ridge prove their love is resilient.moreless
  • Ep. #5644
    Ep. #5644
    Episode 120
    Brooke can't believe that Ridge recreated the heart in the sand. Steffy comes by and asks Whip how Jackie and Owen are doing. Owen tells Jackie that this is a great day especially when he married her. Taylor joins Stephanie for lunch and sees that she's celebrating Brooke leaving for Paris, Ridge calls Taylor and asks to meet with her right away, Stephanie says that Katie went with Brooke to help her settle in and Taylor asks why Katie just walked in and sat down with Donna at a table. Steffy tells Whip to let Owen and Jackie work through they're problems and for him to stay out of it. Katie and Donna share surprising news with Stephanie and Taylor, that Brooke turned the plane around and is with Ridge at this moment. Owen tells Jackie that he doesn't want to have to work with Whip at the office. Taylor learns what Ridge for Brooke at Point Dune and Brooke took it as a sign that he still loves her. Whip reveals his true intentions to Steffy regarding his growing feelings for Jackie. Ridge tells Brooke that he absolutely adores her, as they share some quality time together.moreless
  • Ep. #5643
    Ep. #5643
    Episode 119
    Katie tells Brooke that he going to Paris isn't going to solve anything. Bridget tells Nick that she's worried about Jackie and her not being back together with Owen. Owen tells Jackie not to question his love for her and wants to work through they're problems and also come home, but Jackie says she came here to end their marriage. Katie tells Brooke that the thing that can make Beth happy is to see Ridge and her together. Ridge tells Thorne that everyone's here and that this just had to work. Stephanie is glad that Thorne could make it to help celebrate Brooke moving to Paris. Ridge makes a grand gesture to the women he loves. Jackie and Owen's problems cause them to make a major decision, she then goes into his arms and says she can't live on without him either. Katie tells Brooke to look out her window and she sees the giant heart on the sand at Point Dune, Katie says this is the sign that she's been waiting for and that it's up to her. Stephanie is glad cause at this moment the plane is in the air right about now. Ridge thinks he lost Brooke but then he sees her pull up on the beach and they have a reunion and says he's never letting go again.moreless
  • Ep. #5642
    Ep. #5642
    Episode 118
    Ridge tries to persuade Brooke not to leave for Paris. Owen tells Whip he's a lot of nerve showing at his house, he tells Owen to be mad at him and not Jackie. Steffy comes to see Jackie and that Owen told her what happened with Whip after not realizing it was his brother in that interview. Brooke tells Katie and Donna that Ridge isn't giving her a reason to stay. Thorne learns of Brooke's plans and tells him that he can't let her leave, Ridge agrees but doesn't know what to do. Thorne, Ally and R.J. set Ridge in the right direction, by going to Brooke and getting his life back together. Whip tells Owen to do the right thing and go and talk to Jackie. Nick comes by the office and asks Jackie how things went with Owen, and explains that things didn't go as planned and says she's going to let him go. Ridge tells Thorne that he knows what he has to do. Brooke leaves behind her life in Los Angeles. Jackie goes to tell Owen and he stuns her by saying that he wants her back and kisses her. Ridge hopes that what he has planned works.moreless
  • Ep. #5641
    Ep. #5641
    Episode 117
    Brooke tells Ridge that she can't wait around forever and for him to come back to their life together. Steffy comes by Owen's place to see that he's also playing hooky from work and if he wants to he can join her in surfing. Nick tells Jackie that she could've been killed in that parasailing stunt she pulled in hope to get Owen back, she's says that he doesn't want to come back to her and doesn't think he can trust her ever again. Brooke tells Ridge that her parents have already gone back to Paris and she's made arrangements to go there with her children. Jackie and Owen have miscommunications again. Nick tells Jackie to oblige Owen's wishes and give him some space. Steffy asks Owen why did he leave and not stay to work things out, he says that Whip and Jackie shared a kiss. Ridge tells Brooke that she goes have to runaway to Paris and should stay in L.A. as well as Stephen and Beth. Owen tells Steffy that he wants to feel the way he used to before this thing with Jackie and Whip happened.moreless
  • Ep. #5640
    Ep. #5640
    Episode 116
    Owen tells Jackie that he does love her but can't get past with what she did. Stephen tells Ridge to take Stephanie out of the room the same with Marcus, so he can talk with Katie and Donna alone, he then says that he has bad news. Ridge explains to Stephanie that Beth has stage five alzheimers. Katie is sad at how worse that her mother has gotten, Stephen says when he came back he seen she had gotten worse and asks him to bring her to visit her daughters. Stephanie tells Ridge that this kind of thing can happen at any age and for Beth's kids to sit and watch her deteriorate like that. Jackie says that she's foolish for ever doubting him and losing him is exactly what she deserves. Stephen unexpectedly proposes marriage to Beth in front of Brooke, Katie and Donna, but she says that she can't but loves him for asking, Stephen says she's wrong and bought the ring months before she had alzheimers, Beth then says that she will marry him. Brooke tells Ridge that he has to make a decision once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #5639
    Ep. #5639
    Episode 115
    Stephanie and Beth continue their conversation and she brings up stuff that happened a lifetime ago, Stephanie's then confused when Beth says that Brooke isn't even here. Pam tells Nick and Bridget that she took care of Jackie's situation and that it's gonna be resolved. Owen wonders what he's gonna do with Jackie and is just looking at what she's doing for him. Pam explains to Nick that she arranged to have his mother parasail over his beach house. Stephanie thinks that there's something wrong with Beth as she's repeating everything she said before, Beth says that she's the problem and starts laying into her. Brooke worries about Beth's alzheimer's diease and Ridge comforts her. Jackie sees birds start to rip into the parachute, she then starts to go down hopes, Owen sees what happens and goes to see if she's alright. Stephanie tells Ridge that Beth shoved her not the other way around. Owen brings Jackie into his house and tries to get her warm.moreless
  • Ep. #5638
    Ep. #5638
    Episode 114
    Nick tells Jackie that Owen may not want anything now just wait til hears what they lawyers tell him, Nick then agrees to go and talk to him. Stephanie overhears Beth telling Ridge to come back to her daughter cause his kids need him. Pam says to Jackie that she can help her get Owen back cause he's a different man because of her. Nick comes to talk to Owen, and is stunned when Nick asks to give his mother another chance. Pam suggests that she parasail over to Owen's beach house with a sign that says that she loves him. Stephanie tells Beth that why can't she just stay out of her son's life, the two then start to argue. Jackie prepares to do her little stunt for Owen, and says to herself that this has to work. Nick tells Owen that if he's in a marriage for him to step up and do the right thing. Brooke tells Ridge that Beth isn't herself and isn't going to be for some time and says she has alzheimer's. Owen sees Jackie parasailing and sees the banner as it says "I Love You, Owen" and he says that he feels that same to.moreless
  • Ep. #5637
    Ep. #5637
    Episode 113
    Nick tells Bridget about Jackie's kiss with Whip and says that it didn't get any further then that. Pam is fascinated after looking at a pic of Owen's brother Casper. Stephanie wants Whip to tell her what exactly Owen doesn't know, he says that he was with Jackie last night. Jackie practically begs Owen to forgive her for what she did, cause she thought he was telling the whole world that he never really loved her, she then tells Owen the other time that Whip kissed her after the fashion challenge and it was nothing. Stephanie asks Whip if he's indeed infatuated with Jackie, and he's the person she needs to do undo the damage that's been done. Jackie asks Owen for another chance to prove that she does love him. Owen tries to decide whether he should forgive Jackie and comes to the conclusion that maybe they're not compatable and that Nick and the others were right to have objections.moreless
  • Ep. #5636
    Ep. #5636
    Episode 112
    Jackie tells Owen she has to tell him something before they can head back to Hawaii. Katie presents Bill with his own "Whack-a-Mole" something to take his frustration out on. Nick tells Whip to come into his office and to close the door, Whip realizes that Nick knows about the kiss he shared with Jackie. Katie looks as Bill gives his assistant some time off to see her daughter play soccer, which impresses her very much. Nick admits to Whip that he's starting think that Owen really loves his mother. Whip confesses to Nick about his growing feelings for Jackie, and Nick shocks Whip with his reaction. Katie and Bill compare emotional scars as they prepare for they're journey together, as her brother Storm gave her a special gift. Owen tells Jackie that after what Casper did, he thinks that it made them better then ever, Jackie then says that she made a mistake and finds out that she was in Whip's arms and kissed.moreless
  • Ep. #5635
    Ep. #5635
    Episode 111
    Nick is more determined to make Owen pay after watching Jarrett saying if Jackie M. will survive this scandal. Whip is taken aback when Jackie asks him for some space. Brooke, Katie and Donna partcipate in a bikini photo shoot with Eric for the Royalty campaign. Jackie tells Nick that after she thought Owen said those things she kissed Whip but didn't sleep with him. Marcus and Steffy says that everything is going smoothly. Eric gets a surprise from Bill and Katie during the shoot, Eric asks him why he's suddenly throws his support his Forrester and not Jackie M. Nick sees Owen and gets his hands on him, Jackie intervenes and tells Nick about about Owen's twin brother Casper did. Whip and Owen try to do damage control with a press conference, Jarrett conducts the interview and Owen explains about Casper pulling that prank. Eric learns that Katie and Bill are together, Brooke asks him what's with this sudden nice guy routine and warns him not to take advantage of Katie.moreless
  • Ep. #5634
    Ep. #5634
    Episode 110
    Donna tells Katie that she's going test Bill's loyalty by making a move on him and see if he takes the bait. Jackie learns the truth and Owen introduces his twin brother Casper, she's then beside herself after realizing that is was his brother and not Owen that did the interview. Bill tells Donna that he doesn't think Eric will like the idea of another man rubbing oil on his wife, Katie watches with amusement as Bill sticks a doughnut in Donna's mouth. Jackie goes to Whip in his apartment and wonders what she's done, and explains the whole shocking revelation of Owen's identical twin brother Casper, Whip says she doesn't have to tell him about the kiss that they shared. Bill shows Katie the article in the latest magazine of Eye on Fashion about the Royalty campaign. Jackie starts to explain what happened, but Owen says that he doesn't have to.moreless
  • Ep. #5633
    Ep. #5633
    Episode 109
    Jackie hopes that whatever Owen has to say isn't going to be as bad a she thinks. Ridge calls James and asks how things are going, he says that things aren't going as he'd hoped and is going to use another technique. Owen practically admits on television that he's only married to Jackie only for publicity and never really loved her in the first place, Jackie watches and is heartbroken. James gives Taylor and Brooke some red foam mallets only to use as a last resort, they then start hitting each other intensely. Nick promises Jackie to wring Owen's neck the next time he sees him for embarrassing her like that. Clarke obolishes Owen in his behaviour towards Jackie on the air. James is glad when Ridge shows up cause he's basically given up on helping these two. Jackie turns to Whip and a bottle of booze for comfort, and says that there was no sign that Owen would do something like this, Owen calls Jackie to try and explain but she says for him to stay away from her. Taylor and Brooke tell James that they've reached a breakthrough. Owen leaves another message saying he's gonna explain everything when he gets home, Jackie and Whip then share a passionate kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5632
    Ep. #5632
    Episode 108
    Someone angrily slices a picture of Owen and Jackie in half. Jackie calls Owen and wishes him luck in his interview. Steffy is surprised that Taylor and Brooke will be actually in the same place and Ridge says it's for the best. James tells Taylor and Brooke that he has brought some mud from the Dead Sea, and for them to get in the vat together. Jackie tells Nick and Bridget that they need publicity after losing the fashion challenge yesterday. Ridge tells Steffy that he's confident in James and his methods. James is frustrated with Taylor and Brooke's behaviour, when they literally start to throw mud at one another. Owen says that he's going to tell something about his marriage that not even Jackie knows about, Jackie and everyone else watches in shockmoreless
  • Ep. #5631
    Ep. #5631
    Episode 107
    Taylor, Brooke and James take a trip to Big Bear and vows to resolve their problems.
  • Ep. #5630
    Ep. #5630
    Episode 106
    Ridge tells Brooke and Taylor that James suggested family counseling for just them. Nick tells everyone that the crowd loved them and that they're still bringing in money. Bill brings Katie back to cafe Rousse where they first met and when he found her drowning her sorrows. Jackie tells Owen that she would go to San Diego with him for support if she could, Clarke offers to go along and Whip thinks it's the perfect solution. James sees that he's off to a rough start in counselling both Taylor and Brooke. Katie tells Bill that he did a good thing tonight and sees that he just chose not to acquire Forrester Creations. James suggests that Taylor and Brooke accompany him to Big Bear for a bit of isolation therapy and vows that whatever conflict they have for each other will be resolved.moreless
  • Ep. #5629
    Ep. #5629
    Episode 105
    Jackie M. continues to please the crowd, while Forrester thinks it's the end for them. Katie asks Bill if he really has the judges in his pocket, and his silence gives her the answer. Jackie stuns the crowd with an unbelievable showstopper. Jarrett watches as the judges choose a winner for the fashion show, and Katie is shocked that the winner turns out to be Forrester Creations, Eric and Ridge take center stage and they applaud Katie for being apart of the Royalty campaign, she then thanks a certain Prince Charming for doing the right thing. Bill tells Jarrett that even though he spilled the beans he can keep his job at Eye on Fashion. Ridge tells Brooke that they definately needed the win tonight and she knows that he wants to be with her and asks him to come home with her, but Taylor says he's going home with her.moreless
  • Ep. #5628
    Ep. #5628
    Episode 104
    Jarrett tries to get Bill to reconsider what he's planning to do and Katie will be blamed. Each design company put the finishing touches on their clothes. Dottie takes center stage and tells the crowd she's proud to present the fashion challenge. Jarrett explains to Bill that he's going to enjoy the show even though he knows how it's going to end. Forrester Creations starts up first and the crowd applauds uncontrollably, and even when the Logan sisters come out dressed in regal gowns, Stephanie tells Bridget that Eric and Ridge's designs are good but there's are better. Jackie comes out and congratulates Forrester's designs and she then presents her companys line and is immediately enjoyed by the crowd. Jarrett can't take any more of this and goes backstage and tells Katie that Bill Spencer paid off the judges so that Jackie M. would win and Forrester would lose it's momentum and would then acquire it, Katie then asks Bill if what he said is true.moreless
  • Ep. #5627
    Ep. #5627
    Episode 103
    Melissa and Rich tell Jarrett that they know that something is up and why would all of them be flying on the same jet and Bill supplying them with free food and champagne. Katie arrives at Bill's office and sees a candle lit dinner and lights dimmed. Brooke tells Donna that every design has to be perfect also they need to win tomorrow cause if they don't then the whole royalty campaign is out the window. Nick tells Bridget that she made the right choice in the color on the programs that she had printed out. Donna asks where Katie is and Brooke says she's with Bill Spencer. Bill finds himself torn between love and ambition. Jarrett lets the judges know of Bill's motives and for them to make sure that Jackie M. wins the challenge tomorrow. Rich, Sergei and Melissa all agree to do Bill's bidding. Brooke tells Ridge that she has a concept for the show by showing off the royalty be being his queen. Jarrett calls Bill and says that it's a definate go and once again tries to get him to change his mind thinking what this will do to Katie's career.moreless
  • Ep. #5626
    Ep. #5626
    Episode 102
    Stephanie is shocked when Dottie comes and looks forward to fashion challenge. Brooke thinks that Stephanie had her hand in this, Eric calls her wanting an explanation, she says that she's just as surprised as he is. Whip asks Bill to keep the fact that he gave him the invitation kept quiet, and he'll be able to aquire Forrester when Jackie M wins. Eric tells Stephanie that they challenge is a definate go. Bill gives Jarrett a task and sees that it's done right away. Ridge and Brooke remember the good times while taking one last look at all the dresses. Stephanie tells Whip that he'd better make sure everything goes well or else. Jarrett asks Bill if he can live with himself when he's stringing Katie along then going to break her heart.moreless
  • Ep. #5625
    Ep. #5625
    Episode 101
    Owen tells Whip to hurry up and find the keys so he an rescues Jackie. Katie comes to Bill hoping he'll agree to give her ad space in his magazines. Dottie surprises Stephanie with a visit and she has a propsal for a fundraiser a fashion runway showdown between Jackie M and Forrester Creations. Nick lays into Whip for putting his mother in danger like that, Whip tells Jackie that he's really very sorry. Morgan tells Jackie the only reason she can think of that the cougar flipped out if she was wearing perfume. Stephanie doesn't think that now is the time to do a fashion challenge. Whip goes to see Bill and shows him one of the invitations and says that the challenge is indeed big news, and the two form and unlikely alliance.moreless
  • Ep. #5624
    Ep. #5624
    Episode 100
    Stephanie admits to Brooke, Katie and Donna that it's a beautiful pic but it's also a travesty. Owen tells Jackie that he's sorta getting turned on when he sees the photos of them that were taken. Whip takes off Jackie's campaign to the next level, by having a real life cougar in the photoshoot, Jackie is frightened when Whip instructs someone to bring it in the room. Stephanie says to the Logan sisters that they're campaign is never going to work. Taylor sees Ridge looking at pictures of Brooke on his computer screen and notices that she's very a strong key point in Eric's new design concept. Stephanie interrupts Marcus and Donna's conversation and steps on Donna's dress and the elevator closes and it rips off. Whip pops a cork which sets off the cougar and Jackie ends up trapped in her office with it.moreless
  • Ep. #5623
    Ep. #5623
    Episode 99
    Owen tells Whip that he feels silly in the outfit that he has on, but agrees that the whole Indulge thing is really taking off and does the photoshoot. Taylor tells Stephanie she should be proud of herself now that Jackie M's sales have tripled. Steffy tells Stephanie and Taylor that Brooke ended her leaves of absence and returned to the company and the reason being to be around Ridge. Whip is humbly pleased at the outcome of the photos of Owen and Jackie. Steffy's news devastates Stephanie that Brooke, Katie and Donna are gonna the Royalty of the new Forrester campaign, cause she created the whole class and sophistication thing to begin with. Clarke announces that the Forrester has a new campaign featuring the Logan sisters and that Eric sold the jet in order to pay for it. Stephanie confronts Katie, Brooke and Donna about them being Forrester women when they're not.moreless
  • Ep. #5622
    Ep. #5622
    Episode 98
    Eric gets the call and tells everyone that Jackie M has surpassed Forrester's sales yet again, Brooke returns to the company and says it's time for something new. Nick calls a meeting and says that Jackie M's sales are up by 32% from last year and it's all because of Stephanie and Bridget's designs. Whip tells Jackie he's found a place to work on the Indulge campaign. Katie comes to the rescue with a plan for Forrester Creations that has a real life cougar, and Eric loves the idea. Nick tells Bridget that Eric will bounce back and Forrester will be back in the running again. Eric makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to pay for the upcoming campaign. Brooke tells Ridge to put what happened aside and work hard together.moreless
  • Ep. #5621
    Ep. #5621
    Episode 97
    Brooke tells Ridge that if this wedding what he wants then she'll walk away. Donna calls Katie who's stunned to learn that Brooke rode her horse and interrupted the wedding. Thomas says that it was almost finished and was this close to having their family back together again. Bill promises Katie that he won't print the story of what happened at the Beach House. Taylor comes out and says that there won't be a wedding, Ridge says that everything is gonna go back to the way it was. Steffy blames herself for the wedding not happening. Stephanie storms over to Brooke and literally has it out with her. Taylor says to Ridge that it's okay that she knows where Ridge stands.moreless
  • Ep. #5620
    Ep. #5620
    Episode 96
    Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy somehow managed to intercept the text messages and arranged a meeting by pretending to be him, Stephanie tells her to get out cause she's not wanted here. Whip calls and tells Jackie that he in fact purchased the apartment right above hers. Ridge insists on talking with Taylor alone, Steffy thinks that this wedding is a complete bust. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn't believe that he's actually committed to Taylor and that she and Ridge can work through their problems. Thorne and Felicia commend Thomas on his efforts on trying to keep Brooke from the wedding. Whip and Jackie share a nice little lunch in his apartment. Stephanie tells Donna if she really wants to help then to go in there and convince Brooke to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #5619
    Ep. #5619
    Episode 95
    Brooke continues to wait for Ridge and is certain that he'll come and whisk her away real soon. Katie is wondering if Ridge called off the wedding cause she would've heard something right now, Bill then shows up. Brooke heads towards a collision with Ridge and Taylor. Steffy sends another text message saying that Ridge is on his way, Felicia then tells her to put the phone away caause her parents are getting married. Stephanie stands up and hopes Ridge and Taylor all the best in the world. Brooke doesn't recognize the number she calls and learns it's Steffy's phone and she's been sending the text messages not Ridge and it being a trick and heads to stop the wedding. Bill's questions confuse Katie. Brooke gets knocked off her horse while riding too fast, a resumes to the beach house. Taylor and Ridge say their vows, Brooke arrives all dirty and says there's no way there's going to be a wedding today.moreless
  • Ep. #5618
    Ep. #5618
    Episode 94
    Katie and Donna tell Brooke to text Ridge and confirm the meeting at the beach. Taylor goes out on the patio thinking that today is her wedding day. Steffy receives the text, and sends another confirming they're "meeting" on their spot. Thorne congratulates Ridge on finally bringing some sanity back into their family. Whip surprises Jackie with some high tea, and she immediately impressed by him. Ridge tells Eric that he's in love with Brooke and Taylor and doesn't know what to do. Ridge gets a message on his phone and is stunned by it and leaves. Stephanie gives Taylor something to wear as she walks down the aisle, and says she always thought of her as a daughter. Brooke takes her horse trigger along the beach and waits for Ridge to arrive, she calls Donna and says that Ridge stepped out, Brooke sees someone come on the beach riding a motorcycle thinking it's Ridge, but gets closer and sees that it isn't. Thorne asks Ridge if he really wants to go through with this wedding, Ridge can't stand the idea of Brooke not even contacting him.moreless
  • Ep. #5617
    Ep. #5617
    Episode 93
    Whip shows Owen some photos for the billboard layout, Owen gets a call from Jackie to meet her in the steam room. Steffy tells Thomas that Brooke sent a text wanting to come over wanting to talk to Ridge, they think fast in getting him and Taylor to the beach house right away. Brooke is shocked to learn from Donna that Ridge and Taylor's wedding is tomorrow and she's going wth Eric. Brooke arrives at the house and isn't leaving til they tell her where Ridge is. Owen enters the steam room in the wardrobe that she had layed outside the door. Ridge and Eric have a heart-to-heart. Donna tells Brooke that Eric told her that Ridge is at the beach house, Brooke sends a text saying she's on her way and Thomas says to send one saying he'll meet her in their spot on the beach tomorrow at 12:30.moreless
  • Ep. #5616
    Ep. #5616
    Episode 92
    Thomas tells Steffy that they're doing the right thing by sending the text messages pretending to be Ridge. Katie tells Brooke to do something, so Brooke sends another text message and Thomas tells Steffy that they have to respond. Clarke sees Pam wearing a red wig, and says that only Sally is the one that can pull that off. Jackie and everyone surprises Stephanie by showing her new office, cause the company is put on the map because of her. Taylor is looking forward to more quality times with Ridge and the children after beating them in a game of tennis. Pam continues to flirt with Clarke at Stephanie's party. Jackie and Stephanie form a friendship which scares Nick. Brooke wallows in her misery while remembering all the times she and Ridge shared together. Ridge assures Steffy and Thomas that he will be marrying Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #5615
    Ep. #5615
    Episode 91
    Clarke reads a letter from Sally saying how proud she is of them and that Stephanie has joined their ranks. Taylor shows Stephanie the ring and that everything is coming together. Steffy asks Thomas if it's possible to forward the texts to another phone, she hides the phone when Ridge enters the room. Whip asks Jackie that he wants to take Indulge nationally by requesting a photoshoot in the Blue Grotto, but Owen says that the massive waves are coming soon so she can continue with her surfing. Stephanie and Steffy rally together. Katie and Donna tells Brooke that the text messages from Ridge don't sound like him at all. Pam tells Clarke that he can't visualize him being once involved with Sally. Steffy tells Ridge that Brooke's been pressuring him. Stephanie asks Steffy about the text messages, and she noticed she seemed all nervous and asks what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #5614
    Ep. #5614
    Episode 90
    Nick and Bridget celebrate their one month anniversary by looking at their wedding photos. Ridge tells Brooke that he will always love her but is in fact marrying Taylor. Steffy wonders what's taking Ridge so long in saying goodbye to Brooke. Taylor recounts her past with by bringing up the time when Ridge saw her at the cemetary and when he spotted her on the beach by mistaking her for Caroline. Katie comes back home to see Brooke says that Ridge is marrying Taylor, she can't believe that he can turn off his love like that, and tries to get Brooke to call Ridge. Thomas and Steffy devise a plan to keep Brooke away from Ridge, when they see a text message from Brooke. Taylor shows off her ring and Steffy takes a pic of them and deletes Brooke's text and sends the pic of her parents to her.moreless
  • Ep. #5613
    Ep. #5613
    Episode 89
    Taylor surprises Stephanie with good news that she and Ridge are getting married and that she is the one that proposed. Brooke tells Katie that Steffy was over saying about her wanting her parents back together againm and that it will never happen. Whip arranges for an outrageous photoshoot with Jackie and Owen and he's delighted that it goes even better then expected, but Owen has some issues about the studly guys Whip chose for the shoot. Ridge tells Stephanie he going to break the sad news to Brooke. Taylor begins to have feelings of insecurity when Stephanie tells her that Ridge went to see Brooke. Brooke is shattered after Ridge announces that he and Taylor are getting married. Whip commends Jackie on a job well done.moreless
  • Ep. #5612
    Ep. #5612
    Episode 88
    Taylor tells Ridge that they can be happy with each other and Steffy and Thomas. Whip has an idea of using Bridget as the frest new face, but Bridget says she's a designer and not a model. Steffy tells Brooke that she approved of her and Rick and that led to Ridge falling into Taylor's arms again. Owen cautions Whip that his marriage to Jackie wasn't a publicity stunt, and he and her are for real. Ridge tells Taylor that he would marry her. Brooke tells Katie she had a change of heart about her relationship with Ridge. Whip reveals his new publicity campaign for Jackie M's "Indulge", by having Jackie in a bathtub with Owen and put on billboards across town. Thomas and Steffy are on cloud 9 when Ridge and Taylor announce they're getting married. Owen surprises Jackie having candles and the bathtub filled with soapy water.moreless
  • Ep. #5611
    Ep. #5611
    Episode 87
    Whip is shocked by the response he receives from Brooke and he sees that she's just playing him. Pam realizes Stephanie hired Whip to get close to Brooke. Steffy tells Taylor she saw Ridge and Brooke in an embrace, Ridge comes home and Taylor says that it's okay cause Brooke is going through a hard time. Stephanie reveals that Whip is occupy Brooke til Ridge and Taylor are married. Brooke learns that Whip is working for Jackie M, and is thinking something is up. Whip reports to Stephanie and tells her that Brooke offered to take him upstairs but was pulling his chain. Steffy warns Brooke to stay away from Ridge. Taylor proposes marriage to Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5610
    Ep. #5610
    Episode 86
    Brooke breaks down in Ridge's arms as he comforts her. Whip tells Stephanie he never pictured her in Sally Spectra's old building, also if he can really come between Ridge and Brooke. Jackie becomes suspicious and tells Owen as to the true reason that Stephanie hired Whip. Brooke tells Ridge that she made a mistake letting him go, Ridge wants to know why she's dredging this up now, but Brooke says that it's too late now cause he's with Taylor. Steffy asks what's going on here, Ridge tells Brooke he'd like to speak with Steffy alone. Jackie overhears Stephanie and Whip talking in her office, and confronts her about her intentions of sending Whip after Brooke. Brooke gets a visit from Whip, and says he wants to see her again and kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #5609
    Ep. #5609
    Episode 85
    Thomas tells Steffy that to give this modelling thing some time. Taylor becomes concerned by Brooke's recent visits and tells Stephanie about it. Stephanie convinces Jackie and Nick to hire a new public relations front man. Brooke makes a plea to Ridge. Thomas and Steffy tell Taylor that Brooke is talking with Ridge right now. Whip Jones arrives to interview for the position, he then commends Jackie at that publicity thing for her wedding to Owen in the magazine. Brooke tells Ridge that she was wrong with what she did and that her life is with him and she made a mistake and isn't too late to fix it. Stephanie tells Whip to shut the door while they talk about his ex-wife Brooke and also he's gonna be good for business.moreless
  • Ep. #5608
    Ep. #5608
    Episode 84
    Eric learns that the sales this quarter are in fact down and agrees that the image needs some reconditioning. Steffy's attempt at being a spokesmodel doesn't go smoothly. Bill's criticism of the new Forrester campaign doesn't get the reaction he had hoped. Stephanie tells Jackie and Nick that Pam is here for a job at Jackie M. Nick asks Pam if she had anything to do with the honey incident at the fashion show. Bill comes and sees Eric's latest ploy, and says this is the best he can do. Jackie tells Pam that they'll let her know if she got the job or not. Marcus goes after Steffy when she thinks about what Bill said about her not being professional enough. Pam comes back and says the proper things and Nick and Jackie welcome her to the company. Ridge tells Bill that Forrester Creations will never be his and that it won't fail. Stephanie comes across Whip Jones's resume and thinks he could be the perfect distraction for Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5607
    Ep. #5607
    Episode 83
    Brooke brings R.J. over to see Ridge and tells Taylor that she won at least for now. Katie feels partially responsible for the latest cover of Eye on Fashion. Jarrett tells Bill that he should've focused on the clothing and not the disasterous outcome. Marcus, Steffy and Thomas receive promotions, forcing them to work more closely with Rick. Rick asks Eric why Katie isn't at the meeting instead of doing some damage control. Marcus thinks he may have an idea by launching a youth line to get Forrester back in the light again, and suggests Steffy as it's spokesperson. Brooke realizes she made a mistake in letting Ridge go, but his life is here with Taylor and has to accept that. Katie succumbs to Bill's advances.moreless
  • Ep. #5606
    Ep. #5606
    Episode 82
    Thomas, Steffy and Taylor tell Ridge they're willing to step up if things get worse at Forrester. Donna sees Marcus hiding something and he says it's photos of her dripping with honey, and puts them away, she hopes that Bill doesn't publish any of his own photos of the disaster. Thomas tries to get Steffy to give Marcus a second chance cause he's a stand up guy compared to Rick. Donna tells Marcus to go ahead and see Steffy cause Eric's coming back at any minute. Ridge and Taylor take comfort in the peace surrounding them. Marcus gives Steffy a reminder of what she's missing out on. Bill sends the photo Donna covered in honey as his cover, he warns her not to get inside him cause she won't like what she sees.moreless
  • Ep. #5605
    Ep. #5605
    Episode 81
    Bill uses Forrester Creation's misfortune to get a dinner date with Katie. Marcus tells Rick that Donna thinks that Pam did that little stunt. Jarrett asks Katie what exactly went wrong, she tries to make the best of a bad situation by trying to get him to focus on the clothes and not Donna. Pam tells Stephanie that she finally did it, and she isn't too pleased with her sister's actions. Donna confronts Pam about her prank, but she says she had nothing to do with it. Thomas tells Rick that Taylor feels comfortable cause Marcus is a good guy and if Steffy is around they'll reconnect. Eric reprimands Pam for her actions, and Pam quits and is glad to be leaving. Katie tries to convince Bill not to run the pictures of Donna in his magazine. Eric refuses to give into pressure.moreless
  • Ep. #5604
    Ep. #5604
    Episode 80
    The banker tells Eric that if the show doesn't go well then to close down some stores. Stephanie tells Bridget they'll be watching the show via a live feed, Clarke then arrives with the drinks and snacks. Eric counts on the fashion show being a big success. Bill attends the event, hoping to benefit from any misfortunes that take place. Rocco tells Pam what's gonna happen when Donna comes out at the end, and it gives her an inspired idea. Thomas has a stern warning to Rick about his future. Marcus tells Steffy that he couldn't be happier about her parents getting back together, Rick sees them embracing. Clarke tells everyone that he says someone is about to get creamed. Eric and Ridge agree that this show is gonna them back on top again. Donna takes the stage wearing the much-anticipated showstopper, and Pam dumps the bucket filled with honey on top of her and she's then covered in gold glitter as Pam laughs.moreless
  • Ep. #5603
    Ep. #5603
    Episode 79
    Eric tells Donna that he got off the phone with a banker and is nervous and needs the show to be a success. Thomas and Steffy continue to watch their parents in the distance. Rick tells Brooke for her to stay and he'll leave Forrester Creations. Nick takes one look at the leopard print garment that Bridget is wearing, and immediately reminded of it being Jackie's taste in clothing. Stephanie offers Eric unconventional business advice, for him to step down and let Ridge take over if he doesn't then the company will fail. Taylor and Ridge reminisce about their shared past. Donna and Pam have a verbal confrontation. Pam devises a sneaky plan. Brooke looks at all her wedding photos of her and Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5602
    Ep. #5602
    Episode 78
    Ridge tells Steffy about Thorne and Felicia leaving the company, and it not doing so well lately. Nick is determined to have it out with Bill for publishing his mother's wedding pictures in his fashion magazine. Owen jokingly tells Nick to call him "Dad", but Nick lashes out. Taylor worries abour rushing Ridge into a family reunion, fearing it will backfire. Thomas and Steffy surprise their parents with a private romantic dinner. Steffy tells Ridge that the dinner was her idea and Thomas just went along with it, Ridge tells Taylor the food shouldn't be put to waste. Bridget tells Nick why talk about Jackie when they could be doing something else. Thomas and Steffy watch as they're parents dance.moreless
  • Ep. #5601
    Ep. #5601
    Episode 77
    Taylor confesses to Stephanie her feelings of insecurity in her renewed relationship with Ridge. Eric asks Ridge to reconcile with Brooke. Ridge tries to persuade Brooke to stay at Forrester Creations. Stephanie receives reassuring news.
  • Ep. #5600
    Ep. #5600
    Episode 76
    Thorne and Felicia tell Eric he'll have their resignations in the morning. Chaika gives Nick Owen's room service bill and he sees how large it is and thinks this was his plan to get his mother loaded. Stephanie tells Brooke that she feels bad about her misfortune. Jackie sees where Owen taken her to their private cabana. Bridget apologizes to Nick for not telling him sooner that Owen and Jackie were in Hawaii. Eric wishes Thorne and Felicia all the best and says for them to leave. Nick tells Bridget they're heading back to L.A. hoping he'll have a chance to protect their assets before Owen can latch on to them. Brooke learns of two of Eric's children quitting and tells him that she'll be taking a leave of absence. Owen begs Jackie not to break his heart.moreless
  • Ep. #5599
    Ep. #5599
    Episode 75
    Jackie tells Owen that she will marry him here in Hawaii. Brooke sits home all alone and ponders of what she did. Taylor tells Thomas and Steffy that Brooke told her to have Ridge come back home, Thomas says of course that's where he should be. Rick tells Brooke that it's all his fault but Brooke says this goes back to the night that Phoebe died. Stephanie tells Ridge what he's waiting for but to go to Taylor, he then does just that. Bridget tells Nick that Jackie and Owen are in Hawaii and are gonna get married in that circle of flowers. Stephanie basks in her triumph. Nick's worst fears are realized when he's too late at stopping the wedding. Stephanie tells Brooke that she would've rubbed her nose in it, but doesn't have the heart to do it now.moreless
  • Ep. #5598
    Ep. #5598
    Episode 74
    Thomas and Steffy tell Ridge that Stephanie is moving in with Pam and that it's time that he came home. Stephanie comes to see Brooke and tells her that she's sorry and was wrong about her and for loving her son. Bridget tells Nick that she heard that the couple next will be checking out soon. Owen asks Jackie if she has second thoughts about getting married and wants to go and have a talk with him. Nick calls and tells Clarke to hack into Owen's e-mail and find out wherever he's taken his mother. Jackie tells Owen that it's not that she doesn't want to marry him but not at this moment. Ridge doesn't think it's that time for him to come back home. Nick tells Bridget that he got word from Clarke that Owen bought plan tickets thinking he waited til now to make his move. Owen plans a surprise for Jackie. Stephanie and Brooke reach an end of an era of their feud.moreless
  • Ep. #5597
    Ep. #5597
    Episode 73
    Brooke tells Ridge that she never thought that he would ever betray her like this. Owen tells Jackie that he wants an answer for having their wedding on the beach. Bridget then looks and thinks that she just saw Owen walk by. Stephanie tells Thorne and Felicia that he spent the night with Taylor and Brooke can't accept it. Owen asks Kamalu to help Jackie continue with her surfing lesson. Stephanie thinks that Ridge and Brooke is never gonna survive this. Bridget goes for a jog and runs into Owen and she wonders what he's doing here, they then agree to keep from Nick that he's here with Jackie. Nick goes out on the patio in the distance can't believe what he's seeing, Bridget's relieved when he says that someone copied his boat, and not about Owen and Jackie. Brooke makes the ultimate sacrifice and tells Taylor that she's allowing her to be with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5596
    Ep. #5596
    Episode 72
    Owen teaches Jackie on how to surf. Nick wonders where Owen and Jackie might be, Bridget says not to focus on them but on her. Owen lays out his and Jackie's swimwear on the railing, Nick sees how pitiful that someone would do that. Ridge is stunned at the conversation with Brooke after she accuses Taylor of drugging her and ruining what they have. Taylor and Brooke have the ultimate showdown, and sees Stephanie and thinks that she and Taylor were working together thinking this is what she wanted. Chaika tells Nick and Bridget that there's gonna be a wedding ceremony on the beach with the couple that he was talking about. Taylor tells Brooke she practically handed Ridge over to her. Owen tells Jackie that he has a special surprise for her here in Hawaii. Brooke tells Ridge when he comes to Taylor's she doesn't think they can get past this.moreless
  • Ep. #5595
    Ep. #5595
    Episode 71
    Brooke apologizes to Ridge but something happened with Hope last night. The conceierge welcomes Nick and Bridget to the islands. Owen and Jackie relax on a private jet while en route to Hawaii. Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge and Brooke are probably working things out right now. Nick and Bridget enjoy their time by walking on the beach. Ridge tells Brooke that he found himself at Phoebe's grave and Taylor gave him some anxiety medication. Owen and Jackie arrive and at the same hotel where Nick and Bridget are on their honeymoon, and share some near misses with each other. Stephanie tells Taylor that she doesn't mean if Ridge doesn't tell Brooke the truth. Clarke calls Nick and says he can't keep any eye on Jackie cause she's M.I.A.moreless
  • Ep. #5594
    Ep. #5594
    Episode 70
    Eric is given bad news by Thorne and Felicia that they're leaving the company, Jackie wonders what the tension over there is, Owen says that it's good for Jackie M. Steffy asks Taylor why she isn't dancing with Ridge, she sees that he's talking with Brooke. Steffy announces that she and Rick agree to take things slow, but Ridge can't go along with this. Eric tells Stephanie that their children have reached their limit and since she left the company started to flounder and shouldn't have allowed her to leave. Clarke is enlisted by Nick to keep an eye on Owen while he's on his honeymoon and to report to him. Nick issues Owen another warning to stay away from Jackie. Everyone throws petals at Bridget and Nick as they leave for their honeymoon. Eric says to Thorne and Felicia they aren't leaving and wants them in his office tomorrow. Bill tells Katie he can't believe he's dancing with her, although she did pass out in his hotel room. Bridget asks Nick where exactly is he taking her, he says they're heading to Hawaii. Owen gives Jackie plane tickets and says they are going to Hawaii. Taylor makes a confession to Stephanie that she and Ridge made love and took all the anxiety pills along with the wine he drank.moreless
  • Ep. #5593
    Ep. #5593
    Episode 69
    Nick and Bridget exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife again and everyone reconvenes outside. Nick tells Jackie to offer Owen a cash offer to get him out of her life. Hard feelings amongst those in conflict are momentarily set aside during the reception. Katie watches as Nick and Bridget share their first dance. Jackie catches the bouquet as Nick cringes at the thought of her marrying Owen. Katie asks Bill if he's still lusting after Forrester Creations. Stephanie asks Taylor why she and Ridge are on opposite sides of the party since she spent the first night with him in years. Rick makes a toast to Nick and Bridget as their finally back together again.moreless
  • Ep. #5592
    Ep. #5592
    Episode 68
    Nick and Bridget spend their final hour as single people before walking down the aisle. Donna is taken aback and tells Eric that it was the happiest time of her life. Stephanie tells Ridge that Taylor didn't want to talk about him spending the night either. Jackie sees Owen all dressed up, Owen says for Nick not to push her around and he has the right to attend. Nick tells Rick for him to do whatever it takes to keep Owen from attending. Brooke is glad that she caught Taylor before she left and needs to discuss something with her about last night. Bridget wonders what keeping Beth and what's holding her up. Eric asks Bill what he's doing here, Bill says that he's just her case he was invited. Brooke presents Bridget with the emerald necklace. Stephen and Beth arrive arm in arm. Ridge must face Taylor and Brooke. Jackie tells Nick that Owen is staying and everyone hears that they're engaged. Everyone sits down as the wedding gets underway. Eric is caught in the middle of his two families.moreless
  • Ep. #5591
    Ep. #5591
    Episode 67
    Taylor is vague when Stephanie arrives and questions her about her so called reconciliation with Ridge. Donna tells Eric that even though he has his doubts abour Bridget marrying Nick again, she says they'll be fine. Nick tells Jackie that his wedding to Bridget will go nicely as long as Owen doesn'tshow up. Donna is unsuccessful at seducing Eric, and he says that he's not up to it tonight. Bridget becomes disturbed by Owen's threatening comments about Nick. Eric tells Donna that the sales continued to drop the minute that Stephanie left the company. Jackie sets Nick straight about her future with Owen. Nick stops Owen in the hallway and he better end this farce of an engagment if he knows what's good for him.moreless
  • Ep. #5590
    Ep. #5590
    Episode 66
    Pam and Donna share their exciting time on The Price is Right with Felicia, Thorne and Eric, and Pam's plan on giving Eric's designs off as prizes. Jackie and Owen spend some quality time in her office. Brooke begins to have regrets about giving Ridge space to deal with his issues. Ridge wakes up and says last night is a little fuzzy. Stephanie calls Taylor and leaves a message on how everything went last night. Brooke receives a text from Bridget asking her and Eric to come to Nick's place. Taylor finds the bottle of anxiety pills empty. Nick interrupts Owen and Jackie and cautions him that his days of being with his mother are numbered. Eric tells Bridget that he'd be delighted to walk her down the aisle. Taylor asks Ridge how many pills did he take last night and making love probably wasn't real to him. Nick warns Owen not to attend his wedding. Taylor and Ridge agree to keep their night together a secret.moreless
  • Ep. #5589
    Ep. #5589
    Episode 65
    Stephanie tells Brooke that Taylor is much better for Ridge cause she can give him something that she can't. Taylor bares her soul to Ridge after taking too much medication. Stephanie calls Taylor and asks how things are going with Ridge, and to continue working her magic on him and stopped Brooke from interrupting them. Ridge enters the room and he feels the effects of the medication as he talks to her and says they should go to the bedroom. Stephanie tells Brooke to leave Ridge alone and to give some time alone and she'll see him at work tomorrow anyways.moreless
  • Ep. #5588
    Ep. #5588
    Episode 64
    Ridge tells Brooke that he can't come home because of Rick. Pam is horrified that Donna made it to contestant's row and won the first prize at the expense of her own dreams of meeting Drew Carey. Ridge tells Steffy that how she can even think of going back to Rick after what he's done to their family. Pam is green with jealousy when Donna plays the game "Let'em Roll" and wins a car. Steffy goes to the beach house and tells Rick something that he's not going to like. Taylor surprises Ridge with dinner and hopes he doesn't mind a home cooked meal, cause it reminds of good times. Donna spins the wheel and wins the Showcase Showdown, and is in the showcase, which delights Pam. Stephanie ruins Brooke's surprise for Ridge. Rick tells Steffy if they want to move slowly then he'll accept that. Ridge goes into Taylor's purse and takes another pill. Donna gets help from Pam from on her bid on her showcase. Stephanie says to Brooke that she's brought nothing but trouble to Ridge. Donna is thrilled when her bid wins her both showcases, Pam goes on stage and meets Drew Carey. Taylor tells Ridge that Steffy will toss Rick aside.moreless
  • Ep. #5587
    Ep. #5587
    Episode 63
    Nick lays into Jackie for the age difference between her and Owen. Bridget tells Owen that he have the best intentions for proposing to Jackie, but it'll convince Nick more then ever that he's after his mom's money. Pam gets a brilliant idea in how to get into the Price Is Right by attending a taping. Nick tells Jackie that it's time that his mother puts an end to this farce of an engagement. Donna agrees to go along with Pam's plan, she promises Donna that she'll be dignified. Nick lashes at Owen and says he's not marrying his mother, cause there's nothing cordial about this at all, and it's either him or Owen. Donna sees how enthusiastic Pam is when she notices her wearing a Drew Carey shirt, they go in and Pam and Donna see Rich Fields. Jackie says to Nick that no one is leaving the company, Nick brings up Deacon Sharpe and to go ahead and have her fun with Owen. Donna is glad and shocked when Rich Fields calls her name and Pam is crushed.moreless
  • Ep. #5586
    Ep. #5586
    Episode 62
    Nick tells Bridget that he doesn't have to fear going into work cause Owen isn't there anymore. Thorne and Felicia tell Donna and Katie that Jackie M is doing well, and they have to think of a unique gimmick and fast. Pam hatches a wacky plan to promote Forrester Creations after listening to a conversation by thinking the beauties on The Price is Right should wear Forrester originals. Jackie hides the ring on her finger when Nick says that he's glad that Owen is out of their lives. Pam tells Donna that she has the perfect plan to improve the company's sales, Pam gets the call back from the show and heads to the CBS studios, Donna insists on going as well. Bridget asks Owen what he means by seeing a lot more of each other. Pam blames Donna for making her late for her appointment, now figures out what to do next. Nick has trouble controlling his emotions when Jackie delivers the news about her and Owen's engagement.moreless
  • Ep. #5585
    Ep. #5585
    Episode 61
    Stephanie starts to suspect Ridge's new "feelings" for Taylor are chemically induced. Katie asks Brooke if she's eaten or taken care of herself since Ridge moved out, Rick called her cause he was concerned. Stephanie tells Taylor that she saw Ridge take an anxiety pill. Owen presents Jackie with an exquisite gift. Nick tells Bridget that maybe since Jackie fired Owen they're relationship is probably over as well. Taylor asks Ridge how many pills in fact did he take. Nick shows Bridget a ring and then asks her to marry him, she's hesitant at first but then says yes. Jackie says that it's beautiful, but feels bad that she didn't stand up to him to Nick and he doesn't have to marry her for a place to live. Brooke says goodnight to Ridge as she goes to bed alone.moreless
  • Ep. #5584
    Ep. #5584
    Episode 60
    Brooke tells Ridge that things are going to be different this time, but Rick leaves a message on the machine saying he and Steffy will be over for dinner. Nick learns there was a meeting with the accountants, and was told there was nothing on his calendar, and is outraged that Owen sat in his place and thinks he's better of out of the company. Owen asks Jackie if she wants him to leave. Brooke asks Ridge to have faith in them and breaking up isn't a solution, Ridge kisses Brooke and then says goodbye to her, and she cries as she lays on the couch. Rick comes home to learn that Ridge has moved out of the house. Stephanie comes to get some things and sees Ridge and learns of his breakup with Brooke, Stephanie then calls Taylor and says to come to Eric's guest house right away. Jackie says to Owen that she has to side with Nick on this decision. Taylor goes into see Ridge she puts her purse down and goes to make him some tea and he sees the bottle of anxiety pills and takes one, she then takes the bottle and sees what they are. Jackie tells Owen that they can still live together even though he doesn't work at Jackie M anymore, Owen then proposes and she humbily accepts. Stephanie sees Ridge take a pill.moreless
  • Ep. #5583
    Ep. #5583
    Episode 59
    Brooke is delighted that Ridge finally came home, and says that he wasn't alone at Big Bear cause Taylor was with him. Taylor tells Stephanie that she saw Ridge and that she'd seen something last night and he's leaving Brooke. Owen calls Bridget and asks her for a favor between friends about Nick and that he's driving him crazy and to talk to him. Nick and Bridget spend the morning in bed, when Nick doesn't realize that he's to attend a meeting at Jackie M. Brooke's worst fears are realized when Ridge says that he's moving out, cause he can't stand that Rick is always in here coming and going as he pleases. Taylor tells Stephanie that she and Ridge kissed and felt something and that what they once had is still there.moreless
  • Ep. #5582
    Ep. #5582
    Episode 58
    Thomas sees Steffy with Rick and tells him to stay away from his sister. Brooke forgot about her workout time with Katie and Donna and says that she and Ridge had a disagreement about Steffy and Rick. Taylor tells Ridge that it's probably the anxiety medication she gave him and why he said what he said. Brooke says that Ridge and Stephanie knew about the marriage not being legal. Thomas is disgusted that Steffy wants back with Rick, even thought their parents don't approve. Ridge remembers the night he held Phoebe in his arms and took another pill, Taylor comes in and asks if he's spoken to Brooke. Ridge's announcement causes Brooke to go into denial and Taylor into shock. Steffy pleads with Thomas to accept her and Rick and not to fight them anymore. Ridge calls Brooke but he hangs up when she can't condone Steffy's relationship with her son.moreless
  • Ep. #5581
    Ep. #5581
    Episode 57
    Taylor uses the circumstances between Brooke and Ridge to her advantage. Brooke tells Rick and Steffy that she can't reach Ridge on his cellphone. Stephanie tells Pam that Eric offered her to come back but she turned him down, even though she would loved to have seen Donna throw a tantrum. Rick tells Steffy that he hopes Stephanie stays out of their lives. Brooke and Stephanie face off about her always choosing Rick over her own husband. Ridge takes more of Taylor's "assistance" then she realizes. Ridge calls Stephanie and says that he's at Big Bear and she can tell her where he is and can call just not now, Stephanie doesn't tell Brooke where Ridge is.moreless
  • Ep. #5580
    Ep. #5580
    Episode 56
    Ridge is outraged when Brooke says that she can't say no to Rick being with Steffy. Thomas and Taylor visit Phoebe's grave, Thomas says that she'd still be with us if it weren't for Rick and that Ridge should come back to them. Ridge tells Rick and Steffy to get out and has it out with Brooke that Rick is a threat to his one remaining daughter, and can't take this anymore. Eric says that it was a mistake to fire him, Stephanie tells him why would she want to come back to all that again. Taylor runs into Ridge at the cemetary, he says that he couldn't stay there not with Rick there and he's after Steffy again and why she can't see it. Stephanie gives a passionate response to Eric's question about her coming back to him and the company, and says he chose Donna over her. Taylor and Ridge head up to Big Bear as to his wishes about getting away from everything, Brooke tries calling Ridge, but Taylor isn't gonna let her interrupt them.moreless
  • Ep. #5579
    Ep. #5579
    Episode 55
    Rick tells Brooke that his therapy is going well and despite everything he's still in love with Steffy and wants her back. Bill tells Eric either sign the contract or that cover will hit newstands in the morning, Eric still refuses to sell. Steffy sits and wonders what she is doing, Rick then shows up. Ridge tells Brooke that Pam's clerical, Brooke realizes that she and Ridge aren't legally married, and Ridge has known for a while. Felicia tells Eric to go ahead and sign and they'll figure something out, Eric then rips up the contract. Stephanie has a surprise for Bill by introducing the lawyers, when she reveals that he was recorded and plays it for them and they say that if he goes through with his threat, they're be consequences. Donna follows Bill out and says that he lost. Brooke and Ridge are startled when Rick and Steffy walk in on them. Eric kisses Stephanie and says he still loves her and to come back to him. Bill tells Jarrett that they may have won the battle, he'll win the war. Rick tells Ridge to listen to him and that he's trying to change.moreless
  • Ep. #5578
    Ep. #5578
    Episode 54
    Bill adds an amendment to his proposal to Donna. Stephanie tells Thorne and Felicia that Eric hired undocumented workers and Bill is threatening to go to I.N.S. and then Eric could be facing a prison sentence. Donna says that she's not betraying her husband, Bill says it's more of an opportunity to save Eric and the company. Jackie and Owen commemorate their first night together as a couple that live together, when Owen cooks dinner for them. Felicia is worried and says to Eric that his heart won't survive if he does go to jail. Eric explains to Bobby that he's been found out and the name he used is worthless, but no one will know his real name, Bobby then thanks for all the he has done for his family. Jarrett gives Bill the cover photo that features Eric behind bars and in a jumpsuit. Eric tells Felicia and Thorne to tell the truth that they didn't know what was in his safe.moreless
  • Ep. #5577
    Ep. #5577
    Episode 53
    Stephanie tells Eric that he may have no choice but to sell the company or risk going to prison. Nick tells Bridget that she tried to fire Owen to get him away from his mother. Bill warns Donna there will be consequences if she doesn't agree to his proposition, Donna then refuses to spend the night with him, Bill says to enjoy her time with Eric cause he'll be in jail. Nick tells Bridget that he's gonna go and see his mother and that she better be alone and not with Owen. Eric tells Bill that he'd rather spend a lifetime in prison before he gives him Forrester Creations. Donna says to Eric that she can't lose him like before. Owen and Jackie both have solutions to getting Nick off their backs. Donna goes to Bill's and obliges about their agreement, Bill says stay with him tonight and save her husband. Nick surprises Jackie and Owen with a visit, and is irate to find Owen and tells him to get out and he learns that he's living with her, Nick says that it won't last and she'll end up getting hurt.moreless
  • Ep. #5576
    Ep. #5576
    Episode 52
    Jarrett is astounded that Eric would hire illegal immigrants. Stephanie tells Eric that Bill is on his way to talk with him. Stephanie and Eric tell Donna the truth about him hiring people that weren't legal and that he could go to jail. Jackie tells Owen that she knows that he'll want children, but she says that she's way past that portion of her life. Nick explains to Bridget that he's starting to get worried about Jackie getting involved with Owen and thinks he's just using her. Bill presents Eric with condemning information, and says he lowered his price from 80 to 60 million dollars, but will go any lower. Nick's concern for Jackie begins to consume him. Owen has answers for Jackie about their future, and brings up the possibility about them one day adopting a child. Bill reiterates his proposal to Donna, and makes it even more enticing.moreless
  • Ep. #5575
    Ep. #5575
    Episode 51
    Donna tells Eric that Bill wants Forrester Creation and is a man that gets what he wants. Jackie tells Nick that Owen that he's good for her and to Jackie M. Eric tells Donna that losing Stephanie as an ally will loosen Bill's grip in his quest. Stephanie and Bill argue over his intentions, Bill vows Eric's company will be his even if he has to send him to jail to do it, Bill asks Jarrett to take a quick look at something, and thinks he hasn't been exactly honest with the law and he's to find it for him. Stephanie goes to Eric and tells him that she was apart of Bill's plan to re-acquire the company cause of her children. Jarrett gives Bill the information that he requested. Jackie hears Nick threaten Owen, and intervenes and says for him to stop, Own then seduces Jackie. Bill finds out that one of Eric's employees is under the name of a dead citizen and thinks he's got him.moreless
  • Ep. #5574
    Ep. #5574
    Episode 50
    Stephanie attempts to recruit Felicia and Thorne into her and Bill's scheme, to regain control of the company. Bill reads what Stephanie says and wonders what she meant by legally, he discovers a way to hit Forrester Creations where it hurts. Pam tells Eric that Stephanie is acting out cause she was ousted from the company. Bridget sets some ground rules for Nick about his habits like making him change from beer to red wine. Donna asks Stephanie what she's doing here, she says she's here to see her children. Katie offer Eric some insight, Donna complains about his ex-wife always here, Eric says that Bill is using Stephanie. Nick and Bridget spend a romantic evening at home. Stephanie voices some concern to Bill about their game plan, and he the admits his treachery and says Forrester Creatios won't be Eric's or hers and will belong to him. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia tell Eric that Stephanie is going to Bill to say no more Logan Chronicles.moreless
  • Ep. #5573
    Ep. #5573
    Episode 49
    Brooke tells Bill she's pleased with what she said on her webcast. Taylor continues her plea to Ridge. Brooke's retribution makes it's way across the internet and results in turmoil, which brings much joy to Stephanie. Bridget and Nick spend some quality time with Jack. Stephanie calls Ridge and asks him to come to Forrester Creations, cause there's something he should see. Brooke's video causes trouble between Rick and Thomas, Ridge stops Rick from hitting his son. Bill takes pleasure as he watches the conflict he created. Stephanie tells Taylor that the more Brooke sides with Rick the more conflict there is.moreless
  • Ep. #5572
    Ep. #5572
    Episode 48
    Stephanie tries to lure Ridge into her plan against Eric, Ridge learns that Bill Spencer is also involved. Rick plays for Brooke the latest installment of The Logan Chronicles, and tells Rick that she's heard enough. Jarrett tells Bill if these webcasts are necessary cause he's grown fond of the Forresters over the years, Bill says for him just to do his job. Brooke goes to Bill to plead her case, and he says he'll stop Stephanie's webcast if she's wearing a lacy lingerie under her clothes. Stephanie makes a call to Taylor and asks her to come to the restaurant right away. Taylor tries to convince Ridge that he should be with her instead of Brooke. Brooke calls and tells Rick that she's doing her own webcast bashing Stephanie, Stephanie watches on.moreless
  • Ep. #5571
    Ep. #5571
    Episode 47
    Stephanie and Donna heed warnings to each other. Nick tells Jackie that her relationship is pretty much an embarrassment cause he's half her age. Owen tells Bridget that he kinda likes it when Jackie threatens to fire him if he doesn't do what she wants. Ridge says that it was only a matter of time before everything is compromised and getting rid of his mother was a mistake. Eric tells Ridge that Stephanie offered to put an end to her webcast if he would put order at the company and turned her down. Stephanie tells Bill to publish the next installment of "The Logan Chronicles" and she has her own agenda to have Bill acquire Forrester and give to her so she can put her children in control and oust the Logan's. Nick attempts to burst Jackie's bubble about her relationship with Owen, then he tries to get through to him by asking how much it'll take for him to leave his mother. Eric calls Bill and makes another offer, he refuses, Bill says he should look forward to Stephanie's webcast. Owen says to Nick he ain't going anywhere, and Nick warns him that he'll be watching him. Stephanie tells Ridge she needs his help in getting control of Forrester again and for him, Felicia and Thorne.moreless
  • Ep. #5570
    Ep. #5570
    Episode 46
    Pam overhears Donna talking to Bill on the phone, saying that it was only a gesture nothing more. Eric vows not to hand over his life's work to Bill Spencer. Stephanie confronts Bill about using her. Katie goes to see Nick for the first time since ending their engagement, and learns he's back with Bridget. Eric's lawyer thinks that Bill is trying to acquire his company at a devalued price, Eric thinks he's using Stephanie to do it. Stephanie presents Eric with a deal to save Forrester Creations, by getting rid of Rick and making Ridge president of the company and changing his will. Nick and Bridget get romantic in his office. Katie tells Bill that she feels so much better.moreless
  • Ep. #5569
    Ep. #5569
    Episode 45
    Nick is beside himself to learn that Owen was seeing his mother and dating Bridget at the same time. Eric tells Donna that two major boutiques in New York won't be carrying their fall line. Bill learns that the woman in his bed is Donna's little sister Katie. Nick brings Bridget back to his place, and checks to see if Katie is here, Bridget sees the letter Katie left for Nick. Bill calls Donna using Katie's cellphone and says that at the hotel at Cafe Rousse and will be expecting them. Eric tells Stephanie that it's cause of her and Bill that's putting the nails in his company's coffin. Donna arrives and asks Bill what he did to Katie, Bill then gets what he wants from Donna. Stephanie blames karma for Eric's problems. Bridget tells Nick that him being faithful will bring her home again, Nick says that she already is.moreless
  • Ep. #5568
    Ep. #5568
    Episode 44
    Jackie continues to persuade Nick to go after Bridget. Katie drowns her sorrows at the bar at Cafe Rouse, and runs into Bill. Bridget tries to get over Nick with Owen, but she feels uncomfortable making love to him and tells him that she kissed Nick. Jackie can't believe that Nick is allowing Bridget to resign from Jackie M, he then admits to kissing her, Jackie says for him to go and get her. Bill offers to take Katie home, but has to go to his hotel room first. As they head to Owen's beach house, Jackie let's it slip to Nick that Owen is an incredible lover, he asks how would she know. Katie tells Bill that she doesn't want to leave but to have fun instead, she then passes out on the bed. Nick comes in and Bridget says that nothing happened between her and Owen, Nick says to do whatever it takes, and the two kiss. Owen and Jackie's relationship is revealed as Nick and Bridget see them kiss as well.moreless
  • Ep. #5567
    Ep. #5567
    Episode 43
    Katie confides in Brooke that she can't live like this and is leaving Nick. Bridget gives Nick her letter of resignation, and then asks why he kissed her. Brad shows Eric the cover of Eye on Fashion about the downfall of Forrester Creations. Nick can't explain to Bridget what he did and doesn't want her to resign, Bridget feels that she has to since she came here to start a new job. Jackie continues to get Owen to do what she asks. Eric gets a surprising offer from Bill, when he hands him a check for 100 million dollars. Katie tells that it's not surprising cause she's been feeling this way for quite some time now. Eric tells Bill to keep his money and to get out of his house and that he's wasting his breath. Bridget tells Nick that she has a good man in Owen and he's good for her, Owen then shows up to take Bridget out. Bill tells Donna that he'll leave so that Eric can get back to business. Katie writes Nick a goodbye letter.moreless
  • Ep. #5566
    Ep. #5566
    Episode 42
    Bill comes to Jackie M, and Stephanie shows him around, Bill says that Donna came by his office earlier and made her an offer to give him what he wants and says that she turned him down. Donna tells Eric that she went and spoke to Bill Spencer at his office, and Eric asks what he said. Bill asks Bridget if she's interested, Bridget then rolls her eyes. Stephanie learns from Taylor that Rick used some footage of Phoebe and made his own tribute to her, and that Steffy and Brooke bought into it. Ridge tells Brooke that if she thinks that so called DVD was beautiful, then that means Rick is still manipulating her. Nick tells Owen that Bridget was offended by Bill's comment and can take care of herself. Eric calls Bill and invites him to his place for dinner to officially welcome him to L.A. Ridge demands to Stephanie why didn't he tell her his marriage to Brooke wasn't valid. Nick remembers the night he and Bridget almost kissed in his office. Taylor tells Brooke that Rick will always be an issue in her marriage and when that happens she'll be there to pick up the pieces. Owen and Jackie share a heated moment.moreless
  • Ep. #5565
    Ep. #5565
    Episode 41
    Taylor explains to Ridge that he and Brooke did say their vows on the beach, but their license they got a city hall isn't valid cause of Pam's clerical error. Donna questions Bill's motives and why he's doing this and he says cause he can. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge said that the DVD was the biggest stunt he ever pulled, and didn't see it as a tribute to Phoebe, Rick says that Ridge always thinks he has an ulterior motive. Donna is appalled when Bill suggest he may want to experience the same thing she does for Eric, she says that there'll be nothing between them ever. Rick says that he wanted to do something and a peace offering, but Ridge didn't see it that way. Bill tells Donna that he hopes to see much more of her in the future.moreless
  • Ep. #5564
    Ep. #5564
    Episode 40
    Donna lets herself into Bill's office and meets him and says for him to put an end to Stephanie's webcast called "The Logan Chronicles". Taylor interrupts Ridge and Brooke and tells him that Rick is once again making his moves on Steffy again. Steffy says for Rick to make peace with Ridge and to end this war once and for all. Steffy tells Ridge that after he sees what Rick showed her it'll change his outlook on Rick, Ridge sees that the DVD is a reminder of what he's done by using Phoebe's memory to lure her back. Bill sees Donna as a determined woman who's determined to get what she wants, and Donna sees that he's coming on to her.moreless
  • Ep. #5563
    Ep. #5563
    Episode 39
    Taylor is shocked to hear that Donna just up and stormed into Stephanie's office, Taylor says to Stephanie that she liked her web cast. Ridge tells Brooke that Eric firing Stephanie was part of him going through a midlife crisis and Donna took advantage of that. Steffy brings some reports to Rick's office and tells him that flirting with her isn't going to get him anywhere. Taylor sees Rick and Steffy in their tender moment, and immediately goes and tells Stephanie what she saw and almost went in there and clawed his eyes out but didn't. Steffy asks Rick how he's going to handle Thomas working here at Forrester. Stephanie tells Taylor that Ridge will lose it when he hears what Rick is up to and Brooke will side with Rick, and Taylor will get Ridge back for sure. Rick shows Steffy a tribute a DVD which is a tribute to Phoebe, she watches it and has an emotional reaction to it.moreless
  • Ep. #5562
    Ep. #5562
    Episode 38
    Stephanie and Pam sits back and watches what she recorded the other day, which she titled "The Logan Chronicles". Thorne joins Pam and watches as Stephanie disses Donna. Donna interrupts Eric's call, Thorne shows Eric the web cast. Jackie is pleased by the outcome and how many hits the blog is getting, Owen says that he's taking Bridget out to lunch and for him not to be disturbed, Bridget comes in and wonders if they should go out or order in, Jackie insists that on them ordering in. Stephanie's web cast on the Inside Fashion website creates havoc at Forrester Creations outraging Eric when she says to the people not to buy Forrester designs and slanders Donna and her whole family. Donna confronts Stephanie at Jackie M and says that she had not right to do what she did. Owen finds Jackie in the steam room and gives into her seduction.moreless
  • Ep. #5561
    Ep. #5561
    Episode 37
    Stephanie calls a meeting with the rest of the other staff and Nick sees that Jackie is awol yet again, Stephanie proposes that she use Karen's media company to help promote Jackie M. Bridget goes to find her and almost catches her and Owen in an embrace. Stephanie meets Bill, Jr. and learns that Karen was called back home and that he's taking all her meetings, Stephanie wants Bill to print some articles in the Eye on Fashion magazine. Bridget gets a serious love lesson from Owen. Bill says that the articles are good and wants more thinking his readers will like them, he then had a proposal of Stephanie doing a webcast on the Eye on Fashion website and she gets started right away. Jackie threatens Owen by destroying his career if he doesn't do what she wants him to do.moreless
  • Ep. #5560
    Ep. #5560
    Episode 36
    Brooke is thrown at Taylor's claim that she and Ridge aren't legally married, and shares what she said with Ridge. Rick tells Steffy that he plans on joining a monestary, Steffy thinks that's the most despicable thing he ever told her, and he says for him to give Thomas a chance. Taylor tells Stephanie that she couldn't keep it in any longer, Stephanie says that it could only be a matter of time before they figure it out. Brooke tells Ridget that she won't allow Thomas to work at Forrester, Ridge says how important it will be, Brooke thinks that Thomas will make another attempt to hurt Rick. Steffy chooses not to delete the picture of her and Rick that she has on her phone. Rick shows Ridge proof that he ended his relationship with Steffy, by agreeing to have Thomas work here. Pam is glad that this is the biggest typo she ever made, Stephanie learns from Taylor that Brooke sided with Rick about Thomas not working here, which doesn't surprise her one bit. Rick tells Steffy the good news about her brother officially being on bored, Steffy says she's grateful but it doesn't change things between them.moreless
  • Ep. #5559
    Ep. #5559
    Episode 35
    Rick tell Thomas that he should be in prison but isn't because of his generousity, Ridge says that it's not his call on whether Thomas works here or not. Marcus is still mad that he didn't see through Rick after sending him to Paris just so he can makes his moves on Steffy, Steffy says that she can take care of herself. Brooke points out to Taylor that she's not apart of this company and isn't a Forester. Rick says that they aren't hiring Thomas and that is that. Rick wants to speak with Steffy alone, Marcus lets him know that her and her are over. Taylor tells Brooke about the possibility that she doesn't want Thomas at the company cause she's his son with Ridge, Brooke asks Taylor if she'll probably end up hitting the bottle again. Rick's plan with Steffy are foiled, when Steffy says that he had a different agenda and is glad that she's free. Taylor makes a shocking revelation to Brooke that she has no marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #5558
    Ep. #5558
    Episode 34
    Taylor tells Ridge that she can't believe that Thorne is downstairs and Donna and Rick are upstairs taking place down, Ridge says that Eric called a meeting cause Stephanie's position at Jackie M has affected their numbers. Rick suggests that he and Steffy put their heads together, Brooke says that's never going to happen. Pam asks Taylor if she knows about her little clerical error and Ridge and Brooke's marriage not being valid. Steffy makes things up to Marcus by staying friends, Marcus says Rick better make sure he stays away from her. Thorne tells Taylor that he wasn't invited to the meeting, Taylor says she talked this over with Ridge and wants Thomas to work at Forrester cause it's time to get the company on track again, Rick says that there's no way that he's going to let this happen. Marcus tells Steffy that if Rick ever tries to hurt her again, he says that she can count on him in getting Rick to back off.moreless
  • Ep. #5557
    Ep. #5557
    Episode 33
    Brooke continues to ask Nick if he would ever go back to Bridget and the truth as to why he hasn't set a wedding date yet, Nick says that Bridget is out on a date with Owen right now as we speak. Owen starts to undress Bridget but she stops him and he asks her what's wrong, Bridget says everything and admits that she's not ready to have sex with any guy and needs time. Katie tells Brooke that Jackie said to her face the only reason she hired Bridget was to get her and Nick back together again, Brooke says that her daughter is out with another man tonight. Jackie comes to Owen's place and learns that Bridget left early and she shares her feelings and her body with him. Nick sees Bridget is at the office pretty late and the two have a truthful reconciliation about what they felt for one another.moreless
  • Ep. #5556
    Ep. #5556
    Episode 32
    Katie, Donna and Brooke try and come up with a statement regarding Stephanie's new job at Jackie M, Donna insists on saying what a relief it is that she's gone from the company. Nick comes in to see Bridget trying on some swimsuits and says she has a date with Owen. Jackie tells Owen to take Bridget out on the terrace cause it's more romantic, Owen is surprised that this doesn't bother her at all. Bridget is touched by a romantic date with Owen and also that it's at Jackie new place. Jackie tells Nick that it's possible that Bridget still has feelings for him, and to have Owen run after her. Brooke tells Nick to get his act together and what's holding him back on finally setting a date to marry Katie. Katie then asks Donna she has no idea when Nick plans on marrying her.moreless
  • Ep. #5555
    Ep. #5555
    Episode 31
    Jackie shocks Nick, Bridget and Clarke when she says that she's promoting Owen. Stephanie explains to Taylor that she can go after Ridge now since his marriage to Brooke is invalid. Brooke tells Steffy that she did the right thing by ending her engagement to Rick. Rick tells Brooke why she's not having an anymosity towards Ridge for what he did. Clarke asks Jackie what Owen's new position will be, Jackie says it'll be Chief of Staff. Marcus comes to Steffy after learning of the breakup with Rick and says she must stay from Rick. Brooke tells Rick that he can't go anywhere near Steffy cause her marriage to Ridge is in jeopardy, and now he's going to do what she wants. Stephanie helps try to get Taylor and Ridge back together. Jackie tells Owen that he saw her kissing Bridget outside, and he asks her if it's a problem. Steffy thinks of all the times she had with Rick, she then sees him outside of Ridge's office.moreless
  • Ep. #5554
    Ep. #5554
    Episode 30
    Thorne tells Ridge that he envys him for having all those women and wonders if he'll ever meet the right one himself. Stephanie teases Brooke but doesn't tell her that her marriage to Ridge is not valid. Pam is irate that Brooke isn't looking at her crocheted purse designs and hopes she won't have to do anything drastic. Stephanie comes home to find Taylor going through some old photos, it says that it took courage for Steffy to kick Rick out of her life cause it all came from her mother. Pam takes one of Brooke's teddies and puts it in the papers shredder. Stephanie says that everything is about to change and says that Ridge and Brooke aren't married.moreless
  • Ep. #5553
    Ep. #5553
    Episode 29
    Stephanie tells Taylor that now is her chance to get Ridge back now that his marriage to Brooke is on shaky ground, Taylor says that she's not going to interfere in someone else's marriage. Pam is thinking she's going to be in trouble with Ridge after what she's done. Ridge tells Brooke that he wants Rick gone cause Steffy is still vulnerable right now and how it continues to affect their marriage. Stephanie tells Taylor that it's not long before Rick comes sniffing around. Pam tells Stephanie that his marriage license to Brooke and she put the wrong dates and social security numbers and the papers where already filed and messed up big time. Taylor secretly vows that she will in fact get Ridge back.moreless
  • Ep. #5552
    Ep. #5552
    Episode 28
    Eric tells Ridge that she offered to take Stephanie to Bill's funeral but she flatly refused and says she didnt need him. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge didn't come home last night spent the night at Taylor's. Karen arrives at Jackie M and tells Stephanie that Bill would've gotten a kick out of seeing her behind that desk. Donna tells Eric that she was invited to the reading of the will and wonders what that's about. Thomas tells Taylor that it was good having dad her last night like it was old times. Bill Spencer's gifts from beyond the grave are revealed. Clarke and Donna are embarrassed by their gifts they received, but Karen is awarded co C.E.O of Spencer Communications along with her brother Bill, and she thinks she might have to move out to L.A. to run the office here. Ridge plays the recording for Eric, and he's shocked to hear a thing from his son and thinks that he needs help and doesn't need to leave the company. Pam calls Ridge and says that he has papers to sign, Ridge says he'll do it tomorrow, but Pam says that tomorrow is no good. Thomas tells Taylor that dad needs to be at home, Stephanie agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #5551
    Ep. #5551
    Episode 27
    Stephanie is delighted that Ridge spent the night after hearing it from Taylor. Steffy has a good morning despite what happened last night. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge wanted to stay and that he didn't because of him. Stephanie learns of Bill Spencer's death on the cover of "Eye on Fashion" and insists on contacting Caroline's sister Karen. Brooke realizes that Rick's predictions are coming true. Karen tells Stephanie that before her father died he left instructions to call her. Ridge tells Thomas and Steffy that if they feel troubled don't hesitate to talk to him of Taylor. Brooke learns that until Rick is gone he's continuing to stay at Taylor's, and shocks her when he's gonna get Eric to fire Rick. Eric comes by after learning about Bill Spencer thinking she'd need him. Rick tells Brooke to stand up to Ridge for once. Ridge explains to Taylor that he's glad that Thomas got the help that he needed and Steffy saw Rick for the manipulator that he is. Stephanie unleashes her anger on Eric when he insists on taking her to Bill's memorial service.moreless
  • Ep. #5550
    Ep. #5550
    Episode 26
    Taylor oversteps with Brooke. Stephanie helps Steffy pack her things and it wouldn't matter if Rick were here cause it's over between them. Brooke realizes that Ridge was out to get Rick from the beginning. Steffy tells Stephanie that she truly loved Rick and was clearly not the man she thought he was. Brooke tells Taylor that she and Ridge aren't going to end things after this situation. Thomas comes home which delights Taylor and says that everything with Dr. Warwick is going great and is glad to learn that Steffy ended things with Rick. Taylor tells Stephanie that she told Ridge to leave Brooke and come back home to her where he belongs. Ridge sees that Rick is staying at Brooke's house and angrily storms out refusing to stay if he's there, Rick tells Brooke to just let him go. Steffy learns about the sacrifices Ridge made for her.moreless
  • Ep. #5549
    Ep. #5549
    Episode 25
    Ridge and Taylor hear arguing downstairs and decide to see what's happening. Steffy tells Rick to leave, but Ridge tells Rick that at least his daughter sees him for who he really is. Rick tells Brooke that Ridge ambushed him into confessing on tape and fell in to their trap, and they were out to destroy his relationship with Steffy and very much have succeeded. Brooke tells Rick that she'll go to Ridge's house. Steffy gets emotional after believing all of Rick's lies. Ridge tells Brooke that he had to do what he did, and had to show Steffy for herself.moreless
  • Ep. #5548
    Ep. #5548
    Episode 24
    Steffy plays the recording while Rick is in the room and says that Ridge never provoked him or anything, and all she hears is the arrogance for the woman that he claims to love. Brooke comes looking for Ridge and asks Katie and Donna if they seen him, they say that he and Taylor came to the shower after Rick took Steffy away. Taylor tells Ridge that playing that for Steffy is one of the lowest points in her life. Steffy lashes at Rick and says that he meant every word that he said, and tells him she doesn't want to know him or even marry him, Steffy asks Rick to leave but he says that he's not going anywhere. Brooke ignores Donna and Katie's concern for her marriage. Steffy is shocked by a request from Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5547
    Ep. #5547
    Episode 23
    Ridge manages to stop the Forrester jet, and goes on board. Bridget shows up and asks what Owen is doing at Jackie's place. Rick tells Steffy that whatever is said to believe in him. Ridge tells Steffy to go with Taylor while he talks to Rick, he says that his days of manipulating Steffy are over and she's going to hear every word on that tape. Taylor gets Steffy home and plays her incriminating tape for her, she hears the part where Rick says that marrying her is all about revenge on Ridge and doesn't love her at all. Steffy calls Rick wanting to talk with him, he then gloats to Ridge that he failed. Owen is confused by Jackie's strange request by him going out to dinner with Bridget. Rick tries to explain himself to Steffy and practically begs her and for her to believe him.moreless
  • Ep. #5546
    Ep. #5546
    Episode 22
    Ridge and Taylor continue their search for Steffy, Taylor reaches her on her cell and says she and Rick are on their way to Big Bear, but Rick takes her phone away. Nick presents Bridget with a present with the success of her Madame X line. Rick tells Steffy that they can't go the cabin now, cause Ridge knows and is probably on his way there, so he decides to take Steffy to Hawaii. Jackie and Owen end up making love in her penthouse. Taylor tells Ridge that Madison says that Rick is using the jet, he then turns the car around and telephones the pilot and says to keep the plane grounded. Rick then threatens the pilot if he doesn't get the plane off the ground. Ridge takes off after the departing Forrester company jet and manages to stop it.moreless
  • Ep. #5545
    Ep. #5545
    Episode 21
    Donna asks Katie for a little warning that Nick hired Stephanie and Jackie and having to watch it on national television. Steffy gets a bridal shower from the Logan sisters at the beach house. Everyone continues to celebrate at Jackie M, Stephanie tells Clarke that she wishes she'd seen Eric's reaction. Ridge enjoys his pay back time with Rick, as he's unaware that Ridge is recording his every word, Rick then confesses to marrying Steffy not out of love but revenge. Jarrett interviews Bridget and asks her what it's like working side by side with her ex-husband. Owen texts Jackie wanting to go and celebrate later at her place. Rick says that he's gonna throw it in his face for the rest of his life. Marcus comes to see Steffy and explains when he first came to L.A. his life changed when he met Steffy and reconnected with his mother. Ridge plays Rick's confession for Taylor and Rick hears at the door and learns he was set up, and goes to find Steffy. Owen gets cozy with Jackie while she's in her bathtub. Rick arrives and interrupts the party and says that he's here to whisk Steffy away on a romatic getaway. Ridge and Taylor go to find Steffy to play the tape for her and arrive and Donna tells them that Rick just took Steffy away for a romantic getaway, Taylor learns that it's possible that Rick heard what Ridge and her are up to and doesn't know what he'll do to Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #5544
    Ep. #5544
    Episode 20
    Ridge tells Taylor that Steffy will not marry Rick. Eric and Donna prepare to watch Bridget in her moment and watch her designs. Ridge tells Taylor to think of a way to get Rick to shoot his mouth off and show his true colors. Rick gives Brooke the wedding announcement. Nick announces that revealing Bridget as Madame X will be said at the very end. Steffy comes into Eric's office and watches the show as well. The fashion show gets underway and Eric is amazed at the applause, Jackie introduces Bridget as the infamous Madame X and Eric couldn't be more prouder, she says that she has two Forrester's working for her, Eric wonders what she meant by that. Ridge says that all Taylor has to do is hit a key and the microphone can record anything in the room. Stephanie comes out and everyone is shocked including Eric who's watching and looks in the camera and tells Eric to eat his heart out, Eric is then livid that Stephanie and Jackie would team up. Owen congratulates Bridget on a job well done. Donna tells Eric that there's no way Jackie M is going to be a threat to Forrester. Ridge says that he didn't record what Rick said, but is delighted when he comes back for more and Ridge hits the record button.moreless
  • Ep. #5543
    Ep. #5543
    Episode 19
    Ridge pleads with Brooke to make sure that the wedding will never happen cause of Rick's recent reckless behaviour. Stephanie tells Nick that she's meeting with her children to give them her good news. Rick tells Taylor that if things go smoothly she'll get Ridge back. Jackie challenges Owen, and he decides to play her game by getting undressed. Nick calls Jackie and wonders why she's late in coming to the meeting at the office. Rick tells Taylor that he's sick of having people that he loves taken away from him and now it's payback time. Stephanie is astonished when Jackie agrees with the idea of revamping her entire P.R. department, when in fact she's being seduced by Owen. Thorne and Felicia are shocked when Stephanie took a job at Jackie M.moreless
  • Ep. #5542
    Ep. #5542
    Episode 18
    Ridge meets with Ridge for lunch and notices that Thomas came home and with James Warwick. Stephanie continues to negotiating with Jackie and Nick, Clarke, Owen and Bridget listen in on the conversation. Nick tells Stephanie that he'll consider a partnership if she doubles their numbers and they then make a deal. Brooke tells Katie and Donna that she forgot about their day at the gym cause she was so focused on Ridge. Thomas tells Ridge and Taylor that his time at the clinic are going well. Stephanie insists on making a toast to celebrate, but notices that Jackie is missing thinking she wants no part in the party. Owen finds Jackie at her penthouse. Stephanie and Clarke look back at old times they had competing against one another. Jackie comes on to Owen and says that the only was he can see her naked if he takes his clothes off first. Stephanie and Nick sign the contract and makes it official.moreless
  • Ep. #5541
    Ep. #5541
    Episode 17
    Brooke wants to know why she has to stop Rick and Steffy's wedding, Taylor says that he psychologically disturbed. Stephanie and Pam have lunch, and says that Eric should be ashamed of firing her sister, Stephanie lets Pam in on a secret that she has a job at Jackie M, Pam then wants to quit Forrester but Stephanie says that she should stay where she is. Taylor tells Ridge that Brooke should open her eyes and see Rick for what he really is. Brooke confides in Rick and Steffy that Ridge is only pretending to be okay with the whole wedding thing. Stephanie tells Pam that she's confident that she can turn Jackie's company around, Pam tells Stephanie that she can't wait to see the look on Eric's face when he learns what his ex-wife's been up to. Ridge goes to see Rick and he tells him he and Steffy already registered at Macy's.commoreless
  • Ep. #5540
    Ep. #5540
    Episode 16
    Jackie and Nick are thrown when Stephanie wants fifty percent of Jackie M. Steffy begins to question Rick's motives for wanting the ceremony to be at Point Dume. Taylor cannot believe and thinks Rick's latest request is part of his vendetta against Ridge. Nick stops Stephanie and says he's not giving her half the company, Nick offers to pay a salary and then will talk partnership. Bridget walks in and Nick tells Stephanie that she is Madame X and gets her to rethink her strategy at negotiating, Nick explains to Bridget that Stephanie is new to the company. Rick explains to Steffy that he and Ridge are always going to have issues. Stephanie is shocked that Jackie brought in Owen to be the front man for Fabrice. Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor that Rick does in fact have genuine feelings for Steffy. Stephanie eases into her new job.moreless
  • Ep. #5539
    Ep. #5539
    Episode 15
    Taylor tells Stephanie that she's proud of how she gave it to Eric, Stephanie wonders if Nick's job offer is still on the table. Stephanie gets a new start on her life. Ridge is mortified over Rick and Steffy's wedding location, Steffy wants to know why he choose the exact location that Brooke and her father got married twice, Ridge wants the answer to that question to. Stephanie goes to Jackie M and considers Nick's offer, but Nick says that offer went off the table when she laughed at him. Ridge tells Rick while they're alone his motives for having a ceremony at the beach. Stephanie says that she can't deny that she would like to stick it to Eric cause she was booted from a company that she help co-found, and gives Jackie and Nick a list of ideas to turn the company around. Ridge tells Brooke that it's not about a wedding it's about Rick pushing him over the edge.moreless
  • Ep. #5538
    Ep. #5538
    Episode 14
    Taylor reads the article regarding Stephanie departure and thinks that it's really bad, until Stephanie looks at it herself. Eric tells Donna that he has the outmost respect and wishes Stephanie all the best. Nick gets a call from Fabrice and learns that Stephanie spoke very highly of him and will consider helping if he likes Madame X's designs. Stephanie sees Donna and Eric getting all romantic at the same place where she's having lunch with Taylor. Donna accuses Stephanie of spying on her and Eric. Nick tells Katie that with Stephanie's help he's going to get Jackie M back on it's feet again. Owen gets interesting news from Jackie that Fabrice believes in them and it's all cause of Stephanie, Owen then kisses her. Eric gets an earful from Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #5537
    Ep. #5537
    Episode 13
    Stephanie tells Nick what he can do with his job offer. Jackie tells Katie that she knows what the announcement is about Stephanie being fired. Ridge says that the press wants answers regarding the rumors about his mothers firing. Eric confirms to Jarrett that Stephanie's departure from the company are true, Donna says that there gonna focus on something out with the old and in with the young. Stephanie questions Nick's motives in wanting to hire her, thinking he wants her money cause the company is practically bankrupt. Jackie is shocked that Nick offered Stephanie a job here at Jackie M, Nick says that he turned him down. Taylor says to Stephanie that she's not married to Eric anymore and that she got something special dropped in her lap and should consider taking it. Katie tells Nick that she wants Stephen to give away. Brooke tells everyone that this will be a fresh start for the company. Stephanie and Taylor make a pact that their time will in fact come.moreless
  • Ep. #5536
    Ep. #5536
    Episode 12
    Taylor let's it slip to Stephanie that Nick suggested that she move in, Stephanie then starts to get her things to leave. Nick is astounded that Jackie made the move from the penthouse to the loft and wonders who's spending time here. Owen is thrown at how beautiful Bridget looks in a bathing suit, and decides to get right to their meeting about her Madame X line. Stephanie opens up to Taylor and all those years of devotion to Eric, she gets tossed away to make room from some blonde. Bridget treats a cut on Owen's shoulder and they share a passionate kiss. Katie is unnerved by Jackie's candid comments. Bridget stops the kiss, Owen says that he'll quit his job if it means being with her and he could be the right person for her, Bridget says that he could be but has some repairs to make in her life first. Nick approaches Stephanie and offers her a proposition.moreless
  • Ep. #5535
    Ep. #5535
    Episode 11
    Nick tells Taylor that he found Stephanie at the Marina del Ray yesterday all disheveled and wonders she could be a danger to herself. Owen asks Jackie if it's true if she once did a press conference in a bathtub. Taylor thinks she'll be all alone now that Thomas is away for a little while and Steffy moving in with Rick. Owen finds something interesting when he sees where Jackie is living. Nick congratulates Taylor on Steffy's engagement to Rick. Stephanie continues to walk on the beach and thinks about what direction her life is headed in. Owen surprises Jackie when she did infact take that loft that they looked at. Taylor is glad when Stephanie arrives at her house, she tells Taylor to tell Eric that she won't be his patient. Jackie begins to seduce Owen. Taylor suggests that Stephanie live with her so that she won't go crazy after all that's happened so far.moreless
  • Ep. #5534
    Ep. #5534
    Episode 10
    Nick sees something when he's about to enter the gate at the Marina. Brooke tells Ridge she can't believe it's an end of an era with Stephanie gone. Rick and Steffy enjoy a nice relaxing day while at the beach house. Ridge says to Brooke that there's no reason that Steffy nor Rick is ready for marriage. Eric tells Taylor that Stephanie is no longer working at Forrester Creation and that he fired her, and the reason he called her is cause he's worried about what this has done to Stephanie. Stephanie tells Nick that she was out there cause, Eric told her that her services at the company were no longer needed. Steffy shows Brooke her engagement ring, Brooke's amazed that a date was already set for their wedding. Stephanie gets unsolicited advice from Nick. Ridge tells Brooke that he'll let them live together but he draws the line at marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #5533
    Ep. #5533
    Episode 9
    Stephanie leaves the office after talking with Eric, and there's Thorne, Felicia, Ridge and a bunch of other employess gather around and tell her how much they love her and try to get her to stay, Eric wants to say something but Ridge says that it's Stephanie's moment. Felicia angrily looks at Eric after Stephanie gets on the elevator cause the company desperately needs her. Owen tells Nick about his contribution to Forrester Creations, and will do the same for Jackie M. Donna tells Eric for not Felicia to talk to her like that. Thorne tells Eric that he's worried about his mother and they way she looked as she left. Stephanie reminisces about her newlywed days with Eric while she walks along the marina. Jackie tells Gretchen that she doesn't think the penthouse is right for her.moreless
  • Ep. #5532
    Ep. #5532
    Episode 8
    Ridge tells Taylor that Thomas is in the air and is glad that James is going to be there for him. Nick asks Jackie why she hired Owen at Jackie M, Jackie admits that she finds him fascinating. Stephanie tells Eric if he's heard of Steffy and Rick's engagement, Donna then thinking that Eric is alone decides to play a game, but then sees that Stephanie is in the room as well, Stephanie says for them to keep whatever they do at home and not at the office. Mr. William's tells Jackie that they're once again late with their payments yet again, Jackie then says that their new designer Madame X is Bridget Forrester, he says that he could possibly get them some more time. Stephanie says she doesn't think that she can take anymore of this, Eric says that if she isn't satisfied then she can leave. Ridge can't believe that Eric actually fired his mother, Stephanie says that she wants to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #5531
    Ep. #5531
    Episode 7
    Rick tells Brooke that Ridge isn't standing in the way of his and Steffy's happiness. Bridget confides in Eric that she the reason that she took a leave of absence from the hospital and shows him some sketches and reveals she's Madame X working for Jackie M. Owen tells Jackie that she told him she wasn't hiring and why she wants to interview him again, Jackie says that Owen has much more to offer. Steffy tells Marcus that this isn't the dress that Ridge wants cause it's her wedding gown, Marcus tells Steffy that should she really give her heart to Rick. Brooke asks Ridge to meet her in the steam room. Eric is proud that Bridget went on her own insticts to try something on her own, and since she has this talent she should come and work at Forrester cause it's the way it should be. Owen and Jackie strike an interesting deal. Ridge reveals to Brooke that she's hoping that Steffy comes to her senses. Rick and Steffy enjoy themselves on the Santa Monica pier. Bridget tells Owen that she told Eric about the whole Madame X thing and the two kiss, Owen quickly apologizes for crossing a line. Steffy receives a special diamond from Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5530
    Ep. #5530
    Episode 6
    Steffy puts her faith in Rick when she says that he'll keep her brother's secret. Thomas is worrid what Rick will say at the meeting. Rick stuns everyone by saying that he's not going to be pressing any charges against the person responsible(but doesn't say that it's Thomas). Brooke says that Rick wants to move on and that everyone should do the same. Thomas tells Rick that he's grateful for him saving his life by not revealing to the rest of the family that it was him, and offers a truce between them. Steffy is speechless when Ridge gives her a wedding gown he started before she was born, Ridge secretly tells Taylor that he gave that to her to make a statement so that she can open her eyes so this wedding will never happen.moreless
  • Ep. #5529
    Ep. #5529
    Episode 5
    Ridge tells Rick not to touch his son, Rick tries to call Lt. Baker but Ridge takes the phone. Jackie approaches Owen and says that she looked through his portfolio and that he has some fine talents. Steffy knows that they have to cover for Thomas and Rick can keep a secret, Taylor says that she got a call from Stephanie and Pam was released from jail. Taylor realizes her worst fear has come true when Thomas reveals to her and Steffy that Rick knows it was him. Ridge and Rick discuss a difficult challenge about giving Thomas a second chance like he gave Rick one with what happened to Phoebe, Rick agrees if he does something for him in return if he complies he'll keep his secret as long as he gets Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #5528
    Ep. #5528
    Episode 4
    Brooke tells Ridge that she can't believe that Thomas would do such a thing cause she helped raise him. Owen kisses Bridget after she reveals her secret, Jackie comes in and asks what Owen is doing here. Ridge tells Brooke that Pam will get out probably with a good lawyer, and says that Thomas isn't going to confess. Rick barges into Thomas's house and lays into him for having some sort of vendetta against him, Rick listens to what he has to say and comes to the conclusion that it was him that set fire to his house and blew up his car. Owen asks Jackie for a job at her company and says that he'll do anything, Jackie says she has no positions to fill but will get back to him. Thomas tells Rick that he wanted him gone from their lives and never intended on killing him. Jackie goes through some photos and comes across one of Owen and sees how handsome he is. Rick grabs the phone to call the police, Ridge intervenes and says that he'll never lay another hand on his son.moreless
  • Ep. #5527
    Ep. #5527
    Episode 3
    Stephanie can't believe that Ridge is suggesting that Pam stay in jail for all that she did to Eric and the family and will not let Thomas be destroyed. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge called of the patrol car and will explain everything when he gets back. Thomas tells Taylor that he can set Pam free like that. Rick tells Steffy that it's okay now that Pam is in custody, she says that Pam isn't the one and Rick asks her who tried to kill him, but doesn't say and to focus on something else. Stephanie tells Ridge that Steffy can't tell Rick cause he'll go right to the police, and to try to get Pam out of jail. Ridge tells Brooke that the person that's been after Rick is a person that they know and love. Taylor tells Thomas that they'll find a way to deal with what he's done. Brooke is shocked when Ridge says that his son Thomas is who in fact that they're talking about and is the one who tried to kill Rick.moreless
  • Ep. #5526
    Ep. #5526
    Episode 2
    Taylor tells Ridge just how they're going to protect their son. Stephanie asks Brooke that she must feel awfully lonely in that bed of hers while Ridge is spending her nights with Taylor. Steffy wonders what's going to happen to Thomas, Ridge says for no one to say a word til they figure things out. An awful secret helps bring a family together. Jackie asks Katie if she's coming into her office just to check up on her, Jackie says that she's not going to sit back and let her ruin Nick's life. Brooke tells Ridge that she went to see Pam and looked into her eyes and says that she isn't the one. Rick and Steffy cannot control their passion for one another, when she surprises him when she comes to the beach house. Thomas stands alone in his house and tries to come to terms with what he's done. Jackie tells Katie that she hopes that Nick comes to his senses and soon. Thomas sees as Taylor is talking to James on the phone and he thinks that his mother thinks he's crazy and even after all Rick is still with Steffy. Ridge tells Brooke to call off the security and that Rick is going to be fine cause he has to go and do something. Rick sees that Steffy knows something and asks what's bothering her, she says that there shouldn't be secrets. Ridge goes to see Stephanie at the office and says it was Thomas, Ridge suggests that Thomas not confess and that Pam should remain in jail, which completely shocks her.moreless
  • Ep. #5525
    Ep. #5525
    Episode 1
    Nick tells Jackie and sees that she's swamped and work and tells her to take it easy. Steffy tells Thomas that she doesn't know who he is and is someone that completely crazy, he's then devastated. Brooke goes to visit Pam in jail and says that she wants her to confess. Rick calls Steffy and she says that she has to tell him something, Ridge says for her not to punish her brother. Pam says to Brooke that she didn't try to hurt Rick and wants her to get her released so they can find the real culprit. Nick asks Jackie when's the last time she went and had some fun with someone. Brooke tells Rick that what if Pam is right and she didn't do and the person is in fact still out there. Jackie is forced to think about her true motives.moreless