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  • Ep. #1297
    Ep. #1297
    Episode 35
    Brooke races to the church to stop the wedding but arrives too late. Ridge and Taylor are pronounced husband and wife. Blake is furious with Karen for not objecting to the ceremony. Karen refuses to help him any further. Zach is unable to keep his eyes off of Felicia. Ridge sees Brooke leaving the church. Stephanie tells Brooke that she screwed up by being late. Sheila takes care of Eric Jr. and wonders if Brooke really appreciates Eric. Celebrations begin at the Forrester Estate. Sally, Saul and Darla disguise themselves to get in on the party. Bill recognises Darla and she gives him her telephone number. Thorne notices Macy on the terrace. She admits that she feels uncomfortable being there and quickly leaves. Stephanie orders Brooke to leave when she shows up. Brooke tells her that she is pregnant with Ridge's baby and must tell him. Jack tells Taylor that Ridge had better take good care of her. Ridge and Taylor leave on their honeymoon before Brooke is able to tell him anything.moreless
  • Ep. #1497
    Although Jack promises Taylor that he's committed to Sally, he asks his daughter to set up a meeting between himself and Stephanie. Thorne and Ridge talk about Thorne's fight with Sly, and Ridge testing Brooke to see if she would use the baby to make a move on him. Stephanie is pleased to hear that Eric doesn't plan to marry Sheila until after the showing. Sheila plans her revenge on Stephanie after Stephanie catches her spying on them.moreless
  • Ep. #1455
    Taylor asked Stephanie to stop trying to plant doubts in her head about Brooke, and stated that she was not going to let Brooke's manipulations destroy her marriage.
  • Ep. #1454
    While at the Bikini with Sly, Macy spotted Karen and Thorne together, and began to kiss Sly.
  • Ep. #1453
    Karen and Brooke talked about their love for the Forrester males, and Brooke told Karen that she is certain the baby belongs to Ridge and that she will be able to make him hers.
  • Ep. #1452
    Sheila knows she can't in all good conscience marry Eric until she sets things right with Lauren, and decides to go to Genoa City.
  • Ep. #1451
    Ridge and Brooke are concerned when they learn that the baby has jaundice.
  • Ep. #1450
    Up at the Big Bear cabin, Brooke is so happy that Ridge helped her deliver her baby and she tells him how much she loves him, although back in L.A., Taylor tells Jack that she isn't too thrilled. Sheila learns from Eric that a paternity test will be carried out on the child as soon as Brooke is flown to a hospital. Sheila makes inquiries with Dr. Peters about a job in the genetics lab at the hospital, determined that this child will not be Eric's. At the hospital, Brooke hugs Ridge as Taylor arrives.moreless
  • Ep. #1449
    With Taylor assisting via phone, Ridge helps deliver Brooke's baby.