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Season 2018 : Episode 20180523

Episode Guide

  • Ep. #6284
    Ep. #6284
    Episode 255

    Brooke is defensive when Stephanie starts asking the wrong questions. Liam and Hope discuss about hiding their relationship from the media before his divorce is finished. Marcus and Dayzee enjoy special time together.

  • Ep. #6283
    Ep. #6283
    Episode 254

    Brooke confides in Katie about the issues Hope is having with Liam. Hope is surprised when she is confronted by a disappointed and upset fan. Marcus wants his family and friends to join him in a special time with Dayzee.

  • Ep. #6282
    Ep. #6282
    Episode 253

    Hope confides in Stacy about how Brooke's sexual behavior over the years left a lasting effect on her. Ridge and Brooke find out about Stephanie and Eric getting married again. Liam talks to Katie and Bill about the night he spent with Hope.

  • Ep. #6281
    Ep. #6281
    Episode 252

    Bill tries once again to persuade his son not to divorce Steffy. Brooke finds out how Hope is dealing with her intimacy issues. Liam feels bad after hurting Steffy's feelings. Taylor and Brooke argue over the drama between their daughters.

  • Ep. #6280
    Ep. #6280
    Episode 251

    Hope is struggling with her emotions as she tries to let her relationship with Liam grow. Brooke and Ridge try to change Steffy's mind.

  • Ep. #6279
    Ep. #6279
    Episode 250

    Hope wants Brooke to keep her admission to herself. Bill tries to keep Steffy from giving Liam an annulment. Hope and Liam attempt to get intimate again.

  • Ep. #6278
    Ep. #6278
    Episode 249

    Hope meets a sex therapist and discusses her reasons for staying a virgin so long. Bill interrupts a moment between Steffy and Liam.

  • Ep. #6277
    Ep. #6277
    Episode 248

    A couple remarries. Brooke is stunned when she learns about what happened between Hope and Liam. Bill questions Liam about the night he spent with Hope.

  • Ep. #6276
    Ep. #6276
    Episode 247

    A proposal is made. Hope opens up to her mother about the night she spent with Liam. Eric and Stephanie receive a visit from Gladys Pope.

  • Ep. #6275
    Ep. #6275
    Episode 246

    Stephanie and Taylor are convinced Liam will return to Steffy. Brooke and Ridge continue disagreeing regarding Hope. Hope begins doubting her decision about sleeping with Liam.

  • Ep. #6274
    Ep. #6274
    Episode 245

    Steffy attempts to change Liam's mind regarding Hope. Brooke encounters Steffy in a bad moment and learns more about her. Hope and Liam reminisce about the happy times they spent together.

  • Ep. #6273
    Ep. #6273
    Episode 244

    Steffy and Hope continue arguing. Brooke and Ridge discuss their different views on the issue between Steffy and Hope. Steffy confronts Liam about what Hope had told her. Hope prepares for a night with Liam.

  • Ep. #6272
    Ep. #6272
    Episode 243

    Brooke and Stephanie argue over the issue between Steffy, Hope and Liam. Hope gives Steffy a warning, and informs Liam of her plans. Ridge comforts Steffy over her failed marriage.

  • Ep. #6271
    Ep. #6271
    Episode 242

    Jackie is surprised by Bridget and Owen's news. Hope makes a huge decision about her future with Liam. Bill tries to convince Liam once again to stay married to Steffy.

  • Ep. #6270
    Ep. #6270
    Episode 241

    Bridget and Owen surprise Eric and Brooke by announcing that they have decided to split up, and that Owen will go back to Jackie. Hope is surprised when Katie puts her two cents in on the whole virginity issue. Nick comforts his mother as she admits that she misses Owen. Owen and Bridget visit Jackie to let her know what they've decided.

  • Ep. #6269
    Ep. #6269
    Episode 240

    Amber is frustrated when she sees Rick in an embrace with Steffy, and she warns Steffy to back off, but Steffy explains she isn't over Liam. Stephanie pays Liam a visit in order to try to convince him not to end his marriage. Rick informs Hope and Brooke that he can't get through to Steffy.

  • Ep. #6268
    Ep. #6268
    Episode 239

    Bill tries to reach peace with his son. Steffy refuses to give in to Rick due to her lingering feelings for Liam. Brooke tries to give Hope advice on how to hold onto her relationship with Liam.

  • Ep. #6267
    Ep. #6267
    Episode 238

    Hope thinks about taking her relationship with Liam to the next level before getting married. Ridge and Bill argue on the double date with the Logan sisters. Liam is stunned by Bill's advice.

  • Ep. #6266
    Ep. #6266
    Episode 237

    Liam confronts Rick about his sudden interest in Steffy. Hope defends Rick as Liam defends Steffy, causing a rift between them. Brooke and Ridge go out on a double date with Katie and Bill.

  • Ep. #6265
    Ep. #6265
    Episode 236

    Steffy challenges Rick to prove his interest. Brooke and Stephanie continue arguing over what Rick is trying to do to Steffy, as they come to a realization that the history is repeating itself. Hope wants Liam to confront his feelings for Steffy.

  • Ep. #6264
    Ep. #6264
    Episode 235

    Steffy informs Stephanie about how she tricked Rick into thinking she signed the papers. Hope, Liam and Rick are frustrated when they realized Steffy tricked them. Stephanie tries to get Brooke to help her get Rick off of Steffy.

  • Ep. #6263
    Ep. #6263
    Episode 234

    Brooke is concerned about Rick's plans for the future. Steffy tells Liam that she thinks they will eventually end up together again. Hope meets two women that think of her as inspiration.

  • Ep. #6262
    Ep. #6262
    Episode 233

    Steffy overhears two of her ex-boyfriends sharing a conversation. Rick goes through with his plan to ensure a bright future for Hope. Liam comes up with new rules in the relationship with his father.

  • Ep. #6261
    Ep. #6261
    Episode 232

    Ridge suggests Steffy should find a way to move forward with her life. Katie discusses the state of her marriage with Brooke. Ridge and Rick argue over the control of Forrester Creations. Katie finds a new ally against Steffy in the form of Rick.

  • Ep. #6260
    Ep. #6260
    Episode 231

    Steffy gets an interesting Valentine's Day gift from her husband. Rick has a suggestion for Liam, as he prepares to do what is right for Hope.

  • Ep. #6259
    Ep. #6259
    Episode 230

    The wedding is brought to a halt, as both Hope and Liam react to news that Steffy refused to sign the annulment papers. Taylor comforts Steffy, and they're both surprised when Taylor receives a present in form of a chocolate fountain from Thorne. Hope comes to confront Steffy and they end up in a full-blown catfight.

  • Ep. #6258
    Ep. #6258
    Episode 229

    As Hope happily prepares for the wedding, her family is worried that the truth might ruin the entire event. Ridge tries to talk Steffy into letting go of Liam. Rick wants Hope to make a promise to look out for her happiness in the future. Liam is nervous.

  • Ep. #6257
    Ep. #6257
    Episode 228

    Liam feels the pressure of his current situation. Hope holds a press conference for a special announcement.

  • Ep. #6256
    Ep. #6256
    Episode 227

    Rick questions Liam about his intentions toward Hope. Liam is surprised by Steffy's news. Brooke thinks Taylor and Ridge have turned against her.

  • Ep. #6255
    Ep. #6255
    Episode 226

    Steffy and Hope have an awkward encounter. Taylor has a few questions for Liam.

  • Ep. #6254
    Ep. #6254
    Episode 225

    Brooke and Ridge make an agreement to support their daughters, as they await to hear the decision Liam made. Hope, Steffy and Liam have to move on.

  • Ep. #6253
    Ep. #6253
    Episode 224

    Liam finally makes a decision regarding Steffy and Hope.

  • Ep. #6252
    Ep. #6252
    Episode 223

    Liam and Bill aren't able to sort out their differences. Both Steffy and Hope hide the truth regarding Liam from Brooke and Taylor.

  • Ep. #6251
    Ep. #6251
    Episode 222

    Ridge and Rick have a disagreement over who will have the control of Forrester Creations. Bill attempts to fix his ailing relationship with Liam.

  • Ep. #6250
    Ep. #6250
    Episode 221

    Hope and Steffy talk about what Liam's decision regarding their future might be. Liam is surprised when Katie changes her attitude towards Steffy.

  • Ep. #6249
    Ep. #6249
    Episode 220

    Bill has to face the consequences of hurting his family. Liam has to make a decision about the survival of his marriage. Donna confides in Brooke about the connection between Pam and Nick, and Stephanie walks in on the conversation, and is then shocked to find out it was her sister that stole the designs.

  • Ep. #6248
    Ep. #6248
    Episode 219

    Steffy tries to explain to Liam and Hope that she wasn't involved in the MRI scam with Bill, but they have a hard time believing her. She then shares the story with Taylor, Thomas, Ridge and Brooke. Hope goes to confront Bill about his actions, while Bill tells Justin what happened.

  • Ep. #6247
    Ep. #6247
    Episode 218

    Hope and Liam reunite as a couple, while Brooke is worried about the sudden turn of events. Steffy angrily confronts Bill and explains to Katie that she had no idea her MRI was just a scam. Katie doesn't know where her marriage will go next. Steffy goes to tell Liam and Hope that she is just as much of a victim as they are.

  • Ep. #6246
    Ep. #6246
    Episode 217

    Hope has a change of heart. Brooke tries to dispense advice to her daughter. Liam's relationship with Steffy and his father is affected as a betrayal is exposed.

  • Ep. #6245
    Ep. #6245
    Episode 216

    Hope makes a surprising announcement. Bill catches Liam and Steffy in an awkward moment. Brooke talks to Hope. Katie tries to find a way around Bill's plan to keep her quiet regarding the MRI scam.

  • Ep. #6244
    Ep. #6244
    Episode 215

    Katie and Bill argue over his involvement in the MRI scam. Liam and Steffy await the results of her second MRI. Thomas attempts to talk to a frustrated Hope.

  • Ep. #6243
    Ep. #6243
    Episode 214

    Bill explains to Justin what he did to save Liam's marriage. He reassures Alison that he isn't mad for losing the MRI, then wonders if it was Katie who took it. Beverly admires Hope for her values, but Hope seems tired of her love situation. Katie is confused when the MRI turns out to be real, until the doctor notes that it doesn't belong to Steffy. Dr. Montgomery informs Bill that Liam wants another MRI taken. Katie arrives home to confront Bill about faking the MRI, and he tells Katie that she is overreacting. Meanwhile, Dr. Montgomery tries to avoid having to give answers to Liam and Steffy about her condition.

  • Ep. #6242
    Ep. #6242
    Episode 213

    Katie tells Liam and Bill that it is convenient how Steffy got a blood clot right after getting a clean bill of health. Bill warns her to stop the witch hunt. Steffy admits to Hope that she doesn't feel sick even though the doctors claim she is in danger. Liam and Hope discuss about telling Steffy what happened while she was unconscious. Nick tries to prevent Donna from watching Let's Make a Deal, but eventually she figures out that he appeared on the show with Pam, and connects the dots regarding the design theft at Forrester Creations. She expresses her disappointment in Nick as a person. Katie goes to see a doctor in an effort to find out what is on the MRI she took. Justin and Alison inform Bill that the MRI is missing, but Bill isn't worried because it is the fake one.

  • Ep. #6241
    Ep. #6241
    Episode 212

    Brooke refuses to lie to Ridge regarding Rick's involvement with Amber. Ridge walks into the conversation and refuses to have Amber associated with Forrester Creations. Rick reassures Amber that he doesn't intend to leave her. Nick is frustrated when he has to attend Let's Make a Deal with Pam. Katie talks to Bill about her suspicion that Liam wanted to leave Steffy. She finds out that Bill made several calls to Cabo while Liam and Steffy were there, then tells Liam that she thinks Steffy and Bill might be faking Steffy's condition to save Liam's marriage, but Liam refuses to listen to her accusations. Justin and Alison inform Bill of Katie's suspicions, and Katie steals an envelope titled MRI.

  • Ep. #6240
    Ep. #6240
    Episode 211

    Amber and Rick continue getting closer. Jackie tells Nick that she is worried Pam might stop helping them out. Pam is asked to appear on Let's Make a Deal, and she manages to get Nick to appear with her.

  • Ep. #6239
    Ep. #6239
    Episode 210

    Ridge is concerned about Rick's new line of designs. Liam tells Brooke that he intended to leave Steffy and be with Hope while in Cabo, but his wife's health changed everything. Amber is anxious to find out how Rick did with her sketches. Bill talks to Justin about what happened in Cabo San Lucas, then Justin suggests everything Bill did was to keep Steffy close.

  • Ep. #6238
    Ep. #6238
    Episode 209

    Katie is suspicious of Steffy's diagnosis. Liam wants Bill to keep his nose out of his marriage to Steffy. Hope talks to Brooke about what happened in Cabo San Lucas. Bill wants Dr. Montgomery to tend to Steffy.

  • Ep. #6237
    Ep. #6237
    Episode 208

    Owen and Jackie take a look back at their marriage. Thomas is put in tough place when Liam and Hope demand answers. Rick has a presentation at Forrester Creations.

  • Ep. #6236
    Ep. #6236
    Episode 207

    Owen opens up to Jackie. Pam questions Jackie about Nick. Rick isn't keen on Amber's newest business ideas. Pam does another trick on Donna.

  • Ep. #6235
    Ep. #6235
    Episode 206

    Donna talks to her sisters about her relationship with Nick. Dayzee's is preparing an open mic night, and Dayzee asks Nick to perform, which he reluctantly accepts. Beverly talks to Dayzee about the connection she shares with Rick. Amber confides in Marcus about planning a special surprise for Rick. Rick is confused when Amber offers up her designs as his own so he could take his rightful place at Forrester Creations.

  • Ep. #6234
    Ep. #6234
    Episode 205

    After Bill bribed the doctor to make Steffy's condition seems worse at is is, Liam is stuck in an even tougher place now that he decided to be with Hope. Ridge is frustrated when he witnesses a moment of closeness between Liam and Hope. Hope finds out that Thomas and Steffy worked together to keep her separated from Liam while at the resort.

  • Ep. #6233
    Ep. #6233
    Episode 204

    Liam is pressured by both Bill and Thomas into staying with Steffy and letting Hope go, but Liam has other plans. Worried that his family might be torn apart, Bill decides to take drastic actions involving bribery.

  • Ep. #6232
    Ep. #6232
    Episode 203

    Ridge, Taylor and Bill are forced to go to Cabo San Lucas after Steffy suffered her accident. Liam feels bad about what happened. Brooke and Katie have to deal with the media in Los Angeles.

  • Ep. #6231
    Ep. #6231
    Episode 202

    Thomas is furious at Liam for kissing Hope while being married to his sister. The trio learns of Steffy's accident and take her to the hospital. Katie throws accusations at her husband. Brooke and Ridge continue talking about what might be going on in Mexico. Soon everyone learns of Steffy's accident.

  • Ep. #6230
    Ep. #6230
    Episode 201

    Liam and Katie both come to a realization concerning Steffy and Bill that surprises them. Ridge expresses his opinion on what is going on in Cabo San Lucas to Brooke. Liam chases after Thomas and Hope after realizing what is going on, and Steffy tries to stop him.

  • Ep. #6229
    Ep. #6229
    Episode 200

    Bill hopes that paying for a mariachi band will distract Liam, and Steffy is forced to do her back-up plan when Hope rejects Thomas' marriage proposal. Hope begins getting drunk, and Liam finally learns of her presence in Cabo San Lucas. Bill continues trying to help Steffy, and Katie and Brooke discuss about Hope's love life again.

  • Ep. #6228
    Ep. #6228
    Episode 199

    Steffy wants to have Bill help her out with her plan of getting Thomas and Hope closer together, and Bill enlists the help of his secretary Alison. Thomas is keen on pursuing a relationship with Hope.

  • Ep. #6227
    Ep. #6227
    Episode 198

    At Cabo San Lucas, Liam is confused as to why Steffy keeps disappearing. Meanwhile, Steffy tries to plan a romantic event for Thomas and Hope in hopes of getting them closer together. Katie and Bill argue over Steffy's marriage to Liam.

  • Ep. #6226
    Ep. #6226
    Episode 197

    Thomas decides to help out Steffy, but warns her that he will not do anything manipulative to Hope. Rick voices his opinion on the fact that Hope should be with Liam. Beverly refuses to back down off Rick after Amber's warning.

  • Ep. #6225
    Ep. #6225
    Episode 196

    At Forrester Creations, Beverly and Rick get closer as friends, as they both wish to find out who was behind the designs theft. Amber sneaks into the company, then voices her disapproval to Beverly about her pursuit of Rick. Thomas, Steffy, Liam and Hope are unaware that they are all staying at the same resort in Cabo San Lucas. Steffy is shocked when she finds out.

  • Ep. #6224
    Ep. #6224
    Episode 195

    Thomas expresses his opinion on Brooke's disapproval of his interest in Hope. Steffy and Liam are unaware that they're staying at the same resort in Cabo San Lucas where Thomas and Hope will be. Taylor tries to convince Brooke to support Hope moving on with Thomas.

  • Ep. #6223
    Ep. #6223
    Episode 194

    Without Pam joining the Forresters, the Logan girls have to cook the Christmas dinner at the Forrester mansion. Hope and Thomas get closer as a couple.

  • Ep. #6222
    Ep. #6222
    Episode 193

    Rick and Hope talk about Hope's failed relationship with Liam. The Spencers prepare for the holidays as a family. Thomas wants Hope to take a trip with him.

  • Ep. #6221
    Ep. #6221
    Episode 192

    A jealous Pam does a prank on Donna after witnessing a kiss between her and Nick. Rick dispenses some advice to Liam. Marcus helps out Thomas get a chance to be with Hope. Jackie warns her son that a relationship with Donna might cause them a lot of problems.

  • Ep. #6220
    Ep. #6220
    Episode 191

    Katie urges Donna to stick around Nick even after what he did. Nick and Jackie are surprised when they learn that Pam decorated their house. Pam is shocked when she sees Nick and Donna kissing. Stephanie is still affected after what happened at Pathways, and she continues reaching out to Beverly.

  • Ep. #6219
    Ep. #6219
    Episode 190

    Brooke informs Donna of what Nick and Jackie did to the Forresters. A disappointed Donna leaves Nick's boat. Stephanie remembers meeting the people at Pathways and decides to ask Beverly to forgive her for what she accused her of. Eric is worried about the future of the company.

  • Ep. #6218
    Ep. #6218
    Episode 189

    Steffy and Katie continue arguing. Ridge warns Liam not to let down Steffy. Justin decides to move on with his love life. Thomas learns about Brooke's honest thoughts.

  • Ep. #6217
    Ep. #6217
    Episode 188

    Bill wants to take a family vacation to Mexico. Katie and Liam share an honest conversation. Stephanie dispenses some advice to Hope. Eric is shocked when Jackie confesses.

  • Ep. #6216
    Ep. #6216
    Episode 187

    Hope, Stephanie and Dayzee learn more lessons about Beverly and the people that live with her.

  • Ep. #6215
    Ep. #6215
    Episode 186

    As Hope and Stephanie try to track her down, Beverly refuses to give them a chance to catch up with her. Both Beverly and Dayzee speculate on who could have stolen the designs. Jackie has to calm down Pam, who is having guilty feelings over what happened to Beverly. Stephanie and Hope catch up with Beverly and try to talk to her. After a few hurtful words, Beverly tries to give Stephanie a chance.

  • Ep. #6214
    Ep. #6214
    Episode 185

    Stephanie and Hope continue grilling Beverly over the designs theft, and she runs away from Forrester Creations to a bus, where Dayzee tries to comfort her. Pam feels guilty over what she did, and she pretends not to know anything when she returns to work. Ridge and Eric want to hire a private investigator. Stephanie goes to see Jackie and mentions Beverly, but Jackie has no idea who Beverly is. Pam hides as Stephanie almost sees her entering Jackie's office. Stephanie and Hope decide to track down Beverly.

  • Ep. #6213
    Ep. #6213
    Episode 184

    Nick tries to convince a confused Pam to stay on at Jackie M now that everyone knows someone stole the designs. The Forresters try to figure out who betrayed them, and Hope thinks it was Beverly because of the photos she took. Stephanie and Jackie have a face-off at Jackie M, and Stephanie tries to find out who stole the designs. Stephanie and Hope confront Beverly.

  • Ep. #6212
    Ep. #6212
    Episode 183

    As the Jackie M fashion show goes underway, a stunned Bridget realizes that the designs were stolen from Forrester Creations, and she immediately calls Stephanie to let her know what is going on, while Stephanie wonders where Pam is, and Pam enjoys her day with the rest of the Jackie M crew. The reporters call the line a success, and an angry Stephanie arrives and slaps Jackie. Meanwhile, Marcus barges in on Brooke and Ridge's time alone in the sauna to let them know what has happened.

  • Ep. #6211
    Ep. #6211
    Episode 182

    Owen comes to a conclusion that Jackie has stolen the designs from Forrester Creations, and Jackie tries to defend herself. Pam is having difficulty deciding if what she did was right, while the Forresters celebrate their newest accomplishment and start wondering about what trick Jackie might come up with for the Jackie M showing. Donna confides in her sisters about getting closer to the man they both once were with, Nick. Nick warns Jackie that they're going to war with the people they both care about.

  • Ep. #6210
    Ep. #6210
    Episode 181

    Pam wants to get a guarantee out of Jackie for her future, then goes ahead to confront Stephanie about everything that has been bothering her for years. Nick takes Donna out on a ride on his boat, and they end up kissing. Stephanie and Hope grill Beverly about taking pictures of the dress, but Beverly explains why she did it. Owen notes the difference in Jackie's designs. Eric thanks his family for the support in the newest Forrester line.

  • Ep. #6209
    Ep. #6209
    Episode 180

    Katie issues a warning to Liam regarding his wife. Jackie tries to channel her inner Sally Spectra while creating a new line for Jackie M, and the lengths she goes to cause worry in Nick. Pam continues working undercover as the Forresters unveil their showstopping design. Bill tries to fight off his attraction to Steffy.

  • Ep. #6208
    Ep. #6208
    Episode 179

    Katie refuses to go along with Bill's intention to give Steffy a seat on the Spencer Publications board, but Bill stands by his decision and tells Katie she'll have to learn to accept it. Once Katie leaves, Bill tells Steffy that she is suited well for his son, but a moment of carelessness reminds him of the passion he once shared with Steffy. Liam won't accept the possibility of Steffy and Bill still having feelings for each other, as a sad Katie tries to convince him otherwise. Brooke interrupts a surprise Thomas prepared for Hope. Hope tells Brooke that she wants to move on from Liam.

  • Ep. #6207
    Ep. #6207
    Episode 178

    Despite Steffy's best efforts, Katie refuses to go along with her suggestion to bury the hatchet. Bill gives a new office to Liam, and they move on to discuss about the tension between Katie and Steffy. Bill deeply believes that Katie will learn to get along with Steffy in time. Steffy and Bill try to get Katie to go along with Bill's plans for Spencer Publications, but Katie threatens to go to Liam unless Bill kicks Steffy off the board. Pam listens in as the Forrester team plans for the next show. Stephanie tells Beverly that she might have something for her, and Ridge offers her an internship at the company. Liam questions Hope over the phone about the new ad starring Thomas and Hope, and she wants him to run it.

  • Ep. #6206
    Ep. #6206
    Episode 177

    Brooke and Steffy argue about Steffy's interference in Katie and Bill's marriage. Dayzee introduces her friend Beverly to Stephanie, and Stephanie decides to help out Beverly, who has been in foster care system and now needs a job. Hope thinks about moving on with Thomas. Bill tells Katie that he has no feelings left for Steffy. Steffy tells Katie that she would like to call a truce.

  • Ep. #6205
    Ep. #6205
    Episode 176

    Jackie continues lying to Pam in an effort to get an upper hand on the Forresters. Steffy and Bill try to set some boundaries on their time together, and Katie catches them together, then confronts them. Nick and Donna spend some time together bonding as friends.

  • Ep. #6204
    Ep. #6204
    Episode 175

    Rick makes an important career decision regarding Forrester Creations. Jackie continues manipulating Pam into being a spy. Donna and Justin inform Brooke and Katie that they've decided to end their marriage. Brooke takes Donna to Nick's boat.

  • Ep. #6203
    Ep. #6203
    Episode 174

    Ridge's plan to bring Hope and Steffy closer together seems to be headed to a bad place, as he confronts Hope about talking to Liam. Brooke and Taylor realize that Hope and Steffy's problems are very similar to what they went through in the past. Hope continues trying to make Liam realize Steffy isn't good for him, but Liam doesn't want to talk about it. The family tries to get the dinner going without the tension.

  • Ep. #6202
    Ep. #6202
    Episode 173

    The Forrester Thanksgiving dinner is being held, with Taylor making a surprising appearance as Thorne's date. Steffy and Liam spend some quality time together before heading off to dinner. Stephanie is glad that Taylor is attending dinner, while Pam is insulted that Stephanie is catering desserts. Hope and Steffy try to avoid each other. Eric surprises Stephanie and rest of the guests with an act of intimacy.

  • Ep. #6201
    Ep. #6201
    Episode 172

    Steffy and Liam manage to agree to attend the Thanksgiving dinner held by her family. Hope tries to upset Steffy, causing her to challenge Hope to attend the same dinner. Ridge and Brooke discuss about the dinner as well, worried that the rest of the family might be upset by the bickering. Jackie finds inspiration in Sally Spectra, and is pleased when Nick tells her about the designs Pam got for them. Pam confronts Stephanie when she overhears her talking about her failed engagement. She is then confused again when she gets her hands on the newest designs, and Nick tells her over the phone that he could make it worth her while if she delivered the designs to Jackie M.

  • Ep. #6200
    Ep. #6200
    Episode 171

    Steffy helps Liam relax as they spend some alone time together. Thomas urges Hope to forget about Liam and give him a chance. Ridge and Brooke agree not to let the problems of their kids come between them. Nick does his best to convince Pam to work for Jackie M and hand over the photos she took of Forrester designs. Pam finds herself smitten as Nick lays a kiss on her.

  • Ep. #6199
    Ep. #6199
    Episode 170

    Ridge joins Liam and Hope as Hope tries to get Liam to divorce his wife. Hope argues with Ridge over her morals, as Ridge reminds her that she should practice what she preaches, and Hope vows never to give up on the man she loves. Brooke confronts Steffy about what she did to Hope in Aspen, and Steffy reminds Brooke of the many times she disappointed her own husband. Jackie wants Nick to use Pam to the advantage of their company. Oliver almost catches Pam snooping through Eric's office. Pam calls Jackie and informs her of getting the designs, then gets reassured that Nick will be hers.

  • Ep. #6198
    Ep. #6198
    Episode 169

    Hope desperately tries to convince Liam to get back together with her and dump Steffy. Thomas and Ridge reconcile after Ridge sees Thomas' newest designs. Brooke informs them that Steffy confessed to trapping Hope in the gondola, but Ridge is convinced that Steffy will stay married to Liam, and Brooke hopes that this difference of opinion won't come between her and Ridge. Nick is confused when Pam attempts to seduce him in the steam room. Jackie and Stephanie continue bickering over Eric. Pam talks about her problems with Jackie, and Jackie attempts to draw Pam to her company. Thomas informs Steffy of the truth coming out, and Steffy vows not to lose her husband over it.

  • Ep. #6197
    Ep. #6197
    Episode 168

    Jackie refuses to sign a deal to join Jackie M with Spencer Publications, leaving Bill furious, and Jackie wondering what she can do to revive her company. Hope is confused when she learns that Steffy trapped her in the gondola without a doubt. Pam is furious at Stephen for dumping her as she shares her frustrations with Stephanie. Having taken Eric's cellphone by accident, Stephanie sees Jackie's message and goes to confront her about what might be going on between her and Eric. Nick is shocked when his mystery message to meet a lady in the steam room turns out to have come from Pam. Liam tells Bill that he knows what Steffy did in Aspen, and Bill defends Steffy. Hope wants to get back with Liam.

  • Ep. #6196
    Ep. #6196
    Episode 167

    Thomas encourages Hope to take a chance on him, and Anthony gives the couple a reading that shows happiness in the future. Katie tries to convince Liam to leave Steffy, but Liam actually sticks up for his wife. Brooke and Ridge continue disagreeing on the subject of Hope and Steffy.

  • Ep. #6195
    Ep. #6195
    Episode 166

    Liam and Katie argue over the fact that Steffy came clean to Liam about what happened in Aspen. Katie urges him to annul his marriage, and Liam refuses to do so, then says he loves both Steffy and Hope. Brooke tries to explain to Steffy that Hope and Thomas won't end up together. Steffy wants Ridge to keep Brooke out of her business. Hope and Thomas arrive at Dayzee's to help out during Veteran's Day. They kiss again.

  • Ep. #6194
    Ep. #6194
    Episode 165

    Liam tells Hope that he loves Steffy and then wonders what could have happened if she had made it to their meeting in Aspen. Steffy is pleased after learning Thomas has a thing for Hope. Hope is hopeful for the future, while Steffy tells Liam that she wishes he'd spend less time talking to Hope. Brooke and Katie talk about Hope and Steffy, and Brooke wants to prove that Steffy tampered with the gondola in Aspen.

  • Ep. #6193
    Ep. #6193
    Episode 164

    Brooke is shocked when Hope tells her that Thomas kissed her. She urges Hope to tell Thomas that she loves Liam. Thomas confides in Ridge about kissing Hope. Liam and Steffy are pleased that the problems between them are cleared, but Liam is troubled by the kiss he shared with Hope. Liam and Hope argue over what is going on with both Thomas and Steffy. Brooke shares her concern with Ridge that the entire thing with Thomas is not good. Steffy learns of Thomas kissing Hope, and then asks Thomas to help her keep the couple apart.

  • Ep. #6192
    Ep. #6192
    Episode 163

    Thomas explains to Liam that he needs to keep his distance from Hope, and urges him to recognize that what Steffy did in Aspen was out of love. Hope confides in Thomas about thinking Liam might come back to her, and he wants her to move on. Steffy and Taylor discuss about Steffy's confession before Liam returns and reunites with Steffy. Amber surprises Rick by revealing that she knows he is an aspiring designer. She admires his talent and shows him her own portfolio, then suggests they collaborate together. They kiss.

  • Ep. #6191
    Ep. #6191
    Episode 162

    Taylor and Thorne discuss about where their relationship stands, and they kiss. Hope realizes she has Thomas on her side when they spend some alone time together. Steffy and Liam argue over her confession of what she did in Aspen. Liam witnesses a moment between Hope and Thomas, and warns Thomas to stay away. Steffy confides in Taylor about telling Liam the truth.

  • Ep. #6190
    Ep. #6190
    Episode 161

    Steffy admits to Taylor that she lied to Liam regarding her involvement in trapping Hope in a gondola. Taylor encourages her daughter to be honest with Liam. Hope questions Liam if he is happy in his marriage, and admits that she misses him. Brooke and Ridge discuss about Steffy and Hope again. Thomas has an idea for a new logo for Hope's line. Steffy admits the truth Liam about what she did in Aspen and Liam begins to react.

  • Ep. #6189
    Ep. #6189
    Episode 160

    Ridge angrily yells at Eric for disrespecting his mother, and Eric tries to explain both his and Stephanie's behavior, but Ridge won't have any of it. Stephanie learns from Ridge about Eric kissing Jackie, and Eric later explains that he still wants to only be with Stephanie. Oliver and Thomas learn that there is a whole support group for Hope out there. Hope talks to Donna, Katie and Brooke about where her line might go. Thomas tries to show Hope that there are people supporting her, but Hope has a tough time dealing with losing the love of her life.

  • Ep. #6188
    Ep. #6188
    Episode 159

    Marcus and Dayzee spend time together and with Rosie, and Amber appears explaining that she understands why they should be together. She warns Marcus that he'll have to accept any man she decides to bring into Rosie's life. Owen questions Jackie about how her life has been since their marriage ended. Stephanie confides in Ridge about having problems with Eric. Eric needs emotional support from Jackie. Ridge wants Eric to stay away from Jackie, and Eric finally speaks up for himself.

  • Ep. #6187
    Ep. #6187
    Episode 158

    Eric gives it another shot at romancing Stephanie, but she doesn't want to change her mind. Brooke is suspicious of Amber's intentions when she learns from Taylor about seeing her with Thorne. Marcus and Dayzee discuss about their future together.

  • Ep. #6186
    Ep. #6186
    Episode 157

    Ridge continues yelling at Eric for apparently disrespecting his mother. Thorne and Amber confide into each other about the problems in their lives, and Amber offers a friendship. Taylor warns Thorne that Amber is trouble and continues confusing him by giving him a kiss. Jackie confides in her son about kissing Eric in public. Owen questions Nick about how Jackie is doing. Brooke and Ridge talk about Eric and Jackie before making love. Jackie and Eric discuss about Stephanie again and agree to remain friends, but noting that Eric still needs romance and desire in his life.

  • Ep. #6185
    Ep. #6185
    Episode 156

    After accidentally seeing Eric meeting with Jackie, Ridge puts his father on notice and promises that he won't allow Eric hurting Stephanie again. Amber is frustrated when Jackie refuses to give her a chance at Jackie M. Thorne thinks about what has been going on with Ridge and Taylor as he attends a Halloween party and ends up running into Amber.

  • Ep. #6184
    Ep. #6184
    Episode 155

    Thorne points out to Eric and Taylor that he should have more power in the company and not take a backseat to Ridge, Brooke and Hope. He repeats that Ridge is not a Forrester, and that it is time for a change. Amber and Rick catch up on the recent events in their lives and take some time to reminisce about the past they shared together. Taylor disappoints Thorne by saying she isn't sure she should have a man in her life. Brooke and Ridge witness Jackie and Eric kissing.

  • Ep. #6183
    Ep. #6183
    Episode 154

    Ridge asks Brooke to stop thinking about Hope's problems. Thorne calls a meeting to present some changes he'd like to apply to the company. Jackie confides in Nick about missing Owen. Brooke shares a conversation with Nick over the drama in their lives. At the meeting, Thorne and Ridge clash as Thorne tries to make the decisions, and Ridge questions Taylor about who she wants to side with.

  • Ep. #6182
    Ep. #6182
    Episode 153

    Liam continues questioning Steffy about her involvement in trapping Hope inside a gondola while in Aspen. Hope intervenes in their conversation, and ends up berating Liam for making a poor choice in marrying Steffy. Brooke attempts to convince Ridge and Taylor that Steffy and Bill were working together to separate Hope and Liam, but is frustrated at their comments.

  • Ep. #6181
    Ep. #6181
    Episode 152

    Liam and Hope happily reunite as a couple and talk about what happened in Aspen, and how Steffy could have orchestrated the entire thing. Brooke argues with Steffy over how she could have had the gondola stopped when Hope tried to get to Liam in Aspen. Ridge asks Marcus to handle the press now that the Forrester campaign was put in danger by having Liam marry Steffy. Brooke is surprised by Ridge's choice of words when he likens Steffy's behavior to Brooke's in the past. Liam beings to questions Steffy about Aspen.

  • Ep. #6180
    Ep. #6180
    Episode 151

    Brooke tries to convince Liam that Steffy set him up in Aspen, and Liam doesn't know what to believe. Thomas surprises Hope by showing his support for what she is going through. Stephen plans a romantic honeymoon for Pam and himself, leaving Pam excited and Stephanie thinking about how she is no longer able to give Eric what he might need in a marriage. Eric is grateful to Jackie for what she did with Owen and Bridget. Brooke tells Steffy that she told Liam the truth. Hope and Liam happily reunite.

  • Ep. #6179
    Ep. #6179
    Episode 150

    Hope asks Brooke to drop the search after the truth regarding Aspen. Steffy warns Bill that Brooke is being suspicious of what happened. Bridget and Owen inform their family of giving their relationship a chance. Eric confides in Rick about having intimacy problems with Stephanie. Nick offers to take Jackie sailing to Catalina to get her mind off her marriage ending. Brooke visits Liam and explains that Hope went to look for him in Aspen, leaving him very much surprised at this piece of information.

  • Ep. #6178
    Ep. #6178
    Episode 149

    Nick gives Bridget some advice regarding her love situation. Jackie finally lets go of Owen, explaining that she intentionally sent him away to be with Bridget. Owen calls her a classy lady. Bridget and Owen reunite and kiss.

  • Ep. #6177
    Ep. #6177
    Episode 148

    Brooke confronts Steffy regarding her recent behavior. Nick wonders what his mother was up to regarding Owen. Bridget returns home after a vacation, and makes a confession to Rick and Eric about her love woes.

  • Ep. #6176
    Ep. #6176
    Episode 147

    Brooke is suspicious of Bill's involvement in his son's love drama. Katie makes her opinion of Steffy very clear.

  • Ep. #6175
    Ep. #6175
    Episode 146

    Eric is confused about Stephanie's reaction when he tries to give her a gift. Brooke is frustrated when Ridge doesn't agree with her opinion on what is going on with Steffy and Hope. Steffy confides in Taylor.

  • Ep. #6174
    Ep. #6174
    Episode 145

    Eric arranges a romantic dinner for Stephanie, then questions her aout their lack of intimacy. Katie questions Bill's real intentions. Brooke and Ridge continue talking about the situation between Hope and Steffy.

  • Ep. #6173
    Ep. #6173
    Episode 144

    Ridge and Brooke talk about what might be happening in Aspen between Steffy, Hope and Liam. Hope gives Rick some important information.

  • Ep. #6172
    Ep. #6172
    Episode 143

    Justin and Bill are pleased with the plan they've put into motion. Katie is confused as to why Bill would want his son to marry Steffy. Brooke and Taylor continues arguing over Hope and Steffy.

  • Ep. #6171
    Ep. #6171
    Episode 142

    Steffy tries to make sure that Hope can't find Liam, and Bill helps her out to achieve that. Meanwhile, Rick and Hope try to find Liam on their own. Taylor and Brooke talk about how their love lives reflect the lives of their daughters.

  • Ep. #6170
    Ep. #6170
    Episode 141

    Rick and Bill both work hard to get what they want. Steffy hides important info to further her goals.

  • Ep. #6169
    Ep. #6169
    Episode 140

    Steffy and Liam get closer in Aspen. Rick helps Hope find out where Steffy and Liam went, as they board a plane. Katie keeps questioning Bill's involvement in Liam's life.

  • Ep. #6168
    Ep. #6168
    Episode 139

    Katie is frustrated to learn how Bill is involving himself in Liam's life, and Hope argues about Bill planning a getaway for Steffy and Liam. Meanwhile, Steffy and Liam arrive in Aspen. Brooke, Taylor and Ridge continue discussing the same subject.

  • Ep. #6167
    Ep. #6167
    Episode 138

    Bill wants Justin to prove his point. Taylor and Brooke argue over Hope and Steffy once again.

  • Ep. #6166
    Ep. #6166
    Episode 137

    Steffy challenges Hope to think about her recent decisions, and Hope realizes that she has to put up a fight to get Liam back. Liam wonders if Bill has an ulterior motive when he informs Bill of suddenly getting engaged to Steffy. Brooke and Taylor discuss Liam's switch from Hope to Steffy.

  • Ep. #6165
    Ep. #6165
    Episode 136

    Brooke comforts Hope as she worries that she made a hasty decision last night. Steffy gives Liam a chance to change his mind regarding the proposal, but Liam sticks with it. She then confides in Taylor about what happened. Taylor and Brooke talk about Steffy, and Brooke is flabbergasted to learn what as happened, as is Hope when she sees Steffy and Liam.

  • Ep. #6164
    Ep. #6164
    Episode 135

    Liam turns to Steffy for comfort as his relationship with Hope crumbles. Rick supports Hope as she deals with the pain of a breakup, and Brooke and Ridge join them.

  • Ep. #6163
    Ep. #6163
    Episode 134

    Liam gets a phone call that startles him. Brooke and Ridge discuss about becoming grandparents. Katie tells Bill what she thinks of Steffy. Hope sees a different side of Liam.

  • Ep. #6162
    Ep. #6162
    Episode 133

    At the bachelor party, Bill attempts to change Liam's mind to no result whatsoever. Rick questions Marcus about Amber. Brooke is worried about what a broken promise could do to Liam. Katie orders Steffy to stay away from Liam. Bill tries to have Steffy and Liam spend some time together and he gets them into a car, with Rick following to see what is going on, and Hope approaching.

  • Ep. #6161
    Ep. #6161
    Episode 132

    Brooke and Eric are ecstatic that Rick is back in LA. Katie issues a warning to Steffy. Liam meets Rick for the first time, as his bachelor party gets underway. Bill attempts to change Liam's mind.

  • Ep. #6160
    Ep. #6160
    Episode 131

    Steffy continues trying to destroy the relationship between Hope and Liam. Hope has a surprise for Liam.

  • Ep. #6159
    Ep. #6159
    Episode 130

    Brooke stands by Ridge's side after what happened between him and Thorne. Katie lets her feelings be known when she learns about what has been going on between Liam and Steffy.

  • Ep. #6158
    Ep. #6158
    Episode 129

    Hope and Steffy continue bickering over their different views on sex. The fight between Thorne and Ridge takes a drastic turn.

  • Ep. #6157
    Ep. #6157
    Episode 128

    Thorne goes up against Ridge while he tries to get one of his ideas to work. Dayzee and Marcus spend quality time together.

  • Ep. #6156
    Ep. #6156
    Episode 127

    Steffy and Liam spend some quality time together as Liam is further tempted to leave Hope. Bill talks to Justin about his plan for Liam's future, and Brooke and Hope discuss the same thing for Hope.

  • Ep. #6155
    Ep. #6155
    Episode 126

    Reporters grill Hope about her conflicting messages and her unique relationship with Liam, during her "Hope for the Future" press conference. Liam shares his recent thoughts with Hope. Bill and Steffy come up with plans of their own for Liam.

  • Ep. #6154
    Ep. #6154
    Episode 125

    Bill is worried about Liam's future, and Liam opens up to his father about what is troubling him. Steffy is convinced she can give Liam exactly what he needs.

  • Ep. #6153
    Ep. #6153
    Episode 124

    Steffy is confused about Taylor's new love interest. Taylor wants to help out her family. Ridge doesn't like the feeling of being the middle of Steffy and Hope's fights. Hope further criticizes Steffy's lingerie line.

  • Ep. #6152
    Ep. #6152
    Episode 123

    Taylor receives some intriguing advice from Thorne, and Steffy realizes that the two are getting close again. Thomas and Thorne talk about where they stand at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge reject Thomas' idea to revive Tabboo. Steffy isn't happy when Hope returns from her trip right into Liam's arms.

  • Ep. #6151
    Ep. #6151
    Episode 122

    Jackie wants Nick to find a new love interest. Stephanie tries to make peace with Brooke, promising that this time things will be different. Thomas and Ridge talk about everything that happened in their lives ever since Thomas lied about sleeping with Brooke. Taylor talks to Thorne about what has happened between her and Ridge this time around, and she confides in him about Anthony's prediction. Thorne lays a kiss on her.

  • Ep. #6150
    Ep. #6150
    Episode 121

    Amber continues being envious of the relationship between Dayzee and Marcus, as she tries to win over Marcus. Stephanie and Dayzee discuss about Marcus. Brooke is surprised when Stephanie pays her a visit. Taylor thinks about her reading. Nick thinks Taylor needs a real man and not Ridge. Jackie is worried about Stephanie.

  • Ep. #6149
    Ep. #6149
    Episode 120

    Anthony gives Taylor a reading of her future which peaks her interest. Stephanie tries to get a second chance at a friendship with Taylor and gets an answer she didn't expect. Amber gives it another shot at seducing Marcus.

  • Ep. #6148
    Ep. #6148
    Episode 119

    Donna is unaware of the fact that Justin is cheating on her with Dr. Maponya. Katie comes for a check up. Hope models the dress Eric designed for her wedding. Steffy continues trying to tempt Liam, and she lays a kiss on him.

  • Ep. #6147
    Ep. #6147
    Episode 118

    Hope goes public in her intention to remain a virgin until she is married. Eric has a special surprise for Hope - he has designed her wedding dress. Liam seems interested when he sees Steffy's lingerie photos.

  • Ep. #6146
    Ep. #6146
    Episode 117

    Steffy plans to win over Liam during Hope's absence. Bill learns that Steffy is trying to seduce his son. Nick wants to learn more about Bill's sudden interest in purchasing Jackie M. Ridge has a proposal for Bill.

  • Ep. #6145
    Ep. #6145
    Episode 116

    Brooke tries to impact Hope's decision to take a promotional trip to Paris, while Katie and Donna are left on a task to watch Steffy while Hope is away. Liam wants to talk about marriage and sex.

  • Ep. #6144
    Ep. #6144
    Episode 115

    Hope and Liam have a difference of opinion in regards to setting a wedding date. Hope is surprised when she learns she has to take a trip to Paris to promote her line. Steffy and Taylor talk about Hope and Liam's relationship.

  • Ep. #6143
    Ep. #6143
    Episode 114

    Hope sees Steffy trying to seduce Liam at the Bikini Bar, and then confronts her. Brooke and Ridge discuss about happened between Liam and Hope.

  • Ep. #6142
    Ep. #6142
    Episode 113

    Liam is tricked into saying something he shouldn't have. Brooke realizes that her advice to Hope backfired.

  • Ep. #6141
    Ep. #6141
    Episode 112

    Hope and Liam talk about Brooke's past and how it impacts Hope's views on sex. Steffy blames Brooke for all of her problems, as she continues commiserating with Oliver.

  • Ep. #6140
    Ep. #6140
    Episode 111

    Steffy and Oliver bond while talking about their failed love lives. Hope and Liam prepare to make love, but Hope realizes she's been trying to be like her mother. She then asks Liam to wait until they're married. Ridge and Brooke continue discussing about Hope.

  • Ep. #6139
    Ep. #6139
    Episode 110

    Hope tells Brooke that she is ready to have sex with Liam now that they are engaged. Ridge gives Liam his blessing after discussing the latest events in Liam's life. Amber tells Marcus that she misses him and then asks Dayzee to back off, but Dayzee tells her that she needs to realize Marcus doesn't see her that way.

  • Ep. #6138
    Ep. #6138
    Episode 109

    Hope has to give Liam an answer to his marriage proposal during the fashion show, but decides to run away. Convinced that the relationship is over, Steffy goes to find the couple, only to see them getting engaged after all. Marcus holds the press conference after the proposal, and the family is happy with how he handled things.

  • Ep. #6137
    Ep. #6137
    Episode 108

    Steffy tries to intimidate Hope by bringing up the issue of sex. Hope's fashion collection is displayed. Brooke lets Taylor know what she thinks of Steffy trying to ruin Liam and Hope's relationship.

  • Ep. #6136
    Ep. #6136
    Episode 107

    Hope orders Steffy to back off from Liam. Marcus and Dayzee talk about their relationship. Hope is put in a tough position having to decide if she is ready to break her morals in order to keep her relationship alive. Ridge talks to Steffy about Liam.

  • Ep. #6135
    Ep. #6135
    Episode 106

    Brooke is worried about Hope. Bill doesn't want Liam to hand around Steffy. Steffy tells Hope that she now has a new bond with her boyfriend.

  • Ep. #6134
    Ep. #6134
    Episode 105

    Jackie and Owen learn about Nick's involvement with Bill. Liam lets Hope know what happened between him and Steffy at the apartment. Steffy talks to Taylor about seeing Liam in a whole new life.

  • Ep. #6133
    Ep. #6133
    Episode 104

    Liam finds Steffy about to lose her life in the apartment after an accident. They discuss about what has been going on, and Liam urges Steffy to move on with her life. Steffy plants a kiss on Liam. Hope and Brooke discuss about having sex. Ridge and Taylor talk about Steffy.

  • Ep. #6132
    Ep. #6132
    Episode 103

    Hope refuses to have any sympathy for Steffy's situation as she discusses the matter with Liam. Steffy confides in Oliver regarding her problems. After Oliver leaves, Steffy has an accident that could be fatal. Bill makes an offer to Nick to buy his company and have Katie run it. Ridge and Brooke spend more romantic time together, and they discuss the latest events in their lives. Liam wants to talk to Hope about sex.

  • Ep. #6131
    Ep. #6131
    Episode 102
    Liam tries to give Bill his opinion on his situation with Katie and Steffy. Ridge offers support for what Steffy is going through. Hope and Steffy continue disagreeing over their views.
  • Ep. #6130
    Ep. #6130
    Episode 101
    Jackie learns that it was Steffy who purchased her loft. Steffy tries to change Bill's mind regarding their future. Katie is feeling confident about the health of her marriage.
  • Ep. #6129
    Ep. #6129
    Episode 100
    Bill tells Steffy how things will be from now on. Hope questions Liam about what has been going on between Steffy and Bill. Nick isn't comfortable sharing his house with Jackie and Owen. Steffy and Hope argue.
  • Ep. #6128
    Ep. #6128
    Episode 99
    Ridge apologizes to Steffy for not being there for her, causing her to turn to Bill. Steffy desperately tries to convince Ridge that Bill will leave Katie and that they will be together, but Ridge says it won't happen. Bill tells Katie that he wants to stay with her, and they embrace. Brooke and Taylor argue over the issue concerning Bill and Steffy.moreless
  • Ep. #6127
    Ep. #6127
    Episode 98
    Steffy and Katie have a face-off. Ridge is angry when Taylor informs him of what has been going on between Steffy and Bill. Brooke finds out that Taylor knew about Bill having an affair with Steffy.
  • Ep. #6126
    Ep. #6126
    Episode 97
    Katie receives good news from the doctors. Bill pays Steffy a visit with some news. Brooke tries to reassure Donna.
  • Ep. #6125
    Ep. #6125
    Episode 96
    Steffy shows off her new "love nest" to Oliver. Katie's condition gets worse. Donna and Brooke learn about Katie. Bill has an epiphany about his marriage.
  • Ep. #6124
    Ep. #6124
    Episode 95
    Steffy lays out her version of the future to Liam, and they fight over what has been going on. Bill is filled with guilt over Katie's condition as she ends up in the hospital.
  • Ep. #6123
    Ep. #6123
    Episode 94
    A recently scorned lover attempts to warn another that her marriage is in peril. Steffy confides in Bill. Amber thinks about her feelings for Marcus.
  • Ep. #6122
    Ep. #6122
    Episode 93
    Bill and Steffy let their passion win the war against their reason and good judgment. Taylor tells the truth.
  • Ep. #6121
    Ep. #6121
    Episode 92
    Worried about Hope and her family, Liam makes a special request of his father. Taylor wants to tell Katie the truth. Steffy moves. Taylor throws out Bill.
  • Ep. #6120
    Ep. #6120
    Episode 91
    An angry Taylor decides that she will do what Bill and Steffy seemingly cannot. Owen and Jackie move out of their apartment, as Steffy buys it.
  • Ep. #6119
    Ep. #6119
    Episode 90
    Bill and Katie renew their wedding vows, and later Bill confronts Katie about it. Steffy is confident Bill is hers.
  • Ep. #6118
    Ep. #6118
    Episode 89
    Taylor and Steffy don't see eye-to-eye about Steffy's relationship with Bill. Bill confides in his son.
  • Ep. #6117
    Ep. #6117
    Episode 88
    Taylor is surprised to find out something about Steffy. Stephanie tries to appeal to Brooke. Karen Johnson returns to Los Angeles.
  • Ep. #6116
    Ep. #6116
    Episode 87
    Steffy and Bill get together again. Ridge and Taylor both divulge their thoughts about Stephanie's shares.
  • Ep. #6115
    Ep. #6115
    Episode 86
    Stephanie is still trying to make amends for what she did. Hope and Steffy argue about Ridge. Bill gives Taylor an offer. Ridge and Brooke enjoy their time now that they're back together.
  • Ep. #6114
    Ep. #6114
    Episode 85
    Hope goes up against Thomas. Steffy holds Thomas responsible for what happened. Liam demands to have answers. Taylor is frustrated when Ridge arrives to retrieve his stuff from her place.
  • Ep. #6113
    Ep. #6113
    Episode 84
    Bill and Steffy are caught while finally confessing their true feelings for one another. Bill tries to convinces Steffy to let go of her idea of having her parents reunite.
  • Ep. #6112
    Ep. #6112
    Episode 83
    Steffy tries to get Ridge to reconsider his decision. Bill wants to meet Steffy at his house in Malibu, and Steffy goes out driving upset, with Ridge trying to find her.
  • Ep. #6111
    Ep. #6111
    Episode 82
    Steffy learns the entire truth about what has been going on in her brother's mind. Katie talks to Bill about what had happened at the Forrester wedding. Eric decides to help Stephanie right the wrongs she did.
  • Ep. #6110
    Ep. #6110
    Episode 81
    Thorne and Felicia talk about what might happen to Eric and Stephanie's marriage now that Stephanie's lie is out in the open. Stephanie tries to explain herself to Brooke. Hope is pleased when she learns that she was right all along about Thomas lying.
  • Ep. #6109
    Ep. #6109
    Episode 80
    Thorne confides in Eric about what he thinks of their family's problems. Stephanie visits Brooke trying to look for peace. Eric is shocked to find out what Stephanie did. Thomas has to face Brooke.
  • Ep. #6108
    Ep. #6108
    Episode 79
    Dayzee listens as Thomas desperately tries to justify his lies. Brooke is shocked to find out from Ridge that Thomas was lying. Taylor isn't sure if she can ever trust Stephanie again.
  • Ep. #6107
    Ep. #6107
    Episode 78
    Brooke decides to change her life, and she worries Stephen when she suddenly disappears. Steffy tries to find out more from Dayzee about the secret Stephanie and Thomas are keeping.
  • Ep. #6106
    Ep. #6106
    Episode 77
    Stephen arrives to support Brooke as Taylor and Ridge's wedding is in progress. Steffy and Dayzee make peace between each other. Brooke wants to find a way to move on.
  • Ep. #6105
    Ep. #6105
    Episode 76
    As the guests begin to arrive, Taylor and Ridge prepare for their wedding. Hope and Liam keep Brooke company. Stephanie and Thomas keep battling their guilty feelings.
  • Ep. #6104
    Ep. #6104
    Episode 75
    Steffy is pleased that she is winning over the Logan family. Dayzee and Hope both try to ask Stephanie and Thomas to tell the truth. Ridge goes to see Brooke before his wedding to Taylor.
  • Ep. #6103
    Ep. #6103
    Episode 74
    Brooke receives support from her family. Stephanie tries to keep Thomas quiet about what they did. Eric wants to know why is Ridge rushing to marry Taylor.
  • Ep. #6102
    Ep. #6102
    Episode 73
    Stephanie finds out that someone knows of her plan to break up Ridge and Thomas. Bill tries to find out what is going on between Ridge and Brooke. Dayzee wants Thomas to do the right thing regarding his lies. Stephanie struggles to decide if she did the right thing for both Brooke and Taylor.moreless
  • Ep. #6101
    Ep. #6101
    Episode 72
    Stephanie is put in a tough position. Amber finds herself being uncomfortable in Marcus' family. Thomas tries to explain to Dayzee what he did to get his parents back together. Liam and Hope discuss about making love.
  • Ep. #6100
    Ep. #6100
    Episode 71
    Taylor discusses the plans for her future with Ridge. Eric wants to find out what is bothering a seemingly guilty Stephanie. Hope and Liam are excited about their relationship. Dayzee tries to find out why is Thomas acting strangely.
  • Ep. #6099
    Ep. #6099
    Episode 70
    Bill and Liam decide to go see Amber. Brooke decides to put her attention solely on the foundation. Ridge and Taylor plan their future together. Stephanie feels extremely guilty about what she has done to Brooke.
  • Ep. #6098
    Ep. #6098
    Episode 69
    Thorne questions Ridge about the end of his marriage to Brooke. Ridge and Brooke say their final farewells. Steffy is bragging about her parents being together again. Hope wants Brooke to fight for Ridge's love. Taylor thanks Stephanie for her help.
  • Ep. #6097
    Ep. #6097
    Episode 68
    Bill finds a way to use Hope to his advantage in an article. Stephanie finds herself having to counsel Marcus. Taylor sets some rules for Ridge. Donna and Katie fail to understand why Brooke made some of her recent decisions.
  • Ep. #6096
    Ep. #6096
    Episode 67
    Steffy is suspicious when Thomas continues to act weird. The siblings learn about Taylor and Ridge getting back together. Brooke talks to Donna and Katie about what is going on in her life, and they support her.
  • Ep. #6095
    Ep. #6095
    Episode 66
    Ridge is stunned when Brooke urges him to move on with his life without her in it. Taylor lets Stephanie know the recent developments concerning Brooke. Stephanie realizes Thomas is struggling with guilt.
  • Ep. #6094
    Ep. #6094
    Episode 65
    Amber decides to become a better person after what happened. Tawny is removed from the hospital room without her choice. Oliver reveals too much to Hope and Liam. Amber has to decide on a baby name.
  • Ep. #6093
    Ep. #6093
    Episode 64
    Hope thinks about the possibility of marrying Oliver, while Liam frantically tries to find Hope to inform her of the baby news. Marcus finds himself in a lot of trouble. Katie and Bill decide to move forward.
  • Ep. #6092
    Ep. #6092
    Episode 63
    Amber is worried when the paternity results are being delayed. Oliver takes Hope out of town while Liam tends to Amber. Brooke wants to have a discussion with Taylor.
  • Ep. #6091
    Ep. #6091
    Episode 62
    Whip and Oliver discuss their failed love lives. Amber is in a hurry to learn who is the father of her baby. Liam is informed of Amber going into labor.
  • Ep. #6090
    Ep. #6090
    Episode 61
    Oliver goes to Brooke asking for advice. Justin talks to Marcus about him taking his last name. Amber begins to feel contraction as Carl is doing a paternity test.
  • Ep. #6089
    Ep. #6089
    Episode 60
    Brooke has a tearful conversation with Hope as she fights with the guilt of what she supposedly did. Bill gives advice to his son. Stephanie wants Nick to get back with Brooke. Amber wants Carl's help.
  • Ep. #6088
    Ep. #6088
    Episode 59
    Stephanie is plagued with guilt. Marcus comes to visit Amber, as she thinks of the possibility of Marcus being the father of baby. Brooke tells Stephanie about being eager to make changes in her life.
  • Ep. #6087
    Ep. #6087
    Episode 58
    Brooke makes an important announcement regarding her work at Forrester, and then decides to establish a charity foundation in honor of Stephanie. Whip thinks it is a great idea to have Brooke and Nick as a couple again.
  • Ep. #6086
    Ep. #6086
    Episode 57
    Dayzee confides in Marcus about what is bothering her regarding Thomas. Brooke questions Thomas once again about his memories of the island. Stephanie wants Nick to get back together with Brooke, and at the same time she tries to keep an eye on Thomas.
  • Ep. #6085
    Ep. #6085
    Episode 56
    Hope's suspicions of Thomas lying increase as she tries to find out the truth. Stephanie tries to distract Hope from the search. Katie informs Steffy that she knows what Steffy is trying to do with Bill. Stephanie presents Brooke an offer - keep their friendship if she decides to divorce Ridge.moreless
  • Ep. #6084
    Ep. #6084
    Episode 55
    Whip keeps busy at work to prevent himself from thinking of his failed marriage. Bill finds out about Steffy's hope to host The Catwalk. Hope is convinced Thomas is lying after learning what Brooke thinks happened on the island. Thomas turns to Dayzee.
  • Ep. #6083
    Ep. #6083
    Episode 54
    Liam and Hope talk about how they'll keep Amber away from ruining their lives. Taylor admits to Ridge that she finds herself fantasizing about him. Brooke gets help from Dr. Warwick to fight her guilty feelings. Ridge struggles with his feelings for Brooke.
  • Ep. #6082
    Ep. #6082
    Episode 53
    Steffy goes down hard on Brooke, as Brooke wonders what Ridge's next move might be. Liam lashes out at Tawny and Amber for the text message fiasco. Thomas and Stephanie discuss about what is next in their plans.
  • Ep. #6081
    Ep. #6081
    Episode 52
    Ridge and Brooke finally talk. Steffy questions Thomas and Stephanie. Hope and Liam talk about the mysterious text messages.
  • Ep. #6080
    Ep. #6080
    Episode 51
    Taylor and Ridge reminisce about the happy times they spent together. Stephanie and Eric argue over Ridge. Steffy wants Ridge to consider leaving Brooke for good. Thomas talks to Taylor about the island.
  • Ep. #6079
    Ep. #6079
    Episode 50
    Ridge and Thomas have to face each other. Stephanie wants Taylor push her feelings onto Ridge. Whip gets support from his friends at Jackie M after the destruction of his marriage.
  • Ep. #6078
    Ep. #6078
    Episode 49
    Stephanie is keen on Ridge never getting back with Brooke again. Taylor is convinced that Brooke deliberately seduced Thomas, and she considers dragging it to court. Thomas fights with his guilt.
  • Ep. #6077
    Ep. #6077
    Episode 48
    Thomas is bothered by guilt, as Stephanie reminds him of the deal they made. She then informs Taylor of the possibility that she could have Ridge back. Ridge doesn't know what to think of Thomas' claims and Brooke's answer.
  • Ep. #6076
    Ep. #6076
    Episode 47
    Ridge wants to find out more about the island, while Brooke denies what Thomas claims happened. Whip comes to a decision regarding his marriage to Taylor.
  • Ep. #6075
    Ep. #6075
    Episode 46
    Taylor refuses to take comfort in her husband. Brooke and Ridge learn about what Thomas thinks happened on the island. Stephanie tells Steffy that Taylor and Ridge could get back together.
  • Ep. #6074
    Ep. #6074
    Episode 45
    Stephanie finds out too much when she overhears Brooke and Thomas talking over the phone. She makes a puzzling offer to Thomas. Brooke finds out about Ridge knowing of the berry effects.
  • Ep. #6073
    Ep. #6073
    Episode 44
    Taylor is rushed to the hospital after collapsing from the berry effect. Whip confronts Thomas about the berries, while Ridge learns what Taylor hallucinated about.
  • Ep. #6072
    Ep. #6072
    Episode 43
    Taylor stars hallucinating after eating berries that Thomas took from the island. Meanwhile, Thomas has the berries tested. Brooke wants to tell the truth.
  • Ep. #6071
    Ep. #6071
    Episode 42
    Steffy wants Bill to finally choose between her and his wife. Thomas decides to test the berries from the island. Stephanie and Brooke come to a mutual understanding.
  • Ep. #6070
    Ep. #6070
    Episode 41
    Thomas issues a warning to Steffy. Bill confides in Justin about his love woes. Katie opens up to Brooke and Donna regarding her marriage.
  • Ep. #6069
    Ep. #6069
    Episode 40
    Ridge reassures Brooke about loving her forever. Whip learns the harsh truth about his marriage. Thomas and Dayzee enjoy a romantic evening together.
  • Ep. #6068
    Ep. #6068
    Episode 39
    Taylor wants Brooke to reveal what is bothering her. Liam makes a decision. Ridge wants a favor from Dayzee.
  • Ep. #6067
    Ep. #6067
    Episode 38
    Brooke is unable to hold it together during a Forrester press conference. Taylor confronts Brooke about her strange behavior. Liam is shocked when Hope's text messages seem to indicate that she changed her mind about them.
  • Ep. #6066
    Ep. #6066
    Episode 37
    Oliver's heart is broken when Hope finally makes her decision. Taylor talks to Stephanie about her old feelings for Ridge resurfacing while they searched together for Thomas and Brooke. Liam tells Amber that he is working on rebuilding his relationship with Hope.
  • Ep. #6065
    Ep. #6065
    Episode 36
    Liam shares his plan with Hope. Steffy wants to find out more from Thomas about what exactly happened when he was stranded with Brooke. Tawny comes up with a brand new plan. Hope questions Brooke about what she should do with Liam.
  • Ep. #6064
    Ep. #6064
    Episode 35
    Katie and Bill don't agree on what their marriage is supposed to be like. Ridge wants Thomas to have a new position at Forrester. Brooke is having difficulty expressing her feelings. Tawny tries to dispense advice about Liam to her daughter.
  • Ep. #6063
    Ep. #6063
    Episode 34
    RJ isn't aware of the jet crash his mother was involved with when Brooke reunites with him. Oliver is confused about what might be going on between Liam and Hope. Amber learns that Tawny visited Hope. Whip's jealousy continues troubling him.
  • Ep. #6062
    Ep. #6062
    Episode 33
    Katie thanks Nick for his help, and then thinks about her relationships with Bill and Nick. Owen and Jackie talk about what happened to Thomas and Brooke.
  • Ep. #6061
    Ep. #6061
    Episode 32
    Someone proposes marriage. Taylor's feelings for Ridge manage to surface yet again.
  • Ep. #6060
    Ep. #6060
    Episode 31
    Pam manages to comfort Donna. Bill and Steffy talk about their feelings. Eric tries to tell Stephanie about facing the truth. Ridge and Taylor refuse to back down from their search.
  • Ep. #6059
    Ep. #6059
    Episode 30
    The search after Thomas and Brooke is called off, and Nick has to be the one to tell the families. Bill won't go down without a fight.
  • Ep. #6058
    Ep. #6058
    Episode 29
    Whip is worried that Ridge and Taylor might get closer again. The Forresters and Logans keep hope alive for the survivors. Steffy flashes back to the pain of losing Phoebe.
  • Ep. #6056
    Ep. #6056
    Episode 27
    Brooke finds some mysterious berries and decides to eat them in a state of hungriness. Nick helps out with the search party, while the Forresters and Logans reunite at the house worrying about Thomas and Brooke.
  • Ep. #6055
    Ep. #6055
    Episode 26
    Thomas and Brooke continue fighting to find water and food. Bill tries to get more manpower for the search. Ridge and Taylor go on a fishing boat.
  • Ep. #6057
    Ep. #6057
    Episode 25

    Thomas decides to eat the mysterious berries after Brooke and they go on an acid trip. Bill tries to reassure Steffy, while Nick helps out Ridge and Taylor. Stephanie and Dayzee discuss Brooke.

  • Ep. #6054
    Ep. #6054
    Episode 25
    Thomas and Brooke fight to stay alive as they battle dehydration and hungriness. Bill helps out with finding the survivors. Liam shows his support to Hope.
  • Ep. #6053
    Ep. #6053
    Episode 24
    The word of the plane crashing spreads, as Brooke and Thomas' loved ones continue searching after them. Bill offers to help out, while Thomas and Brooke find themselves stranded on an unknown island.
  • Ep. #6052
    Ep. #6052
    Episode 23
    Steffy tries to reassure Bill about her devotion to him. Taylor thinks that Steffy might be causing problem in Bill's marriage. Brooke and Thomas experience problems on their trip to Australia.
  • Ep. #6051
    Ep. #6051
    Episode 22
    Katie is shocked by Bill's thoughts of her. She shares her concerns about Bill. Stephanie finds out from Steffy that she is interested in a married man. Thomas and Brooke take off to a business trip to Australia.
  • Ep. #6050
    Ep. #6050
    Episode 21
    Bill and Katie go to therapy together. Taylor talks to Ridge about her concern regarding Thomas. Brooke sees Thomas' girls, as they bid farewell to Thomas. Steffy wants Ridge to have a bigger role at Forrester.
  • Ep. #6049
    Ep. #6049
    Episode 20
    Oliver finds out that Hope has decided to forgive and give him a second chance. The Tabboo line spreads. Thorne isn't a happy camper when Steffy and Thomas become owners at Forrester Creations before he does.
  • Ep. #6048
    Ep. #6048
    Episode 19
    Katie talks to Taylor about possible therapy for Bill. Donna and Justin's marriage hits the first iceberg. Nick talks to his friends and family about the recent changes in his life. Steffy continues trying to seduce Bill.
  • Ep. #6047
    Ep. #6047
    Episode 18
    Steffy makes an interesting offer to Bill. Katie repeats her request for Bill to manage his anger issues. Brooke and Donna share their concerns regarding Bill with Katie. Bill again tries to convince his wife to come back home. Thomas is shocked by what Steffy has planned.
  • Ep. #6046
    Ep. #6046
    Episode 17
    Liam tries to dispense advice to Bill. Steffy opens up to Thomas about what she feels for Bill. Thomas wants Steffy to join him in the war against their father. Katie talks to Brooke and Donna about her marriage problems.
  • Ep. #6045
    Ep. #6045
    Episode 16
    Hope makes a decision, and confronts Liam about sleeping with Amber. Dayzee comes upon someone that is also trying to be with Thomas. Brooke wants Ridge to make up with Thomas, and Ridge offers Thomas stock in the company.
  • Ep. #6044
    Ep. #6044
    Episode 15
    Ridge is infuriated by Thomas' actions. Eric and Ridge have words over their past with Brooke. Stephanie isn't happy with Thomas, Steffy and Brooke. Steffy wants Brooke to keep away from her brother, while Brooke wants Steffy to leave Bill alone.
  • Ep. #6043
    Ep. #6043
    Episode 14
    Steffy wants Bill to divorce Katie. Brooke informs Ridge about Amber seducing Liam. Hope is shocked when Tawny suggests she should be friends with Amber. Donna thinks Katie should end her marriage with Bill.
  • Ep. #6042
    Ep. #6042
    Episode 13
    Bill refuses to work on fixing his marriage as long as Katie is with Nick. Amber wants Oliver to bed Hope. Thomas is convinced Steffy has slept with Bill. Katie wants Bill to cope with his anger issues.
  • Ep. #6041
    Ep. #6041
    Episode 12
    Brooke wants Hope to get back together with Oliver. Bill isn't happy when he learns more about Amber and Liam. Liam and Bill discuss about Bill's marriage problems. Steffy wants Oliver to work harder on winning Hope back.
  • Ep. #6040
    Ep. #6040
    Episode 11
    Liam tells Amber that there won't be a relationship between them. Hope daydreams of getting back with Liam. Liam finds Hope with Oliver. Tawny pushes her daughter to continue pressing on Liam.
  • Ep. #6039
    Ep. #6039
    Episode 10
    Brooke sticks up for her husband. Thomas is convinced that Ridge is threatened by him. Oliver thinks Hope needs to move on from Liam. Amber continues trying to get closer to Liam.
  • Ep. #6038
    Ep. #6038
    Episode 9
    Katie refuses to go along with Bill's request to come back home. Thomas is convinced Ridge wasn't thinking of the business when he made his decision. Amber tries to get Liam to open up to her. Brooke isn't happy with Ridge giving no support to Thomas.
  • Ep. #6037
    Ep. #6037
    Episode 8
    Steffy sends Bill to the Shady Marlin after seeing where Katie went. Katie explains to Nick that she is grateful. Liam tries to cheer up Hope, and they share another close moment. Amber tries to seduce Liam.
  • Ep. #6036
    Ep. #6036
    Episode 7
    Ridge makes new plans for Taboo. Steffy is surprised when she sees where Katie decided to go. Carl issues a warning to Amber, while Liam begins being suspicious of Carl.
  • Ep. #6035
    Ep. #6035
    Episode 6
    Katie is upset when she finds Bill alone with Steffy again. Hope and Oliver reminisce about the good times they spend together. Amber goes to an ultrasound and Liam accompanies her. Bill stops Steffy from talking smack about Katie.
  • Ep. #6034
    Ep. #6034
    Episode 5
    Steffy tells Thomas that she thinks he is covering up his true feelings. Ridge stuns Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie when he reveals his views on what happened and what will happen to his marriage. Thomas wants Taylor to make up with Brooke.
  • Ep. #6033
    Ep. #6033
    Episode 4
    Whip is frustrated when he learns that Taylor has accompanied Ridge to Paris. Ridge finds out more about Brooke's view on the recent happenings. Thomas explains to Steffy how disappointed he is in his father. Stephanie thinks she never should have trusted Brooke to begin with.
  • Ep. #6032
    Ep. #6032
    Episode 3
    Hope and Liam share a kiss. Katie turns to an old friend when she can't stay at Bill's place after their argument. Hope isn't able to handle Amber and Liam discussing about the baby. Steffy wants to help out Bill during his marriage difficulties.
  • Ep. #6031
    Ep. #6031
    Episode 2
    Hope realizes that Oliver still has feelings for her. Steffy wants to find out more about the memo from Thomas. Katie isn't happy about Bill being close to Steffy. Oliver is also asked to attend Amber's dinner party. Katie is confused about Bill's intentions for Amber.
  • Ep. #6030
    Ep. #6030
    Episode 1
    Katie overhears Bill making a confession to Steffy. Steffy is shocked when she finds out about the memo sent out to cancel Taboo. Amber asks Liam to get dinner with her, and toys around with the idea of inviting Hope.