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Full Episode: 2014/08/06


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Aug 12, 2014
the only way i believed that spell works was when i encountered a problem in my home.My business got colapsed due to mis-management of funds, when i travelled to califonia to visit my family, getting there, my wife already had another man, immidiately, she issued a divorced letter, i stayed in an hotel for three weeks, trying to make peace with her and also attending the court hearing but all to no avail. i went back home, hoping to see a well behaved business, but to my greatest suprise, everything i left was ruined. the a friend of mine gave me a link of a spell then i visited the ling and explained to the admin, i was assured that everything will turn arround, i had doubth anyway, but i gave a try. i only promised to testify of the good works of the caster if it works, and that is what am doing now. please friends, contact for all kind of issues because my problems are all gone, just a week, i recovered all i have lost, including my wife. thanks to

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