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Season 32 : Episode 25

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Season 32 : Episode 25

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  • Ep. #1541
    Ep. #1541
    Episode 39
    Brooke is thrilled to learn that Eric and Sheila got married after all, and although she had earlier said her goodbyes to Ridge, is convinced that now he will leave his wife to be with her. Eric is upset when Steve tells him that it looks like Brooke may hold the copyright to the entire BeLieF patent since she was not under contract when she created it. Stephanie tells Lauren that if she has any dirt on Sheila at all, she had better use it now.moreless
  • Ep. #1532
    Ep. #1532
    Episode 30
    Ridge heads over to Brooke's to give her a dress that he designed for Bridget and is upset to see Connor Davis holding her. Steve warns Eric and Stephanie that they needed to tread very carefully around Brooke. Sheila continued to try to kill Lauren, but Lauren continually eluded her until she finally got the upper hand.moreless
  • Ep. #1515
    Ep. #1515
    Episode 13
    Darla happily shows off her new haircut to Sally, but is worried when Sally admits that Macy never came home the night before. Karen tries to get Thorne to see that Macy's behavior is a cry for help, but he says she's just acting like a spoiled child. Jack and Sally are worried that Bill with withdraw his financial support from Spectra if he learns the designs were stolen. Brooke plans to use Ridge's plan to bring Taylor and Bridget together to make Taylor feel like the odd-man-out.moreless
  • Ep. #1505
    Ep. #1505
    Episode 1