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Season 32 : Episode 236

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #6029
    Ep. #6029
    Episode 251
    Stephanie thinks about Brooke's marriage, and informs Eric about what happened between Thomas and Brooke. Oliver and Hope get closer again when they share lunch together. Taylor follows Ridge to Paris.
  • Ep. #6028
    Ep. #6028
    Episode 250
    Ridge goes to Paris on a business trip, but remains angry at Brooke and Thomas for what happened. Bill wants to find out more about the reason why Ridge wants to cancel Taboo. Dayzee dispenses some advice to Thomas.
  • Ep. #6027
    Ep. #6027
    Episode 249
    Brooke and Thomas team up to continue Taboo against Ridge's wishes. Stephanie and Taylor discuss on what is going on with Brooke. Madison makes a slip which may land a secret in the wrong hands.
  • Ep. #6026
    Ep. #6026
    Episode 248
    Stephanie and Taylor confront Ridge about Thomas kissing Brooke. Thomas goes up against Ridge's intention to cancel Taboo by making a deal with Madison.
  • Ep. #6025
    Ep. #6025
    Episode 247
    Thomas is angry at Taylor for revealing the truth to Ridge. He tries to explain himself to Ridge, as Ridge decides to cancel Taboo. Brooke is devastated when Stephanie won't take her side in the kissing matter.
  • Ep. #6024
    Ep. #6024
    Episode 246
    Dayzee tells Thomas that things between them are not as evolved as he might think. Taylor talks to Brooke about Thomas. Dayzee makes a package for Marcus.
  • Ep. #6023
    Ep. #6023
    Episode 245
    Stephanie defends Brooke, while Taylor attempts to change Stephanie's mind regarding Taboo. Thomas confesses to Steffy that he kissed Brooke.
  • Ep. #6022
    Ep. #6022
    Episode 244
    Ridge is supportive of the Taboo campaign. Taylor is upset when Brooke and Thomas are scheduled to take another business trip together. Brooke wants Hope to seek comfort in Oliver's arms.
  • Ep. #6021
    Ep. #6021
    Episode 243
    Bill makes a confession to Steffy. Thomas seeks advice from Brooke. Taylor shares her concerns regarding her children with Ridge. Donna and Katie discuss about Bill.
  • Ep. #6020
    Ep. #6020
    Episode 242
    Bill and Steffy face off over what happened at the beach house. Marcus protects Amber. Donna talks to Justin about Bill behaving strangely.
  • Ep. #6019
    Ep. #6019
    Episode 241
    Steffy saves Amber's life. Bill demands to speak to Steffy about what she witnessed at the beach house. Hope talks to Ridge and Brooke about Liam.
  • Ep. #6018
    Ep. #6018
    Episode 240
    Bill puts his plan against Amber into motion. Liam is convinced Hope thinks less of him. Brooke confronts Steffy.
  • Ep. #6017
    Ep. #6017
    Episode 239
    Thomas whisks Dayzee away to San Francisco on the Forrester jet. Marcus pays Amber a visit. Bill is determined to help his son.
  • Ep. #6016
    Ep. #6016
    Episode 238
    Steffy shocks Taylor when she reveals the true object of her desire. Ridge gives Thomas some advice.
  • Ep. #6015
    Ep. #6015
    Episode 237
    Marcus and Thomas compete for Dayzee's affections. Donna returns from her honeymoon. Steffy interrupts Bill from making his move.
  • Ep. #6014
    Ep. #6014
    Episode 236
    Steffy doesn't hold back about her feelings for Taboo in front of Brooke. Bill's anger toward Amber grows as Liam has another health scare. Steffy and Brooke battle it out.
  • Ep. #6013
    Ep. #6013
    Episode 235
    Nick tries to encourage Oliver to go after Hope. Bill makes another offer to Amber, claiming she ruined her son's life. Hope finds a surprise in Liam's hospital room.
  • Ep. #6012
    Ep. #6012
    Episode 234
    Amber tries to get some advice from Stephanie, and later gets a cryptic call to meet Bill at his place. Dayzee and Thomas talk about their relationship. Bill confesses to Steffy.
  • Ep. #6011
    Ep. #6011
    Episode 233
    Dayzee is surprised when Thomas arranges a romantic dinner. Steffy is confused about Stephanie's new attitude to life. Ridge and Brooke learn about Thomas' date.
  • Ep. #6010
    Ep. #6010
    Episode 232
    Bill wants Amber to be arrested, as he worried about his son's condition. Amber confesses to Liam while he's unconscious. Amber and Hope argue.
  • Ep. #6009
    Ep. #6009
    Episode 231
    Liam is taken to the hospital after the explosion, where Bill lets his feelings out. Ridge and Brooke spend some quality time together.
  • Ep. #6008
    Ep. #6008
    Episode 230
    Steffy and Brooke spar over what happened while Steffy was gone. Oliver and Hope kiss. Liam visits Amber and ends up in harms way.
  • Ep. #6007
    Ep. #6007
    Episode 229
    Steffy returns to Los Angeles. Katie and Bill decide to view a new property. Bill tries to pay off Amber.
  • Ep. #6006
    Ep. #6006
    Episode 228
    Bill and Amber face off. Liam tries to keep Hope as his girlfriend. Amber wants Tawny to leave town.
  • Ep. #6005
    Ep. #6005
    Episode 227
    The paternity results are in, with Liam revealed as the father. Thomas makes an apology to Dayzee. Bill comes up with a plan.
  • Ep. #6004
    Ep. #6004
    Episode 226
    Liam is concerned about Hope being stressed out with the whole paternity problem. Carl is having difficulties faking the DNA results, while everyone awaits for them. Thomas and Dayzee note the growing attraction between them.
  • Ep. #6003
    Ep. #6003
    Episode 225
    Thomas shows an interest in Dayzee. Tawny fights to convince everyone that the paternity test will prove Liam is the father of Amber's baby. Amber refuses to have the test done.
  • Ep. #6002
    Ep. #6002
    Episode 224
    Bill confronts Amber about her claims and wants to have a paternity test done. Brooke finds out about Amber's pregnancy. Stephanie asks a favor from Thomas.
  • Ep. #6001
    Ep. #6001
    Episode 223
    Agnes learns about Nick's condition. Hope and Amber have a confrontation. Brooke and Bill discuss about the relationship between Liam and Hope. Nick still isn't able to get rid of his addiction cravings.
  • Ep. #6000
    Ep. #6000
    Episode 222
    In an attempt to convince Nick to stop smoking, Stephanie invites lung cancer patients to share their stories.
  • Ep. #5999
    Ep. #5999
    Episode 221
    Dr. Lewis issues a warning to Nick regarding his addiction. Ridge sees Brooke and Summer talking. Stephanie tries to come up with a way to handle Nick.
  • Ep. #5998
    Ep. #5998
    Episode 220
    Brooke lets Katie know about Thomas kissing her on the plane. Stephanie tries a different approach in handling Eric and his thoughts regarding Donna being remarried. Nick continues struggling with his smoking addiction.
  • Ep. #5997
    Ep. #5997
    Episode 219
    Donna's wedding to Justin takes place with their entire family and friends gathered. Amber tries to shut up Oliver about the night they spent together. Liam and Hope question Oliver.
  • Ep. #5996
    Ep. #5996
    Episode 218
    Amber reveals to Oliver that she is pregnant. Bill causes trouble at Donna and Justin's wedding. Brooke, Katie and Donna take some time to reminisce about Beth and Storm. Justin's cousin Olivia arrives for the wedding.
  • Ep. #5995
    Ep. #5995
    Episode 217
    Hope tries to find a way to prove that Amber isn't carrying Liam's child. Donna shares her engagement news with Eric, and he is pleased for her. Stephanie gives Stephen a warning. Brooke wants Stephanie to finally make peace in their family.
  • Ep. #5994
    Ep. #5994
    Episode 216
    Amber is reluctant to listen to Tawny and Carl, but ends up going through with the plot by lying to Liam that she's carrying his child. Stephanie is concerned about Pam's future with Stephen, and Brooke puts her two cents in.
  • Ep. #5993
    Ep. #5993
    Episode 215
    Tawny continues pressing Amber about convincing Liam that her baby is hers. She considers hiring Carl to help her fix the lab results, but Amber is worried about listening to her mother. Marcus learns of his parents getting married. Stephen informs Donna that he is getting married to Pam, and Donna disapproves as Pam tries to convince her that she's changed.moreless
  • Ep. #5992
    Ep. #5992
    Episode 214
    Brooke wants Ridge to know the truth about Thomas kissing her, but Thomas disagrees. Jackie learns about Nick's condition from Stephanie. Nick claims he's quit smoking. Madison confronts Thomas about his fling with Summer, and he repeats that he can't commit to her.
  • Ep. #5991
    Ep. #5991
    Episode 213
    Nick struggles to keep the promise not to smoke as Stephanie watches over him. Donna shares the news about her engagement with Brooke and Katie. Bill helps Liam find the perfect ring for Donna.
  • Ep. #5990
    Ep. #5990
    Episode 212
    A marriage proposal is made. Stephanie intends to find a way to convince Nick to beat his smoking addiction.
  • Ep. #5989
    Ep. #5989
    Episode 211
    Dayzee tells Marcus what her intentions are. Justin is confused about a birthday gift given to him by Donna. Stephanie refuses to back off of Nick. Nick comes to a realization when spending time with Jack.
  • Ep. #5988
    Ep. #5988
    Episode 210
    Nick decides to take his son camping. Agnes questions Nick about his health after finding something that would indicate he isn't okay. Justin and Bill reminisce. Marcus introduces Dayzee to his parents.
  • Ep. #5987
    Ep. #5987
    Episode 209
    Katie realizes that Donna is feeling lonely. Madison wants a commitment from Thomas. Nick asks Stephanie to keep the truth about his health a secret.
  • Ep. #5986
    Ep. #5986
    Episode 208
    Thomas is put in a tough spot when his mother questions him about what happened on his trip to Paris. Stephanie learns about Nick's health difficulties and offers him support. Brooke tries to put Thomas' action behind her.
  • Ep. #5985
    Ep. #5985
    Episode 207
    Nick questions Ridge about Brooke and Thomas, and Ridge claims Thomas is no threat to his marriage. Brooke is confused about Thomas' feelings for her as she confronts him about the kiss. Amber is confused about where Tawny is getting her money. Nick receives news regarding his health.
  • Ep. #5984
    Ep. #5984
    Episode 206
    Thomas tells Brooke that their trip to Paris managed to change his life and that for once he knows where he stands. Taylor and Nick discuss about Thomas and Brooke. Amber reveals her pregnancy to someone.
  • Ep. #5983
    Ep. #5983
    Episode 205
    Ridge questions Thomas about his love interests. Stephanie and Eric come to an agreement regarding Brooke. Thomas gets a reality check when he overhears a charming video chat between Ridge and Brooke.
  • Ep. #5982
    Ep. #5982
    Episode 204
    Tawny reveals to Oliver that Amber slept with Liam. Thorne and Eric reminisce about their past with Brooke as they discuss Brooke with Ridge. Thomas arranges a private dinner for him and Brooke in the hotel, and then admits that he loves her. Amber refuses to have Tawny help her out.moreless
  • Ep. #5981
    Ep. #5981
    Episode 203
    Hope confronts Amber about the night she spent with Liam. Taylor confides in Stephanie about her fears. Oliver talks to Marcus about the night he spent with Amber. Thomas is amazed by the way Brooke handles the press in Paris.
  • Ep. #5980
    Ep. #5980
    Episode 202
    Thomas has to fight his feelings for Brooke. Nick arrives in time to handle Jackie and Owen's renewal ceremony. Taylor is angry when she learns about Thomas and Brooke's trip to Paris.
  • Ep. #5979
    Ep. #5979
    Episode 201
    Taylor and Whip discuss about the recent events between Thomas, Brooke and Ridge, and Taylor shares her theory of what Thomas is trying to become. Thomas takes care of a sleepy Brooke on the jet to Paris, and compliments her on her motherly skills. As Jackie and Owen prepare for the ceremony, Agnes tries to convince Nick to attend, but Nick refuses to. When the pastor can't make it, Nick shows up at the last minute to officiate the ceremony himself.moreless
  • Ep. #5978
    Ep. #5978
    Episode 200
    Whip confesses about taking the picture of Thomas and Brooke to Taylor, and explains exactly why he did. Taylor decides to forgive him, but warns him not to do anything like that again. Ridge, Thomas and Brooke discuss taking their line to Paris for promotion. Jackie and Owen happily plan their vow renewal. Agnes thinks Nick should attend Owen and Jackie's ceremony, but Nick refuses to go, saying that he thinks their marriage is a sham. Jackie pays Nick a visit and he repeats his decision not to attend. Madison questions Thomas about where their relationship might go, but he tells her he isn't ready for anything serious. She wishes him luck.moreless
  • Ep. #5977
    Ep. #5977
    Episode 199
    Taylor, Stephanie and Brooke discuss about Whip's involvement in the photography scandal, and Taylor comes to a realization that Whip may have actually been the person behind it. The Jackie M team is back in business. Owen asks Nick to stand up for him as he plans to marry Jackie again, but Nick rejects the idea even though he supports Owen and Jackie renewing their vows. Whip admits the truth to Taylor. Jackie is surprised when Owen proposes again.moreless
  • Ep. #5976
    Ep. #5976
    Episode 198
    Hope and Liam talk about where their relationship is headed after the Amber incident. Bill orders Oliver to stay away from Hope, claiming he changed his mind. He talks to Katie about his son. Brooke meets Amber with the intention of learning what really happened with Liam. Amber claims she slept with Liam, and Brooke is sure there is more to this story.moreless
  • Ep. #5975
    Ep. #5975
    Episode 197
    Hope confides in Brooke about Liam sleeping with Amber, and Brooke issues a warning about Amber. Tawny tries to have Amber to go along with her plan of passing off her baby as Liam's. Amber is worried about the health of her baby, especially after her last pregnancy. Liam confides in his father about his troubles.moreless
  • Ep. #5974
    Ep. #5974
    Episode 196
    Ridge reveals the truth to Taylor about Whip posting the photos on the net, but Taylor decides to stand by her man and orders Ridge to get out. Liam tries to have Hope forgive him for what he did. Tawny plots to have Amber tell Liam that she's pregnant with his baby even though the baby is Oliver's.moreless
  • Ep. #5973
    Ep. #5973
    Episode 195
    Tawny is stunned when she finds out that Amber is pregnant, and she begins planning her next move. Ridge lets Brooke know about what Whip did. Liam tells Hope about sleeping with Amber.
  • Ep. #5972
    Ep. #5972
    Episode 194
    Liam decides to tell Hope what he thinks is the truth about the night he slept with Amber. Ridge confronts Whip about posting the photo of Brooke and Thomas. Amber's mother Tawny returns to town.
  • Ep. #5971
    Ep. #5971
    Episode 193
    Thorne dispenses some advice to Ridge regarding his situation with Brooke. Ridge is determined to find out who posted the photo of Thomas and Brooke. Taylor shares her feelings with Thomas.
  • Ep. #5970
    Ep. #5970
    Episode 192
    Brooke gives Anthony a very special gift. Stephanie tries to reassure Taylor over her friendship with Brooke. Eric makes a promise to Stephanie.
  • Ep. #5969
    Ep. #5969
    Episode 191
    Dayzee and Stephanie welcome their friends and family to their new coffee place. Brooke wants Anthony to do something for her.
  • Ep. #5968
    Ep. #5968
    Episode 190
    Katie and Brooke try to find Anthony. Stephanie readies Dayzee's for the opening as Pam and Thomas help.
  • Ep. #5967
    Ep. #5967
    Episode 189
    Liam wakes up with Amber in his bed and can't remember the night before and is dismayed to see that he has several missed calls from Hope. Stephanie decides to buy Insomnia and renames it Dayzee's.
  • Ep. #5966
    Ep. #5966
    Episode 188
    Bill introduces Liam to the business world as his son at the huge party as Hope watches Liam slip away from her. Amber begins her seduction of Liam. Donna, Marcus and Justin share a family moment.
  • Ep. #5965
    Ep. #5965
    Episode 187
    Bill gears up to host an elaborate party for Liam. Amber tries to score an invitation from Marcus.
  • Ep. #5964
    Ep. #5964
    Episode 186
    Oliver tells Amber to forget about her latest plan of attack. Bill crashes Liam and Hope's romantic dinner.
  • Ep. #5963
    Ep. #5963
    Episode 185
    Liam can't believe that Bill would be the force behind Brooke's misfortune. Taylor takes her anger out on Brooke.
  • Ep. #5962
    Ep. #5962
    Episode 184
    Ridge is shocked after learning what Brooke and Thomas are keeping from him. Hope expresses her concern when she sees Liam getting the royal treatment at Spencer Publications.
  • Ep. #5961
    Ep. #5961
    Episode 183
    Whip formulates a plan to get revenge on Ridge. Donna and Justin spend family time with Marcus.
  • Ep. #5960
    Ep. #5960
    Episode 182
    Aggie looks to impress Jackie by having her and Owen over for dinner. Taylor tries to make it up to Whip.
  • Ep. #5959
    Ep. #5959
    Episode 181
    Whip is concerned after watching Ridge and Taylor share another intimate moment. Thomas is angered when Ridge takes over a photo shoot.
  • Ep. #5958
    Ep. #5958
    Episode 180
    Liam is confused about what to do about his personal life. Taylor loses control in an interview with Ridge and Thomas.
  • Ep. #5957
    Ep. #5957
    Episode 179
    Hope and Liam talk about sex. Amber listens in on Bill and Oliver's discussion.
  • Ep. #5956
    Ep. #5956
    Episode 178
    Liam brings Hope to his new apartment, which she's delighted they have a place to be alone. Taylor looks at her wedding photo to Whip while remembering all the times she's shared with Ridge. Bill tells Oliver that he traced his card to the limo that kept Liam from getting to Hope. Brooke is shocked at what Ridge told Taylor. Taylor makes a huge error in the heat of the moment. Bill coerces Oliver into working with him, and against Liam.moreless
  • Ep. #5955
    Ep. #5955
    Episode 177
    Bill tells Justin to discover who took Liam in the limo. Hope continues to lash out at Amber. Liam goes to see Oliver and he says that something kept from arriving at Bikini Beach. Justin discovers that the car was paid with a credit card and he'll know the person real soon. Hope goes to see Ridge and Brooke and she says that he understood the situation with Oliver. Oliver makes it clear to Liam that he's not gonna give up on Hope, but Liam says for him to let her go. Bill learns Oliver's credit card was used to purchase the car and vows to deal with him personally.moreless
  • Ep. #5954
    Ep. #5954
    Episode 176
    Aggie tries to reason with Oliver by saying that Amber is just using and doesn't belong living in his house. Ridge tells Taylor that if the circumstances were different his marriage to Brooke would've been over. Oliver asks Aggie to leave so that he can talk to Amber in private. Hope asks Marcus what he thinks, Aggie stops by and give Hope news about Amber staying with Oliver. Oliver politely asks Amber to leave, cause he really wants a future with Hope, but Amber isn't gonna allow him to let her walk out.moreless
  • Ep. #5953
    Ep. #5953
    Episode 175
    Taylor is surprised when Ridge makes an interesting admission. Amber pleads with Oliver, while Agnes suggests Oliver should kick Amber out.
  • Ep. #5952
    Ep. #5952
    Episode 174
    Oliver makes a pact with Amber, but then fears he may have been caught by Aggie. Stephen gives paternal advice to his daughters.
  • Ep. #5951
    Ep. #5951
    Episode 173
    Liam takes Hope to the beach which he thinks is the perfect place for an intimate moment. Oliver tells Amber that the photo shoot was cancelled this morning. Madison tells Thomas that she had a really great time at the party last night. Stephanie opens up her true feelings to Taylor leaving her feeling betrayed. Brooke tells Thomas that Stephanie isn't sure the Taboo line is in great taste.moreless
  • Ep. #5950
    Ep. #5950
    Episode 172
    Stephanie invited Brooke to the house so she and Taylor can resolve somethings regarding the kiss at the preview. Bill tells Liam that he called and got confirmation that the limo was cancelled and wonders who picked up his son. Oliver tells Amber that he's gonna be taking pictures of Hope today. Bill and Katie disagree on Liam and Hope's relationship. Ridge thinks that Stephanie is doing her best to put an end to the Taboo line. Liam takes Hope away from the photo shoot for a little romance.moreless
  • Ep. #5949
    Ep. #5949
    Episode 171
    Liam continues to hurry over to Oliver's place. Nick tells Jackie that Amber's designs were stolen and are that of the Hope for the Future campaign. Liam arrives and apologizes to Hope for being late to Bikini Beach. Nick tries to figure out a solution, Jackie then thinks of something she thinks Nick won't like what she's going to do. Amber tells Oliver to go out there and fight for the woman he loves. Nick tells Whip to get a press release cause Jackie, Owen and Bridget are returning to the company, he goes and sees them kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #5948
    Ep. #5948
    Episode 170
    Bill, Katie and Donna share their opinions on Hope and Liam's relationship. Oliver hopes Amber knows what she's doing cause it seems to be working. Hope begins to wonder what's keeping Liam, she decides to call Katie to see if he's still at the beach house. Amber goes to extreme measures to keep Liam away from Hope's party. Bill discovers that the limo was cancelled by Liam. Liam finally arrives at Bikini Beach but Madison tells him Hope left with Oliver. Oliver wants Hope to make love to him.moreless
  • Ep. #5947
    Ep. #5947
    Episode 169
    Madison asks Hope if she's waiting for the right time to be with Liam. Katie tells Liam to go ahead and go to Bikini Beach for the party. Rick watches as Thomas is covered with reporters while coming in, and says there's no way Hope's night is ruined. Oliver puts his plan in motion by calling Hope and says that he's coming to the party after all. Madison asks Hope by her ex-boyfriend will also be attending the premiere. Amber disguises herself as a limo driver to keep Liam from Hope. Madison tells Oliver that tonight is Liam and Hope's big night together.moreless
  • Ep. #5946
    Ep. #5946
    Episode 168
    Amber formulates a plan to help Oliver get Hope back after hearing she's having a party at Bikini Beach. Dr. Lewis explains the gamma knife procedure that it's gonna destroy the tumors in Stephanie's brain. Hope tells Liam that Oliver kissed her last night during the fashion show. Eric was hoping Ridge was reconsidering with the Taboo line, but says he's going forward. Amber explains to Oliver that he needs to take Hope back to his place so he can make love to her. Dayzee tells Ridge, Brooke and Eric to think positive.moreless
  • Ep. #5945
    Ep. #5945
    Episode 167
    Taylor is livid with Ridge after he supports the men's line and this Taboo nickname was his idea. Eric is there for Stephanie as she endures her cancer treatment. Thomas tries to explain to Taylor that Brooke did not influence him to do anything. Dr. Lewis tells Stephanie that every operation has an outcome. Dayzee visits Stephanie in the hospital and she says she's responding well to the treatment, Dr. Lewis says there's a procedure that allows to treat her brain tumors.moreless
  • Ep. #5944
    Ep. #5944
    Episode 166
    Brooke is relieved that Thomas isn't talking about them kissing again, and that everyone will be talking about it for years to come. Amber thanks Oliver for being so cool about everything and if she can do anything for him. Taylor explains to Whip she her talk with Ridge and it helped her understand the kiss wasn't a big deal. Agnes cautions Oliver to stay away from Amber. Ridge shocks Eric by saying that this latest scandal put them in the front burner for the first time in years and should go forth, but Rick and Thorne have their doubts.moreless
  • Ep. #5943
    Ep. #5943
    Episode 165
    Ridge suggests to Brooke that she work from home for a while, but she thinks that'll continue the gossip. Whip tells Taylor to stop worrying about Thomas's latest stunt, Taylor insists on not letting her son get caught in Brooke's web. Oliver and Amber wake up in each other's arms. Whip plans a surprise meeting for Ridge and Taylor. Brooke tells Stephanie that she and Ridge are gonna put this latest situation behind them. Marcus tells Thomas that they got a lot of orders for the Men's line but it was the kiss that made the difference. Ridge tells Taylor that she can call him if she's concerned.moreless
  • Ep. #5942
    Ep. #5942
    Episode 164
    Thomas tells Brooke that he didn't do the kiss stunt to get back at Steffy for aquiring the 25% stock at Forrester. Oliver tells Hope that his feelings for her are still there, but pushes him away when he's about to kiss her. Ridge comes home and requests that Thomas apologize for what he did at the fashion show. Amber uses her seductive ways to make it up to Oliver. Brooke worries that the recent scandal could ruin her marriage to Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5941
    Ep. #5941
    Episode 163
    Ridge tells Brooke to give him a moment with Stephanie and he'll be down in a minute. Thomas tries to explain to Hope his actions regarding him kissing her mother. Stephanie tells Ridge what does he see when he looks at the video of Thomas and Brooke, she explains that Brooke didn't push away or step back. Stephanie flat out tells Brooke that she feels betrayed by her once again. Brooke asks Ridge if he'll be coming home tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #5940
    Ep. #5940
    Episode 162
    Thomas reveals that to Taylor his line was tanking and he did what he thought he had to do. Ridge tells Brooke how can she go along and should've asked Thomas what the stunt was. Taylor comes looking for Ridge and runs into Brooke saying she never should've starting working with Thomas in the first place. Stephanie has a tough time keeping her word to Brooke. Eric tells Brooke she can't go storming upstairs cause she'll only make things worse.moreless
  • Ep. #5939
    Ep. #5939
    Episode 162
    Thomas's showstopper at his fashion show causes turmoil among the reporters. Bill tells Jarrett to do his job and get a comment from Thomas. Stephanie and Dayzee make plans for the future. Ridge asks everyone to leave and he and Taylor asks Brooke and Thomas why they would do such a thing. Stephanie gives Dayzee a rather generous donation to the shelter. Ridge tells Thomas he wishes he would've come to him with what he was doing.moreless
  • Ep. #5938
    Ep. #5938
    Episode 161
    Hope tells Oliver that she's glad that he wasn't fired from Forrester. Thomas tells Brooke to do what he says and follow his lead. Bill wonders what the holdup with the other preview is. Whip tells Brooke he had no idea what Amber was planning. Hope and Oliver share their feelings with one another and end up kissing and says it's never gonna be over between them. Bill looks around and sees that people are falling asleep. Whip hopes that Thomas is taking his advice. Thomas shocks everyone at the fashion by suddenly kissing Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5937
    Ep. #5937
    Episode 160
    Hope can't believe that Oliver just kissed her, he says that they still belong together. Amber tells Agnes that she got the designs from her brother Oliver. Brooke explains to Nick that she brought him here so that she can see his reaction. Whip tells Amber that Nick would like to see her immediately over at Forrester. Ridge tells Brooke that she was right and Nick had nothing to do with it. Nick has it out with Amber over what she did that could ruin them and fires her from Jackie M. Thomas decides to take Whip's advice regarding his new collection by doing some sort of stunt.moreless
  • Ep. #5936
    Ep. #5936
    Episode 159
    Hope and Liam tell the Forresters what Amber did and request that they fashion show be today instead of tomorrow. Ridge tells Brooke that Nick put Amber up to stealing the designs. Hope tells Oliver that Amber's been using him to steal the designs. Amber is told by Whip he got a text from Nick saying Forrester moved the fashion show to today and realized Amber stole them. Nick receives a huge surprise while seeing a show which contains clothes that are similar to the ones Amber's. Whip and Agnes lash out at Amber for her scheming and now the Jackie M. collection is officially a laughingstock.moreless
  • Ep. #5935
    Ep. #5935
    Episode 158
    Ridge and Brooke discuss her new relationship with Stephanie and Thomas's upcoming mens line. Bridget comes by and shows some recent photos of her baby. Hope tells Liam that she's sure that Amber's playing some sort of game with Oliver and can't shake the fact she's after something. Amber explains that she's not doing anything but trying to access his video camera on his computer. Liam and Hope stakeout Oliver's place hoping to find out what Amber's up to and what she's doing. Bridget is amazed at the designs for the Hope for the Future campaign and Jackie M. can't compete with these. Hope sees Amber breaking into Oliver's touch pad and stealing her campaign designs and vows to stop her.moreless
  • Ep. #5934
    Ep. #5934
    Episode 157
    Stephanie tries to get Eric to come with her and to see what she saw at the shelter today, and he says he'll support her through everything. Nick gets a hold of Amber and that he needs some more hot designs for the fashion show next week. Eric insists that Stephanie rest while he gives Dayzee a tour of Forrester. Hope tells Liam that she's sure that Amber's playing some sort of game with Oliver. Ridge and Brooke discuss her new relationship with Stephanie and Thomas's upcoming mens line.moreless
  • Ep. #5933
    Ep. #5933
    Episode 156
    Brooke tells Pam that Stephanie went by herself to visit the shelter. Stephanie is given a tour of the facility by Kitty and Dayzee and continues to hear remarkable stories or how people come to be living where they are and volunteers in the kitchen and serving food. Brooke comes to the shelter and sees for herself and decides to pitch in.moreless
  • Ep. #5932
    Ep. #5932
    Episode 155
    Stephanie is brought home from the hospital, and she doesn't want to waste any moment in her life. Nick tells Whip and Aggie that Amber's designs were bad but this one is what they're looking for. Amber calls Oliver and he apologizes for last night. Stephanie gets a call from Dayzee and says she like to give back to the homeless community. Nick tells Amber that he wants no one to see any of these designs til the fashion show. Stephanie meets up with Dayzee saying she's doing much better and would like to help but not from a distance. Eric shows Hope the addition he added to one of the designs.moreless
  • Ep. #5931
    Ep. #5931
    Episode 154
    Ridge tells Brooke that he knows when she's hiding something and to tell him what happened today and says that she slapped Taylor after she crossed a line. Bill tells Liam to go out there to see what Hope and Oliver are talking about. Bill sees that Hope is a little distracted this evening, Hope lays into him and he realizes she is perfect for Liam. Ridge moderates an apology between Taylor and Brooke. Oliver finds comfort in alcohol and starts to get intimate with Amber, she then makes her move after he passes out and takes pictures of the photos with her phone.moreless
  • Ep. #5930
    Ep. #5930
    Episode 153
    Taylor continues to lash at Brooke for putting her hand on her son. Whip shows Nick that the publicity over the scandal with Jackie has died down a bit. Katie takes Bill's phone away so he can concentrated on getting to know Liam. Nick is amazed at the design she has in her portfolio unaware she didn't draw it. Amber finds more of Oliver's designs for the Hope for the Future campaign in his bag. Taylor tells Brooke that she's not going to let Thomas be another one of her scandals like she did with Hope and her boyfriend.moreless
  • Ep. #5929
    Ep. #5929
    Episode 152
    Brooke gets violent with Taylor. Amber uses a tactic that Sally Spectra did to get her way.
  • Ep. #5928
    Ep. #5928
    Episode 151
    Thomas tries to make Ridge see that him allowing him to have reign over the mens line is a good idea. Aggie tells Nick to rethink Amber's designs. Oliver encounters Hope and Liam at Insomnia. Nick tells Amber to have some new designs and he'd better be impressed. Taylor tells Ridge her concerns about Brooke and Thomas working together. Amber tells Oliver what better way then to make Hope jealous, she kisses him and takes his sketch and puts it in her purse. Thomas is overjoyed when Ridge gives him the greenlight for the revamped men's line, Taylor misinterprets something when she sees Brooke holding Thomas.moreless
  • Ep. #5927
    Ep. #5927
    Episode 150
    Stephanie tells Steffy not to come home but to stay in Paris and will be over to visit when she's well. Aggie tells Nick she can't believe that Amber threw herself at him like that. Stephanie gets Dayzee to open up to Taylor, Liam and Hope by telling them her story how she ended up on the streets. Amber cozies up to Oliver hoping to use him to her advantage. Nick tells Aggie he's sure that Oliver will find his way back again.moreless
  • Ep. #5926
    Ep. #5926
    Episode 149
    Brooke tells Ridge she practically begged Stephanie to tell everyone the truth. Aggie has it out with Amber over her latest ploy in hitting on Nick and says to stay away from him. Whip and Nick agree that Amber's latest designs are different then the style Jackie M. has. Thomas shows Ridge his plans for a men's line at Forrester, but doesn't think it's the right time, but see that it really means something to him. Amber sets her sights on Oliver at Insomnia to send a message to Aggie.moreless
  • Ep. #5925
    Ep. #5925
    Episode 148
    Ridge asks Brooke if there's any news about Stephanie's surgery as the rest of the family arrives. Amber overhears Aggie tells Nick she'd like to go to the steam room with him. Dr. Rabin informs the family that Stephanie went through the surgery smoothly and hopes she'll survive cancer altogether. Nick waits for Aggie and is stunned when he sees Amber walk in. Brooke brings Dayzee in to be with Stephanie and says how she and her met when she found the scarf. Aggie confronts Amber saying she overheard everything and doesn't being betrayed by her friend.moreless
  • Ep. #5924
    Ep. #5924
    Episode 147
    Stephanie tells Dr. Lewis that she's come to the primary tumor removed and it's cause of Dayzee she wanted to live. Eric, Thorne and Ridge wonder why they've been called to the house, they're then surprised when Felicia arrives saying she summoned them. Stephanie tells Brooke how much she appreciates her support. Pam and Taylor deliver the news about Stephanie's health to the rest of the family. Stephanie is taken away as she's prepped for surgery.moreless
  • Ep. #5923
    Ep. #5923
    Episode 146
    Stephanie revisits her recent actions after discovering Dayzee's baby daughter. Pam tells Taylor that she has to talk to Stephanie, Taylor says that she won't see reason to seek treatment. Anthony tells Brooke of how he ended up on the streets and gives her a sweater cause she'll need it where they're going. Stephanie sees all the good stuff that Dayzee has done for the people in the alley, and Brooke finds her and she agrees to go to the doctormoreless
  • Ep. #5922
    Ep. #5922
    Episode 145
    Stephanie sees the kid from the pier that took her scarf on the beach. Taylor goes to Dr. Lewis to find out more about Stephanie's condition and to convince her to get treatment. Dayzee looks up and sees Stephanie and gets her food along with the scarf and runs away. Pam overhears Taylor and Dr. Lewis's conversation about Stephanie's x-ray's, and learns of her sister's lung cancer. Brooke encounters a street musician to help her find Stephanie. Stephanie goes down an all too familiar alley and finds Dayzee and discovers her secret that she has a kid.moreless
  • Ep. #5921
    Ep. #5921
    Episode 144
    Stephanie tells Taylor she isn't going to change her mind. Bill tells Liam that what he wrote won't be sufficient for Eye on Fashion, so he gives him something he wrote. Taylor promises she won't say anything unless she seeks treatment. Steffy tries to impress Liam by wearing seductive lingerie during another interview. Oliver learns that Steffy is leaving to be at international for a while, but he's determined to win back Hope. Brooke and Stephanie engage in a tender moment.moreless
  • Ep. #5920
    Ep. #5920
    Episode 143
    Ridge tells Brooke that if Stephanie gave her word the she's to keep her secret. Whip tells Taylor that he doesn't want to go back to work and wants to spend time with his wife. Dr. Lewis visits Stephanie at her home, and tells Eric she's here for some foundation business and says she's not going to have treatment. Brooke goes back on her promise to Stephanie and goes to Taylor and open up to her about Stephanie having stage 4 lung cancer.moreless
  • Ep. #5919
    Ep. #5919
    Episode 142
    Stephanie tells the girl that she'd like her scarf back. Ridge makes a huge announcement about Brooke coming back to the company. Whip tells Aggie that he didn't think that Nick was gonna get rid of both Jackie, Owen and Bridget for Amber's new line and thinks he needs her shoulder right now. Amber apologizes to Nick saying she got caught up in the moment, as Whip overhears from the door. Stephanie takes the news of Brooke's return rather well, and says she's been planning a family vacation. Whip confronts Amber saying he saw her in Nick's office and not to regret bringing her back to L.A. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's not gonna get treatment.moreless
  • Ep. #5918
    Ep. #5918
    Episode 141
    Bridget pleads with Nick to reconsider making Amber head designer. Stephanie loses her scarf while on the roller coaster and says that she has to find it. Nick and Bridget share an emotional goodbye as she leaves his office. Stephanie sees someone familiar on the pier and is taken back to the time when he asked her for money. Nick is surprised by a sudden kiss from Amber. Stephanie walks on the beach and sees someone with her scarf and asks for it back, Brooke sees this person holding a weapon in her hand.moreless
  • Ep. #5917
    Ep. #5917
    Episode 140
    Bridget can't believe Rick's behaviour after learning from Jackie about his proposal. Aggie asks Whip what Nick has in store for the future of the company. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's gonna do everything on her bucket list, but Brooke says she should be getting treatment. Amber knows why Rick hasn't returned her calls is cause he was too busy romancing Jackie. Brooke makes a final plea for Stephanie not to go on the roller coaster but Stephanie says there doing this together. Nick announces that Jackie do the right thing, she refuses and Nick has no choice and names Amber as the new head designer and Bridget is out.moreless
  • Ep. #5916
    Ep. #5916
    Episode 139
    Hope cautions Liam he has to be careful and thinks Steffy to further her agenda then she wouldn't hesitate. Marcus sees that Steffy is making herself look sexy for Liam. Ridge asks Brooke if she's ready to come back to Forrester Creations. Liam interviews Steffy for Eye on Fashion but ends up asking about her lingerie. Brooke returns to work without letting Stephanie and Steffy know. Steffy hears someone come into her office thinking it's Liam, but it's Hope proving her theory correct that she was making moves on him.moreless
  • Ep. #5915
    Ep. #5915
    Episode 138
    Steffy delivers a tempting offer to Bill to be interviewed by Liam for Eye on Fashion. Oliver goes to Hope hoping that she'll give him a second chance. Bill agrees to Steffy's offer thinking it'll be good for business. Liam shares with Hope his first assignment, and doesn't take the news well that it involves Steffy. Oliver asks Steffy that can't she do something like going after Liam which will give him an opening for Hope, he goes and spied on the two of them together.moreless
  • Ep. #5914
    Ep. #5914
    Episode 137
    Brooke insists on being there for Stephanie every step of the way. Jackie sees that Rick actually serious. Katie and Donna learn some important information that Bridget has feelings for Owen. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's accepted that she's dying, but Brooke says she has lots to live for. Jackie informs Owen of Rick's marriage proposal, Owen thinks Rick is only using her.moreless
  • Ep. #5913
    Ep. #5913
    Episode 136
    Ridge is surprised that Stephanie is actually confiding in Brooke. Rick tells Bridget his progress with Jackie so she can be with Owen where she belongs. Brooke comes by to drive Stephanie to her doctor's appointment, but she says that she cancelled it. Jackie is shocked by Rick's suggestion that they get married. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's refusing to go through surgery or chemotherapy. Ridge and Eric are pleased with Thomas's support of Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5912
    Ep. #5912
    Episode 135
    Nick tells Agnes how far she's come and end up laughing about the way Owen is dressed as the statue. Stephanie surprises everyone by saying she's having a slide brought to liven up the party and it isn't what Brooke was expecting she'd say. Taylor thinks that there's something going on with Stephanie, and this whole slide thing. Stephanie is pleased when everyone takes their turn going down it as Brooke is the only one not having fun. Nick and Agnes have a romantic evening my making love. Brooke tells Stephanie that she has to admit how scared she is by not telling her family of the cancer.moreless
  • Ep. #5911
    Ep. #5911
    Episode 134
    Hope makes a plea to Stephanie regarding Liam and if he can come to her party. Oliver tells Aggie and Nick that Hope is now seeing Liam. Brooke tells Stephanie that she's still coming to her party and if she's told anyone else that she has cancer. Aggie and Nick help Oliver focus on ways to win back Hope's affections. Stephanie makes an announcement at her party saying it's time everyone knw.moreless
  • Ep. #5910
    Ep. #5910
    Episode 133
    Steffy makes Ridge an enticing offer to appear along side her in the ads. Brooke sees that Stephanie hasn't told Eric that she has cancer. Eric gets the family involved to plan a birthday party for Stephanie. Brooke tells Stephanie to call for her follow up appointment and for her to tell her family about her condition.moreless
  • Ep. #5909
    Ep. #5909
    Episode 132
    Eric and Stephanie look back at their history together.
  • Ep. #5908
    Ep. #5908
    Episode 131
    Brooke tells Stephanie that the paramedics aren't coming and to stop cause she can tell she's faking. Rick tells Owen that he should focus on his baby with Bridget and he can be there for Jackie. Stephanie calls the paramedics while on the floor. Bridget thanks Amber for watching Logan and wonder why Rick hasn't returned any of her calls. Ridge is hopeful when Brooke wants to work on her relationship with Stephanie. Stephanie is told by Dr. Lewis that she must remain in the hospital a while longer cause she has cancer.e is faking her injury.moreless
  • Ep. #5907
    Ep. #5907
    Episode 130
    Rick continues to watch Owen and Jackie in disguise. Stephanie goes to see Brooke and says her leave of absense from Forrester should be permanent. Thomas thinks Eric should realize all the contributions that Brooke has made to the company over the years. Owen is called away, Rick then makes his move on Jackie but hurries on the stage before he's caught. Thomas tries to get Ridge to see how the lengths that Stephanie will go to get rid of Brooke. Stephanie begins to cough uncontrolably during her visit with Brooke. Owen witnesses Rick and Jackie in a compromising position.moreless
  • Ep. #5906
    Ep. #5906
    Episode 129
    Jarrett wants answers to the claim that Owen is the father of Bridget's baby. Thomas chooses to side with Brooke which infuriates Steffy and Stephanie. Liam is appalled at Bill's latest action towards Jackie. Whip wonders how this thing will affect the company. Rick quietly looks on as Owen comforts Jackie. Ridge tells Stephanie that once the scandal goes away Brooke will return to the company. Rick is shown as a statue saying to himself that Owen will lose Jackie to him.moreless
  • Ep. #5905
    Ep. #5905
    Episode 128
    Liam and Bill's relationship starts to grow. Jackie is embarrassed at her fashion show by Bill.
  • Ep. #5904
    Ep. #5904
    Episode 127
    Hope, Ridge and Brooke engage in an emotional reunion. Oliver has it out with Liam over stealing Hope away from him. Steffy discuss her feelings for Liam with Taylor and that she isn't the only with eyes for him. Ridge tells Liam that he'd better not disappoint his daughter. Steffy assures she's not playing games with Hope this time.moreless
  • Ep. #5903
    Ep. #5903
    Episode 126
    Bill offers Liam a second chance to get to know one another. Oliver tells Hope that if she wants to time apart then he'll never stop loving her. Liam gives Bill a map of Clark lake with a heart circle indicating a spot and never knew what it meant til know. Brooke and Ridge learn from Oliver that Hope broke up with him and learn that Hope has feelings for Liam. Bill thanks Katie for bringing his son to the house today. Hope tells Liam that she broke up with Oliver today, and admits she's falling for him and he tells her that he loves her as well.moreless
  • Ep. #5902
    Ep. #5902
    Episode 125
    Hope and Katie work to get Bill and Liam in the same room together, despite their hatred for one another, Bill walks in and asks what Katie has planned. Liam calls Hope and she asks for him to meet him at Brooke's house. Steffy learns that Bill is Liam's father and thinks this could get interesting. Oliver apologizes to Hope for being so busy and not having time for her, and is surprised that she's been having out with Liam. Bill tells Liam that he's sorry for not treating him fairly. Oliver asks Hope if she wants him to take off his necklace.moreless
  • Ep. #5901
    Ep. #5901
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #5900
    Ep. #5900
    Episode 123
    Brooke tells Ridge that she can't wait for him to see Bridget's baby. Jackie quickly pushes away from the kiss and says she's a happily married woman, Owen then sees the two of them from the top of the stairs. Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget's feelings for Owen are getting out of control. Bridget tells Rick she saw him kiss Jackie and asks what he's up to, he says that he's doing this to help her be with Owen. Jackie is surprised when Rick has a candlelight dinner on the roof.moreless
  • Ep. #5899
    Ep. #5899
    Episode 122
    Owen tells Bridget that they now have a family to take care of, but says that he loves Jackie. Amber shocks Brooke by asking if Rick is or isn't available. Rick tells Jackie that if things don't go accordingly to plan then she'll have him to lean on, Jackie says that's not going to happen so he can stop with the seduction. Brooke tells Amber that if Rick wants to talk to her he can call her. Bridget inadvertanly sees Rick kissing Jackie.moreless
  • Ep. #5898
    Ep. #5898
    Episode 121
    Owen overhears Bridget admit her feelings for him to Rick and Brooke. Katie is angered over Bill's actions towards Liam.
  • Ep. #5897
    Ep. #5897
    Episode 120
    Bridget presents baby Logan to the rest of the family. Katie tells Bill not to go into work cause she invited Liam over so they can get to know one another. Brooke hears Jackie tells Stephanie she'll wait to give Logan a proper nickname. Brooke and Stephanie worry about Bridget's homelife. Stephanie gives Jackie a stern warning about her losing her husband to Bridget. Rick asks Bridget what exactly does she feel for Owen. Bill tells Hope that he feels no connection to Liam and isn't the son he'd rather have. Brooke insists that Bridget come stay with her after discovering that her daughter is falling for Owen. Liam listens as Hope gives it to Bill.moreless
  • Ep. #5896
    Ep. #5896
    Episode 119
    Owen and Bridget grow closer as they bond over their baby boy and thanks for helping bringing him in the world. Stephanie tells Jackie she thinks this arrangement she has isn't for the best, cause someone will end up being left out. Jackie learns that Bridget gave birth to the baby and says she's coming up there, but Stephanie insists on letting Bridget and Owen spend time with their son. Owen and Bridget decide on Logan as the name for their son. Stephanie gives Eric the good news of Bridget giving birth at the Big Bear cabin. Bridget and Owen listen as Jackie refers Logan as her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5895
    Ep. #5895
    Episode 118
    Owen makes Bridget feel comfortable while the contractions get closer together. Brooke comes downstairs and sees the table is set for dinner. Stephanie tells Jackie that she can see that this thing with Owen is hurting her. Bridget tells Owen that there's no time to get to a hospital cause the baby is coming right now. Ridge tells Brooke that he invited Hope over for dinner tonight, and she says that she wants to come home again. Bridget is worried when the baby doesn't cry thinking it happened again, but then it starts to cry and she and Owen share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #5894
    Ep. #5894
    Episode 117
    Stephanie asks Bridget what went wrong in her marriage to Nick, she admits that Owen is the father of the baby and not Nick. Ridge asks Hope if she's spoken to her mother, and says she's taken a leave of absense from Forrester Creations. Katie announces to Donna and Brooke that Bill has a son he never knew he had. Stephanie questions Jackie about the paternity of the baby. Bridget begins to go into labor, and tells Owen that it's coming right now.moreless
  • Ep. #5893
    Ep. #5893
    Episode 116
    Liam copes with the consequences of having Bill for a father. Oliver tells Steffy he's getting his stuff out thinking he'll be fired soon. Stephanie sees that Thorne is disappointed that the results didn't go his way. Bill tells Liam a story of how once Kelly meant alot to him. Thorne says that he wanted this to happen cause his life felt empty since Darla died.moreless
  • Ep. #5892
    Ep. #5892
    Episode 115
    Stephanie tells Eric that Thorne is at the hospital taking a blood test to determine if he has a son or not. Hope tells Bill to stay at the hospital when the results come back. Stephanie tells Eric that Liam feels sorry for dragging the whole family into this scandal. Ridge is forced to deal with his decision about the company. The DNA results are revealed and Liam learns that Bill is his biological father.moreless
  • Ep. #5891
    Ep. #5891
    Episode 114
    Thorne tells Stephanie that the timing fits and he could be Liam's father, but Ridge thinks he's just out for a payout. Katie insists that Bill come to the hospital to be certain that he's not the father. Thorne asks Hope tp bring Liam to the hospital so a blood test can be done. Bill starts to see some similarities between Thorne and Liam. Stephanie and Ridge realize that Liam's intentions may be sincere. Thorne tells Liam about his daughter Ally and if the test come back, he would be a wonderful big brother to her. The doctor takes samples from Bill and Thorne, also from Liam to determine paternity.moreless
  • Ep. #5890
    Ep. #5890
    Episode 113
    Katie asks Bill just how involved he was with Liam's mother. The Forrester family is stunned when Thomas sides with Brooke over Steffy. Thorne is startled when Stephanie tells him that Kelly Hopkins is Liam's mother, she's surprised when she and Thorne dated briefly. Liam sees that the only good picture of his mother is missing and realizing he left it at Bill's office. Bill tells Katie that he feels no connection to Liam none what so ever. Ridge is forced to make a decision about the company by asking Brooke to leave for a while. Thorne tells Stephanie that he might be Liam's father.moreless
  • Ep. #5889
    Ep. #5889
    Episode 112
    Liam makes Ridge an offer while Hope listens in, but he cautions him to stay away from his daughter. Jarrett gives Bill information on Liam and his mother as he requested. Thomas tells Steffy that she needs to lay off Brooke. Ridge tells Brooke that she isn't going anywhere. Katie asks Bill why he's so interested in Liam, he reveals that he could be his son. Steffy shows Ridge what the reporters did and proves that Brooke should leave Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #5888
    Ep. #5888
    Episode 111
    Steffy tells Stephanie that this thing isn't over and will get Brooke out of the company. Amber shows everyone her latest designs, Jackie seems quite impressed. Jackie shares her feelings with Nick about his relationship with Aggie. Steffy tells Brooke that there's no way she's gonna allow them to work together. Nick tells Jackie that he doesn't think he can do the whole marriage thing again. Brooke reminds Steffy she has the power to bring peace to the family. Stephanie tries to tell Ridge about his future.moreless
  • Ep. #5887
    Ep. #5887
    Episode 110
    Stephanie thinks that Brooke leaving the company is the only option. Eric wants to know why Steffy is calling an emergency meeting all of a sudden. Nick and Brooke reflect on their time together. Thorne shows Eric the downsiding numbers concerning the recent Brooke scandal. Steffy has a plan to rid Brooke from Forrester Creations. Thomas tells Taylor that Steffy is using the stock and if she isn't bluffing when she says she'll give it to Bill Spencer.moreless
  • Ep. #5886
    Ep. #5886
    Episode 109
    Oliver tells Brooke that he and Hope are back together. Thomas comes home to find out Taylor gave Steffy her shares of the company. Hope explains to Brooke that she wishes things could be the way they used to. Bill tells Liam that Spencer Publications is being sued, and fires him for his actions regarding the tribute video. Ridge tells Steffy that he doesn't trust Liam. Hope tells Oliver she's not ready to wear her necklace again. Bill is lost for words when he finds a picture of Liam's mother and comes to a shocking realization.moreless
  • Ep. #5885
    Ep. #5885
    Episode 108
    Hope asks Oliver how he managed to pull this off past the security at the gate. Steffy tells Liam he's lucky her father or Thorne isn't here, Liam tries to explain his actions to her. Owen shares his feelings for his future with Bridget. Ridge assures Brooke that they are gonna face her troubles together. Owen tells Jackie that he needs a purpose and something to do cause Nick doesn't want him around anymore. Steffy tells Liam that he just stood bye and didn't say anything to stop it. Hope is touched by Oliver's gesture.moreless
  • Ep. #5884
    Ep. #5884
    Episode 107
    Owen feels uncomfortable with Whip's latest campaign. Stephanie tells Oliver that there's a guard posted and whoever comes will be arrested. Liam tells Hope that he had to come back and see her. Oliver comes up with a romantic plan to win back Hope's affections. Aggie and Nick disagree about Jackie's future. Liam plants another kiss on Hope, and Oliver sees it and pretends to be Stephanie to get her to answer the door and come with him. Amber asks Bridget if she and Jackie are in fact sharing Owen.moreless
  • Ep. #5883
    Ep. #5883
    Episode 106
    Oliver goes over some music and gets a visit from Steffy. Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge will explain the details of Liam sabotoging the tribute video. Liam opens up to Hope, but he hides when Ridge stops by. Steffy and Stephanie discuss her new position over Brooke. Liam listens as Ridge tells Hope to keep her distance from him. Ridge tells Brooke that Steffy agreed to come back to the company. Oliver calls Hope but she says that they have nothing to talk about.moreless
  • Ep. #5882
    Ep. #5882
    Episode 105
    Steffy remains strong while Ridge and Bill argue. Hope agrees that what Liam did was wrong but refuses to hit him. Ridge tells Steffy to not give into Bill's offer. Liam confides in Hope about telling Ridge he was his son, cause his mother told him he worked at Forrester Creations. Katie thanks Bill for getting her back into the executive suite once again.moreless
  • Ep. #5881
    Ep. #5881
    Episode 104
    Ridge becomes enraged after learning about Liam's part in the video, and is shocked when he claims he's his father. Hope pulls away from her kiss with Oliver, saying she needs to let him go. Bill tells Steffy that Justin is responsible for editing and adding the conversation. Ridge punches Liam and tells Stephanie to call security to have him thrown out. Stephanie gives Oliver some sound advice regarding Hope. Liam intervenes when the press won't leave Hope alone, and that Ridge punched him earlier. Ridge asks Bill what he's trying to pull with Steffy this time. Liam confesses to Hope about what Justin did, she lays into him for saying anything that cleared Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #5880
    Ep. #5880
    Episode 103
    Bill issues Steffy a tempting offer. Taylor demands Ridge make ammends with Steffy.
  • Ep. #5879
    Ep. #5879
    Episode 102
    Stephanie tells Steffy that she can see that Steffy misses her dad. Taylor explains to Ridge to have faith in Steffy and to believe she didn't do this to Brooke. Liam meets Hope and can't hide the fact he knows about her. Stephanie vows to prove Steffy's innocence. Steffy calls Bill and invites her to come to the beach house. Stephanie approaches Liam and asks if he worked on Steffy's laptop prior to the tribute, and discovers he has a second job working for Spencer Publications.moreless
  • Ep. #5878
    Ep. #5878
    Episode 101
    Ridge becomes angry with Stephanie and wishes to speak with Hope alone. Jarrett calls Bill saying he located Steffy at Bikini Beach. Brooke is shocked after hearing Stephen explain Bill's plan about obtaining Donna's shares. Steffy tells Bill that Jarrett wasn't exactly subtle in blending in and knows exactly why he's here. Ridge admits that he was apalled and tries to get her to see that what happened was only an accident, but Stephanie says that Hope isn't going anywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #5877
    Ep. #5877
    Episode 100
    Ridge demands that Stephanie apologize to Brooke for slapping her last night. Donna tells Bill that she feels that Brooke deserves a part of the company. Taylor makes a shocking declaration at the Forrester Creations board meeting. Bill tells Katie he just learned that Taylor signed over her shares of the company to Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #5876
    Ep. #5876
    Episode 99
    Hope to Brooke and Oliver how can she move on knowing two people she loves betrayed her. Taylor tells Stephanie to let everyone work things out themselves. Bridget reveals that Hope is living with Stephanie by staying in the guest house. Hope tells Oliver that maybe they can't move past with what happened. Bridget and Owen feel their baby kick for the first time. Stephanie consoles Hope after she returns to the guest house, and goes and does battle with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5875
    Ep. #5875
    Episode 98
    Ridge tells Brooke that Hope needs to spend some time with her dad. Hope tries to understand what really happened at her graduation party, by recreating the night for Oliver. Taylor sees what Hope is planning and calls and lets Brooke know. Brooke and Oliver try to get Hope to forgive them.moreless
  • Ep. #5874
    Ep. #5874
    Episode 97
    Stephanie punishes Brooke for the destruction of the Forrester family. Oliver suggests to Hope how they can mend their relationship.
  • Ep. #5873
    Ep. #5873
    Episode 96
    Brooke asks Hope to come back home where she belongs. Taylor tells Stephanie that she had to come and see for herself if she was alright. Hope tells Brooke her relationship with Oliver is tainted and it's all because of her. Steffy seeks to prove her innocence to Oliver, but she tells him to go to Hope. Taylor tells Stephanie that she gave her 25% to Steffy so she can focus on her patients. Oliver comes to see Hope and finds her with Brooke, but he sees the same look on her face she had earlier, Hope makes it clear that she's not going home with her.moreless
  • Ep. #5872
    Ep. #5872
    Episode 95
    Taylor helps Steffy to win her confidence back. Bridget discovers the truth about Nick and Aggie's relationship. Owen and Jackie prepare a surprise for Bridget. Ed comes to the conclusion that whoever put that video on the tribute didn't leave a trail behind. Bridget tells Jackie that Nick has moved on with Aggie. Liam tells Steffy that he knows that she didn't do this.moreless
  • Ep. #5871
    Ep. #5871
    Episode 94
    Nick is shocked when Aggie tells him Whip is doing the shoot on the campaign he said he scrapped. Brooke checks and sees that Stephanie has a pulse, she's surprised when Stephanie calls 911 saying she was intentionally pushed. Nick puts a stop to Jackie and Owen's photo shoot. Ridge comes to the hospital and asks what exactly happened at the house, Stephanie tells him that Brooke pushed her. Bridget walks in on Aggie and Nick and asks if there's something going on between them.moreless
  • Ep. #5870
    Ep. #5870
    Episode 93
    Hope tells Oliver that it's gonna take some time before she can forgive him. Steffy tells Ridge that she's looking into whoever revealed Brooke's secret. Stephanie tells Brooke that Hope will be moving into the guest house. Ridge tells Steffy that in order for her to come back to the company she has to deal with her issues. Stephanie tells Brooke she's not gonna let her hurt Hope anymore. Oliver surprises Hope with Jason Castro, and plays some songs for her. Taylor makes a shocking move by giving Steffy her 25% of the company and to share it with Thomas. Hope and Oliver share a kiss, but she's reminded of the party and says she can't do this. Brooke pushes Stephanie and she falls back and hits her head.moreless
  • Ep. #5869
    Ep. #5869
    Episode 92
    Steffy tells Liam she hired Ed a I.T. guy to find out who tampered with her laptop. Brooke goes to see Bridget while avoiding the press. Aggie meets Jason Castro and that Oliver plans to have him serenade Hope. Bridget asks Brooke that she did this once with Deacon and if she knew that it wasn't Ridge. Stephanie tells Hope that she doesn't think Oliver should be punished for what her mother did, and offers her to stay in the guest house. Brooke asks Bridget she has to know what she told Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #5868
    Ep. #5868
    Episode 91
    Bill reverts back to his old ways again. Brooke pleads her love to Ridge.
  • Ep. #5867
    Ep. #5867
    Episode 90
    Stephanie wants Ridge to take back what he said about firing Steffy. Taylor lashes at Ridge for using his daughter to keep his head in the sand. Owen brings Bridget some ice cream to beat the heat until her a/c is fixed, and says that her mother did it again this time with Hope's boyfriend. Oliver wants to explain to Hope that he loves and he wouldn't have done this intentionally. Stephanie heatedly confronts Brooke in the showroom and to leave Hope alone. Hope looks to Bridget to comfort her and asks how their mother could do this again.moreless
  • Ep. #5866
    Ep. #5866
    Episode 89
    Hope asks Brooke if what was said on the video is true or not, she angrily storms out of the. Stephanie tells Taylor that she can't believe that Brooke has done it again to one of her daughters. Steffy swears to Ridge that she didn't alter the video tribute, and can prove it cause it's on her computer. Marcus asks Oliver while looking for Hope if it's in fact true. Liam tells Justin if he knows that he just created a scandal at Forrester Creations. Brooke catches up to Hope but she says for her to leave her alone and that she's not the person she thought she was. Steffy can't believe when the footage is on the tribute and swears it wasn't there before.moreless
  • Ep. #5865
    Ep. #5865
    Episode 88
    Steffy tells Stephanie that she's gonna find out later on what she has on Brooke. Liam asks Justin what he plans to do with the recording. Stephanie sees that Amber arrived and is a guest of Rick's. Liam learns alot more about Spencer Publications while accompanying Jarret to the press conference. Everyone is shocked when Brooke's infidelity is revealed during the video tribute.moreless
  • Ep. #5864
    Ep. #5864
    Episode 87
    Ridge explains to Stephanie he has something to tell her before anyone else does it's a press conference involving a tribute to Brooke. Justin catches Liam and asks if he was planning to delete that recording. Rick and Amber do some catching up after a long time, and that little Eric is doing well at his new school. Brooke listens at the door while Hope offers Steffy a chance at being friends again. Justin tells Liam that what he has here could help Bill get Forrester Creations back again, and comes up with a clever plan so everyone can hear it.moreless
  • Ep. #5863
    Ep. #5863
    Episode 86
    Ridge tells Brooke that Steffy knows now that blackmailing her was wrong. Nick tells Aggie he can stop if she's not ready, Aggie insists that she is. Liam finds himself in a tough situation when he comes across a recording of Ridge and Steffy talking about Brooke and Oliver. Steffy tells Oliver that her plan backfired and has to make an a announcement at a press conference. Justin listens to the recording thinking he's got something he can use. Nick and Aggie become intimate for the first time.moreless
  • Ep. #5862
    Ep. #5862
    Episode 85
    Nick and Aggie have a date together on the Shady Marlin. Hope tells Brooke that she's starting to reconsider the whole college thing in Boston cause she has everyone she cares about in Calfornia. Ridge instructs Steffy to do something she doesn't want to do, which means bringing Brooke and Hope back to Forrester Creations and agrees that what she did was inappropriate. Oliver tells Brooke why they haven't heard back from Ridge yet. Steffy is hurt when she realizes that Ridge doesn't trust her to keep this thing a secret. Brooke tells Hope that she's not upset that she plans on staying more close to home.moreless
  • Ep. #5861
    Ep. #5861
    Episode 84
    Ridge asks Brooke if Oliver didn't know if she was Hope. Oliver tells Hope that he hates himself for having to say goodbye to her. Rick walks in and sees that Steffy is in his office at his desk and how she managed to pull this off. Brooke explains to Ridge that Hope is gonna be devastated by this. Steffy has a fantasy of Ridge congratulating her and giving her Donna's 12.5% of the stock in the company. Ridge unleashes his temper on Oliver and says that Brooke is off limits from now on. Steffy is confronted by Ridge in her office and is shocked when he says he isn't going to let her blackmail Brooke anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #5860
    Ep. #5860
    Episode 83
    Steffy tells Taylor that Forrester is a Logan free zone. Oliver and Hope spend their last hours together before heading off to Boston. Stephanie surprises Steffy by offering her the office they're in saying she so deserves it. Brooke tells Ridge about her infidelity the night of Hope's graduation party. Stephanie gives Steffy a special present for all she's done. Hope wants Oliver to stay away from Steffy and will hit on him every chance she gets. Ridge embraces Brooke and is surprised when he says that she will never lose him.moreless
  • Ep. #5859
    Ep. #5859
    Episode 82
    Steffy tells Brooke to make sure that Donna takes back the 12.5% of Forrester stock or else. Nick reveals and shocks everyone at Jackie M. that Owen is the father of Bridget's baby. Ridge and Oliver help Hope pack for school in Boston. Brooke tells Oliver that Steffy is blackmailing her, and has no choice but to tell Ridge the truth about what happened. Whip tells Jackie that there's no way this big revelation will be kept from the press. Bridget goes to Nick asking if he can give their marriage another chance, but he says that there's nothing left to fix. Brooke tells Ridge she has to tell him something that will affect the rest of their lives. Nick asks Aggie if she would like to have dinner with him.moreless
  • Ep. #5858
    Ep. #5858
    Episode 81
    Brooke and Oliver are left reeling over Steffy's demands. Pam is shocked when she tries to bail out Stephen.
  • Ep. #5857
    Ep. #5857
    Episode 80
    Stephanie anxiously awaits the outcome of Donna's divorce settlement. Hope visits Stephen and says that she's leaving Los Angeles to go to college in Boston. Eric tells Bill that this thing with Pam has nothing to do with the current situation with Donna. Pam tells Stephanie that Stephen wasn't in his right mind with what he did at the cabin, but Stephanie tries to get Pam to see otherwise. Bill looks at Katie and Brooke meaning everything is working out perfectly. Hope tells Stephen that leaving will be hard, but he said Oliver was looking out for her when he said to take it. Clyde says that Donna does have a valid claim to 12.5% of stock in Forrester Creations. Bill tells Stephen that he has testimony on record of an attempted murder charge and will be free soon.moreless
  • Ep. #5856
    Ep. #5856
    Episode 79
    Jarrett tells Bill he's at the police station and isn't sure about what he's about to do. Brooke tries to get Stephen to take the deal that he was offered, but he say he's not taking it cause Bill is gonna come through. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke resigning is for the best of the company. Jarrett tells Bill that Pam is visiting with Stephen in jail but can't make out what they're saying. Bill says to Stephanie that his answer of the terms of the deal is no, and tries to convince Brooke and Katie to trust his plan. Pam comes in says that it wasn't Stephen's intent to commit murder, Stephanie sees it as an attempt to use her sister.moreless
  • Ep. #5855
    Ep. #5855
    Episode 78
    Oliver tells Steffy that he sort of broke up with Hope last night. Steffy tells Stephanie that she's doing this to make this a family company again. Brooke makes a public announcement about her future with the company, Eric does his best to get her to reconsider. Jackie tells Bridget she feels that Nick is wrong and will come around after the baby's born. Hope tells Oliver that she's given alot of thought, and says that she'll go to Boston. Bridget oversteps her boundaries with Owen.moreless
  • Ep. #5854
    Ep. #5854
    Episode 77
    Bridget tells Owen that she got some advice from Jackie. Ridge wants to know why Brooke is leaving Forrester. Nick tells Jackie his thoughts on Owen and why she isn't divorcing him after what he did to her. Oliver tells Hope he feels that he's holding her back somehow. Nick tells Jackie to open her eyes about the possibility that Owen will leave her for Bridget. Steffy tells Thomas that there's no more "Hope for the Future" campaign, and he sees that she's delighted about the whole thing. Ridge tells Brooke he's not going to let her leave the company.moreless
  • Ep. #5853
    Ep. #5853
    Episode 76
    Steffy looks for an answer from Brooke and Oliver concerning her offer. Aggie helps Hope plan a perfect night for Oliver to show her appreciation. Stephanie tells Ridge, that Steffy said there's something going on with Brooke, but he says Steffy and her are the cause of it. Brooke says to keep Hope out of this thing. Stephanie asks Steffy how she managed to get Hope and Brooke out of the company. Ridge tells Brooke he wants to finishe the conversation they started earlier. Hope is shocked when Oliver says she should go to college in Boston.moreless
  • Ep. #5852
    Ep. #5852
    Episode 75
    Oliver tells Brooke that he doesn't want to break Hope's heart. Jackie tells Owen she wishes she can do something for Nick and Bridget. Bridget tells Nick to put those papers away and focus on working things out. Steffy explains to Hope that she is not her sister, she's the sister of the person driving the car that killed Phoebe. Nick shares his feelings with Bridget and that he'll never raise another man's child. Hope gets a call from Mrs. Simmons to see if she's considered taking the merit scholarship. Bridget tries to get Nick not to do this, but he's already made up his mind and for her to sign the papers. Jackie offers to have Bridget live at Whip's and they'll be at the beach house. Rick gets a text message from Amber saying she's back in town. Steffy asks Oliver and Brooke if they have an agreement.moreless
  • Ep. #5851
    Ep. #5851
    Episode 74
    Ridge tells Brooke that it was him who brought in Daddy Yankee, Brooke thought he meant the tryst on the terrace. Rick tells Hope that he has some concerns for Bridget. Whip expresses concern to Bridget about her and Nick coming to work seperately as of late. Steffy tells Oliver the first condition that Brooke leave the company and for Hope to go away to college and for them to hook up and needs an answer. Bridget finds Nick on the Shady Marlin and then sees papers for the dissolution of their marriage. Oliver tells Brooke that Steffy wants to make a deal with them, and has a list of demands, Brooke says they have to accept Steffy's terms.moreless
  • Ep. #5850
    Ep. #5850
    Episode 73
    Owen vows to Bridget that he will stand by her. Steffy decides to tell Ridge about Brooke's betrayal.
  • Ep. #5849
    Ep. #5849
    Episode 72
    Whip is delighted that Amber showed up and will explain the details after the shoot is finished. Oliver goes to Brooke and says that Steffy knows everything and he had to confess. Steffy tells Hope that she's sorry and wishes things can be differently. Brooke tells Steffy how can a daughter of Ridge's can be so cruel. Whip tells Jackie that he called Amber cause of her track record in the fashion industry, and Jackie asks her if she'd like to work her at Jackie M. Brooke makes Steffy a tempting offer.moreless
  • Ep. #5848
    Ep. #5848
    Episode 71
    Steffy tells Oliver the words he doesn't want to hear. Broooke tries to convince herself that her relationship with Ridge is indestructible.
  • Ep. #5847
    Ep. #5847
    Episode 70
    Oliver tells Brooke that Steffy knows everything, she says that Steffy would've gone to Ridge by now. Katie and Donna visit Stephen, and says that Stephanie offered a deal then she'll show leniency. Stephanie tells Ridge and Steffy about the deal she offered Donna. Stephen gets a surprise visit from Pam, saying that she actually believed him when he said he cared about her. Brooke tells Oliver to tell Steffy when she brings it up again, the reason he dropped the CD's is cause he was shocked by the question. Marcus once again tells Steffy to drop the subject. Stephanie is interested in hearing Steffy's news about Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5846
    Ep. #5846
    Episode 69
    Steffy sees that Oliver did have sex with Brooke the night of the party. Ridge and Brooke meet for a romantic encounter in the steam room. Stephanie makes a deal towards Katie, Donna and Bill to toss out the idea for Donna's half of Forrester, and she'll show leniency on Stephen. Steffy doesn't believe and Oliver is a lousy liar and vows to get the truth out of him one way or another. Bill says to no deal to Stephanie and her offer, Donna says she wants to discuss this with Stephen and Brooke. Steffy goes to Ridge and when he tells her he didn't go out on the terrace that night, she then has Brooke right where she wants her.moreless
  • Ep. #5845
    Ep. #5845
    Episode 68
    Marcus tells Steffy that he was wrong and to drop the whole thing, but she's determined to find out the truth. Bridget tells Brooke that Nick left her, and explains the whole ordeal. Stephanie is never gonna trust any of the Logan's again not after what Stephen did to Pam. Steffy plans to use what she knows to get Brooke out of her family's lives. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke is known for her bad behaviour. Oliver watches the video from the graduation party and Hope explains that the two people dancing is Ridge and Brooke. Steffy thinks she's right when a stunned Oliver drops all the CD's and has Brooke right where she wants her.moreless
  • Ep. #5844
    Ep. #5844
    Episode 67
    Oliver tells Brooke that no matter where he goes he still thinks of that night at the party. Steffy thinks that Hope's sweet and innocence is all an act. Stephanie declares war against the Logan family and asks Steffy how is she going to do so. Brooke tells Oliver that she insists he get some help to deal with what happened. Steffy crashes Hope's pool party, but Oliver says that Steffy wants things good between them. Brooke points out to Hope that it was her wearing her necklace. Steffy comes to a shocking realization that Oliver was with Brook out on the terrace.moreless
  • Ep. #5843
    Ep. #5843
    Episode 67
    Brooke can't believe when Oliver accuses her of practically doing this thing on purpose. Ridge tells Hope that Stephen isn't allowed visitors at least for now. Oliver tells Brooke that she's known Ridge along time and how she could tell that he wasn't him. Marcus reveals some startling information to Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #5842
    Ep. #5842
    Episode 66
    Brooke and Oliver are horrified about the actions taken at Hope's party. Nick tells Jackie to realize the possibility that Owen will leave after the baby's born. Ridget can't believe what went down tonight and Stephen practically forced Pam to shoot Stephanie. Nick explains to everyone that despite it all the baby is not his. Hope tells Oliver all about her mother and her having her share of scandals in the past including Deacon her real father. Jackie tells Nick to do as he'd planned and raise this child together. Oliver calls Brooke and says they have to talk right away. Nick walks out leaving Bridget devastated at the thought of her being pregnant with Owen's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5841
    Ep. #5841
    Episode 65
    Bill, Katie and Brooke arrive and see that Stephanie shot Stephen. Jackie tells Owen that she's glad that this night is over, and Nick won't be kept in the dark much longer. Stephanie calls the paramedics and tells Stephen not to die before he's taken into jail. Nick is enraged after learning that Agnes was telling the truth. Agnes tells Oliver that Nick had every right to know what his wife was doing behind his back, cause secrets have a way of coming out. Bridget explains to Nick what happened after Agnes lost the baby. Stephanie tells Katie and Brooke of Stephen's plan to use Pam to pull the trigger. Nick goes to confront Owen but is even more shocked to learn that Jackie knew the truth too. Pam is heartbroken and Stephanie being right all along. Stephanie tells Brooke that it's not gonna be long before she does something that screws up her relationship with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5840
    Ep. #5840
    Episode 64
    Mike tells Bill, Katie and Brooke about Stephen's plans. Bill puts it all together and Stephen is the one who's gonna pull the trigger and they head out to stop it. Brooke calls and Madison says that Stephanie went to Big Bear. Stephen puts the gun in Pam's hand and tells her she knows what she has to do. Aggie delivers Nick the new that Bridget cheated on him with Owen and he isn't the father and if he doesn't believe her then to ask Bridget. Stephanie is shocked when Pam turns around and points the gun at her. Nick tells Bridget to come with him so they can have a talk. Aggie tells Oliver that she told Nick the truth. Nick brings Bridget to Jackie M. and asks if what Aggie told him was true. Stephanie tells Pam not to shoot who doesn't have the heart to kill her sister, Stephanie gets the gun from her and shoots Stephen.moreless
  • Ep. #5839
    Ep. #5839
    Episode 63
    Stephen is en route to Big Bear making a vow to Beth that this is gonna end this tonight. Bill and Katie go to Brooke regarding his relationship with Pam. Bridget's baby shower gets underway. Pam calls Stephen who assures her that he's in fact on his way. Aggie tells Oliver that if her suspicions are true then Owen is the father then she'll tell Nick herself. Pam tries to persuade Stephen to take her back to L.A. immediately. Aggie sees that Owen went off somewhere with Bridget. Mike drops by but is recognized by Brooke, and Bill asks him to start talking or else. Stephanie returns to the cabin knowing perfectly well that Stephen would show up. Aggie overhears Bridget's secret that Owen is the father. Stephen pulls out a gun and tells Stephanie and Pam that no one is going anywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #5838
    Ep. #5838
    Episode 62
    Katie goes to see Stephen and asks how he can be in love with Pam. Stephanie holds Pam against her will at the Big Bear cabin. Jackie voices her worries that Owen about being the father to Bridget's baby. Bill asks Stephen if there's much more to this then he's letting on. Bridget says that she has to tell Nick the truth. Stephanie learns that Pam is off her medication and Stephen is to blame. Aggie tells Bridget that Whip and Taylor are gonna throw her an imprompt baby shower tonight, but Bridget doesn't think she can do this. Pam calls Stephen and says she was abducted by Stephanie, he says to hold tight cause he's on his way and brings his gun with him.moreless
  • Ep. #5837
    Ep. #5837
    Episode 61
    Brooke and Oliver try to figure out what to do, and how to deal with their current situation. Stephanie gets Bill and Katie to see her side concerning Stephen using Pam to get back at her. Hope asks Rick if he's seen Oliver, and he says he was here earlier with Brooke. Pam cuts her romance with Stephen short when she says she has to go to work. Brooke doesn't want Oliver to talk about what happened at the party. Mike wants to know Stephen's plan regarding Stephanie. Katie tells Stephanie there's no way her father's involved with Pam, and Pam confirms it. Stephanie tells Pam that she's gonna come away with her whether she likes it or not. Oliver promises Brooke he won't reveal anything to Hope about what happened, Hope walks in and wonders what's going on.moreless
  • Ep. #5836
    Ep. #5836
    Episode 60
    Oliver finds Brooke and asks if everything is alright. Ridge tells Eric that Stephanie is gonna try to make peace with the Logan's. Stephen tells Pam that he's really proud of the way she stood up to Stephanie just now, but Pam begins to think her sister maybe right and that he should leave. Stephanie tells Eric that they have a problem cause Stephen is using Pam to get back at her. Oliver wallows to himself and says that it was a case of mistaken identity. Hope presents Brooke with some flowers as a token of her appreciation. Pam's plans of breaking it off with Stephen takes a drastic turn. Stephanie tells Lt. Baker that Stephen is on a mission to get back at her for Beth's unexpected death. Brooke goes to Oliver saying he pretty much know why she's here and thought she was dancing with Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5835
    Ep. #5835
    Episode 59
    Stephanie learns that Stephen is the source of Pam's changed behavior. Brooke wants Ridge to take a break and to put on the masks and to do something kinky. Stephanie known something was off and should've met Pam mystery man sooner, she's shocked to hear that he's living with her sister. Brooke realizes that Ridge has no idea what she's talking about, and he wasn't the one she was with. Pam asks Stephen if Stephanie is right and this thing they have is all about revenge. Brooke learns a startling revelation that Ridge wasn't there when that song was playing and is aghast that she could've been with Oliver. Pam angrily asks Stephanie to leave, Stephanie then vows to Stephen that she's gonna find out exactly what he's planning to do.moreless
  • Ep. #5834
    Ep. #5834
    Episode 58
    Stephanie tells Thorne she's worried that someone is influencing Pam causing her to act strange. Nick looks as Dr. Caspary performs the ultrasound on Bridget. Stephanie is worried cause she doesn't want Pam to end up hurt. Pam tells Stephen that she actually stood up to Stephanie today. Bridget receives the ultrasound results. Stephen helps Pam make a move to change her ways by throwing out her medication. Owen comes to the hospital to be there for Bridget and says that Nick might accept the truth once he knows. Stephanie comes to Pam's place and finds her in Stephen's arms and abruptly tells him to get his hands off her sister.moreless
  • Ep. #5833
    Ep. #5833
    Episode 57
    Brooke asks Oliver if anyone he knew wore a mask at the party that made him do something he wouldn't have the guts to do. Pam tells Stephen that despite the hatred for their families she doesn't want him to leave. Brooke wonders if Steffy attended the party last night. Ridge asks Stephanie how her and Eric's night went at Big Bear, she says that she's been hard on Brooke lately and apologizes. Pam starts to lose it in front of Stephanie and they both get into an argument. Brooke tells Katie of her romantic night with Ridge outside. Mike comes back and gives Stephen a gun that's untraceable, but he refuses. Oliver comes in and hears Brooke tell Katie that her experience was intense.moreless
  • Ep. #5832
    Ep. #5832
    Episode 56
    Ridge and Brooke have a miscommunication about what happened at the party. Steffy asks Hope how her party went last night, Hope said that it went very well. Oliver can't get the image of realizing he made love to Brooke out of his head, Whip comes in and asks what's bothering him. Hope tells Steffy that there's nothing that break her and Oliver up. Oliver admits something to Hope about the party. Ridge continues to tell Brooke he has no idea what she's talking about. Hope thanks Marcus for bringing the necklace to the house, and Oliver learns that he gave it to Brooke. Hope and Steffy put one over on Ridge and says that all is good between them. Oliver has an uncomfortable encounter with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5831
    Ep. #5831
    Episode 55
    Oliver's still reeling over the realization that he made out with Hope's mother. Brooke thanks Ridge for that special moment even though he doesn't know what she means. Daddy Yankee continues to entertain the guests at the Forrester mansion. Ridge thanks Oliver for giving Hope a night to remember and is eternally grateful. Hope sees that Oliver is starting to feel light headed and tells Marcus to get him something to drink, but Oliver says that he's okay. Stephanie confesses something to Eric while together at Big Bear. Oliver realizes that Brooke doesn't know that it was him who she made love too and not Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #5830
    Ep. #5830
    Episode 54
    Ridge tells Steffy that he doesn't want her ruining things tonight. Steffy gets an idea when learning people will be wearing masks at the party. Aggie tells Oliver to make sure that Hope's ready to say the word. Rick and Thomas assure Hope that they won't let Steffy ruin her special night. Brooke tells Ridge to hurry up and she'll save a dance for him. Oliver shows up and Marcus points him to where he thinks that Hope is standing and accidentally dances with Brooke. Nick and Aggie get to know each other better. Marcus sees Oliver go off with her and thinks something is definately up. Oliver comes in the house and runs into Hope, and sees the person take her mask and is shocked to learn he was making out with Brooke.moreless
  • Ep. #5829
    Ep. #5829
    Episode 53
    Steffy really wants to attend Hope's party tonight. Oliver shows Aggie what to expect while Daddy Yankee is performing at the Forrester estate. Brooke tells Steffy that if she wants to attend then to talk to Ridge. Ridge and Brooke have a pre party warm in the steam room. Ridge and Oliver have a deep discussion about his feelings for Hope. Marcus tries to stop whatever Steffy has planned at Hope's graduation party.moreless
  • Ep. #5828
    Ep. #5828
    Episode 52
    Daddy Yankee and Dempsey check out the Forrester mansion and thinks this party will be a smash. Bridget gets wind that Owen confessed the truth to Jackie. Agnes thinks to herself he'd better pray that that baby Bridget is carrying is his. Owen tells Bridget that it's okay cause Jackie already forgave him. Brooke tells Stephanie that she doesn't want Steffy ruining Hope's special night. Nick returns to the office and is glad he's home with his family. Hope and Oliver plan a memorable night.moreless
  • Ep. #5827
    Ep. #5827
    Episode 51
    Oliver's tells Hope which puts her over the moon that Daddy Yankee agreed to headline her graduation party. Pam tells Jarrett that she had found someone and he's staying at her place right now. Mike comes back asking for the gun after realizing he plans to off Stephanie, Pam comes home asking who the person in her living room. Brooke overhears Steffy tell Marcus that Hope is about to lose something, Brooke says that she is not wanted at Hope's celebration.moreless
  • Ep. #5826
    Ep. #5826
    Episode 50
    Stephen calls Pam and asks to come to Insomnia cause he really needs to see her. Steffy desires Oliver even more after he declares his love for Hope. Hope proposes an idea in getting Stephanie's permission to use her house for a graduation party, she's hesistant at first but Eric makes her see the light. Pam hears of Stephen's search of a place to live, she offers him Stephanie's bedroom. Steffy hears that Hope's party is gonna be at her grandparents house. Stephanie sees something different in her and is thrilled that she's met someone nice and asks who the person is. Stephen lets himself into Pam's place secretly plotting his revenge and making a promise to Beth, he then gets a package delivered containing a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #5825
    Ep. #5825
    Episode 49
    Eric anxiously awaits Stephanie's answer to moving back to the house. Stephen puts some of Pam's lemon bars into his pocket. Stephanie tells Eric that she'll love to come back to the house. Oliver shows Brooke the photos from the day trip that they had. Brooke asks her father who the person in the background is. Stephen asks Pam to teach him how to cook, if it meant spending time with her and plants a kiss on her, while thinking she can commit the perfect crime and he'll avenge Beth's death. The Forresters recount some of their fondest memories and talk about the future.moreless
  • Ep. #5824
    Ep. #5824
    Episode 48
    Brooke tells Stephen that she wasn't invited to the party tonight. Thorne tells Ridge that he hopes tonight goes as he hopes it will. Stephen gets an idea of how to deal with Pam. Steffy tells Thomas that maybe Eric is gonna ask Stephanie to move back home. Pam gets an unexpected visit from Stephen and tells her he knows exactly how she feels and they both shared a lot of tragedy. Hope shares with Brooke the present that Oliver gave her. Stephanie is touched when Eric toasts her and their family and asks her to come back to live in the house.moreless
  • Ep. #5823
    Ep. #5823
    Episode 47
    Stephen asks Brooke to tell him everything about Pam. Pam is delighted and tells Stephanie not to set her up on any blind dates. Eric receives an envelope from Donna containing her divorce settlement requests. Steffy is angered after Eric informs her of Donna's divorce terms. Stephen learns from Brooke that Pam is capable of anything if not properly medicated. Justin tells Donna that he's here for her. Stephanie confides in Pam that she knows she blames her for leaving her with Ann and for her to come to terms with it. Eric plans a get together with his family to discuss the future.moreless
  • Ep. #5822
    Ep. #5822
    Episode 46
    Owen tells Jackie that he has something important to tell her. Stephen tells Pam that he's gonna step up as a father to protect his daughters. Bill tries to persuade Donna to get retribution for her family by signing the document and restoring power to the Logan name. Owen explains to Jackie his night with Bridget, Jackie realizes that he knows the baby Bridget is carrying is his. Stephen asks Pam what she did while she living in Chicago with her mother while Stephanie was living the high life in California he sees Pam is the key to bringing them both down. Donna agrees to sign the paper which pleases Bill very much.moreless
  • Ep. #5821
    Ep. #5821
    Episode 45
    Brooke insists on taking Stephen to be checked out at the hospital, but he says to take him to Katie's. Stephanie helps Pam who's nervous get ready for her date with Jarrett. Katie, Brooke and Bill worry about Stephen. Oliver and Hope engage in a fun photo shoot. Jarrett gets a call, and Pam starts to realize and tells Stephanie they have nothing in common. Stephen sees Pam at Insomnia and walks over and gives her a message to give to Stephanie to keep away from his family. Oliver and Hope look over the photos they took with awe. Stephanie protects Pam from Stephen, as he threaten to do something drastic if they don't cooperate.moreless
  • Ep. #5820
    Ep. #5820
    Episode 44
    Owen is overjoyed after Bridget's revelation about her pregnancy. Brooke walks in and sees Hope's photo shoot going remarkably well. Steffy tells Stephanie there this close to a Logan free environment. Owen is shocked that Jackie knew and persuaded Bridget to say it's Nick's baby. Brooke calls Stephen and sees that he's not so great, he doesn't feel like going out to lunch. Steffy has a proposition for Brooke to leave the company right now and take Hope with her. Madison tells Brooke that Stephen is down by the loading dock acting strangely. Oliver gives a meaningful gift to Hope and voice their love for one another. Brooke is horrified to see her father intentionally get hit by a car.moreless
  • Ep. #5819
    Ep. #5819
    Episode 43
    Brooke puts Oliver on the spot when she asks him to be honest about Hope and Steffy. Bridget tells Nick that she's not up to taking the trip to New York. Steffy says to her parents that there's something real between her and Oliver. Aggie gladly replaces Bridget on a business trip with Nick. Owen begins to suspect that Bridget is hiding something. Oliver and Hope take Brooke's advice and go off together, but can't get away when they see signs of sex everywhere. Bridget finally tells Owen he's the father of her baby and not Nickmoreless
  • Ep. #5818
    Ep. #5818
    Episode 42
    Brooke and Taylor discuss their daughters current success. Nick and Owen walk in on a tense moment between Jackie and Bridget. Rick tells Brooke that Steffy is out to get Oliver all to herself. Whip tells Owen to get ready cause another shoot for the Cabana Boy campaign is start soon. Rick issues a warning to Oliver to stear clear Steffy altogether. Brooke tells Hope she doesn't have to use any tactics on Oliver, and to just be herself. Agnes suddenly realizes that Bridget is looking a litte flushed, and vows to get to the bottom of it. Bridget assures Jackie that she's gonna keep her promise, and wants this child to be born more then anything. Brooke tries to persuade Taylor to end this feud once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #5817
    Ep. #5817
    Episode 41
    Pam asks Steffy how things went with Oliver last night, she says things didn't go so well, she's determined to work harder. Oliver tells Hope that after she left Steffy stopped by but said that nothing happened. Rick comes to get the photoshoot ready and Hope sees that Steffy's wearing intimate lingerie. Steffy uses Oliver to intimidate Hope. Rick asks to speak to Hope alone, she confides in him that Steffy is after her boyfriend. Stephanie tells Pam that she can see that Oliver does have eyes for Steffy. Hope makes a plea to Rick to hang out with Steffy to keep her distracted.moreless
  • Ep. #5816
    Ep. #5816
    Episode 40
    Hope confides in Brooke that she's falling in love with Oliver, and that they almost decided to make love. Taylor tells Whip about Steffy's determination and manipulating to get rid of the Logan's from Forrester Creations and has some wounds under that exterior. Oliver stops and says that he can't do this to Hope. Hope says that Oliver didn't pressure into anything. Steffy tries to seduce Oliver to try to get him to side with her and making him an offer. Taylor explains to Whip that when Phoebe died a part of Steffy died too and may never get over this pain. Hope and Brooke discuss the birds and the bees and to take things very slowly. Oliver asks Steffy exactly how her plan is gonna work in breaking Hope's heart and refuses to be a pawn in her game, but sees something different in her.moreless
  • Ep. #5815
    Ep. #5815
    Episode 39
    Ridge tells Brooke that he hasn't heard back from Steffy since he took her of the campaign. Taylor tells Whip that Steffy was crying out for attention and doesn't know what she'll do next. Oliver explains to Hope that he thought something bad was gonna happen when Steffy was put in charge. Steffy formulates and fills Pam in on the plan to get rid of the Logan's by using Oliver to do so. Oliver tells Hope that he's never felt like this about anyone before and wants to make love to her, but wants it to be special. Stephanie wants Pam to spill the beans and is less then thrilled about the lastest scheme. Steffy surprises Oliver at his place in a lingerie and asks him to kiss her.moreless
  • Ep. #5814
    Ep. #5814
    Episode 38
    Brooke tells Ridge to do something right away. Hope looks at Oliver takes a deep breath, and makes fools out of Steffy and Pam. Pam tells Steffy the way Oliver was looking at Hope throughout the whole thing. Jarrett promises Pam the cover of Eye on Fashion for the scoop on what happened tonight. Steffy tells Hope that whenever she looks at her she's reminded of Phoebe and what she could've been. Brooke accuses Steffy of sabatoging the press conference. Steffy makes a heartbreaking confession to Ridge, and he dismisses her as head of P.R. for the campaign which devastates her.moreless
  • Ep. #5813
    Ep. #5813
    Episode 37
    Brooke has an interesting dream of Steffy and Stephanie, and tells Ridge they're both out to get them. Steffy prepares Hope for the conference. Donna and Katie look at a photo of Beth and sees that she was so happy back then. Stephen seeks revenge on Stephanie, after hearing what happened to Donna. Brooke warns Steffy and Pam if anything happens to Hope tonight they'll deal with her. Katie tells Stephen not to waste his energy on the Forrester's. Pam pulls the plug on the teleprompter leaving Hope with nothing to say, and makes sure the sign says "Ho Logan" and everyone laughing.moreless
  • Ep. #5812
    Ep. #5812
    Episode 36
    Brooke tells Ridge about the intese conversation Jackie and Bridget had the other day. Steffy tells Pam she's impressed with the way she took Donna off with the exterminator. Hope gets news that she's getting a scholarship to Eastern Valley university. Steffy and Pam plan to destroy Hope at the press conference to get her to consider taking the scholarship. Taylor hears Brooke talking to Oliver about Steffy's feelings for him aren't genuine, and confronts her. Hope thanks Oliver for practically saving her again, which leaves Steffy mad. Ridge walks in on a disagreement between Brooke and Taylor. Steffy knows exactly how to make this thing with Hope fail.moreless
  • Ep. #5811
    Ep. #5811
    Episode 35
    Nick looks to Jackie and Bridget and they aren't leaving til he gets some answers. Whip sees that Oliver has something going on with both Steffy and Hope. Brooke realizes that Hope has really fallen for Oliver, Hope says that Steffy is forcing himself on her boyfriend. Bridget tells Jackie that she can't lie to her husband like this and has to tell Nick the truth. Brooke learns of Bridget's pregnancy, Nick believes this child is a blessing. Whip tells Oliver about the trouble Steffy could cause him, Hope arrives and asks him if he and Whip are talking about her, Oliver refers to Hope as his girlfriend. Jackie tells Bridget that if she tells Nick now it might jeaopardize the pregnancy, Brooke sees them fighting wondering what it's about.moreless
  • Ep. #5810
    Ep. #5810
    Episode 34
    Eric agrees to some of Donna's demands, Bill wants to know about the one about Stephanie. Nick sees that Bridget is feeling a little jumpy and asks if everything's okay. Pam finds her own creative way to rid of Donna from Forrester Creations by calling an exterminator. Aggie asks Bridget how the pregnancy is doing, Whip and the rest of the staff congratulate her. Bill tells Eric that since a deal hasn't been reached he'll be hearing from Donna's lawyer. Ridge tells Steffy and Pam that Donna and Eric are ending their marriage. Stephanie warns Donna not to even think of going after a part of the company. Nick walks in on a tense moment conversation between Bridget and Jackie, and asks what is going on. Stephanie and Eric reminisce about their better years together.moreless
  • Ep. #5809
    Ep. #5809
    Episode 33
    Ridge tells Brooke that Bill is instigating Donna's divorce to get the company back in his hands. Donna has a flash of giving Beth CPR, Bill says time will take away the pain. Thorne asks Stephanie what's going on with her and Eric these days. Oliver makes sure he and Hope are alone before he kisses her. Bill encourages Donna to call Eric to set up a meeting with him, so he calls Eric saying they're coming to Forrester Creations. Stephanie realizes what great lengths Bill is going to to pull Donna's strings. Oliver and Hope share another kiss when the video is close to being finished. Donna gives Eric a hefty ultimatum containing three requests.moreless
  • Ep. #5808
    Ep. #5808
    Episode 32
    Jackie tells Bridget she'll be hiding upstairs while she tells Owen everything. Nick tells Aggie the night that Bridget stormed off after the miscarriage him thinking she was with someone. Bridget tells Owen that Nick is the father, as Jackie hears from top of the stairs. Aggie shares with Oliver that Bridget's pregnant also her hopes of the paternity test results. Jackie hears for herself that Owen does love her. Nick comes home to find Jackie and Bridget talking and asks what it's about, and sees that it's about the baby and says everything is gonna be fine.moreless
  • Ep. #5807
    Ep. #5807
    Episode 31
    Bridget tells Dr. Caspary that both she and Jackie want to know the paternity test results. Nick tells Agnes the news of Bridget's pregnancy, but she immediately assumes the baby's paternity and pretends to be happy. Bridget and Jackie learn that Owen is the father, Jackie says to Bridget if she really wants to make it up to her then to do what she says. Nick tells Aggie he made Owen uncomfortable since he does in fact wants children but learns to adjust for Jackie's sake. Bridget says that she's going to tell the truth, but Jackie says this is gonna be Nick's child. Aggie says to Nick that all she wants is his happiness. Bridget agrees to tell Nick that this is his baby.moreless
  • Ep. #5806
    Ep. #5806
    Episode 30
    Stephanie and Taylor shock Brooke by replacing her bedroom line by giving it a second look. Nick tells Owen that he wants him to be apart of the child's life too. Jackie realizes what Bridget says is true of her cheating on Nick with Owen. Stephanie shows Brooke a mystery guest and it's Steffy wearing clothes from her lingerie line. Bridget explains to Jackie that what happened was a mistake, but Jackie realizes that Owen already knows of her pregnancy. Owen declines Nick's offer and will stay with the dutiful granparent thing. Jackie tells Bridget the both their marriages on hanging on a thread, and her company won't survive this scandal, Bridget asks Dr. Caspary if she has the results.moreless
  • Ep. #5805
    Ep. #5805
    Episode 29
    Nick asks Bridget if she'd like him to come over to the hospital, but she says that there's no need. Owen arrives and tells Bridget he's here to determine the paternity of her baby if it's his or Nick's. Jackie offers to go over to the hospital to check on Bridget. Whip invites Taylor to give Brooke and Ridge competition as "steam-room champions". Jackie is surprised to find Owen and Bridget together at the hospital, and tells her that she rescued Nick from his life as did Owen to her. Dr. Caspary comes in and Jackie learns Bridget requested the paternity results and realizes she had an affair with another man and is shocked when she reveals that it was Owen.moreless
  • Ep. #5804
    Ep. #5804
    Episode 28
    Stephen wonders what would've happened if he hadn't taken Beth back to the house if he'd known Stephanie was there. Bill and Stephen discuss their hatred for Eric and Stephanie. Brooke asks Donna if a divorce from Eric is what she really wants. Steffy finds Oliver on the exercise area and asks him if he wants some inspiration. Eric tells Ridge that Bill is using this to influence Donna and shows him the letter her requesting half of Forrester. Hope tells Oliver that the funeral was lovely and he shows her the music for the video. Donna is angered by Stephanie's kind gesture.moreless
  • Ep. #5803
    Ep. #5803
    Episode 27
    Eric tells Donna not to leave cause he needs her. Brooke updates Ridge on the events he has missed, and he apologizes for not coming home sooner. Katie is aghast that Bill is suggesting that Donna leave Eric. Ridge finds out that Stephanie was with Beth by the pool when she had her accident. Eric tells Donna that he'll always be here, and asks for one last dance, she leaves the letter before leaving. Eric calls Bill and says he's not gonna let him use his wife to gain control of Forrester Creations.moreless
  • Ep. #5802
    Ep. #5802
    Episode 26
    Bill shows Donna that Eric's loyalties are not to her. Eric shows Stephanie the photo that was taken sometime after the tribute. Nick tells Bridget that Jackie is already starting to suspect something, Jackie comes in and Nick tells her and Owen that Bridget's pregnant. Donna arrives and says she saw the photo of Eric and Stephanie kissing. Bill tells Justin that Donna went to see Eric and hopes that she stands her ground. Jackie couldn't be more happier for Nick. Bridget and Owen work together to find out the truth. Eric tries to convince Donna not to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #5801
    Ep. #5801
    Episode 25
    Bill schemes to break up Donna and Eric to get revenge by getting Forrester Creations in his clutches again. Aggie asks Oliver if it was someone else other then Hope that he was expecting. Jackie wants Nick to tell her the real reason Bridget doesn't want to be the spokesmodel. Aggie makes a big promise to Oliver that no has to know about that video of Bridget and Owen. Stephanie tells Eric that marriages end all the time doesn't mean it's anyone's fault. Aggie tells Bridget her designs are excellent and why she isn't the spokesmodel. Eric goes to see Donna and says he let Stephanie go and for her to come home again. Bill shows Donna a picture of Eric and Stephanie kissing shortly after the tribute, and says it's her right to go after everything and is legally entitled to a share of Forrester.moreless
  • Ep. #5800
    Ep. #5800
    Episode 24
    Donna tells Eric that Stephanie can no longer be apart of their lives, Bill intervenes and Donna says that he can stay if Stephanie can. Pam tells Thomas and Thorne that Stephanie and Eric are together and it's as it should be. Steffy comes to Oliver's office and attempts at seducing him. Eric is shocked when Bill defends Donna when he says he doesn't desevere a woman like her as his wife. Oliver rejects Steffy's turn on and says he's committed to Hope. Bill urges and convinces Donna to acquire half of Forrester Creations as a possible divorce settlement.moreless
  • Ep. #5799
    Ep. #5799
    Episode 23
    Eric tells Stephanie that he's concerned about his marriage. Jackie offers her condolences to Bridget for her grandmother's passing. Everyone gathers at the Beach House, to pay their respects, but Eric isn't attending. Brooke tells Donna to think of Eric asking Stephanie to move out a good sign. Donna comes home thinking she shouldn't have walked out on him last night, Eric wants to help her grieve, Stephanie comes in and Donna learns she stayed the night and forces Eric to make a choice her or Stephanie.moreless
  • Ep. #5798
    Ep. #5798
    Episode 22
    Eric tells Stephanie that Lt. Baker wants to see them. Stephen tells Katie that rushing Beth to the hospital wouldn't have helped her at all. Donna thanks Bill for giving her a place to stay during this bad time. Stephanie explains to Lt. Baker that this house wasn't a suitable environment for a alzheimer's person, and Eric agrees. Katie shares a heartfelt goodbye to Beth. Donna tells Bill that Eric stood up for Stephanie and not her. Stephanie calls Pam saying she'll be staying the night.moreless
  • Ep. #5797
    Ep. #5797
    Episode 21
    Stephanie tells everyone that she's not at fault for what happened to Beth. Katie gets a call from Donna and learns of her mother's passing. Rick goes and tells Hope that their grandmother died and alzheimer's wasn't the cause, she drowned in the pool. Katie rushes to Eric's and demands what happened to her mother, Donna says that Stephanie is to blame. Oliver comforts Hope after hearing of her loss. A devastated Donna makes a drastic decision to press charges against Stephanie, but is worse when Eric believes it wasn't intentional, Donna then leaves. Stephanie thanks Eric for standing up for her when she was accused.moreless
  • Ep. #5796
    Ep. #5796
    Episode 20
    Katie shares her innermost thoughts about her mother with Bill. Everyone hears Donna scream and rush out to find her giving Beth CPR. Stephanie looks at the lace at the bottom of the pool and realizes that's why she fell in. The paramedics arrive and start to work on Beth and they said that they couldn't bring her back, as everyone is devastated. Katie feels a sudden loss in her heart like her mother is already gone, she decides to take out the photo album but can't find a certain picture. Stephanie confesses to Eric, Stephen, Donna and Brooke she was with Beth down by the pool, and asks them if they believe that she wouldn't endure harm to her at all.moreless
  • Ep. #5795
    Ep. #5795
    Episode 19
    Stephanie tells Eric she'll have to get used to him choosing Donna over her. Donna and Brooke assure Beth that they can deal with Stephanie themselves. Katie tells Bill she wishes her mother's condition could just go away, so she doesn't have to suffer. Beth tells Stephen that she wants to help in getting Stephanie out of the house for good. Stephanie tells Eric that the house isn't equipped for what Beth needs, but round the clock care. Katie is overwhelmed by Bill's sensitivity during her family's crisis when he invites her mother to stay at the beach house. Beth goes to see Stephanie, but refuses to escort her back to the house, Stephanie takes the thing out of her hand and throws it in the pool, Beth reaches out for it and falls in. Stephanie tells Brooke that she ran into Beth down by the pool earlier. Donna screams hysterically when she sees the doilie floating in the water.moreless
  • Ep. #5794
    Ep. #5794
    Episode 18
    Stephen calms Beth down assuring her that Eric wants him and her to stay and Stephanie will have to go. Ridge tells Eric that he's being pressured to asks Stephanie to leave, even though he doesn't want her too. Whip and Taylor wake up in each other's arms, and gives her reasons why he loves her. Stephanie tells Donna that Beth needs to be in a facility so that she can be taken care of, and asks if she's using Beth's illness to stay close to Eric. Taylor tells Whip she can't imagine what Stephanie is going through with the Logan's over there. Beth becomes lucid for only a few moments and tells Donna to never forget how much she loves her, before fading away. Eric makes the sacrifice by breaking the news to Stephanie by asking her to move out of the guest house, by saying he's not going to walk away from his wife.moreless
  • Ep. #5793
    Ep. #5793
    Episode 17
    Pam tells Stephanie that the last thing she needs is more Logan's in the house. Eric tells Stephen that he and Beth are welcome in his home anytime. Beth doesn't recognize Hope, Donne and Katie see that her condition is getting worse. Brooke and Ridge try to brige the growing resentment towards their mothers. Pam and Stephanie stew in their hatred of the Logan sisters, and insists she do a little fumigating. Stephen says Beth took a turn last night and can't afford another encounter with Stephanie. Beth has an outburst telling Stephen to get Stephanie out of her sight. Donna goes to Stephanie to get her to understand that her mother needs to stay her, she says it's being a mistake for them being here and for Donna to get out of Eric's life altogether.moreless
  • Ep. #5792
    Ep. #5792
    Episode 16
    Jackie tells Owen that she doesn't have reason that she'll ever lose him. Stephen tells Eric that having Stephanie live in the guest is gonna make things worse. Stephanie learns that Stephen and Beth will be staying at the house for a while. Nick asks Bridget what's wrong, and whatever it is they can deal with it together, she says that she's pregnant. Beth comes downstairs and recognizes Stephanie as the troublemaker that she doesn't like. Owen calls Bridget making him a promise not to share her "news" with Nick, but meets him and says she told him cause he had a right to know. Beth asks Stephen to talk with Stephanie alone, and tells her to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #5791
    Ep. #5791
    Episode 15
    Owen asks Bridget what does the test say. Nick tells Jackie that maybe it's time she and Owen took a vacation away for awhile. Stephen tells Donna that Beth felt uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings and that's why they're hear. Bridget tells Owen that she's in fact pregnant. Eric and Donna see that Beth is getting worse when they see her walk in the room. Owen asks Bridget if she slept with Nick the night that she left the beach house and wonders if Nick could be the father. Donna is touched that Eric allows her parents to stay with them. Bridget comes home not in the romantic mood, and tells Nick she has something to tell him.moreless
  • Ep. #5790
    Ep. #5790
    Episode 14
    Nick shows Jackie the proofs from the Cabana Boy shoot and says it'll be a hit. Pam knows the real reason Stephanie is doing this, cause to get Eric back. Eric arrives in the showroom and asks Stephanie what is going on here. Nick shows Jackie and Owen a surprise he had photos of them made up. Stephanie shows Eric the tribute focusing on his contributions to Forrester Creations over the years, which leaves Donna angry and realizes what she's up to. Owen tells Bridget to go and take the pregnancy test. Eric is touched and thanks Stephanie for a wonderful tribute and kisses her, Pam takes a picture with her phone. Bridget reads the test results and Owen asks if it's negative or not.moreless
  • Ep. #5789
    Ep. #5789
    Episode 13
    Owen finds a disheveled Bridget and says that she's late and could be pregnant. Ridge sees Stephanie making the finishing touches on her little retrospective for Eric tomorrow. Nick looks back at his life and weddings to Bridget. Rick finds out Stephanie is living in the guest house, and asks how Eric could let that happen. Owen covers by telling Nick that Bridget has her concerns for being the spokesperson. Donna pleads with Stephanie to move out so she and Eric can work on their marriage, but she brings up when she prefered the limelight over being there for her husband. Owen gets Bridget to take the test cause chances are she's not even pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #5788
    Ep. #5788
    Episode 12
    Thorne tells Stephanie that he's already gotten to work on the video for Eric's tribute, Eric then walks in wondering what there up to. Whip assures Nick his advertising campaign for Jackie M. with Owen as the "Cabana Boy" will be a definate hit. Owen confides in Jackie that he's a little uncomfortable in this outfit. Jarrett says that he's glad that the Forresters are once again back at the helm of their business which causes for a celebration. Dr. Caspary learns that Bridget hasn't been taking her birth control pills, and thinks she needs something to deal with her depressed state of mind. Thorne tells Eric that it's not too late for he and Stephanie, but Donna stands in the way of that. Bridget looks at her calendar and remembers what Dr. Caspary said about the stuff she took could defect the birth control, she wonders she could be pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #5787
    Ep. #5787
    Episode 11
    Donna tells Brooke and Katie that Stephanie has her eyes set on Eric. Bridget tells Nick that she and Agnes came to an understanding last night. Thorne learns of Stephanie's living arrangements. Whip has an idea for a new campaign that put Jackie M. on the map once again which involves Jackie and Owen. Stephanie lets Pam and Thorne in on a secret that she's gonna get her husband back. Katie tells Donna that what Bill says is true to face their problems head on. Stephanie plans on a tribute to Eric, Thorne thinks this is the next step to remind him of what their parents had. Brooke confronts Stephanie about her plot to get Eric away from Donna. Donna doesn't get the response she was hoping for when she tries to reconcile with Eric.moreless
  • Ep. #5786
    Ep. #5786
    Episode 10
    Owen begins to realize that someone else may know his and Bridget's secret. Donna sees that Eric already agreed that Stephanie can say, and says that she can't be here. Bridget says that there's now way someone else was there that night. Donna finds herself at Bill's after having an argument with Eric regarding Stephanie, Bill says she shouldn't have stormed out on the fight. Bridget and Aggie give their friendship another chance, by trying to put all the sadness behind them. Donna comes home and apologizes for storming off the way she did, Stephanie walks in and sees them kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #5785
    Ep. #5785
    Episode 9
    Pam tells Stephanie that Donna's days as Eric's wife are numbered. Whip and Taylor celebrate their union. Nick congratulates Taylor saying that Whip is the perfect man for her. Oliver tells Agnes to let it go and to see it was a mistake to see that video. Beau Davidson serenades as Taylor and Whip share a dance. Oliver calls Hope saying she managed to get away from Steffy for a brief second, but Steffy manages to plant a kiss on him. Owen forgot that Oliver is staying at his friends beach house which is next to his. Eric comes home and Donna sees that Stephanie is with him. Hope lands in the wedding cake courtesy of Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #5784
    Ep. #5784
    Episode 8
    Ridge makes an announcement and doesn't think he can live with himself til he does. Donna tells Hope that she feels like Eric is pushing her out of his life. Owen looks at Bridget while Agnes recites a poem to Whip and Taylor. Donna and Hope wondered their mates getting hit on by other women. Whip and Taylor are pronounced husband and wife. Oliver tells Agnes to be careful as she eyes Nick from afar, he then makes makes a toast to Whip and Taylor. Donna calls Stephanie, and says she can't move into the guest house.moreless
  • Ep. #5783
    Ep. #5783
    Episode 7
    Pam tells Donna that it's only a matter of time before Eric takes Stephanie back. Steffy tells Thomas that she's going to make her move on Oliver at the wedding. Agnes looks at Bridget after Jackie says she's lucky to have a committed husband. Donna and Hope wonder what's going on at the wedding right now. Taylor reflects on her relationship with Ridge. Oliver and Agnes give Whip an antique for luck in his marriage. Hope finds a photo album that Stephanie made years ago for Ridge and Taylor. Ridge stands up and announces that he's not going to let this happen.moreless
  • Ep. #5782
    Ep. #5782
    Episode 6
    Brooke sees a ring on Taylor's finger, and she confirms she and Whip are getting married. Hope tells Steffy that Oliver got the job at Forrester Creations. Jackie tries to figure out Agnes's future at Jackie M. Whip asks Oliver to be his best man at his wedding. Agnes overhears Bridget and Owen's converstion regarding their infidelity, but interrupts them by saying Nick called a meeting. Donna is angered when Eric has an offer for Stephanie to move into the guest house. Whip invites everyone to the wedding. Stephanie remembers all the weddings Taylor and Ridge had.moreless
  • Ep. #5781
    Ep. #5781
    Episode 5
    Whip and Taylor celebrate the fact that they're getting married. Steffy calls Oliver in another attempt to lure him into her clutches. Hope presents a pitch for the Hope for the Future line, Ridge and Brooke are impressed that Oliver composed the music and he's offered a job. Whip asks Thomas and Steffy their blessing to marry their mother. Steffy tells Thomas her latest ploy to get rid of the Logan's. Whip and Taylor are surprised at Stephanie's response to their engagement. Steffy tells Thomas that anything can happen and will make Oliver hers.moreless
  • Ep. #5780
    Ep. #5780
    Episode 4
    Taylor and Whip continue their romance back at her house. Agnes catches Oliver reading her poem and thinks it's about Nick. Nick kisses Bridget for allowing to give Agnes a second chance. Brooke is relieved that Taylor is finally over Ridge. Oliver tries to get Agnes to admit she has a crush on Nick. Bridget tells Owen she's not liking who she's become when it resulted her in cheating on her husband. Whip surprises Taylor with a ring and asks her to marry him which she immediately says yes. Robert makes a request of Brooke and Ridge to share one last dance on the floor before closing the doors. Oliver spies on Owen and Bridget in her office.moreless
  • Ep. #5779
    Ep. #5779
    Episode 3
    Donna reacts badly when Eric show loyalty to Stephanie, instead of her. Robert tells everyone that Cafe Russe will be closing it's doors. Whip and Brooke listen as Taylor and Ridge remember the past. Eric tells Donna she didn't do anything to keep Bill and Katie from taking his company away from him and will be disappointed if she can't accept that Stephanie is back. Taylor hopes she's not ruining the dinner by bringing up all these memories. Donna goes to talk to Katie, but sees Bill and offers to lend an ear to explain what happened. Eric tells Stephanie that he shouldn't have let her go in the first place and kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #5778
    Ep. #5778
    Episode 2
    Donna interrupts a close moment between Eric and Stephanie. Donna tells Pam that if she were still in charge she would be fired. Katie is glad she's not with the company, cause she'll have more time to spend with Bill. Brooke asks Whip exactly what this dinner is all about, and realizes he's falling for Taylor. Donna tells Eric that even though she's not in charge anymore she wants to be treated fairly. Ridge thinks this is gonna be a memorable evening. Katie shares her ideas with Bill for Spencer Publications. Taylor, Ridge, Brooke and Whip head to Cafe Russe for dinner.moreless
  • Ep. #5777
    Ep. #5777
    Episode 1
    Bridget and Owen rethink their tryst. Brooke is astonished at the lovely work that Ridge has done on his designs. Agnes tells Oliver what stopped her from revealing the truth is what Nick and Bridget told her they want to try again at being friends. Steffy and Hope compete for Oliver's affection using Forrester Creations. Whip is glad that Agnes is staying at Jackie M.moreless