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Full Episode: 2014/08/08


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Aug 16, 2014
I do not like what happened between Hope and Liam. How can she just marry Wyatt after confessing her love for Liam and wearing that she loved him and wanted to marry him and that he was not going to lose her. What kind of love do Hope have? Do she even know the meaning of being faithful? She should not have agreed to let Wyatt work at B&B again, and she should not have accepted that Fake looking Diamond from him no matter as to what the Press thought about it. Liam's feelings should have been first, not His Brother's. Hope need a reality check. I don't think she cared anything at all about Liam. If she had she would have called and tried to locale him and not run off with Wyatt and let him talk her into marrying Him. Wyatt and his mother needs to be in jail because he knows that she murdered that man to get that fake looking Diamond for him. He know that Liam trusted him and he promised not to be hitting on Hope. Hope is weak she can't stand up to her word. Her Hope of the future message is a LIE. I am here to tell you that it is. Who ever wrote her lines for her really need to find out what real love is and how you're suppose to act whenever you are engaged and professing to be so in love. This chick love is like water. Whenever she change her clothes she change her mind as to whether or not she love Liam today or Wyatt tomorrow. I guess she will be deciding if she's married to Wyatt or if she's marred to Liam. Liam need to step up his game. He know what a snake Wyatt and his mother is. He's to trusting and he should not have taken Hope back after what she did and how she treated him I would not have given her a second look, she's not all that I would like to know if these writes ever heard time to move on to something more important than Hope For The Future. It's beginning to become a worn out phrase or slogan. Hope is a used up chick running between two Brother's. She's her Mother's daughter and always thought that she was better than her Mother. Well I got news for you ' you're not. You're just like her. Chow baby, Stokes.moreless
Aug 16, 2014
P/S. I would just like to add a little something more No I Will Not Be watching B&B anymore. You people had your chance to get it right between Hope and Liam in stead of milking the story line for all it's worst and baby it isn't worse much at this time. The Price Isn't Right. See You, Next year or in the funny papers.

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