The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 1 Episode 16

Ep. #16


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The Forrester home is decorated for the wedding. Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Kristen gather together. Eric finds Ridge getting ready and wonders if he is having second thoughts when he notices that Ridge is nervous. Ridge tells his father that he loves Caroline. Stephanie is not impressed when Margo walks in and Eric greets her warmly. Stephanie throws a few snide remarks her way. Caroline is floating with happiness as he wears her wedding gown. Bill attempts to speak with Caroline, but Kristen ushers him out to prepare the bride. The wedding is about to begin as everyone takes their places. Bill grabs Caroline and shows her the photograph of Ridge and Alex. Caroline is horrified, but lashes out at Bill for using such tatics to ruin her happiness. Caroline decends the stairs to marry Ridge, but collapses.moreless
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