The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 1 Episode 19

Ep. #19


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Kristen guesses that the wedding will now be postponed and thinks about returning to New York. Eric asks whether Kristen would consider moving back home, but Kristen is sure that Stephanie won't want her to. Stephanie overhears and stuns Kristen by saying she would love for her to be home with the family again. Thorne sits with Caroline in her hospital bed. Thorne wonders whether Caroline could forgive Ridge. Thorne later sits with Ridge and offers support when he beats himself up for his huge mistake in sleeping with Alex. Brooke and Donna arrive at the hospital and Brooke is in awe when she sees Ridge and Thorne. Donna admits that they are very attractive. Donna tries to dissuade Brooke from sneaking into Caroline's room, but Brooke is too excited. Caroline is touched by Brooke's words of kindness towards a stranger when Brooke offers her comfort.moreless
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