The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 1 Episode 11

Ep. #11


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Caroline is thrilled when Bill tells her that he has decided to give Ridge a chance and adds that he supports their wedding. Bill leaves to meet with Stephanie as Caroline meets with Kristen who has just flown in from New York. Caroline and Kristen discuss the wedding and Kristen is stunned that Caroline hasn't yet had sex with Ridge. Ridge freaks out when he sees Stephanie and Bill at Forrester Creations as Alex barges into Ridge's office. She talks of their evening together as Bill comes in to talk. Bill tells Ridge that he has his full support in marrying Caroline. Conway tries to call Bill but gets Caroline. Caroline passes on his message to Bill, who thinks Conway is only after more money. Bill meets with Conway and is furious when he hands him the photograph of Ridge in bed with Alex.moreless
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