The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 1 Episode 12

Ep. #12


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Thorne notices that Ridge is on edge. Ridge only lets on that he had a close call and was a bit nervous, but the problem as passed. Ridge asks Thorne to be his best man at the wedding and Thorne accepts. Caroline continues to plan for her big day with Kristen. Caroline asks Kristen to be her maid of honor and she is thrilled that Caroline would ask her. Caroline later goes to Forrester Creations with Margo and Ridge asks Caroline to join him for a press conference. The press fire questions at Ridge about his proposal to Caroline and she is blown away when Ridge tells her for the first time that he loves her. Kristen heads over to her parents home where she finds Stephanie there. They give one another the cold shoulder and Stephanie begins throwing sarcastic jibes at Kristen about her life. Kristen explodes with anger and an argument breaks out. Kristen storms off, but Stephanie apologises and asks if they can try to get along.moreless
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